Aggregated reviews for 8-4 Play

Every other week, tune into 8-4 Play for talk about Japan, video games, and Japanese video games, straight from the 8-4 offices in beautiful downtown Tokyo. Featuring the sultry voices of 8-4's own Mark MacDonald, John Ricciardi, Hiroko Minamoto, Justin "JJ" Epperson, Roy Blakely, Sarah Podzorski, and Graeme Howard.

Just a good ol time with this current cast (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts going, especially with the current cast

Best video game podcast (5/5)

These guys work in the industry localizing games among other things in Japan and their expertise and joy put into the podcast makes it stand out in a crowded field of video game podcast. The other one worth listening to is Kotaku Split Screen.

Awesome show (5/5)


One of the best! (5/5)

Love this podcast especially when Mark is on. Wish they would talk about Wizardry once and awhile since they are in Japan. Wizardry talk someday?

Funny & Informative (5/5)

The pre E3 episode is a yearly tradition not to be missed! XO

:) (5/5)

Where in the world is Mark MacDonald? He’s doing a podcast....nough said!!!

Years later - still fantastic! (5/5)

Updated 6/1/18: the show has seen a lot of upheaval over the last year or so with longtime co-hosts and fan favorite new folks leaving. I was worried, but they’ve handled it with aplomb. Some chairs are rotating a little more now (I love Masa’s perspective!) and we are getting a little more everyday BS, which I know isn’t everyone’s bag, but I personally love. Looking forward to many more debates about questionable cheap “tacos.” Original review: Not everyone is on every episode - even Mark who typically hosts - but every episode is worth listening to if you're truly into "games, Japan, and Japanese games". Guests are typically memorable and even when I haven't known who they were before their appearance it is quickly apparent why they're there (see: Kevin Gifford on the NES & SNES retrospectives.) Keep up the great work!

Almost tolerable if you skip the first 30 minutes (1/5)

A gaming podcast covering a lot more then most and longer then standard 1 hour podcasts is great. But the "friend of the show" humblebrag name dropping makes me want stop and skip sections. Bleep or edit them out please.

Really? (1/5)

Omg! Omg! Omg! Do you guys just enjoy listening yo yourselves talk? I get it! You live and work in Japan that you need each other to talk each other about games, but for Christ sake, do that over coffee, and make a podcast that’s shorter and think about your audience. You guys are very knowledgeable about Japanese games, and you guys have great chemistry! I love that! Great! I love your professional and insightful input, but please! We don’t need to hangout with you for hours on end! Consider your audience too, and E-D-I-T your podcast. To be honest man, your rambling is crossing the line. Are you guys just glorifying yourselves? I thought you’d figured this out by now, but I have never heard a podcast in which you hit record you and leave all raw footage in. I couldn’t take it many more after 20+ episodes. I’m out man.

Your the best!......Around! (4/5)

Except for Sarah. Her voice makes me want to take a dump on a baby.

The one thing that cringes? (3/5)

It'd be so great if someone would call Sarah out for her incessant millennial brand of up-talking. Otherwise, great!

Pleasant Surprise (5/5)

I was recently introduced to this podcast, and I'm amazed how much I like it.

Five Stars (5/5)

I'd recommend this podcasts to a complete stranger.

Discovered this great video game podcast in the last year! (5/5)

2017 is shaping up to be one of the best years ever for video games and I love following along with what people are playing by listening to this podcast. It gives a great Japan-focused overview of the industry and is super-fun.

8-4 Play (5/5)

This is my favorite video game podcast.

Great show (5/5)

Love the podcast!!!

Very (5/5)


My favorite gaming podcast! (5/5)

Along with the Giantbeast cast, I eagerly await the new episode of 8-4. I love their podcast chemistry and their discussions on life in Japan. I also enjoy the nicknames!

Great show! (5/5)

Great podcast for discussion of Japanese games!

Awesome podcast. Thank you. (5/5)

I honestly get so pumped whenever I hear the intro to your podcast. Each week you guys bring the energy and get me excited as if E3 is only a week away, and that's not an easy thing to do. You guys always make my dream of one day joining the industry seem that much closer. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

The first, best, and only podcast about Japan, games, and Japanese video games (5/5)

8-4 Play is a wonderful podcast by a video game localization company in Japan. Each cast member has their own personality, there's ton of Japanese games talk, and a fair bit of humor. I've been listening since the start, and I look forward to new episodes every other week.

Mark is the man (1/5)

Love Mark, the host. Most of the guests are great as well. I just can't rate this higher because good god, a few of the regular co-hosts (John, JJ) are just the most whiny, condescending and irritating people I've encountered in podcast form, and I am a hopeless podcast addict. I can feel my neurons commiting suicide during their rants about trivial or obvious things they feel the need to explain at length. Try the Bombcast, Beastcast, Rebel FM, and DLC for some insight and humor without all the negativity and ranting.

Great Video Podcast (5/5)

Great video game podcast with a Japanese twist. Informative about video games and japan and a great sense of humor

used to be great (2/5)

Used to love the podcast until they cranked up the uninformed hate for games they have barely played. Feels like they are just regurgitating the worst of GAF. Stopped listening a while ago.

Excellent (5/5)

These folks are very smart, very well spoken and have one of the most unique perspectives on all things related to vidya games - especially Nintendo! I look forward to each and every episode, and it's always worth the wait.

GeminiRSC (5/5)

An incredibly unique take on the Japan gaming scene from English speakers.

Great podcast with some Japan culture (5/5)

Solid gaming podcast with occasional Japanese culture notes. I wish they talked more about interesting local promotions (food, cafes, conbini promotions, etc). Interview episodes are generally weak.

Stop the stupid sound bytes (1/5)

The first couple of times were funny but jesus that got old so fast

Great show! (5/5)

A unique perspective about games, japan, and japanese games.

For fans of 1UP alums... (5/5)

so if you were following games media during the mid-late 00's you are probably aware of 1up/egm/ziff this podcast, along with a few others are good for keeping up with a few of the ppl involved with those sites. Just wish mark (gamevideos) macdonald would get around to adding content to their shows... oh and the rest of the RE discussion o_0

Great podcast (5/5)

A very entertaining and interesting podcast about Japan, games, and Japanese games. Listening to this podc..E3 HYPE TRAAAAIN!

Skip it (2/5)

8-4 Play is basically the gaming equivalent of a movie podcast run by a 45 year old woman who went to all the Twilight movies by herself on opening night.

Boring (1/5)

Really, don't bother.

*the no hyperbole review* (5/5)

The off the cuff impressions and opinions, from my favorite people in the game industry, make this the greatest podcast on iTunes.

