Aggregated reviews for Behind the Bastards

There’s a reason the History Channel has produced hundreds of documentaries about Hitler but only a few about Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad guys (and gals) are eternally fascinating. Behind the Bastards dives in past the Cliffs Notes of the worst humans in history and exposes the bizarre realities of their lives. Listeners will learn about the young adult novels that helped Hitler form his monstrous ideology, the founder of Blackwater’s insane quest to build his own Air Force, the bizarre lives of the sons and daughters of dictators and Saddam Hussein’s side career as a trashy romance novelist.

Some episodes are good. Some are really stupid.   (2/5)

I find myself skipping big chunks of the podcast just to get back to the point. Instead of being an hour long 2-star podcast, it could probably be a 5-star 20 minute podcast. Sometimes they inject their extremely liberal/progressive ideas into history. Sometimes the podcast isn’t even about history (Biden/Obama love novel?) Also, sometimes one of the female hosts goes on a long tangents about how she feels victimized by white people which usually has little to nothing to do with the topic (Native Americans in Canada). It’s almost like she doesn’t wanna get out-done in her victimhood.

Wow!   (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast. Funny and a brilliant view of history.

Fantastic show - Sophie is annoying tho   (5/5)

This show is very well researched. Robert is fun to listen to and clearly knowledgeable on his topics. The guests are fun and I enjoy their personalities. I’ve seen a lot of reviews noting how Sophie knocks this podcast down a peg and I have to agree. Your female guests are never irritating but Sophie is consistently. Her interruptions are awkward and verge on inappropriate. I don’t get it... looks like I’m not the only one. However, that is a very small aspect of this podcast and it does not warrant a lesser rating. But Sophie, please knock it off

Amazing research   (5/5)

Great podcast, very knowledgeable and humble. Love the transitions to ads. Also, I have a spare audio splitter if you need it.

Great content, odd host lineup   (3/5)

I’ve only listen to a handful of episodes and well I enjoyed the content it’s content I can find another leftist podcast, and I’m a bit confused by the host format as it seems like there’s a main guy who is a bit edgy, and then a girl or two who chimes in once every 20 minutes or so for no apparent reason that’s pertinent to the conversation. They feel like secondary characters in a movie and in this instance it feels a lot like the guy is telling the story and the two girls are just there to agree with him. It just feels like a really weird dynamic.

Super bummed   (2/5)

I was a really big fan of this show for a long time, but, unfortunately, can no longer endorse it. In the past months, nearly all of the show has been dedicated to circlejerking left-wing ideological purity rather than historical figures. I’m not sure if it’s due to the hosts’ change of course or otherwise, but the wide range of guests common during the early days has given in to a small, rotating cast of other far-left, bitter ghouls. I’m a member of the DSA and know my left-wing theory and ideology. If this show is going to be a wholly partisan one like Best of the Left or the Young Turks, at least make that clear and commit. At least folks looking for a new show to listen to will know what they’re in for.

Sofiya Alexandra   (2/5)

Her tone is jaded and at a constant setting of negative. I know that statistics show women to be targeted more critically for vocal fry, but her’s is some of the worst in podcast land. A podcasters voice is pretty much the brand of the show. I question the reason for having a second person on this show other than someone who might be vital to the subject at hand. Sofiya is obviously an intelligent person, but why can’t the “filler” or “buffer” voice be someone who sounds a little less like a depressed valley girl that has to say “like” every third word of a sentence? Robert usually avoids saying “like” constantly unless he is recording with her. Overall a good show. It just needs someone who sounds like they give a dam about something. If it just has to have two voices that is.

My absolute favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I have listened to every episode of this show multiple times. It’s very illuminating and interesting. Robert Evans is an incredible human in many respects and has a wonderful way of shining a light on the darkest corners of history and making it impactful yet palatable!

Love this Podcast   (5/5)

I have listened for well over a year now. Sometimes I have to take breaks when I have bad brain times but that's not because the podcast is bad but because my brain is sometimes. I definitely recommend it.

Biased   (1/5)

The reviewers and extremely communist!

Who listens to this garbage?   (1/5)

History and facts twisted to fit a narrative by a hack that narrates and some moron that chimes in cluelessly. How mindless and how brainwashed do you have to be to buy any of this?

Robert Evans is a national treasure   (5/5)

My absolute favorite podcast. PRODUUUUUUUUUUCTS and services.

CBP   (5/5)

The Customs and Border Patrol needs a third part. We need to know what’s going on under the trump Administration.

Unique, Smart, Funny   (5/5)

Robert Evans is one of the great voices in podcasting

Good stuff. Could improve.   (4/5)

I enjoy the podcast. But episodes are very hit or miss. Sometimes there’s lots of footnotes and sourcing and sometimes I’m left asking where they got some of their information. There’s definitely a left-leaning bias from the hosts, but I don’t think that’s a big deal as long as their sources are good. I also think they should bring on guests who offer either a different perspective or at least contribute meaningfully to the conversation. The Behind the Police series was this podcast at its best, but they’ve kind of lost me on some their recent episodes.

Love it   (5/5)

Can’t get enough of this show. I was in tears from laughing so hard listening to the Alex Jones episodes. Definitely a new favorite podcast of mine!

Interesting, but skips around   (1/5)

Podcast skips pretty badly, including skipping the entire apex of the most recent episode. It’s infuriating.

Entertaining and Informative   (5/5)

My only issue is the episodes seem to be skipping around of late. Catching up and I’m into October of 2019 and the episodes are jumping back and forth in conversations every few minutes. Love this show, but it’s a little frustrating to have this issue.

This guy is the best. He’ll teach ya   (5/5)

Great humor and knowledge come through on a journalistic platter and I love learning new terrible sh*t about people that influenced major parts of history. Intriguing! Thanks for all you do Robert!

Ben Shapiro   (5/5)

I’d love to see Benny S rewrite the classics. 🤣

moral purtiy police   (1/5)

When you refuse to support the lesser of two evils you are dirctly supporting EVIL. Grow up or is it so imprtant to whine about the world that you need 4 more year of Trump to appoint an entirly right wing supreme court? Enjoy your privalge while we are dying out here.

this podcast is excellent!!   (5/5)

it’s both funny and educational, sophie and the guests always have hilarious commentary to add to a super well-researched and informative show!!!!!

