Aggregated reviews for 60 Minutes

Get the biggest scoops and best storytelling on television from 60 Minutes - on your schedule. Now you can listen to the show in its entirety every week. 60 Minutes is the most successful broadcast in television history with more than 80 Emmys under its belt. 60 Minutes is also the only show to obtain interviews with every American president from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump.

Another Biased News Source   (2/5)

Too bad they can’t just give me the news without trying to impose a point of view. It’s subtle, but the program has changed over the years.

Very informative   (5/5)

Had no idea the review section was so intense on here. I remember watching 60 mins with my grandparents and parents all of them with different political ideas. I’m glad as an adult with kids of my own I can listen to it on the Alexa with them. I find it unbiased and full of factual evidence, while also showing both sides to a debate.

More like 42 minutes!   (4/5)

Was a time when the sound of the stopwatch signaled that my weekend was going down the drain! But as a educated adult I have come to really enjoy this progrum. Had to cut my television bill so now I listen on the podcast. Lots of ads for annuities and assisted living

The problem   (4/5)

Don’t try and glorify the Cancel Culture taking down of our hero’s It’s wrong stupid and ignorant. You talk about Lee like he was a villain. He wasn’t to let the mob rule is Wrong. It didn’t stop there. Now it goes on to our founding fathers. The LIE is to say it’s ok to destroy history. Did you do the same for ISIS? It was false gods and slave owners statues they destroyed. ITS not right for them Or the new cancel culture. Both CRIMINALS mobs with ropes and sledgehammers

Great. Not loud enough.   (3/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and 60 Minutes isn’t loud enough. It can only be heard if it’s very quick surrounding you.

So biased I’m deleting. Can’t take the fake news   (1/5)

Deleting. The liberal bias has become intolerable.

Volume is serious issue   (3/5)

Ad volume is way too loud compared to show. What a great way to destroy your listeners’ ears!

Terrible sound modulation!!!   (3/5)

Program is a 5, Commercials is a 1. Or zero. I listen on EarPods and every time a commercial comes on I Swear I Will Never Listen to this podcast again! You’re blowing my eardrums out. I have no idea what you are advertising because I have to rip the pods out every time. As is, I’ve relegated 60 minutes to the last of my listen list. I may drop it completely if you don’t fix this insult.

Please FIX Volume!   (4/5)

I’d give you 5 stars, except your volume is horrible. Here are key points: A. I listen on AirPods (like I’m sure a lot of listeners do.) B. Volume is low, so I have to put volume to MAX. C. Then on commercials, volume is HIGH, and blows my eardrums. Conclusion: whoever does volume controls is an OLD SCHOOL TV person who thinks show should be low and commercials should be loud. So Lame! Other than that, I’ve always loved 60 minutes and appreciate the show on podcast.

Commercials volume   (3/5)

Top quality reporting with unfortunately commercials so loud I have to fling my buds off my head when they come on. What’s the thinking? Good god!!!!

Another Biased Media Source   (1/5)

They focus on just one side of a story instead of taking a holistic approach

60 Minutes of disappointing fake news   (1/5)

Investigative journalism should be trusted to report the unbiased facts - unfortunately this show can no longer fall in this category.

Scott what happened?   (1/5)

Once the great standard in television investigative journalism- now Xi’s cheerleader doesn’t deserve the one star requirement for an Apple review

Doom & Gloom   (5/5)

To wolfiewolf , I’m gladly thrilled 60mins. , cannot B bargained into fake News to give you wolf lies . So bring on MORE “DOOM & GLOOM “ 60 mins. I’m confident it’s based on “FACTS” which HELPS me format my opinion ; on FACTS . Wolfie , u want laughs , listen to YOur mother’s take . India de Costa Rica en America ,New Rochelle ny

Volume issues   (4/5)

Please fix the sound volume issues. Program and commercials ad volume are too different. Other news programs don’t have this issue

Volume   (4/5)

Please try to put the volume up on the podcast. I have to turn the volume up and the ads are super loud. It’s really annoying


Please make volume UP, like the commercials.

Volume issue   (1/5)

Why is it so hard for the producers to read these comments and fix the volume issue. I’m done listening for now.

60 Minutes Podcast   (4/5)

Please increase volume on podcast. Very difficult to hear.

The Sound Level   (1/5)

Turn it up... even it up with commercials!

Sound level problem   (2/5)

I the programming is generally okay. However this podcast gets low marks for the gross inequality in sound volume. Commercials are loud and grotesque while the program items are too soft. I constantly have to fiddle with the volume. His should take a few seconds for CBs to fix this. None of the other commercial podcasts I listen to have this problem. Please fix this now

March 29 episode players from Africa just scratches surface   (5/5)

As a family housing one of these high school basketball players from Africa, I have wondered about the process and what is really going on. We are happy to give this boy a safe home but wonder what happens if basketball ends .

Still haven’t fixed volume problem this would appear to be intentional   (1/5)

Boycott until fixed would be appropriate against advertisers

great podcast / volume issue   (4/5)

I think it’s a lame move to have the volume higher on the commercials. I listen to podcast before I go to bed and the changing volume level its an annoyance. (I did stop listening to a few podcast because of that and I believe that other people do too). Keep volume leveled please. Other then that, it’s great, keep up the good work! :)

Volume   (2/5)

60 minutes needs to level the volume of this pod cast. The normal show is very quiet, then Boom! A commercial and scares me as I’m driving.

Disgusting Drivel   (1/5)

So sad to see a once-great news organization become a Republic mouthpiece. Your fawning puff piece on Eddie Gallagher was the final straw. The man is a war criminal and a cold-blooded murderer, but obviously non-American lives don’t matter to you. Walter Cronkite is turning over in his grave. Shame on you. Unsubscribed.

Visual   (3/5)

60 Minutes is a visual show and makes a poor podcast. Talented journalists but just not a podcast.

Bad ads   (1/5)

Just like the relic of where this show originated - the ads are so loud you have to turn your headphones down. Whoever mixes these should be fired.

More Adventure episodes   (5/5)

Honestly, it’s refreshing to not see any pieces on politics. 60 mins - please do more shows like this as many of us are so worn down by anything political.

Long time listener   (2/5)

I love the show content. The volume of the show is very low and washed out sounding. It reminds me of a 3rd generation tape copy. The adds play 30% louder than the show. I didn’t recall this experience in the past.

The ads are twice as loud as the show!!   (3/5)

I enjoy 60 minutes but the minute an ad comes on it’s so loud it’s abrasive and startling.

Thank you, 60 Minutes!!   (5/5)

Dear Team 60 Minutes: Thank you for making this accessible via podcast. One of my favorite memories of growing up is watching this with my parents on Sunday evenings. Life makes couch time even on Sundays sparse, so love and appreciate that I can now catch up on what I missed when running or commuting. Your deeper dive into compelling stories and complex people (aren’t we all?!) that are indirectly or directly related to the headlines is a niche in the news media only you can fill. Thank you! 🙏🏽

Trump hating   (1/5)

Seems to be

New Blood Needed   (3/5)

New thinking required for podcasting content. It is all about money and egos.

No need to repost identical *rerun* content   (3/5)

I do love 60 Minutes. My issue is that you never label rebroadcasts as such. Get some millennials on your staff and figure out this “new” podcasting thing. There is no reason to repost content that you’ve already posted. The only exception is when the material is several years old and you plan to add content to the story.

Josh   (5/5)

60 minutes is reruns over the summer just like on TV. Great show. Keep it going!

Reruns   (1/5)

Playing reruns has been an ongoing problem for weeks! Frustrating to say the least.

Partial show   (1/5)

They seem to only play segments of past shows mixed in with one current segment...disappointing to say the least...

❤️   (5/5)

The best way to get 60 minutes

Rerun?!?   (3/5)

I just downloaded this podcast yesterday and started playing it now. It’s a rerun from quite awhile ago. What’s up with that?!? Sunday, July 21, 2019.

Good quality, Bad quantity   (2/5)

Great quality, limited quantity. It seems that more and more this show is relying on old subject matter, making it a rather pointless show for anyone interested in current events. They also annoyingly mix new content with old content, which leads to a massive waste of my time. Hit or miss, missing a lot as of late. I’ll update my review if they ever decide to restore this show to what it once was.

You can do better   (2/5)

It is weird that a podcast/news hour with such talented journalists has such poor quality editing. This is my first podcast review and I waited several months to be sure, but this podcast ends abruptly in the middle of stories. It’s like the people paid to make it don’t actually listen/review before submitting. Also several rerun stories without reference to doing so.

Stupid commercials.   (1/5)

It is a little better, but I have quit listening to this podcast! The commercials spoil the entire experience. It’s bad enough that the program in now just puff stuff instead of the old Mike Wallace sections. I’ll check back now and then to see if the “democratic” content is fixed.