It's not actually about Japan or Japanese games (2/5)

Not entertaining or informative and now not filling the niche of Japanese games podcasts. What's the point anymore?



My favorite podcast about video games (5/5)

If you're into Japanese games this is the show for you. There have been countless episodes with amazing interviews and specials guests.The 8-4 crew is the best!

The First/Best/Only pod about Japanese games (5/5)

I've been listening since Ep. 1 and 8-4 Play has been my favorite podcast since. Their coverage of Japanese video games and the games industry, is both informative and entertaining. If you are interested in the Japanese gaming industry and Japanese culture, this is the podcast to listen to.

Great Japanese Gaming Discussion (5/5)

These guys do a great job

The crown jewel of Aquilonia (5/5)

8-4 play, what can you say that hasn’t been said before. Nintendo apologists, yes. Sony fan boys, yes. Led by Mark “Gaming Jesus” MacDonald, the somewhat level headed leader of the bunch, you’ll also find John “Chinstrap” Ricciardi, Justin “Weeaboo” Epperson, Hiroko “the Phantom Pain” Minamoto, as well as colorful cast of interns/slaves. Listen if you want to learn more about gaming’s history as well as some interesting dialogue on contemporary gaming, as well as the occasional Destiny chat.

Full Disclosure (5/5)

I love listening to these guys but if they could refrain from talking about Star Wars it would be even better. Everyone is allowed their opinion but their favorites compared to the average humans is in comparison to the person who loves Zelda 2 the most out of all Zelda games. Besides that they are hilarious and I find myself agreeing with them on most everything else so it's easily relatable. Keep it up guys and I'll listen to every episode! Thanks for being awesome!

Gaming Jesus (5/5)

Best gaming podcast I listen to. Having a perspective from Japan is key.

Great gaming podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast and everyone on it! Please don't take away the nicknames and chitchat at the beginning, it's one of my favorite parts of this podcast! Don't listen to those pedantic curmudgeons on neogaf, ask your fans who are actually listening to this if they want it!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast for sure thanks to the fun dynamic the team brings to the table. And I love the unique perspective from Japan. I highly recommend it.

Great Podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast so much. It has great insight into the Japanese culture. It's unique and full of pretty cool people. Talk more Destiny! Keep it up.

Five stars!!! (5/5)

Amazing. Definitely listen.

Best (5/5)

The best podcast

Sacrilegious [MOMS] (5/5)

Mark is a dick but since the others are his coworkers they've developed an immunity. So the acid has a pleasant taste? I sense a great one inside.

Whether or not you play video games, this podcast is awesome (5/5)

Until recently buying a 3DS, I hadn’t owned a video game console or handheld since Nintendo 64. Even now I probably play it once a week. My point is that I’m not that involved with video games, and I love 8-4 Play. The guys (and the great guests they have) bring a unique perspective to the video game industry, japanese video games, japanese culture and daily life in Japan, and more, all while being hilarious and interesting. Can’t recommend it enough.

Hilariously insightful (5/5)

Title describes it all. These guys have a vast and unique insight in the gaming industry, and their episodes are always entertaining. Definitly put this podcast on your listening schedule.

Re-review (5/5)

My last review was Jan 28, 2012. I like this podcast enough to rate and review it on iTunes, even though I don't use iTunes. That's how much I like it.

One of the greats! (5/5)

Love these guys been listening to them for years. If your interested in games and Japanese culture a must have.

Japanese Games FTW (5/5)

Do you love games? Do you love Japan? What about Japanese games? Well these guys have you covered. The Gaming Jesus and crew are quite knowledgeable about the industry and Japanese culture. I've actually learned some interesting facts on their culture, but this is about the games and they cover that in spades. Give them a try and if you do not like them, something must be wrong with you medulla oblongata. P.S. No more Destiny!

A great video game podcast about Japanese Games (5/5)

8-4 Play is an awesome podcast comprised of interesting characters and their take on the Japanese gaming industry. From their experience on working with translations to silly nicknames and life in Japan, the team is a wonderful bunch to listen to. I want to thank Kotowari and Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast for the show recommendation. If it weren't for them I would not have found one of my favorite podcasts!

Unprofessionally Professional (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast that consists of bantering from coworkers as well as weekly guests. If you are looking for a loosely structured podcast that focuses on their personalities rather than cold-hard facts, this podcast is for you. It gives you a good, unique look at Japan, Japanese games, and games in general. The only thing wrong with this podcast is that it is not a weekly show; however, it is excusable because of how hardworking the cast is. Definitely give this show a listen if you are interested in Japanese made games or gaming in general.

Love the show (5/5)

Really enjoy listening to this podcast every episode and would tune in every week. Question:

Great podcast (5/5)

An amazing show keep it up. I like hearing about new Japan games. (Just don't like destiny at all)!

awesome podcas! (5/5)

this is a great podcast and i love the opinions keep up the great work

Good show (5/5)

The best biweekly podcast I can ask for

Getting better Mark ;-) (4/5)

While I originally had a review complaining about general "mouth/chewing noises", they have gotten better about it and commonly point it out before hand. While Mark still seems to be the main one with a "tch" at the start of every sentence, I've gathered up a "resistance" to it so its not really as bothersome. The addition of Sara(h?) is a welcome addition to the crew and I continue to look forward to each ep.

Absolutely Fantastic (5/5)

Honestly, most gaming podcasts nowadays are fairly one-note. I'm a big fan of IGN's gaming network, but other than that... well, let's just say that they aren't fantastic. But 8-4 play is probably the best one out there. A likeable cast, good audio quality, consistent release schedules, long episodes... what more could you want in a podcast?

Please Never Stop Recording These (5/5)

As both a huge fan of video games and a nerd for Japanese culture, this podcast hits all the right spots. The whole 8-4 crew has a downright valuable perspective on video games, talking about personal favorites and current industry happenings, as well as quirky bits about living in Japan. Also, Mark's amusing bluntness makes his attitude perfect for this.

Ozyriis (5/5)

Living in Tennessee, it makes for quite an interesting listen to hear about the video game industry from a Japanese perspective. The focus on Nintendo makes it a little more it's own thing but the business overall is certainly covered. It brought a grin to hear that one of them actually used to live in Memphis - congratulations on getting out! ;) . Great show guys, keep up the amazing work.

love it! (5/5)

Oh, if only bi-weekly meant twice a week.

It's great! (5/5)

Thanks to the Giantbomb guys for introducing me to this. Great personalities, and a Japan-centric view of gaming that most other gaming podcasts lack.

