Aggregated reviews for 30 For 30 Podcasts

Original audio documentaries from the makers of the acclaimed 30 for 30 film series, featuring stories from the world of sports and beyond. 30 for 30 offers captivating storytelling for sports fans and general interest listeners alike, going beyond the field to explore how sports, competition, athleticism and adventure affect our lives and our world. Sports stories like you've never heard before.

James Scott   (5/5)

The James Scott segment is a fair tribute to a man of great talent, and a comment in the lost talent that gets locked up. An important documentary on the need for prison reform, and an invitation to society to look at how we fail ourselves in so many ways. End prison for profit now. There are many segments of 30 for 30, aside from the James Scott, that I learned from and enjoyed. Well done.

Where were the parent?   (5/5)

That’s all.

Excellent, Insightful, Heartbreaking   (5/5)

This deep dive into the Karolyis, USA Gymnastics and the numerous gymnasts impacted by the rigorous pathway to Olympic Gold is superb if not heart wrenching to absorb. I only wish this was a video podcast or had been done for TV because there are so many visual moments and gymnastics performances that I would have enjoyed seeing .

Review   (4/5)

It has a little bout of language but other than that great podcasts

So glad they’re back to the documentary style!   (5/5)

Left my original review below. Happy to have a docu-style show back! I live documentary-style audio. I don’t like listening to commentary about a TV show. Right now the only reason o don’t unsubscribe is the hope it will go back to the old format. From a strategic standpoint connecting the audio with the other content makes sense. But hijacking a documentary-style feed with drive-time sports talk radio recapping documentary doesn’t work for me. It’s like tuning in for the State of the Union and only getting the commentary.

Pretty good   (5/5)

I like them

A critique on the culture of winning   (5/5)

Is the gold for a few worth the price of so many? This is about the culture of valuing only the winners. But the winners won’t say that out loud. Instead, they create myths and propaganda to fuel that rare win and deny the voice and value of so many broken others. I loved this podcasts because it airs that voice and values those others.

Excellent podcast detailing history of Karolyis, their abuse tactics and the price of success   (5/5)

Highly recommend especially for any sports fan who watches the Olympics or anyone who followed the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case.

It’s back!   (5/5)

So happy to have a real season of 30 for 30 back and not the recaps. This was another in-depth, engrossing, well reported story.

Interesting stories well told   (5/5)

Enjoy the episodes and the mini series that go even deeper are fantastic!

Accountability for gymnastics commentariat?   (5/5)

Painful story, painstakingly told. Well reported, with one exception that jumped out at me: What responsibility does the NBC gymnastics team—the network and the commentators—take for making millions while these girls suffered? Listening to all seven episodes reminded me of the outsized role NBC played in hyping the manifestly abusive Karolyis and their domineering methods. Al Trautwig and Tim Daggett, in particular, lavished effulgent, stomach-turning praise for DECADES without ever questioning what an Iron Curtain totalitarian system meant for vulnerable American girls. NBC’s awful coverage obsessively focused on melodramatic storytelling about these girls, while missing THE REAL STORY right in front of their eyes. Would have loved the 30 for 30 reporters to have asked Trautwig, Daggett, Elfi Schlegel, Bob Costas, John Tesh et. al. about their complicity.

Storytelling at its finest!   (5/5)

30 for 30 nails it with their latest podcast series about the complicated legacy of USA gymnastics, “Heavy Medals.” Listeners will learn about and grapple with what was going on behind the scenes of all the incredible Olympic moments of the last 30 years. Very entertaining and informative!

Huge gaps   (3/5)

Story was missing huge parts- Diane Durham, for instance. Bad omission. Also, the public messaging at the end of every single episode was overkill. Big time.

Fantastic. A must listen.   (5/5)

Excellent reporting. The gymnasts past, present, and future deserve all of their truths be told..and the adults who let them down held responsible.

Epic   (5/5)

Reporting done right and the human emotions conveyed on this podcast is transparent. Heavy Metals podcast made me go through the gamut of emotions. Elation. Sadness. Defeat. Betrayal. The erosion of trust was palpable with each gymnast speaking. Women are the strongest people I know. But it is their heart that many men like me have can learn from. This podcast is amazing and this story is one of many that have touched my soul. Keep up the good work.

Back to normal   (5/5)

Finally back to normal formatting with engaging sports stories. Thank you for bringing Jody back!

Jalen is terrible!   (1/5)

Clear enough? Screaming, annoying commentary. Jalen Rose is terrible!

Combo Rating: fingers crossed   (4/5)

I miss the old format. Five stars for Jody and the compelling stories from last seasons. I can’t give this season more than a two. Four stars now as an optimistic gesture towards future seasons returning to the way it was.

Jalen and Jacoby not a fan   (1/5)

Can’t stand listening to Jalen. Thought I was a fan. Stop yelling in the background and maybe bring a conversation to the table.

J&J have their own show   (1/5)

The quality really doesn’t compare to Jody. Will not be listening to this until that format returns

Used to LOVE the 30 for 30’s but...   (1/5)

Not a 4+ Star podcast anymore. I just don’t find Jalen & Jacoby as great storytellers or interviewers. After all - 30 for 30 is about telling an amazing story that’s engaging. J & J are more like “sports guys” that are color commentating a 30 for 30 - with their obscure sports knowledge. Sadly I’ve had to unsubscribe to the channel.

Miss the old format   (1/5)

Not a fan of Jalen and Jacoby talking about the 30 for 30. I hope they go back to the old format of the documentary style podcast. Not listening until it’s returned to its former podcast style.

Sometimes great   (1/5)

The early seasons with Jody Avirgan are absolutely terrific. Really first rate reporting and storytelling, some of them I’ve gone back and listened to a second or even third time. The last couple of series are two guys named Jalen and Jacoby who are frequently quite obnoxious, discussing TV documentary series I haven’t had time to watch, so not as enjoyable. When the high quality original reporting does happen, it’s a magical, at times award-deserving production. It USED to be one of my favorite podcasts. At the moment it’s a one-star. I really wish they’d go back to the other style.

Please go back to audio docs   (1/5)

I am not interested in ESPN talk radio. I loved the audio documentaries of seasons past.

Jalen is sooooo annoying   (1/5)

I love when Jody does the 30 for 30, jalen is so annoying and throws in so much noise......pleeeeaaaase no more jalen....I don’t even want to listen

Create a new show to host J&J and stop diluting the 30/30 brand   (1/5)

This show was great during its first six seasons. The Jalen and Jacoby show is worthless and should stand on its own so it doesn’t excite me when there’s a “new episode” on 30 for 30. Please stop diluting the brand with this worthless back and forth banter and get back to investigative and thorough sports-related episodes!

This podcast used to be good   (2/5)

I liked this when it was actually 30 for 30 podcast. Not Jalen and Jacoby talking about 30 for 30 episodes.

Enjoy the actual pods. Don’t enjoy the commentary   (1/5)

This feed used to provide audio podcasts, and some were great. Not all, but they clearly put in effort. I don’t have espn so I can’t watch the 30 for 30s. I wish this commentary feed could be on a different feed so that it didn’t look like I was supporting it with my auto downloads. Hopefully they get back to some original audio story content.

Jalen & Jacoby... why???   (1/5)

I subscribed to listen the well produced, well written & inspiring documentaries. What happened to those?? Are they over? Jalen & Jacoby are a big miss. I can’t listen to them. Won’t be back until the docs are back.

J.Rose is an idiot!   (3/5)

Enjoy documentaries but how Jalen graduated high school let alone college is anybody’s guess

Used to be good.   (1/5)

Amazing show until they began this new format. Please go back

What happened to Jody Avirgan?   (1/5)

The guys doing the podcast now are insufferable. Jalen couldn't ask a decent question if questions were an ocean and all he had to do was fall out of a boat. This used to be such a well-produced, smart podcast. Oh well, unsubscribed.

Terrible   (1/5)

Jalen screaming over the show runner of The Last Dance was so disrespectful and cringe. I’m with the rest of the reviewers, dude NEEDS to stop yelling. I want to hear reviews and interviews regarding some of my favorite sports docs and topics but cannot listen to Jalen’s relentless yelling over Jacoby and guests.

Great content just one thing:   (4/5)

Jalen’s mic needs to be about 5-6 feet back. Either that or he needs to stop yelling. Dude’s blowing out my earbuds. Otherwise great show

Jalen & Jacoby   (1/5)

I dont see any reason to listen to Jalen & Jacoby. It was cool during the Jordan Documentary, but I am primarily here to listen to the 30 for 30 episodes. Are those finished?

Ruined a great thing   (1/5)

This show used to be a must listen, but the format change absolutely ruined it. I just unsubscribed. The storytelling and investigations where top notch, why on earth would you throw that away for a rehash talk show?!? I’m out.

Republicans and Racists buy Shoes Too   (3/5)

You think Lance doping in a sport where doping is the norm is worse than Michael Jordan failing to ever address murdering for a pair of his shoes?

Why is he yelling?   (2/5)

The topics on this podcast are interesting, but Jalon‘s intermittent yelling is really unpleasant - forced me to stop each episode and move on with the hope the next one was different. (Spoiler: they’re not)

Jalen and Jacoby Annoying   (1/5)

Go back to the old format...these hosts aren’t nearly as good

Stop screaming Jalen!   (2/5)

At times interesting but more often NOT

Like the old format MUCH better   (1/5)

I really enjoyed the old format. I enjoyed the documentary style and the story-telling. I have no desire to listen to them rehash the content that you have to watch first. I literally used to listen for hours (especially on long drives) and now can hardly last 5 minutes before switching.

Disappointed   (1/5)

Really liked the podcast before, after shows are a non-starter.

Jalen & Jacoby After show = limited value add   (2/5)

Honestly expected a bit more of a deep dive into the behind the scenes. The two are inconsistent and superficial. Enjoyed the conversation with the director of Lance but the conversation was entirely too short

Jalen & Jacoby - Better Than Expected   (1/5)

Please go back to the old format. I used to love this podcast and now it’s kinda of terrible. J &J were great for the Jordan series, but not for everything. I wasn’t sure about these episodes would roll - I had the lowest expectations, but after listening to an interview with Jalen about the Jordan series my interest was piqued. While different from the usual format, hearing their off the cuff commentary was fun.

No more after show   (1/5)

I’m done listening as long as the after show is on.

What happened to original reporting?   (1/5)

If I wanted to listen to people discuss a documentary I just watched, I’d go home and chat with my parents. C’mon, y’all.

