Aggregated reviews for Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.

Best podcast everrrrrrrr! (5/5)

This is my new favorite podcast. I LOVE! Dax has a natural way of conversing with everyone. Never talking over anyone like most podcasters. Gentle amazing wonderful conversations. THANK you for making my week!

Monica keep on laughing! (5/5)

Dax and Monica, You are both great! I am obsessed with this pod. I just saw you both live in Nashville. I’m so glad this thing exists it’s my guilty pleasure. I want to drive around all day just to listen to it! Monica you’re amazing I love you’re laugh and I love how real you are. Also some of these comments are repulsive if a laugh bothers you so much you should check your life. Sounds like you’re an unhappy person.

Monica is the only reason this is even successful (1/5)

Monica is the only person who moderates this podcast and keeps Dax’s incredibly narrow, privileged, stereotypical “male” commentary at bay. He constantly speaks over her and tries to speak for her. Desperate to relate to each person on the show - he just ends up trying to one up people’s life experiences and traumas with his own. It’s honestly pushed me away from what otherwise would be a great podcast. Love the experts and guests but if Dax would just be a better human to his “soul mate” Monica then I would stick around. Can’t stomach it anymore.

Used to be... (2/5)

Used to love this podcast! It started off strong, deep, and intriguing. Now... it’s lost it’s charm. They may not talk about politics, but they sure don’t mind beating you to death with Atheism.

My happy place (5/5)

Dax and Monica are so relatable. They literally make me happy everyday in the car on my way to wherever! Love them, best podcast around!

Best podcast! (5/5)

This is hands down my favorite podcast! Dax is so funny, down to earth, and relatable. It always makes my morning!

Dax is the Podcast Expert!! (5/5)

Who knew that a 2 hour interview was just what I needed on a long drive, and two episodes at that!!?? The time flew by on the road and my husband and I were highly entertained. We are now faithful subscribers. Never change! (well, this podcast format at least) The guests have been varied, intelligent, amusing and surprisingly interesting when I’m not sure I want to listen to that person. I think only one wasn’t my favorite and there are so many - what’s not to like?! Monica is the best - when is the Atlanta Live Show?!? I want to go!

Please don’t keep both mics on (4/5)

Love the interviews especially the earlier ones because Dax has such a nice way of speaking to his guests and it alternates between being very entertaining and/or informative. My only complaint is that listening to Monica comment or laugh loudly while Dax is interviewing the guest is very distracting and off putting...could her mic be off during the interview unless she has a specific question ? Anyway keep up the great interviews !

Monica’s laugh is forcing me to never listen again.... (3/5)

Monica has the most annoying laugh I’ve ever heard. It sadly makes a good entertaining podcast unlistenable.

From great to meh (3/5)

When the podcast started it was great because Dax would talk with the guests about real human issues. As they’ve blown up it’s become another talk about acting and plug your thing podcast. At least experts on experts is around, that one can still get deep.

Isolated to my basement with Dax (5/5)

I started a job working from home in 2018. I needed something to keep me awake and keep me working! I found this podcast and have listened ever since! I had a baby also in 2018 so I am finally back to the caught up stage and wait patiently for each episode to come out! I love learning from all angles and to hear how in-depth Dax and Monica get is so intriguing to me! Experts on expert has to be my all time favorite as there are so many aspects you bring to the table for us to get in to!! Keep up the amazing work!! Love you!

Great Podcast. Sound needs adjusted. (4/5)

This podcast is great! The guests are interesting. Their connection with Dax is genuine. Monica adds a perspective that is fully unique and refreshing. I am so glad that I found it. The sound must be off though. All I can hear sometimes is Monica’s laugh. It overpowers every conversation. I don’t know if her mic needs adjusted or if the chairs can be arranged to fix that, but it is distracting and actually hurts the listener’s ears a bit. Once the sound is adjusted, the podcast will be perfect!

Thanks (5/5)

Dax you are awesome love the podcast just started listening but I’m going back to listen to all of them my favorite so far is Dog The Bounty Hunter thanks again

My favorite (5/5)

This is my fave podcast going right now. Very insightful and Dax is a gifted interviewer bringing the unique brilliance out of each guest. Can’t get enough!

Dear Monica, (5/5)

Do you really like Bell as a person or are you just forced to because it’s your livelihood that’s at stake? Cliff notes: hope it’s the latter 🤞🕯 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠

Turn OFF her mic (3/5)

Monica’s startling and grating laugh is unbearable. If you must keep her employed, at least make her listen to herself and understand why so many of us are tempted to stop listening because of her. At best, she adds nothing. Worse, she’s affecting your number of subscribers. Add in the baby talk and obvious obsession with Dax and it’s all too much. She’s known you for six years and is upset that Kate Hudson shared stories she hadn’t been a part of - he had a life before you came along. Get over it and stop flirting with Dax. She’s so childish and insecure. She’s gotta go.

Monica is the best! (5/5)

Monica really makes this podcast for me. Without her most of the episodes would just be two really confident white guys agreeing with each other for two hours. As a fellow brown girl I appreciate the different perspective she brings and her willingness to call Dax out when it’s needed. If she wasn’t in the room, I wouldn’t listen nearly as much.

Love the psychology aspect (5/5)

Love this podcast. Dax, this is your calling! You were also a great host on the Ellen Show when you filled in! You are just a great host and interviewer. I love the psychology aspect and I feel I finish these episodes getting to know celebrities on a different level. I also love that when you have guests with differing opinions you are not afraid to push back. You have had two celebrity guests on that I was not really a fan of them at all. However, after listening to your podcast, they were great episodes and I found myself intrigued by them and really liking them by the end (Adam Devine & Elizabeth Banks). If you want some feedback, I would say the fact check is sometimes boring and pointless, in my opinion.

Saving my life right now (5/5)

I had a baby a year ago and decided to stay at home with him; I had no idea how isolating it could be. As a way of trying to keep the TV off around my kiddo, I turned to podcasts to keep me entertained and give me access to the adult world when surrounded by diapers and laundry all day. I can’t tell you how much this podcast has meant to me this last year. Every Monday and Thursday morning is like Christmas when I see there is a new episode. You both have a way of teaching without preaching and making the listener feel connected to you, the guest and the content. I laugh out loud and learn something during each episode. Barbara Brown Taylor asks, “What is saving your life right now?” and for the last year, I would have easily answered: Armchair Expert. Love this podcast and can’t wait to see who is on next!

Dax has found his calling (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts! I have seen a lot of Dax’s movies and he’s a good actor, but this podcast is what he was meant to do. He’s so honest & real, he can get every guest to open up and talk about anything. I love how he’s able to give his insight and opinions on topics without ever putting anyone else’s beliefs or opinions down. Just such a classy guy who does not give himself enough credit. We love you Dax and I hope you keep finding your bliss in life!

Dax Makes Me Die Laughing (5/5)

His comments between the moments when other people are talking is what really makes the tears of laughter flow.

Addictive AF. (5/5)

I absolutely adore, enjoy, and learn from every episode! Experts on Expert is my favorite but I’ve listened to them all. Anytime a friend wants to start listening to podcasts I recommend you guys first! Biggest complaint is that you don’t release more episodes... like one everyday would be great, okay? Kay!

So real! (5/5)

My favorite podcast ever, we just love Dax and Monica! The format of the show is great and I love the balance between fun and realness.

Best podcast in my humble opinion. (5/5)

Dax balances his own experience while delving into the psyche of his guests. I look forward to listening every week. Tune in!

Let your guests finish their thought (3/5)

I enjoy you Dax and I love to hear and understand your history. I love what you are bringing to the table. Especially in today’s world. I commend you...but please give your guests a beat and some space to meander their thought(s) without feeling like you are going to interject. It puts all of us on edge. The Monica Lewinsky interview - I wanted to hear more about several things ( like her spiritual/energy work for example that she mentioned several times) but you excitedly cut her off. I’m sure you don’t realize it but but please examine. Thanks! Melissa

The pod cast is something special. (5/5)

Really this should win some kind of pod cast award. In depth questions , like celebrities doing therapy on tape. The pod cast is something special.

Great podcast and great interviews but (4/5)

I love how the guests open up and talk about their past, warts and all. Good to see so many guests are human like the rest of us. Very good banter between Dax and his guests. My only nitpick, is Monica’s laugh. Very distracting and annoying.

Great, but... (4/5)

I really like Dax and the guests are great, but I really don’t like Monica. Like most reviewers, I think she adds nothing to the conversation, and that laugh is like fingernails on a chalkboard. I sometimes just turn the podcast off because she’s so cringe. Other than that, I love the Pod.

Awesomeness (5/5)

Love the show and it’s fantastically curated content!

Dax’s questions (5/5)

I love the way Dax will ask and cover topics that I am already thinking of in my head. He tries to get every question answered and is extremely good at leading and guiding the podcast. I also love the guests he chooses and the variety he has! Great podcast!

Cognitive Dissonance (1/5)

Wow! Dax is great, amazing guests, really really want to listen and I keep trying to BUT I cannot get past Monica’s startlingly grating laugh and half-assed, timid contributions that constantly interrupt awesome conversations. Her role doesn’t seem to be clearly defined and it kinda makes me feel bad for her. Sorry, but it’s honest feedback about my experience with this pod.

Like chatting with your BFF (5/5)

I find myself smiling and laughing out loud (literally) on the subway while listening. It’s like listening to your BFF

Good but... (4/5)

Overall a good podcast and I used to enjoy listening to it more. A few suggestions...Monica please laugh like yourself and not like Dax. And try to avoid being so sensitive and combative with Dax in the fact check section. I’ve never heard someone so argumentative and it just gets really annoying. That’s what that section has become.

Editing (4/5)

Your edits are super obvious and distracting, otherwise great. Specifically the Charlie Day episode

loooooove. (5/5)

dax & miniature mouse are a dynamic duo. whomever schedules the guests needs a huge high-five. i love everything about this awesome podcast.

Dyslexia at 17 (5/5)

Hi Dax, Appreciate and respect your honesty about your journey and life challenges you worked to overcome. My 17yr old son has dyslexia, ADHD and ODD. He is a senior athlete in HS and does well socially. However, he is in fundamental classes due to his challenges. His challenges are fairly invisible to his peer-set and for him kept like a dirty little secret he puts great energy to hide well. I actually believe his higher social standing in school increases the level of pressure and anxiety he feels. He HATES school. He almost has his diploma, but every day is a struggle getting him there and then once he is At school to stay all day. He has had numerous 1-2-4 hr detentions and in school suspensions as consequences for being tardy so much. Guess which class is his first one of the day? Yep, English! His most dreaded class bright and early at 7:05am daily so he does everything possible to avoid it hence repetitive tardies. This year he dropped all sports distancing himself from teammates once they started talking college. He found a different type of crowd aka the potheads back in my day he must feel more accepted in. It is like he is self sabotaging himself as he seems to go out of his way to fail school and jeopardize graduating. I bet given the chance he would drop out altogether in a second. I try share with him stories of folks who figured out their paths who had similar challenges particularly dyslexia to give him hope and increase his confidence. I am worried about him and quite frankly running out of energy nagging him about the importance of graduating. Do you have any advice for me on how I can better support him or words I can pass on to him as it pertains to living with dyslexia? Thank you, Doree

Richard Dawkins ep - come on y’all (3/5)

I am deeply spiritually Trinitarian ie Christian. So many of us do not necessarily believe in the literal truth of the whole of the Bible. To do so would seem absurd based on some of your arguments and I personally tend to agree. It is a piece of literature. Story. To be appreciated. Many pieces of literature are Divinely inspired and contain truths. There are metaphorical truths in the Bible that are also empirical today. The text is not meant to be worshiped. You all do not have a good enough handle on what Christianity is and the spectrum of belief within the set of truth: God is Love (also Mercy, Grace, Justice, ...), and alive within us (Christ), and moving among us (Spirit), to begin to make this a binary discussion about whether or not a God you have decided is a judgy white haired man in the sky exists. That’s bonkers, 100%. People do know many things about the Bible and are not operating from a purely emotional state. Many intellectuals and scientists (eg myself) identify as Christian. I worship Love by being kind to my neighbor. Dax, your fav thing to say is non-binary (BInary not bianary 🤗). Such is life, even (especially!!!) the side of it outside our small conceptualization of time and space. Well done typically, but disappointed in the lack of critical engagement of truth here. Also, some of this is clearly mean spirited, though not from Dax. If you are served pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut and told this is pizza and you go to Napoli and say nah I’d rather have X food because I don’t like pizza all that much, you’re missing out on the real deal. Also Monica saying something about others acting from emotion is ironic.

Best podcast (5/5)

Hands down my favorite podcast! I love Dax and look forward to Monday’s and Thursday’s just so I can listen.

I think we’re BFFs, but not in a creepy way (5/5)

Dax, Monica and Wobby Wob, I moved to Phoenix (from IL) earlier this year and for the first time in my life had a significant commute. I had never listened to podcasts but decided to give yours a shot. Life changing! I’ve gone back to listen to every episode. It’s the best way to start my day (always show up to the office with a smile on my face)! In the midst of this life changing move, my husband decided marriage wasn’t for him and stayed in IL... so again, new city, no friends... I was lonely. When I’d want to cry, I’d turn on your podcast and it would make me laugh instead. So, thank you for helping support me during this difficult period of life, even if you had no idea! If you’re ever in PHX, hit me up! We can go to Houston’s!

only good sometimes (4/5)

i love listening to this podcast ONLY when i like the guests. But Dax’s need to always be relatable is always tough to hear. sometimes we just want to hear the story of the other person and not so much Dax’s version of what someone else went through. also can very much do without monica.

Love...however (4/5)

I would give AE 5 stars except I just don’t think Monica needs to be part of the podcast. I know Dax and Kristen love her, but the occasional yeaaaaaaa, and laughing like woody woodpecker just isn’t doesn’t add any value to the listener. Other than that, love the podcast and Dax’s interview style.

I love this podcast.... but please fact check (5/5)

You and Monica usually do such a great job fact checking. But you somehow skip right over a huge mistake! You say in your episode with Chelsea handler that Mormons believe Christ was born in Missouri. This is completely false. We believe Jesus Christ was born in Jerusalem. The book that you read “banner under heaven” was written by a guy who is anti Mormon. My parents used to be in church with the guy this book is written about (Ron Lafferty) and he left the church thinking he was Christ himself! You need you be careful what you read and what you believe. That’s all

Great but with flaws (4/5)

I really love most things about this podcast, but I consistently find myself wishing Monica wasn’t there. Her fake laugh is so difficult to listen to, and her comments never add anything but typically just show how shallow her knowledge is. I feel like Dax and Kristen are always trying to convince us how amazing and intelligent Monica is, but these qualities do not come across when she speaks on the podcast. Also, the fact-check is a waste of time, as facts are never really checked and it seems just to be a vehicle for Dax to try to get Monica more airtime.

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

This podcast is fun, enlightening, and relatable. Dax and Monica are a perfect team, and do such an incredible job interviewing each guest. I also love listening to their fun friendship banter in the fact-check segments. Please don’t ever stop making this podcast! I love it!

My favorite! (5/5)

This is the podcast I keep up with no matter what! There have been so many wonderful guests who have offered sincere and intimate interviews, offering their perspective and life experience. Dax goes beyond chit chat and has real conversations... the type of conversations I seek with my closest friends.

Love it (5/5)

I love this podcast! I listen during my commutes and love that Dax and Monica are such open books. They’re candid banter is refreshing!

Best Podcast Ever Award (5/5)

This is the best podcast, hands down. I love Dax and Monica so much. I look forward to my commute everyday because of them. I feel like they are family to me at this point, even though they don’t know me. They are unbelievably smart and entertaining at the same time. Could not ask for a better podcast, truly, no complaints. My dream is to see them live :)

Very engaging (5/5)

I love the off the cuff banter these two produce! Dax is so warm, friendly and honest. We need so many more of him in this world! 🦋

I want more! (5/5)

I love the diversity of having celebs and experts. There have even been people where I was going to skip over but decided to listen to and instantly fell in love with them. It's refreshing and eye opening. My only complaint is I wish it came out with new episodes more than twice a week.

Fav podcast (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! The topics and conversations are so real and interesting. I love the dynamic of Dax, Monica and their guests. I always feel like I learn something new and insightful. I genuinely laugh with them as they talk about random life stuff. It’s definitely a relatable, feel good podcast.

Great Podcast (5/5)

I love Dax’s podcast. Interviews do not shy away from serious topics that his guests have gone through. Howard Stern meets Joe Rogan. Honestly this has become probably my favorite podcast. I hope this never ends. You will love it.

I love this show!!! (5/5)

I am so happy that I started listening to this podcast! It makes my work outs, cleaning driving, whatever I’m doing just fly by. It’s real and I feel like part of the conversation. It’s fantastic!!

I wish I knew how to quit you (4/5)

Wide variety of guests that keep the podcast fresh. They do a great job of selecting people that have chemistry with Dax. I keep trying to stop listening to this podcast because I get annoyed with Dax interrupting guests and Monica’s fake laugh - but I keep coming back.

