Aggregated reviews for Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

A twice weekly podcast hosted by award-winning interviewer and everyone's new best friend Alison Rosen. Mondays are one-on-ones featuring surprisingly honest conversations that are equal parts silly, serious and revelatory. Thursdays are roundtable group shows. You will laugh, think, and feel less alone. (Unless you don't feel alone at all in which case, congrats! You've done it!)

Hate When the Episodes End   (5/5)

I have been listening for years and cannot miss an episode. The Monday episodes are so great and I always feel like I learn so much about the guest! The Thursday show leaves me feeling so light hearted and happy... so many needed in these times of “the plague.” Only podcast I never miss!

Love this Pod!<thanks for titling my review...   (5/5)

This podcast has brought such joy to my life! Thank you for your fun and shananigans. ^^^^^Yes, it has. I have to tell youthat I listen in my headphones when either walking outside or cleaning the house... My family loves how I laugh so hard while listening to both the Thurs show and the Alison and Daniel show. I have a 22 yo daughter who has her own podcasts... whatever... she took a ride with me to the bank 2 weekends ago while I had the pod on in the car. Twice (maybe moree) I caught her laughing at you guys! Ha! AND when I told her Kevin and Demi were on last week, (I referenced Gilmore Guys) she was like YEAH I know who You're talking about! Well now Alison she knows you too. Thank you for bringing my family together!

Company   (5/5)

You guys make me feel like I have company over when I don’t (and really can’t right now). Thanks for keeping me company.

Alison has chemistry with everyone   (5/5)

Alison and Daniel sound worried in the Sunday episodes, try pot edibles again you don’t have to socialize when high, just have fun with each other.

still great!   (5/5)

If you need a podcast that feels like home, this one is it for me! I have been listening since episode 1 and though the show has had a lot of great people come and go, the core is Alison and her great blend of humor and genuine insight. I am a patreon member and definitely urge you to give the ARIYNBF family a try - start out by getting to know the whole gang on the fun Thursday shows and then dive deeper with great one on one interviews on Mondays. Update- still great pod, Alison has pivoted her format and adapted to the times (pandemic) but still delivers authentic entertainment. Still on top!!!

Fun show but where are all my thursday show faves?   (4/5)

The Thursday shows have always been my favorite, especially in quarantine—I enjoy the illusion of a regular cast of characters getting together. (The remote audio has been great, and it feels as close to irl interactions as it can.) But the Thursday show guests have been all over the place lately. Has it been hard to book the usuals for some reason? Or do Alison & co just want to explore other combinations? Idk, but I really miss Renee! I miss David! I miss Jordan, and I savor it each time Wendy or Alie is back on the show. I get why someone like Alison wants to talk to Jackie all the time, and I’m adjusting, but the rest of the random new Thursday guests (especially the men, sorry to say) make it harder to listen.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Love everything about this podcast, especially the revolving Thurday gangs. Every group somehow is even better than the last! Have listened to Alison since the Anti-Christ days (funny how Carolla shares the same initials AC!) Miss Daniel from the Thursday shows - come back soon DQuantz on the Snappy!

No diversity   (1/5)

There have been maybe 5 BIPOC guests on since the podcast began.

Daniel Don’t stop!   (5/5)

I'm loving these quarantine shows with Alison and Daniel. I enjoy hearing the rants and most often agree and or totally understand! I’m so glad I don’t have small kids, they wouldn’t have survived this quarantine. Lol. Keep up the pods and miss Daniel on the Thursday shows. 100% on salsa thoughts. Lol

Hunnnnaaaaaaay!!!!!!   (5/5)

I discovered this podcast because I'm a huge Throwing Shade fan and Alison has had both Bryan AND Erin on her show. I'm really loving this podcast, all the honest convo about things both real and goofy, and especially love it when Jackie is on. OMG the hot vet episode? Killing me. Alison, I love your voice: it keeps me calm at work, and reminds me of another famous person's voice, but I don't know who it is! Just listen and subscribe already, people.

Smash The Subscribe Button   (5/5)

I listen to podcasts for a living. This is one of the few podcasts that I listen to for pleasure. It’s a quality show. Please bring back the advice segment!

This podcast is really awful.   (1/5)

If you enjoy listening to nimrods talking about termites, construction trash in their yard for a year, closet doors that don't fit, and toilet seats that move when you sit on them you will love this show. Also, poop and bad smells are their go to topic. This is high class stuff.

Alison and Daniel Jason at the bank   (5/5)

This episode was GREAT! Laughed outloud and kept smiling while working out on the elliptical.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   (5/5)

I have been listening to Alison Rosen for about 6 years now. She’s my go-to and I love getting two different kinds of shows each week. The Monday show has introduced me to 90% of my other favorite podcasts. The Thursday show never disappoints. Five Stars.

Salad Bar!   (5/5)

Weird- I just started setting up my own salad bar at home. I fill all of my small Tupperwares with salad fix-in’s and fill up a huge bowl of chopped lettuce. Then I line them out along my counter and have at it. Sat down in front of my salad bar salad and almost didn’t eat it because I didn’t have the sunflower seeds. I’m not alone in this world.

True Love   (5/5)

Even though I’ve never met either one of them, Alison and David are my two best friends who married each other 😍

One Star for Uniqueness!   (1/5)

It's always Thursday in California!

Daniel please stop   (4/5)

Daniel, even people who agree with you think you are ranting too much. Please can you stop yourself.

Just Terrible   (5/5)

I've been listening for eleven years and hated every minute of it. Does anyone know if there are other podcasts out there or is this it?

Went away but I am back   (5/5)

I had to stop listening when COVID-19 hit because that was all that was talked about but after listening to this weeks show with Greg and the Jones I am back. The show is back to being my escape from reality and not a blink kick of it in the face. Keep it up!!!

I love me some Alison Rosen!   (5/5)

I’m a long time listener and feel like Alison really is my friend! I love hearing her point of view on an array of topics. She is so friendly and fun but also smart and funny. Alison discusses out loud things I think about all the time. I love the Monday show interviews. I have learned a lot from the Monday guests. And Thursday? Party time! Chillin with Alison and Daniel and friends, I love it. Thank you for great shows, and I highly recommend being a patron for the bonus episodes and monthly livestream, so worth it! :)

Daniel and Alison are my new best friends!   (5/5)

Love the Daniel and Alison chats! 🥰

Best Friends   (5/5)

The Thursday shows have always been my favorite but I’ve been loving the Monday shows with Daniel. Alison is like your best friend who sometimes you have to shake your head at and think, did you really just say that? But since she has introduced me to so many new friends, Jenna, #Al, Greg, Tony, Chef Jeff, Jordan, Jackie, Renee(the list goes on) Alison will have to remain a friend.

Daniel   (5/5)

Daniel is my favorite part of the podcast—more Daniel please. KB

Pass on this crap fest   (1/5)

Long time listener but it’s now the Quantz BS tirade show. Maybe after quarantine I’ll circle back but not now. Was way better without Daniel.

final straw NO Way! Here to Stay   (5/5)

You won me back over. Daniel you did go a little toooo far with your politics again on June 7, but so what. We can agree to disagree. I loved the show so much with Greg, Colonol Jeff Fox. hashtag Al & Jenna. I still love it. Sorry for the bad review. I regret it. No one should be as judgy as my review. I have been listening since you left Adam

Ewwww! Would rather get a root canal!   (1/5)

Your most boring and annoying least favorite friend. And what’s with the Fake laugh. If you want to nerd out for 2 hours it’s 2 hours you will never get back. Alison is thirsty and desperate for attention. I’m out.

Great Interviewer   (5/5)

I found my way here through Childish. Alison in smart, funny, and a great interviewer. I especially like the episodes with Daniel.

No More   (1/5)

This went from entertaining to unlistenable. It’s great, though, if you want to be lectured on politics by a remarkably self-absorbed crowd.

Nope   (1/5)

Don’t disagree with Daniel on Twitter or he’ll block you. Daniel, if Trump is re-elected at least you can take solace in the fact that Joe Biden isn’t president.

See Daniel, Hear Daniel   (5/5)

Really appreciated the take this week: would follow you twice on Twitter if I could.

Real conversations That Entertain   (5/5)

Alison’s husband, Daniel, appears to be trying to get kicked off the podcast or out of the marriage with the comments he makes. For our sakes he must remain in both. He is funny and interesting. He is also a hero to men in that he can tease his wife and get away with it. Perhaps it is just the audience, but she’ll even laugh. Anyone can have a podcast, not everyone can record husband jokes without, You think you're funny, but you're not. Alison interviews are bold without being aggressive and is able to interject her own experiences into the conversation without putting too much attention on herself. Alison, Jenna, Matt, Chris, and Gary delve into conversations that you will not find anywhere else. I find myself often thinking I thought I was the only person that did that. Things like worrying if I leave a tissue (from blowing my nose) after using a public toilet, will the next person think something weird. The group have real conversations that come up organically. Which is all well and good, but they are also able to do this in an entertaining way which shows true talent.

Great intro this week!!   (5/5)

Remember when Daniel didn’t even want to be on the podcast?

ARIYNBF is my happy place   (5/5)

Like many others, I’m a fan of Alison’s from her work as former news girl on another podcast. The Thursday show is my favorite, and while my favorite lineup with always be Daniel, Greg, and the Kim-Joneses, I love the current iteration of the Thursday Gang and being introduced to people like Renee, Dave, Wendy, Jordan, Alie, Jackie, Joe, and whoever else may be slipping my mind. Love, your old/next best friend.

Loving the Daniel episodes!   (5/5)

I’ve always loved this podcast, but it’s been especially nice to listen to other parents talk about life at home with small children during quarantine. The Alie and Jackie episodes have also been really fun. Thanks for all the great content during this difficult time!

Keep the Daniel episodes coming   (5/5)

Always the biggest fan of ARiYNBF. One huge positive about covid 19 is the addition to the podcast with the Daniel episodes. Please Please when the world goes back to normal keep this wonderful weekly podcast on your line up. I love hearing about your children and the growing pains through both of your eyes. This is by far the best new podcast in many months. I will be so sad if you decide to drop this after quarantine. Also as far as nanny returning. I say no. Now that states are opening up more business n beaches ect. I am personally more diligent about social distancing and more mask wearing because the general public is not being safe. If you look at crowds in public the opening of some places seems to make them not wear mask or stay six feet apart. In restaurants and bars they can’t wear mask in order to eat and drink. It’s to big a risk of your adorable kids to bring back the nanny. Also with the Kawasaki type symptoms children are getting the risk has increased super high. Love you two.

3 yr olds!   (5/5)

Hahahah.. my mom would always say, Whomever coined it ‘terrible twos’ clearly didn’t wait for the threes! Thank you, Daniel, for filling in on Monday’s show. Hang in there guys!

Opening Music   (5/5)

Just so you know, your opening music for both podcasts are the only openings I listen to all the way through. Plus, I sing along as well as doing a little dance each time! 💜

ARIYNBF: Better Than Therapy   (5/5)

I absolutely love your podcast. I struggle with anxiety and go to counseling appointments on Thursdays, the same day the podcast comes out. Since the appointment is 45 minutes away by car, I listen to the Thursday gang on my way to counseling and back. It’s my best mental health day of the week!

Just me or everyone?   (5/5)

Of course I love the show! Alison is hilarious!!

I just love Alison!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a while but haven’t left a review before. But Alison has been killing it lately. The Thursday shows have been so much fun and the mix of guests has been on point. Yes, honey!

Love seafood on the toilet. HGFY!   (5/5)

Fun show. Lighten up Francis it’s all in fun.

Alison Just Gets Me   (5/5)

I discovered Alison on another podcast that she co-hosted. I stopped listening to that other show the day she left and haven’t looked back. I relate to Alison on so many levels and I really get her humor. This podcast brightens my life and makes me laugh out loud even in the worst traffic. Alison is a talented interviewer who really gets into the soul of her Monday show guests. The Thursday gang has been super fun since the beginning. Love you!

Xoxo Sam   (5/5)

I have been a long time listener and love the show! Alison is an incredible interviewer, and the Thursday gang is always fantastic. On a recent episode, Alison discussed where she is sitting during quarantine. That 10 minute discussion truly solidifed how much I love ARIYNBF. Keep up the great work!

Smart, Sensitive, and Funny   (5/5)

This podcast is certainly worth your time to try out, but I’d like to address the unrelated question, Is Billie Eilish talented? I have decided the answer is “yes”, but that she sounds like she makes the unfortunate decision to drink a glass of milk before every song.

Much needed friends   (5/5)

In this weird time of isolation, being home all the time and not being with other people is really starting to bring me down. I’ve listened to ARIYNBF for years but never before have I felt like these guys are actual friends of mine. The conversation is so relatable to how I’m feeling, I literally feel myself nodding along and chiming in with a “uh huh so true” many times. Thank you so much for always being there for me and thanks for the awesome Thursday gang and for your great Monday shows - I’m loving the bonus Daniel appearances and he’s missed when he isn’t there on Thursday!

Listening to Monday’s show with Daniel   (5/5)

I’m up in the middle of the night, (I ate too much rich Easter food), and I’m so enjoying listening to Alison and Daniel, making me smile and helping the time go much smoother as I’m in and out of the bathroom. TMI I know, but if anyone can take it, Alison can. Love you guys!! Oh!!! And listening to you talk about your boys and the Bubble Guppies really puts a smile on my face, my daughter has two girls and guess what they watch all day long! Yep. The Guppies! My favorite is Nonnie.

It’s about time   (5/5)

I am currently listening to an old episode because this show helps me not feel alone. I have been listening since 2015 and it really feels like Alison is my best friend by now. The Thursday show has helped make me smile on the worst days and the Monday episodes keep my mind occupied. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who needs a friend, especially during quarantine.

She’s actually my best friend now   (5/5)

We’ve all been thrust into this weird, scary, pandemic, quarantine situation. And yet Alison Rosen, along with her Thursday gang, is still here. Even through zoom episodes, her sound quality is great. Her show is real talk interviews and discussing life with friends. If you don’t feel like she’s your friend within 2 or 3 episodes, you’re not even human. Keep it up Alison. In twenty years, we will remember that, in our time of need, we turned to artists to help us through the muck.

I love this show so hard!   (5/5)

Love me some ARIYNBF. The Monday show is always a great in-depth discussion the Thursday show is fun and silly and real and random and completely delightful.

Still Fresh After All The Years.   (5/5)

ARIYNBF makes me so happy and more than ever the laughter and genuine nature is so appreciated. Thanks for making the world a bit brighter.

Ain't No Virus Gonna Break Alison's Stride   (5/5)

Alison's authentic and hilarious perspective is needed more than ever right now. With the stresses and uncertainty of Covid 19, her voice and effort to still make great podcasts feels like a warm comforting blanket. She has more than risen to the challenge of having to interview guests for her Monday shows and interacting with her panels for the Thursday shows remotely. In fact, the shows still sound fantastic, as if everyone is actually in the same room, and the rapport between her and her guests is still as present as ever! --Leeann Ward

Intelligent, Entertaining, Funny!   (5/5)

During this time I need all the friends I can get and Alison Rosen is my New Best Friend! She is a fantastic interviewer because she knows how to listen. She has interesting and funny guests and I love the back and forth between her and hubby Daniel. It’s been a life saver for me!

Painful   (1/5)

Alison is the most self absorbed, neurotic person who ever lived. I am a longtime listener who just can’t anymore. I like the guests on the Thursday shows so may try to stick those out but the Monday shows have become unbearable and life is hard enough right now In a recent Monday show, she spent 10 awkward, painful minutes describing where she sits NOW in quarantine-interview-setup in excruciatingly boring detail THEN described in equally numbing detail where she USED to sit pre quarantine. And rambled on another 5+ minutes about purply long flowers (haha is that what they’re called?) and a fat hummingbird (I hope he’s not sick!). I can only guess that she was trying to kill time?? But instead she killed any hope I had of sticking with this show.

Alison & Daniel Only Thursday Show   (5/5)

This is so much fun! Having only Alison and Daniel gives us such a delightful peek into their relationship and banter. They shine on this episode!

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I love this show so much.

I swear I am not a stalker   (5/5)

My friend Kristy and I have been listening to the Thursday show for several years. Daniel and Alison make you feel like one of the family. This became very apparent recently when I had a dream that I happened to stop by their house on the way back from a basketball tournament (not sure how since we live in Indiana). They were sweet, kind, and funny despite my awkward drop in. Thank you Alison and Daniel for being amazing dream hosts! (When COVID-19 prevents your from visiting your real life friends your brain apparently tries to compensate). Thank you Tony for limiting the drops! I love hearing more current content and less reminders of something funny someone might have said years ago. I miss the old gang sometimes but love hearing from most of the new guests too! ARIYNBF is my Gray’s Anatomy of Podcasts- my guilty pleasure for the week!

Love this show!!   (5/5)

I became a fan after hearing about this show on another podcast! Thursday shows are my favorite and I enjoy the conversational ease and rapport which Alison establishes with her Monday show guests. Favorite moment ever: when Wendy Molyneux and Dave went on the tangent during a famous Alison segue!

One of my favorites!   (5/5)

I look forward to the Monday episodes; they get into really deep topics! It makes me feel like I’m in the room with Alison and her guest. Alison is very good at making her guests feel comfortable and engaging in meaningful conversations. Then, there’s the Thursday gang! The chemistry between everyone is great, which makes for such a fun show. Keep up the great work Alison!!

Awesome sauce!   (5/5)

So good that I’m still listening even though I have nowhere to drive to and I’m not working!

This old man loves this show   (5/5)

As a 65 year old guy, I’m sure I’m outside Alison’s usual demographic but I love this show. I’ve listened from the start of the podcast through its various lineups and love them all. She has introduced me to many others I now follow, including Alie Ward and one of my other favorite podcasts, Ologies. Her, Alison’s, one on one interviews are among the best I have heard. Highly recommend.

Alison is the best   (5/5)

I love this podcast !! Monday’s are one on one episodes and even if you don’t know who the guest is, Alison does a great interview. It’s fun to hear her really listen to guest and ask questions that we are all thinking as we listen! Thursday shows make you laugh out loud so make sure no one is watching. Her guests always bring awesome fun energy. LOVE sweet renee and crazy Jackie and of course David the great story teller!! And the TONE ZONE fits in perfectly. What a perfect podcast. Daniel is a lucky man to have a gal like Alison :)

Alison is OUR NEW BFF!   (5/5)

Relatable. Funny. Smart. Vulnerable. Honest. Silly. Approachable. Open. Loyal. Everything you want in a BFF! Thank you Alison for entertaining us all of these years!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Have been listening to Alison since she first tried out for the Carolla show. I have listened to every episode of ARIYNBF from the day it started and have always enjoyed it and looked forward to each new show.

A must listen every week!   (5/5)

If you are looking around for new podcasts please give this one a listen. Alison is a great interviewer and her Monday podcasts always feature an interesting guest. Be sure to try her Thursday free wheeling group sessions that are always funny and real. Highly recommended - and I never recommend anything!

The best podcast!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast! Super great and funny segments. I have been an active listener for about 5 years. But Lockdown has given me time to write a review that this show deserves. I love Alison and love each of the the Thursday show members. She’s cultivated quite a hilarious crew of amazing regulars who constantly make me laugh. I love that even when it’s people who have never met before everyone seems so at ease and laughing. I think Alison is one of the best interviewers ever. In my opinion her questions are probing yet thoughtful so they don’t seem rude. You can tell she says what’s on her mind but still manages to frame it in a way that makes it sound not robotic or gossipy. I think she is doing such a great job of brining the funny and happy to people in lockdown. I super appreciated her doing a virtual show with former Thursday show members JKJ and thehashtagAL. Keep the great stuff coming Alison. Sincerely, Hope

Perfect pod!   (5/5)

If Beyonce was a podcast, she’d be ARYINBF

LOVE!   (5/5)

I absolutely LOVE this podcast and look forward to it 2 times a week every week!

Such a downer   (1/5)

Such a downer

Alison is the friend you need   (5/5)

Started listening after she interviewed one of my favorite podcasters. First listened to Thursday group shows and went through old Monday shows with guests I was familiar with. Once I realized what a great interviewer Alison is I started listening to all the Monday shows. You quickly get to know the Thursday guests and inside jokes.

Love it!   (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s like being with your friends, every single time. The Thursday gangs always make me laugh, no matter who’s on. And the Monday interviews entertain and usually teach me something new. Thank you for a great show, Alison and friends! ❤️

Bleh   (1/5)

I listened for 8 minutes and I couldn’t listen anymore. I can only describe it as inside jokes thinly veiled as a podcast.

Wonderful, relatable content and amazing guests!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for years and Alison and the podcast only get better!

Alison is smart   (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast

My Best Friend   (5/5)

Funny & entertaining like listening to a friend 🌴😎

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Like a lot of people I first found Alison on the Carolla podcast, but quickly fell in love with her show including the vlogs she ran when she was still living at her folks house. I stuck with her and ditched Carolla. She is a great interviewer, but really the Thursday shows are what bring me the most joy. Have loved all the lineup iterations. Thanks to those shows I listen to many of the other regulars’ podcasts. This show is my fantastic gateway drug.

Love   (5/5)

I love ARIYNBF it makes me lol. I enjoy the Thursday gang, and the Monday interviews are fantastic. Keep it up!!

