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Corporate treasury and finance executives discuss their biggest challenges and insights: blockchain, fintech, cybersecurity, payments, risk, FP&A, budgeting, forecasting, leadership, career development, and more.

181. Payments and Technology Trends in Asia
This episode of AFP Conversations, sponsored by Standard Chartered, looks at digitization in Asia, and how it’s changing the way that corporate treasury and finance professionals handle their day-to-day operations and interact with their customers. Treasurers who embrace the latest technology like instant (or real-time) payments have a better chance at becoming value-added advisers to their business. Alan Lin, Global Head of Cash, Transaction Banking for Standard Chartered, looks at how payments and technol...

180. Dr. Rana el Kaliouby: Building AI We Can Trust
As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated, it is increasingly taking on roles that are traditionally done by humans. From forecasting and liquidity management to payments processing, consumers and practitioners alike need to be able to trust these AI systems. In this episode of AFP Conversations, AFP 2019 MindShift Keynote Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO of Affectiva, discusses Emotion AI, which combines facial expression and tone of voice to infer how a person is feeling. Dr. el ...

179. U.S.-China Trade Dispute Continues to Create Uncertainty
Corporate treasury and finance professionals operating in China and Hong Kong currently face a number of unique challenges, which are creating a lot of uncertainty. And if there's one thing financial professionals try to avoid, it's uncertainty. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Jim Kaitz, President and CEO of AFP, sits down with Craig Allen, President of the United States-China Business Council (USCBC), a nonprofit organization representing over 200 American companies doing business with China. Kaitz a...

178. AFP 2019: What's New in Boston?
This special edition of AFP Conversations, looks at the city of Boston and what it has to offer treasury and finance professions when they descend upon the city in October for AFP 2019. Dave O’Donnell, Director of Strategic Communications with the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, provides attendees with an insider's view to the best spots to visit while you’re in town. AFP 2019, this October in Boston, is where treasury and finance professionals separate the hype from the reality. Visit www.afp2...

177. The Threat of Disinformation Campaigns
Peter Warren Singer is a best-selling author and strategist for New America. Named one of the nation’s 100 leading innovators by the Smithsonian, one of the 100 most influential people in defense issues by Defense News, and one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy, Singer is one of the United States’ leading experts on security and 21st century warfare. This October, he will deliver the keynote address at the Payments Breakfast at AFP 2019, sponsored by Bottomline, Discover, Fiserv, Nacha and V...

177. The Threat of Disinformation Campaigns
Peter Warren Singer is a best-selling author and strategist for New America. Named one of the nation’s 100 leading innovators by the Smithsonian, one of the 100 most influential people in defense issues by Defense News, and one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy, Singer is one of the United States’ leading experts on security and 21st century warfare. This October, he will deliver the keynote address at the Payments Breakfast at AFP 2019, sponsored by Bottomline, Discover, Fiserv, Nacha and V...

176. How Markets, Policy & Strategy Impact Your Organization
Rosie Rios served as the 43rd Treasurer of the United States, under President Barack Obama. Sworn in as Treasurer in 2009, she was part of the team that implemented the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a stimulus package developed in response to the Financial Crisis and Great Recession. Given her experience during one of the most volatile times of our nation’s economic history, it is no surprise that Rios was selected as the keynote speaker for the Tuesday Luncheon at the Executive Institute at AFP ...

175. Fostering Collaboration to Drive Team Performance
An award-winning performance coach and recognized educator and mentor, Dr. Ivan Joseph is passionate about empowering others by helping them build self-confidence. As the Director of Athletics at Ryerson University, Dr. Joseph leads the department of athletics and recreation including 11 varsity teams and more than 20 intramural leagues. In this interview with the AFP Conversations podcast, Dr. Joseph previews his AFP 2019 session, discussing how leaders can foster an environment and culture that recognizes...

performance leadership diversity

174. Casey Gerald: There Will Be No Miracles Here
Casey Gerald, author of “There Will Be No Miracles Here,” was the poster child for the American Dream, escaping a harrowing childhood to enter a new world of elite universities and secret societies. But as he climbed the social ladder, he saw how this hierarchical divide stifled those at the margins. He came to understand that “salvation stories” like his could be used to keep others from rising. In this interview with AFP President and CEO Jim Kaitz, Gerald turns the American Dream narrative on its head, e...

leadership career success

173. Anne-Marie Slaughter: The Future of Work
Anne-Marie Slaughter is the CEO of New America, a public policy institute and idea incubator whose mission is to realize America’s highest ideals by confronting the challenges posed by technological and social change. Together with her team of scientists, technologists and political and economic thinkers, Slaughter works to generate big ideas as templates for change. Slaughter, who was named one of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers from 2009 to 2012, is also a celebrated author and editor. In her lat...

172. Fareed Zakaria: Views From the Post-American World
In this episode of AFP Conversations, we speak with Fareed Zakaria, best-selling author, host of Fareed Zakaria GPS for CNN Worldwide, and a columnist for The Washington Post. Esquire magazine once called Zakaria “the most influential foreign policy adviser of his generation.” From the volatility of the financial markets to the innovation trends impacting the future of work, treasury and finance leaders must be prepared to navigate a rapidly changing, complex landscape. And no one is more qualified to deliv...

171. Navigating the CyberThreatscape
Peter Warren Singer is a best-selling author and strategist for New America. Named one of the nation’s 100 leading innovators by the Smithsonian, one of the 100 most influential people in defense issues by Defense News, and one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy, Singer is one of the United States’ leading experts on security and 21st century warfare. His award-winning books include “Cybersecurity and Cyberwar: What Everyone Needs to Know;” “Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War;” and “Li...

170. The Science of a Positive Growth Mindset
Neil Pasricha believes we can be happy at work – or at least we need to be happier at work. After graduating from Harvard Business School, he spent a decade as Director of Leadership at Walmart. While there, he wrote the 50-million-hit, award-winning blog, “1000 Awesome Things” and the New York Times bestsellers, “The Book of Awesome” and “The Happiness Equation.” Pasricha uses scientific research to help people lead happier lives. He’ll discuss the Science of a Positive Growth Mindset at the Monday Executi...

happiness leadership positivity

169. Finance Professionals, Make the Most of Your Data
According to a recent survey published in Forbes, data scientists spend nearly 80 percent of their time collecting and cleaning data, and only 20 percent actually using it. Emily Huang, CEO and co-founder of fintech startup idaciti, thinks that 80:20 ratio has to flip, and she has a solution. In the latest edition of AFP Conversations, Huang discusses how idaciti parses public financial filings from the SEC every 10 minutes, so finance professionals can focus on analyzing and leveraging the data instead of ...

168. Libor Fallback Language: What Treasurers Need to Know
Libor is going away in 2021 and treasury and finance executives are slowly making preparations. One item on their to-do list is fallback language. That’s the wording to indicate the rate that corporates would… fall back on in the event a Libor-related loan is still around after Libor sunsets at the end of 2021. Fortunately for finance executives, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee, which is overseeing the transition from Libor in the U.S., recently released its recommended Libor fallback language. Ev...

finance interest treasury rates benchmark libor fallback

167. How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction
One reason why we find it so hard to focus is because we are so busy trying to be productive. Trying to squeeze as much out of the moment as possible. And there are so many things to do at any moment. So how do we prioritize? Chris Bailey has been called a “productivity mastermind” by Fast Company. He is the international bestselling author of two books -- Hyperfocus and The Productivity Project -- and his productivity blog, A Life of Productivity, is read by more than 200,000 people worldwide each month. H...

focus productivity prioritizing

166. Building a Prediction Machine with Avi Goldfarb
Avi Goldfarb is the Rotman Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare and a Professor of Marketing at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He is also Chief Data Scientist at the Creative Destruction Lab, Senior Editor at Marketing Science, a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and President of Goldfarb Analytics Corporation. In his new book, “Prediction Machines,” Goldfarb explains how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect business, public policy, and s...

intelligence finance planning analysis artificial ai

165. The State of FP&A
Bryan Lapidus, FP&A, is the Director of the FP&A practice at the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP). Lapidus has worked in financial planning and analysis for American Express and Fannie Mae. He’s also worked in risk management which gives him a bit of a unique perspective on forecasting. Also a prolific author and blogger, his work can be found at, The Digitalist, Oracle and LinkedIn. In this interview, Lapidus discusses AFP's recent FinNext conference, as well as the state of FP&A...

finance planning analysis forecasting

164. As the Clock Ticks on Libor, the Market Looks to SOFR
Libor, the world’s most important number, is going away in 2021. But according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, banks and corporates have been slow to move away from the rate – even as regulators are uncharacteristically ahead of schedule in creating alternatives. So why are finance executives dragging their feet? Laurie Brignac has some thoughts. Brignac is the chief investment officer and head of Invesco’s Global Liquidity Business. She’s a recognized industry expert on corporate investing who has...

finance risk rate interest treasury libor sofr

163. Fran Townsend: How to Turn Bad News into Good News
From 2004 to 2008, Fran Townsend served as Assistant to President George W. Bush for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and she chaired the Homeland Security Council. Townsend spent 13 years at the U.S. Department of Justice under the administrations of President George H. W. Bush, President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush. Today, Townsend is a director on the board of three public companies, and she is a senior national security analyst for CBS News. She regularly appears on network and cabl...

payments risk crisis treasury cybersecurity

162. Payments Fraud Continues to Surge. Why?
Payments fraud reached a new high last year. Again.  According to the 2019 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey, 82 percent of organizations reported payments fraud incidents in 2018. That beat the previous high of 78 percent set in 2017. As always, the AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey is underwritten by J.P. Morgan. You can download the entire report at Why is payments fraud reaching new heights every year despite so much attention and millions of dollars spent on law enforce...

payments fraud phishing bec cybersecurity

161. Has Blockchain Lost Its Mojo? These Corporate Finance Experts Disagree
Has blockchain lost its mojo? Today's guests on AFP Conversations podcast disagree. Dr. Sean Stein Smith is an assistant professor at the City University of New York, certified public accountant, and a member of the advisory board of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. Roberto Cruz Jr., is a certified treasury professional and Treasury Director for the North American Parent Subsidiary of Suez North America. Stein Smith and Cruz frequently collaborate on treasury and finance thought leadership. They explain...

