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Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and join the Alnham Islanders for some casual chatter about Sports, Gaming, Tech, TV, Movies and more. Savour the moment as you take a sip from a refreshing cocktail of laughs, light topical debate and entertaining conversations. We hope to see you all soon!

Episode 9 - Dangerous Delia
Welcome back to the Island! Join Ken, Adam, Graham and Ed for the 9th episode of the Alnham Island Podcast. In our opening question, we predict our mid-life crisis and what it might entail. Our Football section features our opinions on the contrasting pitch invasions of the West Ham fans and PAOK owner, Ivan Savvidis. Let's just say, one outdid the other! We also discuss Harry Kane's injury and Salah... do do do do do do aaaah... It gets intense with another Movie Lane and we look ahead to some Movies relea...

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The Cabana - Episode 5 (Conspiracy Theories)
On the 5th installment of 'The Cabana' Join Adam, Sean and Ken as they discuss Conspiracy Theories. The National Media, Bush, Illuminati, World Wars, Trigger words and a spooky airport designed to house the NWO (New World Order... the conspiracy not the popular Wrestling faction) are all topics covered on this episode. Get involved with the conversation on our Facebook page @Alnhamislandpodcast, Twitter @alnhamisland or email us at [email protected]

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Movie Lane Oscars 2018 Special
In lieu of the Academy Awards 2018, we host our first Movie Lane Special. A chance to pick up some precious points as each islander delivers Oscar winning or nominated clues in their own Movie Lane.  For those who haven't heard Movie Lane. Movie Lane is a regular segment in the Alnham Island Podcast in which one islander delivers 5 clues about a Movie. The person who guesses correctly gains points depending on which clue they guess it on. They then host on the next Movie Lane. Scores going in to the Special...

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Episode 008 - Don’t Drink from the Stadium Sink
Join Ken, Woody, Sean & Producer Ed for some sun, fun and topical debate. The beast from the East stopped resident Islander Graham making the flight but he'll be back next episode! The discussion ranges from the bottom to the top as we discuss the current bottom half of the table and how 3 points can lift a team 5 places to League cup winners Man City and predictions for the F.A. Cup.  Woody steps up to take on another Movie Lane Directors cut and we converse about the Academy Award Best Picture nominations...

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The Cabana - Episode 4 (Things We Hate)
One more shot!! One more shot!! On this episode of The Cabana, join the regulars of Alnham Island Adam, Ken & Graham as they discuss the lesser loved things in life. More particularly... Things they hate. Manners, slow elderly people, bad accents & pushy religious types are just a few of the hated topics covered. Feel the passion, embrace the hate and get involved. Let us know what you despise by emailing [email protected] or head over to our Facebook Page @AlnhamIslandPodcast and leave a me...

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Episode 007 - Exploding Banannas
Episode 7 is here! Our opening question of 'The Perfect Date' provides some very Outside the box... and inside the box revelations and an intriguing insight into the minds of the Islanders. We parle about the master of Psychology, Jose Mourinho and delve into his psyche... before he delves into ours and suddenly we're 2 nil down at Old Trafford. We become Jim White for the night as we discuss Premier League Transfers and finally we passionately talk about the troubling times on the Tyne at Newcastle United....

podcast movies movie games football films gaming lane soccer premier league united jose mind facts island retro newcastle exploding blowing transfers mourinho 2018 alnham banannas

The Cabana - Episode 3 (Leaving Home)
As night falls on Alnham Island, The Cabana is serving up a discussion about leaving the safety, comfort and warmth of the family home and setting off into the (as Woody puts it...) big scary world! Independence is a funny thing as the islanders found out as they each tell their story about the circumstances around leaving home.  Find out who left for a life in the Army, who attempted an escape 3 times and who had left for 4 days before finding out their girlfriend was pregnant. Also have some funny stories...

