Aggregated reviews for Astonishing Legends

Scott and Forrest have been called the 'Click and Clack of esoterica' by their listeners. Their mission is to take a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and interview people who've had close encounters with the unexplained. They strive to bring you everything that's entertaining about those stories and remind you that it's ok to laugh at scary stories sometimes. Put your headphones on, settle in for your commute and get ready to experience a show like nothing you've ever heard before. Show schedule is generally 3 weeks on and 1 week off.

Love most of the podcasts (5/5)

This show feels like you’re sitting in a cozy room with your two most talkative cousins who know a ton of information and have a need to tell all of it at the same time before they forget it. They have covered some fascinating subjects researched from every perspective possible. This season Forrest and Scott have improved on keeping focused and they frequently acknowledge their long-windedness and poke fun at themselves. I’ll be honest and say that I have skipped most topics with more than two parts however the most recent podcast on James Dean may be an exception to that. Digging into to events and Hollywood scene at the time of James Deans death has enough interesting rabbit trails that keep the topic on track and interesting. Speaking of long-winded...I’ll wrap up this five star review with recommending Astonishing Legends if you’re looking for more than spooky stories and want to fully know everything about the subject they cover.

They put me to sleep every night (4/5)

Recent shows have gone down hill. Lazy with the interviews. Not every show has to be 6 hours guys. Get back to a tight deep dive like you did with skinwalker, Mothman, Somerton, Dyatlov pass, etc. I’m literally queuing bell witch to fall asleep too. Also, ghosts are neither astonishing nor legends. Since the Sally house you guys got soft. Except dan and Susan’s abduction. USC Trojans fight on. Love you guys but get back to your roots.

Subjects (3/5)

I have enjoyed your podcasts immensely over the past few years but lately I am just not finding the subjects y’all are doing lately very interesting. I hope that will change soon. It is obvious you two put way more work into researching and a ton more time into the story telling aspect than most other podcasts. Thank you for doing what you do!

Extremely well produced yet doesn’t feel too scripted (5/5)


Gallipolis (5/5)

Love the podcast. It’s pronounced. Gal-a-po-liss

Perfect for evening drives! (5/5)

My favorite Podcast to listen to on my long commutes home after dark! 👻

smarter than average (5/5)

better questions, smarter summaries—they seem far more informed than the usual duos. they did the reading and are actually listening to guests. it’s all you can ask for

Perfect (5/5)

Perfect podcast for a fall evening!

Y’all are FANTASTIC (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to y’all on my long commute to and from work! I love how in-depth and well articulated you both are. Not only are you both so informative with your knowledge (not to mention Scott’s amazing precursor research knowledge) but you both have a wonderful sense of humor! I love y’all’s witty banter and ability to just “flow” together. Thanks so much for making a boring drive soooooo worth while. Selina Smith Nashville TN

Djinn (5/5)

Please consider doing a show on the Djinn. You guys are really interesting to listen to, thanks

I once enjoyed it... (2/5)

This podcast started out interesting and enjoyable. The banter and topics were intriguing. Then, they started making several episodes per subject. The material became more and more unfocused. I don’t think I’ve heard another podcast that has so much filler and rambling. It’s as if they love the sound of their own voices more than the legends. It’s sad, but I don’t listen to the show anymore. It isn’t worth the time.

A show for obsessive researchers (5/5)

I’d done a bit of a deep dive on axe murder clusters circa. the 1910s at a few of the local libraries, wondering if the Villisca victims were seperated out from other similar contemporaneous “less dead.” I’d found a few internet blog posts about the Mulatto Axe murders, but they were scant on details and reliable sources. One of the libraries had a big encyclopedia on unsolved crimes, and the details of the Louis Castaway family jumped out immediately, I’m screaming!

What is up with this (1/5)

Stop interrupting each other I listened to the first episode and the start was so freaking stupid what a rude person he said this is my show we don’t need that this show is good but stop interrupting each other okay I don’t even know how your guest tolerate you

Way too long (3/5)

If you’re gonna do a 4-part series that’s 2+ hours long each time, go for the 8 1 hour episodes. Also, too much rambling.

Pick and Choose (3/5)

Honestly I love the in depth discussions they go into, and have listened to every episode so far. There are certainly episodes I don’t like, ones I probably should have skipped over, etc. Some stories are better than others, just plain and simple. The Vellisca axe murders, however, was completely pointless and belongs more on a murder podcast. They discussed more of the murders, who potentially did it, rather than what the haunting actually was. Frankly it’s a plain cut and dry serial killer, which is sure ‘scary’ and whatever, but not what I come to Astonishing Legends for. I need more spooky mysteries please.

Believe it or not . . . (5/5)

They do a good job of creeping you out. I do a bad job of listening to this before bed..

Oh my god! GET to the story (1/5)

The most overworded podcast of ALL time. Get to the story!!

Review changed! (5/5)

I’m just not sure what I’m listening to? Way to much babbling. I’m a fan of ghost story stuff, true crime, crazy folklore, anything creepy. This podcast popped up oh the suggested through some of the other podcasts. It’s not scary. It’s just babbling, and not good. Just total rambling off. And I get lost. You guys should cut the episodes down to 15-20 minutes and try staying on point. *** okay guys, you got me. Ive been listening to a couple episodes, the PGF Sox part episode(which apparently a ton of people don’t like but it got me into it) I went to give you five stars and noticed I’ve already reviewed and gave 1 star. I Somehow forgot then stumbled on it again and got myself hooked. I left the original part because i did want to say give it a chance if you’re on the fence and enjoy this type of podcast. It has a ton of positive reviews so they clearly know what they’re doing. the babbling is totally there but the guys do research and the show is put together pretty awesome with good sound and great quality. I’ve already started listening to other episodes as well. I noticed some of the older fans don’t like newer stuff. I’m all over the place not listening in any order and it’s all fine. I would say I found it interesting as I was listening to the PGF series how you kind of discredited the guy who said he wore the suit(was it Robert!?) and said he could be mixing up his stories. How the mind can make up false memories, how eye witness testimonies can be extremely unreliable( which I agree with), al though I got the impression you were totally on board to believe Bob Gimlins eye witness testimony. Anyway just an observation, I did really enjoy the PGF series and look forward to more, job guys.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This show is great I am blown away by how in-depth they go on the subjects and the amazing people they get to interview. I really appreciate the time and effort the ARC and the hosts put into it. Of course some episodes are better than others I feel it depends heavily on the subject so if you don’t like an episode maybe try one with a different subject? I have listened to a bunch of different podcasts on the paranormal and this one is my favorite. Scot and Forest, keep up the great work!

Simply great (5/5)

These two guys are true gentlemen and their work keeps getting better. Great yarns, no matter what you believe about some of these topics.

Y’all Are Dope (5/5)

Thanks for the hard work fellas. I love the content and your dedication to the creepy and cosmic. Keep it goin!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Distracting noises (2/5)

I’m apparently one of the few people who don’t like this podcast. I just can’t get into it. It’s the format style. It comes off like a panel discussion (which is fine), but then come the sound effects. In my opinion, those sound effects really detract from the overall style. Only listened to two episodes and couldn’t go on. Maybe they get better (mainly by getting rid of the sound effects) with time, but the two I have listened to couldn’t keep my interest.

Please stop interrupting each other (4/5)

I have listened to about 10 eps so far. Wonderful show, great research and well done. But please stop interrupting each other. It makes you sound like two giddy teenage girls taking about boys after school. It doesn’t fit in with the spooky/paranormal nature of the show, and really gets distracting and tiring after a few times. If you mispronounce something,just apologize and move on, dont spend 3 minutes talking about it. All in all great topics, just slow it down and let each other finish.

Listen To This Show. (5/5)

Forrest and Scott are the most credible people to be relaying these legends. They provide an astonishing amount of research (pun intended) on such interesting topics. This show will not be pigeon-holed into one category- they cover everything and anything mysterious. I can’t even listen to the other paranormal shows I used to without coming away feeling that they lacked the amount of credible historical information, witness interviews, and expert interviews I have come to expect from these guys. What a great team, and hats off to the ARC; Astonishing Research Core. They are no joke. The sound design, format, and delivery are all impeccable on this show. Shoot, I don’t even mind their ad spaces, since they deliver them so well and aren’t annoying about it. This podcast will RUIN all other paranormal genre podcasts for you, in the best way possible.

Excellent show. Got me hooked immediately (5/5)

I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts that cover the paranormal and supernatural and this is one of the best. The hosts, Scott and Forest, do a first rate job researching their topics and exploring it from so many angles, including asking skeptical questions and looking for holes in the stories. They are really interested in seeking the objective facts and some of their research takes very unexpected turns.

Fantastic! (5/5)

Great sound design and stories!

Love this podcast!!!! (5/5)

I highly recommend this podcast. They thoroughly research every topic and clearly care about delivering the facts. I’ve been binge listening since I discovered them about a month ago and I love every single episode. Seriously, give this podcast a chance. You will not regret it.

Great!! Best show of its kind! Leave a rating!!5***** (5/5)

Well balanced, well researched! Well done!!! Just keeps on getting better and better! Come people leave a rating. They should be easily above 10 thousand by now. Mark in Milwaukee

👍👍 (5/5)

Worth a listen

this podcast fell off a long time ago. (1/5)

I wish it would fully die

This used to be my favorite podcast (2/5)

Everything after the sallie house has been a disappointment, and they rarely have new episodes.

We (4/5)

are not alone

*sigh* I think I’m done with this podcast (3/5)

Let me start with I loved this podcast. I’ve been a listener since 2015. My most consistent complaint over the years is the length of each episode and series of episodes. A 2 hour+ episode (or 8 total hours for a series) could easily be 45 minutes a piece. I appreciate their opinion on the topic, as that’s what makes them different from others, like Lore, but it gets a little excessive. Recently, there’s been so many interviews and throw away episodes that I stopped listening completely. The interviews are not great, and it’s honestly not why people enjoyed this podcast. It’s the storytelling and the energy with how it’s told that people were drawn here, like Amelia, Black Eyed Kids, Skinwalker Ranch, Shadow People and Dyatlov Pass. Now, we just listen to 2 hour episodes about why someone wrote a book.

Please Get to the Point (3/5)

I queued up the Ghosts of Ohio episode hoping for some fun stories about the Buckeye State. Instead the episode turned into an interminable love fest/guest background discussion that sucked the life out of my afternoon. Perhaps now I am a ghost?

Waverly (1/5)

One of the most questionable if not absolutely downright stupid things ever done. How’s that working out for ya? Tell us in a coupe years....

Shark jumping (1/5)

This used to be a good podcast but apparently someone left an above ground swimming pool in the parking lot with a shark in it and these guys just had to fire up their motorcycles and jump it.

Should be great... but definitely isn’t (3/5)

Please, please, please stop treating the listeners like we’re idiots. You come off as condescending and heavy-handed and it’s so disappointing bc your topics are great.

Nothing but the best! (5/5)

I have was lucky enough to find Astonishing Legends shortly after they began in 2014, it quickly became my favorite podcast and still is today. The amount of research Scott, Forrest, and the rest of the ARC do to give an in depth look at each individual topic is truly astonishing. If you like a good mystery, are interested in cryptid’s and the paranormal or generally all things weird and unexplained listen Astonishing Legends, you will not be disappointed!

Interesting (3/5)

Great stories, funny puns. I love this podcast. Although I hate how you guys think you need to defend everything you say or do. Like 30 minutes of tangents defending everything each episode. If people take what you say poorly, apologize and move on. Because you guys make it clear what you mean, there will always be people looking for outrage over something. Every single podcaster deals with the same craziness.

Obnoxious Ad (4/5)

I love this show-until recently when they started using that one odious meth-ladened ad. I can’t listen to this show during the day let alone during the night due to that obnoxious ad.

Half n half (3/5)

This show is about an equal share of really interesting paranormal stories and legends and complete free association. Also they don’t seem to take criticism that well but they have improved on stupid 10 minute fights about pronouncing “gif” and other words that are, admittedly, just as confounding as aliens. I myself am the oversharing type, so maybe I’m being a tiny bit harsh. The Somerton Man was the BEST though!

Stop! (1/5)

Great material, delivery marred by the constant interrupting of each other. It is maddening. Please- let each other finish a thought before you step all over each other. It will make for a MUCH smoother presentation!

Thoroughly Researched (5/5)

Terrible impressions.

Long-drawn (4/5)

I really enjoy the enjoyable/interesting parts, but it is so long-winded that those are on the sporadic side. Appreciate the research, thoroughness, and caution with their writing, but again — long-winded.

Great Show!!! (5/5)

These guys do their research. Always enjoy listening : )

Favorite podcast! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Astonishing Legends since the very beginning. Episodes are well researched and always fascinating. I look forward to what the show has planned for spooky season this year-I recently re-listened to the Shadow People episode to celebrate the first day of fall. 😱☠️👽👻😈🎃

Once Loved (2/5)

I LOVED this podcast during their first couple years. I loved the banter, the topics, and the how they gave multiple conclusions to look at from different sides. However, it seems recently that all of their episodes have either been dragged out series or have a guest and not much content about the actual story. If I see that they have a guest on an episode, I don’t even bother listening because the sound quality is usually awful if they are over the phone. When they have guests it’s a quick 20 or 30 minutes of the story and then the life of the guest and why they either wrote the book or why they’re qualified to talk about that story. I loved your podcast, I’d always listen when on road trips or long work days, but now I find myself wanting to unsubscribe. Take it back to what you started with, minus the sound effects, and I’d be more excited to share and listen to the podcast.

Harry’s Razors Not Independent (5/5)

Shaving upstart Harry's is sold for $1.37 billion to the company that owns Schick razors. Edgewell Personal Care. Not a little German Company.

One of my favorites! (5/5)

I can’t remember how I discovered this podcast, but it’s quickly become one of my favorites! I absolutely love how they try to dissect this world’s mysteries.. to me it makes them that much more interesting. I’ve recommended this show to everyone who likes podcasts and has an appreciation for the weird or unexplained.

One episode on Amelia Earhart is enough. (1/5)

If I never hear another Amelia Earhart podcast I'll be good. Update: what was once a very interesting and entertaining podcast is now a boring one. They get bogged down explaining themselves and their process so much we usually have to wait until mid podcast to get to the good stuff. Lastly, the only thing more boring than a several part series on Amelia Earhart is another multi hour interview with a ghost hunter.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

It’s so refreshing to find a podcast that tells great stories about the oddities and mysteries of the world with an eye of skepticism. These guys are intelligent and always discuss the finer details and science to satisfaction. And best of all they don’t jump to conclusions or go off on long tangents of thready supposition, speculation and conjecture. Literally perfect!

Devil in the diner (1/5)

A demanding story of the devil in a NY diner punctuated by hackneyed sound effects. The story was very compelling. The sound effects, not so much.

Great but in need of focus (3/5)

This podcast can be great at times, interesting and scary in equal measures. But the hosts just drone ON AND ON, most of the time about nothing in particular or something way off topic. Usually about 1/4 of the podcast is solid content — the rest is blather. Also doing multi part episodes is for the most part unnecessary — it’s like in school when you had to watch a ten hour mini series on the civil war. Very boring, very unnecessary. Almost all topics could be boiled down to one episode if focused. Good podcast if you don’t mind haha to hit the forward button every 30 seconds.


Just listened to 1 episode with Paula Pell and was already annoyed. Word of advice; LISTEN TO THE GUEST, LET THEM TALK and finish their sentences. You guys do unnecessary chatter, interrupt every 2 seconds and to top it off you add cheesy sound effects. You tune in for the stories not your commentary on what you think and know it all attitude. Stop interrupting your voice and opinions are annoying. That is all!

Once loved the show (1/5)

I can’t believe how many interviews that are being conducted. I’d rather hear the story the author wrote instead of their life story. That, or y’all should change the name and genre on the show. Maybe I’ll circle back around in a few months but for now, I have to unsubscribe.

Great Podcast (4/5)

Love it, but the sound effects drive me crazy and are completely unnecessary.

Astonishing Show!!! (5/5)

I was introduced to your podcast when I went to visit the Sallie house during a podcast weekend involving Hillbilly Horror Stories and Mysterious Circumstances . A fellow listener told me about your episodes on the Sallie house, and Maria name dropped you guys numerous times. I listened to all the Sallie House episodes that weekend and then since I was in Atchison, Ks ,I checked out the Amelia Earhart episodes. I Am Hooked! The way you tell the stories totally draws in the listener. Your chemistry together makes it sound like I am listening to a buddy telling me stories over a beer. You have made a lifelong fan out of me! Keep up the good work!! Carl from Gardner Kansas

Worth the wait (5/5)

Truly astonishing and legendary podcasting. If there is a downside, it’s the occasional wait for a new episode. It’s a bit like Guns N Roses “Chinese Democracy.” When is the new one coming out? When it’s ready. That aside, there’s no better podcast for this type of material.

They live up to their tile. (4/5)

They are best out there and worth your time. Please check them out.

The best podcast that covers the unexplained. (5/5)

The Astonishing Legends team gives us quality entertainment backed up by solid research, and it shows. Every episode is packed with information brought to you in a conversational style that many podcasts fail at achieving. It’s easy to feel as if you’re sitting with Scott and Forrest in their blanket fort of the mysterious and unexplained. If you enjoy learning as much as you can about mysterious events, then I believe Astonishing Legends is for you!

Overly dramatized and overly stretched content. (2/5)

I listened to AL for a while. I mostly enjoyed it but it got to a point where they would take a topic that could easily be covered in an hour or two and stretch it out over days.....and days.....and days. Prime example was the Sallie House episode. Yeah there was a disturbing evp....but they probably spent an hour warning you about said evp before playing it. Building it up and it got to a point where it was just ridiculous. The sallie house episode was what finally made me jump ship. The four episodes ended up being over THIRTEEN HOURS....then what. A six part series on the Bigfoot film? The content is enough on its own. You don’t have to milk it to stretch it out.

