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Continuing the traditions of Caustic Soda, Acid Pop explores the fascinating and horrible aspects of everyday life.

As your favorite podcast, we've decided to stick around forever. Just for you. Join us as we discuss some techniques that didn't work so well on the road to immortality such as drinking mercury, pumping bodies full of toxic chemicals before freezing them, and drinking the blood of children. Sources:

World Records
This week we enter the annuls of history as we explore what it means to be immortalized in the Guinness Book of World Records. Join us as we discuss some of the dumbest and most dangerous records ever, uh, recorded as we learn (yet again) that it's always a bad idea to break your own record. Sources:

World Records
This week we enter the annuls of history as we explore what it means to be immortalized in the Guinness Book of World Records. Join us as we discuss some of the dumbest and most dangerous records ever, uh, recorded as we learn (yet again) that it's always a bad idea to break your own record. Sources:

This week we tackle the age old debate around vaccines. Join us as we discuss the good, the bad, and the gross. Sources:

Birth Control
This week we practice "safe" sex. Join us as we discuss some of the methods mankind has used to not get pregnant such as lemons, crocodile dung, sneezing, and our old friend mercury. Sources: ht...

Power Generation
We're charged up for this weeks topic. Seriously though, generating power kills lots of people. Join us as we discuss the myriad ways power generation is deadly such as burning alive on windmills, cooking birds mid flight for solar energy, and setting an ocean on fire as a diversion. Sources:

We've known each other a long time, right? That's how you know you can trust us. Join us as we discuss many promising money making techniques such as sending it to princes, paying your new job before they hire you, and buying lots and lots of itunes gift cards. Sources: h...

This week we're feeling sleepy. Very sleepy. Join us as we discuss how to use hypnotism to give birth, rob banks, and commit murder. Sources: htt...

Magdalene Laundries
This week we talk about how to dispose of those inconvenient home wreckers: babies. Join us as we discuss the bad old days, the mothers were slaves, the babies were dead, and the government was busy with important matters. Sources:

Commercial Air Travel
If you've got a flight coming up, you may want to skip this one. If you're brave enough, we've got plane crashes involving crocodiles, sex, bees, and the false confidence instilled by Microsoft Flight Simulator. Sources:

What About? Part 4
It's our 2th anniversary! Join us as we catch up on what's been happening with some of our show topics including diarrhea, squatters, and the ol' uterus. Sources:

Sleep Deprivation
This week we watch the sunrise as we discuss the pitfalls of staying up too long. Join us as we discuss the many things you shouldn't do while tired such as drive a car, fly a plane, or operate on someone. Sources: https://www.mdlinx.c...

This week we feel better about ourselves by just believing we could. Also, we ate some Skittles. Join us as we discuss the confounding ability of placebos to help with pain relief, depression, and IBS, leading us to ask, why not just do that in the first place, brain? Sources:

Diarrhea and Irritable Bowl Syndrome
This week we get our hands dirty (and our underwear, pants, and sometimes shoes) talking about tum tum trubs. Join is as we discuss chlorine and sanitizer proof viruses that make you poop yourself to death, how to have both constipation and diarrhea, and the plight of poor pitiful poopy pigs. Sources:

The Mouth - 100th Episode Special!
This week we put our money where our mouths are as we discuss tongues longer than the bodies that hold them, exploding teeth, and the perils of swallowing molten lead. Also, we conduct our first on air experiment for our 100th episode! Thanks for sticking with us. Sources:

Jail Breaks
This week we talk about how someday, somehow, we'll be free. Join us as we discuss various techniques for flying the coop like becoming a master of yoga, whittling a toy gun out of wood, and calling the jail you're in, telling them your a judge, and ordering them to let you go. Sources:

Operation Theaters
This week we get our hands dirty with 19th century operation theaters. Join us as we discuss how to amputate a limb in under 30 seconds, the practice of never cleaning anything, and the frustration of how often patients died after being cut apart with a rusty saw. Sources:

This week we talk about the perils of homes away from home. Join us as we discuss just how (un)clean hotel rooms are, why hotels are the number one choice of people committing suicide, and how to get banned from a hotel for life using only a pepperoni. Sources:

Mistaken Identities
This week we talk about the dangers of being too sure of yourself. Join us as we discuss cases of mistaken identity that were embarrassing, life altering, or fatal. Mostly fatal. Sources:

Emperor Nero
This week we talk about Emperor man-child Nero. Join us as we discuss all the things Nero did while ignoring his responsibilities, such as writing bad poetry and reciting it poorly, pretending to win the Olympics, marrying a former slave come eunuch (on his orders), and raping underage children whilst dressed as a lion. Sources: https://en.wikipedia....