It USED to be good   (1/5)

So off topic now; just make a new podcast. The liberal slant is off putting.

Annoying.   (1/5)

Really getting tired of the term “white privilege” and being considered entitled and racist, being white. I’m none of those things. Also, I know your generation seems to hate Trump but can you keep your political opinions to yourself? Tired of hearing it! That’s not why I signed on to this podcast.

Decently informative and interesting concept poor execution.   (2/5)

The podcasts idea and purpose are very good but I find it hard to listen with constant meaningless side topics. The worst thing about the podcast is when a guest comes on who is little more than someone with a verified Twitter account. In the border patrol episode, the guest did not add one single intelligent or meaningful idea. I would greatly prefer a podcast where the guest’s microphone is not plugged in.

Excellent   (5/5)

I always enjoy listening to Robert’s well researched show. I learn something new every time!

Insight into things you “thought” you knew   (4/5)

Robert, great job. Well researched and intelligently written. Producer Sophie: get your own show or add something other than simple comments which more often than not add nothing to the story. Thanks!

Band of criminal rioters   (1/5)

The peaceful protests in the 60s took place during the day, not at night, when windows get smashed and cops get attacked daily. Not listening to this podcast anymore since you admit to destroying my city. Shame, I enjoyed it for a long time. F you.

Skipping audio   (4/5)

Love the podcast, love the content. My only complaint is that almost every episode I’ve listened to will have moments where the audio skips around and often will repeat short segments of dialogue, or sometimes skip ahead 10 seconds or so. I don’t know how this could be a problem on my end because I’ve watched the time counter continue advancing as it should while the audio skips around. Is it just me having his problem?

Weirdly Therapeutic   (5/5)

I woke up this morning in not such a great place, really depressed and anxious, lots of kind of defeatist thoughts, and just a lot of unpleasant feelings up in my brainmeats. Then I read the words “unbearably thirsty Joe Biden/Barack Obama mystery novel” and for some reason at least for the moment, I feel like everything is gonna be okay.

I love this   (5/5)

Such a great podcast.

Packs 30 minutes of material into a 75-minute podcast   (2/5)

Too much digression and irrelevant side conversations for my taste. That and the numerous factual errors and mispronunciations make this podcast difficult for me to listen to.

Wow.   (5/5)

I can’t believe I just now discovered this podcast. Fascinating topics covered in an entertaining and informative way. I’ve loved every episode I’ve listened to so far and I’m excited to keep working thru the back catalogue.

Always interesting   (5/5)

Robert is always VERY prepared to tell the stories in ways we were never taught in school. He always has a guest who goes on without knowing what topic will be discussed. Love it when Billy Wayne Davis and Robert discuss grifters of all kinds. The Pat Tillman episode was fascinating. I highly recommend this podcast Now that Robert is doing great live video’s every night from Portland OR, I can’t stop watching. He’s covering the federal agents who just showed up there. He’s literally IN the group with the protesters and he gets doused with tear gas and hit with impact munitions pretty often. Robert has unselfishly mentioned the names of other reporters who are on the Portland streets as well. This man is doing the real work to get the real story. He’s not a desk jockey. PLEASE read some more Ben Shapiro!!!! Funny as Hell

Jumping on the fear gravy train   (1/5)

This started good but went off the rails. Panic spreading and anti patriotic now

The war on children   (5/5)

How is it that teachers are never the experts on education? It always seems to be folks outside the classroom who have never taught a single class. NCLB (called Nickleby by those is education) was an unmitigated disaster from the point of view of any educator. The episode was informative and as usual, full of Robert’s incendiary bias against the police. Please, I am begging you: stop doing the broken introduction as if you are not a professional broadcaster. I enjoy the show and this juvenile piece at the beginning is beneath your abilities.

Its ok   (5/5)

the stories are interesting

Amateur Hour   (1/5)

This guy is trying to tell the story and there is an annoying girl interrupting him every 10 seconds. Might be the worst podcast I’ve ever listened to.

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

I’ve listened to almost all of the episodes - admittedly favoring the historical ones. But I have gone back to listen to those several times, even going so far as to buy the source books for the episode to learn more. The sounds quality has improved a lot. It used to be difficult to listen to on speaker because the volume between the episode and ad was so different. That could a personal preference and it’s also a very minor gripe and doesn’t affect the quality of content at all. Thanks for all the knowledge, Robert, Sophie and guests. Please do a Dollop crossover.

Excellent research on shockingly terrible people we should all know about   (5/5)

Robert Evans is a brilliant journalist. His humor isn’t quite my taste but that hardly matters. The research and writing is top notch. Whenever possible, he will explain how some terrible person or group of people got us to where we are today. It’s the history lesson you won’t get anywhere else but that we all need. Desperately.

Great show.   (5/5)

Very informative.

Very interesting   (4/5)

Show touches on plenty of topics in a fun and informative way. If you want a show that is going to be serious from start to end, this isnt the one for you. One criticism: the editing is sometimes patchy with occasional minutes being replayed

Love the show   (5/5)

But Danl needs to proof his edits. I feel like I’m going crazy how much the editing jumps around and replays itself

Love it!   (5/5)

This is one of my fav podcasts. My extra love it when Billy Wayne Davis or Jamie Loftus are the guest.

Great   (5/5)

Recently started from the beginning of the series. Thankfully, I’ve finally (hopefully) gotten through the throwing things phase..... everything else is great.

Garbage   (1/5)

Can the “Snarky” BS! Whining brats

Seriously who edits these   (4/5)

In nearly every episode there are entire chunks of conversation that cut off abruptly then are re-played.

Interesting   (5/5)

Really interesting stuff. Keeps my attention.

Nope   (1/5)

Snarky, whiny, propaganda trash.

My Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast! It’s history presented in a humorous way. I’ve listened to every episode thus far, highlight of my Tuesday’s.

US-Iran relations   (1/5)

Male host read Wikipedia article...female host offered little but immature attempts at humor. Terrible.

Love this guy.   (5/5)

He always shares his sources (lots of them!) in the show notes. He is legit. He is not making up stuff just to hate, it’s all true!