Alison really feels like my best friend   (5/5)

I have been a listener since the AC days and quickly and happily stopped listening to him once Alison was gone. She really does feel like my best friend- she has shared so much of her life with us and I feel like we have been right there with her through highs, lows and tooth peaks. I love how she makes me laugh but also loves to surround herself with others that make her laugh. She is generous with her guests with her laughs as well as her sensitive spirit, high EQ interviewing skills, and ability to let them shine. All this is to say/ she IS my imaginary best friend and her podcast give me something to look forward to twice (well, three if your count Childish) a week!

This show stinks   (1/5)

Hard to listen to, awful

I laugh while I paint!   (5/5)

I always listen to podcasts while I work, I'm an artist, so I paint, and ARIYNBF is my favorite podcast! It's funny, it's heartfelt, and I love her guests! Alison does a great job with her Monday interview show and making her Thursday show tons of fun! Thank you Alison and friends! Angela at

Alison is way too insecure...   (5/5)

And that's why I love her! Authencity is where it's at. In my line of work, lying costs more than telling a hard truth, and hearing the gang push back on each other is just the kind of positive reinforcement I'm looking for in a comedy podcast. And let's be real, Al's "Hard no." last week was so funny I backed up 15 secs just to hear it again. That's some real friendship there! I am truly impressed at the show's ability to swap out panel members without the slightest hiccup in quality. It's a testament to Alison and the gang's open-heartedness. From Jensen to Henson, from Huntsberger to Heller, it's all great. Monday and Thursday mornings are a GD delight with Alison & Co on the mic. The only thing that would make this pod funnier is if Jeff were able to get an actual drop of Wendy farting. I love you, goodbye!

Love Alison and gang   (5/5)

The authenticity of the host and co-hosts make this podcast special. They are open and honest about almost everything in their lives. It fees like I’m dropping in on a party of old friends and future friends just gabbing and having fun. The format is loose and showcases Alison’s wit and

A new favorite   (5/5)

I haven’t been listening to this show very long—I discovered it when Alison was a guest on another podcast I love maybe six months ago—but it’s quickly become one of my favorites. Alison is a top notch interviewer. She doesn’t shy away from asking personal questions but people mostly seem to feel safe opening up to her, probably because she comes across as very non-judgmental and it’s clear that her curiosity comes from a genuine place. She has a knack for leaving the right amount of space for her guests to answer her questions, and she shares enough about her personal life to be relatable without oversharing.

Less boring   (5/5)

This is what I think about podcasts 👌

💗   (5/5)

Have been a listener for years and love both shows, especially when Greg or Jackie are guests :)

Hang out with your besties!   (5/5)

This podcast is so much fun! I’ve listened to & loved the Thursday show for years... and I’m lately really liking the more serious and personal Monday show too. If you’d like to spend an hour listening to a great group of people laughing & having fun, you should check out ARIYNBF.

I just like her   (5/5)

I just like Alison. She really great on me when she was on Carolla and now I just like her. She sounds like someone that I would get along with if we hung out together. She sounds like the type of person that I would want to be my local politician because she would actually care about me and my family. Anyway... I just like what she has to say.

More Jackie!   (5/5)

I love the energy Jackie brings to the Thursday show! I haven’t been this excited to listen since the JKJ/Greg/#Al days.

Huh...   (1/5)

What is this

I’ve been meaning to do this ...   (5/5)

I discovered this podcast years ago when Alison cohosted Shane Dawson’s podcast. I honestly love it so much, especially the Thursday show, it really improves my Thursday morning commute. Alison is a great host, and All the iterations of the Thursday gang have been great but I have to give a special shout out to the bits David and Wendy do when they are on together. they have caused me to laugh out loud in public on several occasions. I’m an American living abroad and this podcast is my weekly dose of home. Love it!

Don't forget to click 5 stars   (5/5)

Alison is a brilliant interviewer and always has a comforting touch to her questions. And the Thursday shows are just the best. No matter which lovelies are showing up in the podcastcabin/podcabin, I know it’s going to be great!!! Thank your for years and years and years of joy. Much love from Portland! 💖💖💖

Favorite Podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve been a loyal listener to ARIYNBF since it became a podcast on that old network we don’t talk about anymore. I’ve dumped a bunch of podcasts over the years as my tastes have changed, but my love for Alison and her new best friends has only grown stronger. Alison is a great interviewer and host, who has cultivated a style and vibe that sets the tone no matter who she’s interviewing on Monday or chatting with on Thursday. It’s really the best and some billionaire really oughta give her millions of dollars.

Love the show!   (5/5)

I miss the old gang but so happy with the new Thursday group and love the Monday episodes, excited Greg has been back for a few Thursday shows!

Like hanging with your best friends   (5/5)

I have been an avid listener for years and enjoy both renditions of this pod. The Thursday episodes are my favorite and I always interrupt whatever podcast I am in the middle of when they come out so I can listen right away. The Monday episodes have taught me about so many people I never knew and I love the way Allison interviews to make the conversation interesting and informative. PS - I vote for Pod Cabin and Ton-Zone if you’re still taking votes

An incredible interviewer and a great panel host.   (5/5)

An old job I had required that we ask every customer if they were completely satisfied. It was a manipulative question and I didn't last there more than a few years. But I don't even need to ask myself this question to know the answer about this show. Welcome aboard, Tony. You're going to do awesome. I've been listening to Alison for many many years and she is excellent at bringing out the best in a one-on-one. Her skills remind me of Jesse Thorn (high praise). Listening to the Thursday gang is a highlight of my week and I've been so happy as a patreon subscriber, now that I can listen to the show on my way home from work on Wednesday, usually. I want to sing the praises of everyone in the panel, but it rotates enough, I don't know who to start with, so I'll just say, you're all brilliant and I love you Daniel, Renee, Allie, Jordan, Eric, David, Tony (again), and the rest.

Alison could be my new best friend!   (5/5)

I’m probably around the same age as Alison Rosen but she definitely conveys that “cooler older sister” vibe that makes her podcast very appealing! Alison is always a great guest on other podcasts so I recently started to listen to her show’s archive. However the recent episode with Erin Gibson was so good (Sept. 8, 2019) that I wanted to write a review! Erin was so honest and exhilarated as she talked about the difficult events in her life over the past year year; as someone who experienced similar stuff with a parent, it was the first time I’ve heard anyone talk about the impact and craziness of it. And as a great listener and interviewer, Alison matched Erin’s energy and created the space for a really cool conversation.

Wendy Molyneux Ruins This Show   (2/5)

I've been a loyal listener since Alison left the pirate ship, but I just can't anymore. Wend Molyneux isn't clever or funny, although it's obvious that SHE thinks she is. Everything from her attitude to her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

Alison (and all her guests) will be your new best friends.   (5/5)

Found Alison through looking for more Alie Ward content and now I’m hooked, was also delighted to rediscover David since Professor Blastoff was one of the first podcasts I listened to. All the guests are great and am currently listening to all the episodes in reverse while at work (I’m a plumber and work alone day in day out) it’s fun to hear the genesis of all the drops as I listen back through time. Only episode I couldn’t finish was the birth story, I was driving and found myself getting lightheaded and felt like passing out, not a very tough guy :) Thanks for the days and days of entertainment.

So honest   (5/5)

I usually don’t do this but I had to come on and rate this, the episode with Erin Gibson is so honest and real and the host is so articulate and recognizes every time the guest says something that will touch the audience. It was truly the best episode I’ve heard of a podcast. This was my first listen and I will definitely be listening to more.

Especially good lately   (5/5)

I am less than a year in on this show, but it has become one of my favorites. I have been missing Wendy (human not dog) lately, but the latest episodes have been getting better and better. PS Shorten it to “podcab.” 😁

I’m dying!   (5/5)

I have a 2 1/2 year old that is obsessed with these odd YouTube videos that y’all are talking about today. I’m dying laughing right now! Johnny, Johnny!!! Has Elliott gotten into the weird adults with some type of foreign accents opening and playing with toys yet?! It’s so bizarre!! And baby shark of course. Anyway, love you all!

This makes me sad   (5/5)

I have listened to every episode. I listened to all the carolla podcasts also. I consider Alison a brilliant interviewer and have been introduced to so many people I had never heard of. I have soldiered on through the far left political leanings out of respect and open mindedness. However, today was the first podcast I had to stop listening to and just delete. I found Erin Gibson to be so intolerant. With attitudes like hers I don’t know how she gets through the day. I’m still giving the podcast 5 stars as it is deserving of them and I will just hope for better things in the future. As a conservative male please don’t throw us away.

My All-Time Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I have been listening to ARIYNBF for many years now. I love Alison’s expert ability to get her Monday guests to open up and tell stories they might not otherwise divulge. The Thursday episodes are by far my favorite! When new episodes load on my phone I am so happy! I find myself laughing so hard all the time and I love playing along with the games. Thank you Alison and company for being a bright spot in an otherwise difficult life. You bring me such joy when I sometimes have nothing else to smile about.

Truly a gem of iTunes   (5/5)

Alison Rosen, the queen of podcasts, and her cheerful gang bring me so much joy every week, their constant jokes and funny topics have made me laugh out loud for minutes at a time, my family has now confined me to my room to listen to these podcasts to avoid my random outbursts.

Never too late to rate   (5/5)

How have I never reviewed this show??? Have followed Alison for years. This show saved me from my baby blues on days when I was feeling low during maternity leave. I would play this podcast knowing it would make me laugh and lift my spirits. And it did. And still does. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Also I had a regrettable dentist experience today and am missing my tooth peaks dearly....

Alison Rosen didn’t know she’s been my new best friend for years   (5/5)

Love the solo shows, the interviews and the group shows. I’ve been listening for years and it’s made my commute far more interesting and entertaining :). I think it’s a strength of the show and Alison that she can do heartfelt interviews, lighthearted and dynamic group shows, and be honest and open in her solo shows. They all have a different feel and I love the variety. Also just me or everyone- I didn’t realize the crust on bread wasn’t more nutritious than the inside of bread until I was 22. For years I suffered and choked down the worst part ( imo ) and saved the best middle part for last. Now I cut my crusts off with no shame. ⭐️

Love it!!!   (5/5)

This is easily my favorite podcast out there. I’m always excited to see who will be on the next episode of the Thursday show, but am always delighted no matter who it is! Alison and her guests never fail to make me laugh and Jeff’s perfectly timed drops get me the most. The D-Quantz original “Eat a Bag of Dicks”, in particular, is stuck in my head (almost too) often. The Monday episodes are amazing too! Alison is a great interviewer, guiding conversations that get (sometimes unexpectedly) deep from people I love from the comedy world. Overall, love it!

My mommy friend   (5/5)

I have been a huge fan of Alison’s for quite a while. I listened to her birth story 3 times because I was due to give birth the next month. She guided me through it!! Alison is a beautiful writer and interviewer. I love her ability to be vulnerable about all of her insecurities and troubles. She’s so funny and I wish we were neighbors. My daughter and Elliott would have play dates!! I’ve listened to her show while falling asleep at night and the crews conversation has seeped into my dreams!!


I can't believe I haven't rated ARIYNBF yet! I have been a listener for years and Alison has followed me to multiple houses, packing, doing dishes, landscaping and out and about in the community- I won't go on. She really feels my best friend and I have never felt more understood by anyone.

She must be hot, because I don't get it   (1/5)

She's simply too dim. She misses very easy jokes. When I hear her with comedians like Greg Fitzsimmons it is so clear she isn't of that elevated mind which I've become accustomed to as a podcast listener. I understand she isn't a comic, but she isn't interesting either. Definitely not interesting enough to have an audience listen to her, good lord.

Wavy Pencil Dance, what?   (4/5)

Alison's Thursday show is a highlight of my week. I sing along with the opening theme, and usually have a big grin going after husband Daniel's laugh-out-loud intro. What more can you ask of a podcast at just 3 minutes in? The best shows happen when Alison and Daniel allow their guests plenty of room to contribute and maybe to riff between themselves. Too often, either A or D monopolize the convo, and seem a bit overbearing. A big pet peeve is Alison’s habit of announcing the next segment, but spoiling the continuity by veering off on a different tangent. This is a very enjoyable program overall, and it combines humor with an occasional foray into more serious issues ... much like hanging around with friends. Well worth a few listens!

I’m a new woman!   (5/5)

After 15 years of devoutly following her “previous employer” I was horrified to find out Alison had been ruthlessly dismissed from the show! I immediately found ARIYNBF in my podcast feed and subscribed to make sure I got my Alison fix. In fact, ARIYNBF was so fulfilling that I completely abandoned the show I originally got to know Alison from (the show that shall not be mentioned!), and I am a new woman because of it! Thank you Alison for helping me grow into a “better” person! While I miss the old Thursday gang of hashtagAl, JKJ and Greg, I’m so happy we now have gotten to know our new friends, Alie, Hunny Huntsburger, Reneé and Jordan! And of course we can’t forget to mention the ever insightful Chef Jeff, and wit-tastic Daniel! See Daniel?! If I had anything negative to say it would be that there’s just not enough Alison to satisfy my daily dose of laughter. I know a negative comment might be statistically better to be picked to be read on the show, but I silently hope that my 5 star raving review will be read on air and my transformation will be complete (#justmeoreveryone).

Lazy lately   (2/5)

Seems like we’ve turned a sad corner. While the cohosts are usually great, love the improv bits, Alison and Daniel seem to be dragging the show down. Sad when it’s their show. Nowadays the podcast is little more than a rant about how they are being taken advantage of someone who’s better informed or prepared than they are, followed by some JMOEs, interspersed with awkwardly placed live reads. It’s unfortunate because the Thursday shows used to be very entertaining.

I love this show with one exception   (4/5)

I really do love this show. Especially the Thursday show (Jordan is my all time fave) but the abundance of solo shows lately is too much. It is kind of a mess of a show when she’s by herself so now when I see that it’s a solo show I straight up skip it. No hate though. Alison is a great interviewer just not so much when she’s left to chat with herself.

Very Useful   (5/5)

I never stop listening to this. You should listen because it is a gripping show.

FYI   (5/5)

Alison Rosen has been my best friend for more than three years!

LOVE this podcast!   (5/5)

I really do feel like Alison is my best friend after listening to this cast for over a year now. I appreciate the way she's so open about things going on in her life that many people are not so open about - anxiety, therapy and medication, infertility, and more. It makes me feel less alone in the world. The Thursday gang episodes are my favorite - Jeff, Daniel, Alie, David, Wendy the human, Jordan, Greg, Demi, Renee... I love them all! Funny, relatable, all around great podcast.

You know what loving this podcast would really make you love...   (4/5)

I really do love this podcast. I've been with Alison since she was on her former employer's network. She gives the best interviews and the Thursday crew is always a must-listen for me. The only complaint I have is that there are SO MANY ads. I feel bad for complaining because it's free entertainment, but GIRL do they have to be sooo long? Anyway...I love you. Goodbye.

.   (2/5)

the host is one of those dorky adults that say stuff like “you rock!”, which would be fine if she would at least research the topics the guests are going to discuss and have some thought provoking questions to bring to the table, instead of asking redundant questions and interrupting with nerdy attempts at comedy. At one point she starts reviewing a book that she admitted hasn’t read. Then she goes on some mini rant to convince the audience that she likes cats, which was totally unrelated. You can’t help but cringe. The guests are good but I just can’t deal with the host. Audio quality is okay.

Well...   (5/5)

Uh...well, I don’t know. I can’t decide. Then again, maybe. NO! Um. Let me rephrase that, yes. YES! Yes? Uhhhmm, maybe...ugh, I can’t decide. I don’t know. I DON’T know. But then again...

Gratitude Planners are Dumb but Alison is the Best!   (5/5)

I have this planner that makes me write three things I’m grateful for each day. There’s that pressure to write something like “the birds were chirping in an especially cheery manner this morning which instantly put me in a good mood when I woke up,” when in reality I just write “Daisy, my dog.” These few minutes I have to take every day to be a little introspective are the bane of my existence - arrest me, gratitude police! Anyway, Thursdays can typically be a bit easier because I always have something to count on - the ARIYNBF Thursday show! It pushes Daisy out of spot #1 on my gratitude list for just a day. Poor Daisy. I love this show. Grateful.

Chill Podcast for People Who Aren't Jerks   (5/5)

I started listening to ARIYNBF because Jordan Morris said he was going to be on the show a couple years ago. (I've listened to JJgo since the beginning). At first, I wasn't sure what to think about the podcast–it seemed too pleasant, too quaint. That said, I did find myself laughing a lot while listening and thinking about the ideas presented throughout my day. The thrusday show really grew on me: everyone grounds each other and there are a diversity of opinions presented. Unlike some shows, however, nobody on the show seems like a jerk. So, while the show is quaint in its own way, it's also a welcome respite life's many jerks. The monday shows also have a lot to offer, but I make sure to listen to every thursday show. Shoutout to Colonel Jeff Fox on the boards. Peace.

Riding the love bus   (5/5)

I hopped aboard the lab bus about three years ago and have enjoyed the ride ever cents. I love the Monday interview shows where Allison makes our guests feel right at home and dig into their stories in and unbelievably interesting way. I can’t wait for the Thursday gang episodes where the topics can range from pregnancies and pin worms to Allison’s alter ego nibbles McGee and her obsession with passing gas. Jeff and Daniel give the show great consistency while the merry-go-round of guess Allison has always keeps the show very interesting. If you are looking for a show that will take your mind off of Real life, this is the one for you. No politics, no judgment, and a whole lot of laughs. I hope my ride glass for many many more years. Keep up the great work everyone. Since yearly Scott A Metzinger

I love Rosen   (1/5)

This is a terrible Pod. You could do much better and I love you; so that’s why I gave you a terrible rating.

She actually IS my best friend though   (5/5)

I love Alison Rosen. Her Thursday episodes have gotten me through some really tough times including the death of my grandmother, a fairly serious car accident, and just general life anxiety. The “Alison People” are one of the kindest, most thoughtful, generous bunch of strangers I have ever had the honor of being a part of. About a year ago my sister wrote a review that was read by the beloved #Al. It detailed how the Thursday gang helped us deal with a dying grandmother, and the stress that comes with Jewish funeral arrangements and traditions. Amazingly, the episode where that comment was read happened to come at a very dark time for the both of us, and #Al reading her iTunes comment (especially wit the soothing flute in the background) was EXACTLY what we both needed. I really do feel like Alison, Daniel, David, Jeff, Wendy, Alie, Jordan, Renee and anyone else I’ve forgotten, are actually my good friends, though they’re good friends that I never talk to or see in real life (and they might know about our deep friendships). (Also, Alison is a fantastic interviewer and her Monday episodes are always quite compelling)

Too much great content!   (5/5)

This podcast consistently cracks me up and even has the power to cheer me up when I’m blue. I’ve fallen in love just a bit with all of the regulars. The only problem is the sheer overwhelming volume of great content. A good problem to have.

Alison really *IS* My New Best Friend   (5/5)

I heard Alison on Your Mom's House podcast and instantly loved her sense of humor. Her own podcast is awesome and I really like how she interacts with her guests as well as the regulars who join her. I have years of past podcasts to catch up on, so I am listening in Flowers for Algernon Mode. My life will not be complete unless she reads my review on the show.

I relate so strongly to this podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is a lovely duplex with excellent interviews on Mondays and delightful five-person riff sessions on Thursdays. All modern conveniences: Snacks. Nostalgia. Figuring out work-life balance. Dogs. Social discomfort and horrible overcorrects. I'm a huge fan and I should have put in a rating much sooner.

HEY YOU! LISTEN 2 IT!   (5/5)

One show is an interview with a comedian, an Olympic swimmer (good episode), An actor or actress, author, etc... The Thursday show is a round table with various guests. It is the Eff King Ess. Ch-Ch-Check it out!

aptly titled   (5/5)

Alison really is a friend. What can I say? Both her interviews and the Thursday show are great.

Single episode, don’t subscribe.   (1/5)

Only reason to suffer hearing this broads voice is Ray is on.

Totes my BFF   (5/5)

Alison is totally the at podcasting. I follow her on other shows too and she has helped my pod repertoire expand. I’ve listened for years through her life and it’s helped me feel “normal” in mine. From career crises, to pregnancy, motherhood, marriage and anxiety, I relate to her so much. We totally could be friends, even though neither one of us would call each other to hang out. I love her Monday shows bc she shows a different side of herself with her one on one interviews. The people are generally interesting and I enjoy that they aren’t always there just babbling about something they are promoting, more so having a conversation. The Thursday show is probably my favorite. I love the new gang that are regs, David, Ali, Wendy, Demi, etc. I was worried and sad when the old gang left and still miss them, but the gang still vibes! I love Daniel and he is usually the one I agree with most. I love to hear Wendy (the dog) breathing in the background and Jeff when he repeats Dawn and Don a bunch of times. I hate to hear people chew, but surprisingly I miss snack chat. I still need loin fruit or whatever it’s called these days to start! What a tease! FTM here! Thanks ARIYNBF and Lexapro (like Alison) for keeping me sane through my long commutes in LA and being a momma to a new baby! Xx Nikki

Declining   (3/5)

This has gotten so boring, I keep hanging on waiting for the banter to get better but I’m not sure it will happen. We get it, you hate water, your eating habits are odd, blah blah blah

From a fellow Sagehen   (5/5)

I found Alison’s podcast a few months ago and have adored it ever since. When I walk to class listening to the Thursday show, I frequently find myself laughing out loud at Alison’s tumultuous stories and Daniel’s “snappy”. Even more than that, I love listening to Alison and Wendy talk about their college stories because I know that I may be standing on the very ground that they occurred!! So from one Sagehen to another, please don’t stop talking about your college memories that you think everyone hates.

