Aggregated reviews for All Songs Considered

Hosts/nerds Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are your friendly music buddies with the week's best new music discoveries, including conversations with emerging artists, icons and more. Hear songs that can completely change your day, with humor, heart and (sometimes) a whole lot of noise. Directions for use: Morning commute, the gym, or alone time. (If rash persists, discontinue use.)

Not bad   (3/5)

You get the typical npr quality I also like that they play most of the songs they talk about. Just wish they’d do a little more regular music and not quite so much indie-rock. While I’m adjusting sliders: Ann Powers, down. Daoud Tyler Amin, up. Beyonce, down to zero.

“All” songs considered?   (1/5)

Zero variety. I had hoped to discover new artists. Almost everything sounds the same. Music Snobs scoffing at anything mainstream. Also not credible since every contributor “loves” the artist they played.

Re: music snobs review   (5/5)

Don’t listen to one episode and write off a whole podcast! The rosewave one had guest contributors (I think) and not the original hosts. Listen to the SXSW lead up or recap episodes, the year end episodes, and the mid year episodes. Hose are my favorites but I’m not a fan of new music Friday’s, guest DJs, or the super short episodes. Listening to the Rosewave episode and hating the whole podcast is like hating the entire HBO channel because they had an Amy Schumer stand up special - you might be right but you’re also missing out on so much great content!

Music snobs   (1/5)

These people put themselves on a pedestal and think they are the authority of good music. Listened to the rosé wave episode and was not amused. Love NPR but this is exactly what you’d expect a bunch of dry journalist to put together in a music podcast. Someone fun/musically cultured should take the concept of this podcast, replicate it, and actually make it good.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy the music almost every episode I find something I didn’t expect to like .

Great Way to Experience New Music   (4/5)

This show is one of my favorite sources for new musicians/bands to listen to. I can generally count on loving at least one of the songs that they introduce. The hosts share good context while usually not overstaying their welcome. The only drawback is that they could share a wider variety of music—they obviously have their favorite genres and performers that consistently recur.

Suggestion   (5/5)

Royal Rico - Taste of Gold (Album)

Suggestion   (5/5)

Could you put the name of the songs you mention in the description? I keep forgetting which songs you mention after I'm done listening

Great Music Podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast to hear both the latest music released each week as well as hidden gems - a number of them recommended by the musicians interviewed on the podcast itself. This is a great podcast to broaden your music collection and exposure.

Weird Dynamic   (3/5)

Why do the hosts low key despise each other? They definitely don’t listen to their own show based on how often Bob roasts Robin while he’s out! Whacky.

Learn a lot   (3/5)

I appreciate the introductions to music I wouldn’t always hear. I find the hosts a little too self congratulatory when they offer up obscure (and frankly sometimes unlistenable) music while they skewer main stream music, unless the artist has had a fall from grace. Give all music more of a fair shake, less snobbery about established artists.

New music Friday   (5/5)

Great addition to ASC.

Never stops staying relevant   (5/5)

Bob may be getting older, but the show never stops staying relevant. I have been listening for years, and been introduced to so much good music that I can’t count any longer.

You’ll listen to your next favorite artist here   (5/5)

I can’t say how many bands I listened first on “All Songs Considered” for the first time, and then they became my favorites. Love the show for years. Always sharp. Always funny.

Awesome   (5/5)

Never would have known about this if the guy from Pop Culture Happy Hour hadn’t mentioned it! Happy 10th anniversary from a new listener! Can’t wait to binge all the old episodes.

Musically stimulating!   (5/5)

Have made many amazing music discoveries thanks to this podcast.

1 good in 5   (3/5)

I’ve been listening for about 6 months and about 1 episode in 5, I’ll near a song that I like. Given that music is so subjective, it’s not unusual for that type of hit rate. The problem is, it’s only when they have something completely different than what they usually play, that something will strike me. The music that is consistently played is a) what I would call whisper singing, b) singers that sing out of their range, c) lots of processing and d) lots of echo, lots of echo. No R&B, no country, no jazz. They act like their musical taste is wide ranging, but it’s really not. I’ll keep listening, but I skip through most episodes.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I always a good listen

Bob and Robin - dynamic duo   (5/5)

Ok, I rarely am over the moon with Bob's music selections. But he knows so much and has such a deep history with the last 50 years of music that I always look forward to hearing what has attracted his ear. I'm more similar to Robin musically. But what I most like about the show? That they like each other. I like their kindness and camaraderie. It's so refreshing to hear two friends discuss something they're both excited about. Plus they expose me to music I would never hear otherwise.

Hosts   (3/5)

Bob is the best. Robin is cloying and kinda ruins the show. I get the sense they are preparing for an eventual transition to Robin as host. I can only hope not.

Great show   (5/5)

Great show for all music

An extra set of ears   (4/5)

Never fails to introduce me to new music. Provides plenty of context for the synthesis of a band or song.

Must-have   (5/5)

This podcast is an easy favorite: some great music introduced by thoughtful hosts.

Look forward to it every week   (5/5)

The best

Thank you Bob   (5/5)

My favorite podcast and a must listen for anyone that enjoys music.

I love this.   (5/5)

This and tiny desks are the two best podcasts around.

Love this show.   (5/5)

Best way to find new music!

More music, less talking   (3/5)

I want to hear more songs, and less commentary. Also, more diversity of music. I like the episodes best when they are organized around a theme.

New Music   (5/5)

What a great way to hear and learn about new music.

The Best!   (5/5)

This podcast is charming and I'm able to discover new songs and artists through Bob and Robin. Just the best!

Robin, please stop talking about yourself so much   (4/5)

Great music and great podcast, but --maybe it's just me -- but I feel like I always get distracted by Robin Hiltons constant references to himself, his experience, his insights. Just stick to the music man!! If you play the RH drinking game (sip every self reference) you will end up pretty buzzed

Great way to find new music   (5/5)

Love the personal stories from shows the hosts see in DC.

