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Back Catalog has been taken down?   (5/5)

I am trying to download these episodes and they no longer seem to work! This podcast is great and I have been listening a TON! but now I cannot finish. ANSWERS?????

Terrible   (1/5)

Not worth the time

Nostalgic   (5/5)

These two know what makes a great podcast. They info they have on popular and underground games is staggering. Always a great time listening to what they have to say. Keep up the great work.

A must listen   (5/5)

Simply amazing podcast that should not be passed up.

Love it.   (5/5)

Glad to see its still going. Good job guys.

Love it.   (5/5)

The definitive retro games podcast. It is funny and (mostly) well informed with great hosts and equally great guests. It also is well recorded and edited so that it doesn't sound like it was recorded with a Talk Boy.

Great gaming flashbacks   (5/5)

I'm loving this show, many details about games I played, wanted to play, and sometimes never heard of.

I loved the Podacast!   (5/5)

Is there a chance we can have the early episodes put back up, to re listen since unfortunatley 1up is no more? Jeremy and Bob thank you so much for the countless hours of nostelgia. This show will be greatly missed

So awesome!   (5/5)

I love retronauts! It was first podcast I subscribed to and still my favorite! Have Chris Kholer and Christian Nutt on more. They are some of the most knowledgeable guys in the industry. Thanks retronauts!

My favorite podcast.   (5/5)

Good informative talk for the most part. I've been listening for about 4 years now. I just wish it was a weekly show.

Fantastic   (5/5)

Best podcast out there

A Wonderful Trip Down the Road of Nostalgia   (5/5)

It's fun to reminisce, and just as fun to hear about the classics that I missed. The only complaint I have about this podcast is that it doesn't get updated often enough.

Essential show for game nerds   (5/5)

These guys know their stuff. Consistantly entertaining and informative..

Awesome Retro Podcast   (5/5)

LOVE IT. My new favorite

The best videogame podcast   (5/5)

Retronauts in the show that got me into podcasting period, and it's remained my favorite for many years. A great cast of knowledgeable and funny people wax nostalgic about all your favorite old videogames. Try a few episodes that cover things you're interested in and you'll soon find yourself listening to everything in between.

Should note that it uses explicit language   (2/5)

I was very excited to listen to these podcasts. However, I can't listen to them with my kids in the car because of the random and unnecessary foul language.


I have listened to literally every single episode of this pod cast and it never gets old. Full of information and super fun to listen to.

I love Retronauts   (5/5)

I've been listening to Retronauts since 2009/2010 and no matter who has hosted the show, be in Jeremy Parrish or Bob Mackey, the show continues to be an excellent exploration of classic gaming. The recent episode about Evangelion was AMAZING and I deeply enjoyed it. The podcast is well thought out and does not have any of the casual homophobia or gross machismo of other video game podcasts and for that as an LGBT person, I am immensely grateful. Thank you for being awesome Retronauts!

The best retro gaming podcast... Period!   (5/5)

This is the only podcast I listen to religiously. Great group. Bob Macky is an excellent host.

Retronauts   (5/5)

Sometimes you guys make me feel old.

Listened since day one - BobServo era is awesome   (5/5)

I have listened to Retronauts since the very first episode and it has been my go to comfort for classic game discussion ever since. With so many twists and turns over the years, guests that came and went, the Jen Frank era (boo! Mountain King!), Mangod defending the purity of the Sega Master System and the Saturn, Jeremy changing formats - long, short, live, panels, and the AMAZING TG-16 episode by Ray, Brandon, and Christian, Retronauts still continues to remain awesome. Under the direction of Bob Mackey, Retronauts continues to be an amazing show, but with even more focused direction. His approach combines the randomness of the earlier years with a new cadence that emerges as the perfect Fandango between old and new. Smart, funny, and able to weave the word "brobdingnagian" into a sentence upon the command of Jeremy, makes Bob an awesome host and I look forward to the holiday special he is preparing for 2012. If you are a fan of classic video games or just want to learn about the origin of the games you whippersnappers play today, Retronauts is the only podcast you need.

Best Gaming Podcast   (5/5)

Not much more I can say. Mr. Mackey, you've given all us old, jaded gamers something to look forward to each week. (I wrote that back when it was still a weekly or semi weekly podcast. These days it seems fewer and farther between but it just ends up being a pleasant surprise when i see a new one posted. I was reluctant when i realized J. Parish handed over the reigns to a new 1Up contributor. It only took one line from Mackey. "You're playing games with the angels now little buddy" (Snes anniversary call-in episode regarding a caller mentioning he plugged his sega power cord into his brother's SNES). I was laughing out loud. It was then I knew Jeremy made a great choice for his successor. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, Fandango!

Best Retro Video Game podcast!   (5/5)

This is a terrific Podcast. I listened to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode (55) on a long drive last week and it was just fantastic. Loved the nostalgic memories of all games, and the thoroughness, it didn't just cover arcade and NES but the Gameboy and PC games too! If I had any complaint it would be why in the name of Fandango do we have to wait so long between episodes? I know part of it is a hesitation not to redo some of the same topics, but why not? If it's new people giving opinions, then let's do it! It might be fun to devote a few episodes to trying to make a top 25 NES list of all time, for example. Get a bunch of people in the room and just fight it out on the podcast. Let users send in their feedback and put the list together out in the open. I'd be down for that!

Keep it up   (4/5)

So I was a little worried that JParish was leaving as the retronauts lead but I had enjoyed Mr. Mackey's music related podcasts so I gave it a whirl. Don't regret it for a second. The show has retained its excellent pedigree. My only gripe is the updates are a bit too infrequent but I realize for most websites the podcast is a lossleader so whatever I can try to be patient. The indepth look at various companies and/or franchises is surprisingly interesting more often than not. So for those who skip the light fandango, this podcast is for you.

This Podcast is Great!   (5/5)

I think this podcast got even better after Bob Mackey took over. Much respect to Jeremy Parish, but it feels more concise and better organized now… regardless, I've listened to every episode, and even the ones about games I've never played are great! Also… Fandango! Download this podcast now!

lots of fun   (5/5)

Retronauts was one of the first podcasts I started listening to back in 200... yikes, I'm as old as the games they talk about. Anyway, current host Bob Mackey works his tail off on these things, and mixes the great buddies-talking-about-old-games segments that have always been the backbone of Retronauts with some really excellent interviews with game designers and collectors. I can think of no logical way to actually say fandango, so there that is, but this has been my favorite gaming podcast for as long as it's aired.

Love the show   (5/5)

I started listening to the podcast about a year ago, loved it so much that I went back and listened to the whole back catalog. Bob is very passionate about the subject but to be completely honest I do love the old episodes when Jemery hosted (sorry Bob...fandango?)

Awesome Podcast!   (5/5)

I've been a listener for a long time and I really enjoy the look back at old video games! I love the coverage on the NES, SNES, Saturn PS1, and other old games. Not enough podcasts do this! Definitely worth a listen. Fandango.

Favorite Podcast!!!   (5/5)

Easily my favorite podcast. If you are a gamer in your late 20s or early 30s this weekly show covers all your favorites. And the hosts are great too. Currently listening from episode 1 to catch them all. FANDANGO!

I love these guys!   (5/5)

Anytime a new Retronauts podcast shows up in my feed I do a little fandango of joy. These guys really know their stuff about the games I grew up playing. They're definitely more console based than anything (I'd love to hear more coverage of older computer games on the Apple/Atari/Commodore platforms) but they cover everything from games to movies to the weirdness that was gaming back in the early days. Definitely worth a listen.

Love this Podcast   (5/5)

I have been a fan of this podcast for some time now, even in the days of Jeremy's tenure at the helm. It has been my definitive source on all things retro-gaming, and I have filled out my backlog. Bob has done a wonderful job taking over the podcast in the last year or so, putting a fresh spin on the show (not taking anything away from Parish). Also, my favorite ZZ Top album is Fandango.

Such a great cast.   (5/5)

Old games are the best. The nostalgia that they bring, reminding us of an innocent time when games were still something unique and niche, instead of the massive marketing juggernauts they have become, is brought back when I listen to Bob and the gang recount their own memories. It makes me want to dance a fandango.

Retronauts, throughout the years...   (5/5)

Fandango… now that that is out of the way! Let me get on to the review. Retronauts has walked, and ran, in my shoes for the last 2 years… literally. Whether that be walking in boots in Afghanistan or jogging down a lonely trail at midnight, hearing the soothing sounds of retro video game music and discussions helps me to focus on the better things in life besides life itself. One of the greatest things about Retronauts is that, because it talks about old games, you are never late to the party. These days, as I'm sure many gamers can agree, I simply don't have time to play all of the new hotness in video gaming, so being able to listen to in-depth discussions about old games is refreshing. I've taken it upon myself to actually listen to every Retronauts podcast dating back to 2008. Currently I am still sitting in the 2010 era, but everyday is a podcast closer to victory. As stated previously, I just recently arrived back from a deployment to Afghanistan, where I listened to Retronauts religiously. While I was away, I also ran a marathon around Bagram Air force Base, and guess what was playing in my ear for the majority of that 4+ hour race? You got it. So please, if you haven't yet, take the time to listen to an episode of Retronauts and revel in the glory that this creative group of individuals has managed to stitch together from all of our fond gaming memories.

