Aggregated reviews for Adam Carolla Show

Welcome to the new home for Adam's rantings and ravings. This is the #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World. GET IT ON as Adam shares his thoughts on current events, relationships, airport security, specialty pizzas, politics, and anything else he can complain about. Five days a week and completely uncensored, Adam welcomes a wide range of guests to join him in studio for in depth interviews and a front row seat to his unparalleled ranting. Let's not forget Bryan Bishop (Bald Bryan) on sound effects. Check it out as Adam hangs out with some of his pals like: Larry Miller, David Allen Grier, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Dana Gould, Doug Benson, and many, many more.

Too much repetition (3/5)

Agree with the other poster. We’ve all heard the same stories a million times. What’s more Adam will repeat same story or filibuster about the airlines on six different podcasts every week. Love his wit but maybe have more original ideas or less hours of podcasting.

Ew (1/5)

With having Donald Trump Jr on your show I have unsubscribed. That family is disgusting and to have him on the show means losing some listeners. I’ll miss Gina and will listen to her podcast from now on.

Baby Trump? (1/5)

Imagine if Carolla wasn’t a red state lapdog. He could have had real guests like Matt Damon and Christian Bale IN STUDIO instead of the same 7 minutes Entertainment Tonight gets at a generic pre-release junket, because he has to spoon feed the 35% of morons who can’t read or admit when they’ve made a mistake. Will Molly Kimmel even let you in her house anymore?

Top shelf guests (5/5)

Hands down my favorite podcast! I’ve really been impressed guests (just need more DFG and DAG : - )

Trump Jr (5/5)

The Trump Jr interview was fantastic. I had no clue if I’d like Jr or not. Adam really brought out his blue collar personality. One more reason to like the President. His children are first rate people. Thank you, Adam

Suggestions for Improvement (5/5)

Love the show ... been a listener since the beginning. To take it to the next level: More QUALITY guests (Don Jr is a good example of a quality guest). Less: Good Sports, Rotten Tomato games, banter with Gina and Bryan. Respectfully.

I think your turning right wing i really think so (1/5)

I cant continue to listen to a show hosted by people that have no spine. Hearing the smart takes that adam gina and brian have on current issues has been great in the past. Now it seems like adam at least has no conscience. Giving a voice to horrible people has left me feeling embarrassed. Was i listening to a white suprematist this whole time? This right wing show just isnt funny enough to justify supporting. Lots of other shows to listen to. Thanks for helping me make this decision after 5 years.

Adam was a blinding brilliant light from heaven... (updated) (1/5)

(UPDATED - 11/10/19) So, I had listened to the show since the beginning, never missing an episode. I've been listening to Adam since Loveline. He has been quick witted and intelligent, but recently he's gotten in a conservative rabbit hole that he's not willing to branch out of. I still find myself agreeing with some of his points, but it's disappointing to see how far he's fallen. He seems to be more concerned about maintaining his wealth and pushing an agenda (even though he rants against pushing agendas), that he's even turning back on some of the ideals that he had before like risk reduction policies and cheap birth control. He's also trying to game his download numbers by releasing two episodes every day. Everything seems so disingenuous and against the initial ideals of his "pirate ship" that I can't keep listening. (Original review - 2/25/09) This podcast is amazing and it's so nice to hear Adam unfettered in the freeform style that he's so accustomed to. He can finally talk like a normal person, instead of having to censor himself for the vague, draconian rules of the FCC. So much more comfortable in his skin. I hope that he can extend his time because it feels like he's just getting started and it's all over. I'll be listening to this podcast for a long time to come.

Bryan, Adam please stop. (5/5)

Please stop inserting The word “like” in every sentence!!!! Bryan will insert the word “like” several times in EVERY sentence!!!! PLEASE STOP!!! I enjoy your insights and observations but please please please stop putting “like” endlessly in your discussions. Be self aware of it. Just notice and you will stop it. Thanks

Listen and Learn! (5/5)

These guys give you a big picture of New York past and present. Tons of little nuggets of history and no BS chit chat that other pods get into.

Used to be good (1/5)

Used to be good, and I’ve listened to him since Loveline, but Adam is just a bit too out of touch these days

Still Killing It! (5/5)

I've been a listener since "the Weeze" days. Love how the show has evolved. And love turning people on to it. Oh...and Gina.

Lewis jewelers BLOWS (1/5)


Pretty Alright (5/5)

You Guys are pretty alright! Seems like Gina-Gina🎧🎼is treated pretty alright by ALL you guys too! That’s pretty alright with me!! New Fan, Renee

It’s pretty alright (5/5)

Been listening to his winey voice since he took over for Howard and followed him to this podcast and I am the least computer savy person. Big fan.

My life would not be complete (5/5)

My daily routine revolves around ACS and then his wife’s podcast a couple of days a week and at night Adam and Drew’s podcast (just like loveline) I really do learn new stuff every week.

Dear Adam, (5/5)

Big fan. I always found it funny that you couldn’t slam your beer while on the Man Show. Wimp. 🍺 🕯 -Les Couchon-💄🐷🍒👠

Been on the train for 10 years (5/5)

Brilliant comedic mind who’s rants are legendary

Best podcast! (5/5)

I’ve recently become more of a podcast listener and I have found myself looking forward to the ACS every day. Honestly I’m upset with myself for only recently becoming a fan because I missed years of the hilarious yet often sensible rantings of Adam. The crew is also perfect together.

Show has changed (3/5)

Carola constantly whines about people whining, acts like a wuss about people being wusses, and is a huge blowhard about people being blowhards. Complete hypocrite. He’s become a total right-wing shill as well. He never criticizes dumb things republicans do, just democrats. He interviews too many republican partisan hacks, but really no one with different views. Carolla played a Bill Maher clip on the 10/15 episode, and cut out the one line where Maher criticized trump. The news segment is the same, no republican criticism, only democrat. The news song needs to be changed because they haven’t discussed a crazy trump tweet in at least a year. There’s no balance. I find myself skipping large portions of shows for the first time.

Keep getting it on! (5/5)

Love the show. The whole team has grown so much and the product continues to evolve and improve. Thank you for all the hard work the ACS team puts in to the show. Can't belive it have been listening for nearly a decade. Thanks again for all the laughs and thought provocking moments. Matt W. Pittsburgh PA

50% advertising and no real substance (1/5)

How the heck is this the “#1 podcast”? It has more advertising than FM radio and Adam’s voice is just too much. I wanted to listen to his guests but Adam just can’t keep his pie hole shut long enough. I wanted to like it, I tried to like it, sorry I couldn’t

Favorite pod! (5/5)

Love the pod. Get it on!

1 pod to rule them all (5/5)

The best mix of hilarious, thought provoking, and incensitive

Not Comedian Material Either (1/5)

I have no idea who thinks Adam is funny. And, his profane use Jesus Christ has me bailing out after years of trying to appreciate his comedy. The only as bad is his weekend podcast with Mark Garagos - who 1- has never been right on one political opinion regarding Russia, Trump, etc. and 2- always talks like he has syrup stuck in his throat.

Good pod! (5/5)

The Ace man is hilarious and his podcast is one of the few that I always stay up to date on. His rants are funny and insightful, and he always speaks what’s on his mind with zero filter! Keep it up, and get it on! Mahalo!

Five stars (5/5)

If you listen everyday and enjoy constant entertainment and laughter this is the podcast you need. Five stars motha fugas! And orny Adams is funny!

Orny Adams - funny? (5/5)

How not to roll with the Aceman. Hacky sensibility and the affected voice - could probably do a killer Caitlyn Jenner impression tho

Great show (5/5)


Ridiculous amount of commercials and promotion (1/5)

I used to be a huge fan of show. It was great. Now there’s just a ridiculous amount of advertising and promotion of ACS products. All the comedy show promotion isn’t all that entertaining either. If I wanted to listen to a stand up special I’d listen/watch a stand up special on Netflix.

Worth the time (5/5)

Listen, laugh and enjoy.

Five years (4/5)

Been listening to the ACS shows for a while. Love the show but the live shows are basically a stand up performance and should stay that. When Adam is not on or available the show should not be on.

Someone get RJ an ISDN line (2/5)

Every week we have to sit through 20 minutes of terrible RJ bell betting insider info on a crackly landline. And I know the segment is going to stick around because they pay the bills... Please care about the audio quality of the show.

This used to be a good show. (1/5)

But it’s not 2012 any more.

ACS show (5/5)

Consistently great

It’s pretty alright (5/5)

Woof woof


Not Taco Bell material

great! (5/5)

Cool as always!

The original podcast. (5/5)

I used to listen to Howard. Nuff said.

Your Next Movie (5/5)

The Kentucky travel difficulties described on today’s episode would make a great plot for your next movie.

Adam is a bitter man (2/5)

I miss the old Adam, instead we are left with a ranting Libertarian who belittles and just can’t do a week without mentioning 1) North Hollywood, 2) why Ray is a loser and 3) how little he uses soap. I have moved on and miss him like a cold sore.

Ace.You are the best! (5/5)

I listen Everyday. Please put a call of mine on the air. It would make my year!

Love you guys. (5/5)

Ace, Bald, Gina, Gina’s boobs... I listen to you every day and turn as many people on to you as I can. They always ask if you are the guy that replaced Rogan on the Man show, and maybe you were the voice of a pig. I agree with 97% of what you say, and I think I have changed a lot of things for the better because of your teachings. Get it on indeed.

Why does Adam think we care about his lack of leadership (1/5)

Sick of hearing Adam go off on his employees, just flexing his “power” to dump on his employees on air. Too bad because some of the bits are funny, but honestly the Watercooler has a better vibe, surprising that his staff can be positive people with a hypocrite narcissist.

Good except for Gina (2/5)

Can someone please tell Gina to be quiet when Adam is talking? He doesn’t need a “yeah” or a “yep” between every syllable. We get it...she agrees with every thought he’s ever had. Now please let him speak!

Thanks! (5/5)

Thanks for everything Ace, you are the goat.

Great job (5/5)

Great show all the time. Makes me laugh. Makes my day go by quickly when o listen at wor.

Won't leave home without my earbuds (5/5)

I love it! Keeps me sane while cleaning houses all day. I warn my clients, if you hear me laughing...I'm listening to Adam Carolla! I love the games and RANTS! Bryan is really stepping it up with all the clever wit and comments too! Keep up the good work crew!!!!

Loser (1/5)

Only thing funny about AC is how funny he thinks he is. I think of that and laugh my butt off!

Love this (5/5)

It’s just fun to hear the old episodes I used to enjoy. Gio and Chris are great at what they do.

#1 Podcast (5/5)

Love the show. Never miss it. Gets me to work everyday. Only thing missing is Deaf Frat Guy. Where did he go?

I remember when (1/5)

Adam’s show was funny. Not just the same reheated ramblings Too many “yes men” sitting around him all these years. Tried to give it another shot after 2 years, sounded like I downloaded a re-run because it’s the same thing over and over again. Bummer because I still listen to old love line episodeswhen Adam wasn’t so full of himself.

AnanaHicks (5/5)

❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍 what’s up... does T.I. have word-of-the-day toilet paper?? September 11 2019

Love the Browser History (5/5)

I laugh hysterically when Chris reads the Browser history! Such a great segment!

Goes (1/5)

I cannot listen to someone who uses the word goes when it should be says or said. Drives me nuts and makes a person sound incompetent

Hi Guy 🙋 (5/5)

I used to listen to love line and got back into this. Look forward to it every morning, especially Gina's news! Occasionally millennials quit on air and it's really entertaining.

Listen Every Day (5/5)

Great podcast. I’ve been listening for years, and have never missed an episode. Adam’s pragmatism and approach to addressing complex issues with simple solutions is refreshing.

Great show (5/5)

But Dylan is a entitled jerk who does not appreciate having a great job. He rubs me the wrong way every time he speaks. He should be fired ASAP.

Gone down hill (1/5)

Adam use to bring the funny but nowadays he’s becoming more and more of D Bag I especially dislike the he handles his employees on the podcast using the behind the scenes stuff as content one it’s not funny and two it shows how much no one respects what Adam has to say but I will say Gina and Blad Bryan are saving the show with their funny comebacks it definitely adds a lot to the show Ps one more thing that grinds my gears is the constant asking to look up meaningless stuff that has nothing to do with anything or doesn’t add anything funny to the show it’s super annoying and he’ll even cut convo just to go back to the super unfunny thing he was asking Chris Laxamana to look up (Sorry for not using correct punctuations and grammar checks I’m on my 5th cup of coffee)lol

Es muy bueno (5/5)

Me encanta mucho el show de Adam Carolla. Mi trabajo es más fácil con Adam a mi lado.

Fire Dillon (5/5)

Fire Dillon, he is insanely disrespectful and only speaks in the language of losers. he can dry his tears with his overly padded resume

Integrity (5/5)

Is not Gina, please replace her Thanks

Pirate Ship scuttled (4/5)

4 mins of commercials at the beginning of the show. This Show has changed my life and prospective, but enough PodCast 1 commercials already. The 30 second skip button is strong w/ this one.

This used to be a 5 star pod (4/5)

But ever since he fired Allison Rosen and DAG won’t be a guest I end up listening to other shows.

Used to be a regular (1/5)

Stupid rotten tomatoes game, annoying cohosts, make this show hard to listen to. All the comments about "right wing" rhetoric are silly and childish. So, you leftists don't have enough left wing outlets? Gimmie a break! Adam's honest and truthful takes on politics are the ONLY reason I tune in! My gripe is with lack of quality content.