Stop talking about how you’re jealous (4/5)

I love Dax and want to squish his 6 3 frame into my pocket so I can carry him around and then laugh with him all the time but sometimes I wish he would stop it with the insecurity stories. Dax keeps forcing his guests to acknowledge those years he struggled to be “successful” as an actor or how he was jealous of them and honestly it’s a tired topic. I get it as a form of relating to other people and finding common ground but it’s a really self serving way and as a person who is SUPER famous now, what does it matter? Dax please let your guests talk without it always coming back to you.

No other can compete (5/5)

This is the podcast that got me listening to podcasts. Everything about it is phenomenal; the wonderful hosts, the fascinating guests. Up until this past week, this was the only podcast that I would listen to. The only reason I scrambled for another one to potentially spark my interest is because I was on my way to work and needed something to listen to. I look forward every week to seeing who is going to be on and can not wait to get some alone time to listen. It is not often that I get to run errands by myself and I always immediately put this on. Thank you so much for creating something so wonderful that has made such a huge impact on me and my life. I am sure that I am not alone in this.

The Hudsons (5/5)

That was really great. So funny

L O V E this P O D C A S T! (5/5)

Amazing!! Dax is a fantastic interviewer. He asks such great questions and offers interesting insight on each show with each of their fantastic guests. It’s just so refreshing and fun. Thank you Dax & Monica! Wow, can’t get enough!!

Listen for Dax (5/5)

Monica clearly wants the “D”, she’s jealous of Dax and Kristen and is unapologetic with her flirting with Dax. We can all do without her on this podcast and seriously Monica, take a cold shower and move on.

📚 (5/5)

I feel like I learn and retain more from this podcast than I ever did in school. My favorite podcast hands down.

Always a smile and maybe a few chuckles (5/5)

Love listening to Armchair Expert on the subway in NYC and getting weird looks when I chuckle or smile to myself... Makes the commute so much more enjoyable.

Please more (5/5)

I liked you before now I love you. You make me laugh at your crazy way of thinking. You are a really great interviewer. The Oliver and Kate Hudson interview by far the best one. I was laughing so hard. Stay the course and we all learn a little something

The Best. (5/5)

Love the guests, love the hosts, never fails to deliver great entertaining conversation and content!

Such Good Variety (5/5)

I love the variety of guests you have on and the cool yet thoughtful way you ask questions and direct the conversation. It creates an environment where we can all learn but still be entrained. I love how honest and self-deprecating you are, too! Interviewing your ex, Kate, was a highlight as well as so many others. You’ve made me a huge fan so thank you!

A+++++++ (5/5)

This podcast is a stand out. Love Dax. He is so relatable and honest.

Love the podcast (1/5)

You guys might want to consider editing out Monica’s fake laugh. It’s like nails on a chalk board.

Dear Dax (5/5)

Never have a listened to a podcast that made me shush others because I don’t want to miss a single word! Love the honesty, love the authenticity, love the genuine conversations. Please keep on keeping on. The world needs a whole lot more, Dax. Thank you for sharing!

The Absolute Best (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast hands down! I have recommended it to so many people, I am obsessed. I have learned so much but in such a unique, non-traditional and nonstandard educational way. People didn’t understand why I paid for a flight, hotel, and tickets to listen to someone sit on a couch on a stage and talk...then I convinced them to listen and now they get it! It is real, raw, vulnerable, transparent, and eye opening. Keep up the amazing work Dax and Monica. You are changing the way the world connects and this podcast has inadvertently created the early adopters (a.k.a the listeners) of this transformative technology that will revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Fav podcast (5/5)

Dax is unflinchingly honest, it’s a rare gem in this day and age. His podcast plays naturally and spontaneously and you will never know how one might unfold. Dax has his own convictions and opinions yet none of them come across as disagreeable or overbearing. He’s amazing at discerning the vibe and keeping things moving even when things get rocky and at the same time he seems so disciplined and rock solid as a man. thanks everyone that’s involved and most importantly Dax for going through with his idea. 5 stars

Well... (4/5)

Dax makes this show. If he wasn’t so open with his life and his real struggles this would just be a podcast where the 1% discuss their first world problems.

Kristin Bell married HIM ? (5/5)

But Dax is funny smart and a great interviewer. I love this Podcast. Monica is a great co-host !

So bad (1/5)

I couldn’t get through the first 20 min of his interview; swearing when it doesn’t drive a point is a childish way screaming for attention. I also recommend for the host to attend Toast Masters to learn to speak properly and stop using multiple fillers and Likes in each sentence. Painful.

Sam (5/5)

Best podcast on the app, hands down.

Cowboy catheter (5/5)

I finally started listening to this podcast after learning about it a while ago. Was listening to the Jim Gaffigan episode and Dax starts talking about the cowboy catheter commercial he saw. That was an episode that John Oliver had created to put out to troll Donald Trump!! 🤣🤣🤣 Feel free to google it!

Liz Plank (1/5)

Liz Plank was the worst guest that I’ve heard on this podcast since the beginning. I couldn’t even finish it. The reason I love this podcast is because it’s neutral. Not with her. It was awful.

My fav pod (5/5)

I appreciate how undeniably honest Dax is. He is open and vulnerable which allows his guests to do so as well. He has the capability to respectfully disagree with guests in order to create meaningful conversations. He comes prepared for every podcast and asks questions that dive deeper than other podcasts I’ve listened to. This podcast just feels so human and non-judgmental and puts me in a good place on my way to work.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I’m not sure how it took me so long to listen to this podcast but I’m glad I found it now. Dax is a great host who shares great stories about his past including his struggles with addiction. The conversations with his guests are a perfect mix of fun celebrity gossip and real in-depth topics. Listen to this podcast- you won’t regret it!

6 Star (5/5)

Dax and Monica are rockstars!!! Never disappoint. Thank you Thank you for your commitment.

Wow just wow (5/5)

Dax and Monica have literally changed my life. I love when they interview non celebrity guests. They have helped opened me up to new perspectives. Like Dax I am an addict in recovery. He serves as an inspiration. Thank you and I hope to see you guys live one day!

Smart, funny, interesting! (4/5)

Love the podcast especially the long format as I have a long commute! Dax seems like a jack of all trades and can speak on a lot of subjects very intelligently and eloquently. Some of the fact check with Monica is a bit boring. Feel she could be used in some other better capacity than her random comments along the way just so she can get some air time; she does have interesting things to say but seems to be overshadowed by the other really interesting conversation that’s happening. I would just appreciate less guests that say “right?” Example podcast with Liz plank. If you have to say “right?” all the time that means you have not explained yourself well and it’s very annoying. A speaker’s job is not to make the listener always agree with them by to inform them and allow the listener to decide things on their own. I almost couldn’t get through that podcast because of the incessant use of that word.

Show is declining (1/5)

Horrible expert guests and very agenda driven topics to only support Dax's own ego..

Love This Podcast! (5/5)

Dax is awesome.. the guests are awesome.. Shout out to Monica! Favorite guests of mine include Seth Greene (always loved him), Dr Phil (!!! yesss!!), Edward Norton (c'mon- ya gotta love him!)... The show is hilarious, intelligent, and includes some great AA talk to keep my head in the program! Love it!!!

Wow (5/5)

I really love how open and honest Dax is its super refreshing and I can really relate what a great find this show is

From the Deep South (5/5)

So My husband’s name is Dax, also named from The Adventurers. We’ve been married since June 2007, AND we have 2 little girls. I’ve always found Kristen very relatable and followed her work too. And I especially love how y’all share your real life on Instagram! It shows this working Mom and wife that it’s okay that I haven’t figured out all of this adult life yet! I love it! I’m brand new to the podcast world and chose your podcast as the first one to try, and I’m hooked! I love how you and Monica talk about the real issues. Being from the Deep South, I was raised very conservatively, which is okay. I love how you talk about how everything isn’t right or wrong, black or white, red or blue. I have found myself more so in the last few years, really wanting to understand other people’s perspectives, so I can be more knowledgeable and understanding towards others. Knowledge is power! And your podcast delivers on that front! I love your podcast! Get Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day on there and she can give you a little taste of the Deep South! Laurel, Mississippi to be exact! She use to babysit me and I love her so! Thank you again for doing what you’re doing!

What they do they do well (5/5)

But I have to say the live shows are brutal. I like the intimacy of the attic. I don't want to hear a group of know the ones...the ones that have time to go to a live podcast and cheer like it's beatles mania. Some of the negative reviews on here are ridiculous though. I can't believe how this country is suddenly full of people with a victim mentality. It's pathetic. Speaking of victim mentality... You shouldn't have self-proclaimed "victims" as guests like Nadine Burke Harris who is a privileged elite who vacations with her unruly children and then pulls the race card when a local doesn't appreciate her privileged antics. And Liz Plank is the worst guest you've had. Such a blowhard.

Coveting the Toots (5/5)

Love this podcast with all of my heart! Great content, guests and Dax-Monica banter. Just listened to the Liz Plank episode and in the fact check there’s a lot of flatulence chatter. I just have a silly story about my best friend’s toot one time. We were on a 3ish hour drive and suddenly I smell a smell, I think to myself that’s not a bad smell but it’s not great, I don’t love it. And I think and say out loud at the same time, ‘it smells like a plate thanksgiving leftovers being reheated in the microwave!’ And my friend busts out laughing and admits that she snuck out a sneaky silent toot just minutes before. 😕

Dax is amazing. (5/5)

I’ve listed to several of these pods and every single one never fails. He is the podcaster that I aspire to be, in a sense. The banter between him, his producer and his guests are absolutely perfect. Keep up the great work.

Hilarious and informative (5/5)

I picture myself participating in each episode because I can’t help myself. My favorite podcast by far. I love it! I dream of going to one live for sure.

Edward Norton (4/5)

A HUGE Edward Norton fan. He is a great actor, down to earth and full of wisdom.

Honest, hilarious, and heartfelt (5/5)

Just listened to the episode with your mother and it was the best! I cried and laughed and felt like immediately calling my mother to tell her I love her!

It is counterintuitive, but I love this podcast (5/5)

I was lucky enough to come across this podcast just before episode 002 and I couldn't be happier. I liked Dax on Punk'd but his character parts are where I really noticed him. And then Idiocracy was released and he became a household name for me. But if you aren't familiar with Dax from his previous work, this is still a great podcast to jump into because of the stellar guest lineup. There are so many great celebrities and experts in various fields that you are sure to find a conversation that you enjoy.

Long form at its best! (5/5)

I’m sure you guys hear this all the time but I think what you’re doing with this podcast is incredible. You are underscoring what it means to be human. You’re demonstrating everyone’s capability to evolve, what empathy looks like, that you can care about one another and not agree on everything and most importantly that everyone is a teacher. There’s more I could speak to but you guys are busy. I am curious – and it would make my whole year – have you ever taken the Clifton Strengthsfinder test? Maybe you could have an expert on about the 34 strengths and viewing others and yourself from the perspective of strengths. It kinda changed my life and helped me manage my team and view others in a more accepting manner. I think it would be an amazing show. Okay, that’s it! Thank you for what you’re doing. I’m constantly listening, telling others to listen and feeling a sense of connectedness to positivity and humanity. I’m grateful.

It’s like having free entertainment and therapy. (5/5)

I have started some of the best conversations of my life with people when we discover we are fellow armcherries! Every guest is interesting in a different way and Dax and Monica are great hosts.

Great guests and great host (5/5)

I have been listening for a short time now but starting to really get into it! I love me some Dax Shepard. He is funny, blunt, honest, and I like that he ties in his personal life with the guests to make them relate or flow into another topic. Thanks for a great podcast!

Norton (5/5)

Edward is just a fascinating actor to watch. One of my very faves for years. I also have recently heard or seen him in several interviews, 4-5 I believe and this one is the best to date. Really good back and forth with Dax, also a sense of ease not evident with the others. What a rare treat! Thx!

Warm fuzzies (5/5)

I just love this podcast. Always hilarious and feels like they're just having a chat in your living room. I listen to a lot of podcasts and don't usually write reviews, but wanted to give some love back! Keep it up!

Such an amazing & REAL show! (5/5)

I recently began listening and I’ve listened to everything. This show is sooo awesome. Great insight! Real conversations! Absolutely LOVE ❤️

What a team! (5/5)

As much as I love this podcast, it’s such a treat to hear Bob Mervak’s introductions at the live shows. Your team is all super stars. I went to the live show in Detroit and enjoyed it immensely. With my mom. So that’s saying a lot.

The most entertaining and fulfilling (5/5)

AE makes me laugh and feel genuinely connected to humanity. It’s a real treat.

Love (5/5)

I have listened to every episode. I send episodes and talk about episodes all the time. I love forward to Monday’s when a new one drops. Thank you for content that keeps me interested and interested in things I’ve never thought about. Dax, Monica and Robby Rob put on a great show!! Thank you.

Hmmm (3/5)

Was my favorite podcast for awhile. Lately I have not been as interested. Can’t figure out why.

Love Daxy & Miniature Mouse (5/5)

I love, love, love this podcast. My only complaint - I hate waiting in between episodes! I drive 4+ hours a day, so it was easy to blow through the pods very quickly and I liked every single one. Thank GOD they’re around 2 hours, I appreciate the length even though many people think they’re too long. And thankfully, there are 2 released each week. I look forward to Monday’s and Thursdays specifically for this podcast. Dax is intelligent, interesting & charismatic and I love the dynamic between he and Monica. I don’t mind the interrupting, he’s gotten much better about it anyway, but, I think it’s part of his charm & he tries to make other people comfortable by trying to relate to them. I’ve never noticed any frustration in any guests voice about being “interrupted”. So, you people who are just starting out - he gets better. Give him a chance. Also, DO NOT SKIP THE FACT CHECK. It’s a vital part of this show, mmmk?! I love the side conversations they go on about, they are really fun to listen to. I really hope he doesn’t get too busy to keep this going because it is what keeps ME GOING! (also, please interview your Mom again. I love her & I feel like we could have hours and hours of conversation with her and not get bored!!) Edited to add - Expert on Expert is becoming my favorite thing ever! Dr.Nadine Burke Harris was my favorite interview and I’ve since listened two more times. As a mother of 3 boys, I found this interview jam packed with so much information, I believe EVERY mother in the Universe needs to listen to this episode. I’m so thankful he and Miniature Mouse are still pumping out the episodes. My life will feel incomplete when they stop. Love you both!

Perfection (5/5)

I look forward to car rides alone so I can listen to dad and Monica! Every podcast I’ve listened to by them has been awesome! The fact check at the end is even better!! I look forward to more!!

Monica Lewinsky (5/5)

I thought this interview was amazing and liberating. #teammonica!

Five stars (5/5)

Monica's laugh is very unsettling. It is the laugh of a serial killer.


I discovered this pod through a different podcast and I’ve been absolutely hooked ever since. I’m going through all of the episodes. I think I’ve fallen in love with Dax lol his vulnerability and self depreciation and honesty are so refreshing. I relate with him a ton and it makes me want to be more honest about my flaws. I also love Monica and his relationship. One thing that has been driving me crazy for whatever stupid reason- I’ve heard him say it on Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Will Forte episodes but it sounds like he is saying THE 70s Show, not THAT 70s Show. I don’t know if maybe he is breezing by it so quickly and I’m mishearing it or maybe he doesn’t know the correct name but it drives me bonkers hahaha. Anyway love you both!!!

Good until the horrifying comparison (3/5)

I enjoyed the podcast for sometime, even with Dax’s constant interruptions. The Hasan Manaj interview was good, until Dax compared auditions to gang rape. I was horrified and disgusted.

love Dax-not MP (4/5)

Love Dax and he is a great interviewer. He is funny and has a great way of connecting with the person. Could do without Monica. She doesn’t add much except relatively inane comments.

Dax is dumb as hell (1/5)

Did anyone else hear Dax say that he is a huge fan of Sam Harris? Omg. Try listening to Sam. Dax is a ding-aling. The only thing worse than a pseudo-intellectual is someone who worships one. Stop interrupting your guests, stop talking about yourself and for god’s sake pick up some knowledge about something before you talk again.

Great conversations (5/5)

I love how vulnerable Dax and his guests get while sitting on the couch. Reminds you that these people are regular folks with normal lives like the rest of us.

Dog the bounty hunter (5/5)

This was such a great episode! I could have listened for a few more hours.

😎 OUTSTANDING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5)

Dax & Monica truly are the real deal. This format is so real and honest. It flows so naturally and I love how they can go on for however long they want to! It’s always such a natural conversation I just live each & every one. Love it so much...Thank you 💌

Words can’t describe the awesomeness (5/5)

I absolutely LOVE this podcast! The last two weeks have almost been a haze. I remember listening to my first episode and finding Dax and the show so kind, compassionate, understanding, hilarious and honest. Two weeks later this is all I consume. I listen running errands, washing dishes, cleaning house , doing pick up and making dinner. I love how raw the chat is with zero apologies, as it should be. I can’t say enough great things about this podcast. Pure genius!

Great podcast! (5/5)

Love Monica & Dax! I LOVE the Monica Lewinsky podcast! She’s pretty awesome. Her perspective was great. I love the fact that she is not defined by what she’s known for. Great interview Dax!

