AntiSocial Extroverts

AntiSocial Extroverts Podcast

Two very anxious guys, in their 20 somethings, talking about absolutely nonsense. We know our opinions don't matter but we still have a lot to say. . A LOT.

Episode 005 - Let's Have A Talk
This episode we talk about why we've been gone. We also open up about some serious things about ourselves and hope that it could help any one of you out there listening. Follow us on our NEW Twitter account at @ASExtroverts!...

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Episode 004 - High School
Sorry for the wait, we suck. We know. But we're back and since we kept you waiting this episode is a long one, but respectfully so since it is about High School. Listen to what we went through, the phases, prom, almost failing. All of that and more!...

anti gossip school bob social high prom marley antisocial norman thornton extroverts

Episode 003 - Wakanda Forever
This week we are talking about the box office success, Black Panther. We go into how we felt about the movie, the impact it's left, the Marvel Universe, and the soundtrack. WAKANDA FOREVAAAA!...

black forever lamar panther kendrick wakanda sza

Episode 002 - Computer Music
This week we talk about something that Ivan is more than fluent in. . Computer Music or as the kids like to call it, EDM. We go into festivals we've been to, our favorite DJ's, Garrett being completely lost, and Ivan babels on about EDC....

Episode 001 - Mumble Rap
Welcome to our podcast! We will be choosing a topic to talk about each week and just ramble on about relevant or irrelevant events that happened pertaining to the topic. This week we talk about the most hyped up trend in rap and hip hop music and that is. . Mumble Rap. . Yeah, we don't know what they're saying either....

rap garrett ivan mumble antisocial extroverts