Sad day, but I couldn’t do it anymore (2/5)

This podcast used to be so good, but I finally had to give it up. I can only hear so many takes on “wokeness”, Alyssa Milano, AOC, poor Dennis Prager being flagged on YouTube, AOC, homelessness, and traffic. It’s become a third rate Fox News “comedy” show, especially since he dumped news girl Alison. All the news is is now just a setup for Adam to rehash one of his 10 takes, with Bald and Gina totally unwilling to question him on anything.

Adam’s a Doofus (5/5)

...But that’s alright. Bald, Gina, Chris and Dawson are great. Please no more Alyssa Milano though - it makes me want to drive into oncoming traffic.

Better than Sirius (5/5)

Adam Carolla has the quickest wit in the west. Along with Gina and Bald they put on one hell of a show. I have listened since almost the very beginning and love all the content. Keep up the good work Carolla Gang.

Great show, get rid of AP news (4/5)

I’ve been a loyal listener for ten years and love the show but why do we need AP news at the end? Nothing but downer headlines after all the laughs and fits in about as well as an RV at Le Mans. Leave the news to Gina!

Commute killer podcast (5/5)

2 hours with Adam, Gina, Bryan, Dawson, and his ever rotating cast of guests is wildly entertaining and kills a long commute with ease. Adam is quick, masterful and never fails to make me laugh uncontrollably. I love this podcast & tell everyone to listen. Keep up the amazing work & thank you!!

Upload order (1/5)

I enjoy the show when I listen, but you get one star until you guys upload it so it plays in the correct order.

JOY (5/5)

Jo Koy is the salt of the earth. So glad Ace n Jo “Get it on.” like they do, cause there are none better!!!

Good but could be better! (4/5)

I love Adam and have for years. Gina is great and adds a lot to the show but I absolutely hate Bald Brian. I cringe every time he opens his mouth. He’s not funny and comes across as pompous. I’m sorry for his health problems and wish the best for him and his family but man do I hate listening to him talk. Overall love the show! You should definitely listen!

Your not the only one (5/5)

Adam has this ability to think of everything that we are thinking when it comes to life. Have you been on an airline recently and someone had the idea to bring there giant “service dog “ Adam will let you know you are not the only one. Do you think some government officials are idiots.... he’s got you. Do you want hear jokes that make you laugh so hard that the car next to you thinks you have lost your mind. Adam can relate to everyone and can let you know that you are not in this alone when you see all these idiots out in the world.

Best-of week (5/5)

Diggin’ the “classics!” Nice job gents!

Trucker is addicted (5/5)

I’m a truck driver. I listen every day to ACS. Also Reasonable Doubt, Carcast and other pods from Carolla Digital. My ONLY complaint is Dave Damaskek. The guy is annoying as hell! OMG PLEASE GIVE HIM HIS OWN SHOW SO THE POWERS THAT BE CAN SEE THAT NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR HIM!!! I fast forward over his segment. Every. Single. Time.

Time to delete (1/5)

After listening to adam from terrestrial radio days and podcast since the beginning I finally have to delete this show. Sad to do it because the interviews are fantastic but his ignorance on politics and life have turned this into a Fox News podcast. Truly is scary and they need someone to speak out against his biased and ignorant views. Based on the comments of reviewers Adam has become the forum for the ignorant and those that refuse to view facts. Scary times. All to own the “libs” while they are laughed at from those they vote for. He rants endless about subjects he has zero depth on yet the commenters go crazy over it. Much like fox. He cries about colleges with Dennis prager yet white supremacy on college campuses has been on the rise since Adam and Dennis joined together. Strange he doesn’t mention that. It’s become a white Fox News podcast full of hatred , fear and lies. Really too bad because it only happened over last year. Good riddance.

Everyone listen to Adam! (5/5)

Yes, he’s blunt. He may be a little harsh. But you have to admit he makes sense. He is a incredibly thoughtful and has an amazing talent of breaking down a problem and giving multiple ways to fix it. Once. Love Adam! And he is funny!

Loyal Listener, Getting Frustrated (3/5)

I've been listening to this show since it existed in podcast form and before that when it was on the radio. Adam is highly intelligent and super funny, as are Gina and Bald. Unfortunately it seems like in the past several years it's getting far more political and Adam seems obsessed with pushing an agenda, there isn't an episode that goes by without him going off about some democratic policy he disagrees with. I think it used to be better when he wasn't constantly ranting about subjects that fit his narrative and just focused on having funny and interesting guests. I hope they take this as constructive feedback, because that's the intent.

Used to be good (1/5)

Adam beats the same subjects to death over and over in every episode. He has zero empathy, is misogynistic, and very narcissistic. Occasionally this show can be entertaining but you really have to sift through all the BS to find it. Has many complaints about society but doesn’t offer any solutions, take actions, belong to any organizations, etc. Hey maybe run for office if you can do it better.

Love the show, but hate the new opening (5/5)

The show remains great; however, detailing the contents of the show prior tot he start makes it sound more like a Carolla Classic and the not the radio show that I started listiening to you on when I was serving in Iraq.

Was a listener since the beginning... (2/5)

...but unfortunately now had to stop. His show has become nothing more than a forum for some of the ugliest ignorant people that been give any time on a microphone who simply just feed his Brillo-haired ego. Everything from his guests (think c-level Fox News guests that just barely straddle the modern gauge of inappropriate racism/perversion of conservative views under the guise praising this country and promoting what they perceive to be “free choice”), to how hypocritically spoiled his family is and his complaints about them, to his out of touch repetitive rants. To be quite honest, Adam has turned into the epitome of a out of touch uneducated American whose only qualification is to entertain at AARP conventions in towns with simple minded folk that help his ego. Seriously dude you are one tall Pabst blue ribbon away from chewing hay while sitting in front of your overpriced la quiñada front porch thinking about “how great it is to own that there land”. Yes he’s wealthy and smarter than the average person (that’s not saying much), but he’s definitely not smart enough to carry this show on the same material and rant about his out of touch generalized views...which consist of him occasionally traveling to New York and small towns l, and two to three times to urban Europe...which is the intellectual equivalent to taking a greyhound to one museum in Chicago and declaring yourself an expert in art. From the treatment of his staff (who aren’t bright), to his complaints and old stories that he’s told dozens of times, to thinking that he’s seriously “smarter” because of his generalized uneducated views simply Because he has lackeys around him that help, the show has become terminally ill. Combine that with the few negative experiences he’s had, no effort in education, and his ability to turn a phrase, and you have an ignorant old man who surrounds himself with yes people and guests and thinks the world of himself (a poorer Fox News with a hint of Chevy Chase). The extra star is for his wit.

Ace man rocks! (5/5)

Thanks guys for your hard work. Every show has a large amount of entertainment.

Same old same old (3/5)

Adam complains about the same stuff day after day. Meanwhile the interviews get shorter and his guests becomes less and less prominent/interesting. The show has gone downhill over the last couple of years. I used to laugh out loud constantly and I never missed an episode in TEN YEARS. Recently I started skipping full episodes altogether.

Thank you (5/5)

Nothing else comes close to Ace!

Great listening (5/5)

Common sense is back in style. Love me some ACE MAN

Great podcast (5/5)

Podcast is great. It’s daily and it’s free. Loved Adam since Loveline !!

Just can't hang any longer. (1/5)

Have listened for years, Adam is one of the funniest people in the business. However, the right wing retoric and whoa is me white man agenda has become such a turn off. I get it, you were poor, I was too, we still have it better. Just stop.

You are the man. (5/5)


Quality Show! (5/5)

Get up today and don’t do your best, do Adam’s best.

Best pod cast. Adam is funny and honest. (5/5)

Adam isn’t worried about being PC. He speaks his mind and in today that’s hard without cancel culture forcing others to change what you say. Guests are great and I always laugh out loud.

Hands down the best (5/5)

New material or “best of,” its all genius fun, funny & best way to start my day. 😂😂. Always thanks to ACE & his phenomenal team!

First time I lost respect (1/5)

You are my favorite talking head for years. Never disagree or disappointed. If you want real facts talk to dan bongino. Facts matter.

Part one and two (2/5)

Canceled the show ever once part one and 2 came out and Adam keeps repeating his story’s Came back 6 mths later and what do you know s.o s 🖕👎

Part 1 (4/5)

Finally.. part 1 showed up first in feed..

Show has really gone downhill (1/5)

It saddens me to have to give such a poor score but I do it in hopes the show will improve and get closer to what it once was. It feels that over the course of the last year it focus around politics and world that scares Adam to the point of ill informed rants. Between that we hear childish condemnation on subjective topics like music tastes and ketchup on hotdogs. The man does have good points like he always did but he talks in length on subjects he has a tentative grasp on. Most of the guests are still great and help keep the show worth listening to. Gina and Bryan do a great job as well. I’d like to see more comical content and less pedantic chastising of employees. It’s time to grow up Adam.

My all time favorite (5/5)

Listen every day. Adam is hilarious, the crew is great AND they have great guests.

Runs Very Hot and Cold (3/5)

I used to be a daily listener going back to his first podcast after the radio show, but in the last year or so it's become an echo chamber of hypocrisy and painfully uninformed and ignorant rants. "Yeah, but still..." should be the title, not just an in-joke in the series. Adam does these diatribes that are like bizarre quadratic equations filled with bad data for variables and draws horribly flawed conclusions from them which he then seems to take to heart as beliefs. Right-wing guests go completely unchallenged but when progressive ideas or guests are presented he adopts oversimplified "arguments" that he just repeats ad nauseam like "intact families". That "utopia" doesn't exist. There are already millions of broken households out there and that's reality. The bell can't be unrung no matter how much you scream platitudes at it. Reality on reality's terms doesn't exist here. Now, when Adam is having a good day and there's a funny comedian on or they're playing a game of some kind it's the great show that I started listening to. I love those shows. I'm sad that instead of just playing the feed of the show I now have to carefully look at the guest and show description to see if there's a chance it might be one of those funny and entertaining episodes I love so much. The way he yells at his staff recently is just rich-guy privileged drivel now too. In the past it used to be kind of entertaining sometimes because it seemed like he was really trying to make a valid point while doing some friendly nudging. In a recent episode (I'm paraphrasing a bit because I can't remember the exact words) he basically flat out said to "listen to the rich guy, I could basically buy and sell you" and I hit "pause" and stopped listening to the episode because it was just plain mean. Mean Adam is becoming far too prevalent. As another reviewer said, "pick and choose". There are still really great shows and moments but there are far too many cringe-inducing, ignorant rants and retellings of the same few stories lately. Maybe Adam should not try to do "9 podcasts in a day" and "work every weekend". The quality and mood might improve.

Ozzy (5/5)

I want to hear Oswaldo say his own name. Just to see if it’s understandable. Greatest pod!!

Just kidding (5/5)

Hours of free enjoyment.

Mr. Consistent (5/5)

ACS is absolutely the best podcast hands down. Adam, Bryan and, Gina are a strong comedic team.

If you are looking for laughs with a healthy dose of Fox News bozos...look no further (3/5)

I listen to this podcast because I find the Ace Man funny on many occasions. But his embracing of right wing nonsense, with Larry Elder, Charlie Kirk, and whoever else he sees on Fox News makes it possible to skip days at a time. Pick and choose.

Adam is always 5 stars !!!!!! (3/5)

I love Gina she is very nice person I’m sure . Not a great fit. Just my opinion...AMB (female). Oh by the way I’m addicted to your podcast and I’m 56 yrs old (sorry for bringin it back home !!!)

Miss the old days (1/5)

I’ve been a fan of Adam since lovelive and I was a preteen. I’ve met Adam many times over the years and supported all of his endeavors. However the show needs a refresh. It doesn’t need to be two parts. It needs less right wing politics. It needs less Gina. It needs less jokes that Adam has used since the loveline days. Adam I’m sorry but after all these years you have to come up with new material. Please stop the racing audio. People do not like that. Thanks and mahalo.

The best entertainment in the history of mankind (5/5)

All star Adam Carolla and his all star cast are the most entertaining group of people I have enjoyed, more than any other program, in my entire 50+ years. For entertainment purposes, I spend more time listening to Adam and crew than anything else. I love Adam's common sense. Even though I have said many of the things he has said, I have still learned much from him such as the language of losers. This podcast should be required listening for ANYONE that collects a paycheck.

Rotten Tomatoes (5/5)

Love it!

100% Fresh 🍅 (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of Adam Carolla since the Love Line/Man Show days. Lost touch with him for a while but started listening to this podcast about a year ago, now completely hooked on Ace once again. Got to see him at the Wilbur in Boston and meet for a picture afterwards. Great guy, man of the people and outstanding show to listen to every day! Keep it fresh Ace.

Stale and frustrating (2/5)

The show has taken a turn and it’s all political crap now. Gina makes the show unbearable with her “extra” everything. I imagine her at home with her vagina hat on reading 50 shades of grayer cooking kale trying to find things to kiss Adams butt with. Adam rants about how certain celebs are awful to their employees while simultaneously yelling at his employees because something was pronounced wrong. I’ve stopped listening.

Enjoyable, sensible & entertaining (5/5)

A daily dose to alleviate what ails you especially during the daily commute

Neat (5/5)

I find this podcast neat. These folks are neat.

A Pirate ship for everyone!!! (5/5)

Just listen and you’ll be entertained mercilessly for hours... either by a wildly brilliant guest, rock star, actor-or-actress, deft frat guy or something. Stay tuned!!!

Mandatory Adam (5/5)

I’m a carpet cleaner. I love my job because I can put in my earbuds and listen to you while I work.

The news only reason why I still listen (4/5)

The news only reason why I still listen Adam rambles on way to much on some bull.. he dose have some good interviews until he starts rambling.

