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This is a show where we talk about a wide variety of topics while always giving our Awkward Millennial perspective. We'll talk about pop culture, sports, life, love, and usually running shoes.

Awkward Millennials - First Contact with $400 Pants
Internetians! Pardon our technical trouble at the beginning of this episode, it seems the internet deemed our rants unworthy of being on the podcast, that part of the file became corrupted and went to the giant MySpace in the sky. The episode is fixed now and we talk about our ideal cities, $400 pants, and who among us should represent humans at first contact with aliens.  Submit your own questions to [email protected] or on twitter @robdavidsonsays and maybe we'll answer them on future episodes!...

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Awkward Millennials - Zombie Zoo Animals
Internetians! Journey with us on a strange conversation that includes zombie zoo animals, the importance of knowing how to properly tie knots, and road trips with fictional characters!...

travel new comedy san california zombies survival diego millennials awkward

Awkward Millennials - Soccer Playing Apes on Stilts?!
On this episode we discuss childhood heroes, stilts, weird gifts, science fiction devices, and buildings named after us. Somehow this turns into a conversation about apes playing soccer to bring world peace!...

new comedy geek san soccer california diego nerd millennials awkward

Episode 2: Jobs We'd Be Terrible At And An Ode To Running Shoes
Internetians! There are so many jobs we would be terrible at it could be it's own podcast but if we were smart we'd go back and invest all our time in becoming running shoe tycoons! That's not even a joke, I gladly pay nearly $200 for running shoes because they are like little pillows from heaven during my run while $20 department store running shoes make my feet feel like Joe Pesci at the end of Casino.  Be sure to Subscribe and come back next week to hear our pitch for an unexpected cinematic universe....

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Episode 1: Childhood Dream Jobs, Story Telling, and Time Travel
Internetians! Inhabitants of this land we call the internet, we are Awkward Millennials here to answer questions that the internet overlords demand. If you have such a question you can tweet it to @robdavidsonsays or @rudythewriter or send it via email to [email protected] Today we talk about what our childhood dream job was and why we do something else, ponder time travel, and talk about story telling while talking about books we are writing.  We're still learning the podcast game so even though...

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