One of My Faves   (5/5)

Interviews that go deep on the Monday show. Thursday episodes are like the Seinfeld of podcasts (in the best way).

Gross   (1/5)

Valley girl with vocal fry past her prime. She recently discussed how she slides her fingers between her thighs and groin and then proceeds to sniff her fingers. I'm honestly not sure how her husband hasn't pulled a Hemingway yet. .

Thursday Gang - The BFFs I Need   (5/5)

Long time listener - first time rater. I absolutely love ARIYNBF!!!! It has basically help to keep me sane at my job as a paralegal, during my "alone" time aka my commute and my evenings as a mother and wife. Alison is such a great interviewer - she has a way of extracting the juiciest information from her guest, ever so effortlessly. Jeff always knows the proper drop timing for a great spin on the conversation. Daniel’s sarcasm is much appreciated and always hilarious. And I always look forward to his intros! I love David’s addition to the show - he’s got great voices, wit and isn’t bad on the eyes. Demi brings a voice to the millennial and sometimes rationale! Wendy has the chummy relationship with Alison that makes for funny banter - not to mention her storytelling skills. I miss the BoBo Boys and JKJ&#Al and Greg but I understand - things change. 😫 but can you please try for a reunion show???? It's a great show- you will surely fall in love with Alison and the gang. Whether your listening to a Monday or Thursday show, you’re sure to be entertained! Keep up the great work!!!!

Lots of laughs no matter the cast   (5/5)

I will preface this by saying that I LOVED the Greg, Jenna and Al gang, but few things can make me laugh more than a Wendy & David episode. Those two have great comic chemistry and a Thursday episode with those two always starts my day off on a good note. Obviously I like this show for others reasons as well as all guests and regulars are hilarious. It’s perfect for listening to while you get ready in the morning, walk the dog etc. I highly recommend!

Well,   (1/5)

If u wanna here the struggles of a new mom having a baby, this podcast is for you. It’s like pulling teeth.

Podcast Perfection   (5/5)

After her ridiculous firing from the podcast that must not be named, I realized I needed less negativity in my life, so I jumped off the pirate ship and climbed aboard the Alison Rosen Lovebus! I haven’t looked back but always look forward to Alison’s insightful interviews on Mondays and the abundance of hilarity on the Thursday shows. Love my new best friend!

Chef Jeff for the win   (4/5)

Love the Thursday eps through all the incarnations. Chef Jeff adds so much with his drops.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Allison Rosen is awesome. She’s a great interviewer and very chill. So happy I discovered this podcast.

Long time listener, and lover!   (5/5)

I started listening to ariynbf when I started middle school, and now I’m halfway through my freshman year of college! I learned a lot of things about life and being grown up thanks to this podcast (probably at way to young an age), and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I only have one complaint: everyone keeps leaving! Every new set of people comes with a new favorite for me, Jenna, Greg, Wendy, but every time I find a favorite they leave! Everyone stop leaving!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I first discovered Alison in 2014 when she was a guest cohost on Shane Dawson’s podcast. I loved her on there, and came to her show to see what she was all about. I initially stuck to the Monday shows, since the Thursday crew at the time was already established and I didn’t know who anyone was. After the Thursday gang was reformed with the Daniel/Jeff/#Al/Jenna/Greg group, I decided to give the Thursday show a chance, and now those episodes are my favorites. It is not uncommon for me to find myself laughing until I can’t breathe when listening to the Thursday show. Even with the newest shakeups with people moving and getting new jobs, I still love the rotating Thursday show guests, and everyone has wonderful chemistry with each other. Thank you guys for entertaining me each week, and I hope anyone that finds this podcast will give it a chance and love it just as much as I do.

Greatest podcast ever   (5/5)

Love this podcast. I want to give it more than 5 stars.

Yum   (2/5)

Allison knows you don’t like chewing directly into the microphone. That’s why she does it as a hilarious joke. Because that’s what this show is. That kind of stuff.

Kind of good still - well sort of ...   (2/5)

I first heard of Alsion on Adam Carollas podcast, which I still listen to and enjoy( sorry Alison). This show was really great in the first two interations of the Thursday gang. But now with all of the revolving guets and hyper liberal talking points, its getting stale. I live in Southern California too, but you guys are in such a LA hippy bubble its cringeworthy. Please lighten up the show with more humorous content - Greg H and the other guys from the Carolla show brought a balance to the show. You need other viewpoints on the show and someone to call you out on your crazy nuerotic behavior. I still want to listen every Thursday, but I am less excited recently.

Good guests bad cast   (1/5)

See title

Way too liberal   (1/5)

I tried to listen to the show as I am a fan of Jenna and Al who were on the show. Now that they are gone it is just a bunch of Trump trashing alt-left liberals spewing garbage and talking about poop.

AR is a great BF   (5/5)

I love this show- both Mondays & Thursdays. I wish I had a funny or clever anecdote to tell, but I’m not good with the words. But, I do laugh out loud all the time! Keep up the great work!

Something's Broken   (2/5)

I used to really enjoy this podcast. I remember Alison from way back in her "Red Eye" days, and have always liked her. Until recently, the Thursday shows in particular have been a reliable respite from the tedious grievances of American working life. It would always be amusing, personal, and provide a humorous and unusual view into the day-to-day lives of some people you just don't know - and you'd never, ever, have to take it seriously. Unfortunately, with some recent "cast" changes to the Thursday crew, an ugly and not entertaining note of politics has been inserted into the show. Complaints about Donald Trump since his election haven't been particularly overbearing, though they have felt out-of-place. But these haven't entirely undermined the spirit of the show, though I think leniency with such things have proved an initial crack in a dam (and I'm not a fan of the man, myself). It's a recent 15-minute diatribe against the 2nd Amendment - induced by a guest, not Alison - is what has driven me away. It's not just that I disagree with the positions espoused, it's that they a) were of the superficial type that could be found on just about any low-information, left-wing podcast, and more importantly b) provided no entertainment value whatsoever. Indeed, whether you're a California anti-gunner or a NRA 2nd amendment supporter, you'd have had ample reason to become agitated by this intrusive, not-fun, not-insightful discussion. Sadly, I know Alison herself knows better. Though she's on the political left, she's rarely let that affect her shows, or undermine her personal appeal. I think she'd be perfectly willing to be "best friends" with anybody of any political stripe, and I still very much like her. She's funny, and quirky, and utterly endearing. But she can't seem to control her guests, many of whom, it seems, know only the left-wing echo chamber that is LA, where self-censorship is unknown. They don't understand that they've nothing to say about virtually any political issue that hasn't already been said (albeit better) - not to mention heard - a thousand times before. And they don't even possess the simple self control to keep those opinions to themselves for an hour. I hate that it's devolved this far, but I just can't trust the show anymore. I don't *want* to be friends with people like that. They're tiresome, and they're a dime a dozen. I know many of them myself. And so I'm afraid I'm out.

Oh helllll yeaah   (5/5)

I love the informative Mondays and the Thursday gang is one of a kind Allison and Daniel’s banter is lively and the guest couldn’t better and Jeff’s monotone voice kills me every time each segment great as always and drops are almost the best part I have been a listener since 2015 and it just gets better every episode keep it up ~ EC

Alison has actually become my new best friend.   (5/5)

I look forward to having Alison come hang out with me twice a week on my commute. Her guests are always so interesting and the Thursday show is always a good time. The only request I have is for David to stop sending me photos of his back.

Big fan!   (5/5)

I look forward to Alison Rosen and the gang every Thursday, and listen to them at work. I’m the one laughing out loud by myself in the cubicle. I wasn’t sure how things would move on after Greg left and then after Jenna and Al left, but why would I ever doubt Alison? She found some great people to fill the void and found a way to keep the show successful. Keep doing your thing, Alison! And PS, I didn’t even understand the last mean negative ITunes comment about Trump and Daniel’s step father and I feel like it was not only an odd correlation, but the screwy logic was kind of indicative of the very reason we are in this mess of a 4 Years in the first place... Just sayin’...

Great Show!   (4/5)

I'm absolutely in LOVE with this show, but I've become increasingly frustrated with the changing Thursday episode members every week. I'm glad David is now a regular, although it's still hard to have the great continuity between episodes as there was with Jenna, Al, and Greg. Hopefully you'll settle on another permanent member soon *cough* Wendy *cough*

Challenge Accepted!   (5/5)

Alright, Alison. You've asked. I've accepted. Here's your newest POSITIVELY negative review. I'm taking a crack at everything that really grinds my gears (in a 5-star way) about you and the gang: 1. My real life best friend (shout out to Hannah) introduced me to Alison Rosen, so now I have two best friends. What a conundrum! This podcast brings friends, old and new, together. I guess if you're not into that you'll definitely hate the show. 2. Listening to this podcast has literally made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. Do you know how embarrassing that is in a public setting? Do you know how lonely that makes me feel when I'm by myself and have no one to share the moment with? One memorable lonely laughing incident occurred as Jeff read his diary out loud. I was crying from laughing. Jeff, sorry your ears were ringing so much. I'm glad it ended up not being cancer! If you hate laughter, don't waste your time on this podcast. 3. A new episode notification arrives on my phone every Monday and Thursday. If you're not in favor of exciting notifications on your phone, don't subscribe. 4. Alison loves baby ducks?! What a monster. 5. Hashtag Al and Jenna moved and are now living their best life... HOW DARE THEY! 6. Speaking of Jenna, sometimes I get the fruit song stuck in my head and it doesn't go away. 7. This podcast encourages self-improvement. True story: I used Daniel's advice for maximizing the use of my toes on a recent hike and it worked really well! If you are annoyed by learning new things like how to get better use out of your toes, this show might not be for you. 8. My husband and I have fun yelling, "Make it worse, Rob! Make it worse!" Now our neighbors probably think we're insane. 9. POOP. FART. If you don't like those words, RUN. 10. Last, and probably worst of all, because of this podcast I'm pretty sure I have pinworms. There you have it. You've been warned...

Use to like it...   (2/5)

I enjoy the show and the random subjects but it gets old with the liberal circle jerk. Yes we get it Daniel you are projecting your step dad onto Trump and probably any conservative. I just want to relax and enjoy comedy without politics rearing its ugly head.

Smurfs   (1/5)

ARIYNBF is my masocistic addiction and I feel it only fair to warn other perspective listenrs about this. Alison is a wonderful person who is unfortunately "cra-cra". Each week she confesses her "issues" with a panel of funny and delightful enablers who try to convince her she's "normal". Alison constantly wonders why she gets lost on the way to her psychiatrist's office and has dark thoughts about life eventhough she has a wonderful husband, a spoiled dog and one of the cutest babies ever. And if you like long meandering stories that never get to the point, she's your girl. A daily perscription of versed and cutting off her access to google woould surely make her a new woman and give the program some sense of direction. This week's episode featuring Daniel's (her long suffering husband) Smurf Collection and how funny she thougth it was for an 8-year-old boy to collect Smurf figures did it for me. The poor guy may be the sanest part of the program, and he took it like a man this week under extreme duress from his wife and host. In addition to the mnentally and verbally abused Daniel, David and Jeff are delightfut on the program. I giggle every time David puts on his "old timey" voice. The long list of weekly women guests, all excellent enablers in their own right, are funny and fun to listen to. Is it true that Jenna and Al moved to Atlanta just so they wouldn't have to talk Alison down off of her extistential cliff every week? Listen to ARIYNBF at your own risk. Please feel free to give me the 'go eff yourself" drop.

must listen podcast   (5/5)

I just finished listening to the latest episode with Lacey, who was at the Route 91 festival in Las Vegas and was shot in the leg. Her story was riveting, and her message to trauma survivors to go to therapy was great. Alison is so empathetic, she gets to the heart of it with all her guests. Everyone should listen to this episode, and all the ones before, you won't regret it! And when you need a laugh, go ahead and listen to a Thursday episode, any one will do. This pod just keeps getting better and better!

Loving the new guests!   (5/5)

I had my reservations when Jenna and Al left, especially because I was still recovering from the loss of Greg. I soon realized that I was wrong! Alison can make the best out of any situation. I am especially glad to hear David Huntsburger, whom I missed dearly after the end of Professor Blastoff. Keep up the good work you guys! The shoe is awesome! PS: I can’t stop watching the video of Eliot whistling. So cute.

Lacy Newman Interview best you have done   (5/5)

You normally steer the interview in the direction you want it to go places your guest wouldn’t normally go. I enjoy listening to you work your magic that way. Of course these are people who are in the entertainment field and want to plug something and know their way around an interview. Today you had Lacy who is the exact opposite of your normal guest. She was just wanting to help people and thought by telling her story possibly she would. You let her tell her story as she wanted and let her set the direction. In her case it was the perfect decision. I heard a level headed person describing a horrifying situation calmly and honesty taking care to say it was things as how she saw it. She is a remarkable human being and an uplifting and insightful interview. You didn’t push her when she said she was ambivalent on gun control and I respect you for that. Her goal was to help people not make a political statement. She is an incredible person with an incredible story and you gave her a platform to tell it. Kudos to you

Thank you. Lacey Newman ep   (5/5)

Timely. Emotional. Informative. Nobody talks about survivors. Get her to connect with Paul Gilmartin. She'd be a great guest on his podcast as well.

look forward to Thursday   (5/5)

I always look forward to the Thursday show and love the current rotation. I miss JKJ and Al in the mix! I love hearing about Alison's pregnancy and motherhood, especially since I have a baby too, I can relate to a lot. I've been listening off and on for several years now. Keep up the great work : )

Okay!   (5/5)

Love, love, love this podcast in both the Monday interview and Thursday gang versions! I've got to admit that I really do miss the Greg Heller / Kim-Jones-Moss interactions, though -- those were the best pieces of cringe-worthy sweetness ever. But Alison, Daniel, and Jeff just keep bringing the best stuff no matter who else is sitting around the table with them. Great bits, fun and snarky comedy, and ridiculously good interviews. FIVE STARS!!!!!!

You guys!   (5/5)

I am a podcast junky and Alison's is one of my favorites. I came via Adam and I still listen to him, but hey, I still appreciate Alison's honesty, intelligence, and humor. All the guests, no matter who they are bring something fun and interesting to the table. The Sunday and Thursday episodes both have their own flavor but Alison shines bright in both. I'm one of those people that wish I could be that open and honest and I truly value what Alison says about her perspective, self-doubts, opinions, experiences and, of course, the potty humor. You all wish you could be as honest about yourself as she is! Admittedly, this podcast isn't for everyone. You have to be light hearted, open minded, like to get silly, but also have a dark side. Thanks for all the entertainment, Alison!

A Longtime Favorite   (5/5)

Every episode is better than the last.

I listen to the Thursday Gang in Mexico City!   (5/5)

Started listening and liked it so much I went back to start in 2014. I’m half Korean half Spanish and was born in Mexico and when I Heard Jenna Kim, I thought she was half Korean like me! You guys make me laugh and Alison’s love for her dogs really rivals my own. Dog people UNITE!!!

What can you say . . .   (5/5)

I ‘love’ Alison Rosen as my new best friend literally! She makes me laugh, she makes me think, she’s just too much! I’m a housekeeper (personal homes, no employees), so if I didn’t have my Alison podcast my daily job would feel like a BORING job. She (and her crew) get me going from beginning to end. Keep up the funny Alison, and until my earbuds go in again, you continue to do you💋

How Alison helps my career   (5/5)

It's funny to hear a female talk on a podcast. Like, it's funny. Sincerely, Cam Newton

Worst Sports Podcast Ever   (5/5)

Alison invited me to be her new best friend, and I could use another one, so I subscribed to the podcast. Now, my perfect best friend would be a big sports fan, so I expected to hear many discussions that would help my fantasy sports teams. BOY, WAS I WRONG! No sports at all!!! Instead, all I got was great humor and heartwarming stories. Allison, Daniel, Jeff, and all the guests on the Thursday show do a great job of entertaining and enlightening me about everything but sports. I keep listening for all the fun and in the desperate hope that someday sports debates will occur. Let’s go, guys - should I bench Andy Dalton this week?

Love Alison!   (5/5)

My #1 favorite podcaster. Alison, You are smart, funny, and kind. You have an ability get deep with your guests without it ever seeming manipulative. You've shown an incredible ability to adjust and pivot the Thursday show into something that is reliably fun and accessible through many changes. I truly do feel like you are a friend, and I'm so happy to see what a wonderful mother you are as well. I wish you all the success in the world. Xoxoxo claire

Not Good   (1/5)

50 year old gal who's stuck being a 15 year old.

Fartison Crapson is my new best friend!   (5/5)

I've been listening to ARIYNBF since the first episode during the Carolla days. I loved the Bobo boys and missed them when things went south with the Carolla/Rosen relationship. I hated Greg and then quickly did a 180 to love him, I miss him majorly now. I loved Jenna and The Hashta Gal (Al), they were always a pleasant addition to the show. All of these changes in the line up has left me worrying I wont be able to continue, yet each time I return for more fart and crap chat! Yea, I think farts and crap chat is hilarious and dont care what you high strung people say. Get off your high horse, let one rip and take a hit! Alison is always entertaining and somehow replaces members of the show with likeable people each time. I think Renee, Wendy, Jordan, David and Demi have all been great guests. Not to mention the Monday shows where I always learn something new about the guest. Keep it up!

She's not meant to be a host   (1/5)

She's a weak sidekick and even worse at hosting as a lead. She can't land any solid guests and the shows are boring and repetitive.

My favorite   (5/5)

I just adore Alison's relatable and interesting show. The Monday show is excellent longform interviews, and the Thursday is a round table with regulars. I love them both and never miss an episode. I was bummed when Jenna and Al moved, but I think I like it even better now! Keep up the great work, Alison and the gang! Love you!

Met my new bff   (5/5)

I first heard Alison on The Crabfeast (another favorite) and thought she was really funny and genuine. I started to listen to her podcast the next day probably and it's been over a year now and I really loved it instantly.The Monday interviews are always great, but the Thursday gang always make me laugh with where their conversations turn to. Alison is very much herself on them and that's what makes it great. Love the show! PS. the drop of Daniel saying "get, get, get out of here" pretending to kick someone out of the garage makes me laugh everytime PPS. Miss Jenna and #Al!

The BFF I didn't know I needed   (5/5)

What a treat. I abandoned a certain pirate ship after a certain event (what kind of a-hole..?) and followed my new BFF over to this place. My listening habits usually tend toward audiobooks and long-form interviews; sometimes I'm impatient with chatty "hostful" podcasts. I thought I'd listen to a few of the Dining Room Studios gang here and there, but at this point spending a little time every week with my audiobuddies has really become the deep charm of this show. I definitely do listen to and enjoy the interviews--always good, no matter who the guest is--but for realsies the time spent with the ARIYNBF crew is a fun, funny, relaxing brain break that feels like a personal, human connection unlike really any other show I listen to. If you're a listener, you know the breakdown, so I'll dispense with the one-on-one compliments and just say I love everyone. Just good people, and an awful lot of fun. Thanks, my new BFFs! PS: More "What Does Al Know," please!!! xoxox

Thank you for the show   (5/5)

I got into the podcast when I heard Alison on the Dana Gould hour. Now it's the podcast I look forward to the most, and I listen to a lot of podcasts :) I was pregnant at the same time Alison was and I was happy to hear about her journey as I experienced mine. I also sympathize with the sleepless nights and the post partem mental health process. Very recently our family has experienced a major trauma. Our three month old son was diagnosed with billiary atresia, a liver disease that requires major surgery. He is recovering from it now but his liver was badly damaged and may need a transplant. It is every parents nightmare. I wanted you to know this because I really rely on the show for some distraction and normalcy during this difficult time. Thank you!

Great show!   (5/5)

5 stars is my favorite too

High on life (and other things) ;-)   (5/5)

Today I got really stoned and listened to the Thursday show. I'm all giggly and having a good time thanks y'all!! Whoops I also meant to add I made cookie dough and it's delicious I wish I could send it to y'all for a snack chat :( For real I love the show so much!! I get excited to see there's a new episode Mondays and Thursday and Y'all always having me laughing. I appreciate y'all's candid discussions. I've learned so much about people and life! Y'all helped me get through a tough break up and taught me not to be the "cool girlfriend." As a young college student I've been so grateful to hear y'all's wisdom. Y'all are funny and feel so young. I get the best advice from the Thursday show in the most entertaining way! Thanks Alison and the gang!!! :)

ARIYNBF is my favorite podcast   (5/5)

This podcast has something for everyone. It's a blend of serious and introspective discussions about depression, infertility and self exploration and identity as well as light hearted topics such as farts, night time alter egos (Nibbles), new adventures in parenthood and a love for dogs. Alison always has interesting and hilarious guests and her husband Daniel's introductions are brilliant. I highly recommend this show and look forward to it every Monday and Thursday!