Stop with the Jalen and Jacoby   (1/5)

30 for 30 was an amazing podcast even if I wasn’t interested in the sport the story was always something to look forward to. But whatever this aftershow is just stop it it’s like cheap sports radio from a small local market in the 90s. If this is what the podcast is now I’m unsubscribing.

Used to be good   (2/5)

This was a 5 star podcast before this season, but Jalen and Jacobi are awful. Jalen is constantly yelling and talking over others. With Lance, there is less yelling. But, they have little to add, as made clear by how often the refer back to Michael Jordan and Jalen’s life.

Jalen Rose   (2/5)

The original format was great. The after show is terrible. I’ll never listen to another podcast or show with Jalen. Cmon ESPN, he is terrible here and you know it. Stop. Screaming. He has nothing to offer so he just yells wow or get em into the mic for a half hour. Can’t wait for this to be over.

Please stop screaming   (1/5)

Listened to the first eight episodes on the last dance, but couldn’t make it through the last two. Was listening to number eight and had to delete after Jalen’s yelling and interrupting. Love Jalen, but he’s been a disaster on this. Ready for the original format to return.

No Longer 30 for 30   (1/5)

This show has been replaced with something entirely different.

Remove the yelling dude!   (1/5)

It makes for a very unpleasant listening experience. Too bad.

30 for 30 used to be good!   (2/5)

The stories and journalism brought to life with Jody Avirgan as the host, were what made this podcast good. An after show is a nice idea, but it should be separate from the actual 30 for 30 podcast. Jacoby is fine & tries fo dive deeper, but Jalen interjects and tries to steer the attention in his direction.

Remove Aftershows   (2/5)

The Jalen and Jacoby After show is horrendous. Jalen doesn’t understand how to not yell into the mic and just isn’t worthwhile content on this. The original stories and investigative stories that were originally on this feed were worth it.

Jalen screaming and interrupting awful   (3/5)

Wth?! I tried to skip over times Jalen screams and yells AND interrupts but then I lose content/context. Man up and say something to him! Ruined the story line with documentary.

Fire Jalen   (1/5)

Unsubbed cause of him.

Jalen is a moron.   (3/5)

He has good things to say but how many times is he going to scream in the microphone and tell Jason Herir he needs to go to his tailor?

Great but not great   (3/5)

My phone is restricted so I can’t listen to them but I can watch them on tv which isn’t always convenient

Stop screaming Jalen   (1/5)

Why? Seriously? I had to shut it off

Jalen stop yelling please   (3/5)

Good podcast but Jalen please stop yelling into the mic. You’re killing my ears when wearing headphones.

Jalen Rose,talk less   (3/5)

Season six about Jordan is amazing. Jalen injects himself and just says random nonsense and sound levels are super clipped. Just is distracting and unnecessary.

Quit saying   (5/5)

Michael Jeffery Jordan! Sounds dumb. Just saying.

Jalen stop interrupting   (5/5)

Great shows, but Jalen has got to stop interrupting guests. Keep it up guys.

Great show!   (5/5)

I never miss an episode

This was my favorite podcast until....   (1/5)

These two idiots totally ruined the podcast. The audio is horrible, sounds like they’re recording from the bathroom, and the miserable attempts to be funny all fall flat. Jalen needs a new hobby that doesn’t involve speaking publicly. Or privately for that matter. Seriously this pod is straight trash now.

Who cares about these new guys?   (1/5)

Not a fan of the most recent episodes. This used to be my go to podcast. Legit got giddy when a new episode would drop. Now I’m unsubscribing.

Thought this was “30 for 30?”   (1/5)

Enjoyed until they completely changed the format. These guys are complete tools.

Og   (4/5)

It’s so original my favorite is when they incorporated it in uncle drew

So far so good   (5/5)

Only listened to the Bikram one so far, I like it.

too many ads   (1/5)

five minutes in and your selling me insurance and att? hard pass.

After show   (1/5)

Good idea to do an “aftershow”.... but Jalen is brutal. For example... introductory comments on Pippen describe him as “the best sidekick in history” and then 5 minutes later he’s commenting how the narrative shouldn’t be how Pippen is Jordan’s Robin. And will the soundtrack be covered in every episode guys? Hard to believe this isn’t more polished and interesting given all the hype that’s gone into the series.

Love show hate podcast   (1/5)

Cliche stories stretched too far

Decent   (1/5)

But very inconsistent. The NUMBER 1 RULE to a good podcast is BE CONSISTENT. Huge gaps in content here, and many of the episodes are really really bad. It’s not an every episode podcast. It’s one with a ton of skipables. Now they are experimenting with this garbage where the entire season is on one subject. This podcast just find what works. It’s a good idea for a podcast. It was a good idea for a series of docs. But the people they have in charge are the wrong people. I would unsubscribe, but I really don’t need to since they never upload any episodes anyway.

Activism and sports   (1/5)

Name a worse combination. People with lower-than-average IQs and the people that support them, brought to you by ESPN, “We Don’t Do Sports Anymore”.

Bikrum   (5/5)

He’s is a predator. Watch him on HBO real sports before you victim shame the women. If it’s so unfair why has he left the country instead of stay and pleading his case

Season 5   (1/5)

I don’t get why Shelly Sterling gets so much empathy in this podcast like she’s a patron Saint. She’s just as horrible in some situations. It’s like the host gives her a pass without asking the tough questions about her being a racist and knowing he was a racist her whole life

Just as good if not better than the episodes on ESPN   (5/5)

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I first started downloading the podcasts but with how good the ESPN documentaries were, I decided to take a chance. I am glad that I did because the quality of the content is just as good if not better than the ones I watch on TV. It might be better because podcasts don’t have the luxury of visuals. All the magic has to be done through the writing and directing of each podcast.

Bikram   (4/5)

I thought the majority of this podcast was unfair to Bikram. The women who accused him are not credible. They massaged the man for hours and then waited years to accuse him. He was eccentric and they all knew it.

Great podcast   (4/5)

Consistently entertaining, well-researched and reported.

Variety and range   (5/5)

Love the variety of topics.

I don’t even like sports...   (5/5)

But I really like this podcast! The stories are interesting and well told. I’ve listened to just about every single episode and there hasn’t been a stinker yet.

WOW   (5/5)

Whomever is producing these is a seasoned champ. Thank you. The Bikram episodes blew me away and kept me company in all my holiday travel. Unreal. Thank you.

Loved Sterling Affair Season 5 but...   (5/5)

...Shelly Sterling is as vile and unsympathetic as that equally racist, human melted candle she was married to. Two incredibly dull and despicable pieces of human garbage fought and made up prior to dying because they were brought up without a spine. And it wasn’t just them - I mean the Clippers’ on-court gesture was beyond weak. So my takeaway here was that Ramona did a FANTASTIC job despite slumming it with this cast of disappointments.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I love these sports stories. I’d love, selfishly, some episodes in Kentucky Football and basketball. I love the Wildcats. Keep up the great podcast!

Love it!   (5/5)

If you love 30 for 30 movies than you’ll love the podcasts. It’s great such great story telling especially on stories and sports I would have never even show interest in. Only complaint is that the seasons are too short. We NEED MORE!!!!

Awesome   (5/5)

Great journalistic work. As good as the tv version.

Loved this episode   (5/5)

Love the narrator and all the history.

Superdome   (1/5)

Horrible narrator for Superdome episode ! Just awful.

Superdome episode   (1/5)

This one was terrible. 30 for 30 hits broad themes- this was fan service crap. It’s not relevant to anyone other than people from New Orleans. Complete yawn. Could’ve been very good- you blew this one

Terrible!   (1/5)

What happened to the awesome, inspirational sports stories? Season 6 is full of violence, sadness, grief! Just awful!!!!

Insanely Good!   (5/5)

The 1st 2 episodes are insanely good! I had no idea about either topic! Edge of your seat listens! 5 stars!!!!!

Really powerful   (5/5)

This true life podcast has taken a topic which for years was skewed towards making a horrific, violent and murderous due into men of fascination and sympathy, and has FINALLY brought truth, strength, and accolades to their victims. Thanks to Kari and the podcast for being able to give us the truth surrounding her horrible kidnapping, as well as a recognition of her athletic gifts.

In awe   (5/5)

I am continually impressed by the intriguing and sensitive way that people and events are highlighted in this podcast. Keep up the great work!

Consistently excellent   (5/5)

This team does a great job and produces excellent content. Writing, editing, sound quality are all fantastic. Story telling is very compelling. Highly recommend!

The Spy Who Signed Me   (5/5)

Great interviews with Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird that gave amazing insight into how far (quite literally) they had to go to be paid fairly and equitably for being the best women’s basketball players in the world. It’s unconscionable that they found the respect they deserved in Russia and still, to this day, are treated and paid as second rate in the US. This was truly a terrific and enlightening listen!

Women?? Only women?   (1/5)

Are we only going to get stories about women this season? Guess we won’t be listening this year.


Great story!

Great range of stories - always compelling!   (5/5)

Love this podcast. The stories are well researched and always draw me in! When will you do a season on the Nike Oregon Project??

Must Listen   (5/5)

Fantastic storytelling with heart and smarts...

Excellent Stories   (5/5)

Great podcast subscription with interesting stories that keep you wanting for more.

Season 5 is why 5 star...   (5/5)

Do more like Season 5. I started by happenstance and listened to Season 5 first. I’m glad otherwise I would have never listen to more than one do more like it. Comprehensive story on relative issues. #WhoDatNation

30 for 30 is 10 for 10   (5/5)

Really love this Pod, especially the deep dives on Sterling and Birkam. The only problem is that it’s impossible to not binge through and then it’s a whole year before it comes back. Love to see more obscure yet mesmerizing stuff like something on women’s surfing or the 1990 World Cup run of Cameroon

The worst guy   (5/5)

Well done podcast about the worst guy ever.

Get woke. Go broke   (1/5)

First episodes were interesting and liked them. Since then, all SJW. Don’t need that. Won’t listen anymore.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Great content

Sterling episodes   (5/5)

Very well researched plus kept my interest through a 5 part series.

Compelling   (5/5)

I am NOT a sports fan! That said 30 for 30 could turn me into one. Each season, episode, subject is well researched and delivered. I find myself, because of the stellar reporting, listening to episodes and seasons I never had an interest in. I wish you would branch out into other genres because you are THAT GOOD! Thanks for your work. It is much appreciated.