Nothing could I relate to less (5/5)

I don't play many japanese games. I don't play much Nintendo. I don't play Monster Hunter, I don't play Dark Souls. I don't play Dragon Warrior, I don't play Flappy Bird. I don't speak Japanese, I am not a translator. I have never been to Japan, I will never go to Japan. So I should be the last person giving this podcast 5 stars. But these guys have a unique insight into the industry, even if they aren't as transparent as I wish they were. They know their stuff, and after a while, I feel like I'm starting to, too.

Great! (5/5)

It's great to hear a video game podcast from such a different perspective.

Great Japanese game podcast (5/5)

With mostly an American crew and and a large number of guests this is a great podcast to keep up on Japanese & global gaming news.

Beast in the East (5/5)

These guys are always on point and, being based in Tokyo, offer an interesting, unabashedly biased perspective on the industry that is nevertheless refreshing, especially in contrast to the western-centric nature of most gaming journalism. Great chemistry between the hosts and cool insider stories abound, not just of the games industry, but of Japan and Japanese culture in general.

Wonderfully Entertaining and Insightful. (5/5)

I’ve learned a great deal about both the language translation process for video games, and also Japanese video games and culture. It’s a constantly entertaining and insightful podcast that I look forward to every two weeks. Keep up the brilliant work guys!

My Favorite Podcast! (5/5)

Its awesome to have a podcast that talks about Japan and Japanese gaming. Love the special guests, and love the way the podcast is structured. I always look forward to the next podcast!! I do wish the 8-4 podcast crew would interact more with their fans on Twitter being that we support and listen to the podcast.

Resparked my interest in gaming (5/5)

I haven't been gaming for quite some time so I have been out of touch with the gaming industry, having fond memories of my childhood days with the giants of the Japanese gaming industry, Nintendo, Sega and later Sony, I was interested in this perspective on the current state of the industry from people close to the Japanese side. They keep it lighthearted and easy to listen to, great for commuting.

My Number One Podcast (5/5)

If I had to chose only one podcast to follow and listen to, this would be it. Thanks to this podcast, I bought a Wii U (special Zelda edition, of course), discovered that miiverse can actually be pretty cool, found out about neogaf, got back into fighting games after 6 or 7 years, and so many other things. Every morning I listen to you guys for the 15 minutes it takes to get to my med school classes, and it always gets me pumped for what I am going to play when I get back home. I love the dynamic and how Mark is always willing to play the other side of an argument to keep things from becoming too one sided. And I love that there can be a quality podcast about Japanese games that isn't entirely about JRPGs and Anime games (both of which I love, don't get me wrong!). And I even loved this podcast before I found out you were involved in some of my favorite games of the past few years like Fire Emblem and Gravity Rush. Keep doing what you are doing, I can honestly say I get a little excited each time my phone lets me know a new 8-4 play podcast has been downloaded.

The best gaming podcast out there post 1UP Yours! (5/5)

Great crew, witty banter, music and commentary on Japan, games and Japanese games!

Great if you want to hear how great Sony is (2/5)

I have no problem with slight bias. The fact that only Japanese companies and games can do no wrong is kind of disingenuous considering their track record lately. I'm sure they'll turn it around, billy right now they don't deserve such praise. They're also good at talking over one another and aren't nearly entertaining enough to listen to the first twenty minutes. Listen to the news only as this is the only Japanese podcast available from that coast

Great Podcast (5/5)

One my favorite gaming podcasts to listen to. Always funny, full of great news and gameplay analysis.

The best, greatest, last Podcast... (5/5)

Found out about 8-4 play about more than a year ago and I haven't missed a show yet. Great chemistry between everyone and highly knowledgable of the industry because of their unique role as ex-gaming journalists / reviewers and now currently Japanese to English and English to Japanese localizers. Lots of Monster Hunter, Dark Souls, and other niche game talk that will make your head spin.

Great (5/5)

Great podcast

Offensive to christians (1/5)

I cringe everytime the the podcaster with the voice that cracks calls himself gaming Jesus. Imagine the uproar it would cause if he called himself gaming Allah. I suggest all people of the Christian faith boycott this.

awesome. (5/5)

these dudes live & breathe games.. japanese or domestic. you owe it to yourself to listen to this weekly.

Done with this podcast... (1/5)

For 3 reasons 1. When Hiroko is on, the others wander very close to white male sexist comments and there's already way too much of this in the gaming industry. 2. Mark MacDonald - dude, on things you don't like, it's possible to state your opinion without your comments dripping with hate. Try to remember you may be criticizing something a fan of the podcast may like so you might want to refrain from insulting them, 3. For a podcast about Japanese gaming to be so dismissive to downright hostile of all things Sony is absolutely ridiculous. Guy, Sony is not the villain of all things gaming and neither are Nintendo and (especially!) Microsoft the saviors.

One of the best (5/5)

One of the best video game podcast out there.


10 stars for the "E3 HYPE train" pulling into The station to blow our freaking minds "E3 H-Y-P-E TRAIN!!!!!

Great gaming podcast (5/5)

Love the cast new and old. My only complaint is that it's not weekly.

John ruins it (1/5)

Listened for years even with the non informed biased rants towards Microsoft and other Western developers from John. After Xbox one episode I'm done. It really has become stressful to listen to the podcast. Way to much negativity.

Great Gaming Podcast for Any Audience (5/5)

As someone who doesn't play a large number of the games discussed in this podcast, I still find it fascinating and very funny. Mark MacDonald is a great host and the rest of the crew is really good too. This is one of my top 5 podcasts I subscribe to.

8-4 is great! (5/5)

These guys are honest and fun. The best!!!

Entertaining gaming podcast with a different perspective (5/5)

I started listening after 8-4 was mentioned on Giantbomb. This is a really good podcast. This podcast is Japanese centric which gives it an interesting change in perspective.

The Best Gaming Podcast on the Net (5/5)

I've been listening to gaming podcasts for over eight years now since the glory days of podcasting of 1up Yours, and I can say without hesitation that this is currently one of the best video game podcasts on the net. The Giant Bombcast may be entertaining, and Weekend Confirmed is full of semi-intellectual video gaming conversation, but no podcast covers the Japanese and American gaming scene as well as 8-4 Play. The bi-weekly nature of the podcast ensures that there is always something to talk about, and the members of the podcast have a perfect group dynamic that creates a podcast that is both humorous and interesting to listen to.

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I consume a lot of Podcasts, but this is by far my favorite. The 8-4 some bring it each and every time. Been listening since episode 1 and always look forward to the next episode. If you love "Japan, games, and Japanese Games" don't miss this one.