A good podcast for discovering new music   (3/5)

A good podcast for discovering new music, though the hosts' affectations are tiresome & are not above brown-nosing nearly any celebrity or musician.

Instant Music Discovery: apply directly to ears   (5/5)

Listening to All Songs Considered reminds me that there is a lot of music out there that might not be heard otherwise if not for shows like this. Not every song will fit all tastes, but no matter your tastes you'll likely come across something you end up enjoying.

Good sampler of indie artists   (3/5)

The podcast has decent coverage of indie artists. But the drone of voices, artist and host, can get irritating.

Knob and the Nadir   (2/5)

Bob is nothing but an overly earnest, self-serving, knob. This isn't name calling, it's fact. He is an expert at stating the obvious, his questions are often puerile, and he laughs at his own awful jokes. It's also great to hear him go on about his trips in and out of the country on the tax payer's dime, oh, and those who donate to NPR. And I have to say, a whole podcast, partially paid for by tax dollars, devoted to hawking his book, is truly pathetic. Robin rubs salt in the wounds of the working class by repeatedly mentioning his paid time off for his baby. Why don't you throw on that Kenny Loggin's track again Robin? You know, the one you secretly admire and wish you wrote. The only reason I don't hate this podcast is because for one, hate is a very strong word, and two, every once in awhile, they offer up a good track/intersting band. It's usually Robin who puts it out there, and, Bob, awkward because he is out of touch and doesn't know the song, much less the band, starts interuppting Robin with bad jokes. I understand that goofiness is rooted in insecurity, but come on Bob, get over yourself. Suffice it to say, this is one of many reasons why I do not donate to NPR.

I love this but it's got one flaw:   (3/5)

Truly a great podcast. The music is always fantastic. But I really wish they would just put whom they have on the show, in the description. Sometimes they've got foreign music that's really fantastic, but the spelling is always questionable and to rerun over the 10 seconds to write it out, is tedious. I'd love to be able to go back through and then find the songs so I can purchase those people music. Thanks!

Hippy-hop   (3/5)

I am not a fan of the hosts voice. Also, the host fails to give background on the song's they play, aside from his personal opinion. The host knew nothing about Leonard Cohens new song You Want It Darker. The song features a cantor singing excerpts from High Holiday Prayers. Coinciding with the high holidays strting next week.

podcasts are for talking, not eating   (2/5)

Overall I like this podcast, however the last couple episodes have the hosts eating, and I did not subscribe to "Mouth Sounds Considered". I've gotten over some of the negatives of this show, but if y'all drop another episode with Bob and Robin eating I'm going to loose the last thread of my sanity.

Fun way to check out new artists.   (4/5)

I don't listen to the radio much these days, so All Songs Considered is a great way for me to check out new artists. I don't always love the artists they showcase, but that's what the fast forward feature is for, right? I appreciate Bob Boilen's dedication & judgment - the man goes to soooo many concerts! I've discovered a few fave artists (the Worriers, Courtney Barnett to name a few) by listening. I like that they cover a variety of music. Especially liking that they are providing a track listening in the episode description lately.

Tim   (2/5)

I love the idea of this podcast, but they play the absolute worst bands/music. I tried, I really tried. But after ten podcasts there was not a single band I wanted to listen to. Please create a podcast for music with some energy.

Kick out the jams.   (5/5)

It's a great place to hear new music

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I'm shocked to see this isn't ranked higher. There are so many discoveries each week and I love the relationship between the hosts. Such hungry curiosity without pomposity.

Will try again in a few months   (1/5)

Panel discussions can get pretty mean spirited. Giggling castmates trying to one-up each other's disappointment got old quick.

How I catch up on new music   (5/5)

I don't live in an area with good radio reception, but I definitely consider All Songs to be a good replacement. Bob's voice is a little hard to pay attention to at times, but that doesn't take away from the musical choices. Not every song is my favorite, but I have had to purchase many iTunes cards to fund the new discoveries.

fandango13   (1/5)

aaaaaahhhhhhhj it's killin' me please tell voice actor who reads Lagunitas ad it is "Lag-uh-nee-tus" please send this along

Jammin   (5/5)

Love the show, all of it!!

they don’t know me but they are my friends   (5/5)

This is the first and only podcast that I ever listened to for years and years. They began at a time when podcasts barely existed and they invented this podcast and themselves. It's evolved over time (15+ years!) as the hosts themselves also have evolved. Bob Boilen started as the person who chose the music that played between the stories for All Things Considered, the NPR show. He is kind, introspective, fair and certainly knows an awful lot about music. He, Robin Hilton, Stephen Thompson and all the others are like old friends to me now and I imagine that many people feel this way. (Carrie Brownstein joined them for a while as did several other music notables.) What I appreciate is their different tastes and different takes on different genres of music. I love the variety! I do not like to listen to all one thing. They comb through vast universes of music basically because they love it, understand it and have made it their job! Because of this, I don’t have to! Sometimes I don’t relate to their choices or may even despise them, but I have also heard music by people / groups who have become my very favorites... whom I otherwise would not have found. If I hate something, I know it will end in a minute or two; I may even learn to respect it, even if I won’t want to hear it again. I do skip an episode or 2 each year, if they are covering a genre that I can't stand, but not usually more than that. I recommend that you start farther back in their catalog (year 2005 or 6 or 7 or 8 or start from the very beginning) to see how their relationship to music and each other unfolds. They listen to a lot of music and they are armed with tons of knowledge. I have learned a lot. I love them all and hope they never stop doing this! Give this podcast a try… but give it a good long try. It is worth it.

Your radio voice nauseates me...   (1/5)

The SX coverage is the height of privileged, hipster wet dreams.

Artist Suggestion :)   (5/5)

I am a new listener so it's very possible that you have covered them but... Bombadil? ☺️❤️

Good for a nice long walk   (5/5)

I enjoy listening to this while exercising. The hosts are entertaining and as someone who knows very little about music, I enjoy the exposure.

