Aggregated reviews for Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Join host Anna Faris, in an ongoing weekly experiment where she attempts to gain insights into the world by talking to celebrity guests and by giving out completely unqualified advice to callers, often with the help of much more qualified expert guests.

Maura Tierney (5/5)

I thought this was a good podcast. Everyone was entertaining but didn’t agree with some of the advice you gave the second caller. Also, you talked over Maura a few times & you thought it was funny to mispronounce her name as if it’s not important. Other than that, it was good.

Please stop the improv! (1/5)

The old format with Sim was much better in my opinion. The improv is cringeworthy and uncomfortable.

Loved Tig’s episode (5/5)

Love Anna!! Gotta say, a lot of these recent crap reviews keep mentioning a Sim person. I personally don’t care for the sidekicks on most of these celebrity podcasts. I’m listening to Anna Faris. I guess I’m kinda crazy for listening to the owners of these podcasts. Anywho, I vividly remember Sharon Stones episode, so introspective!! And this one with (Tig) Jerry’s relationship advice call really shocked me. I literally experienced similar crap behavior with a woman I thought was the love of my life. She was NOT, and Jerry described the same behavior that makes you feel not worthy of their tiny bits of attention. Well, I am worthy of more, and so is Jerry. Hope he goes grey rock on that guy.

Please no more improv (4/5)

Love this podcast, but please stop with the improv! The guests are obviously uncomfortable through it, and it’s uncomfortable for the listener. I really loved Tig’s episode because their was no improv and she was not worried about pleasing Anna...LOL! Glad your back Anna, and I love the new setup!

Not like it used to be (1/5)

I used to be a fan of the podcast. The improv sections became way too long and boring. I started skipping them to get to the calls. Now I just skip the podcast all together.

Concerned about the advice (2/5)

Anna seems to always give such bad advice. It is clearly coming from a place of her own trauma and broken relationships, but to basically tell every caller to protect thier heart and not try to see/talk about the issues from other perspectives causes more damage than help these people.

Not addressing things (1/5)


The fans deserve better (1/5)

For the podcast to be on hiatus as long as it was with no explanation is one thing. For Anna to not address it or the changes at all? Nope. I’m done. You expect people to share their private lives and issues with you, but won’t do the same. Very disappointing.

New episodes are terrible (1/5)

I was an early and avid listener of this podcast. However, what once was a funny, original, and engaging show, is now a boring and redundant vanity project. For all his faults, Sim kept the show silly and funny, but now Anna keeps doing these creepy skits that are so cringeworthy. Also, is Anna on something?

What is with the improv?? (4/5)

Ugh! Anna!! I frickin love this podcast but the improv stuff is CRINGEY Af and everyone can tell the guests don’t want to do it. Please stop

Focus more on the guests (3/5)

Podcast seems better organized now, but the endless skits are still a nuisance to listen to IMO. I love Anna and her interaction with the guests, but I wish it was more focused on them and not Anna’s alter egos.

Please get help (1/5)

This show used to be great. The guests continue to show up and entertain but Ana’s speech, reaction time and comments are so impeded by either alcohol or opiates that its become impossible to listen to. Get it together, girl.

Welcome Back! (5/5)

I love your podcast so much!! What happened to Sim though? Is he only doing the new show with Topher Grace? I miss the vibe of having you both. But I anticipate your new episode each week. Helps me get through my day!

Not Laughing! (1/5)

This podcast has changed. It is too serious now like Off Camera. I miss the old podcast that was flip and fun. I guess we all grow up but something cherished has perished. I love the old stuff.

Welcome back (4/5)

After the long awkward silence.... I think I like the podcast better now! The first episode back with Allison was great!

Love Her! (5/5)

Anna is so sweet and agreed with most that the new format is great! Also I could seriously listen to her and Busy Phillips talk all day long!❤️❤️

Where sim at? (1/5)

No explanation?? You owe us at least that!

Love it (5/5)

I like how intimate the conversations are and how vulnerable Anna sounds. It’s sweet overall. It’s a return to the more caring side. ❤️

New Format (5/5)

I am very pleased with the new format of the podcast. It seems more genuine and from the heart.

Welcome back (4/5)

So glad to hear you back in the podcast world. The new format is more intimate and conversational. Anna is inspiring, funny and a great host. And no, Anna doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. She took a hiatus from the podcast. That’s her explanation.

i LOVE anna but..... (2/5)

I’m new to this podcast and was immediately in love w the idea of Anna + celeb guests, she has some amazing guests on this show (allison brie, ashley benson, etc.) and I was so excited to listen into a conversation but what on earth is up with the weird improv scenarios?!? I found myself skipping more of the episode than listening because the “improv” lasted wayyyy too long and wasn’t relevant or funny. Bummed. :-(

Used to love but now.. (1/5)

Where have you been- your fans deserve an explanation. So much respect lost

Love the new format (5/5)

So glad you’re back! I was a little surprised by the new format - I had gotten so used to the back and forth with your co-host - however sometimes it took away from the pacing and got too off track. Now it feels more intimate and I love it.

Love the new Format! (5/5)

So glad it is back! This new format reminds me of the original episodes and why I loved listening to Anna on my hour long drive to work! I am so glad Sim is gone! He was so annoying! Always interrupting and his anxiety ridden voice was hard to listen to.

Something new. (2/5)

Edited 10/14/19 Miss the male perspective whenit come to callers. This used to be a pretty good podcast. But in the past few weeks they either have not done a podcast or done a mishmash of calls/dealbreakers and called it new.

Big fan from your beginnings (5/5)

Starting backwards makes it fun. Til I come back to the end. Amazing Anna!! Monty is the little engine that couldn't! Always waiting . . . Always must be having fun. CptReloads

Great again!!! (5/5)

Great show again. Thank you!!!

Lost it’s way (1/5)

I unsubbed this podcast a few weeks before they disappeared. The show lost its way and became a circle jerk of Anna’s annoying improve characters that were more jarring than funny. The guests were clearly thrown off by this more often than not and it got uncomfortable to sit through. I gave it another try after Sim left thinking he was the problem since he was also incredibly annoying, and it’s just gotten worse. It’s also pretty bad form to not address the break at all. Bummer, it used to be so fun.

What happened???? (2/5)

I miss the old format, I miss Sim. This season is so much less fun.

You need Sim (1/5)

I need Sim back. It’s not the same without him.

Happy to be back (5/5)

So much better without Sim, left for an awful podcast and cheaply promoted it through this channel. So happy Anna is back talking to interesting guests

We love you Anna (5/5)

So happy you’re back! We’ve missed you

What happened?! (2/5)

The show was much better with Sim, when Anna would drift into self centered soliloquy and sound like a self centered actress Sim would swoop in just in time to change the subject before Anna become completely unlikable (how many times did we have to hear her horny girl impression) it is at times uncomfortable how happy Anna gets when the subject shifts back towards herself. I really miss the sweet Anna of the early podcast. Without Sim I find Anna to be simply not likable and the conversations lack any depth without someone to steer them past Anna’s Hollywood problems. Not addressing what happened to 50% of the show is also a very strange route to take.

Loveeeeee! Weird diaries & all! (5/5)

Just re-listened to the Bill Hader episode and was laughing so much at you guys. You say the caller should write a ‘weird diary’ with a picture of pancakes and Bill is very against it. Love it. && loveeeeee the podcast. So happy we are getting new ones!

Love the new format (5/5)

I liked the podcast before, but I LOVE it now that it’s returned with the new format! I like the new music, and it feels more intimate and genuine with just Anna and the guest!

Changed for the worse (2/5)

The show format was so much better before. The cohost/host aspect kept things really light and relatable. Now the show feels way less interesting. The advice used to be more fun with a mix of serious, now its a little too deep for me. Bummed because this show was my favorite! Now I’ll probably find a different podcast

Great new episode! (5/5)

So happy to have you back Anna! Really enjoyed the new style/format!

I tried again (1/5)

Nope. Nope. Nope. I tried listening again. Was a big fan with her earlier stuff. Her interview skills are terribly executed, especially when she integrates her improv. I completely shut down when she started singing the star spangled banner. Her banter seems more mechanical rather than natural. And I would have never realized how much sim put into the show until he was gone. This has completely morphed into Anna Faris just being your cup of tea regardless of how good or bad you think the podcast is. I can now safely put this show rest. Goodbye.

Thank goodness Anna is back!!!!!! (5/5)

Update 10/2/2019: I am so happy Anna is back! No more Topher Grace on this podcast! Anna, thank you for returning! This fan truly missed you! I am sooooo NOT interested in anything Topher Grace has to say! First couple of times he popped on I thought they were just advertising for his new show, but this has gotten ridiculous! If Anna is off for the summer, doesn’t want to do this anymore, etc, please tell the listeners. No matter how many episodes of Topher Grace you play, you will not be able to force him down our throats!

A tight lipped riot! (5/5)

Just found this a week ago and listen to about 4 episodes a day on my drive to and from work. Anna is an utter joy and uts refreshing to hear a woman talk just like me. Her podcast had led me to new tv shows and podcasts due to her guests. **8/29/18 update: too many ad reads. Super lengthy. Way too much chatter from Sim. Give me more Anna! **10/1/19 our prayers have been answered! All Anna and a guest. Not more extra voices or Ed McMahons!

Unqualified is back! (5/5)

This first episode back reminded me of older episodes! Happy this podcast is back!

Perfect podcast (5/5)

I missed you so much Anna!

Yay Anna’s back!!!!! (5/5)

Love the new format!!! The wait was worth it!!!

So happy it’s back!! (5/5)

Yay! I’m so happy Anna is back!

I love you Anna (5/5)

Welcome back we love you so much and your so talented, such a bright joy in my life I’d your podcast

Yay!! (5/5)

She’s finally coming back! I cannot wait for September 30th!!!

Is the show canceled? (5/5)

Not sure if this podcast is canceled but there have been no new episodes from Anna Farris since March. After that it is old content rehashed and then a series of Topher Grace’s podcast published/pushed to the “Unqualified” subscribers. There’s no mention of a hiatus on the official website and no new content since mid June. Loyal fans would like to know if this podcast is canceled or when new Unqualified with Anna Farris episodes will return if not. I love the show but mainly listen for Anna and will unsubscribe if it’s over, or if they continue to push other creators content under the Unqualified brand. TL;DR: is this show canceled? Inquiring minds wanna know

Just tell us it’s over (1/5)

Listen. It’s obvious that something happened between Sim and Anna since Sim and Amy no longer follow Anna on any social media. Though I find it it pretty unprofessional for Sim to use Unqualified to promote his new podcast with Topher Grace when he obviously has no working relationship with Anna anymore. I find this whole thing unprofessional and petty and I am about to unsubscribe because I signed up for unqualified advice and not 5 months of Topher Grace. Just announce that it’s over and move on.

Love Anna (4/5)

She’s a treasure.

Where’s Anna? (3/5)

I’m confused on where the unqualified podcast is, did topher take it over now? Please come back!

Is this ever coming back? (5/5)

Why have there not been new episodes for so long!? Is it coming back? I miss this podcast!

We miss you!! (5/5)

I’ve been so bored at work no new episodes, anxiously waiting, hope all is well over there in Anna Ferris Land!

Where is Anna??? (2/5)

I subscribed to ANNA FARIS podcast, where is she?!? I don’t want to hear anyone else. Stop listening since I haven’t heard her.

Where are you? We miss you! (5/5)

I hope all is well.

Come back, we miss you </3 (5/5)


So, so sad (3/5)

Unqualified is literally the best podcast out there and the only one that I highly anticipate. Five star content. Now that it’s gone, my car rides to work have gotten a lot more gloomy. Please come back Anna and Sim! Or at least let us know what the heck is going on! Topher is great and all but he’s no Anna Faris, that’s for sure...

Love both shows but confused (2/5)

I like both minor adventures and unqualified, but I’m confused as to why the podcast has basically just become minor adventures? I would have appreciated an explanation as to why the switch happened... it’s frustrating to think there’s a new unqualified show and it’s really just minor adventures... giving two stars for the poor communication on the changes. Treat your listeners better. Anna posted in APRIL that they’d be back soon.... do they consider “soon” to be almost 4 months?! What is going on?

Used to love this podcast. Disrespectful to listeners. (1/5)

I loved this podcast. It gave me so many nuggets of wisdom and countless hours of entertainment. I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to their “dear listeners” to a) not announce a hiatus, and b) not offer an update. Instead, they’ve just filled my feed with shows I’m not interested in. I don’t know if the 5 month hiatus is related to the I heart radio merger or if it is because of something happening in their personal lives. Obviously, Anna, Sim, and company don’t owe listeners content or intimate details if it is due to a personal matter. However, as a top podcast, if they truly cared about their “dear listeners”, they would give an update or more of an explanation, not just an Instagram post saying “we’ll be back soon!”. If the podcast has run its course, that is sad but fine; they still need to let us know. As a long time listener, I was a bit frustrated that they were replaying old calls but was willing to overlook that. This nearly half year silence with no update is rude. Won’t be tuning in again, if they ever do in fact release new episodes.

Where are you?! (5/5)

Oh my gosh I’m having withdrawals!! I miss you guys so much. Hope everything is well!!! Come back soon like super soon please!!!

Dumb (1/5)

Dumb show

Disappointed (2/5)

Unqualified is such a fun podcast and can entertain me through workouts, long drives, you name it. It is no longer unqualified, so I had to unsubscribe. Please stop putting a different show out under this name. Miss you Anna, but your listeners also deserve a little more respect.

I miss you, Anna. (5/5)

Anna, please come back. I miss your podcast so much. You are hilarious, down to earth, and thoughtful. I hope you're okay. <3

Not Anna (2/5)

I first subscribed and enjoyed listening to Anna, she’s the face but no longer is the personality and conducts the interviews. They should remove the pic of Anna, feels like a bait and switch

Time to say goodbye... (1/5)

The episodes hit more than miss in my opinion. When it does miss, or doesn’t really flow or work as well, I have a tough time making it through the episode. I don’t know who some of the guests are each week, but the advice segments are interesting. The improv segments are okay, but tend to feel predictable after hearing a few. Anna does seem like a rare down-to-earth celebrity who would be a great hang. Update: The above was a review of the podcast Anna Faris hosted with Sim Sarna as her producer. I really don’t like the idea of inserting a new podcast on this feed, although I understand the reasoning. You are trying to grow an audience for Topher’s show. Wonderful. But, I am not a fan of the format and will unsubscribe from this feed until Anna returns with new episodes. And if this is it for Anna’s show, for what it is worth I did enjoy it.

Unsubscribed (1/5)

Sorry, not right to leave a podcast for months with no explanation. Had to unsubscribe!

Thanks ret (5/5)

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Where’s Anna? (5/5)

I’ve really liked Unqualified but it has disappeared! It seems to have been co-opted by Topher Grace. Is Anna taking a break, or has she given up on the podcast?

What Is Going On Here? (1/5)

Where has Unqualified gone???? I’m weeping : ( I don’t want to listen to Minor Adventures. This used to be a fav, now I just deleted : (

Less Sim, please. (3/5)

I used to LOVE this podcast. But I kinda can’t stand Sim’s constant interjections. Isn’t he a producer? Shouldn’t we not be hearing him at all? We came to hear Anna and her guest. I even tried to listen to Topher Grace’s new podcast, but the second I heard Sim start blabbing I was like NOPE, UNSUBSCRIBE. Haven’t listened in months because of this, sadly. I hope to be able to come back and listen without being annoyed. Love you, Anna!

I love this show but (5/5)

Where did it go??!! Are you okay??!! I subscribed to listen to my girl, not topher, no offense.

Funny! (5/5)

Keeps me entertained on my commute. Wish they’d post new episodes soon!

Congratulations on the move to Iheart radio top 40 (5/5)

You made my days so much better! Wish you could broadcast on both platforms give us more please, and keep doing what you do! Love you!!!

This is no longer Unqualified (1/5)

About to unsubscribe because there hasn’t been a new episode of Unqualified in months. Every week a new episode of minor adventure is in my queue instead. If I wanted to listen to Minor Adventures I would subscribe to that podcast.

What happened? (1/5)

Where is Anna? Loved this podcast before the format changed. Feels like a promotion platform for sims new show.

So weird (1/5)

This is so weird I’ve never seen a show just switch to being a completely different show...I would have given the original show five stars...but this is a new show....So bizzare!


This used to be my favorite podcast. I used to wait impatiently for a new episode to come out every week until Anna left and these weird minor adventures started. Its just not good anymore. I want Anna back!!

Crybaby whiners just stop it! (5/5)

Go take a nap and think about what you’ve done. Unqualified is great Anna Faris is great Sim Sarna is great And using the downtime to get a new pod off the ground is perfectly acceptable. It’s very little trouble to simply delete extra non Unqualified eps without dragging the names of good people through the mud. I was going to back off the “crybaby whiners” stuff, but no, when you’re whining about something that is free and easy to regulate you’re just being immature. So you guys (who are trying to trash something good) frankly deserve it. I look forward to hearing more from Anna & Sim when you return. Topher’s pod Minor Adventurers is pretty great too bye the way. Delete the MA episodes in UQ feed and subscribe to the real podcast if you hear what I’m saying.

Meh (3/5)

Good show while it was actually on, but I subscribed to Unqualified, not Minor Adventures. I’d subscribe to that if I wanted to hear it.

Disappointed (1/5)

Used to love this podcast. Unqualified had a great following and hilarious content then Anna disappeared. I refuse to listen to Sim desperately pimp himself and this podcast for money now. Thanks for the memories, Anna.

Seriously fizzled (1/5)

It was a fun pod at the beginning, but Anna and Sim’s charm started wearing thin in recent episodes. Compound this with them shamelessly promoting another podcast in their episode feed, and it’s basically the last podcast you want to stay subscribed to. I’m all for taking a well-deserved break or even stopping the pod, but communicate that better. This is really just shabby treatment.


