Aggregated reviews for Awards Chatter

'Awards Chatter' is a podcast that features in-depth interviews with the most interesting and accomplished people in show business. Created and hosted by: Scott Feinberg Produced by: Matthew Whitehurst

All episodes   (5/5)

Scott you did a marvelous job interviewing Brian Cox. The podcast was very informative and entertaining.

Best Celebrity Show With Substance   (5/5)

Scott is great at looking at the business and art aspects of someone’s career. Really love his style and choice of questions. Thoughtful guy. Best interview show around Hollywood I have seen. He and Kara Swisher are the two best podcast interviewers I listen to.

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast! He does such a great job at researching before and speaks with such ease. I especially loved the Hillary Clinton podcast!

Awards Chatter   (5/5)

Simply and outstandingly? If that’s a word: the best celebrity interviewer ever. Scott clearly does his research before each and every guest, and you can tell that they can tell. This tends to lead to more honest conversations than I’ve ever heard from a regular talk show interview. Fantastic podcast, in which I check weekly. Been waiting for you to interview Conan for forever!! Didn’t think it would happen, then it finally did! & you did a amazing job Scott, it’s not easy to keep Conan serious & not doing a ‘bit.’.😂

Great interviews   (5/5)

Scott is such a great interviewer, I enjoy this podcast all year long but especially around Oscar season.

Great interviews   (5/5)

Scott Feinberg is an excellent host and interviewer. Love hearing the interviewees “start from the beginning” and discuss their early lives and influences. In-depth and fascinating.

Scottt Fiendberg is one of the best interviewer   (5/5)

Im a fan of this podcast. As an artist I get so many answers to my questions and a boost when I’m in self doubts. During the quarantine this podcast has become my daily companion and I’m happy I used a lot of my time learning about show business and other individuals struggles and journey. Thank you Scott Fiendberg and The Hollywood Reporter :)

The best   (5/5)

If you want interviews about entire careers... there’s nothing better than this podcast. To scope and depth of the interviews are unmatched.

The whole person   (5/5)

I really like the scope of each interview being about the various points of the interviewee’s professional life. Scott does research that allows the audience to go beyond what is in the magazines in a meaningful way. Just wonderful to hear how these individuals had made both bad and good choices. So glad that I found this podcast.

Intelligent, consistent, dazzling   (5/5)

I have listened to this podcast for years now. Scott is professional, well prepared and a great broadcast journalist. I love entertainment news, but I rarely fine it intellectually stimulating. Scott provides intelligent, fun work product consistently. One of my favorite podcasts!

Scott is an awesome interviewer   (5/5)

Love these podcasts as opportunities to deep dive with some of my favorite actors. Scott is as well researched, well Prepared as they come.

No Cookie-Cutter Interviews Here   (5/5)

Scott is a knowledgeable and relaxed host which results in insightful and interesting interviews. Very cool.

Best in the Business   (5/5)

Thank you Scott and team for the fantastic work, I highly recommend this podcast

Engaging   (5/5)

The host is a thoughtful listener and clearly does his research for each guest... In turn, they open up. Great podcast!

Great podcast   (5/5)


❤️ Hollywood stories? This is YOUR podcast!   (5/5)

I love this guy’s interview style! First and foremost, Paul does a copious amount of research on his subject. Secondly, he knows his listeners may not be “in the business” so he asks more probing questions so the person he is interviewing can explain the topic a little further. Thirdly, he makes everyone (or almost everyone) seem appealing. Lastly, once finished with the interview I am left with a laundry list of movies watch - just based upon his enthusiasm and honest interest. Love it.

I recommend this to anyone who is in or wants to be in showbusiness   (5/5)

Based on extensive research and great taste in guests and questions, Scott delivers one compelling interview after another. The only down side is that after listening, you’ll have a long list of movies you either want to see again or see first time. Now I almost look forward to traffic because I get to hear another timely story. His interview with Neon Head Tom Quinn aired the day after Quinn’s efforts led to the historic Parasite win. Scott is on it!

No Kobe Bryant Revisited Episode Zero Stars 👎🏼   (1/5)

White celebrities passes immediate reupload of previous episodes minorities celebrity passed nothing! Very sad

Great interviews and interviewer   (5/5)

Scott really come prepared for his interviews and gets the best content out of his guests. Must listen to Tom Hanks episode. So good.

Scott is really a GOAT   (5/5)

Scott is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever listened to. He asks the best questions and his research is always so impressive. This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts as an aspiring actor. He really gets folks to open up and be relaxed giving us, the audience, a look into some of the greatest minds in the industry. Keep it up Scott and the rest of the team!

Integrity   (5/5)

Listen to the Shia LaBeouf interview. Whether you love him or hate him, this interview demonstrates the genuineness of this podcast.

My favorite   (5/5)

Scott is the best “Hollywood” interviewer so I am BEYOND glad he is the host of this podcast. I love watching all The Hollywood Reporter Roundtables and watch them the second they become available. Out of all the hosts, I loved Scotts interviews of the Roundtables the most. He is respectful, he never cuts people off, he really does his research, he backs off if he feels like he’s losing the guests interest and he is just kind. So glad to have found the podcast! It’s a great to get to know the more human side of these artists.

AV, Cinephile   (5/5)

Scott is someone I admire deeply in the industry. He gets great guests but his level of research is nonpareil and I love his fearlessness in asking tough questions. Keep it rolling man!

A must listen !   (5/5)

Every interview is great ! Listen to any single one and you will be HOOKED!

