Aggregated reviews for 99% Invisible

Design is everywhere in our lives, perhaps most importantly in the places where we've just stopped noticing. 99% Invisible is a weekly exploration of the process and power of design and architecture. From award winning producer Roman Mars. Learn more at A proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at

E (5/5)

I’m 12 years

Thank you, Roman (5/5)

This show started me on my podcast listening journey many years ago and it’s still my absolute favorite of all time.

Possibly My Favorite of All Pods (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts, but there’s something about hearing “This is 99% Invisible. I’m Roman Mars” that makes me happier than just about anything else. And typically, the stories that come after the intro are also great.

New Mexico’s Chile (5/5)

Thank you for bringing a little bit of New Mexico’s Tradition into the spotlight. We are a culture that through our Chile we will unite our state.

My longest subscribed podcast (5/5)

This has been one of my favorites for a long time. Your audio tour of the Guggenheim inspired me to leave a review. Here’s to more audio tours 🍻

Back on Track (5/5)

I checked out after the multi-episodic shows on clothing. I felt the quality dipped a bit and was moving away from the original intent of this show. My son recently informed me that it’s back on track! Once again, Roman, provides an amazing and quality program that rests in the pantheon of podcasts. Keep it up!

have some principles (1/5)

Accepting money from the qatar foundation is shameful. Do better. Education city is the qatari royal family funnelling money to greedy schools in exchange for legitimacy

Almost always interesting (4/5)

I love HB! Except for the days when they post an episode that I’ve heard before, and the occasional boring episode, I 10/10 reccomend HB!

My All-Time Favorite Podcast! (5/5)

I just finished all the episodes (367 episodes at the time of writing this) and figured it’s time to write a review. 99% Invisible is by far my favorite podcast ever! I love design and architecture and very much appreciate their attention to detail and their amazing stories. Definitely check it out!

wow! (5/5)

i’m so glad to have discovered this show!! It is very insightful and covers interesting topics that leave you pondering the world around you in a new way.

w a t c h t h i s (5/5)

Absolute master piece of a podcast.

I love Roman Mars (5/5)

I want 99pi to sell T-shirt’s with Roman’s face on it!!!!

Love this podcast but (5/5)

Don’t bother with the old episodes. 12 minute episode. 6 minute ads. Quite irritating. Was a super fan until discovering this

My favorite podcast of all time. (5/5)

The topics that are covered are always intriguing. Roman has the best voice ever.

Amazingly interesting. Love it! (5/5)

Interesting and diverse projects. Love this podcast!

The Best (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I've learned so much about things I never thought I wanted to know.

Quality has suffered greatly (2/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast hands down but now it is mostly filler on uninteresting topics and poorly conducted interviews.

The Best (5/5)

It's just a pleasure to listen to. It's informative, stylish, brilliant, beautiful, and comfortable. I just love it.

Big fan!!! (5/5)

I am asking my parents for a 99% invisible pin and beautiful nerd card for birthday

Geoff (1/5)

The Trump con podcast is obviously Bias when discussing Trump as an example. No room for bias in journalistic podcasts

Big Fan (5/5)

Big Fan!!!

Roman (5/5)

Roman Mars has the silkiest, sexiest, smoothest voice in radio. I will never look up his photo, because there’s no way the image could live up to the sound. Keep doing what you do 99PI team!! This is my favorite podcast!

Can’t Get Enough (5/5)

Honestly, I wish there were more stars. I genuinely mean it when I say this is one of my favorite projects to ever exist! I recommend this podcast to someone new at least once a week. I started listening about a year ago and have finally worked my way back to the first episodes!!! (Less than 50 to listen to now). I love learning new things and the storytelling format of 99 PI is so beautiful it makes even seemingly boring topics interesting. 10000/5 stars. Thank you Roman and the entire crew that makes this podcast possible!

This is my favorite podcast! (5/5)

Thank you for your work <3

Great (5/5)

This is A great podcasts new episode every week cool non fiction podcast love it

Eye opening and Engaging (5/5)

I love this podcast. Episodes consistently introduce and illustrate complicated and fascinating design stories that have touched me personally, and often that I take for granted and/or know nothing about. Are you by nature curious about the what, how, and why of the human made world around you? Subscribe. You won’t regret it.

Love (5/5)

Entertaining and thoughtful ways of story telling. I love the interviews and am genuinely interested in things I would have never thought twice about.🗯💝

Seriously my favorite podcast ever (5/5)


thanks for the 12 minute ad... (2/5)

...for another podcast that I have no interest in listinging to. and a end-of-episode promo for the same podcast. A little too meta

Beautiful (5/5)

A beautiful show that takes an interesting look at the hidden aspect of everyday life (and things). Great voices, excellent delivery and sets the bar high for other podcasts.

Be careful of the politics, fascinating topics though (4/5)

Be wary and careful of the leftist nonsense coming from "Beautiful downtown Oakland, California", but enjoy the well produced stories that concern our built environment and affect our lives.


Roman’s voice is relaxing and soothing. The content and presentation are always 5-star!

Wonderfully Quirky and Intelligent (5/5)

I've enjoyed this podcast for years! The content covered the various facets of our designed environment is always interesting and makes one appreciate details of our everyday lives. Always read the plaque!

The BEST podcast (5/5)

99PI is 100% amazing

I love this podcast but the liberal bias is too much (3/5)

I’m a centrist. Please stop being so liberal

Positive and always interesting (5/5)

I find this podcast (one of my favourites) to be always fascinating. It causes me to consider things that would otherwise pass unnoticed and provides a positive antidote to my news and politics podcasts.

Thank you (5/5)

I just enjoy finding out about all the small things that surround me. Thank you for all the information and for putting a spotlight all the beauty that surrounds us all.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast and I listen to a lot of them. I always learn something new with each episode. I look forward to each episode.

Makes me interested in things I never thought (5/5)

This show makes me curious and interestedly things that I never would have thought that I would care about. It’s cool and nerdy just like the host and probably me too...

Fantastic Podcast (5/5)

After listening to my first few I spent weeks going through every podcast from the beginning. Roman Mars is the best and has surrounded himself with an excellent team. I look forward to every one.

My Absolute Most Recommended Podcast (5/5)

I was first introduced to 99pi by a friend on a long car ride in 2017. Since then I have listened to every single episode and have listened to a few more than once while sharing them with my family and friends. By far my favorite podcast. Roman is amazing, the stories are well researched and the production is really well done.

Such a smart fascinating show (5/5)

Always well produced. Amazing variety of design-related topics. Love Roman’s soothing voice.

Best of the best (5/5)

99PI is the best podcast out there, hands down. I’ve learned so much, read so many great books mentioned, and spent hours googling the information from this show. Proud nerd!

Can I Give Roman 6 stars? (5/5)

The best show. Magnificent. Perfect. Brilliant. Love love love every episode.

Most enjoyable learning ever! (5/5)

I don’t know how I stumbled on this podcast five years ago but wow am I sure glad I did. I’m from St. Louis and I think the Pruitt-Igoe episode clinched it for me. I love how this group presents information in a way that makes it relatable to my own experiences, and then stretches my knowledge about the world in a relaxed and comfortable way. Just the best.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

For the past 5 years, I’ve waited eagerly for each new episode that comes out, replaying the archives over and over. The stories Romans, Avery, Katie, Kurt, Delaney, Sharif, Emmett, and the rest of the team are beautifully curated and expressively told— each story woven with the infectious joy of sharing. 99 PI has kept me company through my drives and showers, plane flights and slow afternoons, through my anxiety, my depression, my sleepless nights. It’s calmed me down through panic attacks. Beyond the rhythmic and lovely voices— there is so much love and community in the telling. Every moment reminds me of the interconnectivity of humanity and how beautiful, messy, petty, and glorious creation and design can be. Thank you for your 9 years of existence, of storytelling and sharing. I look forward to so so so many more <3

A fantastic show (5/5)

Very few podcasts in my rotation make me want to listen to every episode and sometimes repeat them. 99% does just that. The episodes are produced well, packed full of content and year manage to keep it to a good timeframe (I’m not a huge fan of podcasts that go beyond one hour/episode). If you like design, architecture, urbanism this is definitely a keeper for you. I’d give it more stars if I could.

Happy Birthday! (5/5)

Happy 9th birthday 99PI! While I only started listening about 4 years ago, you have brought me so much joy in that time. I will never forget drives cross-country with you, long train rides in Europe where you keep me company. You are truly subversive, combatting ignorance and short attention spans by creating meaningful content that truly teaches us about the world. Thank you for existing. You make the world a better place.

Great show !! (5/5)

I especially love the “articles of interest” series. I hope they extend that series.

Used to be 5 stars (4/5)

I’ve been listening for several years and have always greatly enjoyed the program. Over the past year, I’ve noticed that the stories have gotten more political and left leaning which is irritating. I still enjoy most of the shows but some make me roll my eyes with the bias.

Why do you have a person with a lisp on a podcast? (4/5)

It is very annoying. That being said content is great.

Just awesome (5/5)

Just double awesome Still the best with no signs of slowing down.

great topics, laidback vibe, inspires curiosity. (5/5)

love this podcast for the wide range of topics, both trendy and obscure. great for winding down before or after work!

Fave podcast (5/5)

Never ever boring.

Love it! (5/5)

Super interesting and well researched. A fantastic source of information!

Listen. Relax. Feel smart. (5/5)

Such a thoughtful and thought-full podcast. Every week I learn something that I thought I already knew.

“On Beeing” (5/5)

Cute! A sly nod to Krista Tippet, perhaps?

The best voice in podcasting. (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. But to top that off, Roman Mars has the best voice in all of podcasting. No completion.

The best thing (5/5)

...that can happen to your ears. Period.

So, so good. (5/5)

An extremely well produced and presented podcast where I learn such cool stuff about every day life

Wow (5/5)

There are no words to express the immeasurable amount of goodness in this podcast Best Podcast Ever

99% Invisible sees Invisible Women (5/5)

Episode 363, Invisible Women, makes me remember again and always why I love this program. It covers topics that are forehead-smacking obvious but are, well, invisible to us most times. Like Caroline Criado Perez this topic—how 51% of humanity is ignored in favourite of the 49%— makes me angry but how can you really be angry when Roman is laughing and Caroline is laughing and they're both angry but they're also hopeful and……I just love this program. All over again.

A True Gem (5/5)

This podcast is exemplary. Roman Mars has done the near impossible, created a podcast from scratch in a garage that has grown to a full company that employees amazing producers. Not only that, but this podcast was the seed that planted radiotopia- the best, most ethical, podcast network with the greatest shows. I have so much love for this smart, loving podcast and everything that has come from it.

99% 100% of the time (5/5)

Every time I listen to an episode of 99% Invisible I end up sharing with a friend!

The Epitome of Podcasts (5/5)

You will not find a better one.

99 percent Lovely (5/5)

Roman Mars is the ultimate host with his smooth, deep voice. I’m sure I could listen to him talk about anything, but thankfully this is content worth listening to. They say it’s a podcast about design, but I think it’s just more about our built world. This show will teach you so much and look at the world around you differently. Highly recommend!

Best podcast ever. (5/5)

Everything about this podcast is great. Huge fan of Roman. Wonderful and creative episodes. Beautiful and creative audio editing. Fun staff. And of course produced on Radio Row in beautiful... Downtown... Oakland, California.

Love it. (5/5)

Great audio. Great ideas. Interesting and offbeat topics.

So wonderful!! (5/5)

Every episode is fresh and beautiful and eye-opening! Roman Mars is such a good host and this is genuinely one of my favorite podcasts.

Awesome (5/5)

Interesting topics and delivered so smoothly. Roman, please start a meditation/sleep podcast. I will pay. Best. Voice. Ever.

Great Show (5/5)

Always interesting topics!

Unique & thoughtful (5/5)

Thanks for a wonderful podcast. I loved the one about Palaces for the people. Living in Pittsburgh, I frequent the Carnegie library in Oakland, which is alive and active. It’s a wonderful ‘mothership.’ More podcasts please about public spaces and places. We need them to unite us. Cindy.