Missing the final minute   (4/5)

Whenever I download an episode it deletes the last minute or so of the podcast so I miss the closing statements from an episode, please fix it. If not for that I’d be giving 5 stars.

Ends abruptly   (2/5)

Podcast always cuts off about 2/3 of the way through, then that episode deletes itself off of Apple podcasts.

Too many commercials   (1/5)

This used to be a good podcast. Now they put in too many commercials. There are better podcasts that don’t use so much time on their commercials.

Same old   (2/5)

Why do the podcast play the same thing over and over again.

Could be better   (2/5)

Good content. LOUD commercials. (They do it on TV too). Commercials are generally trash. You (CBS) have good reporting matched by rubbish advertising? Obviously you don't care about advertising quality. I wonder how this reflects on your reporting quality. Programming always cuts off early. How are we supposed to trust your reporting if you can't attend to these aspects of your programming.

Cuts off before completely over   (4/5)

I have always loved 60 minutes and was really happy to see I could catch the episodes on podcasts now. My only complaint is that frequently the podcasts ends before the last segment is complete. A little frustrating to be involved with the story and then have it end abruptly...leaving you hanging and wondering. 5 stars from me if that gets resolved. Keep up the good work.

LOUD commercials are a disgrace to 60 minutes   (1/5)

The commercials in this podcast are LOUD. The rest of the podcast quiet. So you have to turn it up to hear and then get your ear drums blasted by these annoying commercials that talk down to you like you are an idiot. I love 60 minutes. But my eardrums cannot take anymore of these commercials.

Shorted podcasts   (1/5)

You keep cutting of the end of the podcast.

Not What It Once Was   (2/5)

This is the audio for the long-running CBS news show. So, it’s exactly what is advertised. The problem is 60 Minutes has gone downhill over the years. No longer a hard-hitting investigative journalism show, it’s now too often a forum for softball interviews, facile feature stories, superficial trend packages, interminably boring segments, and pieces that uncritically toe the line of those in power. Sure, there’s a good story here and there (like some of their recent bits on Big Pharma), but for the most part if you want real news documentaries that tell truth to power you’re going to have to look elsewhere. Panorama, Horizon, and This World from the BBC in the UK, The Fifth Estate from the CBC in Canada, Zembla in the Netherlands, Four Corners from the ABC in Australia, and even Frontline on PBS: all make the current state of 60 minutes look like a kindergarten school play. I’m rooting for 60 Minutes, I really am; they just need someone to remind them what real, adversarial journalism looks like.

Sound level differences between show & commercials   (2/5)

Sound level between the show and it’s commercials is too great & can blast your ears when commercials come on. Other than that, it’s great!

Poor quality audio   (1/5)

They record the ads much louder than the rest of the podcast.

Please equalize the audio   (4/5)

If there is anything that can be done to equalize the audio levels between the stories and the advertisements, it would be greatly appreciated. No matter if I am listening in my car, on headphones, or through my home audio system, I have to have my volumes at ~75-90% for the stories, but quickly lower the volume to ~40% when the ads come on. This is really taking away the listening experience of an otherwise great program.

Hurt my ears   (2/5)

The commercials will ruin your speakers and make you jump, so loud.

Leans too far “one” way   (3/5)

Please report news, and leave your bias out. I don’t want to listen to YOUR biased interviews that sound like a political ad, instead of an actual “apple to apple comparison”. PLEASE STOP! The recent report on shootings and EMT respondents interview was, well, shocking. An ambulance without a tourniquet? I pray that you found the only poorly equipped and trained ambulance in the USA. I like the news you report, when you leave your “opinions” and “bias” out. Unfortunately they are getting fewer and farther between.

Variable audio levels   (2/5)

The ad content is at a significantly higher volume level then the show audio. I have to turn up the volume after the opening advertisements to hear the show, then my eardrums get blown out when the Ad between segments plays. Lots of replete/rebroadcast content

Great Content - can we work on the volume?   (5/5)

Love listening, but can you guys get some help from your audio engineers? Embedded ads run at about 110% of a nominal podcast volume level. A little brash, but certainly survivable. The audio extracted from the show itself (i.e., what I subscribe to hear) is at 70% of a nominal level. Again, by itself, a bit annoying. The two together is like watching weekend cable programming directed at septuagenarians in 2002. Programming stops and ad blares away at a nigh-ear-splitting volume. Uneven content volume is common, but this is off the scale. This can be fixed. We (meaning you, CBS) have the technology.

Start to finish   (3/5)

Previously, I had no problem listening to an episode. Now part of it plays and before the “60 minutes” is up it quits that episode and flips to another episode entirely and not from the beginning. What’s up?

Bias is shameful   (1/5)

I had to stop listening to the latest episode, featuring the interview with President Trump. Make no mistake, I did not vote for him. But, I was totally turned off by the argumentative, biased and factually weak approach that Leslie Stahl took. That was terrible journalism and a waste of time for someone interested in learning. I will stick with Fareed Zakaria and other more responsible journalists.

Audio is horrible   (2/5)

You’d think a company as big as cbs would use a quality audio output... the ads are LOUD, and the stories are whispers... not rocket science people! Fix it!

Loud adverts   (4/5)

Good show but adverts volume way too loud. A real turn-off when you are listening and suddenly get ears blasted. Not a good way for advertisers to get their message across. Seems rude ...

Ads TOO Loud!   (1/5)

This has nothing to do with the show, but about how the ads are TOO LOUD. Since the ads are TOO LOUD, I can no longer listen to the show. I'll have my earbuds in listening to an interesting story and then all of a sudden, BOOM! The ad comes on and nearly bursts my eardrums. Who in the heck is in charge of editing this thing? Didn't Congress pass a law saying they can't blare commercials? Either way, I can no longer listen to 60 Minutes the podcast. Unsubscribed. :(

Stop blasting commercials, please!   (3/5)

Stop blasting commercials, please! Love 60 Minutes! Must protect my hearing.

This is why I hate 60 Minutes   (1/5)

I actually love 60 Minutes. BUT does CBS have to blare their ads at Volume 10 and play the content at volume 3? It’s ruining my hearing.

Equalized Sound volume   (3/5)

I love 60 minuets however I hope one improvement can be made to keep the sound volume the same for both advertisements and the program. All advertisements are so loud comparing with the program. I have to adjust the volume every time they come on. I hope it’s an easy fix. Thank you for making the program more enjoyable to listen to.

Modulate the Sound   (4/5)

I love 60 Minutes, and I would give this podcast version of it a higher rating if the producer would just take a minute to modulate the sound when transitioning to and from the commercials. There is nothing more irritating than having my eardrums blasted out every time a commercial comes on! Let’s face it - this is not TV, where you have to blast the commercials because people go to the kitchen or the bathroom, and you don’t want them to miss your commercial. I listen with my headphones, and the phone goes with me when I move! I usually listen while I’m working, and it’s really annoying to have to lower the volume at each commercial, then raise the volume at the end of the commercial so I can actually hear the program. This is the only reason I’m giving 3 stars.

Almost as good as watching it   (4/5)

This is a chance to listen to the show that has been aired the week before. One of the best written news shows on TV. The listener gets the opportunity to truly hear how well these stories are composed. Strongly recommend.

Deafening sound balance issues   (1/5)

Podcast content is great, but deafening ads the podcast. Consistent audio levels should not be a challenge.

Inconsistent   (4/5)

I don’t understand how a program like 60 minutes doesn’t even review their own content before publishing. That would get rid of all the problems with this pod

Production issues   (1/5)

Your sponsor ads are 3 times louder than the important content. It’s really painful.

Watch Out For Your Ears   (2/5)

The ads at the beginning of each program are 12db louder than the entire rest of the episode. It's absurd to do this with headphone media. There's also no indication when story re-runs are published so you'll burn data on that. 60 minutes is a great program, but this implementation is poor.

Always top-notch   (5/5)

It’s great to have the podcast version so I can listen on my way to work and not regret missing the show.

1 out of 6 shows ain't bad.....   (2/5)

You will get 1 piece every 5-6 shows that's not a fluff piece. What you do get is a question leading attempt to prove the reporters personal stance instead of what the facts are. And please quit playing the commercials at twice the volume the show is at. Does FCC laws apply to podcasts?

FYI   (1/5)

I only clicked on this to hear the Steve Bannon interview.

why   (2/5)

do you keep posting CBS Sunday morning instead of 60 Minutes. this has happened several times.

Good content   (1/5)

So Its Good content often. Always leading question and not always the tough questions. Very bad podcasts publisher. Used to publish Old episodes again and again so i quit subscribing

Too many Re-Runs   (1/5)

This could be good but there are way too many reruns covering the same shows again and again ;0(

It's about an hour long....   (5/5)

The Clock's Ticking On “60 Minutes".