Best retro show ever, bar none   (5/5)

Fandango. Fandango…? Yup. Fandango. Also, video fandango games, that are older than the Fandango service. Unless you count Grim Fandango. Oh, wait, that's older than Fandango, too. FANDANGO. Etc. Great podcast.

Huge fan, miss Jeremy   (5/5)

I am a huge fan of the podcast, but I miss Jeremy terribly. I wish he would be on more episodes!

The Only Podcast I listen to   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much that after hearing a couple episodes (around Ep 40-50 of the original) I went hunting through the wild internet and built up a library of all of them properly tagged so that the order would be preserved in my iTunes/iPod library (harder than you think). Since then I've listened to every single episode in order and am currently on Retronauts Live Episode 32 (last year Thanksgiving era) - I can't wait to finally catch up to current-day retronauts and be able to call in finally, haha. Parish was great with his dry humour and humourous depression, Bob is equally as great with his spritely vegetarian gusto-filled flag-carrying energy. Expect me calling in within a few months!

More Mackey   (5/5)

I get visibly annoyed when I realize that not all podcasts have Bob Mackey's smooth smooth voice and wit. This show has everything I want---get it.

My favorite video game podcast   (5/5)

It's very well-done. The guys (and occasional gal) don't take themselves too seriously, but they do their job well and put out a professional product on a regular basis. It's reliably fun, informative, and entertaining.

Retronauts is back! Retronauts is great!   (5/5)

Retronauts was the first podcast I ever listened to, back in 2007. It's a great show and you should definitely listen to its entire catalog. It's been a staple of my listening mileau ever since, but like most great series, there are ebbs and flows in the quality over any period of time. The original host, Jeremy Parish, is a great writer, a veteran of the industry, and a repository of knowledge. However, Parish also became disaffected and uninspired over time. More than once he even said he hates podcasting. Retronauts quality diminished. The podcasts got shorter and shorter, more opinionated, and very snarky. Then, it was cancelled. Then it was brought back! The live show infused new life into a stale show, but Parish's problem's persisted. To make matters worse, a few episodes even felt like he was making fun of the fanbase that was calling in to this righteously geeky podcast. I stopped listening for a while. Then, IGN and 1UP merged, Parish stepped down and Bob Mackey took the reins of the show. Since then, the show is back on track. Inspired discussions, positive, upbeat attitudes, new features, an overall good time show. Thank you for a great show that I love to listen to! Whether you're a kid of the 70s, 80s, 90s or otts--this is a show you should listen to if you've ever held a controller. UPDATE: Jeremy Parish has been a guest on Retronauts more frequently in 2012, and has been a fantastic guest. I love the interplay between Parish and Mackey, as well as the myriad other guests that frequest the show. If you have any doubts on the passion that goes intot his show, listent o the 15-th anniversary show, and if the end doesn't pull at your heart, then sir, you may not have one.

Best in the biz   (5/5)

Still the place to go for hardcore nerdery.

Greatest Podcast Ever   (5/5)

The concept of the podcast was invented specifically for Retronauts. Unlike other gaming podcasts, the retronauts team lets the stories and history take center stage. I can barely sit through a half hour of game scoop but i could listen to retronauts archives all day if I had to.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Bob you do a great job at running this podcast. I have a little over an hour commute one way to work and I listen to it in the car every day (I just found it and I've been checking out all the past episodes!). I'm going to be sad when I run out of episodes and have to wait on the new ones. Your ability (and your guests') to recall various specifics about each game in addition to the research you do on all of them is outstanding. I especially enjoyed the episode when you reviewed the Wizard movie. It was as if I was watching it again! Thanks and keep it up. By the way I just bought a new setup for my gaming computer. Of course the first thing I test on the new 6 core processor was Super Mario Brothers!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Been listening since the beginning. Great podcast!

One of the good ones   (5/5)

There are a lot of podcasts that are horrible and should never be made. This not one of them. Entertaining and informative.

A fantastic treasure trove of entertainment and gaming culture   (5/5)

I have listened to Retronauts for about 6 years and have enjoyed every episode. In fact going through the archive to listen to episodes for the second or third time is a common habit of mine. Jeremy Parish has done a wonderful job creating an excellent and entertaining show and new host Bob Mackey has met the high bar set for him the older episodes. Being old enough to play retro games when they came out is not required to enjoy this podcast. Do you like videogames? Listen to this podcast. Do you like interesting, thoughtful and hilarious discussions? Listen to this podcast.

Retronauts Rocks!   (5/5)

From the early days with Jeremy, Chris, Shane, Ray, Jen, Sharky, and many others - to the more recent incarnation that includes Jose, Marty, Sam, Frank, and lead by Bob Mackey - this video game podcast is one of my favs. Sit back and enjoy as these likable voices and minds reflect on games, trends, and such from yesterday's treasures. Keep up the great work Bob and all of the Retronauts crew!

great podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy how informational this podcast is learning stuff about old games and finding gems i havent played before

Podcast Wizardry   (5/5)

I love Retronauts. It's so bad.

Movies!   (5/5)

Love, LOVE the video game movie episodes!

Awesome   (5/5)

Great podcast, the show that got me into video game podcasts.

The Intertron   (5/5)

While there seem to be a pretty wide variety of gaming podcasts in general (and retro gaming ones, to be sure), Retronauts is probably the most consistently entertaining and enlightening one. Refreshingly, topics run a wider gammut than erstwhile Japanese developers of the 90s and enshrinement of the same long-running franchises that creep up on other podcasts, but those are still discussed, too from time to time. Listeners from it's original format with past host Jeremy Parish will be more than satisfied with current host Bob Mackey, whom brings his own quirky insight and sense of humor (along with the rotating cast of guests) to every discussion. The occasional random bossa nova fandango insterted behind announcements is just one goofball example. As far as podcasts for games go, Retronauts is top tier, and much like the topics dicussed on it, only gets better with age.

Nostalgia isn   (5/5)

I've enjoyed Retronauts for about a year now, ever since a friend recommended it to me. I like how they focus on one game and really dive deep into what the game was about and even delving into the emotions that one felt back when they were playing the game when it was new. Sometimes they hit a topic that doesn't interest me, like really old Nintendo games that I never played. It's a good nostalgia trip and I look forward to hearing what the topic is going to be. It's quite the FANDANGO!!!

Pretty FANDANGOING good!   (5/5)

This is one FANDANGO of a podcast. It is so FANDOY that FANDANGO isn't as FANDOEY FAN-DANG-GOOD as this FANDANGOEY-GOOD FAN-TASTIC podcast. But seriously. I actually like Bob Mac over Jeremy Parish as a host. (I wish I could listen to all the old episodes on itunes however, but I think thats apples problem) The podcast itself offers good insight and culture refrecences to games of generations past. I throughly enjoy it, though they're a bit cursey and salty when they don't need to be. Through this I've gained knowledge and gone back and played lots of games I've missed out on, and laughed quite hardily too. Good job Retronauts! May you're FANDANGOEY awesome FANDANG goodness continue to bless the ears of many podcast listeners to come. And I'm not just saying that to win a contest or something. Also, Bob likes earthbound. So 5 stars.

The best podcast out there   (5/5)

If you're seeking gaming nostalgia with some substance, look no further than Retronauts. Every show features a panel of informed, funny guests that discuss a variety of retro gaming topics. Since the show is about old things, every episode has an amazingly long shelf life. Want some perspective on Final Fantasy VII? There's an epsiode about it. How about a somewhat-fond evaluation of some of the more infamous film adaptations of video game movies? They did a few podcasts on that topic! Jeremy Parish and his successor, Bob Mackey, both bring a wry, jocular perspective on old games; never afraid to temper the fandango that typically accompanies mainstays like Chris Kohler and Scott Sharkey. The amount of depth in each discussion ensures you won't want to yank out the earbuds anytime soon, even when people IRL are trying to converse with you (I speak from experience. I'm so sorry, Mom.). If you ever find yourself lovingly looking back on the days before downloadable content and motion controls, you're sure to find hours of entertaining, enlightening content via Retronauts. Highly recommended.

Great podcasting!   (5/5)

Great hosts, great topics, great entertainment. If you are a fan of classic gaming you will enjoy this. FANDANGO!

A Great Podcast   (5/5)

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s I have always loved the excitement of receiving each new game magazine. This podcast is the closest thing I’ve found that captures that feeling. From interviews that have totally changed my mind about games I thought I knew well, to a breadth of knowledge that boggles the mind. This podcast is not only devoted to all things retro, it is also brings in new experiences and shows how game design qualities that were created in the retro gaming era are influencing new and exciting games. And while I value much of what they say, I have to admit I think Grim “FANDANGO” is overrated.

I'm glad you guys are still around.   (5/5)

A few years ago, I was distraught. I heard the 1up was being bought out, and a lot of my favorite podcasts were going away. I thought to myself "Where am I going to get my weekliy dose of retro gaming goodness?" Thankfully, Retronauts survived the reckoning, and today we can listen to the BEST podcast about old-school gaming there is. Keep up the fantastic work! Fandango!