Love it   (5/5)

Great show with great people! Miss Jenna and Al though! :(

Love it!   (5/5)

Fun and down to earth discussions...I'm a relatively new listener to Alison and love the show!

Brilliant   (5/5)

Insightful, humorous interviews

Poop talk!   (5/5)

If you're having a bad day, maybe life's got you down, or you don't have enough poop talk in your life. ARIYNBF Thursday show is the best medicine for what ails you.

Snacks. Poop. Farts? I need more!!!   (5/5)

I love all the talk of crap and farts!! I want to here how the new crew showers. Fondalring? Or what? Let us all know. Love the new crew👍👍

Huge Fan   (5/5)

Alison is great. I especially love the Thursday Gang. Thank You for all of the great shows!

She is amazing   (5/5)

I love every episode, she is very open and honest. And totally funny!

Am I a Superfan?   (5/5)

Hey Alison and gang! Beginning this review is stirring up feelings similar to writing a birthday card for your best friend - where do I even start? Since the first time I listened to ARIYNBF about 6 years ago I felt as though we clicked. I'm about as indecisive as they come so I related to Alison and what's better than comparing people's quirky habits? Oh, I know what, a joke or long discussion on the topic of poops and farts (Teehee)! As with most people, I've been though ups and downs in recent times. But, as much as I'd like to thank Alison and all involved for being there in tough times, it is nice to also recognize how the same could be said about making fun times all the better. Thanks to you guys lonely nights have felt less so and sunny road trips were even more enjoyable. I have recommended the show to many and though much has changed over the years it's still at the very top of my list!

Alison Rosen IS my new best friend   (5/5)

I have listen to ARIYNBF for several years and I love Alison. The monday episodes are great but it does depend on the guest as to how great. Alison has a fantastic talent for getting people to talk about super personal stuff without pressureing them into it. It's like she just brings it out of them naturally. I love those guest more than the ones that only want to talk about their careers. The Thursday show is my faborite because it feels like I'm sitting around in a group of friends just hanging out and haiving a great time. While I miss Greg, Jenna, and A, I'm happy that they left for happy reasons and that they are off on their own adventures. I love the guests that have been filling in especially, Wendy, David, Demi, and Renee oh and John too. Adding her husband Daniel to the show after it's first overhaul was an excelent idea, I love his humor and often relate to his point of view., except the whole not caring about food thing. I too would like to get all my nutrients in a pill so I don't have to worry about food, but not because food is uninteresting to me. It's because MY Nibbles Mcgee is awake all day and night and it's very frustrating. I love Jeff's perfectly timed drops and jokes and his input as not only producer but panel member on Thursdays. The show does sometimes get gross and most of the time I can hang but it did take some getting use to it. To me it's worth it.

Okay!   (5/5)

This is Alison Rosen... what's not to love? Thursday is my favorite day ever! Love you guys!

Love ARIYNBF   (5/5)

Alison Rosen helps gets me through Mondays with her interviews. But what I really look forward to each week is the Thursday show.

Horrible   (1/5)

It's like going out to dinner and getting seated by a group of annoying people and having to hear the lame boring stories save yourself the trouble do not listen to this horrible podcast

Duh, Alison is the best!   (5/5)

Funny, witty, and just plain awesome! Thanks for the laughs every episode!

As read by #Al (in our minds forever)   (5/5)

Alison Rosen is honest, heart warming, caring, thoughtful, inquisitive, a little anxious, and so many other wonderful things. She speaks very candidly about her struggles with postpartum depression, anxiety, and general life ups and downs. I can't even begin to tell you how relatable she is! As someone with depression and anxiety, her and her guests really make the listener feel like what they're going through is manageable and not something you're alone in. Like the title says, she's your new best friend. Thursday favorite. I've been a fan since butter sandwiches and shower standing debates. I miss Jenna and Al (listen to Sorry not Sorry with Jenna Kim Jones to hear their podcast), but she added David Huntsberger who was my favorite from Professor Blastoff! Other Thursday crew folks revolve in and out, adding different voices each week. Her husband Daniel announces the show and adds the best quips. I also miss Greg...4 avocados! Jeff who is like the man behind the curtain is great too! They're all great is my point. Thanks for a great podcast Alison!!! Ps-your dog and baby are pretty much the cutest ever

I love my new BFs!   (5/5)

I was so sad to hear that Jenna and #Al were leaving town and therefore the show. I had faith, though, bc Alison has been through shake-ups on her show before and was able to succefully navigate those. And just as I suspected, I need not worry! Although I dearly miss Jenna and #Al on the Thur show, David and Renee are great! They have excellent chemistry and I esp love when they crack each other up. Of course, I alsways love Alison and Daniel and Jeff. Although each person that comes on the show is important in their own way (helooooo, John Henson) the change-ups prove what an amazing atmosphere Alsion provides that she can get a quality show out of all the folks she deems worthy for a Thur pod. LOVE IT!

Ever changing but always great   (5/5)

I have been a huge fan of the Thursday show since the long ago days of the BoBo Boys and have seen (well heard I guess) the show go through many changes. I loved Greg immediately and look forward to his occasional appearances. Alison, Daniel, and Jeff have consistently been fantastic. And while I was devastated to see Jenna and Al go ☹️, I have enjoyed the past few weeks with Renee Colverwhatever and David Hamburger. I guess my point is that whatever is thrown Alison's way, she finds a way to keep her show interesting and hilarious. I definitely find myself lolling in the car to myself on my way to work every Thursday.

#breadbutts   (5/5)

Love, Love, LOVE each and every incarnation of Alison's Dining Room Studio panel. Listening to ARIYNBF used to be an at work ear buds only adventure, but now I listen anywhere/ anytime. Jessica

Alison Rosen is my new best running buddy.   (5/5)

I couldn't get through my workouts without the Thursday gang. The Thursday gang has changed over the years but one thing remains the same... they're always great. Lots of laughs, relatable topics, and open/honest conversations. ARIYNBF is the highlight of my week and I just can't get enough. Give it a try, I think you'll like it.

It's not great now   (5/5)

Five stars because I support Alison but the Thursday shows are unlistenable without Jenna and Al

I like it again   (4/5)

Jenna and Al leaving is the best thing to happen on the show in a long time. It had devolved into incessant mommy and cookie talk, so precious and sweet that I couldn't relate at all, so when Jenna announced that she was pregnant again I quit listening without finishing the episode. Then I saw that Jenna and Al had left, so I gave it another try. The new crew is such an improvement. David is always good and Renee sounds like a pro. I'm still missing some of the edge the show had with the Bobo Boys and later Greg, but I'm listening to and enjoying the show again.

So awesome!   (5/5)

Love this podcast 😘

Finally Unsubscrbing   (1/5)

I just can't anymore. it is uncomfortable to listen to. Now with Renee seemingly a regular, the entertainment value is gone.

One of my top 5   (5/5)

This show has become one of my favorite podcasts. I've grown attached, especially after following the pregnancy and birth of the baby. I'm sure the group will adjust to the loss of Jenna and Al although they'll be missed. Always looking forward to a new episode. I'm also loving Alison's Instagram stories. Thanks for a great show!

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend   (5/5)

I just wanted to say I love the thursday show. ( I download it every wednesday because I can't wait the extra day) I miss Jenna, Al and Greg but Renee and David are great additions.

Love you guys!   (5/5)

Oh man I just realized if this gets read aloud, it won't be by the soothing tones of Al. I just have to say that I've always been a bit of an odd one, and always looking for someone like me. Alison has filled that need because we are basically the same human. And I think there's probably a lot of us like Alison, we just never had someone so willing to publicly share this voice. Alison, I hope you continue to share your life with us for many years, because even when you second guess yourself...let nibbles come out at 2am... or feel bad just because you feel bad, you're helping so many others out in the world who are the same as you feel a little less alone. I am confident that whoever ends up in the new Thursday gang will be fantastic. I was worried when the bobo boys left, but then it got even better! So, thank you for being you and letting us all come along for the ride. Your BFF, Devon* *(female, sounds like Deven)

Bad   (1/5)

I couldn't

I love this podcast, #JMOE?   (5/5)

I always love listening to Alison! To be honest, I get sick of a lot of the podcasts I listen to from time to time - but never this one. As a budding journalist myself, I find Alison's interviews some of the best - asking "hard-hitting" questions, while still being lighthearted and funny. I always get excited when I see the guest is someone I like, but even if it's a person I've never heard of I usually end up being entertained as well! As for the Thursday gang, you're just going to have to trust me. When I first started listening I felt a little lost, but eventually grew to love the whole group. Listen to a few episodes and I'm sure you will too!

Fruit song!!! Five stars all day long!   (5/5)

When Greg suggested to sing the fruit song for the last time you all would be sitting for the podcast! I got all emotional!!! Was that just me or everyone?

Alison is truly my best friend   (5/5)

I have been listening to ARIYNBF for over 3 years now. I was first introduced to Alison when she appeared on Shane Dawson's podcast and have never looked back! Alison is a truly amazing interviewer who is always able to keep the conversations between her and her guests interesting on the Monday episodes. Plus, she is funny, intelligent, and her insecurities (despite what the haters say) are a part of her that maker her seem like a real human being. However, the Thursday show is where this podcast truly shines. Daniel's sarcastic comments and asides are absolutely hilarious and make him my favorite member. Seriously? Why was he so afraid to be on the podcast sooner? He is a natural! Jenna and Al are also f-king hilarious and I will miss them terribly when they leave the show. I wish them the best of luck! Jeff is the unsung hero of the show. Sure, everyone appreciates his flawless drop abilities, but his commentary, stories, and dry since of humor make him a golden member of the podcast. I am starting college in the fall and am moving away from my hometown and friends for the first time. I am a little nervous to say the least, but I will be comforted by the fact the some of my friends from ARIYNBF will get to come with me. Seriously though, I consider all of you my friends. Sometimes it's just easier to say "I have a friend who dreams exclusively about lobsters" than try to explain the podcast. Anyway, love the show and can't wait to see what is in the future because so far the podcast has only ever gotten better.

What are we going to now?   (5/5)

I LOVE the Thursday gang. I thought I was crushed when we we lost the Bo-Bo Boys but with Jenna & Al leaving my heart has a hole in it so big that I don't know what can be done to fill it. But knowing you, you will...just hurry😊

Thank You   (5/5)

Hi Alison, I've never written a review on any podcast. But I thought it only fair that I write one today, since I enjoy yours so much. I most likely do not represent the average listener to your podcast. I'm an African-American man, in his late 40's, living in Missouri, and working in law enforcement. All that aside, I really really enjoy your podcast. Your one-on-one Sunday interviews are always compelling and insightful, and the Thursday Gang. . .So much fun! Thanks Alison. You're a true talent.

I love em all   (5/5)

I Love the whole gang!!. I was sad when Greg Left and now the dynamic duo of Jenna And Al are leaving!!!!? I dont think I can take it...please send snacks so i can drown my sorrows..and Wendy so i can get some snuggleberry hugs p.s. I love hearing Wendys little barks during the pod!!!

Listener from day 1!   (5/5)

In early 2012, someone suggested I check out these things called "podcasts" to help pass the time while I was at a mind-numbing job in my former career. I wanted to listen to a female comedian, and I found ARIYNBF's very first episode, just introducing the fact that she would be coming out with a podcast. I immediately subscribed, and ever since her very first interview with Pete Holmes (zigging and zagging!), I was hooked. I love Alison's interview style on the Monday shows. She's introduced me to so many fascinating people and helped me learn more about some of my favorite comedians as well. I've followed all the incarnations of the Thursday gang, and Alison's leadership and comedic presence has made any transitions in this group absolutely flawless. I actually had never heard of Alison's former employer before, so I started listening to him because of her. She was the best part of that show, and when she left, so did I. (Solidarity sister!) I've told so many people about ARIYNBF, they probably think we actually are best friends. Finally, I want to thank Alison for always being there and putting out podcasts week after week for those of us who have really come to rely on them. She's gotten me through a major career change, trouble getting pregnant, the birth of my own son a few months ago, his time in the NICU, and the first few sleepless months of his life. In this crazy world, it's so comforting and hopeful to know that there is a genuinely kind person like Alison sharing her talent and her story with us.

Good, but Not 🚫 Great   (3/5)

Allison is sweet & smart, however, she's way too insecure and that suffocates her nearly 42-years old, a Woman her age should be dominating her craft. Her guest are also mostly unknown people.....i bet my dog skippy 🐶 could be a guest on her podcast.

I made a terrible mistake, forgive me   (5/5)

I love Alison Rosen, she's so charming, I can't get enough of her! This wasn't always the case, when she started the show I was not very into, to be honest, the Mormons. I know I know I'm a terrible person, I complete wrote these people off. Well I'm sorry ok I really apologize and I hope Alison and her cool Mormon crew can forgive me.

Alison is the BEST (friend)   (5/5)

I love all things Alison and this podcast is for those who want to hear the best and in depth one-on-one interviews (Monday eps) and be a part of one of the gang (Thursday eps). You will relate to all of the relating, learn something new, laugh, and probably be a better person after listening. :)

Brings joy to Thursday   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of "highbrow" stuff so this is my weekly dose of fun. I wish I knew you all personally. Well... I kinda do!

Interesting and often funny   (5/5)

I enjoy the weekly get - together of the Thursday podcast. Keep it up. Miss that Greg though. Need that stoner humor.

Nah   (1/5)

Im good

A true friend   (5/5)

Alluson is so real ,kind,funny and always includes everyone in her podcast.I am a true fan.Keep up the awesome job you do.Love ,Love Daniel's intros.

better than carolla   (5/5)

love it

All baby, all the time.   (5/5)

I'm not getting enough baby talk can you up it? ; ) But really, as a new mom, I'm living for the moments about Alison and Daniel's parenting experiences. The Thursday shows are my absolute favorite and the last one had me crying laughing because Alison's dream story was so r-e-l-e-v-a-n-t.... to nothing. Also, I was devastated when Greg left and will continue to be BUT David and John have each brought their own unique point of view. I would be thrilled if either or both would be permanent parts of the show, and I also have now watched YouTube videos of animal castrations and had nightmares about ants in my mouth guard, so thanks. As for the OG Thursday group, I feel like Jenna and I both embrace a mean girl with a conscience vibe that makes her relatable but also her diary lets me know... she's here for it. Daniel, though I know you never thought your life would be podcast fodder, you bring the sarcastic irreverence that is the perfect counterpoint for Alison's sometimes overly analytical sincerity. Jeff is the secret anchor of this show: when he weighs in, I know it was just too important for a simple drop to suffice. And does anybody else listen to the show as if they are Al??? I often find myself thinking, "Well, I think Al might have a different opinion on THAT!" Like I know his inner workings so well. But yet I feel like I DO! He's the straight man of the group and always has a rational take on any topic (except pillows). I love the Monday show, and Alison's interviewing style. How many times listening to other interviewers have I thought, "They mentioned a story from high school, and you DIDNT follow up with a question about how that relationship with their 10th grade boyfriend ended???" Alison always does. Please never stop doing this show. And from one first time parent to another, whenever you freak out the answer is: it's ok, you're doing amazing, they'll sleep eventually, everything will normalize, and we are going to mess them up no matter what we do. So relax! Also, nobody told me I was going to have to become a morning person either, and it's just one of the most unfair things to ever happen to me. FIVE STARS!

Rockin' it!   (5/5)

Love it all!

He's your guy!   (5/5)

As a huge Greg Heller fan I have been hard to please when it comes to your guest panelists on Thursdays. I am now happy to say that David Huntsberger is the perfect compliment to your group. He is so quick and funny, not to mention adorably self effacing and sincere. More DH, please.

Love you all!   (5/5)

Congrats Alison, DQuantz, and crap how do you spell Elliot...

Josh Heintzelman   (5/5)

The absolute best podcast I've ever listened to. I love the guests and Alison is great! The Thursday shows are great to listen to when I commute and I like to smoke a bowl of the green stuff and listen to the interview shows on my back patio. It's my favorite thing to do after work. Lol. Keep up the good work homies! @tombraider81

Vanilla cast   (5/5)

The Thursday show has become too vanilla without Greg. He stirred the pot and in his absence it's not the same. Still give you five stars cause your catalog deserves it.

Look forward to Thursday's!   (5/5)

Love the Thursday show. I listen religiously. Keep up the good work!

Calling it Crap Is An Insult To Crap   (1/5)

Just no.

Love the podcast   (5/5)

Always makes me laugh!!

Alison, you've stolen my heart!   (5/5)

I stumbled on to this show by accident and fell in love with Alison! I listen to 2 podcast religiously, Art of Wrestling and Alison Rosen Is My New Best Friend. The guests are always interesting and funny. She keeps me company when I stay late at work and the Gang keeps me laughing and my commutes. Shout out to Daniel, Al, Jenna and Jeff! Keep up with great work guys. - Jonathan E

Yay John Hensen   (5/5)

Big fan of John Hensen on the Thursday show. While no one will ever replace Greg, he is the first Thursday guest that has come close…He combines humor with humanity, sharing his life, flaws and all. His voice is unique. Make him a regular!! On another topic…Veiny hands…look at your hands, veins and all. Study them. Then…raise them up over your head chanting Young Hands, Young Hands. Now look at them again. Veins gone! :)

Love it   (5/5)

Great show! Allison is a very good interviewer. Love the Thursday crowd. Miss Greg a lot! Best of luck.

I love this podcast   (5/5)

I basically feel like I'm besties with the whole crew. I ride the train to work smiling/laughing like a fool the whole time (I'm sure everyone thinks I'm nuts). It's fun, honest, charming, and very real. I will say you can't just jump in and listen to one episode - give it a couple tries and I bet you get hooked.

Awesome   (5/5)

This is awesome make more like this please

A baby podcast in the comedy category   (2/5)

Alison is self indulgent, insecure and seems to have an underlying control/anger issue. If you want 90% self-centered baby talk and 10% comedy, subscribe away.

Best podcast to ever exist   (5/5)

I only listen to 2 podcasts and this is one of them. And to be honest I really only listen to the Thursday show, unless I already know the guest on the Monday show. But that's besides the point. The Thursday show is everything I look for in podcasts, it is funny, smart, politically neutral (although I could probably guess everybody's political party correct) and has a panel of AMAZING people. I really do love every single person on the podcast, and although Greg was one of my favorites, the guests that have been brought on after him have been just as wonderful. DEFINITELY A MUST LISTEN TO PODCAST!

Great interviews   (5/5)

Live your interviews. Fitzdog & you always have great chemistry. Pete Holmes was great interview! Always really somehow create a "safe" conversational environment. Thank you !

Working Mom   (5/5)

I love Alison's humor and honesty. D Quantz, JKJ, Al and Jeff are a great addition, as the Thursday Gang. I can't wait for Thursday mornings each week so I can get my weekly dose of ARIYNBF. I enjoy your deep conversations on the Monday show as well. You somehow connect with each person you interview. My #1 Podcast pick! 🐤

Hey hey heyyyy   (5/5)

One could only be so lucky to have Alison Rosen be their best friend in real life. The podcast will have to do. Not enough females doing comedy podcasts and doing them well. Alison is fantastic! Love her style and her humor. She's real. She's not afraid to tell the truth. She is genuine in every interview and I think it shows. Still miss the original Thursday gang at times, but Alison seems to be just fine without them and no worse for the wear.

Pregnant Women Beware   (3/5)

Maybe don't listen to this podcast if you are planning for a natural labor and delivery out of hospital; she believes all labor is traumatic, and it may be upsetting to listen to. It's not a very positive show for people trying to get pregnant, who are pregnant, or who are going to give birth. Im sad for Alison that she had such a traumatic experience and I hope she heals well from it, but, if you are trepidatious about labor and delivery but are educating yourself and making positive, well informed choices to actively NOT have a traumatic experience, you may want to skip this podcast. It's been a frustrating journey listening to her, and I think I'm officially done tuning in. I don't like writing this because I do not want to invalidate her birth story, I am sure it was traumatic, but, I want to protect other new moms' ears if they want a warning and also fight the fear of birth, as this podcast definitely add to it. Everyone is very sweet and easy to listen to on this show, but it has fallen out of line with my beliefs and makes me frustrated when people speak in fearful truths instead of being objective, but I understand the need to feel validated from such a scary experience. Just not for me anymore.

Your amazing journey   (5/5)

Alison. I've been listening to the podcast for a few years now and its been amazing to hear your journey to becoming a mother. I love the Thursday shows and with the whole gang, it felt like you had this amazing support system around you during the ups and downs of having your baby. Congrats and its been awesome to sort of be a part of this journey through your podcast.

Two podcasts in one   (5/5)

This program takes the format of two popular but very distinct podcast formats: interviews and casual chat show. If you like one of these styles, I recommend you give it a try and just skip every other episode. If you like both these styles, boy howdy are you in for a treat.

Awesome   (5/5)

Love ❤ Love ❤ Love ❤ this podcast and everyone on it

Love love love Alison and the Gang!   (5/5)

Alison is the best interviewer I've ever heard! The Thursday gang has such good energy and chemistry and they never fail to put a smile on my face! I would highly recommend this podcast

Great!   (5/5)

I had listened to quite a few of the interview episodes of this podcast and was a fan of Alison. How could I not be with our mutual love of The Facts of Life? The interviews were always great. I recently started listening to the Thursday eps from a suggestion on a fb group. I've been binging them, and I love them so much I had to leave a review. I love the conversations of Thursday eps and how they can go anywhere. I live alone, and they've kept me company. There's usually differing opinions on topics, which makes it interesting. Love the show!