60 minutes   (5/5)

This is in interesting story's me and my friends love to listen to this station when we are bored

Me.   (3/5)

I've been a loyal 60 minutes viewer/listener for 25 years. Never missed an episode. I love discovering new facts and seeing things from a new or more insightful point of view. But lately I've been screening the episodes to weed out Trump hit pieces and anti Trump propaganda. I don't see why they're going there. It's insulting to Trump supporters and not at all enlightening to Trump haters. They should stick to what makes them great and leave thier personal biases out.

Distasteful   (1/5)

The fact that 60 just had four people blaming Terrance Krutcher for being killed is enough for me! She killed that man and had he been white they would have asked more difficult questions.

Chief   (2/5)

You don't have to use this populist, money grubbing Itunes to hear (and NOT view) 60 Minutes---just go to CBS and see both.

Interesting stories   (5/5)

I enjoy it

too much recycled   (2/5)

60 minutes hasn't aged well and they aren't able to produce content that keeps up with the rest of the news media. There are great stories here and there, but overall it isn't good quality.

Just like the TV show   (5/5)

Audio podcast of the TV show. Even without the video (a common complaint through these reviews), the stories are entertaining and informative. Only complaint (which I *think* they finally fixed) was the sadist producer of the podcast who thought it was a great idea to BLAST THE COMMERCIALS IN BEWTEEN SEGMENTS AS LOUD AS THEY POSSIBLY COULD! And also, like the TV show, they have a tendency to rerun old segments on new episodes. Other than that, it's really great.

Make this work   (1/5)

Why isn't this working it always says unable it's been this way for the last couple weeks

Nice content, PlayIt Ad Volume makes unlistenable   (1/5)

I really like 60 Minutes and wish I could listen to it as I do most podcasts with the earphones on. However the CBS show podcasts are produced with PlayIt which has comically, brain-rattlingly loud ads that blast away. It is clear that the editors never listen to their full shows with earphones because no one could endure the volume shift from the show to the BLASTING ad volume. (I wouldn't mind the ads at all if they weren't consistently played at what seems like 50x the volume of the shows.)

Would love if not for the audio levels   (3/5)

The commercials are turned way up in volume- this is extra terrible if you are listening via headphones.

Many years have passed...   (2/5)

Since I watched 60 minutes on TV. I can't say for sure whether I've changed and grown more skeptical during the intervening decades or if the show has suffered a loss in quality and integrity. The stories now seem too neatly wrapped up and too full of propaganda to be believable. Sorry, 60 minutes. I'm not buying it.

60 Minutes is good, Play . it- better now   (4/5)

I decided I wanted to get going on 60 Minutes again. When I downloaded it on the podcast part of iTunes it came with a banner on the top of the picture. On playback instead of no commercials you get a BLASTING ad!!!!!!!! I'd say about 4 times louder than the show audio. Turn it down or it's gone off my player! I'm not always right next to my player to turn it down, and I'm not going to put up with it! Update- 12/23/15 I tried it again and was very happy that the blasting commercials are much quieter! So 4 star now. 5 star would be no commercials at all, like it used to be before CBS made the deal with

Areyouquitefinished   (5/5)

Love everything about this podcast except it would be nice if it stated the original air date for rerun episodes. I've gotten about 6-7 minutes into several episodes before realizing I've heard them before. Also, the commercials(especially for can be EXTREMELY loud!

For Shame   (5/5)

I love the content, but recently they have started increasing the volume on their commercial breaks...Bad business and bad on the ears.... Dec 1, 2015 - update Issue with volume on the last couple of podcast has seemed to have been elminated... 5 stars

Ad volume way too loud   (4/5)

Love the show, no problems there. But the advertisement volume is WAY TOO LOUD (get it? I was shouting). Hurts my ears when I'm listening it's so loud. Keep up the good work, but please tone down the ads.

Ads...   (2/5)

I love 60 minutes and listen almost every week. But why I gave a low review is the ads... I don't mind the ads but you have to turn the podcast way up to hear it but the ads are not the same volume so when they come on it blast your ears.

60 minutes.... as if!   (5/5)

All of the episodes are 45 minutes tops. Thanks for being so efficient CBS!

Ads are HORRIBLE!   (2/5)

The content of 60 minutes is usually quite interesting. Unfortunately, audio levels are terrible. The audio of the content is very quiet, and the advertisements are extremely loud. This podcast is unlistenable until they normalize the audio levels.

Video and sound quality problems   (2/5)

The audio content and quality is not great. The podcast is literally the audio from the video program, which leaves listeners wondering when the audio makes references to the video content. No description of the referenced video content is described when it is discussed. Another annoyance, the content volume is much lower than the volume of the commercials - the difference between the two is too extreme. Other times, the sound contains a lot of static - I once had to plug-in headphones and only listen to one side because the left headphone was ALL static.

Ear-damaging volume increases for advertisements   (1/5)

Despite the high quality of the 60 minutes program, these podcasts contain advertisements for CBS' competing podcast network (ref. that are significantly higher in volume than the rest of the program and are played interspersed throughout the episode with no warning. The volume increases are significant enough to damage hearing, particularly when listening to the program through ear buds (which I expect is true for a significant number of podcast listeners). I have notified CBS of the problem, and over one month later they continue to play these ads at a significantly higher volume than the rest of the program. This failure to properly mix the audio is extremely unprofessional, but it is obviously not an accident. CBS clearly prefers to damage their listenerers hearing in advertisements for their own rival podcast provider, intentionally damaging the quality of the iTunes version. This is yet another example of a major corporation valueing its own profits over the experiences of their customers. I have now had to unsubscribe from this podcast twice, despite being an ardent fan of 60 minutes and its incredible journalism because of the damage listening to the podcast is doing to my ears, and I urge you to do the same.

Great content - ads are much louder than the content   (3/5)

I love the show, and wouldn't be bothered by the ads if they weren't so loud. When each ad plays I have to turn down the volume on my device. (My poor ears.)

Good Program, Commercials Overamped   (2/5)

Had to delete this podcast, the producers have that strange fetish of putting the commercials on twice as loud as the program. So you're listening and enjoying the program and BOOM!, a commercial comes and blows out your ears. Of course this has the counterproductive effect of making you turn down the volume and skip the commercials -- which is sort of the opposite of the producers' intent. But ultimately I tired of the game of always having to turn it up and then turn it down. I deleted the podcast. I'll listen to other news programs. Problem solved.

Volume different between ads and show   (3/5)

Love the podcast but the balance of the audio needs an adjustment. I have to crank up the volume to hear the show and then I get blasted when the ads come on. Please fix!


Great radio program! Love the story! Couldn't stand the out of sudden loudened commercial!!! Every single time, I have to tune down just for the commercial!!! Sorry 3 stars only. Could be 5 stars

Ridiculous commercial volume...   (1/5)

60 Minutes continues to have excellent content and analysis. However, the commercial volume is ridiculous. I will likely unsubscribe if this doesn't change which is unfortunate because I have been watching/listening to 60 Minutes since I was a child. But my eardrums just honestly can't handle this.

Was going to subscribe but...   (1/5)

Yeah sounds like a great podcast but after all these complaints of earsplitting ads changin my mind. So get the friggin message! You are losing listeners, turn the darn things down,folks will go out of their way to NOT purchase whatever is being advertised.

Commercials are way too loud   (2/5)

This would be an excellent podcast but for the obnoxious commercials interspersed after each segment. They are way too loud and jolting. 60 minutes is an interview show that reviews news headlines from the past week. It's thought provoking and has a quiet tone of an interviewer having a conversation. The bombastic commercials are totally off the mark. They're loud and abrasive with an annoying volume burst that make listening with headphones really uncomfortable.

Advertising too loud and painful   (1/5)

The content is generally good, however it is painful to hear the excessively loud advertising. There is a law to not do the same on TV, not sure why the online version can do this. It is too painful. Hope they can fix it.

The commercials are EAR SPLITTING   (3/5)

This podcast is great, but when they splice in the podcast-only commercials, they are TWICE AS LOUD as the podcast. Most people listen to their iPhones with headphones and every time the podcast commercials come, it gives me a jolt. It's actually painful. If they want to ensure that people will skip the commercials, job accomplished.

Volume control on those adds please!   (1/5)

I love the show, but by goodness ever time an add comes on it blasts the volume so high the I can't hear myself think! It makes me turn down the volume while driving or ripping my poor earbuds out till the add is gone. It's horrible please stop!

Ad volume is ridiculous...   (4/5)

The show is great, always high production value, but the ads nearly blow my eardrums… please, tone it down or I’m not listening anymore.

PlayIT   (1/5)

Listening to 60 minutes has become impossible, due to the addition of the PlayIT commercials - the volume is unbearable ! I'm going to unsubscribe - what a shame !