Andrew you beautiful man (4/5)

Wow Andrew Zimmerman is awesome. Loved this episode.

Fantastic (5/5)

I love this podcast so much! So sad that my feed always tells me I’m all caught up!

Obsessed!! (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. Dax and Monica have such a fun & honest way of making our world a little better!

It’s a good podcast but frustrating. (2/5)

There are some great conversations and a great variety of guests. The rapport between Dax and Monica is great. Unfortunately Dax likes to talk more than listen, and it’s incredibly frustrating. Many times it feels like he’s just waiting for the guest to stop talking not because he’s listening, but because he’s waiting to tell a story that has maybe a little bit to do with what the guest was just talking about. Andrew Zimmern’s live interview is a perfect example.


By far my FAVORITE podcast to listen to! Dax and Monica are such a great duo and compliment each other perfectly. The interviews are so incredible and Dax has such a great combination of intuition/curiosity about him that gives him a great advantage with a podcast! Love LOVE this show!

Love the fact check (5/5)

Would like to chime in and say I love hearing Dax and Monica’s stories on the fact check- lately this has been when I laugh the hardest. If you are turned off by Dax’s interruptions in the earlier episodes, give him a sec. He learns quickly to do this less. The armchair expert song played live is something I really hope to jam to in person someday! Come to Austin 🙏🙏

Love (5/5)

Amazing podcast, one of the best highlights of my week is listening to this. I absolutely am such a huge fan of the honesty and integrity of this show and I admire Dax and Kristen’s relationship and their transparency. Also, Monica seems like we’d be automatically best friends and is so relatable. Love everything about this Podcast. Makes me smile every time!!!

Armcherries rock (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast! Very diverse visitors to the attic. I’ve even learned some interesting tidbits. Miniature Mouse, thanks for your amazing fact finding skills!!

Yummy! (5/5)

I could eat your faces off you guys are so yummy, delightful, inspirational and real!!! Such a joy to settle in and listen, every time. Thank you!! 💋💋💋💋💋

Love listening to you’re voices. (5/5)

I’m a big fan of the show. All of the interviews are very educational and extremely interesting. I grew in Milford, Michigan (now living in Colorado) and love hearing you guys talk about The warms my heart and makes me think of my childhood. Keep up the good work!! PS. Only thing I would suggest is to remember not to interrupt your guests as you are the interviewer and NOT the interviewee. ❤️

Food for thought (5/5)

I am a HUGE fan of the podcast, and love all the special and amazing guests that are showcased on the podcast! While I know some people love, value, and look forward to the fact check at the end, it is by no means my favorite part of the podcast. I often wonder if the guests get annoyed or confused while listening when it gets to the fact check portion. Like maybe Elizabeth Banks doesn’t appreciate a whole 10 minutes of her episode being dedicated to pubic hairs and doo doo toilet paper. And maybe someone doesn’t want a controversial topic of gun violence being added on the end of their episode. Honestly just food for though, and as I said I am a huge fan and will continue to listen :)

I never miss an episode. (5/5)

I struggle with intense depression and bouts of anxiety that cause paranoia. I sometimes struggle even leaving my home. I’ve battled drug addiction, alcoholism and I am raising two little boys on my own. Trying to describe how important this podcast has become in my life is challenging. I laugh and cry and find comfort in my own humanity every time I listen. Dax is a relatable person that has a heart of gold. He is narcissistic in the most endearing (not hurtful or toxic) way and the banter between him and Monica is delightful. I learn so much about random topics, ethics and mental health. Im seriously so grateful for this show. Dax and Monica have become like family members in my little world. As a person who often feels very isolated, alone and sometimes hopeless, this show eases that for two hours twice a week and I feel confident that everything is going to be okay. Love you Dax and Monica! You’re doing great things for the world.

Fact Check is no Longer Fact Check (4/5)

Love the podcast, been listening since the beginning. I’m about 20 episodes behind right now because the fact checks have been really hard for me to sit through lately. They seem to have become Monica using the time to talk about whatever she wants rather than focusing on the podcast guest. Would love to see the fact check become actual fact checks again. Love the guests, love the interviews, just need more focus in the last part of the podcast

Love it! (5/5)

I love this podcast! Daxx is a wonderful combination of honesty, vulnerability, and comedy. I especially enjoy the Michigan references since we are the same age and I’m from lower Michigan. I would love to hear from Sam Heughan, Jenny Slate, Maya Rudolph, Leslie Mann, and John Cena to name a few. I have spread the word to my friends about how wonderful this podcast is!

Don’t miss out! (5/5)

I love this podcast! Dax and Monica are great and the conversations are so natural and interesting. I just listened to the Anna Farris episode and I’m upset Monica didn’t ask her about her time on Friends - I hope she got to discuss off mic.

Monika Lewinsky (5/5)

I just listened to the podcast with Monika Lewinsky, and I must say I thought very little of her as a person in the past. After hearing her talk on your show I love her and am very sorry I felt the way I did in the past. She is a very speciel person with a great heart. Thank you Dax for showing me the true Monika. Keep up the great work.

Armchair Expert (5/5)

This is the first review I’ve ever written, and I work in public radio. I’m so thoroughly impressed by this podcast, you’ve become a part of my daily routine totally unwittingly. Listened on a whim - I really know Dax through ‘Without a Paddle.’ You’re doing incisive, insightful, fun work. Hats off to you!

I’m officially an armchairy! (5/5)

I just started listening last week and I’ve already listened to over 20 episodes. I love dax. Everything about him and his honesty and how natural he makes every interview seem. I almost don’t want to call it an interview because it’s basically just a conversation. It’s great. I look forward to hearing every episode. It makes me laugh, think and question many things. Good on ya Dax. You and Monica keep up the amazing work. Thanks for the entertainment.

Great pod cast (5/5)

I absolutely am addicted. I listen everyday and am nervouse what will happen when I run out of old ones to listen too. Both Dax and Monica are great. Just feels real and non forced all the way through. No canned laughter

This Podcast makes Monday’s in my cubicle not so bad! (5/5)

When you had the Avett Bros on I about died, they are my favorite band of all time and not many know of them!! Now I’ll patiently wait for you to book Sam Heughan from Outlander, PQ’s all up in the attic on that day to be sure! Love the podcast & the chemistry Dax & Monica have!! ❤️🍒❤️🍒

LOVE! (5/5)

I absolutely love your podcast, I look forward to it every Monday! Keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻

Thank god for Monica (1/5)

Stop interrupting the guests and Monica. Stop hitting on the guests. Stop interjecting your story while someone else is telling theirs. Stop being proud of your toxic masculinity and actually be responsible for what you’re clearly well aware is bad. You have to make so many changes for this podcast to make sense of the message it’s trying to get across. Monica, you are flat out amazing, you ask great questions, you listen, you’re patient and you have a wonderful voice and an even better laugh. People who say that you don’t have misomonica.

Ugh (3/5)

Monica has such a soft, soothing voice that I love & the most annoying laugh that makes me cringe so hard every time. I’m so torn.

Love it (5/5)

Yes, he does interrupt, but I still find the podcast very genuine and entertaining! Love Monica too! Fact checks is a great idea. Keep up the good work! Guests are very interesting!

Love the show (4/5)

Love the show but Monica doesn’t know what she’s talking about even during fact checks. It’s a bit frustrating. I realize it’s her opinion but sometimes she passes them off as truths.

Love the insights on this podcast (5/5)

This might be my first ever podcast review. So please appreciate that I can 100% say these 5 stars are deserved, but can also confirm that almond butter should never be consumed on air (ever). I now love Ryan Hansen even more knowing that he understands that both those things can simultaneously be true.

A must listen (5/5)

This was informative, insightful and inspiring. I have shared this podcast with many people.

Brendan Schaub (5/5)

Love the show! Please get Brendan Schaub on here, he’s a huge armcherry

Charming (5/5)

I love listening to Dax and Monica, I find Dax to be so charming. I listen at work and you guys really help pass the time with some good laughs and pertinent information. Keep up the good work. AA+

Monika Lewinsky (5/5)

Everything happens for a reason. I’m so happy you have a platform to bring about good.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯 (5/5)

I look forward to armchair and experts on expert every Monday and Thursday. I’ve followed and discovered so many other podcasts, shows, documentaries and more from listening. Thank you so much for putting it out there! Bring the live show to Jersey! 🍒🍒🍒

It’s the song. (5/5)

I truly believe that I am a sucker for the intro song and it seduces me right into every single episode. It’s the only introduction, to anything, that I don’t feel the urgent need skip over. In fact, I often dance to it. I love that Dax shares these brutally honest analyzations of himself-no matter your opinion. I think he’s humble and honest, also funny, so hearing his perspective in general is entertaining. I also respect that he’s admittedly trying to figure out the world we all live in, much like everyone else. Monica could scale back when she “laughs” because it’s like a record scratch and quite startling sometimes depending on her volume. I’m sorry if I seem unkind but, half the time it’s a fake laugh anyway. 🤷🏼‍♀️☮️

Fantastic! (5/5)

An excellent show. Dax is intelligent, articulate, engaging, funny, and very thoughtful. But most of all, he hosts so many varied, different guests and has great conversations with all of them. It also doesn't hurt that he's married to the hilarious and smart Kristen Bell, who has appeared on the podcast at least twice.

Monica Lewinski (5/5)

I really enjoyed this episode. Thank you.

Excellent podcast (5/5)

Armchair Expert is fabulous. Dax has a nuanced view of the world that’s so interesting and I always learn something. The episode with Monica Lewinsky was especially powerful.

The best guests (5/5)

He gets guests that I want to listen to. Dax gets them talking in a way I’m not used to. Truly entertaining.

Super Fan (5/5)

I’ve been listening since the first episodes and have learned to love Dax and Monica. I appreciate their efforts to be real in a public forum, flaws and all. Their guest are entertaining and their commitment to keeping the show apolitical makes for a fun podcast for my daily commute.

Top notch (5/5)

This podcast is everything. Dax and Monica make a wonderful pair. They’re insightful, thoughtful and fun. I love the brain and everything that has to do with mental health and Dax has an effortless way of bringing up different aspects of this with his guests. I can’t get enough. Thanks for the quality podcast you’re making. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

The best podcast EVER!!! (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast!! I only wish they had more episodes. I’ve listened to Brene Browns episode 5 times because Dax is fricking hilarious!!!! It surprises me anyone wouldn’t love listening to Dax and Monica. Sometimes gets a little PC from Monica but she just has a big heart so she gets a pass 😉. Any negative comments are just pure BS! Love you guys!! Come do a live show in Florida please!!!! Orlando is calling your names ❤️

Ten stars! (5/5)

Every single podcast provides “a-ha” moments in wisdom and kindness that allow me to see the world in a beautiful new way. Yes, the content and guests keep me tuning in for sure, but your realness with each other and the way you touch the hearts of your listeners with your honesty and integrity makes this lady feel more informed and by far, more grateful after each episode.

My absolute favorite! (5/5)

I rarely write reviews, but I’m so addicted to this podcast that I had to! I don’t know how often over the past year or so that I’ve quoted Dax or one of his guests to a friend, but it’s enough that I am sure I’ve become annoying. This podcast is insightful, funny, touching and informational. It always goes too fast and I’m so thankful that there are two every week. Keep up the amazing work Dax, Monica and Rob!

Edits (5/5)

I love this podcast! It’s always fun and interesting. My one complaint is the editing. Sometimes I feel like there is a need to fit everything into a certain timeframe and it doesn’t sound natural. Is there a time you HAVE to keep it to? For example, I watch a lot of Aubrey Plaza and I know she is more slow and drawn out when she talks and her episode is so shrunk down and smashed together. I hated that 🥴

Please stay on track! (3/5)

I used to LOVE this podcast, but I think it’s beginning to stray from the original vision. I enjoy the interviews, but I can’t stand the fact check anymore. I like hearing reactions to the interview and actual fact checks. It’s not like that anymore. In my opinion, Dax and Monica’s conversations aren’t that insightful anymore- they’re just annoying. I still listen for the interview. But please stay authentic and focused on your original goals for the podcast. Good luck!

Dog and Monica (5/5)

Both interviews are GREAT!!! I look forward to all of your interviews, come the central coast of California.

Refreshing (5/5)

Dax... I find your podcast to be very refreshing. You can be rough around the edges, yet it’s evident you really care about people. The ultimate “don’t judge a book by its cover”. You stay true and keep me engaged with your guests. It’s also helpful, as a man, to hear and understand your openness and attitude toward adversity, willingness to admit fault, and ability to wrap humor in with it. I think Monica is a great cooling saucer for you too. Obviously a good choice! I’ll keep listening! Side note... I so respect Monica Lewinsky for the person that she is. It really put what she had to endure into perspective when I was old enough to understand how it disproportionately blew up because of politics and how the male dominated society acted. Obviously a strong person, she perseveres to help the world. Thanks to her and thanks to you for having her.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Dax is a good human. He’s funny, interesting and real.

Love (5/5)

This podcast has been so significant and helpful for me. I appreciate the bravery, honesty, and depth you cultivate in every episode. Thank you for being you.

Evolved (5/5)

Most enriching podcast today. Look forward to it each week.

Great Work (5/5)

I love this podcast. I have a very different perspective of a lot of “celebrities” after these vulnerable, intimate conversations. I appreciate how willing Dax is to admit mistakes, wrongdoings, regrets and ambitions (big or small). It helps to create a welcoming, open environment. I often feel like the guests never expected to be so honest when they walked into the room and that’s a testament of the environment that Dax and Monica are helping to create. The Monica Lewinsky episode was really special. Keep up the good work.

PHILOMATH, OR loves the armchair (5/5)

Yes, Philomath is a town (one of two in the US—you can fact check that). Have listened to most of the episodes since I discovered the podcasts a few months ago, and I should be caught up soon. Love the humor, the thoughtful insight of you and the guests, and the lack of a filter that mostly pervades the show. Keep up the great work!

Adam Devine episode (5/5)

I just listened to the Adam Devine episode. Lol this is weird but try taking electrolytes one the evening. It will help with having to get up in the middle of the night. Ultima packets are good. Lol it should help!

Entertaining & Healing (5/5)

Another great episode of the show I can’t stop listening to or sharing with others. I do a lot o listening to things as I drive to help assist with healing my own past traumas and this show has become my absolute favorite. It feels like just easy, fun, entertainment but is sneaky in helping support my personal growth by hearing all these shares experiences. I am so grateful to Dax and Monica.

No more Monica (1/5)

Just no. She brings nothing to the conversation and her laugh is OBNOXIOUS. She must be the one writing the good reviews because Dax is seriously one of the most stuck up people I have ever heard speak. The name dropping! OMG. I loved the Jim Gaffigan episode though.

A Really OK Podcast (3/5)

What stops the podcast from being great is the lack of depth and skill Dax and Monica display as interviewers. Dax is just a guy that loves to love people and loves to talk. (He’s not that great at listening because he listens to respond and not because he’s interested in the answer.) And Monica is there to be the female counterpart to Dax? The podcast is perfectly okay if you’re looking for a mildly entertaining convo between Dax and a celebrity with occasional chiming in by Monica. I wish they had responded to the Casey Affleck controversy. The podcast is about the messiness of being human and yet it’s helmed by a man-child who cannot take ownership and respond to what he is creating with his platform. Do better.

The best- (5/5)

My favorite podcast, hands down.

My favorite (5/5)

My favorite podcast. Dax does not put on a persona. He presents his real self with all his faults. We can all relate.

Every episode. Every time. (5/5)

From the most serious to the silliest, every interview broadens my mind and helps me see a new perspective. I can’t get enough!

Woo (5/5)

This podcast is so interesting but a the same time funny. Recommend to anyone looking for a good podcast.

Love this (5/5)

I love this show. You should try to have Laurie Hernandez on the show.

Great Podcast! (5/5)

This is a great show that brings a lot of value to my weekly Charleston to Columbia, SC commute! Dax has such a great mix of guests on the show and brings the listener a little bit of everything. His life experiences make him an insightful host and he and Monica keep me entertained for my entire 100 mile drive!

Jim Jefferies (5/5)

Best one yet!

Language (4/5)

Listened to Avett Brothers and interview was excellent. I’m not sure Dax purpose in starting or ending each sentence with F.

Can for Dax, stayed for Monica. (5/5)

Great information and guests. A true pleasure to listen to.

Lax Dax (4/5)

You’re great but you really need to learn how not to talk over your guests!

Was pretty repetitive (3/5)

Honestly, appreciate that Dax is so open with his past. However, after being a dedicated listener since the beginning I’m getting a little tired of him inserting himself into stories talking about his own problems and experiences in AA rather than just letting his guests talk like a good interviewer should do. We want to hear from the guests. Also, the fact check, which was my favorite part, is now non-existent. Dax makes some pretty wildly inaccurate claims that go unchecked by Monica. Totally understand that this isn’t the main part of each podcast, but come on. The fact check is just banter with more unchecked stereotypes and wild statements. You guys can do better - I’ve heard it!

