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Episode 30 - Private School, Sweet -n- Low & Having A Kid w/ Tripp Durden
My sweet southern bell Tripp Durden joins the show all the way from Rome Georgia to talk about substitute teaching at a private school in the south, growing up with brothers & I grill Tripp about his fast approaching newborn child and all the things swirling in his brain about being a dad. Enjoy! FOLLOW THE SHOW  Email :

Episode 29 - Baghdad Boys, Emergency Pit Stops & Dog Instagrams w/ Joe & Drake
The podcast is back and we are joined by our #1 fan and US military combat veteran Joe Reindflesch bringing us tales from the desert, we recount some 'shitty' travel stories and agree that Instagram is sucking our will to live. Enjoy! FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 28 - Square Pizza, TSC Bad Boys & Saving The Day w/ Drake & Kam
We still can't stop talking about school lunches, recount our favorite stories of terrorizing our first jobs and a story of a man down and a desperate search and rescue mission.   FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 27 - Risky Cuts, MSN & Los Lonely Boys w/ Cam, Nick & Kam
Big suprise Great Clips is still bullshit, we recount our favorite and highly unfortunate memories from MSN Messenger (rest in peace) and discuss possibly the single greatest musical artists of our generation : Los Lonely Boys. FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 26 - Highschool, F*cking off At All Costs w/ Drake, Cam, & AJ
The boys are back to recount our favorite stories of torturing the staff at our local highschool and avoiding doing work by any means necessary. No Regrets. FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 25 - 'The Voicemails' w/ Kam, Drake & Cam #TheFrostbiteTapes
In this very special episode of the Audio Ham Podcast we help our beloved friend Kam Newland tell the tale of a night of drinking and defeat. Here's the catch, he doesn't remember leaving us some legendary voicemails, so we thought we'd show him on the podcast. Please enjoy, #TheFrostbiteTapes FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 24 - The Cali Trip Part 1 w/ Bill, Macaulay, Matt & Dom
In this very meandering episode the four horseman  are assembled to attempt to retell our 7 thousand mile 12.5 day road trip to California and back. We were young, dumb and eager. Who knows when we will be able to get everyone back together for part 2 but it will happen at some point. Fuck Taco Villa. FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 23 - The Corporate Ladder & Facebook Guillotine w/ Drake & Kam
Welcome to 2019, Were back to continue arguing about burritos and the appropriate place to buy them, talk about jobs and corporate life and discuss why Facebook has been proven to cause  every kind of cancer known to man.  FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 22 - Creek Life & Snowball Sniping w/ Cam & Nick
What do you know, were back after another long break to talk about doing hood rat stuff in the woods with your friends, accosting moving cars with snowballs and plenty of other garbage, Enjoy!   FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 20 - Soft Pretzels & Double XP Weekend w/ Cam & Drake
Welcome back to your favorite recorded trash fire , this is a shorter episode and the topics wander maybe even more aimlessly than usual but hey, we only wasted your time not your money. Enjoy! FOLLOW US Email :

Episode 19 - BMX Summers & Dealing With Dial Up w/ Cam
The Goons return this week and in the midst of the babbling manage to talk aboutgrowing up before the internet dominated, doing hoodrat shit on your bike like a real kid, and why the Xbox 360 might be the GOAT. Enjoy!   FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 18 - Substitute Teachers & Hitting The Snooze w/ Cam & Bill
Cam Henry and Bill Harmon return to the podcast to bullshit about our favorite substitute teachers, how we set our morning alarms, fucking with telemarketers, and getting tattooed. Enjoy, or don't. I really don't give a damn.   FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 17 - Smackdown Live & Upper Deckers w/ Cam & Drake
Drake is finally back with stories of attending Smackdown Live, and we remember the most devastating upper deckers in recent recorded history, and remember some fond times spent at Taco Bell FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 16 - Soulja Boy & Getting Roasted By Your Parents w/ Cam
We started talking about J Cole and through many rabbit trails realized that Soulja Boy Tell Em basically defined a generation. We also chat about old school iPods, Vandalism, and getting roasted by your parents.   FOLLOW US Email :

Episode 14 - Jamaican Hospitals, Winter & Showers w/ Nick Ihle
Nick Ihle returns from last week for a one on one episode, where in we discuss top 3 cookies of all time, cereal marketers, John's visit to a Jamaican hospital and the frozen shit-storm tundra known as winter.   FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :   Personal Twitters John Beach - @Beachmaverick82 Nick Ihle - @NickIhle...

Episode 13 - Who S#%T In The Pool? & Calling 911 w/ Bill, Nick & Macaulay
'The Boiz' are in the house for episode 13. Learn how to use LinkedIn to score hot dudes. FOLLOW THE SHOW Email : Personal Twitters John Beach @Beachmaverick82 Bill Harmon @wmharmon Nick Ihle @NickIhle Macualy Counts @JortsDad69...

Episode 12 - Time Travel, Cocaine Cowboys & Human Wifi w/ Brady, Dean, Doyle & Patrick
Joined once again by the crew of 160 E Lane Ave, we attempt to tackle life's big questions like "What time period would you live in?" We barely managed to answer one question the entire episode. Enjoy the trainwreck. FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 11 - Tales From The 160 w/ Brady, Dean, Doyle & Patrick
If the walls of 160 E Lane could talk they would have some stories to tell. If the people who lived there could talk, I think it would sound a little something like this.   FOLLOW THE SHOW Email :

Episode 10 - Thanksgiving Traditions, Hunting & Chip Rankings w/ Cam & Drake
recorded before a night of drinking, John, Drake, Cam and sometimes Nick, stumble through a few classic topics of conversation. Enjoy episode 10 of this bag of hot trash of a podcast.   FOLLOW US Email :

Episode 6 - The Great American West w/ Cam & Bill
In-n-Out, Del Taco and cacti. Its the west, bitch.   CONNECT WITH THE SHOW Facebook : Go find it Email :

Episode 4 - They Got Sammy w/ Cam & Drake
who the fuck even reads these?   FOLLOW US Facebook : Go find it Email :

Episode 3 - Would You Rather w/ Cam & Drake
This one goes off the rails. not recommended for children or anyone with dignity. Enjoy!   CONNECT WITH THE SHOW Email :

Episode 2 - Middle School Shenanigans w/ Cam, Drake & Nick
We were assholes in middleschool. Hear some ridiculous stories. FOLLOW THE SHOW YOU NERDS Email (if you're a grandpa) Rate and subscribe on iTunes New episodes every sunday....

Episode 1 - Drew Ihle. Warped Tour Stories, Transgender Bathrooms.
Welcome to Audio Ham, your weekly podcast for old stories and bullshit. This week im joined by friend and drummer Drew Ihle for some classic tour stories and a bit of political talk. Its like delicious pork meat for your ears. HIT UP THE SHOW Email :