Love the content but hate how loud the commercials are   (1/5)

Can't something be done for this audio so that the volume of the commercials are consistent with the volume of the program itself? Can't stand it...

Play.It Commercials   (3/5)

The Play.It commercials on this podcast are so much louder than the rest of the show! I have the podcast playing at a reasonable volume, the same volume I play all podcasts at - and when these commercials start, I nearly drive off the road while trying to grab the volume knob. This has to be corrected immediately.

Had to unsubscribe   (2/5)

I listen with headphones while working, and they feel the need to blast the commercials at double volume. With so many podcast options, that was enough to drop this one. commercial too loud!   (2/5)

Audio balance is way off commercial for will make jump out of your seat

Painfully loud ads!   (1/5)

I've never heard any podcast with ads as loud as these. I'm writing this review while literally in pain due to an add that undoubtedly damaged my hearing.

Spots waaaay too loud   (2/5)

In this day of broadcast television having to conform to stable audio levels between programming and commercial breaks, here comes 60 Minutes charging into the new media world with commercial breaks that are horrendously loud, compared to the actual podcast. Come on, CBS…hire a real audio engineer.


The show is great. But the COMMERCIALS ARE VERY VERY LOUD! Makes me want to delete this subscription. It's very rude.

Topics great but incredibly annoying loud ad breaks   (3/5)

Besides confusingly often repeated documentaries, the topics are well done. But please stop the super annoying extremely loud ads. I hate them and the advertisers behind them.

Love the show BUT TURN DOWN THE ADS!   (1/5)

The content of the show /podcast is great but WHO is inserting the ads at 10 time the volume??? It can potentially blow your speakers out!

Commercial volume   (1/5)

The volume of the commercials in unbelievably and unnecessarily higher than that of the show. I listen to the show at a very low volume to prevent my speakers from being damaged when the commercials are played. commercials blast my ears   (4/5)

I absolutely love 60 min. My only beef is with the volume of the commercials when I'm listening with earphones. It's actually painful. Please fix it! Thank you much.

Lower the commercial volume   (3/5)

Great show, terrible audio problems during the commercial. It is extremely loud when the commercials start and it hurts if you re wearing headphones. Lower the volume on those.


I can deal with it being only an audio version of the much beloved television program. But can you please turn down the extra loud commercials which are pretty shocking when I’m listening on my iPhone? Otherwise, it’s the 60 Minutes you have known and loved your whole life, at least the audio portion,

decent content but ads are too loud!!   (3/5)

the content is good and standard for 60 minutes, but i almost hate listening to it because all of the audio ads are too loud, much much louder than the content and it hurts my ears! please fix this and make the audio the same level, especially since the ads are short and interspersed, it really disrupts the listening experience!

stupid   (1/5)

no video

Ads are way to loud   (2/5)

Love podcast and able the ability to listen to 60 minutes. The surprise is in this day in age and the quality 60 minutes should produce the ads blast my ears out... I would expect from a third rate production

Great Show/Terrible Play.It ADS   (1/5)

60 Minutes is fantastic. The ads are the worst! They blow out my ear drums and they sound like they're written for teenagers. Unsubscribed till this gets fixed. Come on CBS . . . You can do better.

No need to SCREAM   (1/5)

No problems with anything other than when the advertise is playing which is perfectly fine THEY ARE SCREAM and loud music is playing with someone with annoying voice reading the advertisement. In a show where everyone is "whispering" don't hurt our ears with this kind of ads.

What's up with that?   (2/5)

I haven't noticed it previously, but in the current episode the commercials are MUCH louder than the podcast volume. Really annoying!!! If this continues, I will unsubscribe.

Love 60 minutes, hate the EXTREMELY lout advertizing   (2/5)

60 minutes has a long history of playing the audio on radio and now I have the pleasure of getting to hear that in podcast format. HOWEVER, I’m rating this only two stars (for now) because the advertising is extremely loud, much louder than the 60 minutes audio, which makes for painful listening when listening to 60 minutes with earbuds. Please match the audio level of your ads to your content! Thank you!

Please make the advertisements less loud   (3/5)

The advertisements in this program are far louder than the program itself. Please lower the volume of the advertisements to match the rest of the program.

One complaint but overall fantastic & reliable   (5/5)

Please please please tone down the volume of the commercials. They are so LOUD and grating. The content is wonderful, but in between segments I want to rip my headphones off during the ads for

Love the content, but...   (3/5)

It would be nice if you would lower the audio levels on the advertisements. They make me yank my headphones right off my ears.

Commercials Are Too Loud!   (4/5)

This has been my favorite TV show for decades. I don't have time to watch it, so listening to the episodes on my iPod while walking is a decent alternative. But why are the commercials so much louder than the program? Surely the sound engineers could adjust the sound if they wanted to! These loud commercials are harmful to your hearing!

Loud advertisements   (2/5)

Remember when commercials on tv were much louder than the actual programming - like shouting at us will get our attention and business? That's how the advertisements are in this podcast - except the speakers are directly in my ears. You turn it down for the adverts, then you can't hear the program.

Ads are too loud   (3/5)

Enjoyable podcast, but listening with headphones no longer an option. Will take a few months timeout until this issue is resolved.

Why is 60 Minutes still around   (1/5)

It's hopelessly outdated and behind the times. Definitely not fit for this genre.

The best program   (5/5)

If you want to listen to program that increase you knowledge, then 60 minutes is the right choice.

Content is fine but those ads!   (2/5)

It’s almost exactly what you expect, an audio version of the 60 Minutes TV program, which is great. But the ads they allow to run are horrible. I’m not against ads, but these go against the sedate tone of the show. The ads are always loud, aggressive, jarring and in your face. Everything 60 Minutes is not. Someone needs to do a little screening for the advertisers and I’d give this 5 stars.

Great!   (5/5)

I don't have much time to watch tv but listen to podcast at work. I love being able to listen to 60 minutes. I really enjoy it.

Static   (1/5)

I only hear static after downloading any podcast. Is this subscription based? I didn't see any indication of that in the podcast description or when downloading.

Great   (5/5)

That fact that it's only audio and it's still great is a testament to the reporting skills of the 60 Minutes reporters.

Great   (5/5)

Really enjoy this podcast.

11/16 Podcast Missing   (3/5)

This audio podcast of the show is great, but the 11/16 show podcast is missing from the iTunes store feed. This was a good episode, so I'd really appreciate it if this podcast could be added to the feed (not sure why this specific 11/16 episdoe was skipped over).

Listen every week   (5/5)

Great show great podcast

Technical issues   (2/5)

While I'm happy to have an alternative to watching the episodes on TV, I hate how it keeps downloading old episodes that I've marked as played and deleted back onto my phone. I also think it's lazy to not mark an episode as a re-run. I've started so many podcasts only to realize I've already listened to it.

Great Listening!   (5/5)

I don't much care to watch 60m owing to time constraints but am quite pleased to listen.

Who's the idiot!   (1/5)

Why repeat the same shows over and over? Each week should be a new podcast...right. The same shows week after week, thanks for wasting my time IDIOTS!!!

Same episodes over and over and over and over   (3/5)

Maybe u gave a glitch w/feed or something but I have listened to the same three episodes for months????

Content is extremely repetitive. :-(   (1/5)

Sadly, the original stories are generally very well done. However, after listening for over a year now, their stories have become extremely repetitive by looking back on previously aired stories and adding very little new information. They simply appear to be regurgitating old topics and no longer seem to be able to come up with new content. Very disappointing. On a lighter note though, if you want exceptionally well done news and stories, Frontline has an app for theirs also. It's fantastic reporting with great content and amazing stories you probably haven't heard about in the general media!! Sorry 60 Minutes, but you have slipped badly.

Album art not populating in iTunes   (3/5)

Not reviewing on the podcast's content here - from a technical podcasting standpoint, the podcast's album art doesn't want to populate in iTunes when listening using iTunes 11.1.5. Displays fine on iOS devices though.

Content. 60 minutes no longer has any.   (1/5)

Forty years ago this show had content. Now it is fluff. Rather should have been protected and although I disageed with Johnny, at least he was funny. Leno is a boring corporatist. You explore still explore topics in great detail. However, they are irelevant. It's sad that I must get real news from other sources.

They have lost their way   (1/5)

This used to be a great show. But lately with their one-sided unbalanced reporting they seem more like a corporate biased propaganda machine. They blew it with the discredited Lara Logan Libya report. Their report of the NSA was a pathetic puff piece that failed to address the criticisms of the agency. And finally last week their hit piece on clean energy had many facts wrong and failed to address how start ups work and fail for all industries, not just clean energy. Did the Koch brothers buy 60 minutes in secret?

Good, but wish there was video.   (3/5)

The stories are usually engaging but I wish I could see the portions that are more visual. This should also be in video form.

