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Alpine Strangers is Nate McFadden and Cody Grimm’s exploration of the stories that make us human, often found in the unlikeliest of places. It is a mix of documentary and radio drama.

Raw Dawg and The Stall EP05: KASH-FM
Need sound financial advice? Then listen to acclaimed market analyst Willard J. Stall as he takes on Wall Street with “Stalls To The Wall” on KASH-FM!...

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Scott Whitaker - Detox Fever Monologue
A poem from Scott Whitaker's new book "All My Rowdy Friends". Performed by Nate McFadden and Cody Grimm....

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Christy to Her Sponsor, June 11th, Tucson, AZ
A poem from Scott Whitaker's new book "All My Rowdy Friends". Read by Nate McFadden with sound design by Cody Grimm....

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Scott Whitaker - Night Hotel Head
This track comes from the pages of Scott Whitaker's book where Cody read it. He then sent it to Nate for audio treatment. This sort of collaboration is always a happy surprise. If you want to support independent writers please purchase a copy here: All My Rowdy Friends is composed of poems about addicts, alcoholics, criminals, and derelicts. Friends also explores gender dysphoria through the Tiresias stori...

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58 Hz
This is more of an 'inspired by' piece for the intro page for section II of the book....

Scott Whitaker - The City Makes You Beautiful
The City Makes You Beautiful is poem #4 in a collection of excellent work from Scott Whitaker. This one is still and stripped down. As always, his work is very evocative of places, some I know and some I don't. This one is all Boston....

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Scott Whitaker - Ekphrasis of Sorts - Last Days
Day #3 of a poem a day from Alpine Strangers and Scott Whitaker Another one of Whitaker's strong poems was easy to find some ekphrasis of it's own. Meta-ekphrasis. Buy Whitaker's strong words here:

Scott Whitaker - Never Break Up Two Snakes Fucking
Day Two of selects from Scott Whitaker's new book of Poetry, All My Rowdy Friends. Scott wrote a poem about the consequences of disturbing snakes in flagrant delicto of doing it in the road. Now that I think about it I probably should have just used Why Don't We Do it in The Road? The down side? Sexy Snake Funk....

Surrender - by Scott Whitaker
Today we are excited to bring you some new work by Scott Whitaker. Many of you might remember that the first Alpine Strangers broadcast was a poem from Scott Whitaker's poetry chapbook 'News From the Front'. Ever since reading this poem in that collection, this poem has resonated deeply and when Scott approached us to do some readings for him, this was first on the list. Alpine Strangers will be posting new readings of Scott's new book, All My Rowdy Friends. It's available here:

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Deliberation Station
Part of the soundtrack to Episode 4 "Jury Duty - Part One" of Alpine Strangers.   Written and performed by Nate McFadden.   Recorded in Hayward, CA sometime in 2014.

podcast nate electronic station soundtrack justice court jury strangers duty alpine mcfadden deliberation

New Way Out
Part of the soundtrack to Episode 4 of Alpine Strangers. Written and performed by Nate McFadden. Recorded in Hayward, CA sometime in 2014.

Inglewood Superior Court (Takin' Up All Your Time)
Part of the soundtrack to Episode 4 of Alpine Strangers. Written and performed by Nate McFadden. Recorded in Hayward, CA sometime in 2014.

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The Waiting Room
Part of the soundtrack to Episode 4 of Alpine Strangers. Written and performed by Cody Grimm.

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Walking To Inglewood Courthouse
Part of the soundtrack to Episode 4 of Alpine Strangers, this is a piece of unintentional music used for the episode. Nate had started a piece about playing the trumpet again and Cody used parts of Nate's recordings to composite the soundtrack for the fourth installment of Alpine Strangers. Recorded in Hayward and Los Angeles, CA in 2013. Nate McFadden; TrumpetCody Grimm: Programming, loops and samples....

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Episode 04: Jury Duty - Part One
Episode 4: Jury Duty – Part One [Warning: Episode contains adult language and themes]   Our fourth episode recounts Nate & Cody’s individual experiences with jury duty, justice as well as the creative process.   Written, performed and produced by Nate McFadden & Cody Grimm Featuring: Stephen Tobolowsky Zac Grimm, Annie Choi, Elaine Mongeon, Michael Pugliano, Tom Mitchell, Jeb Utecht, Christine Woertink...

