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Join Joe and Caz where they discuss the goods and bads of being British. You can find us on iTunes by searching 'Absolute Brit' or 'Hickling Podcast Network'. Be sure to drop us a review and a rating. visit www.hicklingpodcasts.com or email us at [email protected]

Episode 7- British Comedies
This will serve as the last episode of the first series of Absolute Brit. Join us next week when we begin series 2. After a short break, Joe and Caz discuss their favourite British comedies, from classic to modern with the usual trivia at the end....

Episode 2- Best British Accents
Join Joe, Caz and special guest CG Hickling as they discuss the best British accents, Donald Trump and more, with an exclusive interview with newly published author, CG Hickling where he tells us about his new bestselling book, "Toby Gentle and the Winter Assassin". (Find it on the Amazon Kindle store) For more information on Absolute Brit or the Hickling Podcast Network visit: www.hicklingpodcasts.com or drop us an email at: [email protected]

Episode 1- Worst British Street Names
Join Joe and Caz as they discuss the worst British street names and more! Join us next week when we discuss the best accents of Britain. For more information on Absolute Brit, please visit www.hicklingpodcasts.com...

Absolute Brit Sneak Peek
Absolute Brit is the comedy podcast devoted to all things British. Although we do love to be British, we also enjoy taking the rip. Here's a sneak peek of HPN's first podcast. Tune in next week with Joe and Caz for our pilot episode: Episode 1- Worst British Street Names....