Need show descriptions   (3/5)

Please add individual show descriptions on podcast list so we can see subjects for each episode/podcast before download and on saved listings. Also, great show and sound quality. Too good-- can hear every deep breath sucked in for the older journalist commentators between dialog paragraphs to be able to keep going.

Call it rerun   (1/5)

Hey hey hey To many reruns I am out

Getting worse to reach the bottom   (1/5)

Now old episodes are repeatedly used. It is deceptive with weekly update… From my favorite podcast to most hated one. It would be bad for reputation of CBS eventually.

Always seems to be reruns   (2/5)

It is good when new episodes air, but that seems to be rare. More often than not you have a new mashup of old stories. Pretty disappointing overall.

Wish they would get the RSS feed right   (3/5)

This podcast has been sending double-episodes for as long as I can remember. iTunes will download this week's episode, and one from a month ago. Then today, It downloaded the last year's worth of episodes, AGAIN.

Stories the news media doesn't want you to hear.   (4/5)

To the people rating this podcast one star because it's not video...GO WATCH THE SHOW, ITS ON NETWORK TELEVISION!! I really enjoy the gripping stories and investigative journalism of this show. The content is vital news information that the regular news won't tell you. My only complaint is the commercial they've recently put at the beginning and in between the segments. I don't want to hear the same commercial 3-4 times during the podcast. It irritated me so much, I stopped what I was doing, I got on itunes and I wrote this review. If you're gonna shove garbage down our throats just to keep the podcast going then, fine. At least stick to a policy of having different ads, and not the same annoying ad every 15 minutes. I don't need to hear an ad more than once in 45 minute to decide wether I'm interested or not. It's just annoying.

A farse that insults the intelligence   (1/5)

If you're looking for fascinating, in-depth, stories, look elsewhere. All you'll find here are fluff and public interest pieces. The folks at 60 Minutes ought to step up their journalistic game if they ever hope to be anything more than a joke.

Great   (5/5)

Can't get enough!! One of the best podcasts on iTunes. Keep em coming.

Commercials? No thanks.   (1/5)

When I realized that a full length audio commercial (for Legal Zoom) had been spliced into the middle of the podcast disrupting the listening experience for me, I decided to unsubscribe. I will put up with commercials at the beginning or the end, but I will not tolerate commercials that seem to interrupt the program that I then have to wait through to hear the rest of the podcast. There are a lot of news podcasts and if this is a trend I will be very disappointed as I will unsubscribe from all who take up this practice.

Ads?   (3/5)

I understand that revenue is needed, but if advertisements are added please don't just replay the same one three times during the podcast.

I love that it is only audio!   (5/5)

I love 60 Minutes, but don't have time for watching much of anything. I do have plently of time in the car to listen though, so I really appreciate the audio only podcast.

happy to be able to listen   (4/5)

Love the show, always interesting & the audio is good quality. My only issue is it doesn't always have the complete show. It ends oddly, not the traditional 60 minutes, it cuts off the feedback section.

Sept 30, 2012 episode   (1/5)

Won't download.

Great program   (5/5)

It takes a lot of hard work to produce this show, and it shows. Great program and I'm very grateful for it.

5 stars!!!   (5/5)

I love this as i never have time to actually watch 60 minutes and now i can listen to it on the go! BRAVO

Tic tic   (5/5)

Well worth it!

Reruns   (2/5)

All eps are reruns now

re runs   (1/5)

I love how they mash segments from different episodes to make " New" episodes. Taking the re hash to a new level. You all dump truckers need to retire please.

A favorite   (5/5)

Great listen as a weekly podcast, good sound quality, and fast posting of new content.

Ads !   (2/5)

Been enjoying this, even without video, for a long time. Now they bring in ads and it's not always convenient to try to fast forward past them. I will delete more than I listen to now.

60 Minutes   (4/5)

Good research and interviews. A decidedly liberal lean, interviews for Dems are usually easy, 60 minutes is tougher on GOP

Yea   (1/5)

More like 40 minutes

No more infomercial here   (2/5)

Great investigation in Lesley S pieces always. Best in the profession. But no more Lara Logan infomercials. She portraits CIA agent, NIH doctor without any critical research. I don't need that kind of flatter here. There are plenty already. Her work is subpar. I can figure he she got the job.

Love this   (5/5)

Always great news!

I LOVE THIS!!!! Please put up past ones!   (5/5)

Please please please put up past shows!!!!????

I love the stories. As a class we watch the episodes and enjoy them   (5/5)

Love it

60 minutes podcast is the same as the show.   (5/5)

I miss Andy Rooney.

Andy Rooney   (5/5)

In 1987 I arrive to New York from Dominican Republic. One day I visited my sister and notice a Grumpy old man talking with so clarity that I rapidly started to understand what he was saying. That was the beginning of my admiration for Andy. It was very sad when he lefted 60 Minutes but more sadly when he pass away. With Spanish background I have a lot of respect for elders and for Andy was special. Andy was right he was saying in public what we was saying in private. When Andy resigned from 60 Minutes I send a email to President Obama and asked him that please invite Andy to the White House and recognize for his trajectory as a writer. That never happen, oh well Andy don't need it anyhow.

Luci   (5/5)

It's very interesting.

Love it   (5/5)

I love the podcast. I have been listening for years. We need more programs like this on the air. Thanks CBS.

Listening vs watching not the same impact   (3/5)

I love 60 minutes and was excited that I could download their news. However, like others who already have pointed out, listening isn't as affective when the video helps convey the full the story. I'm disappointed that the podcast wasn't with video. It really changes the impact & as a result has left me frustrated & disappointed that CBS isn't utilizing this important component for their viewers.

Fond farewell   (5/5)

RIP Andy Rooney

16 an lovin it   (5/5)

Hahha I'm 16 and I listen to thi during history class and it actually helps my grades!! Thanks

Thank You!!   (5/5)

Thank you for making this available I listen to this Podcast while I'm at work makes me feel like I never left home!

It's OK   (3/5)

I love 60 Minutes. My problem with the podcast is that it seams to be a bunch of segments put together so there are sevral repeats which gets frustrating....

great informative podcast   (5/5)

a must have if your into current events , stories and other news around the world

Can't   (3/5)

Can't download the July 24th issue. Hope they fix it!

Originally aired on date would be nice.   (1/5)

That would be great,and it seems so simple to add that to all of the re-runs.

Pointing out how dumb reviewrs can be.   (5/5)

One of the reviewers is so bent on being negative that they forgot they can't even read and mistakenly had the person helping them (I think) write "there is nothing in the program description that indicates it is an audio only program". I think they meant to say, I am unable to use my brain and can't read the program description so can someone please help me? Does it indicate that this is an audio only program? To which I would have been kind enough to answer YES. It states "now you can LISTEN to the show in it's entirety every week". I would even be kind enough to point out that there is a app in the store for $5 (I think) where you can watch the show and previous episodes at your leisure. Please do the public a favor and do not write nonsense in reviews (like I just did) it really takes away any of your credibility and therefore you wasted your time because no one will trust your opinion. For free this is not a bad podcast from 60 minutes I do wish they lived up to their commitment and have every week available so "you can LISTEN to the show in it's entirety every week". Hopefully soon they will do that.

Great!   (5/5)

Great listens!

Why no video?   (3/5)

60 Minutes has easily the best investigative journalism on tv, but just listening isn't as entertaining as watching it. I see no reason there can't be an hd video version of this podcast. Only then will I give it a full five stars.

What's with the awful leading ad????   (3/5)

My God! Get rid of the new 30sec ad before the show!! It's vile! It exemplifies everything annoying about crappy radio advertisements. If you have to have an ad, fine - but please make it classier! I *literally* ripped my earphones off when that awful ad started up.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Wish more broadcasters would provide full episodes

Entertaining, but you do lose something with not having video   (4/5)

This is an entertaining and informative podcast, but you do miss seeing some of the content. For example, last week's episode about Jaguars in South America had a lot of visual content that just left dead air during the podcast. Example: "Look at that one, right behind the tree" LONG PAUSE "Amazing" Overall these cases are infrequent, however. Good podcast.

Ugh   (5/5)

Get a clue people, the show airs reruns when they're off-season...just like every other show in the world.

Dig the audio...   (4/5)

Listen once a commercials!

Read the title   (4/5)

This podcast is called, "60 Minutes -Full Audio", and it delivers exactly what it promises: This podcast is the audio track for a television show. Television shows in the United States are broadcast within what are called seasons. Sometime in late spring, the last of the first-run episodes will air in what is called a season finale. During the time between the finale and the season premier in early Autumn, networks will show previously shown episodes, or reruns. Since this podcast is essentially the aforementioned television program repackaged in an audio only format, it follows the same schedule. 60 Minutes does, however include updates, when applicable, to their rebroadcast stories. Realizing these facts would have alleviated nearly all of the other reviewers' grievances for this brilliant content.