Where did unqualified go?! This new show is awful. Not what we subscribed to :( please let us know when to come back!!!!

Not so cool Anna and Sim (1/5)

Weeks and weeks go by with no word regarding where your podcast went, and prior to that, weeks of Anna sticking it to Sim, along the lines of feeling a financial obligation to continue on his behalf?? That’s what my ears heard anyway. And Sim, who managed the show beautifully disappoints for not apprising listeners- instead, just shifting to producing Minor Adventures via AFIU. I’m sharing this, because yours was the very first podcast I got turned on to and I truly miss it. I find the whole “ streaming silence” bizarre.

What happened? (3/5)

No seriously, what happened to this podcast that I used to love?

Unsubscribing forever, so disappointed (1/5)

Unsubscribed because we were given absolutely no explanation as to why it went away. Will not be coming back when it returns because I was so disappointed. Was a listener from day 1. I sent in a very difficult question and they never responded. A very heartbroken fan.

Disappointed (1/5)

I was a listener since the start. Then they changed the format, probably to extend a show and add more ads. Then they disappear, and now just publish other content. Unsubscribed.

Love Anna (5/5)

I love Anna and everything she does. She seems to be a workaholic. And now I am worried that something has happened to her. I have never known her to disappear off the radar. I believe the divorce has taken a huge toll on her and wish that she and Chris would get back together. It is obvious that they still love and cherish each other. I would not want to be the new love interest for either of them! Am I the only one who feels this way? Can’t stop worrying about her. Love you Anna.

Anna..... where are you?? Come back please (5/5)

Anna, I know you never read this but Sims please tell Anna we need her back. I’ve been trying to listen to different podcasts I just can’t :( please please come back. You guys made me laugh not obnoxious like others. Please We beg you please I am sure others begging too

I miss you Anna😡😡😡 When are you coming back???? (1/5)

I Love your show😍😍 Keep on Keeping on!! Love, Kristie

Podcast hasn’t been on in months (2/5)

I understand Sim is trying to promote his new Topher Grace podcast, but Anna’s podcast just disappeared without warning. Now all we get are partial episodes of Topher. If I wanted to subscribe to that, I would. I’d be less angered by this if they were still releasing episodes of Unqualified alongside Minor Adventures, but they’re not. And this has been going on for months. Anna’s podcast is great (although I think calls and celeb chats should be one episode), but idk how much longer I can handle this crossover.

Improv (1/5)

I’ve been a listener since the very beginning and loved looking forward to this podcast! I don’t like the new format of splitting the episode into two and the past calls being added in, it seems like filler and with all the ads I feel like only a small portion is enjoyable anymore. I used to not even mind the ads, but now they jump right to them and it disrupts the vibe the last few episodes just felt rushed. And now there hasn’t been a new episode in months.... an update to know what’s going on would be appreciated.

Topher is fine and all, but I’m done. (1/5)

The ghosting makes the previous “I love you guys“ commentary episode after episode seem awfully inauthentic. Just an explanation would have sufficed.

Downhill & unsubscribed (1/5)

It’s a bummer bc I still think Sim and Anna seem nice and sincere. The show used to have a decent structure. They’d actually have a real conversation with the guest Anna normally straying away from any deep questions out of fear of being too pushy which I can get. Then, maybe a couple games which were normally average to good. Every once and a while an improv bit and the first few times they did them it was mildly funny. Then they’d give advice to two calls. Now - there’s really no conversation. At least nothing that interesting. No snappy short game of quick questions. Just a long LOOOONG improv scene that Anna seems to be the only one committed to and unfortunately it just almost never goes off well or in even a remotely funny way. And now they’ve made the calls which were mostly the only reason I listened a separate episode. I think the whole format has gotten screwed, tired and unfunny where it used to be fun, fresh, and lively.

Unqualified is not gone!! (5/5)

On 4/26/2019 The unqualified twitter says new shows are coming soon!! Yay!

Where is Anna?! (1/5)

Having to unsubscribe until the old show comes back 😭😭😭

Goodbye (1/5)

I am sad to say I finally unsubscribed from this podcast. I was a loyal listener from the beginning and loved it. If you need to take a break that’s fine but stop shoving another podcast we might not be interested in down our throats. I understand giving us a preview of one, but week after week they send us a podcast we are not subscribed to, that’s called spamming and it’s not cool. Good riddance.

Good but... (3/5)

... but let the guests speak. Nina Dobrev talking over the DJ and Topher makes it unbearable to listen to.

??? (3/5)

Where’s Anna

Desperately NEED Anna back (5/5)

Please bring back Anna and Sim. Miss their podcast so much. Topher Grace seems cool and all but there is nothing like Anna and Sim. Please Come back soon!

Good when it existed (1/5)

This was the podcast I looked forward to the most each week, and then it just up and disappeared without a word from the creators. Ghosting isn’t cool, y’all!

What happened (3/5)

I’m a new listener, as in maybe 3 months. And when I first started I absolutely loved the show, but as this new Topher Grace podcast started to come out they stopped doing new shows and now it’s just duplicates of the new podcast. Don’t get me wrong the Topher Grace podcast is pretty funny but that’s not what I’m here for. At least give the “dear listeners” some sort of explanation. What happened?! Is Anna ever coming back or is this it.....truly disappointed.

“Minor Adventures” disguised as Unqualified (1/5)

Very unprofessional and disappointing that Unqualified stopped without warning and every new ep is now a completely different show... I understand one cross-over ep, but 3? 4? 5? 10? When will it go back to being Unqualified?

I’m going to unsubscribe if (5/5)

you keep putting Topher Grace in my feed.

Stop Posting Other Podcasts (1/5)

If I was interested in Topher Grace’s podcast I would subscribe to it. Stop posting episodes of his.

This isn’t Unqualified anymore (1/5)

Confusing new format to a completely different podcast with a new host. I am not receiving what I subscribed. Just be straight Anna and Sim and tell us you’re over it.

Used to love it but... (1/5)

Where did it go?

Is Anna Farris ever coming back? (2/5)

Is Anna Farris ever returning?? Curious minds want to know.....

Was my favorite podcasts (1/5)

I previously listened to Unqualified religiously and shared it with my close friends but the new format has me confused and annoyed. I really wish there was some more transparency about this format is happening and what exactly is happening with the million other shows you all are trying to promote. Of course, I love Anna and the thoughtful and insightful conversations she has with her guests but this seems to have stopped and now I’m listening to “flashbacks” of all the shows I have listened to in the pasts. It feels like you all are not respecting our valuable time.

👎🏼 (2/5)

Not liking this new concept unsubscribing until back to normal.

About to unsubscribe (1/5)

I agree with the other “dear listeners”... enough is enough... bring back Unqualified, or just give it up!!!

Loved the podcast.... past tense (1/5)

I was disappointed when you split the show into two segments and put in those dumb classic calls (seems lazy and fishing for content....) Now it’s...another podcast? With a different title? And a different concept. If you’re going to keep doing Unqualified, please go back to having meaningful funny conversations with interesting guests and giving NEW heartfelt advice. Please no more bad improv and please no more Topher Grace. He’s great but if I want to listen to his podcast I’ll subscribe to it. Miss the old show, Anna and Sim I hope you are having a nice vacation

How long is this going to go on! (1/5)

Is Anna done?? Is she just taking a break. Unsubscribing until she’s either back or we know what the deal is. Topher is so not interesting. I barely listened to one episode before turning it off.

Is Anna Ever Gonna Be on The Podcast? (2/5)

This podcast was the first time that I actually had fun listening to even though there are a lot of ads, but Anna and Sim made it entertaining. And I understand that may be how they make money from. Lately, I have not been able to enjoy listening to it. For one, Anna has not been on the recent episodes, which it is the whole point to click on. For two, I know they are trying to promote their other podcasts within, but it seems to be much excessive. For last, I guess I am just disappointed to not see the “real” episodes come out. It just appears the whole thing is disastrous. I might change my rating after learning more why this happens.

Great Podcast (5/5)

A Plus, Plus having Topher on the Cast is also a Plus... I just love it! A+++

Go back! (1/5)

I’m not enjoying the gopher grace take over. Please go back.

Not what it used to be (1/5)

I’m not interested in Topher Grace and his gags with Hollywood buddies. If Anna and Sim taught a class on podcasting, I would hope they’d know better than to just change format overnight and just handover their show to someone else. Seems like a bad idea.

Disappointed (2/5)

I absolutely loved the show until it switched to a completely different podcast, I listen because I like listening to anna and sim not gopher grace. I unfortunately I will be unsubscribing, until I hear the original podcast is back!

Finally unsubscribing (1/5)

Was here for Anna and Sim but not for that other podcast that now gets posted here. Good luck to the good ol boys that are now posting on Anna’s podcast.

Why? (3/5)

I lost my podcast virginity to this show and have been a very loyal fan from episode 1! I will always listen to this podcast and come back to it but I am really hurt that it is just gone. I started this podcast my first semester in college and it has helped me tremendously though all of my relationships during this time in my life! I want this amazing podcast to come back and help me finish out my last year in college!

What happened? (1/5)

Where did Anna go??? Is it coming back? Whatever they put out in the meantime is the worst!

Life is too short (5/5)

Reading all these negative reviews and it makes me feel so very sad for people. No one knows the story of why the podcasts dropped out. Maybe there’s no good reason at all. All I know is I am not owed an explanation. If it was a paid subscription I might feel differently. ♥️ hopefully the podcasts will resume and if not there’s an abundance of podcasts to listen to.

Just disappeared (1/5)

I absolutely LOVED this podcast. I’ve listened to every episode. However, I find it pretty tacky of them to just stop doing the podcast with no explanation or reasoning. Countless fans have tweeted to Anna and Sim left numerous comments on instagram, and they won’t say ANYTHING about the state of the podcast. Is it over? Should I unsubscribe? Are they over it? It seems Sim has other priorities and podcasts that he’s worried about at this point. I hate to leave a negative review because I do LOVE this podcast, but it seems fans leaving negative reviews for the podcast is the only way to get their attention and address what the hell is happening. Is the show over, are they just taking a break? Doesn’t seem like they really care for their “dear listeners”. Get it together guys, and address the situation!

Seriously (1/5)

This podcast has been sliding and now they ghost us. I totally get needing a hiatus, but at least give us something along the lines of, “Hey guys, we need a break for a couple months, see you in the summer.” But they can’t even do that.

Used to be Great. (2/5)

Anna Faris is Unqualified was the podcast that got me into the podcast listening world. Lately, the quality has been falling off, then a wave of replay compilations, now, there aren’t even any new episodes of the show and it’s opted into showing a new podcast in its place. There wasn’t communication of this happening, so it’s disappointing. The show itself was really, really great, insightful, and funny, but something’s happened, and I’m not sure if I’m here for being in the dark. For any new listeners, it’s super worth going back to old episodes for a good time!

Disappointed (1/5)

To echo everyone else’s comments - if you needed a break or a hiatus for literally any reason at all, totally understandable. That’s life. However, disappearing and saying absolutely nothing about it? Come on. Not cool, guys. Unsubscribed and it makes me sad :(

Disappointed (1/5)

This used to be my favorite podcast to listen to, but like many other listeners here, it feels like the quality has gone down substantially. First, the commercials. They are so long! I find myself hitting the forward 30 secs button 5 or 6 times. Then, I don’t know how to describe it, but the quality of the interviews and phone calls doesn’t feel as authentic as it used to. I know they are trying to get bigger names on the show, but it just feels very rushed and like Anna and the guest don’t give as much genuine advice as they used to. Also, it’s extremely frustrating to not be given a reason as to why there have been no new episodes and in place getting the Topher Grace podcast. Especially with all the recent feedback - all we want is an explanation!

Disappointed (1/5)

I absolutely adored this podcast. It would be nice to have some kind of an explanation. They used to say they care about their "dear listeners" but leave us without any kind of explanation as to where the podcast went.

Ridiculous (1/5)

Ghosting on your own podcast. Lame.

Over it. (1/5)

I used to love this podcast and look forward to it each week on my commute. As much as I love Anna and Sim, I’m tired of being bombarded by Topher Grace when that isn’t what I subscribed to. Unsubscribing for now— and hoping this show gets back to normal soon!!

Don’t waste your time (1/5)

The show used to be good. Every week you knew what to expect. Now, they have guest podcasts airing or whatever you want to call it. It isn’t Anna Faris though. It’s almost been two months since they had a show air and they haven’t made an attempt to address this. She found time to record and announce her divorce days after it happened, they can find time to announce the show is taking a hiatus. It’s highly inconsiderate to her listeners by remaining silent. Where is the podcast Anna and Sim????

Anna and Sim, I thought you guys were better than this? (1/5)

After nearly 2 years of listening to every episode on Tuesdays and Thursdays, even through the uncomfortable forced improv with guests and Anna moaning that screamed of desperation, to have a major network podcast just fall off and stop producing episodes with no communication is disappointing and doesnt make me want to listen to any of the pods they're now using unqualified to promote. Such a bummer, guys. Huge lack of respect for both of you now.

Where the heck is Anna!! (2/5)

It's been way too long! It's Anna Faris is unqualified. Not "let put another podcast in it's place" with no explanation and no word on when the real one will return. I hope a new episode drops soon, I'm getting quite annoyed now.

This is not Anna Faris anymore. (1/5)

All Topher’s podcast.

What Happened?? (1/5)

Like many of the other “dear listeners” on here, I used to LOVE this podcast. Slowly, they started adding more advertisements. Okay, no problem, I can deal with that. Then, the format of the episodes changed and each one was split into 2 parts. Weird, but whatever. Then, the only “new” episodes that came out were “classic calls”. As someone who has listened to every episode already, this was frustrating because I’d already heard it. Maybe this would be alright if there was a caller update or something but it was just the same recording from episodes we have already heard. Then, they started releasing Sim Sarna’s new show with Topher Grace in place of Unqualified...on the unqualified platform. I understand when existing podcasts will play one episode of a new show to tease it and get their listeners interested but the last 3 episodes of Unqualified that have been released are just Topher Grace’s show. I listened to that and decided to give it a try so I subscribed. Now I’m getting doubles of every episode because Unqualified is still releasing them. What is going on here?? Is Unqualified ever coming back? If not, unfortunately, I think it’s time to unsubscribe. TL:DR- Used to be my favorite podcast but it slowly got worse and worse before disappearing without warning/follow up. Probably time to jump ship.

I’m upset! (1/5)

I didn’t subscribe to this podcast to listen to Topher Grace! I need my Anna time! I thought we were your “dear beloved listeners?” How you just going to drop us like that?!

What happened to Anna (1/5)

Between Topher Grace podcast and old episodes, I’m about to unsubscribe

Late to this party but so happy to binge (5/5)

Anna Feris. What a refreshing take on life. Had me laughing out loud while I was out walking the dog/doing groceries/getting gas. And Sim...oh that voice!

Bummed (1/5)

I used to love this but then anna disappeared with no explanation! It’s messed up.

Disappointed (1/5)

So disappointed that they just disappeared without any communication about it.

What happened? (2/5)

This by far is one of my favorite podcasts. However, it has been weeks now since I have been checking in for new episodes. I was confused and thought maybe I missed an explanation as to why the podcast has been halted. I searched and did not find any explanation. I think it would serve you guys well to provide on explanation of what happened, and if the podcast will resume.

Where in the world is Anna Faris? (1/5)

I think an update as to where this show has been over the last 6ish weeks is expected. I know I am not the only loyal listener that has unsubscribed after being flooded with repeats of shows I’ve already listened to and/or shows that I don’t care to listen to. It’s disappointing to receive no communication as to what is happening lately. We all know that life is busy and you may be preoccupied with other things. That’s understandable, but not communicating this with your listeners is not. I was intrigued by the two minute message from Anna recently and thought it might be the message we’ve all been waiting for, but it was just an ad for the show that we’ve already been bombarded with through the unqualified feed. Don’t we deserve a little more than ongoing weeks of silence?

Is it Over?????? (1/5)

I truly looked forward to the podcast, but there have not been any new shows in over one month. On 4/12 there was a message posted. I was hoping it would be some sort of an update with respect to when & if the show was returning, but it was Anna talking up Topher Grace’s new podcast for about 60 seconds. The next post on 4/14 was Topher Grace’s podcast. If I wanted to listen to his podcast, I’d subscribe to it. Anna always used the words, “dear listeners”. Well how about letting your “dear listeners” know what happened?!?!?

Anna Farris’ fan (4/5)

I became a fan of Anna’s after watching reruns of her sitcom, “mom”. I was fascinated to learn she had a racy explicit podcast. I began listening and I loved it. I got hooked on the episodes and looked forward to new ones. With that said, I’d like to know how come each latest episode is actually a rerun? What’s happened to the celebrity guests and funny comments? I’m hoping our hosts will be back soon with all new content and guests. Peace y’all!

Your dear listeners feel betrayed (1/5)

This used to be my FAVORITE podcast. I listened so much that I felt like Anna was truly one of my close friends!!! Suddenly the podcast started sounding ultra produced, especially the ads. And the podcast was cut into two parts. By the time the Thursday calls came, I couldn’t remember the rapport that was developed with Anna and the guest on Tuesday. And then they started “playing classic calls.” We’ve already heard these and can re-listen whenever we want!! This is an on-demand podcast. Then, out of nowhere, new episodes just stopped. If you’re taking a hiatus or are done, just tell us. But your loyal “dear listeners” are feeling left in a dust with you just disappearing out of nowhere. Not cool.

Very disappointing lately (2/5)

I used to LOVE this podcast and would really look forward to it every week. I’m not sure what’s been going on lately but there just doesn’t seem to be the same effort put in. I loved how the podcast used to have a long time to really connect with the guests and felt like Anna did a great job connecting with them on a more personal level that you usually wouldn’t get to see. I also used to love the advice calls and get to listen to the celeb guests give advice. The past few months the time with the guests drastically decreased and was filled with a bunch more ads. Then they stopped doing any new calls and just played old episode advice calls, which for those who have been listening we had already heard these all before. I kept listening in hopes it would start to get better but it just got worse. Now they pretty much just seem to play clips from old episodes :( I’ve just been super disappointed with it. There hasn’t been anything new in a long time with no update for the listeners as to what is going on. I really up it gets better.