Larry Elder (5/5)

Awesome interview AC, you and Larry presenting a great perspective on what the hell is going on with our society. Reset button is definitely getting worn out!

Getting to woke (2/5)

I used to love this pod cast and was my go to. After Kevin and bean became too woke I went to the Adam carolla show because of his wit, and his take on politics, being more middle learning. Over the last few months you can tell that his friends have compromised part of his integrity, everything is now trumps fault, which to me is fine if that’s what you think, but being blue collar it’s a little off putting to say especially when most rants are against the raging homeless population in LA, which is true, the amount of regulation also true (building his new house)and the high taxes that we pay. I agree with him on all levels Adam usually being a champion of the blue collar worker, but sadly something changed. If politics were left out or used every once in a while it would be five star, but alas every time I listen it’s trumps fault or TRUMP, which to me is a cop out in the name of leftist or trying to be woke. I will give it another shot and hopefully things will go back to the old Adam, and I can change my review to where it should be 5 star, only the future will tell

Mahalo... (5/5)

Ace is one smart millionaire man!

Same old stuff (1/5)

I was a listener from the start but left after he let go of Alison. Came back thinking I would give it another try but it sounds like the same show I left years ago. Hard to listen to. Of course he won’t care what anyone thinks so not sure why I’m bothering to review.

Jason Whitlock (5/5)

Thanks for getting JW on the show. Always learn something from him. AC is as usual, a great interviewer.

funny and informative (5/5)

cast is great flawless production excellent interviews you wont find any empty platitudes, just the straight up truth for those who still have balls more dawson please

Grateful to have these people in my life (5/5)

Adam is quick, thoughtful, and hilarious. Gina is smart, caring, and delightful. Bryan is smug, pretentious, but mostly likable. This show motivates me to get out of bed, it entertains me while I get ready for work each day, and the gang keeps me company during my commute both ways. The Adam Carolla Show adds joy to my life and I greatly appreciate everyone involved in producing each episode.

Driving (5/5)

Thanks to Ace and the crew for keeping me entertained while I run cheese throughout the Midwest.

Great laughs (5/5)

Who does not like Aceman’s takes, thoughts, and humor. The rest of the crew is great too. Gina and Bryan make a great team and love the classic recurring guests.

Been here from the start, might be done soon (3/5)

Love the comedy, but growing tired of the ultra-privileged, tone-deaf political commentary. It’s not that I disagree, but I’m listening for the laughs, not to get yelled at.

Love ace (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts the only one I wouldn’t give up is ACS I feel like Adam and the gang are the best I’m a cabinetmaker and love that Adam made it to where he’s at, he has made me a better man best podcast there is!

Comedy Gold! Delicious and nutritious! (5/5)

I rely on the daily sustenance of Adam Carolla’s wisdom and guidance. Above making my brain better, Adam Carolla makes me laugh so much, there’s no one funnier. Plus Bryan Bishop and Gina Grad, this show is comedy gold!

Hell yes (5/5)

Will you run for president already! You are the only famous sane person I know!

Politics are really off-putting (2/5)

I used to think he was really funny and quick witted but lately he just seems angry, uninformed and unwilling to change with the times. It is cringe-inducing a lot of time, and downright offensive at other times. He is the definition of white male privilege, thinking that his solutions based on his unique experiences will solve the issues of other people from different backgrounds, with different experiences and histories. Just because he grew up poor and built an “empire” as he calls it, he thinks everyone should and can do the same. He really seems to have doubled down on his right wing beliefs in the face of this movement of being more aware and understanding of people different than us. Just not for me anymore.

Cultural and topical (5/5)

Balances out just about every other source of news and pop culture media. Always fun and interesting take on daily life. I

Love Adam and the lackeys (5/5)

Carolla is awesome

One of my favorites! (5/5)

Also look forward to the show! Thanks!

Getting to Preachy (2/5)

I listened for years, about to unsubscribe. His uninformed and unchallenged political rants are too much. I don’t listen for that whether I agree or not. At this point he has completely surrounded himself with yes men.

Long Time Commentator First Time Listener (5/5)

Been listening since day 1 and been a proud supporter of the pirate ship, keep it up and never apologize for your opinion even if everyone thinks you’re wrong Carolla Life Lessons.

The king (5/5)

Nobody quicker on the draw than the Aceman! Still my favorite show after all these years, even though Gina is still on.....

Evil bavoon (5/5)

Great. Gods! Stuff gang!

Good stuff (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! Been listening since day 1, when Adam's 97.1 show ended. I could do without Bryan's wife's segment. She is annoying AF. Bryan is definitely a Beta Male.

AJ Benza (5/5)

When he is on, the pod rocks. The comedic chemistry between he and Adam is hilarious. You guys rock

Alison Rosen (4/5)

The show lost it’s soul when Adam dumped Alison.

Wow, this (1/5)

Do you enjoy the same twelve stories told over and over again? It’s like you are hanging out with your friends from high school who never left your home town. Do you enjoy a 55 year old man constantly whining about his mom and dad and his upbringing? Nope, me neither.

Bitchin with a capital B. And an A and a C (5/5)

One of my best podcasts around. Second to none in its format. This is on my Rushmore of podcasts.

I can help (4/5)

Love the show... all of them. Don’t understand why your people can’t seem to find the online definitions/references for the words, movies, people etc. that you ask for. Kinda annoying that I’m constantly yelling out the answers to my phone. And I’m a tech idiot. Maybe have a line open for fans to help out. Mahalo

Teacher salaries (4/5)

Over 100k in Palm Springs... check it online

Adam is great (5/5)

Brian is a huge puss if he never spoke again it would be great Also can we make more comments about gabe leaving

A soundtrack to my days. (5/5)

ACS is a life saver. I’m a dog walker so I have a lot of “me” time during my days, and ACS is something I look forward to everyday. Love Adam, Brian, Gina, and the whole gang. I laugh on a daily basis and I’m happy it’s a mandate to get it on!!!

My day would not be the same without it (5/5)

Listen every day. Adam is one o the funniest people I have ever heard and the rest of the crew is not far behind.

So Juicy (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast above all others!

AJ Benza (5/5)

AJ’s the best

Enjoy the show (5/5)

I would listen to Birchum as I cleaned the counters with Windex and emptied the trash cans. Now I listed to Adam, Gina and the gang as I travel all over the country. Been a great part of my work life....

Get a dose of common sense everyday (5/5)

Adam is funny, provocative and most important wise.

Angry Oldman Cringe Worthy ! (5/5)

Usually five stars and all balls but yesterday’s show was cringe worthy. The segments where Adam yells at Chris are very uncomfortable. First time I considered not listening to the pod . Plus stuck up Gina grad is boring please bring back Allison or Theresa. Please next time you need a guest house let it not be Gina Hack !

Real resurgence of funny this past 6 months (5/5)

Listener since ~2012. There was definitely a slow period a year and a half or so ago with Gina coming on and finding her groove within the show and a period where Adam lost his fire and got stuck on a few subjects too long. That long winter has completely passed and I’m hugely impressed with the reformat into 2 parts, the polish of the pacing and segments, and the enthusiasm and edge that Adam has brought back. ACS has clawed its way back into the top listening priority for my daily drive. Hats off to the whole team and congratulations on righting the ship.

Keep up the good work, gang (5/5)

For all the negative reviewers, if you don’t like the show then why are you listening?

What!! Am I missing a joke here? (5/5)

What the F is Dolg213 saying? The team is great don’t change a thing

Best podcast! (5/5)

Love the show been listening for years. By far the best podcast out there.

Great podcast (5/5)

Good show, gives me something to listen and laugh while i work all night. Adam has a great ensemble with Brian and Gina and the guests they have on make it a 5 star show

Love Adam Getting Repetitive (3/5)

Im a big fan of Adam and love the current cast but I’ve been finding myself going straight to the news lately because I feel like I’ve heard the same content to frequently. I would def prefer something besides good sports if that fifteen minutes is technically part of the show, just feels out of place and sports is not always the subject matter

Gina and Bryan stink, repeat stories (2/5)

I have listened for years but have really fallen off the pst year or so. I was able to get over all of the repeat stories. I’m now unable to really get past Gina and Bryan, they have become unbearable. And the fact that they all think Chet Waterhouse is funny makes me question their sense of humor.

My name is Oswaldo (5/5)

aa love the Adam Carolla podcast and drive a Volvo.z

#1 (5/5)

The only podcast that I really can listen to everyday and want more...

I really used to like this show (2/5)

I agree with some of the other reviews that it’s never been the same since Allison left. Gina’s forced laugh is grating. It’s just flat out not entertaining to hear Adam lord over the staff, tell us over and over how he’s a ‘rich guy’ and how he’s so funny. If you have to tell us it’s probably not true. I think that overconfidence from past success has ruined the show. I’ve been listening since the beginning but not so much any longer. Too many other good options out there. It actually did make me laugh when Adam recently suggested there should be a way to keep the one and two star reviews from effecting the shows rating. Not everyone that shares some constructive criticism is a troll. He may have been a founding father of the genre.... yeah, but still.

Best pod going (5/5)

Nobody does a better podcast, people complain about Adam repeating himself, but there’s something about the way he does it that it doesn’t bother me. You talk for hours every day without some repeating of thoughts or ideas, and Adam is a pro at it. Great crew around him too and he gets the best out of his guests

Lots of content. (2/5)

Too bad Adam tells the same stories over and over. I used to really love him but he just talks about the same 13-ish stories repeatedly. Oh but he adds loud car noises in between them. Honestly, he tends to be negative and I have found that I complain a lot more when I listen, as opposed to when I have stopped listening. And I have a theory that Banks Bracket Madness was fixed... 😝

Podcarting at it’s finest (5/5)

Adam is always a pleasure to listen to. Keep up the good work!

Great rants, fun and common sense (5/5)

With the exception of Adam interrupting Ms. Grad with every single news story, this podcast is incredible. I wish Mr. Carolla would bring politicians on and force them to actually answer questions as he has an innate ability to cut through the BS that floats around today’s social media platforms. ACS gets better every year and I’m grateful I can enjoy it daily. The archive episodes are also wonderful snapshots from the past. Thank you ACS... I hope for another 10 years.

The best! (5/5)

The quickest and funniest guy in podcasting. Not afraid to take on the PC entertainment views of the day.

Exactly what I wanted (5/5)

Yes finally a person who thinks honestly & pretty much cool dude .. Gina is awesome her laugh is contagious 😂👍🏽 & people who hate on this & them stop listening go put on your Hilary bumper sticker on your mouths & wrap it upon your hands so you dont have to troll cuz no1 cares what you say or post seriously 😳 .. go do something that makes you happy I can’t believe people like you exist anyways Adam your one of the best your a funny guy & your show makes me laugh every time I listen .. keep up the funny stuff you do

The Best of Adam (5/5)

If you want to introduce someone to the wonders of Adam Carolla, this is the podcast to start them on their journey. These are some of the greatest moments of Adam and tribe over the years. Thank you Laxamana AKA Maxipada and Gio for putting these nuggets together.

Tumbling down (1/5)

This podcast never recovered from Adam’s monumental mistake of firing Alison. For those like me who loved this in the glory days, go listen to Childish with her and Greg Fitzsimmons. Way better!

Why the hate? (5/5)

The only people getting triggered I'm these reviews are snowflake leftists who can't handle when Adam treats people who disagree with them (and usually Adam, too) like human beings. He's the goat, and he is the voice of reason alot of us need.

I can’t be the only one (5/5)

This is the first time I have written a review. But I cannot possibly be the only one who is getting extremely annoyed by Gina’s constant sighing and pretend laughter. It gets kind of unbearable at some point her voice changes she’s inauthentic please Gina just be yourself stop trying to be someone else if somethings not funny enough to make you laugh then don’t laugh. She goes from sounding like Robin On stern to Stephanie Taylor. You can tell who she listens to when not on the air. Plus the way she mocks women’s voices is really insulting Please this is not old time radio with bubbly fake commentary self promoting interest

Still funny! (5/5)

I listen to Adam and drew years ago when I was in high school. Adam cracked me up then and he cracks me up now. I've quoted him for years!!

Disgusting Geragos Supporter (1/5)

Adam used to be smart, but he has been losing brain cells at an incredible rate for the past 10 years, and now he think it’s a good idea to support monsters like Geragos. Time to retire!

ACS Is The Best!! (5/5)

I listen everyday and enjoy all of it!! I’d rather not eat versus miss a show.

Adam is not honest anymore (2/5)

I’ve listen to everything since the love line days and Ironically Adam used to play a game “liar or stupid”. And we know Adam isn’t stupid so we are only left w “liar” as he refuses to say a bad word about Trump or he’ll lose his bigoted Trump base. He’s constantly reaching at straws to bring up hypocrisy in the left but ignores the MASSIVE hypocrisy from the right. Thank god Bald Bryan and Gina try their best to bring back sanity to the conversations but they’re just bullied by a ranting boss.

Good to hear consistent voices, but very repetitive (2/5)

I listen every day and I like the gang, but it’s getting to be the same thing week in and week out. Still good to kill time while doing something else, but otherwise the podcast marketplace has populated itself with far more (and more entertaining) shows over the last decade.

ACS (5/5)

Always enjoy listening to the pod! It’s a much needed dose of humor and common sense!! Great segments and guests. Usually learn something and always laugh!! Love Gina and Bald Bryan also! And the rest of the lackeys!!

Best Podcast (5/5)

This is my “go to” entertainment when traveling. And it is good to hear that someone other that me still loves John Hiatt and Graham Parker. Always enjoy the Rotten Tomatoes Game too.

It’s no Alyssa Milano (5/5)

Great show no Alyssa Milano but it’s great to listen to every day at work!