Warrior Queens
This episode we continue our series of queens with our flavor of the week, warriors. Join us as we discuss tower 5 ft tall Amazons, how to piss off psychotic Frenchmen, and why first impressions are so important. Sources: https://www.archives.go...

This week things get intimate. Or at least appear to. Join us as we explore the pitfalls of an industry based on sex in a sex shaming culture. We'll discuss wages (few), benefits (none), deaths ( a few), and STIs (a lot). Sources: https://fightthe...

This week we clean up our act with the wonder element, chlorine! Join us as we discuss it's amazing abilities like knocking people out, turning the fluids in your lungs to acid, and "curing" autism. Sources:

Listen and be amazed as these men of mystery make their very lives disappear! Death defying stunts are impressive, but sometimes people aren't as defiant as they think they are. Join us as we discuss how magic can go wrong such as catching bullets, dodging cars, smashing paper bags with nails inside, and oppressing superstitious peoples. Sources:

How many must die for your entertainment? Maybe more than you think. Join us today as we discuss times when television has gone wrong including daring helicopter crashes, on air suicides, and game show induced stampedes. Sources:

This week we get our shine on. Join our panel of three experts as we discuss why your drain gets so clogged and what you can do about it. This includes amputating Grey Hounds, smearing your head with pigeon droppings, and redistributing the follicles on your head by cutting off a good chunk of your scalp, dicing it up, and sprinkling the remains about. Sources:

The Humors
Some ideas are just plain hard to get rid of. Today we'll talk about one of the most tenacious ideas: the humors. Join us as we discuss all the evidence that should have clued people in to this being bunk such as your brain doing nothing but making snot, your arteries being full of air, and how the fix for literally any problem is to bleed you until you pass out. Sources:

If you're looking for a way to drop the pounds fast and see that they stay gone, well, you should probably try another podcast. Today we'll be talking about some of the worst ways to try and fit into your swimsuit including wiring your mouth shut, never swallowing food, intentionally contracting tapeworms, and fasting to death. Sources: https://be...

Social Media
This week we talk about how bad undistilled humanity can get. Join us as we discuss blackmailing tweens to suicide, why reddit shouldn't have a judicial system, and Facebook's sanctified racism algorithms. Sources:

This week we raise our hands up so that we might chase the evil spirits from our bodies! Join us as we discuss starving demons out, burning demons out, and how to tell if your child has a demon in them. Or if they're going through puberty. Definitely one of the two. Sources:

The Aztecs
This week we talk about the culture that may have been more obsessed with blood than any other. Join us as we discuss blood letting, mock wars with real consequences, and starting fires in people's chests where their heart used to be. Sources: https://en.wikip...

This week we talk about an element that's periodic symbol should be an eject button. Join us as we discuss this otherwise boring metal that can make vomit shoot out your mouth, poop shoot out your butt, or if you're really lucky, your soul shoot out your body. Sources: http:/...

Artificial Intelligence
This week we talk about how it's easy to win when you just keep changing the rules. Join us as we discuss all the things computers have learned to do that have failed to impress us such as beating us at chess, predicting our deaths, being very very racist. Sources:

This week we learn about how you can have too much of a good thing. Join us as we discuss exploding labs, the perils of dry mouth, and feeling so much joy you can never have another moment of happiness. Sources:

Hello to you and your little friend behind you there. This week we're talking about people who were real close to their neighbors. Real close. Join us as we discuss how people have found others living in their homes ranging from drug addicts to stalkers to murderers. Sources: https://ww...

