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AWAKEN THE REBEL is a real talk, in your face, hilarious dose of wisdom & practical advice on how to live the life of freedom you desire & be your best self. Comedian turned Life Coach Shereen Thor will help you break the rules, and bust through old paradigms that hold you back so that you can live an extraordinary life by your design. From real life practical advice, to philosophy, spirituality, entrepreneurship, relationships and life purpose - whether you are listening while commuting, jogging, or strolling AWAKEN THE REBEL with Shereen Thor is sure to leave you entertained, enlightened and inspired.

EP23: The Art of Creative Entrepreneurship
Today’s show is a rebel spotlight with my bad ass client, colleague and friend Carlo Moss. He is literally the coolest (which makes me cool by association mwahahaha). The majority of people would recognize him from a YouTube show that he started called “Most Popular Girls in School” which is basically South Park meets Mean Girls with stop motion barbies. It was one of THE biggest scripted series’ on YouTube and has 150 million views and counting wtf?! That’s insane. Get a glimpse into how Carlo has carved a...

EP22 : The True Definition of Soulmates
Today’s show is all about why your soulmate sometimes feels like your adversary. I get honest about sticky fights with my hot hubs and my own codependent tendencies within my marriage. Conflict is just change trying to happen, and our true healing coming through. Stick with it boo, it’s worth it.I don’t love the Gary Vee philosophy on grinding it out in my career, I tend to succeed when I take a more feminine magnetic approach. But I LOVE the philosophy of grinding it out in regard to my marriage, and I bel...

EP21: Wild Soul Movement w/ Elizabeth Dialto
Today’s show is a blast because we get to jam with Dialto! She is one of the ONLY people I know personally who is a coach and comedian at the same damn time lol. So as you can imagine this episode will be filled with insight and entertainment (my two favorite things). I am not much for the gram, but I love hers. I feel she does a great job of adding nuance to our very obnoxious meme magazine life on the internet. So check her out for sure. In this episode we talk about tuning into our bodies to guide us thr...

EP20: Give Me the F#*ing Ball
Today’s show is all about Abby Wambach, a US Olympic Gold Medalist and her #1 New York Times Bestseller book titled, “Wolfpack.” She is a beast (in all the right ways) and has much to say about women taking the lead and empowering each other. In this episode you will hear:  How Abbey’s insights into taking the f#*ing ball as a woman and what that means for you   Why you should not be afraid to say, “Give me the F#*ing Ball” at the top of your proverbial lungs   How having your own wolfpack of women can...

EP19: Life & Death Talk with Sharzad Kiadeh
Today’s show is all about the taboo conversation of what it’s like to deal with losing a loved one. My dad died when I was 17 and I’ve been wanting to talk about that experience ever since. So, when Sharzad started to share on social media that her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer I knew we had to talk. I am SO geeked out excited to have her on the show! You will hear about my creepy girl crush in the episode lol, but my stalker ass aside she is really such a gem. Truly entertaining, hilarious and del...

EP18: Does Having A Relationship Make You Happy?
Today’s show is all about relationships in the context of living an extraordinary life. Do they make you happier or is that just a myth? We talk about some researched based information about what makes people happy, healthy and have longevity. As well as how the relationship itself needs the most honest version of yourself to truly thrive. In this episode you will hear: -Research based information on if relationships make you happy or not -How being honest can support you carving out an extraordinary life -...

EP17: How Do You Translate Your Passion into Money w/ Laurel House
Today’s show is all about how my friend Laurel House did just that. She went from obsessing over boys in the third grade to becoming a full-fledged dating coach. We get a peek into her journey from being an entertainment professional, to a publicist, to realizing she just didn’t like to be told what to do lol (sounds like us rebels haha) so she naturally decided to work for herself. She is a total treat to listen to from love advice to blow jobs, this is one you won’t want to miss. In this episode you will ...

EP16: Is Creativity Silly?
Today’s show is all about creativity and how it lights you up. We live in an “adult” culture where we don’t allow creativity to have much of a place because it doesn’t necessarily produce a “result.” We explore how creativity can breathe life into your LIFE and therefore it can in fact create tangible results. In this episode you will hear: -How creativity can breathe life and energy into your soul -How creativity can help you decompress without a screen -How a sense of play can do wonders for your hot bod ...

EP15: What To Do With Dissatisfaction In Your Life
Today’s show is all about how to live a non-traditional life. Sometimes if we don’t fulfill American Dream we can feel like we are a failure, but what if that’s not the path for us? What do we do when we have dissatisfaction with the norm? What do we do to resolve that dissatisfaction? In this episode you will hear: -How Cindy did not trust my rebel ass for a while in the beginning lol -How do you create the right definition of success for YOU -What does it mean when you don’t fit in in high school? -What d...