DAG was right (1/5)

Tucker Carlson, Dinesh D’Souza, Dennis Miller, Jeremy Piven, Rob Schneider, Dennis Praeger.... Enough. It’s just not entertaining anymore.



Still the best (5/5)

The original and still the best. Look forward to my daily dose from my favorite pragmatic celebrity. Common sense discussion about today’s problems...the solution is there people and his name is Adam Carolla. Adam, please consider the presidency in 2024 and keep the winning going. Good day, sir.

Listening for years (3/5)

Started listening since 1999, loved the shows but now it seems like all he does is badger his production staff to look up some random obscure commercial and gets mad when they take more than 2 mins to find it. It ruins the show and I’m sure the guests don’t need to witness that either. If he prepared better before each show it would smooth the whole podcast out. And the parents thing isn’t funny after 20+ years.

Better All the Time (5/5)

I’m amazed at how this podcast just gets better with time. Carolla is under appreciated for what he brings to comedy, but he’s clearly one of the fastest minds out there. The chemistry with Gina and Bryan is excellent. I listen daily and have since the radio days. Brilliant stuff.

Garbage!!!!!!!!! (1/5)

This podcast is garbage now,and I have been listening to it from the beginning!!! One star is actually to nice a rating for this........

Give me more of that nasaely drone. (5/5)

Adam Carolla the unsung hero of our generation has given me ten years of amazing content. I can thank him and the crew enough to their contribution to podcasting and radio. Five stars.

Laugh and learn (5/5)

Great podcast if you want to learn and laugh at the same time. Adam has great life advice!!

One of the best (5/5)

Adam is funny and full of pragmatic advice. If you’re under 30, you should listen carefully.

Billion dollar podcast! (5/5)

Adam is a billion dollar man. Dawson is a billion dollar man. Max Zapadda is a five hundred million dollar man. Jo Koy is a billion dollar man. Bald Bryan is a billion dollar man. Gina is a billion dollar lady. Caelan had sex on his boss’s bed. Oswaldo Castillo is a billion dollar flap steak chef. The Plentywood Montana truck drivers association approved this review.

My Go To Every Morning (5/5)

After I eat breakfast in my kitchen and brush my teeth I focus on the jokes that Adam tells as I ask myself why I make my daily commute for the fifth time that week.

Refreshing (4/5)

Always been and continue to be. One of my regulars to listen to on my commute to work.

The Greatest Podcast (5/5)

Adam is the godfather of podcasting and it shows more and more. This show is a must listen everyday. Formatted great, wonderful cast, and interesting talk mixed with silly fun. Simply the best podcast for an entertaining 2 hours.

Thank you (5/5)

Adam, Gina, Brain, and Dawson= some really great people. I absolutely love this podcast. I listen everyday. Great guests, great skits, great everything. I’m in the Boston area and do construction all day. It’s so great to be able to listen to the show and follow along. Adams view on life is so refreshing. I love how the show staff really lets you into their lives and end up caring about people like Olga. 😀 Gina is such a sweetheart and love her news. Thank you for so many Great hours. Love you guys

Still the most compelling (5/5)

Love ACE and the gang. Bryan’s brain tumor has made him funnier. Gina is the best.

Fan for Life (5/5)

Top shelf entertainment.

Addicted! (5/5)

Funny, entertaining, and at times even educational. Absolutely will not miss an episode and wish they did two a day.

Finally!! (2/5)

Adam FINALLY shut up (kind of) and let Bryan Callen talk. Loved the interview and hearing Adam’s bit of growth🤗

Get it on (5/5)

Love the show! I’ve been listening since the podcast started. Banks bracket madness makes me laugh every day. Haha. Keep up the good work, get it on!

Great Current Events and Comedy (5/5)

Adam and crew bring it every day. Great podcast.

Why is it in two parts? (3/5)


Hating (5/5)

You ding dongs should go do as many podcasts as he does n try not to regurgitate some of the same stories. Start your own and see how easy you think it is.

Thanks (5/5)

Thanks Chris and Gio 🎸👍🏼

This is amazing. (5/5)

Chris and Geo keep up the great work. This podcast is like listening to the ace awards once a week!

Gina (4/5)

Gina is intolerable.

Funny, Informative and Clear Minded (5/5)

I look forward to every show. The news commentary is my favorite part. Adam’s riffs on current events makes me laugh out loud.

I recommend to everyone I talk to! (5/5)

There is something for everyone with this podcast. Somehow I learn and laugh without ever having to worry about any talk about politics. I can’t ask for more.

Love the show (5/5)

I love ACS!!! I love Adam,Bryan & Gina!!! I’ve been listening for over seven years!! Was not a fan of Allison. Gina is a great contributor! Bryan is always funny & just gets funnier!! Listen everyday!! Thanks everyone at ACS for making me laugh every day!!

Older, crankier, MAGA (1/5)

Boy, I loved when Adam was hungry,hustling at KLSX and starting the pod 10 years ago. Today, it’s the same rants, stories and he views the world thru the eye of Trump’s base. No thanks. At 55, I don’t know why he still blames his parents either.

Funniest and most Worthwhile! (5/5)

By far the most hilarious podcast I’ve ever heard!!! As if that wasn’t enough, Adam is also incredibly intelligent and pragmatic! Best podcast across the board!!!

I love bacon (5/5)

I eat a pound of bacon every morning while listening to this podcast. Never felt better.

What happened to the Pirate ship (3/5)

return to your old ways, your ship is sinking and die hard fans are jumping over the rails

Get it on, you’ve got to get it on..... (5/5)

Best podcast out there right now. Adam for POTUS! Listening will be my morning commute routine , for life. Mandate, get it on.

Best!! (5/5)

If you give ACS a bad review or 1 Star, and still keep on listening to the show! Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and say A**hole. That’s what you are. Keep up the good work Adam and crew, great guest, funny, the gang flows together so well!! 👍🏼👍🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Boring (1/5)

Years ago this was entertaining. But nothing has changed. Just the same jokes and rants. Sad.

Meatless Monday (1/5)

Why do you get so angry about people who don’t want to kill an innocent animal— A non violence diet? Eat your meat but why not teach compassion? To each is own but quit putting people who love ALL animals, not just Philly the dog, in a judgement box of flaming liberals in Birkenstock’s. I agree with most of your stances so give us people who make a conscience connection of what’s on my plate a break.

The morning commute made better (5/5)

If you’re like me and live in an area with awful traffic and a killer commute, this show makes that commute that much better. Ready at 6 am and fresh and ready to entertain. I feel good about the day it’s the perfect morning commute companion.

Pirate Ship Sunk (2/5)

Stupid splitting of podcast to try to goose download numbers. Incessant ad drops that disrupt the show’s flow. Repetitive content, guests, and rants that haven’t evolved over time. Ever since the Podcast One deal, this show declined sharply. Used to be an avid Ace fan, listened to this podcast for 7 years... had to walk away.

Longtime listener (5/5)

I love The Adam Carolla Show and have listened for almost a decade now .

Adam Rocks (5/5)

My favorite Podcast, a daily listen for me.

Complains Non-Stop About Employees (3/5)

I've been listening to Adam Carolla's podcast for a few years and enjoy the show. But he's turning himself into a victim of his employees' mishaps/misunderstandings/laziness. A big chunk of each show is Adam telling somone on staff to look something up on Google then complaining because they didn't find what he wanted. Adam also dispenses a lot of life advice that he doesn't necessarily live up to. Listen to this podcast for 2 yrs and you'll have a good time. After that, it's just a lot of repeating the same old stories and complaints. A little show prep and therapy would make Adam a better podcaster.

Still love you... (5/5)

Been listening since spring of 2009. Congratuations on your ten years. Bald and Gina are great together... so playful. Continued success to all. Please keep doing the saturday reruns.... nice touch.

Opinion improvement (4/5)

I really enjoy Adam’s perception on life mixed with his witty sense of humor. I find myself engaged when he discusses topics that are deemed taboo because it’s incredibly refreshing considering every media source just spews the same BS. I’d like to give him 4 stars, but I feel some segments are kind of Radio morning gimmicky like the blind gin taste test. Adam you have so much more to offer and I can listen to you rant for hours, but please try to get more people on in engaging conversation. JRE as you’re aware is dominant for this reason. Ill still keep listening. Keep in mind your UI of podcast descriptions get a bit clouded.

One of my faves, now unlistenable. (1/5)

I knew when he became a shill for bad products (Crema) that he was on a downhill slide. I've bought books, show tickets, and a movie in the past. Not another dime for this guy. No charm left in his soul, all bitterness.

Why is real sports still a thing? (3/5)

I really enjoy this show but I can’t figure out why annoying and boring real sports is always jammed in at the end of ACS. If it’s not good enough for it’s own show ( which “sorry Dave” the man is clearly not) then why punish the loyal fans of ACS with that crap? I have to assume it’s because you need to fill content every day and 15 min of fruit talk helps you keep that time commitment. But it just feels like a rip off bait and switch when I realize that part 2 running time is really only 30ish minutes. On second thought it might just be faster to kill myself instead of complaining about this cause I could go all day.

Makes me giggle (5/5)

Love that adam has all sorts of people on this show. I love the differing opinions giving insights from all sides of top us

Not enough ads (1/5)

Talks sooo slow

Great show (5/5)

Pulled me in from the covino and rich show. Funny as hell, great show!!!

A Great show (5/5)

Adam is a great listen! I love his high energy rants on traffic, police and teachers. All the sidekicks bring something to the show. If Gina becomes single again, I’d love to throw my hat in the ring and diddle her. Thanks for the always entertaining show everyone

Endless Laughs (5/5)

Enjoy the podcast for a variety of reasons: Great guest, timely topics, fun segments, etc. While I don’t agree with all of Adam’s views it’s still a great listen. We should want to hear another persons viewpoints and possibly even learn along the way. Hoping I get to enjoy another 10years of quality content. Thanks ACE, Bald Brain and Gina. (Yes BRAIN)

Sorry (1/5)

I’m glad that you survived your family situation but I’m really sorry that Adam just doesn’t get it when others have been done wrong in this country.

Rants (5/5)

LOVE the common sense rants!

Worse by the day.. (2/5)

Used to be my favorite show, now it’s just one long production meeting. Adam’s lack of interest in his guests combined with recycled stories have become mundane. Someone could call in with a cure for cancer & Adam would interrupt him to rant about his lack of air conditioning in 1973 and then read an ad & hang up. So. Many. Advertisements... we don’t care about your flight delay, Adam. There’s a whole world out there full of podcasts with interesting, useful and entertaining content pertaining to something other than Adam’s personal life. Impossible to recommend to someone that hasn’t been listening to Adam already for years..

Congratulations to the King (5/5)

Wishing y’all much success for many years to come

Happy 10 years (5/5)

Been a listener for 10 years. Been through so much in life while Carolla was in my ears. I believe he has made me a better person and a better father. Thank you Adam, Bald Bryan, Teresa, Alison, Gina and rest of the lackeys. Get it on.

Ace Man (5/5)

No one does it better...the endless rantings and ravings paired with the incredibly funny guests make this a must listen. Gina and bald Are ok too. :)

RIP good sports (5/5)

Great pod

I’ve hung in as long as I could (1/5)

Long time fan but it’s just too hard to listen to now. You can’t have a news person with an agenda who doesn’t even bother to research what she’s talking about! I appreciate Bryan took the improv class, but that seems to have emboldened him. He actually interrupted a guest to take a shot at Trump? I liked him better the first time around when he was called Fred Norris. Before I could just pass over the episodes with Geragos, but the preaching by his peanut gallery is just too annoying now. I’ll check back in six months or so and see how it is.

Best pod ever (5/5)

This pod is the best freaking pod out there The entire crew is hilarious. I love this pod

Great show (5/5)

Great show

Great pod, tired format (5/5)

Long time favorite podcast, but the format is getting old. Brian’s drops are formulaic and tired. The news segment should be renamed “stuff Gina liked today”. Adams rants have less sting than they used to. Interviews veer off the rails into self congratulatory asides. Adam is a better interviewer when drew balances him out. Thin crust is not pizza, it’s an abomination. Get emeril lagasse on the show to settle this nonsense.

I love it (5/5)

I haven't missed an episode in years. Adam is hilarious. 99% of the guests are great (1% not Adams fault) I love Gina and I like Bryan lol Laxi rules!

I tune to listen to something different regularly (5/5)

It’s nice to hear an independent, common sense voice in California. We need more of you everywhere Adam. Thanks buddy, love your podcast and many of your views.

Adam can’t seem to improve as an interviewer (1/5)

Adam is a funny guy but and gets some decent guests but he’s terrible at interviewing them. His “conversations” are almost completely one sided and you don’t learn a lot about his guests or what they are promoting. Dude, just take a class on this or listen to Conan O’Brien, Marc Marion or joe Rogan to see how it’s done. For years he didn’t really talk about politics but lately his true colors as a douchey trump supporter have shown through. I’ve been a subscriber and every day listener for years but today I’m unsubscribing. Having Laura Ingraham as his guest is the last straw for me.

Laura Ingram - yiiiikes. (1/5)

Honestly I have been such a huge fan of Adam Corolla since I hit puberty, 2/3 of my life, but his embrace of right-wing ideologues has me disenchanted. He is a man of the people and inspired me as such. As I don’t need these social programs, hearing him rant on social programs only pushes me further from a childhood hero who I mostly agree with.

Hit and Miss (3/5)

It’s 90% repeated rants and predictable jokes, but that other 10% is sometimes really inspired. Even when it’s the same old jokes, I can't get enough of the Dr Bruce stuff. I’m guessing that people who really like this podcast can’t get enough of most of the other Ace tropes.