It has spiced up my conversations (5/5)

My just-graduated-from-design-school daughter (age 22) kept coming up with fascinating facts in conversation, impressing me with the range and entertainment value of her seemingly random knowledge. When I found out she listened to 99% Invisible, I subscribed, and now I’m the one with intriguing did-you-knows that lead to great pondering conversations. Thank you. I look at the world slightly differently now—a little more closely and questioningly.

Great podcast (5/5)

Great podcast.

So interesting (5/5)

No matter the topic, I always listen to Think with great interest.

Never bored with this (5/5)

Many people complain about being bored, but with podcasts like this out there I don’t understand how anyone can think there’s nothing left to do.

So interesting (5/5)

Go ahead and listen.

Simply a Dream (5/5)

From the warm embrace of Roman Mars’ sweet voice to the intriguing content.

A master class in vocal fry (3/5)

Love the show. Listened to almost every episode. Mr. Mars needs to train his team to speak correctly and eradicate vocal fry. Throw in inappropriate listing - "there was genocide and torture and mass executions" with a candece that sounds like the commentator is listing salad ingredients. Stopped listening minutes into Depave Paradise because of the lazy vocal fry voice over.

Raving fan (5/5)

This is my first review of a podcast and I have been an avid listener for over a decade, I am also impressed with the community of podcasts this program has introduced me to.

Love it so (5/5)

I so love this podcast. I tend to get into a lot of heavy hitting series’ and Roman and 99% are always there to give me something new and fun to learn about that I never would have even thought to know more on. Love.

Important listening (5/5)

Normally I try to write nuanced critiques that are descriptive and highlight strengths and weakness’s . For this one it’s a little more simple...If you don’t like this podcast you’re stupid and a generally disinterested nitwit.

Makes you think (5/5)

I love this podcast so much and I just started listening yesterday! It’s so interesting and makes you think. My favorite so far is the secret life of color and I would recommend listening to this one first. This podcast is the greatest!!

Anthropocene Review review (5/5)

I give it 5 stars! (You’ll have to listen to the episode to get that). I never NEVER know what 99PI is going to offer up next to a curious mind. Delightful and thought provoking as always.

Perfect (5/5)

Great Podcasting

Obsessed!!!!! (5/5)

I listen re listen and recommend this podcast to everyone and anyone I know. More more more love y’all.

Excellent description of an abstract development (5/5)

This podcast gave Voice to my stressful feelings during a recent hospital stay. The miscellaneous noises absolutely saturated the surroundings while I was ill. I am thrilled to hear a validation of those fearful and dissonant feelings. I asked the nurses for earplugs but they had none so my family brought some and while that was helpful it exacerbated my feelings of detachment. I am hoping the medical industry will ‘hear’ you and ‘listen. You make good noise Roman.

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

I found this podcast through the crossover with Reply All. Now I’m binging 99PI from the beginning. Keep up the good work Roman.

Down hill focus on professional sports (1/5)

This at one time was a very eye opening podcast into aspects of living that are not normally covered but are of value. Over the last several months this pod cast has focused on sports again and again not only sports but the most mindless aspects of sports. I’m following until the end of June and if it doesn’t change direction on content subjects I’ll move on... too many good podcasts to listen to for you bore me with NBA uniform colors ... 🤨

This show is THE REASON I listen to Podcasts (5/5)

Absolutely fantastic. Wonderfully curated, great community, incredible stories of unique nature and interest. If you want to know your world better - tune in. Same goes for all Radiotopia shows in my view. Thanks for everything you do!

Brilliantly entertaining and engaging (5/5)

Love 99% Invisible. Roman Mars' voice is magical, and the content they curate is fascinating.

Love love love (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one has stayed my favorite the entire four years I’ve been listening to it. So smart, so thoughtful.

Great content (5/5)

Would recommend

Roman Mars .. need I say more ?! (5/5)

At the crux of art and design is 99 pi. A brilliant podcast that will truly challenge how you interact with the world. Showcasing all the hidden thought behind even the simplest items in our life this A+ podcast will raise the bar for you with just what a podcast can do.

Incredible (5/5)

99% Incredible and 100% Unstoppable. Thank you to everyone who works on this production. 🔝🔝🔝

Amazing Storytelling (5/5)

I discovered this podcast a few years ago and always come back to it as one of my favorites. The topics range broadly which is intriguing and keeps it interesting. I never tire of hearing Roman’s voice. What a great job the whole team does!

Always one of my favorites (5/5)

This is the only podcast that I've listened to just about every single episode. Along with "This American Life", 99% Invisible was the podcast that got me hooked on listening to podcasts. Specifically, the episode "Guerilla Service Redux" about the artist in L.A. who created a fake Cal Trans highway sign for the 110 off ramp to I-5 north. There's lots to learn, and each episode is very well produced.

One of the best podcasts out there (5/5)

There’s not an episode of 99PI that hasn’t left me wanting to tell someone about it. I am so devoted to this podcast.

My favorite podcast and host (5/5)

Always captivating and smart.

Love love love it! (5/5)

Love love love it!

Hella Good! (5/5)

Always fascinating, always informative, incredibly entertaining. Forecast: Hella Good!

One of my go-tos (5/5)

Engaging and well produced

One of the best podcasts available (5/5)

Thank you Roman Mars for great content 🙏🏽

Smooth Intelligence (5/5)

I’m going to name my next kid Roman Mars. Not only is that a cool name, but Roman has a voice to die for (or listen to). I’d listen to him podcast anything. But this podcast earns a 5 start because the content takes the cake. I am always quoting and recommending this podcasts to architecture friends and non-design friends. It has something for everyone.

Design with a liberal twist (3/5)

Podcast about design promoting a liberal worldview. Topics are interesting, but the excessive propaganda in certain episodes gets a bit annoying.

I’m in a Mazda (5/5)

Currently listening in my Mazda, love the show! kinda disappointed it didn’t break anything

Unusual topics (5/5)

Love the unusual topics presented on this show. It is a fascinating listen.

Sexy voice (5/5)

5 stars for just sounding hot!

usonia1 (5/5)

Been listening to this show for so long now--cannot believe I haven't written a glowing review yet. Simply fantastic, it's thought-provoking and well-researched. And hey-Roman's got a perfect radio voice!

Fantastic content (5/5)

Some of the most interesting stories in podworld

Favorite part (5/5)

My favorite parts of every episode is when Roman is so delighted by what is being said he laughs. It is so clear he gets enjoyment out of what he is doing. It can’t be anything but contagious.

Interrobang (5/5)

Just great to have the mind stimulated with your podcast.

Used to be good not so much anymore (4/5)

I feel like this show used to be good, the episodes were quite short and I could listen to them anytime. But now that they’re forty five minutes long, it’s just not like I can listen to them on my bike ride. He also puts episodes of other shows into his show with NO warning. And some of the narrators just sound boring or bad. I think he needs to go back a year. Over all the old ones are great and I’m still subscribed, but I don’t listen to his show much and I feel at this point it’s almost a dull bedtimes story, cause I fall asleep to it each night now.

Enthralling (5/5)

Just recently discovered 99% Invisible and I am over the moon. Compelling, interesting, profound, funny. I feel as if I’ve hit the podcast jackpot. I recommend it to everyone. I’ve learned so much. It is so refreshing to listen to topics of real interest that are not partisan. I enjoy good social political debate just like anyone but sometimes I need a break from the vitriolic divide. I crochet and listen for hours. Thank you for the appealing content, thoughtful detail, careful research, and for situating the adverts at the end. I adore Roman and the whole gang. You’ve gained a listener for life!

Brilliant (5/5)

I’ve only listened to a couple thus far, but I love it. Sometimes it seems to drone on, but the information is so wonderful!

Top of the Field (5/5)

There’s nothing I could say here everyone doesn’t already know. The flagship project of Radiotopia, this is the top of the podcast game and it almost never fails to entertain and interest. Also Avery Trufelman’s voice is my celebrity crush.

Such good stuff (5/5)

99pi is ALWAYS always the first podcast I recommend to people! It has such a wealth of knowledge, always extremely well-researched and intriguing. I’ve listened to it so much that anything Roman Mars laughs at I immediately consider funny.

Roman... (2/5)

... you get a charitable three. Stop polluting your once-excellent podcast with clueless idiots as with Zig Zag. I know, I know, they’ve joined the Radiotopia umbrella. But, wow, you’ll want to rethink that one. Here’s hoping you can return to a solid 5-star rating. I’m rooting for you, Roman! Oof. Take your two. Avery Trufelman is just. So. Bad. Roman, you’re allowing 99PI to be a reflecting-pool for the worst kind of navel-gazers. You do you, but if this is you, I’m thoroughly-disinterested. Gone are the days of interesting podcasts from you.

The Unknown Soldier Podcast was riveting and emotional (5/5)

Didn’t know much about the tomb of the unknown soldier before the podcast. This story was gripping and unbelievable. Even after it was over, I enjoyed the conversation between the producer and host about the guards and their precision. Great episode.

A Must-Listen (5/5)

Simply of the best, most interesting podcasts out there.

A gem (5/5)

Love this podcast! Lots of varied topics with an approach that speaks to the curiosity in all of us, which often has me saying, “Oh yeah! I’ve always wondered about that.” I’ve not been disappointed yet. Presentation is always super clear, mic levels are perfect, and can I just give your team a gold star for good enunciation? I seriously would. Thanks for a great show.

Amazing (5/5)

Just amazing. I learn new things each episode. Also it is great for the family. My 10 year old son is an avid fan. Always asks for the new episode!

Amazing! (5/5)

Always interesting. Casts light on a variety of subjects. I take less for granted now, because I feel like I can better see the story behind the institutions and items we hold dear.

The best (5/5)

Love it love it ! It’s so interesting. I learn something new every time

God Tier (5/5)

99PI is my favorite podcast and I’m absolutely thrilled every time I see a new episode.

Absolutely Brilliant, and frequently funny. (5/5)

Roman mars has worked tirelessly for many years to share his observations about design, Architecture, and how we interact with our environment and every day objects. His frustrations can frequently be humorous but also insightful and a delight to listen to. I’m a big fan and an ardent listener along with being an architect professionally. Keep at it Roman, you’re an inspiration. Thanks to the whole team at radiotopia.

One of my favorite podcasts to recommend (5/5)

There’s always a new look here on something I’ve taken for granted or something I never knew about. There’s so much design in the world and it really makes me think and be more conscious when I get to learn about it here.

This should be mandatory listening (5/5)

This is my all time fav podcast, I love the stories and learning all sorts of interesting facts, the way they are produced and explained, absolutely amazing. This is the only free anything I give money to, on a regular basis, it’s that good that I feel the need to contribute

Absolute Favorite Podcast! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! I love leaning about all the hidden ways design influences our lives, and this podcast always has something interesting to discuss! Also Roman Mars has one of the BEST radio voices ever!

Good stories, bad narrator (3/5)

There’s this one narrator that sounds terrible to listen to. I don’t know their name, but it sounds like someone with a voice modification. It’s fine for a bit but I had to stop when I noticed it on other episodes.

The Absolute Best (5/5)

I stumbled upon this podcast (which was also my very first) when I was in a dark period of my life, and it breathed so much wonder and hope into me that it literally saved me. It became a ritual after work - make tea, play the podcast, and create - and those special times became the highlight of my days. Roman’s voice transported me to a beautiful world of arts and science and history in a way that was almost magical, and it still does to this day. I’ve listened to every episode, and still go back to hear my favorites, and each time fills me with that same wonder and hope even though I’m in a much better place now. I can’t thank Roman and the team enough for bringing so much dedication and passion to the world, and I eagerly await each new episode.

The best (5/5)

My favorite go to podcast

always fascinating (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I think 99% Invisible has the most consistently fascinating content of any of them. If you have even passing interest in art, architecture or design, you'll certainly find engaging stories here.