The obvious (5/5)

If I were to make an educated guess. I’d say that either Anna is on vacation, filming on location or getting professional help. I’ll be patient and wait. Topher’s show is good. Especially the lie detector with Whitney Cummings.

So much time wasted (2/5)

I loved this podcast in its early years, now? THERES SO MANY ADDS so much time wasted in those adds as well. Lately theyve been releasing comps. And repeats? Thats annoying and i just unsubscribed to this podcast. Theres plenty more out there...

What happened?! (1/5)

I have been an avid listener for years. I’ve loved this podcast for a long time. So all I can say is what happened?? When you split it into two days, I was deeply disappointed. Like all the other reviews say, instead of two episodes a week, you took one episode and severely shortened all the best parts. The calls are the best part, but no one wants to re-listen to old calls. Maybe updates from past callers, but don’t give us the original audio that is already out there. The biggest issue: WHERE DID YOU GO?! If you’re too busy and need a break, that is OKAY. Just have enough respect for your “dear” listeners to communicate what’s going on. The fact that no comments have been made on the podcast or any social media is ridiculous.

Meh (2/5)

I like the idea of Anna but I’m not into the role playing she likes to do on the show

A downward spiral with no turning back (1/5)

I used to listen to this podcast religiously; it had a perfect formula that made it amazing. Now it’s becoming less and less of what it initially set itself out to be. I’ve found myself skipping episodes and then just deleting them without even finishing them. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve gotten a notification saying that the automatic episode downloads have stopped because I haven’t been listening. At this point I’m not even sure if it can be fixed. There’s better stuff out there; so long unqualified.

Went Way Downhill (2/5)

I used to be obsessed with this podcast. I would so look forward to every episode. But then as the commercialization increased, the quality decreased. With excessive ads came more structured episodes that severely limits time with callers. With success, Anna and Sim began to seem increasingly self absorbed. Things that were amusing once (the improv, Anna’s sex noises) are now excruciating to listen to. So many of the guests seem SO uncomfortable during the improv, and Anna just completely ignores it and does what she wants to do. It seems like very poor host behavior. The advice has also gotten worse, though the guests usually have valuable input. Anna’s advice has always been colored by her own neuroses and hang-ups (and her assumption that everyone else has the same issues she does), but lately some of the advice has made me cringe and some has made me really annoyed. It often seems really out of touch. There’s always been a disclaimer of “we don’t know what we’re talking about”, and I’ve increasingly begun to agree. Officially hitting “unsubscribe.”

Declining in Quality (1/5)

This podcast used to be awesome, but it’s become pretty terrible as of late. First, they divided it in half over two days. That would be okay if it was the same great podcast, but it’s not. Less and less of the podcast is new audio. Less calls are being taken, and calls were by far the best parts of the podcast. The great majority of the celeb interviews (which could be and have been great) are now improv which is usually unfunny and I skip it. Often there is also an old call we’ve already heard, if not two of them. It’s a podcast, so we already have access to all those calls. We don’t need to be reminded of them. And then another whole chunk is ads. A word to Anna and Sim: If you don’t want to or can’t do the podcast, just stop doing it. Or do it less with actual real content. Take a break if you need to. It’s better than getting the same recycled content and ads again and again. Today was the last straw in me unsubscribing. It’s just kind of rude to pretend in your episode descriptions of recycled compilation podcasts that this is what your listeners want when it’s clear from all these reviews that that is not the case. Sad, because it used to be so good.

Too much stuttering (1/5)

I really want to listen because of the guest, however the stuttering. Takes too long in my opinion to get a sentence out. 😐

What happened to this show (1/5)

Used to look forward to new episodes every week, this was my favorite podcast but haven’t heard a real new episode in forever. Sad to say it’s time to unsubscribe.

Bored and tired (1/5)

Hello, everyone. I’ve been waiting for weeks for new content to show up, and have gotten bored of re-runs and new episodes of another podcast of their network. I’m unsubscribing today. Got very disappointed at not even having any news on the hiatus they were about to take and the recycled content. Hope one day the podcast comes back so I can give it another try.

So sad! (2/5)

I used to view this podcast as an escape. It was so fun to listen to and full of exciting stories and advice. Recently, it just seems like the advice is getting more and more self centered. It’s scary to think that people actually take the advice they give... also upset that there have been no new episodes in a long time. I totally understand if they needed a break... I wish they would at least address it and say “hey! We need a break!” Just seems weird that they have not addressed anything when they have to know fans are curious.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” (1/5)

I use to love the podcast but whatever happened in the last few weeks has made me NOT WANT TO LISTEN. I don’t know if they changed the format but it’s confusing to listen to now and the show just doesn’t flow anymore. Please do the show like y’all use to!!!

Lost Its Charm; Sharp Drop In Quality. (2/5)

I’ve been listening since the beginning. I used to look forward to listening to this podcast every Tuesday as I drove to school (then work after I graduated). Then, I slowly found myself listening to it out of habit, and looking forward to just getting through it so I could go on to another podcast or listen to music. This show used to be about the callers, hence the ‘Unqualified’ in the title. Now, they treat callers as afterthoughts. They rush through them, usually having a short, finite amount of time to talk. I went back and listened to an earlier episode and was shocked at how much more Anna actually listened to the caller. You could tell in her voice that she actually cared and was eager to give advice. There was no time limit then; Sim would let Anna talk as long as it took to resolve the callers’ issue. Now, he rushes her to stay within the time limit. Her voice feels so rushed now and you can tell it makes her uncomfortable that they have to keep these calls short because she struggles to even get words out most of the time (I’m surprised they don’t even edit that out). I don’t even want to talk about the ads, you can get my thoughts from the countless other reviews that mention them. But I saw the change of the podcast to two times a week as nothing but a cash grab to sell more ad space. I thought I was alone in my thoughts, but I was truly shocked to see how many other people shared my sentiments in the reviews. And now, the podcast has taken an extended break, something it’s never done before. I hope they’re taking this time to listen to the fans and make changes. I feel like they tried to do much because of the success they found, and even got a little greedy. I care about this podcast, that’s why I’ve written this lengthy review. Bring back the charm of this podcast that was so strong in the beginning and had everyone in love.

Unsubscribing, need a break! (1/5)

I am a fan of the podcast, I used to tune in every week. Some things that are getting to me... Spit out your advice Anna! Grumbling for half the advice trying to say the right thing, just be yourself and speak. The improvs that Anna forces guests to do that last far too long. Anna fake laughing at jokes The “flattery” of every actor that comes on and how brilliant everyone is, feels fake. Complaining about her upbringing *eyeroll Keep politics out of it, don’t assume everyone agrees with you.

The goodness (3/5)

I truly understand the need for ads, really. But the amount and length of them in this podcast is beyond any in the others I listen to. It's a turn off when you have find actual content on a sea of them 😩

Hilarious (4/5)

Anna is amazing and I love listening to her podcast!

Downhill slope (2/5)

When these episodes were first released, it would be the first podcast I’d listen to but now I find myself leaving it for days. I absolutely hate the new formatting. Splitting the podcast into two days is lazy and the second day tends to only be worth listening to for 15 mins because the rest of the time are “classic calls” we’ve already heard and can just as easily go back in the archives for. Further the improv has gotten too long, it was never my favorite portion of the show but now it’s far too extended. Anna’s orgasm noises are obnoxious and anytime a woman calls in with a guy problem Sim’s immediate reaction is this “isn’t a good guy”. Apparently no man is as good as Sim believes himself to be. I enjoy the deal breakers and honest conversations. The calls were what made this podcast great. The kobe episode was low, it was a 45 minute advertisement for his new book; it didn’t even share the same formatting. Is this what we’ve come to? Lastly bring back follow ups where you actually talk to them, the voicemails are beyond lazy.

Wish it was the old days (1/5)

I use to love this Podcast but as of lately the weird short podcasts and past old uploads have not been good and I’m confused on why that is. I just stopped listening. Hope the podcast goes back to the way it was.

Lame. (1/5)

Omg stop playing past episodes so annoying

I miss you! (3/5)

I really miss this podcast. But every week is a stroll down memory lane. I need new content. I agree with others in that the orgasm noises are annoying. Who wants to listen to that at work?

Sad and Unsubscribed (1/5)

Long time listener. I listened to it before any other podcast when I’d see them released. It slowly became more focused on improv which I hated and lasted too long. I’d find myself fast forwarding. Now I don’t listen because of the format. I just don’t feel engaged anymore. Also, what happened to caller updates? I miss them so much. Another reason why I gave up on the show. :( Please come back to me, Anna and Sim. I miss y’all but I can’t bare this format and quality show.

Over it (2/5)

I liked this at the beginning, but like a lot of others I’m tired of the improv. I skip it every time. And you can tell some of the guests don't want to do it either but they get forced into it. No more orgasm noises!! And the new format stinks. It seems lazy, but it’s probably because there just isn't enough good material anymore and they are trying to fill time. Still like Anna a lot, but I don’t need to spend my time listening to this if it stays the way it is.

Also Unsubscribed (3/5)

Listened to this podcast for a long time. Liked the role playing for a while, but has got old. The callers had become the most interesting part of the show. Overall the show just feels too juvenile to me. Anna is like a 10 year old who just learned the F word. Have replaced her podcast with Michael Rosenbaum who does amazing celebrity interviews. Definitely a podcast to check out if you haven’t yet.

Anna is beyond funny (5/5)

Funny and warm with great advice. This podcast makes me very happy.

I look forward to this podcast every week!! (5/5)

I truly love this podcast - no matter the format it’s in! I think Anna and Sim make it a fun experience with any guest they have on. I enjoy the silliness and the relationship advice. I love the improv and deal breakers - and everything!! I have been missing the podcast for the past two weeks and hope there are new episodes soon!! :) Thanks for brightening up my Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, Anna and Sim!!

Is this show still on? (3/5)

No new material for over a month now? What gives?

New format stinks! (2/5)

I used to be so excited when a new episode came out, but now... not so much. I can’t stand this new format and hate the classic calls. It seems lazy. Also, Anna’s constant hesitation when answering calls becomes annoying. Just spit it out woman!

Just boring and fake (2/5)

Anna feels fake and unauthentic. I have seen her in interviews before and she felt real but this podcast was not my favorite. Guess it shows that having famous guests doesn’t make your podcast great.

bummed :( (1/5)

I used to love this show so much but for some reason it seems to have really changed. It doesn’t seem like anyone is having fun anymore. The guests, hosts, and, producers included. At some points it can seem really forced and other times you can truly feel how uncomfortable the guest is to even be there. I love this show and everyone involved and thank them for all of their hard work, just hope it can go back to a little more of the original and organic format. Much love.

Unsubscribed (2/5)

I was a day one listener but it reached the point that I had to unsubscribe. I was never a fan of the improv but with the old format there was still plenty of other good content to balance it. Now it seems as if half of the show is used for ad reads and the other half is Anna talking over the guest to repeat a story that listeners have already heard ten times. The Kobe episode made me realize that the show is no longer a fun way to learn about her guests. I unsubscribed because over time the show has tried to align more with other podcasts and it is not a positive change. I am not sure what I would think of the show if I stated today, but as someone who started in the beginning I cannot enjoy new episodes because I know how great it used to be. I see that others seem to have the same opinion so I hope they work to improve the show in a way that their listeners appreciate.

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

Screw the haters who leave a review talking about how this podcast is not all that good. I think this is the best Podcast ever they are free to do what they please like if you just don't like what Anna does on her podcast from her own home than goodbye cause its hers and she can do what she like

Good podcast but too many interruptions (4/5)

You have so many great guests and I look forward to hearing from them, but Anna talks so much sometimes and interrupts people mid-sentence I’m finding myself frustrated listening lately. Please honor your guests and their time.

Move on please (2/5)

Enough with fake organisms - it’s SO uncomfortable to listen and goes on for way too long. You can tell the guests are shifty. Same with the skits and the characters. I loved this podcast SO much for a solid year+ but now haven’t listened in months and month due to all of the above. It’s become so cringeworthy.

Go back! (3/5)

I love everyone involved in this show, but this new format of two episodes is unnecessary and feels messy. I liked the show more when it first started. I don’t know...the feel has changed. I like how Anna wants to support her listeners, but some people need a reality check and tough love.

It was better before all the improv! (1/5)

It used to be conversational and enjoyable to listen to. Now it’s awkward improv. I wished I like it but it’s hard to listen to:(

Finally unsubscribed (2/5)

I used to live for Unqualified. I told everyone I knew about it. I won't go into detail of how much I loved listening every week. But within the last few years it just hasn't been the same. It feels like a network talk show now and doesn't have that heart and soul I fell in love with. To me it feels rushed and Sim just sounds so fake now. The Bill Hader episode was the one that soured me to the edge. To me Unqualified was like this awesome band you followed since their inception. Then the band got more notoriety, fame, and money, now suddenly it feels too commercial. You're happy for them but it's just not the exact sound you fell in love with. Sorry Anna. Wish you the best.

Eh (2/5)

Unfortunately, I feel this podcast has gone downhill. The format has recently changed in not such a great way and the replaying of old calls seems unnecessary and in fact a little boring. I really enjoyed the podcast for the first first year or two but whatever Sim and Anna are doing now is not working ...

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I usually don’t do reviews on things but this podcast has become one of my favorites and so I wanted to write a review! I listened to this podcast on a whim and was delighted by how funny and refreshing Anna Farris is! It is very casual and light hearted and doesn’t feel forced. The conversations are good and interesting and flow well. Anna is quirky, funny, lovably awkward, and relatable. The advice given to callers is really interesting and offers lots of different perspectives. Generally, this podcast is pretty funny but some of the made-up scenarios are hilarious!! I laugh in public walking down the street listening to this podcast and I think people may think I’m crazy haha. Lastly, I think this podcast does a great job of letting the listeners get an honest look into the celebrity guest’s personality and lives without feeling forced. 10/10 would recommend!

Turn for the worst (1/5)

This podcast used to be one of my favorites. Now it is nothing but Ads and annoying improve, games, and rerun listener calls. You wouldn’t think a celebrity would sell out like Anna has, but unfortunately she has. I had to unsubscribe because I didn’t enjoy the episodes anymore 😢

No more porn noises please! (4/5)

I love this podcast but I can’t stand when Anna does her porn sounds. It’s not funny and it’s annoying. Does anyone really want to listen to that? It’s not entertaining in the least, especially for it to be a repetitive thing. Skipping through it is annoying... Everything else, love!

Used to be so great... (2/5)

The last year or so has been so cringeworthy... Anna used to be so funny and charming, but now every conversation seems super forced and insincere. Also, the advice lately... YIKES! Are you okay, girl? You sound so bitter..I’m worried about you.😕

Bravo (5/5)

I think that Anna has really grown in this podcast and I love that every episode is fresh and new. I love listening to podcasts with really brilliant relationship advice but sometimes I just wanna have 2 ladies do a fun improv. I love you Anna and Sim.

Quality has gone down. (1/5)

The last year I haven’t been excited and yet I’ve listened to a few of them depending on the guest. The recent one with Lena Headey was especially disappointing because here you have an exceptional actress and woman who is passionate about issues and the conversation topics and flow were lackluster. Not sure if Anna’s personality has changed or if the format is stale, but every single one she just seems to be trying too hard to not be a great conversationalist. I call it the 8th grader podcast now.

Unsubscribing with a heavy heart (1/5)

I fell in love with Anna, the person as I began listening to this podcast. She’s warm, empathetic and conducted many wonderful interviews. The recent past has been amazingly dull and predictable. The guests are pretty interesting but there’s no depth in the conversations. Anna likes to talk about herself a lot! Like a lot of subscribers, I have been listening from the beginning and have heard all of it before! The improv bits with Chad/Kayla are terrible - there’s nothing new in them. Another aspect I absolutely hate is the ‘sex noises’ Anna makes - it was funny the 1st time. Now it’s just annoying and unnecessary. Sim needs to be able to rein it in without being shut down. He’s a producer first and friend second. Will continue to check in after a few months in the hope that the format changes.

Me Me Me Me (1/5)

I was a listener when the podcast originally aired and used to enjoy the show but I can no longer bear it. I’m not sure if my taste in podcasts have matured but Anna and Sim come off as very self-absorbed people. They always turn their guest interviews into a way to talk about themselves leaving the guest somewhere in the background. I understand that this is Hollywood and you have to vie for attention but you don’t have to try so hard. Sometimes less is more.

Unqualified yes, still entertaining though. (5/5)

I’ll admit it, I’m not really a fan of Anna’s movies but I am a fan of her podcast!

Used to be great, now only so-so (2/5)

When this podcast first started, I used to inhale all of the new episodes, because it was low-key and a fun way to learn about people I was interested in. Some of the guests gave really good advice, and Anna truly seemed to care about the callers. Lately, they have been forcing people to participate in improv scenarios with the same characters, even if the guests don't seem like they want to participate. I really hope that she gives up on Karen Sarducci and Kayla, because the characters are annoying and forced. I don't want to hear people participating in your improv dreams, I want to hear you have genuine conversations about life. I think the episodes with Dax Shepard and Katie Couric were a little bit better, because Anna actually let them talk and they had really good advice. Dax played along with your improv, but you could tell he was over it. Since you say you read all the reviews, please take note… You're at your best when having a real conversation with a new friend, please go back to that.

please stop with the improv (3/5)

There are things about this podcast I love -- but other things that are awful, please stop with the improv and being mean to Sim. Please focus on what has always been great about this podcast--drawing out and hearing from your guests and giving heartfelt advice to the callers.