Everything else is “just a waste of my time” (5/5)

Love the ACE man, Gina, Brian and all the others. They are always entertaining. I listen in my AirPods while I drive Uber. trying not to laugh when the couple in the backseat is arguing or silently simmering is the hardest thing I have to do.

Love this show; can’t go long without it (5/5)

Been listening to Adam since I was a teenager. Between his rants, Gina’s quips and Balds perfectly placed drops. They help make my horrible commute bearable. Also I’m sure to listen every Monday for the toolbox intros and Chris>Gary

Old Reliable (3/5)

Great podcast fun nothing cutting edge and Adam's got great takes and does amazing improv

Done (1/5)

Your view of the wall is ill informed. You are comparing a power plant fence to a wall from San Diego to McAllen. Not the same thing. It is a manufactured crisis by king baby and his cronies. The immigrants are not sneaking across the border but requesting asylum. That is legal. Trump canceled our embassy ability to take asylum request in country the first two weeks in office. It is his fault. Educate yourself before you make statements please. I will no longer listen to your podcast. Ever wondered why you are working to scratch out a living and Kimmel is rolling in it. Take a hint.

Down F*CKING Hill (1/5)

This show is getting harder & harder to listen to consistently. The repetition makes it so a person could take off long periods from listening w/o missing a thing. The Adam/Drew shows are BRUTAL & long have been unsubscribed... Reminds me of the last few gasps before I stopped listening to Stern all together. This show clearly struggles to provide new or updated content. And it all falls on the host. Radio is format swiftly dying & this show, for some reason, wants to keep attempting to breathe life into a format that nobody cares about. But overall, the repetition is what is killing this show. Same recycled stories. It’s not a show I MUST listen to first thing & has been that way for awhile.

The Food Network? (1/5)

Too much food talk.

Best In The Game (5/5)

He’s the podfather. Simply put Adam is the best podcaster to ever do it. He is a master of the format and all his shows are excellent. Great cohosts and guests. He’s basically a radio frontiersmen in the way that Stern broke away from the overbearing FCC by going to XM, Adam did by podcasting.

Adam is the best (5/5)

Seriously hilarious show. Adam is the most naturally funny person I’ve heard. He, Gina, and Bryan have perfect chemistry. The show is firing on all cylinders.

Number One (5/5)

As a UPS driver, I listen to 8 hours of podcast a day. This is my favorite. Ace is great, but it’s the chemistry of the whole crew that makes it for me.

Carolla Classics (5/5)

Really enjoyed these. Thanks Chris and Gio!

Common sense commentary (5/5)

A breath of fresh air. Life isn’t all about rainbows and ice cream. Everyone doesn’t get a trophy. And for all the commentators calling Adam a racist, you’re clearly not listening.

Still good but.... (4/5)

This podcast is still good in my opinion. There are a few things that can make it better: 1. Single episodes, no more 2 parters. Adam, please don’t make your shows 2 parts, find a way to splice them together and make it one concise episode. So what if it’s 2 to 3 hours long...I’ll still listen. This also leads to... 2. More variety in commercials. I understand that you guys ha s sponsors and these short commercials are to advertise them, but please...for the love of god...don’t use the same commercial more than once per episode. That’s going to drive away some listeners.

First time long time (5/5)

My favorite daily pod!

Long time listener (5/5)

By far the most entertaining podcast or there.

Love the show. (5/5)

Get it on.

Funny (4/5)

Adam is vary vary funny.., Funny.. HaHa. At the same time insightful. But..... He is constantly apologizing STOP IT !! No need.

3 times fool! (5/5)

This is my favorite pod, listen in on the way to work and throughout the day, keeping me laughing and never bored! Keep it up aceman, bald Brian, Gina, et al.

Best pod there is (5/5)

Adam and his crew put a ton work into this. Its hilarious and its quality. Been listening since day 1.

Get it on.... (5/5)

If you are easily offended...go kill yourself.... Hilarious show....every weekeday

Uncle Jimmy, it’s hard to be rich (2/5)

Occasionally entertaining, Adam constantly reminds us about his bromance with Uncle Jimmy (Kimmel). Jimmy seems to have moved on but Adam is still fixated on UJ. It’s puzzling, because they’re both rich — as Adam also reminds us — so a $3k personal guide to Disney World is a negligible drop in his overflowing bucket of wealth. The only downside of having a personal guide is walking to the front of every line while the plebes stare. Other podcast members reliably fawn, laugh, and chuckle at Adam’s rapier wit, and I wish them the best. Maybe one day they’ll get to watch a football game on TV with Uncle Jimmy.

Ok show, too much football (2/5)

Much better show when it’s not football season.

Best podcast around (5/5)

I found this podcast when I working in a manufacturing plant and needed to fill my 10 day. I remembered Loveline and Drew’s show led to this, it was great because it filled 2 hours. Now that I have moved up and moved on this is still in my life. I make sure if I only have time for one daily podcast this is the one I listen to.

Mijo (5/5)

Started listening to this show many years ago and will continue to listen and support. Adam has this crossover between comedy, quick wit and intelligence that makes every episode special. If I'm momentarily distracted I rewind it so I don’t miss anything and that's the ultimate compliment

Long time listener, first time reviewer (5/5)

Been listening since Ace did the first podcast with Bill Simmons via cordless phone. Best daily podcast on the inter webs. Bring back DAG.

3 Times Fool! (5/5)

Great shows!

Please (3/5)

Can someone give Gina Grad a SUDAFED

Ace is the best (5/5)

Nobody else offers as much quality free content as the Ace man. 5 stars all day. Get it on.

The Pod-father (5/5)

The best overall podcast in all of podcasting. How can anyone rate Ace, Gina, Bryan and the gang anything less than 5 stars is beyond me.

Adam’s show is good times! (5/5)

I love ❤️this show. Adam is a great voice! He makes you feel better and sort of sets your head on straight, while making you smile/laugh. Get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truth hurts (5/5)

Been casually listening to Carolla since Loveline. Looked up the pod after reading “Not Taco Bell Material.” Often hysterical, the pod is helped by the differing viewpoints of Bald & Gina. People crying about him being self-referential are being ignorant. He is self educated—he’s a tabula rasa of humanity after raising himself and being atheist. He just speaks from his experience—not rehashed arguments he cribbed from a college textbook. He has a shocking lack of sugar coating, so it hurts the soft underbellies of millennial toads. He is PRAGMATIC not DOGMATIC. He has one of the quickest wits and depth of knowledge I’ve ever heard. He’s profane, but so is life. If you interact with society at all, you’ve heard worse. Enjoy with the grain of salt with which it’s intended.

Get it on! (5/5)

Start my day every day with this pod, couldn’t recommend it enough.

Ace at His Best (5/5)

I’m a longtime fan of Adam, and he seems to only get better. I haven’t missed an episode of this show since 2011, and I look forward to it every day. The ancillary cast adds a bunch, lead by Bald Bryan who has really upped his game over the years. Gina is great on the show and is a welcome addition to the team.

Sometimes a comic genius (2/5)

Sometimes a flaming a-hole. Just got tired of his not funny rants.

Gina grad (4/5)

If you want a female co-host to cough into your earbuds for 2 hours Perfect. Count how many times an episode she coughs into the mic. What’s the over/under?

Best Podcast out there!!! (5/5)

This is the king of podcasts from the king of podcasts!!!!

Muy bueno! (5/5)

The show es muy bueno!

I Used To Love It (1/5)

This show has really gone downhill. I was a faithful listener and long-time fan, however I just can’t do it anymore. Bitter party of one Adam? Gina is super rough to listen to and your music and political rants are tired. I took a long break after you fired Alison and when I came back it was worse than I could have imagined. A little humility goes a long way sir. I made the right decision to unsubscribe long ago.

Good only on loveline (1/5)

Anderson had the best drops. You need station forcing you to breaks and no cussing. Also forcing you to take calls, especially from dumb callers. And pressure to let drew give medical advice. Need the same old loveline parameters. (I only liked old loveline with just Drew and Adam, no guests)

commute assist (5/5)

I almost welcome gridlock so I can listen to the Aceman. glad Dameshek is back too. Gina is smoking hot too.

I love Adam but he forgets how stupid he is (4/5)

I’m a huge Adam fan BUT: he is near-retarded and should stay away from cognitively taxing things. EXAMPLE: how does he, in the same breath, and with no sense of irony, argue that school is a waste of time for his kids and also mention that oh by the way he is illiterate.


Simply the best Podcast around!!!!

Dying (1/5)

Adam has turned into a cranky old man who, after a half century is a still bitter that his parents sucked. I wish he’d use his unparalleled improv talent (he is quite good at this) to make people laugh rather than spout propaganda and misguided beliefs. Sitting next to a physician for years does not make one a doctor.

The Pirate ship has sunk. (2/5)

The Adam Carolla show has devolved into an irrelevancy. Overall his guests have gotten worse as the years pass and it seems he has all but scared off his best regulars i.e Joe Koy, Dag, Dana Gould. But worst of all his political rants give me an uneasy feeling in my gut. I used to listen to Adam and the gang to laugh. That doesn’t happen very often anymore. It’s too bad because I was a loyal listener. Now, I listen to nothing.

Who doesn’t love Adam Carolla? (5/5)

Hilarious, and full of more common sense than most. One of the greats.

Commercials are so LOUD! (3/5)

Why are the commercials so darn loud? I used to try to listen to the show as I was falling asleep at night, can’t do it any longer because the commercials wake me up.

Listened for years (3/5)

But in contrast to the early Loveline days with Drew it seems Adam is only ever angry anymore. He’s genuinely a comedic genius, but when the only thing you display is frustration and anger it’s hard to be funny. I wish he would chill out like when he was young.

Meh. (2/5)

Two things. First, Adam does not have a pleasant voice and, two, he talks way too much. Here’s a little test to prove it. Take any show and move the progress bar across to random spots and see how many times Adam is talking versus his guest or anyone else in the studio. It’s Adam, way too much. He is much more interested in the sound of his voice than something meaningful from his guests. Terrible interviewer. I noticed a lot of reviews complaining about his right-leaning political views. I have no idea what his true political leanings are, but, don’t rule out the possibility that his rants are calculated to build a bigger audience than whatever he has now. It works for Fox News and he very well may be mimicking what was a successful strategy.

AJ Benza (4/5)

Love AJ on the show. More AJ!!!

Woof! (5/5)

Woof woof woof!!

It’s getting sad (1/5)

Carolla is really showing his blatant racism as each day passes. At one point we were made to believe he was joking for effect but it’s absolutely clear that he is so racist and such a Trumper. He’s SUCH a condescending narcissist and I guarantee his staff hates him. There is no way they have respect for such a hypocrite. What I don’t get is how Dr. Drew continues to be his sidekick. It’s revolting

Uninspired time waster (1/5)

I was a big fan from the beginning but it has become formulaic and uninspired. Used to be a true pirate podcast but now there’s no interesting, conflicting, free flowing conversations. It now feels scripted with Adam going over the same beats he has for years. He used to be a comedy factory but has become a comedy warehouse. I’m really disappointed considering how big a fan I used to be from the beginning.

Try it, you’ll like it. (5/5)

I’ve been listening/watching Adam for about 20 years, he’s a genius. This engaging and hilarious podcast gets me through my commute every day.

Love it (5/5)

Keep doing what ur doing AceMan!! Thanks for the entertainment!!! Tony from Denver

The best (5/5)

Adam is simply the best. Best known thing to happen to listening. I cannot imagine my day without hearing these voices on the show! Keep it going!

Best part of my day. (5/5)

I love this show. I never miss a day since I started listening in February. I learned about NSNG because of The Adam Corolla Show and got healthy. It's a very funny show but it also tends to be inspiring. I like the news with Gina Grad. Bald Brian has great timing with his sound bites. There are always great guests. Mike Dawson adds something great as well. Keep it up and I'll keep sharing the pod.

Same stories over and over and over. (2/5)

Did you know that he played football as a kid? Did you know he thinks his parents are garbage? If you listen to a few episodes you'll hear these and a couple other stories every show until you stab yourself in the ears.

Love it (5/5)

I find myself agreeing with Adam on a lot of things. I like to hear him ranting cuz I rant about some of the same things. Love Gina and Dawson....

Candy Loving (5/5)

I’m lovin’ Candy Loving. Where have all of the true classic beauty’s gone? Mid-west is my guess. Love the show. Great job Team.

Bad (1/5)

All Adam does is complain.

The kids and the Grub Hub is so wrong. I am out (1/5)

Decadent non parenting

Classic Ace (5/5)

The man speaks more truth than a magic 8 ball, and slightly more funny.

Five stars (5/5)

Many hours of enjoyment have been had listening to Adam and creW working long hours in a machine and this show helps break up the day. Enjoy/Thanks

Excellent motivation (5/5)

I listen to this when working out. Make the work out fly by, unless you drop a barbell on yourself from laughing

Can’t listen anymore (2/5)

The podcast has really stagnated, and the attempt to keep the download numbers up by splitting every episode into two is just pathetic. On top of that it is confusing and my phone didn’t know how to keep track of which half to play first. I feel like I’ve gotten all I can from it and there’s nothing more to get. I have a feeling Carolla is trying to do too much and spreading himself way too thin.

Love it (5/5)

I love it

Show splitting (1/5)

Cant do show splitting.