They say it themselves (5/5)

Your first only source of best news and talk about games and Japan and news gamey Japan -Mark "gaming Jesus" Mcdonald

There are other Japan game's podcasts? (5/5)

I wouldn't know because I only need this one. :) AMAZING cast, great information, and they always know the perfect moment to fly off on a tangent. Keep up the great work!

Podcast about loving games (5/5)

Really enjoy listening to this podcast. If you want deep inside game coverage go elsewhere, this podcast provides a fun rambunctious look at what's trending in video games with an unique perspective. One of the best aspects if this podcast is its mix of personalities within the cast; they do a wonderful job keeping from become brooding or cynical and really seem to enjoy gaming to its fullest. They don't bother going into agonizing details about gaming in Japan rather they speak about what they know or what they have played and don't try to be an absolute authority on anything. They are all easy to like and endlessly entertaining to listen to.

Content is great. WAY too much cussing. (3/5)

This podcast provides a unique insight into games that other podcasts beyond some rare 1up podcasts just don't. A big part of gaming is Japanese gaming and culture, which is all but ignored by most other podcasts. The topics are interesting and the discussions of games that haven't made it over to the U.S. is greatly appreciated, since it's difficult to find good impressions of games that haven't been localized in english. I have found that one of the individuals in particular uses the F-word almost obsessively. I can deal with it in limited quantities, but it's like I'm listening to a discussion between nerdy inmates. It doesn't add anything to the podcast, and, to the contrary, causes me to turn off the podcast at times. There's only so much I can take at once before I start feeling disgusting. This is the only reason that I took two stars off. Yeah, it's tagged as explicit, but as an honest fan of the podcast who wants to see it improved, I would like the cussing to be toned down. It would greatly raise the quality of the podcast.

You earned it! (5/5)

It's sad that the western gaming world is moving away from Japanese games. It's even sadder that many have developed a false sense of game design superiority. Fortunately, we have this podcast to fight back! The 8-4 crew are funny and bring a lot more insight to their discussions than you might expect considering their laid back nature. They chat about Japanese games but also gaming events (tournaments/speedruns), and touch on other gaming related happenings. I met Mark and Hiroko at GDC 2012 and they were both cool people. The kind words they shared about me, my podcast, and the indie game I'm working on (BaraBariBall) on 8-4 Play was more than I could have asked for. Keep up the good work! If I'm ever in Japan I'll look you guys up and bring gifts.

The True Successor to 1UP Yours (5/5)

For years, I have been trying to find a replacement for the hole left in my heart by the late 1UP Yours podcast. Garnett, Mark, John, Shane and Luke's chemistry was without equal and the way that they would argue, discuss and deliver the news was something that many have tried to emulate but all have failed at...until now. Mark, John, JJ, Brendon and Hiroko are, without question, the most entertaining group of podcasters ever assembled. From their quirky nickname explanations to their pre-event hype trains, this ragtag bunch of localization individuals regularly manages to churn out funny, interesting and thoughtful discussion on Japan, games, and Japanese games. Their special guests are second-to-none too and always provide incredible insight on whatever topic they've been brought in to discuss. Every other Friday I'm treated to a podcast that never fails to deliver. 8-4 Play, thanks for not only being the best gaming podcast but the best podcast overall on all of iTunes.

it's good... (4/5)

...for a bunch of Nintendo Apologists.

One of the best (5/5)

Searched for a long time for a good podcast which talked about Japanese games, and this is easily the best. The hosts are knowledgable about Japanese games both culturally and historically, which is rare in other podcasts I've come across. I feel like I leave every episode knowing more about games and the game industry. I also appreciate the fact that, regardless of how busy they are, they make the time to record new episodes, another rarity in my favorite podcasts. Their bi-monthly episodes now accompany me on all my long car rides.

the best best (5/5)

i love 8-4 Play more than ANYTHING. Yeah, i wish it was released every other day. My days between podcasts are spent thinking about how great the last podcast was.

There are no other gaming podcasts. (5/5)

Giantbomb really did themselves a disservice allowing these guys on. 8-4 Play outclassed them and is how it should be done. I used to listen to Giantbomb all the time but one listen to 8-4 changed that. If you want to know what's up on Giantbomb just walk into a gamestop and look on the new release board. If you want to hear about gaming from people who seem to care go here to 8-4 Play.

Why listen to this ? (5/5)

Besides being the best, top, greatest Japanese game podcast ever, 8-4 play has one of the funniest podcast-casts out there. Also JJ, he's drunk most of the time. PS: read this in Notch's voice.

Best gaming podcast period (5/5)

My favorite podcast every other week by far. Keep it up, team 8-4!

Please be more informative (1/5)

Has anyone else noticed that the guys on this podcast laugh at each other alot? ALOT. It's like these people think they are sitting in the same room as the funniest group of guys on the planet. They can't even get past an introduction before they're cackling at each others witticisms. JJ is the worst. He speaks like an over excited kindergardener and his ideas are just about as cohesive. Give us news and discussion about Japanese games. There is a dearth of such coverage (in English) now that Andriasang is down. C'mon.

84 fist bump (5/5)

You guys are hilarious and probably give the best Nintendo news, most likely because your not complete Nintendo fan babies. I love Nintendo but I despise when people talk about Nintendo like they can do no wrong because they do a lot wrong. This review seems more about Nintendo than you guys and gal. Love the show

GO 8-4! (5/5)

Not only my favorite video podcast, but my favorite podcast, period. Wish it was every week! It's the highlight of my every-other Friday.

One of the best! (5/5)

I was skeptical at first, because I am not a huge player of many Japanese games, but this podcast is excellent. Not only have they opened my eyes to the culture outside of my safe bubble, but they also touch on everything in the video game industry, including many Western games. Mark does a great job of keeping video games as the main focal point, and the rest of the cast adds passion, knowledge, and humor to the conversations. It's easy to tell these people love what we love: video games. If you consider yourself a gamer, you owe it to yourself to give this a listen.

Japan. Games. Japanese Games. (5/5)

Fantastic Podcast if it's your thing.

Great video game podcast!!!! (5/5)

Mark "Gaming Jesus" Macdonald is just a great host. He knows how to keep the show entertaining and on topic. The show is based out of Japan but they talk about the Video Game Industry across the board. Insightful and with a real passion that you can tell they grew up playing all sorts of vid-games they way they touch on everything. MUST LISTEN!!!!

One of the BEST gaming podcasts out there, Japanese or otherwise. Great work (5/5)

The 8-4 podcast is one of the best gaming podcasts you will find. The hosts are former game journalists and enthusiats now working in the industry. They bring their experience to the table to discuss the Japanese (and American) gaming scene that is insightful and entertaining. One fo the few podcasts I go out of my way to listen to. Great job.