Narrator is Everything. She is a ROBOT.   (1/5)

It’s an interesting story presented by a ROBOT. I couldn’t fight through the podcast. Ended it at episode 2.

Sayonara   (5/5)

Very compelling! Was completely tuned in. I do wish I could see those talking or wish I knew the names of everyone as the spoke. Loved it and wish there was more.

A must listen!   (5/5)

Loved this one. This is such a pivotal moment in NBA, and Ramona Shelburne does an amazing job at telling the story!

Sterling Affairs   (5/5)

Great documentary! Awesome job Ramona. Only thing I would say is I wish it was on TV so I could see parties involved.

Hit and Miss   (2/5)

For an ESPN podcast you’d expect them to all be about sports. Season 3 is about the inventor of Bikrim Yoga sexually assaulting women (is yoga really interesting to most ESPN lovers?), Season 5 is about a Clippers owner who was a misogynist and racist. Both focus on controversy of these individuals who are not even athletes. Really felt like a pull to get more women on the podcast on the anti white men bandwagon. Really disappointed by the lack of sports focus with so many great behind the scenes sports stories to tell.

Sterling affairs   (5/5)

U guys blew it not making this a tv episode especially with them having their best team ever.

Hmmm   (3/5)

A slightly misguided story. Racist, white Clippers owner loses money, wife and team BUT WAIT... essentially keeps wife and money in the end... so despite a few bumps in the road, the toxic man ends up just fine. Do we really need another story like this?

Terrific...except for   (5/5)

Really well done. Exhaustively reported and well-sourced. My only minor complaint is that the interviewees should be identified more than once to make it easier to keep track of who’s who. But it’s definitely worth your time.

Great podcast   (5/5)

So well produced. Super interesting stories. Great variety within the sports world. Highly recommend the Bikram season in particular.

Great from start to finish   (5/5)

I've been listening since the first couple episodes were released and they've never dissappointed. From the original content to the behind the scenes looks, its all very entertaining.

The Best told   (5/5)

Loved this whole podcast all seasons. Some feel good, some “ I didn’t know that” and some inspiration stories. Well done!

Horribly over sold   (1/5)

The Donald Sterling series is perhaps the worst case of over selling a story I have ever heard. They pretend as though it was perhaps the biggest story in the history of sports that an old white man was racist. I remember the day the “biggest story in the history of the world” broke. When the tapes were released, my peers and I collectively thought: who is Donald Sterling and why would a dude that clearly doesn’t like black people own an NBA team? There was no craze. No freak out. No, “oh my god, did you hear...” I mean, who hasn’t heard an old racist white guy say the N word? And Sterling doesn’t even do that. This series totally ruined the 30-for-30 podcasts for me. First season was great, hasn’t been a good episode since. You guys are getting super invested in stories that nobody does or should care about.

Clippers will be better...   (5/5)

I used to buy the Clippers 10 game packages both at the LA Sports Arena and at the Staples Center. I could not give the tickets away to my clients, so my Son and I would go to the middle of the weeks games. I could not afford My Laker’s ticket; however, my son and I did get to see all of our favorite players from other teams. The honest truth is that they were in every game and I grew to like the Clippers. Looking forward to the 2020 season as they should have their best season ever!!! Thanks Clips, Kermit N.

Fantastic!   (5/5)

Excellent story, compellingly told. Ramona has a great radio voice!

30 for 30 Fan   (5/5)

Ramona did a “fabulous” job!! One of the best 30 for 30 podcasts.

Disappointing   (1/5)

Always a let down.

The Catalog of Episodes need Work   (4/5)

This is a great podcast. The Sterling Tapes was fantastic. When you click on “available episodes” though it is an absolute mess. Trailers are useless. Clean up the naming and the order.

Love the show, love the podcast!   (5/5)

My husband and I have watched the series on TV for years and as an avid podcast listener, I love this show so much! Easy listening and awesome storytelling.

Great podcast!!   (5/5)

Great podcast, but you know what! Shelley is just as guilty as Donald. Her reputation is just as bad as his, she knew exactly who her husband is and what was going on. Overall great podcast, got me through my 2 hour commute to work these past few mornings!

Momo   (5/5)

Ramona is a tru journalist and a very good one glad she covers my lakers

The Sterling Affairs   (5/5)

This podcast alone should qualify Ramona Shelburne for introduction in to the NBA Hall of Fame.

more SJW crap from espn   (1/5)

despite their plummeting viewership/listenership espn continues to mix their far left politically correct agenda into what should be an apolitical mode of entertainment, sports. it’s a real shame because 30 for 30 was a great series when it first came out. now it’s almost as preachy as the majority of its anchors and commentators. if you believe the uswt should be paid equally with the men’s team, enjoy the wnba, actually think bruce jenner is a woman, or anything equally as silly then this might be for you. if you have a mind of your own and aren’t afraid to call this silliness out, you should pass

Sports podcasts at its finest   (5/5)

This is THE BEST sports podcast for history fans and everyone alike. I share this podcast with my dad and friends all the time. Just the backstories behind sports most increbile moments is something to behold. It gets me every time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast

Great story   (5/5)

Thought I knew this story, but I definitely did not. Solid reporting.

Excellent   (5/5)

Beautiful work

Round of applause for Ramona Shelburne   (5/5)

10 out of 10!! What a story, & what impressive investigative work by Ramona. Not to mention her ability to give you a clear picture of all that was happening, without being able to use visuals. That’s what makes her one of the best in the industry!

Captivating!   (5/5)

This is a very meaty episode with a lot of info to chew on. Very well done!

Great for casual sports fans   (5/5)

I don’t usually follow sports weekly so this deeper dive into older stories has been great to listen to.

Ear opening   (5/5)

Season 5 : Good storytelling about the history of Sterling, The Clippers, and what it was like to deal with this west coast Donald. I think they went light on Mrs. Sterling.

Must Listen!   (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoyed the last season - great writing, narration, and production. Even if you aren’t a huge sports fan the series is worth a listen. Enjoyed hearing the perspective of all involved parties. Keep up the great work!

This Podcast is so woke.   (1/5)

Not sure what happened but every story is about some minority class that is being held down by the white man. Ridiculous. Get woke go broke. Deleted

Riveting podcast series on Sterling   (5/5)

This was fantastic! Great job by the team that produced it. I really felt like I went back in time and came full circle. I hope Ramona does more podcasts, and she’s one of my favorite reporters to listen to on ESPN radio. She is an ESPN treasure.

Binge worthy   (5/5)

I’d definitely listen to all of this again. If this was a series you could watch, I’d binge watch it multiple times.

Great story! Poor narration.   (3/5)

Super intriguing story, but the narrator isn’t too great at it.. not in a rude way, but she’s probably better served doing something else 😅 kinda sounds like a high schooler narrating a school project.. Ramona is a great journalist, but a poor podcaster, still a good story tho!

Best Podcast!   (5/5)

I binged the Season 5 about Ronald Sterling. Literally the most interesting if you are a NBA Fanatic like me. This Series unfolds the life of bad man named Ronald Sterling. I only l only knew a little bit of the situation cause Ima Dubs fan. Gotta listen to this!!! Remind Shelburne tells the story perfectly. Btw why is Shelly back with this crazy man. He is disgusting and betrayed the Clipper organization, Players, Fans and frankly most importantly his own Wife. A despicable, terrible man.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Terrific job by Ramona Shelbourne, crazy story very well done.

Great Listen   (5/5)

Great job telling the story Momo! Hope this isn’t the last one you do.

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

Congratulations to Ramona Shelbourn on producing an amazing podcast. Very well done!

Captivating   (5/5)

Very interesting.. you'll be tempted to binge on the Sterling episodes. Very professionally produced.

Agree   (4/5)

I agree it’s really hard to hear the actual tapes. But it’s a great story with even better story telling

Wow!   (5/5)

Ramona! This is excellent work

“Fabulous”   (5/5)

Great job on the podcast. Loved every second

Great work Ramona   (5/5)

Really enjoyed all your hard work, writing, and narrative

Perfect!   (5/5)

Awesome!! So good, been listening over the last two or three days. Don’t want it to end. Good ol Ramona with the excellent journalism, love you girl!

Well done   (5/5)

Thanks MoMo great job Hope you do more podcasts. Start one with interviews of players

Music   (4/5)

This is a great podcast. But I'm wondering, why does the music have to be so loud? Especially when you're trying to hear the recordings that were made of Mr. Sterling. Other than that, it's great.

Sterling series is great   (5/5)

I love the whole series 30 for 30 documentaries, but the Sterling Tapes is my favorite so far.

Sterling Affairs- Go Momo   (5/5)

The first episode of the Sterling affairs was amazing and I forgot how bad this was at the time. Great listen and I’ll be binge listening to this one and telling friends. Go Ramona!!

Top storytelling!   (5/5)

Great journalism! So glad to hear voices on all sides of this controversy. Sports lover or not, this is a podcast to listen to!

Kudos to Ramona   (5/5)

First time podcast listener I'm hooked 🤯

What a backstory!!!   (5/5)

Wow, I thought I knew this story and had followed the clippers pretty well but Ramona really uncovered so much riveting details ... Loved it!!

Romanshelbbutne   (5/5)

Excellent posdcast !

Okay   (5/5)


Sterling podcast very good   (5/5)

Love Ramona Schelburn on ESPN and the Hoop Collective podcast. Really enjoyed season 5 here about Sterling.

Sterling Affairs Podcast   (5/5)

Excellent work MoMo.

Worth A Listen   (5/5)

First listen was the Sterling Affairs and it was excellent! Very well done.

Great job MOMO!   (5/5)

Great listen, trying to not play it all in one night! Please consider other series!!!!

No to Ramona   (2/5)

Soooo bummed Ramona Shelburne did the Donald Sterling story. Really wanted to listen to that one, but she is absolutely terrible.

Sterling Season   (5/5)

Always enjoy the 30 for 30 podcasts but the Sterling season is a step above. Haven’t been able to stop listening.

Solid writing   (5/5)

The research and writing by Ms. Shelburne is top notch journalism. Sterling is a vile human, but she keeps a very even tone and lets the wretchedness speak for itself. Still, a riveting story.

The Sterling Tapes!!   (5/5)

This was an excellent series. What a work of journalism this is! Bravo.

Riveting   (5/5)

So good 1st time listening to a podcast awesome

Amazing reporting!   (5/5)

Please do a follow up.