EP14: How Avoiding Emotions Effects Your Happiness
Today’s show is about the top 3 tactics people use to avoid emotion in today’s day and age. It’s natural to want to avoid pain, but joy and pain are two sides of the same coin, so how does that effect your life when you choose to avoid one side of that coin? In this episode you will hear: - How avoiding emotions actually effects our ability to experience joy. -How writing can help you cultivate honesty with yourself that will support you in sifting through emotions you typically avoid. -How getting in touch...

EP13: My Stripper Sage Bestie Christina Dunbar
Our guest for today is one of my best friends, and I am so excited to share her with you! She is so special in so many ways and when you listen, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. We discuss her story of going from dancer to spiritual mentor to storytelling specialist. She is an expert at taking off the mask, getting out of your head and getting into your heart. We discuss the breakdown of the patriarchy & how women are coming into themselves more to be the actual truth of themselves rather than ju...

EP12: Can You Set Boundaries and Still Be Liked?
Today’s show is all about setting boundaries and how that relates to empowerment personally and professionally. Leadership requires boundary setting which can be hard when you like to be liked. So, we explore what this means and how it can affect us when we don’t stand in our truth. In this episode you will hear: -About Shereen’s super anonymous top secret executive coaching client who is dealing with frustrating politics within an organization - A discussion on stepping into your power and how that can be ...

EP11: Bold Without Apology: Get Real About Life, Love and Everything in Between with Kevin Hansford
You are gonna thank me today for introducing you to one of my favorite rebels, Kevin Hansford, the founder of Bold Without Apology coaching. Kevin is real and raw and challenges clients with “in your face” truth. This cop turned coach loves to break it down and get real about life, love, and everything in between.  Sometimes it takes the pain to understand what it really means to be connected to someone. - Kevin Hansford   What you’ll hear in this episode: How Kevin heard and responded to the rebel call A ...

BONUS: Spoken Word Performance
Have you ever felt guilty for just being you? Unfortunately we've all been there. This bonus podcast is a performance piece written by Shereen as she moves through her guilt of feeling like the villain for choosing truth. This is her debut as a spoken word artist so enjoy this messy moment. The piece is entitled "Rebel Love."

EP10: Election Chaos Hurts, Literally.
Shereen discusses the collective experience we are all having as a result of this election, and how it is physiologically hurting us. Find out how you can move towards positive progress in this challenging time.

EP9: Is it Irresponsible to Follow Your Feelings
You may not have a linear path and THAT'S OKAY. More self actualizations equates to more clarity on your path, and self actualization can take time and experience. "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation, and go to the grave with the song still in them." What is your song?

EP8: Idealism is Crap
Idealism is a bitch, and it puts black and white blinders on you. This podcast helps you flourish in your life by playing in the gray and letting go of how you think life SHOULD look. It's okay for your process to look imperfect and ugly. You're welcome.

EP7: What Makes You Feel Alive?
What gets you excited in life? Many people get so stuck in certainty and lose the spark of feeling alive. In this podcast Shereen encourages you to really look within to make sure you aren't robbing yourself of what makes you feel happy and alive.

EP6: Being Truly Seen is Deeply Fulfilling
Shereen tells a ridiculously geeky story about how she learned she was faster than any other girl on the planet. We need situations, people, scenarios and community to really SEE our gifts and talents so that we further know and understand ourselves better. Plus some thought provoking questions to support you in self discovery on your journey.

EP5: Stop Abusing Yourself
Your creative process is like a wave in the ocean - it has its ups and downs. In our culture we often feel bad or "lazy" when we aren't taking massive action. Don't fool yourself into thinking that this quiet time is a waste, it is highly valuable. So stop abusing your creative process.

EP4: Fame & Money Won’t Make You Happy
What is your definition of success? Is it truly yours or was it inherited from somewhere else. Many people think fame and money will make you feel happy and successful, but the longest study on happiness begs to differ. Listen in for more details on what actually makes people happy and how you can define your OWN definition of success....

EP3: Your Unconscious Truth
How to truly know what is unconsciously important to you by measuring your progress based on results.

EP2: Uplevel Your Life with Compassionate Rebellion
Get the back story on why AWAKEN THE REBEL was created, and get a glimpse into Shereen’s personal process of growth and how to up level your game. You’ll learn about breaking out of old norms and expectations, and how to release judgement on yourself in the process.

EP1: Let's get to know each other
Shereen takes you out on a coffee date to take this relationship to the next level. Find out if this podcast and movement is relevant for you to go on a second date.