Long time listener. Just can’t do it anymore. (2/5)

I’ve been a fan of Adams since around 98’. I’ve always thought he was so funny and insightful. Lately though, something has changed. I’ve been a daily listener to the podcast but lately it’s just slowly faded from every other day to maybe 2 times a month. It’s just not entertaining anymore and it’s so repetitive. There’s a reason other podcasts get great guests and Adam gets the same cycle practically weekly. Gina is a professional and Bryan is cool, sometimes I feel like maybe they have to go along with what the boss says or else? I’ll give the show another star cause the production is probably the best, it’s just the content is so boring now. I’ll always love Adam but I gotta take a break for a while.

Guilty by association (1/5)

Your podcast has been deleted off my iPad. Your buddy Kimmel may have done good for you but he is a liberal anti American to me. Bye bye’ Ps Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my guns.

End of an era (1/5)

I used to love the ACS pod going back 8+ years. Over the last 1-2yrs; the tropes became repetitive, rants predictable and I realized my only laughter came from his guest’s jokes. Looking at you Jo Koy, Koechner, Brad Williams, et al! It’s been a good ride and I wish you all the best. Thanks for the thousands of free hours.

great when no RJ Bell (1/5)

it’s odd adam keeps bringing back a KNOWN. CHEAT. if the government cared about gambling RJ would essentially be the Bernie Madoff of sports betting.

Great (5/5)

The Do Tell Ray Show

Very good (5/5)

Super funny, love the show

Amazing (5/5)

Easily one of the best things to listen to daily. Adams realism and sarcasm are something that needs to be grasped by all Americans. Regardless if you agree, you can always understand where he’s coming from. Great show.

Red left turn arrows are for the sheep (5/5)

I’ve moved on to the next level. Blowing through all red lights, railroad crossings, pedestrian crossings, etc... Just gotta time her right.

Great show, but... (4/5)

Have listened to this podcast since inception. Love Adam and Bryan, but please find someone other than Gina. The constant snorting/chuckling/fake laughter just ruins the show now. Teresa was great and Allison was fine, but Gina is just horrible. The 0 to 60 laughter every 10 seconds just ruins the flow of the show and is obviously just fake and is like turning on a crappy morning show to have to listen to her. Maybe have mute button for her removing all her snorts/chortles/sighs? Thanks

More conservative, less funny (1/5)

Additional proof that the more conservative you go, the less humorous you get. I listened to every single podcast he ever did since he started it until this year. Just too much of the same rants.

Go To Entertainment (5/5)

Always funny and insightful.

Never lets me down (5/5)

I can’t believe I haven’t rated this until now. Thank god Adam has created this empire. I listen almost every day of the week. Gina is amazing, Bald Bryan is great and Adam always delivers. Professionally produced, clean and great guests.

Norm (5/5)

I enjoyed listening to the Norm McDonald episode. I remembered listening to it before. I still enjoyed it. Thank you for doing the best of. I will continue to listen like I always do.

Ads,blah blah, Ads, blah blah,Ads, blah blah, etc. (4/5)

Maybe put all the ads at the front or at the back of the show, eh?

Wow (5/5)

He’s a great storyteller-

Best PodCast of All Time. Ace Broadcasting High Quality Entertainment (5/5)

Adam is, as always, hilarious and entertaining. Love the Show, love the Cast. Bald Brian and Gina are great. Love this podcast. Adam and his crew are excellent.

Adams is great but his attitude will wear on you (3/5)

Been a Adam fan since his Loveline days. Listened to this podcast for many years and have enjoyed it for the most part. However recently his I am a genius and always right approach to life that was once filled with humor is now like getting hit in the head with a hammer. I listened everyday while running my business but will be taking a long break and looking for other podcast that make me think and laugh. I use to listen to laugh now it seems it’s all about Adams way of life is the only way to live. While I hear Gina and Bald biting their tongues on many occasions. I don’t care that you hate fake cheese or that you were the first person to ever say or think blank. I listen to laugh which I use to do now I hear about incompetence and how it surrounds him. Still a fan but taking long vacation, which I know he is not a fan of. If I have car question I will let you guys know.

Was...a longtime listener (1/5)

Had do stop listening after many years of being a big fan because this guy just can’t get out of his own way with his poor man’s version of Rush Limbaugh. Same redundant rants, topics, and ideas; you only need to listen to one or two shows and you’ve heard everything he’ll talk about. Adam already knows everything about everything and he’ll be glad to let you know endlessly. Also, he will endlessly defend Trump and never hold him accountable for the ridiculous thing is that he says and does. Not a good pod anymore. No wonder The downloads are dropping.

The Comedic Pug Sucked (5/5)

Kudos for Adam trying to keep the whole segment from crashing and burning.

Out of Order (5/5)

How come the episodes show as episode 2 first and then episode 1 second?

Get it on (5/5)

Listen to every Carolla related podcast daily. No other man works as hard to have a steady flow of content. Adam is a genius(and he knows it lol) the fastest improv skills and the most level headed opinions I've ever heard.

It's just a crap podcast now (2/5)

Carolla's ego and anger have made the show unbearable. Gina & Bryan have talent but if they dare show it, they'll be kicked out too.

Not as great as it used to be (1/5)

This show is now in two parts of u don’t have your settings right you can accidentally listen to part first . Show is to cut up . He’s been gong the same rants forever . Now they sound old Man ish . Not really funny . He’s turned more to an talking head with some humor instead of a comedian . Good sports is ok sometimes they talk about other things but annoying at the end of part one . It’s like he inserted it so he doesn’t have to do as much on the podcast . Yes actually like his wife’s podcast better for crying out loud . Also he only has some good guests a few days a week now . Vinny is good as a regular Dennis miller not so much . Bring back joe koy .

Best Way to Start My Day (5/5)

I listen each morning while I do the morning start up on our farm. The chickens always give me a strange look when I’m laughing while I’m cleaning. Always gives me a boost! Thanks!

Nostalgia (5/5)

Adams’ stories from his upbringing are surprisingly nostalgic. So many familiar memories. Love it.

Fastest Mind — Funniest Man (5/5)

Aceman is the perfect cocktail of fast and funny. Dude’s a genuine genius and a master of the rant. He has no equal.

angry idiot (1/5)

I'll listen if he has a strong guest on. I used to be a fan even though he has five jokes he recycles endlessly. Adam, tell us again about your lazy mom or her friend who said "excuse you." That never gets old. I had to bail after he had Prager on for a discussion about how it was a no-brainer that schools would be safer with armed teachers. He's funny but has the intellectual curiosity of a bar rag.

Long Live The King (5/5)

I’ve always enjoyed Adam and though he was entertaining on Loveline, Man Show and Crank Yankers but when he replaced Howard Stern on the Radio I really got hooked. Since he moved to the podcast the show became 10 times better. He has a talent of getting people to open up and I feel like it’s a raw truthful and comedic way for me to learn who many important people are. Like many people in California, I spend lots of time commuting and driving in my car. I actually look forward to my drive because it lets me start the day with a smile and as rough work may be at least I’m smiling when I get out of the car. Brian and Gina (and the rest of the crew) take the show grow great and elevate it to Fantastic! I recommend the show to all my friends. It’s no wonder it’s number 1. GET IT ON, GOT TO GET IT ON! -Jason Ball

Love the Pod (5/5)

Adam is one smart millionaire man.

Great podcast... very entertaining (5/5)

Love listening to this daily. Only wish is that they would upload them in reverse order so they would play in order

Fell off. (1/5)

Do you love repeat stories about traffic, air travel, and LA politicians? Then boy do I have a podcast for you. To add to your listening enjoyment, be prepared for commercials to interrupt interviews. It’s got everything!

Needs One Tweak (5/5)

If only Gina wouldn’t SCREAM laugh I’d give it five stars. Don’t let the

Super funny...alt right (1/5)

Adam is still crazy funny but is now having guests on like Jesse Lee Peterson. Peterson is a bigoted, homophobe who thinks that black people were better under Jim Crowe. The only reason he’s on Carolla’s show is because he’s a black guy that thinks young black people are lazy.

Keep it coming (5/5)

Love this show. Adam can riff on literally anything and when he gripes about something he uses common sense logic that anyone would agree with.

Gina and Bryan (5/5)

I loved the segment where Bryan played Gina’s drops. Great pod!

Guess I'm over it (2/5)

Been listening since Ricky Rachman and him were on Loveline and over the last year I've listened to maybe 4 or 5 episodes. I feel the same as all the other low rated reviews, same rants, same stories, too many ads, it seems the pod is rolling toward the checkered flag. Threw a rod, blew a couple tires and hit the wall once or twice, makes me nostolgic for the old Adam and not a fan of the maturing one. I keep checking top podcasts and episodes and he isn't even in the top 200 any more, really a bummer. HUGE DoT fan though so I guess I'm still supporting the network.

Love your opinions. (5/5)

Love the show and tired of Stern. You and AJ Benza have the best shows. Take care of AJ and do more with him. Freaking love his story telling and views!!!

William valderrama (2/5)

I Did not Relize that Adam Carolla Died or when? I had been a loyal podcast listner around 2009-2011 when his show had guests and banter. i stopped years ago aftre hearing over and over and over his Childhood and 7th grade football stories Blah,Blah Blah beaten into the ground to death!! We get it your childhood wasnt great(not many people have the perfect life) .He was at best a 1 trick pony that his staff has recycled to death? SAD

Great Pod! (5/5)

I listen daily. I laugh, learn and think. The whole crew is great. Adam has a great interview style. I have really enjoyed interviews of guests I was not familiar with or thought I would have no interest in. Get it on!

Stop Interrupting... (4/5)

I love the show, Adam is great. But sometimes I just want to forward the segment or even skip to the next show because of all the annoying interruptions of Adam’s brilliant rants. More Adam and Gina, less Bryan. Bryan slow down - you mumble through just about everything you say.

Ads for days (2/5)

I know the man has to make a buck but the number and duration of ads is out of control. Joe Rohan cracked that nut by doing his at the beginning 5-7 minutes of his podcast. Not sure why many others haven’t adopted this method. This isn’t radio so why maintain that format?

Very funny yet more honest then the news (4/5)

Adam is one of the funniest podcasters ever. He is so quick witted and can improvise with the best of them. He is a great interviewer and quite honestly has better view points then most radio talk shows. He’s not totally conservative but I agree with most of his politics and I’m very conservative. I think he just uses common sense and it’s so refreshing.

The Hammock (2/5)

Morning zoo, hole, guests who aren’t/once famous, constant marketing, celebrity diets and the same jokes you heard on all his other podcasts/standup/live podcasts/loveline/movies. Didn’t a lot of donors get screwed for funding Road Hard? Never mentions that when he’s bragging.

Don’t miss out! (5/5)

Listen to every episode... eventually. Great cast and Gina’s laugh plus BBs sounds WOW

Listen almost st everyday! (5/5)

Good conversation and topics on a daily basis.

The Pirate Ship has Sunk (1/5)

Used to be interesting funny podcast then he decided to go political and it has become another liberal bashing podcast like the 1,000s out there

Best podcast (5/5)

Amazing topics and great laughs keep it up. Got to get it on

What has Adam become? (3/5)

Adam has supplied years of entertainment to my ears since the Birchum KROQ years. It’s been unsettling to hear how conservative and closed minded Adam has become over the past couple of years. Some of his guests now just seem quite wacko and paranoid with tin foil hats. Please support all people of all colors Adam and call out Trump when he insults people of color or with disabilities. Bald Brian and Gina also need to disagree more as I can tell they want to speak out but are just “yes men.”

Ridiculously funny! (5/5)

Even with Adams myopia and some of the stale stories (getting tired of hearing about lousy childhood with his retarded friends peeing on each other, who does that?) the podcast is very funny. Gina and Bryan are awesome foils! Many laughs from the expertly timed sound effects and the improve training shows. .

solid show with (2/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast since day 1, download it every day. Adam is funny and I bought his books. I had the podcast rated a 5. I’m getting REALLY TIRED of Fox Not News (entertainment opinion) guests. I just delete the episodes once it becomes clear who they are. I really really really wish the show was fun again and not such a bummer. 😶 PLEASE DON’T MAKE THIS A POLITICAL SHOW.

Used to love it (2/5)

Adam’s increasing myopia and lack of nuanced thinking is making this listener tune out after years of being a fan.

Meh... (3/5)

I previously couldn’t stand Adam and I’ve come back and tried listening to him again. I guess he’s ok and I listen to him on the weekends when I run out of other podcasts and audio books... So not bad Adam, up from my previous 1 star review lol

Fix play order of part 1 and 2 please. (5/5)

Get it on, Ace. Hyper vigilance and attention to detail. Please have episode downloaded so that part 1 flows into part 2. Thnx.

splitting shows hurting listener’s experience (2/5)

Still enjoy the show and yes it’s free but the splitting of shows increases the amount of manual effort quite a bit just to listen to the parts in proper order. Even Adam’s own app doesn’t sort properly! Its very tricky and unintuitive to load your ‘up next’ queue in the proper order. It doesn’t help that Apple keeps screwing around with the podcast app for no apparent reason but like I said even Adam’s own app has this problem.

👍🏻 (5/5)

Even though I don’t always agree with Adam I still enjoy listening to him and he has a great sense of humor.

My favorite show (5/5)

Simply the best podcast.

We the best! (5/5)

Get it on

Ace (5/5)

Love the ace man

Love ace (5/5)

Gotta love the rambling man

Love the show but.. (5/5)

I love the show! everthing about it, but the new split show format has iTunes going wacko! It’s awful sometimes half the show is missing,🧐😑

Show used to be wayyy better. (1/5)

Adam is just a jerk. He’s constantly talking down to the guys that work for him and it’s disrespectful and uncomfortable. He’s a huge hypocrite about a lot and acts like he’s some sort of god. Brian and Gina are cool but will never challenge him on any of his ridiculous banter. Show used to be good but has become way to repetitive. Check out other podcasts, there’s so many better ones.

