Aggregated reviews for An Arm and a Leg

A podcast. Because we need to talk about the cost of health care

Empowering   (5/5)

I always learn something new from the show. I’m a physician and we do NOT learn about in medical school or residency. I believe in this so much I donate. Keep up the good work and fight!

Excellent and critically needed   (5/5)

Great job

Interesting, informative podcast   (5/5)

This podcast uses storytelling to help inform consumers about insurance issues. Engaging! This topic is rarely investigated in such a detailed, interesting, easy-to-understand manner.

Can’t wait   (5/5)

Sounds like great podcasts coming up!

Anyone with unfair medical bills should hear this (which is almost anyone in the US)   (5/5)

We need more podcasts like this. The real life stories are very well prepared. This really empowers the public to be informed and prepared to take on unfair medical bills.

Learn so you can act   (5/5)

If the content of this show makes you uncomfortable or scared, do something about it. Health is a temporary condition; we will all face the battles described in this show some day. What do you want the deck to look like when it’s your turn to draw?

Health as a business vs health as a human right   (5/5)

As a Brit living in the Us for 5 years the healthcare system here is incredible. Lots of unreasoned shouting ultimately controlled for the benefit of investors. I think on think is telling during this crisis- everyone in the UK is proud of the NHS and #protectthenhs and raising money for the nhs. There is nothing of the sort here. Is the NHS perfect, nope, but does it have the interests of the common people, yup. Do most people think it’s worth the $250 av from their paychec. Absolutely. Can’t say that about the $700 a month and $10000 deductible I have here.

More important now than ever   (5/5)

Super smart and well-reported. It somehow manages to be an entertaining show about the cost of health care. Even now.

Surprisingly not depressing!   (5/5)

Dan really shines a light on so many bananas aspects of our healthcare system. Yet even though it is bleak, it never feels like all is lost. So much helpful and useful information in the show. I feel empowered now to take someone on should I ever get a surprise bill!

Very educational   (5/5)

Learning something from every episode. Every adult in America needs to listen to this show. It can be eye-opening for people who have not had to use the healthcare system in our country yet. Highly recommend.

Insightful show!!!   (5/5)

Such a great show. Dan makes a tough topic super listenable. I always learn something and feel more empowered after listening.

Helpful   (5/5)

This podcast has become a great resource for me just starting to step into the adult world and take on my first jobs. Healthcare can be so confusing! It’s nice to know others are out there figuring it out with me.

Finale 2019 Maple Grove, Indiana.   (5/5)

My name is Marilyn Kahler and I’m a PA emeritus and do Clinical consulting for the Alaska PCA. I was touched especiAlly by this podcast. I’m dealing with a CHC in dire trouble in all areas. I will pass on your podcast to perhaps inspire the acting CEO. Not that it will help, per se, give him some home! All of the podcasts are timely and thought provoking. Thank you so very much!

Not sure the point.   (2/5)

There’s always some reductionist overly simplistic view on so many popular issues today. Lots of people peddle in this arena like Adam ruins everything or this show. There’s no shortage of problems in the current US system, but there’s plenty of problems in other systems too. Being outraged at some of these stories is a natural response to how people may be suffering. But assuming there isn’t another angle to these stories or that there’s always some evil cabal hidden somewhere that’s to blame is at best ignorant and at worst deceptive. This show has a strong political leaning that presumes that their side has understood it well. The closest I heard to an even-handed report that explained that at least in one case the opposition wasn’t some evil group in some smoke-filled room trying to profit off the backs of vulnerable people but a group of concerned citizens was the “Mom Vs. Texas” episode. However, be forewarned the host and his guest drop the F bomb numerous times. If you like that episode you’ll like the rest. In short if you absolutely hate the current US healthcare system and think it is, at its core, evil or corrupt then you will enjoy this show as it will affirm your view of the world and of your side in the political debate. If you think there’s more nuance to the world and to this debate and that not everyone on the other side is evil then at best you might find this show entertaining like I did but not informative nor helpful for discourse.