Some Songs Considered   (2/5)

but mostly coffee shop rock that appeals the older whiter NPR listener

A must for music fans   (5/5)

This podcast is my favorite way to find new music. Love it.

Good music, great hosts.   (5/5)

The All Songs crew is highly entertaining. I've listened to 4 years worth of this podcast in the last year. Not one to miss.

A true classic I can not live without   (5/5)

Bob and Robyn you have the best jobs in the world and we all benefit. They go to thousands of shows and listen to all the records picking the best stuff so you don’t have to. Because you are old and how could you. I think Bob must take some alien growth hormone too keep up this pace. I love ya for it Bob.

The best music podcast for discovering new music   (5/5)

There are a few other worthy music podcasts, but this one by far has led me to several new bands and songs, in addition to keeping me up-to-date on older artists still putting out good music. My desert island podcast if I lived on an island that only allowed me to download one podcast a week.

👍   (5/5)

Great source for new music!

I love this   (5/5)

I love this podcast, I've been an avid listener for the past 1.5 years and have been turned on to so many artists I'd never heard about or that I probably wouldn't have listened to otherwise, and have really fallen in love with a lot of this music! Such a refreshing change of pace from being inundated by top 40 everywhere else. Bob Boilen's got great taste.

Best music podcast for discovery   (5/5)

Just enough music, just enough breakdown.

New music!   (4/5)

Never know who you might hear. Would like a playlist for each podcast.

Talk, talk, talk! Too much talking!   (1/5)

30-50% talk. NPR (i.e. politically correct) music lovers (primarily middle-aged white guys) talk talk talk about music they love and yak yak yak about why they love it. They blah blah blah about who’s in the band, their producer, what the artists were thinking and feeling, what the lyrics are and what they mean. They always find plenty of time for inside jokes and to impress us with how cool they are because they get paid to go to lots of live shows and artists will come perform in their office in order to get some positive publicity. Now they’ve added ‘+1’ podcast which is usually ALL talk and they’ve started letting NPR newsreaders be guest DJ, as if we care. Sometimes they even get the intern in there so he can contribute his thoughts and share the music he loves because even the NPR music intern can tell you something you don’t know about the music he loves and why he loves it. I’m done with it.

My number one way to find music   (5/5)

This is one of my go-to favorite podcasts. Best way to find new music on a weekly basis.

Good podcast for scrubbing   (3/5)

I’m not a music fanatic, but I do like finding new music now and then. These guys wade through all the new crap that is out there and narrow it down to a more digestible amount to listen through. I say it’s a good podcast to scrub through because they spend a lot of time fawning over various artist and you can scrub over the chit chat if you are not a music fanatic. They come up with a small selection of new stuff for you to explore. Personally I find about 80% of the music doesn’t do anything for me, but they do come up with some new gems to give me something new to listen to.

My Favorite Music Podcast   (5/5)

My favorite way to find new music.... i mainstain in my podcast app.

Solid podcast   (4/5)

Great podcast but please list the songs and artists in the description. It's a nightmare trying to go back and recall songs. Makes it more difficult to keep up with the bands you play.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Each week gives me intelligent music discovery, with humor. I can't live without it.

Amazing diversity of music   (5/5)

All the hosts have their favorite styles and artists, but they make sure to expand their horizons (and ours!) often!

Constantly having download problems with NPR podcasts   (1/5)

For some reason, a lot of the NPR podcasts have not downloaded properly over the last few weeks. I note that no one had rated this episode when I posted this review, so I’m guessing I’m not the only one having these issues. NPR needs to get their act together and fix their d/l issues.

good   (3/5)

It's ok

Oddly enough doesn't cover all songs   (2/5)

After listening to this podcast for a year I am now no longer going to listen to it. While this podcast is good for discovering new music, it does a horrible job of covering established musicians. Any musician that gets major mainstream radio airtime is not covered in this podcast or is made fun of. Also the variety of music is lacking. Most musical groups the hosts like start to sound the same after awhile and only a few hip hop or rap groups are ever even mentioned (I am not a huge hip hop or rap fan but hip hop and rap are major force in music and should get more coverage in a podcast called "all songs considered"). The hosts also spend most of the show giggling and sounding like teenagers who dismiss anyone who likes music that they don't personally like. Once one of the hosts claimed to have been following and listening to a band "forever" but in the next sentence he said he first heard of the band 2 months previously. If you only listen to new cutting edge music then this is the podcast for you. If you also listen to more established musicians who even had minor success then you may want to find a different podcast.

the best for new music   (5/5)

I listen to a ton of new music. often on all songs they play music that I would skip if I heard on a music blog. in the podcast format you can’t really skip stuff easily - and this really works to their advantage. i’ve found so many things i would have disregarded otherwise. i have to really credit them for expanding my horizons. also if you want to be informed about new music and don’t have a lot of time, just pop this on for an hour in the car or whatever and you’ll be conversant. all songs has become one of my faves.

I always find a song to add to my list   (5/5)

Bob and Robin are hilarious, and even I only find one or two things on the show that I would want to buy, I still love listening through the show. Lots of backstories and tidbits from the music world.

For those greedy for music   (4/5)

I love the feeling of discovery... finding something you've never heard before, but strikes a chord (so to speak) with you. I'm always curious to hear what these guys pick up, and even when I'm not rushing out to buy the album, I'm almost always glad that I heard the song.

Love/hate   (1/5)

I've listened to this podcast for a while and I never end an episode feeling content with the music. I just listened to another episode where they played the essentially the same song over and over for an hour. There isn't much variety unless they bring someone else in or take their suggestions. The in-between talk is so unbearable to listen to. This is just an opinion and maybe they make a great fit for you, but I can't listen to them anymore.