Can we get a video podcast for 60minutes?   (4/5)

I love the podcast.The only downside to it is that i wish it was a video podcast, most video podcasts for news at least does better than an audio podcast.I hope cbs and itunes will take this idea into consideration. Keep up the good work CBS!!!!

Sham on ITunes for this crap!   (1/5)

You should podcast NEW materials and not a re-run !

Video   (1/5)

Need video. Great show, but "60 Minutes" in audio only is rather like eating ice cream but only getting a scop in one's hands, burger without ketchup, etc. OK, not the best analogies :) Visual images are a wonderful part of "60 Minutes" that an audio only podcast cannot capture or convey.

Great show   (5/5)

New show please

No More Reruns Please   (3/5)

Please don't post anymore reruns! If there isn't any new material, please don't post anything at all. If we wanted to listen to stories from the past, we could download previous podcasts. I enjoy the audio version very much, and I look forward to your new stories.

Reruns again?   (1/5)

Ok I know it takes time to make new content but almost 2 months and all reruns is a little to much. I admit it's great content but can we get some new content already?

Great podcast   (5/5)

I've looked for more like it and no one can come even close- I listen to it while I work in my garage so there's no need for the video and I love it!

A Video Podcast of the Show Would Be Better   (3/5)

The content is great & listening to the podcast is just okay, because often there are episodes where the announcer is describing something on the show that has to be "seen" not just heard to understand the full content of the topic being talked about. Especially the Andy Roonbey sections when he's describing items he finds in his office (S).

annoying   (3/5)

Why the hell do they repost reruns? I know they have to push this crap on TV because they have nothing to fill the spot but on a podcast a rerun is unacceptable. I am unsubscibing, you fail.

What re run on iTunes   (1/5)

More re runs, these are old stories please fix

It   (4/5)

The content is great - straight 60 Minutes and the quality reporting which has made the show shine for years. Like many others, though, I can't help but wish that they would put forward a video version of the show. The audio podcast has existed for some time now - it's time to come up with the video version.

Need Video   (4/5)

Need video to go with the audio.

Please   (5/5)

Andy Rooney is completely out of touch with the modern world . The only way ppl listen to his rants are if they think he Is funny. His generation needs to step back and let the world change and alot of today's problems will go away.

Maybe I missed the vote   (4/5)

I really appreciate the access and all buy in the listing of these casts can we get a topic? Dates serve those who know or who missed the airing but for those who don't follow te tv show a little header topic could help.

I'm addicted   (5/5)

I never watched the show on television much. I'm addicted to the podcast now. It's great to listen to on Monday mornings at work

The words are what count   (5/5)

As someone who hasn't owned a TV since -- well, since the description of this podcast was written, I appreciate being able to listen online every Sunday at 7pm, whether or not there's a game running overtime, or tune in to the podcast later that week. If I feel that I need to see something visually, there's always a clip or photo on the CBS website. You'll realize how good the writing is when you're not distracted by video. After all, in the words of NPR's Ira Glass: Radio is the most visual medium. (Yeah, he admits he made it up. But a radio devotee like me knows where he's coming from.) Thanks for providing the service! [HEY, CBS MARKETING GUYS: Might be time to update the description. We lost Ed Bradley almost 4 years ago; I'm pretty sure you've interviewed Barack Obama since he became president; and I'm thinking the Emmy count has probably risen, as well.]

A great way to experience 60 minutes   (5/5)

The bottom line is that 60 minutes contains some of the best, hands down, journalism that's around right now. They really do seem to have kept up with the times while somehow never leaving site of their roots. I think its a testamant to what really good journalism can do to the 'news'. I always think of my grandfather watching it religiously -- and I think that in a lot of ways it is still exactly the same. Much like another Sunday CBS mainstay has survived the test of time, Early Morning. It isn't biased, it isn't overtly political, you don't feel like you're watching an indoctrination infomertial (yeah CNN and FOX, I'm looking at you) half of the time. It's current events. Things that matter. Told through the eyes of its subject(s) -- not at them. If you need something to get you in the mood to start listening to this on a weekly basis (which you really should) then listen to the episode that aired on 1/24 which was a retrospective on Don Hewitt, the 'gentleman' that created the news magazine.

Podcast information does not show on iPhone   (4/5)

If the podcast title was more descriptive, then more descriptive titles would show instead of just dates on the iPhone. Right now, I can't tell which ones I want to listen

Been watching since a kid   (5/5)

I've always loved 60 minutes, we always watched it in our home. It's nice to be able to hear it on the podcasts without any annoying advertising. I just wished there was video to go with the stories.

Please update episodes faster   (4/5)

Sometime y'all slack on updating the podcast episodes. Whomever is in charge of that get on it!!! Slackers

Excellent audio podcast   (5/5)

The audio from the television show obviuosly lacks the visuals, but the strong storytelling is always worth a listen.

Great!   (5/5)

Very informative! Top notch reporters doing investigative reporting! I wish it was updated weekly and have access to old episodes too. Other than that... Nicely done!

Add video!   (4/5)

Add video or something that I can watch! Other than that, excellent podcast.

Awesome   (5/5)

It really works

Cool.   (4/5)

I like i can have 60 min where ever i go but plz add video!!!!!

Awsom   (5/5)

Verry awsom i highly reccomend it

Wonderful program!   (5/5)

I enjoy it very much!

One problem...   (3/5)

The audio is pretty bad. It sounds exactly like what it is, a recording of a tv show. Other than that it's great.

Awesome   (5/5)

Makes my Sunday night

More Anderson Cooper   (5/5)

It was a pleasant surprise to hear Anderson's voice on 60 minutes. I've only just started listening to this podcast and already love it. Greetings from Iran

Brilliant!!!   (5/5)

Enough said.

It worked!   (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoyed _60 Minutes_ as a listening experience. Dare I say, I liked it better! It is a great news magazine television production that transfers to audio impressively well--

Because   (5/5)

The current reviews dont do this podcast justice!

incomplete   (2/5)

Good stories but incomplete. Just when you are getting into something, it cuts to the next story.

Great podcast! Stop complaining   (5/5)

This is a great podcast and the negative reviews are not reflective of the product. This is a audio podcast and not video. Judge it for what is!

As good as the show   (5/5)

I don't miss the video at all I look forward to this each week

Why not   (1/5)


I need to be a video   (2/5)

Is great but it need to be a video,because is not the same listening to the podcast to see a video

Video Please!   (3/5)

I love listening to this podcast on my phone, but there always seems to be something visual I miss in the story. I would love for this to become a video podcast. I hope it will happen! Thanks!

"scoop and storytelling"????   (4/5)

Why would 60 minutes demean itself that way. I thought it was "reporting."

Great. It is 60 Minutes after all.   (5/5)

Full content has been uploaded for a while now. World class journalism, excellently produced, a must have.

Need Video   (4/5)

I like listening to the cast, but would like the option for video. The last one I heard talked about this animal roaming through Africa, would have loves to have seen it.

I love it   (5/5)

One of my favorites love that it is audio so it's easy to download and listen while on the road

Best podcast   (4/5)

Luv to listen where ever I go!!! It gives u great information. I can listen to this while I work!

CBS rocks   (4/5)

Love this podcast I can't always watch and I can listen at my own leisure. Poo on people who complain about this podcast. STFU!!!!

60 minutes is as great as ever, but   (5/5)

CBS is a grey-haired dinosaur that doesn't seem to care about making news content available via the new delivery methods. That's too bad for CBS and an excellent news program like 60 minutes.

Rather listen than watch   (4/5)

Great news but lets face it there is nothing to see here.

Add the video please, not just the audio!   (1/5)

I agree completely with Critiquant. It is disappointing in the extreme that this podcast is only the audio. There are plenty of video podcasts available on iTunes, and 60 Minutes should be one of them. 60 Minutes is not a radio program it is a television program, so it should be available on iTunes in that format; and free since it is on regular network television. It is great that this podcast is the full broadcast, but nearly pointless without the video.

60Minutes on Video Podcast   (3/5)

So generally 60minutes rates 4**** stars in our household. But it removes the importance of the show on podcast if the viewer cannot see anything. CBS it's time to go Video MSNBC, NBC and ABC. It's Time. Your podcast ratings might just go up some more.

60 Minutes of just audio? Lame.   (1/5)

Until the video broadcast of 60 Minutes is provided, I'm not subscribing.

NO VIDEO?   (1/5)

NBC already is providing great weekly and daily news coverage, too bad, I like 60 minutes. Though I do think its funny reading reviews that you are cutting Andy Rooney - depressing dustbag. You're doing your LISTENERS a favor with that one.