Pure magic   (5/5)

Cool beans in hot sauce.

Wendy and you :)   (5/5)

I think you and Daniel are adorable when you talk about Wendy and post pictures on social media of her. It shows your deep love for her and how much love you have in your heart to give to your baby when he arrives. It will be so beautiful for your son to see as he grows as well. I was you 7 years ago with the dog situation. I have 2 dogs, a Corgi and a Cattle dog. I went to such great lengths to prepare myself and the dogs for the babies arrival. I played a baby crying CD for my dogs weeks before my daughter's birth to get them used to the sound. I made sure they would have great caregivers during my short hospital stay. I cried walking out of my house to go to the hospital to have the baby as I knew I would not see my dogs for 2 days and when I returned it would be different. My husband went home to shower before I checked out of the hospital and brought an item with her smell on it for the dogs to smell so that when I came home with the actual baby it would ease any possible possessiveness issues, etc. that some dogs could show. The thing that makes people like us worry about it so much is the knowing it will not be the same as before. Naps together, playtime etc. is such a great bonding experience and even healing for some people. You will not ignore Wendy. She will still get walks, loving and all the other playtime you normally gave her. It will be on a slightly adjusted schedule AT FIRST, but it will be even better when you incorporate the dog you love with the new baby you love in the things you do. I have heard many people say your dog is almost forgotten once the baby comes, but that is not true for everyone. I think it is a special type of person that is able to merge both loves successfully and you and Daniel seem perfect for the job. Wishing you the best, Tammy Clouse

Big fan   (5/5)

Been listening for over a year now.

Progressive Politics   (1/5)

I hate progressive politics. I'm being talked down too. Progressive liberals are so superior to anyone who disagrees with them. I've unsubscribed.

Thursdays are the best!   (5/5)

Love the Thursday Gang. Miss having Greg on the show regularly. Would love to hear an Alison & Jenna mommy podcast!

Awesome   (5/5)

Alison is fantastic and the Thursday Group is one of my weekly highlights.

My New BFF is always fantastic   (5/5)

Alison and friends are always entertaining and keep me looking forward to more shows. She is honest and open and relatable. Monday interviews are insightful and engaging. The Thursday show is still my favorite. The crew is tops and it is nice to hear more from Chef Jeff. Love it.

My Long-Time Best Friend!   (5/5)

I've been listening for years now and I look forward to every single episode. I've found myself laughing out loud to this show all the time. Jeffs drops are genius and hysterical and the Thursday gang's impromptu banter is hilarious. Alison's transparency makes me feel like we truly are best friends. She speaks so openly but also incredibly thoughtfully. There are countless examples of conversations on the show that helped me understand things about myself that I'd never been able to articulate. Alison is expecting a baby soon and has allowed us listeners to hear a bit about her experiences with pregnancy. It's been so beautiful to hear her thoughts and emotions along this journey. She's incredibly generous, sharing her own stories with the listeners. Alison, thank you for what you're doing. At the risk of sounding mushy, you've helped me get through a lot of difficult days and you've given me a show to look forward to even when real life has seemed dark. You are amazing! Love, Beth in Pittsburgh, PA (@EPJeff)

Love my new best friend   (5/5)

This is my 1st time to write a review, but I have to say I love that Alison is my new best friend. I like the little selfies that are attached to the podcasts. I saw Jenna wearing glasses for the 1st time today. Very nerdy hot. Sorry #Al and Sam.

Great "profound"interviews   (5/5)

Just listened to Alison's interview with Drs. Bruce and Drew. Her ability to direct the interview was artful. I have never connected with these Drs. point of view as they are usually interrupted in other podcasts. It is nice to listen to people's opinions without meaningless banter that interfere with the flow of thought. Thank you Alison. And no, I don't think you look fat;)

Love it! by Rokanator   (5/5)

Your show has been a much needed get away for me for several years now. I loved you on ACS and your show has become the most anticipated part of my week. I work in law enforcement and was in the military. Being in a very conservative and stressful environment all day, everyday, you and the Thursday gang are a breath of fresh air. I heard you say there were a few that wished you discussed politics more. For me, I loved the fact that you kept it to a minimum. I am a republican but my Sergeant, best fiend, is a liberal. I guess I'm saying that I need the balance to stay sane. I love every aspect of the show especially jmoe and that everybody brings their own experiences to the show. Love from Maine- Chris

Love it   (5/5)

Love this podcast, love the cast, was first introduced from listening to sns with jkj and #al. But love the rest of the Thursday gang (miss Greg) and have got to listen to alot of interesting interviews through the monday show as well. Keep it up!

The good and the bad   (2/5)

I used to love this show. Now I listen to the Thursday gang pods only because I cannot tolerate the host's lack of nuance when it comes to politics. I wish she could interview guests w/o bringing politics into it so often. It's possible, but I guess she just doesn't want to try and accept that life isn't black and white.

So far behind, but can't skip any episodes...   (5/5)

...because every single one is pure gold! For a variety of reasons (a laptop that melted down, forcing me to re-download a year plus worth of shows, kids and a super busy job getting in the way of "podcast time", just listening to too many podcasts in general), I got almost a year and a half behind on Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend. And it was tempting to skip forward in time to the present, especially when I could see in the show recaps that major events within the show had happened (parting ways with a previous employer, pregnancies/births, etc.; oh, and congratulations on the arrivals/upcoming arrivals to all of you as well; we are currently waiting for a baby to arrive in the next few weeks here, too) and I wanted to hear the details, but I just can't bring myself to miss any episodes. The Monday interviews are uniformly fantastic (but each in their own non-uniform ways), and the Thursday shows are among my favorite podcasts of any type that I listen to. Alison is simply the best at what she does, and was routinely the funniest/most grounded part of the show that she used to be on, Daniel cracks me up on the regular, multiple times a show, Chef Jeff gets the job done superbly while chipping in his own $0.04 (that's two cents, plus the value of an extra two cents), the Kim-Jonses are one of my favorite couples that don't reside in my house (and there's only one couple in my house), and Greg...well, he's just Greg. Which is to say "the surfing buddy that I wish I had (and I don't surf)". And the various other folks that drop by (Dustin, Jordan, Ben, Molly, etc.) are all bring their own excellent stuff every time they stop in. You'll all have to excuse me if there have been any additions/subtractions/messy breakups with any of the group in the last year or so, but I'm still about 13 months behind as I write this. Oh, and what finally clued me in that it was time to write a comment? Tying for the win in the Alison quiz (I played along to all the quizzes out loud in my car on my commute, because I'm a weirdo) was a good start, but the final nail in the comment coffin was the following nearly verbatim exchange during the #AlQuiz: Al: "Which yet-to-be-famous band did my band once open for? [Al goes on to reveal the time frame was the mid-2000s.]" Me: "Plain White Ts." Al: "OK, I'll make this multiple choice. [Al lists the choices. One choice is the Plain White Ts.]" Me: "HA! Even if I get it wrong, I'm counting that as a point." Al [after hearing all the answers]: "It's the Plain White Ts." Me: "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And that last line was very much verbatim. So, I just had to drop you guys a line to say that you brighten my week, every week, sometimes multiple times per week, as I try to catch up. Keep up the fantastic work, and I shall remain titillated for the next 13-18 months, on the off chance that my comment may get selected to be the "Comment of the Week" (in the case that you are still doing that, which I hope you are, because you all deserve to hear good stuff about the show).

great conversations   (5/5)

wonderful, fun, heartfelt stories

Can't anymore   (2/5)

I can't listen to her talk anymore about her pregnancy. I can imagine it's just going to get worse.

Just me or every Jew.   (5/5)

I feel that my review needs a bit of back story. I always used to hate when my older sister would insist on listening to podcasts when we were in the car. I would argue, "why would I want to listen to a bunch of people talking". This was a hot debate for a few years until one day I ventured into Alison Rosen's world. I started listening to the Monday episodes. I think Richard Priors wife was my first introduction to Alison's interviews. I was compelled to hear the story of a person I was not familiar with, and I found myself drawn in by Alison's ability to make her guests feel comfortable enough to share really personal stories and insights. I was hooked. Every Monday I would entertain myself in my free time getting to know each of the guests she featured. Yet still I was turned off by the idea of the Thursday episodes. The thought of that now makes me shake my head and chuckle to myself. It's amazing how wrong I was. The Thursday episodes are what I wait for each week. I like to listen to them during my commute, but always feel sad when I hear the "you are a dog...", knowing the episode is over. I relate to Daniel in many ways. I admire how open he is with discussing mental health, and his creativity and wit are wonderful. Jeff always has the opinion I agree with. I love his car and cat chat. I feel like he brings the east coast mentality to the table...Pennsylvania, what a state! (I'm listening from Massachusetts). Al might be my favorite. Sometimes he's like a lifeboat, there to rescue the conversation with some "what does Al know". Jenna makes me happy and I love when she sings. When I first started listening to the show, I was very confused by the fruit song, yet would find it stuck in my head for hours and hours. I am sad that Greg will no longer be a regular on the show, because he really holds a special place in my heart. I always looked forward to learning something groundbreaking about cooking, and his tales of pooping on the beach nearly had me falling off a treadmill from laughing so hard. That being said, there are times when I will be on the verge of tears with laughter when listening, making it especially awkward in public while wearing headphones, or actual tears of happiness, like when Alison announced she was having a baby. ARIYNBF has been a great presence in my life over the last couple years. The show has helped me get through some of the harder times, such as the loss of my grandmother. It has allowed my sister and I to bond over our love of the gang. I feel like I belong when I listen to you guys. Keep up the great banter. I love every second of it. And If you are considering listening to ARIYNBF, the answer is yes, or wait, maybe, I'm not sure, but seriously, yes puh-lease! Ariel

Solid podcast but not everyone is likable   (3/5)

I am a long time listener and generally love this podcast, it's funny, they have great banter and interesting random topics that keep me listen. I only gave it three stars because I don't love the new addition of Jensen Karp (he's overbearing) and Alison! Stop being so hard about yourself and your body. It's really tiring to hear you worry about it and it's honestly offensive to other women. Keep those issues to yourself.

terrible show….   (1/5)

terrible person blah

Great group   (5/5)

I started listening shortly before Alison left the Carrolla show so have been at it for some time. The current Thursday gang (Al, Jenna, Daniel, Jeff, soon-to-be sporadic Greg) is a very funny group of people. I enjoy most interviews on the Monday show as well but sometimes skip if the subject is not someone I'm interested in (skipped Dave Coulier, for example).

Funny with great Interviews but can get dry at times   (4/5)

I really like this podcast. I've listen to many episodes now and love Alison Rosen's interviews. She is a great interviewer and is able to get really deep and meaniful conversations out of them. But the Thursday shows with just her and her friends can be really boring. I mean it can be just one notch above listening to those horrible top 40 morning radio shows. Maybe I've just managed to listened to some of the really boring ones. But they don't seem to talk about anything! I mean no real mention of even pop culture, and politics are never brought up. It just seems like they're playing it real safe and these are people who've gotten together but don't have much to talk about. I'll keep listening and give those panel days a try again but I'll probably just stick to the interview episodes.

Who?   (1/5)

Who is Listening to this? It is not funny or entertaining. If not for high profile from working on Carolla job I imagine this show would have 13 fans.

I love this podcast!   (5/5)

This show is the best! The interviews are great, but I really love the Thursday shows! I've enjoyed Alison and Daniel sharing their baby journey, Jenna and Hashtagal are so sweet that I've started listening to them, Jeff is always ready with the perfect drop, and Greg is truly the icing on the cake! I wake up anxious to listen on Thursday mornings and can't wait for the little one to arrive!

Love Alison   (5/5)

Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend is my favorite podcast. Every Monday it is the first thing I go to download and have to listen to it that day. Alison is among the best interviewers out there. I love Maron, but she is even better, Obama take note! Thanks for being our friend and congratulations on your baby!

Ugh   (1/5)

Some folks should leave it to the pros.

Girly Garbage   (1/5)

If you like to listen to adults who sound like 11-year-olds babbling about their favorite candy, or how they wipe themselves when they go to the bathroom maybe this is the podcast for you. If you're looking for Carolla-level entertainment keep moving.

One of my Faves!   (5/5)

Keep up the good work!

The show lives and dies with the producer   (5/5)

I'm just here for Jeff.

Best podcast   (5/5)

The best podcast I have ever heard. Thanks Alison .

Amazing Podcast   (5/5)

This of cast has made me realize so many things. Regarding my eating disorder, mental health, thoughts on education and my future, plus a great touch of comedy. The Thursday gang is great and I anticipate it every week. So glad to see all your success, hope it lasts!

Alison, and all of the Thursday gang, are the best!   (5/5)

I love Alison's ARIYNBF! I listen to both the Monday and Thursday episodes each week. The Thursday show is wonderful! I look forward to it every week. If you've never listened to this show, it's well worth your time.

Listen to THIS!   (5/5)

Great interviews and the Thursday "Friends" episode is appointment listening. Love this crew!!

"Yes Please" for the Thursday Gang!   (5/5)

(Cue #AL) I only recently discovered ARIYNBF and it quickly became a favorite. I enjoy the Monday interviews due to Alison's exceptional interviewing skills but the Thursday episodes are the true highlight of my week. Alison is an excellent ringleader for this diverse group whose only shared trait is slight mental illness. Jenna is a joy and super talented. I appreciate her dedication to clean comedy that I can enjoy with my two kids. Al is a lovable senior citizen trapped in a 30 year old body. Daniel is hilarious and quick with a witty retort. However, the show's true gem and the unsung hero of the group is Greg. Oh, where to start with the maniacal Greg? Crazy as hell and unashamed to reveal his lunacy to the world, he had me at the Rainbow Farms juice/burrito incident and continues to delight me with his rants week after week. If Greg was more inclined he could have channeled his intelligence in to a fussy, highbrow profession where his comedic talents would have been hidden from the rest of the world. Lucky for us, he is not overly ambitious and is available to make me laugh every Thursday without fail. Thank you Alison for bringing this excellent show to us twice a week.

Your infections   (5/5)

This show cracks me

Awesome show!   (5/5)

I just love the Thursday gang. Always a hoot and a half to listen to them. Alison- I just love hearing about all of your pregnancy woes. I was soooo happy to hear you were pregnant. Daniel- thank you (not) for telling me to watch Vanderpump Rules. I've now watched them all on Hulu. I hate you. JKJ- you make me happy. And the episodes you aren't on make me sad. #al- what don't you know? lol. Greg- I feel like you are an awesome addition to the show and bring a different voice to the show. Jeff- keep up the drops. I love them all and I literally laugh out loud when you do them. Keep up the awesomeness that you all are. Thanks Liz

avoid   (1/5)

Borderline annoying

Just gets better   (5/5)

Love it! Loved it before, but when the journal entry's were added it just brought it to a whole new level!!! Most of the podcast I listen to I can listen to at work but I just can't with this one, WAY too much laughing hysterically in my cubical and looking like a crazy person, and I mean that in the utmost of compliments! Awesome show!

Bleh.   (1/5)

Extremely mediocre. Host is awful at interviewing; sounds like she took a Psych 101 course and is trying out things from the textbook. Forgettable, rehashed topics that have been done on a million comedy podcasts before. Skip it.

new ring tone please?   (5/5)

Hi Alison! I've had to do a lot of driving in the past year, with a lot of difficult things going on. I have to thank you and the Thursday gang for making me laugh no matter what was happening. You guys are so great together. My request: any chance you can make a ring tone of just Daniel's laugh? It cracks me up every time I hear him chuckle about something one of you has said. Or maybe a variety of the terrific "drops" Jeff has perfectly captured? Even if you can't - thank you!! :) MB

This is the live nude puppets podcast   (3/5)

Except the live nude puppets podcast is funny.

A breath of fresh air   (5/5)

It's been about two years since I started listening to ARIYNBF, and from the first episode I heard, I haven't missed a single one. Suffice it to say, the show is outstanding and a true highlight of the podcast week. I find the Monday one-on-one interview episodes engaging and interesting thanks to Alison's strong interview skills. Admittedly, it's uncommon for me to be familiar with one of her Monday guests prior to the show (to be fair to Alison, I live somewhat under a rock, so this shouldn't be taken as a comment regarding who she invites). Nevertheless, when each interview ends, I walk away with my interest piqued regarding both the guest's life experiences and work. I've enjoyed albums, books, and shows following Alison's introducing me to her guests. Then comes the Thursday show, which is simply excellent. Picture a group of smart, interesting friends chatting about anything and everything. In a nutshell, that's the Thursday show. While so many talk shows--TV, radio, and podcast--today involve a group of likeminded people reinforcing the same viewpoint, the ARIYNBF gang comes with enough of a variety of life experiences and viewpoints that there is often more than one perspective presented. What's even less common still is that these perspectives are respected. The gang does a great job exemplifying the fact that you can be friends and learn from others even when you're not the same. Is Greg going to give up alcohol and become Mormon? I doubt it. Will JKJ and Hashtag Al ever say "I drank a bottle of whiskey and got high over the weekend, and it was great!" at the opening of the show? Again, no. But they and the rest of the gang (that's you, D Quantz on the Snappy and Chef Jeff--you need shoutouts, too) never judge each other. They listen, they respond, and they respect. It's a breath of fresh air. If everyone in the world were like the ARIYNBF gang, it would be a much better place. And it would be a lot more fun to eavesdrop when in public. To wrap this up, ARIYNBF is a great podcast, and I'm always looking forward to the next episode. It's not just another talk show. It's so much better than that. Cheers to my new best friend for putting out such a quality production. PS- Great job reading that, Hashtag Al PPS- Did you get that, Chef Jeff? You now have a drop of Al discussing his use of drugs and alcohol. You're welcome.

I'm writing this on a Wednesday and it feels weird.   (5/5)

Alison Rosen has been my new best friend for over a year now and I never told her. Rude, I know. The Jueves Gang is full of pack leaders that do not disappoint. I give Alison "all the credit" but Greg, Al, JKJ, Daniel and Jeff too. Don't be surprised if you start singing "gal chat" or "snack chat" or start scatting in the elevator by yourself during the day (thanks Al). Thanks for producing some solid pod time to entertain me when I'm on the road, which I am often. You all never disappoint, especially Greg. I love you, goodbye!

The Journey   (5/5)

I have been listening to your show since 2011-ish and have rolled with the changes ever since! I have started many emails just to delete thinking "why is my input important", but I thought since the news of your developing progeny, it was worth finally getting on here and letting you know how much I love the show :) Listening to the ongoing saga of YOU (and your dazzling round-table of friends/family) has been a true lifesaver in my mind-numbing line of work! I literally listen to podcasts about 40 hours a week and is probably the only thing keeping me [sane] in this position. THAT SAID. I am totes stoked about your pregnancy! It is wonderful to hear your mono/dia-logging regarding your fears, anticipations, successes and all it entails! I am beyond happy for you (and Daaaaaniel *sigh*) and the support you have vis a vis The Gang--it is truly a blessing. And to have you unabashedly bare and share is inspiring! As always I look forward to One-On-One Monday's and the Thursday show, as I love to see how much is truly just me or really, let's face it--everyone... poops. So those folks can get over it :D

You're invited to Dining Room Studios   (5/5)

I have a tedious job and I rely on podcasts to get me through the day. While I have a bunch of 'go-to's,' this podcast is my absolute favorite. Every Thursday I feel like I'm sitting down to dinner or drinks with a bunch of old friends - and no matter how different we are and our lives have turned out - we still have a ton of laughs, and sometimes get down to the heart of some serious issues, but always come out knowing a little bit more about each other and ourselves. And get to spend a bit of time with my secret crush. (For me that's Jeff, and if I lived in LA I would Daniel Quantz him). I like Monday shows as well, but Thursday's are my jam. I love all of the voices at the table and am just a bit happier to get out of bed on Thursday, knowing Alison and her friends will make me feel like one of the gang for a little while. I run my crazy pooch to 'You Are a Dog' on double time and go to the grocery store on 'What Fruit Do You Like.' Thanks for the show and, as always, looking forward to next Thursday! Have a great day guys!

Loads of fun, massively addicted, please send help!   (5/5)

I'm a new listener. Never heard Alison at her previous gig, but became aware of her history and was exceedingly curious and was quite disturbed about it as I heard more and more. I like Alison's voice and style, and I love the Thursday gang as well as the Monday interview show. You have my full support. Please help: The second verse of the open song is "(mumble mumble) good times never end." Can't make the syllables match! I didn't know the 3rd verse, either, but after googling I know it's come up before. I used JMOE in a Facebook post, so you have my lifetime support!

My new favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I stumbled onto this podcast while looking for funny stuff to listen to. The Monday shows are great, Alison is witty and deep as a one-on-one interviewer but my heart truly belongs to the Thursday gang. The chemistry and banter is second to none. Thanks for putting out a reliably hilarious podcast!