finance treasury bitcoin blockchain

160. Joi Ito Explains How to Survive Our Faster Future
In this AFP Conversations: Leadership Series episode, Joichi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab, talks to host Jim Kaitz, president and CEO of the Association for Financial Professionals. Ito supports researchers at the Media Lab as they seek to deploy design, science and technology such as AI, blockchain, and synthetic biology to transform society. Ito also is co-author of the book, “Whiplash: How to Survive Our Faster Future,” as well as a columnist for WIRED magazine. He’s an activist, entrepreneur, venture ...

technology future leadership innovation finance disruption

159. BONUS EPISODE: Why U.S. Firms Amassed Cash at a Slower Pace Last Quarter
U.S. companies built their cash reserves at a much slower pace in the first quarter of the year than in the last quarter of 2018, according to the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators®. What does that mean for the domestic economy? Kevin Kane, Managing Director with BMO, joins AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel to give his thoughts on the state of corporate cash.  The CCI is a quarterly survey of senior corporate treasury and finance executives conducted by AFP and underwritten by BMO. Get the full results of the 2Q...

finance debt economy corporate cash treasury buyback dividend capex

158. What Makes a Great Leader With Chip Colbert, Part 2
In part two of a two-part interview executive coach Chip Colbert joins host Jim Kaitz for a special AFP Conversations: Leadership Series podcast. Colbert led an executive coaching series at AFP 2018. He was so well received that he and his executive coaching series will return to AFP 2019 this October in Boston. Read Colbert's top 10 leadership traits.  Working with Starfish Leadership and the Fully Charged Institute, which he co-founded, Colbert has coached hundreds of leaders in numerous organizations to ...

listening leadership finance career treasury

156. Real Time Payments: Game Changer Or Missed Opportunity?
There is so much going on in the payments space today – mobile, digital, blockchain, and more. But let’s not forget Real Time Payments, which launched a little over a year ago. Developed by The Clearing House and its 25 owner banks, RTP is the first new payments infrastructure in the U.S. in more than 40 years. The first real-time payment occurred on November 13, 2017 and was a $3.50 transfer between BNY Mellon and U.S. Bank -- but it took only took three seconds to settle. So it makes sense that an executi...

wire payments cash treasury ach fintech

157. What Makes a Great Leader With Chip Colbert, Part 1
In part one of a two-part interview (look for the second half next week), executive coach Chip Colbert joins host Jim Kaitz for a special AFP Conversations: Leadership Series podcast. Working with Starfish Leadership and the Fully Charged Institute, which he co-founded, Chip Colbert has coached hundreds of leaders in numerous organizations to help them improve their performance. He’s also the Managing Director of ITC Global Advisors, a consulting firm that brings private sector innovation to international s...

military army leadership finance west career point treasury

155. Why Introversion Is, In Fact, A Workplace Superpower
Are you an extrovert or an introvert? In the finance world we tend to associate expertise with extroverts. They can command a room and dominate a presentation with their confidences. Introverts? They’re too quiet, and not charismatic enough. They sit in their cubicles and take orders. John Sanchez disagrees. He thinks we’ve got it all backwards. In fact, he believes introverts have innate abilities that are critical to effective communication—especially in finance. John goes so far as to call introversion a...

development finance career introvert extrovert

154. What's In a Name? Bill and Dan Carmody Talk Fintech
There’s a ton of new technology out there in treasury and finance world, and you only have so much time in the day to read up about them. More important, treasury and finance professionals only have so much money to spend on them. Even more important, customers will only care about a few of them -- if any. So what’s a treasury and finance professional to do?  That’s the question for today’s guests, Dan and Bill Carmody. Bill Carmody has been in digital marketing since the concept’s inception in 1994. He bui...

finance payments ai treasury bitcoin blockchain fintech

153. How Treasury and Finance Can Fight Low-Tech Payments Fraud
Today on the podcast: Fighting low-tech payments fraud. With all the focus on fintech these days it’s no surprise that when it comes to payments fraud treasury and finance professionals tend to focus on hi-tech fraud like business email compromise and phishing. But there’s plenty of old-fashioned low-tech fraud that you may have forgotten about. Stuff like embezzlement. And check fraud – which was once again one of the most common forms of fraud in the annual AFP Payments Fraud Survey. Kasthuri Henry unders...

payments fraud phishing checks treasury embezzlement

152. How to Get More People to Agree with You
Have you ever wished you could do a better job persuading -- especially at work? Today's guest, Lynne Franklin, is all about helping people do a better job of persuading. Franklin spoke at AFP 2018 in a session titled “Practical Neuroscience: How to Get More People to Agree with You.” Please leave a review of AFP Conversations -- it helps other people find the podcast!...

development finance career persuasion treasury

151. ABM Industries CEO Scott Salmirs On Leadership and Digital Transformation
Scott Salmirs, CEO of ABM Industries, joins host Jim Kaitz for a special AFP Conversations: Leadership Series podcast. As the CEO of a 110-year-old company with $6.4 billion in annual revenue and 140,000 employees around the world, Salmirs can discuss many things. But this chat focused on digital transformation: How does the CEO of a venerable facilities management firm navigate the wrenching changes brought about by new technology?  Kaitz also is a CEO -- he's chief executive and president of the Associati...

technology digital finance transformation treasury abm fintech kaitz salmirs

150. Robotic Process Automation for Finance: Bigger Than Blockchain?
With a background in finance and IT, guest Tom Blakeley is uniquely qualified to discuss the impact of robotic process automation on FP&A. A director with Performance Architects, Blakeley helps FP&A teams create RPA for their reporting and forecasting. Blakeley will lead a session at FinNext, March 17 to 19, in Las Vegas. Learn more at Please leave a review of AFP Conversations -- it helps other people find the podcast!...

finance ai fpa rpa blockchain iot

149. What Does Digital Disruption Mean for Finance and FP&A?
What does digital disruption mean for finance and FP&A? And how can finance and FP&A professionals navigate the transformation? Brian Mehr, has some thoughts. Mehr is a vice president at Southern New Hampshire University, where he leads their FP&A department. He's also a speaker at FinNext, March 17-19, in Las Vegas. Mehr spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about how he and his team have redesigned the FP&A and budgeting process at SNHU and the lessons he’s learned along the way.  Learn more at www.Fi...

digital education finance risk disruption ecommerce fpa

148. How Deutsche Post DHL Conducts Treasury in Singapore
Stephen Hogan is Vice President Regional Treasury Asia Pacific for Deutsche Post DHL. He's responsible for all treasury, risk and corporate finance-related activities in the Asia Pacific region for Deutsche Post DHL and leads a team that covers more than 140 entities across 41 countries. Reached at his office in Singapore, Hogan spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about the challenges he faces in leading a regional treasury center – particularly in the APAC region.  Please leave a review of AFP Conver...

finance pacific asia payments singapore treasury

147. How Metrics Can Make or Break Your Organization
The right metrics can drive greater profitability. The wrong metrics can lead your organization down the wrong path. Dave Stark and Maik Henkel explain how metrics can mislead, and how they can be updated to become more relevant. They also discuss how to match KPIs with what decision-makers need to know and when they need to know it. Stark is president of Analysis Team, Inc. and Henkel is Senior Manager, Deputy Director Finance for GlobalFoundries. You can hear them speak about metrics and KPIs at FinNext 2...

finance metrics kpis fpa

146. Coming to Terms with Digital Disruption
Anders Sorman-Nilsson spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about digital disruption. Sorman-Nilsson is the author of "Digilogue: How to Win the Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts of Tomorrow’s Customers." He discussed how companies and finance teams can bridge that digital divide. Sorman-Nilsson will keynote FinNext 2019 this March in Las Vegas. Learn more at Please leave a review of AFP Conversations -- it helps other people find the podcast!...

digital finance disruption fpa analogue fintech

145. How Finance and FP&A Can Support E-Commerce
It’s no secret that e-commerce is overtaking traditional brick and mortar retail. So what does that mean for finance and FP&A? Frank Chou talks to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about the unique challenges finance and FP&A face in supporting companies' e-commerce efforts, and how he addressed them in his previous roles at Amazon and Chewy. Chou is a senior FP&A Manager with H&T Battery Components. He will speak about FP&A and e-commerce at FinNext 2019 this March in Las Vegas. Learn more at P...

finance tesla forecasting amazon ecommerce fpa chewy

144. BONUS: Companies Resolve to Deploy Cash, But Will They?
It's a New Year's Resolution for finance executives: They plan to deploy corporate cash in 2019, according to the AFP Corporate Cash Indicators, underwritten by BMO. But saying they will draw down reserves on capex, buybacks, dividends and debt payments is one thing -- doing so is another. Kevin Kane, Managing Director with BMO, joins AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel to give his thoughts on the state of corporate cash.  Get the full results of the CCI at

finance debt corporate cash treasury buyback dividend capex

143. FP&A and Treasury: Storied Romance or Shotgun Wedding?
It's more important than ever for FP&A and treasury to work together. Unfortunately, it’s never been more difficult. Alex Galitsky is not a marriage counselor but he does help FP&A and treasury resolve their relationship differences. Galitsky is Director of Finance Transformation/Strategy & Operations with the Peloton Group. Learn more about finance transformation at  Please leave a review of AFP Conversations -- it helps other people find the podcast!...

finance transformation treasury fpa

142. The Paradox of Today's Connected Workforce
If it’s easier than ever to connect with your co-workers, then why is it so challenging to collaborate at work? Robert “Reb” Rebele calls it the paradox of the connected workforce. Rebele is a researcher for Wharton People Analytics and teaches in the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at the University of Pennsylvania. He will keynote FinNext 2019 this March in Las Vegas. Learn more at  Please leave a review of AFP Conversations -- it helps other people find the podcast!...

hr finance learning collaboration workforce treasury fpa

141. Navigating Your Career Journey
Ellen Cooperperson believes that everybody is on a journey -- especially in their career. Managing your career journey takes time and effort. But, if done correctly, it can bring great personal and professional rewards. Cooperperson is CEO of Cooperperson Performance Consultants, where she’s been coaching business leaders for more than 30 years. She spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about what to do if your career journey goes off course. Learn more at

finance learning career treasury

140. Winning the War on Payments Fraud
Why does payments fraud keep growing year after year? It’s not as if treasury and finance professionals aren’t aware of the problem, and they spend plenty of money to fight payments fraud. Here to report from the front lines of the payments fraud war is Regina Ochev, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer with Prologis. Please be sure to rate and review AFP Conversations -- it helps other listeners find the show! Hear more at

payments fraud risk checks treasury cybersecurity

139. Interest Rates Are Rising. What Should Finance Executives Do?
For years finance executives enjoyed steady short-term bond markets, but now interest rates are steadily rising, and the landscape is shifting. So what’s working right now? Jerry Klein, a managing director with Treasury Partners, spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about corporate cash and investment strategies. Please be sure to rate and review AFP Conversations -- it helps other listeners find the show! Hear more at

investing finance risk rate bonds interest treasury

138. Why This FX Expert is Still Bullish on Bitcoin
Francesco Tonin is a FX Market Specialist for Bloomberg. He literally wrote the book on foreign currency options and risk management. In this episode of AFP Conversations Tonin discusses his newest passion: blockchain and FX as well as the key concepts that make bitcoin such a great invention. Be sure to rate and review AFP Conversations -- it helps other listeners find the show! More AFP Conversations at

finance risk bloomberg fx bitcoin blockchain

137. How to Handle Stress in the Workplace
We’ve all experienced stress at work. Sometimes the scenarios are obvious—like presenting to senior management. Sometimes, though, the stressful moments aren’t so obvious. Christine Hollinden returns to AFP Conversations to discuss these hidden stressful moments and how to overcome them. Hollinden is principal with Hollinden Marketers & Strategists. Please be sure to give AFP Conversations a rating and a review on your podcast platform of choice. Thank you!

development finance stress workplace job career treasury

136. The Challenges of Running a Blockchain Startup for Finance
What's it like running a blockchain startup? 9th Gear Technologies is so new that its product – a blockchain service for foreign currency trading and settlement – hasn’t even launched yet. 9th Gear CEO and founder Maryanne Morrow explained to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel how her company plans to stand out in the increasingly crowded blockchain-for-finance market. Morrow holds a degree in Material Science Engineering from Cornell University. Her company debuted at AFP 2018....

finance payments startup settlement treasury fx blockchain

135. Finance Business Partnering? These Guys Wrote the Book
Claus Madsen and Anders Liu-Lindberg are so passionate about finance business partnering that they wrote a book about it. Lindberg is Head of Global Finance Program Management Office at Maersk and is co-founder of the Business Partnering Institute. Madsen is a partner at Implement Consulting Group. He edited Lindberg's book on finance business partnering, "Create Value as a Finance Business Partner." Learn more:

business strategy finance partnering fpa

134. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Darrell West of The Brooking Institution returns to AFP Conversations to discuss the ethics of artificial intelligence. In a new paper, West writes of his concern about the ethical values embedded within AI and the extent to which algorithms respect basic human values. West believes companies must develop an AI ethics code, employ ethicists and review boards, train staff, create audit trails to explain coding decisions, and ultimately provide a means for remediation when AI solutions inflict harm....

intelligence finance ethics risk artificial ai treasury

133. Treasurers Invest Corporate Cash But Are They Investing In Their Careers?
Treasury professionals invest their organization’s money. But are they investing in their careers? Mike Richards and Craig Martin have some opinions on this topic. Richards is founder and CEO of The Treasury Recruitment Company. Martin is Director of The Treasury Recruitment Company’s US practice. Richards and Martin spoke to AFP Conversations about hiring and recruiting in the treasury space today – what’s trending, what treasurers do well when they job search, and where they need to improve....

finance job career recruiting hiring treasury

132. Live from AFP 2018 in Chicago: Fearless Girl Turns One Year Old
Live from AFP 2018 in Chicago: Fearless Girl turns one!   Host Ira Apfel spoke to Yeng Butler and Nita Baindur for perspective on one of the most iconic -- and certainly youngest -- characters on Wall Street. Butler is Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Cash Business with State Street Global Advisors, which commissioned the Fearless Girl statue. Baindur is Director of Treasury for Agilent Technologies. One year later, how's Fearless Girl doing? And what's changed in the board room?...

women finance street girl career wall inclusion diversity fearless

131. Can Blockchain Fight Payments Fraud? Alex Tapscott Thinks So.
Can blockchain fight payments fraud? That’s the question for guest Alex Tapscott, co-author of the best-selling book, Blockchain Revolution, which has been translated into 16 languages. Proponents believe blockchain can speed payments, but not much attention has been paid to blockchain’s potential for fighting payments fraud. Tapscott will discuss blockchain and its potential to fight payments fraud next week at AFP 2018 in Chicago.

payments fraud tapscott blockchain

130. The B2B Payments Directory Comes to Market Via Blockchain
The B2B payments directory took a step forward when NACHA recently acquired the Business Payments Directory Association. But how big a step?  Guests: George Throckmorton: Managing Director of Strategic Initiatives and Network Development, NACHA Micah Kerr: Head Architect Commercial Payments & Blockchain Guru, Discover Financial Services Larry Buettner: Chair of the Business Payments Directory Association You can learn a lot in just one day at AFP 2018:

payments b2b treasury discover blockchain fintech nacha

129. How Robotic Process Automation Will Transform the Financial Close
Ben Cornforth is a vice president with Trintech, a Texas-based firm that focuses on the record to report process. Cornforth spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about robotic process automation, rules-based automation, and predictive machine learning. Cornforth believes RPA could transform the financial close process. You can learn a lot in just one day at AFP 2018, whether your focus is treasury, FP&A, payments, finance or fintech. Choose your One Day Pass at

automation finance payments accounting process robotic ai treasury rpa blockchain fintech

128. Libor and Brexit: Two Looming Challenges for Treasury and Finance
The demise of Libor and the deadline for Brexit have created tremendous anxiety for treasury and finance executives -- particularly in the UK. John Grout, a member of the Libor Oversight Committee and a former treasury executive for Cadbury Schweppes, previewed the rocky road ahead. You can learn a lot in just one day at AFP 2018, whether your focus is Libor, FP&A, faster payments, blockchain or forecasting. Choose your One Day Pass at

uk england finance risk treasury libor brexit

127. Machine Learning for Finance: How Alvarez & Marsal Made It Work
Chandu Chilakapati and Devin Rochford were part of a team at Alvarez & Marsal that developed two AI-based products. One is a Sample Credit Rating Estimator, the other is the Alvarez & Marsal Machine Learning Platform (AMMP). Chilakapati and Rochford spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about their new products, why they embraced AI and machine learning, how they won over senior management, and how treasury and finance professionals can bridge their own AI and machine learning aspiration gap....

intelligence leadership finance learning risk artificial machine ai treasury

126. David Sanger: Why Cyberwar Could Be More Dangerous Than Nuclear War
Journalist David Sanger is a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner and author of the new book, The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age. Sanger argues that because cyberwar is inherently secretive by nature the way America will conduct cyberwarfare is more complicated than waging conventional or even nuclear war – and possibly even more dangerous. Sanger is a featured speaker at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. Visit www.AFP2018....

north korea business finance trump treasury cybersecurity cyberwar

125. Dan Shapiro: Negotiating the Nonnegotiable
Dan Shapiro, founding director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program and author of the best-selling book, Negotiating the Nonnegotiable, spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about negotiating in the business world. He also discussed how he got started as a negotiations expert and how he himself negotiates – particularly with his three children.  Shapiro is a featured speaker at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. Visit www.AFP2018....

business finance career negotiation treasury

124. How Technology, Demographics and Values Are Disrupting the Future of Work
Nancy Giordano delves into the new technologies and the critical shifts companies and workers must make to stay relevant. A futurist who helps organizations strategically address technological shifts, Giordano will speak about reinventing leadership for the age of machine intelligence at AFP 2018.  Giordano will speak at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. Visit

intelligence finance career artificial robotics treasury fintech

123. This Blockchain VC Partner is Skeptical of Blockchain but Bullish on Bitcoin
Many people are enthusiastic about blockchain -- but there are skeptics, notably Jimmy Song. A blockchain programming instructor, Song also is a venture partner with Blockchain Capital LLC. At an industry conference he told attendees, "blockchain is not going to solve all your problems for you. You’re a hammer-thrower just looking for nails."  Learn more about blockchain at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. Visit

finance payments bitcoin blockchain

122. How to Deliver Bad News to Management the Red Team Way
It's hard to deliver bad news to management. Red Teaming, a method used by the military to stress-test strategies, identify unseen threats, combat group think and overcome complacency, can help. Best-selling author Bryce Hoffman discussed the method in this episode. His 2017 book is called "Red Teaming: How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything." Hear Bryce Hoffman at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. Visit www.AFP2...

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121. Alexis Glick: Why Washington is the Financial Capital of the World
Alexis Glick anchored NBC’s The Today Show and CNBC’s Squawk Box before helping launch the Fox Business Network. She’s interviewed President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffett among others. Glick spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about her upcoming session at AFP 2018, her favorite interview, and why Washington is the financial capital of the world. Hear Alexis Glick at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. To learn more, visit www.AF...

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120. Negotiation, Irrationality and Tales of Conspiracy on the High Seas
Ex-lawyer Colin McRoberts teaches treasury and finance professionals business negotiation skills. His upcoming book, The Good Fight, explains how irrational ideas capture rational, intelligent people. He even went on the ConspiraSea Cruise, a seminar-at-sea for conspiracy theorists, as background research for his book. Learn more about McRoberts' negotiating skills classes at  Learn more career skills at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use ...

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119. How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Accounts Receivable
Treasury doesn't get more fundamental than accounts receivable. Now, artificial intelligence is here to revolutionize accounts receivable -- even predicting delinquencies. Shankar Bellam, an enterprise cloud solution expert with HighRadius, spoke to AFP Conversations about what's new in AP/AR. Learn more about accounts receivable and payable at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. To learn more, visit

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118. Why Digitization Creates New Opportunities for Finance -- and New Risks
Dr. Shawn DuBravac believes we will work more efficiently and stay healthier more easily thanks to digital transformation. However, millennia-old institutions could be completely redefined -- and understanding these changes has only just begun.  DuBravac is an economist and New York Times best-selling author. He will be a featured speaker at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. To learn more, visit

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117. Retail Payments: Resolving Reconciliations, Shrinking Shrinkage, and More
How can retailers better manage bank accounts, cash registers, millions of dollars, and more? Tyler Wolf, has some advice. Wolf is a product manager at Balance Innovations, where he’s an expert on retail payments. He spoke to AFP Conversations about payment reconciliation, reporting, deposit tracking, training and more. Discuss retail payments at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. To learn more, visit

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116. The State of FP&A, Forecasting and Excel with Bryan Lapidus
Bryan Lapidus, director of the FP&A practice with the Association for Financial Professionals, previously worked in financial planning and analysis for American Express and Fannie Mae. He also leads the FP&A Council, a group of finance professionals, and he writes frequently about forecasting, Excel and more. Lapidus joined AFP Conversations to discuss where FP&A is at and where’s it’s headed. Discuss FP&A at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. To...