Same old, same old   (1/5)

Subjects getting very predictable! Season 1 had unique subjects now it’s just basketball or football stars constantly.

Zzzzzzzzz   (1/5)

I had high hopes, but now it’s just boring

Canseco podcast a bore   (1/5)

Podcast is 30 minutes and all it tells you is that Canseco was prolific steroid user, hates Tommy LaSorda, ratted out his teammates in a book. Oh, and now he feels lonely. Could’ve been edited to a 3 minute interview.

Awesome Pod   (5/5)

We need new ones!!

Loved the bikram series   (5/5)

Really interesting

Few good stories, mostly unspectacular   (2/5)

The pod fails to share that many interesting tales, there’s a couple good ones but none of them go far enough into depth - with the exception of the most awful/boring yoga one. My dumbest complaint is the pod is too short. Behind the scenes talk better than many of the actual content episodes. So many of these are just so boring/already well known/who cares.

Top notch.   (5/5)

There’s nothing like a good sports podcast.

Would if I told you... I left 5 stars   (5/5)

Awesome to the max

Politics   (1/5)

Why do you feel the need to bring politics into everything? No wonder ESPN has had to make cuts

Past shows are confusing to download in order   (3/5)

Love the show But when I go to download past shows they are in a very odd order. Very hard to figured out which show is from which season and how many shows for the same topic. Each season should be one topic

Great Story Telling Podcasts   (5/5)

These are great story telling podcasts. I say that because the mark of great story telling is grabbing people who usually don’t have any interest in something, but the story is so good that they are glued. For instance, I’m not really a baseball fan. I knew Ricky Henderson was a once in a generation talent but I didn’t know his passion for the game until I listened to “Run Ricky Run.” Like I said before, I’m not a baseball fan, but I was so glued to Rickey Henderson’s story that I grew such a level of respect for his passion for the game and wanted him to have another chance at the big leagues. This is just one podcast that was super. They know how to tell stories - thanks!

Bikram Series is Excellent!   (5/5)

Just finished the Bikram series and found it incredibly engaging and informative. I started Bikram yoga around 2008 so I was already somewhat familiar with this story but really appreciated the depth and focus this story put on a lot of the things that were happening behind the scenes.

Meeeaaaa   (3/5)

Can stop the searing 👎🏼but overall good 👌🏼

Loved Back Pass!   (5/5)

Loved recent episode- Back Pass. Fantastic footage of 1999 World Cup team from the players themselves. Made me feel like I was back in that moment of women's empowerment through sports. Great story - well told!

Great show   (4/5)


A Deep Dive   (5/5)

I’m not much of a sports fan, but 30 for 30 finds new and interesting angles to tackle questions that go deeper than the love of the game. Also, what a great musical theme?

5 stars for S3 (season long subject)   (5/5)

Really enjoyed the deep dive in Season 3! The pacing and storytelling was perfect. Tbh, I can’t get in to the other season where each episode focuses a different subject ...would recommend season 3 tho.

Great show!   (5/5)

Superior content that is lovely to listen to.

Great Stuff   (5/5)

Wonderful untold story.

Just as Good as the Movies   (5/5)

I do not regularly watch sports. But I do like the 30 for 30 movies on TV, and these original documentaries, made for your ears only, are just as good. Top notch reporting and storytelling. Season 3 about Bikram Yoga was awesome. And the premiere of this season, about Jose Canseco, was hugely entertaining. Please keep up the great work!

Massage   (5/5)

someone needs to teach Janelle how to pronounce massage, it was very frustrating.

Just like 30 for 30 on TV   (5/5)

If you love 30 for 30 films, you'll enjoy this podcast. Great sports stories that also include societal issues.

Bikram   (5/5)

All I can say is WOW. Eye opening podcast

Fantastic   (5/5)

Loved your super in depth piece. Such an insane (& tragic) story. So sad that this narcissist commoditized and tarnished yoga. His name may have been removed, but the franchise / “just sweat it out” mentality has certainly proliferated. Tragic story, but an amazingly well done documentary-style podcast.

Turn down the music!   (4/5)

I like most of the episodes, but some — especially the poker one — was unlistenable because of how loud the music was. Other than this mistake (which is weird, cuz how did they miss it?), it’s a great podcast.

Well Done and Necessary!   (5/5)

As an 18 year-and-still going practitioner of Bikram Yoga and a certified Bikram Teacher this was a well done and necessary reporting and story to tell! Thank you!

Fun   (5/5)

Listening to this is a break from responsibilities and a lot of fun.

Excellent   (5/5)

I couldn't care less about sports in general. 30 for 30 tells such compelling and gripping stories, though, that I almost forget that I'm not a sports fan. This podcast is a great audio compliment to the video series. 4 seasons in and I'm still hooked.

Best quality podcast out there   (5/5)

I am not even a sports fan, but every episode has been incredibly well done. The show was not so much about sports is about the humanity behind the sports. Amazing production. Thank you.

Binge worthy!   (5/5)

Keep up the great work! Really enjoying these episodes and the ability to take a simple story and make it over the top interesting. Season 4 is fire!!

Running in the 70’s!   (5/5)

Thanks for the great piece on women’s beginnings in the NYCM! I hadn’t seen that photo but I know of Nina and her early running. I started running in 1978 and even then we used opaque colored panty hose under our sweat pants for warmth in the Midwest. Even the men would admit to having their wife buy them hose to stay warm as well! We often times wore two bras for comfort and small hex screws in old shoes for snow running. My first discovery of running was at a local health club on a 26 lap track (for one mile). A sign was posted to add your name if you could run 4 miles. Only men had their names written on it so I was determined to be the first women! I was 24 yrs old and only had hush puppy suede shoes. Ouch ! It was the beginning of my lifetime with running. Thanks again 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣 Jill Cummings Michigan

Six Who Sat   (5/5)

This is an amazing story of women who ran!! Wonderfully compelling! Women athletes who changed the world of marathons! Great!

5 stars   (5/5)

Awesome listen to. Well done

Where is the end?   (3/5)

Watched every 30 for 30 made. Love the amount of content on the tv show. So far, season 4 is not satisfying. Not enough content, and episode is too short. I really want this pod to live up to the tv show, but so far, it has not.

Poker? Seriously.   (1/5)

If Poker is a sport then so is Pokémon. See ya!

Amazing!   (5/5)

These stories are great.

Loved Juiced   (5/5)

I don't like sports n never watch ESPN. But love this podcast. Just love a great story even about a subject i hate like sports. I remember when Juiced book came out n the hearings n the big fuss. Not being a sports fan, it frustrated me why it ate up the news cycle at the height of a war. I didn’t get the significance till I listened to the podcast. Thanks so much. Great story.

Love the Story Behind the Sport   (5/5)

I love the "new" format to get out the 30 for 30 stories.

Lost That Loving Feeling   (2/5)

I enjoyed the first season but they seemed to have lost their way. I hoped it would stick with short little nuggets of interesting sports stories but now it's just enhancement talent for the docuseries and an obsession with yoga.

“Bikram” series: Great reporting and storytelling   (5/5)

I’m very impressed at how comprehensive, sensitive, and clear-eyed the reporting on this series has been. It’s a great story, with lots of themes and material to work with. Only theme they missed is what a Jay Gatsby figure Bikram is (it’s implied, but could have been more explicit). I’m a long-time Bikram practitioner, and I’ve always thought it made sense why the series was trademarked/copyrighted (given all the injuries that other students experience with other yoga series, I assumed it conveyed a higher commitment to quality standards because Bikram teachers always seem to me to be so much more conscientious than gym rat yoga teachers, or those who seem more fascinated by the spiritual side than the physical side of yoga). I just really enjoy the practice, and appreciate that it is a safe, well-balanced and thorough workout. I’ve tried lots of other types of yoga, none of which seems as effective. Shocked to discover the studios weren’t franchises, and that the studio owners were left to their own devices to figure out temperature control issues through trial and error. I didn’t know any of the sordid background, until stories broke a couple years ago. Not surprised to learn about the lies and abuse (traits that seem to accompany any fame-seeker in any field, as #metoo movement is exposing). Glad the producers unearth the unsurprising fact that other famous yoga innovators have similar stories dogging them.

So close   (3/5)

I came to this podcast for the follow-up to the 30x30 documentary about Tonya Harding. I really enjoyed that episode, but was surprised to find that only one other episode covered female athletes. SUCH A SHAME.

Love the Podcast!   (5/5)

This is easily the best podcast out there. Love them all so far.

Bikram season   (5/5)

Just finished the season on Bikram and it was everything that made for an incredibly riveting & anger inducing series of real life events. I am a yoga instructor (Buti) and hearing about the unfolding of a yoga brand, how a guru came to be...just left me screaming NO THIS IS NOT OKAY!! And the reckoning episode?! BAAAAAH, so irritated and frustrated for the 6 that came out with their stories. THANK YOU for bringing to light yoga history's secrets and to not mistake "enlightenment" as a way to manipulate the masses.

Really Great with a Caveat   (5/5)

Excellently written and edited show. Favorites are: The Lights of Wrigleyville, The Birth of UFC and the Bikram series. The one bone that I have with the show is that they do the bonus episode format. I personally would rather wait (I would stay subscribed) and listen to quality content less frequently.

695 podcast   (5/5)

Great show, fun to listen to and find out about a part of wrestling history you may not know

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I binge listened to the 30 for 30 podcast on Bikram Yoga. I’m going to go back and listen to the other available 30 for 30 episodes. Great podcast!

Great job   (5/5)

I’m a long time yogi and learned so much listening! Great job - really fascinating. More like this please! Thank you!

Great podcast   (4/5)

Great podcast. The stories are just as good as the video documentaries. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because of the zip recruiter advertising. The ads are too long and pop up on every single podcast multiple times. It’s obnoxious and they advertise on too many podcasts. The podcast itself is great! Even stories I think I have no interest in are well done and I enjoy.

Biased against the practice of Bikram-style Yoga.   (2/5)

The documentary accurately tells the horrendous story of Bikram Choudhury. Allegations against him are very disturbing. But the series podcast — especially in episode 1— also trashes a yoga practice that has many hundreds of thousands of dedicated adherents. Until almost the end of episode 5, their voices went largely unheard. In the several studios where I’ve practiced, the teachers have been caring and dedicated. This type of yoga does not have to be the equivalent of “torture.” The documentary, while well produced and researched, is biased against the practice, as promoted by Mr. Choudhury and many others. Also, largely unexplored is the thought that a horrible man can have a good idea. Some of the Founding Fathers, including Jefferson and Madison, were slaveholders. That was despicable. But the words and principles of The Constitution were radical for their time.