Dear the Alison and the Thursday gang, ARIYNBF is by far the best podcast on iTunes, it never gets old. Alison is a funny, charming, and personable interviewer and her guests always sound like they're just around a coffee table confiding in her. I'm 15 and have been listening to this podcast for YEARS. I used to listen ONLY to the Monday show. When Alison went solo (thankfully), I started listening to the Thursday shows, which I had previously avoided because I didn't understand what it was. I was so amazingly surprised and had begun to listen to them religiously. At school, I'll have my headphones in as I laugh and my friend will yell at me for "listening to that stupid podcast again." The Thursday gang is perfect and I'm so happy to be able to listen in. It seriously feels like you guys are ALL my best friend. For the past year and a half, there's not one day that hasn't gone by when I haven't listened to the pod!!!!! Walking my dog, working out, during class, in the car, and I have issues sleeping and I can only fall asleep to the Thursday show, so every night I listen to a show! I also travel a lot and I save the podcasts to my phone so I can listen to them and I look like a freak cracking up to myself during airplane rides. The Thursday gang is SO funny and so amazing. Ali Michelle, I'm so glad for your's and Dquantz's news.I started crying when you announced the good news during the Thursday show and I'm so happy for you. You're such an amazing comic and entertainer and human and will be SUCH an amazing mom!! Daniel, your intros are so funny, I find myself laughing when only 10 seconds into the pod. Your dark humor with being married to Alison kills me and your creepy obsession with animal butt cheeks really is thought provoking. Greg, you're such a character and you seem to live such a life I wanna live. You're F-KING hilarious and I agree with you on almost everything. I love seeing pictures of you from Highschool on Instagram because it puts a face to the all the amazing stories you tell. Unlike everyone else, I have loved you since the beginning. Jeff, you're hilarious and I feel like you aren't appreciated as much as you should be. Your drops are SO perfect and always at the right times. When people in real life say things similar to the drops, I always laugh, and I have to explain that "it's an inside joke". JKJ and the f-king TheHashtagAl, you guys are so funny and are genuinely great people. As someone who isn't familiar with mormons, I can understand LDS people just a little bit more because of you guys. Sam is so cute and is gonna be such an awesome daughter as she grows up. Such great parents, you guys are. Keep being awesome!!! BTW I've added all of you on snapchat and have NOT been disappointed. I have only one question: How did the war between Greg and Rainbow Acres end, or is this on-going? WiTh ReGaRdS, Lulu

horrible   (1/5)

this show keeps getting worse.

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I love listening to the Thursday gang each week! If the show had more Wendy and Greg and less Alison it would be perfect! I recommend that everyone who reads this to send dog toys/treats to the real star of this show at Wendy Rosen-Quantz, 8391 Beverly Blvd Suite 179, Los Angeles, CA 90048.

THE Hashtag Al probably won't read this review   (5/5)

I've been fortunate enough to have been following Alison Rosen for a few years now. I remember when she had a daily blog when she was living in New York City. Her humor, wit, and good heartedness continues to shine with her current podcasts just as it did in those early days so I have decided to write this review in hopes that others will get a sense of what her podcasts have to offer. Her guest interviews are definitely worthy of your time. Her ability to get any guest to open up with their deepest thoughts and emotions one moment and then laugh out loud the next is a gift. She has to be one of the best interviewers in any type of media. I consider her ability to ask intelligent and interesting questions to be as good as Barbara Walters and Oprah. Her recent interview with Mary Katherine Ham was mesmerizing, and will move you to tears. You definitely should give it your attention. Alison's friends that take part in the Thursday podcasts are each quite entertaining and equally interesting in their own right. Chef Jeff is the excellent producer who always has the perfect humorous drop to bring a smile to your face. I don't know if he has a significant other, but he probably should. Al and Jenna are just like the nextdoor neighbors that everyone wishes they could have. Al is a intelligent, and charismatic smarty pants know-it-all guy. Jenna's accent is so cute... I don't know if it is a Utah accent or a Korean-American accent. Hopefully someone can shed some light on that. Al and Jenna have their own podcast too. I've started to follow them recently because Jenna's accent is really that cool. Then there is Greg. He also goes by the nickname "Dong Attack!" I'm not sure if that means he will attack your dong, or if his dong just attacks things (I'm not sure if Al feels comfortable saying "dong" so he can substitute any euphamism that works for him). However, Greg always has something memorable to add to the podcast. He is like a shot of tequila. Everyone seems to remember a moment of doing shots of tequila for some reason. Daniel, is Alison's husband. His humor seems to strike a chord with me. He always seems to express how I feel at times; A tormented soul who is happy to let the world know that he is just a pot cookie away from freaking out. Daniel is probably the person that makes me laugh the most during the podcast. He is priceless. Jeff, Al, Jenna, Greg, Daniel, and Alison make the podcast a fun listen. However, what makes ARIYNBF a Five star podcast is a subtle surprise. It is the thing that takes them to the top in my opinion. The show's music is beyond stellar! Maestro Tom Rapp is a musical genius. You must listen to the Snack Chat theme song! Totally captivating! Also there is the recently re-introduced You Are A Dog song that has made a classic even better. It is not often that a good song can be made even better with just a couple of small changes. He is Brilliant! Amazing! FIVE STARS!

Alison, you made the cut!   (5/5)

Alison, You have made the cut as my new best friend. Not only are you funny, honest, and thought provoking but beautiful as well. You make my day everytime I listen to your show plus my one year old son starts smiling everytime he hears the theme song(which I sing to him when he's having a fit and he snaps right out of it)! I am always intrigued by how you pull out the deep questions with your monday guests and talk about the things we're all thinking on the thursday show. Daniel is a great counterpart to you, it reminds me of my husband and I when we are talking throughout the day. Greg, reminds me why I loved California so much(and miss it) with his surfer talk and love for avocados Jenna and Al make me appreciate people who don't have to use profanity in order to be funny with their quit wit and "get outta here" taglines. Jeff is perfect with his drops and my favorite of all time is "Caroline" when you used to talk about your IVF experiences. I'm so happy you're pregnant and it's a great journey to be on. When the baby is here, you'll go from laughing for no reason with your kiddo to having questionable fluids on your shirt to falling asleep with said questionable fluid on you still. Good luck, love the show and keep doing what you were made to do! With love, Amen Simplicity

Painfully generic   (1/5)

Thought I could give this a try, but this is one of those podcasts that has no reason to exist. Guests are boring and the host isn't engaging, and spends most of the time talking about herself and how quirky she is. Maybe someone might enjoy this, but I found it a waste of time.

Alison is just the best!   (5/5)

Alison, I honestly think you are my best friend and I get so excited when you introduce me to even more friends! Thank you for coming into my office and making my day better. I am so happy for you and Daniel. If you need anything, please let this former newborn nursery RN know! ❤️- Renee

Thursdays are the best days   (5/5)

Thursday's are my favorite days thanks to this show. It's like sitting down with old friends. I love the recurring jokes and makes it feel like you're part of the "in crowd." More, please! Monday episodes are good, too.

A major source of comfort in a tough moment   (5/5)

Ok this one feels like it's gonna be a bit of a bummer but I swear it's super flattering for all of you so if you're up for some real Oscar bait complexity flavored smoke to be blown up your butts (the Mormon friendly term, despite the overall sentiment; you're welcome Al), press on. I have very specific habits when it comes to this show. I like a lot of podcasts but this is my favorite and the one I cherish most. The Tuesday episodes get spent on my commute kind of wildly nilly but the Thursday episodes are reserved and carefully budgeted for me to fall asleep to throughout the week. This isn't a great plan because i always stay up late laughing in bed and inevitably give myself "just five more minutes" after the sleep timer confiscates the keys of my ears. So I hear from you guys every night. This week I'm on a vacation to Chicago. On the way over here on my first stop, I got a call that my mom had fallen down and hurt her head. Long, stressful story short, she's fine and didn't want me to cut my trip short and didn't even want me to find out it'd happened (moms, right Greg?), so I am enjoying my trip but it's kind of looming in the back of my head the whole time. Cut to today I get home from a great day out with some family and return to my air bnb in Hyde park (Al, tell them about Hyde park) and we set off the security alarm and it was super jarring and the police came and I got some texts about my moms status that weren't great and I had a full on anxiety attack and felt a craving for the sweet, cold embrace of death, BUT, after all the dust settled and everything was in reality, completely fine, I laid down down to bed, knowing my mom was ok (exhale) and that I wasn't in trouble for breaking and entering, I got the gift of my precious Thursday episode. To listen to just 15 minutes (I promise!) of this show was a welcome chunk of home and routine, and it completely dissipated what was left of the Hornets' nest vibrating in my chest. So thank you for the regular predictable combination of light and humor and just enough of your own stress to solicit a tug on my collar (once in a while, even a "yeesh") that somehow manages to evolve and stay fresh week to week. Even on the rare occasion a story gets retold you guys never feel stale. Jenna. You always make-- just kidding. Those types of reviews always come across as weird and you can totally tell when the writer plays favorites with you guys and that makes me hella uncomfortable. This show is a tour de force in the round table talk show world, and hopefully now a little more, you'll feel just how much it's appreciated. Cheers, guys.

Love It, Get it!   (5/5)

I am a relative newcomer to ARIYNBF, and I keep coming back. The depth and humor of the Monday shows and the banter and drops of the Thursday Gang are awesome. I really appreciate Alison's interviewing skills, and everyone's openness and humor: not to forget all the quirks that make us human and best friends. Keep up the great work!

SLAY QUEEN 👑👑👑   (5/5)

The Thursday shows are EVERYTHING. I love every single member of the Thursday Gang - Jenna, #Al, Daniel, Jeff but especially Greg and Alison! Jenna and #Al are awesome, and their podcast is soooo good. Daniel is so funny, especially when he's talking about Wendy. Jeff is a wizard with his drops when it comes to comedic timing. I have to admit that I was a little iffy about Greg at first, but he has easily become one of the best things to happen to the Thursday show. And last, but certainly not least, is Alison. This podcast would be nothing without her smart and witty commentary. SLAY QUEEN 👑👑 p.s. there should be a Thursday episode everyday. just sayin'.

Pipe Cleaners - Silent Killers   (5/5)

At first listen this podcast only hints (like the faintest whisper of Alison's toots) at the dangers and intrigue beneath the surface. In a future episode Greg just might inhale and succumb to the murderous intents of Alison and her quiet toys. Daniel will surely announce himself while walking around the apartment while Nibbles lays in wait (even better if after a pot cookie!) Jenna and Sam will plot to scare the zabbity-dos out of TheHashtagAl. And in a final burst of drops, Chef Jeff will roast them all in a stew of their own making. Ohhhhh the humanity! I love these guys and every week has me laughing out loud all the way to work! The longer the episode, the better, so I can make it last until the next one!

Um, she really is my best friend...   (5/5)

Here's the deal, you can't listen to one episode of ARYINBF and rate it, you don't get a best friend in an hour. You have to spend some time with her, listen to the Monday show interviews (and feel like you just tapped into the soul of whoever she's talking to) and then to the Thursday gang. Take it all in. Once you understand all the drops Jeff makes, make an avocado joke to Greg, hear of Daniel's husband woes, and laugh with Jenna and #Al, only then will love Alison. You'll look forward to the weekly dose and be begging for more. Give it a chance, stick around for a while, and if you still don't like it, well.... Hey... Hey... Hey... (Hit it Jeff!)

BFFs   (5/5)

They need more friends!

Alison & Her Company   (5/5)

I enjoy them. Sometimes, it's like that book you don't really wanna pick back up, but once you do, you don't wanna put it down.

Thanks JRE   (5/5)


Sweetness   (5/5)

What a sweet podcast! The Thursday gang always makes me feel normal and reminds me of the sweet fact that everyone poops, and it can and will be funny until the end of time. I also appreciate Jenna's hard work as a child singer, as the catchy tune is a handy tool for my English classes for children. We all do in fact like THE pineapple. Even though using those definite articles throws off the grammar a bit. Cheers, cool kids!

Not so new best friends   (5/5)

I began listening to ARIYNBF in what felt like a different life. I was in a horrible internship and the throes of my first year of graduate school, and Alison was under the cloud of her previous employer. I have since listened as Alison got married, experienced losses, and recovered with grace and a sense of humor, while I in turn finished graduate school, got a great job (as a therapist, and yes I wonder about those lobster dreams), had my heart broken twice, got a dog, and found some lovely happiness. The podcast has woven throughout all of that. You are all beautiful, funny, engaging people and I so appreciate your company as I walk my dog all over Brooklyn, giggling audibly from neighborhood to neighborhood (often even Alison's old haunt Carroll Gardens). This has been a stable thing while my life was in flux, and sometimes that is huge. I feel like I know you all, and even though it's one-sided, I think that's ok. A podcast relationship is a unique one, and you guys are delightful people and podcasters. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who wants to laugh, feel connected, and have the opportunity to hear frank explorations of the vicissitudes of numerous lives. What a gift!

I'm Hooked   (5/5)

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ There are not enough stars in the sky to show my love for the Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend podcast. The only thing that would make this podcast better would be more of it (more shows, longer shows, just more, more, more .......). I mourned the end of the original Thursday podcast for almost a whole week, until I met a whole new gang of friends on the new and improved Thursday show. Who knew!!!! I start my week with the interview show (always interesting, Alison gets her guests to speak of many personal events), and end my week with the single greatest group of people I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Kudos to everyone, and thanks for making my life brighter.

JMOE- love ARIMNBF, not so much her former employer   (5/5)

Alison-best thing that ever happened to her was to leave ACS - that and all the Ace podcasts have turned into platforms for his narcissistic, whiney platform. But, ARIMNBF continues to get better and better. Love both the 1:1 and Thurs shows- especially my fav. Mormon couple, JKJ and #Al (love their show too). You just keep on being you💐. Thanks for bringing new life to Thursday's! Xoxo

Unsubscribed - again   (1/5)

May 2016 Update: For the 2nd time I've unsubscribed. Too much reliance on the scatalogical. They should change the name to "Alison Rosen and her Friends Talk About Poop & Farts" It's like listening to a drummer that uses one drum and one stick. Feels like Alison is still getting a feel for her own show. Just listened to the Shane Dawson episode, and I think the addition of Dustin Goot is a welcome, complimentary counter point. *January 2016 update, I had given up on this podcast, then heard Alison was no longer associated with her employer. Alison seems to have found her voice. I only have one gripe with this podcast. SO MUCH DISCUSSION OF FECAL MATTER AND FARTS. There is so much that is good with Alison and the group, but is the toilet topic leaning on a crutch? I wish whoever edited the program would cut all that out.


I have been listening to Alison for a little a year now and I can't stop. You instantly fall in love with her and never want it to end. She has 2 shows, a Monday show with a Guest, and a Thursday show with her friends. The Monday shows infatuate you with whomever the guest is that week and makes you want to be their biggest fan. The Thursday show makes you feel like you are right there is Dining Room studios on the LoveBus with The Kim Jones', Greg Heller, Daniel Quantz and the one and only Alison "my new best friend" Rosen. You will love this show if you love genuine people and genuine fun.

Just great   (5/5)

This podcast is just great nothing more and nothing less. I don't know what all the haters are talking about and why all the negative reviews are at the top when a lot of people love it. Those who don't can't seem to explain why


That's really all. I love them all! Every conversation is deeply meaningful and worse, relatable 😏 Each scrumptious little oddball contributes to my laughter on Thursday afternoon because I like to save the best for last. Thank you, the whole bunch of you, for the one good thing every Thursday that I can count on. Love to you all! And hugs to Wendy, my cute little Texas friend.

GREAT show!   (5/5)

Super funny show love listening to you guys! Pleeeease come out with the fart tehe ringtone!

Allison Rosen is my new best friend!   (5/5)

I moved to a new city this past year and have yet to build up my new people, friends, etc. I started listening to Allison's podcast and it is my go-to every day when I am at work and want to listen to something that makes me feel good as I build my life here. Love it! Thanks!!

Delightful   (5/5)

I love the whole Thursday gang - these are my #squadgoals

I'm a podcast junkie and ARIYNBF is my drug of choir also the jmoe song makes me sad.   (5/5)

I have a mundane job and listen to 38 hours of podcasts a week, which is the only thing that keeps me sane and gets me through the day. I found Alison's voice and humor the first week of my podcasting journey and went right to her own podcast. I've been with her for years now and Monday and Thursday at 7 am guess where I am? I would be delighted with five days a week of the Thursday show (I know you all can't do that) but I love being with all my friends. The first time "my fiancé Daniel " was on the show I loved him, hesitant that he was. I love listening to how comfy he is now and FUNNY on air. Love Jenna and Al and Greg and Jeff is the best ever at drops (remember I'm a podcast junkie, I know of what I speak) and I love his voice as well and his points of view. This is my favorite podcast by far.okay that was the asked for nice comment and here is my request. Stop dancing around Wendy and Sam's interruptions. Tell what's going on. They are part of our family. Also I hate the jmoe song cause I know my favorite is almost over. Love you all......

Thank you   (5/5)

Love you girlfriend. Your take the high road attitude and love for all is refreshing. Hug your man you have a great one. God bless you,Laurie

Almond Joys Have Nuts, Mounds Don’t!   (5/5)

Love the podcast! I work overnight at a medical laboratory, and it’s something i look forward to listening to every week, to get me though my long shifts. I especially love the Thursday gang. Greg, you aren’t alone- i always forget which candy bar has almonds, and find myself singing the song to help figure it out! Because hello… MOUNDS OF NUTS makes sense to me too! Jenna and #Al… i’m born, raised, and still live in Utah! While i’m not Mormon, hearing about the Utah culture on the show makes me laugh. Utah is it’s own weird little world. Also, pretty sure i saw a 5 lb. bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears at Costco last week! Don’t be jealous ya’ll, i'm a season pass holder to Lagoon. Alison is so relatable- i too went through the hell that is infertility. So please, more time on the biological clock! We’re all routing for you and Daniel, and hoping for the best. LOVE the new adoptable dog segment. I have 3 rescued pit bulls, so thank you for helping to find shelter dogs new homes. Thursday gang you are the best… Alison, Daniel, Greg, Jenna, Al, and of course the master of drops, Chef Jeff! You guys are all fantastic. Keep it up!

Must adore you   (5/5)

Alison, I tweeted you some time ago and think I was guarded in my choice of words for some silly reason, so it came off as vaguely complimentary when you deserve unambiguous praise! Listen devoutly, so much so that I had to modify my listening by intentionally postponing listening to new eps till 48 hours from release, so that I don't deal with the anxiety of hearing one late on a Sunday night and then knowing I have to wait a whole 72 hours for the next one (it's just a mind trick - it doesn't Really bring the next episode any closer in time, just feels that way!) Keep doing what you're doing, I do click through your banners to support, and smile at the thought of you inevitably blowing up (ANY moment). Thank you thank you, Friend, Charles in OC.

Not My Best Friend   (1/5)

I started listening to this show in 2014 and enjoyed it. After the new crew started, I enjoyed it until I realized all they talk about is poop and food. If I had to hear that fruit song one more time, I was going to jab a pencil in my ear. I decided to give it another chance and after they read a review from someone saying there was too much poop talk they proceeded to talk about it. Not only that, but they defended their conversations. Listen once or twice and you'll hear every podcast that they will ever put out.

Alison Rosen is my Queen   (5/5)

I found out about the this illustrious and tantalizing podcast from some of Alison’s guest spots on other shows. She gave me the biggest podcast boner! I had to find her show, good thing its well-charted! I started listening mid-2014. With the new year I was happy to see that Jenna would carry over to the new and improved thursday gang as she is one of my favorites! I recommend this show highly! In fact, I would give up all my hass avocados to listen to just a single episode! From perfect sound-drops to imagining the look on Al’s face when the discussion is about Greg's masturbating habits, I could not ask for anything more! I would have to say my favorite segment is “just me or everyone” even though not a single one of my copious amounts of tweets have ever been featured on the show. I always get a good laugh when I relate a little too well to a JMOE. When you listen to this show expect many dog barks, vaginal health discussions, Mormons, and surfer talk, but really, its all part of the charm. This show is so unique and incredible that it makes my hours of work so much more bearable. I swear all my coworkers think I suffer from a mental disorder from all the laughter emanating from my cubical. I wish you all the best, good luck with baby Sam, Jenna and Al. Good luck with the baby making Alison and Daniel. Also I hope the snacks in the office are particularly delicious, Daniel. I bid you all a big homosexual farewell, slaaaaaay queen!

Yay, Alison!!!   (5/5)

I have a long daily commute and Alison’s podcast is perfect for keeping me lighthearted and in good company while on the road. Thanks for being smart and real.

Alison is my old best friend.   (5/5)

Check her hands.

More Greg please!   (5/5)

I love the Thursday Gang, especially Greg....although I feel like he hasn't been speaking up very much lately. Come on Greg! We need to hear more!

Oh to be your best friend!   (5/5)

Alison, thank you for your openness and disarming personality that always brings the best out in your guests and friends! Allan and Jenna, as a former Mormon, I feel a kinship with you! (Call that 'Formon!") Daniel, thank you for your thoughtful and fun intros! Greg, well we need to talk more about your history in therapy - I love you man! And Jeff, I wouldn't put anyone else in control of the drops than you! Thank you, Trapdog, for your great musical contributions to the show that I can only listen to twice a week. (Hint hint, Alison!) keep it up you guys! I love you all!!