Video Please   (4/5)

Five years ago it might have been acceptable to have this podcast without video. CBS, do you not have the facilities to transmit video or do you just not care about your audience?

Worthless   (1/5)

This is utter crap without the video. If you can't offer the video CBS, then just don't bother.

Get with it   (1/5)

It is 2008 almost 2009 and they are still doing only audio only!!!! They have the video already in digital form this does not make sense.

needs to be video   (1/5)

it just doesn't make sense if it isnt video please click yes if you agree!

get video of this interview   (5/5)

Please get the whole show, video and audio of this historic interview.

Good - but where's the video?   (4/5)

Like the recap - would love it in video!

Why Not A Video Podcast In iPod HD?   (2/5)

Would like a 16:9 iPod compatible version from the HD master of the video please. Those tight shots of Barack and Michelle on November 16th are amazing.

Where is the VIDEO Podcasts....   (3/5)

I appreciate the audio podcasts...but with all of the Video podcasts out there...I would expect this to be one...

"Audio only" is a non-starter for a TELEVISION show that started in 1968.   (1/5)

I came looking for the interview with the Obama's from the episode from 2008-11-16. Audio-only doesn't cut it. You have to see the look on his face when he answers the questions, you need to see how he and Michelle interact. Body language is important, and for crying out loud, it's a TELEVISION SHOW. I'll subscribe when it is video, and not a second sooner. They make the full episodes available on their website, so it's not as if they're restricting you to watching it on live TV.

What's Up, CBS?   (1/5)

What is this, a joke? This is only audio. What's up? Isn't this a "television" show?! CBS, what are you thinking? Make this a video podcast.

This is great   (5/5)

I know some of you don't want to listen to TV shows, but for those of us who grew up with TV radios, this is the best! Thanks, CBS!

just right   (5/5)

perfect, this is my favorite podcast to listen to while I work. yes 60 minutes is a tv show but if you have any level of intelligence you will get just as much out of it by listening.

Fascinating   (5/5)

I must admit to falling away from 60 Minutes in the last ten years. After listening to this podcast, I realized how much I have been missing. The shows are timely and interesting, the reporters insightful without being sensationalist, and the writing is erudite. I'm a fan again! When I can't watch the show on Sunday, the podcast will fulfill.

No Video?   (2/5)

60 Minutes lends itself to the video form. When will 60 Minutes catch up and offer the complete broadcast in video form like Meet The Press, Face The Nation, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, etc etc etc?

video   (1/5)

When are you guys going to put this into a video podcast? thanks :-)

Video Please...   (2/5)

I would like to download the video feed of 60 minutes.

Poor Product   (1/5)

What could the motiviation be to offer podcasts of a television program without the video. You're making your product obsolete the moment you roll it out. By the way..."roll it out" is appropriate for a stone in an electronic world.

60 Minutes in Tank for Obama   (1/5)

Why is it that Steve Croft cannot get it right? He's not dumb. The only answer is that he is in the tank for Obama. His obscure interpretation of the current financial crisis leaves all the major players out. Obama received the second largest financial contribution from Freddie and Fannie. His advisors are former Freddie and Fannie CEO's. Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd both ignored the crisis despite Bush administration warnings. Janet Reno threatened Freddie and Fannie in the 90's with lawsuits and government intervention if they did not both begin loaning money to people who could not afford loans. Steve Croft cannot get this right not because he is simply mistaken. It would be nice to forgive such a mistake. He cannot get it right because what is obvious to most people is completely oblivious to him. He and the rest of the crew at CBS News are not fair minded independent thinking reporters of the news. CBS News has left itself open to this sort of criticism by podcasting their one-sided, irresponsible and haphazard news reporting.

awesome   (5/5)

crisp, comprehensive and excellently covered. Hope it is a daily podcast.

60 Minutes is always good   (3/5)

It's hard to argue against the validity of the 60 minutes program as it always challenges the status quo and informs us all on important subjects. However, it is quite pathetic that we can't get this on video yet. There is really no reason why CBS can't provide video and I will not subscribe to it until they do so. SO HURRY UP ALREADY!!!!

Poor Production Quality   (1/5)

I would have expected better quality from 60 minutes. Compared to the other podcasts I subscribe to, this one has the worst sound quality by a mile. I would suggest either investing in producing a podcast that has a respectable volume level/production quality or abandoning this altogether.

WHAT a dissapointment! :-(   (1/5)

GET it TOGETHER, CBS! you offer VIDEO of FTN, Evening news, & other broadcasts, but NOT your PREMIER NEWS PROGRAM?!?!?! WHAT is THAT all about? This NEEDS to be VIDEO. for those who want the AUDIO, do as U do with other shows and offer the CHOICE. There are growing #'s of folks like ME who get ALL their TV content via the web and don't even HAVE a TV anymore. So if i can go WATCH this on YOUR WEBSITE and/or find it via P2P (& i CAN do BOTH) wouldn't u RATHER I officially subscribed? maybe not... who knows.... what *I* know is that my elation @ finally FINDING this on itunes turned into DEVESTATION upon seeing it's ONLY AUDIO. Come into the 21st century, and do for 60 Minutes what u've ALREADY done for shows not NEARLY as good on CBS! Til then, i WILL find it otherways. I just wont be HAPPY about it. :-(

Needs to be video   (3/5)

The magic of 60 minutes is the amazing level of journalism combined with candid and video coverage. If CBS can't offer that then maybe they should put archive episodes on Hulu or which will help syndicate the program. Video is the key!!!

60 Minutes is tv not radio   (1/5)

C-mon people who want to listen to something that we've watched in vivid high definition. Why would you put out an audio only of a great television icon? Hate to say it NBC got it right, they at least have common sense to put out the video and audio just in case some are still stuck with the first iPod ever made.

This is a great show!   (5/5)

I am often out and about when 60 minutes plays. Now I can listen to it at my convenience. I have always valued 60 minutes for the great journalism it has and now I don't have to miss it.


This is an AUDIO only. There is NO VIDEO. It is a waste of time.

Disappointed with low volume and repeated investigative stories from previous weeks/months   (1/5)

I was originally excited to listen to the 60 minutes podcast download, but this excitement quickly turned into disappointment. I've decided to delete this podcast as each week there are recuring stories from previous weeks and months. The reports mentions "as previously reported..." but these episodes have not been updated and are simply reruns, i.e.. Valerie Plume, Dubai construction projects. Maybe, one day, this podcast can be updated with new investigative reports and full video downloads. I'll check back later to give them a second change. It also seems like they finally listened to this comment section as Andy can be heard at the end of the broadcast without being cut off.

What? No video?   (2/5)

I can watch Amy Goodman's War and Peace Report -- why not 60 Minutes?

Yes video would be better but...   (5/5)

Alot of reviewers believe that this podcast is worthless without video. However, it is not reasonable for CBS to upload 42 minutes of video. Many other podcasts have a full-length audio podcast and a shortened (~5min) video version so obviously you can't have both (full length + video). I think the full audio version is far more entertaining than a shortened video with only a small portion of the broadcast.

Love it!   (5/5)

I'm thrilled to have found this, and have enjoyed every second. I'm a "This American Life" junkie, and find that I'm liking the 60 minutes podcast just as much. I do find that the audio is a bit low, but since it's free, I'm not complaining. If I wanted video, I'd DVR it, the audio is fine with me!

Turn up the volume   (2/5)

I enjoy this podcast just need to turn up the volume. I'm maxining out my boom box.

But Andy was about to make his point!   (3/5)

Good, but Andy Roonie is often cut off in the middle of his segment.

What a Joke!! Audio only for 60 Min???   (1/5)

I have been a long time fan for 60 Min, that is on the TV, when I can see it. First get excited when I find this one, since I recently moved to NYC, need to kill lots of time on subway. Then, to my shocking and repeated trial, it is AUDIO only!! CBS, are you kidding me?? What does this suppose to do? For someone already seen the show to re-LISTEN the audio?? A total JOKE! Will give no star if there is such option.

good podcast with technical difficulties   (5/5)

I listen regulary and I have been noticing problems with the show. The most current show is stuck at a low volume level which cannot be changed.

CBS what the hell?   (1/5)

60 minutes is television not radio. video shouldn't cost you much more especially since submitting a podcast to itunes is free.

60 Minutes   (1/5)

I would like to have the 60 Minutes as a color video. Other hour long shows can do it and hope you can too.

Make it video!   (2/5)

I like 60 Minutes but they have got to make it video to make it better if you agree click yes!

give me a break   (1/5)

what no video,that is crazy.

i love it   (5/5)

I cann't alway catch sunday night, but I can hear it Monday morining.

Nice to have, some audio problems   (4/5)

Great to have as a resource, but I can't listen to it on my portable device, because the audio level is way too low. On my PC, I have to turn the volume all the way up. Would also like to have this available as a video podcast.