Great for the whole family (5/5)

There is not a better podcast out there. The guys have great personalities and every subject is well researched. If you enjoy being entertained, this is the podcast for you.

Very good podcast (4/5)

I like the idea behind the podcast. Even if they aren’t all legends, they are still good shows. I have been turned off by a few of the multiple part shows that seem to drag on. Other than that issue, I believe the podcast is worth my time. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Highly Addicting! (5/5)

Scott and Forrest do an amazing job of taking you on a jounery into the world of the paranormal and supernatural! Only way to survive Los Angeles traffic!

Freaky good (5/5)

This podcast rlly freaks me out sometimes, but I love it so much. I haven’t found another that I enjoy as much. Keep on freaking me out and engaging in amazing topics :)

Not fully caught up, but loving it! (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts! It’s so interesting and I love the way they discuss stuff cause it reminds me of the way my friends and I sit around and talk about unusual topics. Keep up the great work!!

5 Star (5/5)

Great show!

Back to the drawing board (5/5)

I’m giving it 5 because it was glorious once but this podcast has falling off hard lately. Awful topics and the length has gotten absurd like the recent 6 part series of nonsense filler about a fake video of a dude in a gorilla costume

Simply the best (5/5)

This is the best, most thoroughly researched and well presented podcast about myths, legends, etc.

10/10, A+, 5 stars (5/5)

Thanks all the hard work you and your team do. I love listening to the podcast and learning something new and interesting. You guys are the best.

Great topics, too much interjections (4/5)

I wanted to give this 3.5 stars but rounded up to 4. I needed a new podcast to listen to, my main genre is anything paranormal. I have listened to a handful of episodes so far. The topics are very interesting and I have researched many of them myself, so it was interesting to hear them being retold. The hosts put a lot of research into these topics themselves and try to get the facts out as in-depth as possible. My biggest qualm with Astonishing Legends (which tends to happen to ALOT of other podcasts with more than one host) is that when one of them is in the middle of talking about the topic the other person interjects in the middle of EVERY sentence. This constantly keeps them talking off-topic and trying to put their two-cents in or asking silly questions that can be answered by simply LISTENING to the story being told. I think this show can be cut by, at least, 45 mins due to these constant interruptions. So, now, I find myself just putting this podcast on for background noise because I keep getting frustrated. I am genuinely interested in the subjects but the hosts aren’t quite getting there without my mind wandering far away, missing so much information.

Disappointed This Week (2/5)

I regularly listen to many of this genre podcast, so I think I'm somewhat qualified to offer constructive feedback. I am very disappointed with this week's episode in that, it's been a couple of weeks since the last bona fide story and I've been anxious to hear some new material but what I get with this new episode is merely an interview with another podcast host. I've experienced this same problem with other podcasts as well as this one and it seems as though when the show is having difficulty presenting new material, the hosts of one podcast can always just interview the host of another podcast. One of the reasons that I enjoy this podcast is that many of the "legends" presented have been new to me, not the same old Bigfoot, Roswell, Skinwalker Ranch, Mothman, etc. that are heard on so many podcasts of this type. This episode is not even that. It's simply a couple guys bullsh**ing with another guy. Nothing new here and certainly not worth a listen. Sorry guys but this week you've not made the grade. Hopefully, the next episode will be worthwhile.

Love the depth, and the openess (2/5)

As a guy with a multiple hour cumulative commute every day of the workweek—and an intensive job that allows me to have headphones in essentially nonstop—I go in hard on lots of podcasts. Thus, when I find really and sincerely good ones, I really want to 1. thank the makers of these shows; and, 2. share it with other podcast fans. In particular, I adore cryptographic content, for whatever reason. I'm as pragmatic and skeptical a man as you'll find. But, I cannot get enough Bigfoot stories or local mythology, et cetera. Very, extremely long-winded way of saying—I love Astonishing Legends. It delivers regular goodness, with a clearly well-investigated and researched backdrop. There's very little to complain about—and that includes the occasionally falsely deepened timbre of Forrest's voice.... ;) Update edit: After the hours of garbage that was the PGF series, I have unsubscribed. It was pure dreck. They started with a conclusion, and literally spent hours telling us why thinking otherwise was simply wrong. Really a surprising turn. No thanks, guys. That’s enough for me.

Super interesting (2/5)

This show drew me in due to a fascination with myths and folklore in all thing but broadened my interest to other “legends”. I truly enjoy the stories and the info presented. My only qualm is that they sometimes get into preaching, attempts to “convert” you to their thinking. I understand the frustration of what they call debunkers, but they seem have drifted to the extreme opposite end and refuse to accept any explanations outside of the paranormal.

I like it but (3/5)

This is an interesting and well researched pod but the hosts have a tendency to get off topic and ramble They probably need an editor or a better one

Top shelf. (5/5)

Well researched, evenly presented, professional. The hosts are gracious, funny, curious and on the self-deprecating side, which is a nice change of pace. In the event that they begin to edit out their “side banter”, or if they stop including these obscure facts that even they are wondering why they’re including - - - I’ll stop listening.

Missing Time episode (2/5)

The first half of the show was entertaining. A very well told story of missing time. The second half i couldnt finish because of Miccah Hanks. Ive tried listening to Hanks show before and he truly is the "Mouth of the South" as he likes to call himself. This man talks so much its like hes trying to show off how much he knows. Forrest likes go go off on his rants every now and then, but Hanks is unbearable. I know he was a guest on this episode but he honestly hijacked a good episode. He would go 6+ min stretches without pausing at all. Thats not how to have a conversation. PLEASE DONT HAVE HIM BACK.

Exceptional (5/5)

I have been listening to this show for years. It is deeply researched, clearly conveyed, informative,and very entertaining.

Name a more iconic duo..I’ll wait. (5/5)

Scott and Forrest are two of the most passionate and down to earth people in all of podcasting. Their ability to dig deep and to find information that’s new and relevant is unparalleled. They cover a range of topics, so there’s truly something for everyone. Their support crew help deliver the most thoroughly researched topics, and though they’ll tell you their own thoughts and conclusions, they leave it up to the listener to make their own decisions on what to think or believe. As if their podcasting isn’t enough, they’re two of the nicest guys you could ever hope to talk to, and actually take time to interact with listeners. If you’re not listening to Astonishing Legends, you might want to rethink it!

Astonishingly Ambivalent (for now) (3/5)

I almost never take the time to write a review, but I feel compelled to for AL. There is so much I love about it, but I find myself losing interest for reasons already mentioned by other reviewers. The Good: The hosts seem to be genuinely interested in the topics presented. The episodes are extremely well-researched— as a researcher, I appreciate the effort. Some of the episodes are crazy-good (dare I say bewitching ;-)). For these reasons, I would love nothing more than to give this podcast 5 Stars Unfortunately... The Bad: Some of the episodes are filled with so much idle chit-chat, excruciatingly redundant discussion/explanation or drawn out discussions on topics obliquely related (at best) to the topic (e.g. OCD expert for the exorcism series) that the episode(s) become unlistenable (and yes I’ve turned off multiple episodes I had interest in initially). I do not mind multi-part episodes when there is enough interesting, relevant, and novel information to fill them nor do I mind the exploration of different angles or listening to the hosts discuss their opinions or theories — but the podcast would benefit immensely if the episodes were “tightened-up”.

In need of an editor! (3/5)

In the last the show was amazing! Loved the research and the small side conversations. Now it seems like the guys get together and just talk and talk and talk... I understand personal opinion but is there anyway to have some of the side banter edited out? Is every little piece of commentary needed to learn about each subject? I’ve also noticed (at least for myself) that topics seem to get stretched in terms of length (17 hours of material is usually not needed) and in interest. I feel like the guys know some topics aren’t the best best but try to convince you that they are. I don’t mind multi parters like mothman, skin walker and resurrection marry. But do we need a 7 part episode on a topic, that at most can be summed up in 2 episodes? I love these guys and want the best for them, I just this an editor is needed just to sort out some of the clutter.

Withholding important info (2/5)

Was a little disappointed to find that you all didn’t mention in your John Titor episode how he predicted 9/11. He stated in one of his forums that in his timeline, there was “only 1 tower”. As well as the fact that not only did he provide pictures of his machine, but blueprints as well. Prints that physicists have analyzed and admitted to not knowing of any present technology that exists that works like that... but that it could be a possibility. There’s A LOT you neglected to mention and I encourage your listeners to dig deeper than your opinions.

Too much banter.... (2/5)

The hosts do too much unnecessary chatter. The subject matter is fascinating but wish they’d keep on topic without all the personal and tangential chatter.

The Reason for Gold Stars and A plus(es) (5/5)

So often I rate ‘casts 5 stars because I like what is produced and want to help the hosts grow their audience. However, with the amount of research and their ability to translate that research coherently in such an entertaining manner, Scott and Forrest (& their staff) are in a league of their own; deserving not only 5 stars but 5 GOLD stars

Outstanding! (5/5)

There are few podcasts I can listen to for hours, but I love Astonishing Legends. I've always been into these topics and there's so many podcasts out there that cover them but I like Scott and Forrest's style.

10/10 I’ve never been more intrigued (5/5)

Everything about this podcast speaks to the nerdy kid inside of me dying to look into the mysterious and unexplained. Castle Houska started the addiction and I havent stopped listening to other stories since

Not a Fan (2/5)

I love. podcasts like these, but not this one. The guys.go off on tangents. I was listenting to the Krampus one, and the first 14 minutes were them talking about a vacation. Then talked about Krampus for a few minutes, then the rest of the show. was jibber jabber. When. they read or have a guest telling a story, they stop the story and add. stupid sound effects.

The definitive source (5/5)

If you’ve ever listened to a paranormal podcast and said, “hold on, didn’t anybody think of looking at this detail?”, this podcast is for you. Scott & Forrest & their research team follow every possible thread of the story to see what is real and what is hearsay, what is plausible or impossible. This is not a scary story podcast. This is a find the grains of truth podcast. When people ask me about a mysterious story, I refer them to Astonishing Legends for the truth.

Increíble!!!!! (5/5)

I feel smart just listening to this awesome totally well researched, college level or higher, podcast!!! En verdad me siento súper inteligente por escuchar este podcast, es como si estuviera tomando una clase en la universidad!!!! Luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t get enough (5/5)

There have been complaints lately that the shows are too long. For me, the longer the better. Love that Scott and Forest will leave no stone unturned. What a better way to research and explain a topic than thoroughly. Sure they go on tangents, but they aren’t robots, they’re fun! Thanks guys!

Beware! You must have a brain to listen! (5/5)

It doesn’t get any better as far as paranormal podcasts go. BUT.. if you look at the reviews, the less than 5 star reviews are from folks who aren’t bright who prefer dumbed down podcasts of people retelling tired versions of their unverified experiences. This podcast is one of the few paranormal podcasts that will make you smarter when listening to it as opposed to losing brain cells. Gets in depth with history, and the associated science. It’s an absolutely fantastic listen, but there should be an IQ test in order to leave a reviews.

Great Topics, So-So Information (3/5)

In one sentence, Information Vomit: The Podcast. The topics are generally interesting and clearly well researched however, so much info is jammed in that often the idea of the episode is lost due to the deluge of tangential and/ or non essential information. Some episodes are incredibly solid, while others are drawn out and the hosts seem so eager to present everything they have learned even remotely related to the topic that one sometimes stops and wonders what the theme of the episode is. Apart from that the hosts do a good job explaining the topics, aside from Scott having to relate (almost) every story to a personal experience of his own or explaining the most obvious random aspect of a story... “Neo is an anagram of one.... reddit is an online bulletin board” (Flight 19). This is a good podcast to half listen to when doing other things but not one to dedicate full attention to. If it was edited maybe to half time, stuck to a tight script, or if it only included essential information my personal opinion would change. Overall, one can gain a decent perspective on some interesting stories but this is far from your one stop shop of “astonishing legends”. -W

Once a skeptic (5/5)

Never been a skeptic about ghosts lol, but I was skeptical about this podcast. Come to find out, these guys are awesome! I like the long shows because it’s almost like an audio book - I can listen over he course of a day or two if I don’t have 2 hours of free time. And they cover so many interesting paranormal topics and are SUPER educated about their topics. Keep up the good work fellas!!

Thorough and Bigformative (5/5)

A legend of this size, and a film this epic, deserved this deep dive into the events, and personalities, surrounding this event. I’ve been a fan of the Bigfoot mystery since I was a little kid (40-something years) so much of the info in this series was “old news” to me. Still, there were some new nuggets of info here and there which were great to hear. A fantastic podcast. Thanks, guys!

Ok but the sound effects are horribly distracting (3/5)

The podcast itself is okay. The sound effects, however, ruin it. The hosts frequently pause for them, making their speech slow and stilted and the effects don’t add anything.

Great subjects, fascinating stuff but please get to the point (3/5)

These topics are so interesting and I get really excited to listen and learn, but there are too many tangents and off topics discussions. I’m on Castle Houska for example and I’ve barely learned anything about the castle and I’m already 1 1/2 hours in. It’s frustrating and makes me less inclined to listen.

I love these guys (5/5)

This is an excellent podcast! Scott and Forrest do an extremely thorough job researching their subjects. They are articulate and very entertaining. They have great chemistry. I have read some reviews saying that the shows are too long. I disagree. The history and detailed information is one of the things that makes me love this podcast so much. Keep up the good work guys!

Spooky Friends (5/5)

I moved to Los Angeles from NYC in Feb 2016 with no job and no prospects, suffice it to say I had 24 hours a day to listen to podcasts. As a fan of most things frightening and paranormal (David Lynch movies to Stephen King books) I thought I’d search for a paranormal or spooky podcast to listen to, and boy did the results pay off. I found ‘Astonishing Legends’ towards the top of the list and quickly started playing episode after episode. If you’re a fan of history, horror movies, paranormal encounters, aliens, cryptids, or anything in between - this is the show for you!

Astonishing (5/5)

A solid podcast that dives deeper into the unknown than any other podcast.

One of my essential podcasts (5/5)

I love all the episodes no matter how long or short they are. It’s been fun to hear Scott’s views change over the last few years and I find these kinds of shows way more enjoyable when done by people who are open or “believers” rather than skeptics.

Fantastic Listen (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. It takes a deep dive into the unknown! I cannot recommend this podcast enough!

Too much rambling (2/5)

I was really excited to listen to your podcast. It sounded so good. I have listened to quite a few episodes, including the series on Skinwalker Ranch. I am from Utah, in particular the area around akinwalker ranch, and was so excited to listen and hear more about skinwalker ranch. As I listened I felt like there was too many tangents and it was incredibly hard to follow. I felt like I heard more rambling than actual stories about skinwalker ranch. I was really disappointed.

Game Changer (5/5)

Thanks for providing a new outlet for one of my favorite subjects since I was a kid

Love the show (4/5)

You guys are great and really do your homework! Unfortunately, some of the subjects get way too much time. I suggest going back and listening to The Betz Sphere podcasts, as an example on how things you talk about are repeated over and over again.

Used to love it a lot (4/5)

I really used to love and look forward to this podcast but I feel like the material is so repetitive. They used to do more paranormal material or story telling but now it’s a lot of interviewing experts or authors talking about cryptozoology or ufos. Not that that stuff isn’t interesting as well but I loved when it was an even mix of everything. Some of my fav episodes are Devil in the Diner, Amelia Earhart, Dyatlov Pass, Oak Island and The Sallie House. They also used to do sound effects in their episodes during the story telling and I loved it but now they don’t and it’s a bummer! It’s hard to stay focused with the experts/authors they interview. I don’t want to give them a bad review tho because I do love them, just bummed that it’s changed so much.

I’m addicted. (5/5)

Love the content and the hosts! This is my all time favorite podcast. So much variety!

Still love - but a little less (3/5)

2 years ago I gave this show 5/5. I love diving into a topic, but recently, episodes are becoming too long for me. I miss the days of consistent 2-parters (maybe 3!) with episodes about an hour in length. But that’s just me. Sticking around hoping things become more balanced, because they’re awesome hosts and the topics are really cool!

Love it! (5/5)

I am throughly enjoying this podcast! It’s become my favorite. I especially love how intensive and detailed each episode delves into each subject. When you think you’ve heard everything there is to know about a topic you guys come up with something I’ve never heard of or considered. Keep doing what you do!

Bitter sweet (3/5)

Love the podcast but the last few episodes (the Patterson and sphere casts) are so long winded they become boring I miss the days of quick and concise episodes that are sharp and too the point

Awesome (5/5)

Love listening to you guys! Been listening for a few years now, and don’t miss an episode! Keep it up!

Astonishing Research (5/5)

Astonishing Legends is my favorite podcast, and I listen to a lot of podcasts. The amount of research that goes into each and every episode never fails to impress me, and the chemistry between hosts Scott and Forrest is pure magic. Between their witty banter, thorough research, and passionate delivery, this show — regardless of your belief in the strange, unusual, or supernatural — is consistently thought-provoking and exceedingly entertaining. I can’t recommend it enough. (Special shoutout to Tess Pfeifle and the Astonishing Research Corps for their contributions to the program)

Awesome (5/5)

Love Astonishing Legends. The banter is perfect. Really enjoyed the longer, multi-part episodes, especially Betz Sphere, and Patterson Gimlin. The guys are so thorough! Keep up the excellent work!

Love this podcast (5/5)

This is the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. I love these guys and their content is so good. I appreciate that there is nothing pretentious about the delivery, just honest research that allows the listener to embark on their own quest after listening. Thanks for such an awesome show!

