Apartment 1518

Apartment 1518 Podcast

"Apartment 1518" is a chance for us to chronicle our past and present, and give you a decent dose of entertainment while we're at it. We discuss the things we love, hate, and have to deal with in life. The parties, the girls, the drinking, family, friends, work, music, movies, etc. We do try to keep our conversations mature, instead of feeding you a bunch of toilet humor; However they can sometimes get "adult in nature" to say the least... so as always, * Listener discretion is advised*. Enjoy, and leave some feedback with your thoughts and suggestions about the show at 1518productions@gmail.com.... Cheers!

Generation WTF
On this episode of Apartment 1518, we talk about the paranormal. What we believe in, what we don't, what we've seen, what we THINK we've seen, etc. We also discuss what specific generation we would like to be categorized in, and what generation we ACTUALLY are. Crazy stuff in the news, and the win lose or booze beer is choice. Tune in, join the fun, and as always **Listener Discretion is Advised**...

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They Call Him Qui Qui
My cousin thinks he should be on the podcast. I think he drank two Corona lights and he's drunk off his ass....

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Just A Lil Crush
On this episode of Apartment 1518, both Chavo and Dirty may be guilty of some illegal activity, and discussions range from proper parenting, to celebrity crushes, to a woman who is missing her vagina.... and nobody knows where it went. Win Lose or Booze is a delicous beer this go around so listen in and find out what made "Beer of the Month"! As always, *Listener Discretion Is Advised*...

apartment comedy beer chavo cleveland funny ohio heether dirty parenting crushes crush drunk alcohol drinking news

The Miracle in Heether's Basement
On this episode of Apartment 1518, we discuss honey bees, burning limos, kidnapping, 911 dispatchers and much much more. Chavo and Dirty get their insides set on fire with a beer that's been laced with jalapeno and chili peppers. Check it out it's alot of fun. Listener Discretion is advised....

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Apt 1518 is back, and apparently they forgot how to podcast. But aside from some technical difficulties and some trouble getting back into their groove, they still had a fun episode. Join them as they catch up, give their opinion on Blue Moon® Agave Ale, pick their favorite key change songs......... and dirty eats a banana and drinks a giant bottle of sprite. Well, enjoy and as always, *Listener Discretion is Advised*...

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