Great guests! Keep it up! (5/5)

NBH was a great interview! I hope you will continue to reach out to a variety of guests of different races, ethnicities, and professional backgrounds. Makes the podcast (and life) so much more interesting 😊

Great show and Jeffries is awesome! (5/5)

Great show and yes “morning wood” has nothing to do with arousal. It has to do with clinching all night. Which is good news! It means you don’t have a weak prostate or diabetes to wake you up to pee all night. Woohoo! Also, on the fact check thing about the longest flight. In ‘96 I flew to Atlanta for the Olympics. Upon arriving, the people that rented to me for 16 days and kicked out their tenants for that time, also were picking up someone from India. 36 hours! Don’t remember the layover or anything but yeah. Long time.

I’ve recommended his podcast twice today! (5/5)

I thought I should pop in to leave a review because I’ve sent out links twice today, specifically to the interview with the surgeon general. I’ve been listening for a long time and it’s always so interesting!

My favorite (5/5)

This has become my favorite podcast. I love how authentic and open Dax is. He is also a great interviewer. I also like that Monica has her own voice and perspective and is not intimidated to share it. The interviews of celebrities are interesting but I love that they mix it up with people from other disciplines and walks of life. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us. Keep on keeping on!!

Winning Podcast (5/5)

Dax brings a refreshingly human perspective to everything in life - relationships, mental health, overcoming struggles - with the added benefit of sharing some simple yet profound words of wisdom. At times it feels like riding the coattails of his anthropology studies, work in AA and therapy sessions, and I mean that in the best possible way: Dax has the experience and perspective to make us all better humans. I’m not exaggerating when I say Dax has already helped me live a happier life in just four episodes because of the little shifts in perspective I’ve been able to make after listening to him and his guests. Thank you so much to Dax and the team for making this podcast! It’s by far my favorite. Update: Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’ Experts on Expert episode is THE BEST. Such a thoughtful conversation and Dr. Harris is incredibly knowledgeable and qualified.

Life changing (5/5)

Arm Chair expert removes the veil from fame and shares that we’re all human - we all have the same issues. This podcast changed how I viewed celebrities and social influencers.

Mind blown (5/5)

Absolutely love listening to these interviews and Dax’s perspectives. I learn something new every single episode and look forward to new episodes every week.

Zzzz (1/5)

Convinced the 5 star reviews are all written by Monica. Maybe that’s her role? Wanted to love this, but was sadly disappointed.

Vulnerability (5/5)

I love the vulnerability that Dax gently pulls from others. It’s raw and beautiful. And I also love laughing at his banter with Monica. A great balance of profound and fun!

Great stuff (5/5)

First two episodes (two most recent): incredibly insightful interview followed by poop/fart discussions...CAN YOU ASK FOR MORE? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?

One of my Top 3 podcasts (4/5)

I recently started listening to Dax and Monica and the many fabulous people they have on the show. I have really enjoyed getting to know the guests. So much better than a 10 minute spot on a tv talk show. Working my way through them all.

Love this show!!/Request (5/5)

Hi Dax & Monica!! Love this show because it’s just entertaining to listen to, but most importantly it’s educational!! Thank you for having such great guests on. Can you invite someone on that you can talk to more about childhood autism about? I would love hear more about that. I thought that was you briefly touched on oxytocin nasal spray and autism with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris was so interesting!! I have a kiddo that is 5 years old with ASD and has a speech delay and childhood apraxia of speech.

Recycled Content (1/5)

Monica is the worst person in the world. If you enjoy hearing the same exact questions and the same exact theories repeated every episode, this is for you. The beginning was great. 10 episodes in and any listener can predict the words coming out of their mouths. #recycledcontent

Love the interview part of the show. (3/5)

I’m enjoying listening to this podcast. Dax is a really great interviewer and gets interesting stories from the guests. I can feel the connection. That said, the post interview part is so completely unnecessary. I HATE when Dax and Monica do the post interview part and are negative about what their guest had to say. I find that so rude as many of these guests are giving a great deal of time. I also can’t figure out what Monica’s role is. I mostly find her part unnecessary and her fact checks seem to come from wiki instead of real sturdy sources. I’ll be skipping the post interview part from now on.

Ki-Nao (4/5)

This is the very first podcast I’ve ever listened to. I tried others before this and I was never able to actually stick with them, but this one is just honestly the best. They’re so funny, honest, and just so unique. The stories that everyone shares are so relateable which can be really surprising, I mean it surprised the hell out of me and I’m glad it did. Listening to this podcast is what makes me get through my day and I’m just so grateful that it exists. It is truly great.

Love! (5/5)

Absolutely love the way Dax and Monica talk so real with each guest. Love the stories, the real life lessons and relativity that are brought to light in each episode. Also of course love the comedic element that always keeps it light hearted.

Best podcast around (5/5)

After listening to other podcast's, Dax has a way of getting guest's to feel really comfortable and talk about their true thoughts, experiences and feelings. I love Dax's soothing voice, humor and that laugh! My goodness that laugh....who knew!! I try to listen to all of the episodes, but I keep re-listening to the ones that I like so much because I like them so much, ha ha. I also love his tv shows and movies. Bless This Mess is so awesome and you have such chemistry with all the characters in it. You are a lucky girl Mrs. Shepard.

Dr Nadine Harris (5/5)

BEST EXPERT YET! I always love listening to the podcast but she was extra special :)

Makes me craugh.... cry and laugh (5/5)

Dax is apologetically authentic in the most hilarious way. I love this Podcast! He makes me laugh my way all the way to work in my awful hour commute in South Florida. Young Howard Sternesque with more class and grace.

Love the Pod! (5/5)

I am thoroughly enjoying Armchair Expert! Dax and Monica have a great chemistry and put guests at ease as they talk and open up about their work and their lives. I look forward to it each week and it is a must listen!!

Lori Gottlieb (4/5)

Loved listening to Lori Gottliebs podcast. As someone who just finished her book and absolutely loved it I was super excited to see that Dax was having her on. That said I was pretty disappointed that neither Dax nor Monica had read her book before interviewing her. I’m a big fan of this podcast and think Dax does a great job interviewing but really felt this one slipped through the cracks and would have been better had Dax and Monica actually read the book and understood a lot of the references she made. Just my two cents!

LOVE (5/5)

I wish I could give this podcast six stars, that’s how much I love it. Keep up the good work!

Entertaining (5/5)

I dig on this show, specifically for the entertainment value. Monica and Dax have great chemistry and you can tell they enjoy what they’re doing. The one thing that deters me from listening though is that Dax kinda takes up the exact same routine with nearly all guests (antidepressants, men’s bodies etc.). A good listen, but only for guests you’d like to get the inside track on.

Disappointed (2/5)

I historically have liked this podcast, but, lately has seemed scripted and judgmental. No more so than in the Jim Gaffigan interview. How in the world could anyone interview him and not discuss his wife almost dying and leaving him to be a single father of five?! I felt uncomfortable for Mr. Gaffigan and disappointed that many opportunities to get to the heart of the person were lost so that Mr. Shepard could make the interview about himself. Kudos to Mr. Gaffigan for carrying his authenticity through and not allowing the interview be about how much money he makes. If not for the people being interviewed carrying this show, I would completely stop listening.

Love the show and love both of you! (5/5)

You should have on Henry Winkler!

So Good! (5/5)

Love this podcast! I laugh through every episode and always enjoy the guests. Dax asks great questions and is hilarious. Really enjoy the discussions and stories that come up!

My Favorite Podcast, Bar None (5/5)

I am a huge fan of Dax and Monica (and Rob). They only release two episodes a week, but it could be fourteen, as far as I’m concerned. Great job, guys.

Captivated (5/5)

I love the raw honesty and the way the interview flows. Your questions and brutal honesty are incredible and I relate very much. I’ve not been able to stop listening. It’s such a beautiful experience to listen too!!!

Please Listen (5/5)

This podcast honestly is amazing, it not only entertains me on my car rides but it causes me to think deep. I can’t rave enough, from the relationship with Monica and Dax which is entertaining and adorable to the vulnerability of Dax talking about his childhood and parenting and addiction. I love all the guests, they just make themselves so relatable! They have all these wild pasts and when do you get to hear the inner thoughts of celebs. I’ve turned on all my friends on to this podcast! I’m waiting for the live show in Boston please!!

Love (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast. If you don’t listen to the fact checks at the end you are missing out.

Love this! But... (4/5)

I’m a big fan of this poddy!! The people you have on are super interesting. Monica and Dax are sweethearts and love their relationship! I will say.. the Dave Aspery had some insulting comments towards the Autistic community. I work with children that are on the spectrum, and Dave saying “full of aspergers” and “after I turned my brain on” is super inaccurate and offensive. Aspergers is not a DSM recognized term anymore.. and even if Dave was diagnosed by a professional (not a vanity fair article) it is not as easy or simple to improve (not cure) symptoms for everyone. His comments made it seem he was insensitive and ignorant about what people with Autism go through everyday. It’s unfortunate that he was labeled an “expert”😕

One of my favorite podcasts, but just one thing (5/5)

I just want to say I listen to your podcast every week. The interviews are engaging and Dax always has intelligent questions for guests. I highly recommend it. The only thing that has been a personal struggle for me is that most guests and Dax constantly talk about how incredible and wonderful having children is. My husband and I have struggled for years trying to conceive. The pain and tremendous disappointment each cycle is difficult. It would be great to have a guest on that can discuss these common problems. Infertility has been increasing each year. Yes, it’s wonderful to experience the love of a child, but some people are not able to experience that. And that can be heartbreaking and consuming. Anyway, love you guys! Keep up the great interviews!

Love love (5/5)

I’ve always loved this podcast! And we share a love for Taco Bell!!

Great (5/5)

Love this pod, I’ve listened to every one of them, can’t wait each week for the new one, thanks Dax & Monica 😊👍

Bummer (1/5)

I agree with most of the lower rated reviews. The guest are interesting, but overall, lack diversity. Dax speaks to Monica is such demeaning ways (Listening to fact checks was just so painful) It is important to own impact not just intention of words and actions. Lastly, Dax has demonstrated his ability to grow and evolve, as he’s shared on multiple occasions, through his journey to recovery. I hope that he embarks on a similar journey to examine his white fragility.

here for the guests (3/5)

This is so hard because I love Dax on Parenthood and I like Dax as an interviewer for the most part..BUT, Monica is making it very hard to keep listening. It’s pretty apparent that Monica is searching to figure out who she is. That’s fine, however, it makes for a poor addition to the podcast. All I can hear from her is her imitating both Dax and Kristen in her distracting laugh and voice inflections. I’m sure her contribution to the podcast is invaluable in many ways, but I don’t think her being a vocal part of the podcast is very good...

Eh.... (2/5)

Dax is great at interviewing I’ll say. I enjoy the experts the best. It is annoying how they don’t address elephants in the room. Monica Potter was on drugs when you interviewed her. Acknowledge that in the fact check or don’t air it. A lot of fans were upset about them interviewing Casey Affleck. Acknowledge that, discuss it. Monica is unnecessary. Obviously Dax and Kristen love her so put her on their shows and etc but she brings nothing to the table. Her laugh is grating and her fact checks consist of her reading Wikipedia. Also I think them going on and on about how they don’t have to worry about money is tone deaf.

Best. Podcast. Ever. (5/5)

I literally find a way to fit this podcast in every single day of my life. Monica and Dax are the best! They literally try to understand all walks of life, and keep me excited for each episode. Listen! Start at the beginning!

Amazing (5/5)

This podcast has been life changing for me. I have been listening to it almost daily. It has me laughing and almost crying sometimes because it hits so close to home for me. I just bought a ticket to see Dax in Nashville and I am so excited. I am a single mom and work 2 jobs. I never do anything for myself. Seeing this podcast live is going to be amazing. I can’t wait.

Best. Podcast. Ever. (5/5)

This podcast is incredible. Love the celebrity guests and experts on experts equally. Since I began listening to this podcast every other podcast pales in comparison! LOVE Monica. I want to hear her more on the interviews! The interviews that she’s a bigger part of (Hasan) are my favorites. Obviously love Dax too — one of the best storytellers ever. Thank you for all of your hard work. Big armcherry over here! Come to Portland, ME or Boston, MA!

I Love This Podcast! (5/5)

All of the podcasts are great, but I think I liked the one with Dax’s mom the best. What an amazing, honest woman who has overcome so much!

Refreshing (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. While I don’t share many of the same views that Dax and Monica have, I’m still able to enjoy listening to them because of the way they discuss things and are open to the ideas of their guests. It’s delightfully refreshing especially in today’s society where it feel like all the media picks a side. Dax and Monica state their opinions and views without bashing others. I hope they never stop making this because it’s already a classic in my mind.

arm•cherry (5/5)

Love this podcast!!! I listen almost every single week day. I love that I’m exposed to ideas and people I wasn’t drawn to initially and love delving deeper into the backgrounds of people who have always fascinated me. Dax and Monica are the show. Dax is insightful and real. As a fellow Michigander I LOVE all the random Michigan references 😂😂 (like the Edmund Fitzgerald song)

Love you guys! (5/5)

You guys are the best!

Favorite podcast!! (5/5)

I love these podcasts! Dax is so engaging and funny and I love his interviews. It’s like listening to friends talk.

So much love (5/5)

Your conversation skill is baller. I’m intimidated to say this but monica takes away from your show. I sense you want her to be the Robyn to your Howard. It’s not. Help me. Bc I know you will want to kill me for saying this. Meh. I’m you.

Love it (5/5)

Dax is a great interviewer and Monica leaves no facts unchecked. Fun, silly, serious and just overall entertaining. Thanks for creating a great podcast! 👍🏻

I am an Arm 🍒 4 life! (5/5)

My fav podcast! Dax’s interview skills are shockingly on par with those of the most skilled news cast/interviewer professionals. Ranging from serious, comical, intelligent, political, psychological, sociological etc - the show’s conversations span all subject areas with an effortless grace. I look forward to each new episode and am definitely an Arm🍒 for life. Now on my bucket list: catch a live podcast!

Dax to the Max and Minnie Mouse aka Lily Pad (5/5)

The best part of my day is listening to the two of you. I pop in my earbuds at work and tune in. You genuinely love all people and I think it’s what I love most about your show. Some shows I’m laughing through (Seth, Dave, Ryan) and some crying... (Dog). Plus I have learned so much during expert on expert. Fact check is my Favvvv, it’s when you munch and sing and are silly all while proving Dax wrong. It’s a show like no other. Keep up the hard work because it’s paying off. I’m a huge fan, Don’t change a thing. And... if you’re ever in Tampa I’ll be buying the first tickets! -Amanda

Humble, Intelligent, Real, Hilarious (5/5)

Perfect Duo with Dax and Monica AKA Mighty miniature mouse Padman! They have two completely different types of shows. Experts and Celebrities. Although I favor Celebrities a little more I have learned so much from the experts as well. Need more Monica in the interview process !!! Plus where is the Monica Interview !!!

Amazing Podcast!!!!! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast!!! Dax we have the same Birthday!! And the same favorite movie, Can’t Buy Me Love! It must be a Capricorn thing. Love both Dax and Monica and all of the guests! Xox, Serina

😎 (5/5)

5 stars because of Monica.

Keep it safe! (2/5)

Great if you want to feel like you’re hearing a natural conversation but prefer the comfort of a highly edited production instead!

My absolute favorite (5/5)

I can't say enough great things about Dax and Monica, Just when you think this might be another podcast about celebrities and the movie/show they are promoting, you realize it's about vulnerability, struggle and what connects us all as humans! All you need is to listen to ONE episode and you'll be hooked, oh and don't skip the fact checks, they are the best part.

Sexy and Intelligent. Best Pod Eva. (5/5)

Be prepared to unknowingly transform the way you think and live little by little with each episode. I was a podcast junkie long before Serial made podcast popular and this is by far my favorite podcast I've ever been addicted to! I especially enjoy the Experts on Expert episodes, which highlight Dax's super sexy intelligence.

Great (5/5)

What a great flow of conversation.

Easy going conversations (5/5)

English is my second language and although I understand it pretty well- I learn, laugh and just overall love it! I love listening to Dax and his conversations with the many interesting guests that he has over.

Loving it. (5/5)

Love the podcast. Stay at home mom back to work after 5 years and finally found out what podcasts were. This is getting me thru long nights at work. Thanks.

Avett Brothers (5/5)

I love that you have a man crush on Scott. I worked at a music store in Concord years ago and he came shopping in there. I told him He smelled good.. he did.. he smelled amazing!! It made my day!!

What is the point of Monica? (1/5)

Love this podcast and think Dax is a pretty good interviewer. I love the guests he has had (in the beginning) and I think he does a good job engaging with each person. I will get so into each guest’s story and then I suddenly hear Monica’s creepy, annoying chuckle and I get distracted. Get rid of the fact check section and Monica. She ruins the podcast! This would be a 5 star without her.