Unethical Medical Experiments
There may be no cost too great for good science, but what about bad science? Join us as we discuss some of America's questionable experiments such as spraying San Francisco with a bacteria to see what happened, watching black people die of syphilis, and injecting prisoners with pesticides because they had the pesticide and syringes lying around. Sources:

This week we get our T-1000 on as we talk about how humans just can't get enough of that quick silver. Join us as we discuss painting, eating, breathing, pooping, and ultimately dying with the only liquid metal at room temperature. Sources: https://www.nytimes.c...

What About Part 3
It's that time of year again! Today we look back at the last few months to see what's happened in the news related to our previous episodes. Join us as we talk about rodeo pinball, spider venom induced erections, and a freeway covered in pig parts. Sources: ...

This week we talk about how to set up new settlements for the low low price of the genocidal slaughter of entire civilizations. Join us as we discuss how to kill natives after promising not to, the importance of insider knowledge, feeding people to dogs, and literal rooms full of gold. Sources: ht...

Strange Weapons
This week we talk about some unorthodox ways to kill people. Join us as we discuss jet-tanks, tornado guns, lightning cannons, and the unreliability of cat spies. Photos: Sources: https://en....

Bank Robberies
This week we're making a withdrawal. Join us as we learn from our predecessors who sharpied their faces, robbed banks while pretending to rob banks, and rode inner tubes to freedom. Sources:

This week we talk about ice falling from the sky! Join us as we discuss hail stopping cannons, refrigerator sized blocks of ice falling form the sky, and a storm that ended a war, if temporarily. Sources:

The Satanic Panic
This week we talk about the Satanic Panic in case you thought mass hysteria was an archaic problem. Join us as we discuss flying preschool administrators, Satanic hot air balloon rides, and how to put someone in jail for a few decades with no evidence. Sources:

Exotic Pets
This week, we learn the surprising downsides to keeping a tiger in the house. Join us as we discuss the problems from owning bears, tigers, lions, chimpanzees, and camels. Sources:

Erectile Dysfunction
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! To get you in the mood. we're talking about erectile dysfunction, so stand up and pay attention. No, not you, YOU. Join us as we discuss the lengths some men will go to to make sure their length goes, including jellied wasp stingers, scaffolding, and that old cure-all strychnine. Sources:

Saddle up, because this week we're talking about rodeos. Who would have thought that sitting on a 1 ton angry animal with hooves and horns could be dangerous? Join us as we discuss cow flack jackets, the most dangerous bull, and why you should never "grab the apple." Sources: https://las...

This week we talk about some interesting things sounds can do. And horrible things sound can do. Join us as we discuss ninja-proof floors, dub step cannons, lethal car stereos, and death whistles. Sources:

This week we turn out some pockets to discuss the strange world of marsupials. Join us as we talk about vicious kangaroos, syphilitic koalas, and a mouse that's going extinct for being too horny. Sources:

Acts of Faith
This week we find out what happens when you have a little too much trust. Join us as we discuss what happens when you put faith up against lions, frigid water, pneumonia, and even decomposition. And a bit of bad news: to try and give me a little free time, we're going to go down to every other week for a while.  Sources: http://www.c...

Industrial Disasters
This week's episode is brought to you by the magic of capitalism. Join us as we discuss the wondrous things greed can accomplish, including creating tidal waves, converting 5 story buildings to 8 without any inspections, and creating cursed lands where neither plant nor animal can grow. Sources:

Dam Disasters
This episode is guaranteed to make you say "Daaaaam!" Join us as we discuss the perils of beaver dams, the bounciest bomb ever invented, and a flood so over the top it was surely written by Roland Emmerich. Sources:

Con Artists
Boy have we got a deal for you this week! Join us as we reveal the secrets about how to scrap the Eiffel Tower, become a doctor in hours, and print real money! Sources:

Early Space Travel
This week we discuss the perils of traveling to a radiation filled void many miles above the earth. Turns out, it's pretty perilous. Join us as we discuss explosive ascents, chuteless descents, and the compelling Soviet rocket scientist recruitment program. Sources: ht...