Great, great, great podcast.   (5/5)

I enjoy all kinds of music and this has quickly become my favorite podcast to listen to. I have found so many new artists to listen to from this podcast and I couldn't be happier with it. If only they released more than one episode a week.



Simply the Best   (5/5)

I love this podcast, and if you like music you will too. It’s that simple.

Mrs   (4/5)


Excellent Music Podcast   (5/5)

A great podcast that has introduced me to fantastic music that is hard to find in other outlets.

hit or miss   (5/5)

nice mix

Just Awesome   (5/5)

Want to be ahead of your friends? Listen to this podcast. Each week they bring new music that you have never heard and present it in an incredibly smart and professional manner. Keep it coming!

Consistently Enlightening   (5/5)

This is an essential show for people that love music and would like to be exposed to new music. Even when artists I'm familar with are played, it's always their new music and usually before its release. The hosts are entertaining and I love their themed episodes. It's like hanging out with friends that love music and being part of their conversation. Good stuff. I highly recommend.

What more can I say?   (5/5)

This podcast gives you a mix of wonderful music and insights from two obviously well-listened music lovers. A key music podcast, especially for all those rock fans out there.

Great, eclectic selection   (5/5)

What a good show. I like that the songs are introduced so the listener has some context, but are still the focus of the show. Hip without being hipster, and really eclectic, even inspiring selection. Thanks guys!

Good tunes; too much talking   (4/5)

All Songs Considered serves up a nice variety of new tracks. Unfortunately a large portion of the podcast is comprised of dull meandering pontification from the hosts. More music; less yapping please.

I 'lurv' it.   (5/5)

Delivered with a cool but sharp wit and a hearty grasp on music of today and all that came before it.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

Great finding artists that don't make it to pop radio. Great hosts who exposes many different varieties of genres

Why can't radio be this good?   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast to turn to when I need new music. Thanks, guys.

NPR   (4/5)

Truly enjoy the half year and end of year shows

Annoying Podcast   (1/5)

Annoying people talking over annoying songs.

Thank you   (5/5)

Y'all help fill up my heart! Thank you so much for keeping me in touch with the greatest new music! Peace to you. Celebrate!

A good show   (5/5)

This show is pretty good, one episode and I was hooked. I love the diversity of the music they play. I found a lot of new, and good, music thanks to this show.

Review for function only   (1/5)

Love the content. Love bob. Hate that I can't fast forward on my phone without it cutting to the very end. Especially annoying when I want to skip an annoying song (which is rare). The podcast also starts over after pausing it. BOB--I know you can fix this!

New Music   (5/5)

Love the show. Host is not stuck one one particular genre or style. He just likes good music and sharing it with us. Great podcast!

More Music   (5/5)

In an era of more information it's great to have voices that helps curate noise into music. I don't always enjoy the artist or genre of music but it's always wonderful to hear. Thanks to Bob and his band of merry music lovers. Dianne in Michigan

Emily=Thief   (1/5)

Justify it any way you want. That's what crooks do.

Food for the soul....   (5/5)

This podcasts has been an "ear opener" and a great way to discover all kind of music. My soul gets inspired. I always recommend this podcasts to family, friends and coworkers. Great work of art!!!

and it's free??   (5/5)

Great way to discover new music or listen to something you forgot you loved . Ooh,and it's free?? All around the most enjoyable music podcast . Just download listen & learn .

Why this is so good   (5/5)

It's so good because there's 301 songs all for free

Look forward to it weekly!   (5/5)

This program showcases a diverse and for the most part new music mix each week. It is the ultimate amalgamation of sound. If you are interested in music, not genre specific and enjoy Just Great Tunes this is for you.

Frank   (5/5)

Great source for new music!!

Problems   (1/5)

Only the first 11/12 seconds play of each episode.

Good podcast annoying bug   (4/5)

Love the music but the last few episodes do not properly display a progress bar on my iPod. Just a bar for the ad preceding. Makes it impossible to track progress or skip around. Very irritating.

Awesome   (5/5)

My source for new music Coverage of the Newport folk festival was awesome. I'm going go next year to see it in person

Ya got me   (4/5)

My son started me listening to All Songs about a year ago. I am hooked. He and I compare notes after most of the podcasts. I love the banter, background and trivia. I always felt I had wide musical tastes, but you guys deepened it even further. Sure, there are themes and genres I could pass on, but I usually listen all the way through to make sure I am not judging without knowledge. And the tiny desk audios and visual are GGGGGREAT! I dug the live Newport feed and all the various postings from different festivals. I also enjoy that Bob is my age, gives that perspective with the various other hosts, Robin and all.

All songs considered   (5/5)

This podcast is the highlight of my week, these guys are brilliant!

No podcasts to download   (1/5)

Nothing to download. Where did all the NPR podcasts go?

All Songs Considered = Best Thing Ever   (5/5)

This podcast rocks!!! Bout all that needs to be said.

Why rock critics just don't matter   (2/5)

Smug. How much affected and painfully earnest merriment - sans wit.-from Ann Powers do we have take?

lame duck   (2/5)

I have listened to enough of these to see how full of himself Bob thinks he is. Any kind of metal is brushed over real fast if at all. How much indie crumminess with british echo vocals can you stand? How many chicks sound the same with the legions of hashed out hipster bands they play on this show. Then comes the " Expert " analysis of the " Hey lets sound as smartly as we can ". Public radio should not fail this bad. Rename it please to "Our narrow songs considered" or " Mainstream overtones bands considered".

Insufferable darlings   (3/5)

Bon Iver, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, TV on the Radio, Bon Iver. There, I just saved you the 30 minutes you might have otherwise spent listening to this podcast.

All songs considered   (4/5)

My whole life is this podcast; arguably. There is a method to his mayhem.

Consistently satisfying   (5/5)

....and just a pleasure.