Behind the police   (5/5)

Really really loved the behind the police miniseries; thank you for it !

LOVE THIS GUY!   (5/5)

I wish Nic Cage was young again so he could star in a movie about Robert

Nice premise, don’t like the delivery.   (2/5)

The show does a good job of picking some actual reprehensible people to discuss. I am glad to get some history and warnings on some of these people. But episodes are too long and have a lot of filler, at some points their reactions to the stories they’re telling feel a bit like they’re getting an endorphin rush from talking about people who have created a lot of suffering, and they spend a lot of time making fun of people or drawing skepticism to people who are just behaving normally. All of that kind of detracts from my enjoyment of this show.

Get over yourselves   (1/5)

Snarky hosts. Lame delivery.

Revisionist history   (1/5)

Absolute revisionist trash!

Very informative, but annoying guests   (3/5)

I just started listening to this podcast and while I find the information interesting, the guest of the police series is really annoying. He’s inarticulate and clearly doesn’t plan what he’s going to say. I’ll listen to more podcasts if this guest isn’t given a platform.

love this podcast   (5/5)

amazing podcast! love the info and the topics especially the current issues and police episodes soooo good! it makes my long commute enjoyable!

Information dense, still accessible   (5/5)

Loved especially behind the police with Prop, who also has a couple podcasts of his own worth checking out. Very occasionally some of the jokes made seem a lil ill advised but the information is so crucial and well researched I can get past it fine. I recommend this podcast to everyone, tho I’m sure fash haaaates it.

Why listen?   (5/5)

Re-enforces how bad people can be

Thoroughly enjoyable   (5/5)

In these post George Floyd days I am gratified to find a voice that is sharing the history of “bad” policing pass the context of racial justice. I appreciated the fact that you stated that there is so much more to bad policing than racial injustice. My fear is that justice for all will not be served until the history of police violence against protesters, women, labor, juveniles, etc is fully understood and deemed unacceptable.

Love it   (5/5)

This is my new favorite podcast. Especially liked the special “Behind the Police” series. I had no clue about 3/4 of that stuff. Also history classes need to teach about Hitlers flatulence and Stalin’s drinking binges. Kids might actually want to learn about it.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you for this series, and everything you do, but especially for this series!

Nice blend of quotes and commentary with a good sense of humour and delivery   (5/5)

Really enjoy the show! I appreciate the blend of extended quotes from scholars and journalist paired with Robert's commentary and guest reactions. Well done. I am particularly appreciative of the recent Behind the Police run.

I tried   (1/5)

I really want to like this podcast, but I just can’t because of the guy who is the host. It’s obvious the jokes, made in extremely poor taste, are made by a white guy who is somehow (after making all these episodes about terrible dudes in history) is UNAWARE OF HIS PRIVILEGE! There is absolutely no way a person of color could get away with half of the things this guy says. It’s gross. Please...PLEASE, just stick to telling us the facts.

Cannot recommend this strongly enough!!   (5/5)

This podcast will be mind blowing for people who think they understand the roots of racism in America. The history is so much worse than you probably believe especially if you are white. Robert and Propaganda are brilliant and do a great job of both making insightful commentary and moving the narrative.

This should be required listening in every High School   (5/5)

I have learned more real history from this podcast in the last year than I have ever have in institutionalized education.

Behind the Police   (5/5)

Wow, this series is my introduction to the podcast and it was amazing. Totally opened my eyes to why and how our law enforcement is like it is today. Buckle up for an education and Prop is best guest ever!!!

Slow down when reading.   (4/5)

Find your podcasts to be very informative but when you’re reading, can you PLEASE slow it down. Some of us can’t listen that fast and absorb the info. Tried slowing down podcast but then it’s too slow. Please just dial it back a bit. I understand you have a lot of information to share within a given time period but please slow down when reading!!!!

Meh   (2/5)

Another guy convinced hes one of the smartest ppl on earth and that he understands spirituality better than everyone he talks about. Sorry but clocked.

Ghetto   (1/5)

Too much opinions, not enough facts. Another hateful, ignorant host, with a abundance of arrogance

Love it   (5/5)

Robert is the best and extremely well researched! This is a must listen.

Snarky in its attempt at wokeness   (1/5)

When you take an attempt at some very selective scholarship (with a liberal interpetation), mix in a dollop of hate (in general) for current establishment and convention, then bake for about an hour and you get the idea of this podcast. It offers the presenters opinions as if they are factual and true, presenting a case as being either black or white with no room for shades of gray inbetween. The lack of real world experience is evident. Being geared toward telling the woke crowd exactly what they want to hear is a safe way to prove a premise, and continue to bolster a general lack of insight to the facts in the topics discussed. Personally not my cup of tea but it may be something for the masses. Use of unnecessary profanity and a lack of openminded insight by the host detract from his attempt to tell his tale.

I like this one (1) white man podcasting at me   (5/5)

Really appreciating the current police series ft. Prop and looking forward to the rest of it. As a QTPOC the diverse guests & their commentary keep me coming back, along with Roberts clear effort (keep trying!) in episodes like the orgasm grifter to include queer, trans, and/or gender nonconforming people in histories that normally exclude us.

Amazing! Addressing other reviews   (5/5)

Recently Robert has moved to speaking upon systemic oppression in our “justice” system. As always, he decided to be thorough and go in depth and go over a large period of time. Because of socio-political tensions in USA right now, some people read the titles (which are not aggressive), and quit there. These people who have not heard these episodes decide to tear down a podcast they were absolutely mad about before. This is a podcast all about history. All about being well rounded (while still knowing that you need to look to more than one source to make any conclusion...) For those unable to express an open-mindedness or relative objectivity at the very least... OOF, I’m sure this podcast has become a hard listen! For those truly interested in educating and bettering themselves the way I believe we were created to... an amazing listen. Time flies when you’re addressing things you believe(d) and learning more about the people/events involved. To close, I would like to reiterate that this is an extremely inquisitive podcast that dives deep every time, and presents a wide array of information.

i love this show   (5/5)

i love robert and sophie and everyone else on this podcast. lately i can’t even listen to other podcasts except worst year ever because it feels like no one else is saying the right thing. you guys understand how bad everything is and yet you still manage to make me feel a little better. i don’t know how you do it. it must be magic or something. but thank you.