Surprising amount of nerd rage restraint (on RE6) (5/5)

After Giant Bomb thrashed Resident Evil 6 on theirl podcast last week, I was afraid your episode would be an endless wave of the equivalent of all user reviews on Metacritic. However, you surprised me when you weren't as overtly angry at the game (as you are with some of the most recent podcasts I've listened to), but it was as subtle as I had heard about the game, so that's a plus. Hope to hear more from you guys. Love the guests you bring in every other episode, especially the episode with Superbrothers.

Couldn't get past the first 2 minutes. (2/5)

You know podcast is going to be full of insufferable banter when "1:58" does not mean minutes and seconds.

great podcast if you like monster hunter (4/5)

don't get me wrong, i've been a listener since the first episode and i really really enjoy this podcast. however, just be prepared to hear a lot about monster hunter. there isn't an episode that goes by without some mention or discussion about that game.

Good substance, but... (3/5)

Guys PLEASE quit constantly talking over one another. Hold your points and comments until after the person talking finishes. It makes it so hard to follow when everyone is constantly cutting off each other. It's especially frustrating.

8-4 Play (5/5)

Final Fantasy Dimensions is actually pretty good. As a longtime FF fan I am having some fun playing through it. But, yeah, you guys are right. $30 is a lot of money. I guess I should just go and spend $60 on embarrasing bull**** like Lollipop Chainsaw. Good thing I listen to you guys! Anyway I love the show even if I think you say some pretty dumb stuff sometimes. Keep up the good work!

Japan. Games. And Japanese Games (5/5)

Great source for game industry news and discussion not just in Japan but worldwide.

So good (5/5)

Takes me back to when I was living in Tokyo. Wish I had been working at 8-4 instead of the company I was at!

Fun and informative (5/5)

Quick and dirty. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but the great chemistry makes this one of my favorites. Only tied with the Giant Bombcast and The Player One Podcast.

Best Video Game Podcast On The Internet (5/5)

Great chemistry, good jokes, and fantastic commentary on games, Japan, and Japanese games. Sprsk is 8-4 Play's secret weapon.

Great (5/5)

Interesting podcast to compliment the Bombcast. I like talk about Japanese games. It's fresh.

Best Gaming Podcast Out There (5/5)

8-4 is the only podcast that when it comes out, I wait to to listen to. Here's what I mean. I wait until my weekend is about to start, get a cookie and some beer, and THEN and only THEN can I listen to 8-4. It's that good. 8-4 covers a lot of topics but what they specialize in is Japanese games. Do you like Monster Hunter? You will after listening to their super duper Monster Hunter episode! These special episodes have been the best and I hope they keep doing them. Monster Hunter and Resident Evil are the 2 games they have done special episodes for where they go deep in the game's history and describe why they were good, what was their "charm", and importance in video game history. Fascinating for a video game enthusiast, you can basically consider 8-4 the "This American Life" of Gaming podcasts.

The best gaming podcast running (5/5)

8-4 Play has a unique, quasi-insider, quasi-outsider perspective on the gaming industry that is both informative and hilarious. If you used to like 1UP Yours and the 1UP Show and don't listen to 8-4 Play, what's wrong with you? Get on the #E3HYPETRAIN!!

Practically Perfect (5/5)

I have so much respect for these podcasters. I've been listening for a while now, and they all seem 100% real and genuine. Other podcasts might make me laugh, but these guys make me smile.

I love Monster Hunter (5/5)

And this podcast! I listen to you guys at work all the time and you make the time go by at a good pace! Just so you know my favorite episodes are about Monster Hunter and you gotta have another Monster Hunter exclusive episode! Keep it up!

A great podcast (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. The crew provides a very insightful look at gaming, gaming in Japan, and a news segment that's not just headlines but discussions on how those topics affect the industry. The crew has great camraderie and even though there might be periodic tangents, it only makes me appreciate the podcast more.

In Touch With Japan (5/5)

One of the best podcasts about Japanese videogames out there. Produced by professional Japanese game localizers. There's a good bet that if you play a lot of Japanese games, these guys and gal have worked on them. Witty and informative. They do name drop their friends a little too much, but they don't pretend to be totally unbiased. I really enjoy the show.

Unique perspective on games (5/5)

Really like the different take on the games industry. Interesting stuff.

Disappointing (1/5)

I was excited to try this podcast out cause it was being hosted on GiantBomb, but alas it's very disappointing. 1. People say "Like" way too much. 2. Not really geared towards gamers who play big franchise games. All the guests just blanket hate on CoD, GoW, AC, Halo... Etc. They are not all amazing but sell a ton because people like to play them. Hard to hear how those games are worse than AIDS for 2 hours. 3. On a related note, seems like general bias against shooters, which are the top selling genre by far. Oh well. I'm sure it's a good podcast of you have the same mentality.

Awesome (5/5)

Times two!!!!

! (5/5)

Paula DeenE3 HYPETRAIN!...

Best and only podcast... (5/5)

...about Japanese games and culture. Sometimes.

Great Content And Audio Production. (5/5)

I tipped my hat off to the members of the 8-4 crew for getting me into Monster Hunter Tri Wii even before I even own a Wii. Download and listen to 12/17/2011. ;-)

@fitgamersnet (5/5)

New listener. I appreciate the perspective on a gaming culture that is hard to get information on over here in the west. Loved the insight on Dragon's Dogma and other quality Japanese titles. Personalities mesh well and you have a good positive vibe. I was going to give you 4 stars but since you are all racist, 5 stars all the way! :)

So racist it's good. (5/5)


I really, really, really hate... (5/5)

that I have to wait every other week for this show. It's fantastic. All of the cast is great but I especially love JJ. It's great to see a Japanese podcast from industry vets in a time filled with what seems like nothing but talk of western games. I was pretty excited to hear Weekend Confirmed talk about Tales of Graces f... all 10 seconds of it. While there is occasional talk of some western games--based on what the cast is playing--for the most part they actually deliver what you expect to hear accompanied with great enthusiasm and discussed criticism. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work guys!

Great! (5/5)

This podcast has quickly become my favorite. Funny, informative, and always interesting to listen to. My only wish is that it was weekly instead of biweekly.

Great show, hands down (5/5)

Great topics with an amazing cast. If you like Japanese games, new and old, this show should be on your weekly list.

Just Listen to It (5/5)

If you've been playing video games since 1996 or before, you have to listen to this podcase reguarly. It is optional for everyone else, but these are some of the smartest and most experienced people in games media expounding on the topics they're passionate about. I read their EGM articles obsessively when I was a child, and will continue to listen to their podcast now.