Every healthcare provider needs to listen to this   (5/5)

I’m a PA and this podcast has been so eye opening! We often forget about the financial burden of the decisions we make when we are helping patients. Patients shouldn’t have to chose between eating, housing, and healthcare and until medical providers start hearing the unintended consequences of treatment plans we make for patients we cannot change. Thank you for this podcast! Please keep it going!

Awesome podcast   (5/5)

I love listening to your podcast. Thank you for your efforts to maybe bring some clarity to especially health insurance issues that I’m sure the majority of people have no clue about.

Very Infomative!   (5/5)

Just listened to “Watch your Back” episode. It sparked my attention; because I do the billing and insurance for the neurosurgeons in my town. I agree with a lot of what they’re saying....HOWEVER; I want to clarify....when they talk about the doctors ALWAYS sending the patient for imaging (MRI, X-RAY, CT Scan, etc.) 99% of the time a patient gets sent for additional imaging In my’s NOT bc the doctor wants or needs’s because the patient’s insurance company refuses to pay any claim UNTIL they receive x-rays, or MRI, etc....even Though they may have very recent’s just not the TYPE of imaging that they want. It’s absolutely ridiculous!! After working in the healthcare industry, specifically in billing; I’ve come to realize that more times than not...the DOCTOR is the one to get the bad Rep with patients, when in reality it’s the INSURANCE company that causes all the issues.

Best of the Best   (5/5)

Outstanding podcast that explores the confusing and expensive maze we call healthcare. Do you want useful and practical information? You have come to the right place. Superb.

This is a must listen   (5/5)

I knew we had problems with our healthcare but...this podcast lays out the painful truth of our situation through some excellent interviews of experts and touching true life stories.

Shout this from the rooftops!   (5/5)

Everyone NEEDS to listen to this podcast! We NEED change! This is extremely informative and should be piped into Congress daily! Thanks for making me feel less alone navigating our health system!

Informative, insightful and unique   (5/5)

Probably one of the best podcasts out there!

Sooo good   (5/5)

I listen to tons of podcasts and this is one of the best. Medical costs are freakin maddening. Like really. Why do people get to profit from our suffering? How did we get to the point that drug companies don’t want to find cures for diseases because there’s no profit in it? This show makes me feel less alone in my rage and has some great advice about little things we can do that makes a difference.

Learning a lot   (5/5)

Making us all aware of what’s happening behind the healthcare curtain. If nothing else you should know what you would pay for a service. Scary. Learning so much!

Wow! Don’t always agree with BIG picture solutions, but WOW!   (5/5)

Retired from the “benefits” business having worked different facets. Dan is bringing up angles and ideas that are extremely innovative and effective. He is uncovering areas that need antiseptic light I have seen as abusive and others that I only suspected were malfunctioning and craven. Don’t accept “single payer” solutions as the ultimate “fix-it,” but can see that perhaps only the Federal government is hefty enough to line up and reorganize the many, many players (among whom are many right minded and right performing entities sprinkled throughout... as is life... with bad actors... PBMs! I am looking at you!) At times a bit naive in broad brush strokes, for example, in assigning insurance companies and the like as heartless profit mongers, but even as I disagree to some extent, I accept that as the water temperature of the discussion. Hoping to see some practical solutions coming from innovative self funded benefit plans. They are imperfect but the crucible of effective real solutions in the car and mouse of health care. Essentially, this podcast is overdue and impressive. My somewhat inside experience makes me appreciate it that much more. Very worthwhile podcast!

important & relevant   (5/5)

Thanks so much for covering these important issues that so many people are facing now!

Excellent, infuriating, empowering   (5/5)

This is the definition of good journalism! Dan & crew tackled the multi-tentacled monster that is the US healthcare system, and made it clear and understandable. They turned my insecurity and fear around medical billing into righteous anger! Most importantly, they tell these stories with the hope of empowering others to take action. Great job. Please listen!!