Disappointed in this Podcast lately (1/5)

I loved this podcast in the beginning then it slowly started going downhill, it was so natural at first and I feel like Sim didn’t rush it as much. Now I feel it is forced, rushed, and full of 15 minute ads so Sim can put money in his pocket because to him it’s all about money. I think the podcast would be better without him controlling everything, as a podcast producer/editer, you should come up with new material and quit relying on Anna to do it all herself, she’s a busy woman and doesn’t have time to think these things up, that’s supposed to be Sim’s job, at least that’s what I thought.. I also want to hear more of the celebrities points of view without Anna interrupting and stumbling over her words so much and talking over people, minus will be just Sim and Anna talking if they’re not going to let anyone talk, what’s the point of even having a guest? Also, the advice calls.. I know it’s called Unqualified, but it’s the same thing over and over, someone met someone on tinder and they ghosted them blah blah blah.. There are people out there with more interesting things going on in their lives that need unqualified advice and they don’t have to be in relationships, it’s getting dull. I’m getting bored with this podcast and it upsets me because I love Anna and all the celebs she’s had on there, but I feel like every episode is on repeat and I can do without Sim and his “entrepreneur” ways.

Bad (1/5)

I've been a subscriber to this podcast for about 3 years and the past couple months I have noticed a shift for the worst that has lead to me unsubscribing. I can't even stand to listen anymore due to the 15 min. painful ad read breaks that take up half the podcast and Anna's constant stuttering that leads nowhere and repetitive themes and jokes. I've never written a review for a podcast before, but I feel like they need a wake up call to change the direction that this podcast is going. The twice a week format now just gives them a chance to read twice the amount of ads. I understand they are necessary to make money, but they have triple the amount as any other podcast I listen to. Please change and get back to they way the podcast used to be with better, deeper interviews and segments!!

:( (1/5)

Like most of the reviews I’ve read, I used to love the podcast, but hate the changes. It seems like the majority of the podcast is ads now.. so annoying! Way too much improv and where are the calls? That is the best part but now it’s an afterthought and the calls are super short and the guests aren’t even on the calls most of the time. Please read these reviews and make changes!! Less ads and improv and more time giving advice!

Stop with the advice (3/5)

Enjoy the show for the most part but there have been a few episodes where the advice given was not only bad but it was dangerous. I understand you aren’t professionals but you should ask someone who has a history defending unlicensed professionals how much risk you’re putting yourself in.

Downhill fast lately (1/5)

I have listened to every single episode of this podcast but lately I have found it boring. The new format is really weird, not sure why they did this but there is hardly any time spent on callers anymore because Anna insists on doing improv with the guests which isn’t funny to listen to at all. They’ve literally had to cut a caller to 10 minutes and the one after as well because they spent most of their time talking about nothing or doing improv.

Slowly getting worse (3/5)

I used to love this podcast. But it’s turned into 15 minutes of ads and then very brief discussions with the guests. I’ve always enjoyed the games that are played etc but would prefer if the time was used to get to know the guests rather than “deal breaker” questions or improv. The episodes are shorter than they used to be and seem to be forced into more of a structure. I’m giving it three stars because I used to really look forward to the podcast and now I’m fairly uninterested in it after hearing how it’s changed.

Used to love it (2/5)

I used to love this podcast. I really enjoy the humor and interview section with all of the games and laughter. I also really love the callers and their stories and how the guest gets to help give them advice. The new format of separating the interviews form the advice without guests is awful when they are separated it makes the advice segment very boring and out of context. Go back to the old ways!

I too often wonder if Anna is on something (3/5)

Anna sounds drunk half the time and talks over the top of other people, including her guest. I’m not sure why she so aggressively puts down Sim (and often her guest) when they are usually giving very good perspective. Anna does sometimes have wonderful, deep understanding too offer, but this is overshadowed by her mumbling, stuporous yet labile state too much of the time.

Advise (3/5)

Put the interview and advise parts of the podcast back together! I liked the flow of how they go together. And when I listen to multiple other podcasts between each one each week, I forget the vibe going into the advise so it feels out of place. Or if they aren’t going to be together, put the listener feedback to the advise, on the advise episode. It’s very confusing to to listen to otherwise. I understand splitting them gives the audience more content (longer episodes), and you guys make more money with the ads (which I totally respect and doesn’t bother me, you’re running a business), but I feel like it should be structured so advise goes with advise and interview goes with interview. 🙂❤️

Anna Faris is golden! (5/5)

I am a recent subscriber to Anna Fairs’ Unqualified! I was an instant fan! I love Anna and I don’t think she realizes how amazing she is at giving advice. You, my dear, are certainly not unqualified! 😘❤️

Should be great, but is lacking (3/5)

I want to love this podcast so much but everything has gone down hill in the past year. Too much improv- as almost all the reviews will tell you- and not enough with the guest stars. In addition, I feel like they give terrible advice and sometimes even ignore the issue the caller actually has.

Slowly getting worse... (3/5)

I loved this podcast at the beginning. In fact, I binged every single episode in a few months. Lately, it seems a little dry and hard to follow. Please change the format back to the way it was!! Also, the ads are soooo drawn out. Other podcasts just get to the point and continue. No need for an awkward 5 minute read for one ad!!

What is happening (5/5)

I used to love This podcast but it’s getting really vulgar and all the latest episodes are full of foul language and inappropriate conversation I find myself fast forwarding most of the episode. Please go back to your original stuff. Still giving 5 star because I love Anna

It started out so good..... (2/5)

I love all the old episodes and prefer to re-listen to old ones than the new ones (unfortunately). The new format and “skits” are less desirable than the actual conversations. Also, the “advice” always seems to start with Anna going straight to the negative. It’s seems like the men are “terrible people” in every scenario. I can usually guess which way the conversation is going to go; just think of the worst caste scenario and build from there. I love Anna and Sim and would’ve originally given the podcast at least a 4 but yeah.....

So much love (5/5)

I love the format of this podcast especially the improvisational games & Anna & Sim’s attempt to provide therapy to callers in crisis. Anna’s self deprecating comedic prowess is grounded in a spirit of generosity and inner child wonder. This makes the show feel like you are hanging out with a group of friends. Thank you for continuing to make me laugh .

2 things (2/5)

2 things that used to be fine that have now gone so over the top that I can barely listen anymore: Anna talking over her guests/answering her own questions Bickering with Sim (like honestly, I can feel the awkwardness from the guest every time it happens) This is also the reason ad reads are a fourth of the show now.

Anna, be more prepared! (2/5)

This podcast was great at the beginning, but now is just awful! Anna never seems prepared for her guests, it seems like she is constantly trying to fill out silence and unpreparedness with vulgar, nonsense conversations. The episode with Lena Headey is a great example of an awesome guest to have and an interview filled with nothing. NOTHING. I find it also very rude when she takes part of her time to interview guests to go after Sim. Her forced laugh for her own not funny jokes is terrible. I’m almost sure it is time to give up listening to this podcast.

Used to be good (1/5)

I used to looove this podcast but it’s so overproduced and forced now. Can’t listen any more.

Love the podcast l (3/5)

I have been a long time listener and love the content you guys bring gets me through my work day. The only thing I am starting to hate is the episode starting with a cal because Ann babbles and runs out of time to do the calls at the end.

Falling apart (1/5)

This show has taken such a turn. Anna is so uncomfortable to listen to, going on in these cringe worthy improv skits that half of the guests have no idea they are in. I used to love this podcast. The last year i have turned off or skipped thru until the advice section because it’s so ridiculous.

Good but... (3/5)

I do enjoy this podcast but just wish there was less interrupting and talking over each’s actually kind of stressful to listen to. The Tatiana maslany episode was the only episode where the guest didn’t interrupt incessantly and Anna didn’t repeatedly interrupt the guest.


First of all, I am OBSESSED with this podcast. As i was listening to the archives (because i can NOT wait from week to week) I ran into episode 109 with her dad, and Dr. Craig Rubens. I am a NICU nurse in a large hospital with a 70 bed unit. It was so refreshing to hear this info and educating the public. I can totally understand feeling guilty, and feeling like your body betrays you, when you have a premie. So proud of you guys for talking about it helping other moms and dads know they are not alone. Loved hearing little Jack say "Hi!". What an amazing little man, and parents. Love you guys, adore the podcast, it keeps me laughing and entertained every single time i listen! Much love to Sim and Anna from Arkansas, you are definitely HEARD and LOVED!!

Really hurts to listen to (1/5)

Anna gives irresponsible advice to poor unsuspecting people. It’s actually hard for me to listen to because people come to her with real problems. I can’t listen anymore. It’s just so sad.

It was good until the ads became the focus (1/5)

I started listening to this podcast when it was first introduced and I was highly entertained. I found Anna slightly annoying but she was earnest and the few bits of comedy that shone through were golden. As time passed and the podcast became more popular the ads began. I understand this is a business but 2 to 3 or more five minute ads in a podcast that states it’s 45 minutes to an hour is somewhat ridiculous. I don’t need the lame attempts at trying to make an ad funny or interesting. To be honest if the ads were only a less than a minute or so I’d happily listen to them all, but knowing how terrible and long the ads are with this podcast; I immediately start hitting the fast forward button. The guests lately have been uninteresting as well and the interview style at first was acceptable since Anna was just starting out but instead of evolving and becoming better has been left to stagnate. I have to agree with some other reviewers concerning Sim. I really don’t need to hear him on the podcast. And he needs to be a stronger producer. Also this new format of interview guest one episode and then delve into the phone calls in another episode seems like a cash grab for more ads. I thought at the beginning of this podcast that it was fun and Anna was in it for the fun of it and to be entertaining and interview celebrities in fun less conventional way. Now; it seems like profits are their driving focus. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one is the one I have the least interest in listening to each week.

Ugh why did you change it (1/5)

This used to be such a good podcast. Listening since the podcast started and now I barely want to listen . I hate the new format. Anna just wants to do skits with these people and it feel so uncomfortable. No one seems into it but her. Her advice is always the same too.

It’s just so bad (1/5)

I’ve tried different episodes multiple times. It’s just so, so bad.

Highly Entertaining (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast after I read Anna Farris' book, "Anna Farris Is Unqualified". Anna and Sim are very funny together. I especially love the segments where Anna brings her improv characters forth to see how her guests would handle those types of nutty people that Anna portrays. My favorite improv so far was when a Sharon Stone was the guest she played along SO well. My other favorite is when they play "Deal Breaker" ; where Anna asks her guests whether certain quirks or characteristics of pretend dates or boyfriend/girlfriend, would be a deal breaker or not. It's very amusing. For those who aren't enjoying the podcast anymore, it's probably because they caught it from the beginning where they had a simple format. Things expand and change. Anna and Sim figured out what works for the podcast and added to it. They take out the unnecessary. Overall, they get more listeners because they have tried something new and it works. So reader of reviews, don't take too much into consideration from what some reviewers are nastalgic for. In other words, they feel that the podcast was once theirs and now it's expanding. Those reviewers are like the jealous ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, which segways into Sim and Anna's unqualified specialty; the advice they shell out. It's sometimes great and sometimes awful, but it's always entertaining.

Anna gives painfully bad advice (1/5)

It breaks my heart to write a better review, but this podcast has really gone downhill. The improv is terrible, there are tons of reviews about how bad her self serving improv bits are, so I won’t add to it. However I will say that it is painful to listen to her give terrible advice to people who really seem to need it. She makes every question about herself and her past experiences, which is her right to do, but a lot of the time it doesn’t apply. She makes a lot of assumptions about the people writing in, and also the people that they are writing in about. It’s very unfair, and brutal to listen to. It’s so annoying to hear her long pauses or the vocal fry into the microphone, while she makes things up as she goes along. If you don’t know what to tell someone just tell them that you’re not sure. Don’t give them bad advice and argue with your guests that they don’t know what they are talking about, or worse yet, that they are wrong. On another note, I think Sim is fantastic! He gives solid advice and the things that he interjects with, make the show tolerable. As her sidekick, he is the most loyal and supportive person, everyone should have someone like him in their corner. If Sim had a show without Anna, I would totally listen to it!

Losing interest (3/5)

So I adore the interviews, and generally enjoy the podcast. That being said, Anna and Sims relationship advice is so jaded it’s disheartening to hear. While I get the whole “protecting your heart” mantra, it’s not good advice to jade everyone’s minor qualms with, they are cheating, or have a double life, or just let it roll. Sometime you have to have scars to strengthen your heart and learn from mistakes. Learn what you want. I tend to skip 3/4 of the podcasts because the constant jaded skew is just obnoxious. Sometimes it’s best to throw your heart out there and reap the rewards or suffer the heart ache and become stronger.

It’s ok (3/5)

Sorry for saying this, the advertisements are a little drawn out and I listen at work with head phone and sometimes she really vulgar and I have to mute it because I can’t have anyone even slightly hear her.

So awkward and cringe inducing. (1/5)

Was this supposed to be funny? I have listened to several episodes when I was interested in the guest they would have on and wanted to like it, but there was such awkward “improv”(?) I’m not even sure what to call it. Just really cringe worthy and second hand embarrassing skits that went on waaaayy too long. Gave up on listening.

Love the podcast, hate the constant ad reads (2/5)

The two star review is not for the actual podcast. I love it and have listened to every single episode. But I have noticed recently that it almost seems like there are more minutes of ads than actual talking with the guest and it really takes me out of it. I am also not a fan of breaking the episode in two and hearing old calls from a long time ago. Hopefully it’ll get back to normal. I look forward to it every week

Anna’s skits are stupid (1/5)

I like it much better when Anna interviews her guests. The skits are amusing to Anna and Sim only.

Disappointed listener (1/5)

Hard to listen too....I feel like each time I listen, which has been a handful of times when I see a guest I would like to hear about, I end up disappointed because it is all about Anna and not much about the guest. Not conversational at all - and I feel like she goes out of her way to come off funny and it never happens.

Anna Faris gives advice and sells you stuff. (2/5)

I originally gave ‘Unqualified’ a shot after hearing Anna on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast. I was really taken with her laid back and down-to-earth demeanor, humor and adorable chuckle. I’ve watched Ms.Faris throughout her career and enjoy her on her CBS sitcom ‘MOM’ so I was sure this was going to become one of my new favorite podcasts. The format of ‘Unqualified’ is quite unique. When there is a guest Anna and her co-hosts usually spend about an hour just talking with said guest about a variety of topics. They do a good job of mixing things up between discussing careers and interesting ‘would you rather’ type questions or scenarios and then spend around another hour, usually posted as a separate podcast, fielding calls from listeners with different problems or situations. So what is the downside, you may be asking? Well, like many other podcasters, ‘Unqualified’ has a myriad of sponsors to help pay the bills. I have no problem with this as I understand that the cost of podcasting can be significant, but unfortunately ‘Unqualified’s Achilles Heel is that they have TOO MANY Sponsors and instead of a brief ad like most podcasters adhere to, Unqualified breaks up the show several times each episode with a small infomercial that often stretches on for several minutes. This heavily disrupts the flow of the show and gets quite annoying after a while, especially if you were just deeply engaged in a great story or conversation. Often times the show even restarts in a completely different place or new discussion leaving one to wonder ‘Did they finish that story?’ One has to wonder if they were more selective with their sponsors and reserved their ads for beginning, middle, and end in much smaller spots, if ‘Unqualified’ might be a better podcast. As it is stands, the fatigue of fast forwarding or tuning out during these lengthy segments is, as they say on ‘Unqualified’ a deal breaker.

STAHHHP. (2/5)

I actually took the time to read of the other reviews to see if it was just ME who felt this way and everyone else was still in love with something I had to let go. I'm sad to see that isn't the case. I used to LOVE this podcast because Anna seemed to open up a side of her guest we rarely get to see, which made them human and added to the quality (or lack thereof) of their advice. Then, I'm not sure when, it turned into way too long ads (I know they're necessary, but get to the point) and the same bits over and over. Some even seem to make the guest uncomfortable and it gets cringey. Also, the advice went from decent (and unqualified, yes) to what seems (to me) projecting and pulling imaginary problems out of thin air. When Bill Hader was trying to give sound advice, Anna and Sim almost seemed like they were bulldozing over him; not to help, but "give good content." The only thing good about it was Bill backing out entirely. I unsuscribed after that.

Redo review (1/5)

I’ve previously reviewed this podcast, but I feel it’s gone downhill. There seems to be even more ads. The games aren’t too bad, but the Chad/Kayla segments are usually a miss. It just seems to go on forever. I also feel like Anna’s interviewing style is not improving. I’ll use the Bill Hader interview as an example. I found myself cringing throughout the episode. Anna seemed very dismissive and kept speaking over him. It ruined the rhythm and dynamic of the interview. I feel like the Hader interview was the worst, but the other interviews were leading us to this point. I feel Anna projects quite a bit with the advice segment. Anna may have loved bad boys, but that does not necessarily apply to every woman. I feel Anna could sharpen her listening skills and let the interviewees shine- that’s what we’re listening for. Like in my previous review, I’d really listen to Rosenbaum and see how he dives deep and really gets good interviews. He’s vulnerable without needing the focus to always be on him. I know y’all can get back on track, but it’s about finding what made the podcast entertaining in the first place. Previous review: I’ve been listening for years now. I find some conversations hilarious, but some segments can drag on. The interviews do not go super in depth (I’m thinking of Inside of You as another podcast to compare it to), but they can still be fun. I am glad the ads are at the beginning, but they do last for a bit. Overall, it’s fun to listen to in the car.

Lost it’s charm (2/5)

If you have to make the first line of each episode description about how HILARIOUS FUNNY LAUGH OUT LOUD the episode is, chances are it’s not actually that funny. Love Anna as an actress but not crazy about her as an interviewer, and I can’t stand the fake laughter that permeates each episode. The show just isn’t as good as it used to be, was once charmingly risqué and is now awkwardly vulgar (I really don’t need to hear you moaning into the microphone while I drive to work). Sim has got to be the phoniest podcast cohost there is. Sad to be unsubscribing as I really did like the show once but I haven’t wanted to listen in weeks.