Very Cool   (5/5)

This Podcast is great! It brings me up to date with all the new music that's out there. I don't always like their choices but if I did what fun would that be anyway

Thanks   (5/5)

Since I cannot stand commercial radio, and MTV and VH1 really do not exist as music platforms anymore, this show is where I discover new artists.. or more precisely artissts I have not heard before. Some of my most cherished CDs have been bought as the result of hearing peices on this show. One comes to mind: The Wood Brothers. So stripped down and so great. I probably would have never known of their existence but for All Songs Considered. Thank you NPR

Great podcast   (2/5)

Great podcast, Bob always discovers great music. Little tricky figuring out just where to skip to, so that you miss all of Bobs chatter... other than that, really good. I had to come back and change my rating after listening to another episode.... Bob just ruins it. There's no way around it. He just loves to talk and talk...

Thanks NPR   (5/5)

Thanks for all the Notes.

song start/end times   (4/5)

I love this podcast. Always new stuff. Sometimes the songs are not my cup of tea and sometimes I hear something awesome. One suggestion: It would be nice if there was a song start time and end time to the podcast song listings. It would be helpful to know just how far it took to skip to the beginning of my newest favorite song.

Good, not great   (3/5)

Desperately needs a breath of fresh air (aside from the Lars shows). Most of it is hyped indie rock and dad rock, or when awful, a combination of both. That said, a good source of new tunes every now and then, and Bob always gives props to DC.

Pretty good but...   (3/5)

Heavy on the alternative, especially the current trend of emo-rock :p I have gotten some good suggestions (thank you for introducing me to K'naan!), but wish there was a little more variety.

Very good   (5/5)

One of the best resources I've got for new music

pretentious? hardly?   (5/5)

I would like to send my best regards and thanks to Bob and the entire All Songs staff and guests. You have been a gold standard for music lovers; helping us to branch out discover the unheard and under-appreciated along with you. You are sincere lovers of music even if I do not always agree or share your taste. You are quite the opposite of pretentious, affected, or caught up in a hipster. Thank you. michael p.s. the best dance music episode might have tread the line of ridiculousness a bit far...we still love you though

Anyone else having problems?   (4/5)

I'm only able to download 11 seconds of the last two podcasts. :(

Good, but ...   (3/5)

Can't stand the nerdy radio personalities. Listening to the Bonaroo podcast, especially at the end with the reference to Dio, was painful. Wish these folks had more personality. Also, tends to be pretty heavy on hipster and indie music.

Can"t Fwd nor rewind   (4/5)

Is there some way to ffwrd or rewind this podcast without going back to the beginning. Please help!

This podcast will make you cool.   (5/5)

Bar none, the contributors to this podcast have the best ears in the music business. With each episode I discover new music, and the knack that this cast of DJs has for constantly delivering up-and-coming artists that go on to become the "next big thing" of tomorrow has me tuning in to every episode to stay ahead of the curve, so that I can bask in the glory of that time-honored tradition: being the first person out of all your friends to hear an awesome new band. (Pssst- check last weeks 'cast for an example, re: Sleigh Bells, then go tell EVERYONE before you miss your shot and they are huge!) Thus, this podcast will actually make you cool. What more is, I think this podcast has actually aided in making my love for music grow, and for that I owe them endless thanks. You guys are spot on all the time, with the best taste in music I've come across yet from any reputable music resource or publication.

Not bad at all   (4/5)

I recognize that this podcast doesn't always shy in the direction of amazingly different styles of music, but it doesn't have to. There are other podcasts/radio stations if people need their fix of something thats farther away from what ASC offers. I personally like this podcast as I can get another opinion on songs I hear about from my friends (whether or not I like them). Keep on rockin' Bob

amazing.   (5/5)

robin is hottt! i listened to the entire spring music preview!

Awesome but could be better   (4/5)

The only podcasts that I really enjoy are the ones that revolve around a certain topic ( breakup songs, songs of the decade) and the have a group join bob and put their input. In my opinion that is why makes this podcast great!!!!

Hey, Bob   (2/5)

Bob you should mention TIny Desk more..............I don't know if sarcasm works on a keyboard.

What happened?!?   (4/5)

When I found this I was so happy with all the free wonderful music available. It took forever to dwnload so I only did a few at a time. There used to b over 200 podcasts and now there's 20??? I want the show I hadn't dwnloaded yet! :$ But overall enjoy the casts!

Great taste and great music.   (5/5)

Thanks for sharing to world.

Decent   (4/5)

Pretty good podcast, but they really need to get a commentator that is familiar with electronic music as a whole. As far as genre's go, it is probably the least represented on the show.

All songs that pretentious 35 year olds consider   (2/5)

It's like pitchfork, but you have to listen to it. The show packages mostly listener friendly pop music as this so called indie brand and talks about it. There are good shows now and then but every time these people talk about rap they like it makes me lose all credibility for these music snobs. They know a lot about music though. If you wear scarfs when it's 50 degrees and love weird hats, this show is for you.

More Carrie, please   (4/5)

Have always loved All Songs but the addition of Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater-Kinney) has really added an awesome voice and fresh take. I think the men of All Songs, interestingly, get stuck loving the beautiful, quiet, bordering on twee indie stuff. I love that Carrie and Bob are always butting heads when she suggests interesting, loud, dissonant, rock.

Loving the perks to owning a itouch   (5/5)

Have this feature on your itouch is amazing... Atleast not everything has to be bought... I love it!!!!

Love this show   (5/5)

Great way to find new music.

What?   (1/5)

How the hell this podcast got the first place on iTunes?? You gave Tiesto's Club Life the second place with that super magik fantastic music?!

还不错   (5/5)


Huh?   (1/5)

Crazy liberals..

give us more   (5/5)

Married to great tunes...Bob Boilen, the host, shares his incredible love for music- leading us to break our itunes budget every month. Thanks Bob for introducing us to Bon Iver, the fleet foxes, monsters of folk and so many more.