99percentinvisible (5/5)

I have tried a lot of podcasts. This one is hands down the best. Start off with an wide range of unique and riveting topics, add in extensive research and incredible writing and very high production quality and what must be the best staff on air and then top it off with the genius direction and leadership of Roman Mars and that’s what you get.

A great way to spend 30 minutes in my car. (5/5)

A wonderful insightful review of things important and some things are cane but always interesting. And it’s fun, i.e. not didactic or polemic, no matter where you are on the political spectrum.

I just got called into a meeting (5/5)

But I refuse to go before giving this show a 5-star review. It makes my brain better. It is my happy place.

One of the best podcasts out there (5/5)

I have become a podcast junkie, and 99% invisible is one of the first ones that got me hooked. And it keeps me hooked. I so appreciate Roman and team’s unique take on such a wide variety of things. In a world with so much gloom and doom, 99PI offers a respite that has both light and weight, a tough combination to achieve.

Great content quality- Horrible production awareness (4/5)

Couldn’t listen to the last episode “The Known Unknown” for more than 5 minutes. Roman’s voice is tolerable over time- but whoever else was narrating the episode had the worst radio/podcast voice I’ve ever heard. It sounds sped up- with the frequency dialed way up. Check it out- tell me I’m wrong

Always learning (5/5)

This podcast helped me learn so many interesting things about stuff I had no idea could ever be interesting.

Maximum Quality Per Minute (5/5)

This is, minute for minute, the best podcast ever produced. It’s like the old school TED talks: in 15 minutes, they forever change the way you see some part of the world.

Interesting! (5/5)

The two episodes I’ve listened to so far are GREAT! Super interesting and well produced and researched

Great podcast for those who like to continually learn (5/5)

Roman’s voice is very soothing and calming. The subject matter, however mundane it may seem at first glance, is always interesting and informative.

Get back to your roots, less social commentary, more design (3/5)

We don’t need anymore podcast about victims. Talk about design. Old episodes are great. Learned so much. You are trending towards being unlistenable.

Every episode is interesting (5/5)

We listen to this while cooking dinner. Every episode is on a different topic over a variety of subjects, so it's our little slice of culture and learning for the day.

A sumptuous listen (5/5)

The voices and stories are a rapturous pleasure.

taiwan is not a country (3/5)

in episode 341, you referred taiwan as "country", please make correction to this misreference

Annoying voices, slow points (1/5)

If you get through all the ads, the voices are very annoying. The episodes and stories are slow and dumbed down.

Start from the beginning ! (5/5)

Very interesting mini stories, great bitesize eps early on!

The king (5/5)

This is hands-down the best podcast that exists. Even when I look at the podcast episode a summary and think that I won’t enjoy the episode I end up absolutely loving it. Roman Mars finds a way to make you interested in everything.

Legendary (5/5)

99% Invisible is nothing short of weekly masterpieces of storytelling, design and culture all wrapped up by the soothing sounds of Roman Mars.

Good stuff (5/5)

For some reason this podcast crashes the audio system in my car. Every. Time.

My favorite (5/5)

Always look forward to listening and learning something new, thanks Roman!

Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast. Exceptional production and content.

Classic show with a wide range (5/5)

Ever since YT served me Roman’s TED talk about state flags, I have been a fan of 99pi. The team does a great job looking into how things are designed and why, often things I’d never thought about. It has led me to several other great podcasts as well, even though not every show they suggest is to my taste. I feel like 99pi has evolved to include more “issues,” maybe because it ran through a lot of the most obvious things in the build world around to explain in the first few seasons. Those early episodes that focused on physical aspects of the built environment are my favorites. But I also like what it’s evolved into at this point, almost 99 percent of the time. PS: The website rocks, too!

Perfect for liberals (3/5)

Lines up pretty well with left wing agenda. Good quality. Interesting subjects. But it’s to editorial for me. Too bad because the topics are really great.

Goldman Sachs? (3/5)

This is a sponsorship they should be willing to accept. No more of this show for me.

Riveting, Educational, Wonderfully produced (5/5)

I’m so grateful for Roman Mars and his crack team of passionate journalists for their in-depth reporting. It’s one of the podcasts I listen to the most.

So enjoyable!!!! Listen to them ALL! (5/5)

Probably my favorite podcast. Gives SO much party talk and teaches me so much. Roman has the most beautiful voice and his interviews and narration are interesting and artfully done. Probably my FAVORITE part is when he laughs. I find myself laughing along with him because his passion is so obvious. Roman Mars is legit my “famous person you’d like to have lunch with” person.

Perspective altering (5/5)

Great show 👍🏻👍🏻 always provides the much needed reminder that there is more going on around us than we consciously acknowledge and there’s a story behind every decision, we just have to know where to look

Met him at podcon 2 (5/5)

Roman Mars seems like a pretty cool guy.

Stop with the bait and switch (2/5)

The episodes are okay, if a little hit and miss. But I unsubscribed a year or so ago after the umpteenth time I'd cued up an episode while I was out on a run, only to find Roman had, with no warning, subbed in an episode of some other podcast he's pushing. I cooled off for a few months and then resubscribed, but then fairly recently it happened again, and now I'm done. Put your blasted episodes in your own feed, or clearly list borrowed episodes from other podcasts, and stop with the surprise insertion of what I didn't willingly download and do not want. Do this for the sake of your other listeners, because my second decision to unsubscribe is the permanent one. There's a lot of good podcasts out there, so I honestly don't have to put up with this.

I really enjoy this podcast (5/5)

I find myself thinking about the stories long after the show is done. I loved the recent mini story about the train station in Detroit and the clock being returned to the Ford Company.

Superb podcasts (5/5)

Roman Mars and his team create the most informative, the most engaging, and the most entertaining podcasts imaginable. All my thanks to you all.

This show has changed (1/5)

I used to really like this show and the narrator was great. Seems like they have ran out of material.

Awesome podcast (5/5)

Little things you didn't know about the world and great way to explore other PRX podcasts.

99% Perfect (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I’ve listened to every episode and I just love everything about them. Read the plaque!

Just Great! (5/5)

Just start listening, regardless of your level of interest in the topic being discussed and you’ll be entertained, enlightened and educated! Roman Mars is the best host I’ve ever heard!

Thoughtful, Creative, and Compassionate Reporting Through a Design Lens (5/5)

Do yourself a favor and subscribe! And then download a bunch of old episodes and start bingeing. You have so many wonderful listening hours ahead of you. Roman Mars brings interesting and thoughtful stories each episode and has the perfect radio voice to match.

Teddy's Root Beer (5/5)


Amazing, (5/5)

Wow is this like candy for the ears and mind. Fantastic show. A must have for your commute.

Quality general interest podcast (5/5)

Having listened to each episode, this is one of my favorite podcasts. This is like an audio version of a Harper’s or New Yorker article, and luckily I can partake due to the audio format.

Deepened the love for my favorite shirt (5/5)

Found myself listening to a few different episodes from them and was really happy with the story topics and delivery. Quirky enough topics that were relatable and fun to listen to, but delivered in a great story format. Was finally sold when listening to an episode about Aloha shirts and found out one of my favorite shirts was made by the same company in the podcast! Made Ms appreciate the shirt much more. Can't wait to keep listening.

My favorite (5/5)

When asked, “Favorite podcast”? I never fail to reply that, “99% Invisible is by far the best.” I even donated $10 towards more:-) Keep up the great work!

Thumbs up! (5/5)

I really like this show, but I’m coming to give it a 5 star rating because of Articles of Interest!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. The stories are amazing. The audio quality is the best. I memorize lines from the show. I listen to some episodes many times.

The audio quality is very annoying! (3/5)

The narrators’ voices are very loud and the guests voices are quiet. Fix it!

Roman Mars Voice is Radio Silk (5/5)

I’ve been a dedicated listener to 99PI for years and I am finally writing a well-deserved 5-star review. This show brings well-researched, fantastic storytelling. I listen to each new episode within hours of it coming out. If you’re looking to dip your toes into the podcast pond for the first time, this is a tried and true G.O.A.T of a show. If you’re already a dedicated podcaster that can barely keep up with everything in your library as is, I promise it’s worth incorporating into your audio rotation. I really appreciate that they feature small up-and-coming shows every once and a while - it’s through this spotlighting that I first started listening to Outside/In and An A and a Leg, two other must listen shows. Favorite episodes include: -Mooallempalooza - one of my favorite podcast episodes of all time - Raccoon Resistance - The Calendar - The Accidental Room - any Mini Stories episode Happy Listening!

Love the content but waaaaay too many ads (1/5)

The amount of ads make it difficult to listen too. The same ads repeating over and over


I love this podcast but it’s so hard to enjoy it without all the sponsorship messages. It really makes it a chore to be a new listener.

Fun listen I learn from (5/5)

Look forward to every new episode. Interesting stories told engagingly

Incredible (5/5)

Brilliant, enlightening, enthralling, and captivating. I love this show so much. Unfortunately, as a student, I don’t have the money to donate to this program but realized I hadn’t left a review to support it. Truly some of the best programming on at the moment.

Too many adds. (3/5)

Nearly 10 minutes of insufferable ads from for-Evil multinationals. Go away!

A+ (5/5)

Storytelling from an alternate viewpoint. Topics worth exploration, that don't require hype to spark interest. A great way to take a deep breathe.

Mostly great (4/5)

An excellent podcast, one I can almost always count to entertain me and teach me something new. They seem to be a little more hit and miss than before though-I felt like the earlier ones were a little more engaging. I do have one sticking point—what were thinking with the song for Articles of Interest??!! The one that starts with “There’s a portrait...” I’m sure there will be people who like it but to me it sounded like it would be a theme song song Lore or another horror-themed podcast, or maybe even a macabre true-crime podcast, not a lighthearted and informational show about clothes. It really took me out of the show and I muted it every time. Other than that, no other complaints and I hope this podcast continues.

PERFECT. (5/5)

Honestly, I could listen to Roman Mars say anything. And when he did the shipping news, that was so funny and amazingly perfect. He really does have the best voice in podcasting ever. He should do guided meditations. That would be just the BEST. Besides that, this show is so fascinating. I love learning all the things we don't even notice in the world. I can't wait for each new episode, and I have gone back and listened to all of them. I have learned so much about so many different topics. Thank you so much for this. <3

Cut the ads (4/5)

Your show is great, but there are way too many ads and credits at the end of each episode! You can write all of that stuff in the liner notes! Surely you can apply good design thinking to this distraction.

Great show/Obnoxious Greeting (4/5)

I really resent being called a nerd by the host for simply listening to his show.

Not for me (1/5)

The editing is not my preferred style. I didn’t like narrator talking over subjects. Voice not for me either. Listened to 30 minute raccoon compost bin episode. *Spoiler alert* The raccoons simply knock over the bins and then open them......... I think an interview w the Toronto Sun reporter would have been much more valuable and enjoyable as opposed to the, in my humble opinion, unnecessary editing. I feel like the editing takes away more than it adds. If the topic is interesting, people should listen. I don’t like hearing people talk before they are introduced either. for example, new voice: yada yada yada yada. narrator: *fake whispering* this is raccoon expert, crash bandicoot. voice continues...

I gave it a shot (2/5)

I don't like how he inserts his unnecessary judgments into the stories.

always a joy (5/5)

Always new and engaging, never a waste of time Strongly reccomend

Gross (1/5)

Just don't like. Would put more info, but feels like it would be a waste of effort. Get the same feeling when watching CNN. LOL

Opinion about 99% invisible (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard. Roman has the perfect way to address topics which could be trivial if they were told by another narrator. Each episode is interesting and fascinating. I follow this podcast continually.

Sampler platter of podcasts (5/5)

If you want a sexy voice to lull you into a state of nerdy relaxation look no further. I want him to be the voice of my audio book and narrate my funeral. But about the podcast, it is the most interesting, wide ranging, pandemic of knowledge in the audio world. It’s for people who truly just love to learn.

