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Androids and Alligators is the love child of A3K and Josh Michaels. This podcast relies heavily on characters and improv along with movie reviews, pop culture references and all around good fun.

Episode 11- Freddy Kruger or Freddy Cougar?
Have got a show for you this week. In this episode we celebrate our 10th episode, unfortunately this was our 11th episode OUR BAD! Other than that this episode is full of hot bits. Josh gets real weird taking compliments, The guys discuss their halloween costumes, We play some improv game, Josh takes Andrew to the comedy corner. Also the guys take calls and review Thor: Ragnarok and brown power ranger from episode 10 stops by and explains why he's bummed the Dodgers didn't win the World Series (spoiler aler...

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Episode 10- Dad On Them Haters
This one is one hot episodie pop! Josh hosts a new bit called "To Ke$ha Predator" and its awful. Andrew returns from his short 4 hours as a part of team 10. We go in deep on Andrew's time as a background actor in a Neyo music video and as a body double for Melania Trump. Josh embarks on Sober-ish October. Josh sits down with the CREATOR of the Suicide Drink. We uncover a lost interview from the set of the original Power Rangers with the top secret Brown Power Ranger. All this and more on this episode of And...

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Episode 9 - Andrew joins Team 10
On todays episodie pop WE HAVE NEW SPONSORS!! Andrew sits down for an interview with a vampire, The guys play "Shot or Stabbed", and introduce a new segment " We Watched IT". Shot Sounds run rampant and we sit down for a one on on interview with the legendary Kim Jong-Dong The one and Only North Korean Porn star.       Music by :   Facbook: Twitter: DroidsNGators NOT SNAPCHAT!!!...

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Episode 8- Salma Hayek or Sell My Kayak?
This week has got the goods! The guys get Salma Hayak to come to the studio and have a nice talk getting to know her. The Cash Me Outside girl has an epiphany on life. Common sayings everyone knows and totally say all the time, also Steven Seagull pitches his new movie "Flock of Seagulls"   Music by :   Facbook: Twitter: DroidsNGators NOT SNAPCHAT!!!...

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Episode 7- The guys get ROASTED at a sandwich shoppe
The guys get a new sponsor that Josh doesn't know about, A3k rats out Josh to the Rift Police, they get ROASTED on location at a new sandwich shoppe, They discuss the new season of House Of Cards that they totally have both seen and A3k's racist neighbor stops by.   Music by :   Facbook: Twitter: DroidsNGators NOT SNAPCHAT!!!...

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Episode6- H.A.C.K. To The Future
After the events that happened last week the guys lost their sponsors and confront the whistle blower. A flat earther comes in to inform the "sheeple' of the governments hidden agenda. Josh even wears his interview clothes! An alien joins the guys and they travel back to the future and learn how the next 10 years will pan out.     Music by :   Facbook: Twitter: DroidsNGators NOT SNAPCHAT!!!...

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Episode 5 - All our biggest Fans Hate Us.
Join us for another episode of Androids and Alligators. In this episode the boys have a chat with the wonderful the beautiful Gutierrez who took it to Wells Fargo and got us all this sweet ass podcast equipment. Also a girl who stood up Josh for a date calls in and explains herself. The boys give their review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.   Music by :   Facbook: Twitter: DroidsNGators NOT SNAPCHAT!!!...

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Episode 4- Androids and Alligators: the Musical: The Podcast
The wait is over! After some time off we are back with a very musical edition of the podcast. Join us while Josh sings an ode to Julius Kessler, A homeless man from Starbucks stops by, We interview the Lizard Andrew murdered on accident, We talk our favorite TV shows of all time and Andrew sings a song to the great Tim Allen!     Be sure to Subscribe, Rate and Review! music

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Episode 3- Josh Michaels / Hulk Hogan
Episode 3 is here! In this episode me and Josh Michaels get some new sponsors, we cover shitty childhood memories, we review power rangers, Wrestlemania 33 and play a game we call " Swedish swear words or IKEA furniture" Big Shout out to my boy Frankie Valentine for editing and making this episode our best sounding one yet. He's a music producer/engineer and has a heart of gold. You need anything recorded or need some hot fire beats? thats your guy right there. Now available on iTunes, Google Play, Sticher ...

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Episode 2- Dj Penn/Victor Fuentes
Episode 2 is coming in HOT! This week my dear friend/ soy sauce lover Steve Munoz aka Dj Penn stops by and we have a good solid chat covering such hot topics from living that HIGH life, Music, The Universe and how he became Dj Penn. Also a very special guest Victor Fuentes stops by and tried to slang some tatts.   Now available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!! Instagram: Itsmea3k Twitter: androidsngators Snapchat: itsmea3k     music

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#1- Josh Michaels
Welcome to Androids and Alligators, a weekly comedy podcast! Each week we'll be bringing you not only comedy and in depth interviews but also meet some new characters and explore the world around us. Join us each and every week.   Todays episode features Josh Michaels, a hot up and coming comic who stops by and shares his stories and have a good chat.   Intro Music:

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