Love this show (5/5)

Favourite pod cast ever! I love the topics they cover, and the overall production value of the show in general. The dynamic between the hosts is light hearted and funny and not at all awkward or ego driven which has put me off a lot of other shows like it. I see a lot of people here complaining about the PGF series being too long, but I disagree. I think you always have the option of switching to another show if a topic is not your thing (not sure why you’d take the time to complain online instead of just not listening- but thats people for you right?). I really like the fact that they go into crazy depth and detail to cover every possible angle, and at no time do I feel like they are trying to sell it to you. They let the extensive research they cover speak for itself.

One of the Best! (5/5)

I have been listing to this podcast loyally since the beginning and it’s one of the best out there in this subject matter. I REALLY enjoyed the deep deep dig into the PGF...I thought I knew everything about it but boy was I wrong! Thank you for taking the time and making the commitment to do the most thorough analysis possible!

A bit too much lately (5/5)

I really loved this show when it first started. I’ve been a loyal fan ever since. However, lately the series episodes seem to be getting out of hand. The Patterson-Gimlin series has gone on WAY too long. 6 episodes on Bigfoot? Seems incredibly redundant and has been, in my opinion, their most boring series yet.

Please get back to your roots :( (3/5)

I’ve been listening to the show for a long time and hope I can add those last two stars back on. Echoing some of the other complaints about the more recent format from the show - spending 10+ hours on these topics over the course of months feels a little excessive and not what reeled a lot of us into the podcast in the first place. Also, I have real problems with this Bigfoot “season” of the show. I’m usually able to suspend disbelief with you guys, but the way that you present information in this is very obviously skewed by your beliefs. Anything skeptic is silly and unrealistic and not even dug into with an unbiased eye. There’s a lot of faulty logic here that made it very hard for me to buy into anything you were saying at all because it seemed so opinionated.

Astonishing Legends (5/5)

Love the show!

Fantastic podcast on the paranormal w/great research (5/5)

I give this podcast my highest recommendation — it is hands down the best podcast for coverage of paranormal (broadly defined) issues. The hosts are pros, they are quite intelligent, serious and appropriately skeptical, and very reasonable (unlike certain other shows there are no crazy guys calling in to claim they are diving their Cessnas into Area 51 while being fired upon by the U. S. military or similar shenanigans), and they are fantastically well-researched (I say this as a college professor). They are also humble, so they never preach at persons being interviewed though they always ask insightful questions, and they are beautifully adept at interviewing guests in general. I wanted to post right away since it is showing up in the amazon reviews that the ENTIRE PGF SERIES (“BIGFOOT FILM”) IS UTTERLY FANTASTIC. Listen whether you care about Bigfoot or not as I can promise you, as a person who has never been into Bigfoot or yeti, that the research and depth of analysis are worth the time. No one (compared to other paranormal-focused podcasts) puts in the amount of effort they do to review all of the relevant material and prep for interviews as well as the show. Their highly intelligent approach to the subject is fascinating on its own — no matter what you decide about the film and its very famous subject. You can decide that the film is “woo” but still find the discussion enriching intellectually, which is exactly what a good analysis should do! Listen to the shows that cover just the topics that interest you if you wish but I would recommend listening to shows that explore unfamiliar territory as well. For example I have never been a “Bigfoot person” — I never was a “squatch believer” or really put any mental energy into it other than appreciating reruns of the old “In Search Of” episodes when I was a child. But the AL series on the Patterson-Gimlin film is amazing. I love the in-depth investigation of the film itself, the expert analysis of Hollywood-level costume work that was available in 1967, the details about the location, the analysis of the film and its quality, the evaluation of the subject’s muscle movement and primate biomechanics, etc. Other aspects of paranormal phenomena are much more interesting to me — I am an academic and at different points in my career I dived deeply into subjects such as the creation of the Society for Psychical Research in England. So I appreciate very much the Astonishing Legends approach to a difficult subject (the paranormal), and I feel like I actually learned something. Bravo gentlemen!!

New fav (5/5)

I’m a fan of these types of podcasts! The hosts jive well with each other and the stories are interesting, well thought out and researched. Thank you for keeping politics out of podcasts and giving me a place to escape from the daily drama of news with a good story or two. Keep up the good work!

Sorry I missed this one (5/5)

I just recently discovered this podcast and I’m hooked. These guys are good. Very thorough and entertaining to boot. Love the current PGF discussion. The guests are great. I will keep listening.

Good! (5/5)

And they shall crawl upon their bellies into the kingdom of darkness

Are we in an infinity cycle with bigfoot film? (4/5)

Wow I love you guys and have been a loyal listener since your debut but I sure am tired of seeing this ....what episode 5 now of the bigfoot film?? Sorry really not that interesting. I loved the lighthouse sries and many others Lately you guys seem a little off track and need to go back to your earlier style. You seem to be getting obsessed with some boring topics and overdoing the episodes on particularly mundane topics. Ditto for the 4 episodes on a metal ball. C’mon fellas you have a ton of talents, don’t bore us now.

Cool show (5/5)

Great work guys and gals

Great (5/5)

Informative, interesting, and funny. Such a perfect mix! Love the choice of topics.

good stuff (4/5)

just found these and started with the early episodes. very well told, very interesting. i hope the sound effects end as this progresses...kinda kills the flow and adds very little.

Fascinating topics, great research, but it’s just too much now. :( (3/5)

Let me just start by saying I love these guys and have been listening since the first episode. The Skinwalker Ranch series are some of my all time favorite episodes, and I love how they’re always able to find the human side of urban legends and tall tales...but these multi-part deep dives are getting a little out of hand. I definitely don’t mind a 2 hr episode, especially when it’s a topic I find interesting, nor do I mind a 2 or 3 parter to help split things up. But 4 parts on the Bigfoot film? Most of them 2 hours long? The newest being FOUR hours long, and it’s not even the conclusion (seriously within the first 20 seconds they teased another installment on the same topic next week). Perhaps some listeners enjoy this and I’m just being a jerk, but that kind of podcasting is not for me. I’ve found that if they’re covering a topic I’m not interested in, I won’t be able to tune in for another month or two since they’ll be on that exact same topic for multiple episodes and don’t release episodes every week. (That last part isn’t a complaint — I know these things take time, I was just pointing out the fact.) Again, I say this with love because I’ve been a fan for a while and don’t want to sound mean or tell people how to run their show, but please reign it in a little. Keep the topics to 3 or 4 (shorter) episodes max, and keep the content relevant and engaging. Not only will this make current fans happier, but it will make it much easier for a potential new fan to dive right in and not feel daunted.

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! (5/5)

When I listened to my first podcast it was so interesting and it is now the only podcast I now listen to!!!😁😁😁😁😄😄 it was about Amelia earheart and it was well organized and very high details. Would highly recommend!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗🤗

Research (5/5)

If you enjoy podcasts that have amazing research this is for you!

Great, but you can zone out and miss nothing (4/5)

I really like this podcast and listen to it pretty frequently. Some are soooo creepy, conspiratorial, or just bizarre. I enjoy the mix between these categories. However, like many have said, these dudes go on a tangent and follow it way out into the weeds. I started out LOVING mothman but didn’t end up finishing it because somehow we got into men in black. While interesting, it just kept bouncing around so much that I gave up. Same happened with Sally House. I also only listened to one Patterson Grimlin part because it seemed to cover it all and I didn’t really know what more they had to say about it in three additional parts. I don’t mind long episodes. I actually prefer it. But only if it’s relevant the entire time.

Great Discussions with Equal Balance (5/5)

I’ve listened to Astonishing Legends from the beginning and Scott and Forrest strike the perfect balance of open mindedness and healthy skepticism. The way the approach each topic with intensive research and present specific information leaves it open for each listener to decide for themselves what they believe. Forrest has always been more open to all possibilities with a humble belief that “hey in most cases nobody really knows the answers to any of this stuff”. Scott is the more analytical and skeptical of the two, but he also manages to check his biases at the door to try and find the most accurate truth possible. Scott has definitely grown to be a little more humble and somewhat more cautious about being too skeptical when embarking on new topics. Always interesting, well thought out, and entertaining. Which is way more than enjoyable than many other podcasts on similar stories that seem to be overly skeptical, judgmental, or laugh and joke incoherently the entire time. In reality I wish I had more knew more people and had more friends like Scott and Forrest who are insanely curious and willing to listen without passing judgement in their search for truth and understanding.

The impossible (5/5)

Scott and Forrest did the impossible- they made me listen (with an open mind) to multiple episodes dealing with a topic I wrote off as a hoax years ago -the Patterson Gimlin film! The level of research they put into each show along with the presentation is truly astounding.

Polished (5/5)

This is now a well polished podcast with great rapport between the hosts. My only criticism is that they seem to believe too easily some of the guests they’ve interviewed.

Solid 3 (3/5)

Decently interesting topics, but the listener feels insulted by the third hour of repeated information.

superfluous, boring, disappointing (1/5)

i was expecting to be creeped out and interested, but it’s just two guys who clearly love the sound of their own voice. 1% interesting content 99% superfluous dialogue

Scott and Forest are the best in the buisness (5/5)

I love how throgough these guys are. They go into amazing detail with every subject that they cover. These guys are true profesionals. They are the best un the buisness.

Title (3/5)

The good: the hosts are both amiable and have good “radio” voices. They seem like generally knowledgeable people who, along with their team, assemble substantial research for each episode. They’re not too heavily cynical but not tinfoil hatters, either. They don’t take on the same stories that everyone else has covered. The bad: holy crap, no podcast on earth needs more editing and reining in. I don’t mind a 1-2 hour episode if it’s good, but when it’s about 30 minutes of ads and credits, and at least 20 minutes repeating literally the same things over and over, or explaining super obvious info, or going off on insane tangents, no thanks! Guys, your listeners are not morons. Please give us some credit and don’t talk to us like we’re all senile! Just in the first three Betz Sphere episodes, they recounted what Gerri told the Navy about “two weeks” at least six times, introduced every segment of the interview by telling us everything the guest was about to say, and explained that something would be posted at 7 Pacific, 8 Mountain, 9 Central, AND 10 Eastern. No kidding??? Is that how time zones work? I didn’t know because I have the mental capacity of a newborn baboon yet by some freak of nature, am able to operate a podcast app and headphones. I didn’t make it to the fourth Betz episode because I couldn’t take the repetition any more. That was about 6 hours of podcast with 2.5 hours of new information. The background sounds are totally unnecessary. Some are super obvious, like there’s a 2-year-old producer who has just learned what sound a choo-choo makes and wants to show off. Some are so quiet and weird that when I’m listening alone at night I can’t tell if it’s the podcast or an intruder in my house. A little too meta for my liking. All in all, it’s not a bad podcast and everyone involved seems like decent people. It’s just so incredibly EXTRA. Someone needs to step in and take them all to Podcast Boot Camp. When Forrest starts explaining what a dog looks like or reminiscing about how stories about Florida remind him of this book he read about Florida and here are the first nine chapters, verbatim, with 1940s radio sound effects, they need to make him clean the mess hall. The woman who edits the audio (sorry, I don’t recall her name) should be empowered to take a red pen to their segments the way my graduate advisor did to my thesis. Slash and burn, my friends. It will grow back stronger and clearer. (Sorry if this review is hypocritically long and tangential. It might be contagious.)

So many people want less content. (4/5)

Maybe I'm a complete idiot, but I thought the whole point of Astonishing Legends was to look at something strange and/or paranormal WITHOUT coming to some definitive conclusion. Calling the two hosts conspiracy nuts for not attempting to debunk everything means you missed the point. So yeah, discussing the facts as we know them, the real-life characters involved, and the theories from multiple perspectives sometimes takes a bit of time. It's not the show's fault if you have a short attention span or lack of patience. The only reason I'm rating it 4 out of 5 stars is because Forrest seems to sit silent or not be present for a good number of the interview episodes.

The thinking man’s guide to the unexplained. (5/5)

I have been listening to this show from the beginning, and I feel like I’ve grown with Scott and Forest in terms of their level of belief and skepticism. This show has stirred my interest in the unexplainable through facts and great interviews with the people who lived through these bizarre happenings. Lots of interesting views and in depth research. Really a great listen.

Stoked! (past tense) (1/5)

March 31, 2015: I was cruizing the iTunes store for something engaging when I found this. I listen to my iPod when I'm outside gardening. This stuff is laugh-out-loud funny and incredibly interesting. They are like the Click and Clack of Esoterica. I am amused, entertained, informed, horrified, and intrigued with every show. Wish they were every week. Excellent job, guys! (PS- I personally love the sound effects.) UPDATE April 28, 2019: I can't take it anymore. I need more information and less off topic chatter. I subscribed to this podcast in the early days because it showed potential. It promised to be interesting and Scott and Forrest had a different interactive vibe. Ultimately, they and the podcast did not grow together, resulting in imbalance and lack of structure. They could be telling a story together, exhibiting a camaraderie and regard that doesn't make the listener feel uncomfortable, delivering the results of their research with minimal fluff, and saving their comments and opinions until the end. For me, a podcast that does not exhibit a certain minimal level of professionalism and focus eventually leaves my library.

Simply the best! (5/5)

This is one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, and its honestly ruined almost all others for me. The quality of the production and depth of the research canNOT be beat! Scott and Forrest go above and beyond on every episode, digging into a wide variety of topics that I love. Their banter is great and their respect for each topic is wonderful. I look forward to each new episode, and often re-listen to my favorites. Keep up the great work, guys! I hope to keep listening to y’all for years to come.

My favorite show (5/5)

I’ve been listening since the beginning and I still get excited when a new episode is posted!! Amazing mix of majorly researched subjects and great hosts!

My Absolute Favorite Show! (5/5)

I've been listening to Scott and Forrest since the begining, absoluetly fantastic topics, production and voices.

Funny and thought provoking (5/5)

Update: 5 years and still listening! These guys are backed by an amazing group of researchers and have gained a reputation for being fair and thorough that they are getting interviews and information that nobody else can get. These guys and the Astonishing Research Corps have such great episodes. Good discussions of interacting stories that can only be done by putting in the time to know the subject. I am not always a fan of podcast banter, but these guys make it work. I eagerly await each episode.

my favorite podcast! (5/5)

I LOOOVVVEEE astonishing legends so much! The ARC does so much research for the episodes and it’s so interesting to learn the undercurrents of these stories. The longer ones are awesome for car trips but also just to binge all at once. I never get bored and I’m always learning something new. Thanks for the awesome podcast!!!!

A bit long winded (3/5)

Really interesting stories, and great research, but a bit long winded.

One of the best! (5/5)

I have been listening to Scott and Forrest for awhile and I have always looked forward to their episodes! I love how some of the shows get broken into parts and I love the way they tell the stories. I just love these guys!

Too Loquacious but Very Interesting (1/5)

Very interesting subject matter and I really enjoy and appreciate how much research is seemingly put into each topic. I enjoy the lengthy and multiple part episodes, but the hosts do tend to get annoying. In general I don’t like when hosts are laughing during eerie or interesting subject matter. Plus they talk so fast, and I just feel that their personalities almost outweigh the material. The podcast is a little too “Hollywood” for me. 4 stars though because the topics are fascinating and they seem to put a lot of effort into the show.

Addicted (5/5)

Scott & Forest, I am completely addicted to your podcast! It’s intelligent and intellectually stimulating... it am almost completely caught up and can’t wait for more episodes.. thank you sooo much for the privilege of listening to you guys discuss the topics you tackle and make it informative and entertaining! -Mandi

One of my favorites (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Astonishing Legends for a couple years now, and it has consistently been one of my favorites. Some of the stories don’t really dig their claws into me, but most absolutely do and the back-and-forth between Scott and Forrest is always entertaining regardless. The hosts and the ARC do a great job on each subject, becoming temporary experts based off of “cursory” research. I’m glad you guys have been able to keep this thing going and turn it into a legitimate day job. I look forward to listening for years to come. Now, back to the show.

This podcast is great! (5/5)

I like how these guys look at all angles! I really enjoyed the Sallie House episodes in particular-very visceral and interesting

Love love (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. It’s literally the only podcast I can stand to listen to. I’ve yet to find something even half as entertaining. I think what I like so much is that it’s very conversational. I really don’t like the podcasts with one person talking at you. This just feels more personal I suppose. I’ve listened to all but one episode (exorcism Of Analisa michelle got a little too... under my skin I suppose) and I am so impatient for each new episode. Especially as I’ve not been able to find anything to fill the gaps.

I like it, now let’s love it (5/5)

I enjoy the show,clips of content from contributors instead of hours long interviews is needed, forest love to hear what you have to say but your talking us to death real it in if you can. And you showed improvement on it in your Diotlov pass update 1 thanks good job.

Love it! (5/5)

My new favorite podcast! I appreciate how in-depth these dudes go into each topic and their entertaining banter. It’s like sitting down and hanging out with other folks that are into the same weird stuff I am. Thanks, guys!

I love this podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast. Scott and Forest cover interesting topics in depth. The subjects are amazingly well researched and my only complaint is that I've already listened to all of their past episodes and can hardly stand to wait for the new releases each week. Great Job to you and your team!

Simply the best (5/5)

Scott and Forest have infinitely curious minds and the topics they pursue are fascinatingly quirky. The audio is top notch. Love these guys.

Adieu. (1/5)

These guys just jumped two sharks with the "Sallie House" antd the "Betz Sphere" marathons. The two hosts are the most credulous people ever. It wouldn't surprise me if they were Flat Earthers. They also really like listening to themselves talk. These podcast episodes could be trimmed to less than hour if they would stop their rambling and bloviating. I'm unsubscribed. Uh oh! Gotta go! Some alien is stealing my lawn globe!!!!! Or maybe it's just Sallie!!!!!!!!!