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Horny Sax
Hey there, Alpine Strangers fans! We realize that it has been a long time, but the next episode is almost in the can. Since everyone has been so patient, here's a short companion piece to our next episode. In this short we examine the 80s obsession with saxaphones and saxaphone solos. Where did they come from? From Baker Street to Sting's Zippo, we examine the horny sax....

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Nectar Driven
This is a short movie made with my phone on a warm spring afternoon....

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Raw Dawg and the Stall EP04: Focus On The Patriarchy
In this special faith drenched episode of worship Reverend Colton Shelby Pecker, Jr. and his son, Oral Pecker spread their fowl advice on everyday problems for all of the world to hear. The Reverend answers letters from the Fowl House flock and Oral presents a new business venture for the Pecker family. Artwork by William Thoms

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A short movie about the value of ideas. Special thanks to Gus Beucke....

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Get Away in Florida
We present a possible new PSA campaign to get people to move to Florida!...

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Alpine Strangers Episode 3: Alpine Strangers In The Night
KYUC 102.8 FM presents Yucca Valley's top rated over night talk show: Alpine Strangers In The Night. All the stories you want hear. All the stories THEY don't want to talk about! All the secrets THEY don't want you to know. All the excitement you can only find on Alpine Strangers In The Night! Alpine Strangers In The Night covers all the stories the main stream media isn't reporting. From paranormal phenomenons and UFOs to what the government is trying hide. No story is too small and no story is too outland...

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Alpine Strangers Christmas Creep
This special Christmas Edition of Alpine Strangers takes listeners on a journey through past, present and future. The first segment was recorded at the home of Miguel and Maggie de la Torre as they discuss Dennis and Anne Karpinsky's life in Casablanca. Segment two is a visit from no one's favorite Morning Zoo DJs, Raw Dawg and the Stall. The final segment is a macabre homage to The Twilight Zone. This episode also features Christina McFadden, and the Alpine Strangers Singers -- Scott Grieder, Davin Bogan, ...

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Alpine Strangers Episode 2: Rongorongo
[Warning: Episode contains adult language and themes] Our second episode explores memory and our recollection of our own history. Is it possible to forget who you are? It has occurred much more recently than you would think or should be comfortable with. Written, performed and produced by Nate McFadden & Cody Grimm Featuring: Christina McFadden, Anne Karpinsky, Dennis Karpinsky, Maggie De La Torre, Zac Grimm, Sharon McFadden, Tom McFadden, Allison Perseille and Morton Perseille. Want to see a map of Jacob R...

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Raw Dawg and the Stall EP02 - KRAP in the Morning
Raw Dawg and The Stall join the morning team on KRAP-AM in Skowhegan, Maine.

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Illegitimate Blessings
This week Nate and Cody discuss the hot topics of time, the prevailing stances on women's health issues and who's really asking for it!...

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Coming Attractions: 50 Shades of Gray Teaser Trailer
Alpines Strangers is proud to present our new segment: "Coming Attractions", featuring exclusive previews of some of the year's most anticipated films. This week we were lucky enough to get our hands on the first teaser trailer for movie adaptation of controversial novel 50 Shades of Grey....

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Alpine Strangers Sponsor-a-Cock
Since so many listeners asked what else they can do to help with the One Hen, One Rooster amendment, we have decided to pass along this new PSA!...

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Alpine Strangers Episode 1: The Fried Chicken Chronicles
In our first episode we examine how food (in this case fried chicken) ties us to the past. We set out to see if a memory tastes and matches the reality but end up getting more than we bargained for. Christina McFadden, Zac Grimm & Victor Jory share how their lives were changed forever by events stemming from fried chicken, while hosts Nate & Cody put the Colonel’s Paradox to the test. Featuring original music by Victor Jory. To hear the whole song click here: Alpine-strangers – Donna-marie Further explorati...

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Raw Dawg and the Stall: EP01 - KOCK in Alamogordo
In our many travels across the globe searching for stories for the show, we occasionally luck out and stumble upon something truly remarkable by accident. This is one of those moments. Discovered while flipping through the dial of our rented Dodge Viper as we were hurtling through the New Mexico desert on our way to RosFest (The 227 convention in Albuquerque). This is the future past of radio....

pilot raw stall dawg kock alamogordo

Dinner Night At Henri's
This was our first published piece. It was done as a test to see how this whole thing would work as we were finishing production on our first episode, The Fried Chicken Chronicles. It is a poem written by Scott Whitaker, an amazing novelist, poet, and all around badass. The poem is from his chapbook, News from the Front. It is up at The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature if you wish to read the rest of it. We highly recommend you do!–-“news-from-the-fron...

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