Great work   (5/5)

All you bitter ass reviewers giving this 1 stars fail the vibe check. Excellent as ever from Robert + I thought Prop was also a super compelling guest

Entertaining & informative   (5/5)

This show makes me laugh while I learn about all sorts of things. Some of what I’ve learned is valuable and socially relevant and some of what I’ve learned is different terrible peoples porn habits. Still, it’s learning!

Pass on this one.   (1/5)

Ok avoid this Podcast. It’s not very interesting. They failed miserably with the Stuff You Should Know model. They are light on facts and seem to try to compensate with expletives and silly high school girl laughter. Hopefully it will get cancelled so room can be made for an actual enjoyable podcast.

Some interesting content, but...   (1/5)

The idea is good, the execution is lacking. I guess I don’t think Stalin’s murders are all that hilarious. Perhaps in more skilled hands an effective and humorous podcast about these terrible people could be created, but these producers are unfortunately not succeeding in this. It’s like National Lampoon’s Best Villains, and that’s not a compliment. Unsubscribing.

Great information and entertaining   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. But man, Propaganda has been an annoying guest. Enjoying the frequency of BWD recently.

Essential   (5/5)

Robert Evans fills in all the blanks and examines all the grey areas of history’s biggest names and events.

Great   (5/5)

Fantastic, well researched. Hilarious, and at some times, down to earth and real. Listen to the show already god damnit

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. Think that probably says as much about me as it does about this podcast.

This is great. We never learn this in school.   (5/5)

Loving this podcast. You never learn the history of the police in school because it’s a history of terrorism and white supremacy in defense of the rich.

Robert effn Evans   (5/5)

Keep it up.

Like, like, like, like, like   (1/5)

Like, when will millennials learn to, like, speak? Like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, like, when, like, do you think?

You lost me.   (1/5)

Been listening for years.. and made time to today to listen for the new episode regarding the history of policing.. and here I am trying to absorb your statements regarding killing of the Panhandle. I relocated here last year from Seattle so please don’t assume that I come from some wild place of ignorance.. but you’ve lost me. Evil is evil.

Just the best   (5/5)

Simply one of the best podcasts around. Great research, wonderful guests, amazing host. I love it. 🖤

Great podcast   (5/5)

Robert is a fantastic host and researcher. Majority of his guests have been funny and a great addition. I recommend this podcast a lot.

Could be good   (1/5)

Great information in ep 1 of Behind the Police but too many jokes

First time Listener from Abilene,Texas   (5/5)

Just finished the policing episode and y’all happened to talk about Abilene I will say that teen usually do get out of here as soon as they turn 18 lol great episode though guys I really enjoyed it

omg...this guy...   (1/5)

is many things but he’s not funny...nothing worse than an arrogant ass who thinks he’s funny when he’s not...

One of my go-to’s since the beginning.   (5/5)

I started listening at the beginning of Robert’s journey. I love his eloquence and his humor & i could binge episodes over and over. His deep dives and honest questions to his listeners regarding race & privilege are always insightful and awesome. Thank you for entertaining and teaching me more 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Great pod which is cast, but audio quality really distracts   (3/5)

The material is good, the host is entertaining, most of the guests are amusing, but lately the production quality has really suffered. Pieces of the discussion regularly get repeated throughout each episode, at least 5 times in the Grossman episode. Each time it occurs is a painful 15-30 second repeat of what you just heard. Dragging down an otherwise 5 star review.

Show   (1/5)

Just a terrible turn off.

Well researched history dipped in gallows humor - so tasty   (5/5)

Edifying, entertaining, and truly horrifying in equal measure. A show I look forward to every week.

Love the show   (5/5)

Great to learn and have some laughs!

Great show.   (5/5)

Love the episodes with Bridget Todd. Would love to hear more episodes with her!

woo!   (5/5)

Sophie is a delight!

I ❤️ Sophie   (5/5)

Just saw a review complaining about Sophie’s interjections and had to counter. I love Sophie and Anderson! Listening to old episodes where she just laughs occasionally and does not step in to chastise her son just isn’t enough for me! More Sophie. Also Brain blast remote ball throwing machine Sophie can activate to throw bagels at Robert to keep him limber.

Please   (1/5)

Please if the producers read these. Sophie, it’s not cute to vamp for 3 minutes to get someone’s twitch handle. It’s so annoying. Please stop talking.

The only cohost should be Billy Wayne   (2/5)

Please get rid of Sophie and Jamie.

David X Cohen?!?   (5/5)

Wow, amazing. I’ve given this a 4 star review before, but David X Cohen bumps that to 5 automatically. Great snag Robert.

Robert plus BWD is perfection   (5/5)

Robert Evans humor and incredible research plus the guests- it’s amazing chemistry. Really really well done, thank you so much. I will forever be keeping the live episode of Soldier of Fortune with BWD on me at all times in case of emergency.

The best   (5/5)

Amazing dry humor mixed with great research and interesting takes. All the episodes with Billy Wayne Davis are top notch.

Man   (2/5)

Bruh get rid of the laugh track and the really unfunny people

Just Crass!   (1/5)

This is a podcast that is definitely not worth listening to. If you hate the American Dream & love big government you might find this entertaining. The vulgar language is truly a turn off. This group needs understand how the economy works. Totally the California mentality. Except they don’t get it their state is broke & broken.

Fun Podcast   (5/5)

Always funny podcast about the worst people in history

Could be interesting but too annoying   (3/5)

This is the type of program I usually love. Lots of interesting information. Unfortunately, the banter is none-too-witty, making it very difficult to enjoy the actual story.

Host is tired of show and it shows   (3/5)

Evans just needs to pull the plug on this. He’s clearly bored with it. His juvenile demeanor, and intellectual weakness, have lost their charm. Also, he’s kind of a bro. He’s much happier with male co-hosts or more compliant females.

My most anticipated podcast every week!   (5/5)

Found this podcast when they did their episodes on the religious right and now I listen every week. It’s a great way to learn some history about horrible people with some laughter to break up the dark topics. Easily my #1 podcast right now.