This week we discuss one of the most underappreciated and over hyped sports, professional wrestling. Join us as we talk about broken limbs, exploding hearts, and why you shouldn't jump off a 20 ft cage...twice. Sources:

Internet Challenges
How much fame is your life worth? If you kill yourself for an internet challenge, not much. Join us as we discuss some of the strangest things people have done to themselves in pursuit of internet notoriety such as the ice bucket, cinnamon, and tide pod challenges. Sources:

The Uterus
This week we take a hard look at the human baby factory. Join us as we discuss the many ways in which your uterus can betray you including splitting apart, constantly schluffing off polyps, and growing uterine lining in your lungs. Sources:

Pigs Pigs Pigs
This week we talk about everyone's favorite source of bacon. Join us we discuss tattooed, flaming, and horror movie pigs. Sources:

Take a deep breath, because we're talking about lungs. Join us as we discuss the black lung, how strange birds are, and how to not end up with a fish in your lungs. Sources: htt...

Today we talk about what a bad idea it is to mess with America's vices. Join us as we discuss things people are willing to do in order to avoid sobriety including drinking poison, developing a limp, and joining the KKK. Sources: https://craf...

This week we get swole! Or rather, we talk about why you maybe shouldn't get swole. Join us as we discuss men with no hair, women with beard hair, and various exploding body parts. Sources: ...

Whooping Cough
This week we talk about what may be the worst cold you could possibly have. Extra trigger warning this week: we discuss vaccines pretty heavily, so if that's a touchy subject for you, maybe skip this one. If not, join us as we discuss acquiring asthma, coughing so hard you break your ribs, and vaccines vaccines vaccines. Sources: https://www.ab...

What About Part 2
Hey folks, it's our one year anniversary! We take some time to catch up and talk about what's been happening with some of the stories we've discussed over the last year. Thanks for sticking with us! Sources:

Unappreciated Genius
This week we talk about the dangers of being smart. Join us as we discuss points in time when people laughed in the face of plate tectonics, the heart pumping blood, and washing ones hands after an autopsy and before delivering a baby. Sources:

Conspiracy Theories
This week we strap on our tinfoil hats to discuss some of the most absurd conspiracy theories. Join us as we discuss how the Earth is flat, The moon landing was faked, and how Finland never really existed... Sources: Yes, Oklahoma Truthers Think Obama Used His Anti-Scandal Weather Magic - The Atlantic https://theflateart...

This week we talk about how not to die while using a smartphone by discussing some of the ways people have. Join us as we cover exploding phones, texting and driving, and why a phone is not worth jumping into a trash compactor for. Images: Sources:

This week we delve into the practice of hurling oneself into space for attention. Join us as we discuss a real like Wiley Coyote, a family of tightrope walkers with a tradition of death, and what a complete asshole Evel Knievel was. Sources:

When Zoos Attack!
This week we explore the ethically murky waters around zoos! Join us as we discuss Orangutan escape artists, drunk elephants, and a man so patriotic he allowed himself to be mauled by a panda. Sources: https...

Do you trust your hands? You might change your mind after this week. Join us as we discuss alien hand syndrome, hand transplants, and why the world hates lefties.  Sources:,-joint,-and-muscle-disorders/hand-disorders/overview-of-hand-disorders

Down to the depths, go we, as we discuss gators, explosions, fatburgs, and the stinkiest summer in London's history. Sources:

Sorry, not a Spider-Man villan podcast. Instead, we're talking about venomous primates, the dangers of bringing rattlesnakes to church, and one doctor's bold method for documenting the effects of a black widow bite. Sources: https://www.businessi...

Rock and Roll
Are you ready to rock?! Well, let's see if we can change your attitude. Koin us as we talk about explosive drum solos, beheading bats, and why you shouldn't bring your pet chicken to a rock concert. Sources: https://thump...

Genghis Khan
Today we discuss how far one man will go to be considered father of the year. Join us as we talk about all the numerous ways Genghis Khan came up with to kill and/or intimidate and/or kill his way to the largest empire in the world. Sources:

Amusement Park Rides
This week we talk about when fun turns deadly. Join us as we discuss the loss of scalps, limbs, and lives in pursuit of enjoyment. Sources:

Child "Care"
This week we discuss the horrible things that have been done in the name of raising children. Join us as we talk about Spartans, Indian schools, how to have a business relationship with your child, and why birth is even worse the second time around. Sources: https://en.wikipedia....