Mr.Dax, (5/5)

Love the show but please stop chewing gum and recording. Thank you. (Charlie Day episode - fact check)

The Jim gaffigan episode (5/5)

That episode was one of the best interviews EVER. wow so much real talk

Armcherry 4 Life (5/5)

I could listen to Dax and Monica all day every day. Love everything they have to say. Plz never stop podcasting

Episode 144: The Avett Brothers (5/5)

This is a great podcast! I feel like I learn things that I couldn’t find out anywhere else as it is generally people telling their own stories. I am a longtime fan of the Avett Brothers and agree that their live shows are a must see. I was got a good chuckle out of Dax and Monica preferring to not even attempt the Towle “Towel” debate! As someone who has dealt with this issue for the 22 years of my life I would like to say that our family pronounces it as “toll” like the bridge or the cookie brand! Thanks for the hours of entertainment and thoughtful conversation.

Monica is AWESOME (5/5)

I’m really surprised to read so many comments critical of Monica’s role on the podcast. Aside from adding a welcome point of view, Monica’s extensive work producing and editing the podcast is very apparent. She is instrumental in making the podcast the success that it is. I enjoy listening to every episode, and I am very appreciative of the different strengths Dax and Monica bring to the show.

Avett Brothers❤️❤️❤️Thank you❤️❤️ (5/5)

Say Love❤️ And they sang❤️Lovely! Made my day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Beautiful conversation!

Love (5/5)

Love everything about this podcast!

Dax and Monica, you’ve outdone yourself (5/5)

I’ve been a fan for some time. I love y’all, but then you have to go and have my absolute favorite band on here, the Avett Brothers. Wow. Thanks for all you do!

So much Interrupting! (4/5)

Although I love the show and all of the people involved, there is an immense amount of interruption that I find driven by the passion of Dax, but it comes of really off-putting and you can tell sometimes it makes the people talking with you uncomfortable as they try to get their story across. Questions are asked and then interruptions occur that make it so the guest is never able to answer the question. It’s made me step away for awhile. Just my two cents.

Love! (5/5)

I love this podcast- especially when he has surgeons on.

Monica Potter (4/5)

Loved listening to this interview! You touched on so many things, maybe to many things and not enough depth on anyone topic. You need to do a follow up show on what she’s currently doing in work, what happened to her store that she opened. I think you’ve found your calling, Dax. You’re a terrific interviewer!!😊

Not your usual celebrity interview (5/5)

We’ve all done it. Stayed up late to see our favorite actor/comedian/writer on a talk show. We know the format. We can almost recite it in our heads. After the host and guest greet each other, there are a couple of anecdotes followed by the sales pitch for the latest album/movie/show/book. With Armchair Expert, you get two things so many other interview shows lack: substance and context. My only regret is that I didn’t start listening sooner!

I side4u (5/5)

Thanks for all of the great listing It really makes the time fly at work

THE BEST (5/5)

That’s all their is to say. It’s the perfect show. I love it so much! I just want to crawl up into that attic and be there.

Kitten Mittens (5/5)

Absolutely loved your interview with Charlie Day, what a total riot! Love that guy!

Do yourself a favor and listen (5/5)

This podcast is what gets me through the week. Every Monday and Thursday I wake up like a little kid on Christmas because I want to see what podcast Dax and Monica left under the tree.

Love Dax and Monica (5/5)

Both of them bring so much honesty and vulnerability to the interviews which makes their guests open up in a way that’s really interesting and enjoyable. I dig the dynamic between the two of them and think that Monica brings a welcome and refreshing voice to the show. Also love that Dax brings up the program so much- sometimes feels like a mini-meeting ;)

Great Interviewing Style (4/5)

More diversity is needed to hear people discuss different life experiences. Would love to hear conversations with Sterling Brown, Giancarlo Esposito, Alice Braga, etc.

Love !!! (5/5)

Every time I listen to One of these podcasts I laugh out loud. Dax and Monica Have a wonderful rapport and a beautiful friendship. You can tell the guests are relaxed and open to talking honestly about their lives. It’s just plain fun and entertaining. DAX Shepard you crack me up.

Dana Carvey and Dog the Bounty Hunter (5/5)

Good episodes. I had to listen to the Dana Carvey interview several times, it was so funny! I also thoroughly got a lot out of the one with Dog the Bounty Hunter. I have to admit, I usually don’t know who the guests are, though, but still find them interesting. The fact check at the end is a brilliant idea! I always enjoy it.


Best podcast out there

More diverse voices please (5/5)

I love this podcast AND I want to hear from more female, and/or queer, and/or POC, and/or disabled, etc. folks.

Can we just be best friends already?! (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast! I love the guests, the conversations, and their stories. Dax and Emmy-nominated Miniature mouse have such great rapport with everyone who sits in that attic. It truly makes my long drives feel like I’m sitting right there with them! I LOVE THIS PODCAST!!!

Entertaining, Educational Raw Bliss (5/5)

This is actually one of my first podcasts and I went into complete binge mode to hear them all. I should preface by stating that I have been a busy stay at home mom of three kids for 15 years with a husband that is gone most of time as a pilot. That said, I have found that I don’t get out much or socialize and found that when I do happen to have the opportunity to have an adult conversation, there is nothing for me to talk about. Thank you Dax and Monica for entertaining me while I clean the house and for educating me in all manners of life. I feel like my college vocabulary is coming back to me. I LOVE how DAX, Monica and Kristen are honest, raw yet treat each other and argue with respect. I would like to apply this to my own relationship with my husband. Thank you!

We need a daily dose (5/5)

Love every ounce of this podcast. Can we get more? I think I need one a day to be fully satisfied. ❤️❤️ Keep them coming. Bravo.

Love means giving feedback when you need it (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast and would honestly be so happy if it was just Dax talking into a mic the whole time, but I love how deeply curious and open he is to each guest, and how he makes it a safe space for them to open up, too. Two things I’ve noticed as of late; I love the banter and friendship between Dax and Monica, and truly enjoy the fact-check portion (mostly for the everyday updates, banter, and stories between them) but lately she seems to have gotten pretty condescending towards Dax in her fact checks. Even more cringe, she does NOT seem to like being fact-checked herself. In England, we *do* actually pronounce it “pee-dio-phile”, and while the American Siri doesn’t pronounce it as such, that would have been a great opportunity for a further fact-check vs. Monica immediately and disdainfully dismissing it as wrong. Just because *Monica* doesn’t think it’s true, that doesn’t mean it *can’t* be true. Also, for the love of God, more female/diverse experts, and more diverse guests in general.

Dynamic and introspective (5/5)

I love this podcast because I’ve learned so much from it. I had no idea that Dax was so insightful and educated and much of what he expresses offers something for everyone. From casual conversations with celebrities you know and love to educational dialogs with experts on various topics, the expanse of knowledge and relatable content is truly worth listening to. Monica Padman adds content and tends to keep Dax somewhat in line in a fun and friendly way. This podcast is a great way spend your time listening to some worthwhile conversations that are taking place on the planet. Happy listening!

Love except fact check (4/5)

I listen to most episodes when I recognize the celebrity’s name. However, I always skip the fact check. I don’t see the point of it and don’t like hearing Monica constantly putting Dax down and then he apologizes.

Mix up that Darn Pod! (4/5)

I like this podcast but I'm thirsty for some women or non-white peeps. It would just be more interesting if there were more guest variety. Lets mix it up babyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Wowww just wowww (5/5)

The Dog bounty hunter episode both, BROKE ME AND LIFTED ME !!! Love dax and this podcast🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Aubrey plaza episode (5/5)

I love this podcast and listen to each episode. I love parks and rack and when Aubrey was on it was very interesting to learn she has had a stroke before. I myself have had four strokes and is very interesting to hear her take on it. Super interesting interview and I loved it. Wishing all the best. Rebecca

Humor and heart surgeon! (5/5)

I’m crying and laughing listening to Dr. Gundry. I’m THAT parent. My son was born with a heart defect. 3 open heart surgeries and 1 transplant later he is living his best life. Thank you Dax and Mon for this episode. Also! This thanksgiving will be 5 years with a happy transplanted heart for my son. He’s 7 years old and an active 2nd grader!

Love this!! (5/5)

I love hearing the stories and you make me laugh! Dax and Monica are amazing! The interviews are so interesting and you don’t want them to end. His guest range all over the scale. The fact check is extremely funny. This is must subscribe too podcast and you must tell your friends!

I love these 2 (5/5)

The episode with dog was absolute gold. Love this pod!

LOVE IT (5/5)

This show is amazing and I recommend it to all my friends. I am a proud arm cherry, there is an episode for everyone. I wish there was a way for an episode a day!

My favorite podcast of all time! (5/5)

This is my new favorite podcast! Dax asks all the questions that I would want to ask so you leave feeling like you know him and the person he interviews so much better. I love real and this is it.

The Best! (5/5)

The podcast was recommended to me and I started on episode one and cant stop. This is amazing! Monica and Dax have the best chemistry. 🥰❤️🥰

Fact check is always the best!! (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast so much! Listening to the guests is extremely entertaining, but my FAVORITE part is the fact check!!! I love hearing Monica and Dax chat and go off topic because it is so natural and feel like I could listen to it forever (Monica’s episode is my favorite because of this) and her laugh is just so contagious!! Please don’t change what y’all are doing - I’m loving it!!

♥️ (5/5)

Monica Padman for President!!!! Love Dax, Max Mouse & Wobbie Wob so much 💕 Thank you for making my morning drive informative & fun!!

September 12th (5/5)

Love this podcast so much! Dax and Monica are fantastic! The episode with Dog the Bounty hunter has been my favorite so far. I could listen to Dog and Dax chat for episode after episode. Bonus we get a surprise visit from Delta the cutie pie! Keep up the good work guys! Aloha 💜

Love It! (5/5)

I listen religiously and I’m ALWAYS thrilled to hear the interviews. From my favorite celebrity to people i’ve never hear of i’m always intrigued by their story.

LOVE IT but have a question???? (5/5)

I don’t know if you guys read these or how you can answer if you do....... First of all, I love the Podcast!!! Just found you guys recently so I’m catching up and I don’t get to listen nearly as much as I’d like bcuz I have a new granddaughter and I can’t put you on at night bcuz I stay awake and then usually end up listening to an entire second one too! 😊 So, in other words, your wonderful podcast is definitely not one that helps in the sleep dept.(good for you, not so much for this sleep deprived Nanna)So my question is what kind nicotine gum do you chew?

Dax + Guest only.... (4/5)

Love the conversations between Dax and the guests. Really tough to get into the convos when Monica is bah-ing like a sheep in the middle of sentences. Seems like a nice girl but a little too disruptive during the actual podcast. Her hmm’s don’t add much to the conversations.

The best (5/5)

The best podcast out there. Love how vulnerable Dax is, so great!

Solid (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. I’ve listened to nearly every single one of your guys’ interviews. Hilarious, involved, and always introspective.

Love love love! (5/5)

This is one of my FAVE podcasts to listen to. I always feel like I’m best friends with Dax and Monica and I just thoroughly enjoy every single episode. I hope they never stop making episodes!

Thanks for the anthro. Add ins! (5/5)

I really like this podcast. I am writing this review because you pronounce Neanderthal “Neandertal”— thank you! Not many people do, and it makes me happy. Anywho, love the realistic curiosity and candid nature of the podcast. Thanks!

Best podcast :’) (5/5)

The Gwyneth Paltrow episode got me through two hours alone in a Sri Lankan ER, and now I’m certain this podcast is the best one out there. Thanks for never letting me down Dax ❤️

Dax is an expert of nothing, but a tourist of everything (5/5)

This is by far the most interesting podcast of this style that exists. He is hungry for knowledge l, admits his own flaws and insecurities, is thirsty for good entertainment, and always produces a highly fascinating compelling show based around an interview of a fellow actor ”friend;” they don't actually all know one another in the film industry. It's witty, poignant, and informative. He is the reason I listen to podcasts, and I hope he's doing this well into his golden years. Thank you Dax, and thank you, Kristen, for sharing your amazing husband with the world.

Blew me away! (5/5)

I must say that Dax, Monica, and Rob are killing it! Every episode has been amazing and engaging. I find myself constantly learning something or feeling something but I have to say the episode with Dog the Bounty Hunter is why I’m writing this review because it was phenomenal and everyone needs to listen to it!

Love Monica and Dax’s chemistry (5/5)

Love how she keeps Dax in check and it’s so cute to hear their friendship/love of each other. I get that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t really get how you couldn’t love these two’s dynamic. Dax definitely has a way of taking some of the most misunderstood celebrities into vulnerable lovable people.

The Jason Ritter interview is astounding! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year. The dynamic between Dax and Monica in the fact check is so compelling and endearing. I have to say- the Jason Ritter live interview is one of the most hilarious episodes of anything I’ve ever listened to. I laughed so hard by myself in my car that I was actually embarrassed for someone to see me! Keep up the great work!! ❤️

Awesome podcast! (5/5)

I’m a big K-Bell fan, total marshmallow! My babies have your diapers, and we saw you at Laguna Seca. The podcast is awesome! I love the introspection and the Expert on Expert episodes especially!

One minor flaw (3/5)

A fine podcast with entertaining and informative interviews. The one flaw I can’t help but notice is the unnecessary role that Monica plays in this. In my opinion, she takes away from the listeners experience by making short/vague statements pertaining to the subject matter and trying to out laugh the others?? It pains me to say I can’t listen to the live shows because of how loud she is. Adds no true value to the show. I’ve been a listener for months and have never listened to a fact check. If anything they should do a separate fact check podcast to see if it’s actually something the listeners are in to. Really just feels like Dax is trying to give her a platform to become recognized on because she can’t do it herself. Hollywood is not for everyone... that’s made very clear in this podcast. But hey, if you can ride the coattail of someone else’s success then why not?

Thank you for podcasting! (5/5)

I absolutely adore this show! I listen to a lot of podcasts on my 2-hour daily commute and Armchair has become my top rotation. I wish you could release one a day! 🤗 Thank you for allowing us into your circle of friendship and positivity! It makes me so happy. Don’t ever stop.

I love you guys! (5/5)

I love this podcast, truly. I wait patiently every Monday & Thursday for a new episode. Well done! I will say, however, Dave Asprey was anything but humble. I realize you want to showcase different voices, but this guy was a big Dbag & hardly a different voice to showcase. I turned the episode off after 10 minutes.

In love (5/5)

The only podcast I religiously listen to each week. You get to see another side of famous people that you would normally not see. It's interesting but at the same time so real. Dax and your crew, you have done it. I'm so thankful for this podcast.

Don’t get it.... (1/5)

Dax has an enormous ego. It’s really embarrassing. Dax is just great, just ask him🤤

Obsessed (5/5)

Would love to hang out with them bc they are that cool

Only way to start the day is with a little Dax and Monica! (5/5)

Absolute favorite podcast! Dax is so sincere and nonjudgmental. Love his anthropologist insights, honest background, and genuine curiosity towards others.

This is the most amazing thing I've ever heard! (5/5)

Dax Shepherd is hysterical! I love his sense of humor! Amazing!

Dax all the way (4/5)

Dax does a great job of drawing the guest’s personality out of them. He has become a good listener and it makes it easy to listen to the podcast. I envy Dax’s vocabulary, lots of creative ways to express yourself! Dax, i love how honest you and Kristin are. It is refreshing to see other couple who work at having great marriages. Only reason i gave 4 stars is because of Monica. I get that she’s a family friend.... but she adds nothing and sounds like an out of her element valley girl. If you have to include her , then have her so fact check only. Not hem and ha the whole podcast thru.

Best Podcast Ever! (5/5)

I just adore Dax and Monica. I once saw Monica in a restaurant in Los Feliz and almost lost my mind like I saw the Pope! My entire office listens and discusses on the regular. We have even used some of the topics on Expert on Expert in meetings. I have actually assigned my team episodes of EOE as homework! We sometimes joke that we all have to remind each other that Monica and Dax aren’t actually our friends! This podcast is a National Treasure!

Love the podcast! (5/5)

I listen to you guys every morning and it’s my favorite way to start my day! Thanks so much for bringing good vibes into my day everyday! I don’t know if you take suggestions but I would love to hear an interview with Rob Zombie if you can get him!

New to podcasts (5/5)

I only recently got on the podcast bandwagon and I think this show is just so delightful. I adore both Dax and Monica and I enjoy the way the interviews are conducted and how it feels like you’re listening to a nice conversation. Nothing feels forced or unnatural and I feel like everything flows very smoothly. Thank you to everyone involved with the show for sharing such great entertainment with us.

Great podcast! (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast!

Love this podcast (5/5)

This is by far my favorite podcast. I look forward to it every Monday and Thursday. Dax is such a great interviewer. Leaves me wanting more each episode.

Okay (3/5)

I like the Interview with Duane Chapman but some of these it feels that Dax makes it all about him. I get that he has Hollywood in common with these folks but let them talk about their stuff without adding “I” so much.

The Dog (5/5)

Excellent show. What a character and a heartfelt story. Bring him back I would love to hear more.

The best podcast (5/5)

Can’t get enough of this podcast!!!

Awesome (5/5)

The long form interview with no clear organization drove me crazy for the first few episodes and now is what I adore when I listen to it - feels like you are eavesdropping on some of the most interesting conversations by the most interesting people. I also love how emotionally available Dax is so really put himself out there - kinda awesome and a great role model for many.