Informative and Entertaining   (5/5)

My mind has been blown by this podcast on a consistent basis. You have to listen to understand how completely deviant and evil people can be. My jaw has rug burns from dropping to the floor. This is my favorite podcast out there. I never miss it. In Macheticine We Trust

More DanL Please!   (5/5)

I’m only 20 minutes in and I listen consistently but I’ve never felt the need to comment until now. MORE DANL!!! (I assume this is how it is spelled...?)

Episodes not Long Enough   (5/5)

We need to know every bad thing about Stevewhat his name.

Please shorten episodes   (2/5)

Dude I don’t need 2 hours on Steven Seagal!! I can only listen while driving (kids). Keep each episode less than 30 minutes.

Comedy to cruelty   (5/5)

BTB is a random history lesson taught by Robert Evans; who eloquently and hilariously presents the unknown truths behind the worst people and concepts in history! He is entertaining and educational! My favorite guest he frequently has is Billy Wayne Davis who adds a flare of additional sarcasm! Thank you Robert and team!

An ar15 isn’t a machine gun.   (4/5)

Carl may episode. AN AR15 isn’t a goddamn machine gun! Ugh it’s a semi-automatic (one trigger pull one shot) can’t stand the liberals uneducated views on guns

Robert 4 President   (5/5)

I would vote for him. I think Jamie Loftus would make a great VP.

He went there   (5/5)

While talking about a snake oil salesmen, they had the guts to say “medical” marijuana was 50% quackery. If Robert Evens isn’t telling you the truth, it isn’t because he lacks the courage to.

More 5 Star Petty   (5/5)

Ya’ll mad about the Bloomberg ads???? Robert get your money FIVE STARS. And Bloomberg, if you’re listening you can Venmo me too

Confused   (1/5)

I liked this podcast until it starting running Mike Bloomberg ads. Mike Bloomberg is awful enough to have an episode about him. Do you not have control over what ads play on your show? Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves.

Pretty good.   (5/5)

I tune in once every three or four episodes, if I like the guest or if the bastard sounds interesting. Show’s not bad.

Dark subjects   (5/5)

But so well educated. Robert blows my mind with how much work he puts in. Some great cohosts too. My favorite is Billy D Williams. I get excited whenever I see him on the list!

Who is the audience for this?   (1/5)

Smarmy, unfunny, defamatory, childish, lacking in historical understanding, ideological diarrhea. If that’s what you were shooting for, then congrats I guess. 👍

Annoying cohosts   (4/5)

But many interesting stories.

1/3 Guests are Amazing, 2/3 almost ruin this podcast   (4/5)

When they have actual, funny guests like Billy Wayne Davis or Ever Mainard (bring her back!), it's incredible. The other 65% of the time, the guests seem to be "comedians" who did an open mic once and now host niche podcasts in LA while presumably their parents cut their rent checks. They aren't particularly witty, funny, or even insightful, just repeating platitudes like "I can't even" or "robert, why did I even come on here???" The episode I just listend to, the guest didn't know the difference between debt and deficit, or if we had one with China. The less funny or witty the guest, the harder Sophie laughs to try and bail them out. Basically, when they get legit comedians or intelligent people with something interesting to say, it's the best thing I listen to in a week. When they throw a bone to one of their ditzy LA creative friends or podcast network peers, it's a painful hour that doesn't shine a positive light on whatever overpriced liberal arts college their parents overpaid for.

Informative and fun   (4/5)

This podcast is very informative, seemingly well-researched judging by what I already know to be true (however, I noticed one sloppy mistake from the Russian Scientist part one- *chimpanzees are not monkeys*), and but the substantive content is outweighed by the darkly humorous banter by a huge margin. I like some of it, but sometimes the tangents get so far off topic that I struggle to remember what you were even talking about before. The host and the majority of his guests are very entertaining to listen to (especially the whimsically dark humor), and all conjecture I've heard (from Robert, anyways) has been clearly presented as such. That being said, sometimes the cohost guests either make awkwardly uninformed/dumb comments *cough* Cody *cough*, or are just not particularly funny. I really like some of them, but they seem pretty hit or miss. EDIT: I'm docking a star because I recall at least 2 guests who seemingly express genuine belief in astrology. My eyes don't roll hard enough for this absurd superstition.

To all of those complaining...   (5/5)

Stop complaining about Sophie because she is one of the best parts of the show!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

Been listening since the first episode and I recommend this to all my friends! I really hope one day they’ll do a live show in philly

Takes the story more seriously   (2/5)

I enjoy the podcast but I don’t appreciate the mindless chatter and unnecessary laughs.Stick to the facts

!!!   (5/5)

Outstanding. From Robert throwing bagels, to Anderson wanting nothing to do with such behavior, to Sophie keeping it all in check, this show has it all. The products and or services are of the highest quality.

Interesting and some funny dialogue   (3/5)

A totally different angle on history and really funny at times! 4 stars only because you have not seen and also disparaged Raising Arizona. Nicolas Cage rocks his role as do the rest of the actors. One of the finest, funniest and most profound movies of thw 10th century. If you watch it than you too can hilariously quote from the film. “There’s what’s right. And there’s what right. And never the Twain shall meet. Anyway thanks for a great poscast😀 Uhg again something annoying. Learn how to pronounce words before you record. Kibbutz. So annoying to hear you or say “kibitz” over and over again which means casual chatting amongst friends. Kind of what you do on your podcast. Losing credibility is not cool. I like your podcast so I’m just saying know before you talk.

Great show...but Sophie   (4/5)

Great show, Robert and most of the guests are very funny and entertaining...but Sophie. Dear god Sophie shut up! She’s never contributed anything to the conversation, just cackles in the background and whines about stuff.

If you love learning and dark humor...   (5/5)

Equal parts funny and educational. If you love learning and have a dark sense of humor like I do, you’ll probably love it.

Solid but, Sophie shouldn’t be on mic   (4/5)

Great show but Sophie has one of the worst laughs I’ve ever heard and it’s included unnecessarily.

Love it!   (5/5)

The best episodes are the ones where the guest hosts have some knowledge of the subject-like the Black Panthers, and Suleimani ones, or if they have some grasp of history and/or human nature. The “oh wow man” commentary of some guests doesn’t add much.

