Audio Burn

Audio Burn Podcast

The goal of this podcast is to re-establish verbal communication and detach from the increasingly text based world if even just for a little while. Our lives are filled with useful yet distracting technology such as cell phones, digital tablets, and mp3 players etc. With this comes a constant barrage of information on a second to second basis and we're forgetting how to be conversationally involved with one another verbally. During this and future episodes we will be touching on various topics such as local news and the everyday goings on in our community like in arts and entertainment. We will also be taking some field trips to different locations like restaurants, bars, festivals and concerts and will share our experiences good, bad and otherwise. From time to time we will have guests stop by to check in and add to the conversation. So get on that mobile device and ignore the person who's talking to you and listen to, Audio Burn.