Bikram series   (5/5)

I just binged season 3. It was so well done, I could have listned to many more hours about this.

Waste of talent   (3/5)

I love it but they devoted whole season (which is only about six episodes) to BIKRAM, a psycho. Super disappointed. Why does everything in media and even sports media have to be sensational?? Utterly sad

Bikram 30 for 30 podcast   (5/5)

This was a great podcast. Gave me a little more history than I knew (after 2013 articles came out). As an avid practitioner, I was relieved when my studio removed the Bikram name about 4 years ago. When I first began listening to the series I was conflicted again about continuing to practice, but after listening to the whole thing I see that I too wish to separate the evil man from an exercise/regime that works so well for me.

Not Into Sports BUT Love These   (5/5)

I’m not into sports but this deeply human series highlights the emotion behind the sports. I especially enjoyed the troubling deep-dive into Bikram!

Yoga Is Not a Sport   (3/5)

Loved seasons 1&2, but ESPN could’ve done much better for season 3 than a yoga scandal

Women like sports, too   (4/5)

How about some interesting stories about women? MUCH improvement needed here. Bikram was great!

Only the Bonus   (4/5)

I very much enjoy your podcasts and eagerly listen to each one, and the bonus piece is well. I don’t know why but I only have the Bonus episodes for Two Bills, Last Days of Knight, & Tonya Harding story. Could you please make the regular episodes available as well. Thank you. James Scott Toland

Bikram Choudhury   (5/5)

This series is excellent. It's not sensationalized and the timeline is well done. There was a lot here that I had never heard before. Nice job!

Bikram (season 3)   (5/5)

What an amazing job you did on this season’s podcast. I found it very interesting to know all that has gone on with the man behind the name.

Top shelf reporting.   (5/5)

Love the 30 for 30s and how it kinda changes from season to season. I really enjoyed the in-depth of the Bikram season. Look forward to what’s next

Bikram was Really Well Done   (5/5)

I was doing yoga long before the Bikram craze came around, but when introduced to it, I loved (and hated) all 26 postures and the heated room. I heard the HBO sports report on Bikram and I haven't been to a class since. With that said, this took more time with the story and made me feel like I understood more why these people went to the room, gave him massages, etc. It's like scientology or fundamentalist Latter Day Saints or Branch Davidians. He was a cult of personality. Really well done piece(s). Thanks for the research and report.

Love the show, but...   (5/5)

Ore-reeeee-gone? Are you serious? That ignorant of your own country? Mad respect otherwise, but grow up.

You guys thinking about the endgame yet?   (3/5)

Topics lately have been increasing arcane.

Don't like sports? Me neither. Loved this.   (5/5)

Bikram was fascinating. Many other podcasts as well. The video documentaries are absolutely riveting as well--I recommend the one about the female free diver, especially.

26+2 continues   (5/5)

A gripping chronicle of the rise and fall of Bikram Yoga. I discovered this yoga practice in 2003 in NYC and stopped in 2012 shortly after i moved to LA. Being around his followers was too close for comfort. I then found Hot 8 Yoga. They offered the sequence without being under the Bikram banner, a renegade studio. I now teach there and we are free from the dialogue, the practitioners still drinking the Kool Aid, and most of all: Bikram Choudhury. Thank you for this freeing podcast!

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast. The Bikram Yoga Series was well done and entertaining. Can't wait for the new season.

Great stories - keep em coming   (5/5)

I love the podcast medium for 30 / 30 content. Both for stories that don’t make the film version, and ones that are behind the scenes.

C’mon   (1/5)

Really? You can’t even find new stories to tell? So you make a film and then make a podcast about it? Just watch the film if you are that interested. ESPN, stop being so greedy. Get out there, find some original stories, make a podcast and stop this nonsense.

Bravo - Bikram series   (5/5)

Interesting and very well-done. I did Bikram yoga for many years. Enjoyed the workout but was very put off by the Bikram devotees, the parroted dialogue, and instructors who were Nazi-ish about arbitrary rules. But, what struck me through the entore series is how similiar Bikram's malignant narcissism is to Trump's. Two peas in a pod.

Yoga is not a sport!   (1/5)

I loved this podcast until they decided to dedicated an entire season to a completely non-sports topic. Self-help pseudo-spiritual leader turns out to be a scam and takes advantage of his gullible followers- even sexually. Though it may be compelling and horrific; it’s not sports related. Quite frankly. It would’ve been better suited for PBS(Frontline), NPR, or a Netflix doc; oh wait, there already is a Netflix doc series about a yoga cult leader. I completely respect and acknowledge the sometimes life-changing benefits that many have received through yoga;however, this was not the place for this subject matter. Perhaps next season will be about Yo Yo Ma, Jasper John, and the CERN collider/Higgs boson.

Excellent   (5/5)

This was an excellent podcast series. While never personally haven’t had anything to do with Bikram nor his yoga, I do have friends that used to attend classes. I was curious and my curiosity was satiated and I was intrigued through the entire series. A definite recommend!

I’m   (1/5)


Bikram series=incredible   (5/5)

Some of the best reporting on sexual assault I’ve ever heard. Great job! It was impossible to stop listening and now I’m just sad it’s over.

Skip to a Phenomenal Season 3   (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast when it came out, but none of the early episodes grabbed me the way season 3 did. It’s amazingly well-researched and recorded, and so gripping. I listened to the entirety of season 3 in one go because I couldn’t wait to hear more of the story. The narrators does an amazing job dipping your toe into the water and then slowly and slowly turning up the heat until things get out of control, perfectly mirroring how the horrible reality itself unfolded. The group of interviewees are all very compelling, and I was especially impressed and grateful for the assault and rape survivors that came forward to speak, once more, about what they’d been through. Their bravery is unbelievable and I’m glad their story is immortalized here, despite the lack of justice from the police and the courts.

BIKRAM   (5/5)

This podcast series was riveting and heartbreaking at the same time. The story is for everyone. I am not someone who has dealt with sexual assault or anything of that nature. But, this paints what I believe to be a true depiction of how it is in our society and how it badly needs to be changed and improved.

Turn down the music?   (3/5)

I am really interested in this story, but it’s extremely hard to listen to with the background music! I wonder if they would consider turning it down or removing it from most of the segments. I listen to a ton of true crime podcasts all day, every day when I’m not at work—this isn’t my first podcast or anything.

I'm not even much of a sports fan...   (5/5)

and I love these short, self-contained stories.

Meh   (2/5)

Interesting story, but the reporter eventually reports allegation and opinion as fact. It undermines the credibility of the reporting when assertion is taken as proof.

Couldn't stop listening   (5/5)

The Bikram series was phenomenal.

Bikram Yoga Series Amazing   (5/5)

This 5 part series was so compelling. I could not stop listening, wish there were 5 more episodes. If this Bikram series is any indication of the 30 for 30 Podcast quality I’m in all the way!

Absolutely compelling   (5/5)

I have practiced yoga for over 8 years (including stints of bikram yoga) without the slightest idea of the abuse, sexism and egotism in a community that represents the antithesis of this man. Thank you for bringing this to light. Incredibly produced, exceptional research and profound empathy. A must listen!

Love S3   (5/5)

Love the way they took one story and did a deep dive!

Fantastic podcast   (5/5)

Season 3’s series on Bikram Choudhury is absolutely fantastic. Well-researched, exceptionally produced, and very, very gripping. I listened to all five episodes in one sitting - that’s a first for me! Even if you’re not familiar with yoga or Bikram’s style of the practice, this podcast is highly recommend.

Good   (3/5)

Liked it

R   (3/5)

A eYou Is you tried we

Bikram is intriguing!   (5/5)

So well done, with interviews and audio that supports every point in the narration. This is great listening while running!

Well done   (5/5)

This is 2nd 30 for 30 series I’ve listened too ( Bikram ) , both were excellent, top notch. I listen to a lot of podcasts, this is a good crew.

Great listen   (5/5)

I am addicted to these just like the 30for 30 tv series!

30 For 30 podcasts   (5/5)

The 30 For 30 podcasts have been terrific! Every season better than the last. Great stories, some of which I would have never known about, told by the people who lived them. Fantastic!

Binge worthy   (5/5)

I started with the series about Bikram and couldn’t stop listening. Good lord. I’ll go back and listen to the first series when I recover...

Just as good at the 30 for 30 shows on tv   (5/5)

Just as good at the 30 for 30 shows on tv. Hooked after the first episode! Also the Bikram series is super interesting. Listened to all of them in 2 days.

Snooze Fest!!!   (1/5)

Terrible subject m; 5 parts equals 5 podcasts to fall asleep to!! NEXT!!

Amazing Bikram series   (5/5)


Bikram yoga   (1/5)

I will say that this was well done. However it has strayed from the past podcast. I enjoyed all the prior 30 for 30 pod cast but this was painful. I made it to the start of episode 4 hoping it was get better but it didn’t. Please bring back some more sport stories... there are so many other stories to tell on here. Bikram Yoga belongs on another channel.

Bikram series   (5/5)

I can’t say enough about this excellent 5 part series. Great journalism and such an important story to tell. Very hard to listen to at times, but so worthwhile. Thank you for finally including the crazy world of yoga in your stories.

Great 30 for 30   (5/5)

Loved the 5 part series on Bikram. Great in depth look in to why people loved him and his yoga and what a monster than man truly is. Thank you for sharing this story.

Great show!   (5/5)

Really enjoying this podcast. I find it difficult to turn off when I get to work in the morning.

A yogi 🧘‍♂️ Trump   (5/5)

Excellent season 3. I thought the producer did an excellent job with this season! It was released today and I gobbled them up! I am already done episode 3. I have to pace myself because I want to finish it completely, but need to save for tomorrow. I’m always looking for an interesting podcast for my commute. This was a chilling account of the origins of Bikram. I actually do prefer 1 story told over many episodes, it’s why I loved Serial so dang much! Definitely listen to this season! Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!!!!!

nobody does it like ESPN   (5/5)

Solid docuseries and excited for the show itself!

declining   (1/5)

Started off strong with good stories, and excellent interviews, about some of the little more obscure and forgotten sports stories. Now it has turned into a giant commercial with content littered in between. Unsubscribed

Ooohhh can I get more BONUS conversations????   (1/5)

How lame. Do actual shows only. Good lord.