Great   (5/5)

Hilarious, sometimes sad

might as well be a monologue   (2/5)

The guests come in without knowing anything, and their jokes (plus the producer butting in) don't add much. Just give us the stories!

Just here for the bagels and Anderson.   (5/5)

The poignant but thoughtful reviews of powerful people throughout history, told with a surprising amount of humour, is okay too.

Slightly disappointing   (1/5)

I don’t normally rate and review podcasts. I have to say that there are aspects I like about the podcast. The host and co-hosts that are brought on seem to mesh well. The biggest thing that turns me away from this show is that it devolves from what is being discussed to slandering or comparing to something that isn’t even comparable. Equating the president to a child molester or even comparing concentration camps where millions died in horrendous ways to detention centers on the border isn’t funny or accurate. It’s irresponsible to say the least. I hate it evacuate the talks and backstories of some of the people discussed are interesting enough on their own

Mainly great   (5/5)

I’m very left leaning and mainly love the podcast. However, it would be a more enjoyable show without Sophie’s very lacking humor and commentary. It would also be great if the guests knew the topics beforehand so they could contribute better, otherwise it leads to too many tangents and Robert’s constant correcting of his guests.

Pretty much just extremely very good and great   (5/5)

Amazing podcast. One of my favorites. Robert— you are SO hilarious and smart. Only two complaints: please mix the show better. When listening on anything other than headphones, I have to constantly turn volume up and down, especially in the car which is my favorite place to listen. Also, sometimes you have intolerable guests who offer no sense of humor and offer zero valuable insights into the topic at hand (namely shereen, but others too here and there). However, there are plenty of great guests too, and Robert keeps it intriguing no matter what. 4.78 stars!

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

Lol at all the people who apparently came to listen to Robert Evans’ podcast, but didn’t actually want to hear his opinions. Yes, he leans a good bit further left than I do, but he never misrepresents the facts, and if you can’t see the value of the info he provides separate from a little editorializing - sorry you wasted your time. Sorry as well that you’ll miss out on the actually huge amount of well researched and insightful content in this podcast. Evans’ journalistic chops show, and I find myself getting interested in parts of history that I never expected. Also, a few more (apparently) hot takes: Billy Wayne is amazing (as are most of your guests), the episodes are NOT too long - I run through them way too quickly as it is, and you gotta keep laughing at your own dumb jokes, man. Also S/O to Sophie, the best disapproving foil to Robert’s occasional outlandish silliness.

Good show except...   (4/5)

The guests should know what they are talking about. It makes it a little awkward. I get the idea behind it but at least get a guest that knows a lot about what you’re about to talk about. People should also know that it’s a younger person/generation that’s talking about things. I’m 40 and I like the banter but they seem very young with bc their opinions

Well-researched, super interesting, but please cut Sophie out!   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts...very interesting, well-researched and some of the guests are fun and hilarious (looking at you, Billy Wayne!) Robert is a super smart and endlessly entertaining. But for the love of all that’s holy in podcasting, PLEASE, please edit out Sophie the producer!! Her laugh is so obnoxious and her interjections dont contribute to the stories. Hearing her is like nails on a chalkboard and really bring down this excellent podcast. I haven’t heard another podcast where someone in the background is constantly laughing and interjecting. It’s so distracting and annoying! If I had a million dollars to give you to do this, I certainly would. Please. 🙏🏻

👍🏻   (4/5)

I mostly really enjoy this show because I loooove history and the host seems to be very well versed in the topics. My only complaint is that it drives me crazy when he starts correcting his guests all the time. I mean, they don’t know the subject matter before hand and they are expected to contribute to the conversation. But then they say something he doesn’t agree with or is “wrong” he is quick to say “Actually...” Makes him sound a bit pompous, like he’s always going to be smarter than you. Could you chill on that?

Can’t stop listening   (5/5)

Help! I’m stuck here listening to a really coherent Robert Evans explain crazy history to comedians. It’s too good to not enjoy! My boss has been begging for me to take off the headphones for weeks now but I can’t stop listening! More seriously, I have turned on a lot of friends towards this podcast. If they have a different political opinion I steer them clear of some of the more modern examples of history and make strong suggestions on the first 3 or so episodes that are best to start with that aren’t recent enough to make it political. The ones around medicine and doctors are usually the best starting point if you are triggered by mention of politics that disagree with your own perspective.

I listen every week!   (5/5)

Love this podcast and impatiently wait for new episodes every week! Start with the first episode so you understand the pod’s humor, the host’s background, and the personalities of the rotating guests. Evans does an excellent job and delivers the information with integrity. FYI: This pod SHOULD make you feel uncomfortable because you’ll realize how completely terrible humans are to one another. You may even realize that you’re a terrible person too! If that happens, don’t worry. Keep listening to BTB and learn how to not be human garbage.

Awesome   (5/5)

This podcast is the perfect mix of hilarious and educational. The host somehow manages to impart knowledge and thoroughly entertain me while still conveying the weight and horror of the actions of history’s worst people. I also think the show manages to keep politics out of it 90% of the time. The few times that politics do come up, he gives u fair warning. Totally worth the listen. Also, ep 62 made me laugh so incredibly hard.

🖕🏿🖕🏿   (1/5)


I Hate MLMs   (5/5)

I came for the Gary Young and Chiropractors episode. Stayed for all of them because wow. Love this podcast!

Great Sh*t!   (5/5)

Love how long they are! while working I hate having to stop and find something new in 15 to 30 min. Also outstanding content and well researched while being funny! Keep it up!!

WowZa YowZa   (5/5)

Holy, cool, and unsurprising

Favorite favorite favorite   (5/5)

I 100% clicked on this podcast by accident and now I’ve listened to every episode. Robert is great with guests (oof love me some billy Wayne Davis), well researched, and entertaining. I love the tangents! And while I understand whyyyy they’re cut up into two segments now, the gap day between episodes is brutal. Thanks for this show!