Garbage   (1/5)

No wonder Carolla kicked her to the curb. Next time show a little loyalty.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Yes, I used to listen to that other podcaster. At that time, I gave ARIYNBF a try, but couldn't really tell the guys apart and it just didn't catch on for me. Then the big shake up, and I tuned in to ARIYNBF for more info- and fell in love. Soon I realized that listening to the other guy would leave me upset and angry, while Alison always made me happy. I dumped him and never looked back. Alison's Monday interviews often give me insight into myself- it's like have a three way therapy session with me, Alison, and her guest. The Thursday ensemble always has me cackling out loud. Each person is so unique, and together their comedic synergy is a outstanding. I have recently recommended the Thursday show to my 14yo daughter, and she moves through the house with her earbuds in, giggling. We frequently imitate the drops for each other and crack each other up. I hate to say it, but A.C. was right- you are better than ever without him!

unlikely fan   (5/5)

When AR replaced Teresa Strasser at The Former Employer- I breathed a sigh of relief. While not trying to be her, she and Teresa reminded me of each one another with their dry liberal wit, laced with secular Jewishness. But I never saw myself becoming a ‘follower’. When I heard about the ARIYNBF podcast, I checked it out, but sorry- I just didn’t see butter sandwiches and shower traveling as fascinating as some. However, in January 2015, like many, I was blind-sided by the sudden dismissal of the best part of Former Employer’s podcast, and at this point I gave ARIYNBF a new try. Those early days were fascinating, and soon I was hooked. While making above average discussion about the banal I love all the members of the Thursday crew, yet pine especially hard for Greg. But the real magic occurs when all six are together. I’m crestfallen when Greg is on a fishing trip or Jenna and Al have trekked back to Mormon country. My week is substantially brightened on Monday and Thursday mornings. And bonus - it’s nice to see a female ranking high in the comedy podcasts in that otherwise sausage-dominated genre.

LOVE   (5/5)

I’m loving the new Thursday gang (especially Greg, an unpopular opinion it seems, but he makes me laugh every show). Alison’s long format interviews are always insightful and funny and moving.

Best Podcast Ever!!   (5/5)

Alison Rosen is not only an excellent interviewer, but also creates an intimate, funny, intelligent, compassionate and heartfelt podcast every week twice a week. Her Monday interviews are always interesting, especially when I have never heard of the guest and then learn about someone or something new.Thursday shows are by far my favorite because of the atmosphere, positivity and feeling that I am sitting around a circle of best friends. Alison, Jenna, Al, Daniel, Greg and Jeff absolutely make my day and sometimes I listen to the episodes multiple times. I have been a listener for years and in my opinion both shows have only gotten better. When my mother died on February 26, 2016, It was the worst moment of my life. I listened to the episode that had been released the previous day and it was like a warm hug from my friends. When I emailed Alison to tell her how much I loved and appreciated her and her podcast after what happened, I was shocked and so touched that she wrote me back!! I will truly be a listener for as long as this podcast runs.

Not horrible   (3/5)

Alison sounds much like I did when I first started interviewing people during my college radio days. Interviewing and hosting a program of any type is harder than most people would think. The music on the show is a bit corny for my taste, but hey, some people really like corn :) Just keep doing the show and you will get more comfortable. Good job!!!

Id/Ego/Superego   (5/5)

I'm worried about Greg.

I get so excited every Thursday!   (5/5)

I can't get enough of Greg's bizarre additions, outbursts, cooking talk, drinking, surfer lingo, etc. I think Greg and I could be friends. Daniel is underrated. He's hilarious and, it seems, pretty patient. Love love love his intros: toNIGHT! How Jenna and #Al can pull off being so funny with zero swearing (EffKing) or "inappropriate" jokes is a mystery to me! Chef Jeff seems to be the voice of reason often and his drops always get me. Then there's Alison. Tying it altogether & forging ahead with Fart Chat & details about IVF. My favorite move of hers is when she laughs so hard she can't talk for awhile or shares her private food struggles (BBQ TONGS?!). Keep it up. I love podcasts and this is truly BY FAR my favorite.

I heart Alison Rosen.   (5/5)

I have been listening to Alison since she auditioned for ACS and havent stopped. She is an open book and makes everyone feel better by sharing her life with you. On Mondays she does one on one interviews with interesting guests and she is so good at getting them to open up as well. Then there is the Thursday Gang, my most favorite gang of all. We have lovely Alison, her snuggleberries Wendy, and her devoted husband Daniel. There is sweet Jenna and her husband #Al who is a self proclaimed "sexiest mormon", and their baby Samantha who might have the best baby smile I have ever seen. We also have Greg, lover of avocados and unable to remember if almond joys have nuts, and Jeff who is so seamless with drops I often dont realize Alison isnt really farting and saying tee hee all throughout the podcast. This podcast is F KING amazing, hilarious and fun so download it now. I love you guys, goodbye.

Meh   (3/5)

I'll listen to the Monday interviews but can't stand the Thursday gang anymore. The Thursday show is her and her friends talking about inane stuff. The show used to work because everyone kept everyone else restrained. With too many free rein ids running without superego control the show gets out of control. Her interviews aren't half bad. Alison's a better interviewer than Aisha Tyler but Alison's guests are far down market. Listen if you're really that bored. Also, this is the only podcast (to my knowledge) that has a podcast about the podcast (JMOE Patrol).

a   (5/5)


My favorite twice weekly carb!   (5/5)

Hello my little chocolate covered cinnamon bears, it's me, ALLISON (with two Ls)! My sister Katie turned me on to this podcast about a year and a half ago and it has quickly become my favorite. She affectionately calls me #AL, and I often shout "AL CHAT!" after telling one of my long winded stories. Alison is a gifted interviewer, and I always look forward to Monday episodes. Let's all cut the f-King nonsense though and admit that Thursday episodes really rock my world! They are laugh out loud funny, and I feel like the members of the Thursday gang are my tiny little friends that live in my phone. This podcast is the perfect companion for a long commute or gym date. Jenna, Al, Greg, Daniel, Jeff, Alison: you are wonderful, hilarious, and hot dang a good looking group! Keep the episodes coming, we love you, goodbye!

TEE HEE.   (5/5)


NOT A fan of the Fart Jokes   (3/5)

I have to turn off the podcasts when the fart jokes dominate. Just not a fan of that humor.

Alison Rosen is my spirit animal   (5/5)

I've been listening to Alison Rosen is your new best friend since September 2013 when I was commuting for close to an hour up to Columbia university medical center (for you non New Yorkers this is very very upper Manhattan) This commute was the bane of my existence until i discovered this podcast and I found myself laughing out loud by myself on the subway. I'm one of those people that texts "LOL" when I'm not actually laughing but this podcast actually made me laugh out loud. I actually think the new Thursday gang is much more cohesive and fun than the last gang that used to be on the show, although i do miss the debates about butter sandwiches. One time at a coffee cart in the city I heard a woman order a bacon and butter sandwich and a coffee with 12 sugars. But I digress. Alison, I am a therapist myself and just find that your Monday show interviews go to a level of vulnerability and depth based on your own ability to ask really good questions- your mind thinks in a very psychological way but you are able to convey this in a very human way which is why your interviews are always very deep and people open up to you so easily. The rest of the gang- Jeff Greg Daniel Allan and Jenna, I love you guys and the dynamics between you guys is the perfect match between getting along and but also being able to make fun of each other which is how friendships should be. I need to say one other thing- I have a huge crush on Greg heller. I think he has a depth to him that he doesn't show in an obvious way but when I heard him talk about his sisters wedding, or when I hear him talk about his values in life i seriously crush on him a little harder. Keep up the amazing work you guys. I tried keeping this review "succinct" but couldn't. Love you all!

Top of my podcast hierarchy   (5/5)

Love the conversational interview stylings of the Monday shows. Love the gang chatting it up on the Thursday shows. I'm a long time listener so this 5 star review is long overdue. Danial's intros are solid each week. My cat @Purrreston is pretty stoked that Wendy follows him on Twitter. When he got the notification, suddenly he had the meeoowwws like Jagger. High five Jeff, love our feline friends. Love the drops! Especially your intro ones. Drops of Greg always please me. I love how tickled Greg was with the biscuit drop because I lost my mind over it too. It'll never get old. Congratulations JKJ and #AL! Samantha really scored in the parent department. Alison is funny, smart, pretty, honest, open, engaging, curious, lovable, she just has a highly likable personality. I hope we get to see her do television. Until then I have my fingers crossed for a third episode each week. I love you guys, goodbye!

My Own Private Thursday Crew   (5/5)

Where did this all begin? I first learned of the dry wit and coy charms of Alison through her previous employer, and now, a few years later, I am aware of her egg cycles. How did this happen? However it happened, I'm glad it did. I am an artist living on the east coast and ARIYNBF is a great way to warm your parts on these long cold winter nights. Insightful interviews on Monday are wonderful, but for me, it's the Thursday Crew who really bring it home. The funny thing is, I have absolutely no idea what any of them look like, apart from Alison. As I got to know each one more, a visual appeared in my head to match the voice. Now, I puposefully avoid seeing pictures of any of them as not do confuse myself. As far as I'm concerned...Greg Heller is something of mashup between Greg Proops and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Daniel looks like Tom Cruise circa 'All The Right Moves', but with nerdy glasses. #Al wears sweater vests and has recently begun parting his hair to the side, and I must say, it looks good on him. Jenna Kim Jones is a spicy mix of Kristen Chenoweth and Bette Milder and wears a lot of low cut sweaters, which I must say looks very nice as well. As for Chef Jeff, he only appears as two eyes peering over a laptop, like Wilson from Home Improvement. Whatever they all look like, the group is a eclectic mix that work great together so grab 4 avacados and get on board already!

6 Degrees of Alison Rosen   (5/5)

A wise man once said, "look for happiness within yourself, for that is the way to true contentment.” The wise man’s older brother said, “What a load of poop, look for happiness in iTunes.” That happiness is exactly what I have discovered in the "Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend” podcast. If hopes and dreams exist, then these words are currently being read by a sen-sual Mormon whose sultry voice is only outdone by his knowledge of spreadsheets and beaver construction behavior. This Mormon is Allan Moss, one of a sextet known as the Thursday Gang. Joining him are; his wife Jenna, who has a penchant for sweets, funeral potatoes and freudian slips in the form of calling her husband by her ex-boyfiends' names (“Make it worse, Rob!”); Greg Heller, who I’m not yet convinced isn’t given a completed Mad Libs sheet to randomly read and interject at opportune intervals, along with his catch phrase, “any more JMOEs, Alison?”; Producer/Chef Jeff whose use of sound effects in any other setting would be deemed vulgar, distasteful, and obscene, but given this shows sensibilities, is simply expected [Fart Noise, Tee-Hee]; and Daniel, Alison’s long suffering husband, whose intros will never be to his wife’s satisfaction, and who is slowly slipping into madness, but hey, he married her so stop stop crying about it already. Then, there is the star of the show, Alison Rosen. The leader of the Thursday Gang, she is also an interviewer extraordinaire, who, on her Monday episodes, expertly draws out stories and insights from guests like Director James Gunn, Comedian Dana Gould, and YouTube star Shane Dawson. But, you may be asking yourself, how are all these fantastical people connected? Little do the listeners of ARIYNBF know, that they are all former actors, whose movies can be connected, Kevin Bacon style, thusly: Jenna Kim Jones was in “She’s Having a Baby…and Diet Coke Withdrawals” with Allan Moss, who was in “Magic Microsoft Excel” with Greg Heller, who was in “Look Who’s Talking…About Hass Avocados” with Chef Jeff, who was in “10 Things I hate about Daniel Quantz” with Daniel Quantz, who was in “He said, She Said, ‘Versed!’” with Alison Rosen. And now you know, the rest of the story...

Love my BF   (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast. The Monday show starts my week off right with her one on one interviews. Alison always makes her guests at ease which always makes for an amazing show. This brings me to the Thursday show with the gang. I would love to have every single one of them as part of my squad. They are all truly my BF's.

My new bestest friends!   (5/5)

Love this podcast, always looking forward to my Thursday gang! Daniel hasn't always been my favorite but he has definitely grown into his support role and has endeared me with is devotion to Alison. Love how Greg is amazed and intrigued by the pureness of the KimJones'. My favorite couple ever, Jenna and Al, love hearing about their growing family and relationship. Jeff has been great to listen to as well, he has a unique view of life that I enjoy. He seems like a manly man, listening to his junkyard story right now. And Alison the glue that holds the group together. Thank you all for giving me extra laughs on Thursday.

Love the show!   (5/5)

Great show as always Alison

Two Paws Up!   (5/5)

I stumbled across her podcast while on a road trip from Arizona to California. I have so many sayings and things I've picked up from the podcast which have even rubbed off on some of my friends and family. Monday shows are a great way to start the week. They are serious, in depth and most times funny. Thursdays are a great way to finish off your week. Lots of sillyness and funny times. Jeff is one of my favorites! His drops are hilarous and his vast knowledge of everything is amazing. Jenna's fruit song plays in my head all day on Thursdays. I can relate a lot to Al being in the IT world myself. Greg brings out my inner Californian and has me saying rad A LOT. Daniel's love for Wendy warms my heart. Now to Alison, I recount a lot of stories you tell on the podcast as if you were truly my best friend.. could it be that you are? I love you all and keep up the GOOD, HARD work! You are all the best!

A review of the Buck in the Fun Way   (5/5)

Before I get into a critical analysis of Ben’s reading of the iTunes Comment of the Week, I must first say that I have enjoyed his guest appearances on ARIYNBF and hope he will continue to return. Molly McAleer, I am officially not cool and had no idea who you were before Googling, but I am impressed with your resume and enjoyed your appearance as well. It is not possible, of course, to in any way fill the deep hole left by the absence of Greg, Jenna, and #Al. They are such an integral part of the Thursday Gang’s unique chemistry. Their shoes are impossible to fill. However, Alison does an admirable job of getting guests that are both witty and interesting to hold down the fort in their absence. And her Monday guests are always amazing and thought provoking. There are only two podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis: ARIYNBF and #SorryNotSorry. I dabble in others now and then depending on the guests, but they are the only ones that I find consistently funny and entertaining. With that out of the way, Ben, I think that your reading of the Tweet of the Week was very well done. You approached it with the preparation of a trained and seasoned professional, giving each line the appropriate consideration and drama that it deserved. #Al’s readings are more spontaneous, and although the phrase “dulcet tones” has already been used repeatedly to describe his voice, no other phrase will do. It is truly a different kind of magic, and comparing the two readings are impossible. I fear this review is too long to become an iTunes Comment of the Week itself. But Alison, I love the show, I love the Thursday Gang and your guests, and I’m happy to leave you (another) five star comment!

Langweilig   (1/5)


Songs and drops   (5/5)

I love listening and being filled in on everyone's lives. It always feels like I'm sitting around and laughing at my friend's stories. I especially love all the drops and songs / jingles! Thanks for the always entertaining podcast. Keep it up Alison and gang!

What a bore!   (1/5)

Do something original for a change.

Better than getting coffee with your girlfriends   (5/5)

I've been a fan of Alison's work since her days on the Carolla show and was sad when she left. I don't listen to the ACE networks anymore and focus my attention on Alison's great shows. I love her interviews and think the new "Thursday gang" is truly wonderful and provide so many laugh out loud moments. I didn't know what to think about Greg -- until he spoke about making little creatures and figures out of binder clips. Then I fell into a mad love. Then he mentioned masterbating with shampoo and I lost some of that love. Boys are gross. Keep up the great interviews and the hilarous Thursdays episodes (if you were to stretch your Thursday gang episodes into 2 hours, that would be the 2 best hours of my week).

Still on the fence....but subscribed anyway😊   (5/5)

Found your podcast through suggestions on Stitcher. Before I go any further, let me preface my comments by sharing that my hubby & I are "cat" people after rescuing a litter of 7 kitties born to a cat in our yard.... adopting Peanut & Squeaky (check out my Instagram @butrflz8 for their pix.... They are as cute as their names). So it may have been a mistake to kick off my AIYNBF podcast experience with episode "The Dustin Quiz plus Cat Chat". At first, I'm thinking love the banter.... the ease among the Thursday gang had me thinking me I could get used to this..... Adding you to my podcast rotation.... then the cat chat began.... I was right there with Greg.... feeling a bit ganged up on.... So I did what any self respecting person would do.... I hit pause.... & listened to Doug Loves Movies instead to calm myself down.... to reach my zen giggle place. But you need to know I'm not a quitter so I finished listening to the episode.... & have listened to a few more.... potty humor & sex in restaurant stories not withstanding... I subscribed. So if you want to settle the cat debate.... feel free to contact me.... & I'll share how my hubby and I still love dogs too! Thank you for the giggles! Donna

DK IN CA   (5/5)

I found Alison Rosen through her old boss. Now, I’ve ditched his show while remaining a loyal fan of her. Listen, I’m a 43 year old conservative guy. Conventional wisdom says I shouldn’t like this stuff, but it’s so entertaining and often laugh-out-loud funny that I can’t help but love it. Plus, conventional wisdom is wrong. How is it wrong? There’s why: The Thursday Gang shows are the best with this one unique aspect being especially fantastic — Alison, Daniel, Greg, Dustin and other guests tend to be more “LA-mainstream” with typical progressive outlooks and experiences. Their juxtaposition with Jenna and Al, lifelong practicing Mormons, is fascinating. In spite of such differing lifestyles, everyone treats each other with respect and they don’t judge each other for the decisions they’ve made or actions they undertake. That’s a rare thing nowadays and it should be celebrated. Thanks for many hours of great entertainment. Keep it up!

I didn’t forget to click 5 stars   (5/5)

Bear with me here, but I think a certain former employer was exactly right about one (and possibly only one thing) - Alison has thrived since fully leaving behind the shadows of being a sidekick. I’ve been a listener for a long time and something about ARIYNBF has absolutely changed this year. I liked the show before, but now I love it. Alison has become my favorite interviewer, coaxing personal and compelling conversation out of her guests without ever stepping on their toes or sounding pretentious. She seems so open and inviting to me, just a listener, that it’s no surprise her guests feel comfortable sharing their lives on her show. That’s not to say I don’t also love the Thursday gang, too. I’ll admit, that like some, I struggled through Greg’s introduction. But now that the whole crew has gelled into a team I can’t imagine the show without him, or anyone. It’s a perfect balance of personalities that along with Alison’s wonderful hosting make both episodes a must-listen every week. Please keep up the wonderful work.

The best podcast!   (5/5)

It’s taken me awhile to actually sit down and write this although I’ve been meaning to for awhile. I was once an avid listener of Alison’s former employer and found Alison made his show so much better. Maybe people began saying the same thing to him, and being too insecure he decided to let her go. I still listen to said former employer’s podcast, but not on a daily basis like I used to. I have lost some respect for the guy, and letting the best part of your show go tends to make the show not as good as it used to me. That said, I listen to every episode of ARIYNF. I wish that it were a daily podcast, but getting just two episodes a week does make it better once they arrive. Alison’s weekly interview is always interesting, even if it’s with a guest that I’ve never heard of. Alison finds ways to make uninteresting people seemingly interesting, and the Thursday show with the gang always makes me laugh. I’ve had co-workers ask what I’m listening to on several occasions when I laugh out loud for no apparent reason, and even turned a couple of co-workers on to the show. Initially, I was not all that impressed with the addition of Greg Heller to the Thursday show (this seems to be a somewhat common theme). However, getting to know him through listening to many shows, I now find him pretty hilarious. I was even happy that Alison basically guilted him into showing up for one taping of the show when he was busy with another project. Jenna Kim Jones and Allan Moss always add a fun dimension to the show. Their generally G-rated senses of humor add a nice dimension. Alison’s husband Daniel seems to have overcome his anxiousness of being on the air and seems comfortable - his recent story of accidentally getting high cracked me up! And Jeff Fox is always there, too :) Anyway, keep up the good work, Alison! While being let go by the former employer may have seemed devastating at the time, it has made you better and stronger!

The Pod Cast   (5/5)

I love both show but the Thursday gang cracks me up! We loved you on that other show which will not be named too! Plus we have been a fan of Jeff's since he was on Titus we miss you there but your replacement is getting better. We love that you have so many other podcaster on (ie) Proops! Plus the quizzes are great at getting to know you all.

So boring!   (1/5)

There's a reason Adam got rid of this narcissistic, terribly infunny girl. She never brought anything to the ACS and she brings nothing to this show. I'm honestly shocked that she somehow cracks the top 100 of the comedy section. If she didn't have the Adam Carolla show on her resume she would never get the quality guests that she somehow manages to show up. I listened to 5 episodes and each was more boring than the last.

Keep It Up   (5/5)

Love this show...doubt I'm the demo, but will continue to support your terrific show !!!!

Love it   (5/5)

Fun and easy to listen to!

I tried. Honestly, I tried.   (2/5)

I want to love the Thursday gang, because over at Carolla digital I really loved them. I have been listening all year to the "new" Thursday gang but I just can't like it. I was even selected for my "Itunes Comment of the Week" when I was a huge fan, but now I just can't get on the Love Bus. It's Greg. Everything is great, but not Greg. He has to go. I scan the episode descriptions now in hopes that he will not be on this week. I'm sorry, Alison. I'll miss you. Please let me know when Greg leaves and I will gladly be back on board.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for keeping me company!

