AWO Podcast

A$$holes with Opinions (AWO) is a podcast covering the latest on MNMs - (Music, News, & Manga). It’s five guys giving their take on everything going on in the most sarcastic and hilarious way possible. Every now and then we have a guest join us to become an A$$hole for a day and give their own “Opinion.” Heck…every now and then our name changes. So for the most part, you’ll see AWO. You can always message with a suggestion of what you think AWO should stand for for that week. Anyways… Each member considers themselves a nerd but we don't necessarily fit in that category. So we made our own category - we're cool nerds that talk about Music, Movies, Comics, Anime, and everything in between.

AWO 9 by Su-Fly Productions...

AWO - Femininity & Things Of That Nature
We'll be back!! Things been getting busy lately but here's an unedited episode of us talking bout recent events and cultural extravaganzas. We were most definitely on that D'usse and it gets reckless. So sit back and press play - also, give back to the community and share/like us on Facebook, Tumblr, & Twitter. Be safe tho....