Across the Table

Across the Table Podcast

Across the Table is a Podcast where a bunch of friends get together, have some drinks, and talk gaming, movies, music and nonsense! .... But mostly nonsense

A Fresh Start
Welcome back! We are kicking off our come back with the Across the Table podcast as a fresh start getting back into the grind of YouTube videos. In this new episode, almost a year after the first one (but just pretend it was like a week ago and we'll be fine, yeah? Great!) we sit with Tom from GibboPlays and chat about a lot of up-coming games we are looking forward to, what we've been playing and where we both have been. Got any topics or questions for us to talk about or try and answer with backwards ...

Ep.1 Poop Crazed Kids
The first of many in a series of podcasts. In this episode Nat, Ryan, Ian and Rob talk about some random experiences, find out what it's like to live with Rob's kids, have a brief talk about E3 and what to expect... which leads into more reminiscing of more old school games. Enjoy! Across the Table is available on iTunes! If you'd rather watch the Video Podcast, check it out on YouTube here: Check out everyone...