My Daily podcast (5/5)

Great team you have assembled! It’s like Audi or Saab put together a race team. Love the new logo! Love Gina’s asides she sneaks in. Bald the improv skills are improving but give Gina a chance when the role is female 😉

Ace Man (5/5)

Can you ask Maxapada to upload the Part 2 first then the Part 1 of the pod that way they play automatically in the correct order. Love the show! Get It On!!! Love the new Pod Logo. When it works it just works.

Thanks Adam (5/5)

I don’t mind the pods being split in two, actually makes it so that you can download them using cellular data cause they’re smaller. Meaning I can go on my phone while I’m driving 90 up the 405 to Bellevue and download the next episode to start almost seamlessly, preeetty good. Thanks for everything you do Ace!

Funny show (4/5)

Love the show. I am an avid listener, two adjustment suggestions: Adam less complaining (too angry, brings show down) about California, and Gina more prep (details) on your news stories. That being said, I love the show it is very entertaining!

Adam has fallen off... (2/5)

He was an original, but now he just repeats himself. His jokes are on a loop, Road Hard was only funny, if you didn’t listen to the show, and I can only imagine his comedy special will have very little material that is new. When everything is improv, you go to the things you know and for Adam, it’s the same beats. Unlike a true standup, Adam has the same material and stories over and over. Even after a break, you come back to the same handful of points.

Two parts and way too many commercials (2/5)

This was the gold standard for daily podcasts. Then the split it into two parts in what seems like an effort to add more commercials. Mission accomplished. It seems like it’s 50% ads now. I know it’s free but so are all the other pods that manage to have a reasonable amount. It ruins the flow of the content and any conversations with guests.

Used to be my favorite podcast (3/5)

I don’t know if it’s me or the show. I suspect it’s a little of both, but I barely listen anymore. I used to listen every day, and now I’m a month and a half behind. I suspect that’s mainly because Adam has gotten to the point where he is so entirely predictable with every point he makes. Part of it is because he has a lot of hours to fill and there’s only so many things to say, but if you’re a long time listener you know he repeats himself ad nauseam. The other part is that he turns every news story or conversation into one of his five or six main talking points. I can easily guess Adam’s take on a particular subject while Gina is still reading the story 90% of the time. That all being said, Gina and Brian are great, and Adam is still the absolute best at making a conversation hilarious. But, I think I just need a break.

Excellent (5/5)

Adam Corolla has consistently great content and guests. I also appreciate his common sense viewpoints.

Do what Rogan does (2/5)

Stop interrupting the show for ads, do them at the beginning and the end. Totally wrecks the flow of the pod.

Love Adam (4/5)

Love the show. Keeps you entertained though two downsides: enough Dennis Miller and Good Sports is insufferable. Love Adam, Brian and Gina.

Fantastic Show! (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts around. I've been listening for about 7 years now and the show has only become better.

Get it on (4/5)

I love the show however, the insane amount of live reads during the shows is very annoying.

Love it! (5/5)

This podcast helps me through my workday. Super funny. I’m never bored listening to Adam and the Gang!

Too Many Live Reads (1/5)

I am constantly clicking the 15 second fast forward button while listening to the show. He clumsily interjects live reads at the worst time. Right in the middle of the guest interview, or the start and middle of the news segment. It should be called “The Adam Carols Live Read Show.” It’s like listening to boring regular radio.

Perfect for driving in traffic (5/5)

Adam and his team is the best life coaches I can afford.

Aceman and team = best podcast (5/5)

Genuine, sincere, and providing the best life advice in all media. That is Adam Carolla. His podcast is a must listen for anyone wanting to understand the world and have a lot of laughs.

Used to be Funny (1/5)

I think, listening to the old Loveline tapes reminds me of what has changed. Adam used to be self-deprecating, and the humor that was not about himself was observational type humor and analogies. Success has taken much of these traits away. The show has run its course. Good luck in the future Ace - we had some good years.

Long Time (5/5)

I absolutely love the ACS, been listening to show since 2015 and never miss an episode! Get it on! My favorite guest is Joy koy :)

Adam is losing it (1/5)

The shows have gone downhill.

Since Day One (5/5)

I've listened to Adam Carolla every single day since before the pirate ship and I never get tired of his stories. Bought all his books. Seen him live several times. Love him. He's wildly talented.

Adam is a genius (5/5)

The go-to podcast for years. Adam is the wittiest, sharpest and most hypervigilent podcast host you will find.

Used to be good, now kind of boring (2/5)

Used to be really good. Now almost purely devoted to Adam’s conservative rants, which are boring and get repetitive after a while. He’s still the funniest and fastest guy around, but left to his own devices tends to devolve into conservative conspiracy theory guy. The best ones are when he has other comedians on, cause then they just focus on being funny. The worst ones (which are now the majority) are when he has conservative-pundit people on, because then they just focus on owning libs and forget to be funny.

The 2 episode format is annoying (4/5)

Makes it hard to follow, and sometimes they aren’t uploaded in chronological order by Adam’s flunkies so it automatically plays part 2. I’d rather just one super long show.

I agree (3/5)

Dave is the weak link

Dave Damaseck (1/5)

Glad Dave is on the last 13-15 mins. I can slide, delete and not have to listen to him then move on to part 2, he’s so annoying. I agree with another post, take him off and give him his own show.

Need more original material, fewer commercials (2/5)

Same complaints/rants over and over. Adam is like a hack stand-up who drags out the same material for decades on end. Also, I understand that the bills need to be paid. However, splitting the podcast into 2 parts and filling it with ads is a shameless way to game the system. I wouldn't mind as much if there were more varied commercials. Sometimes I hear the same 2 Geico ads half a dozen times in one episode. I will specifically never buy Geico insurance because of this.

Great Pod (5/5)

Aceman got me through a bout with gonorrhea in the nineties. Now nothing whatsoever can stop me listening to the pod during my woodworking or weightlifting sessions. I especially appreciate the groundbreaking rants on government, weathermen, shoes, and terrible songs such as ‘while my guitar gently weeps.’ You shouldn’t miss this astounding variety!

Great show! (5/5)

I listens daily. Very funny!

Ugh (1/5)

I’ve listened to Adam in all incarnations since the 90s. I lived the podcast but it has taken a nosedive. Unsubscribing today

Brush up on your skills (3/5)

ACE,please forgive me because I love you man… But your interview skills are horrible, you pride yourself on not doing your homework and studying up on people but interviewing off-the-cuff unlike Your stand up where you can get away with off-the-cuff because you’re great at it for some reason interviews just fall short and I feel the guess feel short changed After leaving the program... why am writing this is I was gritting my teeth listening to your John Cena I’m not even done with the interview and I don’t even write reviews but here I am… And I don’t know much about John Cena… Except one thing Bad interview I know you don’t go back and listen but boy you might want to ...there’s been a few, being a fan I just Chalk them up as bad guest… always a fan I’ll keep listening sorry for the critique

Get rid of Bryan (5/5)

I love Adam comedic genius but I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks Bryan needs to be replaced

Left this reviewer cold! (5/5)

This podcast left this reviewer cold!

Ace and crew get it done! (5/5)

A daily goto for intelligent hilarity!

Too many ads! (2/5)

Been a fan of this podcast for a while. Lately however I’ve been listening less and less. Seems like every other min Adam is peddling another sponsors crap. There’s more and more breaks for ads and now even two parts to each show for even more ads.

Good (5/5)

Great show. I’ve listened for many years. However, the Good Sports segment is horrible and needs to go.

Bait and switch (1/5)

Podcast one keeps downloading crap other podcasts labeled acs-please stop this.

Mahalo (5/5)

Thank you Adam for a down to earth, reality based idea factory. I don't know how you grew up in LA to two hippies with no drive to become the man with great ideas. Just a good treat each day with Bald Bryan and Gina Grad. It is a great team you put together and good luck to any man worthy for Gina. Holy Cow. She is hot. I mean smoking hot and even more so after losing the weight. I saw your show in Chicago a couple of years ago and she was cute, but WOW now. Anyway, this isn't about how incredibly pretty, smart and fun she is on the show. It's about your straight talk and ideas about raising a family, work, and life concepts that are really great to hear. Oh yeah, Bryan pretty good too, if he could lay off all that cancer talk. What a bummer. Just kidding, sound engineers are important and he should be awarded whatever is given for podcast sound effects -the Poddie for Best Drop. Keep it up and thank you for all the great talent you bring up through your PodcastOne system.

Amazing (5/5)

Listened to this show daily for years

What Happened?! (1/5)

The 2 part episodes - WHY do this to your listeners? Yes, it's a minor 1st world problem, but it's enough to make me unsubscribe and never come back. The best thing about this show is now the news segments and anything Bald Bryan talks about. Good Sports is embarassing, too.

Great show. Love to hear Adam bag on L.A (5/5)

They’ve managed to acquirer a variety of guests on the podcast ranging from Ozzy Osborn’s guitar gunslinger Zack Wilde. To Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. Mixing games, improve, and good sports segments. “something for everyone” really does apply here. For me personally, There’s nothing like hearing a person of accomplishment, say what I’ve been thinking for years. I thought I was going crazy seeing California rot year, after year, and no one seemed to care. Now I know a least four who do. Thanks Adam, Gina, bald and Dawson

The best (5/5)

Fun to listen to while I’m wiring Up other people’s dream homes/businessss

Can’t get enough (5/5)

Best pod cast by far, 3 times better fool

yes (5/5)

best podcast of all time

Used to be better (2/5)

This podcast used to be awesome now there are more commercial spots than content.

Tour with Jay Mohr !!!!! (3/5)

Loved the show !!!!!!!! Awesome when you & Jay do each others podcasts ...... It is good (said with accent) . Also DAG was great when on . But have listened less for reasons like to much Vinny. But the show has grit & Adam is right 85% of the time it’s the 15% that I started tuning out but in defense of the show it took 5 years of listening to like it less !

All commercial Show (1/5)

This show has gone downhill. Half the show is commercials and ad reads. Adam turns every interview in to a chance to complain about his family. He's a hack now who haven't come up with new bits in years. Bald Brian is the best thing on the show and is funnier them Adam. After 8 years I'm unsubscribing.

My daily podcast (4/5)

Still my favorite podcast. I will never understand why Dave Dameshek has his own daily portion of the show, he is awful. Gina and Bald are great. Get Alonzo Boden back on. Joe Koy is the best guest.

Best (5/5)

Love this podcast. They are all great and I listen everyday

One Smart Millionaire Man (5/5)

Adam is one smart millionaire man! He’s hilarious, man! With his various talents he should be a billionaire man, or a trillionaire man!

Waht Happened? (4/5)

How did Adam's Podcast become "Sit in with Ally...?"

Good show (4/5)

Love the show. Just wish he would let the guests talk more rather than rattling on with his stories. He has the beginning of the show to talk more before guests come on. Other than that great podcast.

Ace Rockolla (5/5)

My favorite, by far. I listen daily!

2 part show hell (1/5)

long time iTunes subscriber since the beginning, Don't know who has the power to fix but since the show went to a 2 part the part 2 gets released on iTunes first and we are listening to the show out of order, part 2 first then part 1, need to release part 1 first so it's down on the cue, please fix its getting annoying when you realize too late that you are listening to the end of the show then the beginning of that show Please it's going to cause a crash for those that keep the iPod on the center console cubby hole

Boring (1/5)

Bring back Alison

Please fix it (3/5)

Can you guys please fix ur uploading process. When I set it to sequential play part 2 is always before part one. Makes it dangerous when on long drive trying to switch all the time

Speaking the truth (5/5)

Finally a man that speaks the truth! Humble beginnings with a real perspective on life. Love him!

Review (5/5)

Love the pod when Adam rants it’s the best

Ace! (5/5)

The first and still the best, even his commercial reads are entertainment! No other podcast can claim that! 👍

My Favorite Podcast (5/5)

I have been listening to Adam since he was with Dr Drew on "Loveline". I look forward to listening to the podcast every day and it has become a daily ritual for me. Have listened to every episode since the podcast started.

ACS pod is the best pod. (5/5)

I love waking up everyday grabbing my phone to listen to the newest episode. Adam is hilarious and the crew is great Bald Bryan has funny one liners and great drops, Gina is getting funnier every show. I think the crew works hard on bits and songs for the bits you can tell the hard work they put in and it delivers. I hope the pod goes on forever, Carolla 2020.

Go back to 1 file per show (2/5)

I listen 1/2 as much since you switched to 2 parts per show. It never is in the right order to play to the 2nd part when listening to the episode. I used to be a ride or die daily listener and it’s gotten so frustrating I only listen when i see the guest is worth the hassle of dealing with getting it to play correctly. Also what is with stupid ads at the end of the show that play after the counter has gone to 0 seconds left and I have to hear the same stupid news stories all week. Adam has a pirate ship but i picture that pirate ship more with a nascar livery now plastered with ads and logos instead of the original skull and cross bones. Please fix this

Still the best (5/5)

Adam for king

Love Adam. (5/5)

His show downloads in the middle of the night. As someone that works mid shift that helps me with my shift. Thanks Adam.

Horrible format!! (2/5)

The episodes are split in two now and because of this they will not play in order when listening from oldest to newest, so incredibly annoying to not be able to just let them play, you have to constantly reverse back to make sure you play both parts or it will skip ahead. Also, Gina does not add much, in fact I always have to fast forward when she goes into her disturbing high pitched little girl voices, it’s so off putting. NO more smoothie girl, please for the love of god!

Was better (3/5)

Did like the show. Bald Bryan doesn’t have it. If he keeps getting more air time, I’m done.