Used to love, now not so much. (2/5)

This podcast really hasn’t aged well. The guys may think they’ve progressed as podcast hosts but the ‘better fueled’ that their operation has become, I actually think has resulted in the actual quality of the show decreasing significantly. What started out as a show about topics of legends and analysis and skepticism has rapidly moved towards a show on full-on belief and disregarding anything even slightly related to skepticism. The increased number of 3-4 part stories where each episode is 3 hours is just too much. A lot of these topics don’t require a dissection of that magnitude. Getting bogged down in the minutia has not been a good thing for this podcast. And the interviews of people have become a crutch and, in my opinion, don’t increase the overall quality of the shows. The people may have good information but they haven’t been particularly good to listen to. Clips and summaries of the interviews would be much more preferred over hearing hour upon hour of people who aren’t that interesting.

Well done guys (5/5)

Maybe not every story will be for you but there’s certain to be a few! I’ve been listening from the early days and I fee like we’re old friends meeting to share stories by a campfire! Love this podcast!

Very Good! (5/5)

Love these guys!

Great show! (5/5)

Fantastic content, presentation, and you’re both wonderful storytellers! I enjoy this show very much. Thank you for all the research and work you do!

About Bigfoot (5/5)

It’s a great podcast but it’s really strange you guys are so skeptical of Sasquatch. There’s more evidence of Sasquatch than anything else.

Desire to learn more (5/5)

I enjoy listening to Astonishing Legends podcast! Their voices are pleasant. They research their topics and if you click on the link to their website you can read the research they used for your self. That’s my favorite part of the work they do. I have clicked on the links while listening to every show because they have created a desire to learn more from every show!

Fantastic (5/5)

This is the best legends podcast I have found after being a podcast listener for years. I strongly recommend listening. Co-hosts take a lot of care in understanding each episode and they do an amazing job. I also enjoy the interaction between the co-hosts and personally I enjoy the longer episodes.

Great show with great hosts (5/5)

These gentlemen present amazing work with every episode. Unrivaled research and knowledge paired with fun amount is comedy and friendly banter. A must listen.

Going strong (5/5)

This is one of the few podcasts that I’ve completely binged and still look forward to the next one. I love the banter and the different perspectives of Forrest & Scott.

Absolutely amazing (5/5)

I just found this podcast and I really enjoy it! The content is absolutely fascinating and you can tell the research is extremely thorough. I like that both guys come at each topic with a logical sense of what they’re talking about. If you enjoy weird stuff this absolutely the podcast for you.

Long time listener, first time reviewer (5/5)

My brother-in-law introduced me to AL a couple years ago. My sister and his parents listen as well. We constantly discuss the latest episodes and updates. Though I’ve heard of many of these stories before, Scott, Forrest, Tess, and researchers bring to light so much more information than I’ve ever found on my own. It is a true delight to listen!

Love the show, hate the cohost (4/5)

I love this show and the topics/science they cover, but the cohost Forestt needs to have a word limit on how much he can talk. He has a voice made for silent movies.

I love this podcast ❤️ (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite podcast. I used to think Hardcore History was the best podcast (and it is incredible) but astonishing legends brings a lightness, purpose and curiosity to podcasting that is uplifting and inspiring. Like many other fans, I’ve listened to every episode and can never have enough. I love (like really really really love) mysteries of all kinds but I prefer to have mine delivered as frequently as possible by Forrest and Scott, who have the most endearing personalities ever. They have a unique energy that is missing in other podcasts. I don’t know what the secret ingredient is but I love them. Thank you so much for your hard work guys. Also, I would like to add that I love most of all the multi part series episodes!

Yes!!! (5/5)

One of my long time favorite pods. I love their topics, and their banter is fun!

Narration is Painful (1/5)

I listened to one episode and that was enough for me. The content, while interesting, was presented in such a poor manner, it was unbearable. Please, if you are going to speak to an audience, consider your voice an instrument. Consider phrasing, much like a musician does. Breathe when necessary, but consider where a pause sounds appropriate. This was much like listening to a child in a classroom read aloud. You know, the one who keeps going with no emotion or variance in his voice. The whole episode I perused was akin to a giant, run-on sentence.

Going down hill (3/5)

I really enjoy the content but I can’t stand the extra off topic conversation that drags a 1 episode podcast into a 2 podcast series. Still a very high 3 Star podcast.. I simply skip the first 5-10mins and ALL the Ads.

Insulting (1/5)

They like to hear themselves talk. You have to keep the audience in mind when you are doing public speaking.

Wow! Comprehensive reporting (5/5)

My favorite thing about this very interesting podcast is the all the research and documenting surrounding each issue. The story always has interesting twists and turns as they discover more with interviews and all types of information gathering. They really give a full, in depth report as they keep my attention with interesting details and theories, bravo!!

One of the best (5/5)

Amazing topics, in-depth research, superb delivery, thanks guys!!

Big love! (5/5)

I really love this show. I don’t think the style is for everyone (my husband gets impatient with the tangents, etc) but I love it because it seems like you’re hanging out with friends and just talking about weird stuff. My favorite aspect is that they discuss anything unexplained, not just ghosts or aliens. Dyatlov Pass, the Somerton Man, Gobekli Tepe, and The Nazi Bell are some of the subjects I’ve enjoyed the most.

Awesome (5/5)

Came across this podcast from hearing from another and I am very much binging this now , keep up the great work an awesome info .

SO GOOD (5/5)

I love it so much. It’s perfect.

Please. (Re: Please) (1/5)

By the time you revealed the EVP I was getting annoyed by the reposition, though I enjoyed it very much because the ghost episodes are my favorite. The EVP did not disappoint! Pulled me right back in and I loved the follow up episodes. The reason for changing my rating from 5 to 2 stars on this update is because Scott needs to calm down his hostility towards Forrest. You're going back to your blatant disrespect and cutting him off when he is only trying to communicate and have a conversation. Please you guys take some extra time off or something and take care of your relationship. Edit 2/26/19: Dropping from 2 stars to 1 star. "Every joke is built with some truth." Scott - joking about Forrest "finally" leaving the show isn't funny. Spiderwoman episode at 19 min.

Lost all objectivity (1/5)

Used to love this podcast but once they recorded that “sound” all objectivity was out the window. Now it’s hours of rambling on topics with little to no evidence or even documentation. Sad

They try hard in all the wrong ways. (3/5)

The stories they tell are fantastic, the detail they go into is spectacular. However, they really fail on the logic spectrum. They grasp at straws and overstretch their intellectual capabilities when attempting to give credibility to things. For example, whenever a member of the police/military is part of the story as an observer or a witness, they claim it’s a credible witness because they’re a “trained observer”. The police lie all the time, it’s how we end up with wrongly convicted people in prison, due to falsified evidence and/or coercion. It’s a mindset of an indoctrinated drone to believe that police are some form of noble creature that cannot lie. The military, much like the police, are part of an organization that follows strict orders, so one cannot tell if what they say they are doing on their own free will, or if it’s something they’ve been ordered to say by their superiors. At the end of the day, all of these people are human beings and all human beings are capable of lying, or being deceitful, or making things up. Sorry, guys. The whole “trained observer” is a flight of fancy. Also, they try to lend credibility to people who have something to say and nothing to gain from it. Once again, something people commonly do. They make things up out of thin air, even when there’s nothing to gain from it. Sociopaths will even do it to their own detriment. I know it’s a show about the supernatural, but at the very least the hosts can remain a bit more grounded in observable reality, and not ignore what’s inconvenient to their point of view.

My first and favorite podcast (5/5)

This podcast got me into podcasts. Devil in the Diner sealed the deal for me, being a spooky but open look into the paranormal and strange. I love the production and friendly hosts. Every episode is sincerely done with a ton of research.

Fantastic paranormal podcast (5/5)

Astonishing Legends is one of the most fun, influential paranormal podcasts out there. Scott and Forest really do their research and this is must listen stuff if you’re into the unexplained, UFO’s, ghosts, etc! Occasional guest host Rich Hatem rocks!

Master Story-Telling (5/5)

Just want to convey my great appreciation for these great couple of hosts, always charismatic, interested and taken by the lore of these legends but not to the point of losing reasonable doubts and expressing them. I especially love the multi-part stories like the Mothman & Skin-walker Ranch (The YETI is in a class of its own!)--just amazing! Lots of podcasts will do an episode with cursory overview, but don't know of one like this which goes neck deep into the stories --they actually read the books, do research but with no pretense --they just have the same questions we do. Also, love the special sound effects that enhance the episodes and love the way they always finish an episode!

Great show, well-researched and rational (5/5)

The approach of this podcast is great: the hosts present -- in a highly entertaining way --in-depth sets of facts about some of the most famous cases of paranormal phenomena. For example, I had heard of the Mothman and had seen segments about "him" on TV shows, but I had always pooh-pooh'ed the whole idea. I'm just now listening to the Astonishing Legends 4-part series about Mothman-related events, and, while I don't think any of us currently knows exactly what took place in the 1960s, I am now fairly convinced that "something" did happen. Incidentally, what prompted me to sit down and write this review -- and shop for some of the show's sponsors' products -- was the description by the hosts of a famous "Men in Black" incident. I had seen the grainy security-camera footage of the two individuals walking into the hotel in Niagara Falls, but I had always thought, "Meh, it's two guys dressed alike walking into a hotel." However, I had never heard all of the context for that footage as it is given in the Astonishing Legends Mothman series, Part 2. The context makes the footage a lot more interesting. I appreciate the depth of detail presented in the podcasts about each subject they deal with, and I especially appreciate how they treat each subject with rationality, intelligence, and basic respect.

Hours of listening, minutes of content. (1/5)

After reading some reviews, I’ve seen so many people complain about the same thing I was going to. I really wanted to like this podcast, but the episodes are so long and never seem to get to the point. I’m currently over an hour into one and they still have not gotten to the actual content at all. I used to work on a morning radio show, and I understand the function of banter, background, and side bars, but this is just way too much. This is unlistenable for me at this point.

Be careful (1/5)

if you are into ancient aliens show, then this is for you. perconcieved ideas, force percieved evidence to fit said idea, and completely ignore peer reviewed papers, investigations, and anything else that debunks what they (especially Forrest) wants to be real. Disheartening, because I thought the other dude would balance everything, and not take biased ideas, books, tv shows, as fact and actually investigate and look at ALL sides, instead of ignoring other theories

Fantastic Show (5/5)

Great variety! Forrest and Scott have a great on air chemistry and buttery smooth voices, Forrest especially. Always open minded but not so much that they think everything is true or everything is paranormal. They have an entire group of people who help them research making every topic more detailed than any other place on the web. I thought I was an Oak Island expert and listening to their Oak Island episode years after it first aired I still learned things I never knew and I loved the presentation. Keep up the great work guys, all podcasts should aspire to be like Astonishing Legends!

Used to be great, too much bs now (2/5)

Used to love it but now between all the ads, rambling off topic and over explanation of simple things anyone could just google, I cant enjoy listening. If an episode is 3 hours long expect it to be two and a half hours of actual content

Almost Perfect (4/5)

I really like this podcast so much. The topics are fascinating, and I appreciate the “deep dive” the hosts do in their research. I want to give it 5 stars, but the non-balanced speaking time between Forrest and Scott gets to me. I’ve learned to skip ahead when Forrest gets revved up on another long soliloquy, because I really do like the show. Hopefully things will eventually balance out a bit. 💜 (A couple of months later)...I had to turn off the Gremlins episode 30 minutes in, because Forrest monopolized the conversation terribly. I truly don’t dislike him, I just can’t handle the endless reiteration or explanation of an obvious point. Let Scott talk! I find him funny, refreshing, and like someone who understands how good conversations work. I’m only griping because I have listened to every episode of the podcast and will likely continue to do so. BALANCE is beautiful!

Exactly what I hoped for (5/5)

These guys manage to be amusing and funny without stepping on the creepiness of the content. It’s clear that their interest is genuine and passionate, and their sensitivity comes through in every episode. I am hooked!

The best (5/5)

This podcast is very well researched and I enjoy how they take a topic and don’t strip it full of all the wonder and excitement that made it a legend in the first place so many others leave something fun dead in the road but there is always this element of “what if” that I appreciate. also I saw some reviews of not liking the banter, do the research yourself if you don’t like asides. A good podcast is like a good conversation. It will be about everything. I love it!

Phenominal (5/5)

These two won’t disappoint!

Best podcast out there (5/5)

Great discussion, intelligent analysis, funny, subject matter intriguing

Best Spooky Podcast (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every night and I can not get enough of it. Scott and Forest make the best team for a podcast. Astonishing Legends is the best podcast I have ever listened to.

Missing the Shorter Format (3/5)

I started listening in the beginning, and Greyfriar’s Kirkyard remains one of my favorite episodes. Unfortunately, some of the topics have just gotten out of hand. 4 parts on the Sallie House was just too much for me. However, there is clearly an audience for it, plus you have to give credit where it’s due- the level of research and detail is unmatched, thanks to the ARC. I’m a more casual listener now, but I’m still sticking around because the guys are great hosts and they pick some pretty cool topics, many of which I’ve never heard of!

Awesome podcast! (5/5)

Woohoo! How can anyone not enjoy this podcast? Super fun and creepy and great to listen to!

You guys are awesome (5/5)

You guys are awesome and I love hearing what cool stuff you have found.

Should be called “Sallie House Segue” at this point (3/5)

*Very* interesting content and *very* well-researched. It’s like listening to two dads talk about paranormal stuff over a couple of beers and is both stimulating and relaxing. Their coverage of the Mothman and the Hopkinsville encounter are especially good. That being said, many topics are over-exhausted, especially recently, which can be frustrating if you’re not interested in a subject they spend 4+ episodes/several weeks on. I’m taking a break from the show until their interest in the Sallie House dies down: even after exhausting the subject over several episodes it’s still been brought up in every episode following that series in relation to other content. A dead horse is getting quite a beating, but I’ll be back after a while when they put down the whip.

My favorite (5/5)

I love this podcast! They’re smart, curious and never leave a stone unturned! Pure entertainment!

❤️ (5/5)

My favorite

All good (4/5)

Love the professionalism that this podcast represents, a lot of hard work goes into every episode you can hear it ! Greatest!!!!

great! (5/5)

really dig it. great work.

Keep up the Good Work (5/5)

The more I listen to other podcasts, the more I appreciate, respect, and love AL. Scott, Forrest, and the Awesome Amazing Astonishing Research Corps work so hard and have lots of fun and it really shows. You guys go so in depth and stick to fact (if you believe any of this at all) and are very careful to clearly state when something is opinion or folktale or unverifiable. And most importantly, when you guys make a mistake you go back and admit your wrong and correct it! I like to fact check all the podcasts I listen to and AL is one of the few that gets it right almost all the time and is the only podcast I listen to that actually says "my bad". I don't know what else to say except that you guys have my mad respect and I am always entertained by your show!

Bacaesar (3/5)

Need to find topics that are interesting enough to fill the whole time. Way too much personal chatter! Get on with the story!

Great podcast! (5/5)

Lots of research goes into these episodes and it’s presented well.

They are called hosts for a reason (5/5)

If you just want the bare bones go and do your own research. The depths these guys and their team goes to is just beyond. The delivery and production serve the content well - atmospheric when needed, conversational at other times. They also give more logical analysis of the phenomena than I have heard elsewhere.

Love these guys (4/5)

This podcast is what made me want to start listening to podcast in general. Love the topics they cover as well as the tangents they often go off on.

Trying to love this (2/5)

I’m hangin in here, I keep thinking they will get to the actual story, but really struggling with how much useless and uninteresting chatter goes on. PLEASE PLEASE read your feedback guys and stop the ENDLESS rambling that ads nothing and is frankly a buzzkill

No need to change (5/5)

I listen to podcasts during my commute. I’m here to be entertained and maybe learn something along the way. I love the conversations and sidebar stuff, and Scott and Forrest seem like guys I’d want to hang out with. They have an incredibly well researched show, but take the time to actually discuss the topic. I don’t want only the facts; I want the opinions and banter. Keep up the good work guys, and keep doing your thing your way!

Great show!!!!! (5/5)

These guys are great!!!!! I work super long hours at work and shows that last 2 hours make the time fly by!!!!

One of my favorite podcasts (5/5)


Astonishingly Awesome!!! (5/5)

This podcast is probably the best I’ve found for all things paranormal! Great for listening to at school or work!

Too much Unrelated talk (3/5)

Sometimes it takes them 10-15 minutes to actually start talking about the show topic

Pretty good (3/5)

I love the topics and the potential of this podcast. However, the sound effects are very annoying. I’ve started with episode one, and I’m really hoping that the stories become more streamlined and focused. If they cut out all the unnecessary sounds, and side banter, it could be an excellent 35 minute show.

Creeeepy (5/5)

God your sallie house block of episodes were crazy creepy. Love your podcast I’m a new and now diehard listener.

Fantastic show! (5/5)

Really enjoy the folklore, facts, history, and interviews! If you appreciate the presentation of phenomenon with a balance of open-mindedness and logical discussion- this is the horror podcast for you!

Now Astonishing Ghost Stories (2/5)

Really enjoyed this podcast before it became ghost-centric. It’d be nice if they would go back to more varied topics.

Very informative (5/5)

The host both keep it interesting and informative. I was turned to this podcast from Timesuck with Dan Cummins.

They believe anything. (5/5)

Doesn’t matter what it is it must be true and any contrary opinion is suspect or stupid.

Copious blabber before they get to any good stories (1/5)

They’re definitely in love with the sound of their “charming banter”. Not cute. If they’d only give the time stamp when they get to the promised stories that would be great. Blab blab blab.

Deep dives on all things interesting (5/5)

If you don’t like the deep dive don’t bother. This podcast often does a deep dive of fascinating subjects other podcasts scratch the surface of. Not to knock those, I’ve probably listened to them as well. These guys and their research team just really put in the extra effort and work to find all possible angles of all subjects discussed. They do amazing work and don’t try to push a view of any sorts ... just the facts sir. While they will give their opinion they make it clear that its just that. Scroll through, find a topic that grabs your attention and from their you’re hooked!