Certificate of need   (4/5)

Please cover this scam. The lobbying power in healthcare is going to drive us into socialist medicine where we are less innovation , much higher taxes , longer lines and lower care. Obamacare was just an extension of Medicaid . The premium coverages are great as long as you get the subsidy if you don’t you can’t afford health insurance

What if this podcast was a musical?   (5/5)

This is amazing! Loved the episode on Heck No Techno — “What if this podcast was a musical?” Glad that Dan is illuminating the state of our healthcare system.

"Like" "Like" "Like"   (3/5)

Such interesting content but listening to this generation is painful. Do they know how to speak without sounding like idiots who overuse the word "like"? Listen to the same generation on any BBC podcast. No one, except Americans, uses the word.

Informative and Uplifting   (5/5)

Dan covers the heavy topic of healthcare costs in a way that’s light enough to be uplifting. The stories shared speak truth in a way that makes me laugh, and sometimes cry. If you’re struggling with chronic health conditions, I highly recommend this show! You’ll most likely learn something, but more importantly, you’ll know you’re not alone when you are on the phone with insurance for hours on end :)

Interesting informative and helpful   (5/5)

Amazing. Great podcast for everyday people who don’t understand why their healthcare is so expensive and sometimes what to do about it.

Hope the loud xylophone is discontinued   (4/5)

Just listened to the one about picking a plan. Good info. That xylophone drowns out the speaker! I pray it’s not on every podcast. Why do so many think we NEED music and sounds to know how to feel!!!!?

More of this!   (5/5)

Thank you!! We need more of this! To be able to share these stories helps me feel not so alone, and I hope it empowers more of us to fight for our rights! No one should fear going to the dr because they’re afraid of the bill.

Honest to God Truth!   (5/5)

I love this show because it shows true crime: our healthcare system is so broken and there are no crimes preventing the abuse of patients so it’s literally not a crime but it’s a crime that we don’t have laws preventing it! This show will prepare you to help navigate the system. It will educate you responsibly on issues you never thought would be issues (like getting lifesaving medication). And it’s done without spin and entertainingly. The truth is here, if you’re ready for it. Thank you Dan and all the people (& ninjas) fighting the good fight!

Insightful   (5/5)

As someone who loves good storytelling, I appreciate this show. The ironies and craziness of American healthcare are well told here.

Great reporting!   (5/5)

Love this show.

Engaging   (5/5)

Very informative and enjoyable. Dare I say, entertaining? For topics so serious, I’m always surprised at how much fun this show is to listen to.

The big picture on daily healthcare cost struggles   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Intelligent reporting digging into the cost of health care in the US and the moving pieces that drive these. It’s a look into the why and how so we can start thinking about how best to organize for systematic change and equal access for the most disenfranchised in this country.

Makes a tough topic much easier to digest!   (5/5)

Real-life experiences and skilled reporting bring to life many of the issues Americans face when trying to access and pay for healthcare. Important listen, and the episodes are the perfect length, too!

Brilliant   (5/5)

Relevant and an important voice on our crazy system!

Excellent host!   (5/5)

Smart and engaging.

Gets it right   (5/5)

I'm an MD and am impressed with how closely this podcast gets to the underpinnings of the current healthcare crisis. Listen and learn!

Avoiding obvious solution: Medicare for All   (2/5)

Since Kaiser got involved, this show has lost its urgency and direction. Show scrupulously avoids discussing solution that works great FOR NEARLY EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED COUNTRY ON EARTH, ie centralized healthcare, ie medicare for all. Why go to such lengths to detail the symptoms of a problem (decentralized, for-profit healthcare) while ignoring the root cause/disease? Why would they avoid this topic? I wonder why they would avoid this topic?