Never Disappointing   (5/5)

Some of the topics struck me as a little obscure, and I didn’t think they’d be of interest to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve never watched a UFC match, but the podcast on the origins of the UFC was engaging and relatable. My only encounter with Wrigley Field was walking by it once when visiting Chicago, and I’m not even much of an MLB fan, but the podcast on the lights at Wrigley Field was fascinating. I’ve enjoyed every single 30-for-30 podcast so far. Definitely worth a listen!

It’s not you, it’s me   (2/5)

I wanted something more than bonus coverage and what amounts to giant commercial for your very good 30for30 tv program and other ESPN programs. I was hoping to have a smart sports-oriented podcast about any of the very interesting sports stories and this falls so short, especially with the “bonus” podcasts. Those are rubbish. I really enjoyed a few of the podcasts, but just as many fall short in content, interest, and good delivery.

The Best Docs and now audio!!!!   (5/5)

Keep up the great work. Some of the best docs I’ve ever seen, raw, gritty, emotional, uplifting, tragedies, scandals....HISTORY. Superb production, camera, back stage staffing, director and of course the casts. These directors are amazing at getting some of the most talked about sports and sports entertainment, MMA athletes, family, friends, victims, if there’s a hero, widows, families who lost kids, etc. Simply amazing because besides the subject type you’d think has been covered, hasn’t been looked at or covered from this angle or this persons view. Watch one of them and you’ll fall in love. Now I get to listen to new 30 for 30s in the car, while I’m running, riding the train, anytime anywhere, LOVE ITTTTT

Used to be great - now just OK   (2/5)

When this series first came out, they would have full 30-60 minute episodes that were just 30 For 30s in audio form. Now they just post extra interviews that didn't make the cut for the TV version.

Brilliant!   (5/5)

Great sound design, interesting takes, just phenomenal and engaging storytelling. I find myself totally sucked in to most episodes regardless of how much/little background knowledge I already have on that particular sport or athletic figure. Love! Love! Love!

Update more often!   (1/5)

They never put out new episodes. Getting really tired of hearing 3 episodes and then having them take a 9 month break.

“Bonus” only is no bonus...   (2/5)

I was enjoying these enough to subscribe, and then to my surprise, they stopped including the main episodes with the available podcasts. All that show up now are the very short ‘bonus’ episodes. Not cool, time to unsubscribe.

No new episodes   (2/5)

The stories are great, but then they stopped. I’ve been waiting for a couple months now and no new episodes.

You could hate sports....and still love this   (5/5)

Normally, my wife grunts, “ugh, another sports show, is there nothing else to watch/listen to?”. However 30 for 30 is wife approved! She has listened and watched some 30for30 content and actually appeared engaged. She didn’t fall asleep or have that “just wait until Lifetime Movie Network has the RomCom Festival next month” look in her eye.

Awesome Podcast   (5/5)

Brings real life and sports together in a fantastic way. The Madden Football episode blew me away.

30 for 30   (5/5)

Great, genuine sports stories

Love the episodes-I want more!   (5/5)

I love the episodes so far, I want season 3!

Why only bonus episodes?   (1/5)

The format of a regular episode followed by a bonus episode was great, are they baiting us to buy the regular ones by only posting the bonus ones?

Great production, but all bonus material   (3/5)

They only have a handful of actual 30 for 30, episodes, all the rest is bonus content.

I can’t wait for new episodes!   (5/5)

This pod cast is as good as the 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN. I absolutely love this series and can’t wait for more!!

Excellent   (5/5)

Exceptionally interesting. Love every episode!

Amazing Podcast for Sports Lovers   (5/5)

30 for 30 consistently has fantastically produced episodes on seriously intriguing sports topics. What more can a sports fan ask for??? Only more episodes!

So far so good   (4/5)

If you can’t sit down and watch a 30 for 30 film, this will quench your thirst. Stopped listening for a while but the ones I did listen to are on par with the production and execution as the films.

I'd 375890   (4/5)

Review by derekscottcarlisle

Great Stories!!!   (5/5)

Very informational and well presented. Recommend on car or plane rides.

Just as good, if not better, than the 30 for 30 short films   (5/5)

The storytelling is phenomenal. My favorite episode is either Wringley Field or Madden. So well done. I absolutely loved that Wil Wheaton, reader of Ready Player One, narrated Madden. This is such a great podcast series!!

I'm not a big sports fan but...   (5/5)

... I really like this podcast. The stories behind the sports stars and events related to sports are always interesting, sometimes fascinating and I always learn something new about human behavior. Good job!

Fascinating cast   (5/5)

Love it

Really enjoying these!   (5/5)

Interesting stories, produced with clarity and honesty. I’ve enjoyed every single one, particularly episodes about topics I don’t know very well. Also love the “30-for-30+” episodes where Jody converses with the creators and directors. Really cool stuff, keep it coming!

Riveting and largely devoid of ESPN’s leftist politics   (4/5)

I’ve enjoyed this podcast. Seemingly, the podcast is avoiding most of ESPN’s blatantly leftist political bent. It’s amazing to see their talent at work without the Jamele Hills of the world ruining their credibility with nonstop racist rants as happens on the TV broadcasts. My favorite podcast was the one they did on the early origins of the UFC. Riveting.

Great even for non-sports fans   (5/5)

I only follow baseball but I find all the 30 For 30 episodes fascinating. The storytelling and editing are perfect.

Excellent even for non sports fans!   (5/5)

I love this podcast and I don't even love sports! The stories are great and the host is wonderful. Excited for more episodes in 2018.

Wish it wasn’t explicit...   (3/5)

I was expecting an extremely cool podcast after watching the documentaries, but the people who do this haven’t done a really good story about a man who made the Cubs lose a World Series. I was also disappointed that these episodes were explicit, and probably not ok for young listeners.

Sports, meh. But love this podcast.   (5/5)

As someone not that into all things athletic, I was supprised how much I love this podcast. The narrative is fascinating. Good job to the team for finding an angle that appeals to both sports lovers and those of us who just want a good story.

Great storytelling even for the non-sports fanatic   (5/5)

I have listened to every season and love the captivating storytelling of this podcast. It is not just for sports fans. “Hoodies Up” is a must listen. Looking back at the story 5 years later gives a wider picture of the protesting, heart break, and emotion during that time, and is so important to remember especially with similar tragedies still occurring today. Is there an award for podcasting? If so “Hoodies Up” should be considered!

30 for 30   (5/5)

Always great information and interesting things I didn’t know. I love this podcast

Worst sports podcast ever   (1/5)

ESPN should not put out a podcast under the banner of 30 for 30 when it does not offer sports. All I see on the feed are non sports stories and bonus content. There are dozens of other sports podcasts that offer more sports content than this podcast clean or explicit. I should not have a disclaimer about Bruce Jenner. Bruce Jenner was Bruce Jenner at what time. That is a fact.

Great Stories   (5/5)

I love when ESPN brings the back stories to the forefront. I dig all the interviews and personal accounts. These 30 for 30 podcasts I listen to as I drive the family on trips. Makes things go so much faster and is enjoyable as all get out. Well done Jody and the staff at 30 for 30!!!

30 for 30 Podcasts   (5/5)

Incredible storytelling, heart and humor.

like, can we like , like stop saying LIKE   (2/5)

journalism is devolving in front of our ears.

Dig this show   (4/5)

I’m pretty ambivalent about their 30for30+ episodes (where they interview episode directors/producer/creators), but the regular full-hour episodes are legit. If you like the tv show documentaries, you’ll like this podcast.

Keep these going   (4/5)

I love these podcast please don’t stop

Great!!   (5/5)

Absolutely love it and enjoy the podcast

Sports talk meets history channel   (5/5)

I like a good sports story and these go in depth and way beyond what's happening on the score board!

Agenda driving garbage!   (1/5)

Unfortunately, this is just an extension of the failed ESPN experiment of pushing a leftist agenda on the average sports fan. Here’s a novel idea that seemed to work for ESPN before the RAT led organization took over and decided to shove their views down everyone’s throats. Stick to sports and entertaining the sports fan with sports alone. Free of political messaging and elitist lecturing. Amazing that they could kill an idea as good as 30 for 30 started out as, but alas like most political centric blowhards they can’t help themselves.

Awesome   (5/5)

This podcast is so great love 30 for 30.

These are great   (3/5)

All of it’s great. Could do without the hoodies up political crap. But love the sport centered ones.

Hoodies Up   (4/5)

So good.... very important moment in our history.

Love it   (5/5)

This podcast takes a deeper look at stories everyone's heard. Every episode is interesting!!

Political   (1/5)

ESPN living up to their left wing views. Enjoyed a few and some stories are super interesting but they infuse it with lefty propaganda to make it unlistenable. We wanna hear SPORTS STORIES

I try to listen, but more politics than sports.   (1/5)

Left leaning journalists, using sports as the hook to grab your attention.

Thanks but no thanks   (2/5)

Thought this was a sports podcast not a podcast about politics , ESPN going downhill ... the wheels are off

“Washington Football Team”   (1/5)

“Washington Football Team?” How precious.

Not a sports lover   (5/5)

Don’t even like sports and love this podcast. Excellent story telling.

Fantastic   (5/5)

I would never have thought that the minutia of sports would be as interesting as this is. Great podcast

Excellent   (5/5)


I loved it until...   (1/5)

You guys launched into an anti-Trump rant. I listen to get away from politics. But it’s obvious that you can’t. I’ll watch the documentaries, but I’m done with the podcast. Thanks!

Just had to go political .........   (1/5)

It was an o.k. and then they had to go political and ruin it. When will these dopes learn that if we want that kind of talk we will seek it. SPORTS IS YOUR SPECIALITY, STICK TO THAT.

Good but...   (3/5)

I’m two episodes in the first was interesting. The second episode was yet another slurping of the Red Sox. I’m not even upset with the guys that are featured. The transitions by the producer are syrupy and over the top. It would have more credibility if it were produced by someone who was unbiased.

Politicization of a sports news company   (1/5)

I’m tired of their B.S., which unfortunately has to extend to their podcast.

Why can’t I pause?   (1/5)

The stories are fantastic, I’m very happy I found this. However, when I pause the podcast, it starts over at the beginning when I hit play again!! Very frustrating!! This doesn’t happen with any other podcast I listen too. Also you can’t fast forward either. So I listened to a show that was 47mins long, I had to pause it around 35mins in. Pressed play and it started all over, I still haven’t heard the last 10 mins!!

