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Three friends discussing this weeks antics the oddest news and controversial subjects. Oh and sports!!!! On Twitter @AceThis Pod On FaceBook AceThis Podcast

Actors, Gettos and 10million?
Would you touch the same sex or opposite sex genitals that your not attracted to for 10 million in a movie? Remember this movie will be around forever. Do you agree with the term Getto?...

Fun Comedy Ace Actors TheMeg 10million

The YouTube Rabbit Hole, Slow Jesus, and a psychic octopus
Don't fall down the rabbit hole of youtube. A painting restored poorly. We also cover the psychic octopus. Music By: Music For Podcasts by Lee Rosevere is licensed under a Attribution License.

sports psychic fun laughs comedy killers

Sports, Aliens,Movies and 911 Never Mind Their Dead
Have you ever gone to the movies by yourself. Are octopus aliens? Are we going to kill people trying to describe them without getting sued? Music By: Music For Podcasts by Lee Rosevere is licensed under a Attribution License.

aliens movies octopus comedy sports wtf

Just the Two of Us 1
Austin is sick so Eric and Chris talk about rehab music and childhood stupidity....

rehab music videogameaddiction comedy stupidity sports laughs

Sports, Horror and Bedsheets?
Austin tells us a story. Can't believe he actually told us this story!!!!!!...

Sports Horror Funny comedy laughs explicit crazy podcast jokes silly offensive

Serial Killers and Close Calls
We talk about weird news sports and serial killers. Some laughs. Episode edited for time...

Sports SerialKillers Joke Comedy

Strip Clubs and Buttholes
We are a podcast about nothing. We talk about sports usually, maybe some news, and if your lucky some odd stuff we've actually done. We will be offensive to someone so if you are offended. Please listen more we can make it worse😎....

Sports Strippers Fun