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115. How Blockchain Can Ease Regulatory Burden for Treasury and Finance
Blockchain has the potential to make regulatory compliance for such laws as FBAR and KYC faster and easier to document. Adrian Clarke, founder of Evident Proof, discusses his company's new blockchain-based technology aimed squarely at treasury and finance compliance. Clarke is a former Innovation Director with Microsoft. Discuss blockchain at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. To learn more, visit

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114. Why is the Most Important Number in the World Going Away?
The London Interbank Offered Rate -- aka LIBOR -- is the most widely-used benchmark for short-term interest rates in the world. So if LIBOR is so popular, then why is it going away? And what's replacing it? Ming Min Lee, a principal with Oliver Wyman, has the answers.  After you listen, check out AFP's LIBOR transition plan for a rundown of the issue, plus key actions you can take now. Discuss LIBOR at AFP 2018 this November in Chicago. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18. Visit www...

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113. Surviving a Technology Upgrade with Jon Burkhead of OpenText
Upgrading a treasury management system usually is so complicated that not only can the TMS switch fail, but treasurers can lose their jobs as a result. Jon Burkhead, Senior Director, Global Treasury at OpenText, explains how his company successfully upgraded its TMS -- and, in a clever twist, used one of the company’s products to secure a successful transition. Learn more about OpenText:

technology software risk treasury tms opentext

112. Why Ron Insana is Skeptical of Bitcoin
For nearly three decades Ron Insana has been a highly respected business journalist and author. In this episode of AFP Conversations the CNBC and MSNBC contributor offers his thoughts on blockchain (bullish), bitcoin (bearish) and how he got his start in television: "Beats the hell out of me," he says. Insana will speak at AFP 2018 in Chicago this November. Save $100 off registration when you use promo code PODCAST18 at checkout:

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111. The Art of the Story With Master Storyteller Doug Stevenson
In this episode of AFP Conversations master storyteller Doug Stevenson talks about how he got his start in storytelling, his time sharing a movie scene with Chuck Norris, and how treasury and finance professionals can use storytelling at work. Stevenson is the founder of Story Theater International and creator of The Story Theater Method. He’s taught storytelling to clients at Google, Microsoft, The Department of Defense and more. He'll be a featured speaker at AFP 2018 in November. Learn more at www.AFP201...

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110. Mike Walsh: Reinventing Leadership for the Age of Machine Intelligence
Futurist, self-described global nomad, and the author of The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas, Mike Walsh helps companies design their business for the 21st century. Walsh spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about the business organization of the 21st century and what treasury and finance professionals can do to adapt.  Walsh will be a featured speaker at AFP 2018, this November in Chicago. Learn more at  At AFP Conversations, we love to talk about treasury and finance. Continue the conv...

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109. Talking International Payments With Ryan Stewart of Bambora
What’s the payment landscape like outside America? Just travel to Canada and you'll see some really interesting developments -- and here to explain it all is Ryan Stewart, North American Chief Commercial Officer for Bambora, a Swedish payments company founded in 2015. In less than 3 years Bambora has grown to more than 600 employees in 7 countries, processing more than 45 billion in Euros annually. Meanwhile, Bambora was acquired by French payments giant Ingenico in July 2017....

mobile wire payments fraud cash check ach bambora

108. Where Are All the Quick Wins for Blockchain?
In this episode of AFP Conversations Tom Klein asks, "Where are all the quick wins for blockchain?" Treasury and finance professionals increasingly are asking this question as well. Klein argues that companies are not asking a simple question: What benefit can blockchain bring in the next 3-6 months? Klein is the founder of Business Block, which helps companies implement blockchain....

technology finance treasury blockchain fintech

107. The Secretary Turned Finance Executive: Stephanie Uhl's Improbable Career
Stephanie Uhl is assistant treasurer of Forest City Realty Trust, a NYSE-listed company with nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. But Uhl didn't start there 13 years ago as a treasury associate. Actually, she was hired as a part-time receptionist. "This was just an entry-level position to get me through college," she says. "And then it leads to a wildly different career. It's pretty amazing, don't you think?" Uhl discusses her improbable career path and has some advice -- especially for women....

forest flow leadership city career cash stephanie forecasting treasury uhl

106: How World Vision International Leverages Treasury to Fulfill its Mission
When you think about who conducts cutting-edge treasury and finance, global Fortune 500 businesses probably come to mind. To that group, you should add World Vision International. World Vision is a humanitarian, relief and advocacy organization with more than $1 billion in annual revenue operating in approximately 70 developing nations across the globe. And yes, World Vision International is definitely on the cutting edge of treasury and finance -- so much so that last year World Vision became the first non...

management world international finance vision nonprofit risk advocacy hedging treasury fx

105. Geetanjali Tandon: From Hotel School to Monsanto Finance Exec
Today's guest, Geetanjali Tandon, has a lot to say -- about FP&A, IT, women in finance, cooking ... even Lego. She's a well-known presence on finance social media, constantly blogging, tweeting and authoring articles.  Geetanjali, who is Global IT Finance Lead for Monsanto, talked to AFP Conversations about her current role and the challenges she faces, why she's so active on social media, her interest in promoting women in finance, and her position as a Lego coach. That’s right, Lego coach....

it women in finance lego monsanto fpa

104. How Allianz Life Utilizes Robotic Process Automation in Treasury and Finance
A new study from the Association for Financial Professionals found that more than half of treasury and finance professionals believe robotic process automation will have a moderate or significant impact on their work. Yet only 14 percent said they are confident their organizations are ready for risks that come with RPA. You can download the full report at Today's guest, Sarah Schaus, is ready for RPA. In fact, her treasury team has embraced it, successfully implementing robotic pro...

automation finance process sarah robotic treasury rpa fintech schaus allianz

103. Despite Awareness and Training, Payments Fraud is at Record Levels
Everybody is concerned about payments fraud: Consumers. Law enforcement. And treasury and finance professionals. Yet, a new survey by the Association for Financial Professionals and underwritten by JP Morgan found that payments fraud is at its highest recorded level on record. Why is payments fraud reaching new heights every year despite universal concern and millions of dollars spent on law enforcement, training and tech solutions?...

email wire finance payments fraud risk check hacker cyber treasury

102. How Ripple Plans to Dominate Payments Via Blockchain Technology
Ripple is arguably the leading blockchain-based payments platform today. And it is growing: It has a new partnership to enter the payments market in China, and it is collaborating with multiple financial services companies, including American Express. Marcus Treacher, Ripple’s SVP of Customer Success, spoke to AFP Conversations about why Ripple has taken the lead in an extremely competitive market, and he discusses the company’s plans for the future. Treacher has over 30 years' experience in banking and pay...

finance payments banking marcus treasury ripple blockchain treacher

101. The State of Global Risk in 2018: What's Changed and Why?
When John Drzik was last on the podcast talking about global risk, the world was a very different place. There was a great deal of political uncertainty in the United States and concerns over the global economy. Drzik is back to discuss the state of global risk in 2018 and the World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report 2018, for which his organization is a strategic partner. Drzik is president of Marsh Global Risk and Digital and chairman of Marsh & McLennan Companies’ Global Risk Center. Treasurers, CFOs a...

global politics finance risk treasury cfo uncertainty

100. AFP Conversations Celebrates Its 100th Episode with CFO Anthony Scaglione of ABM Industries
What was happening in July 2016? Brexit. ISIS. And Pokemon Go, for that matter. Here's what else occurred in July 2016: AFP Conversations published its first episode -- and today we taped our 100th episode!  To celebrate, the first guest from Episode No. 1 returns: Anthony Scaglione, executive vice president and chief financial officer of ABM Industries, a publicly-traded, Fortune 500 company. We’ll get his perspective on what’s changed since then. (Spoiler alert: Plenty!)...

finance anthony treasury cfo fpa abm brexit scaglione

99. What Are the Three Roadblocks to Mass Adoption of Fintech?
There’s no question that fintech will disrupt treasury and finance, right? According to Eric Rosenbach, there are three significant challenges that need to be overcome before mass adoption does occur. A former Pentagon Chief of Staff and Assistant Secretary of Defense, for six years Rosenbach led the Department of Defense on cyber issues, including during high-profile attacks on the United States by Iran and North Korea. He’s also a former Army intelligence officer and commander of a telecommunications inte...

eric north korea iran finance risk cyber treasury cfo treasurer rosenbach fintech

98. Why FP&A Professionals Need a Finance Transformation Roadmap
Philip Peck is passionate about two things: FP&A and finance transformation. Peck, a vice president with the Peloton Group, tells AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel why finance transformation is so important to organizations today, and he discusses the latest trends in FP&A, enterprise performance management, and business intelligence. Peck will lead a session on FP&A and finance transformation at, March 18-20 in San Francisco....

business management performance enterprise intelligence finance bi fpa epm

97. Why Can't Our Government Keep Pace With Technological Disruption?
Darrell West has been researching technological disruption since he founded the Center for Technology Innovation at The Brookings Institution in 2010. West is concerned that our current governing processes are too deliberate and incremental to keep pace with today's rapid technological change. West spoke to AFP Conversations about his book, Megachange, and the implications of his research on corporate treasury and finance. Download more AFP Conversations at

technology government finance west disruption darrell treasury brookings blockchain fintech

96. AI and FP&A: Perfect Together? Maybe, Says Finance Executive Chris Ortega
Chris Ortega does financial planning and analysis for Emarsys North America, but he's increasingly interested in artificial intelligence. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Ortega discusses the future of FP&A and AI, why FP&A may be late adopters of this new technology, and the lessons he's learned on his journey from accounting to finance and employee to leader. Ortega will lead a session about AI and FP&A at, March 18-20 in San Francisco....

