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Quick update on the last four years, interviews with famous musicians, a rap song and terrible screenplay from the Ten Percent More Awesome blog....

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Laurie, Hannah and Emma - Eleven Questions (ep 8)
Meet Laurie the 27 year old project manager, Hannah the 25 year old girl/woman/factory worker/ideas person and Emma the 24 yr old girl advertising suit.

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Roger, Fitzy and Stew - Eleven Questions (ep 7)
Meet Fitzy the 25 year old freelance designer/stockbroker, Roger the 24 year old surveyor and Stewart the 25 year old sales manager.

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Running - Ten Percent More Awesome (ep 12)
RUNNING. Including: Advice column, office ladies and reading old tweets. FYI - I ended up bailing on the marathon. / @_awesome_guys / /

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Dave, Liv and Tommy - Eleven Questions.
Meet Dave the PE teacher, Liv the marketing consultant and Tommy the comedian. We accidentally skipped Liv's favourite thing. Visit and listen to my fucking band. Dotcoms....

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Phil, Lachlan and Ursula - Eleven Questions (ep 5)
Phil the 31 year old engineer, Lachlan the 21 year old rock & roller and Ursula the 28 year architect.

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Podcast with Adam - Episode 3
Episode three. We're super hungover, swear a lot and Beau drops in....

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Podcast with Adam - episode two (Steve Huf).
Our guest is Steve Huf. Steve recently finished playing bass with Ouch My Face (Melbourne) to play bass/horns with Sharpie Crows (Auckland). He also has a solo project called HUF. He's a really great guy.

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Colonic Irrigation - Ten Percent More Awesome (ep 9)
You can see photos at - as well as a link to the version that was published in Three Thousand magazine. LEAVE AN ITUNES REVIEW OR I WILL COME AROUND TO YOUR HOUSE....

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Episode 1 - Podcast with Adam
Welcome to podcast with Adam - a podcast with my housemate Adam Stagg. This is episode one, recorded in our kitchen in August 2011. The sound isn't amazing, I'm working on it.

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Finding New Housemates - article for Death Of A Scenester magazine
This is an article I wrote for edition three of Death Of A Scenester magazine. The theme was Space. Check out as well as and

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The Meredith Gift - Ten Percent More Awesome (ep 7)
I entered the Meredith Gift as a cheap promotional stunt for my band as well as something to blog about. I was upstaged by an acid freak showing everyone his rectum. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE A REVIEW....

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Vegas - Ten Percent More Awesome (ep 6)
Vegas is a filthy town / Reading old tweets. In other news - I'm thinking about starting a dating show for animals.

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I look forward to talking - Ten Percent More Awesome (ep 5)
Podcast number five - I discover that overseas girls find me a LOT more attractive than Australian girls. Read the blog at and listen to my band:

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Together Penguins
This is a short autobiographical film. I made the soundtrack to match the penguin noise....

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Eleven questions - episode 3
Aaron, Steve and Jonas....

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Ten Percent More Awesome - About (podcast 1)
By 2021 I will be at least 100% more awesome than I am now. This is the first episode. Read the blog here:

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