A surprisingly entertaining yet informative podcast on healthcare costs   (5/5)

This is podcast that does a great job of humanizing issues surrounding the healthcare industry, in a way that keep it entertaining and down-to-earth while being aware of how heavy the subject can be for many people, and seeks to educate its listeners with not only the problems that exist with healthcare costs and their causes, but also viable ways that those problems can be addressed to improve the situation in a meaningful way, and hopefully inspire listeners that real solutions exist and are maybe more accessible than we think. It is also pretty concise when it’s episodes and never drags on, it approaches its topics in a pretty straightforward way. It’s episodes are as worthwhile of a listen for their length as you’ll find anywhere, to come away feeling more informed about a vital topic, yet engaged in the storytelling offered.

Liked the first season   (2/5)

Then he got toatally off message and is doing medical feel good stories. Didn't come for an infomercial. Sadly unfollowing.

Great podcast on the cost of healthcare   (5/5)

Great podcast on the cost of healthcare in America. I’ve learned some good tips on how to be my own healthcare advocate.

A Stellar Podcast on a Terrible Reality   (5/5)

The first podcast (or any media coverage actually) that I've seen tackle the US healthcare system soly and head on. Like a college course in sociology, this podcast makes me feel less crazy and less of an idiot. It makes me realize that it's the systems around me that are completely skrewed up, and that is a strangely comforting realization.

Great   (5/5)


This podcast   (5/5)

makes me feel less alone. I work and have a great job. I have insurance that is pretty good. I’m lucky in some ways but I have medical conditions I did not ask for and that there is no known way to prevent. I can’t afford all my medical needs. hearing this podcast reminds me I am not as alone in this boat as I feel sometimes.

Awesome!   (5/5)

I’m in health insurance business and just love this podcast. Stories are well research and interesting. Great job!

Your missing to point   (1/5)

The question to ask is what is the profit margin. The problem with this host is the he only looks at the direct costs of services and completely overlooks to overhead of running medical facilities. Let’s say it costs a hospital 100 a year to run. My guess is that 80 dollars of this overhead. 20 dollars of the cost is directly related to the services being rendered. The hospital, if private, will need to bring in 120 to reasonably stay open. Hospitals have to figure out how to bring in that money. So, they may mark an aspirin up 10x. They are trying to find revenue. The real question are two. 1 How to lower the overhead expenses of medicine. Not nit picking over individual services. 2. Figure out how to have every person pay for services. If someone figures these two things out, healthcare is solved. Complaining about how much an MRI cost is stupid and solves nothing. If hospitals loose the revenue of an MRI, they will raise prices elsewhere to make up the revenue difference.

Empowering Podcast   (5/5)

I am currently dealing with issues after a (luckily!) lifetime of health. I have no idea how to navigate the healthcare system, other then purchasing insurance. This podcast give me ideas on my treatment options and choices (and how to advocate for myself when it comes to billing). I had NO idea I could shop around for an MRI! All I know is when my doctor ordered it, I went down the hall and got it, then got a $3,000 bill, $1,500 of which I was responsible for. Last time I do that! The same goes for prescriptions, I’m willing to take the time to do some research and shopping around for reasonable prices (hello Canadian pharmacies !!!). Please keep up the good work, this podcast should be required listening when you check into your doctor’s office

Informative and entertaining   (5/5)

Full of useful information everyone should hear in today's complex medical economy! From consumers, to families, as well as billers and providers, it's well worth listening!

Highly recommend   (5/5)

A really interesting podcast, about a topic many of us can relate to. Well worth the time to subscribe and listen.

Thank you for this show   (5/5)

I heard you on 99% invisible and I’m absolutely loving the fact that you’re exposing all of the things I’ve experienced and said is wrong with our health insurance in this country for the last 10 years! We have had insurance issues dating back to 2008 because we paid our own insurance for so many years. Please keep exposing all of these issues. Also thank you for keeping politics out of the show. We’ve lived under self insurance both pre Obamacare and post Obamacare on the exchanges and frankly nothing changed except premiums still kept going up like they had before. Our healthcare system is broken in this country and I’ve yet to see a good fix by anyone in politics!