Best gaming podcast around! (5/5)

Are you a 20 or 30 something who grew up gaming in the 80s and 90s and always wanted to move to Japan make games? Well these guys (and girl) are living that dream. Their biweekly podcast has the same voice (literally) of EGM back in the day. Highly recommended!

Vita contest rigged (1/5)

As some may know this podcast was offering a contest for a free Vita in 2/2012. When the time came to pick a winner they "magically" picked their Journalist frind from EGM from a pool of over 160 people. They conned lots of people with this stunt. Do yourself a favor and skip this garbage.

A great crew of gamers from Japan (4/5)

I dig all the members of the 8-4 team that show up for the podcast discussions. Mark keeps it funny and everyone seems to be having a good time, unlike some other podcasts that focus on videogames. Since the 8-4 team actually does localization work they are able to give us insight that some journalists would not, and the friends of the show that pop up from time to time are always quality guests. Keep up the good work and the good vibes from Japan.

Great News on Great Games (5/5)

If you like Japanese games, you owe it to yourself to check out 8-4. They do awesome localizations, and they have really great chemistry on the show. I find most interesting the retrospectives and stories of people they have on their show. Hearing how people got into games and even got to Japan is really fascinating, and I wish I had known such a career path were possible earlier in my life. Bottom line, these guys (and girl) love games and are really entertaing. Check them out!

Great Coverage (5/5)

This podcast does a great job of reporting and giving their opinions on gaming news in both the U.S. and Japan like no other. Keep up the great work

Vita please (5/5)

I, Carlos Allen, thoroughly enjoy 8-4. #socialmediawhoreforvita

Great International Point of View (5/5)

I travel around a lot to Africa from the U.S. on business. I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts. I appreciate the international perspective I get from this video game podcast that you get no where else. I also like knowing what is hot in Asia.

Never been a podcast listener until now.. (5/5)

A friend and I were heading back from the first annual Seattle Retro Gaming Expo when he turned me on to 8-4, it was part 1 of the resident evil episode(still waiting for part 2) and I've downloaded every episode since. I never really did the podcast thing before now, I've tried listening to a few others but none held my interest like this did. It's like perfectly catered to me and my friends, we all are into the JP games industry, and we all love Monster I like how you can tell that they get to say whatever they want, they're open, honest, and they're not really pushing any agendas. Thanks for an awesome show, I am now a forever listener.

Best of the best (5/5)

They have become my favorite guys from Japan they have surpassed CheapyD im @williamcolon82 on twitter and William Colon on Facebook #socialmediawhoreforvita

Why you should listen to this podcast. (5/5)

Rarely does one get a chance to get an inside look at the Japanese gaming industry. Even though the show is every other week, I still get my Japanese news from 8-4 Play. The hosts are entertaining with their banters ^^ I would buy steak for all of them any day of the week~ -Tonyswang

Great podcast (5/5)

Very excellent quality podcast from EGM alums. These guys prove Japanese games still matter, with tons of insightful views into the industry. Mark, John, and Hiroko are great. Give it a listen, and support their exceptional translations!

Awesome (5/5)

Great podcast love Mark, John and Hiroko. Is she as cute as she sounds? I have two problems with the show 1. I hate JJ so much I want to punch him in the face. 2. the audio quality isn't always the best. Why is JJ always louder then everyone else?

Best VideoGame podcast by far!!!!!!! (5/5)

This is my favorite videogame podcast! It's heads above the rest. No one is too silly, or annoying. They talk about all the games I am interested in. I really enjoy the music they choose during breaks and on the intro and outro!

A Must Listen... 5 Stars! (5/5)

A truly great podcast! They're so good I'm now covinced I must give Monster Hunter a Tri... Way to Go 8-4! ^_^

I laughed, I cried, I learned Japanese. (5/5)

Let's face it, life is hard folks. Thankfully the 8-4 Play podcast exists to make it a little easier! I've been a fan of John Ricciardi and Mark MacDonald since their days at EGM and it's great to hear them regularly on this show. They bring a unique perspective living in Japan and having worked in multiple facets of the gaming industry. You can tell they love what they do by the enthusiasm in their voices. Also, they have the same opinions as me so clearly they're brilliant. I can’t forget to mention Hiroko and J.J. who I’d never heard before this show but have grown on me and are equally entertaining. Especially J.J. with his weird voices and contrarian opinions. Every one of us has a J.J. somewhere in their life and if you don’t then odds are you’re the J.J.! 8-4 should launch a spin-off podcast called “That’s So J.J.!”. The world may not be ready though. Kudos to the revolving guest format which keeps the shows interesting and different from week to week. Thumbs way up for Cheapy D and Ryan Payton. 8-4 Play is the only podcast that I MAKE time to listen to every week. That's right, I actually "create" time. My iTunes fills up with other gaming podcasts but I just don't have it in me to push play anymore. They all sound the same. 8-4 Play has just the right mix of gaming discussion, humor, and anecdotes about Japan which make it the best gaming podcast of all time!!!! Of. All. Time.

The perfect podcast of you like Japan, games, or Japanese games (5/5)

As a gamer, I love hearing about how similar and how different video game culture is in Japan. An who better to tell me than a bunch of white dudes (and Hiroko)? The show is a great mix of funny, information, misinformation, angry ranting, confusion, and really feels like sitting down with a group of friends to talk about games. (complete with mocking nicknames) Now that I have shared my love I am off to listen to (then patiently wait for the next) 8-4play.

One of the best podcasts around (5/5)

Host Mark MacDonald (of former EGM and 1UP fame) and his co-hosts do a great job of giving unprecedented insights into Japanese gaming culture. Even if you have a slight interest in Japan and the games released there, this one is a no-brainer.

Excellent show (5/5)

One of my favorite shows on the web. Mark is a great host. I can't wait for more Resident Evil episodes.

Great (5/5)

This is simply one of the best video game podcasts ever!

<3 (5/5)

I love you guys, love all the crazy talks. YOu guys definitely make my drive on the 405 alot easier to deal with. Also, from the last podcast GO GIANTS!!!!

These guys translated MHTri (5/5)

And I played that game a TON. I appreciate the sense of humor threaded throughout the text of that game in little nuggets here and there. Thats what got me interested in these guys, and girl.

Entertaining and informative. (5/5)

The hosts are very well versed in a wide variety of video games, and manage to stay very positive and honest about games, as well as the industry itself. I wish the episodes were longer, but each episode is comprised of so much content that I never feel like they're stretching for time. This is the only (purely) video game podcast I listen to, especially since nobody on the show is pretentious, abrasive, or otherwise annoying (like so many other vg podcasts).