Awesome podcast... except Monica. (4/5)

I love love this podcast. Love how real and open Dax is, the Dog’s episode got me crying on my way to work... But good lord! Monica’s voice is like listening to a Kardashian. Her vocal fry is out of control, We get it, you are in Hollywood but talking like that just makes you sound like an annoying plastic doll. Plus her silly laugh on the middle of the interviews takes away the flow of the conversation. She is the reason I just can’t listen to this podcast more often. It’s so cringe worthy.

Would be a great podcast... (3/5)

This would be a glowing 5 star review if it weren’t for Monica’s fake laugh. Ruins all the funny moments between Dax and his guests and made me turn off a few episodes. She seems like a nice person but the laugh has got to stop.

Love the podcast (5/5)

I’m on over the road truck driver and love listening to the pod always been a HUGE FAN of Dax and enjoying back episodes, thank you

Bring Dog back for more! (5/5)

We need a two-parter for this Bad B!! I love Dog’s story and just want to hear more with you three (🐺,🐭,&🏍)!!

Dax is an awesome human (5/5)

Dax is a lively human being and comes off as authentic and genuinely interested in the people he interviews. His guests seem very comfortable in opening up and tell great stories.

Dog The Bounty Hunter (5/5)

What a wonderful heartfelt podcast! I was crying along with Dog- losing a beloved wife is so hard My prayers go out to him!!! Keep up the great podcasts Dax! I am a fan forever👍👍👍👍👍👍

Get over yourself (2/5)

Sick of hearing white comedians complain about how they aren’t allowed to make fun of anything anymore. Are you really so uncreative and unfunny that you can’t find anything to make jokes about except marginalized groups? Some of the interviews are pretty interesting but Dax is obviously a pretty toxic and flawed dude.

Keep doing what your going man (5/5)

Great podcast and great episode he’s got such good stories and things he’s over came. Another one for the books!

Enough. White. Male. Voices (2/5)

With your career and your connections you have the ability to probably get almost anybody you want to appear on your podcast, but you continually have white males. If it isn’t a white male it’s a white female. It would be nice if you could broaden your horizons and expose your listeners to a broad variety of voices. Have some more diversity learn about different people other than just those who look like you. Especially in this day and age, it comes off as seriously tone deaf and willfully ignorant. And while Dax tried to get better about interrupting guests, he still manages to make most conversations about him. Maybe if he talked less and listened more the episodes wouldn’t need to be 2-3 hours. Dax - we hear you every week; you don’t need to be the center of attention every episode. It’s about your guest, not you. I just can’t support this pod anymore.

YAS Dog Chapman, YASSS (5/5)

So..I’ve always been a huge fan of the dog. People laugh when I tell them this- as if Its a joke- but It is an incredibly serious fandom! There is just something about him that is so warm and loving but he’s also absolutely fascinating and unique. I really enjoy this podcast but this episode in particular was absolutely riveting. I learned so much about Duane and his insane, beautiful life. And the story Dax told about his vacation 15 years ago had me sobbing in my car on the highway. Also, their chemistry was incredible. Almost like a father and son catching up. Just A++...10 outta 10 would recommend. Aloha and mahalo!

Less Monica (3/5)

I want to love this show. I do love Dax and his journey and everything he has to say. I love the guests. However, I can’t stand Monica 😬 I can’t stand her fake laugh, her real laugh or any of the other annoying noises she makes throughout the show 🤦🏻‍♀️ the fact check portion is pointless because I often feel like I have to go fact check Monica’s fact check. I don’t listen to the show anymore but wanted to hear Dog the Bounty Hunters story, but Monica is active on the interview and I can’t even finish the episode 😭

Disappointed (2/5)

Avid listener until Casey Affleck. No go for me.

Unexpectedly emotional (5/5)

The episode with Dog made me super emotional & I got a little choked up listening to him. This episode really made me think about how someone’s past and/or appearance can cause me to be judgemental, & I don’t want to do that anymore. One of my favorite episodes, thanks for sharing these moments.

Podcast newby (5/5)

I am new to podcasts, but I have become obsessed with Armchair expert!! I love every episode! I have been listening to them at work and am trying to listen to every episode, so I can be all caught up. I don’t want to miss anything Dax or Monica say. They are funny, interesting, and I love love Monica! So well done!!!!

Interviews are real! (5/5)

Loved the Dog Chapman interview. Very real and emotional. ❤️

Surprisingly beautiful (5/5)

Never thought I’d cry during an interview with Dog the Bounty Hunter. Great episode!

Gripping! (5/5)

The episode with Dog was one of the most interesting episodes I've ever heard. Always had an awareness of who Dog was but never watched his show or knew anything about him, but I found myself hanging on every word.

Was Liking this, but.... (3/5)

I was loving listening to this podcast, but I had to turn the latest episode (with JGL) off. In the beginning, they’re discussing why people should separate art from abuse or science from abuse. Look, I think I get what you’re trying to say, but... it just doesn’t matter. This narrative (valuing an abusers art over their victim’s pain and suffering) is what has allowed people to continue abusing with impunity. Look at Woody Allen! Someone’s ability to act, produce, write.. should not be valued over the violence they have committed. This type of conversation just perpetuates a culture that accepts this type of violence. This is why it’s systemic. I was also bummed to see that you all interviewed Casey Affleck (a pretty well-known abuser). It just grossed me out and really bummed me out. Unfortunately, it’s an unsubscribe from me.

Daxceptional (5/5)

So well done. Have to comment on the Pete Carrol episode. As a sports fan, I didn’t think highly of him, but after listening to your episode with him, I’ve done a complete 180, so much respect for him. So many other great episodes as well!!

End the “Fact Check” (4/5)

I have listened to every episode from the beginning, and present this as constructive criticism. I will start with, I enjoy this podcast for my commutes a great deal. Great guests and conversations! Dax likes to share his story, and I enjoy his approach to delving into the lives of his guests (probably since I am a Michigander myself). My only dislike is the entire “fact check” segment. The podcast is long to begin with, which is fine as the conversations with guests are fun, but these fact checks drone on, and are basically based on Monica’s Google searches and inconsequential babble. Some of the sources she uses are questionable at best (Like her confusion as to all “.Gov” websites always being a reliable source), and Monica often uses studies to present data gathered that represents a correlation between two items in a study as causal, which is very misleading to a listener. If the fact Most fact checks turn into a pointless flirtatious conversation between Dax and Monica which I find uncomfortable and cringeworthy. I will keep listening, and skip the fact checks until the producers realize they aren’t why people are listening to the show.

Self proclaimed #1 Fan! (5/5)

When I first started listening, the podcast had been on for a few months without me hearing about it so I skipped to celebs I knew/loved... Now that I’ve become a dedicated Monday & Thursday listener, I find myself going back to old episodes to make sure I’ve listened to all episodes and fill the other 3 days of the week with Dax & Monica! I love that most of the episodes steer clear of politics and that Dax & Monica are able to be open minded to different perspectives 🍒 Hoping for a Live show in LA in my future 🙏🏻

Thank you (5/5)

Loved hearing Dog and your stories. I’m on a journey of living 100 days on purpose... thank you for sharing your purpose❤️

Dog is awesome! (5/5)

The interview with Dog was outstanding! Dax is so good and makes his guests feel so comfortable.

a mellifluous pair (5/5)

listening to Monica’s giggle and Dax’s laughter is the highlight of my morning + their thought provoking insights help me navigate my own psyche ❌⭕️

Michigander (5/5)

I’ve been a fan for about s year now. Love the banter, advice and relatability of topics. The expert advice is on point and I always want to support my fellow Michiganders. #puremichigan #pureentertainment

Duane Dog Chapman (5/5)

Best episode yet. Didn’t expect to be crying like a baby during this episode, but wow. Keep them coming!

Surprised and so happy (5/5)

I just started listening and can’t get enough!!! Idk what I was expecting...but it wasn’t what this podcast is. I’m so grateful because this podcast makes me think, look inward... and I am trying to be a better person daily and I believe this has helped.

Best. Episode. Ever. (5/5)

I just listened to E on E with Dog The Bounty Hunter. I have listened to almost all of the episodes and this is by far the best interview. Thanks for sharing this with us!

Insanity (2/5)

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And after weeks of second chances hoping they would take the feedback their listeners are giving them I am finally ready to say I will go insane if I don’t unsubscribe. A lot of the guests are awesome (although they lack diversity- primarily in viewpoints) but you only kind-of get to hear them talk due to interruptions. Mostly I just can’t listen to an older male boss talk to his employee the way Dax does (and yes they are friends but he is also her employer) and get away with it. Yes Dax we get it you’re rich and famous- yes Monica we get it you are part of a circle of famous people. The definition of humility can not be found in this podcast and for that reason I’m out.

Nails on the chalkboard (1/5)

Been a listener since the first episode. Really liked the spectrum of guest that have come along and enjoyed the long form conversations. However, I just can't focus or endure the show anymore due to Monica's laugh/fake laugh. I stopped at the episode where he had Kal Penn on. Her laugh just comes off as fake and at random moments, in most cases the guest wasn't even trying to be funny. I understand it's a matter of personal preference but I feel the content is tarnished with the horrible annoying sound of her continuous fake laughter.

Awesome sauce (5/5)

Love the interviews but more importantly, great sound quality and love Dax’s voice! Also, doubt he reads these but would recommend he read the book “Big Potential” by Shawn Achor, you would get a lot out of it.

So funny! Dax is awesome! (5/5)

When I began AE I wasn’t sure what to expect, but gosh I am so happy I began listening!! I’m way late to the party, but that’s ok! I have tons of episodes to listen to. I love how the episodes go from funny to more in depth issues. It’s seriously my FAVORITE podcast!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (5/5)

I love him. He sounds like the coolest most down to earth actor, if there ever was one. Just love him. ❤️

Best podcast for sure (5/5)

Thank you Daximus

Over it (2/5)

Honestly over hearing Dax have the EXACT same conversation with Dax and telling each guest the EXACT same thing he told the guest prior about how it relates to him & his struggles. I liked this podcast bc of the different & interesting guests and it has so much potential to be great but he needs to let go of his ego and let others talk

NEVER Disappoints (5/5)

AE is my guilty pleasure when I get to drive alone, without my littles, and I can’t get enough! The healthy blend of silly, superficial, incredibly deep and thought provoking conversation is unmatchable. Dax and Monica are the perfect counterparts and I find myself laughing at their banter, constantly. Mondays and Thursdays are my favorite days of the week!

Loooove (5/5)

I needed this in my life! You are the bomb dot com🤣

Enjoyable & informative! (5/5)

Whether a celebrity or an expert, I always feel I learn things through the great conversations between Dax, Monica & the guest!

Avid Listener (5/5)

I listen to this podcast at work and am thoroughly entertained. I find it really enjoyable and interesting. I love that the episodes are long and wouldn’t want them shortened as some other reviewers have suggested. As much as I think Monica is probably a good person, I hate to say that she bothers me sometimes. Her voice. I’ve had to skip fact checks because I just cannot stand the sound of her voice when she draws out words with a grating noise or talks like she’s initiating k bell. But I am able to look past those annoyances bc I do truly enjoy the podcast. It probably wouldn’t be the same without her but it is hard on my eats sometimes. Sorry Monica.

Pete Carroll (5/5)

Listened to this particular episode with my teenager while driving to his game. What a great interview, insightful questions, and being a fellow UOP grad I was so happy to hear his gratitude for the start they gave him . He still visits and gives speeches here so I loved the choice of guest. 5 stars. On a side note, you go from this to the fact check. I just think it degrades the guest when you have this great show and then you finish with that. 10 seconds after starting I don’t think you mentioned him again. I thought oh his kids (which maybe that part got cut?) maybe they are listening to their dad talk to Dax... how cool and then it ends with moles and EGOTS. Idk just my opinion. Love your work.

Game changer! (5/5)

I just finished watching all six seasons of Parenthood & couldn’t get enough, so I hop on the gram and find out you have a podcast and I’m absolutely addicted! I started out with Peter Krause, Mae Whitman & just listened to the one with your mom, which is my favorite so far. What an amazing woman! I’ve enjoyed hearing more about your background and look forward to the rest of the podcasts! My new favorite way to spend my down time!

Love it, please bring more racial diversity! (4/5)

This is my new favorite podcast! Please bring in more people of color! (This is coming from a white person :) PS: When is Lin-Manuel Miranda coming on?!

Kekkekekekekke (4/5)

Great interesting and entertaining podcast. A bit long at almost 3 hrs per episode. I think it can be edited down to cut out the less interesting parts. A 90 min podcast would be perfect. However there are many pearls of wisdom and just interesting stories that I make it through each one, often skipping the parts that just don’t interest me. I love Dax’s wisdom and life experience, particularly when he talks about things he’s learned through sobriety. Amazing. I enjoy Monica and their banter is like listening to good friends. I think it’s particularly great how different Dax and Monica are, which make their banter that much more interesting. One last teeny complaint, I reeeally can’t stand Dax’s laugh when it sounds like Donald Duck/A Dolphin/ Windex spray bottle. It sounds like nails on a chalkboard ....pleeeesse stop!

Glad I Tuned In (5/5)

Dax and Monica are great. Their interviews are unique, they bring a one-of-a-kind viewpoint and it’s refreshing. This is one of the few shows that has made me want to go back in the recesses of the recordings and listen all day. Well done y’all, well done!

Love Kristen Bell... her hubby not so much. (1/5)

Yikes, I can’t even get past the first episode. I started noticing this really off-putting, misogynistic tone in Dax’s voice. Don’t like the way he’s consistently interrupting Kristen. Kinda reminds me of the sliminess of Howard Stern. I read the other reviews and it looks like it’s not just the first episode and it doesn't get better. I’m sure he’s great, otherwise why is the amazing Kristen Bell with him? But gah, women have enough mansplaining in their life, and do we really need another victimized rich white man talking about himself? I don’t need to subscribe to it. If this first episode was at all about Kristen I think I would’ve loved it. I never leave bad reviews but I was so disappointed by this first episode that I had to tell someone.

Favorite (5/5)

Hands down my favorite podcast. I love the genuine respect given to all people and guests (regardless if they completely agree or not). I recommend this to people all the time!

Favorite Podcast (5/5)

Great dynamic between Dax and Monica with interesting topics and guests! Only podcast I’ve listened to every single episode of.

Just WOW! (5/5)

Started out with the Kristen Bell episode and just can't stop! Was worried about how long your episodes are, but the time flies by. But so far it's a great podcast for the modern man!

Oh-Steen (5/5)

It’s Oh-Steen. Not Ahsteen.

Disappointed (1/5)

I was once an avid “arm cherry” and have listened to almost every single episode. That is, until the Casey Affleck one. I was surprised and disappointed that Dax would have him on. I find it very troubling that the major backlash was not addressed- especially because Dax and Monica openly talk about much smaller issues/mistakes from previous episodes in the fact check. This used to be one of my absolute favorite podcasts, but I won’t be listening anymore.

Balancing the Monica hate (5/5)

I have different view points than Monica but screw the haters! I love hearing her and Dax. Keep it up! And Wobby Wob too :)

Thoughtful (5/5)

I appreciate the thoughtful conversations and bringing a different point of view. Dax is very open and transparent & I love the AA tips he shares.

Deeply obsessed (5/5)

I have loved listening to these podcasts. They and hilarious and honest. Every person involved has shown vulnerability and a willingness to be wrong and take correction with grace. Also ITS HILARIOUS!!

Love (5/5)

Was skeptical of the episode length but happily surprised and thoroughly enjoying every minute!!!! 💕

Just Dax Please (4/5)

What is the point of having Monica on the show? So unnecessary and adds nothing to the show, yet detracts so much from it. Cut. Her. Out!

Co host (3/5)

This is a great podcast but the co-host, Monica does not seem to be necessary. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but that machine gun laugh is a bit much.

Great Show! (5/5)

As a fellow Michigander and Detroiter, I love to hear Dax’s take on life in Michigan and just normal life stuff.

I’ve listened to every episode (5/5)

And I love this show! I look forward to Mondays and Thursdays when new episodes come out. It’s so entertaining. Dax and Monica and Rob do a wonderful job. Huge fan!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast. It makes me look forward to work where I can just put in my headphones and enjoy. My favorites include Jason Bateman, Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham.

Always Insightful and Entertaining (5/5)

Just finishing Casey Affleck episode largely about #Metoo with an intellectual debate on whether it would be ethical to eat artificially produced human butt cheek. That’s my jam, which would incidentally be lovely with human butt cheek.

Has Been (1/5)

Used to be good when it started, but honestly it got old super fast. Monica is draining and super fake. Dax just loves to talk about himself more than actually interviewing the guest. We’ve probably heard the same stories 800 times by this point. Having Casey Affleck on and not addressing how upset the audience was about it just proves Dax isn’t the every-man he tries to spin himself as being and is instead just another Hollywood elitist. Totally unsubscribing. Way better celebrity interview podcasts out there that don’t put forward as much toxic masculinity as this one does. Had such potential at first and now it’s just sad.