They’re loosing me (2/5)

I’m getting close to giving up on this show. I really enjoy it in the past, but its getting a little too paranormal for my taste.

cool show (5/5)

This show's great! It's entertaining and informative on some really strange topics. There's plenty of skepticism and it's upbeat

What can I say? (5/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast since it’s first year and at last it’s time I show my gratitude with a heartfelt review. This is the only podcast that I’ve listened to every episode of (and I love a lot of podcasts). Forest and Scott are now familiar voices that keep me entertained and amused for hours! Cannot recommend this podcast enough. Over the years I’ve learned so much from them and truly love the excitement of seeing where the show will go next! If you love any type of mystery or adventure, this is your show!

Absolutely Astonishing! (5/5)

I get bored of podcasts quickly, but these guys have me addicted. They switch up their material and always keep me on my toes and interested!

One of my favorites (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week. I love Scott and Forrest as hosts. Always interesting topics.

An excellent podcast and a labor of love (5/5)

Scott Philbrook & Forrest Burgess have put together an astonishing podcast that covers all sorts of paranormal—and supernatural—subject matter from around the world. Their banter is always honest and enjoyable. I feel that the dialogue and interviews add a lot to the show. It helps that the podcast has excellent production quality and mild foley effects, which is not at all surprising given the hosts' past experience working at a broadcast production studio in Los Angeles.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Have been a listener for a while and it’s still one of my favorites. Love the relaxed format , casual yet still informative. This is by far my favorite show.

Never miss (5/5)

I love this show. It's fun, a bit rambling, doesn't take itself TOO seriously but does amazing research. I never miss an episode, and often go back to relisten.

Makes chores bearable (5/5)

Love listening while cutting the lawn and doing the dishes. The guys are funny and I dig the long form. Keep up the great work!

The only podcast I care about. (5/5)

Usually takes my friends awhile to warm up to this podcast. They may not like this podcast at first cause Scott and Forest are long winded but after an episode or two they love it! BEST TOPICS & best approach! Just give it a real real shot. If you don’t like it I think your more suited for radio pop.

Haters (5/5)

To those who complain about the hosts “babbling” why don’t you make your own podcast and you and your 3 friends can listen to what you want. Leave the rest of us to enjoy an excellent podcast.

Creepy, thorough, brilliant (5/5)

I’m not a podcast person, talk radio bores me to nausea, but I’ve binged on Astonishing Legends. I am recommending them to anyone who enjoys learning and walking on the weird side. The silliness in between tempers the seriousness and often visceral responses of our hosts. Loyal listener from here on out, keep up this amazing experiment guys.

Used to be decent (1/5)

This podcast used to be decent, but they’ll take a subject and beat it to death like Amelia Earhart or Sallie House. They literally love hearing themselves talk.... many of these episodes could be cut back substantially. Also the host who was scared of the ‘EVP’ at the Sallie House... are you really that much of a baby? Get over it, you’re embarrassing yourself to your listeners. Last straw and totally turned me off this show. Unsubscribed.

podcast with a p (4/5)

S’good. I like a lot. Would like to buy Forest a beer.

Astonishing Review. :-) (5/5)

I started listening to this show in August, and slowly binge listened my way through. The show has grown and evolved over the past few years, but Scott & Forrest’s chemistry and friendship has stayed the main focus and the driving force that has kept this podcast wonderful. So many episodes are my favorites! I love the deep dive into the history and facts of each subject, and while not EVERY episode has interested me, it’s super easy to just skip it. But honestly, I’ve learned a lot of history and lore, and had a really, really good time learning it. Looking forward to continuing to listen, even if I can’t do it for days on end anymore. Ha!

Well researched/Open to all possibilities (5/5)

Listening since the beginning. I have always enjoyed how the topics are deeply researched and you explore all the possibilities. Fits my brain because you don't just say this is what happened. If the listener is looking for the short story and a definitive answer this isn't the show for them. Frankly with these topics there may never be a short definitive answer. Keep doing what you are doing because its incredible!

Love (5/5)

Been listening since Episode 1, and I absolutely love this show....well done, gentlemen! And thanks to Tess, as well! BB

Apologies (5/5)

I want to apologize to Scott & Forrest for taking so long to leave a review. I kept trying to find the perfect words to describe their podcast. Then it dawned on me that there are no words to perfectly describe this Astonishing podcast. They will introduce you to things you had no idea you would ever be interested in.... and before you know it, you are interested. I always considered myself as an open minded person, to my astonishment.... they have opened my mind even broader. This podcast is Astonishingly Astonishing. You may not agree with everything they are presenting, they only ask that you consider there is always more to the story than you ever thought about. Keep up being Astonishingly Astonishing!!!!! “O-HEM” that’s for Forrest. Keep doing what you are doing!!!!

Love all the chatter (5/5)

Feels like a talk with good friends with my same weird interests.

Incredible! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! I know some people comment about the banter/side bars etc. but I disagree! Yes, they can rabbit trail (usually something related though), but you learn more about who you’re listening to! The people are just as important as the content to me. 100% my favorite podcast!

Pretty Good! Stop apologizing to skeptics (4/5)

This is an interesting show that covers really fun subject matters. But I really wish they’d stop apologizing to skeptics. Skeptics exist to poop all over fun, joy, and lack any sense of curiosity about the world around them. It ruins the flow of the narrative that’s being presented when every 5 minuets there’s a rambling “we swear we’re logical!”. Please just tell your amazing stories and ignore the Logic Police

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Engaging and well researched podcast about the mysterious topics. The hosts discuss a different topic in every episode, and they’re always interesting and get a a very in depth look at things. The hosts are also funny and seem friendly. Highly recommended.

The OG Podcast for me (5/5)

This is the podcast that started it all for me. I remember downloading the podcast app on my phone, did a search and this one came up first. I was quickly hooked after the first episode. I proceeded to listen to every episode from the beginning. I’ve quickly considered these guys my “podcast family” and I feel as though I know them. Because of this podcast, I found several other podcasts that I have equally enjoyed. Thanks Scott and Forrest, never ever change what you are doing and stay weird ✌️

Love you guys (5/5)

Absolutely amazing truly truly truly love you guys keep up the amazing work for all of you do to put out such an amazing show

Good foundation; wrong direction (3/5)

I’m a long-time listener of this show and have really enjoyed many of its episodes. I’d consider myself a fan in its early days, but, very sadly, not lately. While the hosts are amazing and I enjoy the dynamic between them, I cannot help but find most episodes lacking in storytelling and overwhelming in detail and detours. I get it, not all stories have one storyline that is easy to follow. At the same time, I do believe most multi-part series they released could have been easily condensed to single episodes with thoughtful preparation and planning. Not sure what goes on under the hood there, but my hunch is that ARC digs up too many cool little facts, and the hosts get too excited to let go of them. Who knows, maybe I’m the weird one here, but what’s wrong within good old storytelling?

The Best Podcast Bar None! (5/5)

I listen to Podcasts daily. I’m subscribed to many podcasts, so I can say with experience and confidence that Astounding Legends is the best Podcast not only in its genre, but overall is just absolutely amazing! Love the podcast, love the stories and love the guys! It is a must have!!!!

Tell the story (1/5)

Impossible to listen to. So much lead up to actual story telling that it’s unbearable. Caveat after aside after tangent after extended overview after boring prelude.

Fun story, no evidence (2/5)

A disservice to science and critical thinking.

Greg2956 (1/5)

Started out great with fact based stories then went to “ghost stories”. Useless. Latest episode had a four hour buildup to a frightening EVP recording which was five minutes of static. Such a ripoff. I’m done

Bingeworthy (5/5)

I started listening last night and can't believe I've missed out on the show this far. I will defintely be binging for the next few days.

Always intriguing. (5/5)

I have been listening to these guys for years and thoroughly enjoy their stories. They do a ton of research and are professional with their delivery. Every time I listen to an episode or series about a topic I get the feeling I’m more educated about the topic. Some favorites are the Oak Island Money Pit, and The Count of St Germain.

We’ll get back to that.... (5/5)

I just want to say that both of you are very entertaining and keep me engaged with the topics at hand for that episode. I first started listening to you on the Gobekli Tepe show and have been a pretty constant binge listener, but this series about the Sallie house is by far and away your best. Keep it up guys!

Delightful, animated if a little disorganized (5/5)

If you’re interested in a fun, hectic banter and having a good time while discussing weird topics, these are your guys. They definitely do their research and try to steer away from full blown conspiracy theories which I personally appreciate.

Enjoyable! (4/5)

Astonishing Legends has definately evolved into a great podcast! The research and stories are very interesting and you can tell these guys have fun. Great for getting your mind off the day-to-day grind.

Way too long winded (2/5)

I used to really enjoy this show but lately the hosts seem to be rambling more than talking about the subject. I don’t know if it’s to add more commercials or because they simply like to hear themselves talk, but the length of the episodes is out of control. Over 4 hours for the last episode is just crazy for the topics they talk about. Most of the “hauntings” could be covered in a much shorter time.

Fantastic show! (5/5)

Great production value, top-notch research done by a crew of excellent people, and really great personalities that bring the show together. Mothman and Skinwalker Ranch remains my favorite topics by far that you guys have covered. Keep up the amazing work!

Best spooky podcast ever (5/5)

Always a good super informative deep dive on all things scary, mysterious and of course astonishing.

Sigh (4/5)

Love this show but like some of the very early episodes, there's just too much banter. Seems to be the pattern with the last 15 shows. It's to the point of forgetting what the story is about. It's hard to keep track with all the rabbit holes they go down. Middle episodes post Skinwalker were the best. To the point, chilling, interesting.

Great podcast to listen too (5/5)

I've recently started listening to Astonishing Legends and all I can say is that it is amazing! The hosts know how to deliver the story and give the content that really helps you understand what's going on. Definitely a podcast that I'd recommend to anyone.

✌🏼 (4/5)

This show is pretty awesome! I don’t like all the topics and all the episodes. I’ll just skip ones I don’t care for. But when they talk about topics I like I love it. Only thing I wish was a little different is that Scott and Forest gabbed a bit less between the facts/interviews. Love them both but they go on rants that aren’t that necessary.

Amazing (5/5)

this is one of the greater podcasts I’ve heard. The long podcasts really make my day while I work.

Not to shabby (4/5)

This is definitely one of the better podcast I’ve listened to regarding paranormal and cryptids. They have definitely grown and gotten better through the episodes and yes they chit chat a bit and joke but not to bad it’s here and there I have definitely quit listening to podcast due to half hour into listening and they haven’t even mentioned the topic. There are also some gems like the yokai episode, I prefer the episodes on legends that are known and ones that aren't. Would love to hear about more legends from around the world (like la llorona hint hint) or have people call in and share local legends I am an immigrant from Mexico and I came from a very small town deep in south Mexico with a lot of legends surrounding the area. Any way fun podcast to let your imagination run.

Wow (5/5)

This podcast is really, really great for those who like immersing themselves in the unexplained/mystery/horror/creepy genre. The guys are also pretty funny and their witty repartee (complete with lots of cultural in-references) is a joy to listen to. Overall, an excellent, even-handed approach to this stuff; well done!

:) (5/5)

I guess some people don’t like the banter or rambling as they say it, I happen to love it, feels conversational and real instead of robotic and scripted and therefore fake. I feel I can connect more with it because I’m listening to two genuine real people.

My favorite (5/5)

These guys are the best. I listen to a lot of paranormal podcasts but, Astonishing Legends is my go to. I enjoy the chemistry between Forrest and Scott. Entertaining and informative.

Love, endlessly (5/5)

I just started listening this week, but I’m hooked. I agree with some commenters that there are a lot of tangents that the hosts veer off on, however for me personally, I think these tangents provide more food for thought or context to the story. They always bring things back around. The production quality, amount of research, and care that’s put into each episode is amazing. And I’m also not opposed to hearing two or three ads over the course of two hours of it means I’m able to stream this quality of content for free. Happy to have stumbled upon this podcast, and I’m recommending it to everyone I know who loves the spooky or unknown!

Awesome (5/5)

I think this podcast is great, nothing makes me happier then to listen to it when I’m bored. Can’t wait for more fun and spooky episodes to come into my reach!

Fabulous!! (5/5)

Love the subject matter, am delighted by the dynamic between the hosts and just now have finished binge listening to the entire show to date. Scott, I understand how you feel about the EVP from the Sallie House. Really, really enjoy this podcast and I tell all my friends that they MUST listen. Looking forward to more episodes!

Falling apart (1/5)

It’s like the 9th season of scrubs with this show. It’s just awful. Used to be great in the early episodes but now it’s hot garbage. The first sallie house episode was an absolute joke.

Wow (5/5)

I have been a listener since the beginning. Just listened to parts two of the sallie house. I’m not sure what to say about the EVP, except WOW! Not sure who you sent the recording to but I would like to see if David Ellis with the Olympic Project could get anything to match with his libraries of recorded sounds. Great work guys. I live in the KC Metro and have been to Atchison many times. Town has a unique feel about it. It’s undeniable.

Exceptional story telling, banter, and research! (5/5)

The guys along with the ARC dive deep into subjects and present fact based observations on a wide variety of interesting topics! Great sound design helps further the listening experience that is Astonishing Legends!

You guys rock (5/5)

Love this podcast. I really enjoy how Scott and Forrest put themselves into each story. Thank you for this podcast and for suggesting other podcasts. I drive a semi locally in Denver (Scott when you visit your dad look me up 😂) I listen to podcasts all day and look forward to new episodes every week

Sallie (5/5)

The EVP of the Sallie house shook me to my core !!! Instantly gave me goose bumps and 10 minutes after hearing this ..... I still have goose bumps and an uneasy feeling !! WOW !!

Rambling and long winded (2/5)

If the hosts would stay on topic they could easily shorten the episodes to 45mins to an hour each and eliminate the multi part episodes entirely. I’ve grown weary of slugging through all the endless blathering and get to the actual story.

This show makes me LESS interesed in all thing paranormal. (2/5)

This podcast would be good if Scott worked off-mic and just used his hyper-fastidious nature to do research for Forrest, letting him tell the stories. But no. That’s not what you’re going to get. Instead, you get two guys who are the living embodiment of “the preface.” They preface EVERY imaginable detail, every insignificant piece of trivia, and go off on every conceivable tangent. They’re utterly incapable of making a point in a concise fashion. You can zone out for a half hour, fade back in and magically not miss a thing, nor be disappointed about it. Forrest has the perfect voice for a paranormal podcast. His intros are great. But then Scott chimes in and ruins the suspense. And I feel it's important to comment on their ad style -- cheesy and not the least bit persusasive. I've never purchased anything they've plugged, nor would I based solely on their recommendations. They script fake conversations as if we're all thinking they’re so clever (spoiler alert: they’re not). Their typical 2 hour podcast could actually be 45 minutes because the bulk of each show is conversational meandering. I feel like they insert themselves too much into the stories. If audible narcissism was a thing, this podcast would be an example of it.

Sallie House Cat Killer (1/5)

This used to by one of my favorite podcasts until a recent episode where the hosts were interviewing a man who admitted to stabbing his cat to death (after contemplating stabbing his wife to death) and all parties involved attributed this behavior to his house being haunted. There's a sucker born every minute. Two of them host this show.

Lovely balance! (5/5)

I enjoy this show because the hosts have a great balance of looking at all sides of the topic. They have their own opinions, but don’t really push one way of thinking. I am especially pleased that they are open to the possibility of the supernatural, which is refreshing after so many other shows that aren’t.

Words can’t describe how much I love this podcast (5/5)

I can’t stop listening to them the rambling is hilarious and I love each topic. I found y’all last year when you posted the bell witch it was so interesting I have listened to it each time and I loved the mysterious death along the 37 parallel it was so good!! You both make me laugh. And I got one of there limited edition shirts and it is so comfortable!! Thank you Scott and Forrest!

Great show (5/5)

Very well done. I’m sure it’s been said many times but comes off as a paranormal version of This American Life.

I love this show! (5/5)

Forrest and Scott are great hosts who have an amazing team. The topics are interesting and are very well researched using credible sources. Their banter is natural, you can tell they are in the same studio and actually know and like each other. Plus, you know they enjoy the topics they present because of you hear it in their voices. They really like ghosts, legends, and consopiracies. The only criticism I have is, they don't do enough shows. I would love to hear them on a weekly basis.

Terrible (1/5)

The hosts can’t stay on topic. Lots of babble. Boring.

Fun and entertaining (5/5)

Scott and Forrest do an incredible job (possibly even astonishing) of covering the most interesting and bizarre topics. I am a huge fan of the paranormal and cryptozoology so I greatly enjoy the way they dig in with the help of the Astonishing Research Core and do in depth coverage of the topics they cover.

One of my all time favorites! (5/5)

I truly love this podcast! The execution of every episode is just phenomenal. A lot of other podcast sometimes will get my lost or confused or disinterested, astonishing legends never does that! And as odd as it sounds both of the host their voices are true radio voice and so soothing. So if I’m stressed out or trying to focus hard at work this is what I turn on always.

Outstanding Podcast (5/5)

Fantastic podcast about mysteries and unexplained phenomenon. I love the depth of each episode. The hosts are entertaining, smart and professional. Their research team is outstanding. Catch the Springheel Jack episode if you can. It is a great way into the spirit of the cast!

worth every minute! (5/5)

I love this podcast. its a great listen if you want to know more about everything from urban legends to spooky ghosts and monsters, haunted places and strange characters from history ( or are they ?) . The hosts have a great banter and they have good guests on from time to time . I love the fireside conversation style they have or is it two guys at a pub ? I have recommended thid podcast to many friends and will continue to do so . Well worth the listening time.

One of my favorites (5/5)

This podcast is the perfect combination of detective mystery, paranormal research, little bit-o-fun and a healthy helping of spooky and mysterious. I love listening to this podcast and their 2 and 3 part stories are epic!