If you listen to a lot of videogame podcasts, this one stands out above all others! (5/5)

The combination of personalities as well as the free-flow conversation between all people makes me smile often. When listening I feel like I want to laugh out loud so much that I've had to resort to listening at home so I don't look crazy in my public transportation commute. It is well done and gives an important perspective from Japan as to what the video gaming culture is like in Japan. I look forward to this podcast every week (or whenever it comes out).

One of the few podcasts I still listen to (5/5)

Keep up the good work guys! Love all of the Monster Hunter and Resident Evil talk (more please)!

Love to much (5/5)

The best. My only complaint now is I want more :)

Meh (3/5)

Good but waaaaay to long. Needs to be compressed

Love love love you guys (5/5)

Seriously I love you all

Excellent Podcast!!! (5/5)

This is a great video game podcast with a slight leaning towards more Japanese games. It's always enjoyable and the people have a great rapport. It's been especially great of late with episodes detailing the launches of PS Vita and 3DS.

Great (5/5)

Love the show

One of the best (5/5)

This podcast is S ranked along with Player One and CAGCast. Unique perspective is provided from Americans based in Japan. I never miss an episode.

One of the best gaming podcasts out there (5/5)

Great podcast for gaming, especially for the Japanese events like TGS and the Vita Japan launch.

Super friends. (5/5)

Mark McD & Cheapy D fighting crime from Roppongi to Pelham Bay. D's Nuts!!!!!

Good show, but the FF13 bashing is getting old (4/5)

Great show (mostly because of Mark Mcdonald) ive been following this podcast off and on since its debut and it is defintley a worthy listen. I must admit however that all the FF13 bashing is low brow. It seems like every podcast someone rips on FF13 and then the entire crew gets in on the fun. Maybe you should just start a RIP ON FF13 segment every show, that would be classy. And ripping FF13-2 before you even play it ? (im sure famitsu reviewers were getting paid off someone said) alarming to hear that statement coming from ex EGM members.... I expect more insight, and class. You can have an opinion without coming off like some raging fan boys. I would say its odd that the entire crew seems to also agree on nearly everything,sometimes its a bit more interesting when the crew on a podcast is more....diverse.... Im sure these words will be dust in the wind, but otherwise i think this show has alot of potential. Also mark bring on more heavyweight guests and EX EGM members if possible. Guests really liven the show. Still giving a 4 star rating

Great news and industry show (4/5)

One of the best games and games news podcasts and it doesn't even come from a traditional video games site. I do wish there were more focus on Japan and Japanese games, but then the shows would likely be shorter, and honestly it's so rare to find a podcast with lengthy news discussion. Highly recommend.

Addicted (5/5)

I love this show and have been listening to it since the first episode showed up on iTunes, but at a very slow pace. I'm trying to catch up and I've just started the 7/29 episode. Whoever is complaining about the nickname explanation and length go screw yourself. I love that part. Getting to know the people is like getting to know the characters in a story and I love that. I hope that's something 8-4 doesn't worry about in future episode. Guess I'll be seeing shortly. Love the show. Keep it going til it dies.

Lame (1/5)

Just a bunch of white guys that were sick of being anonymous losers in the US so they moved to Japan to try to be "different". Horrible podcast.

Gods. (5/5)

I need this to live my life.

The new 1up Yours!!! (5/5)

The best gaming podcast out there, only complaint is its BiWeekly. I could listen to a new one everyday

Don't be afraid to get geeky! (5/5)

The show is most interesting when the hosts really dig deep into the franchises they love. I'm not a big Resident Evil fan, but the RE podcast is one of my favorites. Don't worry; you aren't getting stale.

The only way to make this podcast any better (5/5)

Is if Shane was a regular and the runtime tended closer to 3 hours. Or better yet, just mic up the studios 24/7 and plant a bug on Bettenhausen.

Best Podcast There Is! (5/5)

I love this podcast! It's never boring and they all work great together. Everything in Japan and the West too!

Absolutely the finest and ONLY podcast about Japan and games (5/5)

Exceptional video game chat from some old pros in an interesting setting. Mark and John know how to keep it interesting and engaging, approaching games from an informed opinion without the beat-down jadedness you get from editorial podcasts. JJ is kind of a dork, but, luckily they remind him of that regularly and even that works out. Seriously worth your time


8-4 play is great! I didn't know you guys did a podcast until the latest Weekend confirmed, I used to love the old 1up podcasts so this is truly awesome to get Mark back on the mic.

Best fansub EVER. (5/5)

Also, the annual Home discussion is ON POINT.

Great People, Different Location (5/5)

Good discussions abound in this lovely series. The location offers different guests and subjects which paired with local knowledge in the hosts makes for an invaluable podcast. There are a handful of podcasts that are great in the video game world but this one stands out not only in it's production and hosts but also because of its unique perspective. -karl

Love the 8-4-some (5/5)

I've been listening to it since it debuted, have enjoyed every moment of it! It covers gaming in Japan, but they often sidetrack to American games too.

The Best Japan-Focused Gaming Podcast Ever! (5/5)

The talent and enthusiasm of the 8-4 crew shines through in each and every podcast episode. A must-listen for gamers living in all parts of the world.

Not just for Japan (5/5)

I feel that some folks might be scared away from this podcast. Don't think about it as a podcast about Japanese gaming, but about future USA... Or far future Europe....

Most awful (1/5)

I've had the misfortune to of listened to this podcast a few times whilst it has been on in my office. Not only do their grating and whining accents (Canadian?) annoy, as is typical of North Americans, they simple can't help but to talk over each other throughout. Furthermore, all of them struggle to put a decent sentence together in an articulate way and certainly it is never delivered with any amount of aplomb. Counting how many times each of them say "right" at the end of every sentence per podcast is enough to drive anyone up the wall. None of them seem to have/display much historical knowledge of the subject matter in hand, seemingly only relying on information from on-line. One finds this to be the most bizarre failing here. Their USP is a Japanese national on the cast but she is about as useful as a fifth wheel, only providing a predictable giggle and "yes" in all the right or wrong places. It would be like having a podcast on the maple syrup industry from Canadia produced by a Vietnamese cast with only one Canadian national that said and contributed absolutely nothing of interest. A total waste of time and a fantastic opportunity then. If one is looking for an insight in to the Japanese gaming industry and culture (from Tokyo) then one sadly won't find it here. All one finds is unexperienced amateur pundits that seem smug with their current monopoly. Avoid.