. (1/5)

Please, please, PLEASE stop doing improve. The two characters you do are not funny and the whole bit rings self indulgent and uncomfortable.

Qualified (5/5)

One of the best podcasts i’ve had the pleasure listening to! 10 thumbs up. i look forward to a new one and listening to all the advice you and sim have to offer! you are such a genuine person and i can’t wait for more podcasts!

This Podcast Matters Immensely (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I listen to it at work, and it makes a rough day so much brighter. I feel like a lot of people at work think I’m weird now because I’m constantly smiling or laughing when I listen in, and they don’t realize I have headphones in, but it’s worth the judgmental looks. Anna... you are so authentic, and you don’t see that often, even with non-celebs. You are so hilarious, and have such deeply good questions for all of your guests. It’s always interesting! My favorite part is that you are so absolutely kind with all of the callers you encounter. So gentle, kind, and loving. It’s really awesome to be able to hear genuine care in someone’s voice. And listen, if you want to adopt me, I wouldn’t be mad about it LOL. I’ll stroke your ego and talk to you about weird crap. But seriously, what you’ve got going is so beautifully awesome, and you make SUCH a difference. This podcast matters.

looooove! (5/5)


New bi-weekly format (2/5)

I don’t like that the show went from weekly to bi-weekly. It disrupts the flow of the podcast and it was obvious this change was done to sell more ads, which is sadly what this show has become- a vehicle to sell more ads.

You completely upped my commute game! (5/5)

Discovering this podcast turned my unbearable 1 hr commute into a time that I truly look forward to during my chaotic day! I love everything about this podcast and how it incorporates so many great aspects (interview, improv & advice.) Anna and Sim, you guys are killing it! Thanks for staying true to your vision.

Used to love now I ff (1/5)

I am not sure if it’s the guests or the format the interview follows. I find myself ff through Anna talking over the guest or repeating the same stories we have heard already. I think this podcast would be great again if they went back to the beginning format, followed some order, and allowed the guest to speak more.

More Improv! (5/5)

If for no other reason to piss the reviewers off! Keep on keepin on Anna and FIGHT ON!!! ✌🏻

Two stars for nostalgia (2/5)

I loved this podcast at the beginning and if it were not for the early episodes I would give it a one star. I’m not sure if it’s personal things that have happened but Anna has changed. She used to sound so sincere and genuine and now I can hear the falseness in her voice. It’s very disappointing. Change the format or go back to basics!!

What happened...? (2/5)

I used to enjoy this podcast Anna is such a funny person, but the past year the improvs have gone too far and the humor is dry Every interview is the same, basically just compliments and a series of awkward unnecessary skits

Stop with the improv. Ditch Sim! (1/5)

It used to be good. I was an early listener so I remember what the podcast was. But now Anna does unwanted improv that feels really uncomfortable and Sim thinks he is God’s gift to the world. Super cringeworthy now. I try to give episodes with guests I like a try but I never finish an episode. Bummer because it started off son strong.

Don’t waste your time (1/5)

I found out about this podcast through Dax Sheppard’s podcast when he interviewed Anna. So once I caught up on his, I figured I’d listen to this one. I got about 50 episodes in, and really giving it a chance. I know how some podcasts start out shaky because they’re learning the ropes. But this one can’t ever seem to get it together. Between Anna doing the constant improv that no one wants to hear, her constant flirtation with the guests and not really digging deep to get to know the person, and then the same ad that plays (can y’all not record another one so we can hear something new about the company). I hate it that I’m unsubscribing from this podcast since I am a fan of Anna Farris, and she has so many great guests. But like I said it’s painful to listen to it, especially when you can get the vibe that the guest is uncomfortable too.

what’s the prob with the improv? (5/5)

I honestly don’t get why everyone hates the improv. It’s SUPPOSED to be cringy lol. love this podcast, I find myself giggling throughout. gets me through work and I look forward to it every Tuesday.

Transparent (1/5)

I can’t take the fake. Umm, but, uh, umm, spit it out. Beyond annoying and transparent

Pretty good (2/5)

I HATE the improve for an hour... I miss the rapid fire and not so rapid fire!

More calls please!!! (1/5)

Agree with the other one star reviews. Used to love this podcast, but please lay off the high volume of awkward improv and give more time and attention to callers!!!!

Entertaining (5/5)

I try to spread out my podcast subscriptions equally between celebrities and “normals.” Anna’s is one of two celeb podcasts I listen to (Armchair Expert is the other) that I find both entertaining and enlightening. Keeps me occupied and engaged during long commutes. Light-hearted enough to make me giggle and often gets me out of a funk. Well done, Anna (and Sim)!

Anna fake sexy voice annoying? (1/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast for a bit and I think it’s as enjoyable as the guest is. Which is pretty common for an podcast I guess. But I don’t think Anna is really pulling anything out of the guests we couldn’t get anywhere else. But the main thing is she’s always trying to this pretend fake sexy thing, for ad reads, during the interviews, it’s just kind of old. On the last episode with Elizabeth Reaser, she essentially whispered the whole episode. It was strange

Awesome (5/5)

I have only been listening for a few months now. I love your show I find it to bel helpful to others as well as brightening my day when I get a new episode. Love you and the show!

From someone who met and talked with Anna (5/5)

I have been a fan of Anna’s work for well over a decade, and had the lovely privilege to meet and talk with her at a book signing in Seattle. About her podcast: 1) She is a delight to talk to, and it is shows on her podcast. She is giving, generous, extremely caring and empathetic, and does a good job at listening and offering advice from the heart (and I was a psychiatrist, she could have made a great therapist). She is so warm and down-to-earth, that she can form meaningful connections with people within seconds. 2) Yes, the improvs can be hit or miss, but that’s the nature of improv. She is very funny. It’s fascinating to see how her guests deal with having to do improv, which is a unique pleasure. 3) She delightfully speaks openly, honestly - it can be slightly vulgar, but really it wouldn’t be the slightest bit out of place if she were male. 4) Her sometimes anxiousness and self-deprecating voice (or being sarcastically self-complimentary) makes her very relatable. And adorable too. She has does hide her wisdom a bit beneath anxiety, like she does on talk shows, but listen, listen...she speaks a lot of helpful, wise words. She is a gift to this world.

Anna (5/5)

This podcast is sooooo good! You are so sweet and amazing, thank you!

Dear Anna (5/5)

Marry me instead

One of my favorite Podcasts (5/5)

This is the first Podcast I listened to. The guest celebrities and the relationship/life advice they all give to callers is the best part of the show. Anna is a great listener and her celebrity guests always provide different viewpoints to help callers. Anna is unapologetically vulgar, and I think that makes people uncomfortable. I think people have a hard time with a woman making funny, vulgar comments and jokes - who cares! I think it’s great. My only issue with the show is lately I find myself skipping through the improv sections, I just think those segments are not as exciting as they used to be anymore.

Used to enjoy (2/5)

I used to enjoy the podcast a lot and I would laugh all the time. But I feel it is all forced. Nothing is new. She interrupts Sim all the time I hate that. The moaning is old. I really did enjoy it but I can’t listen to it unless I really love the guest.

It was a good podcast (2/5)

But let’s face it Anna. Not everyone is super, marvelous and peachy sometimes people are just people regardless of what they do for a living. Not all actors are great interviews and or interviewers. Go back to just relaxing and letting it flow rather that have it sound forced..

Enough false modesty (1/5)

I used to like this show. But the more I hear, the less I like Sim and Anna. The guests are the only redeeming factor. I can only take so much false modesty before I have to turn it off. Nothing they say feels genuine. Listen to the Kevin Smith episode where he directly calls her out on it. It all very much feels like a façade put on to protect Anna’s “brand”. I would take genuine narcissism over this bs any day of the week.

Makes my day! (5/5)

Sim and Anna keep me laughing like an idiot. So much heart and so much wit. So glad I found this podcast!

Great podcast (5/5)

Love the candidness and genuinely good feels. Keep it up Anna.

5 for Anna, kill the improve! (4/5)

When someone plays off Anna’s improve, it’s hilarious. But, usually it’s a little awkward. I love the callers and advice segment, Anna has some great insight! Also, the ad reads always crack me up. Sim + Anna are hilarious!

so uncomfortable (1/5)

I used to love this podcast. I’m still a fan of Anna’s but you might want to read these reviews and take notes from your listeners... I now only listen to the beginning before the insufferable improv and games start. You’d do much better with an interview style only. I cringe at the awkwardness, and I feel like your guests do too.

Self-indulgent twaddle (1/5)

I don’t know how this could possibly be less interesting or more annoying. No substance whatsoever. Listening to this made me feel like I’d been eating nothing but Twinkies for a month.

hi! (5/5)

hi! I love everything about the podcast, even the improv and harsh langauge that many seem to be offended by. I love and appreciate the open and honest conversations throught each episode, keep doing what you're doing!! Xo, S

No more improv PLEASE (2/5)

Love the guest interaction and getting to see a different side of our favorite celebrities etc but, I don’t enjoy listening to awkward improv and spontaneous self-indulgent bouts of moaning. Hope that the podcast will focus more on the guest interviews and advice for callers.

Man they really push the sponsors (2/5)

I know it’s what pays the bills but they put so much effort into making it seem great that it feels forced... because it is

Awwww some of these reviews are super harsh! (5/5)

I think maybe because it’s a misogynistic thing.. I’ve listened to FAR worse podcasts hosted by men, and it’s like a freaking love fest with the reviews with all the fans, alike. I don’t even know why some of these men have moderately successful podcasts. I see it at work, even. When a white dude talks, everyone listens even when they are moronic. For the first time yesterday a female friend asked the cranky white guy to not shut up, of course because we ladies are too nice, but to please turn down the volume because he was yelling for no discernible reason. Sometimes you still can’t win them all as a woman at this time, unfortunately. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Anna! Your podcast is awesome!

Used to love (3/5)

Used to love this podcast but now I feel uncomfortable listening to Anna constantly moan and do improv as well as give completely left field advice that doesn’t seem to be the situation at all.

This is awesome! (5/5)

I love her movies, her show and now her podcast! She is hilarious and awesome and so is Sim!

Love Anna and the podcast (5/5)

Sad to see that negative reviews from 2-3 years ago are the first ones that pop up. I love this podcast—yes sometimes it’s not the funniest depending on the guest but Anna is a real genuine person. I love that Anna asks her guests about their experiences in their field.

Anna just keeps getting more mean (2/5)

I really did like it when it first started like everyone else but lately the episodes have been getting more disappointing. Anna has become more of a bully towards Sim and her guests. Talking over and insulting more and more. I haven’t unsubscribed yet in hopes that Anna will get back to her more loving endearing self. Her podcast tho so I’m not telling her what to do, jus hope it becomes less angry.

Bill hader episode (4/5)

Love the show guys but the advice you guys were giving to the listener you called for a second time was terrible, Bill had it spot on. Anna and Sim were borderline intolerable with their advice. If you’re going to call someone for a second time take it seriously and don’t give out advice like make a fake diary and give it to her...

Unqualified.. more like Unlistenable (1/5)

Not a good interviewer... period. She asks her guests questions that she thinks she knows the answers to, and when she doesn’t get the response she wants or expects, she’s thrown off. She tries too hard to be funny and the cool girl. Not for me.

Meh (4/5)

I used to love this show, but the dynamic has degraded some over the years. I’m still a faithful listener though, and love the phone calls. I listened to the Bobby Lee episode last week, and couldn’t wait for it to be over! His personality was so abrasive, and he came across as a huge douche. Basically, overall the episode was soooo uncomfortable to listen to. PLEASE STOP trying to sound sexy!! It’s annoying as hell and every time Anna does it, I immediately want to unsubscribe

Terrible (1/5)

So annoying and can’t do her laugh anymore. Just the worst

xcx (3/5)

i enjoyed the first topic. well

welp (5/5)

guess I’m the only one who thinks the improv is kinda fun ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

Love the Bobby Lee episode (2/5)

Hate the improv part of this podcast 👎🏻

Disappointed (1/5)

I like Anna Farris as a actress and enjoyed this podcast early on. But not now. I’m going to unsubscribe. The clincher was her “interview” with Mark Duplass, an intelligent and thoughtful individual. Anna’s first question was about him having a 3-way with his wife. He said he wouldn’t and explained why, but then Anna wouldn’t let it go. The “interviews” are not enlightening at all. And the improv isn’t funny by any stretch. As I said I enjoyed the early episodes but no longer.

Not funny or informative (2/5)

I have no idea how Anna gets so many great guests to be on this show. This podcast is excruciating to listen to. These are not actual interviews, they are just a platform for Anna to make bad sex jokes, overuse the F-word because she has nothing witty to say, give bad advice, and do bad improv that makes no one laugh but herself. Also the ad segments are ridiculously long and annoying. There are so many better podcasts out there with real, interesting, thought-provoking interviews; don’t waste your time with this one.

Love it! (5/5)

I don’t get why some reviewers are turned off by the improv and characters— it’s def my favorite part!! Little bit of everything , love it all ,I laugh the most at all the characters . Love it

Keg (1/5)

Does Sim have to speak? Gawd he’s annoying

I like the improv (4/5)

I prefer the improv to the callers. I would rather hear her interview her guests and listen to their Deal Breakers than the callers.

Thanks (5/5)

Hi Anna and Sim, I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that guys are listening to your pod (well I can speak for me). I enjoy what you do, keep it up. Thanks also for introducing me to Dax and Michale Rosenbaum’s pods. Top notch trifecta. Also, as a fella, I enjoy your regular voice better than your ‘overly sexual porn voice’. Maybe I am a minority, but keeping it real is always better. (That was meant as a compliment, btw). Thanks for what you do.

Mixed Feelings. (2/5)

I really enjoy the guest that she has in her podcast. The Marc Martin episode was great along with Terry Cruz and I couldn’t stop laughing at the one with Bert Krystals. But it really kills me when Anna does that things where trying to gather I thought. It seems really phony almost like she’s carrying her Scary Movie persona into real life. You know the thing she does when she’s trying segue into a conversation or cut someone off, or just simply tries to be heard. I’ve heard her be really genuine a lot of times, but you can really tell when she isn’t and it’s really annoying.

Bobby Lee (5/5)

First time listener loved the podcast with Bobby I felt so much chemistry between you two it was like listening two people hanging out..Just Subscribed.. Anna your amazing in everything you do can’t wait for the next..

Finding Bliss (5/5)

What a funny, funny show. I love everything about it.

Went Downhill Fast (3/5)

I recently started listening to Podcasts and was so happy to have found Anna’s Unqualified. I have enjoyed all of her movies and the show Mom, and think she’s hilarious. I started with oldest to newest because I like to know the references that are made in future podcasts. At that time, the show was interesting and pretty heart-felt. A few of her guests have surprised me with the brilliant advice that they give. However, the show is now so bad that I can’t even listen to an entire episode, even with some really great guests! The topics they discuss are not relatable and quickly become boring, and the improv used to be funny, but it’s old and tired. The callers all have the same problems and it’s incredibly difficult to listen to most fo them speak. I share the sentiments of other reviewers who have shared similar experiences.

Loosing interest (3/5)

I find myself going back and listening to older episodes. What bothers me the most is when they have a caller on it seems like a surprise to the guest and Anna is not articulate and studders and says idk the whole time. Do they really not go over the format with the guests, does Anna not look at the sheet about the caller to think about what she is going to say. Couldn’t get through the improve the bobby lee episode and sim seems really rude to bobby lee. Had to turn it off. I hope In the future we can hear more from the guests and hear less about Anna. It shouldn’t be about her, it’s about the guests and the listeners and I feel she is loosing it a bit.

Enough with the improv (1/5)

What was once a fun podcast full of lighthearted interviews and relatable calls has turned into nothing but Anna doing obnoxious improv. WE GET IT. Anna thinks she is really good at fake moaning and really original with her valley girl skits. The first hour of the most recent episode with Bobby Lee is Anna forcing improv, continually over-talking and interrupting Bobby. Please go back to the original format. Right when Anna actually got to a meaningful, purposeful conversation she states “I wish we had more time to talk but we have to get to callers” and then goes into ANOTHER IMPROV. Previously the conversation regarding the celebrity building their careers and their experiences in life and love were the focus. Now we’re lucky if we get a solid four minutes of conversation other than Anna’s standard stereotypical voice obnoxiously saying the same things over and over.

Not good anymore. (2/5)

This show was hilarious a year ago. Now it’s Anna forcing the same script scene on other actors featured on the pod... when it’s funny she forces it to run longer than it needs to be. The ads have become annoying. I get they need to make money but the ads are extremely long and cumbersome. Karen Sardici is NOT funny anymore. It was hilarious the first few times but it’s played out. Love this team of creatives working on this show just wish there was new content and less ads! Hope it gets better soon so I can update my review.

Highlight of my day! (5/5)

Where has this podcast been all my life? So glad I found this, I’ve listened to it everyday for the last two weeks and literally laugh out loud about some of the stuff they talk about. So hilarious and puts a smile on my face.

Funny! (5/5)

So funny! I’ve always been a fan of Anna Faris. She doesn’t think she’s funny, but that’s because it’s so natural. Glad she made this podcast to share more of herself. Sim is great too. Great energy all around.

Anna & Sim are the Balki & Larry of 2018 (5/5)

They are better than Balki & Larry. Their in-jokes are better than the dance of joy. Love this podcast.

Everyone Listen (5/5)

I love how fun and yet real Anna and Sim are with guests. As a therapist I love how you give advice. Something that I cannot do-give direct advice. It’s a podcast so worth your time!