Keep up the Good Work!   (5/5)

Love the show. I will have to take this opportunity to defend my fair city of Memphis from the slander it has received. Pyramid issues aside, Memphis has a rich history of housing a vibrant local Jewish community as a result of in immigration from Central Europe. It’s a fun place to visit for sure, I promise you won’t die

Fantastic   (5/5)

This show is phenomenal, I appreciate the always appropriately timed episodes and the hard work from the team! You can always tell a lot of care goes into every episode. I always ignore the comments saying the show is “too biased” or should be “neutral”. Even the concept of neutrality is political. And I feel like when you look back at history or look into the current political state with any honesty it’s difficult not to become progressive. Soapbox over, I love this podcast and I go out of my way to listen to every episode! You’re all amazing, keep up the great work!

Informative & well researched   (5/5)

Shines light on some unpleasant/unpopular history. There is no such thing as “neutral” or apolitical discussion of the past. I appreciate the host being open about his opinions as well as presenting a range of sources including accounts from the “bastard” being discussed. I especially love the fake/bad doctor episodes with Billy as he and the host have such a great dynamic.

This podcast is a gateway drug!   (5/5)

Thoughtful, funny, & well researched. Extremely interesting topics with hilarious guest hosts - I found several awesome podcasts as a result of listening to BTB.

Biased? Yes. Truthful? Also yes.   (5/5)

All the reviews complaining that Evans is too political are overlooking something important- the subject (the titular bastard) of the podcast is often a political figure! To those who complain that Evans is biased- Yes you can tell by the comments Evans makes that he is quite progressive- he will outright tell you that if you’re paying attention. My question is this- is his research any less accurate or true for his bias? Nope. He is honest about his sources and their dependability. If something he says is opinion, his or some one else’s, he says so. Keep up the great work Evans, and Sophi! Lastly- MORE PROP PLEASE! Propaganda is an amazing cohost! Easily on the level of Billy Wayne Davis!

Amazing   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts! I love the rotating co-hosts and the obscure and interesting stories that you don’t really hear anywhere else.

Annoying ignorant guests   (2/5)

Politics aside, individuals are allowed to say what they want to say especially if they have a platform to do so. The problem I have are the guests, they have no idea about the subject that they are there to talk to about. It’s frustrating and a majority of them are not funny. I would think a person of color would know more about Andrew Jackson than “he had slaves” and have total ignorance to what he did to the indigenous peoples of America. It’s shameful and no wonder history is repeating itself.

Left wing agenda   (3/5)

Good podcast, a lot of the comedy is based on left wing political agenda. I prefer my entertainment podcast to be politically neutral.

A podcast I have a hard time getting tired of   (5/5)

Incredible podcast with loads of fascinating facts about people I had no clue existed. You catch Robert Evans’ bias pretty quick for economic policy but otherwise he’s pretty straightforward and well researched in most regards. If you’re not a big fan of treating human beings equally the show may be too liberal. My only critique is that the guests can sometimes be a grab-bag as far as substance or humor, make Billy Wayne Davis or that girl in all the baby killing episodes permanent co-hosts.

Can’t stand Robert Evans   (1/5)

The premise of the show is great... execution is terrible. The host, Robert Evans, thinks he is a comedian. He is not. It is uncomfortable when he is laughing extremely hard at his own jokes even though the courtesy laughs from his guest have stopped long ago. He runs the same tired bits over and over. It reminds me of MAD TV. Not funny but they just keep sticking with the same garbage. I keep trying to listen to it, because I want to hear the stories... I always end up frustrated and upset. Please. Someone other than Robert Evans. Please.

Waste of potential   (1/5)

Could be an excellent show, but it is ruined by anti-conservative viewpoints, feminism and jokes that mocked Christianity. I love history, but when Bobby Evans just short of called President Trump a dictator and implied he was in an incestious relationship with Ivanka, I had enough. How Stuff Works has the potential for good shows but ruins it with politics and poor research.

pjhop921   (5/5)

required listening in the 21st century

Stopped listening after half an hour   (1/5)

It’s a true shame to listen to someone who has a legitimate topic, destroy his credibility with his potty mouth. While the title of the series is perfectly legitimate, having to listen to a grown man perform the audio equivalent of a two-year-old throwing his food on the floor because he can get away with it just turned me off.

Could Be Great with a Nonpartisan Approach   (1/5)

The Hitler/Trump comparison theme is getting really old. I keep listening hoping that it’s just a phase for Robert...but he and his guests keep adding hate fuel to the fire

Too political!   (3/5)

The topics are well researched and presented in an enjoyable manner but then he becomes to political and it becomes too obvious that he is ultra liberal and slams conservatives. I am not a political person and don’t want my entertainment to be tainted by opinions. It was the downfall of many comedians.

Too Much Talk Not Related To Subject   (1/5)

The episodes could be shorter, too much blabbering and annoying laughing.

Horrifyingly hilarious.   (5/5)

This is one of the best podcasts that I have ever stumbled upon. Apart from being brilliant and funny... it’s enlightening. Nothing else like it.. do yourself a favor and listen.

funny, but less political   (4/5)

i really like the podcast but i would like it a lot more if Robert was a bit less political. i am a republican and there are times that i feel like Robert is talking about all republicans when he disses Trump.

Fun voice , no substance   (1/5)

Ad hominem and red herring misrepresentations in a fun and quirky package; good to learn the position you’re supposed to believe.

Good GOD is that guy Jordan annoying   (3/5)

He needs to shut up and stop laughing at his own jokes. The type of ‘comedian’who thinks talking louder and a lot make you funny.

Doritos. Give this man some money.   (5/5)

Don’t listen to this if you like being blissfully ignorant.

Mucho bueno   (5/5)

Keeps me sane on these long bus rides. Perhaps you could look into the Watchtower orginization?

Love this one!!!   (5/5)

Nice guys finish last. The ones who finish first usually lie and cheat to win. What will we do with a crook who lied & cheated to win the presidency, and who keeps lying & cheating and getting caught lying & cheating??? I was once very proud to be an American. Not anymore.