I wish we were friends (5/5)

It’s like sitting in a convo with best friends. They are the reason I can deal with my commute. I also feel like (and don’t laugh) they are making me a better person and teaching me so much! Armchairy for life over here!

Love this (5/5)

This is great. Great guests like Kal Penn and Chelsea Handler. Love it, very entertaining and mildly educational.

Funny and honest and Thought provoking. Did I mention funny? (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast. I appreciate the willingness to take on subjects that people don’t always agree on. And I appreciate The acknowledgment that not everybody will agree on all positions presented. I came to this podcast a little late and have been actually catching up on the earlier episodes. DAX has really improved as an interviewer. More importantly DAX is improved as a listener. Monica adds a tremendous amount it’s terrific.

Stop telling women you think they’re sexy (4/5)

Don’t get me wrong Dax and Monica are engaging but I can no longer take Dax constant discussions on women’s sexiness. Stop, I don’t want to hear how attracted you are to them and I doubt they do either.

sadly, i hate this guy... (1/5)

i just really, really hate him...a lot...

Charming, but still mired in misogyny (2/5)

Dax Shepard is charming and funny while also stuck in toxic masculinity and misogyny. He tries hard, but he’s still problematic. I had to stop listening.

Great podcast! (5/5)

I really really appreciate the fact checking after the incredible interview/conversations with each individual. A great mixture of humor, truths, heartfelt moments and good ol’ storytelling!!!BRAVO 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

i love dax! (5/5)

dax is an incredible host!

Quit Hating (5/5)

If you don’t like, don’t listen. You have a choice. Writing mean spirited reviews speaks more about you than Dax, Monica or Rob. I enjoy this podcast because Dax disarms his guests by sharing his humanity - yeah we’ve heard it more than once, but the guests are often hearing it for the first time. Monica is a Bulldawg from the ATL making her double awesome and you’re just jealous! Rob makes it all happen, much respect. Regarding ALL the controversial guests on this show... I am not defending them, but I like to hear both sides of a story before coming to a conclusion and you should too.

Great podcast - one suggestion (4/5)

Really enjoy listening -would love to hear another episode with kbell, and an episode with some known republicans ( really would be great debate) One thing I want to point out- I generally like the fact checks, however recently I’ve become annoyed. I feel like Dax is open minded and likes to debate for the sake of the debate, which is enjoyable to listen to; but Monica is not open minded at all and doesn’t try to see things from the other side, or from any viewpoint but her own. She claims to be inclusive of other views but I feel like she throws a tantrum when it’s not her viewpoint. (Really felt this way with the oil debate) Overall great podcast I’d just like Monica to be more open minded as she constantly claims to be- and I’d like some more Republicans to be on the podcast.

Best road trip podcast (5/5)

Love the dynamic and how much I can learn about myself and these interesting people.

Casey Affleck (1/5)

Dax and Monica: Your comments regarding sexual assault were awful. One less listener.

Edit the laughing please (5/5)

So great but the sidekick’s laugh makes the show almost unlistenable!!!

Please (3/5)

Ditch the female co host very annoying and adds nothing.

Live show Chicago (5/5)

I LOVE the intro music we’re all the songs you open your shows with from the last few weeks.

Beanie...the best! (5/5)

I love your show. I’ve been a fan of Beanie’s since Ladybird and Booksmart was my favorite movie this year! So wonderful to hear this interview and Dax, you make everyone feel special. Thanks for the bright light you bring to a pretty crazy world right now. 💗💗

It’s perfect! (5/5)

This podcast is everything I have ever wanted in a podcast. Only complaint is that whoever is editing the clips, please stop cutting off words in the middle. It’s annoying.

Aces Podcast (5/5)

The Esther Perel episode was my first recommended episode. I’m SO hooked. Dax + Monica ask such poignant questions. They offer very down-to-earth, real discussions. Would recommend— would do it again!

Love it! (5/5)

I LOVE the depth and the fun of these conversations!!! Keep up the great work!

Old ladies and curlers (5/5)

Re: Beanie Feldstein fact check- My Grandma is 92 and has worn curlers my whole life and then some [I am 29]. Also, this is the best podcast known to man.


Hi guys it would great after having Ben as a quest that you invite LIN MANUEL. It would be amazing!!!

Donezo (1/5)

As many others commented, I listened to every episode up until Casey Affleck. The social media description alone - “lovely human.” Are you kidding me? What a load of crap. And praising his Oscar win? Sounds very Brock Turner-eque. Shameful. I’ve unsubscribed. One star is generous.

quiet Dax. Just be quiet. (3/5)

I binge-listened to about 20 or 30 episodes. I'm starting to notice a pattern. Guest starts to share a story, Dax interrupts with his own. Guest digs into his/her own psyche - Dax projects his psyche onto guest. In addition, Dax's admissions about his low self esteem, how he wants to sleep with his female guests and wishes he had the careers of his (more famous) male guests are getting tiresome. Please Dax, stop interjecting yourself into the lives and stories of your guests.

Over it. (2/5)

I have been listening since episode one and generally enjoy. Fact check is just too much for me. I’d suggest doing the interview and then, if you must, post fact check the day after. Or make it its own podcast to truly gage how popular it is. As for the guests I don’t care to hear, I skip. I have done it on several occasions. Interview whomever you’d like, it’s your podcast.

I wish Monica was a silent producer . (4/5)

Voice is like nails on a chalkboard

Good for listening to stars (3/5)

If you don’t mind hearing as much about the host as you do the person who is being interviewed, then you probably won’t mind the interrupting interview style of this show.

Beanie Fieldstein (5/5)

I love your show! Just a comment that you have misspelled Barbra Streisand’s first name is your description of the recent episode with Beanie Feldstein. Thought you might want to know.

Done too (1/5)

I’ve been listening since the first day and loved it but the Affleck episode has soured things. Sure, there is a legitimate question as to what the appropriate punishment will be for sexual harassment. But to suggest the women lied or this was all just raunchy set behavior is absolutely offensive. Affleck rage text to an employee who wouldn’t share a room with him. He climbed in bed with an employee in the middle of the night. These things happened. And this ep finally showed Dax and Monica are no better than all the other sycophants who turn a blind eye when they simply like the perpetrator . Going to take a break on this show for awhile.

Dr. Gundry (5/5)

Thank you for interviewing Dr.Gundry!! I’ve heard him interviewed on many of my favorite health podcasts, but your interview was extremely helpful. I think having a “lay person” interview vs a health and nutrition expert simplified many of Dr. Gundry’s studies and philosophies. Please keep these interviews coming!!

Excellent... but really long (4/5)

This is very well done, the interviews are interesting, the guests are interesting, but the episodes are too long. It's difficult to find two hours to listen to an entire episode.

2 million stars (5/5)

Most amazing podcast!! I listen everyday!!

Done. (1/5)

As someone who listened to every episode, I’m really disappointed in the Casey Affleck episode. More so in Dax and Monica’s comments than what Casey said. I’m also confused as to why they haven’t said anything weeks later knowing a lot of people were upset. As a survivor, I don’t feel right listening to the pod anymore after hearing Monica’s views on women. It hurts knowing this is a podcast I once really enjoyed and the hosts are totally different than they present themselves as. Seems as they act differently to impress each guest. Time to unsubscribe.

Almost my favorite (3/5)

Awesome guests and it is a fun podcast to listen to during my commute but I find myself saying out loud multiple times, “Dax shhh!” He cuts off his guests a lot; he’ll ask them a question they’ll start to answer then he’ll cut them off to answer for them. Almost my favorite podcast!

Wondering podcast (5/5)

Have Ken Wilber on please! He’ll blow your mind. Thanks!

Love love love (5/5)

I truly enjoy listening to Dax and Monica. I love that they both speak their mind and when they have a disagreement on a subject they let each other explain why they see something a certain way. The interviews are so awesome, for reals, I would have never know Dr. Phil was such a cool human! I now listen to his podcast as well. Defiantly give this podcast a listen I was hooked instantly. Bonus Dax gives great recommendations on other podcast and books!

Love! (5/5)

Thank you for being so real. It’s honest and the dialogue makes you feel like you’re in the room.

THE BEST (5/5)

No better podcast out there. Absolute favorite!!

My first podcast - and I’m hooked (5/5)

I resisted podcasts for so long but this one converted me - love hearing Dax’s stories and his celebrity interviews remind me a lot of my hero and all time best interviewer, Howard Stern (of whom we are both super fans). We are the same age so it’s interesting to compare notes on things he references from his youth and growing up. It’s fascinating to observe how he has evolved and to hear him interact with those around him, especially Kristen and Monica, and his views on fatherhood and masculinity in today’s America. The episode where he interviewed his Mom was riveting and I still think about it all the time. Keep up the great work!

Words Thoughts Actions (5/5)

1. I love you both so very much! Started listening not too long ago and now these podcasts are my drive to and from work everyday and I am almost fully caught up! 2. Just finishing the Michael Gervais pod today. While at work I found a dead mouse in a trap. Slightly panicked I told my boss who was busy but said she could get it later. Sitting there I talked myself down and then built myself up. “You can do this lizzy. It’s dead. It can’t attack me. You can do this.” Confidence building with every word “you got this” and then... I did it!! Small victory but a victory non the less for this little lass! So thank you for having wonderful guests that help me improve myself! Love you!💜🥰

Funny & Insightful! (4/5)

I really love ACE. I appreciate how authentic Dax’s opinions are. I’ve learned so much from this podcast. My only gripe is that Dax tends to interrupt his guests a ton. As a listener I feel super uncomfortable when I hear a guest be interrupted so I can only imagine how the guest feels! I would love to hear more from Monica! Thanks for sharing this podcast w the world.

My Favorite (5/5)

I jump around and listen to other podcasts but this is my #1. I know it will always be informative and entertaining. Thanks Dax and Monica!

Really love this (4/5)

Not necessarily a fan of Dax but am now! Love most of his guests!! Minus one star because that lady has the Janice laugh from Friends.

Look Forward to Every Episode (5/5)

I honestly look forward to each episode that comes out twice a week. I love this podcast!!!! Have been listening every week for almost a year!!!! Keep it up!


Favorite podcast across all genres. Totally engaging, witty, intelligent and vulnerable. I’m an arm cherry for life!

Great podcast! (5/5)

Incredible guests and Dax and Monica make for wonderful hosts.

Insightful, funny, charming (5/5)

A friend recommended this podcast. I only knew Dax from the funny video he and Kristen made singing “Africa” in Africa. I love his honesty, empathy and ability to accept another’s viewpoint respectfully and with curiosity. He can state his own thoughts and opinions without making it a big deal that they have different perspectives. I’m much better now at discussing political issues with others through listening to him. I love hearing about his life, the good and the bad and how he’s dealt with both. He is a great interviewer and very funny. Helpful tip for Dax said with love: when you say “between you and I” it’s really supposed to be “between you and me”. In general, to know whether or not to say “you and I” or “you and me” just say the sentence to yourself without the “you and” in it and you’ll see which one makes more sense. For example....“He should have spoken to you and I.” Doesn’t sound right and you can see that by dropping the “you and”: “He should’ve spoken to I.” Doesn’t sound right...but...”He should’ve spoken to me” sounds right. Love you!

Change of Heart (1/5)

Use to love this podcast. It has turned into one of the most arrogant and annoying hours in the universe. WTH? Dax and Monica are not a great match. She even laughs like him now. No thanks.

Privilege actor with no understanding of others. (3/5)

I use to be a fan of this show but as it progressed it became very clear to me that Dax was to come across as empathetic but really just wants to talk himself. He likes to put his drug, sex, and straight duche on his guest and gets shut down when he makes assumptions on his guest that reflect what he is about. He also makes a lot of sex comments that are inappropriate. The end for me was with his interview Casey Affleck, which was a basic circle jerk and pandered to Casey & not addressing the fact that he’s a sex predator. Few weeks later he interviews Busy, who proclaimed she was assaulted by James Franco and was like he totes did it. Dax is a fake democrat. He wants to seem progressive, look at me I have daughters, my wife in Bell but is really just a good ole Michigan Redneck who promotes toxic male culture. If you have respect for yourself, don’t waste your breathe.

Gross, sleazy, creepy uncle friendzone guy. (2/5)

Yeah, he’s amusing. Funny, personable. Too many of his female interviews involve him talking about how he has crushes on them and needs some sort of validation. Literally said this. It’s like he’s using his celebrity and connections to hook up and prove his weak manhood. He doesn’t come across as a person. More like Dennis from It’s Always Sunny. He’s just a douche with ulterior motivation that knows how to talk.

Outstanding! (5/5)

Makes hours seem like minuets!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I love this podcast. LOVE IT. I look forward to every episode. Dax’s honesty is so engaging. I love his perspective on life and being a parent two young girls. Thanks for keeping it real!

One of my top 3 podcasts (5/5)

I love this long-form podcast. Each week, I save them to play on my Saturday long runs for my running training program. Dax and Monica have no idea how many miles they have helped me through on freezing cold or hot and humid Saturday mornings!

Ok (2/5)

He has great guests but he talks about himself to much, I already know his whole story because he tells it over and over. Sometimes I really want to hear the guests answer and he cuts them off with well my story FYI, I’m a middle child, I self medicated etc.🙄 yea we know.

Podcast picky (5/5)

Not a huge podcast lover because too many folks think they’re a genius. This one is great because he admits he has an opinion but probably not an expert so he brings in very interesting folks who are!!! Love the concept and always fascinating.

Questionable Guests (1/5)

There have always been things that I have loved and disliked about this podcast. One of the things I love is that even though Dax has a variety of legitimately famous actors on the show he spends very little time talking about their accomplishments-and instead about who they are as a person. Jason Manzouka’s(sorry about spelling if that’s wrong!!) was fascinating. Got frustrating at times with Dax talking about how amazing drug culture is and constantly “joking” with each guest about if they would be good at drugs or not-since Dax struggled with them. I cannot stand by him inviting Casey Affleck on the show. I did not download and listen-but and even more upset by the audio that was pulled. ESPECIALLY Monica commenting on how women lie as well. Doesn’t matter if it is truth or lie-something’s are just better left unsaid. Really disappointing.

Just a suggestion (4/5)

As a working actor in LA I do love listening to these interviews but if you occasionally spoke to some of the “that’s that guy from that thing” folks who aren’t millionaires yet that would be a cool curveball Not all the time but maybe just every once in a while

Love (5/5)

Best podcast! Great guests, great interviews and Dax’s giggle reminds me of Stern. Keep it up!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I first discovered Dax on his movie “Let’s Go to Prison” and thought he was hilarious ever since! I love his chemistry with Monica and his frank and honest relationship with Kristen Bell. He’s truly brilliant and pushed himself and his guests to be honest instead of the Hollywood hype. Really dig it!

Inviting and fun (5/5)

This show is the first podcast i’ve really gotten into. I’ve listened to every episode, most of them multiple times. The positivity, lighthearted jokes and jingles mixed with realness and toughness- truly the best. Truly helps with my anxiety when driving

Sorry not a fan (1/5)

I started listening to this podcast bc I like Dax as an actor and a person. But I do not enjoy him as an interviewer, especially after listening to dr Phil and Conan’s podcasts. I listen to a couple of Dax’s interviews , and by time I got to Julie Louis- Dreyfus, I had had enough. He was so fan obsessed with her and just overly gushed. Come on already-get on with the interview, tell her this beforehand. Also Dax talks too much about himself, as if he was the one being interviewed. Finally, I could not take another one of his slooow uuun-huh. Still a fan of his acting, just not interviewing. Also, he made a lot of cringe worthy inappropriate comments where his associate tries to get him to move on.

LOVE (5/5)

Love, love, love! I bypass all my tv shows to binge this podcast! 😊

LOVE (5/5)

Dax and Monica, I love your podcast. I love the Danny McBride episode!!! Try to get Adam Devine to come on the podcast!!!

The BEST guests + great interviews! (5/5)

Thank you!! Perfect way to start the wk!

Monica’s awful laugh (2/5)

I used to love this show but I couldn’t get past Monica’s laugh. It sounds so forced and fake, it honestly ruined the show for me even thought the content is great. She really needs to fix her laugh or they’re going to lose a lot for listeners because of her.

The Casey Affleck Blunder (2/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year now and have found a lot of these conversations to be very stimulating and enjoyable. However, my biggest complaint involves a recent guest and how the aftermath of the interview was dealt with. A couple of weeks ago Casey Affleck was on the show and the sexual misconduct allegations against him were barely discussed, and there were some tone deaf remarks from one of the hosts about the validity of women who have come forward with these allegations. I have seen a huge backlash about this episode and would like to hear it addressed on the show. If it isn’t addressed soon in a thoughtful way I will be unsubscribing from the show, which is a shame because there is a lot I have enjoyed about it.

Love Dax but . . . (3/5)

The Casey Affleck interview really disappointed me - both Dax and Monica. Sucking up does not look good on them. And now I feel badly about listening to the show. Really threw me.

Love this podcast (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to Dax Shepard’s interview style. It’s honest and I enjoy how no matter who the guest is, he tries to find similarities between them, to best connect. Another plus is both he and Monica’s laughs make me laugh!