Great for new music, not for the commentary   (3/5)

Bob gets kind of annoying when talking about the music. It's hard to nail down, but it's like he's reading from his diary and emphasizing only how the songs apply to him instead of relating the songs to how other people might like them. However, the song picks are excellent and most people will likely discover aome new music here.

A goldmine of great new music   (5/5)

Great tips on new music and a humble, sometimes funny and always sincere take from Bob and guests. I don't always agree with the recommendations, but over the past two years I have definately found more new songs/CDs worth buying or downloading due to this podcast than I have from any other source. Interviews are fun and interesting, guest DJ spots are a special treat, and their ability to dig out obscure new bands is terrific.

Sweet   (5/5)

Use your Brain. Gain knowledge. Be entertained.

Alright   (3/5)

I like some of them...his voice just gets a little annoying. You know those people who like, gasp before they talk? Yeah, he's one of them lol.

Awesome!   (5/5)

This is what an indie music podcast should be!

第一次   (4/5)


Dj G-yom Miami Dance-FLoor is better!!!!   (3/5)

check out Dj G-yom Miami Dance-Floor podcast !! perfect 1hour of Electro/House/Techno. with the best song out their <3. find Dj G-yom fan page on facebook.

Only one problem   (3/5)

Why can't I find the February 14, 2008 podcast that has guest DJ Thom Yorke?

Wonderful   (5/5)

Bob, the host, brings with him much knowledge and a great ear for new tunes. I listen with a pen in hand sometimes to write down his suggestions. I think this is a special pobcast for advanced music fans to noobs.

Love it.   (5/5)

If I could only listen to one podcast this would be the one. All Songs Considered has introduced me to great music and the passion of the NPR team for music is infectious.

mediocre   (3/5)

this podcast is occaisionally interesting. the host comes across as a real dope most of the time.

LOVE IT!   (5/5)

i am an avid KCRW listener, and love that I can listen to broadcasts at home too! this particular podcast is great! it's got all of my favorite artists and then some! really good music, and i LOVE the guest DJ series! I LOVE IT!

Bob Boilen is my hero   (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. I listen to it every day and Bob and his colleagues always come up with something new for me to listen to. I love to discover new music every day and this podcast makes it possible. Plus, not only is the music amazing, but the discussion and detailed analysis that accompanies each song or artist makes it that much better. Also, it entails a wide range of genres from all over the world. Two thumbs up!

Unbearable   (2/5)

Contrary to the title the podcast focuses almost exclusively on indie rock. The host and the guest commentators are unbearable - imagine a pitchfork music review stretched out over an hour. I've listened to about 10 podcasts so far, trying my best to give it a chance, but i haven't been able to make it through one without wanting to bash my head against a wall. I don't care about the nuances of James Murphy's drum sequencing - I just want to hear some good music that I couldn't find on my own at a indie record store. On the plus side the show offers several excellent live recordings (again mostly indie rock), but one can get those on a separate podcast. Listen to your local college radion station instead - you won't feel the need to shower after each show like with this one.

Great Outlet for New Music   (5/5)

One of the many NPR podcast I listen to, but this is a standout for me. I've found many a great, new artists and musicans to listen to thanks to this podcast. While I don't love all the artists, everything played sounds different and interesting (be it mostly college/indie radio brand). AND, Carrie Brownstein (of fav band Sleater-Kinney) is a sometime guest on the show.

Absolutely Brilliant.   (5/5)

Bob Boilen consistently breaks convention in his often insightful and always fascinating interviews/features. He never fails to ask his impressive list of guest artists (Thom Yorke, M Ward, Animal Collective, Randy Newman and many more) intuitive questions that satisfy my curiousity from both the perspective of an avid music fan as well as a musician/composer. Add to that the impeccable and diverse taste in music he shares each week (and the tastes of your favorite artists when he invites them to play Guest DJ for All Songs Considered) and you've got a whole lot to chew on.

NPR is much more than news   (5/5)

I began listening to All Songs Considered about a year ago. I loved the songs and commentary so I went and found the local NPR station WSIU Carbondale, and now I'm an avid listener of almost any program that they have running. I'm a student so this helps me keep up with all the events and music releases going on in the world. I used to make fun of my dad for listening to NPR, but now that I'm getting involved with it the joke is coming back to me. But either way, keep up everything you guys are doing, and for other listeners, put on your local channel and help contribute!

Good idea, host needs work - Sound Opinions is way better   (2/5)

I downloaded several of these and couldn't get through one episode, mainly because of the host's voice and speech - truly atrocious. This guy could make winning a million dollars sound boring! It's a shame, because there were some really cool looking episodes, like the World Music episode, but they had the pace and enthusiasm of a high school history class (not to mention he mispronounces foreign words like Qawwali). Thus, I will stick with Jim & Greg of Sound Opinions.

Phenomenal   (5/5)

Great podcast. Whenever a new cast comes up, I load it up, bring it to work, and hope that i'll be introduced to a new band, learn more about a band I already love, or at the very least, hear something I typically wouldn't be exposed to. ASC never fails to deliver on these points. I'd love to hear more round-table style shows; the diversity in opinions and music in those episodes is particularly engaging.

Good music, but too much talking   (3/5)

I just listened to the year in review - great music, but way too much talking.

A musical education   (4/5)

Bob Boilen opened my eyes to a number of artists; some whose music I later bought. The interesting thing about a lot of the artists he plays is they can't be put in a "box" (i.e.: country, pop, r&b). As a musician he's been there, done that. I think you'll like his show.

Where did it go?   (5/5)

For the last couple of days (today is Nov. 7, 2008), the podcast hasn't been available and had been called "Podcast Error". All of the back issues are also missing.

A Plus   (5/5)

I've discovered more new music through this podcast than I could name. While not every artist featured is my cup of tea, it really does introduce me to many new things I wouldn't necessarily find out about otherwise. If you're a music junkiek, than this podcast is for you.