The Sleeping Epidemic
Today we discuss encephalitis lethargica, the sleeping epidemic, a disease that seems to crop up every 50 years or so and turns people into living statues. Oh, and it's been over 50 years since the last time it cropped up. Join us as we learn what it's like to be completely conscious in an immovable body, and discuss a hallucinogenic cure that may be worse than the disease. Sources:

Vigilante Justice!
This week we talk about the (super cool) people who illegally (and sometimes necessarily) take the law into their own hands. We discuss some of the more interesting "super" hero names, homosexual defenders, and even the world's first and only lynching radio broadcast. Sources:

Beautiful, diverse, and delicious, today we talk about beetles and all their amazing tricks. Boiling clouds of poison, mind control, and even the ability to make a corpse into a house. Is there anything beetles can't do? Videos: Rhino Beetle Larvae Sources:

Semi Trucks, Big Rigs, 18 Wheelers, and Lorries
This week we discuss what may be the most dangerous vehicle out there. This episode has got it all: explosions, daring heists, decapitations, and hag fish. Sources:

Ridiculous Lawsuits
This week we discuss what other people feel their morals are worth. We'll talk about what may be the world's most expensive pair of pants, how not to wash a hot air balloon, and why you really can't blame your shoes should you decide to stomp someone's face in. Sources:

Extreme Eating
Today on acid pop we discuss humanities pretilection with excess. Specifically with eating way more than it needs to. Listen to these stories and then do the opposite to learn how to not choke on things like brats, dumplings, sushi, and pure, uncut butter. We also discuss some of the spiciest foods on the planet, and subsequently efficent ways to bleed from the anus. Sources:

Invasive Species Part 2 - Animals
We're back again to talk about invasive animals. Today we discuss Bermese Pythons, Emerald Ash Borers, why you should never trust a goat with a satalite dish on it's head, and the deadlist invasive species of all. Yes, of course it's man. Sources: https://www.sailorsforthesea.o...

Invasive Species Part 1 - Plants
Today we learn how one man's treasured flower is another man's weed. We discuss Kudzu, Water hyacinth, and the unfortunately extinct career of "Adventurer Botanist." Sources:

You probably don't think about it much, but your skin is important and can let you down in all sorts of ways. Join us today as we discuss a myriad of maladies including swelling up thanks to parasitic worms, blistering over due to fungus, and falling off all at once thanks to ibuprofin. Below are the links to the images we discuss if you would like to play along. Images: The Spiny Mouse Dermatographia Neurofibromatosis Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis 2 Lymphatic Filariasis Eu...

Unfortunate Inventions and Inventors
Today we learn that being brilliant doesn't necessarily endow one with common sense. Today we talk about how a wallpaper cleaner became a children's toy, how a man's quest to end world hunger created one of the deadliest bioweapons ever created, and discuss the sad life of a genius who passed up multiple fortunes. Sources:

Walter Jackson Freeman II
In our second series of evil dudes in history, we talk about a man who embodies the phrase the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Walter Jackson Freeman II almost single handedly started a "trend" of lobotomies in the US, and would defend their use until the day he died. Join us as we cringe and shield our eyes against the Saw-esque medical procedures of "Dr." Freeman. Sources:

WWII Spies
What could be cooler than spies? I can't think of anything either. Today we discuss how far a hatred of Nazis will take you with a handful of spies who sneaked and killed all over Europe with the one tool no spy should be without: a bicycle. Sources: https:/...

The Panama Canal
Join us today as we discuss one of the world's worst climates to dig holes in. There's dead Frenchmen, Scottish colonials, a doulbe crossing American president, and even a cameo by the creator of the Eiffel tower. Sources:

This week we talk about the slimiest, hopiest, and tastiest amphibian out there. Join us as we talk about big frogs, little frogs, clear frogs, and frogs that practically explode to give birth. Sources:

What About? Part 1
We've been on the air for six months! It seemed like a good time to discuss some things we've learned about previous episodes. We'll talk more about trains, cats, toxoplasmosis, and inbreeding. Plus we talk about ourselves and how we came to find ourselves here. Sources: htt...