Makes you see the world through a creative lens (5/5)

Design is everywhere!

A closer look (5/5)

This piece of art podcast is one of my constants in my rotation. I use it in my writing class and the students love it. I love it because it takes a thing you’ve seen a million times and shows you a different way to think about it.

Another look into the world we don’t always see (5/5)

Roman has an obvious passion for architecture and design. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to learn amazing new things about culture, history and life in our world. Thank you for staying truly unbiased politically (from what I remember) in a network that often says they are but truly aren’t.

Totally engaging (5/5)

I love these podcasts. I listen to them at night when I cannot sleep and they are the right balance between really fascinating (keeps my mind from worrying) and delivered with a calming voice. Best best podcasts in my whole library.

An absolute keeper! (5/5)

Digging deeper in the history and whimsy of items we sometimes overlook this podcast has caused me to look more critically @things often take for granted. Please please carry-on with a new season!!

Mana for the Mind (5/5)

Great show topics fill this library of brain food. Seeing the unseen (or rarely seen) behind the curtains on life itself, Roman delivers delicious meals of knowledge. I can’t talk highly enough about this podcast. Worth the time to listen to every past episode while waiting for your new weekly dose.

My Go To (5/5)

The most reliably good and worthwhile podcast out there. Almost every episode is full of interesting information.

Highly recommend! (5/5)

Loved Avery’s recent series on Articles of Interest. I loved how much I could be surprised by the back stories of these daily pieces of clothing. Thank you!

Awesome (5/5)

I want to be Roman Mars.

One of my favorites (5/5)

I just finished reading all the one star reviews and I will say, if you have an aversion to any point of view different than your own, or you know everything you need to know, then please avoid this podcast. It's a deep dive into fascinating subject every episode. Roman Mars is a superstar.

A of I season 2! (5/5)

YES you must make a second season of articles of interest! Ideas: tube tops, platform shoes, kimonos, maternity clothes, aviator sunglasses, drug rugs, goucho pants. I love 99% invisible.

The audible side of design (5/5)

Roman Mars and Team make a thoroughly enjoyable podcast that keeps me listening to every minute of every episode. I can’t recommend 99PI enough to everyone. Give it a listen and hear for yourself.

Dope (5/5)

I love this podcast I’m writing a review for it and hopes that more people will find this podcast and love it as much as I do

Articles of Interest is A+++++ (5/5)

Seriously can't get enough of Avery Trufelman. Every episode she is in, I know will be gold. She deserves her own podcast. Maybe she doesn't want it. But if she does.... 99% invisible in general is also gold. The content is so unique and I never see or hear it repeated from any other news or podcast source. Love y'all.

Love show, latest series “meh” (4/5)

Love the podcast, not digging Articles of Interest. Avery has an amazing voice that’s bordering on yelling for this particular segment. Humbly suggest that you go back to your sultry, smoky voice - it’s a gift!

Bindge Worthy (5/5)

I've been listening to 99% Invisible for 2 years and I'm still hooked. I've listened to every episode twice and I could very easliy start on the third round. I'm drawn to the content because I'm a graphic designer but I recommend this to anyone because it's simply great story telling.

Amazing tidbits of knowledge (5/5)

Every single time I end up thinking “Who knew‽” (see what I did there? You would if you listened to the wonderful, free, podcast!)

Great podcast (5/5)

I vote you do a season 2 of Articles of Interest

Great show (5/5)

Love the episodes

Open your eyes (5/5)

You will never see the world in quite the same way again. Roman Mars has opened my eyes to the way design touches, or should touch, nearly every aspect of life.

more Articles of Interest!! (5/5)

Please make a second season of Articles of Interest! Not that I’m ever disappointed by a regular 99pi episode — they are still as fascinating and enlightening as ever. But the Articles of Interest episodes have been some of my favorites, especially the last episode on punk style. I’d love to hear more, especially ones about different styles of fashion!

Articles of Interest (5/5)

Thank you so much for this special addition! I wish there was a whole podcast dedicated to this subject. Fantastic work! Listened to all the episodes in one sitting. Plan on listening again.

Articles of interest (5/5)

I really enjoyed articles of interest but particularly the one about pockets. Enjoyed one in plaid also. What I’d like to see is a second run of episodes one of them being an episode on buttons. Looking forward to it keep up the good work guys.

Great variety, hate the vocal fry (4/5)

I love the variety on this podcast. Roman Mars is wry and smart. Generally the quality is superb; however, the vocal fry voice from one of the people being interviewed in the Plaid episode is offensive and painful to hear.

More stories about architecture (5/5)

Roman, you are an amaizing writer. Please pen more stories themed with architecture. Lay off on perifreal stuff like pockets and buttons, stick to structural integrity throughout the ages... Stay cool, monetize later.

Articles of interest!! (5/5)

So freaking good. I need mooooore. Haven’t heard anything quite like it. Specific deep dives, each episode covers a lot of ground. Continually impressed.

I Guess its a Fashion Show Now (4/5)

This used to be a great podcast about design and architecture. Now it’s about clothing. It’s not a bad show at all and I guess they are trying something nee out, but, still, it feels a little like that time U2 put an album i didn’t ask for on my phone.

Punk episode (5/5)

A must for anyone! Once again some of the best produced and written podcasts around.

Intrigued by Articles of Interest (5/5)

I recently discovered this podcast and have only listened to the Articles of Interest series so far. I want more! The episode on pockets was especially informative and enraging to me, as a woman who often wishes my clothing had more, or at least functional, pockets. Keep them coming, this series is excellent.

faah (5/5)

the fashion eps are sooo interesting!

More Articles of Interest (5/5)

There’s nothing really to say besides this is the best podcast out there and I’d really like it if Roman green lit more spin offs including but not limited to Avery Trufelman’s Articles of Interest. K thanks bye!

Roman (5/5)

Love you, Roman Mars!!!

Yes to the miniseries! (5/5)

Really really enjoying the new series on clothing, this could be its own spin off show for sure. Great job!

Articles of Interest (5/5)

I just found this podcast and I ADORE Articles of Interest. I have not listened to the rest, but I hope it’s as good. Please please more Articles of Interest!!

Articles of clothing (5/5)

This series within the series is the most interesting thing I’ve heard on podcasts since MFM. The first episode about computers and looms is so visually inspiring. I especially love the link at the end of the episode to the beginning of the next!!! LOVE IT!!

Articles of Interest (5/5)

Articles of interest, the current miniseries that's on, is simply sublime, because fashion and all the small design decisions and details that make up a broader, more important conception of "how we look" and "how we decide to present ourselves" and the intersection of how fashion makes us feel and how we think we present ourselves to others. It's the best thing on (internet)radio right now!

The Gold Standard (5/5)

Consistently fascinating, mind-bending, informative, clever, sound-rich, highly produced, historical, whimsical audio gold.

Please find your way again (2/5)

This was once my favorite podcast, Romans soothing voice along with some amazingly interested stories made for some very entertaining episodes. But lately Roman seems more interested in getting the word out for others podcasts than creating original episodes of his own. I don’t care about what random objects think and would talk about if they could and I certainly don’t care about different types of clothes. The random episode every few weeks was fine, I get it, you’re trying to spread the word for your friends. But the podcast is starting to suffer, and I’m afraid I’m going to unsubscribe if you don’t find your way back to making great podcasts about design problems and other interesting topics. Stop trying to be such a nice guy, Roman, and just get back to doing what you do best.

Maybe the best podcast ever? (5/5)

This podcast is so fabulous. And I so love the Articles of Interest series. A historical and meaningful eye is so needed in fashion, I am really hoping this series continues!! I think it would be great if Avery Trufelman could do a fashion month analysis. Critical work. <3

more Articles of Interest (5/5)

99PI is great and all, but we need Articles of Interest as a separate spin-off show!

The finest show of its kind, now with even more creative energy! (5/5)

I've loved 99% Invisible ever since the days when Roman Mars was the sole host and producer. Thanks to their gripping storytelling about design and the built world, they've grown by leaps and bounds, and they now have a studio full of incredibly talented producers. They're all good enough to have their own shows -- and now one of them does! Avery Trufelman's "Articles of Interest" miniseries is clearly in the same lineage as 99pi but brings Avery's unique voice and vision. I hope she gets to keep making it, and that others at 99pi get the same chance.

The turning point for podcasts (5/5)

This is show is not only well done, it was the podcast that saved the entire podcasting reason. Roman Mars deserves credit for leading the revival of what was nearly a defunct medium and helping turn it into a cultural institution. Please keep showing us how to see the invisible all around us.

99pi has brought my young family together (5/5)

My 6-year old son and 2 older daughters all love listening to these amazing pieces on long car drives during summer break. They ask for 99pi by name almost every time. They've really changed the way they look at the world around them and have thought more deeply about the people and processes behind the constructed reality we all share. And I finally decided to write a review based on the great discussion that we had with our daughters after the Articles of Interest episode around POCKETS. It was amazing and we would love to continue hearing more about the bizarre and fascinating world of clothing! (also they were really mad about the whole "kids clothes can't have owls" thing from episode 1) Keep rocking, folks!

Voices (4/5)

I love 99PI! The episodes are fascinating, and I always want to learn more about whatever topic they cover. However, I find producer Joe Rosenberg's voice highly distracting. He isn't in a lot of the episodes, but when he does pop up I find it takes away from the story. Apologies to Joe, but I'm sure I'm not the first to mention he sounds like he just inhaled some helium. He's got a voice for photographs.

So good (5/5)

Very informative! My family hates it and me because I’m always talking about it so they’d probably rate it less than five stars, but I love it.

Thank you Avery! (5/5)

Thank you for finally talking about clothes in a way that makes sense and gets to the bottom of the questions that run through my mind everyday! Plz do a show about suit styles, the development of sandals in the United States, and Hmong embroidery!

Dear Roman... (5/5)

More Articles of Interest please. And to anyone who might read this before doing so... Go! Listen! Subscribe! 99pi will legit change your life.

The definition of what a podcast is and should be. (5/5)

The archetypical story-based podcast. It's what Kind of Blue is to classic jazz and what Donuts is to instrumental hip-hop beat records. Creative, interesting story telling regardless of topic, with an appreciation for sound design. A must listen.

Clever (5/5)

This podcast never ceases to amaze and inspire me!

Roman is a genius (5/5)

He has the ideas, creativity, emotional intelligence, humor, and voice to sustain this podcast forever. He’s the best

The gold standard for those that are alway curious (5/5)

Noise, shipping forecasts, hostile design, you name it. 99% has something new to leak your interest every time. Production quality: A+ (par for the course at Radiotopia) Average length: Perfect (we need more podcasts that don’t ramble on for 45 minutes) Annoying guest stars: nonexistent (interviews are great, however. Thanks for being the voice in our heads, Roman)

Always good (5/5)

They never make a bad show. Even episodes that I categorically SHOULD NOT like always make me smile. I don’t really understand his fascination with collector coins, but that’s ok! I don’t have to!

Pure happiness (5/5)

I aspire to be like these beautiful radio angels! I have learned so much about so many topics. Thank you guys for all of the work you put into this podcast! I love it with my whole heart. :-)

Used to love it hope to again (5/5)

Great great podcast until the last couple that are about clothes I hope these writers and narrators don’t hang around sorry but I can’t help but to stop listening if they continue. Hope it returns to what it was Glomark.

Reliably Brilliant (5/5)

I stumbled upon 99pi years ago, i don’t now remember how, but it quickly supplanted This American Life and Radio Lab as my favorite podcast. The stories are always fascinating and masterfully presented. Though ostensibly about design, they use it as a lens/umbrella to investigate a vast array of topics, from the urban macrocosm to the personal microcosm (the latest miniseries on clothing is particularly wonderful). I couldn’t recommend this crew’s work more highly!

pockets? fashion? really interesting (5/5)

This show keeps hitting subjects which i know I have nio interest in...and presents these in such a away that it IS interesting. Well Done!