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95. What Can a 91-Year-Old Widow Teach Finance Executives? Plenty, Says Sarah Levitt.
In her new book, Magnificent Leadership, executive coach Sarah Levitt interviewed business leaders for their insights and lessons learned. Levitt will keynote BreakThrough Treasury and Finance for corporate treasury and finance executives this May where she’ll talk about building high-performing teams. "A high-performing team is really now a baseline for what organizations and leaders need," she told AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel. You can learn more about BreakThrough Treasury and Finance here.   Downloa...

business teams leadership development finance career sarah treasury levitt

94. A Distributed Ledger Startup Tries to Disrupt FX and Capital Markets Clearing
Dan Conner served in the Green Berets doing explosives and demolitions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Today he runs a fintech startup, DisLedger, a distributed ledger technology firm with a patent pending. DisLedger's target markets are high volume transactions like FX and capital markets clearing. Conner discusses his goals for the company, his aspirations for DLT, and how he went from serving in the U.S. Army Special Forces to founding a fintech firm.  Download more AFP Conversations at

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93. Advising Finance Professionals From a Global Perspective
Joining AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel in studio is executive coach and author Corrie Shanahan. Corrie works with clients to help them improve performance and productivity. She’s worked with the World Bank, IMF, Mars Inc., Discovery Communications, and more. A native of Ireland, she is the author of "Do It, Mean It, Be It." Shanahan explains how treasury and finance executives can improve their performance at work, as well as their personal lives, to create a more meaningful existence....

finance career cancer treasury shanahan corrie

92. How Phillips 66 Adopted Mobile Payments -- With Corporate Treasury's Help
Practically every consumer-based business would love to see customers using mobile payments. It’s faster for the customer, faster for the company, and it builds loyalty. But it can be pretty difficult to get customer buy-in especially with so many payments options today. Tom Nipper of Chase Paymentech Solutions joins AFP Conversations to explain how one retailer did it -- and how they persuaded the treasury group to sign on....

mobile payments 66 chase phillips retail treasury paymentech

91. Fintech May Be Coming, But the Treasury Management System Never Left!
While treasury and finance professionals scramble to embrace fintech there's still critical "oldtech" to monitor -- namely, the treasury management system.  Today's guest on AFP Conversations, Paul Bramwell of Ernst and Young, has plenty of advice for treasury and finance professionals who still must purchase and use a TMS. Bramwell has more than 25 years in treasury management so he has plenty to say on selecting a TMS, cash management, payments, and more....

finance payments risk treasury purchasing tms blockchain fintech

90. Corporate Tax Reform Is Here. How Should Treasurers and CFOs React?
Corporate tax reform is a done deal. So what does it mean for treasurers and CFOs? Will Goldthwait and Peter Hajjar of State Street Global Advisors offer their insights, as well as their economic outlook for the first fiscal quarter of 2018. Will Goldthwait is a vice president and portfolio strategist with SSGA. Peter Hajjar is SSGA’s Global Head of Cash Credit Research....

investing economy reform tax cfo treasurer ssga

89. Why the Humble Corporate Purchasing Card Deserves Renewed Attention
Every organization has them and they've been around for years. But the humble corporate purchasing card deserves your attention, says Bradley Matthews. Matthews is Head of Middle Market Product & Marketing, U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems. He's been in the financial services and payments business since 1998, and he says the end of the corporate purchasing card era is looming -- so what will replace it?...

card us bradley credit payments bank matthews treasury purchasing

88. What Every Treasurer Should Know About Managing the Company 401(k)
Everybody is concerned with their retirement nest egg -- and corporations are too. Today's AFP Conversations guest, Dana Brown, breaks down the current state of the 401(k) environment, and what corporate treasurers and CFOs need to know. Brown is a senior investment consultant with Willis Towers Watson.  Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other listeners find the show, and host Ira Apfel will read your review on air....

investing retirement towers watson 401k willis treasurer

87. Deploying Digital Payments in a Global Economy
Steve Bernstein has been in the payments space for more than three decades. Bernstein, who is Executive Director, Electronic Payments Market Manager with JP Morgan Chase, spoke to AFP Conversations about successfully deploying digital payments in a global economy -- and his thoughts on the resurgence of checks.  Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other listeners find the show, and host Ira Apfel will read your review on air....

steve digital morgan global payments bernstein chase jp treasury

86. How Exelon Manages its Banking Relationships
In the world of treasury and finance, banks are referred to as counterparties. A counterparty can be a colleague and a complement. Or it can be a foil. Karen Hotem and Jared Fruland definitely try to the more positive view of their banking counterparties. Hotem and Fruland work for Exelon Corporation, the former as treasury operations manager and the latter as a senior financial analyst. They spoke about how they collaborated with their banking counterparties to improve cash management and reduce fees among...

management finance bank banking cash treasury exelon

85. Kendall Frederick of Hanesbrands: The Surprising Link Between FP&A and Enterprise Risk Management
The last time Kendall Frederick was on the podcast he was the senior manager for finance integration with Hanesbrands. Now he’s the senior manager of enterprise risk management. Frederick spoke to AFP Conversations about the surprising link between FP&A and ERM as well as matters more treasury-related. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other listeners find the show, and host Ira Apfel will read your review on air....

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84. It's Complicated: Payments and Treasury -- ACH, Blockchain, Mobile and More
If there is one area of corporate treasury that has completely exploded in complexity, new vendors and technologies, it’s payments. You’ve got mobile payments. But which platform? You’ve got faster payments. But when will it come? You’ve got blockchain. But is it really viable for corporate treasury?  Today's AFP Conversations guest, Michelle Ziolkowski, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Payables, Treasury Management with Wells Fargo Bank, offers her insights....

mobile payments wells treasury fargo blockchain ach

82. Phil Fernbach on FP&A and The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone
How do we grow as communicators, leaders and FP&A professionals? Today's AFP Conversations guest, Philip Fernbach, thinks the first thing we need to do is stop assuming we know more than we do. A University of Colorado professor of marketing and co-author of "The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone," Fernbach points out that humans have built hugely complex societies and technologies, but most of us don’t even know how a pen or a toilet works. Similarly, FP&A professionals are tasked with making ac...

technology marketing finance phil cognitive forecasting bias fpa fernbach

83. How CFOs Can Align Strategy and Execution With Enterprise Performance Management
Today's guest on AFP Conversations is Jim Perry, the Director of EPM Practice Strategy with Infor. Jim spoke at AFP 2017 about aligning strategy and execution with enterprise performance management. It sounds like a big, scary topic but he thinks it’s a critical one for all chief financial officers must tackle. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other listeners find the show, and host Ira Apfel will read your review on air....

cloud management performance enterprise finance infor epm cfos

81. SWIFT Confronts a Rapidly Changing Payments Landscape, Including Blockchain and Fintech
The payments landscape is evolving so rapidly that it’s even a challenge for the big vendors to keep up. Nobody knows this more than today's AFP Conversations guest, Kevin O’Neil. Kevin works for SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication that is such an integral part of the global payments landscape. Kevin discussed how SWIFT is adapting, including fintech and blockchain. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will ...

technology payments swift treasury cybersecurity blockchain fintech

80. How Can FP&A and Finance Forecast Accurately in Uncertain Times?
These are uncertain times, but FP&A professionals must still prepare useful forecasts. Today's AFP Conversations guest, Antonio Morales, Director of FP&A Latin America with Baker Hughes, believes ensuring the accuracy of forecasts is not only achievable, but critical to building credibility with investors. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other listeners find the show, and host Ira Apfel will read your review on air....

hughes finance baker forecasting uncertainty fpa

79. Tony Capozzoli of Deutsche Bank Talks FX: Uncertainty, Accounting Standards and Bitcoin
Foreign currencies are more prone to uncertainty and radical swings than ever before. And now there are new hedge accounting standards, a new code of conduct, even virtual currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum. Here to make sense of it all is today's AFP Conversations guest, Tony Capozzoli, a director with Deutsche Bank. Capozzoli provides quantitative risk analysis and hedge optimization for Deutsche Bank’s corporate clients. He holds a PhD in mathematics from the University of Chicago, where he also teache...

bank tony currency hedging treasury deutsche fx bitcoin capozzoli ethereum

78. Why China Opening a RMB Clearing Hub in America Is a Big Deal for Finance Executives
The People’s Bank of China recently awarded the Bank of China clearing-bank status for its new U.S. Renminbi (RMB) Trading and Clearing Hub. What does that mean for corporate treasury and finance? Plenty, says today's AFP Conversations guest, Frank Sansone. Sansone is treasurer of the New York branch of China Construction Bank -- the second-largest bank in the world. The well-traveled Sansone also discussed his time working as a treasury executive for Belgian-French bank Dexia and the National Bank of Kuwai...

frank china bank sansone cfo treasurer kuwait dexia rmb

77. How Oracle Designs KPIs and Other Predictive Metrics for FP&A
Metrics are all the rage, and every finance professional and organization preaches the importance of KPIs. But what is a KPI, really? And how can you design them to ensure future success for your organization?  That’s the task that today's guest on AFP Conversations faces. Matt Stirrup is Vice President Finance, Global Customer Support Services and Corporate FP&A, Oracle Corporation.  Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other liste...

finance metrics oracle fpa kpi

76. Bob Stark Offers Treasurers Career Advice On Surviving in a Mature, Rapidly Consolidating Industry
The treasury management system sector is a classic mature, rapidly consolidating market. Yet today's guest on AFP Conversations, Bob Stark, has not only survived but thrived. Stark, vice president of strategy with Kyriba, offered career advice on staying professionally relevant as well as his perspective on the state of corporate treasury... and the NHL. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other listeners find the show, and host Ir...

technology development hockey career bob nhl treasury stark tms

75. Nicole Meyer Explains the Value of Networking for Treasury and Finance Professionals
It’s harder than ever to navigate your career. There are new ways to look for jobs, constant pressure to learn new skills and roles, and now there’s a real chance your job will be outsourced to a robot. Today's AFP Conversations guest, Nicole Meyer, can help. Meyer is the founder and managing partner with The Meyer Partnership, a search and advisory firm for global financial services. She believes networking is key to getting ahead and getting a new job. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please giv...

networking finance meyer career nicole treasury

74. Rana Foroohar: Why Facebook, Google and Silicon Valley Need More Regulatory Scrutiny
The last time Rana Foroohar visited AFP Conversations she talked about the financialization of America. Now she's turned her attention to Silicon Valley. In today's episode, Foroohar, a CNN analyst and Financial Times columnist, discusses the intersection of business and government. She wonders whether companies like Facebook and Google are more powerful than countries, and what that means for business and government in the future. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your p...

facebook google finance valley silicon regulation treasury rana foroohar

73. Mohan Murali on the Future of Corporate Treasury: Cybersecurity, Cloud Services and More
In today's episode of AFP Conversations, host Ira Apfel talks to Mohan Murali, president of Axletree Solutions, for his perspective on treasury technology – where it’s been, where it’s headed, and the challenges treasurers face. Murali has worked in the corporate treasury space for nearly 13 years so he’s seen plenty of change. Cloud services and security are particularly hot topics, Murali says. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help...

technology cloud mohan treasury cybersecurity murali axletree

72. Can Business Serve a Higher Purpose Than Profits? Michael Jacobs Shares His Thoughts
Can business have a higher purpose than profits and revenues? Should business have a higher purpose than profits and revenues? Michael Jacobs thinks about these two questions for a living. A professor at Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, spoke with AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about corporate governance, business with a higher purpose, and how treasury and finance fits into this equation. Jacobs is the author of “Short-Term America” and has written for the Ha...

michael business finance ethics jacobs governance treasury

71. Anand Goel Explains How Businesses Can Leverage Credit Card Payments Data
In the payments space there’s so much attention paid to the next big technology that treasury and finance professionals can easily overlook something they already have—data. Anand Goel doesn’t want to discourage corporates from trying new technology; he just wants to make sure they leverage the information they already have on hand. He spoke at AFP 2017 on leveraging payment analytics to reduce costs and is a recognized industry expert on the topic. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it ...

card finance credit payments treasury interchange anand goel

70. Michael Beschloss Discusses Leadership from the Boardroom to the Oval Office
If you’re interested in American history, presidential history, or even if you’re on Twitter, you’re probably familiar with today's guest Michael Beschloss. He’s an award-winning historian, best-selling author of nine books, New York Times columnist and Emmy-winning contributor to NBC News and the PBS NewsHour. On top of all that, he has one of the most fascinating accounts on Twitter, with more than 250,000 followers.  Beschloss spoke to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about leadership from the boardroom ...

house twitter michael leadership president white kennedy eisenhower boardroom beschloss

69. Brian Behlendorf on Hyperledger, Blockchain and Open-Source Communities
In this episode of AFP Conversations, host Ira Apfel talks with Brian Behlendorf, executive director of Hyperledger, an open-source community working to create blockchain technologies for business. Behlendorf has plenty of experience with two of the most popular open-source communities on the web, Apache Web and Mozilla Firefox. He’s also served on the board of the Mozilla Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast ap...

finance firefox mozilla treasury blockchain hyperledger

68. Live from AFP 2017: The Story Behind the 'Fearless Girl' of Wall Street
Since her installation on Wall Street in March, Fearless Girl has become an iconic symbol for women and girls everywhere. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Dominica Ribeiro and Yeng Butler of State Street Global Advisors and Michelle Demarco, assistant treasurer for Genesys, explain to host Ira Apfel what Fearless Girl means to them, and how they are working to bring gender diversity to the corporate boardroom and workplace.  Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your pod...

female women finance girl diversity fearless treasury

67. Live from AFP 2017: Blockchain, AI and Fintech Discussion with Ori Brafman, Leslie Chacko and Jeff Glenzer
This episode of AFP Conversations was recorded in San Diego at AFP 2017, the biggest event in treasury and finance! Everybody here is talking about blockchain, AI and fintech -- and frankly the treasury and finance professionals in attendance at AFP 2017 are worried about their careers. Today's three guests join host Ira Apfel to discuss the digital disruption that is quickly coming to treasury and finance, and their organizations' collective effort -- AFP MindShift -- to confront it: Ori Brafman, author o...

jeff finance ai leslie treasury ori brafman blockchain fintech chacko glenzer

66. Helen Kane: How Should Treasury and Finance Hedge in a Rising Rate Environment?
Helen Kane is widely known and respected in the treasury and finance industry for her expertise on hedge program management and derivative accounting. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Kane discusses hedging and how it’s changed since she founded her company, Hedge Trackers, in 2000. Kane notes that interest rates are rising for the first time in years, presenting a new challenge to many treasury and finance professionals. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcas...

finance currency rate interest hedging treasury fx commodity

65. Oliver Lewis Describes a Virtual Reality So Vast That Everyone Could Live In It
Imagine a virtual reality so vast that all of us could effectively live in it. What would that mean for humankind? And, for our listeners out there, what would it mean for corporate finance?  In this episode of AFP Conversations guest Oliver Lewis discusses the work of Improbable, a tech startup that teamed with the British government to create arguably the most complete virtual simulation ever -- and how it could help corporate finance. Lewis is an academic, innovation adviser and civil servant with intere...

lewis tech intelligence finance oliver reality virtual artificial ai treasury

64. The State of the Economy and Wall Street: What It Means for Treasury and Finance
2017 is quickly drawing to a close and it’s been a very interesting year for the economy and Wall Street. Issues like the debt ceiling, the Fed outlook, money markets, and tax reform still loom.   So what does all this mean for treasury and finance professionals? Todd Bean and Will Goldthwait of State Street Global Advisors offer their insights and predictions. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other listeners find the show, and ...

finance street reserve economy wall federal reform interest tax treasury rates

63: Mark O'Toole on the 3 Cs of Hedging: Currency, Cash and Commodities
Corporate treasurers and finance executives are facing more uncertainty than at any time in recent memory. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Mark O’Toole, Vice President of Commodities and Treasury Solutions for OpenLink, discusses the three Cs of hedging: currency, cash and commodities. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help other listeners find the show, and host Ira Apfel will read your review on air....

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62. Julia Kirby: AI, Robotics and Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines
Julia Kirby is the co-author of "Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines," which documents how nearly everyone is vulnerable to being replaced by artificial intelligence and machine learning, and was a Financial Times best book of 2016. Kirby talked to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about her book, co-authored with Thomas Davenport, and what treasury and finance professionals can do to prepare for the technological revolution.  Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Ple...

intelligence finance learning artificial robotics machine ai julia kirby treasury blockchain fintech

61. Miko Matsumura: Why He's Bullish on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
Miko Matsumura, Limited Partner with Pantera Capital and a founder of cryptocurrency exchange Evercoin, talks to AFP Conversations about cryptocurrency -- where it stands, where it's headed, why he's so bullish on it, and how treasury and finance professionals should think about it. Matsumura is one of the keynote speakers at AFP MindShift this October in San Diego: Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations. Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it will help o...

finance payments treasury miko matsumura bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain

60. Rana Foroohar: Makers, Takers and the Rise of Financialization in America
In this episode of AFP Conversations, business journalist Rana Foroohar discusses the financialization of America, what that means for business, and its meaning for corporate treasurers and CFOs. She also explains how the roles of business and government will merge in the future.  Foroohar is a global business columnist, associate editor with The Financial Times, and the global economic analyst for CNN. Her book, Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business, was short-listed by T...

business finance economy trump treasury rana financialization foroohar

59. Lisa Jaster on Being a Female U.S. Army Ranger: "Don't Let the Quit In"
In this episode of AFP Conversations, guest Lisa Jaster talks about quitting -- or, to be precise, not quitting. In 2015 at the age of 37 Lisa Jaster became only the third woman to graduate from U.S. Army Ranger School, which 36 percent of students fail within the first four days. Now a Major in the U.S. Army Reserve, she’s also a mom, wife and an engineer for Shell Oil. "Don't let the quit in," she says.  Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations! Please give it a review on your podcast app of choice -- it...

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58. Keynotes and Cash: How to Find 150 Speakers and Session Leaders for the Biggest Event in Treasury and Finance
Practically everyone who works in an office has attended a big trade show or conference at some point. But who finds all the keynote speakers and educational session leaders? In this episode of AFP Conversations, John Gibson, PMP, Director of Education and Projects for the Association for Financial Professionals, explains how he and his team identify, assess and book nearly 150 speakers and session leaders every year for the biggest event in treasury and finance. Thanks for listening to AFP Conversations! P...

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57. Salim Ismail: How Exponential Finance Will Transform the Way We Work
Technology strategist and best-selling author Salim Ismail explains why some organizations are growing exponentially rather than in a traditional linear fashion. These exponential organizations grow 10 times faster than their traditional peers -- and they will have a dramatic impact on finance and treasury and finance teams....

finance treasury ismail salim exponential blockchain fintech

56. Shell Oil's Michael High on the Challenge of Bringing FP&A to Deepwater Drilling
Michael High, head of planning, appraisal and reporting for Shell, is tasked with making the company’s new, multi-billion-dollar Deepwater line of business less risky and expensive. High talked about his role with the Deepwater project and his career, including his time as an intelligence offer in the United States Army and how it prepared him for a career in FP&A....

michael high finance oil drilling shell fpa deepwater

54. Jer Thorp on Data Visualization and the Challenge of Making Data More Human
Jer Thorp is a digital artist who combines science, art, culture and data into his data visualizations. He’s also the former Data Artist in Residence for The New York Times. Thorp will speak at AFP 2017 in October, and he'll address an audience of financial planning and analysis professionals on the challenge of making data more human.