The Finest Fortean Jaunt (5/5)

A like-minded and dear friend suggested this podcast to me. The first few episodes seemed humorously awkward as hosts Scott and Forrest found their cadence and narrative voices. They are extremely adept and professionally devoted to their craft. I’ve tried other paranormal podcasts and this is by far the best out there. These guys are detail oriented and open minded. They really drill down on the minutiae of the subject. But foremost-they have outstanding chemistry and entertainment value. This is the Paranormal Podcast standard.

Good but potential to be great (3/5)

I love the subject matter and the first few episodes were great I listened religiously but as it matured the hosts banter would take up half the show and the episodes became bloated marathons. A trip to the editing room would greatly improve this podcast.

Favorite Paranormal Podcast (5/5)

The stories are interesting and very detailed. I enjoy the way Scott & Forrest tell the stories. Remember everything is connected.

Top notch (5/5)

The depth and thoroughness to which these topics are explored is beyond measure. An inspiration for my own creative process. Brilliant.

Great rapport and story-telling. (5/5)

I love the rapport between the two hosts and the way they credit their Research Corps for all the hard work they do. This podcast is creepy and borderline-erudite at the same time. I love it.

Love it (5/5)

If you can handle a podcast that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to research, this is the one for you. I love the long form and variety of the stories.

Grim Reaper (5/5)

Just listened to your Grim Reaper show...couldn’t help but notice that your logo looks a little like his likeness?

Love this! (5/5)

I have been binge listening since May and I can’t stop. Great content, well researched, interesting approach, astonishing!

Too chatty (4/5)

Fascinating choice of stories but I find the hosts are too long winded and chatty for my taste. They frequently get off on tangents or chat superficially for long periods about parts of the story that they will eventually dive into but they don’t get to the actual meat of the story until much later. In my opinion most of their episodes end up being twice as long as they really need to be.

Love it! (5/5)

i love this show. it has piqued my interest in the paranormal and mysterious. Scott and Forrest do so much research into a topic that it really is necessary for multiple episodes on a particular topic to get the whole story. i love the logo, but i cant tell if "Al" is smiling or screaming in fear. keep up the great work!

Not bad, but not my favorite (3/5)

There are a lot of interesting topics, but it seems like these guys talk a lot without getting much said. It takes quite a while to get to the point.

So good. (5/5)

This is the best Podcast. The hosts take a great approach to researching and telling stories in the way that allows for skepticism and total belief. I love the formats of the shows, and they don’t clutter the show with personal info, but in way you get to know them too. It’s just very well done.

Surprising and Pleasantly a Wonderful Podcast! (5/5)

With long podcast I’m usually disappointed to find them to be repetitive, boring and one sided but that’s not the case with Astonishing Legends and I love it! Their well researched and in-depth look at the stories have you coming out feeling like an expert on the subject. They give a believer and sceptic perspective and then tell you there final thoughts at final episodes. However when I say it’s a long podcast some episodes can be over 2 hours long and it’ll be only part 1! But both hosts have voices that make the stories intriguing and fun. Also it’s family friendly (however it’s scary) because they don’t swear and give trigger warnings. Also the interviews they do give the episodes even more credibility. This is a podcast I’d use as a citation in an academic paper.

This show used to be entertaining (2/5)

So much meandering. The Lore podcast could tell these 3-part stories in 5 min or less. All the 5 star reviews are from three years ago when the show was fun.

These guys are great (5/5)

Stumbled upon the Resurrection Mary series while doing research for my annual haunted Chicago tour - absolutely top tier stuff. Good mix of history, discussion and interviewees - keep it up guys!

Better than Lore! (5/5)

Everything I want in a mystery focused podcast. Episodes are long, but easy to pick up and come back to. I listen every night before bed!

Creepy Comforts (5/5)

When I was in college, I would listen to Car Talk every Saturday morning at 10, and the stress of the academic week would ease away as I laughed out loud with Click and Clack. I’m not interested in cars, but I have been fascinated with the paranormal and unexplained since a young child. Imagine my sheer delight upon listening to Astonishing Legends now that I’m way past college, but still enjoy a good radio show. My memories of AL span from times I’ve listened on the far flung shores of Iceland or New Zealand during my daily walk, to my home in Tennessee while I’m shuttling about my four kids. How can the creepy feel so friendly and comforting? Because Scott and Forrest make you feel as if they are in your house next to a fire chatting with you. Well done, y’all! I look forward to listening to your podcast in Blanket Fortiana for years to come.

Fantastic!!! (5/5)

This pod is amazing. One of the reasons I got into podcasting myself! Well researched and entertaining!!

The Best Podcast Out There (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite show. Scott & Forrest are engaging, entertaining, thoughtful, and so very easy to listen to. They cover a wide range of the strange and paranormal without talking down to the audience or assuming everything is true. They have probably the most well-researched show with the help of the ARC — Tess, Cogswell, Marie, and everyone else. I love this show so much and I hope you can too!

These guys are good (5/5)

They really get into the subject and give insight to the subject matter. Great chemistry between the two. Five stars

All time favorite (5/5)

This was the first podcast I stumbled upon when I first became a podcast listener. I truly fell in love with the team dynamic and the bar was set incredibly high for me. I Recommend Astonishing Legends to all of my friends and family!!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

Astonishing Legends is the reason I listen to podcasts. A huge thank you for that! These two continue to be my favorite to listen to though for so many reasons. I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. The Count of St. Germain is when I got hooked. LOVE IT.

Obi Shaun (5/5)

Been a long time listener... I love the show! The dynamic between Scott and Forrest and the amount of research they put into each series makes for a really great podcast.

Very entertaining, spooky, and funny! (5/5)

I highly recommend this show!

:/ (1/5)

So much chatter, would love to hear the topic instead of theory for 90% of the show

Great show, BUT GET TO THE POINT (4/5)

I’ve been listening to this show for awhile and I love their stories, subject matter, and how in depth they go. HOWEVER, for the love of God please stop rambling so much! It gets frustrating after awhile when you have to sift through all the pointless noise.

Chris S. (5/5)

Great show, episodes are long. However they keep me entertained. Story’s are great if you dig this kinda of stuff you will like this show. I would highly recommend it.

One of my favorites (5/5)

I really enjoy the work put into this show. But what really did it for me was resurrection Mary. I was hesitant to listen because that story has been done and overdone. Well I decided to listen and am glad I did there was so much more interesting information packed within the four part episode. They really do a great job.

One of my favorites (5/5)

I really enjoy the work put into this show. But what really did it for me was resurrection Mary. I was hesitant to listen because that story has been done and overdone. Well I decided to listen and am glad I did there was so much more interesting information packed within the four part episode. They really do a great job.

What Luck (5/5)

Checking off our bucket list, my husband and I drove out to Skinwalker Ranch. Though we knew some about it we felt we wanted to know more. Sitting in our car outside the gate, where the data is sketchy and you eventually lose signal, I was able to search and get it to play the first episode. We were both impressed by the information and how it was presented. It was not only informative but very entertaining. After the first episode we drove to town where I had data; I subscribed and added the other two episodes to my library so we could continue listening when I lost service again. On the trip home we began the Mothman episode, they really made the drive entertaining. I can’t wait to hear all the shows they have! Thanks!

Amazing (5/5)

This is my absolute favorite podcast. I’ve been listening for the past two weeks and it is so addictive. My girlfriend gets mad at me because when we are in the car I choose to listen to this instead of talking to her

Get to the point (2/5)

I’m extremely impressed with the amount of research that goes into these podcasts, but listening to the second half of the Bell Witch episode, and I’m over ten minutes in and the hosts are still going on and on about other upcoming episodes, and how they were not on lists of top scary or general good podcasts. I think that’s part of the reason boys. You digress SO much. Or go into excruciating detail about the topic to the point that it loses the eerie aspect and becomes clinical. I’m not saying you need to cut down to a 30 minute podcast but revision, editing and condensing are in order. This podcast on the Bell Witch is over three hours. Which could get painful. Not scary.

So Much Entertainment (5/5)

Even if you listen with skepticism, this program contains great story telling and covers a wide variety of the paranormal. The hosts share an entertaining and sometimes humorous rapport, which keeps the darkness on the lighter side. After a few episodes, it feels like they’re your friends too.

Great (5/5)

Really like these guys! Great stories and very interesting. Sound affects can be a bit much but can also be great. Glad I was recommended them.

Simply fantastic! (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. Always entertaining. I enjoy how every release is presented, and I also love all the subject matter. Look forward to every new episode as soon as I finish the current one. A must listen!! Been listening since the beginning and continually re listen and re binge. Gets me through my work day. If you believe any of this at all it's definitely worth downloading it!

Some episodes they go waaay of topic (3/5)

Some episodes are great and some are 75% off topic and they go on a tangent like the jersey devil one talked forevor about napolean bonaparte and his brother and the stupid quakers.

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This show covers a huge variety of topics. I love the historical mysteries and curiosities and the hosts are excellent.

I like it but... (1/5)

I’ve listened to all of your shows except the ones you push “white guilt”. Once you guys start talking like that I hit skip. Would give 5 stars if you guys didn’t do this. This trend with you guys is becoming more common.

New Obsession Found (5/5)

I'm about seven episodes in and I'm hooked. Nice chemistry, great voices, very impressive research. I am HOOKED. Bravo guys!

Podcast magic. (5/5)

After spending several hours desperately looking for that one podcast that would bring light into nightshift, I’ve finally found. Well written, great audio, absolutely top notch.

So great! (5/5)

I was just introduced to the world of podcasts and this was a (great) recommendation from a coworker. I love this type of content and not only are they thorough, they’re entertaining and funny as well. Currently binge listening to all the podcast from the beginnings.

The only podcast I listen to! (5/5)

I’ve never been a podcast listener. I found this through Reddit & was hooked! It’s a welcome break from my usual binge of news. Thanks Scott & Forrest, as well as the whole Astonishing crew for helping me through this depressing administration.

Great podcast!!! (5/5)

Love this podcast!! Came across it by accident and I’m hooked.

It’s like being in the conversation (5/5)

I’m not completely sure why this is such a good show, but it is. It’s like being inside a private conversation with someone who is a die hard researcher. I realize this might be too intense for some, but for those information nerds like myself, who just can’t get enough details, or just simply interested in shows that cover deep and lofty subjects should check this out. I was instantly hooked. Not something to listen too in the background but in the forefront. It demands more attention than much of the muck muck out there. This gentleman is a researcher after my own heart. So very thorough! You will love it or you won’t ...but it’s full of lots of info, most of which you may never find on your own without spending days or weeks on the net.

Too much rambling (1/5)

I like to get to the heart of the matter. I don’t really care for all the rambling talk. Thanks, but this just isn’t for me. Good luck.

Great stories, way too much chatter (3/5)

Not sure why there’s so much back n forth commentary in this podcast. The two hosts can be entertaining and their anecdotes are often helpful in fleshing out the scope of the narrative, but why oh why so much chatter? The rhythm is broken and the mood lost time and again. I find myself struggling to stay in the experience of the fascinating stories they tell. They do present a lot of detail, theories, and links for further research. All great, but please guys, is this a chat show or a presentation of “astonishing legends?” I’ll go with chat show, sadly. I’m out 😓

One of my Favorites (5/5)

Astonishing Legends is not only one of my favorite podcasts on the paranormal, it’s one of my favorite podcasts in general. I can’t remember what led me here, but I was hooked after their Dyatlov Pass episodes, which were so well-researched (thank you Tess) and so in-depth that Dyatlov became one of my favorite mysteries! I listen to every episode of AL because even things I THINK won’t be interesting usually are (shout out to the Giants series, I ended up loving that). The only downside of Astonishing Legends is that the episodes tend to be long, so if you’re looking for a quick listen, this one might not be for you. Otherwise, they’ve got excellent quality, variety, and plenty of crazy supernatural and historical hijinx to share! I’m really looking forward to when Forrest and Scott eventually have to talk about tulpas and thoughtforms, those things are way too tied into the supernatural zeitgeist to be avoided!

Very entertaining! (5/5)

Spending 3 months with no WiFi or Cable sounds impossible - but I was lucky enough to enjoy these summer moths with the Astonishing Legends cast. From work, home or airports I was always entertained. Highly recommend!


Im catching up on eps and I just finished Arcapalooza. I enjoyed hearing the whole crew for the first time listening to yall hang out. It was fun. Yall made me laugh and scared the crap outta me. Keep going guys. Yall just get better and better!

Cut-out (3/5)

Some of the recent shows I’ve listened to stop playing when close to the end (last 10min) Not sure if it’s my device or some type of degradation? Love the show though. 🙂

Diagnosis: Diarrhea of the mouth (2/5)

Some interesting topics, but I cannot listen to 2 hours of endless inane chatter so that I can pick out the 15 minutes of actual content.

Truly thought provoking (5/5)

Fantastic! I started with the Sludge Entity. An amazing story both fascinating and frightening. I even reared up in part two. But it was the podcasters’ closing statements that made me understand the value of their work. Intelligent. Insightful. And accurate. I especially enjoyed the distinction between a skeptic and a debunker. Thanks guys. I’m a fan.

Excellent (5/5)

I’ve been listening since the beginning and I’m so impressed with how far they’ve come. Great story telling and research. They seem like the kind of guys it would be fun to just hang out with and talk about theories.

Wonderful (5/5)

I love this show Forrest and Scott have a great dynamic and I love their banter! I am starting from the beginning and about halfway through them all now and I am hooked!!

The Best Podcast (5/5)

I love this podcast. It is interesting and entertaining. I recommend this to everyone who loves history and mystery.

Great discussion kept interesting! (5/5)

I absolutely love listening to the banter between Scott and Forrest, and all the crazy stories we get to learn about. Don't worry, I'm a big fan of the multi-part episodes as well!! lol

Can’t get enough (5/5)

I came to AL upon a recommendation in another podcast group I’m in & I pretty much haven’t stopped listening. I’ve bounced around a little based on what’s interesting me at the moment & I've not been disappointed once. Scott & Forrest are like-able, genuine, great story-tellers, incredibly thorough. The stories they tell are interesting & I love the intense research & thoroughness with which it’s produced & narrated. I almost hope I’m never caught up so I’ll always have one to listen to! Keep up the good work!

Genuine dudes. Genuine research. (5/5)

I’ve binged a lot of this podcast over the last couple months and I am happy with my hours spent listening to these guys. They know what they are talking about. Sometimes the topics aren’t my style but they keep your interest. My favorite episode series is Skinwalker Ranch. it but.. (5/5)

I really love the subjects and you guys definitely hold listeners interest. Can’t wait to get through them all.

Love You Pendejos (5/5)

You're gonna leave us dry on the Holday? Parker

Best in a long time (5/5)

I have been through my fair share and these two have a great balance of humor and relevance. Their research is thorough and their voices smooth with the slightest touch of banter. Glad they left the sound effects behind - not necessary. Well done, men.

Awesome Poscast (5/5)

I have no idea why this podcast isn’t higher on the charts! They do a wonderful job engaging the listeners :)

Good Stuff!!! (5/5)

I don’t know how its come to be that I’ve only just recently stumbled onto this podcast. Since I have found it, I’ve been binge listening to it with amusement and intrigue. Great content, fascinating topics, fun play between the two host! Great job guys! You have another fan in the folds!

Love it! (5/5)

A wonderful podcast! Scott and Forrest cover a range of interesting and mysterious topics from ghosts to UFOs. I’ve been telling everyone about this podcast, and now you lol.

Make Monday’s tolerable (5/5)

I love the show and topic I just wish there were more Scott and Forrest out there

Get to the point. (2/5)

To much chit chat before getting to the story.

Great podcast! (5/5)

So entertaining! Keep up the great work guys.

Awsome and funny (5/5)

Good job dudes -Annie So

Amazing Show! (5/5)

I've listened to all their episodes and they just do a fantastic job in almost every way! The show just improves with every new episode!

One of my favorites! (5/5)

Fantastic discussions and fascinating topics ranging from interesting (Gobekli Tepe) to downright creepy (Black Eyed Children). Also, humble and thorough hosts and great production quality. They’ve really built a community around what they do, too!

So Much More Than Legends (5/5)

The hosts do a fantastic job of ‘drilling down’ (as they put it) on topics. Various viewpoints are looked at, and for the most part, they do try and exhaust all aspects. Very well thought out....and those topics!

I am hooked! (5/5)

What a great podcast, I love most every topic they have chosen to date. I went back to the beginning and listened to the very first one. You guys really have come a long way. Sometime in the future I wish you would do a show on reincarnation. Keep up the great work. I am sad to say, I’m all caught up.

Top Notch Podcast (5/5)

Out of all the podcasts I’ve recently come upon. This one is top notch. Note, the hosts of this podcast go on a tangent and have banter so it’s not super story focused, but it’s so enjoyable you’ll laugh your socks off. It feels like there’s a light script, there are a lot of obscure movie references, but it’s so enjoyable you look past all of that. The episodes get pretty long but they cover every angle from logical skepticism to down right fringe. You’ll leave each episode with a healthy amount of knowledge and sources to view on their website for more information. Definitely a fan

Long wait to get to the meat! (3/5)

While the two hosts are knowledgeable about a variety of scientific subjects, the buildup to the actual content of the lecture takes up to an hour with chitchat that appears tangentially related to the topic. Better sit back and expect to delay your gratification.

Great show (5/5)

I love the hosts they have fun doing the podcast and it brings fun into the show. They also explain whatever topic they are discussing so clearly it makes the topic come alive. It really is fantastic!

Good but slow (3/5)

Great content, but the hosts like to banter and go on side tangents. I wish the podcasts were more storytelling and less casual conversation.

Love it! (5/5)

Fascinating topics, great mix of serious and fun, overall excellent! I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts on the paranormal & bizarre and this one is definitely top of the line!