Nice JP based podcast (3/5)

Fun listening and interesting topics

<3 (5/5)

Been listening since episode one. This has been one of my favorite podcasts of all time to listen to, I've always had a deep interest in Japan and Japanese culture, alongside my adoration of gaming, and interest in the localization process. So this podcast is everything I want in one, and it has fantastic podcasters to boot. Love you guys.

Easy listening gaming podcast that tilts Japanese (5/5)

Fun, good natured podcast with a focus on the Japanese gaming industry, hosted by 8-4, a company based out of Tokyo which translates Japanese games for Western release. It's easy to tell their is great chemistry amongst the members of the podcast, and the insights into life for Westerners (mostly) in Japan is interesting and sometimes funny. Be sure to take a listen if you're interested in Japanese games, or insights on life inside the videogame industry.

Great show (5/5)

Great show from people inside the industry. Refreshing perspective and funny as well

Top 3 Gaming Podcast (5/5)

Great podcast with a fantastic mix of hypoborolic and calm/collective personalities.

너무 재밋게 듣는다 (5/5)

오늘 아픈데 이 포드캐스트를 드르면서 너무 많이 웃었다. ^^ 고마워요 마크 맥도날드님 ㅋㅋ

My new favorite podcast (5/5)

Very informative podcast about games coming out in japan and video game news in general and a great cast of personalities. My only complaint is that they don’t record new episodes every week.

Hilarious! (5/5)

I've been listening to this podcast since the first episode and have enjoyed every minute of it! I do like hearing about Japan, games, and Japanese games, but I eagerly await each episode because of the 8-4 crew and how well they get along. They usually start the show by giving each person a nickname, which somehow relates to a funny story involving the person. Getting to know the crew, as well as learning about video games and Japanese culture, just makes this the BEST podcast available! Definitely give this a listen immediately, and subscribe!

This show has that special something... (5/5)

I've been listening to / hosting gaming podcasts since 2005. Back then, even the least of the gaming podcasts had a special quality: The hosts were excited about what they were producing. They were willing to be creative, try new things every week, keep the show fresh and interesting for the audience. In recent years, no gaming podcast has had this quality-- most gaming podcasters nowadays subscribe to the belief that as long as the hosts are having a good time, the audience will love it, even though "having a good time" usually means continuous off-topic rants and in-jokes. 8-4 Play does not take this approach. The crew of 8-4 Play seems genuinely enthusiastic-- not just about recording a show, but about recording a video game podcast. Their excitement about the industry, and its output, is contagious; and that's something I haven't heard from a video game podcast in several years. Of the video game podcasts that are available today, 8-4 Play is the only one that I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Lively discussion of Japan and Japanese gaming (5/5)

While there are an abundance of English-language podcasts on gaming every week, few are focused on Japan. With their long careers in journalism and localization, the 8-4 crew offer a fun yet always informed discussion of what's happening in the world of Japanese games. Full disclosure: I've worked with them and they are all genuinely nice people.

My new favorite podcast (5/5)

Listening to this podcast is like living in one of the Yakuza games.

Essential (5/5)

Staff of enthusiastic knowledgable professionals -- not to be missed by any serious follower of the game industry.

Best videogame podcast on iTunes. (5/5)

8-4 play covers everything you need to know about Japanese games. Great show!

Came out of nowhere (5/5)

This is the best podcast to come out in a while. They offer a different take on gaming since they are from japan that is both refreshing and interesting. Its massively entertaining and theres a great chemistry between the group. Download it now!

A fresh perspective (5/5)

Though less celebrated than personalities like Shane Bettenhausen and Luke Smith, Mark MacDonald was one of the most knowledgeable and engaging podcast personalities at the old 1UP. His new podcast represents a welcome return. The rest of the cast is new to me, and it's going to take time to learn voices and personalities—but I've really enjoyed every show so far. As someone who's played game for a long, long time, but who has moved away from Japanese games in recent years, it's also wonderful to get a more Eastern-friendly point of view. I never thought something could make me interested in Monster Hunter, but now I want to know more. tldr; subscribe now!

Great Insight on Japanese Development (5/5)

We need more podcasts like this. Keep it up 8-4.

AWESOME!! (5/5)

Great podcast guys!! Games news info straight out of Tokyo!! So glad you got a podcast going!! Best wishes for your podcast and 8-4 !!

Show is ok (4/5)

I freak hoops kid

Mark MacDonald is the the best. (5/5)

Been listening to him since 1up Yours. I was completely heart broken when Luke Smith left 1up, but when Mark filled his shoes on the podcast I fell in love in a totally heterosexual way. 1up yours, Weekend Confirmed, and subsequently 8-4 play adds an analytical perspective on video games, developers, and industry trends. Ricciardi has always been great. I don't really know Hiroko, but she sounds hot. I listen to a lot of podcasts and in only 3 episodes 8-4 has risen to the top of the list. 8-4 adds a western perspective on the eastern video game industry. if you like funny and informative podcasts, look no further than 8-4 play.

Japanese gaming podcast you MUST listen to! (5/5)

The 8-4 Gaming podcast is not just one of the best Japanese gaming podcasts out there, but one of the best podcasts period, bar none. The hosts definitely know their stuff and are passionate about the Japanese gaming scene. Just in the first couple of podcasts, they've had Shane "Mangod" Bettenhausen and Ryan Peyton as guests on their show. If you tired of all of the horrible podcasts about the Haloz, "this game doesn't have enough shooting and killing in it", or JRPG bashing, give this a listen. You will not regret it!

Great Start (5/5)

These guys and gal know a lot about the industry, it shows. This is one of the few shows that doesn't get weighed down by personal stories and worthless chatter. Stories told are relevant and everything is kept on topic and the first two shows were awesome. Can't wait to hear more.

Appointment Listening (5/5)

This podcast has quickly become one of my favorite netcasts around. So far the cast have provided a fascinating look into the gaming landscape that is very different from that in the West. Keep it up guys!

Great podcast! (5/5)

Ryan Payton as a guest alone worth 5 stars. Keep it up guys!

Quality Conversation (5/5)

Fans of 1UpYours should be pleased.

Good Start! (5/5)

Great start so far, really like having different guests each week — keeps it fresh! And mangod on episode instantly sent this podcast to the top! Also love having a japanese perspective on the gaming industry.

A Must-Have for Video Game Enthusiasts (5/5)

Mark MacDonald and the gang at 8-4 Play have already created a fantastic show with great chemistry with only 1 episode under their belt. This is a must have for those who are into both western and eastern gaming and fans of 1UP podcasts and Weekend Confirmed. Can't wait to hear what's next.