Great podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast. Anna is an amazing interviewer she gets at the heart of her guests, it’s so refreshing to hear all the successful people she talks to just have an authentic conversation and gleam a little insight wrapped up in humor. Anna you are truly a beautiful soul... And sim has calmed down a lot since the start of the podcast, yes I’ve listened to every single one, I think Amy has helped sim come into his own and not be as anxious which is nice 👍 bc sim is also very talented and so I’m glad he’s more calm and confident with the work you both are doing so brilliantly. Love the pod 👍👍😁

Great pod (5/5)

The Yvette Nicole Brown episode was my favorite one so far. I love how she actually spoke up and offered opinions along with Ana. I love the fact that Ana shows so much of her amazing personality. She’s someone who everyone would want to hang out with.

Nashvillemisty (5/5)

Bravo and witty!!!!

Used to be good now i can’t listen (2/5)

This used to be really funny but now when Anna is talking to her guests she is all over the place and not making sense. Needs direction and focus. She tries so hard to get philosophical and talks in this voice I can’t listen to without cringing. Harps on the same topics episode after episode how many times can you say the exact same things about hollywood. Every episode she will say she hates to make it about gender but then goes off into the same thing about gender she says all the time. If you skip to the advice part it’s fine unless she starts on a tangent repeating herself bringing up things that have nothing to do with the call. Every time she will tell the caller to break up with their significant other and ask weird leading questions that make it clear she’s just projecting her own issues. She also gets frustrated when her guests “talk too much.” Don’t have guests if you want to be the only one talking.

Love! (5/5)

I just started to listen and I love this podcast! I listen to it in the car, at home, at work and I'm, not sure what I'm gonna do when I'm up to date. haha

It’s just ok (3/5)

So I’m going to start off with saying I’ve listened from the start and I loved it. I’ve listened to how it progressed from this funny genuine conversation with Anna and Sim to an overproduced slightly disingenuous thing. Personally I enjoyed the podcast more when it felt like their hobby and not a bullet point on Sims resume.

To the people that make my drive to school so much easier, (5/5)

Thank you Sim and Anna for being exactly the people I need to hear every time I get in the car. The humor, grace, and patience you have with every caller and how you talk about your listeners is so heart warming. I came onto this podcast late but it is definitely a better late than never circumstance. I love you guys!

Wonderful (5/5)

Hell Anna and Sim! This podcast has literally changed me. I recently found this podcast and was immediately hooked!! I’ve downloaded everyone that i can find. Your “unqualified “ advise is informative, occasionally funny, touching and most of all sincere. I will forever listen to you and i truly hope this is the beginning of a beautiful future. Thank you so much for being the highlight of my work day 😜😘

Funny, great guests ! (5/5)

Funny, great guests, love the format, even the ads. And love you Anna! And Sim - hope the baby and Amy are well. Keep up the good work.

Almost amazing (4/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast from the start and I love Anna, but Sim makes me want to listen less and less every episode. He is condescending, misogynistic and honestly just downright rude to some guests. I can’t stand it!

Makes me so happy (5/5)

Going through a big life change and at times, I get down, and I turn this on. It helps lift my mood and reminds me good people are out there. Love you, Anna. F U sim!

Love! (5/5)

Love this podcast! How do I get a chance to make a call?? I really need some advice

Entertaining & Honest (5/5)

I have about a 30 min commute to and from work every day and was looking for a podcast to listen to. A friend of mine suggested “unqualified” and I decided to give it a shot. I am so glad that I did!! This podcast is SO entertaining and funny to listen to. Anna is honest, genuine, and hysterical. I absolutely love listening to this podcast and it makes me look forward to driving to and from work. I also love hearing from her special celebrity guests, some of whom I have heard of and some who I have not. It’s so cool to learn and hear about their lives, as well as the caller’s, as I can relate to many issues they are dealing with. You will not regret listening to this podcast. 5 stars!! Thanks for creating something so cool and genuine Anna ❤️

The best!! (5/5)

I can’t believe you guys have been doing this podcast since 2015 and I only now discovered you! I would listen to you guys in my car and I’d have to be careful because I would laugh so hard that tears are coming out of my eyes! One time I was laughing so hard I had to pull over just to avoid an accident on the road. I really appreciate your podcast, not only for its humor but the relationship advice you guys give and being sincere about it. Thank you for a great podcast and never stop please!!

A Joy to Listen To! (5/5)

I love love love this podcast so much!! I work 2nd shift (about 12hrs) at my job and this podcast has been providing me with so much entertainment! (I’m only on like episode 34 so I have a lot of catching up to do) but listening to Anna talking with her guests about real life things is just wonderful! And let me tell you I laugh so much that I have to bit down on my hand to keep myself quiet so I’m not disturbing my coworkers lol love you so much Anna!!

The Holly Grail of podcasts (5/5)

I don’t have a life, instead I listen to podcasts. I listen to a lot of them. This is the best one and then comes armchair experts or anything with Dax Sheppard then hardcore history with Dan Carlin. I only heard episode 1 so far. I am afraid to listen to other episodes because they feature guests. Episode 1 has guests but you can tell that they are friends, they are not guests that have to drive over and then you have talk to. The rest of the episodes are probably not going to be as good as episode one but I am going to try to give episode one 5 out of 5 stars because it is the best podcast I have heard so far, out of all the podcasts I have ever heard because it is real life and at times it is funny, not a little funny but completely funny in a real way and then the podcast goes back to being real without being funny. That’s why this is actually the best podcast ever. I can’t figure out why it is only rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars. I am giving it 5 stars. I really like this podcast but I am going to sleep and I will listen to the rest of episode 1 and episode 2 tomorrow. I want to thank everyone in episode one for putting it out. I want to put out my own podcast but I don’t know anyone that would be in it and I am a quiet person and There would be a lot of dead air. It might be funny if I can pull it off but if I can’t then it will just be pathetic and I’ll only get 2 or 3 listens. That’s why I can’t wait to fall asleep and wake up and listen to the rest of episode one. Thank you guys so much for the podcast

Worth your time! (5/5)

Please listen to this podcast. Anna Faris is Unqualified stands out with its ‘hanging with friends’ feel, laugh out loud games and remarkably good relationship advice. Occasionally raunchy and always honest, host Anna Faris and producer Sim Sarna entertain celebrity guests with conversation, role-play games and then call listeners who need advice. This fun and relaxing format offers better conversation than any talk show celebrity interview, plus excellent and sometimes unexpected insight into thoughts and lives of people from all walks of life. It’s just a lot of fun! -You’ll laugh until you cry with Ken Jeong, Charlotte Newhouse/Jillian Bell and so many others! -You’ll learn about the more serious topics (while laughing) of bullying with Katie Couric, respect with Terry Crews or Stan Lee, #metoo with Arielle Kebble (awesome advice during the 27th minute), premature birth and GAPPS with Anna’s dad, or coparenting with Mayim Bialik. -Hear Hollywood insight with Topher Grace, Marc Maron or James Gunn... and really any of the guests. -Catch minute 59 of the second Lance Bass episode for the best, funniest argument a podcast could offer with a huge flip from Sim Sarna. -Hear the sweetest music from Mondo Cozmo (creator of Unqualified’s theme song) and Jack Johnson. -Find out why Dax Shepard has his own podcast and Allison Janney deserves all her awards. -Check out bonus live shows and bonus behind-the-mic moments. -Listen to people who truly care give advice to strangers and find out how universal are our problems. Anna Faris is Unqualified is totally worth your time! Subscribe and binge. You won’t regret a minute of it.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I love your podcast!

Anna Faris is my spirit animal (5/5)

Listening makes me feel like I am having a conversation with my best friend, except she can’t hear me, lol, but seriously it’s so good!

Amy laughing (5/5)

The last podcast with David Spade had Amy laughing really hard just before you started the interview with David. It was great start to a good podcast. We need to hear more from Amy. Also I get enough of Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum. Thank you for introducing us to Michael. He is a must listen to podcast.

Used to love this.... (2/5)

I used to love this show, but the last episode I skipped thru the first TEN minutes of their stupid ad reads. I don’t normally skip ad reads because I know it’s how shows get paid and sometimes it’s something pretty cool, but theirs are getting fricken ridiculous. They feel they have to riff on everything, this is opposite of making ad reads interesting and instead turns it into this loooooooong ordeal.

Love love love (5/5)

Can’t get enough of this podcast. So fun and genuine. Feels like your hang out with your friends.

A bright spot in my week! (5/5)

Always fun

Gone Down Hill (2/5)

I was a huge fan of this podcast when it first came out. I couldn’t wait for Tuesday so i could listen to new episodes. Recently I feel like the content has really gone down hill. I had to unsubscribe because I can’t handle hearing another one of Anna’s fake orgasm’s. It was funny the first few times but now it makes me cringe. I also feel like Anna has started to stir up trouble with her callers relationships....example: the Kelly Ripa episode where the caller asked if she should help her boyfriend with buying her engagement ring so he could continue putting money towards his student loans. Anna’s response was “well maybe he doesn’t really want to get married”. What?!? That makes zero sense. He’s literally saving money to buy and engagement ring because he obviously wants to get married. I just feel like she had gotten a lot more cynical and negative with her callers...I guess that why the show is called “Unqualified”

Horrible (1/5)

You guys use bad words and I don’t like that

Wish they’d cut the improv (4/5)

I love listening but find the improv a complete waste of time. I prefer more games or more listener questions.


I love love love the podcast. We finace and I have started listening from the beginning. Today I finished the eposide with RuPaul and I need to know what happebed with caller Jackie?! Love you, Anna & Sim! But seriously, We need an answer on Jackie!!! Twitter- @clumsycrdhouse

Go listen to this podcast! (5/5)

So good! I love this podcast!

Amazing (5/5)

Anna and Sim do such a great job and seem to take the pod seriously. They always want to give the best advise while also not making the show too heavy.

Anna is just amazing (5/5)

I love how real and down to earth Anna is! She makes me laugh and feel like my crazy life is ok and all women have insecurities no matter how beautiful and talented

Super entertaining (5/5)

I just started listening, and all I can say so far is this podcast is engrossing, but also, Anna has a lovely voice. It's so soothing!

Sureal Talk (5/5)

Wow! I'm new to podcasts and I love Anna Faris's, "Unqualified!" I've been a die-hard fan of the sitcom "Mom" since it began and NOW I'm a fan of her podcast. Great job!!

Good but awkward! (3/5)

I love the concept of this Podcast, and I like Anna’s personality but the way she speaks, her constant pauses and HER LAUGH! Like what is that?! When she laughs, she breathes in and makes a sound... I did this as a child and just so everyone is aware, you can breathe in WITHOUT making the annoying sound(s). It’s beyond awkward to listen to. Makes me cringe every time she laughs! Pleeeease just breathe in normal so it’s easier to listen to:)

Stop Moaning.... (3/5)

I love Anna and I love this podcast but can you please tell her to stop moaning because it’s awkward. Extremely awkward.

Love love love (5/5)

I just started listening to podcasts and I am hooked!! I absolutely love listening to Anna. She gets real and down to earth. Love her guests and the convos that they have. Love the listener questions and how Anna, Sim and her guests try to provide good advice and seeing different aspects of the situation. Just amazing!!


I adore you! I am so happy that you made this podcast. I am such a fan! You have been such an impactful figure in my childhood. I never imagined I would get to know you thru your wonderful podcast, as I go thru my early twenties. You give remarkable in depth advice. I really enjoy this authentic energy you have. It’s empowering. I love you! -Brad.

Anna and her team are amazing! (5/5)

Look forward to new episodes each week!!

Great podcast host (5/5)

Missing key ingredients from the first year of the show. What changed and why?

Yaaas. (5/5)

Hi guys my names Luke, I’m 17. Love you guys sooooo much, the advice segment is the best. I do have a question though. Does Anna have a profession that people should date? I think she hates all working dudes 😂😂😂. Anyway, Thanks Anna, and f$&k you Sim.

Love Ana... but seriously, the ads? (2/5)

I can’t even listen to this podcast anymore because of the incredibly long ads ... come on... no other podcasts dedicate so much time to shilling sponsors goods. I get it, they give you money, but you are turning off listeners. I just stopped listening in the car altogether because I can’t forward through the ads while driving.

Ok... (2/5)

Great guests and concept but Anna Faris continually interrupts her guests and has difficulty forming complete sentences without jumping from one thought to another. She's so sweet and you can tell she's trying to convey something important but a lot of times she forgot to go back and let the guest finish their thought.

Wonderful! (5/5)

A very fun and funny show! The best part about it though, is you can tell that Anna, Sim, and even the celebrity guests really and truly care about the callers and the problems that they are asking about. The heart behind this show and their desire to connect really set it apart. Keep it up guys❤️

Callers who speak at length (1/5)

The caller from Connecticut on the Topher Grace episode spoke for way too long. She embellished her story with unnecessary details. Sim could have done better to give her a time limit or something!

Love the podcast BUT... (2/5)

Please please please no more feedback it ruins the flow of everything

On her way to being more qualified (5/5)

I am a huge fan of Anna! This podcast is hilarious! They always have quality guests and fun and interesting conversations. One of my favorite parts of the podcast is the advice portion at the end. Anna, Sim and their guests give poignant, relevant and compassionate advice to young viewers. Although Anna calls herself unqualified, I think she really is more qualified than she thinks. I look forward every week to this amazing show! Kudos!

More people like Holmes, less like Kreischer (4/5)

Anna and Sim have absolutely nailed a perfect formula for podcasting with heart, humor, and quality guests. I’m a longtime listener and have never turned an episode off (until Bert Kreischer last month.) This is a positive review, truly, but if anyone in production is reading this, I’m begging you to jettison Bert Kreischer (please never invite him back) and bring on more genuinely interesting people like Pete Holmes, Zoey Deutch, Mayim Bialik, Malik Ackerman, Billy Eichner, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Anna, Sim, and their team seem to work too hard to have a lame one-note guest like Kreischer around. In the future, aim for less of his brand of trash and more content featuring thoughtful, surprising, interesting views from comedians and actors with something to share. I know people wrote in praising his episode but maybe I can be one vote tipping the scales back the other way. Still a listener, plan to be one for a long time!

Fun podcast to listen (5/5)

One of the funniest podcasts, the calling segment is great!

Pete’s Podcast (5/5)

I loved his advice to Casey! Needed to hear the exact thing as I’m 23 living with my partner as well. LOVED IT. Thanks guys ☺️

It’s true what they are saying (4/5)

Sim if you read these..... i understand not wanting to alienate anyone- but I used to really love Anna’s tough truths. She was always loving and sweet about it- but if her gut told her something was off and the caller should run away from something - she said that. She also didn’t try to take everyone’s side in every call... I like when she is basically the cool Auntie to the callers... honest, but loving, looking out for the caller... just my two cents. My interest has wained in the last few months or so, and I can see that it is the tiptoeing around all parties thing that is doing it. Just tell them truth Anna.. your advice is always spot on!!

A little obsessed (5/5)

I’ve been a fan of Anna’s since I saw her in the first Scary Movie. Her podcast is just like I would picture it to be. She’s very down to earth, offers interesting and entertaining advice with some great guests. I’ve been listening to her non stop on my drives and wait patiently every week for a new episode. So glad to have found this and feel like I’m living the episodes with her, Sim and their guests! It makes me want to have trouble in my marriage to force me to write in lol. Just kidding. But not really. Keep up the great work!

Sharon MF Stone (3/5)

It’s June of 2018 and I’m diving deep into old episodes because I’m having withdrawals. My mind is blown by Sharon Stone (wouldn’t expect anything less). As soon as she said “I’m going to say a few things” to the caller I knew I was in for a treat. We simply do not deserve here! She was so incredibly wise and honest. A true gem. I honestly wish this was mainly geared towards advice, because I think that’s the strength. Otherwise all of the other stuff is kind of choppy and unstructured.

Used to be good. Now it’s terrible (2/5)

This show used to be very entertaining and fun. The larger it became, the more it has turned into Anna and Sim tiptoeing around different subjects with callers because they don’t want to alienate any listeners and they’re trying to appease men to gain male listeners. They openly admit this. Instead of having firm opinions and sticking to them, they are vapid and constantly second guessing the things they say. The podcast has become so utterly boring because of this. You’re not running for President, it’s a podcast. And it’s okay that some people might not like what you have to say but taking all sides around every situation is so monotonous.

I use to be obsessed with this podcast... (1/5)

.... It’s become really boring. I miss listening to her improv with her guests and now it’s become very dull. I try to listen to every new episode and never finish them cause it’s the same thing over again. I’ve keep downloading it cause I am hoping it gets back to where it was funny and fun to listen to... half of the podcast is ad reads and it’s just not what it use to be. Which to me is sad cause I adore Anna Faris and am a big fan... PLEASE go back to where it was or at least bring it in once in awhile.

Used to love it.... (2/5)

I used to love listening to this but the more I listen, the more Anna’s insecurity and lack of confidence projects and bothers me. I truly love her and Sim, but her insecurity is just too much sometimes. She picks on the notion of marriage, of having girlfriends, she always just assumes that all of the callers have cheating husbands and boyfriends but then completely condoned when one caller was actively cheating on her husband. I don’t even subscribe anymore, I just listen to see who the guests are. Again, I truly love Anna and Sim, but I think the projection of such insecurity after a certain point is just too negative and toxic and I can’t bring myself to listen anymore.

Absolutely love it! (5/5)

Hey Anna & Sim, I absolutely love the podcast! I only started listening to podcasts in general over the past 6 months or so but I quickly discovered Unqualified and fell in love. Very enjoyable to listen to, it’s always a good laugh and I think it’s great that you reach out to people and help them with their issues. Anna you’re so sweet, I just started watching Mom on Hulu and I’m on Season 2. I love it! (And I loved you in Just Friends and House Bunny too). If you ever come out with merch, I suggest a t-shirt that says “Protect Your Heart”:) love that Anna cares so much about her listeners and is so relatable and down to earth. Anyway, since I just started listening to your podcast, I have a lot of catching up to do but I’m trying to listen to all past episodes! Keep up the awesome work! Love you guys !

Love her! (5/5)

This is a funny, funny podcast and depending on her guest you learn so much about other people and the guest stories are so great !! I absolutely love the phone call portion and how Anna truly cares about each caller and wants to give solid advice . She’s one of my favorites now, you won’t regret giving this podcast a listen!!