The Premiere Retro Gaming Podcast.   (5/5)

Bob Mackey and his supremely well informed guests (personal faves Wired's Chris Koeller and 1up's Scott Sharkey) never cease to entertain reminiscing of games I played as a child or equally edu-tain discussing games and system's that were at their heyday before I was even born. Quite simply, it's well hosted, focused and gives so much information and entertaining dissection of the weekly topic that it's almost like finding a podcast recorded when the subject at hand had just been released. Fandango!

Feels good   (4/5)

This is a great show with a long legacy, it's nice to rip through 4 or so on a work day. Easy to go back and looks good going forward, fandango!

The Definitive Retro Gaming Podcast   (5/5)

I've been a listener for years. It was disappointing when Jeremy Parish left, but the new host has done a great job with the new format. It would be nice if there was more Arcade-centric shows however. Looking forward to many new episodes - Fandango!!!!

A video game podcast to make time for.   (5/5)

I have a very busy life. I have a job that works me to the bone, and a kid who gnaws on those bones when I'm home, I don't have time to watch a lot of movies or play a lot of the longer games I used to enjoy. However, I always make it a point to go back to nostalgia town listening to Retronauts. Classic video game discussion at its finest.! Every time I see a new episode download it makes me scream "Fandango"

Simply Amazing   (5/5)

The hosts, editors from 1Up and IGN, are incredibly knowledgable about not just the big blockbusters of today and yesterday, but also lesser known titles from gamings past. The Movie Month sessions are great and definetly worth downloading even years from original publishing. In fact, every episode is worth grabbing because this podcast is relevant any month, year, etc. The topics move at a great pace and Bob, the host, makes sure everyone stays on point. Whether you were gaming in '86 or '06 this is a great retrospective on all things gaming culture. Fandango.

Wow   (5/5)

It's hard to believe that I've been listening to this podcast for more than 5 years. It's been part of my semi regular almost weekly life for a while. Tears were almost shed when Jeremy Parish announced that he wasn't going to do it anymore. When he decided to bring it back much joy was had.. And despite being hung up on like 3 times trying to call in to retronauts I still listen to it. Also props to Bob Mackey for taking the reigns of the show, he's doing a great job with it. Fandago?

Revel in Retro Gaming   (5/5)

As much as the hosts will deny it, after over 100 episodes, the hosts of Retronauts have done a truely fantastic job of sharing their comprehensive knowledge of retro video game history. They are intelligent, they are knowledgable, and they have an enthusiasm for the subject matter that is unmatched. Each episode is like a Fandango of video game knowledge. I really recommend this show.

Your Destination for Pixilated Nostalgia   (5/5)

Retronauts proves that talking about vintage video games never gets old. Usually enthusiastic, yet occasionally and hilariously jaded, the current host Bob Mackey and frequent alumni guests like Scott Sharkey, Ray Barnholt, Chris Kohler, and Kat Bailey offer up entertaining and impressively detailed insight into the origins and impact of games from past generations. The podcast takes on a variety of show types between episodes which keeps the energy and listener interaction high. With call in installments, developer interviews, and themed episodes, it’s no wonder that Retronauts has a well deserved and growing fan community. From Keystone Kapers on Atari 2600 to Panzer Dragoon on the Sega Saturn for consoles, or Beyond Zork to Grim FANDANGO on PCs, Retronauts is your destination for pixilated nostalgia. Can’t wait to see how the show evolves under Bob Mackey’s leadership. Cheers!

Best retro gaming podcast, bar none.   (5/5)

I have tried listening to all sorts of different podcasts focusing on retro gaming, and time and time again I realize that Retronauts is the best of the bunch. I was a little worried (like many people I'm sure) when Jeremy Parish passed on the reins of Retronauts, but Bob and the rest of the guys have really kept the same spirit Jeremy started alive. This is the only retro gaming podcast (and one of the very few gaming podcasts in general) that I have listened to where the host(s) weren't bitter, jaded, sad individuals. They speak with a real passion for the topic, one that closely matches my own. I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Retro gaming fandango.

The best videogame podcast of them all.   (5/5)

Like many people, I was concerned about the future of Retronauts when Jeremy Parish, the show's creator, moved on and up. I also partially expected Jeremy to have difficulty in letting go of Retronauts, something he developed into a valuable commodity for 1UP. But Jeremy has left Bob Mackey, the current host, evolve Retronauts into something new, while still maintaining that moldy smell that fans of Retronauts crave. The movie month was particularly successful, I though. Together with Marty Silva and Jose Otero (plus the occasional guest), the new Retronauts cast has reinvigorated the show and I couldn't be happier with it. If I could put in a show concept request, I'd love to hear a discussion of Sierra's 'Quest' series of games (not so much King's Quest, but Hero's and Space more), a discussion of text-based games (Zork and the like), or maybe one of my favorite games of all time that nobody played/liked but me, Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. Fandango!

One of the Best   (5/5)

If you have any favorite memories of older video games this is the podcast for you. This podcast has covered so much ground and so many games. What is best of all is the fact that episodes never get older because they talking about older video games! Stop wasting time on FANDANGO and listen to this great podcast.

Awesome but.   (5/5)

It's great and everything I've been listening for years but I don't recall a show about all the FPS on PC like Blood. Shadow Warrior. Redneck Rampage. Rise of Triad. And please don't ever talk about anime.

Retro goodness   (5/5)

I'll keep this simple. The classics are where its at. If you grew up during the golden age of the NES, then this podcast is for you. Not just the Nintendo Entertainment System mind you, but all things classic going forward too. Interesting tidbits and facts about the games we all love. I'm a huge FAN, DANG! GO get it now!

Gamings Golden Age is...well..aging?   (5/5)

The NES Generation is getting older. We have all had at least one girlfriend, some of us have wives and children. Like a lot of others that are from this era, I was born in the very early 80s. I just turned 30 this year and find that time is at a premium. Gone are the days of having no money and an abundance of time. Disposable income increases but the amount of free time decreases by great degrees. Retronauts allows you to relive all your favorite gaming moments without having to play the games all over again. I dont have 3 hours to sit in a puzzle room in Lufia 2 but I love to hear someone talk about it. After listening to the Chrono Trigger episode, I felt like I was having a discussion with some close friends without speaking a single word. They covered all my favorite parts, characters, moments and endings. Once the episode was over, I felt some happiness, a lot of nostalgia and just a tinge of sadness for those gaming years gone by. The host and crew are a cast of avid gamers who are so familiar with their subjects, you might even be a bit embarassed for them...if you werent so much like them yourself. With Jeremy Parish's exit, Bob Mackey entered to a reticent audience. I loved Jeremy and thought the show would crash and burn without his presence. Not only has Bob matched the charisma and energy of Jeremy; He has surpassed it. He keeps the shows structured and on-track. He also comes up with a great list of new topics or fun ways of rehashing old topics that we love to hear about it. I listen to around a dozen podcasts regularly and this is my favorite. I also enjoy that the hosts are around the 30ish range which makes my 30 year old self feel right at place. Mature gamers who simply love to discuss old games. Thanks guys, I hope you're around for another hundred episodes and another hundred after that. p.s. When all else fails, Fandango.

The Golden Chocobo of Podcasts   (5/5)

Do you remember a time when the world seemed a lot bigger? A time when pixilated koopa troopas paraded around the inside of our eyelids as you feverishly dreamed about convincing your parents to get you the next iteration of our favorite game? A time when you would anxiously look forward to your friends coming over so you could lay on them that sweet combo you had been practicing, or show off that new 3 minute long summon you found? Do you miss a time when the internet wasn’t there to help you, a time when every hard earned secret found and credit screen viewed meant serious bragging rights at recess? Well friend, it turns out, you’re not alone! Retronauts, hosted by Bob Mackey, features topics that will fire up and entertain all avid gamers of the 8-bit and 16-bit era. Like me, many of you now live in a fast paced world, where we’re expected to go to work, pay bills and be “responsible”. This leaves alarmingly little time, not only for gaming, but for reminiscing about wonderful times past. Retronauts solves that problem. Simply download, and enjoy on your commute. Topics such as: How bad videogame movies always seem to be, how great SEGA was during the DreamCast era, what our favorite JRPG was and many others make me feel like I’m sitting back with my High School buddies, throwing back some brews and joking around about what may or may not have been the Golden Era of videogames, and I’ll be damned if any podcast out there can deliver a greater feeling than that. On top of all that, it's also "funducational". Updates will let you know what relevant retro-games have been re-released on your console of choice. Interviews with people involved in the development of your favorite classic games will give you insight into how they came to be the experience you know and love. You’ll listen to the guys (and occasional gal) laugh and argue about their strongly held views and may even find out about some gems you missed the first time around. Today, we live in a world where most games are filled with hand holding, no-fail modes and mandatory tutorials. This new generation doesn’t know how easy they have it. It’s good to sit back and spend some time with our brethren , those that like us, ‘memorized ultra combos, wrote down pages of passwords, defeated the robot masters, knocked out Mike Tyson and rescued the goddamned Princess!’ Long live Retronauts and all old school gamers! Fandango. That is all.

Old School   (4/5)

The whole point of the Retronauts podcast is to wax nostalgic with other nerds on the subject of games long past. As a subscriber, you'll get to listen to experienced personnel in the games industry talk about games long past and from behind the scenes, a viewpoint that we as consumers don't usually see from the outside. Whether they've been forgotten, dismissed, overlooked or even still going strong in a new fandango, these games will get their day in the sun on this solid podcast to bygone days.

Good time for lovers of classic games   (5/5)

I've been a long term listener, and Retronauts is consistently a good listen. Something that makes this podcast stand out is the commitment to a single topic, allowing that idea to be explored in a greater way than some other podcasts that attempt to tackle too many ideas in a similar span of time. Fandango!

Never played Grin Fandango,   (5/5)

But I want to some day. *hint hint* Anyway, Retronauts is a superb podcast. Been listening for a good few years now, and just recently started backlogging through, an already almost finished. The personalities are great, funny, interesting, and remarkably insightful. Seriously, these guys are retro gaming knowledge wizards. I love Jeremy Parish, and I was sad to see him drop the podcast, but Bob Mackey is a fantastic replacement, an does an excellent job of keeping a similar feel to the show. Bob, I love you, no homo.

Timeless   (5/5)

What's great about Retronauts is like the commentary is timeless. I frequently listen to any episode because they never seem dated. I'm always finding new information with every re-listen, it that's even a word. I miss Jeremy, but you sir have taken this podcast and have done an exquisite job and you've filled those giant shoes. FANDANGO!

Fantastic for all classic game fans   (5/5)

This is one of the few gaming podcasts I'll listen to, as the hosts are much more interested in discussing GAMES rather than bickering over platforms. Their coverage of game anniversaries and other encyclopedic knowledge has no equal. Retronauts is easily the top gaming podcast on the 'net, so get listening! FANDANGO!

Great stuff   (5/5)

Pretty rad nostalgia trip, really great personalities. Fun stuff. Fandango.

Very Great Nostalgic Podcast   (5/5)

Fandango! So, where should I start? I got into this podcast last summer and have been addicted since. I've listened to every single episode since Bob took the role of host. Every episode is surprisingly interesting and fun, even when the subjects appear to be boring. Jeremy and his guests are almost always full of information and are obviously fans of each subject and none of it seems mindless or scripted, which is a huge plus. I'm gonna stop here and simply say that this is a great podcast and easily one of the best i've heard.

March 2012 Review of Retronauts   (5/5)

FANDANGO!! Now that I have your attention, let me give you a brief review. This particular podcast is splendid. The hosts give a journalistic insight into the history of video games coupled with subjective information that hits home with the listener. Even if you don't agree with their praises or criticisms, it evokes a nice bit of nostalgia that will open you up to where you were, what you were doing and the video games you loved playing. For those of you looking for the "Brass Tacks", the hosts will devise a topic of discussion (namely an older video game title or series) and discuss information pertaining to it's release date, details of the game itself and any other media that ties in with the subject. It is very well done and it connects a generation of people in a way that can't be found anywhere else. Thank you for reading my blurb. -Julian

One of my favorite gaming podcasts...   (5/5)

Allow me to just say, FANDANGO. Retronauts is a well-produced videogame podcast with a great host (who keeps things running smoothly) and some really cool guests. The audio quality is really good - even in earlier episodes where there are sometimes low-volume issues, there's little-to-no crackling/popping/mic-spikes. The only thing I can really fault the show for are some bad call-in episodes (the Sonic the Hedgehog one stands out for some really obnoxious/awkward callers). Though, this is more a result of the unpredictability of people than anything else. If you like videogames, or if you want to know some of the obscure history and lore behind them, or if you just want to hear some people talk about them for an hour, give Retronauts a shot. It's all good - from the early bright-eyed Jeremy Parish days, to the near-defeated transitionary Jeremy Parish period, all the way up to the current Bob Mackey re-awakening period. Find a topic you like, and give it a listen - you'll be glad you did. -Dennis Park

Fun, Informative, Nostalgic   (5/5)

Retronauts is the first podcast I ever heard. 'Someone actually made a podcast about MARATHON? I've gotta hear this.' It was the first podcast I put into a regular rotation as well as my first taste of what 1UP had to offer. Of course, this was years ago while I worked a boring job and watched my game budget (well, and life budget) dwindle. This podcast, even after a death, re-birth, and regime change, remains my favorite. Bob Mackey does a great job with the structure and pacing. He always puts together an entertaining crew. No podcast on the 'net, in my experience, has made me feel such great feelings of nostalgia. (Check out the Phantasy Star episode -- one doesn't even need to know what Phantasy Star is to feel the enthusiasm.) Highly recommended to anyone interested in video games, old or new. But mostly old. It's always more difficult to express genuine appreciation than discontent -- especially on the internet. Even now, I'm ashamed to admit it took a contest to get me to fandango my way to the review submission page. But for years, I've wanted to thank the Retronauts crew for such a fun and informative podcast and blog; they make old gamers lives brighter, even if just a tiny bit. Thank you!

Best Videogame Podcast Fandango.   (5/5)

Retronauts Live is one of my three most favoritest podcasts, and my single favorite video game podcast. The topics are always engaging, the conversations are always illuminating, and Bob Mackey is the most genial (and organized) host on Internet radio. A joy to listen to.

New review   (5/5)

Love the new format. Though it seems they dropped the call in ones. Maybe for the better because it came off as unfocused sometimes depending on how long they waited for a call and quality of callers. In the end I just like listening about how video games grew and sometimes wish they could take a step back sometimes. Fandango

The odd and the sublime   (5/5)

Although we may not always agree on the minutae, we always agree on the love. The dance of love propels me to review and consider the vitality of games and the appropriate connections to other forms of media. I think we all deserve a bit of "Fan Dang" - you know? Sometimes I enjoy the trivia, sometimes I don't - but I always listen and don't think it was a waste of time. It makes me wish that Fandango sold tickets to their show so I could just listen in live. Nice job, guys!

Let's talk about older games.   (5/5)

Retronauts is a real fandango of a podcast. I think they've been hearing that a lot recently. I really do look forward to listening to Retronauts. It's more researched and focused than some of the "Whatcha been playing?" podcasts, and more professional and well-organized than other retro-gaming podcasts. I also really respect them for going a bit out of the ordinary with Retronauts movie month (and it's kind of amazing to realize that many of these video game movies, like Mortal Kombat, are old enough now to be retro themselves). All in all, recommended.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast and the humor and insight they bring while discussing retro games. Even when they discuss games I have not played if, I still find it interesting to hear them discuss. I typically enjoy listening to whatever topic the hosts choose, however, I feel like it is always best when the discussion is in the 8-bit or 16-bit eras. If you have any interest in retro gaming, I would suggest this podcast. Fandango

Review too   (4/5)

Fandango As an older gamer I like the focus on retro gaming. I remember arcades BEFORE there were video games. Old electro-mechanical amusements, skee ball and pinball ruled. I have lived and witnessed each step, and enjoy reading the various written histories. ('Replay' is the most recent history of gaming that I have read) Retronauts is well produced and the host does well at keeping things on topic. I like the variety and it's always a good gaming conversation. Worth a listen

Fandango   (5/5)

I've been listening to Retronauts since episode 1 (I'm not even sure how many years that is now) and I've enjoyed every single episode. Even with multiple hosts throughout the years, changes to 1UP, and changes to its production schedules, each episode of Retronauts has been entertaining and worth a listen. It is easily one of the best, if not the best, videogame podcasts on the internet. Keep up the good work! Fandango!!

Excellent   (5/5)

FANDANGO! I love this podcast! I started listening four episodes before Mr. Perish decided to end it. Because I enjoyed those last episodes so much I actually listened to the whole series twice and was ecstatic when Mr. Perish started "live" version of the show. I think Mr. Mackey is doing a great job of carrying the Retro torch now that Mr. Perish has larger responsibilities. I do prefer more focused topic shows and I am still not a huge fan of the call in formula. I think if more people would write in; that would spur enough discussion questions and save us from awkward callers and dead air. Please keep it up and make Mr. Perish come on every now and then! Thanks for bringing back Mr. Kohler too.

I   (5/5)

The first show that hooked me was episode 49 The Dreamcast episode. I'd even go as far as saying that Retronauts is the 1st podcast I ever listened to. It has gone threw many many changes with hosts, guests, format changes etc etc. I'll admit the 1st live episodes are a bit funky. But it was so good listening to it because there was about 4-6 month break from 99 to live episode 1. So anyone who is into old video games this is a must. You might even learn a thing or two from the show. One the things i really liked, there was always someone fresh in it to share their awesome knowledge on that specific topic. I'm still waiting on the Telenet Super Show! Granted I do miss Parish, Mr Bob Mackey does put a lot love and care into the show. oh yeah Fandango

Comfortable Old clothes   (5/5)

Listening to this podcast is like digging out some of your favorite comfortable old clothes (the Spring Break T-Shirt and those old threadbare sweats), grabbing a lovable old classic movie from the VHS collection (Arnold Shwarzenegger's western "The Villan" or Kevin Costner's coming of age "Fandango"), and sitting down and letting the fond old memories wash over you. If you remember fondly the classic old video games and want to listen to others speak with knowledge and passion about those great old (and NOT great!) video games of yesteryear, this is podcast for you. Also, if you haven’t seen those movies yet, go watch ‘em!!

Nostalgia confirmed   (5/5)

I look forward to every week (now every two weeks) in hopes of the retronauts topic being something that I can relate to. More often than not the episodes hold a great deal of nostalgic value to me and are great fun to listen to. The host and guests are incredibly knowledgable and anyone who is a fan of old and vintage videogames should give it a listen. Fandango !

Abundance of Gaming Knowledge!   (5/5)

Every week Bob Mackey or Jeremy Parish take you into the storys and hidden trivia about your favorite games and series. It is a must listen if you like or dabble into old games. I have infact used this show to write several of my college papers. Keep up the Great work guys! Also Bob, FANDANGO!

Great for Retro Game Fanatics   (5/5)

The 1up crew and guests really know their stuff about retro games. The show has plenty of humor and the new call in segments are great. If you are a fan of the 32 bit, 16 bit, or 8 bit eras, don't miss Retrounauts. I'm out, fandango!

Nostalgic and Entertaining   (5/5)

Don't you wish we had gaming podcasts back in the 80s-90s? Retronauts is a great look back at the old video games we grew to love. Host Bob Mackey and the rest of the crew have done a good job of bringing variety and knowledgeable insight to the show. Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to each new episode. And for those who don't know: Definition of FANDANGO 1: a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time that is usually performed by a man and a woman to the accompaniment of guitar and castanets

Long time listener   (5/5)

I have loved podasts for only two reason over the past 3 years, Kevin Smith, and Retronauts. Though goin on several breif, or sometimes not so breif breaks over the course of the show it still has manage to keep an amzing cult feel and following. It has kept me a listener even through the much debated Parish/Mackey shift. (Fandango) It kept its same luster and appeal even with a new host and format, and managed to continue entertaining some 30 or so episodes as of this review. I miss Jeremy, but know that I can always hear him on Games Damnit, and realize its not about the voice, its about the games, and Bob does the justice and respects them with the same love that Jeremey had. Keep it up Retronauts, we love you!

A Great Show for Classic Game Discussion   (5/5)

Retronauts is the #1 podcast for discussion of classic games and related topics. Discussions center around the favorites of the 8-, 16- and 32/64-bit eras, and recent news related to those topics. Earlier episodes were hosted by Jeremy Parish (and frequented by regular guest Chris Kohler) while the later episodes are hosted by Bob Mackey. The hosts and guests are knowledgeable on the subject and add some fandango to the in-depth discussion that is sure to educate as well as entertain. With the vast library of episodes available, there is sure to be a topic that will pique the interest of any classic gaming fan.

Wonderful Podcast   (5/5)

As a listener to Retronauts from the beginning, I can say it is one of the best podcasts on the web. The fact it covers old video games (a subject near and dear to my heart) would be awesome enough, but it goes the extra mile by having some of the best guests for each episode. You can tell the hosts both understand and love old games. Every episode is like traveling 10 - 25 years in the past, and getting that old excitement I used to have for a new Nintendo game. Fandango

Revival of 1up's classic podcast is totally worth your time   (5/5)

Each episode Bob brings in a few very knowledgeable guests and discuss one of a veritable topics surrounding retro games. Bob brings knowledge and energy to each episode and each of the guests is always well chosen and add a lot to the discussion. The recent expansion into topics just retro game related, such as video game movies, has lead to even more interesting discussions. The depth they go into when they tackle each subject is really worth a listen to. Fandango!

Dam good   (5/5)

The best retro video game podcast I have ever heard. Keep up the good work.

Retronauts!   (5/5)

I stumbled upon this gem right before the change in format. The old format was good, but I think the new format is even better. A fun stroll down memory lane for all retro video game fans.

Retronauts +1up   (5/5)

Retronauts has always been a great podcast to listen to. Their conversations are often information filled, but with enough humored side tracked stories to keep the podcast fresh and always fun to listen to. I may not be old enough to know half the stuff they talk about, but after listening to each episode, I feel like I can fake my way through making my friends believe that I am.

Longest running 1UP podcast for a reason   (5/5)

I admit, I missed Parish at first, but Bob has really grown on me. You're doing a good job! Any podcast that has Ray, Sharkey, or (personal favorite) Chris Kohler is an instant keeper. I've been listening since episode 3, and I'm glad it's still around. Thank you!

Love me some classic games   (5/5)

I dig how they bring up all these forgotten favorites from yesteryears. Most game podcasts are focused on the newest games, it's nice to hear about the classics

Retro Awesomeness   (4/5)

This has been one of my favorite podcasts over the last few years. If you have a love for older video games, then this is for you. New host Bob Mackey brings some extra enthusiasm to the show, but the Jeremy Parish episodes are solid too. Another great thing is that the episodes are mostly timeless so you can search through the archive and listen to the old podcasts without fear of them being dated or irrelevant. The one thing to be aware of is that Retronauts is very hit-or-miss not because of the quality of the show, but because of the obscurity of the topics. If they're discussing something I've played before, the podcast seems to end far too quickly. However if it's some game series I've never heard of, I usually stop listening less than halfway through because I have no context for what they're talking about.

I like it   (5/5)

A great source of information for old videro games. It is definitely more entertaining when the show covers games I am familiar with, but there is always something interesting to be learned. Has a great revolving cast; of course I have my favorites, but I will let you choose yours for yourself.

Fun, informational podcast   (4/5)

This podcast is great if you enjoy the history of video games. The previous incarnation was good, but a little too "inside baseball" for me sometimes. The relaunch is more relaxed and relevant now. The rotating cast is fun, and they all bring their areas of expertise.

Retrotastic!   (5/5)

I'm a huge fan of old video games, and I've been listening to Retronauts from the very beginning. While the podcast has changed a lot, the enthusiastic new host creates a show just as enjoyable as ever. He obviously cares about fan input, and goes out of his way to make sure there are plenty of knowledgeable guests in each episode, which create insightful and fascinating discussions about various themes and game series. Highly recommended!

My personal favorite   (5/5)

There are three important things to know about this podcast 1. Everyone on it is EXTREMELY well informed and well spoken 2. No one TRIES to be funny. 3. They pick genuinely interesting games and series to discuss Overall, if you're a fan of video games, retro video games, or just want to learn more about video game history. This one is a no-brainer. Click subscribe

Bringing back memories, or discovering new games, retronauts delivers   (5/5)

I never used to listen to podcasts, but when my friend introduced me to Retronauts, I was instantly hooked. I listen to them in the car, and leave it on at work. The team is very knowledgeable, humorous, and fun to listen to. I love when they talk about video games I grew up playing. It always brings back lots of memories, and make me want to play them all over again. It's also a great way for me to discover new titles and series that I haven't played yet. For instance, I never played Chrono Trigger, but after listening to the Chrono Trigger podcast, I was very interested, and picked it up shortly after. Whether you're young or old, Retronauts is a fun way to bring back memories of the classics, and discover new games that you might not have even known existed.

Great memories   (5/5)

Love listening to each episode it's refreshing to listen to people talking about some of the best and worst games of our younger years...the KunioKun episode was one of my favorites and I really wish they could work more Crash 'n the Boy(Z) music into random episodes, keep the great episodes coming!

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Love this podcast, these guys really know their stuff! I enjoy the retro gaming moments they discuss, it brings up memories from my childhood that I could never recall on my own! Find myself googling games I never herd of, and making a list of must play retro games. Thanks for the great show! Please consider doing an occasional video podcast. Even if it's just static images of the game being discussed. Thanks again

Great show.   (5/5)

I've been listening for years. It's gotten me through more than one college lecture.

Half the episodes are great   (5/5)

The call-in episodes are terrible. Its hard to hear the people on the line, and most of the time, they don't contribute anything. The episodes without call ins, however, are just as good as they used to be. Bob is a great replacement for Parrish, and the combination of new and old contributers all do a great job. As long as you take this as an every-other-episode podcast, its hard to go wrong

Still hit and miss, but on the right track.   (4/5)

I've been a long time listener of the podcast and Bob Mackey's run as at the helm has been a marked improvement, if only because Parish's disdain for the show (or podcasts (or perhaps everything in general)) gradually bled the show into a weird, almost depressive funk over the last year or two. The traditional episodes under Mackey aren't quite at the level of the old crew (or even the height of the post-1upocalypse crew, when Frank Cifaldi and Ray Barnholt took on a more prominent role), but they offer an enthusiasm that's a welcome change of pace. The big issue, though, is the live call-in episodes, which still haven't really paid off. Getting rid of the amateurish call holding beeps has helped make these shows listenable, but the discussions are incredibly disjointed: callers invariably repeat questions or unknowingly take a major departure from the topic at hand. Numerous podcasts have used the live show format in conjunction with chats to really play off of their community -- Gamers With Jobs, Bobby Blackwolf Show, Video Game Outsiders -- which makes 1UP's struggles all the more baffling. It's a wasted opportunity. Having said that, the show looks like it could settle into a groove with time (and more appearances from Jose and the "classic" Retronauts crew). Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

young kids these days don't know how good they have it   (5/5)

Bob Mackey is certainly not the greatest human being on earth, but he's definitely on the top ten.

Retro at it's best   (5/5)

The Retronauts panel is well informed and has A genuine appreciation for retro games, it's great to see that they still care about classic games after so many years of these games being released.

My one and only place for retro gaming discussion   (5/5)

Great podcast. The well informed hosts and guests really make this podcast shine. The Silent Hill podcast was one of my favorites. And the addition of samples of game music is a great touch. Cant wait for more episodes like this.

The definitive retro games podcast.   (5/5)

Keep up the good work guys, always enjoy the show! Bob Mackey is doing a great job of hosting, it's nice to be able to listen and not once hear Jeremy complain about how much work the podcast is. :) Long live Retronauts!

Mackey actually likes doing his podcasts!   (5/5)

Bob Mackey's incredible enthusiasm for Retronauts is a big change from Jeremy Parish's increasingly cynical approach to the podcast. By broadening "retro" to include up through the beginning of the PS2-era, he's opened the podcast up to a whole bunch of new and untapped subjects. My only problem: the continued inclusion of the "Live" moniker. Most of the call-in podcasts have been either unintentionally awful (oh, the poor misguided Sonic fanboys) or full of awkward pauses or silly calls that break up interesting discussions amongst the crew (every caller on the PS2 podcast talking "unique" games). Let's just fold these "Live" podcasts into the old series and get back to the old numbering. For someone listening since day one, I'd be appreciative.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

Bob Mackey is the best host. His appreciation and love for gaming really shows, and that's what is missing from other podcasts. Each episode goes in depth on a topic or series, and though its about old games, it always feels fresh and relevant. This podcast is so good that it got me to write my first iTunes review.

Still amazing, probably always will be   (5/5)

Retronauts is a show that can't let me down. After three years of listening its still as funny and informative as ever. I was initially skeptical of Bob Mackey taking over as the host, but I soon warmed up to him. Good going, guys!

Tremendously enjoyable   (5/5)

Through host changes, format changes, hiatuses (hiati?), this show has consistently proven worth the listening time. The guests are knowledgable and interesting, and the games discussed are often titles with which I'm unfamiliar. I listen to several retro-game podcasts and this one is, in my opinion, easily the best.

This ain't your children's videogame podcast.   (5/5)

Retronauts has undergone a few changes lately -- first the shift to a live format, then the exchange of longtime host Jeremy Parish for Bob Mackey -- but one thing has remained constant: it's still not only the best retro gaming podcast around, it's among the best gaming podcasts, period. The host and guests are well-informed, generally likable professionals with a genuine passion for old games and a wealth of interesting facts to share, and their discussions are interesting even if you're unfamiliar with the games they're talking about. Here's to another half-decade of Retronauts.

Like history class, but fun.   (5/5)

I love this podcast. It's informative and fun all in one.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

I always look forward to new episodes of the podcast. The speakers and guests are great. I do miss Jeremy Parish, but I think Bob Mackey does an excellent job and a worthy successor to Mr. Parish Their topics are great at reminding me of great games I may have forgotten about. If you are a fan of older games, this is definitely a great podcast to download. Keep up the awesome work.

Really great retro-gaming podcast!   (5/5)

Through the history of this podcast there have been several different hosts, and the current host Bob Mackey is easily one of the best. You can tell he really cares and has a passion for the topics on this podcast, and the knowledge he and his guests bring is very entertaining! Keep up the great work :)

Retronauts is one of a kind   (5/5)

Retronauts has been going strong for 5ish years, and I've been there since the debut episode. 1up has seen alot of shake ups in that time, employees coming and going, new owners every other day, and podcasts (including the late great 1up show) falling under the axe... but Retronauts remains. You'd think people would run out of things to talk about when it comes to old games, but you'd be mistaken. Each episode is a rich blend of both heady nostalgia and history, often highlighting games that were underapprecieated gems in heir own time. The format has morphed through the years and recently the host changed from the founder Jeremy Parish to Bob Mackey, but the enthusiasm and quality remains. Unlike most podcasts, Retronauts ranks up there for me with This American Life in that after a listen I do not delete it. The beauty of retro gaming is information does not become stale. Plus, as an added bonus, this is really a one of a kind podcast, seeing as how nobody really takes on retro gaming with as much love and professionalism as the Retronauts. Love this podcast, and as a Peace Corps Volunteer with no access to my PS3, retro gaming is where it's at for me. Can not recommend this podcast enough. 6 stars.

thanks   (5/5)

Retronauts is taking over the world one retro game at a time. It is like having a portal to the great gaming memories from my past.

Share the Retro-love   (5/5)

Just wanted to say that I love retronauts. Bob Mackey has done a great job taking over the show. I'm glad that every episode is not live. After the last episode, I want a Shadow Hearts episode! Get on it!

Fantastic   (5/5)

Long time listener, 1st time reviewer here. I adore this show, mellow, fun, concise, and just great. If you enjoy video games as well as just a good podcast, than this is the show for you. With plenty of guest stars, and a grand host this is the best retro podcast out there!

Still just as great as ever   (5/5)

Even though the podcast has changed hands, it still maintains the consistently high bar of quality set by the previous hosts. Long live living-in-the-past!

Still Retro!   (5/5)

This is a great podcast, I took Jeremy's advice and kept the feed. Totally look forward to the next podcast. The b-list jrpg podcast was fantastic but they forgot to discuss the Growlanser series. Also the Star Ocean voice bank is hysterical, you could spend hours goofing around with that.

Always entertaining   (5/5)

Listening to Retronauts is like drinking a +10 Joy potion!

Great podcast, humorous, great guests   (5/5)

Been listening since the beginning 5 years ago (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY), and this Is by far the best 1up podcast, I'm glad it survived the 1up buyout and while I miss the old format, the new one is still enjoyable. You still need to get some of the old staff as guests (Shane, Jeremy, maybe even Seanbaby). It was nice to get chistian nut (sorry if I spelt your name wrong) on the latest episode, he was great on the PS episode, but overall, I'm glad you guys kept the podcast alive. Maybe do another MGS episode when the collection comes out in November?

Retronauts review:   (4/5)

Pretty good retro podcast. The only thing that keeps it from 5/5 territory is the constant bad mixing/audio issues. The most recent episode (episode 23) one of the guests is entirely unintelligible because she was either too far from the mic or mixed way too low. This isn't amateur hour guys!

Ah nostalgia   (5/5)

Jeremy Parrish had a good run and the archived episodes are certified "must listen". But it's time to welcome to in a new era of retro gaming world domination. Bob Mackey for king!!!!!!!!!! -Leroy Pantweather

Good topics, poor presentation   (3/5)

I'd be listening to it more if there were LESS live call in shows. The voice quality of the callers makes them mumbly and hard to hear, and their typical unprepardness makes it a pain to listen to. There have also been a few instances of people on the show with horrible mic quality. I love the topics, but if I can't hear them, then it's not worth listening to.

Great podcast   (4/5)

I'm really glad retronauts is back. I think I preferred the old format, but I'll take what I can get.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Great 1up games podcast! Love the retro! Keep up great work!

Surprise   (5/5)

I was sad when I found out retronauts was ending. Imagine my surprise when I check iTunes 3 months later and find it sort of still going. Keep it up, T-dog, the show gets me through work.

Your #1 source for Scott Sharkey.   (5/5)

Damn I'm really happy that Scott is back on a podcast. I also really love their new format. (intervals of 5 years.) Keeping my fingers crossed that Parish keeps going with this, as he's obviously the lynchpin. PLEASE PARISH SAVE RETRONAUTS THERE ARE NO OTHER GOOD RETRO PODCASTS ANYMORE. :-( /runonsentence

Better things to do   (5/5)

Great series, too bad the host has better things to do like (cough) cover the new Guitar Hero sequels. I had to find a replacement and I found "Sidescroller" which caters to retro gamers and has hilarious host with great chemistry. The host may not be as super hardcore, but do we have a choice now?

Wow   (5/5)

Amazing. Really is a shame how they went with a video format instead. Surely it's easier to track views and more fun to produce but for me it's not even close to the experience of the podcast. Anyone else notice how the videos look like bad clones of VH1 originals? (I love the 80's, best week ever, etc). Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't want to see their childhood turned into processed pop culture tripe.

The Best   (5/5)

Of all the 1UP podcasts this is the best. Sad to hear it ending soon, but luckily some of the cast now take the reigns with the new flagship podcast In This Thread.

Best podcast ever, pretty much.   (5/5)

Things that made this an amazing podcast... 1. The snarky sense of humor that Jeremy Parrish and his revolving door of guests (Scott Sharkey, being the best example) brought to the table in every episode regardless of subject matter. 2. The plethora of knowledge that every single one of these people displayed on all topics wether common or downright esoteric. 2.a The numerous tangents and rabbit holes that were often delved into due to the wit and knowledge of all of these folks led to a show that was never predictable and always refreshing. 3. I think most importantly, the sense of nostalgia that I always feel listening to this show. I have fond memories of almost every topic that is discussed and I'm always taken back to the experiences I had as a child. Unfortunately this podcast is soon to be no more... Thanks for the long, strange trip retronauts!

A must-listen, but room for improvement   (4/5)

The good part is that this is a must for me every episode. The hosts are very knowledgable and usually pick interesting topics. It would help, however, if they showed some enthusiasm. Some episodes are like "oh god, it's Monday and we have to go to work and record a podcast".

Back when I was good at games.   (5/5)

Just listening to the retro bumb music is enough to make me smile. I love listening to the history of the video game industry.

Fine show   (4/5)

This is a great show for people from the generation of gamers who still have SNES and Saturn games proudly displayed upon their shelves and a CRT TV somewhere in ther house just for gametapes. Only negative is the hum-drum "here we go again" approach the host sometimes brings to the discussion. I get dry humor, but c'mon, it beats working in a tollbooth (but what doesn't?).

Best retro games podcast on the internet.   (4/5)

With a team of gamers who are passionate and knowledgeable about retro games, Retronauts should be required listening for anyone curious about the history of video games. The only gripe I have about this podcast is Jeremy's sometimes spoken reluctance to be the host of the show. It's depressing to hear about when someone doesn't enjoy what they're doing, and not what I look for when listening to a podcast. The show also loses best marks for the questionable audio quality for their "live" shows on the convention room floor.

This could have been 5 stars EASILY!   (1/5)

However, someone thought Scott Sharkey would be an an acceptable addition to the crew. Get that m**********r off of Retronauts.

the flagship 1up podcast   (5/5)

ever since shane, garnett, and john left, this is the only podcast that i keep downloading. i love the sunsoft episode. that brought back some great memories.

Could be much better   (2/5)

This show is surprisingly poorly done. While the host and guests are generally knowledgeable, they fail to do any research on the main subject of a given show. They often argue about the year a game was published rather than prepping before the show. Furthermore, the format is unstructured and boring. If you are looking for a great retro games podcast check out past episodes of the now defunct Twitch Asylum which is both much more entertaining and much more informative.

My favorite gaming podcast   (5/5)

I'm a retro gamer and I constantly find myself playing older games that I've missed out on. Retronauts - time and time again - have influenced my purchasing and gaming decisions with its great episodes, whether they cover game franchises, game genres, console overviews or trends. Hilarious and great guest rotation. It's the best retro gaming podcast out there. No contest.

One of the best...   (5/5)

...podcasts 1up has ever produced. Although I wish Sharkey was on as often as he used to be. Retronauts is the reason I am now subscribed to multiple audio casts. Just Great! (BUT--What happened to all the old episodes?)

A Journey through Gaming's Past   (5/5)

Mr. Parish and crew do a fine job directing the listener through gaming's long and storied history. Give this one a chance.

Enjoyable, but still your typical gaming snob-fest   (2/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for two years now. Early on, the show had a more diverse selection of guests, which made the sessions much more enjoyable. Most guests seemed knowledgable, with the exception of a few guests who were intent on using their cameo solely to spew hate. That episode on the Street Fighter series, for example, had this boorish guest who insulted the game, the audience and at times his cohosts (I took an extended break from the show after that particular episode). Jeremy Parish attempts to maintain a structured show, which works well for Retronauts most of the time. My problem with this podcast is that the views represented on that show can come off as elitist. And this happens in every episode. A recent example: Parish covers portable gaming and mentions the Tiger Handheld series of gaming devices of the late 80's. Now listen to his remarks about it: "I didn't play it because I didn't want to subject myself to something like that" Wait a minute. I owned the "Castlevania: Simon's Quest" version of this device while I owned the actual NES game. Yet I still have fond memories and impressons of both. Was it fair of him to compare a $50 game targeted at middle-class America with a $15 handheld aimed at a wider demographic? Probably not, but we can't blame him because that kind of snobbish attitude is typical of gamers. In that same episode on early portable gaming devices he mentions the Sega Gamegear. He sums up the system by saying something like "The games were all terrible anyway." Wow. As someone who has heard an MIT lecturer wax nostalgiac about that system's port of Mortal Kombat 2, I was shocked. It was like hearing Tarantino talk about the history of filmmaking saying "Oh, John Waters and Russ Meyers made some films in the 20th century, but their films were terrible so let's look at the magnificence that was Spielberg." Do I still recommend Retronauts? Yes, but listen to it with the intention of experiencing a podcast with good production values and reminders of games gone by. Don't expect balanced history and positive nostalgia. (And for those of you who say such a podcast is impossible, listen to the 11 O'clock Comics podcast. *That's* how you run a retro podcast. It helps that the main host, Vince, simply adores comics. He wants the medium to succeed and you can feel it. When I listen to that podcast, I never feel ashamed for having had excitement for something I experienced as a child. And I also rush out and read pretty much every title they mention. Am I saying every comic/gaming review should be glowing? Not from one single person, no.)

ALMOST a five.   (4/5)

I greatly enjoyed this podcast, and am happily adding it to my list. I was born in 1971, so the games and systems talked about were the ones I grew up with and remember with nostalgic joy. The only reason I haven't given this gem of a podcast five stars is because of the profanity. There was absolutely no need for foul language in this otherwise brilliant and entertaining show. I look forward to the next episode, especially if it is cleaned up a bit.

Only love   (5/5)

I love listening to these episodes over and over. They're hilarious and informative. Thanks, retronauts!

The Grind   (5/5)

I really enjoyed the Grind episode. Please keep it up. Thanks!

The best video gaming podcast.   (5/5)

That is all.

Great idea but pooly done.   (1/5)

The idea of the podcast is great but it is poorly executed. I blame the host, he always sounds depressed and he is just boring to listen to. You can tell he does not prepare and the show has no real format.

Not that impressed anymore   (1/5)

The flow of the show is dwildling. At times it sounds like they are all forced there to speak. At this rate I am just going back and listening to there older shows that all felt like they put there heart into it. This podcast just isnt the must listen to show like it use to be. Hopefully they will pick things up and get a new crew together that all like to be on the mike.

My Favorite Gaming-Related Podcast   (5/5)

Parish and the kids do an awesome job going deep into the topics whilst keeping things interesting. They really communicate the passion they have for classic gaming. Keep up the great work, folks.

More episodes!   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. My only issue is its not on a weekly basis. It seems they do the podcast when they feel like it lol.

I am a 31 year old gamer...   (5/5)

and I really enjoy this podcast. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Great podcast   (5/5)

with a focus on older games and series, plus a heaping side of remakes!

Best Video Game Podcast   (5/5)

Jeremy Parish is the Charlie Rose of vide game podcasts. Great show!

Why the new format??????????   (2/5)

I use to love this podcast. I have heard every single podcast. I am now boycotting this podcast until the old format comes back. The new format is boring and I always loved the roundtable format. Sorry Retonauts I am out.

classic   (5/5)

How many podcasts can actually never really go out of date? The interviews, guests and topics are always entertaining. A good game is a good game no matter how old. Jeremy understands the role of host by allowing his guests to talk and let them often drive the discussion. He doesn't pretend to be an expert in all areas but a person who truly loves the retro games. I must admit I really like the shows on old RPGs. Two things I would like to see that he trys to keep a regular schedule and two maybe create a rpg podcast of its own. Anyway thanks for all the work you guys do to make this happen.

Amazing   (5/5)

Every gen-xer should give this podcast a listen to.It helps me remember the days before gaming jumped the shark and before massive corporate influence took over the gaming world.Back to a time before silly motion controllers,exercise games,and other lame shenanigans.The April 23rd show was outstanding.It shows perfectly how gaming has embedded itself into the life of our generation.

Memories of the past.   (4/5)

There are many gaming podcasts, but this seems to be the one that focuses on a world before downloadable games and internet gaming rule the day. I tend to listen based on the topic, as a few are awesome trips down Earthbound lane, but it gets into the obscure.

Hurray for Ray!   (2/5)

Everything that is good about Ray Barnholdt is far outweighed by the annoying, petulence of Jeremy Parish. This show would be a 5 if he was replaced by anyone. Anyone!

Remembering gaming's roots   (5/5)

Retronauts is not only one of 1Up's best podcasts, but is of particular importance to the gamer enthusiast community. While there's no shortage of gaming podcasts that are full of news and commentary on current games, Retronauts brings in the historical perspective and explores how games have gotten to where they are now. So within the rosy nostalgia, Retronauts stays topical and relevant. It should not be missed.

Good OLD fun   (5/5)

Get it? I know, awful. Unlike Retronauts, which is quite awesome! No, really. These brave old timers mostly know their stuff when it comes to old games, and if they don't know, the can really ramble on and on for a while before admiting defeat. Can't quite ask for more out of them.

Hopefully this podcast can stick around   (5/5)

I'm saddened by the recent UGO acquisition of 1up and discouraged as to how it will impact the regular lineup of podcasts many of us have come to love. I listen to several other podcasts but the 1up team was always the cream of the crop - with Retronauts being my #1 reason for even listening to podcasts. Good luck to those with displaced employment and I wish the best to those that were retained. These old episodes will be cherished for a long time and gamers all around hope the former crew can put together something that comes close to the brilliance 1up has been known for.

A different angle.   (5/5)

I'm 14. I started gaming at 12. I'm going to need another decade of life before I can consider calling anything "retro". But Retronauts shows me the gaming life style before my time, a time where games were going into new directions, exploring new possibilities. Sure, the first part of the show is completely foreign to me, but when the show focuses on one franchise, like Mega Man, Half Life, or GTA, It can let me understand the origins of my favorite game series. I really love this podcast. With it's great cast, great topics, and a generally funny host, I reccomend this podcast to ANYONE.