Excellent Podcast   (5/5)

Scott Feinberg, the host, does an excellent job. He’s one of the most prepared interviewers I’ve ever seen/heard. This show is always fascinating, enlightening and entertaining. If you love movies, you’ll love this podcast.

Love It!   (5/5)

Scott Feinberg is one of the most thorough and prepared interviewers I’ve ever listened to. I have enjoyed several episodes, and continue to get new insight and inspiration from each episode. Thank you, Scott!

Scott is the man!   (5/5)

Look forward to each episode! As a working actor, this podcast is like going to class. Scott’s in depth discussions with his guests on their journey thru this business is insightful, educational and inspiring. Thank you THR and Scott for this awesome podcast!!

Billy Porter is My Hero   (5/5)

Thank you for this interview. Pose is the most beautiful show I have ever seen. What a way to honor this shining soul and his fantastic voyage. I have subscribed and will listen to more.

So Smart   (5/5)

I was never one who really wrote reviews for podcasts, but after listening to the episode where that god awful David Crosby came on and acted like an absolute idoit for the entire time, I had to come online and give Scott a 5 star review. He is always so well prepared for these interviews and always knows exactly the right questions to ask, and it always seems like the guests are genuinely surprised and honored by how much research he has done. Love this show. twitter/IG: @yiannisines

In depth interviews?   (3/5)

Scott Feinberg is a nice guy and sometimes gets good insight from the interviewee but really whenever the interviewee offers it without being asked. I find the approach to chronologically following the actor’s career to not be so interesting. You don’t really get in depth into the actor’s mindset and life like you do with Off Camera. The actors tend to be very flattered because they got to talk about their work for an hour and Scott is very flattering, sometimes obsequious. Some interviews are great but others are more formulaic.

Yeah, but   (2/5)

I can see why David got so upset. Your questions were good, but they crawled along moment by moment. By the time he blew up you were still in Laurel Canyon. It felt like this interview was going to take hours to get to current times and his perspective now. It would have been nice, and he would have been happier, to get to the making of the doc and his perspective now.

Bravo   (5/5)

I just love the way you get to the heart of the person yet never step over their words. Job well done!!! You handled yourself self with grace and never stooped to David’s level. Great job 👍

Poor excuse   (1/5)

For an interview show. Where have I heard of this guy...oh yeah, he hosts “Award Chatter” about current movies. Awards! They give them to movies like Green Book. If that trash can be successful then so can a dolt like Feinberg. Trash.

Total Bore   (1/5)

Very monotonous and dull style of questioning. Essentially a “Person XYZ Biography for Dummies.”

Engaged interviews with substance   (5/5)

I don’t think you’re going to find a better podcast with interviews of actors. Scott lands big time guests and is not too fawning. He has an informal style, and it sounds like the guests are really comfortable with him.

Excellence   (5/5)

Scott Feinberg is filling up some of the space that James Lipton’s retirement has left in the culture.

Very Insightful   (5/5)

Love this podcast— listening to this is like a masterclass in interviewing and I love getting to know all of these stars.

Wonderful & Insightful Interview Podcast   (5/5)

I absolutly love Awards Chatter. Scott Feinberg is a fantastic interviewer. He's well researched, respectful, and incredibly engaging with his guests. Well done!

What a terrific interviewer you are!   (5/5)

Thanks! Just listened to George Clooney and it was such a smart conversation. You are so good at getting out of the way, and you are obviously incredible well prepared. Kudos.

Mikie   (3/5)

I wish you would leave your politics out of your interviews. You would be surprised that a lot of us deplorables are into your show.

Love Scott’s work and this is a must listen   (5/5)

Scott’s interviews are always professional and informative regarding the current entertainment industry landscape.

Political beliefs   (1/5)

Enjoy the conversations until you start bloviating your political beliefs.

The Right Way to do Entertainment Journalism   (5/5)

This is how interviews with artists and creators should be done. Thoroughly researched, respectful approach, thoughtful questions, in a very relaxed setting. We should support this kind of journalism, and ignore the invasive tabloid "news" outlets. Additionally, if you are someone who interviews people for a living, you can learn a lot from host Scott Feinberg. High recommend.

This is how to do a GREAT interview.   (5/5)

Scott has consistently amazed me with his preparation, his thoughtful questions, and with the sheer amount of information he is able to deliver in every episode. It’s so wonderful - and RARE! - to listen to an interviewer who can draw out enthusiasm and complete engagement from (almost!) every guest. Thank you for all of your hard work, Scott. It comes through. As does each guests’ appreciation for you. And yours for them.

Best interviews   (5/5)

Scott is amazing at interviews and always interviews the most interesting Actors!

Love the show, love McFarland -   (5/5)

I still hated that song. A lot.

Great podcast but....   (4/5)

Love this podcast! I just wish they would put times in the description stating when they will be talking about the topics discussed!

Totally hooked   (5/5)

Really enjoying the THR award chatter. Great interviews done by a great host

Good guest bookings   (1/5)

But the Kobe Bryant love at the Oscars was gross. Scott gets absolutely dunked on by his guests on a regular basis as well.

Recommended!!   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! Scott Feinberg is the most pleasant host -he is so incredibly well prepared -even his guests are often surprised by how well he has done his research. He asks intelligent and interesting questions; I have learned so much about Hollywood and the film-industry from the show. I had to go back and listen from the beginning, and have now caught up. Looking forward to every new episode; and maybe someday soon the guest will be Brad Pitt? I think its time you talk to him, Scott😍 Thanks for a great show, and all the best from Oslo, Norway! Pernille