NOT a podcast   (1/5)

ESPN marketed this and peddles it as a podcast but in reality it's just CONVERSATIONS with directors of the network's actual 30 for 30 programs. Laziness once more out of their camp & the reason people are Cutting cords & want Jemele Hill fired. Shiddy pushing a shoddy product. NOT a podcast. Tell the truth.

Horrible Play Control   (1/5)

Can’t stop listening to the podcast without it restarting and you can’t skip forward to get back to where you were listening.

It’s alright.   (1/5)

I wish the episodes where longer and went more into detail. It gets the story across and that’s it.

Illegal arrests   (1/5)

Horrible topic an podcast. Highlight the shady dealing of the police an the crimes committed by the marshals. Shame on you an shame on Joe Q Public for being brainwashed an living in their own ignorance.

Re-Hashed Show Content   (2/5)

Other than the first couple episodes, there is no new content. It is just a re-hash of the 30 for 30 documentary. Interviews with the director done on the cheap.

More Shows Pls   (5/5)

Why have you stopped? Love this podcast, but nothing new in a long time. I’m ready for more. Give it to me.

Not what was advertised   (1/5)

5 pods and then some director interviews? Why was this promoted for months and still being pushed, with so little content to offer?

Next season?   (5/5)

When are you releasing stories for the next season? Each story got better. The two final- baccarat and boxing were phenomenal. Next season drop all episodes at once.

Great   (5/5)

The pinnacle for sport research and discovery

Great Pod   (5/5)

Was a little nervous but I love the 30 for 30 tv shows so I gave it a chance...AMAZING! I am so excited for the next season! Well done! KUDOS! Please hurry with season 2!! 😉

30 for 30   (4/5)

Need more episodes

Great if more   (3/5)

The 5 that came out were very good. Just wondering why only 5. I was hearing about this on things I listened to for a few months and then they came out with 1 month, 5 episodes. Hope the "next season" has more.

Good   (4/5)

I like it better than the tv show.

Awesome!   (5/5)

Needs more episodes in a season!

Captivating even for the non sports fan   (5/5)

Great podcast!

Good   (5/5)


Loving this podcast!!   (5/5)

It's an audio version of the fantastic television series with similar narration and interview stylings.

Love it.   (5/5)

A perfect combo of my favorite things- sports and podcasts. Please keep them coming.

Love these!   (5/5)

These are so fun to listen to and I can't get enough of them.

LOVE   (5/5)

Whether you already watch 30 for 30 documentaries or not, this is a must subscribe!

Keep em coming!   (5/5)

Very enjoyable. Please keep these coming!

fantastic even for non sports fans   (5/5)

these podcasts are really excellent and engaging stories ~ i am a non-athletic female that has no sports interest or history for the most part, and still found these stories profoundly meaningful, interesting, and well documented - more please!

Every bit as good as the show   (5/5)

This is high-quality, engaging, polished documentary story telling as good as anything else out there. Can't wait for the next season.

Boring   (1/5)

These have been very boring, am I missing something???

Great podcast!   (5/5)

This is just what the world of podcasts needed, smart sports related stories. More episodes please!

30 for 30   (5/5)

Very well done and interesting stories!

Awesome   (5/5)

Very well done and informative

Huntiyyoyyoyooyyhugygglyhoyuyoyyyyooyyyy   (3/5)

Y youryyyoyyygyygbb

God these are awful   (1/5)


I feel like I'm watching it on TV!   (5/5)

I am in love with the new ESPN 30 for 30 Podcast! Every episode pulls me in and they are very well produced and put together. Can't wait for many more seasons!

Great concept! Respect to the "Pod-Father"   (4/5)

I'm so glad that Bill Simmons helped to come up with this idea while he was at ESPN. I Looovvee Documentaries and I love sports, so this is the Ultimate marriage of the 2. Keep it up but hopefully you guys widen the range of years that you document.

Can't wait for season 2!   (5/5)

Well produced storytelling that digs up stories from deep in sports history... can't wait for the next season! Keep them coming!

😃   (5/5)


Exactly as expected   (5/5)

I'm a fan of the documentaries and the audio stories are exactly what I expected from the 30 for 30 series: great storytelling, slick production and way too few episodes.

Bring it back   (5/5)

Bring back more I love the 30 for 30!!!

Mad online   (1/5)

A liberal agenda disguised as a sports podcast.

Great stuff   (5/5)

Can't wait to hear more and I don't even really care about sports! ⚡️

VG   (5/5)

Very good. This podcast does a great job of representing the 30 for 30 brand.

Totally hooked!   (5/5)

I was skeptical -- my mind usually wanders during podcasts, but these had me completely engaged. Great material, stories well told!

Great   (5/5)


Good Series!   (5/5)

Really enjoyed it.

Great even if you aren't a sports fan!   (5/5)

I'm not s sports fan but love this podcast! Very well done!

Definitely a must listen!   (5/5)

Best podcast that I've heard in a while!

Another great job Jody Avirgan   (5/5)

Hit it out of the park. Keep being awesome.

Not good   (3/5)

I gave them three stars for the effort. The slow pace doesn't fit in podcast format.

Awesome   (5/5)

If you like the video 30 for 30s, check thee out, I love the documentaries about sports that you never heard about! Please keep them coming

Really fun   (5/5)

Great stories that are told very well. Definitely hooked

Great podcast.   (5/5)

Super interesting.

Wow   (5/5)

Even better than the TV series. Really one of the best storytelling podcasts to date - incredibly written and produced - highly recommended!

Great!   (5/5)

Very good podcast to listen to

Fantastic   (5/5)

Great stories

Yeahhhh!!!   (5/5)

Love it. Stories that grab the human heart and make you just wanna go out and hug your best bud.

Well done!   (5/5)

Interesting stories well told, well produced. Keep 'me coming!

Great   (5/5)


Awesome   (5/5)

I've never written a review for anything on my phone but I went out of my way to do it here. These stories are told in the best way and even though there's no visual I can see it all happening in my head. ESPN has another winner

30 for 30 podcasts   (5/5)

they are all awesome!

Great stories   (5/5)

Really great stories you otherwise wouldn't see on tv if it wasn't for the podcast outlet.

Awesome   (5/5)

Great podcast - and it's not about politics - so refreshing

Even if you don't like sports   (5/5)

I don't watch espn or sports for that matter... but sports stories always have inherent drama and stakes. Great show very compelling.

Awesome variety of interesting stories!   (5/5)

Really loved the first season. Keep it coming!

Excellent content and production   (5/5)

A great podcast

Worth it   (5/5)

Certainly worth your time. They make what can sound like a mundane topic (hiking to the north pole for example) very entertaining. I love it!

Totally fantastic   (5/5)

I love the intersection of storytelling and sports. It makes for great content! Every episode was great and I can't wait for more of them.

Best podcast   (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite podcast right now!

Amazing   (5/5)

Keep them coming

great stories!   (5/5)

from someone who doesn't follow a lot of sports, this podcast was highly enjoyable. the stories are intriguing and well thought out. one of my new favs!

High-level Production   (4/5)

As we've come to expect with 30 for 30, these podcasts deliver high-level production quality to these niche documentaries. Some emphasize liberal themes and several use explicit language. Aside from these detractions, the narrative structure mostly succeeds in maintaining attention with entertaining twists, ah ha moments, and satisfactorily tying stories together -- nearly or not -- at the end of each episode. These podcasts have helped keep me going for hours on long car rides and endurance training alike. I look forward to more next season.

Amazing   (5/5)

Was hooked from the beginning. I feel so inspired after hearing the stories. My favorite so far is the boxer story. 100% sold that he said "I didn't lose."

Good listen.   (5/5)

If you enjoy the 30 for 30 documentaries like I do then you'll really enjoy the podcasts. Truly amazing story telling IMO. 👍🏻👌🏻👍🏻

Sports history   (5/5)

I remember a lot of the stuff happening when I was a kid. It's like reliving these great sports moments in history all over again and getting to hear the commentary from the athletes and people themselves thank you ESPN

Great!!!   (5/5)

I wish they had more of these... never gets old. Nothing bad about these audio docs

So happy to have these   (5/5)

Every since Netflix stopped carrying 30 for 30 I've really missed it. Happy to have the podcast, the stories are fascinating, and cover a broad range of topics. The first two I listened to featured stories about women, something we always need more of in sports. A+

Can't miss shows   (5/5)

I listen to each show the day it's released and won't miss an episode. The shows are well done and are always very compelling, living up to the "30 for 30" brand.

30 for 30 Podcasts Reek of Greatness   (5/5)

As a radio veteran, I cannot get enough when it comes to the art of the spoken word. I crave 30 for 30 like I do a fat kid loves soda, sugary snacks and red meat. These podcasts are nothing short of incredible and mirror the pure essence of what 30 for 30's original mission from the get-go (the films) was and they bridge that gap between film and audio. 🙌🙌🙌 like Oliver Twist: please, sir, I'd like some more!!

Phenomenal podcast   (5/5)

I just binged 5 episodes. The women's trek to the North Pole was by far the best episode yet. Very inspiring and heart wrenching. Loved every episode though. Can't wait for more!

Listen!!   (5/5)

Great storytelling

Great storytelling   (5/5)

Excellent dive into less covered sports stories

Not well made   (1/5)

Could have done a lot better and took a very passive stand on editing and censoring.

30for30 wonderful!   (5/5)

Terrific story telling! Love this podcast and can't wait for more episodes.

Better Than The Show?   (5/5)

Just as good if not better than the show. #firetakes

Amazing!   (5/5)

The way these audio documentaries are told have a way of making you feel as if you are in the time period eating the event(s) take place. Very well done ESPN!

Nicely Done!!!   (5/5)

The team who put all of these stories together are at the top of their game. I was riveted by every story and was emotionally invested in them. I can't wait for next season and I'm looking forward to listening to the bonus content until then. Great job everyone!

Awesome pod!   (5/5)

Love the stories and can't wait for season 2!!

James Scott Story was Truly Moving   (5/5)

James Scott Story was Truly Moving Thank you.

Need more!   (5/5)

Five episodes in the first season is far too few! I've never really managed to find the time for the 30 for 30 TV show, but this format is just perfect. Keep putting these out, and I'll listen forever!

