BAYTS Podcast

Khoa and Keren become a youtuber and cry. Support this podcast:

We Turned Down $20,000 Dollars.
Today we talk about the business side of YouTube. How you make money, monetize your content and brand deals. We talk about the time we turned down twenty thousand dollars. New episodes of BAYTS will now be  available on Tuesdays! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:

Dealing With CPS As A Youtuber
How people think it's okay to make false accusation reports to Child Protective Services on Youtubers and how I will be seeking legal action. We also bring light to how amazing being a YouTuber is, and how with any job there are its faults. Don't be scared away from being a Youtuber just yet, there's plenty more good than there is bad.  --- Support this podcast:

Being Parents On Youtube
We talk about what its like being parents on youtube, the good the bad and the ugly. Keren brings you back to why she started it all and the downside to this lifestyle sometimes. Don't cry, we've done enough of that for everyone! Enjoy! --- Support this podcast:

We Bought A $200,000 Car
We talk about why it's a dumb decision to buy this car, but it's even dumber to be mad about it.  --- Support this podcast: