Against the Grain with McGibbon and Crinks

Against the Grain with McGibbon and Crinks Podcast

Two government workers - McGibbon and Crinks - on an unscripted mission to meet people who make their dreams a reality, no matter how obscure.

Episode 1 feat. street artist Jimmy C
We chat to globetrotting street artist Jimmy C about early days tagging Adelaide train lines, traveling the world as a sought after muralist and attracting world-wide attention when his London mural of David Bowie became a shrine to the musician in the weeks after he passed away. Also some physic and meditation for good measure....

Pilot feat. rapper James Williams aka The Kid
James Williams started Harris Real Estate in 2010 with best mate and mentor Phil Harris, only to walk away from the company (and a huge pile of money) to pursue a career in rap as The Kid. We chat to The Kid about that decision, tricks to look out for when buying a house and how to drop the perfect freestyle, before kicking a three-way battle rap... with mixed results......