😀 (3/5)

Love Anna Ferris in all she does! Good laughs but a little over the tops sometimes. Good podcast but could use some improvements.

Hi Anna (5/5)

Hi Anna big fan of your work and your podcast oh and you too Sim lol

Bert (5/5)

I love the podcast Anna! The Bert Kreischer episode is prob the best pod y’all have ever done. He is extremely funny and the machine story is just insane. Normally I’d assume that it was made up or at least extreme exaggeration. However, it’s been verified by people that were there. Do yourself a favor and listen to this pod!

Feels like having friends speaking in your living room (5/5)

Listening to this podcast feels like having friends casually speaking in your living room! In my mid twenties I’m struggling with life and love and finding my purpose. I love hearing these deeply human stories from other people that remind me that we’re all in this together. I love Anna and Sim!

Make a million more episodes!!! (5/5)

Thank you guys so much for making this every week, it’s my favorite podcast by far. I love that you take real callers and really try to help them with their problems, and that they have such interesting stories. Thanks for making me laugh and smile so many times. I love you Anna and Sim

Anna Haters Gonna Hate (5/5)

Those of you that feel Anna talks too much (in particular the Bert interview) are confusing. It’s her podcast, right? Move along if you don’t like it but let’s not dictate how it should be. Her voice has every right to be heard in whatever capacity. Host your own podcast if you got a problem with it. I know she doesn’t need me to say this for her but I need to say this because her voice is invaluable to me. Thanks!

Getting stale (3/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast since the beginning and really loved it! Now that we’re on year 2 or 3, it’s starting to become really stale and find myself letting them pile up until I have NOTHING else to listen to. My main problem used to be the games and skits they’d play with the guests, but those seem to have been drastically cut back. Now it’s waaaay too guest heavy. I thought the premise of this show was to give “unqualified” advice. Now, they do a very rushed 15 minute call at the end of the show where Sim ends it by asking if it was sufficient, and the caller is left with no choice but to say yes.

Just let Bert do the talking (3/5)

Some of unqualified is so funny some and some are just so so, Bert was funny AF but whenever Anna would try to be funny and tell a story it was so painful and unfunny and made me feel so uncomfortable for her. I don’t know if she was tryjng to be relevant but she should have just let Bert tell his hilarious stories and laugh at it.

Guests quality has really dropped off (2/5)

It’s been a long while since the show had someone on I was interested in listening to. I see the description week after week and go, “Who?!” Except Dax recently, it’s been a few months of meh guests. Not as interesting. And I feel like Anna’s self-proclaimed narcissism is bubbling up more and more as she puts guests in the awkward position of assuring her how great she is all the time in one way or the other. Idk. I’ve been listening to the podcast since the beginning and it’s just really fallen off for me.

Awesome (5/5)

This podcast rocks. Anna is a true professional as she opens her heart and soul to her guests and especially to her listeners and callers. It is perfectly clear how much she truly cares. Each episode makes me laugh out loud as if I’m in the room with Anna and Sim. I’m not kidding, I am often laughing on the subway and I do not care who is staring. I am always engaged. The honesty is what seems to make this podcast so wonderful for me. In their joking, games, interviewing, and advice, Anna and Sim are themselves. Each episode is both hilarious and touching as they open the conversations, both simple and complex, to their listeners. Thank you!

Love the podcast! (5/5)

Only request is to do more follow ups... when we hear all about people's situation it would be great to know what happened with their situations!

Better introduction of guests (5/5)

Love the show. I listen while I’m driving. My only critique is please give a brief summary of who the guests are and what they’ve done. I’m literally googling them while driving. I know actors by what they have done. The name is not enough.

Great show (5/5)

Down to earth. It’s like listening to my group of friends sitting around chatting.

Her laugh tho..... 😖 (1/5)

I really want to like this podcast. I think Anna is super cute, but her laugh during the interview with Natasha and Moshe, was so completely distracting. I powered thru it because the guests are incredibly funny.

3 bc I love Anna... (2/5)

But it’s really a 1-2 star pod for me. It’s too meandering, too unstructured. Suddenly I’m listening to a bad and too-long improv skit when I would much rather continue hearing interesting things about the guest; or hearing the calls and unqualified advice. In the 3 different attempts I’ve have made to get into this podcast, I have realized that comedic actors are not necessarily comedians. What’s funny between friends on a Friday night is not necessarily going to translate to laughs for a wider audience. I wish I could relate to this pod like so many other reviewers have - to feel like I’m hanging out with my friends...that’s not my experience with this.

Thumbs up! (5/5)

Awesome pod cast!!!

Solid show (4/5)

Really good show. It’s. It’s not my top podcast, but one of my subscriptions for sure

One of my favorite podcasts! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! Anna and Sim always being a smile to my face and make my work day so much better. I love all the games that they play with the guest and listening to the advice. It’s has often helped me with situations in my life. Thank you for this amazing podcast!

Girl Crush (5/5)

I’ve got a thing for Anna! 😘 New to the Podcast currently playing catch up & I dig it! I love Dax & I’m hopeful that KB will be a guest soon also!

Excellent for my "mom" time (5/5)

Hey Anna! Thanks so much for talking about the light and the the heavy stuff. You have a way of making it all fun/funny and we need more laughter in this world. Much love and a hug to you and your team. -Joey😊🙌💃👏😂

Can’t get enough (5/5)

I recently found Unqualified and it has changed my life. I binge-listened to every episode and it’s incredible to watch the development of this insanely funny podcast. I do miss the part 2 episodes and multiple improv sketches just because I can’t get enough unqualified, but I plan to read Anna’s book to help with that, haha. The show does an amazing job giving people advice and getting to know their guests. I find myself applying some of that advice to my own life or friends. Now, I think I’m an unqualified expert and I find myself saying “well, Anna and Sim say on unqualified” If you enjoy humor, kind-heartedness, and advice, this is the podcast for you. Thank you so much Anna, Sim, Mike, Nina, Tyler, Amy, and anyone else I didn’t mention for making this podcast! It makes my day. Keep on keeping on. Y’all are the greatest!

Loved episode (5/5)

This episode with DaX made me like y’all even more. As a regular person, meaning not in the spotlight, makes me realize you are just normal too. Y’all would be so much fun to hang out with. And Dax with his advice on relationships makes me think about my own marriage and ways I can be a better me !!!

Can't Listen to Episode :( (3/5)

Been trying to catchup on Unqualified...but am pretty far behind...was trying to access 2016 Memorable Moments Vol 1 but for some reason I'm never able to download it. Is there a problem with the audio on this episode from Apple's end??? I know it's a recap, but would really enjoy knowing I've listened to all the Unqualified episodes :)

LOVE IT (5/5)

Anna Farris is one of my favorite actresses. So real and hilarious. Keep it up girl. Loving this podcast.

Dax (3/5)

The show is great, but Dax wouldn’t let Anna talk...on her own show. He really showed his arrogance in this episode. Suddenly, I can’t listen to him anymore and don’t find him as lovable as before. So sad.

Unqualified for sure (3/5)

Anna and Haley Atwell gave a woman probably the worst advice for her infidelities, totally one sided and unfair to the husband. He’ll find out one day, and it will hit this woman hard. Besides that’s it ok..

Anna and sim are great (5/5)

I love this podcast. Anna is very funny and I love her interactions with the guest. This podcast is my guilty pleasure, being a 45 yr old male. Shhhhh. I guest Sim is ok too perhaps.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Anything by Anna is automatically 5 stars

Anna has me hooked (4/5)

I have never listened to podcasts she has a talent, i cant wait to listen to the next one

Eh it’s ALRIGHT (3/5)

Anna is fun to listen to (in between ads)! However, her and Sim’s advice can be really problematic and cringy. That is what happens when unqualified people give advice of course. Also I missed unqualified before the sponsors. Way too many sponsors and/or ads are too freaking long.

Yikes (1/5)

That laugh. The stammering. The inability to relinquish control into the conversation. Boooooooo!

Love it! (5/5)

Hilarious and insightful!

Dax Episode (5/5)

Great advice for Lauren! If you look into MANDT Training they call it using “I” statements instead of “You” statements! I try to use it everyday in work and personal life!

Loved it (5/5)

Just listened to your podcast Anna and I’m an aspiring actor from Arizona and listening to you and Eugenio Derbez and Dax it comforted me because I can see that you guys are just like us normal people and I appreciate what you guys are doing my friends and I are thinking about staying a podcast, i don’t know I just want to be successful really bad so I’m kinda trying my acting I even buy and sell cars on the side. Well anyways thank you guys for helping people and inspiring us aswell.

Dax is amazing! (5/5)

Best episode yet! Please tell Dax I think I’m married to him (ok, I just want to be). Love him and Anna and Sim!!


I love listening to all of Anna’s podcasts. She’s absolutely hilarious, she’s real about life, and she makes you want to keep listening all day! She has great guests too. If you want to laugh and love Anna Faris even more, LISTEN!

Funny & Awesome (4/5)

This makes my day! Great way to start my day off on my way to work. Anna Faris & Sim are the best.

Love it!! (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! Just started listening and going to be really sad when I get caught up and then I won’t be able to binge while at work anymore. So many laughs!!

just terrible (1/5)

on TV she kind of funny but Alison carries the show her podcast is just really bad she thinks she funny she NOT she gets good guest on but ruins when she talks Now I see she has a new movie a remake of Goodie Hawn well she wasn't too talented either don't waste your time

Anna keeps getting better. (5/5)

Unqualified was one of the first podcasts I really got into. Now I find myself wondering what Sim and Amy are going to name the baby or how Anna makes the most amazing sex noises. I love y’all reading the feedback letters and answering more listeners questions. I downloaded this garbage apple podcast app just to rate and review. Love the show!! Keep it up!

Your voice is everything (5/5)

Love this podcast! You should have Salma Hayek I feel like she would kill it.

The questions are so stupid (3/5)

Generally I like the podcast, mostly for the celebrity interviews. When they get to the caller questions I tend to turn off about 80% of the time. Sometimes I just can’t with these people. It must be nice to have such non-problem problems. Billy Eichner (April 24) was all of us when after hearing about “Kayla’s” “totally amazing, totally fulfilling relationship except he’s unemployed and plays video games all day” 🤔 Eichner was just like “I have to go to the gym soon. Dump him”. Next! It was so great. I get that Anna and Sim are “unqualified” but it would be nice to get some questions with a little more substance and don’t leave me saying out loud “what an idiot” every time.

Her friend Sim is super annoying (3/5)

Good podcast if her annoying friend would shut up and let her and the guest talk. He is maddening and apparently thinks this is his podcast even though no one wants to ever hear him speak.

Amazing (5/5)

I’m a dear listener and always will be

Awesome (5/5)

I just love this show so much! Anna you are legit the best. Sym, you too. Thanks for what you guys do! Keep doing your stuff.

Depends on the day (3/5)

I really enjoyed this podcast when it first started, but it’s transformed into something else. I care less about the improv games and more about the caller interactions. I wish the lengths of these segments would be reversed and we’d get more calls and less deal breakers. Even some of the guest seem tired of it. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I can’t stand Sim. His advice seems backwards and or just completely wrong. He gives me the creeps when he talks about women. He somehow manages to come across as condescending as he’s blathering on about women’s rights. And settle down with the ads. You’re not fooling us with your “casual conversations” about zip recruiter. We skip them. From this it sounds like I don’t like the show which isn’t true! I just miss the episodes where the callers were the focus and not how well Anna can fake orgasm.

It’s changing.. (3/5)

I LOVED this podcast at the beginning.. long time listener. But now with the ads it’s getting shorter on content and WAY more ad heavy. I get it, you have people to pay.. but the content is literally gone WAY down in time to make up for all of the ads. Bums me out — not enjoying the new episodes at all.

Anna is Great! F you, Sim (5/5)

The chemistry and friendship between Anna and Sim are contagious and their desire to help listeners is genuine. I always love listening to episodes as there are things I can relate to in my own life.

Awesome and funny (5/5)

I love it

More Johnny Galecki (5/5)

Great interview!

Love this podcast (5/5)

I just started listening to pod casts in January. I started with arm chair expert which I love! From there, I learned about Unqualified and I gotta tell you, it’s wonderful! Anna is amazing and Sim is just a gem. Love the format and the advice they give! Those two are doing it right! Thanks to them, I listened to Deadly Manners and now Follow RuPaul and and Andy Cohen on IG and Twitter. What can I say? Listen to this podcast, guys! You’ll fall in love with it!

Really is unqualified (3/5)

Entertaining podcast! Truly! But, the poor callers who really need good advice/direction are not getting it here. Sim is such a beta male he’s incapable of providing women with Alphas meaningful direction. He might be good helping Alpha males see women’s perspectives..? If you’re going to call in for free advice, you’re going to get less than you paid for. Other than the risk posed to callers I really love the show.

LOVE YOU ANNA (only love you kinda Sim) (5/5)

Love it. Never stop it. Keep it comin. Don’t you stop! Ok. Love you guys ❤️

Do you like laughing? (5/5)

In a world where so much can go wrong/ be weird/no fun! Change parts of your days by listening to unqualified and remember how funny it is to be alive at all! Anna and Sim give great and thoughtful advice and it’s always fun to hear the wild card of whatever the guest will say. It’s an entertaining, never boring way to learn about your favorite celebs and ones you’ve never heard of. Plus Anna’s laugh will stick in your head all day and remind you to laugh! Keep it up y’all! Love Amelia

Work day helper! (5/5)

I listen to your podcast while I work, and it keeps me SANE! Your advise always finds a way to resonate with me and I believe you are doing a great thing! P.S. I listen to the podcast with headphones and have to check every once and a while that it’s not playing out loud! 😂😂😂

Amazing (5/5)

I love this podcast. Anna Faris is so funny and easy to listen to. I listen while I drive and around the house. I need a million more episodes.

I totally binged the whole thing (5/5)

Anna and Sim are fantastic. I just finished the entire list of episodes (116!!) I love the humor, unqualified advice and love that she had for her guests and listeners. It has made my last minty of work go by so much quicker listening to her show. Now I have to wait for each new episode. Plus we have a mutual friend in common, how amazing is that?!?!?!


I have listened since day one, but the episode with Zach Braff is the best. I can not believe he is not married. He comes across as very practica, sweet, and a realist about relationships. I would snatch him up in a second.

I ❤️ Anna! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

I luv everything she does!!!

LOVE IT (5/5)

Shay literally sounds like Casey Cott who plays Kevin in Riverdale and I CAN’T HANDLE IT

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I’ve just recently started listening to podcasts and Anna’s is definitely one of my favorites. She’s got tremendous interview skills, plus she’s funny AF!

Only gets better with time! (5/5)

I seriously love the evolution of this podcast! It's hilarious and the advice only gets better ❤️

Hanging out with your bestie (5/5)

Listening to an episode/podcast of Unqualified is like hanging out with your best friend over a drink and having a good heart to heart. Never fails to put me in a great mood and a smile on my face. Thanks Anna and Sim for this podcast and keep up the fun content! 😁✌🏼

Liz - Caller (5/5)

Anna! I don’t know where we’re supposed to send feedback for the show, but I have some for Liz. Poor girl. I loved everything you had to say, I feel like you + Zach Braff did your best with her. I’ve been in a very similar situation as Liz. didn’t work out well. The gist of it: I dated a VERY charming, handsome, man and found out he was a stripper/service provider at a gentlemen’s club (years earlier), struggling with his sexuality. Basically, I could have made the same call Liz made almost verbatim. It wasn’t until later I learned all of the why’s. Also, you don’t really know how messed up someone is until you’ve cohabited with them and catch them hiding cocaine in the Altoids container in the bathroom or walk around the corner and see them snorting Aderall. I think the straw that broke the camels back was catching him jerking off...everywhere yet having zero LPD for the relationship. Again, I have to give you guys kudos. Seriously, this guy sounds like more work than he’s worth. PS. Liz, seriously wishing you the best, but some juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

Addictive (5/5)

I’ve never been so addicted to a podcast. This show just touches my soul on so many levels. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve felt so incredibly moved. This is just genuine humans wanting to connect with other humans and help them along their journey. I’ve never wanted to be friends with people so much.

Best Pick Me Up (5/5)

Easily a favorite pick me up and mood lifter after a long work day in the office or at home with 3 kids. Anna and Sim have created a great show! Anna is hilarious and charming, perverted and obnoxious in all the best ways. This podcast has me cackling continuously. Thank you for the laughs!

It’s not everything... but it’s everything! (5/5)

Also, Anna Faris is a top-notch ad reader > Sim 🤘🏼

So funny! (5/5)

I love Anna Faris. She always cracks me up!

5 stars isn’t enough! (5/5)

Addicted! Love this podcast so much!

Entertaining and funny (5/5)

Love this for a lighter podcast... it's like reality tv but on a podcast. Ha. Love it.

Great show! (4/5)

Great show, but I don’t like sim very much, and I Really don’t like the skit where Ana is a mean person, I skip that entire part of every episode. But Ana is great!!

Anna is real, hilarious and genuine (5/5)

Anna is hilarious and seems to bring out the best (including their humorous side) in everyone. She is always true to her self. Between talking about real life with her guests and then the advice to her callers, there is always content to relate to. She genuinely enjoys giving her “unqualified” advice to her listeners and wants to help solve their problems! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Anna is a real inspiration! A must listen!

So fun! (5/5)

Love AF!

Great guests (4/5)

Love listening to the variety of segments (dealbreakers, advice, etc) and hearing celeb guests in a comfortable casual element, but I’m really not into the porn star voice and sex noises in nearly every recent episode and ad. It sounds a little thirsty and i really don’t think Anna is that thirsty.