Fantastically Astonishing (5/5)

Of all the paranormal strange an unexplained podcast out there astonishing legends is by far my favorite. From the stories that they choose to the in-depth research, this podcast has the best of everything. Forest and Scott provide the perfect mix of comedic relief and fascinating information all expertly edited and polish into a full experience. Highly recommended.

Excellent Podcast (5/5)

Love to listen to the podcast as the topics are well researched and interesting. Keep up with the great shows!!!

Stay on Topic (3/5)

If they’d keep to the story they’re covering it’d be awesome. Unfortunately only about 50% of the podcast is about the given topic.

Great combo of history and comedy (5/5)

Just started listening today and I love it. It’s very well produced, educational, while also being funny. Will definitely be recommending to friends!

You guys are great! (5/5)

Thank you so much for the content of your shows. Something interesting is always available and your research and whit keeps me engaged in the podcast and wanting more and more. Scott and Forrest are amazing!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

This podcast allows a deep look into the world’s greatest mysteries. If you’re a fan of Art Bell’s Coast to Coast, In search of, and Unsolved Mysteries this is for you. Both Forres and Scott are two relatable guys who do their research. I can also attest that in addition, they are the nicest guys you’d ever hope to meet.

Great podcast - Even better research! (5/5)

I love the mysterious, the extraordinary and the unknown so when I stumbled onto this podcast, I was immediately hooked. I have tried to listen to over ten other strange and unknown podcasts and the problem I often have with them (as a scientist myself) is that many of the claims and findings are poorly researched and often speculative into eye rolling territory. This is NOT the case with Astonishing Legends - almost to a fault. Every topic is astonishingly (see what I did there) researched and you will leave each installment with facts figuratively falling out of your brain. Several times I’ve had to go back and re-listen to an episode to fully digest the knowledge that the guys and the ARC (dedicated research wing of the show) put together. If you’re looking for a new podcast to kill hundreds of hours, consider Astonishing Legends. See you at the bottom of the rabbit hole.

Measuring Contest (3/5)

Lots of interesting topics and conversation but often storylines get lost due to the intellectual ding dong measuring contest between the two hosts. Sometimes it’s a hard listen.

Enjoy the show! (5/5)

Yay Goeki Teplie!!! Love the show!

I like it... quite a bit. (5/5)

I'm late to the cast.... The hosts are witty and provide stories in an interesting manner. You can hear the fun that they are having and it is infectuous to the listeners. What more could I ask for? Nothing that I can think of. It keeps me smiling while I do my artwork. Thanks to the entire Astonishing Legends team. -db

Outstanding (5/5)

I've been listening for a couple of years now, and really enjoy this podcast. Great topics and even better conversation between the hosts. Truly engaging!

Awesome! (5/5)

A friend suggested I listen. I quickly consumed the back catalogue in a couple months and I’m so glad I did! The first couple episodes had too many sound effects for me, but it’s all spot on now!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

I love podcasts created by my fellow nerds!

2 Thumbs up (5/5)

Great podcast

Worthy of binge listening! (5/5)

Has this suggested to me after listening to Lore and I gotta say, I like this even better! I have learned so much about all kinds of cool conspiracies and phenomena that can’t be explained...super interesting and love the way this duo plays off of each other. Great podcast, please keep up the good work!

Veered Off (2/5)

This used to be a go to podcast. But over the last few months, it has devolved into tinfoil hat silliness. What used to be a balanced look at things is now two people egging each other on to believe less and less credible nonsense. The earlier episodes are still worth a listen though!

Awesome podcast (5/5)

As a big fan of creepy, interesting, and scary stories, this has become my favorite podcast! I love the hosts and their voices and the way they research and tell the stories. Their guests have equally interesting stories to tell. I often find myself retelling their stories to my husband after listening. Great job, guys!

Best show of its kind (5/5)

Very rarely do you find the combination of open minded consideration mixed with healthy skepticism as is found in this podcast. Not only are the hosts and the subjects very entertaining, they also put in a rather astounding amount of research into every episode, constantly delivering information that even someone like myself who has quite a bit of knowledge on the subject, has never heard of. On top of that, the hosts seem like darn nice fellas. Keep up the great work, guys! I’ll be listening!

Binge-worthy! (5/5)

I love this podcast. I don't mind the rambling or the length, although that makes it tough when I'm listening to it at night. I fall asleep and then I have to figure out where I stopped hearing it. I'm binging all the shows, but not in order (sorry, Scott). I just came across the Polybius episode! I can't wait to share that one with my son and send him down the rabbit hole of articles on the web site.

Excellent (5/5)

I love and so appreciate the amount of research that goes into each and every episode. I’ve always had a deep love for the paranormal and it’s hard to find a pod that keeps things interesting without inserting a ton of personal opinions. These guys strike a great balance and keep you listening. I am so so glad that I found this podcast.

My New Addiction (5/5)

Happened upon this podcast through the Chasing Earhart podcast, and - well - after sampling one episode (of course the original one on Amelia) - I was completely hooked. Just finished listening to all of the episodes (to include those I would not typically have gravitated toward), and highly recommend this offering to any and all who harbor an innate curiosity on mysterious matters and occurrences of all kinds - from Amelia to Flight 19 (my favorite episodes) - to Shadow People, conspiracy theories and - well - any — and just about EVERYthing in between. It’s like Unsolved Mysteries meets Coast To Coast. The wit, intelligence and spot-on delivery of the hosts is brilliant - and their research team is truly stellar. Can’t wait to see what (or who) they decide to tackle next.

Best podcast! (5/5)

Been a fan from the start. I have also attended one of the Los Angeles in-person gatherings. Love the topics, the hosts and everything in between.

iTunes (5/5)

Actually recommend you! (As you may like) An I love the show!

Excellence in Podcasting (5/5)

One of the most thoroughly researched paranormal/mystery podcasts available. The guys are very entertaining and professional.

Unsolved mysteries on a podcast! (5/5)

I can’t say how much I love this podcast! I was always a big fan of Unsolved mystery’s in the 1980s and I feel these gentlemen do their research and report on facts. I feel like this is Netflix binge watching via a podcast. Loved your Amelia Earhart , Mothman and Bell Witch so far. Thank you for the hard work and look forward to the next episodes.

Astonishing Podcast (5/5)

It's truly an amazing Podcast, they present subjects/events that have become legend and shrine a real light on it. They truly do their research on subjects and discuss it with thought, common sense and real world experience.

Damionblue (5/5)

Love u guys been a fan seance your first episode. Keep it up.!

Astonishingly...well researched. (5/5)

I found this podcast while trying to entertain myself between episodes of Lore. These guys do NOT disappoint! Their research is so thorough and I could listen to their voices all day! I love that they do series to really explore all the different angles of a topic and their episodes are longer than Lore too; it really adds depth to the show. I especially have enjoyed their series on Shadow People and the most recent on Resurrection Mary. I also have to thank them for the podcasts recommendations; they helped me find Graveyard Tales which is another personal favorite.

Totally Addictive. (5/5)

Scott and Forrest are two of the most amusing hosts that I’ve listened to in a long time. Even their tangents are amusing - don’t listen to other people. The topics vary from historical weird to paranormal weird and are covered very thoroughly at a high level and they give you great resources if you want to dig deeper.

Gets better all the time (4/5)

I really like this podcast. I just started listening so I’m still catching up on old shows. They have a nice range of mysterious topics. Excellent production quality. Topics thoroughly researched with excellent show notes for your own follow up research. While I mostly like the interaction between the hosts, sometimes they argue like an old married couple and their discussion can get buried in the weeds.

Dynamic Duo (5/5)

These two dig deep, research well and present the subject matter in a clear, interesting and unbiased fashion. They don't go over the deep end into paranormal jibberish, they don't try to be comedians (though they're not dry) and they don't just skim the surface. If you're looking for something quick and shallow, this ain't it. If you're looking for depth and insight into some of our most compelling mysteries, this is as good as it gets. Kudos to everyone involved in this gem.

Dis show doh (5/5)

So much fun. Yay beer. Though trying to rate things on iTunes is a pain. >_<

One of my favorites! (5/5)

This is among the very first podcasts I subscribed to and remains one that I’m thrilled to get a new episode from! Forrest and Scott are great and I’ve learned so much... and laughed a lot, too. As the subject determines, they’re also very good at handling sensitive material like the lives lost at Dyatlov Pass. Highly recommend!

Love this podcast (5/5)

I tried this out as a recommendation on another podcast. Loved it instantly. These guys have a nice chemistry and their narration is easy to listen to. I’m binge-listening from the beginning and haven’t heard one that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. I commented on one and got a reply almost immediately. They clearly like their listeners.

Astonishing for sure! (5/5)

THANK YOU Scott and Forrest for launching such an amazing show! I’m very into the paranormal and folklore, and while I’m familiar with a fair amount of the topics you cover, I ALWAYS learn several new facts about these cases, and I love to hear your takes on them. I wish you guys had a TV show - I would be binging that like crazy. Thanks again, keep up the great work! You guys are the best!

Highly recommended! (5/5)

In depth and yet broad. It would be hard to imagine that there remains details on the topic that are uncovered. Plus, the tangents are great.

Six Stars (5/5)

Enjoy and appreciate the legwork you guys do to tell historical fascinating stories that include a multitude of viewpoints so we, the listener, can ponder what the ‘truth’ on any said topic may be. Thanks for being the beings you are! Ramble on!!! Chris, Bluffton SC

Last podcast on the left isn’t as good as this (3/5)

Last podcast on the left is much more popular, but way less informed than this. However, this still isn’t that great, or bad. Good times.

Great Podcast (5/5)

This is, hands down, one of the best podcasts I have in my rotation. Very informative and interesting. Scott and Forrest do an amazing job with reseach and keeping me entertained! Keep up the good work!

Fascinating storytelling! (5/5)

Stumbled on this podcast by accident and have been hooked ever since! Scott and Forrest do an amazing job covering mysterious and esoteric subjects with a good mix of rationality and mysticism. The research they do is impressive and I like the unscripted tangents they sometimes go off on. Even stories I didn’t think would be interesting based on the title turn out to be fascinating. Highly recommended! As a scientist, it’s hard for me to find conspiracy theory shows that I can listen to. This is my favorite!

Great listen (5/5)

Heard about this show on a different podcast and decided to give it a try. Listened to the resurrection Mary series and now I’m going through the backlog. Great show, more than worth your time!

Best supernatural/paranormal podcast (5/5)

This is by far the best paranormal podcast ive heard in a long time. The quality is top notch the topics are interesting and the episodes are long and keep u listening for hours. Within about 1 week i binged every episode. Now that im caught up i just cant get enough. 11/10. Rated 5 stars.

History and mystery lovin’ fan! (5/5)

I’ve been binging quite a few true crime podcasts and have heard some good single podcasters (the Trail Went Cold, The Vanished) and more podcast duos (True Crime Garage, Missing Maura Murray are good but TCG’s Captain gets irritating). I love you guys! You work so well together. Such enthusiasm. You also seem to like each other. (I’m not sure that the Captain likes Nic). Your love of history and mystery shines through and I really appreciate it!!

Love 💖 Love ❤️ (5/5)

Thank you for the professionalism, the humor, the information, and keeping it real! EIC!!!

Well researched with lots of info (5/5)

You will not find a better researched podcast that tells you about the odd stuff in the world. This is an exceptional podcast.

I’ve lost sleep (5/5)

I ran across this podcast unintentionally about 3 months ago. Since then, I’ve binged all the episodes. I love it!! I’m going to be so sad when I catch up to the current episodes. My work day will be much less tolerable. As much as I’ve enjoyed the show, it has given me nightmares and caused me emotional and mental distress to the point I have panic attacks as I’m trying to go to sleep at night. Not exaggerating. I had to take a Xanax just to sleep the other night. So they must be doing something right! Gold stars for everyone! The banter is fantastic. These guys are so much fun. There’s so much I can’t wait for them to cover. I hope they get to go on field expeditions eventually!! I have a perfect civil war battlefield for them to visit near me!

Great Show (5/5)

First time I listened to this show. I really did not like it so much as they got off topic and bounced around a lot on different tangents. I then kept listening to the different episodes and now when Scott and Forrest go off on different tangents I actually enjoy it and love the flow of the show. I love the show so much I bought the theme song on iTunes and it is now my ringtone on my phone.

Needing out (5/5)

It’s like nerding our with your best friend. Beyond amazing. It doesn’t get more real than this.

My FAVORITE podcast (5/5)

I really love this podcast the most. Scott and Forrest are wonderful at breaking down information and relaying it in an understandable and interesting way. Scott’s interviews are fascinating. The topics are always fascinating! Thank you guys for all your hard work.

Dadcast (4/5)

Great job, but the dad jokes and constant giggling pulls me out of the stories at times.

Love ittttttt! (5/5)

Amazing podcast. Thoroughly researched, informative, thought provoking, and entertaining!


Here I am, a GROWN thirty year old woman, and I’m checking over my shoulder for BEKs to come popping out at me in the Walmart parking lot. As if I didn’t have enough things to keep my eye out for there 😅 Not to mention, some random late winter sleet/snow/hard rain storm decided to hit the Chicago Suburb to peak my paranoia 👌 Yep, it’s definitely time to switch listens to the Nazi Bell! This show is incredibly insightful for its ‘genre’, and straight up FANTASTIC storytelling (The Devil in the Diner is perfection!). BRAVO & THANK YOU!

Love It! Love It! (5/5)

I absolutely love this show. The hosts are fun and the stories are entertaining.

Ramblers (2/5)

Not a huge fan of the constant rambling.

A pretty good show, but rambling. (3/5)

This podcast kept me entertained for a while, but I've since moved on to other ones.

Amazing (5/5)

I’m just finding this. I love the hosts and the stories. Very well written and relayed. Highly recommended.

Funny and Informative (5/5)

I love these kinds of topics and thought I’d known a lot, but this podcast has taught me things I can add to convos. I recommend to friends. My only pet peeve? Scott’s use of “a whole nother”. This series leaves me researching stories I never knew too. Love it!!

Spooky, researchy, and astonishingly entertaining! (5/5)

Scott and Forrest have captured my attention. I am a latecomer to this podcast. The criticisms of the first few episodes where they interviewed friends was earned, however they were still good episodes! Stick with it! The episodes evolve yet maintain ahold of the listener’s attention. I myself hold a “doctorate in cursory research” and appreciate Scott and Forrest taking the time to crunch the main data of a given topic to provide the listener a defensible stance to form their own opinion on. I like to listen to A.L. while I jog and after having just finished the “Sludge Entity” episodes I can say that it was difficult to maintain my breathing and cadence while continually getting goose bumps! Keep up the good work “fellows”!

It’s an Astonishingly amazing podcast! (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there that dives into the mysteries of the world. From the Paranormal to disappearance to 🛸 to the woo-woos of the world. You’re missing out if you haven’t ever listened to them.

Interesting - Fun - Lengthy (5/5)

One of my top podcasts to listen to. I enjoy the content, banter, and authenticity of the hosts. They dive in deep on every topic discussed and always keep an open mind. In fact, their open mindedness is probably my favorite things about the show. As previously mentioned, they dive deep, and This can lead to episodes that are extremely long. Sometimes this is off putting and deters me from listening to episodes right away. But eventually I know I’ll be taking a long car ride or doing work around the house and a 2 hour episode is the perfect thing to keep my brain occupied.

Two years (3/5)

For two years I have listened. And now we stumble into self-parody with episodes 2 and 3 of “the tall ones”. Giants. My god boys what are you doing.

Keep doing what you are doing! (5/5)

I wish you guys could make one hundred shows a day. The tangents are my favorite.

Remarkably Done (5/5)

A solidly spooky podcast without all the drama! The hosts know when to take things seriously and when to start joking around with the guests, which makes for a relaxed atmosphere punctuated by some genuinely chilling stories. A mixture of friendly banter, good storytelling, and respectful journalism. Easily a must-have for anyone who likes urban legends and horror (true or otherwise).

Tall Ones (5/5)

Hi guys. Excellent program. Very well done. I’ve listened to part 1 and 2 of the Tall Ones. I’m not sure if you mentioned it...maybe I missed the reference but George Catlin describes the height and physical traits of the tribes he painted in his journals. His description of the Osage tribes is very cool. He describes them as the among tallest people in the world at 6.5 to 7 ft tall.

Love this podcast! (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Whenever it pops up it goes straight to the top for listening to. I especially enjoy the easy, natural chemistry between Scott & Forest. Always an interesting listen.

Simply Astonishing (5/5)

These guys are crazy smart and I feel more intelligent listening to them! Great story tellers and love the added sound effects in every episode.

My favorite podcast! (5/5)

Astonishing Legends is by far my favorite podcast Scott and Forest are fantastic “hosts” and the topics are fascinating. The show reminds me of Lore, but gives a much more satisfying amount of detail and facts, along with fun anecdotes by the hosts.

Great Balance Between Belief and Skeptic (5/5)

I so enjoy this podcast and am so grateful for the other podcast that directed here. The balance between belief and skepticism is a breath of fresh air. I can listen to, and respect, a host who can remain open minded but not an enthusiastic pushover for every hoaky topic out there. My mind hasn’t stopped running since the first episode I listened to only 2 months ago (I’m caught up already!). I think I’m experiencing mental fatigue trying to connect the dots and follow the patterns because, I too believe, as Forrest says, “everything is connected.” Okay, maybe not everything, but there is compelling reason to believe there is something more behind the curtain than is thought. I love the excellent deep dive research that their research community does and have myself probably logged nearly as many hours doing my own research after each show and I have to say the material they cover is thorough! Note to new listeners: I mainly enjoy the serial episodes on the deeper topics and did not enjoy as much some of the earlier lighter topic shows but I’m so glad I continued through the early shows.

Excellent (5/5)

Even though I'm much more skeptical than the hosts, I love the research and background on the topics. Great work guys!