The Best History Lessons   (5/5)

This podcast fills a needed position, a good history of videogames. Since it has become a weekly podcast instead of bimonthly it has only gotten better. The hosts have a pleathora of knowledge on all sorts of different aspects of the videgame industry. A must for anyone wanting a good time or to know more about videogames of yester-year

Vastly Improved   (5/5)

The new weekly releases and more focused format make this a much better podcast. The meandering topics and ennui-riddled host will scream "meh," to many a listener, but the podcast's ability to wax nostolgic from many angles, often with little known tidbits about the designers themselves, makes it a worthy waste of time for any gamer over 20 and required listening for the rest of you babies.

I <3 retro-games   (5/5)

I love this podcast! i'm an older gamer and i grew up on most of the game that these guys talk about. its entertaining as hell. keep up the good work!

Top-notch Retro/Legacy gaming whimsy   (5/5)

These guys really know how to dig into the zeitgiest of a genre or franchise. Well done!

So awesome.   (5/5)

Retronauts! Its an awesome show, I just had to write a review for it after seeing someone comment that it doesn't make them want to pull out the console, This is for retro gamers. The old school nintendo enthusiasts, who already have their Nintendo 64, SNES, and NES consoles and so forth already set up. Being a retro gamer, I love this podcast. Five stars! I cant wait till the shows back.

Great   (5/5)

really good cast but where might jenn frank be? bring her back on!!!

In The Year 20XX A.D...   (5/5)

Retronauts came to rock your face. It's an excellent and insightful podcast with an entertaining array of characters and an informative window into gaming history. If you're like me at all, you'll flock to it because you love old video games, but follow every episode because of the clever comedic chemistry between everyone (anything with Parish Sharkey & Kohler = instant greatness). Only downside is it is bi-weekly, leaving you wanting & waiting for more ascerbic video game narrative every other thursday.

Great stuff   (5/5)

Great show, I just wish it was more regular. Add fiber.


This show is as cool to me as the first time i played Ocarina of Time, even though i was either too young or not even alive during most of the games and systems they talk about, it feels so awsome when they talk about something i can relate to and how these specific videogames had the same kind of effect to the Jeremy Parish, Scott Sharkey, and the rest of the retronauts as they did to me. Thanks, you guys are awsome cant wait for the next episode.

Classic Gaming Goodness   (4/5)

I thoroughly enjoy listening to this 'cast, being a lover of classic games. The only real problem i have with it is that all of the hosts are usually talking over each other, and that makes it sometimes hard to follow... though that's not a HUGE issue, as it gives it a little cred in my opinion because they're showing in how they do it the passion they have for whatever topic they're covering.

Great podcast   (4/5)

I am a good fan of this podcast and while i'm still a fairly new listener, I do tend to get a little bored by the end of the episode. As with the rest of 1UP, the crew are very enjoyable to listen to. Easily the dorkiest of the 1UP podcasts.

Essential for video game historians   (5/5)

My only complaint about Retronauts is that it doesn't update as often as it used to, but Jeremy Parish (the main host) is a busy guy, so I'll cut him some slack. When there is a new episode, however, it's always a joyous collection of video game trivia and extreme nerdosity. And, unlike most other podcasts, Retronauts is one of the few 'casts that's worth archiving and listening to again later. I've been entertained by many-a Retronauts rerun during long and boring car rides. Good job, guys. As always, I'm eager to see (listen to) more.

you haven't downloaded this yet?   (5/5)

its just a lot of fun, so just download it

First grade podcast concerning the history of video games   (5/5)

Listen to one show, and you can hear that these folks have a passion for the heritage of video games. Its amazing to be reminded how far gaming has come in such a short amount of time. While discussing games and systems of years past- this show actually trail blazes ahead of its time. Most gaming podcasts strive to be at the bleeding edge of what’s new--- instead sit back, relax, and reflect with a little whimsical nostalgia on how far we have come. Keep up the good work!- MrRoom

Retronauts   (5/5)

A great throwback to the history of gaming by people who love video games. These are the type of people that any video game lover would love to take out for a beer. Keep on casting!

Great Retro Gaming Podcast!   (5/5)

You guys do a great job! Where is the podcast about the Dreamcast?! I would love for you guys to look back on the console and all the good, bad, and reasons why it died.

retronauts   (5/5)

awesome!!!!!!!!!!! where's ep 24?

Old games are sweet.   (5/5)

This podcast deals with older games. Not only that but it is a good podcast aswell. Check this one out for some sweetness.

Love this show   (5/5)

As a maturing gamer (29) I'm realizing that many of the games I loved when I was younger are now considered "retro." Listening to the show reminds me of the conversations my friends and I have about games, and I find myself trying to talk to the hosts while listening.

Sorry, Toasty, this ain't all that great.   (2/5)

I'm usually a fan of the stuff Jeremy Parish (aka Toastyfrog) creates, but this podcast needs some serious work. The few I tried out never kept a coherent flow. The arcade machine nostalgia ep was especially bad--the conversation went from this age to that age to hey 7-11 arcade was cool what happened to the arcade now they cost so much wait what were we talking about? Really, the nail in the coffin here is Toasty's delivery. The personality he shows when he writes for 1up and EGM is lost in his audio performance here.

One of 1Ups' Best Podcasts   (5/5)

The topics are always interesting, and the discussions are generally focused and fun to listen to. And the retro theme music is great. Highly recommended for anyone who grew up in the 8bit-16bit era.

Fun podcast!   (5/5)

I'm somewhat of a video game collector and I found this podcast very interesting. I really enjoyed the trip to the Japanese retro store. These guys do an excellent job of screen caps for these retro games. I thought I had heard of most games, but these guys are teaching me a lot I don't know. Well done!

great podcast   (5/5)

This show has really picked up steam since the virtual console was launched. The music episode remains one of the best podcasts I've listened to thus far. Keep up the good work!

Good Stuff   (5/5)

Not only do they talk about the great games of days past, but Shane actually remembers how he felt when he was a kid. Sure brings back memories, which I'm thinking is the whole point.

Awesome   (5/5)

Nice to hear some old school stuff. Been a gamer since the age of Pong. Keep on with the great podcast.

Great podcast, BUT MAKE A VODCAST!   (4/5)

This podcast is great but please add in video! It would help the podcast so much to watch video of the games being played while you discuss it! Either way, an excellent podcasts for retro gamers.

The 1up podcast to keep an eye on...   (4/5)

The 1up podcast Retronauts has so much personality injected into it that once it works more on laying out a structure it could give 1up Yours a run for its money.

The Best Podcast on iTunes   (5/5)

I remember when I first got my iPod and I began surfing the iTunes Store. I was looking across various podcasts and I saw Epidsode 1 of this podcast. Downloaded it and I instantly fell in love. The 1UP crew know their stuff in retro gaming and hearing their commentary is a blast. There are some genuinely funny moments here and you learn a lot about the retro goodness that was our era two decades ago. I look forward to each new podcast with glee and scream at my computer to hurry up while transferring it to my iPod. A must for every gamer who has an iPod and you have nothing to lose.

Early Episodes are Very Scattered   (3/5)

This podcast seems to have gone on hiatus, which is a good thing. Compared to another retro-gaming podcast -- Twitch Asylum -- Retronauts completely lacks focus, which makes it kind of annoying to listen to. Only the last episode really works. It works, because it has a woman gamer in it, who clearly knows A LOT about videogaming. It is so rare to hear a woman talk about gaming that her presense alone made it worth listening to. I will look forward the future episodes, but so far they have a lot of room for improvement.

AWsome   (5/5)

wow I am loving this podcast.I love old videogames and to have 30 minutes of funny people talking about things I love.Score.This is a definate download.

Extreme dorks   (2/5)

This is painful to listen to. Total chaos.

Good Info - Poor Delivery   (3/5)

I enjoyed the first episode, but I found the second boring. The participants are dry--not dry humor--just dry. They have the energy of an electric toothbrush slowly winding down. I wish they had some better way of communicating because it is evident that the knowledge is there. I hope they drink some coffee before they start recording the third. Good luck.

Jeremy Parish ftw!   (5/5)

Is the podcast a little dorky? Yes. Does it occasionally talk about games so obscure that it cannabalizes its own audience? Yes. But is it entertaining as hell and completely nostalgic? OF COURSE!!! Download this sucker immediately, and pray for video versions. Watching the clips and seeing you guys talk is half the fun!

Huzzah!   (5/5)

I too love classic games! And I am not in any way suspiciously affiliated with 1up or Ziff or Jeremy Parish! I just like his writing and/or speaking with a geeky obsessive nature! Also, interrobangs!(?)

2 Thumbs Up!   (3/5)

As a fan of classic games, I really enjoyed the first episode. The guys on the show are funny and knowledgeable.

Nice show   (4/5)

Retro gaming ftw? Seriously, this is a pretty informative podcast and there's a lot of info in this first show about the FF series that I wasn't aware of. I look forward to future episodes.

Secret 1UP Podcasts   (5/5)

Hey I found this podcast. I love classic games! Whoever puts up the 1UP Podcasts on iTunes must be a really awesome guy! SUBSCRIBE!