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Ignorant, opinionated, unabashedly lefty comedian Alex Dayan reads the news and reacts with confusion and anger. Finally, a show that reads news the way you do. Posts every day, in theory.

AlexNews 2/10/17 - Internal Logic
Alex tries to understand why the courts decided that the Muslim ban is illegal. Kellyanne Conway illegally pimps Ivanka’s products. Trump calls China. New crash test dummies look more like real Americans....

AlexNews 2/9/17 - Necessariness
The New York Times' snow day travel recommendation forces Alex to confront whether living life is necessary. Alex tackles the Times’ really long and sarcastic “morning briefing.” A satirical British advertisement takes on the Royal Navy. Parents in West Virginia try to get rid of Bible classes. Comcast is told to stop claiming it offers the fastest internet....