Best pod ever (5/5)

Listen hear. Best pod ever. Have strayed to others but keep coming back. It’s like that girlfriend you can’t seem to get away from.

long time listener, 1st time unsubscriber (1/5)

Used to be funny, not so much anymore. Now he spews right wing talking points and bashes people of color.

Best podcast ever!! (5/5)

Been listening seance loveline I’m hooked always and forever.

The best podcast (5/5)

My favorite show. I listen everyday.

Best Hour of the Day, but... (4/5)

Long-time fan of the Ace Man and huge fan of this show. This is a quality product. Fantastic cast and crew, great guests, thought-provoking discussions and rants, and uncensored comedic genius. Love it. My only complaint is that the show is being overrun by insipid GEICO ads. They are annoying as hell.

SXSW (5/5)

Been listening to Adam now for about 3 years! Loved the show, of the live interview at SXSW. Adam then came back and joked about the Hipster’s, guitar in hand and heading to play at SXSW. Made me think of my son doing this last year, he is the drummer for Jay Som and they played several shows at SXSW last year, very hipster crowds.

The Best (5/5)

For the past 8 years I have downloaded this podcast every day, and every day I laugh. This show is a part of my daily routine.

Sports guy is horrible (4/5)

First off I want to say that I love the show, I am a daily listener. But Dan the sports guy is so annoying. He yells every word, he's to polarizing. It's like listening to nails on a chalk board. He is the only reason I left a 4 star and even wrote a review. Adam needs to cut this guy. He takes his 5 mins to serious, cuts Adam off all the time. I fast forward his segment. And I love sports. That's how bad he is.

New Podcast need not want! (5/5)

Given the interest (aka ratings bonanza) in appearances in the pods of ur kids and parents would it benefit you to add a weekly podcast called “Adams Family?” Love your work, Dude maintain!

Separated at birth (5/5)

Pretty sure Adam and I were separated at birth. Love his obvious perspective about life. Thanks to the whole team for making a great show!

Best in the biz (5/5)

Carolla is still the best in the business

Change the format (1/5)

It’s certainly not funny anymore. Feel bad for the employees. You’d think they’d be able to move on to bigger better things.

Ace man (5/5)

Love love love the pod thanks ace man you rock get it on

Great podcast, delivery needs some work (4/5)

This podcast has an amazing set up and talent. I really enjoy the guests, and entertainment value. Big time fan from this point forward! My only complaint is that they recently split their daily podcast from one 2 hour podcast into two shorter ones and release it at the same time. I am unsure what the purpose of this is as numerous longer podcasts just release one file for others. If you’re a podcast junkie like me it’s annoying to have to play two separate podcasts to listen to one day. A part from that, great podcast and you have yourselves a long time listening. Get it on!

Almost as good as The Water Cooler! Not quite but still one of my favorites (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts the whole carolla digital crew is awesome. My only complaint is they only do one show a day.

More morning radio show, less podcast (2/5)

What happened? Same recycled jokes and stories. This show used to be just a conversation now it's splitting one show into two? I’ll definitely get my politics elsewhere. More of the same rants then ever before with a 20 minute "interview" with a guest at the end of the show, who doesn't get to actually talk. He railed against morning radio for years and now this "podcast" has become just another morning show. But it’s his name on it. Enjoy the new direction. Unsubscribed

Everything good all the time (5/5)

This podcast has everything anybody with a sense of humor and half a brain would enjoy five days a week. It's honestly unbelievable- I only started listening out of curiosity, but now I can clearly see it's the number one podcast in America for a reason.

Thanks for 9 years and counting (5/5)

Love ACS and because of Ace, listening to his other Podcasts and some of his guest’s podcasts. Love Gina and Bald going back and forth and helping Adam to understand basics.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I love Adam Carolla! I love listening to him speak! The uniqueness and familiarity of his voice wakes me up in the morning, and soothes me at night! No matter what he's talking about, he always makes it funny! I love you, Adam!!!

Love the show- Scrap Good Sports segment (4/5)

Wish you could track what I listen to and know I stop part 1 of every show when you get to good sports. Banter and bla bla bla about random stuff with some mention of sports if randomly saying football counts for talking sports. It doesnt work for me (not that its all about me). Scrap it and go for a different segment. Other than that loyal daily listener!!

Long time listener. First time complainer. (1/5)

I can’t even listen to the show anymore, it has gone so downhill. I miss it on my drives to work, but every episode turned into the same rants, raves & really a lack of new content with great guest. Now we get guests like Blink 180 True.

Sinking ship... (2/5)

2 part episodes, “good sports”(seriously, make it a separate podcast). There’s too much going on for one podcast, keep it simple. You are driving some seriously die-hard fans away from this show.

So so (3/5)

Hit and miss. When compared to 90’s carolla, this is much less dynamic. Today we have a very bitter, sometimes funny man. Sidekick girl is so fake with her obnoxious laugh in a effort to keep Adam feeling good about the dated jokes he constantly recycles. That being said, I listen sometimes because once in a while it has its good moments.

Adam the narcissist is getting sicker (1/5)

I’ve listened to Adam for years because I get a kick out of hearing him repeat himself with his limited vocabulary on topics he believes he knows everything about. Today was my last podcast. Adam is a narcissist who needs more counseling. As he’s become more successful he has become more racist and worse less informed. He’s clueless but believes he has special powers to see thru everyone and it’s gotten too silly. He berated his staff who kiss up to him in true enabler fashion. He pays more taxes, is smarter, is better, is wiser, but is also abusive. His family attacks I will miss since there is some humor in it. He was a victim, is a victim, but daily will tell you how you act like a victim. He’s hurt many callers over the years and anyone who listens knows he knows the impact he has had for entertainment. This is the guy in HS you would have avoided who hasn’t grown up and thinks he’s a self-made man. A real douche as he says about anyone who doesn’t agree with his low IQ bs. Dr Drew should lose his license for going a long with him for so long. Bald Brian is the yes man, Gina there for two assets as he puts it. Don’t waste your time and don’t enable the narcissistic douche.

Too many ads. (1/5)

Adam has gone over the deep end with ads. And the only schtick he does anymore is complaining about song. When they did an entire sponsored show (Adam and Eve), I unsubscribed. In n Out is beloved because they always produce a reliably good product; ACS is no In n Out!

Terrible (1/5)

Bad interviewer, boring show

Best show out there (5/5)

I love Adam Carolla and his show. It’s becoming long and formulaic, and only half of it is actual content but it’s still the best show on the internet, or radio, or satellite.

Nice work on trying to get me to listen to the adds (1/5)

Can’t stand the new format that they have created in an attempt to make the listener hear the advertisements (breaking it into 2 shows). They have even tried to find advertisers in each state, but in my state only found one. Don’t worry, as long as the fast forward button is there I’ll continue to use it. If they get rid of that I’m done.

WARNING: Shark jumping ahead . . . (2/5)

Really? Commercial break during the news? Goodbye pirate ship, hello shark jumping. It's been mostly nice, but I think I'll get out here. Thanks for the ride.

Ace man (5/5)

“It takes a certain kind of wiring” to let Adam drop a truth bomb in your ear hole.

Awesome Show!! (5/5)

Adam Carolla, host of the Adam Carolla Show, highlights all aspects of life in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful information and advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!

The best! (5/5)

I was shocked...SHOCKED! When I went to write a review and I saw a ratings score of 4.5. This is my favorite podcast and I listen to a lot of podcasts. Adam is so on point on everything he talks about and he is laugh out loud funny.

same 17 stories told over and over (5/5)

Adam tells the same 17 stories from things that happened 40 years ago. He has guests in, hears a trigger word, then proceeds to repeat another story again and again

Daily listener (5/5)

Carolla has a rare gift to engage guests and keep his listeners interested in a very natural and off the cuff way. He does such an amazing job with it that I’ve gotten spoiled and can’t listen to local radio anymore. Great stuff Ace Man.

Lose 2 part format (2/5)

Two part format is a pain if you aren't caught up and trying to play oldest episodes first. Also don't apreciate the transparent attempt to up your download numbers and cram in more ads.

Love the show (5/5)

Love it! Only nitpick I have is how the latest shows are split into 2 parts. The iPhone auto plays them in the wrong order

Thanks! (5/5)

You all are awesome!! Cheers to Pirateship, Adam, Bryan and Gina!

Best Podcast Ever (5/5)

ACS is an all around great show! Great topics, great guests, and funny jokes! I love you Adam, Brian, and Gina! Get it on!

Gina Grad (1/5)

Get her off the show! Annoying voice and not funny. Your listeners don’t want to listen to her. Not at all!

Good show (4/5)

Podcasts still come up part 2 first then part 1. Seems like an easy fix. Cant believe im the only one complaining about this.

The EGO has taken over!I havw (1/5)

I had given Adam 5 stars in the past, but today's podcaast shows that he has become an egotistic a__hole. Berating his staff or firing them like a dictator. He called Dr Drew inaffective fired "his best friend" etc. I may fire him soon.

More Real conservative voices like Matt Lewis (4/5)

Adam, more voices like Matt Lewis and less voices like the Dinesh D’Souza.

Used to be great (3/5)

I miss the old format! This 2 part thing is so annoying. I know the goal is to make money but this is ridiculous. For some reason it saves part 2 before part 1. Anyways, all the commercials and 2 part system has made it a task to listen to what used to be my favorite show.

the pirate ship has to many logos (2/5)

To many logos on the Adam's pirate ship. The ads are getting overwhelming. I'm curious if that is what has neutered him politically? He use to talk about politics and would get right into it! Now IF he gets into it the convos are milk toasty at best. " Its tough to have Monica Lewinsky on and just talk about handbags" - Adam. Its tough to listen to Adam not talk about politics when he rooted for Trump and best bud Jimmy is blabbering nonstop. If he can sprout testes again it will be worth tuning back in...

It’s important to listen to what you disagree with (4/5)

And I often disagree (minority is not a numbers game, it’s a power game, wth?!) but Adam Carolla is funny and insightful and can explain his point of view very well. While I often disagree, I am always entertained.

Two parts is one too many (1/5)

Used to listen often but not any more. Sorry ACE. The new two part format is more hassle to download and consume than it's worth.

Now with 200% Koi! (3/5)

Every Jo Koy skit is about twice as long as it needs to be. A little goes a long way.

Truth sayer! (5/5)

Keep it up Ace

Why the part1 and part2? (5/5)

I love the show but hate the splitting into parts... makes listening in order more difficult.. what’s up ace man?!

ACE (5/5)

The rain in Spain may fall mainly on the plane but Ace is far from plane. Eating a chip on a ship I enjoy Ace as he is not cheap.

this two part crap and real sports (5/5)

How come you Didn't FIRE THE HACK WITH THE RACK. Love the show. How come all this two part crap. ALSO real sports would be so much better if you talked about sports

Used to like it (3/5)

No longer like it

Love the show (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years, Adam is a rare voice that really can make you think, if you really listen to him.

Why the multiple download every day? (2/5)

The two downloads per day is annoying. Add that to the frequent commercials and sponsored segments and it just feels like old fashion corporate radio with a couple f- bombs. I went to podcasts to get away from the constant overzealous craving for dollars/clicks/listeners/etc.

Should be 5 stars! (4/5)

It’s a great show! Very commercial heavy though.

ACE is THE Man (5/5)

Practical, logical and hilarious - it’s not about agreeing, which I generally do, it’s about the overall message - jokingly or otherwise

Please listen (5/5)

I love the funny takes each member has. It’s enjoyable I’ve been listening for about 4 years the only thing I’m not fond of is now they have a segment called Good Sports. It takes me out of the show and is annoying. It’s only about a 10 minutes segment so I just fast forward past it. Also the new format it great but whoever is uploading them need to reverse the order of the uploads.

My favorite of all the podcasts (5/5)

First thing I listen to everyday. I love this show. Still to this day.

Worth listening everyday (5/5)

The show makes my hour commute go by with ease. I love all the regular games and bits they do.

ADAM! (5/5)

I don’t write reviews often BUT, once I heard Dr. Peterson on the podcast AND heard Adam attentively listening.... Jordan B. Peterson is what you get if you ran Adam Carolla through a planer. (Adam will understand).

Cognitive dissonance (3/5)

Adam brags about how he routinely turns left against red arrows, then 2 minutes later goes ballistic insisting he has no white privilege??? Sorry dude, but being able to break minor traffic laws with zero fear is THE DEFINITION of white privilege. A lot of white people grew up poor, which means they lacked economic privilege. That's not the same as skin color privilege. And hey, ever notice the flunkies he complains about constantly are men? My advice: Hire a bunch of chicks to do their jobs and see what happens.

The Gold Standard For Podcasts (5/5)

I listened to Loveline when it was on radio and it got me through high school. His podcast is just as good, if not better. He's most well known for crude low brow humor, but he's anything but crude and low brow. He's surprisingly intelligent and open minded. He is always complaining and making jokes, but he often waxes motivational and even strays in to self help. I never thought that I would be getting motivation to make my life better from Adam Carolla. I never thought that the most even political commentary I hear would be from Adam Carolla. I never thought I would be inspired to lose weight by Adam Carolla. But I am.

Katie Couric (5/5)

The ACE MAN and Katie Couric dialogue cast was fantastic. No kidding, one of my favorite "eps" of all time. Thank you to the entire Carolla Digital team, Adam, Gina, and Bald for putting together both entertaining and insightful content for these many years. Katie Couric blew it out of the water.

50 yr man (2/5)

what age should one continue to whine about their parents and for how long.

Two Parts? (1/5)

Stop making this podcast two parts, part two always gets played before part 1