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Mysteriousnesses EP#14: Demonic Possession
On this episode we talk about a giant Pegasus sighting, a humongous UFO sighting in the Gulf of Mexico, a call to 911 describing Bigfoot, and in out feature section we discuss demonic possession.   Show Notes: Mars Base Camp Bigfoot Car Crash Nashville UFO UFO in the Gulf of Mexico Bigfoot 911 Call Bigfoot......

EP#274: Gerald
This week we had Jared Waters in studio to talk about living in the Netherlands, politics, and the science behind living forever. @somethingplanet @thejerodwalker @dutchblackfoot...

Episode #101- Horticulture
This episode  was for all you motherfuckers who didnt believe. Brad Gilmore and Paul V. will chop you up and put you in a mattress like drug money. The last song is explosion by eli paperboy reed....

Awkward Hugs EP# 3
Give it a listen right now before we get sued and have to take it down (wow i hope that dosnt happen). There will be a new episode of The something Planet Podcast on Monday so Give us a call and let us know what you think about Awkward Hugs or just tell us to......

Awkward Hugs EP#2
Listen and enjoy.  You can now also subscribe on itunes, make sure you leave a review, and if you like the show please share with all your friends. 813-964-7526 [email protected]

Awkward Hugs EP#1
Here it is folks the world premeir of Akward Hugs. I dont wanna tell you to much about it so just give it a listen. We want some feedback from you though so givee us a call, make it funny and you will get on the next Awkward Hugs 813-964-7526 [email protected]