No where near as good with out her "friends" from Carolla Digital   (1/5)

Apparently the cast at Carolla studios were the real stars. The new crew fall flat.

Christian, Mom of Three, BIG fan   (5/5)

As I sit in my dentist's waiting room waiting on my cleaning, I can hear 'The David Matthews Band' playing softly in the background. Seems like the best time to finally write my ARIYNBF five-star review. I started listening over a year ago, before some guy let go of one of the most entertaining and brightest talents, as far as I'm concerned. Alison, you have a way of being engaging without being overwhelming, witty without being condescending, and self-deprecating without the self-pity. And you do it in a way that also allows others around you to shine in their own unique ways. My heart goes out to you with the fertility situation since I myself went through five rounds several years ago. I have a set of (almost) three-year-old boy/girl twins to show for it. Hang in there...I know it's tough, but you are seriously so strong and have a great support in Daniel. Speaking of nice guys...Daniel wins me over more and more, if that's possible. I find myself listening and re-listening to his increasingly gusto-filled intros to catch every little joke. Since I relate quite a bit to Alison in several ways, I find that Daniel can sometimes remind me of my own husband. He makes me laugh and is the calm when I'm the storm (my husband, not Daniel). Alison, I am NOT saying you are a 'storm,' hopefully you take that in the best way! Daniel is your fellow bookend on the show...he is your lobster. Sorry Greg, hope that doesn't trigger a dream sequence. Jenna, Miss happy for you and #al having this baby, and as someone who struggled through the pain of infertility I want to give you a hug for how sensitive you were to Alison's feelings when you told her you were pregnant. That alone made me ❤️ you that much more. I love your sweetness, your sass and your class! And as far as being anxious about knowing what to do with a baby -- you're gonna be awesome because it will be your kid. It's scary, sure, but those instincts will kick in. For the most part. Might not hurt to read a book. Two A's, two L's and two S's -- that's right I'm talkin' about you, Hashtag Al! You are one of those people who is able to be confident but not cocky. Even the "Al Chat!" drop doesn't seem to inflate your ego, and you answer it with a "that's right" that endears you more. And I've started realizing that I laugh more when you do, maybe when Greg is making you laugh it is just that much funnier. Keep doing exactly what you're doing, which is being the best person ever whose name starts with a pound sign! (An aside to Jenna and Al: I also love your podcast, but still trying to catch up on episodes. The kid thing slows one down.) Greg...dear Greg. I won't lie to you, when you first came on the podcast I told myself, "don't worry, he's a guest, he won't be back every week." I was comfortable with the new Thursday gang and it felt like you threw a beer-soaked wrench into the works. BUT NO MORE. I, like many others, have come to delight in your weekly presence on the show. And if you can't make it, for crying out loud just tell Alison, none of this "uuuuuuuhhhh" crap...but know that you will be missed so much. You are so open with your life, thoughts and questions, and your delight in Jenna and Al is such sweetness. Or as you might say, "sickens." Hope I got that right, a surfer I am not. Laaaaates! Jeff, I sometimes try to imagine all that has to be running through your mind to decide which drop to use when, and I must say it is impressive. Your quick wit and perfectly timed interjections get funnier every week. However, I occasionally find that you remind me of the typical older brother who has been told to stop annoying his sister, and yet he can't help himself...I could barely make it through the chip-tasting when Alison had made sure everyone would be crunching off-mic, BUT YOU STILL PLAYED THE CRUNCHING DROPS. Other than that, man, rock on. Thank you, ARIYNBF, for providing not only much-needed laughter to this busy mom, but a chance at a virtual weekly get-together with people I would not mind hanging out with in real life at Dining Room Studios, or anywhere for that matter. Warmly, Regards, Yours and Thanks, Tracey

My favorite!   (5/5)

The thursday gang is the absolute best and I can't get enough. Alison is a great interviewer and I feel like her and Jenna are my long lost besties. Also, Greg should come around more often because the Thursday gang just isn't at it's full potential without his presence! Daniel and Al seem to be the some of the nicest husbands out there and I want my husband to listen to AIYNBF to gather tips :)

I Jumped Ship with Alison and The Water’s GreatA few weeks back, I was listening to a Thursday show   (5/5)

A few weeks back, I was listening to a Thursday show on my run, and Jeff played Touch the Tushy as a round. I had to stop running because I was laughing so hard, and I knew it was time to write you a review, Alison! (I feel like it's totally an ARIYNBF fan right of passage, much like knowing the acronym to the show without having to mouth the words.) So, a Pirate Ship upon which you were previously employed used to be my favorite podcast. Then you were very unceremoniously tossed overboard, and I tried listening to a few more episodes only to realize that the best part of the show was gone. I hunted down this show, and now I sorta wish you'd been fired sooner so I didn't waste my time with old one. (Just kidding. I really hope it wasn't too stressful!) Now I get un-diluted Alison on Mondays, and Mondays are even totally helping me work through my own parent issues (now that I'm in my 30s) since basically everybody has them and is comfortable enough to talk about them on your show. You really connect with people. I love it! Then there's Thursdays which are just plain magic. You've put together such a perfect group of people. (Hi guys!) My husband and I are getting ready to go back to school to finish our degrees (he's civil engineering and I'm architecture. BTW, I know how you feel about architects... I don't think I'm a jerk yet, but I'll get back to you in 3 years.) Anyway, we've relocated for school, so while we build a new circle of friends, Thursdays is my surrogate family of witty and intelligent fun with just the perfect mix of crassness. Y'all are amazing and I love every one of you. Wendy too!! One last thing. I don't have Twitter, so I'll put my JMOEs here. Become inexplicably filled with rage if my earbuds get caught on something and ripped out of my ears. #pseudotweet #justmeoreveryone Do a booby shake during the final drums of Alison's intro song. #justmeoreveryone #justme? #okjustme Alright I'll stop. Alison, I seriously look forward to every Monday and Thursday. I love your show! Thank you and keep up the amazing work!!!!! P.S. I've started watching Gilmore Girls just cause you and Jenna love it so much. Sorry Daniel... I'm on their side!

It's true! Alison does rule!   (5/5)

I have been listening to the podcast for a while and have enjoyed every epi. Alison is a great interviewer and the way she interacts with each guest is truly authentic. Loved the PFT episode!

Alison Rose is my niece...   (5/5)

And whenever I say her name, I can’t help but say it in the tune of your show. So, I was inspired to write while still listening to your Paul F Tompkins episode. He’s one of my favorite comedians, and adore hearing him improvize on Comedy Bang Bang, so it was interesting to hear him speak so frankly about anxiety and depression. The way he described the deep pressure sitting on his chest while he went though a period of depression, and I couldn’t believe how accurately described how I had been feeling for the past few months. I don’t know if I’ll end up seeing therapy, hearing his advice on the topic really made me want to explore it further. Thank you so much, and I’m super excited for what’s to come for you, Alison, both in your professional and personal life. I want thank you and the phenomenal Thursday crew for all the enjoyment you have brought me these past few years!

Dreary   (1/5)

A haven for cat ladies and non-participants

THIS IS IT!!   (1/5)

i've tried very hard to listen to this podcast. It's generally horrible to listen to. I liked Alison on the Corolla show. I can't continue listening to it.

Alison Rosen rules   (5/5)

I've been listening to the show from the beginning. I really enjoy listening to her interviews.I probably would never have listen to the guest on another podcast. The Thursday gang is great.. I recently had oral surgery and thought I would be able to just sit in bed and listen to podcasts. I couldn't listen to your showsthey were just too funny. I was really bummed because I really needed to pick me up.PS a butter sandwich is a sandwich but it's stupid. Jenna don't worry about taking care of the baby. I was the least maternal person on the planet and I figured it out

I clicked 5 stars and all I got was this lousy iTunes Comment of the Week   (5/5)

Like many listeners, I first heard Alison during her time as the news gal working with He Who Shall Not Be Named. Now that she’s been liberated, ARIYNBF is as good as ever! While many of us faithful listeners love and miss the old Thursday Gang, the refurbished model is just as great. The banter, relationships, and segments are a ton of fun. They always make me laugh and help me through the work week. Likewise, the Monday show interviews feature cool and interesting guests, where Alison’s intelligence, humor, and empathy really shine through. If you want to make a New Best Friend (and maybe a few others), give ARIYNBF a try!

Please DONT use this as iTunes comment of the week!   (5/5)

SYKE. I would absolutely love to hear my comment being read by the dulcet tones of #AL. Ever since Alison started the ARIYNBF Thursday show, it has become my absolute favorite day of the week. I started following Alison’s work after she joined He who shall not be named’s show. She was definitely my favorite of the people who auditioned. I constantly enjoyed her underrated and under appreciated tags and zingers and, also her more personal insights, whenever she was given the chance to share them. Although I was a huge fan of the departed Thursday gang, I must say that I firmly believe that the current lineup is the BEST. Everyone’s personalities truly complement each other. JKJ and #AL are awesome, and I’ve since become a fan of their podcast, which I listen to every week (and try to catch up on the back episodes as much as I can). Greg is f-king hilarious and his interest and, dare I say, affection for the “Kim-Joneses” is both amusing and heartwarming. Jeff is definitely an interesting dude and his drop abilities are quickly becoming BB-esque. Now, about Daniel: I recently re-listened to the shows you did before your wedding and It definitely has been very fun hearing how far Daniel has come in such a short time in terms of being comfortable “on air”. He is killing those show intros. My hope and dream (SNS with JKS inside joke) is to someday be able to see you guys do a live show. Bumbershoot would’ve been great, but I live so so far away its not even practical. Thank you for providing me with hours of entertainment each week and for letting us, as an audience, into your minds and hearts, since your conversations are also very personal and intimate. This “realness” really creates a bond between you guys and your audience and, at least as far as Im concerned, makes us really root for you guys on everything you try to do, professionally and in your personal lives. Thank you again. I love you all!

Awesome Podcast!!!!!   (5/5)

This podcast is my favorite new pleasure. My wife and I love the thursday gang as well as the interviews. Finding this show is like finding an oasis in the desert. Thank you all so much for putting this together!!! SNACK CHAT!!

It's been a journey   (5/5)

Liked Alison on the Adam C podcast. Love her on her own podcast! Guests are 95% great - the other 5% are guests people other than me love and that's great! The new Thursday gang is phenomenal. The balance of 'say anything' (Greg) vs 'please don't' (Kim/Moss) is cringe worthy. The voice of reason (Jeff) is a great addition. Daniel's intros are spot on. I do miss Jordan. Keep it up Alison.

Awesome   (5/5)

Really good show. I laughed out loud.

My bestest friend   (5/5)

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend is the greatest podcast ever! I'm lazy so I'm not gonna express everything I feel but THOSE FEELINGS ARE THERE. I love this podcast. The Thursday gang is my favorite and I'm always in stitches with everyone. Okay bye

I love Alison even if she can't pronounce my name correctly   (5/5)

I'm a long time listener of Alison Rosen is your new best friend. It's my favorite podcast. Alison has 2 different versions of her podcast. Monday episodes feature celebrity guests. They are wide ranging, from comdeians, authors, tv and film actors, or directors. These are one on one interviews, and I love them. Alison is a tremendous interviewer. She really gets her guests to open up. Here are the types of things they often say "I don't often talk about this..." "I've never said this in an interview before" "You get me ask me things nobody else does" As much as I love Alison's one on one interviews, I enjoy her Thursday shows even more. On Thursday she get a group of guests/friends and they discuss anything and everything. And it's funny and enjoyable. It's just like a group of friends getting together and having a good time. As a listener, I feel like I'm there with them enjoying myself too. Many times these conversations have me laughing out loud. The best part about Monday or Thursday shows is Alison herself. She's either a very warm, sincere person or a terrific actress. (or both?) I just love her show, and she's the only thing that can keep me from listening to sports talk when my teams are doing well. One last thing Alison does that I love is let her listeners particpate with comments and questions sent in via twitter and email. I've been lucky enough to have a few of mine read on the show! It's really fun to be a part of the show. I don't even get upset when Alison can't get my name right. It is a bit unusual. Most people don't often get it right with some coaching from me. However JKJ and #Al did on their show. (They are part of Alison's Thursday crew) One final thought. I'd live to give a shout out to Colonel Jeff, Alison's producer and Thursday gang member. He's been with he since Jan. He does a great job with the technical aspects of the show. He's funny, does great drops and I'm so glad he picked up that discared bike helmet that saved his life. Keep up the good work Alison. Demian gotta really pronouce the E at the beginnig of my name. ia also kina make an e sound too

Believe the Hype!   (5/5)

This show is really fun. It’s impossible to be/stay in a bad mood while listening to this show, especially the Thursday Gang episodes. Many have tossed around the sentiment that when Alison was bafflingly ejected from ACS, a huge mistake in this universe was made, and ACS became a kind of hollow space in the soundscape. It’s all true! Fortunately for us, the public at large, ARiYNBF not only survived, but immediately flourished into one of the best audio shows I’ve ever heard. Hyperbole aside, this is a really great show, and should it ever stop the streets will rightfully run wet with tears. Subscribe, enjoy, and put a tiny piece of masking tape on your screen over the Unsubscribe button. You’ll not need it again.

Even tho I didn't like Jenna at first...   (5/5)

I have been listening to ARIYNBF for a long time, and it seems this new Thursday gang has really started to develop a chemistry that hooks me in every episode. Unlike everyone else, I loved Greg Heller from the start, he didn't have to grow on me, I love his blunt, surfer, bad boy personality. However, probably unlike everyone else, I hated Jenna at first. She seemed like a goody two shoes and boring. But the more I listened, the more I started to see how funny and cute she really is. The things I used to hate, are now the things find so charming. But what really sealed the deal was, "The Jenna Quiz" THAT was the Best. Episode. Ever. She is my new fav. That is, with the exception of Daniel who is the obvious breakout podcast star this year. Love the new Thursday gang, please keep them coming.

Thank you ARIYNBF   (5/5)

My dog had to be put down almost 2 weeks ago. The night it happened I could not sleep. All I could do was lay in bed and keep replaying how awful the day had been and could not make my mind stop. This happened on a Wednesday night and my one piece of luck for the day was the Thursday episode was posted early. I listened to the gang and I felt so much better and even laughed. And after listening I was finally able to sleep. I even asked Alison for advice on how to cope with my loss and she reached out so fast and was so kind to me. Thank you ARIYNBF for being the light in my dark days and thank you Alison for being kind enough to respond to my request. Love you all. Nicole

Smart, fun and funny!   (5/5)

ARIYNBF is everything I love about comedy podcasters! Alison is smart, fun and funny! She is an incredible interviewer. She gently guides her guests toward the topics want to hear them talk about. She's been doing it for years and her experience shows! Having said that, she is also hilarious! I loved her on ACS. I never knew it, but she was the soul of that show. And when she left there wasn't much more to listen to. The Thursday Gang is so fun! It's like meeting your most hilarious friends for coffee and laughing so hard, you get kicked out! I have quickly become fans of all of them. This is what happens when "smart, funny funs" get to work together. And we, the listeners, get the reward. Listen and you'll agree!

Alison and the gang bring the fun to inane banter.   (4/5)

I have been listening to Alison Rosen it seems for at least 4 years. After being fired from Adam Carolla, the strenght of this twice weekly podcast is the Thursday show. Being freed of the gravity of Adam Carolla's talking points lectures and radio show format has benefitted the show. She has fostered a high energy discussion about the most inane things. It is done with enthusiam and lots of laughs.

Trying not to laugh out loud while listening in public!   (5/5)

As someone with anxiety and a constantly racing mind, this podcast is the perfect distraction. It is just like having a small group of friends riding along in my head. The Thursday gang banter is just amazing! I love the dynamic between Greg and the "Kim-Joneses". A true testament to Alison that she has assembled such a fun group.

Oh, the places you'll go!   (5/5)

I've been a big fan of this show since I first encountered Alison on the Adam Carolla Show. Despite the controversy surrounding her departure, this show has really hit it's stride. Being in her own space makes the show seem that much more personal. Sometimes it feels like you are just listening in on someone else's conversation. The ability to talk to people about anything at all is sort of rare, but she has that in spades. While driving my little brothers home from vacation my 12 year old brother heard me listening to this show. I filled with pride when he commented about how a show could go from talking about show business to toilets backing up and food someone prefers (the Alison Haislip episode). I smiled and told him that is why I enjoy the show so much. Thanks for making the show.

LUV this show!!!   (5/5)

Luv this show! I only wish it was on more than twice a week 😕

love love love love this podcast   (5/5)

ARIYNBF is by far my favorite podcast. You cant go wrong with an interview at the beginning of the week and a big conversation at the end of the week. I love the Thursday Gang and especially love Greg Heller he makes me laugh every week so mu ch so Thursday is now my favorite day. So in conclusion if you're looking a good podcast and are on the fence about this one GET OFF and GET ON the Love Bus and say hello to your new best friend Alison Rosen!!! love, campbell grady P.S. Sorry Daniel for stealing part of the intro P.P.S. I think I am probably your youngest listener ,14

Alison's Turtle   (5/5)

Been listening to the Thursday Gang since its inception and was very disappointed when the old gang departed. But the new Thursday Gang is even better! Greg is hands down my favorite of the group! I often listen to the podcast on my evening walk and while listening to the "The Alison Quiz" episode, I just about stopped in my tracks when I heard your question about your turtle's name. "Not Liesl, not Liesl, don't say Liesl," I thought as I waited for the answer. You see, my little blond-haired, blue-eyed daughter is named Liesl. I was a bit sad that a name I find so beautiful and meaningful was also bestowed on a turtle! Don't worry, I got over it very quickly and was soon laughing again. Keep up the good work, Thursday Gang!

Laugh out loud funny!   (5/5)

Alison Rosen is delightfully entertaining. Smart, clever and totally cool. Look forward to every Thursday episode.

My Parents Think I'm Crazy   (5/5)

Picture this - a 16 year old black boy from Delaware laughing hysterically while washing dishes. This is the case with me every Thursday night, when I tune into The Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend Show. Up until recently, my parents had no clue as to what had me laughing so hard. I finally decided to tell my mom, "Hey there's this really funny woman that I listen to named Alison." I explained to her what a podcast was and told her about your Thursday Crew banter. Suffice to say, she's grown accustomed to my random burst of laughter. Later on I explained to her about Alison and Daniel's IVF situation. So now mom's also gotten used to me asking random questions like, "Mom, what's a cervix?" It's been a weird and awkward roller coaster of me explaining who you guys are and why I find you so entertaining. But, I think my parents are finally getting used to the thought of their son listening to adults all the way across the country discussing their personal lives. I love you guys and look forward to Thursday's every week. - Your awkward friend, Dominic. PS - Greg is my spirit animal ❤️

Endless sound effects and theme songs   (1/5)

I really wanted to see Alison do well on her own. The podcast use to be light hearted and naturally funny. The show is now just a Alison uncomfortable in her own skin attempting to force this thing to work. I stop listening all together just not listenable any more.

Definitely skews to age 35 and YOUNGER crowd.   (3/5)

I used to subscribe to Alison’s podcast a few years ago (2012/2013) as I’d come to really enjoy her segments on the Adam Corolla show, but somewhere along the way, I lost interest and let it go. Recently picked it back up again, and pretty quickly realized WHY I’d let it go. I’m 48, and these “kids” are regularly griping about “old people”. Which is ironic given that Alison is 40 now. But when they’re yapping about how lame “old people” are, they actually mean people MY age! What the what? Can’t wait till Alison and her buddies are well into their 40’s too… then maybe they’ll understand just how stupid they sound. Anyway, as talented and oftentimes funny as Alison can be (and she is!), I just don’t feel connected at all anymore to 99% of the content. Letting it go again, for the last time.

Binger   (5/5)

Long time listener never reviewed. Heard Alison first on the former employers show and then hooked into her own personal show. I listen to podcasts all day to get me thru while I work in a depressing little corp cube. Recently (March) I had a baby and lost touch with what day it was...let alone my pod friends. Once I returned to work in June I had to figure out who I wanted to back track and listen to missed episodes and who I was just going to call the missed episodes a loss and move forward. Your show was definitely one I wanted to go back and listen to every episode. I binged all the episodes I missed (12 weeks worth) in 2 weeks. And now I'm mad I can't listen to your shows all day every day. Sigh. love all the Thursday show peeps. Al's my favorite cause I can relate to his love for budgeting since I'm an accountant. Ps I think it's fine and cute to end segments with okay. And I get mad at ppl that write you and nitpick your show. It's perfectly imperfect.

Worth the price I guess...   (2/5)

I can't tell if this show needs more of something or less of someone. Don't get me wrong, I think Alison has a great sense of humor, but she isn't really funny. A few guests have made for enjoyable moments, but overall this podcast feels less like entertainment and more like listening to the obnoxiously loud table next to you at the Applebee's.

Love my new BF!   (5/5)

Alison is an excellent interviewer. I love her one on ones with guests! Her podcasts with her gang are entertaining as well, but make sure you listen to her celebrity interviews. You won't be disappointed!