Great Show to Binge Listen (5/5)

Great show, great insight and really fun to listen to. These guys are great to listen to and really know how to digest the information and create a story around each topic. You can really tell Forrest and Scott have a lot of fun doing the research and the show.


Scott and his alternate personality named Forest chat about all the theories behind all your favorite weird stories and some you didn't even know you were interested in. They (He is) are so friendly and have even inspired some doodles from me when they got me interested in the Yeti also #teamgiantsquid FTW

If you believe any of this at all (5/5)

It is very good for... well the thing that make you laugh or make you shut the windows and doors and turn on the light. Like SHADOW PEOPLE. P.s is no body listening to this sense 2015? Hope not. Love it. Thank you for making this wonderful wonderful podcast.i found the sound on part 2 of UFO I am a strange race of . . . Thingy. My race is called the NERD. I love dune, d&d and comix

Smart and compelling (5/5)

They tell very gripping stories. They seem well researched beforehand or they have interesting stories from guests. I like how intelligent the conversation is and they stay on topic.

Oak island (5/5)

So I have only listed to the oak island episodes so far due to I love watching the new history channel show... they do a great job giving info but also having fun with it. These guys are great

great (5/5)

can't wait till the next show!

Listening since beginning! (5/5)

Great show, learned a lot of impressive facts and theories of the world around me. Myself and friends are all hooked!

Review (5/5)

Wonderful hosts, and deep research. Shows only getting better!

Almost great (3/5)

There's a lot I really like about Astonishing Legends. I like where Scott and Forrest fall on the spectrum of belief -- open-minded and interested, but not gullible, conscious of confirmation bias, very well-researched presentation, etc. They celebrate the possibility of these stories -- even when they probably aren't true, there's still something fascinating about the phenomenon of myth and urban legend. I also love the sound design (the Mothman series stood out especially in this regard) of the storytelling segments...light use of sound effects and reenactment is really effective. Music is good. What don't I like? Some of the guests (the Nazi Bell episode) are such a turn off, eccentric in a way that removes credibility, edges the show much closer to territory I don't like. Sometimes I wish the show was a bit more structured. I know some topics like Skinwalker Ranch don't lend themselves to structure, but even those topics that do often seem a bit too meandering. Makes me see why many shows have a more strictly segmented format. And I like Scott and Forrest, I really do, but sometimes the Dad joke quotient just gets too much, too cringey. Sometimes they're not even jokes, just like, "Hey, this word sounds like that word! *giggle*" Maybe I'm being a little unfair because I also enjoy Timesuck, the Boogie Monster and Real Life Sci-Fi, which are hosted by professional comedians, I don't know. And sometimes the deep dives into historical texts are not what I want to listen to, at least not as much of it (a little goes a long way). I really liked the Mothman series, which was the first thing I listened to, but after going back and listening to at least a dozen older and newer episodes, it's pretty hit or miss. Some I like, others I turn off after 20 minutes. I will still check in now and then but unfortunately it doesn't make my regular rotation

Great podcast (5/5)

Informative, interesting, and entertaining.

25% good material; 75% babble filler (3/5)

To the hosts: dump the irrelevant talk and you will jump to 25,000 subscriptions. There's good stuff in these episodes but 75% of the time is filled with meaningless talk, "jokes", what they call tangents (i.e., irrelevant monologues) and discussions of their home lives. With serious editing this could be a very good podcast. The hosts mistakenly see themselves as personalities who we tune in to catch up with as much as to hear the content of their show. Instead, the show sounds unprofessional; the kind of thing that you'd enjoy only if the hosts were already good friends of yours or maybe a relative who you wish you could visit more often. That doesn't interest most podcast listeners. Give us content! Philbrook & Burgess are capable of a dense, fascinating, entertaining podcast which adds to the frustration because there's no excuse for them turning their good material into such diluted fluff. Good grief, they're using 6-episodes to relay material that could easily fit into one or 2 episodes! I hope they will stop trying to be personalities and instead, embrace who they really are: excellent historians, researchers and (when on point) storytellers!

Well-researched, but they don't stay on topic (1/5)

I loved this podcast when I first started listening to it. It's well researched and covers a lot of interesting topics. I've had to give it up, though, because the hosts can't stay on topic and go on too many tangents. One episode (Collections & Connections) went for over 20 minutes before it was even possible to know what that show was supposed to be about. It takes them forever to get to the point, the frequent tangents are never relevant and rarely interesting, and the hosts always slip into oft-repeated, off topic personal anecdotes. For instance, we've heard the same non-paranormal related sleep paralysis story in at least two episodes. In the Shadow People episode (which was of special interest to me), the hosts mentioned receiving a lot of personal accounts of listeners' experiences with shadow people, but, for whatever reason, only chose a few to read -- while over half the podcast was devoted to discussing personal, unrelated anecdotes. It just feels like time wasted. Also, I agree the sound effects are very hokey and too liberally used. They really detract from the stories.

Interesting (5/5)

Love this podcast.

Great show! (5/5)

The amount of research that goes into this show is amazing! Love digging deep into creepy subjects. Keep it up.

Time to re-evaluate (2/5)

What was a labor of love has metamorphosed into making money. The shows are long to accommodate advertisements. Twenty minutes of topic discussion isn’t going to pay the rent. Ergo...rambling story content. The Facebook group is run by a megalomaniac who has no problem telling potential research contributors that “it’s not for the general public.” *Insert eye roll here*

Great show most of the time (4/5)

I love the show and and enjoy the format of discussion and story telling. My only complaint, the only thing stopping 5 stars is when the show wildly speculates and pushes forward conspiracies.(example: UFOs)I understand that people like this and find it interesting but I find it tedious. Keep up the good work fellas and I’ll cherry pick my episodes

fun (5/5)

great topics and delivery. Love it

Awesome (5/5)

This pod cast was recommended by pints and puzzles. I was pleasantly surprised to find they are fun, Witty and knowledgeable about the topics they cover. I’ve listened to the yeti series so far and it’s been great. Can’t wait to listen to more. Keep up the great work. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Obsessed with this podcast! (5/5)

I have listened to every creepy podcast there is. It’s my thing. I love it. When I stumbled upon this podcast, not only was I pleasantly surprised at the content, but the hosts are so entertaining! They have wonderful radio voices and I enjoy listening to them so much. Keep up the great work guys!

My favorite podcast (5/5)

I've been an ardent supporter of Astonishing Legends since my first listen and always suggest it when people ask about podcasts. They do great "deep dig", multi part episodes about paranormal, bizarre science, and true crime subjects that go far beyond the "we skimmed a book or two" approach that other podcasts present to their listeners. Often Astonishing Legends will conduct interviews with first hand observers and imminent researchers. They do a phenomenal job and I also signed up for Patreon just to support the podcast.

This is a great podcast (5/5)

The format, the content, the production - all top notch. The topics are interesting and unfold in a way that draws you in. I love the discussion between SP and FB, Well done!

Dyatlov Pass Episode Sold Me (5/5)

Found out about the podcast while listening to the Expanded Perspectives Podcast and they suggested listening to the Dyatlov Pass episode. I listened and was sold!! I subscribed and I love the episodes!!

Great show! (5/5)

I love this show. The stories are so engaging and at times, so scary I regret listening to it. The blackeye kids story made me lose sleep.

Excellent facinating podcast (5/5)

I just found this podcast a few weeks ago and have been binging ever since. The indepth treatment of the subjects presented and the discussion method you use provides much more information than ususally given and more points of view. I'm looking forward to upcoming episodes. Keep up your amazing work.

Love at second listen (5/5)

So I found this podcast through my best friend who had recommended it. Made sense, we like the weird mystery part of life. She told me to not start at the beginning and pick and choose a topic that sounded interesting to me since you don’t need to go in order. My first listen was on an episode they should have named “tangent city.” So I tuned in and out. Luck of the draw I suppose. My second though was what hooked me. The research they do, and the care they take in telling the story and the situational circumstances is excellent. It’s obvious there is hard work being done here to not only give you every aspect of truth but to also have fun and to make sure we recognize the stories they are telling are about real people and “real” events. Even if it takes you a few episodes to warm up, stick with it. Also, the Kidnapped By Sasquatch episode had me laughing my butt off. Thanks Scott and Forrest for the hard work!

Excellent podcast (5/5)

Can’t remember how I found it, but so glad I did! Scott and Forrest have one of the best paranormal podcasts out there. They always discuss all sides and allow the listeners to decide where they come down on the subject. Keep up the good work guys and thanks so much to the ARC team of researchers.

Wonderful! (5/5)

I first found this on Spotify as I have always been interested in cryptids and ghosts and such. I love the format of these two talking about the stories and theories. I have yet to find a podcast that is similar and still as great to listen to. I listen to this while doing art and it is very calming and sometimes creepy or even funny. Definitely recommend!!!

Hit or Miss (4/5)

While I enjoy listening to this show in the car and in my free time, I often find the episodes either extraordinary or a miss in putting the pieces into a cohesive storyline. Sometimes, well often, they ramble. Which is perfectly fine when it’s a topic I’m very interested in, but a bit arduous when I’m trying to gather information or a story from their ramblings. I will recommend that the Bell Witch series and the Yeti series. They are very well done and worth the time associated with the multiple parts.

Well researched and presented! (5/5)

Keep up the great work!

Used to be better. (4/5)

What’s with all of the multi-part shows now? This was a much better show when you guys got in and got out of topics... now it’s just dragged out. Listening to the same topic for three weeks is not my cup of tea. Still give 4 stars because the early shows are fantastic.

Astonishing Podcast (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning, and I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to hear each episode. Forrest and Scott are witty and funny, and make a great team. They are both very knowledgeable and open minded. The podcast offers great insight to a wide range of topics and has a great team of ‘freesearchers” (researchers that do it for free) that help make the podcast well rounded and extremely interesting. If you love listening to interesting unsolved stories, this is a terrific podcast you are sure to enjoy 😉

Excellent Voice great narrative (5/5)

Really keeps you engaged. Keep the stories coming. Great podcast!!!

This podcast is great.... but... (4/5)

I love this podcast and find it so interesting. I could do without the sound effects. They don’t add any value to the podcast and are a little distracting and cheesy. Otherwise- definitely worth the continued listen!!

Idea is great. Execution not so much. (2/5)

Listened to skin walker ranch content. An hour episode. About 15 min. of content involving the ranch story. 15 min of ads. And 30 min of rambling about mostly unrelated content which failed to keep my interest or my attention. Also tried nazi Bell episode which should be renamed to: let’s ramble poorly about wormholes and ripples in the fabric of space for an hour and briefly talk about the nazi Bell after we advertise square space multiple times. Maybe too long of a title. I can’t get into this rambling show.

Obsessed 😂 (4/5)

This is the only podcast I ever watch you guys have some super great content honestly one negative side note sorry :/ but you guys try to defend yourself way to much like about criticism and skeptics it’s honestly after every few details of the story you guys have to defend what you say and you guys waste so much time doing that but I still love the podcast!!!! -andrew

Code (5/5)

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For the most part great (4/5)

I found this podcast and have been binge listening from the beginning. My only complaint is they constantly are like “our listeners probably don’t know ___” about things most people do know about. Arcade games? Like dude who do you think are your listeners? Two year olds?

Love this show! (5/5)

Best story tellers, top shelf podcast! Just wish they had the time to do a show every night so I could 86 the rest of my podcast!

So fun (5/5)

Love how much research goes into each topic! Came for the Mothman, stayed for everything else.

I love you guys but... (3/5)

HOLY CRAP PLEASE STOP WITH THE HOUR LONG TANGENTS. It’s literally impossible to follow y’all through any of the lectures that you have because you guys go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on(pause for ads)and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on... you get my point. Just get to the subject, talk about some of it, then do your crazy tangents.. at least I’ll have an idea of what the heck you guys are talking about and how it connects to the subject at hand.

Favorite podcast (5/5)

LOVE this podcast - everyone should listen. I’ve gotten at least four other people hooked. Keep up the great work and keep being weird! *edit: I previously mentioned in my review that episodes were missing from Spotify. It seems to be Spotify’s issue, since other episodes of other podcasts aren’t showing up for me either.

Love this (5/5)

I was looking for some good scary story podcast and this one gave me what I was looking for and more, the stories are well researched and interesting.

Great balanced Podcast (5/5)

I stumbled on this podcast looking for information on "Flight 19". Great podcast with two easy to listen to hosts that really do thier research and provide critical balanced analysis.

Strangely addictive (5/5)

I listen to this podcast at bedtime and it peppers my sweet dreams with nightmares. It's all unicorns riding bunnies, then in stalks Bigfoot. I can't count the times I've been abducted by grays or hunted by black eyed children. If you like to explore the stranger things in life, Astonishing Legends is for you.

Love It! (5/5)

These guys are great! The show is always well put together, always a little creepy, and often hilarious! The topics are always interesting and the discussion is always entertaining!

Just fantastic. (5/5)

Impeccably researched and entertaining. Stories of mystery and wonder to brighten your day and creep your night!

Deep dive into legend (4/5)

Excellent research and development of different legends, myths, and scary stories. Can get almost a bit ~too~ in-depth sometimes.

So amazing (5/5)

Scott and Forrest are so great. Their research team is so thourough and I feel much smarter since listening to them. I get scared, I laugh, I hang on every word.

A Favorite (5/5)

Of all the paranormal podcasts I've come across, this one is far and away my favorite. The natural chemistry, good humor, and intelligent interplay between the hosts, Scott & Forrest, is of a caliber akin to Josh & Chuck, from the seminal Stuff You Should Know. The production and sound design is clean and professional, but never overdone or overserious. Furthermore, their treatment of classic cases such as Skinwalker Ranch, Mothman, and Dyatlov Pass, among others, go above and beyond the call of duty for your garden variety paranormal podcast. The episodes are good and long, the research is exhaustive, and the overall perspective is well balanced. There's no pandering here, in one direction or another. It is all about the love of a good story, and what research, when taken seriously, can accomplish. Highly reccomended!

Should be #1 (5/5)

Scott and Forest put heart and soul into this show and I'm can't wait for more. But could use more of that Mothman prophecy guy lol jk your guys rock

Wow! (3/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for several years and used to love it. But dear god they have gotten so long and full of diversions into areas that may be interesting but are often only loosely connected to the matter at hand. I just checked on a few recent episodes which are 2 and 3 hours long!! There are many podcasts out there and I’d like to have the time to listen to some others besides this one.

I like (5/5)


Episodes Are Getting WAY Too Long (3/5)

I love this Podcast and when I started listening to it a few years ago, I went all the way back to the beginning to listen to ALL of them with no problem. I am currently 19 episodes behind and I am finding it harder to get caught up. It seems as though each story turns into 3-5 part episodes at 2-3 hours each. I think this is getting ridiculous. I am finding it hard to stay interested. I may stop listening all together. Hoping they get most of their episodes back to a better managed listening time.

Best podcast by far (5/5)

Thanks guys for the awesome podcast. Research and information top notch. Show is well put together plus both have great voices. Only one negative is there’s not 1 new podcast everyday because I can’t get enough. Keep up the great work fellas

Crazily well-researched, a blast to listen to (5/5)

I used to listen exclusively to narrative/storytelling podcasts, being impatient with radio-style chit-chat. Scott and Forrest changed that. They are funny, smart, passionate about their subject matter, and their dynamic is kinetic. They are just different enough to provide intellectual tension in their analyses of the phenomena, while remaining adequately open minded so neither ever feels like a wet blanket. Best of all, no matter how much you already know about Skinwalker Ranch, Bigfoot, or Mothman, you WILL learn something new. The research is deep, broad, and investigative. I also love the obscure interjections of little-known movie quotes like “miners, not minors!” and millennial-unfriendly references going back to the days of Calgon and ELO. Don’t hesitate—put on your tinfoil hats and subscribe!

The best paranormal/cryptid/unexplained phenomenon podcast out there (5/5)

I’ve always been into myths, legends, the paranormal, and the unexplained. The amount of time and effort Scott and Forrest put into this show is outstanding. They conduct extensive research, present various interpretations of the evidence, and encourage listeners to make up their own mind. Their banter is great, and makes for good company when driving 2+ hours for work. Looking forward to what Scott and Forrest have in store for us every week!

Started out fun and spooky, but got very tin-hat-y (2/5)

I really enjoyed the first few episodes, which were enjoyably creepy. You could really get into the mood and enjoy some quality shivers. But over time the series seems to have gotten more and more into some pretty loopy stuff. 💔 They go deep into the fringe-y evidence that argues for assorted paranormal phenomena, but they do the merest skimming over of the skeptical arguments against. Their representation of the skeptics’ position is usually “umm, it was mass hysteria lol IDK”. After a while it started to truly bum me out that they weren’t bothering to give Team Skepticism its fair say. The truth is out there... if you bother to read a few scientific articles on atypical psychology or cultural relativism.

Just Awesome!!! (5/5)

These guts do an amazing job

Great Show (5/5)

Found this post cast just looking for something to keep my mind busy while working and turned out to be a great find. Not only do they have scary stories but you can tell they actually do research and not make it up as they go.

Best paranormal podcast! (5/5)

Absolutely brilliant.

Loving it! (5/5)

Was introduced through another podcast group that I’m a part of, and it did not disappoint! The research is impressive, voices are silky ;), and topics are very interesting! I love that they interact with listeners through stories, and am quickly binging this whole library!

Worth checking out! (5/5)

This was recommended to me on Spotify so I checked it out now I’m hooked. They have a good mix of storytelling and light analysis. You can buy into it as much as you’d like

Stop and listen (5/5)

I want to hear scary and unbelievable things, with this podcast I get that. I also get a conversation from two friends that sounds like it comes from my own debates with pals. Can’t get enough guys, keep it up.

Awesome!!! (5/5)

Love this podcast!! No other show is as thorough and in depth on these subjects.

Great show (5/5)

Really detailed look into some of the most interesting legends and folklore out there. Highly recommend