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53. Blockchain for Boats: Why the Shipping Industry is Embracing Distributed Ledger Technology
You might think that a company transporting thousands of tons of cargo containers by boat around the world is the last place you’d find blockchain in use. In fact, the shipping industry is practically ground zero for blockchain and distributed ledger technology. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Jody Cleworth of Marine Transport International explains why his company has embraced blockchain, and the challenges of converting a supply chain from legacy technology....

finance shipping jody dlt blockchain fintech cleworth

52. Dan Gardner Explains How You Can Be a Superforecaster and Beat the Pundits
Dan Gardner, co-author of best-selling "Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction," argues that pundits are notoriously inaccurate at predicting the future, and that ordinary people actually produce better forecasts. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Gardner explains how FP&A and finance professionals can turn themselves into superforecasters. He will also keynote the inaugural FinNext....

dan business finance gardner forecasting fpa pundit

51. Elizabeth Rossiello on the Promise of Blockchain and Bitcoin Payments
Bitcoin has many skeptics in the West but in Africa it could transform payments. In this episode of AFP Conversations, host Ira Apfel spoke to Elizabeth Rossiello, co-founder of BitPesa, a Nairobi-based payments and FX startup which operates in six African nations, about the promise and challenges of bitcoin....

finance b2b treasury fx bitcoin blockchain fintech bitpesa

49. Wolfgang Koester on FX Risk Management -- Are Treasurers Doing a Better Job?
Currency hedging expert Wolfgang Koester breaks down the results of a new survey on FX impacts and their negative effect on the bottom line. Are corporations doing a better job mitigating FX risk? Koester, the co-founder of FiREapps, gives his thoughts....

finance currency risk hedging treasury fx koester

48. Anders Liu-Lindberg of Maersk Explains Why Finance Pros Should Start Blogging
Finance executive Anders Liu-Lindberg of Maersk explains to AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel why he became a prolific blogger -- and how writing sharpens his thinking. He also talks about FP&A and business partnering, and how his new role blends finance and HR....

writing blogging hr finance career fpa maersk

46. Blockchain and Fintech Promise Huge Change. How Can Finance Execs Keep Up?
Leslie Chacko, a principal in Oliver Wyman's Digital, Technology and Analytics practice, explains how finance executives can keep pace with the enormous changes fintech and blockchain promise to bring. Chacko and Oliver Wyman are part of AFP MindShift, which gathers innovators, disruptors and experts to discuss technology's role in corporate finance and treasury, in partnership with the Association for Financial Professionals and Starfish Leadership....

finance leslie treasury mindshift blockchain fintech chacko

45. Robert Tercek: How Treasury and Finance Can Invent Their Future
Robert Tercek, author of "Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World," spoke with AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about how treasury and finance professionals can invent their future and thrive in a world of constant chaos. Tercek is scheduled to speak at AFP2017....

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44: With Rising Interest Rates, A New Era for Treasury and Finance
Interest rates are on the rise -- and many treasury and finance professionals have never operated in this environment. AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel interviews Amol Dhargalkar, Managing Director for Chatham Financial, to get his insights on implementing an interest rate hedging program. Dhargalkar advises companies on financial risk management, and he says the number of organizations seeking his advice is on the rise since the Fed raised funds in March....

finance reserve federal risk rate interest treasury dhargalkar

43: Mike Rowe Reveals the Dirty Truth to Treasury and Finance
Television host and AFP2017 keynote speaker Mike Rowe completed more than 300 dirty jobs in his career. So what can he teach treasury and finance professionals working in an office? Listen to Rowe tell AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel about his stint as an opera singer, his unconventional advice for college graduates, and the dirtiest job you couldn't pay him enough to do again....

mike jobs advice development finance dirty career rowe treasury

42: Payments Fraud is Occurring in Record Numbers. Why?
Magnus Carlsson, Manager of Treasury and Payments at the Association for Financial Professionals, discusses the results of the 2017 AFP Payments Fraud & Control Survey, underwritten by J.P. Morgan. Nearly three quarters of corporate treasury and finance professionals said their companies were victims of payments fraud last year, the highest percentage since the survey debuted in 2005....

email finance payments fraud checks treasury cybersecurity ach

41: What Are the Secrets to Staging the Biggest Event in Treasury and Finance?
More than 1.8 million meetings and conferences are held in the United States each year by one estimate. But have you ever thought about what it takes to plan one? And how far in advance does it take to plan a conference for 6,500 people? In this episode of AFP Conversations, veteran event planner Kristina Mechelis explains how she and her team put together the biggest event in treasury and finance. Kristina also previews what's new at the upcoming AFP 2017 this October in San Diego.  Learn more about AFP 20...

conference san finance meeting diego event treasury afp

40: Don Tapscott on Blockchain's Promise, Future, and Threats
In this episode of AFP Conversations, Don Tapscott, best-selling author of Blockchain Revolution, explains why blockchain technology will fundamentally change what we can achieve online, how we do it, and who can participate. Tapscott will be speaking at AFP 2017 this October in San Diego. Find out more at Download more AFP Conversations at  If you subscribe to AFP Conversations on your favorite podcast app, please give it a review -- it will help other listener...

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39: Is FP&A Really Just Internal Business Consulting? And Is That A Good Or Bad Thing?
So just what is financial planning and analysis anyway? Like many practitioners, at first Jake Hammon thought it was about forecasting, budgeting and spreadsheets. Now he's not so sure. Today Hammon acts more like an internal consultant to his company's business units. "Honestly that's one of the things I pitched to new hires as they come in," he says. "It's one of the benefits of working in FP&A." In this edition of AFP Conversations, hosted by Ira Apfel, Jake Hammon talks about the changing role of FP&A, ...

disney development finance consulting career budgeting forecasting byu fpa ancestrycom

38: Phishing and Taxes: How Treasury and Finance Professionals Can Fight the Latest Cybersecurity Scam
Just in time for Tax Day, the IRS issued a new new phishing scam warning. This ingenious new threat combines business email compromise and W-2 fraud; cybercriminals posing as company executives send emails to employees in payroll and HR, requesting a list of all employees and their W-2 forms. The result: stolen money and reams of confidential data.  In this episode of AFP Conversations, host Ira Apfel talks to Brian Lapidus, Practice Leader, Identity Theft and Breach Notification, with Kroll, a risk manage...

finance taxes fraud phishing treasury w2 payroll cybersecurity

37: Trump Turns to Tax Reform -- What's the Outlook? The Wall Street Journal's Vipal Monga Gives His Perspective.
Vipal Monga covers the world of corporate treasury and finance as a reporter and editor with The Wall Street Journal. In this episode of AFP Conversations he gives a preview of the coming battle over corporate tax reform, what he's hearing from treasurers and CFOs that he regularly speaks with, how his background as a documentary film maker informs his business reporting, and more. Follow Vipal on Twitter at @VipalMonga. You can hear more AFP Conversations at  If you subscri...

business finance street journal wall tax treasury vipal monga

36: Want to Ditch Spreadsheets? Gauthier Vasseur Explains How, Using Data Science
Gauthier Vasseur has held many roles in his career: auditor, controller, marketer, strategist, to name several. These days, though, he’s probably best known as an educator -- he lectures on data science at Stanford University and in organizations around the world. His goal is to help students rely less on spreadsheets and more on smart data-driven processes. Vasseur believes treasury and finance professionals need to become data CEOs, relying less on technical skill and more on intellectual curiosity. In th...

science data finance visualization spreadsheet treasury

35: Putting Blockchain to Work: Allianz Finance Exec Talks Fintech, Leadership and Career Development
After 25 years in corporate treasury and finance, Eric Matheny remains on the cutting edge. The Vice President of Corporate Finance and Treasury for Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty has embraced fintech and offers a glimpse into his company's blockchain venture.  A Certified Treasury Professional, Matheny also talks about what he learned while working abroad and how it influenced his leadership style and his treasury management strategy. Finally, Matheny is on the planning committee for the upcoming AFP...

management leadership finance treasury blockchain

34: Treasurers and CFOs Loathed Proposed Reg 385 Changes. So Is the Final Version Better?
When the IRS and Treasury Department proposed changes to Section 385 of the tax code, corporate treasurers and CFOs went ballistic. Besides discouraging corporate tax inversions, they claimed the proposed changes would make everyday cash management functions like cash pooling nearly impossible. Now the final 385 regulation is out and due to take effect soon. Is it easier on treasurers and CFOs? And will the Trump administration repeal this Obama-era holdover? In this edition of AFP Conversations, host Ira A...

tax irs treasury deloitte cfo treasurer

33: Same Day ACH Makes Payments Faster. But Is That Fast Enough for Finance Execs?
When it debuted last year, Same Day ACH promised to make payments faster and more secure. So how's it doing?  In the latest episode of AFP Conversations, Michael Herd, Senior Managing Director, ACH Network Rules at NACHA, discussed the progress of the Same Day ACH program. Herd commented on how the initiative is going and its challenges, the future of Same Day ACH, and why treasury and finance professionals should take advantage of it. Download more AFP Conversations at, or subs...

credit payments day same debit ach nacha

32: What's On the Minds of Corporate Treasurers? Plenty, Including Blockchain and Fintech.
Corporate treasurers have a lot on their plate these days: Geopolitical risk, regulatory risk, blockchain, fintech... and of course their traditional duties too. To take stock of all their challenges, many global corporate treasurers will gather in New York City in May at the AFP Executive Forum, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. And the host of this event is the guest of the latest AFP Conversations: Craig Martin, Director of Executives Programs and Treasury Practice Lead at AFP. Craig previewed ...

finance executive forum treasury afp treasurer blockchain fintech

31: FP&A in the EMEA: Finance and business forecasting challenges across the globe
Financial planning and analysis faces different challenges across the globe -- as Anne-Marie Rice will tell you. In this episode of AFP Conversations, Anne-Marie, Director, EMEA at AFP, provided the view from the UK and Europe on corporate treasury and finance. She discusses trends in FP&A, which she sees as the future of the finance function. Connect with Anne-Marie Rice and read her posts. Visit to hear more treasury and finance conversations. Got a topic you'd like us to d...

uk finance planning budgeting rice forecasting annemarie fpa brexit

30: Chris Voss, Ex-FBI Hostage Negotiator, Explains Why You Should Never Split the Difference
Chris Voss is the founder and CEO of the Black Swan Group as well as the author of the new book, Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. Chris worked 24 years at the FBI as a hostage negotiator. He's a favorite speaker with corporate treasurers and CFOs -- and now with Hollywood executives, too. Visit to hear more treasury and finance conversations....

chris fbi hollywood negotiation negotiating voss cfo treasurer

29: Talking FP&A, Finance, Blogging and Hockey Analytics with CFO Daniel Tolensky
How do you go from client services to preparing data for National Hockey League player contract negotiations? Daniel Tolensky has the details. In this episode, Tolensky discusses doing FP&A in the advertising industry and online gaming industry, how he got his start as a hockey blogger, and how it led to his role helping a major sports agency represent NHL players at the negotiating table. Visit to hear more treasury and finance conversations....