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Episode 006 - Islands in the Stream
In the first episode of 2018, Join Ken Clarke, Adam Wood, Graham Robson and Sean Corrigan for some lightly seasoned conversing. This time our opening question was based on the final 'Movie Lane' of 2017 which was 1999 cult classic Fight Club: 'If you had to pick one celebrity to join you in a fight, who would it be and why?' find out why the conversation turns to a specific facial feature of Gary Neville. We look at why Manchester City are soooo good, Where Harry Kane could end up and the nationality of Ash...

podcast movies movie football gaming lane premier league city manchester harry island kane newcastle 2018 burnley alnham

2017: Year in Review
As 2017 comes to an end and 2018 dawns upon us, let us take you on a journey through the highlights of Alnham island in 2017. We'll also drop you in to witness gaffs, laughs and take you behind the Mic. The resort of Alnham Island Podcast was opened in August of 2017. In the effort of us providing an escape to listeners to sit back, relax and indulge in topics of Premier League, Movies, TV, gaming and more. So far we have released 5 episodes and 2 cabana episodes and have had a total of over 1000 downloads...

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The Cabana - Episode 2 (The Attitude Era)
Our 2nd episode of The Cabana is available now! The topic this time is 'The Attitude Era' After the sun sets over the Alnham Island, the drinks flow in the Island Bar - The Cabana. On this episode, the conversation turns to the staple diet of our youth, the brash, audacious and wildly popular era of the World Wrestling Federation, The Attitude Era. Adam Wood hosts the unstructured and 'No Holds Barred' episode which features the regulars Ken Clarke and Graham Robson alongside the new faction member; Sean C...

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Episode 005 - Swingy Dimmocks
In our final episode of 2017, Ken Clarke, Adam Wood and Graham Robson are joined by Sean Corrigan for his debut on the Island.  The opening question of Episode 5 provides for some very alternative and revealing answers. Delving into the minds of the Islanders can throw up some hilarious yet disturbing revelations.  If you have an answer to the opening question, fire it over to [email protected] The Islanders discuss the Managerial Merry Go Round in the Premier League along with an overview o...

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Episode 004 - Friskal Palace
Welcome back to the Island. Alnham Island to be precise! In this episode, Ed Bulloch debuts and joins Ken Clarke, Adam Wood & Graham Robson with Shaun not making the squad due to injury. We talk Forrest Gump saving Private Ryan, befriending Mr T, filling Bruce Willis' boots and being the international star at Newcastle United. We discuss some deeper rooted psychological issues regarding the England National squad. Woody rants and raves over Zaha and Jose Mourinho. And as well as Movie Lane with Graham Steer...

podcast england movies football gaming tv premier league island squad alnham

The Cabana - Episode 1 (School)
Our mid month podcast - The Cabana is available now! The topic of Episode 1 is 'School' Released in between our main podcasts, The Cabana is the early hours conversation over a few drinks. It is hosted by Adam Wood and features the regulars, Ken Clarke, Graham Robson & Shaun Wills. Each episode of The Cabana features one main topic. A bit more of a relaxed affair and contains a few topics of a sensitive nature so be warned. The first topic 'School' covers everything from rumours and chavs to one strapped sa...

podcast the school bar cocktail island cabana escapism relaxed alnham

Episode 003 - Douche Wayne
Three's a charm! Episode 3 has arrived. Join Ken Clarke, Adam Wood, Graham Robson & Shaun Wills for more chatter from the Island. We discuss the Premier League including the Manchester clubs domination and at the opposite end of the scale, Crystal Palace's misery. We also review the Alnham Island Fantasy League. Prepare for excuses!! We then move on to another game of Movie Lane before reviewing TV Series suggestions from the listeners. Shaun and Graham give us the low down on recently released FIFA 18 and ...

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Episode 002 - Ra's Al Goals
We made it to the 2nd episode of Alnham Island! Join Ken Clarke, Adam Wood, Graham Robson & Shaun Wills once again on an all-inclusive packed episode. This time, we look back over the first 3 weeks of the Premier League season 17/18, chat about transfers and review the Alnham Island Fantasy League (PIN - 1952456-467036) We then move on to discuss the recently departed Game of Thrones: Season 7 and some news out of Cologne at Gamescom. Make sure you tune in and don't miss Woody's surprise, a few clangers, an...

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Episode 001
The first episode of Alnham Island is finally here! After months of preparation, the Island is ready to be inhabited. Join Ken Clarke, Adam Wood, Graham Robson and Shaun Wills for an introduction to the podcast and a section on who we are, followed by discussions on E3, Game of Thrones, The upcoming Premier League season and our predictions and VR. Immerse yourself in the tropical banter of 4 northern lads and escape to Alnham Island. We hope you enjoy your Stay! As discussed in the podcast, the Alnham Isla...

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