Articles of Interest is Incredible (5/5)

Love Avery Trufelman's series and would listen to any story she wants to do on fashion

Huge fan but Articles of Interest... (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of the podcast for a couple years now, so this review is pretty overdue. (sorry!) 99% invisible is such a fun and thoughtful podcast. I love the hosts and somehow they don’t seem to interview anyone less that 80% charming and charismatic. Or, at least, have very good editors that can make them seem that way. Every episode provides some great facts and conversation starters for your next party or date, but most of them really do make you think of the world a little bit differently. We really do take so much of the design we see everyday for granted, and it’s so cool to me that 99 PI is there picking it apart. Recently they started the new series “Articles of Interest” and it got me REALLY excited. I work at a company that makes everything in San Francisco and tries to be as ethical as possible, and I’m usually shopping in the plus size section. So I think about clothes ALL THE TIME. I feel like most media surrounding clothes focuses too much of the “fashion” of it all and comes across as superficial, but Articles of Interest really does focus on the design, function and history of something we do take for granted. Would love to see a full series of Aritcles of Interest, keep up the great work!

Fascinating stories on all sorts of topics (5/5)

Beautifully produced, this podcast is an essential for me.

Articles of Interest (5/5)

Anything by Avery!

Articles of Interest (5/5)

I've been listening to 99pi for years now. Some episodes are great, some episodes are like, eh. But for the most part: really great. This Articles of Interest series, though, is quite good! I've thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Entertaining, informative, etc. Give Avery her own show.

An all-time great trying cool new things (5/5)

I've been listening to 99PI for years - it's always an instant stream when a new one pops up; it inspired me to make a scripted podcast on icons of my own; I love tracking the different producers through their stories and meeting new ones. Speaking of which: Mr. Avery Trufelman's boss, I would love to see(hear) more Articles of Interest and more well-produced spin-offs about focused topics from your great team of producers. It's been so fun to have my 99PI feed transformed into something familiar but also radically different for a bit.

Don’t miss the episode on pockets! (5/5)

Social implications of fashion - Fascinating.

my favorite podcast (5/5)

I’ve learned so much about the world from listening to this. The 99pi team is so curious and interested in everything, and it’s a joy to listen to them. The writing and sound design is excellent, and all of the producers do great work. Thanks for making my commutes 1000% better!

Design! (5/5)

Didn’t even know I was obsessed with design until this show gave me the vocab for it!

One Time (5/5)

There was this one time, back about 5 years ago, when I saw a rock in the dirt as I walked on the outskirts of Chicago. I lifted the rock and found an entire river of glorious, glorious knowledge presented in exactly the riveting way my mind seemed to be tuned for. This rock, of course was 99% Invisible. After discovering many great podcasts since, 99PI is still an absolute must-listen each time I get a notification of a new episode. From Roman’s soothing, let me tell you everything is made of butter, voice to all the brilliant producers with somehow reporting genius AND storytelling prowess, you will see all the nooks and crannies of the world around you with more brilliance and focus than you can imagine. You’ve mentioned to people in the past about some thing or another than blew your mind. Here’s your next great discovery. I envy your fresh, soon to be blown mind.

This one (5/5)

Everyone has their favorites, they see their new episodes update, and there is one that's the go-to that has to be listened to right away. This is mine. I am not a designer, I have never thought about design, but Roman sucked me into it and I enjoy every one.

My first.... (5/5)

This was the FIRST podcast where I accidentally stumbled upon a show, fell in LOVE, and ended up listening to the entire backlog of episodes. I RAVE about Roman’s insights on a regular basis and likely don’t go a single day without saying “so I was listening to this podcast and...”. Give it a listen, you’ll learn something - something really interesting!

Behind the Scenes (5/5)

As a student of architecture, I found this in a top “10 of architecture podcast” list and haven’t looked back. Roman and Team keep You interested on anything they discover. I look forward to see 99PI popping up on my inbox every week. 99/10 would recommend.

Nerds need apply (5/5)

I never miss an episode. This podcast helps you think about life. It rules. Listen. Or else.

Keep Articles of Interest Going (5/5)

Hi - I like 99PI on its own and have learned so much from this podcast about how to think differently. AND... there is no way that all of the fasion topics that could / should be covered are going to make it into six episodes. So - Please, keep the program going. Thank you !

Tremendous (5/5)

I want to buy calendars that start and end on Wednesday mornings when I listen to every new 99pi as soon as they come out!

Design is all around you (5/5)

The title of this podcast explains it all. Most design and especially good design is practically invisible. It segues into our life landscape that we barely notice it. But noticing it is half the fun. And once you hear the 99pi staff talk about design origins, explanations, and decisions, you’ll never look at the world the same again.

Fantastic and varied content (5/5)

My only criticism is that 99pi was the first podcast I subscribed to and set a really high bar for other podcasts out there. The audio quality and episode length are perfect. Topics have included architecture, money, food, the military, baseball uniforms, flags... right now is a series about clothing (Oct ‘18).

The Best (5/5)

This show will constantly help you to pay attention to the little details everywhere. Always read the plaque!

Roman Mars has the best voice in Pocasting (5/5)

Love the content too. Start with the Norman Door

There couldn’t be a better show (5/5)

Wonderfully produced, great stories and the best voice there is for a podcast.

One of the Best and Most Soothing (5/5)

One of the best podcasts around. Constistanty excellent stories and a hosted by the man with the most soothing voice ever.

Entertains AND Educates (5/5)

This was one of the first podcasts that I got REALLY into. Roman has an epic voice and the topics range from, “Oh, that’s interesting””WTH?! I have look up everything about this NOW!”. So, while an episode may be short, you may find yourself spending far longer digging up photos of Colma, CA or a phone booth in the desert. It has honestly given me endless hours of enjoyment.

Expertly crafted podcast, an aural trip (5/5)

Roman Mars’ enthusiasm and deep appreciation for design is apparent in every episode. Each show is a deep-dive into the seemingly random-yet-related topics as they pertain to the concepts of design, with a nod to the radio nerd, filling each show with excellent storytelling and a cool vibe.

The podcast of all podcasts (5/5)

99PI is advertised as a show about design. Really, it’s about exploring the world around us in a new way - by taking a closer look at things that we use or see every day. 99PI has challenged the way I look at the objects and people around me...and made me an excellent dinner party guest.

Thank you! (5/5)

3 years ago after being diagnosed with MS, at home and not able to read, 99pi and Roman Mars saved me. I listened to every episode and was hooked. I am so thankful for his soothing voice and fascinating stories!

99% AMAZEBALLS (5/5)

This is one of my fave podcasts - informative, thoughtful, funny. 13/10 would recommend to any human.

Best podcast out there (5/5)

Honestly, this podcast is a hidden gem. Just like it’s subject matter. Roman Mars is so interesting and every episode is enthralling. It makes me think about things I’ve never even considered (kind of the point) and it provides information and new perspectives on subjects and issues I thought I understood. I look forward to every episode. Insider tip: subscribe to the newsletter too. You won’t regret it.

Great work! (5/5)

Love to discover new interesting things thru your really fun and informative show!! Keep up the hard work ❤️

Amazing Listen! (5/5)

Never disappointed! Every episode digs deep and is full of amazing factoids. Each episode takes the listener on an engrossing journey with very interesting twists and turns.

Great show (5/5)

This thoughtful, well-produced show on interesting topics of design history is one of the best. I previously posted an unfairly critical review, thinking an effect was being applied to the host’s voice. I am very sorry.

Worth the listen (5/5)

This podcast makes you see everything around you in a new way! Very interesting.

Love this podcast!! (5/5)

I adore this podcast and have been listening avidly for about two years. However, (sorry in advance) please no more stories narrated by Joe Rosenberg. Nothing personal but his voice is awful. In the future, I’ll be skipping any episodes he narrates. Roman and Delaney have such wonderful, soothing and most importantly interesting voices; Joe’s is just such a starting contrast. I can’t even concentrate on what he’s saying. Nothing personal Joe, but please please no more.

Always learn something (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a couple years and feel like I always pick up a new cool fact from 99pi.

One of my favorites (5/5)

This podcast is one of my favorites. Great storytelling, high quality production, and quality information. The podcast has caused me to consider the design of many, many things. I highly recommend the St. Louis episode about the bricks. Keep the episodes coming!

One of my favorites (5/5)

Learn something new and interesting with every episode. High production quality.

Unique Take on Design (5/5)

Design in the world around us. Fascinating stories on subjects I (mostly) had never thought much about, or even heard of.

Seen and Unseen (5/5)

That’s the fascinating theme behind most episodes: what we see of the world around us is only—ahem—1% of the actual world. What we cannot see is powerful and extraordinary, and I love having my eyes opened to the 99% I’m trained to ignore.

Makes Me Excited to Learn Things (5/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast for about 5 years now and haven’t missed an episode. Every episode is so creative and gives insight on topics that most people would overlook. This show has inspired me to become a designer and to think about the small things that impact people’s lives on a daily basis.

99% Ads (2/5)

The show needs to be renamed 99% ads. 99PI used to be my favorite podcast but now the ads are out of control. Some are over 2 minuets long before the podcast even starts, and then you get the same thing at the end. I swear the ads are longer than the podcast itself. I understand you need them to make money but this is ridiculous.

The best podcast show (5/5)

99% Invisible in Podcasts is like iPhone in smartphones, SpaceX in rockets, Google in search, Nike in shoes or Rolex in watches. The sound quality, research quality, the episode lengths, absence of ads, everything is amazing

Bored (2/5)

I’m so bored by this podcast. I feel in love with it because it addressed architecture and the truly “invisible” world in which we live. But now? A whole episode about straws? Really? BORING. We get it. Do better and know your educated audience. Engage in a new, ground-breaking prospective. This podcast is monotonous. We all know our Starbucks and McDonalds straws are evidently enemy #1. If you are going to educate the public about something; make it more meaningful and interesting than what we can get mainstream media.

Hooked (5/5)

Tuned into this from a co workers recommendation - not disappointed! If your on of those people that likes he story behind the story this is for you.

A Must Listen (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. The host Roman has a wonderful voice, and weaves stories that focus on design and their impacts on people and our world. It is compelling, and I find myself learning about things I never would have thought I would want to know about.

Top Notch! (5/5)

Everything about this podcast is top notch! The concepts, ideas, storytelling and production are all excellent. Always worth a listen.

Very informative for the whole family (5/5)

I love the information this podcast provides about the “invisible” things around us. I also like that it’s “clean,” and my entire family can enjoy it. My kids will ask me to put it on in the car.

Always eye opening (5/5)

Roman could read me the weather & I'd find in intriguing! But at the end of the day, with an architect father, this is the best audio-ly visually podcast on the inter-webs

Lame. So lame. Really really lame. (1/5)

Of all advertising you choose 99design? The site that turns all designers work and talent into a low level service. You’re a clown dude.

Hesitation. (5/5)

I gave the show a 5 star review, because I genuinely feel like this is one of the greatest podcasts available. However, lately it’s been incredibly stagnant. It seems all of the recent shows have been features of another podcast, or rehashed versions of the shows previous episodes. I understand Mr. Mars is busy and has other projects that consume his time, and the show is suffering because of it. I hope this period of dullness subsided and the show returns to the quality podcast I know it is capable of displaying.

Great show about the hidden world around you (4/5)

I love this show, but despise the host

Entertaining and educational (5/5)

I found 99PI about two years ago. I binged all of the old episodes in about two weeks. Now I can’t wait for the weekly episodes to come out. Keep up the good work!

Charlotte (5/5)

When you need something interesting, informative and soothing.

Always interesting (5/5)

Covers a great diversity of subjects you never knew you wanted to know about. Lots of interesting details and so far I haven’t gotten tired of listening.

Love the show (5/5)

Every episode is an adventure into the imagination of the human reality. It is a great show. Thank you from the beautiful Northwest, Portland - Oregon

You'll never think about design the same way again! (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts being produced. It will certainly make you consider the every day things you walk past and wonder what you can do to innovate in your own life.

