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57: State of the Nation
This week it’s another solo episode, recorded in the dimly lit library of my den while smoking a cigar over a chalice of the scotch that killed Hemmingway. Instead of booking a guest, I decided to just babble into a microphone about what’s going on in my life lately. Take it or leave it.   … Continue reading "57: State of the Nation"...

56: U…S…A? (Sonja Pikart)
If you enjoyed Sonja’s last episode but felt like I let her talk too much, then boy do we have an episode for you. If you’ve ever wanted to hear me use Sonja as a sounding board while I complain about easily avoidable problems: today’s your lucky day. YouTube:   … Continue reading "56: U…S…A? (Sonja Pikart)"...

55: Banana Pineapple (Sonja Pikart)
After a long absence, comedian Sonja Pikart is back on the show! I stopped by her place and we had a really fun conversation about muppets, banjos, and pirates. And we find out once and for all if blacks are the Jews of Austria. YouTube:

54: If I Ruled the World… (Jack Holmes)
Jack Holmes is back in the building one month after our last episode together. Flash forward to hear two ungrateful assholes bitterly talk about getting drugged while on stage, why rape isn’t funny, and the toils of the 9 to 3 grind. YouTube:

53: The Budapest Bombing (Crowd Work)
At the end of a disastrous night in Budapest, I had to take to the stage in front of a nearly empty room that was not impressed by jokes. So I ended up having to do about 40 minutes of crowd work to pull the show out of its nose dive, but everything still went … Continue reading "53: The Budapest Bombing (Crowd Work)"...

52: Poverty Party (Jack Holmes)
Now we’re back on track until my site gets hacked again. Here’s an episode with Jack that I forgot I had recorded of us chatting halfway through our respective European tours. So proud of ourselves for making a little bit of money…we’re dumb. www.facebook.con/ViennaChuckles YouTube:

51: Roast Battle (Tamas Vamos + David Stockenreitner)
Sorry for the lateness, but this wasn’t my fault this time. Apparently my site got hacked and I couldn’t get to the admin page for the past few weeks. So here’s last week’s episode that was up on the Spreaker account:   This week’s episode is a throwback to January’s “Comedic Combat” roast battle between … Continue reading "51: Roast Battle (Tamas Vamos + David Stockenreitner)"...

50: Riff City (Paul Jacobs)
Paul Jacobs and I go on tour in Switzerland, but somewhere along the way we take a wrong turn and end up right smack dab in the middle of Riff City.   YouTube:

49: Nazi Gold (Ahmet Bilge + Paul Jacobs)
First ever podcast in a car. Paul Jacobs and I are zig-zagging our way across Switzerland for the 5 city Swizz leg of my Laughing Gas tour. Running short on time, we recorded a podcast in the car as we drove from Winterthur to Zurich. We we joined by fellow comedian and emcee Ahmet Bilge. … Continue reading "49: Nazi Gold (Ahmet Bilge + Paul Jacobs)"...

48: Power Phrasing (Monika Ben)
This week’s episode is a heavily edited version of the first half of Monika’s and my conversation in Brno. The talk mostly revolved around Jack’s English, whether or not I’m a “fuckboy,” and my general aversion to happiness. There’s some background noise because we were at the venue where the comedy show had been that … Continue reading "48: Power Phrasing (Monika Ben)"...