All the marbles   (4/5)

A good example of how a major illness can mess up a family. It does seem that when the protagonist was looking for insurance I pre-Obamacare Texas she could have applied to the Texas risk pool. Anyone who couldn’t get insurance because of a pre-existing condition could buy insurance from the pool. It was God awful expensive but the lady could have got coverage.

This conversation is important   (5/5)

Thanks for giving this issue the attention it deserves. Our healthcare system has been engineered for maximum opacity to the greater benefit of corporate America. Instead of helping people in needs, the healthcare system takes advantage has been allowed to take advantage of people in the time of maximum vulnerability. Hopefully the conversations in this podcast will contribute to the redesign of a healthcare system focused on protecting the lives of American citizens instead of the financial interests of shareholders.

Head spinning!   (5/5)

Well told and slightly terrifying.

Great conversation about our healthcare system.   (5/5)

Dan Weissman’s investigative reporting and reflections on our healthcare system are eye-opening and insightful.

Fantastic content and editting   (5/5)

The content of this show is heartbreaking and important for all of us. Great production quality, too.

Keep rocking it   (5/5)

I really liked your show on the exorbitant cost of medical braces and how you can find them online for cheaper.

Every American Needs to Listen to this Podcast   (5/5)

As a 45-year-old American woman living with Multiple Sclerosis who spent years paying for health insurance out of pocket (and fortunately was insured at the time of my MS diagnosis because we know how THAT would have turned out pre-ACA), I really appreciate Dan's candid and thorough investigation of this "health care" system we have in the United States. We are so clueless in this country about how health care works and the only way to fix it is to be educated about it; Dan's podcast is a great place to start!

Informative and Engaging   (5/5)

I thought I new a decent amount about healthcare, but this podcast showed me there's still a ton to learn. Healthcare costs are obscured from the public, and Dan is bringing this, and so much more about the industry, to our attention. I can't wait for future seasons.

How to Fix Healthcare (and How to Find Workarounds Until We Do)   (5/5)

Dan has done something great here, that only a reporter could do. He has brought real stories together with real strategies to manage real problems that real people have. This industry is so corrupt, and Dan exposes it for what it is – with warmth and empathy for those affected and their families. I've listened to every episode so far, and I think that the best one is from the Renaissance fair. It will make you feel better about our shared future.

Should be mandatory listening   (5/5)

Finally, someone is reporting about the actual cost of healthcare being ridiculously high. This should be mandatory listening. It’s time to change the costs of healthcare in this country.

Love it   (5/5)

Interesting stories, important facts. Truly a great listen!

I honestly feel less alone hearing that lots of people are in the same boat as me   (5/5)

As a heavy consumer of healthcare, for things I can’t control, I enjoy hearing these stories. It’s less policy wonk and more human interest

Fascinating and useful   (5/5)

I am learning so much I did not know about healthcare. And lots of it very useful! For example I did not know that anything in the healthcare world was negotiable. But the Renaissance Fair people helped me understand that. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more!

very informative, our healthcare system need to change!   (5/5)

very informative, our healthcare system need to change!

great project   (5/5)

This is a show that's been waiting to be made about the costs we all pay in the US for bizarre Planet Healthcare. Glad that Dan went out on a limb with An Arm and a Leg.

Fascinating & intelligent with a sense of humor   (5/5)

Dan Weissman’s charm, affability and intelligence guide this fascinating podcast about the state of health care in the U.S. Weissman’s rich voice and compassionate tone adds a lot of dimension to the compelling narratives of how Americans navigate the confusing and often contradictory landscape of obtaining healthcare and health insurance. Funny, informative, and well worth your time. Subscribe! 5 stars.