Opens my eyes (5/5)

I've listened to 99% Invisible for over 4 years now. Its exploration of things (buildings, city layout, elevators and so many others) informs my view of the worlds inside our world. It makes me more aware of how design impacts our lives in just so many ways. Well worth listening to.

I love this podcast! (5/5)

I fell in love with this podcast as soon as I started listening. It’s opened my eyes to all the different design considerations architects and designers have to make! The city flag episode even inspired me to write my city councilman about our city flag!

Worth subscribing to indefinitely (5/5)

I’ve been a long-time 99 PI listener and every episode I can’t help but contain my delight for the thoughtful content and engaging narrative. I learn something new every episode, and I can’t often wait to share what I’ve learned with everyone around me. Kudos to you, Roman Mars and the gang. You are a lighthouse in the raging storm of political haywire.

Smart and interesting (5/5)

Love it.

Becoming unlistenable (1/5)

I thought the preview of Everything Is Alive was the worst, but RM’s smug, fatuous “Shipping Forecast” at the end of this episode made my stomach turn.

Great (5/5)

Roman thank you for reading the shipping forecast at the end of the episode!

Party Podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast because it is intensely interesting, at times (especially lately) very funny, and because talking about things I learn while listening makes me more sociable at my job, a better family member at sit-down meals, and, most importantly, the most interesting guy at the party! Thanks, Roman & CREW! Keep up the awesome work!

Stick to the design (5/5)

Long time listener and love love the podcast. And as a designer, I was so irritated that I finally felt obligated to leave feedback. In the grand scheme of things I would say I AM on the quirky and tech side of the spectrum - and even I can’t behind this passing of the torch to new podcasts. Both of which I couldn’t listen to more of 10 minutes of. I complete understand that we need to support people starting out and ... know your audience. 99PI is amazing, admirable at storytelling... so listening to some guy talk to a chair (fiction/comedy/??) and novice techies try to unfurl Silicon Valley is neither good storytelling nor design of life related. Bring back the real 99PI and let these podcast sink or swim on their own.

The perfect podcast (5/5)

The format, the host, the topics, the length. All the ingredients that make podcasting great.

Always Read the Plaque (5/5)

Roman Mars, your mellifluous voice reveals the incredible complexity within the objects and phenomena surrounding me every day. Your episodes are essential to my deeper understanding of the built world. Long may you record, beautiful nerd! Ps, all time fave: octothorpe episode...

Always UPbeat (5/5)

High entertainment and always delightfully informative. Plus, Roman's support of other podcasters has created the cutting edge of listening for us.

Now I actually pay attention! (5/5)

This podcast encouraged me to observe the world I live in, rather than pass through it while wearing subconscious blinders. Roman Mars delivers comprehensive snapshots of design and the intention behind it in a way that educates you while making you feel like you are part of the conversation. The length is great- perfect for a quick palate cleanser between exhausting but necessary news/politics podcasts (I like What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law - yet another great show hosted by Roman Mars).

Everything is. Alive (1/5)

I quit listening to the guests other podcast because it seems that no one can be interviewed any more without the use of the filler word LIKE. This is so distracting. I will not waste my time.

Where is 99PI? (2/5)

The last three episodes have been for other podcasts? And where are the episodes about design?

Post narco urbanism has lit a flame (5/5)

I now love city planning and want to go to medellin.

Thanks (5/5)

Fantastic show!

Gobbets of good info (5/5)

Very enjoyable bits of information to fill in the gaps between Radiolab and This American Life.

What the... (3/5)

I love this podcast, bey informative and great story telling. That said every time I play this podcast in my car (Nissan) via Bluetooth it forces a reset of my entertainment system. Can not duplicate error with any other podcast, just this one, and it literally happens with every episode. Any ideas why this might be?

Educational and entertaining (5/5)

Enjoy this podcast and while heavy topics, the stories are told in a way that makes it easy to digest and understand. Definitely plan on continuing being a subscriber and listening to more.

Hilarious, amazing, thought provoking (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast. It helps you understand and notice things in society. If you like podcasts you need to listen to this.

Bleh (1/5)

Just another podcast with boring hosts using words far beyond their reach.

Excellent content but hard to hear (4/5)

An amazing podcast. Top of what you can find for sure. It can be hard to hear the host due to the timbre of his voice.

Clapping hands (5/5)

Beautiful work with Vox on your newest video. It was breathtaking and so refreshing to finally see your ideas and the intoxicating way your mind networks an idea together. Please make more. Said with love from Portland.

Good show, I just got bored of it (3/5)

Turns out, there’s not *really* an endless variety of design.

Awesome show! (5/5)

This show satisfies the design/engineer side of me immensely. One of my Must Listen podcasts

Wonderful short-form podcast (5/5)

Like so many others, Roman Mars first caught my attention thanks to his voice—instantly appealing and held my attention. But if he didn’t consistently bring the substance, too, that would not keep me returning for more. I wasn’t an early listener, but I love his episodes so much, it’s a huge pleasure to go back and catch up with his entire library. Keep up the great work!

Most interesting pod in the world (5/5)

Roman Mars has the voice of a God. Super interesting and heartfelt reporting.

The design podcast that all others should emulate (5/5)

Roman Mars voice is so soothing and buttery it almost doesn't matter the subject but each episode brings more and more interesting design inspired investigations. Without fail, I listen to every episode. I have been a contributor since the first Kickstater and will continue to support them as long as they keep putting out the best podcast content on the internet. Great work Roman and congrats to the total success of Radiotopia.

One of the All-Time Greats (5/5)

99% Invisible deserves a place in the podcast hall of fame. This show is consistently well-produced, insightful, and entertaining. The host, Roman Mars, is relatable and passionate about the subject matter. Each episode covers a different topic related to design or architecture, but there is an amazing variety of subjects discussed over the massive catalog that has been built.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

The stories are very entertaining and informative. The host make me laugh and I would love to have a drink with him. He has a voice that is soothing and an intelligent commentary and wit. Cheers!

DESIGN! Yeah! (5/5)

May be my favorite podcast. Covers the gamut. Never disappoints often astonishes.

Great storytelling and Informative (4/5)

The only reason I won’t give this 5 stars is because they fell in love with Roman Mars’ voice in the early episodes but it seems like he’s trying too hard to make his voice boomy and low. And nothing against the other narrators but I quickly lose interest in the episodes when it’s not Roman telling the story. I’d love stories like the buttons not buttons episode or Tunnel 57 those are an absolute delight to listen to.

Super interesting but heavy on ads (4/5)

Roman Mars is a bit of a taste maker. The shows music is kinda annoying but if you don’t mind an over produced background, you’ll love the content most episodes.

Border Wall Episode (1/5)

Disappointing, but predictable given your headquarter location. A one sided hit piece. Too bad you don’t have the courage to allow contrary perspectives.

Top 5 (5/5)

Amidst a sea a really good podcasts, 99PI is among those that captures the perfect combination of research & production. Great listening!

I listen to this podcast before everything else. (5/5)

Seriously. I have a podcatcher which allows me to decide in what order I want to listen to things in, usually oldest to newest. However, I suspend those rules of normal living in order to catch the most recent 99PI podcasts when they come out. Thanks for making such an incredible thing for me to listen to and benefit from.

Best thing from Nerk, Ahia (5/5)

Everyone in Columbus, OH knows 99PI is the best thing to come from Nerk, Ahia! RIP the longaberger basket building

Simply brilliant (5/5)

My first podcast and still a favorite. Roman Mars and his team make design compellingly interesting in ways you would not imagine. The flagship of the Radiotopia collective of podcasts, 99 Percent Invisible sets a high bar for podcast quality.

Never take life's nuances for granted (5/5)

You will see the world around you with a new appreciation rather than the same ol same ol

99% Fantastic (5/5)

OK, let’s make that 100%. 99% Invisible is the kind a podcast that makes one’s brain light up. The story topics seem as though they might be based upon something , at a glance, quite mundane. But within the first minute they become large and luminous under the insightful direction of Rowan Mars. Each week we are given a story that has so many intricate pieces and somehow ( almost magically)by the end of the podcast we have fully rendered portrait. Never dull. Always charming, fascinating, interesting and illuminating. Thank you, Rowan. Stay visible.

Always interesting (5/5)

The curb cut history lesson was just fantastic, I just loved it. Thanks so much for showing how the way we design the world effects how we can live in it and who gets around. 🙏

You have to listen to this one (5/5)

This is among my three favorite podcasts...and I listen to way too many podcasts. Perfect blend of design, journalism, architecture, and culture/society all narrated by the dulcet tones of Roman Mars.

I would double the stars (5/5)

The design of the podcast pleases the mind with its revelation of what’s all around that you don’t see. Oh man I can’t tell you enough about how this show will alter your perceptions of the world we are in. Wakes up your senses and curiosity. BEAUTIFUL SHOW!

Curb cuts (5/5)

I am a post polio and listened to this podcast with great interest. Ed Roberts is my hero.

Episode 265: best so far (5/5)

Will be hard to beat! Epic.

Great sound design, disappointing echo chamber (3/5)

Like many of his peers, Mars equates liberalism with intellectualism and so cannot resist inserting his smug political snarkiness into a design podcast where it is entirely unnecessary. He thinks that this will make him sound smart, but such overconfidence from with in a bubble is distinctly anti-intellectual.

A Must Listen (5/5)

99% Invisible is by far the best podcast out there. It sets the bar for production value and content. This is the example of quality podcasting. I cannot say enough positive things about this podcast.

Fabulous! (5/5)

If you’ve ever enjoyed NPR’s This American Life, you’ll love this show. Taking up a random theme, it’s educational in nature, but also has the capacity to touch you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be glad you listened!

99% Fantastic! (5/5)

My favorite non-fiction podcast! Episodes are incredibly interesting and very well made. I now bamboozle my friends with random asides on topics ranging from fish canons to airport carpet to secret staircases and more.

99% invisible (5/5)

entertaining deep dives into less looked at topics

Knowing things about things (5/5)

I love podcasts like this American Life and Radio Lab, but sometimes the story topics get a little heavy when you listen as much as I do. I love 99% invisible because they’re amazing stories about things that you normally would not think of. Fascinating, knowledgeable, and fresh. Love love love

Great (5/5)

Can’t wait for each episode.

Very Interesting (5/5)

This is the podcast that started me listening to podcasts. A friend suggested it and I binged for months. So episodes are better than others but the team puts in the work. I appreciate the level of research that goes into the episodes. The topics run the spectrum so it’s always new and interesting.

Gold Standard (5/5)

Interesting, unique stories. High production values. The gold standard.

Amazing (5/5)

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts, but none have the combination of great writing, excellent narration, interesting content, incredible storytelling, and beautiful sound design that 99pi has. If you haven’t listened to 99pi, you haven’t heard a truly great podcast.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Incredible :)

Every Episode is a Surprise (5/5)

This podcast is great. Short episodes but so interesting. I’m so burned out on “news” and instead love listening to these well researched stories. The topics give me pause but then every one of them has been worth listening to. High quality production. Highly recommend.

The best of Podcasts (5/5)

This show took something I never though I'd be into, design, and turned it into a show I get excited to see every time I get an update in my feed. One of the best podcasts period.

Quality Podcast year after year (5/5)

Simply one of the best out there and has been for quite some time.

Beautiful, stimulating, educational, fun (5/5)

I have tried to figure out what is so addictive about this podcast. There is Roman Mars' voice, and he was clearly born to podcast; then the topics, often seeming obscure at first and quickly becoming fascinating, just what you always wanted to know without realizing it; then the overall production, music, other audio, that is so good that it becomes invisible, only amplifying the content. The easy explanations that bring you along into complexity without feeling too complicated. Like a fabulous hiking leader who takes you places you didn't know you would be able to travel, to beauty you didn't know you would love to experience.

