APO-ZO Podcast

APO-ZO Podcast Podcast

The Alpha Phi Omega - Zeta Omicron Podcast is a conversational podcast where we discuss recent chapter events and activities from the past week. Every week we also try to feature an alumni from the chapter in the form of an interview or a guest appearance. Hosts: APO-ZO Podcast -Gregg Yasuda: Alpha Lambda Pledge Class, Spring 2009 -Alex Wilk: Alpha Nu Pledge Class, Spring 2010 -Kevin Chu: Alpha Iota Pledge Class, Spring 2008

Stress Test 6.14.2015
This show, for a lack of a better word, is a stress test because frankly, I was pretty sure something would go wrong and I wanted to get in front of it before we did something real. Topics discussed in no particular order: -Daredevil -Avengers:Age of Ultron -Mad Max: Fury Road -NHL Playoffs -Conventions: Comic Con, PAX -San Diego, CA : Stone Brewery, The Noble Experiment, Polite Provisions -Rooster Teeth: Monty Oum - Haloid, RVB, RWBY Contact Information: [email protected]