online data gaming finance hockey advertising daniel analytics nhl fpa tolensky

28: From Treasury to FP&A: Finance, 401Ks and Forecasting with Kendall Frederick of Hanesbrands
Kendall Frederick knows treasury and FP&A from both sides of the office. The Senior Manager, Finance Integration for Hanesbrands Inc. discussed analytics and modeling, cash management, corporate finance, and capital markets with AFP Conversations. He’s written for AFP publications and he even helped write the book on the AFP Financial Planning and Analysis certification.  Visit to hear more treasury and finance conversations....

markets management finance modeling kendall corporate cash capital analytics frederick treasury fpa hanesbrands

27: Blockchain, Faster Payments and More: How One Bank Navigates Fintech Innovation
Christopher Mager has a very interesting new job -- and a challenging one. He's the head of BNY Mellon's new Global Innovation Group for Treasury Services Business.  Mager is in charge of helping BNY Mellon keep up with the frantic pace of change in payments, so he is overseeing his institution's faster payments initiatives, its real-time payments innovation and, yes, blockchain and distributed ledgers. Mager also talked about the challenging regulatory landscape, and what treasury and finance professionals...

innovation finance payments distributed ledger treasury blockchain fintech

26: So You've Publicly Disgraced Yourself. Here's How You Can Bounce Back.
What do you do if you suffer a very public failure? How can you re-start your career?  Catherine Hoke can help. Hoke knows about being a long shot. As the first female wrestler on her high school boys’ team, she owns the school record for getting pinned the most and fastest. Years later, she suffered a very public humiliation in her career -- yet she came back stronger than ever. In this short, but sweet, AFP Conversations episode, Catherine Hoke, founder of Defy Ventures, a national nonprofit that equips f...

advice finance career catherine failure treasury hoke

25: Using Data Visualization to Tell a Treasury and Finance Story
Your dashboard should be more than a few charts – it should tell a story. In this AFP Conversation host Ira Apfel spoke with data visualization expert Catherine Madden, who mapped several sessions at the 2016 AFP Annual Conference. Visit to hear more treasury and finance conversations....

data storytelling finance visualization madden catherine ux treasury

24: Want to be a Thought Leader? Become a Conference Speaker
New year, new job? The best way to find your next career opportunity is by presenting at an industry event. Aurora Gregory explains how treasury and finance professionals can become thought leaders by presenting at AFP San Diego and other conferences. Visit to hear more treasury and finance conversations....

conference speaking public leadership finance presentation thought treasury

23: This Expert Says Treasurers and CFOs Must Master Global Uncertainty. But Is That Even Possible?
Nader Mousavizadeh advises some of the world’s leading corporations, investors, and organizations. When he speaks to clients, Mousavizadeh talks a lot about the need for organizations to master uncertainty. But is that even possible?  In this episode of AFP Conversations, Mousavizadeh, who previously served as Special Assistant to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, explains how treasurers and CFOs can cope with the rising tide of geopolitical risk and uncertainty.  Visit

management politics leadership strategy risk nader uncertainty mousavizadeh

22: John Fruin: From Finance to Treasury to FP&A
In many ways John Fruin's career encapsulates the major changes in treasury and finance. He started as an investment banker, moved to Growmark (where he still works) as a financial analyst, then moved to treasury and, ultimately, FP&A. In this episode of AFP Conversations, host Ira Apfel interviews Fruin, Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis, about his multi-faceted career, managing Millennials, his challenges in FP&A, and why he volunteers so much time with AFP.   Visit ...

john training finance managing treasury millennials fpa fruin

21: The Treasurer-Turned-Politician: Utah's David Damschen
Treasurers tend to be introverts. They're always being urged to get outside their cubicle and connect with the rest of the organization. So what happens when the treasurer runs for public office? In this episode, host Ira Apfel talks to David Damschen, CTP, on his successful campaign to become State Treasurer of Utah. Damschen, a long-time AFP member, discusses his unique challenges as a state treasurer, what it's like to campaign, and more. Visit to hear more treasury and fi...

politics payments election utah treasury damschen

20: China and India: Opportunities and Risks for Treasurers and CFOs
Relations between China and Donald Trump are off to a rocky start. But Anja Manuel, a former special assistant at the U.S. Department of State, believes we need to dial back the rhetoric – and India could be the key. In this edition of AFP Conversations, Manuel explains to treasurers and CFOs what’s at stake in the world’s two biggest emerging markets. Visit to hear more treasury and finance conversations....

china finance emerging market india risk manuel treasury cfo anja

19: What You Don’t Say Says A Lot: The Art of Nonverbal Communication
Christine Hollinden believes that managing relationships is far more complicated than choosing the right words. In today’s AFP Conversation, Hollinden reveals the biggest mistakes we make in nonverbal communication – and how to fix them. To hear more AFP Conversations, visit

communication leadership development finance career treasury

18: Blockchain Technology Is Here. But Is It a Reality For Treasury and Finance?
Treasury and finance professionals heard plenty of talk about bitcoin. Now, blockchain technology is here -- and it's supposed to be a better payments technology than bitcoin. Is it? If so, when should the industry embrace blockchain? In this episode of AFP Conversations, Steve Mott of BetterBuyDesign explains the differences between bitcoin and blockchain, the promise of blockchain, and the challenges.  Download more AFP Conversations at

steve payments treasury mott bitcoin blockchain

17: How Can FP&A Drive Enterprise Value? Peter Geiler, FP&A Explains.
A senior finance manager for Kaiser Permanente, Peter Geiler explains why financial planning and analysis is so important to the enterprise. And he explains how he got into wine-making. Download more AFP Conversations at

enterprise finance budgeting forecasting fpa costing

16: What Should Treasurers and CFOs Expect From the Global Economy?
Dan Burns, Reuters’ Economics and Markets Editor, Americas, tells AFP Conversations what treasury and finance should look for from the global economy in 2017. Download more AFP Conversations at

dan markets global burns emerging economy risk uncertainty

15: A Look At the Human Side of Cybersecurity with Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, PhD.
When it comes to lax cybersecurity, are humans the problem? No, says Dr. Jennifer Golbeck, a computer science professor. Golbeck believes better cybersecurity starts with human-centered technology. She spoke with AFP Conversations at the AFP Annual Conference in Orlando. Download more AFP Conversations at

jennifer payments dr risk treasury cybersecurity golbeck

14: Corrie Shanahan on Executive Leadership
All too often new finance leaders must learn leadership on the job. Executive coach Corrie Shanahan spoke to AFP Conversations from AFP Annual Conference in Orlando on what new managers can do to be better bosses. Learn more at

management leadership development finance career annual afp shanahan corrie

13: LIVE From AFP Annual Conference: Jeff Johnson Wraps Up Day 2
Jeff Johnson, CFO of Amesbury Truth in Edina, Minn., joined AFP in 2005, now he's chairman of the board. Recorded from AFP Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., Johnson discusses why he volunteers so much time with AFP. Plus, he reveals his goals in the the year ahead as AFP Chairman and CFO of a multinational corporation.  Learn more at

conference jeff finance johnson annual treasury afp cfo

12: LIVE From AFP Annual Conference: Jim Kaitz Wraps Up Day 1
The 2016 AFP Annual Conference is the 19th for Jim Kaitz, chief executive of AFP. In this special episode live from the exhibitor floor in Orlando, Fla., Kaitz reveals his favorite session from the biggest event in treasury and finance. Plus, he previews the latest benefit for AFP members. Learn more at

jim conference finance annual treasury afp kaitz

11: My Organization Got Hacked. Now What Do We Do?
Treasury and finance departments are under attack from sophisticated cybercriminals who increasingly use business email compromise, or BEC scams, to steal from organizations. So what happens if your treasury and finance department is BEC scammed? Michael S. Kim, co-founder of the global law firm Kobre & Kim, spoke with AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel. Kim explains what treasury and finance executives should -- and should not -- do in the event of a BEC scam. Learn more about preventing BEC scams: http://bi...

finance payments treasury cybersecurity

10: FP&A is Changing. A New Survey Reveals How and Why.
In this AFP Conversations episode, Nilly Essaides, author of a new report on AFP's all-new FP&A Benchmarking Survey, says financial planning and analysis is a function in transition. Host Ira Apfel asks Essaides, Director of AFP's Financial Planning & Analysis Practice, about the changes to FP&A -- and how the profession and finance executives can capitalize on the changes. Plus, how does your FP&A group compare to your peers? Download the survey and discover more FP&A resources at Thanks...

survey benchmarking fpa

9: Amid Many Challenges, Are Corporate Treasurers Actually Transcending?
With so many new tasks and responsibilities, it looks like corporate treasurers face a daunting future. But industry veteran Craig Martin believes corporate treasurers actually could be in line for a promotion of sorts.  Hear Martin and AFP Conversations host Ira Apfel discuss: Treasury transcending Treasurers' biggest challenges and opportunities Where interest rates are headed. Learn more about the Association for Financial Professionals at And sign up now for AFP's Annual Conference ...

politics regulations risk interest treasury afp rates

8: Managing a Multicultural Workforce with Erin Meyer
How can finance executives navigate cultural differences on their team? Author and INSEAD professor Erin Meyer explains. Meyer is the author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business. She has developed a framework that allows international executives to pinpoint their leadership preferences, and compare their methods to the management styles of other cultures. Her work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Singapore Business Times, and Forbes. Meyer is a featu...

business management leadership finance multicultural

7: The State of Electronic Payments
In this episode of AFP Conversations, host Ira Apfel talks to Magnus Carlsson, AFP's Manager of Treasury and Payments, about the 2016 AFP Electronic Payments Survey, underwritten by JP Morgan. It's AFP's first e-payments survey since 2013, so much has changed. Carlsson breaks down: Who was surveyed The scope and focus of the survey Surprises and key insights. You can download the survey at And, if you want to learn more about e-payments, you can attend the AFP Annual Conferenc...

finance payments treasury epayments

3: Jim Kaitz Gives the CEO's Perspective
Jim Kaitz, chief executive officer of AFP, is gearing up for his 19th AFP Annual Conference this fall in Orlando. But even after 18 Annuals, Kaitz loves the event. What's his secret? And what does he see as the biggest leadership challenges today?...

conference leadership kaitz

2: Catherine Hoke on Surviving Public Failure
How do you bounce back from failure? Catherine Hoke knows. The AFP Annual Conference speaker survived a very steep and public downfall -- and bounced back stronger than ever. Hoke shares her insights in this wide-ranging discussion....

leadership career growth failure