I want more!   (5/5)

Well researched, compelling, great production quality. Love them

Love it   (5/5)

These are great and interesting stories

Not sure why the 1 star reviews.   (5/5)

Great podcast if your a fan of all different type of sport stories on and off the field. Iv loved every episode and can't wait for more.

Excellent podcast   (5/5)

I can not wait to hear more of these!! Incredible stories about incredible people!!

Great   (5/5)

Awesome stories

Great pod!   (5/5)

Season 1 was fantastic. Can't wait for season 2!

Love the show, podcast even better   (5/5)

Did not loose the essence and gut reporting, did not leave anything behind. Great work guys.

30 out of 30 Stars   (5/5)

Great storytelling and terrifically compelling. Even if you aren't really S sports fan there is a very strong chance you'll enjoy. The stories document personal perseverance, anguish, and success.

Excellent stories   (5/5)

You don't have to be a sports fan to enjoy the podcasts. The podcasts, like the 30 for 30 films, are interesting stories from so many different times and places.

You don't have to be a sports fan to love this podcast   (5/5)

Can't get enough! Excited for season two.

Been waiting for this!   (5/5)

So happy to finally have a 30 for 30 podcast! It's really informative and presented in a way where you aren't missing anything visually. I hope next season has more episodes!

Great! Definitely worth subscribing   (5/5)

If your a fan of the 30 for 30 documentaries you will definitely enjoy this

Well told stories   (5/5)

Generally speaking I care almost nothing about sports. But this series makes it interesting for me.

Excellent First Season!   (5/5)

I love 30 for 30 films and the podcast is an awesome accompaniment. The stories they told in the first season were not your typical sports stories, but they translated well in the audio format. Keep up the good work, and I will look forward to what you come up with for Season 2.

Best Ever   (5/5)

Greatest sports podcast ever, just as great as the TV series!

LOL   (1/5)

Horrible. Stick to TV ESPN.

Outstanding   (5/5)

This season exceeded my expectations. 30 for 30 is a great brand-it's all about the story. Keep up the great work. I especially like the idea of going back with updates on previous 30 for 30 Video Docs.

Fascinating   (5/5)

Very interesting

So incredible   (5/5)

Sports fan or not these are simply incredible stories and storytellers. Retains just as high a quality on podcast as it does on video.

Perfect Antidote to typical sports coverage   (5/5)

Great stories, well crafted. Fits great into the audio format. Great production!

30 for 30   (5/5)

If you like the 30 for 30 documentaries then you will love this podcast. Well done!

The best   (5/5)

This is the best podcast out there today. The stories are so fun and fascinating. I feel like it brings a different light to sports.

30 for 30   (5/5)


Just Fantastic   (5/5)

What a great first batch of episodes. Bringing 30 for 30 to an audible, portable form was a fantastic idea. Can't wait for more episodes!

Fascinating stories told well   (5/5)

ESPN has found some incredible stories in different facets of sports. Moreover, they've found great storytellers to bring those events to life and draw in the listener. Excellent podcast.

Creative with dope production   (5/5)

I love being kept on my toes, and the stories chosen are always outside of what is known. That for me is golden. Love the production, and so glad this is now a podcast. Highly recommend.

ESPN Nails it Again   (5/5)

Just like the award winning television series, this podcast provides insight into both well know and little known sport stories. Highly recommend for sports fans and even non-sports fans who just love interesting stories.

The best!   (5/5)

Seriously. Listen!

A great show. Not a duplicate of the films   (5/5)

This is an excellent show. I am reviewing it on iTunes because they say they get a lot of subscribers through iTunes. Stop using iTunes. There are lots of better apps. Apple and iTunes are awful. I am on it only to help this podcast out. Why would anyone else use this terrible software.

Love!   (5/5)

This podcast is fantastic! Worth a listen!

Favorite new podcast!   (5/5)

Great stories, high quality podcast

Just as great as the show!   (5/5)

Interesting sports stories told in a creative and fun way. You won't want to stop listening. It is just as great as the 30 for 30 show on ESPN. Highly recommend!!

Letdown   (2/5)

With the success of 30 for 30 on ESPN, I had high expectations for this podcast...I was disappointed. Got through 3 episodes & was extremely bored; they don't know how to make their hit show interesting enough with just audio. Too many good podcasts out there to waste time with this one...pass.

Excellent addition to my feed   (5/5)

Great "story behind the story" entertainment for my podcast list.

Phenomenal   (5/5)

So well done. Helps with my long drives!! Keep them coming!!

Just OK   (3/5)

Well-produced, but so far haven't found any of the content to be especially compelling.

Love it   (5/5)

I can already tell from the Queen of Sorts episode that this is going to be one of my favorite podcasts. I'm fairly indifferent to sports, but I love a good story.

Crappy show!   (1/5)


Meh   (3/5)


Great story telling   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It's really enjoyable.

Well done   (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts I have ever heard. Highly recommended.

Not as good as TV   (1/5)

Big swing and miss here, stick to TV

5 star   (5/5)

This the type of amazing content espn should be putting out. Anybody might be able to make a podcast but ESPn production value is amazing

Really great!   (5/5)

Enjoy the depth of reporting and the topics

Chill af   (5/5)

Great podcast. One of the best if you're looking for sports

Cease and desist   (1/5)

Clearly a ripoff of barstool sports documentaries. The lease check out pardon my take for more oringinal content

Garbage   (1/5)

From the network that brought you 30 for 30s, then fired its creator, and shunned him from the network he helped build out digital for, you have this podcast. Love the VIDEO docs, but these podcasts not good. Some would even call them "actually bad". The only appealing thing is the "what if I told you guy", who actually is bad, since he makes you work on your impression of that, and you end up with a scratchy voice after saying "what if I told you" in your deepest, graveliest voice possible. I would give this 0/5 stars if I could.

Poop train.   (1/5)

Podcast is garbage. Andy dalton is better in the playoffs than this podcast. I'd rather get a vasectomy than listen to one more second of this trash. Only reason I gave it one star is because no stars isn't an option. 🤢 10/10 would recommend....... Guantánamo bay for use during noise torture.

Cease and desist   (1/5)

This is a clear rip off of barstool sports buffalo bills documentary

Sound was terrible   (1/5)

Worst podcast I never heard ♥️AWL

Love it   (5/5)

Fascinating audio documentaries. Very well produced. Love episode three so much.

Wonderful!   (5/5)

The stories are thorough and wonderfully entertaining at the same time!

It's not sports, it's something more   (5/5)

Using the 30 for 30 moniker doesn't mean this is a straight lift from the TV series. These are original stories created for podcasting, produced by people who know how to develop a compelling story with 'sound.' As good as This American Life, RadioLab or Invisibilia. Added this to my subscription playlist.

Good Start   (4/5)

This podcast is extremely polished and we'll made. All the reporting to thorough and the stories are told through the eyes of the people that were there. My only critique is that while these are worthwhile and interesting stories many they are not all exactly be about sports which is what you would expect from ESPN.

Very Good!   (5/5)

Sounds great and done just as well as the 30for30 on ESPN!

Great   (5/5)

Great stories.

The perfect medium for more 30 For 30s   (5/5)

Love these podcasts which give us even more great stories

Super!!!   (5/5)

Such wonderful stories! Love listening -please keep them coming 😀😀

Awesome - great audio version of well told stories   (5/5)

All it needs is a "what if I told you intro..."

Blah   (3/5)

The stories just aren't all that interesting.

Just as good as the documentaries!!   (5/5)

So well produced, these are great listens and I'm not even sports fan.

Disappointing   (1/5)

These should be great. They're not - too superficial despite potentially interesting subject matter. And Jody's reading of ads and intros is super cheesy. What a shame!

Stop the music please!   (3/5)

Listening to my first episode, about the women's Arctic ice Adventure. The background music during much of the story is so distracting and silly it makes me want to turn podcast off. Please just tell the story! It's a good one… You don't have to sweeten and lighten it up it with inane music!

Very poor - not about sports   (1/5)

Sound more like outside the lines. Not really about sports. It's too bad, I was really looking forward to these.

Good job   (5/5)

Great job

Good Podcast   (5/5)

Interesting, out of the norm subjects.

Pardon My Take   (1/5)

Get off PMTs corner

Disappointing topics   (2/5)

Not very interesting

Love it   (4/5)

Love it

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Interesting stories that are well told! Love this podcast, it's a fast favorite!

Trying too hard.   (2/5)

The podcast clearly takes its cues from long running, successful podcasts such as "This American Life" and "RadioLab". The form is unoriginal and uninspired.

Top New Podcast!   (5/5)

Uniting feminist history and polar exploration. Making it seem so real. Good job, y'all.

Ok   (2/5)


Love this podcast!   (5/5)

All of the episodes have been great so far, but On the Ice was amazing! What a fantastic story!

Great poker story!   (5/5)

Love a good yarn, plenty of them here.

Love it   (5/5)

Great podcast so far, all very interesting stories!

Trying way to hard   (1/5)

They are trying to tell a 20 min story in 45 min. Get to the point. Mostly a waste of time.

Pardon my take better   (2/5)

Pardon my take better

Booooo   (1/5)


Terrible and boring   (1/5)

See title

Big disappointment so far   (2/5)

Was expecting some cool stories or maybe even some wild stories. But I've found this podcast to be a tough sit through. I enjoy the tv series but this is bad

Convert!   (5/5)

Not a sports fan but becoming one! Love these podcasts. The background, the editing, the storylines. Great job! So glad I took a chance on this.

Pardon My Bad Take   (1/5)

As an AWL I have to give this 1 star

Starts okay, needs some more care   (3/5)

A little turned off by the constant background music...a little hokey when it's done the whole way through. I'm not against longer pods, but first episode was losing my interest a little over 30 minutes in.

Story telling at its best   (5/5)

These guys and gals are doing great work. These kind of high quality stories are phenomenal! I'm semi interested in sports, but all in on wonderfully produced podcasts!

Well done!!   (5/5)

Nice perspectives. I like to hear about the different aspects of the sports world. Each story is well told.

Seattle, WA   (5/5)

First two were amazing and can't wait until they really start ramping up!

✔️💯   (5/5)

OBSESSED WITH THE PODCAST. Kickass stories with a 'huh, who knew' twist. On the Ice. BRAVO.

Music was distracting   (3/5)

I really liked this story in On thin Ice, but the music towards the end was annoying and very distracting. It made it tough to concentrate and to hear the very best part. Still worth listening but be prepared for the loud, high pitched musical score.