Format switch?   (3/5)

I was listening to the episode about the birds of paradise. It's just not quite the same listening as it would be seeing.

A Video Podcast Would Be More Appropriate   (2/5)

I just listeded to the piece about the rare and beautiful bird that was just discovered. It doesn't make any sounds, but it's mating rituals are beautiful. Since the bird was quiet the whole time, it was worthless to listen to the story. What's up with that? CBS: please post a video podcast...leave the commercials in if you want!

Great, but...   (4/5)

I always loved watching 60 Minutes, but can't get CBS now because I don't have cable. So I really enjoy getting to hear it on my I-Pod. I think the podcast is very good, and the lack of video is usually not a problem. The only thing that bugs me, is that Andy Rooney is cut off--every time!

ITS A TV SHOW!   (1/5)

Think you get more out of WATCHING Scalia, Ginsberg, et al than just listening to them...waste of space as pod cast...

Why isn't this a video cast!   (1/5)

60 minutes format is made for video, just audio does not work! I'll download when you change it...thanks!

Love it...but you cut off Andy!!   (4/5)

This is great format, don't need pictures. But why do they cut off Andy Rooney? Even at his goofiest I get rivetted and then boom.... you drop the call. Fix that and I'll be satisfied.

60 Minutes is on cbs tv not cbs radio right?   (1/5)

One word... VIDEO!!! Cmon now. I can go to pretty much anywhere and download or listen to the audio of 60 minutes. If someone like myself misses the episode but wants to see it, then why not offer it? I'm willing to pay. But audio only? Am i supposed to imagine the box that Jesus' brother was reported to have been buried in? Or even better.. the Doomsday vault.. An underground, giant safehouse filled with essentials to recreate life, and the walls and ceilings surrounding.. shall I imagine that? Maybe I should download the video from NBC's past report of a shutdown underground safehouse in Virginia and watch that while listening to the audio from this podcast. Look, its just frustrating. I cant imagine the reasons why we cannot view the episode. And no one suggest watching on the computer. I have a tv for a reason. CBS, I will leave with this to say... your forcing computer savy fans of your show no choice but to handle the situation with the newest taboo for tv networks. Peer to peer. Im on there side with this one.

Good stuff   (5/5)

Great podcast. Just like the TV show.

Video Video Videeooo!!!   (4/5)

Great audio presentation 60 minutes is, but video will be best

The Best Podcast!   (5/5)

This is a fabulous podcast. The only thing better is watching the show with video on CBS! Thank you for bringing the information to us "To Go"

Why is there no video?   (1/5)

A TV show is video. The producers and journalists create rich content that commands the attention of eyes as well as ears. Just because I want to view 60 Minutes on my computer (or iPod) does not mean I will settle for half the story. Until CBS executives realize this, this podcast will remain a terrible disappointment.

Long download time   (1/5)

I have been waiting over an hour for my first episode of 60 Minutes to download, and itunes tells me that I will have to wait another hour until it is finished; why so long for an audio-only download? I can go to WPHT and download 60 Minutes in just a few minutes, or just listen to it right away without downloading at all. This doesn't seem right.

Love this problem   (5/5)

Okay now you can totally miss 60 Minutes and listen while you work, fantastic! One issue seems to be a trend sadly, Andy is cut off all the time; what gives? Either way this should be mandatory listening for all.

Please add accompanying video.   (5/5)

Love your collective work! I am ecstatic that it is available (FOR FREE, to boot) as a podcast. I only wish there was accompanying video. Thank you!

Very good   (4/5)

This is a very good show, and since I never get to watch the program I'm glad it's available on iTunes. Nothing is really lost from the video to the audio, so I highly recommend it.

A great iphone ingredient!   (4/5)

Good quality, both in sound and content. I would advise fans of the show that may have missed the on air broadcast to download here. I find the video portion mostly unnecessary anyway. Great job guys!

10 Stars   (5/5)

I love sixty minutes and now i can hear it on my ipod when i miss it great that its audio (takes up less room) glad i found this

Podcast the broadcast.   (2/5)

Audio only?!? Lame. And the CBS logo is an eyeball. Where's the video? I look forward to seeing Morley Saffer's clashing ensembles! Seriously. Truly "podcast" this fine show.

Great!   (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts available. I only wish it was available in video as well.

Why do they cut off Andy Roonie!!   (3/5)

I love hearing the compleat show but why dose andy roonie get cut off every week???

Thank you 60 Minutes   (5/5)

I've been waiting for this Podcast. Thank you for finally offering the episodes in their entirety - this is a great show!!!

Problem   (1/5)

I recently downloaded the "Bruce Springsteen" episode only to find that Bruce had been cut out of the podcast. That was extremely disappointing. If you are going to use a certain point in the broadcast for appeal, at least be decent enough to include the segment you promote, it makes it obivous that you get what you (don't) pay for. Or make just make the most popular segment like "The Boss" and other artists into free VIDEO Podcasts.

Audio was great, but why no video?   (4/5)

I enjoyed the audio, but there was no video. There is nothing in the program description to indicate that it's an audio only program. Thanks for airing it on the internet, but it would be a lot better if it included the video.

Dissapointed by CBS's Iranian President Interview   (1/5)

I am suprised how resolutely one-sided CBS's Pat Riley is a potentially productive opportunity to give the Iranian President, who has been demonized by our administration, a chance to clear himself of those allegations. It would be hard for a listener not to be affected by the obvious tone and disrespect of this reporter's interview. It leaves out whole segments of the interview where the Ahmadinejad attempts to defend and explain himself. I don't disagree or agree with our administration but, by listening to this interview, Pat Riley and CBS have already made up their mind to accept the administration's view. The deleted sections better show the impatience and slant perspective of the interviewers. In many instances Mr. Riley tries to interupt the interviewee when he is tyring to clarify a position. This is newreporting at its worst.

Looking a Gift Horse in the mouth...   (4/5)

I guess I'm a simple man. I don't understand why someone would suggest "paying" $.99 for an episode or $1.99 for full content that is being delivered free of charge. These are fine for what they are intended for. If you want full video quality, buy the DVD direct from CBS, but please don't spoil it for the rest of us! Like most of the other comments here though, I agree that I would like to see older or archived stories become available too. Thanks CBS/Apple.

Good show, finally time they put it up on Itunes   (5/5)

This is a very good show, and is good enough without the videos because it has very good sound quality; GOOD JOB, CBS!

Next to Frontline, 60 Minutes is one of the last great news broadcasts   (5/5)

I desperately hope the level of journalism, and subject matter doesn't drop to the average lows found throughout the rest of the 24hour, and Dateline BS news shows.

Yeah, I love the whole show concept, better than that other sod   (5/5)

that's why they call it 60 mins., not 4 mins

Thanks for releasing the full version!!!   (5/5)

I have been waiting for the full version since the podcast first was published over a year ago. Glad to see CBS finally released the full version of 60min and not just one segment! Thanks, JD

This podcast is just fine   (4/5)

So... I just downloaded the podcast for the first time today. Sounds like from some of the reviews here CBS may have recently changed the format of this podcast, because it feels fine to me. It's the complete show, all 3 news segments... it totals about 42 mintues, which, after you subtract commercial time on TV, I believe is the full program. It's good quality, and the description in the info button was complete and helpful. They were also prompt with the posting -- show aired last night, and it was up this morning when I looked for it.

Love   (5/5)

No more words.I love this channel.

I Hate 60 Minutes   (1/5)

60 minutes always makes there subjects look like monsters. and always talks over the interview with things they would never dare say to the person face to face. there cowards who only talk crap after the person is long gone and can't deffend themselves.

I think the real problem is . . . .   (1/5)

The real problem with this podcast is that it is not a video podcast. We have the technology, CBS. Please start to use it!!!

60 Minutes sorta   (1/5)

I found it interesting that the first positive review I read was by someone who was using dial-up. I must assume that CBS is tying their future to those who continue to use outdated technology. Now there's a fitting metaphor. Maybe if CBS hired Meredith Vieira to read 13 minutes worth transcript, they"ll improve their ratings. That seems to be the extent of their strategy. Can you believe the paychecks these guys pull down?

Small technical issue   (5/5)

I'm not going to pick on you for the quantity of content (as it appears so many in this review section have). I think the quality is good and I have been enjoying the podcasts as they have been published, howevver, I did download the podcast with Patricia Dunn and noticed that there were some skipages and bad content included (about 1 minute into it). I thought it was my player and I re-downloaded again and heard the same thing. I would love to hear the whole thing without the flaws if you would be willing to re-post. I appreciate it.

Nope   (1/5)

Not with these reviews! I don't want to see part of anything.


60 minutes, change the name to podcast 13 minutes--let's get it together folks at CBS!