IMPORTANT Listen for Any Provider   (5/5)

I am currently earning my Doctor of Physical Therapy at Northwestern University in Chicago and I really appreciate how this show has augmented my health care education both as a consumer and future provider. It is extraordinarily well-researched, compassionate, and purposeful storytelling. Any episode is honestly a good place to start. I cannot wait for Season 2!

Refreshing podcast on broken system   (5/5)

This podcast is what we are missing. Why do we not talk more about this absurd healthcare system we have? Dan and his team do a great job at keeping the real human costs front and center while showing us the mechanisms that work to keep people sick, in debt, or killed. I look forward to every episode. Some even make me hopeful that things will change.

Nubló   (5/5)

Such sharp reporting and interesting stories. Love the host!

Learning AND laughing   (5/5)

This podcast has been so fascinating, and way more entrants I expected. I’m learning, getting angry about the HC system, feeling connected to others in the same boat, and laughing at the same time.

Finally!   (5/5)

A show unraveling the costs of health care in a way I can FINALLY understand.

Informative and scary   (5/5)

I am routinely shocked by the stories in this series. We need to figure out a better way to pay for healthcare!

Premium quality podcast on an important topic   (5/5)

Dan is a pro and that's obvious when you listen. He takes an important topic and applius broadcast quality standards with all of the non-broadcast attributes of podcasting. It's deep, simple, entertaining and interesting. And most of all, helpful. My favorite episode so far was #4 where Dan talks about the health insurance selection process. Stay tuned. It's good for your health.

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

This is a conversation I have a lot with people, but never see people reporting about. Thank you for this!

The podcast everyone needs   (5/5)

Dan manages to bring levity to the the serious and frightening topic of healthcare costs in the United States. We have all heard the stories of the huge bills from doctors or ER visits and regard them as anomalies. Turns out they more common than we think. Dan is an excellent, insightful reporter, and as he says: we’re screwed, but we’re in this together.

Binged it!   (5/5)

Had a driveway moment listening to this insightful and compelling.

Insurance coverage is a nightmare.   (5/5)

Great podcast. We often leave these conversations out, maybe due to feeling ashamed or non-relatable. Glad that Dan is documenting and making this a relevant topic to discuss amongst friends and family.

Asl student   (5/5)

Compelling storytelling, great stories!

Love the first few   (5/5)

Here’s hoping this teaches me something. Unfortunately health insurance is an area I feel less than prepared to handle every time it comes up. Love hearing I’m not alone and that I might know more then next time it comes up in my life.

Power in numbers   (5/5)

Just so much gratitude for making these stories visible. We are not alone in the struggle to make sense of this unreasonable, greed driven system. Three cheers for health!

Beautifully Produced, Amazing Storytelling   (5/5)

If you are looking for a gripping tale on the American Healthcare system told without any political bias and in a captivating form of storytelling, this is the podcast for you. I look forward to many more seasons of this podcast, and if you like the show, please spread it with your friends.

Super important/relevant   (5/5)

I have been waiting for a podcast to come out just on this very topic. The healthcare system thrives in part by being hard to understand and navigate, so being able to have this broken down is not only interesting but empowering.

Educational and entertaining   (5/5)

Not sure how but the host has taken what has historically been a very dry subject and made it entertaining as well as educational. I'm so excited to hear (and learn) more.

Great Stories & Educational too!   (5/5)

Binged-listened to all 3 episodes so far & they were fantastic - great stories of everyday people dealing with the system. Loved the humor in adversity aspect too.

Hard to believe...   (5/5)

I'm stunned by the price we pay for healthcare in this country and blown away by the lengths some people will go to in order to secure coverage for themselves and their families. With the recent attacks on the Affordable Care Act this podcast couldn't be more timely. Plus, the host manages to inject a little humor making this a surprisingly entertaining listen.

Well overdue   (5/5)

The host has seen the blind spot in our society, and is tackling this topic head on. We need this more than we know - let us hope this helps spark some real change in the “industry” through more understanding of the problems.

