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Already Taken Show Podcast

Just a bunch of guys talking, joking, complaining and making fun of Duck's mom!

Ep 11 Pizza Roll Roulette
After a MASSIVE amount of time off the guys are back to work. Little John sits in with Cory and Kevin as the guys talk about what as took so long to do another episode. Greg (Shawn's roommate) helps out with some questions as they play the new game, Pizza Roll Roulette....

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Episode 10 A Spice of India
Kevin's wife stops by the studio and tells a crazy story. Cory shows up with a special present for Kevin. Kevin brings up a new game and the gang plays "Where'd it happen news" and Kevin does his best to ruin it. Josh shares a video with the show. Kevin comes in big with another round of sound clips from the last show. Josh's wife helps with the Urban Dic Game. Then after several shows Kevin and Josh finally make Shawn do Josh's Breakfast Combo!...

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Episode 9 Movie Line Game
Cory went missing again, but does call in. So our buddy Mitch fills in for Cory. The guys play the Movie Line Game and then talk about the top 25 movie fight scenes....

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Episode 8 Sing Song
With everything falling through, the guys have very little content to work with. They cover a couple of news stories and talk about nothing. While doing nothing Shawn and Kevin come up with an idea to create a sing-along game, and Cory single handily tries to ruin the show....

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With a bit of time of their hands Kevin and his wife Lisa cut a intro and outro for the for this mini-sode recorded in Cory's truck on the way to the cabin on a snowmobile trip. Shawn Walking is played and not very well!...

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Episode 6 Mud Flap
Well this is what happens when Kevin doesn't prepare for a show. Shawn digs out a converation that Cory, Kevin and Shawn had and it turned dirty really fast! Josh listens to it and just about pees his pants. And Cory earns the nickname Mud Flap....

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Episode 5 - Planet Movies
With Cory and Josh out for the weekend, Kevin brings Duk into the Studio and out of the booth and also brings in another co-worker to sit in and talk movies. What's new, what's old and what have they've seen lately. Don't worry porno is brought up with in 4 mins....

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