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Alex and Luke Know Nothing Podcast

Alex and Luke Know Nothing... about a lot of things. Join comedians Alexander Goldwell and Luke Jean as they interview people who have passions and knowledge in various things, as Alex and Luke search for the best breakfast burrito around.

Episode 12
We talk about how we wanna keep doing the show. Send us hate mail!...

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Episode 10: Season 2
We are back, and this time we. mean. business.Alex and Luke have been gone for more weeks than they care to share, but have a lot of new shows lined up and ready to fill your ear holes with the docile sounds of love. It's season 2, we want love mail....

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Episode 9: Angelina Goldwell, Horror Expert
We talk to Alex's wife Angelina about her love of the horror genre in literature and film. We (Luke) also pressure Alex into thinking about possibly watching Stranger Things....

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Episode 6: Matt Travieso
This week we talk to Matt Travieso about black smithing, Texas, and lots of food. Send us hate mail, we deserve it!...

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Alex and Luke: Chapter 2 Colon John Wick
Luke tells Alex about John Wick: Chapter 2. *Super Spoilers* Watch the movie and then listen, or be like Alex and have Luke ruin it for you. Follow us on Twitter @AandLKnowNothin or Facebook!...

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Danica Marie Dance Battles
Comedian Danica Marie is an expert on dance battles. She teaches us on the nuance of different styles and the A&W of Dexter Michigan....

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Mihkel Teemant Gambles
Comedian Mihkel Teemant tells about his neighbor with snakes and tells us how we could all be rich if we just knew how to gamble. For more information on his show dates and other cool stuff he has created, check out his website us on Twitter @AandLKnowNothinFollow us on Facebook @AlexandLukeKnowNothing...

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Episode 2: Casey McLain Talks Beer
Comedian and beer aficionado, Casey McLain of the podcast Cascaudio ( learns us on the finer points of IPAs....

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