Aggregated reviews for Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

A twice weekly podcast hosted by veteran interviewer and everyone's new best friend, Alison Rosen, featuring surprisingly honest conversations that are equal parts silly, serious, revelatory and sometimes involving a sombrero. Plus an eternal quest to find out if that thing you think or do is normal in a segment called "Just Me or Everyone?"

Härlig podd om allt möjligt (4/5)

På måndagar intervjuar Alison en profil i amerikansk media, och på torsdagar bjuder hon in några kompisar för att prata om allt möjligt. Mycket igenkänningshumor. Trevlig, underhållande och så långt ifrån enformig man kan komma. --- Alldeles för mycket reklam dock, vilket sänker betyget till en 4:a.

Love you guys! (5/5)

Hi guys! Im a 33year old Texan girl who’s been living in Sweden for the past 26 years. Been listening to the Adam Carolla show since the start and love it more since Alison joined. Love the Thursday shows!! The whole gang rocks! Big time. Heard the lastest Thursday show when y’all were talking about wet naps in the car. Wanna share a good idea. Mainly to you Alison, who has a dog. Always have at least one wet nap in your pocket while walking your dog. Has happened several times that i accidentally got poop on my hand while picking it up. Wet naps will feel like the best thing ever invented at those disgusting moments. All of you guys are funny, smart and make me laugh out loud while on the subway going to work. People smile when they see me laughing and I think you should know that you are spreading joy in Stockholm. Thank you solo much. Love you!!!

Lololol (5/5)

Best podcast i ever heard! Everyone. Listen to it!

Funny, witty, interesting and sexy (5/5)

Alison entertains her audience with her funny personality, her intelligence and her interesting guests along with producer Gary (not sure if it's full or half-tard Gary). She holds her own without the aid of Adam Carolla. Alison, I wish you all success with this podcast!