Power Tools
Join us today as we try to remedy your cavalier attitude towards the use of power tools with stories of accidental amputations, punctured lungs, and a modern day Phineas gage. Sources:

Gotta Go Fast!
Today we're talking about all things fast! Join us as we talk about rockets, g forces, super fast bird, and even a roller coaster that's guaranteed to kill you. Sources: https://www.primermagaz...

The Flu
Did you get your flu shot? Well after this episode, I'm sure you'll want one.  Join us as we discuss what may be the deadliest disease of mankind. Sources:

Torture Implements
Join us today as we take a dip into humanitys long and sorted relationship with torture. We'll be discussing the Judas Cradle, the scold's bridle, and, of course, the pear of anguish. Sources: https://w...

Bridge Disasters
Today on Acid Pop, it's not just London bridge that's falling down. We talk about bridges what fell, bridges to nowhere, and more! Sources: http://w...

Nuclear Holocaust Close Calls
Today we go down a list of things that almost caused one country to blow up another. Join us as we discuss these things which include a bear, fault wiring, and the moon. Sources:

Valentine's Day
Whether you're alone or not this Valentine's Day, you can still enjoy some gruesome facts and stories about the Valentine's Day Massacre, Lupercalia, and the Loterie D'amor. Sources:

Pirate Queens
Join us today as we discuss the injustice that no one has made any of these grade A pirate queens the subject of their movie. Sources: https://...

Today we discuss how stopping people from peeing themselves to death turned into a million dollar industry. Sources: htt...

Elevators and Escelators
What could be safer than elevators and escelators? Well, it turns out, not much. But that doesn't mean they aren't thirsty for your blood... Sources:

Tempting as it might be, we're here to tell you why it may not be a great idea to sleep with your hot sibling. Sources:

Come cringe with us as we reflect on the drill whirring we all hear in our nightmares. Sources dentist | Origin and meaning of dentist by Online Etymology Dictionary Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before How Many Teeth Do We Have | Colgate® Oral Care Teeth Trivia | Mark George DDS 10 Animals With Incredible Teeth - animal teeth - Oddee 7 dentists share the most horri...

New Years!
Happy 2018, everyone! Join us as we talk about some of the darker new years and some of the strangest traditions from around the world.  Sources:

Accidental Amputations
Everyone makes mistakes, but there are times when those mistakes can cost people a literal arm and/or leg. Today we talk about how everyone can mix up their left and right, even surgeons. Sources: https://www.toda...

I hope you're hungry, because today we've got a menu full of candles, eels, and bicycles.  Sources:

All aboard for destruction, mehem, and carnage! Come with us as we learn the best and worst techniques for outrunning a tsunami on a train. Sources:

Look up in the sky! Is that a bird? Why yes, yes it is. Today we talk about earth's most airborn species and discuss why you should never piss off a crow... Sources

Gird your loins, this one's a doozey. We're diving into vomit. We didn't have to try too hard to make this one gross. Sources:

Bring your pencils and liability waivers, because we're taking you to school. But really, how many stories could we find about horrific school experiences? There's only one way to find out. Sources:

Deadly Deadly Trees
Timber! Get out your hard hat and coveralls, we're talking about the many and varied ways trees are up to no good. Sources:

Nitrogen (and how it can kill you)
What could go wrong with plain ol' notrogen, right? Well... Sources:

The Horrible World of Cats
Who doesn't love cats? Well, possibly you after we're through with you. Join us as we run the gamut from toxoplasmosis to cat serial killers. Sources: .

Join us as we discuss why polyphobia is not an unreasonable fear. From bees to crabs, we dive neck deep into swarms of all manner of things what creep and crawl. Sources:

This week we heat things up when we discuss a few things that have a bad habit of bursting into flames. Including you. Join us to learn how high you can turn up your curling iron before you end up looking like Ghost Rider. Spontanious combustion of compost: Human Combustion (or so they claim): Aftermath of grain silo explosion: Videos: Sources:

Christopher Columbus
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Acid Pop! Today we're talking about the "American Hero" Christopher Columbus, and why he was neither of those things. Sources: Cannibalism by Bill Schutt...