A much needed show   (5/5)

An honest and apolitical study of an entirely fixable problem that we as a society in the US have become completely inured to. I love the way in which Dan Weissmann has produced a show whose subject is compelling and complex but delivered in a thoughtful and accessible way. An Arm and a Leg is a must listen for anyone who has ever received a medical bill and felt panicked, fleeced, or that the setup is not entirely fair.

I knew this was going to be eye-opening   (5/5)

As someone with a huge health care burden myself, I know how terrifying my corner of the health care world is. It’s simply astounding to hear other people’s stories and perspectives and to know that I’m not alone on this, and to hear about the variety of ways our health care system is broken well beyond my issues with it. Kudos to Dan for telling this important, and underreported, story.

Refreshing   (5/5)

What a refreshing look at health care in the USA! Instead of a politics focus, this show takes the listener on a journey with compelling stories from citizens who are dealing with our often-convoluted health care system on a daily basis. Dan Weissmann, the host, does a marvelous job of keeping this podcast about potentially terrifying and depressing topics upbeat, hopeful, and informative. Highly recommend!

! ! Love Love Love this Podcast ! !   (5/5)

I absolutely LOVE this podcast! It’s great! Who the hell would’ve thought that a podcast topic, such as healthcare, medical bills, affordability of care, access to healthcare.. etc.. etc.. (a topic that can easily make you go crosseyed & feel incredibly helpless) would actually be Very interesting, funny, real, raw, and a breath of fresh air! Well it turns out that I actually really love this podcast! It’s great! I will be encouraging my friends & family to listen to this! Just wanted to share my thoughts for those who are looking for a new podcast to listen to that this is worth your time ... it’s surprisingly Not boring lol. I’ll be sending a contribution to this podcast.... because it’s people like this guy who risked everything to start his own podcast & dive deep into the heath care industry, sharing regular people’s stories & giving them a voice when they felt they didn’t have one. It’s podcasts like this that give me faith in humanity lol.

Looking forward to more!   (5/5)

Just listened to the first 3 episodes and already learned a lot about how the health care system got this way. Stories are compelling and important.

There but for the grace...   (5/5)

This podcast is intelligent and entertaining. It illuminates the struggles that so many people face regarding healthcare. It really brought it home to me that sticking out a job simply for the insurance is necessary for so many. Without excellent insurance, I would not be able to hear or see.

I live this everyday.   (5/5)

My husband and I are small business owners. We can’t afford health insurance because a year of insurance premiums for a family of 4 for 12 months $7,265 plus $5,000 deductible per person. A few months ago my daughter got into something she shouldn’t have an aye it. A trip the ER with Her no insurance, 4 hrs total, 10 min with a dr, and blood work $3,002. But you know insurance companies don’t need to be regulated by the government. They will just keep posting those record profits while telling everyone they have to charge that much for insurance.

Fantastic Show!   (5/5)

Dan does a great job dissecting and reporting on such a daunting and taboo topic. I’m so happy that somebody is putting out these kinds of stories that remind us we’re not all alone under this mountain of debt.

Entertaining and Urgent   (5/5)

Love these stories, all put together with thought, care, and a sense of humor about a super serious and important topic!

Perfect timing   (5/5)

So exhasperated by our busted system! Glad to have an outlet for this aside from crying into the ether

Compelling stories   (5/5)

How regular people experience and struggle with healthcare costs. The back stories are CRAZY. So that’s how it (doesn’t) work! Weissmann knows how to tell a story that draws you in.

Could not be more timely   (5/5)

This is an engaging and thoughtful look at our broken health care system from an experienced reporter on these issues.

Right on time   (5/5)

This is SO needed right now. Thanks for creating this and sharing these stories.

can't wait   (5/5)

This is just what we need.

timely and fun   (5/5)

This podcast is perfect for this moment. Dan's stories are informative and surprisingly fun considering the stress-inducing nature of American healthcare costs.