After A Few

After A Few Podcast

Two slightly intoxicated best friends talking about anything and everything under the sun. No fears. No boundaries. No lies. Especially after a few.

#4 - Vegas
In light of recent events, we decided to hold an emergency recording session to discuss some hot topics - specifically the Las Vegas shooting. We laugh, I cry, and we highlight some of the things that YOU as listeners can do to take action! So email us, tweet at us, or reach out however you can to let us know what steps you are taking to fight for the victims of these awful mass shootings. Keep Listening, and stay safe! Much love #VegasStrong...

#3 - F*ckBoys
In this episode, we deliver some riveting stories about everyone's least favorite millennial phenomenon - the fuckboy! Prepare yourself for some horrid stories about our personal encounters with fuckboys, the stories of other victims, and some chats about relationships in a time where relationships are so difficult! Buckle up, have a drink, and welcome to After A Few!...