This podcast got me into podcasts (5/5)

Without fail, I say "Whaaat? No way!" at some point during each episode. It's fun, educational and, IMO, the definition of what a podcast should be.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I love this podcast!! I’m constantly sharing episodes with my friends and family. For a design podcast, it’s very accessible and engaging. And frankly, Roman Mars has one of the best voices in podcast/radio. Thank you for existing, 99% Invisible!!!

Simply fantastic (5/5)

If you like design, politics, people, and thoughtful work, then 99PI is for you. Also, Roman Mars' voice is smooth like aural butter.

Always loved it (5/5)

99 PI was one of my first podcasts ever. You guys never disappoint. 😍😍

For superficial people who like cool names (1/5)

Oh wow man, what a cool name, you must be like soooo creative and deep. If you are so hip why the heck are you such a blatant hawker for money? When did that become so cool? The sanctimony is dripping from this BS podcast. NPR roots are obvious. Cant you guys get it? This is not your world. You are the old world. Step aside and go away please.

Noise (2/5)

Little sound, all I can hear in the added noise - to bad because speaker has good voice and interesting things to say.

Always Interesting (5/5)

This podcast always teaches me something new.

Great stories (5/5)

I recommend this podcast

Short Sharp Shock (5/5)

Love the form, the style and the broad focus

Oakland (5/5)

I want Roman to narrate my life as it happens.

Amuse Bouche for the Mind (5/5)

Served as a series of bite sized morsels by the host and cuisinier de content Roman Mars (with a voice as smooth as velvelt chocolate), each episode awakens the intellectual palate and whet's the appetite for information. It covers topics that most people don't even know exist (hence the name), but which have the potential to affect us all at least in some way, shape, or form. And all done to the accompaniment of a haunting, protean score that is easily mistaken for ambient sound in many cases. A most savory surprise among the vast spread of podcast fare we have before us.

The best (5/5)

A podcast that strikes at the heart of what it means to be a thinking, loving, beautiful nerd.

Awesome! (5/5)

Roman Mars is the epitome of everything good about podcasters/podcasting. The research is thorough and every piece produced by him and 99pi team is simply amazing.

Taste 101 (5/5)

Listening to this show doesn’t give you great taste, however it will give you the tools to develop your own taste for a variety of designs. Keep it up, Roman.

Wonderful! (5/5)

99% Invisible is a great experience. You must listen to these two episodes: Structural Integrity and Devil’s Rope.

Always interesting (5/5)

And often intriguing. The episodes cover surprising aspects of topics. Really enjoy it.

Thought Provoking and Fun (5/5)

I've started from the first episode and love listening to this podcast. Design is everywhere and it's really cool to see how people use it to enhance our lives! Keep up the great work!

Great voice, great topics (5/5)

I seriously love your podcast. Keep it coming!

My new religion (5/5)

I don’t know if it’s the superb editing, the amazing stories, new insights and knowledge I obtain from every episode, or the angelic voice that is Roman Mars, but this is one of my all time favorite podcasts. Whenever friends ask what new shows they should to subscribe to, I always start my list with 99 PI. Highly recommend it, and if you love it as much as I do - become a sponsor too! I’ll always love the podcast produced on Radio Row in beautiful, downtown, Oakland, California.

Pleasant surprise (5/5)

I had no idea how much I'd love this guy and his show but I've never been disappointed. 2/18 He, his show & company keep getting better. The early ones sound like intros for episodes so he could do them more fleshed out.

Educational, Informative, Exciting (5/5)

99% invisible does what so many clubs aim to do. It makes you feel part of an exclusive club, learning secrets of everyday things and appreciating the beauty and ingenuity of design. The stories are engaging, intimate, and entertaining to the point that you begin to think they are being curated just for you.

Very well read, but more than a little boring (2/5)

I listen to a ton of different podcasts, and this one is chock full of information, but it’s a pretty deep dive on most occasions. I can’t stay focused on it because the voices are too monotone, lacking any excitement. I can tell that there’s a lot of work put in to this, but unless you’re in a quiet padded room, I don’t see how this show could keep anyone’s attention

A Layperson's Guide to Design (5/5)

A fun and engaging look at something all of us deal with but many don't think about. You'll look at your world totally differently after listening to this, even if you're not in the least bit artsy.

Who knows... (5/5)

Who knows what Roman will be talking about next week. He can make anything interesting. I get interested in topics I knew nothing about.

Excellent podcast (5/5)

Consistently interesting topics that make me look at the world in a different way every week. Intellectual, funny, and thoughtful. If you're interested in design, history, culture, or economics, give it a listen. You won't be disappointed.

Best Podcast Around (5/5)

I've been searching and searching for a podcast that can compare to 99PI, but I don't think there will ever be one as great as this. Roman Mars does such a great job of making topics that seem boring come to life. Every episode is pure magic.

Stop with the politics (3/5)

I care about design, not your political opinions.

Love! (5/5)

Great podcast— very informational, easy to listen to, and interesting all in one.

Probably the best podcast (5/5)

I always point to 99PI when I want someone to know what I think the best podcast is. Short, always interesting, very well produced, and not just broadcast radio repackaged as a podcast. The gold standard.

Podcast nirvana (5/5)

I am a public librarian and refer people to 99% episodes when they are researching related topics. I am even working on getting my ex hooked. It’s that good.

Was Better Before (3/5)

A few years ago as an architectural student, I began listening to 99pi to gain perspective on design. I thoroughly enjoyed the decriptions, history and explanations of various forms and concepts of design and the built environment. Unfortunately over the past year or so, Roman Mars and his staff have layered the social justice warrior cause over design, where everything bad is because of Trump, capitalism, American values, and the anthropogenic climate change, and everything good is from government intervention, social justice change, pseudo-science intellectualism, and social engineering. I'll check back occasionally to see if they've returned to their original intent of the hidden side of design, but for now, I can do without the sjw mentality.

Annoying (1/5)

This podcast is too annoying. I started listening but the length is frustrating. Put 5 episodes into 1. They spend more time talking about other things than the actual subject. Moving on to something else. Can’t do it.

Amazing (5/5)

Amazingly interesting. This podcast brought me into the world of podcasts

never disappoints (5/5)

I recommended this show to a colleague and said it was about architecture and design and I got a confused look in response because they said they were a regular listener (albeit only 5 episodes or so) and didn't think it was about art/architecture at all but rather about "cool stuff". Okay, whether you think this podcast is about art/architecture/design or just "cool stuff" I think you'll find it worth listening to.

99%Visible (5/5)

One of my favorite podcast! I honestly feel 99% Invisible has opened my mind and perspective making information visible! The educational/informational material is presented in such a way you’re captivated and listening without my mind wondering. Thank you guys!!

You Should Subscribe (5/5)

Interesting and creative content. And EVERY week too!

The best podcast with the best host (5/5)

Roman Mars is the best podcast host. Period. He adds humor to episodes that can be seen as boring and is passionate about every topic he talks about. Not to mention he's surrounded by a great team

Fascinating! (5/5)

I love this podcast!

Gives Everyone an Eye for Design (5/5)

Simply a fascinating and enjoyable show. Really interesting hearing about all the small unknown details that go into making everything in our world.

One of the best (5/5)

One of the most informative, deep podcasts that I’ve heard - while remaining light and funny and interesting. And Roman Mars’ voice is dreamy. Definitely check it out, it’s about wayyyyy more than just what you think is design.

Design on a basic level (4/5)

This podcast talks of designs. Usually it gives you a different way to view things you may have often overlooked.

The first in a long line (5/5)

This is the first podcast I ever heard. I stick with it because it makes me feel smarter and happier. Roman Mars started something that had become the hub of my podcast world. Please, give it a listen and I promise you’ll feel better for it.

Random facts check-in (5/5)

Always one of my favorites to listen to.

The quintessential podcast (5/5)

Roman can make anything interesting. Or maybe he just has a way of finding interesting things we've never really considered before and showing us. Whatever it is, it totally works. Don't look at the topics before deciding to listen. You'll think they sound mundane and niche. Just trust 99PI to take you somewhere you've never been before.

Love (5/5)


I learn something new each time (5/5)

I've been a long time listener and have enjoyed every podcast! I never realized how thoughtfully (and sometimes not) designed the world around me is.

Great podcast! (5/5)

This show is wonderful, although I only listen to the episodes that deal with things I'm interested in (there's a bit too much sports, in my opinion, and I wish there was more about art). Some really cool stories!

Fantastic! (5/5)

There is never a boring episode and it has made me see things in so many different way from a design standpoint. I can't walk through a city without noticing the barriers to skateboarding. Roman Mars has the best voice to listen to and I love when Avery Truffleman reports.

The best things (5/5)

99pi is a gorgeous podcast for beautiful nerds. An impeccably edited exploration of the under-appreciated world around us... it makes everything awesome. “Always read the plaque” is the new “stop and smell the roses”.

Politically biased (2/5)

I used to love listening to your podcast. It was informative and interesting, and to some extent it still is. However, not everyone is a liberal. Believe it or not most Americans aren’t as liberal and left leaning as the people in your Radiotopia break room. I just finished listening to your podcast “Loose Nut Behind the Wheel”. I found the correlation between car crashes and the evil “Gun” quite a stretch. Any port in the storm to shove your political mindset on the masses. Keep the politics aside, remember half your listening audience doesn’t have the same political agenda as you.

What a Find!! (5/5)

So informative and smart. Love Roman Mars. Best male voice in the Pod-sphere!!

Humanizing the design world (5/5)

Roman Mars makes design approachable on a human level. You can feel the genuine curiosity and wonder in the voices of these stories. Each episode is crafted carefully to tell a story and not just rattle facts. This podcast keeps me inquisitive about the spaces I interact with, and brightens the world I live in every week.

Making the mundane exciting for years (5/5)

9% Invisible is usually part of peoples' Podcasts 101 and for good reason: for years, the show has displayed its quality of writing and production, making even the most ostensibly boring topic absolutely fascinating. Each episode weaves together like a tapesty of research but never alienates the audience or gets dull. 99% Invisible is a cornerstone of the podcasting industry and a must-listen for just about anyone.

Fantastic podcast (5/5)

Who knew that design, in all its forms, is so central to everything we touch and everything that touches us?

Perfect! (5/5)

A truly great podcast. I wish they came out more often. Thank you all for your great work.

Another liberal podcast (1/5)

Enough said🙄

Nut behind the trigger (5/5)

Great podcast -History and how it applies to today "Nut Behind the Wheel" facst on CAR safety and how it ha sis improved and why. Versus Gun"safety" and how it has NOT and why. Thanks

Very well done, and very biased (3/5)

The only reason I can't give 5 stars is the super left wing bias. The information is very well researched, but always slanted.

Please change back (2/5)

Ever since Trump was elected this podcast became political overnight. It used to be my favorite podcast, but now I can barely listen to it. They are unapologetically pushing a liberal agenda. Your podcasts about architecture and design are excellent, but when you started taking about things that you don’t understand (I.e. guns or the U.S. Constitution) you poisoned your own podcast. Unsubscribed.

Roman mars and design (5/5)

I learn about design by listening to Roman Mars whisper in my ear. It will make you want to read every plaque on every memorial and monument. It’s History, Design, Social Science all wrapped into one!

Obsessed Much? (5/5)

Cant stop. Only issue I have is the episodes are not long enough.

Great content (4/5)

I am almost always delighted with the content on this podcast. My only wish is that Romano Mars did more of them.

Just the Best (5/5)

I listened to episode, they are all superb.

I learn a lot (5/5)

Go Roman

Always My First Recommendation. Always. (5/5)

I have a lot of conversations about podcasts. I produce them as part of my job. I have about 10 podcasts that I’m subscribed to. When people ask what I listen to, 99% Invisible is the FIRST podcast I mention. Every time. Regardless of audience. It’s that good.

yes! yes! yes! (5/5)

Roman Mars, your calm voice soothes me. your material and detail to the tiny items in the bayarea thrills me. read the plaque is the motto for my new life adventures. thank you

Wonderful (5/5)

This podcast never fails to satisfy. It's quirky and poignant and funny all at once. It never fails to entertain!

Clive Desmond (4/5)

I love 99% and this episode’s topic has no shortage of fascinating angles to pursue. I had to turn it off however, it is so overly produced and then repetitive sounds actually bothered me. Were we going for a dark and sinister vibe? The pacing was bad please give Roman his show.

Intriguing (4/5)

Delightful interesting unusual thoughtful a great podcast!!

My go-to podcast (5/5)

This is my favorite go-to podcast. I look forward to every episode and am constantly surprised by the diversity of things that interest me. If you love to learn, are interested in design, history, city planing, social issues, or just the general human experience on this earth, 99PI is the podcast for you. Every episode is well researched, recorded with care and attention to every detailed noise, and is a constant surprise in its contents. So sit back, relax, and contemplate this wonderful world to the soothing voice of Roman Mars.

Nothing else like it. (5/5)

I’m slightly obsessed with this podcast. I think I will cry when it’s over. Roman Mars’ voice is amazing. He should do all kinds relaxation videos.

Forever Informative (5/5)

This show continues to teach me some new and inspiring with every episode.

Hero (5/5)

This podcast was so interesting! Who would ever think about what goes into the props in movies.

Great podcast (5/5)

Roman Mars is a great podcast host. Would listen to anything he hosts.

The podcast that makes you worldly (4/5)

You’ll be a better person for having listened to 99% Invisible.

Good design matters (5/5)

Good design matters. Good podcasts about them matter too. How this one blends story and reflection is a gem.

Easy listening and interesting (5/5)

The voices are easy on your ears. No time is wasted on useless babble about themselves. They get right to the story and tell it well. I love learning from this team.

a classic! (5/5)

one of the best podcasts out there. a fresh perspective on all kinds of different topics. never miss one.

Roman Mars Has the Greatest Voice (5/5)

Interesting show, I enjoy it.

One of the Best! (5/5)

Perfect Voice. Interresting Topics what more do you want?

All-in-all, the best podcast (5/5)

Without a doubt, 99pi is consistently the best podcast. Every episode is a polished gem. Great subject matter choices, insightfully treated, and delightfully executed. Bravo.

Design Nerd! (5/5)

I love this podcast! The topics aren’t always at the top of my interest list (sports bra design isn’t something I really think about regularly), but it is always worth listening to the show. I have listened to 99PI for maybe 4 years or so. I support Radiotopia with a monthly donation and have the first year coin.

This podcast changed my life (5/5)

Thank you Roman Mars

One of the absolute best audio experiences out there (5/5)

Love this show and Roman Mars.

If you find anything better let me know (5/5)

Top notch high production podcast...instills wonder and curiosity in its listeners. Loved for many years.

Wonderful (5/5)

An always educational & fun show. I like Roman Mars easy going style of story telling.

Grear (5/5)

Great podcast! Always a winner!

My favorite podcast. (5/5)

Almost every episode is fascinating. Even the ones which sound boring or not up my alley end up to be riveting. I devoured all of the back catalogue, and now have to wait impatiently every week.

Roman mars has an excellent voice (5/5)

Classic podcast, great quality

This podcast is why I love flags! (5/5)

Roman you are the reason I have be come and advocate for “proper” flag design especially for my home of New York City. I am embarrassed that it has a seal on it. I am not that excited bout the redesigns I see online either. Not to mention the NY state flag. I am currently playing with flag designs for a kayak organization,Long Island City Boathouse, could you do more about flags? Specifically maritime flag design? I also really enjoyed the CBSN bit last year with Mo Rocca. Keep up the great work!

Awesome (5/5)

It is 99% Awesome

Art and design in unlikely places (5/5)

They find challenging stories in all aspects of life, inspired from the perspective of designers and artists. I have learned so much from this podcast. As an educator, I have found myself bringing this content into the classroom and often recommend this podcast to my creative colleagues. Top notch.

Amazing podcast! (5/5)


Understanding the world you live every day (5/5)

Great information in a captivating presentation.

great pod (5/5)

roman, i love you and this podcast. so good! listening from just across the bay, thanks for continuing to produce great eps

Politics (2/5)

This used to be a great podcast, but recently has been about nothing more than politics.

This used to be a really good show about design (1/5)

Not so much anymore.

200-261? (5/5)

Great pod cast. Where are episodes 200 to 261?

Design is everywhere (5/5)

Design is everywhere, as it should be. And I love that this podcast shares my view on that. I also appreciate how they actually know enough about design to talk about the slightly more esoteric aspects like emotional design or unpleasant design and make them make sense to a non-designer audience.

Great show (5/5)

I have a habit of saying “huh” out loud when I hear or read something interesting. It’s an uncontrollable reaction to all things neat. Listening to this podcast is one huh moment after another.

Exceptional Work (5/5)

My favorite podcast by far. Incredible storytelling and thought provoking content.

Go back to the beginning (5/5)

I am so glad that 99% Invisible keeps all of their archives available. I started listening a year ago and just decide last month to go back to the beginning. I’m up to Aug 2013. So many excellent episodes!!

I’d give it 10 stars if I could (5/5)

One of the best podcasts around. I look forward to Roman Mars’ voice and story each week. You never know what he’ll cover: design, architecture, sports? I learn something each time and I listen even when the subject isn’t interesting because at the end, IT IS! Can’t say enough about this podcast. Love.

The best (5/5)

Just found and binging from the start!

Enriching (5/5)

I can’t stop talking about 99PI to everyone I meet. It’s made my workday so much better and enjoyable. I’m a gardener and can listen to this all day long and learn while I work. I’ve also found that I have a lot more to contribute to conversations. With a design degree in landscape architecture, I can’t say enough how grateful I am that this podcast exists. Give it a listen, you’ll be hooked.

Thought proviking (5/5)

It is really easy to take for granted the function and purpose of most things in our lives. This podcast has helped me learn how to consider how and why things around me are designed and has some fantastic story telling. Must listen for those with curious minds!

How do I love this podcast? Let me count the ways... (5/5)

1. Very interesting content. 2. Well organized - presenters don’t just ramble. 3. Roman Mars has a nice radio voice. 4. Topics are well researched- episodes include interviews with experts on the given topic (yes, there is someone who has studied the history of ice harvesting!). 5. All of the above makes for a very professional, delightful podcast.

Great (5/5)

I didn't think I would be interested in a design podcast but it's fascinating. Design fills everything around us.

Well done (5/5)

I’ve only heard a few episodes so far, but can say that the ones I have listened too are very well done. The Finish Experiment episode for example, is very interesting in topic and presentation.

Great podcast (5/5)

If you like Science, engineering, or design, or any combination of them This show is for you.

Love the length (5/5)

Top rate, well produced show. Especially appreciate the length of episodes. Learn something new each episode.


Including making a podcast. Informative stories told compellingly, with love and understanding in mind.

He's gone off the rails on the whole race thing (2/5)

I love this podcast and don't mind it when someone connects something to a current social issue, but I came to this podcast for architecture. Not the past few months of exclusivity race and racism related content.

Absolutely Brilliant (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I have ever listened to - and more educational than some classes I have taken. One of my favorite episodes is the New York Citigroup tower that was near collapse without anyone knowing about it - until a college student made the architect aware, and they were able to fix it right before a storm was coming that could have caused the tower to collapse. Long story short, LISTEN to this amazing podcast.

Getting too political (2/5)

I can't help but feel like the team is running out of things to talk about. This used to be a really great podcast about design and architecture. Now it's become more political, and seems to have lost its way. I stopped listening about 10 episodes back, so I don't know if it's the political leanings of the staff getting in the way, they've changed their purpose, or if they just run out of things to talk about so they're taking a new path. It's just not the same as before and that's really disappointing.

Tidbits about why things are the way they are (5/5)

Every show informs me about a topic that I didn't think about before, but was delightful to learn of. It talks about objects and customs that are ubiquitous, and explains the "invisible" part. How things got to be that way.

The reason I fell I love with podcast to begin with. (5/5)

Roman Mars has created a dreamy nerdy world for design lovers everywhere. This post cast for over 2 years now has been my favorite, surpassing all other podcast phases. Romans voice is soothing and easy to listen to well still holding your attention and leaving you wanting more. If I could have this man narrate my wedding and funeral I would. Personal favorite episodes are 103. U.T.B.A.P.H., 219. Unpleasant Design & Hostile Urban Architecture, and 65. Razzle Dazzle

Unexpectedly delightful (5/5)

Seriously, when I heard design podcast I did not expect this. I love the stories and feel like they are relevant and interesting! Short, peppy, great listening for running.

Roman Mars for Benevolent Dictator (5/5)

I have no doubt I'm not the only person hoping I can one day become The Next Roman Mars. 99PI is so, so, so very good.

Always interesting (5/5)

Great topics, and I always learn something.

Excellent podcast, save exception... (4/5)

I love 99% Invisible, and will continue to listen, but the amount of time dedicated to ads is becoming increasingly frustrating. Around a quarter to a third of the show is dedicated to ads lately which I find to be unbearable, especially since there is often pertinent information at the very end of the show. Since I listen when I drive it's dangerous to fast forward through the ads to find the end content. It won't stop me from listening, at least not yet, but I hope Roman and his team take note that the with the increase in ads the quality declines.

pencilgeek (5/5)

Each week, each episode, this podcast never fails to catch my attention with some obscure story, a small detail, an invisible piece of life. Their ability to bring art and life to some previously insignificant parts of our world is nothing short of extraordinary. And Roman Mars' voice is heavenly. I also love how he ends each piece, drawing out their production location.

Creatives talking to creatives (5/5)

Roman often refers to his audience as "beautiful nerds"... and even though I don't think I'm "ugly", and yes, we're all nerdy about something... I look at 99% Invisible as true story telling creatives (them) talking to curious creatives (us), and I love it. There have been so many times where I thought "This episode isn't going to be for me", and sure enough, I'm captivated to the very end. If I could give 99IP six stars... I would.

hands down the best podcast I listen to (5/5)

and I listen to a whole bunch

Designing Our Lives (5/5)

99PI has changed the way that I see many aspects of life. From seemingly mundane processes, to barely acknowledged objects, 99PI highlights each in a unique and fascinating way. I look forward to each new episode hosted by the silky smooth voice of Mr. Mars.

Favorite podcast! (5/5)

This is the best podcast: enlightening, inspiring, informative, thoughtful, well-written, well-spoken, great editing. Love, love, love, love it!

Fascinating (5/5)

If you love to know how and why, this will be a great podcast for you.

stephdjacobson (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there.

Favorite! (5/5)

100% best learning podcast, eagerly await new episodes. Roman Mars is awesome.

algorithm (2/5)

Input > podcast about how we should be scared of algorithms Input > ad for ZipRecruiter - a company that uses algorithms to help you find jobs Output > disappointment

Perfect podcast (5/5)

I found 99pi not too long ago and was hooked immediately. I binge listened to the whole series and cannot wait to listen to new episodes when they come out.

Great podcast about design (5/5)

I've been listening to 99% Invisible ever since a friend recommended it back in early 2013. I can't believe it's been over four years. Every week, Roman Mars & team brings forward an amazing story on design. It's amazing how wide in scope the podcast is. Every episode is funny and interesting no matter what the topic may be. And the design of the podcast is top notch too (would probably be bad if a design podcast was poorly designed, right?)

Always high quality (5/5)

Great stories, well produced, always fascinating

Great podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast

Non-critical, soft journalism (1/5)

This is a show that lists interesting topics and says next to nothing useful about them. The guests are basically lazy PR professionals and Roman Mars asks zero hard questions. The new algorithms episode was one of the worst so far. This guest display a clear lack of understanding for how corporations and government work. I am a software engineer and this is a very serious problem that needs attention from real journalism.

Amazing (5/5)

Roman Mars is a national treasure. This podcast looks at the overlooked, the mundane, the quiet background of our world, and breathes new life into each and every aspect. I love listening to this podcast!