Woah.   (5/5)

Bob and Robin and all people at all songs, thank you. I truly enjoy each episode, and I've gotten turned on to more good music from listening to ASC than anywhere else. The Project Song videos are awesome, especially seeing Stephen Meritt do his thing. One critisism/request: not enough hip hop. This is a quickly evolving genre, with guys like Blue Scholars and Aesop Rock really pushing the boundaries of lyricism and beat crafting, and I think if people were introduced to a lot of this music, they might reform their ideas about the value of hip hop. But again, thanks.

good show with one big problem   (3/5)

that problem is the guest commentator Amy. she is awkward, pretentious, and very annoyingly know-it-all. and! she has this stiff, not radiogenic voice that makes me turn off the podcast every time she's on it. the show is good otherwise, if you don't mind its heavy indie/hipster leanings.

?   (4/5)


Fantastic source of new music and commentary   (5/5)

My walk to work is better everytime I receive a new All Songs podcast via my computer. On mornings that my computer gives me a special All Songs featuring roundtable discussions about new music, the year in music, or sxsw... well, on those mornings I take the long way.

Excellent for Any Lover of Music   (4/5)

Very well-done mix of the well-known and not-so-well. Good audio quality with well-informed cast of reviewers. I've discovered some great stuff I probably wouldn't have found otherwise. Give it a try, there's bound to be something you like here.

Awsome   (5/5)

Great podcast everything im looking for!!!!

no more Christgau   (3/5)

I don't know why they keep having Robert Christgau as a guest. There is hardly anybody than can come across more ornery, smug, and disagreeable. His comments are rarely witty, often condescending, and sometimes downright asinine. I fail to see how his presence ever adds anything of substance to the show that can't be just as well achieved by having a less pompous guest, like say Will Hermes, in his spot. It seems all Christgau ever consistently succeeds at is making Bob and the other guests uncomfortable with his brash criticisms of anything he doesn't deem worthy of his approval.

It doesn't work   (1/5)

I used to like it when I could download the shows off the NPR website. This ipod link doesn't work. Still have to stream and capture. Weak.

Its nice to know   (5/5)

I am glad that finally Indie is getting some attention. The mainstream media has paid so much attention to all the horrible pop-culture that we must suffer through day after day. Finally, we have an outlet for all who are creative to display their talents. Give it a listen. It is well worth your time.

Simply perfect.   (5/5)

This is the best podcast ever. Full concerts, expert analysis and input via Bob Boilen, terriffic guests, eclectic music, and did I mention free full concerts? The National, Spoon, Stars... you must subscribe to this immediately!!!

Awesome stuff   (5/5)

This podcast is a deep, dense diamond mine. How much more could you ask for? Great Artists playing entire concerts, with interviews and commentary, all for free with extremely minimal advertising. It boggles me that something like this even exists, or that in the age of a hamfisted RIAA, it is legal. Beautiful. If there is a drawback, it is that this podcast caters to a (relatively) limited range of musical taste. Nickelback fans need not subscribe, but if you can dig on some of the nationally popular artists who don't get much radio play outside of NPR segment bumpers, this is definitely worth checking out.

GREAT!!!   (5/5)

i am exposed to so many new artists through the podcast. it is one of my top podcasts, keep it up ASC & NPR

Best Podcast Ever   (5/5)

Maybe the best thing on iTunes. Free concerts from amazing artists like Deathcab For Cutie, Arcade Fire and Rilo Kiley among others. What more could you want from a FREE podcast. Simply Great!

I love it!   (5/5)

I listen to "All Songs Considered" whenever I have time with my busy college schedule and I love all the artists! I just wish they could put "tags" in each podcast like they used to in the iTunes New Music Tuesday podcasts so that we can go to a specific part of the podcast.

Concerts Great, Talk Terrible   (3/5)

This is a great podcast for the full-length concerts from the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC. This podcast would get five stars if kept to the concerts. Skip the terrible shows where they review CDs. It is the most unprofessional radio you'll ever hear. If I were NPR, I'd be embarressed to have my name attached to those shows. The quality of these shows brings my rating down to three stars.

Just what I needed.   (4/5)

This podcast is truly delightful and makes my day go much quicker. It's true that they do seem to play more "Indie" music than anything else. However, the bands on the major labels don't need any more exposure. If you want to hear mainstream music, listen to any other radio station. This is one of the things that I love about NPR, in general. It gives me a chance to hear things that I don't find anywhere else.

the good and the bad   (3/5)

True, the host does play favorites with indie rock artists whether intentional or not but he does include some interesting music. However, none of what I've heard of this genre is any more or less cutting edge than hipster tastemakers like Pitchfork who basically cater to artists who are already established, thus making "All Songs Considered" sound more like "All Songs Considered as long as the artist's worthiness is already agreed upon by those in the know". Major label artists technically fall in the "all songs" category but honestly, do these artists really need any extra promotion? I do appreciate Boilen's choice of non-US/UK artists who are largely unknown in the States. See his recent Portugal series for examples. The live concerts are hit or miss for me. If I like an artist, I'm inclined to listen but if I loathe an artist they tend to become hour-long endurance sessions. In terms of the actual programming, I'd like to see more than one per week. I do understand that putting this together is time consuming but, honestly, the amount of editorial commentary is fairly minimal. Perhaps just a simple metion of the song/artist would suffice if only to make way for either longer or more frequent shows. Beggars can't be choosers right? So download this if you can't seem to muster up the interest to read the front page of Pitchfork Media or don't live in a city where Explosions in the Sky might perform. Otherwise you'll be left wanting something a little more comprehensive. It's a good show but Boilen is no John Peele. Expect to be suprised only some of the time.

