A1 in the A10

A1 in the A10 Podcast

'A1 in the A10' is a podcast focusing on the hard hitting issues others won't discuss, because nothing says reliable information like five dudes in college.

A1 in the A10 - Episode 6 (Bring in the Clowns, Vulnerability & Fears, and Food for Thought)
In the sixth installment of the show, the guys go off on wild tangents and interesting experiences and thoughts, including: - Feinauer's third bike's death - Randy the Spider - Admitting our fears - Another edition of Storytime with Nick - An analysis of Creepy Clowns of Campuses - Taco Bell teasing -and so much more. This might be the most packed-full episode of the show yet....

A1 in the A10 - Episode 1 (Introduction Antics, America, and Poor Decisions)
The first episode of the A1 in the A10 podcast out of A10 apartment. Discussions include recapping move-in weeks, Colin Kaepernick and a lesson in action, organized religion in America, and much more!...

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