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The premier thaumaturgical philosophy talk show! Join us when the moon catches the glint of Jupiter's primordial eye and all God's children are screaming holy matrimony at the bedside of death. So, those two things, simultaneously. Hosted by probably non-biological brothers Larkin Henderson and Lorkin Handerson in studios across California. Support the Podcast with a donation by pasting the following URL into your browser

Summoning In Our Schools
Regarding the recent epidemic that is plaguing our schools: Summoning. The art can be traced to Colonial Witchcraft, the Dark Arts, Voodoo Sacrifice, Nickelback Concerts, Kevin Bacon, Paganism, Druidism, and Comic Con....

The Subterranean Petrified Forest
On Lorkin Handerson's recent descent into the bowels of the city of Handover, he discovered an ancient petrified forest inhabited by rabid dogs. Larkin and Lorkin discuss. This is Art of Philosophy....