The best of musical podcasting   (5/5)

I am true amazed at the production quality of this podcast, it’s a step above the rest. The level of knowledge shown by Bob Boilen and his guess is just great. The explanations and breakdowns for each song and artist history blow my mind. The recordings of live concerts are something that you will not get on any other show. The descriptions wile at the show really helps set the mood and put you in the venue. It has a great mix of new and old punk to hip-hop there’s something for everyone and has real expanded the way I look at artist and buy albums. This is my favorite music podcast I listen to and I subscribe to about 15 at the monument. Kevin Winslow

Thanks Robin and Bob   (5/5)

Your podcast has me anxiously awaiting for the next. I have easily come to trust Bob's taste and always feel that he's got something interesting I will appreciate. Keep it up!

Thanks   (4/5)

I am eternally grateful for ASC for it is one of the high point of my days listening while working at the office. Makes the days go a bit faster.

Disappointing   (2/5)

Too much focus on Indie artists. You can listen to this kind of music on any college radio staion. What bothers me is that all songs considered only applies to Indy rock artists, not pop musicians, rappers, or others. Clearly it does not consider all songs.

Too indie!   (3/5)

I had hoped that I would discover new music from all genres by listening to it, and some of the interviews are top notch (The Beatles "Love" interview comes to mind) but this podcast is too focused on Indie and other associated mellow subgenres. This is probably because indie artists are more willing to have their music on other people's podcasts (as opposed to major labels who are too worried about filesharing). I'm just sick of sitting down to listen and hearing a band I don't recognize play a mellow unremarkable song. I disagree with the fact that indie music is developing more than other genres at the moment - I just think it currently has the attention of the art/hipster crowd who puts together pocasts like this. Please, Bob Boilen, play some better-known artists instead of the small self-praising circle of groups and musicians you currently exhibit.

I love this Podcast!!!   (5/5)

Each podcast has something new to look forward to. The main host of the show really knows his music and it's obvious that he really loves music. Sometimes they have concert excerpts but my favorite episodes are when new music is introduced and also when artists are interviews. I can't believe this stuff is free. Priceless.

Unbelievable   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast. In particular, the live performances by Explosions in the Sky and Arcade Fire were outstanding.

Love it!   (5/5)

NPR does it again. This is an incredibly solid and reliably awesome source of music and commentary. I'm hooked. I just wish they had a larger library of past podcasts.

Bob Boilen, you're amazing.   (5/5)

Well-chosen music, well-conducted artist interviews. A great source for new music (both known and obscure).

Best way to learn about new music   (5/5)

I subscribe to a number of musical of podcasts, but all songs considered is still my favorite way to learn about new music. If you're a music lover, this is a must-have podcast.

keep it up   (5/5)

I'm just writing this review in hopes of prolonging and supporting this fantastic show. All the live concerts that get aired are amazing, keep it up!

Great. A wide variety of artists exposed here   (5/5)

Of course it's called "all songs considered" but this podcast really does a fantastic job at exposing a large variety of musicians. Captivating interviews... Bob is really informed interviewer, he's done his homework and knows the history of the artists and the music. It's become a high point in my day.

so great   (5/5)

one of the best podcasts, can't wait for new ones.

NPR News is great but NPR is out of touch otherwise   (2/5)

Far too many indie artists who never go anywhere. Far too many minor players who deserve to be forgotten. Way too much jazz - NPR seems to have a mania about modern jazz - they speak with a reverence for any jazz musician that borders on the insane - jazz does not sell a lot of records and has not been the most popular American music since the 1920's. I tried this podcast and stopped downloading it.

Consistently good   (5/5)

Yes, this show does focus on indie-rock, but that is where much of the innovation is happening in music today (sorry dr. jazz). They also talk about and play r&B, hip-hop, jazz and world music. Because of their obvious expertise and care in choosing what to play I have been delighted by music I might never have heard. Bob Boilen has a wonderful and open-minded manner which has made him one of my opinion-leaders. And I like his voice too!

One of the best music podcasts out there   (5/5)

All Songs Considered is a top-notch music podcast. Listeners should also check out their website, which has a number of full-lenth concerts available for (legal and authorized) download. Regarding a couple of past negative reviews: if you think ASC only covers indie rock, I doubt you've listened to more than an episode or two. There's definitely an emphasis on indie, but the show absolutely does cover other genres. Earlier, I went back and listened to the best albums of 2005 show. The top 10 albums (voted on by listeners) were all indie-type musicians, but if you actually listen to the show, between going down the list, they also discuss jazz African, soul, and hip-hop. Of course the show reflects the taste of those creating it, but to say it "only" covers indie rock is totally wrong.

What not to listen to.   (1/5)

Not cutting edge. Not the next big thing. Just bad music by bad musicians. If you like this, you need to see a shrink. If your song shows up here, you better get used to waiting tables.

hipster central   (2/5)

this is a podcast that could be a lot better if the host didn't have an atrocious radio voice and he didn't only feature the indie rock artists which you can hear new music from on any college radio station across the country. And what's with covering the same artist like 6 times in a month? Great! Thom Yorke has a new solo album. Let's move on and talk about some new world music or some new electronica or jazz or something that's not KEXP/WXPN World Cafe fare... There is so much more musical content that goes into daily ATC and Morning Edition shows that doesn't get included in the podcasts. Why is the podcast version so trimmed down and heavy on the indie rock as opposed to other genres?

NPR Leads the Way   (5/5)

An essential tool to broaden our shared musical horizons. Thanks NPR for putting our membership dollars to work!

Lovely lovely   (5/5)

Everyday people don't take notice of this enough. Spread the word fellow ASC fans.

hmm.   (4/5)

Very good! It would be considerably more splendid if they would put the old stuff on there, like the shows they hosted in early 2005 from the 9:30 Club in DC.

Turn Me On, I'm A Podcast   (5/5)

Each week offers a taste of what is new, cutting edge, obscure or simply down and out great music. This is what a podcast should be - an education in music that mustn't be missed.

Great, makes NPR look good.   (5/5)

I listen to NPR all songs considered on the raido, and now that I can listen to it by podcast whenever I want to it is great!!!!

Worth a listen/subscription.   (4/5)

Eclectic middlebrow choices with some surprises.