I really enjoy this podcast and look forward to it every week but after getting sponsors it’s been kind of annoying sometimes. I appreciate the need for sponsors and don’t mind listening to the messages but I feel like, in an effort to make the sponsor messages funny and casual, Anna and Sim made then painfully prolonged and redundant. I find myself skipping to the end, which I think it’s the opposite of what the sponsors would want. I wish they’d just say the message and move on, honestly. Just my opinion and honest constructive criticism to improve the podcast.

Loved it at first, but has gotten too repetitive. (1/5)

This podcast is amazing. I’ve never listened to a podcast before and I chose to start with this one because I thought it would be fun to maybe see Anna in a different light. I truly appreciate and love the callers and the guest interviews but the improv segments go on and on forever and I don’t find them interesting. The Karen Sarducci bits are super annoying and are way too often. I have to fast forward through them. I feel like as the show has gone on it seems to spend less time on callers and more time on improv skits and that is disappointing. I also feel like the raunchiness has been dialed up too. I had to stop listening for a while because I couldn’t take it anymore.

The guests are awesome! (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. Ana and Sim have a great friendship and they do a great job giving their unqualified advice to callers. It’s very interesting to listen to.

Friggin Fantastic (5/5)

I bought Anna's book totally unaware of this podcast. I had to then check out the podcast and it was beyond my already high expectations. It's so funny and super relatable. As a beginning college student it's super great to listen to while walking around campus.

Perfection!!! (5/5)

Annaaaaaaaaa!!!! Siiiiiim!! I’m new to your podcast and I LOVE IT!! I’ve been binge listening, from the beginning, for a month or so and I’ve been recommending it left and right!!! I have to say, Anna’s compassion towards her listeners is heartwarming and so rare now a days, especially in L.A. I think this is one of the biggest reasons this podcast is so popular, we strive for human connection and understanding and your callers get this from Anna, and Sim. Keep up the amazing work!!! With gratitude and admiration, Ana (pronounced like Anna does)

Lots of Love from Zuni, New Mexico (5/5)

This review may be biased because I am a huge fan of Anna Faris ❤️❤️ But whatevs right? 😂 I love you Anna!!!! And I love this podcast!!! All the episodes and all the awesome celebrities 😳🤗 whom I have grown to love thanks to you Anna 🤗 I listen to lots of episodes on my days off work and boy I sure wish I had more days off!! Anyway Love Love loveee!!! Can you please have Drake on????? Please! Haha ❤️

Such a cutie pie (5/5)

Anna Ferris is silly and smart and sweet. This podcast will crack you up! Give it a listen

I love Unqualified! (5/5)

Unqualified is the only thing that gets me through my desk job! Anna and Sim are absolutely hilarious but can also reliever some pretty killer advice to the callers. I have loved all the guests and all of the little segments on the show. The show is so amazing I even got my husband hooked on it!

Solid podcast (4/5)

Have listened to this show for several years. Love the format, understand there will be new things added and other things will be phased out. My suggestions: bring back more than one caller. I understand your celebrity guests can’t always stay that long, but maybe have just Anna and Sim talk to them? Last suggestion - more updates on callers. Even if it’s just you reading an email from them, the listeners want to know! PS - congrats on your wedding, Sim and Amy!

annaandsimforever! (5/5)

Oh my goodness Anna! I have been meaning to leave you a review! You are my absolute favorite! You make me laugh so hard and your book was so much fun to read! Thank you for doing this and Sim I love you too! P.S. My most lol moments of the podcast are Jack and you reciting Annie & you and talking about your new movie "Jump, Jump, Jump"! Can't wait for next Tuesday! Love Love Love, Lisa

We love you too, Anna! (5/5)

Thanks Anna for putting your heart and soul into a podcast. The show is hilarious and thoughtful!

SimAna Saris (5/5)

Enjoy the slew of guests and games.

My favorite podcast ever! (5/5)

I look forward to new episodes every week. Love Anna and Sim’s friendship ❤️

Hilarious (5/5)

I usually like documentaries but I’m so glad I stumbled upon this podcast. I literally laugh out loud to it all the time. I love the games and calls. Thank you!

I have fallin in love with Anna and Sim (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. I work outside pretty much everyday and listening to this podcast while I’m outside working makes my time pass by fast and it never fails to make me laugh and smile. I’m so happy I found this podcast. I recommend it to EVERYONE! I honestly wish I could listen to a new podcast every day of the week. Thank you Anna and Sim for helping my my long work days not so stressful. I now look forward to going to work to enjoy my favorite podcast unqualified.

Awesome- stress relief (5/5)

I’ve been wanting to get into podcasts for awhile, tried a few. But this was the one that stuck. I wish I had started it as soon as it came out, but it’s still so entertaining starting from the beginning and catching up!

I am so happy every Tuesday (5/5)

This show makes me laugh out loud all of the time. I love Anna and Sim together. They talk about funny topics, serious topics, and everything in between.

Yay! (5/5)

The only podcast I’ve consistently listened to since the beginning! Great guests, great advice, lots of laughs. My favorite podcast for lunchtime walks or commuting to and from work. Thanks for being so amazing!

Absolute favorite!!! (5/5)

Something about the chemistry of this podcast excites me, each time a new episode comes out. Just great, nothing else to say...

Love it!! (5/5)

I love this podcast!!! Its my favorite channel

I love unqualified!! (5/5)

It’s great!!

A Wonderful Weekly Treat (5/5)


Awesome Podcast (5/5)

I really enjoy the podcasts, Anna is a great host and interviewer when she is just talking with the guests. But only when she is talking, the improv situations are borderline uncomfortable depending on the guests. Ad reads I understand are necessary and I think should be integrated into the show more. For example “today’s dealbreakers are brought to you by blue apron. Because we all know the number one deal breaker for a relationship is when someone doesn’t know how to cook. Well guess what! Blue apron can do it for you!”

Love (5/5)

I love this podcast, Anna & Sim are great! The guest are always fun. All the sudden, it seems like Anna & Sim are speaking really fast. Why is that?

Good not great. (5/5)

II enjoy listening to Anna and most guests. Sim is meh. She truly is unqualified to give advice because it gets cringy at times but she’s not claiming to know what she’s doing so I’ll let it pass.

Perfecto (5/5)

Been a fan of Anna since scary movie. She’s always been entertaining and her podcast is top notch! Sometimes I don’t enjoy the phone calls, but it all evens out in the end.

Love this podcast!!! ❤️❤️❤️ (5/5)

I truly love listening to Anna and Sim and all her really wonderful guests she has on!! I have many podcasts in my library but only very few that i ABSOLUTELY don’t miss one episode of and this is one of the few!! Keep up the great banter and i look forward to next week as i am all caught up!!

Greatness! (5/5)

I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats!

So good (5/5)

Anna Faris is funny, charming, and so real. Guests seem to really open up and enjoy their time on her show.

A gentle bright spot (4/5)

This podcast is a bright spot each week. Funny and sweet, Anna and Sim lighten the daily grind. Thank you.

Entertaining and heartfelt (5/5)

I always thought Anna Faris was funny but I never realized how truly hilarious, empathetic and compassionate she was till listening to this podcast. It really is a treat every week! Thank you Anna and Sim!


Please give me this chance to say that this is by far the best podcast ever. I work an 8am-5pm job sitting in a quiet office. And I must say that Anna Farris is the the best out there. I have several podcasts downloaded and hers is the one I always come back to. It's very witty, humorous, and lots of advices. I have to hold back my laughter and giggle and snort and I keep it all to myself because I listen to them in my headphones and I'm the only one making sounds when I listen to them. I have listened to ALL of her podcasts and I want more! I love it!

Perfect (5/5)

I look forward to every episode. Love it!

Qualified- no uns about it. (5/5)

Super. Duper. Pooper. Best podcast ever.

Favorite podcast (4/5)

I love this show!!! From Anna’s charisma, to Sim’s funny side remarks, it always makes my day to have a listen to the show every week. I’m only rating 4/5 stars because lately I’ve noticed you guys are devoting less and less time for calls/or doing only 1 call instead of 2 like how it used to be. I enjoy the celebrity guests of course, but don’t detract from the whole point of the podcast which was to give unqualified advice. Overall however, I truly love the show and always look forward to a new episode every Tuesday.

Love it (5/5)

Super funny. Very entertaining.

Love! (5/5)

Love this podcast! Anna and Sim are the best


This podcast is super amazing with incredible hosts and guest!

Anna is amazing, sim is a sexist (4/5)

This podcast is great - Anna is amazing and funny and honest. It's always a fun listen. Sim is constantly making sexist comments, like girls aren't allowed to fart infront of their partner but men are allowed to. It's super frustrating. He is also constantly interuppting people. I think if he had something positive to share it'd be fine.


It’s an amazing podcast. No matter what episode, Anna and Sim are always funny. I listen to an episode daily. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogood! And so funny! It’s the best podcast ever.

This podcast rocks!!!!!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast. I enjoy it so much, you guys make me laugh so much and I love all of the advice you guys give.

Such an hilarious podcast (5/5)

Unqualified is one of my all time favorite podcasts. It’s never a dull moment between Anna and Sim, and they have amazing guests. So many laughs and moments that have made my days along with real open conversations about the hard things in life. I would highly recommend you to listen to this goodness!

I love this (5/5)

I've always though Anna Farris is hilarious and she continues this here! I'm new to podcasts but it's become my new favorite thing and this is one at the top of my list. I love it ❤️👏🏽

My Everyday Indulgence (5/5)

I love Anna and Sim! This podcast highlights my days while I sit at my desk and get through work. Such a fun listen!

Love it (5/5)

Where is Karen Sarducci? Did she have an accident on one of her exotic vacations? Bring her back so Kayla can take a break.

Amazing! (5/5)

Best podcast ever!

Please go back to taking more calls (2/5)

I used to love this podcast, but now it is more about the guest and fame (which is fine), but I feel like the show is getting away from what it was made to be. Please go back and make it about the callers again.

Fun show (5/5)

Great guests, and great (unqualified!) advice!

You guys are awesome! (5/5)

Thank you so much for being there for us. You make me laugh even on the toughest days! I noticed, I might be wrong, that you're getting more serious and you used to have more games that would just take the episode to unexpected funniest places and that was so much fun. Sorry if I'm wrong! Maybe it's just me :) You guys are really awesome!

Love Anna Ferris (5/5)

This podcast is seriously the most hilarious podcast I have listened to. I have followed Anna since Scary movie (s) she is so beautiful and talented and came across this podcast and I am so glad I did. I listen to it religiously! My favorite segment is HWYP, also Deal Breakers are hilarious! Anna if you are reading this know that I admire you and love you and you are smart, witty and funny!!! The whole women package!!! Only love!

F*€% You Sim! (5/5)

I’ve always loved Anna and not gonna lie I started listening after the separation of her and Chris (still so sad about that!) I’ve been listening to every episode available since. I love Anna’s laugh and Sim’s as well! I love the segments and the guests have been fantastic. I can’t quite explain this show to people because there are so many random things happening sometimes but I love the improv. I’ve tried other comedic podcasts before but this one truly makes me laugh out loud. Also, I read her book as well before I really started listening to this podcast. I’ve been enjoying catching up on all the episodes.

Love this podcast - not so unqualified (5/5)

This gets me through so many days at work. Makes me laugh out loud and the advice it always on point! Also just listened to the episode with “Javier”......we need more of this!

Zippy and the Juice (1/5)

Honestly I just came to listen to Helms talk about how Dan Le Batard Show asked him about wiping standing or sitting. Honestly their monotone voice left me with E.D. For a week. I would not recommend. Maybe to Kim Jong. I couldn’t sit through this long enough though. Thank god for writers and scripts.

Save your time - (1/5)

I found it very hard to listen to more than one episode :(

Major lady boner for Anna! (5/5)

Where have you been all my life?! Can’t believe I only just discovered this Podcast or even podcasts in general. Hearing Anna is like looking into the depths of my soul! She’s so funny and sweet and awkward. By far my favorite Hollywood funny girl. Love you Anna!!

Anna Ferris IS Qualified!! (5/5)

This is the best podcast! She’s hilarious and very caring. There’s a famous person on every episode and whether Anna’s met the person before or not, they always end up having a hilarious but very meaningful conversation with her. I love hearing about famous peoples lives outside their role in movies/music ect. It feels very real. Her advice is spot on and I believe she really helps people. Love it!!

Love it! (5/5)

love, love, love this podcast! Thank you, Anna, for making this stay-at-home mom laugh while folding laundry and cleaning toilets.

Love listening to the goofy and genuine interviews and advice (5/5)

This podcast is funny, irreverent and touching. I love the advice and I love how she interviews people. Great job.

Love this podcast (4/5)

Anna and Sim and their guests make me feel invited into a conversation rather than just a fly on the wall. Nothing makes my day more than seeing that there's a new episode when I'm sitting at my desk in the morning. But oh my god the ads guys

So entertaining!!! (5/5)

I love love love this podcast!! You’re ad reading can get annoying.

Love it! (5/5)

I’ve only just discovered this podcast after starting to follow Anna on Instagram and I can’t believe it took this long. This podcast is simply amazing! Anna is every bit as funny, charming, nice and intelligent as we’ve all hoped. I’ve only been listening for 3 months and have already listened to every episode. Anna is such an engaging and amazing host to her guests, and gives great advice to her dear listeners. I can’t wait to have a relationship problem so I can reach out to Anna to save the day! My one concern is Sim(producer and cohost), and I don’t know if anyone else feels this way. The show has the word “Unqualified” in it, but it always seems like he’s trying to make the show really structured and “qualified” despite the fact that most of us are here to listen to Anna host a show in her own unique way. Another thing you’ll have to put up with is Sim’s attempt to mansplain everything to Anna and very often comes off as arrogant and misogynistic. He adds a unique and interesting perspective to the show, but he’s definitely trying to control the direction of the show, and kind of treats Anna like a child. If I didn’t love Anna so much I think I’d probably remove a star from my rating because of Sim.

So down to earth and amusing (5/5)

I like that you get to see how totally human Anna and her guests are. No pretense. Just a fun way to spend an hour!

Love the honesty from Anna & Sim (5/5)

I’ve avoided podcasts forever but for my first listen at this I chose Unqualified because I picked up Anna’s book at Target. At this point I can’t stop listening. In the car, cleaning the house, kids now have to yell at me through my headphones to get me to listen to them. It’s awful that I’m ignoring my kids but I just love the show. I am trying to catch up but I’ve got a long way to go. Keep up the great work you guys! You deserve all the success this show brings you. You’ve got a fan for life here. Now I gotta start watching Mom.

Once in awhile.... (3/5)

I love everything, except the improv crap. Karen and Kayla would not be missed. I want more Amy. I cannot get enough of Anna and Sim. 💜💜

Uninteresting, not listenable for long periods (2/5)

She has great guests, but has an awkward conversation style that makes the podcast boring after a while. There’s no natural chemistry between she and the guest. t’s obvious that she “wings it” and doesn’t really prepare for the interview aside from a few corny questions. I’m such a fan of the Joe Rogan and Alec Baldwin podcasts and this is boring compared to theirs.

This podcast is my happy place (5/5)

I’ve had a rough couple months and have been struggling with depression. This podcast has been my therapy. The first time I had truly laughed or felt happiness in months was all because of this podcast. I can’t explain how much joy it brings to my life. You may say you are unqualified but the genuine advice and kind words you give is so uplifting and encouraging!

Laughing (5/5)

I just started listening to this series about a week ago. Anna is hilarious! I crack up often while at work, of course people just look at me like I’m crazy.

sweet (5/5)


I love Anna...but... (3/5)

I love this show and I'm so happy for her and Sim's success but I love Anna as Anna, not these role-playing characters she does for some segments. I can tell it's uncomfortable (maybe that's the point) but I really enjoy when she's asking the questions and is genuine. I feel the guest is more open that way. My favorite interview was with kelly Clarkson and it was real. Please don't change the platform when you're doing the live show. The live USC one was cringing. I had to turn it off, educated bright people sounding 12-years-old, it was awful. I'll keep listening, but please stop the role playing and pretending to be someone else..

I tune in every Tuesday (3/5)

I love this podcast. I talk to my friends like Anna tala to Sim. Such diverse guest. Amazing. Update: So I changed my review. Y’all fixed the super long ads so that’s great. But the same celebrity how you deal with fame question is getting really old. We get it. Celebrities don’t want to talk about their lives. I’m ok with that. But talking about not talking about your private life every show is annoying.

Always a fun listen (4/5)

I’m not the biggest fan of the role playing convos in this podcast but the enjoyment that comes from every other aspect (including the fantastic variety of guests) and the appreciation for the advice given makes this a show I look forward to each week.

Love the podcast (5/5)

Anna Faris is delightful amusing and most of compassionate. Love her and the guests 💜💜

Neat interviews (4/5)

Anna has such a lovely voice and her style of open ended conversations makes for a great show. Her advice could use a professional second opinion but the title is an appropriate disclaimer. With good guests and fun vibes, this podcast is well worth a subscription.

Favorite podcast! (5/5)

I am late to get on the podcast train but have been catching up on all the previous episodes and I am in love with this podcast! It always puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh but it’s also great to hear the advice given. I have always loved Anna Faris but this has given me such a deeper appreciation for her and it’s just the best!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I wish I were friends with Anna and Sim. They give great advice and are such amazing humans. F*** you Sim!

you're the best (5/5)

Anna! I think you are so lively and fun to listen to. Do you know any of the actors/actresses from New Girl? From watching the show and listening to your podcast, I seriously think it would be a riot if you had any of them on your podcast. LOVE YOU and I hope I can someday find a reason to call you for advice :) happy holidays!

Sim, enough! (2/5)

Too much of Sim talking about Amy, if you want advice maybe do it off air. Sophomore slump in full effect. Missing the fun, lightheartedness of the first year. The 2.5 hour episodes are just too mucky and boring, even the calls aren't as entertaining anymore. Not to mention the 4+ minute long ads, no other podcast that I listen to is so bad at this! This was my favorite podcast but it's definitely hit some bumps in the road.