Love it! (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts. I love how incredibly self aware Dax is and how open he is about himself as a person, his past, his struggles, and his road to redemption. I applaud y’all for having Casey Affleck on. It was a risky move but I’m glad it was done. I can tell many of the negative reviews are from people who have not actively researched the case against Casey and also did not listen to the podcast which is unfortunate. Monica brought up a valid point that people hate to discuss because it seems like victim blaming but it is far from that. People do lie sometimes. I am not at all saying that is the case against Casey but it does happen. I have witnessed people around me with my own two eyes both male and female make up and spread false rumors about people for a multitude of petty reasons. There are people sitting in prison right now for crimes they did not commit. People have been executed for crimes they did not commit. Again not saying Casey is innocent either. I do believe he contributed to a bad work place environment by failing to intervene and shut down a lot of the crazy stuff happening on that set which he himself admitted. As much as we want to take everything at face value sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. It’s an ugly truth of the world we live in today. That is why it is important to have these types of conversations as uncomfortable as they are. Thank you all for shedding light on such a delicate subject. Monica you are great, don’t beat yourself up about speaking harsh truths.

Guests (5/5)

I’m sorry to see and read the backlash you have gotten from a recent guest. I hope this doesn’t stop you from bringing on more guests that might be controversial. Without a dialogue we cannot learn and become better. I love your podcast. Wonderful job.

Dax is great! (5/5)

Such an interesting podcast, terrific new perspectives. But please please go solo. The ‘fact check’ is not necessary, we all know how to google. Monica is distracting from the good conversations.

Favorite (4/5)

Enjoy Dax Shepard’s honesty, great interviews, great guests. Monica is a gem! Enjoy these very much.

More Women (1/5)

Dax and Monica have tried to explain away the lack of female voices by saying they ask for women guests, but are turned down. Choosing to legitimize a known predator’s perspective is probably why women avoid being on this show.

giving abusers a platform (1/5)

giving abusers platforms is a trash move. i literally was jolted by seeing casey affleck’s name show up in my queue and you’ve lost this listener and many other survivors who refuse to support people who give space for people who commit acts of abuse.

Measeltof! (5/5)

Emmy nominated Monica Padman and her sidekick Dax :) have created a space where open and honest conversation is valued, ideals can be questioned and debated in love, and everyone comes away a better person for it. Love love love this podcast, so proud to be an Armcherry! Ps) please come to Atlanta!

Monica’s laugh (4/5)

Great podcast but I can’t STAND Monica’s laugh and it’s kind of ruining it for me.

Stop Editing Pauses (4/5)

Great Quality, but can’t stand the short pauses being cut out. It just sounds like one big run-on sentence. Like Commercials do. Distracting and I lose the conversation while working.

Such a worth while listen! (4/5)

I love love this podcast! Dax is so entertaining and insightful in such a caring way. Monica is just a delight. Super smart and able to play off Dax beautifully their chemistry is great. And they genuinely like people and have such enjoyable conversations. I feel like I learn something every time & usually end up messaging someone I know after saying “you have to listen to this”. Really can not recommend this podcast enough.

Casey Affleck-bleh (1/5)

Man, I’m so bummed. This was one of my favorite podcasts but I can’t even bring myself to listen after they had Casey Affleck on. I was tolerating the Scientologists being interviewed but I’m done.-The C. Affleck episode pushed me to hit the unsubscribe button. Also, Monica was annoying me more and more..rant/review over now.

Love love love! (5/5)

I can’t express enough how much I love this podcast! It’s educational, honest entertaining, funny and positive. Dax and Monica are amazing hosts to their guests and leave each podcast with love and respect. I am an “Attic!”

Love the Podcast (5/5)

I REALLY enjoy Dax’s Podcast. It’s always interesting & funny. Since he is from my hometown, I most enjoy when he talks about his own experiences back in Highland, MI.

Fabulous listening (5/5)

I love this podcast. I listen to podcasts pretty much all day long while at work, so I’m always on the hunt for entertaining podcasts. This is most definitely one of those. Dax is a wonderful host, and has such a great ability to put the guests in a comfortable place, allowing for very hilarious and open conversations. If you’re just now finding this, start with the first “Kristen Bell” podcast. It’s a perfect presentation of the vibe this podcast has. Also- Dax is 100% my driving spirit animal. I also agree that people sitting in the left lane (not going the speed limit, or just barely) deserve the death penalty. Michigan freeways are the worst with that. 696 and 94 all day! ✋

Disappointed (1/5)

You lost me after the Casey Affleck episode

Not what it used to be (3/5)

I used to love this show. It used to be the best part of Monday mornings. A lot of the early episodes are truly great. Now I skip a lot of episodes. I have a lot of respect for anyone willing to do the work. Dax clearly gets that. However I think maybe it would be helpful to further reflect on why people of color are going on other podcasts and not this one? Maybe they don’t want to be talked over by a white man for an hour? I would imagine some especially women might think twice now that an episode pandered to Casey Affleck as well. The fact checks are sometimes unbearable due to the whining and the half-assed fact checking. For example, Stephen Sondheim isn’t dead...

One of my favorites podcasts! (5/5)

Dax and Monica are my go-to feel good podcast. They are such a dynamic duo that always brightens my day! No matter the topic they always have great banter and can view topics from different viewpoints. Thank you both for everything you do, we love you!

Make Me Think (5/5)

I love this podcast! Dax and Monica make me think about topics in new different ways twice a week. But... what I love most is all the love. They never leave the show without saying, “I love you,” which makes me smile every time!

Love and highly recommended (5/5)

This was the first podcast I ever listened to and I’m glad I found it. It’s incredibly interesting and entertaining. You don’t have to be a fan of Dax the actor (you should though 😂) to enjoy this. He so insightful and intelligent. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good laugh.

Dax’s mom, Monica’s laugh omg (3/5)

Best episode is the one with Dax’s mom. Wonderful story and I encourage everyone to listen. On the other hand, if I have to hear Monica’s annoying laugh again (like she did in that Hader episode NONSTOP) I will kill myself. Much love otherwise!

❤️ storytelling (5/5)

I have listened to this podcast from the beginning and I feel it continues to evolve and get better with time. I enjoy listening to some of my favorite hollywood actor/actresses share personal stories/mistakes/insecurities/role models etc. I also really appreciate some of the other guests like Dr Sanjay Gupta and his insights on AI. My only flaw is the length of time :) i get suckered in - I listen usually when I’m traveling 1+ hours

I don’t understand (2/5)

All he does it revert everything back to himself!! I love love his guests. But he doesn’t seem to know about them beforehand?? Asking Gwyneth Paltrow if she sings?? Asking Sophia Bush “do you do philanthropic work because of your womenhoodness” I had to turn off.

casey affleck (5/5)

Thank you for being open minded and not completely writing people off due to accusations. I didn’t want to listen to this episode due to what little I knew about Casey Affleck. I decided to listen anyway and I’m so glad I got to hear his side of things. Dax is so great at being open to improving and understanding

“Monica the Panderer” (1/5)

This used to be one of my favs but after last weeks episode with Casey Affleck I can’t take it anymore!!! This woman(Monica) and her constant pandering (btw, ALL human beings lie!)of the guests has reached the status of beyond annoying (well that and her obnoxious laugh!) 😉. I think I’d rather have misophonia!! Beyond this, lack of diversity, and Dax’s stories that we’ve all heard now numerous times are getting old..... I mean how many of his glory days and drunken stupor stories can you listen to? Time to hit the refresh button Dax and get rid of “Monica Panderman”

Peeing my pants (5/5)

You guys. Episode 130 with Busy was already such an awesome episode. But seriously, I was DYING with hilarity and nausea during the fact check. Dax with the hyper-awareness of mouth spittle, foamy disgustingness along with the eye boogers had me cry-laughing in my car by myself. I myself can’t eat for hours after such an encounter, so it’s nice to hear a kindred spirit is out there in the world. This pod continues to get better and better and I love Monica chiming I’m more. Busy was absolutely fabulous.


I cannot stop listening to this podcast. The conversations are so honest and vulnerable and you get to know the guests in ways most normal celebrity interviews formats don’t allow. Dax’s ability to put his guest at ease with his humor and vulnerability encourage the guest to be honest and vulnerable with him also, and for the listener this dynamic makes the famous people feel relatable and “just like one of us”. I have learned how to have deeper conversations with my family and loved ones from listening to how Dax tries to untangle the mess of being human. PS for those that leave bad review and comments complaining about not liking a certain guest, then guess what... you don’t have to listen!

Adore the show, wish it was on video! (5/5)

I love listening to Dax, Monica and their guests. I’d love being able to watch the podcast on YouTube.

Funny (4/5)

I had no idea what Dax did before this podcast besides being Kristen Bells husband . He’s very funny and great to listen to but seems to interrupt a lot to tell his story. I didn’t like the Justin Bateman toilet wiping segment - I don’t think they knew what else to talk about. It wasn’t funny at all. I look forward to hearing all his podcasts! Yesterday I was excited for my husband to listen to Will Farrell. He’s never heard any of Dax’s podcasts. Half way through he says, “Does this guy ever shut up? He won’t let his guests (Will Farrell) talk!!” Hmmmm...

Loved Casey’s Interview (5/5)

This was one of my favorite podcasts

Please address Casey Affleck Ep (1/5)

Please be brave and address the Casey Affleck episode. I think it deserves some follow up comments based on how extremely polarizing it was for listeners. I would love to update my rating but would like to draw attention to the need to at the very least a follow up comment or two. Thank you.

Faithful listener (1/5)

Casey Affleck-unsubscribe

The best! (5/5)

Monica and Dax get so much out of their guests. I can’t get enough of their show.

Don’t book sexual predators (1/5)

Disappointed you’d have Casey Affleck on, who’s been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women.

Disappointed Sexual Assault Survivor. (1/5)

You can do better than Casey Affleck.

Dax wasn’t right but he wasn’t wrong either (5/5)

I need you guys to know that according to her IMDb Ione Skye’s grandmother is Winnyfred Philips, but no relation to Bijou Phillips.

A decent podcast, BUT... (3/5)

I cannot stand the laugh of Dax’s co-host/assistant. Sorry, but that laugh is, in my opinion, obnoxious and is like nails on a chalkboard for me. It’s an otherwise enjoyable podcast, and the interviews/guests are terrific, but that laugh takes me completely out of the interview, and I want to stop listening. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I can’t listen to a Valley Girla (1/5)

I can’t listen to Busy Phillips’ valley girl speeeeaka

My favorite podcast (5/5)

My FAVE podcast. Dax and Monica are amazing. I love how honest, direct and open everyone is. I look forward the new episode every week. Interview suggestion- Cillian Murphy from Peaky!!!!

Love Dax (5/5)

So glad I found this podcast after hearing him on Conan’s podcast. So glad he has so many to go back and listen. Dax interviews so well and I believe he will have a talk show he is a great interviewer. Glad you had Cassie Aflick everyone deserves to be heard and so many people are quick to judge. Don’t listen to the haters continue to do what you do. Love to see you live podcast. Great listen.

I love Dax Padman and Monica Shepard (5/5)

The fact checks are my favorite part! Monica and Dax are clearly soulmates and their chemistry is hilarious. Always looking forward to what new song will be sung and to see if things get heated because I love when they argue 😂.

Love (5/5)

Dad has nice teeth

Hang on SLOOPY!!! (4/5)

1964 song by the McCoys...not Hang on Lucy!

Highly recommend (5/5)

I’ve listened to enough of these podcasts to get a gauge on the type of person both Monica and Dax are. While we all have our moments, they both use this platform to facilitate intelligent conversation with people I didn’t know much about before. The amount of anecdotes and life lessons I’ve gathered are truly overwhelming. As a young gay man, I do not agree with the negative comments being posted, as the people leaving them (mainly women) are just as guilty of disregarding (Canceling) someone’s voice (Dax’s) much like they’re claiming the sexual harassment victims’ voices are being silenced. The irony is palpable, but it hasn’t affected my opinion of this podcast. Highly recommend!

Good show, but... (4/5)

Dax and Monica have great chemistry and I was an "every episode" listener early on, but it has turned into a podcast I listen to when I am interested in the guest. Unfortunately, these days a lot of the guests I am interested in show up on the live shows. And I hate live podcasts, to the point where I don't even bother listening to them anymore. One of the things that makes podcasts great is the intimacy of them - it feels like you are listening to a conversation between two (or more) people. With a live show, it turns into two or more people playing to an audience. Obvously just my opinion, but that ruins it for me. Otherwise, great show.

The best (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast.

Love it (5/5)

I hope the live show makes it to Nebraska at some point. It would be fitting since you have a show that’s set in Nebraska!

Casey Ep. is Step in Wrong Direction (1/5)

I have been an avid listener from the very beginning of the show and a huge fan. Needless to say I was soooo disappointed to check the app and see you featured Casey Affleck. I have not listened to the episode because I don’t want to support Casey at all and I saw some reviews claim that his interview redeems him, but considering the fact he’s serially abused women I don’t think anything he has to say will change who he is. I’m really let down that both Dax and Monica would choose to support this man. In the past I would’ve considered them advocates for social change, but now that seems phony.

Love this podcast!!! (5/5)

Amazingly funny and real! Love this podcast. Dax is very self effacing and relatable...reminds me of Howard Stern interviews. I’m obsessed!!

Love it and relatable (5/5)

I’m just catching up on a lot of older episodes and the one with Rob Mcelheny I could completely relate to when he spoke about his son and validating his feelings. I feel as though our sibling situation is very similar and I loved hearing his take on it and it was a good reminder to me with my boys. Of course I also love laughing during every episode! Keep rockin!

Casey Affleck?! (1/5)

Why would you give that man a platform then essentially defend him? #believevictims

Love y’all to death!!! (5/5)

Truly can’t say enough good things about Armchair E. Dax, thank you for wading into deep waters to talk about tough things and then making everyone laugh a couple minutes later. Monica, I grew up in Athens (go dawgs!) and moved to LA around the same time as you. I’m fairly certain we’re kindred spirits. Thank you for your insight and humor. I love that you both are generous enough to share your friendship with your listeners. Makes my day!! Hoping you read this when you need a pick-me-up. Xo Cassie

Do you people personally know these people you talk of (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast. I will continue to listen to this podcast. There are many people in social media and news casting stones. I don't live in their homes or know them personally. There are truths and lies being told out there. It is not all black and white. There are 2 sides to every story and experience.

Matthew Shepard (3/5)

The laughter by Dax and Pater Krause when mentioning Matthew Shepard was horrifying. I think it reveals the homophobia within Dax despite his constant comments on the beauty of men. He referred to Peter’s muscular build often. Closet case?

Absolutely hilarious (5/5)

This podcast is in my top five of all time. Dax gets his guests to open up like no one else can and talks about real life things. Also Dax and Monica together are the most authentic of relationships and I want to hang out with them all the time! They make me laugh out loud so often it’s crazy!

Casey Affleck? For real? (1/5)

I love the podcast, and I love that Monica has been talking more throughout the podcast—but I am disappointed that y’all had Casey Affleck on the podcast.

The irony has come full circle (2/5)

I appreciate raw, honest dialogue about complex topics as much as the next person and thought for a while that was what I was getting with this show. Over time I have gotten the impression that while Dax may be aware of his neediness (interrupting to get affirmation/approval of his intelligence, begging for the guest to say they like him), he is not changing his behavior, which becomes increasingly obvious and concerning. I’m blatantly judging a stranger here, but my perspective is that the podcast has become a self-aggrandizing tool. While the “armchair expert” title is a tongue-in-cheek reference, it becomes easy to believe his drive to establish his worth has caused him to over-value his perspective and make grave blunders, like assisting a sexual predator with their self-victimization narrative. It’s difficult to see Dax as pro-women after this.

Went too far with Casey Affleck (1/5)

Who is next? Award winning singer R Kelley? Award winning comedian Bill Cosby? Maybe all three at once?

Great podcast (5/5)

Thank you for something unique and very interesting to listen to. I am all about true crime, but you two allow me to mix it up a couple times a week.

Unsubscribe and unfollow (1/5)

How unfortunate.... Casey Affleck 🤮

Casey cleared himself (5/5)

Interview was deep and thoughtful. It is clear that he has grown and has used his experience to become a better person. Negative reviewers obviously didn’t listen.

Dax’s need to be liked is detrimental to the success of this podcast (1/5)

The title says it all - Dax needs to be like so much (he says this multiple times) that he brings a sexual harasser (Casey Affleck) onto the show without any sense of “investigative journalism” and heads straight into defending him. No thank you. Sorry Monica, I really love you and this podcast but can no longer be a supporter of a podcast who gives abusers a platform. Byyeeeee.

Love for monica! (5/5)

Monica seems to have gotten more confident in adding to the conversation and its awesome. Having three voices makes the podcast better! I love hearing her commentary on the guests/conversation in the fact check too because she always has interesting insights. Keep it up monica— you have a great radio voice!

Later dude! (1/5)

Casey Afleck show turned me off of the podcast! I didn’t realize you and him had so much in common... :-(