More impartiality, less politics please.   (2/5)

It’s not that Robert and his guests get political at times. I think it’s important for people’s opinions to be questioned on occasion. The problem is that they do so in an extremely dismissive and snide way, and never entertain the possible merits of any beliefs besides their own, thereby alienating any audience member who doesn’t subscribe to their world view. I started listening to this podcast back when it first began and it was great! Aside from the occasional digs at politics/social norms the hosts disagreed with, Robert did a great job at telling educational and very well researched stories on some of humanity’s worst, all in a very entertaining and enjoyable way. It’s gotten to a point now though where the show feels more like a dissatisfied social commentary than an alternative education program. The guests often seem uneducated and over-opinionated and Robert (as left leaning as he may be) often seems to pander to their own agenda, if only to appease them in the studio. I’d suggest trying to be more impartial in the presentation of the stories, and maybe keep to a small number of insightful comedic guests instead of a grab bag of wildcard nameless comedians. Great novel idea for a show and a great host, just wish it didn’t have such a political bent to it. I hope it changes back to how it used to be but for now I’m unsubscribing.

Please continue politics!   (5/5)

Idk why anyone would want to listen to a podcast where it’s just a wiki dump with no editorializing, because google is there for you if you want it. I come for the bastard facts, and stay for the hilarious and insightful progressive fury! This show is charming and educational and a reminder that there are bad people among us who are colossal conmen making everything worse, and the only remedy is learning about them in order to steel yourself for the next bastard trying to sell you something. Thanks a Robert - keep up the good work!

Pleas stop politics   (5/5)

I’m pretty left leaning and this is painfully annoying even for me. You know you’re stuff. This could potentially be one of the best podcast but your guest and these opinions are so freaking distracting. Facts Robert. Please just give facts. Possibly find a guest that you can gel well with and stick with it because we know most LA comedians aren’t that funny. They are just like people that call themselves actors that that only are talented enough to be in their friends movies. Not saying all guest are bad but most are. And what’s crazy is a lot of people that write these bad reviews are on your side man. We all know you can produce great content. It’s almost as if you surround yourself with bad talent and most guest on this show drag you down. I do like Cody though and a woman who I forgot her name.

Keep personal politics out   (1/5)

Was enjoying podcast until it became just another liberal “woke” bash Trump program. We know you don’t like Trump but can we just hear the story?

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

I was wondering who all the one stars were— Exactly the racists you’d think they’d be

Politics   (2/5)

This show is an awesome idea, but you guys have very condescending comments toward anything you don’t agree with. Seems a little bit out of place on the show at times.

Confusing   (1/5)

What’s with the excessive laughter when taking about serious subjects?

Favorite Show   (5/5)

This show is really amazing. The host is soooooo good. An awesome attention to detail. Producer Sophie is a great addition. LOVE

Show was ok until....   (1/5)

You had the two moronic left wing idiots on that did nothing but bash President Reagan. Maybe next time stick to the actual topic and leave your political bias out of it. Won't be back unsubscribed. Was forced to listen on a drive...same show but had to add....Hey, Anna we got it you're Persian maybe try actually adding to the conversation other then making sure to mention your immigrant status. Also you might want to take a gander at the history of your own people's treatment of other races or religions, the US has been here less then 300 years, your country/region has a much longer well documented record of abuse/slavery/death and just overall mayhem. Sort of a pot meets kettle and introduces themselves situation. 🖕

Two guests - my favorite   (5/5)

WeWork and L Ron Hubbard the final years, I wish you would have those dudes on over and over. You are amazing and I wish you the best in life. Also, your humor and penchant for drugs and off colored jokes just make me very happy.

One of my favorite shows   (5/5)

I love this show. I have a dark sense of humor. Would love to see Jeselnik as a guest host. You know to darken it up some.

One of my very favorites!   (5/5)

If you like getting mad, this is the podcast for you.

Well executed   (5/5)

Robert Evans clearly displays his ability to research a topic. He dives deep into political history while keeping modern aspects in perspective. Robert Evans proves himself as an investigative journalist with his words and actions and I’d recommend this to anyone looking to a deeper insight on geopolitics with a lighter flair

One guest host, not two.   (4/5)

I love the show but Robert you work better with just one guest star. This part 2 of We work episode was extremely hard to enjoy. You guys went on so many tangents that I could not finish it. Every 5 seconds you guys went on a different joke and got off topic.

Decent   (3/5)

Politically biased. Wish they would stick to the intended content and leave the politics to the pros. The content presentation is great when they stick to topic.

One pump,one cream   (5/5)

2019 wasn’t a great year, but it was the year I got introduced to Robert’s podcasts, which makes it an okay year. I’ve listened to everything and now I’m listening to them all again and thought that this might warrant my very first internet review for something that wasn’t soggy padthai. So here it goes: Robert Evens is probably confusing to most of America. But not to me. The end.

Terrible banter   (2/5)

If Sophie/ia could become interesting or say anything interesting or funny, this would be a good podcast. As it is, she interjects constantly with nothing, and ruins the whole thing.

Great research, but cool it with the profanity   (5/5)

I love the history, but the profanity makes it uncomfortable to listen to. Toning it down will do justice to your time spent on research. I’m not sure why that language is necessary when the topics are so interesting.

Well....   (2/5)

A very left leaning friend turn me towards this podcast. At first glance I picked up that Robert is about the only one that seems to at least attempt to bring facts. After getting through the Kim trilogy it confirmed that while he does leftist out every so often, he at least does the best job at giving you the facts. Most of the guest/Co-host are annoying at best and dumpster fires at worst. One example is the stretch to compare North Korea’s situation to Trump over and over trying to punch it in. Overall if you can get through the political stretches, occasional left leaning turns and useless copilots, it is an entertaining show and I learn a few new things from time to time (Although I fact check before buying everything said here) It’s not perfect but I still listen.

I wish the language wasn’t so explicit   (4/5)

I really like this podcast. I think it’s a great idea whenever history is presented in a different and interesting way. The information is well researched and thorough. I just wish the language was SO explicit. I could take the occasional F bomb or a few scattered explicit words. This just is a bit too much and it seems jarring. I wouldn’t have thought I would care or notice such a thing, but apparently I do. Plus, I can’t listen to it with my kids, which is a shame. My son would love it.

This is the best show   (5/5)

There are none better.

John Brown?   (4/5)

I liked this show mostly but I can’t for the life of me understand covering a man who fought to end enslavement and died trying on the same show that’s covered dictators. A mess.

Very Left Wing. But not all bad.   (2/5)

I enjoy the show but these guys are VERY left wing. Sometimes they will make great leaps of logic or even mistake someone’s point of view entirely to paint someone they don’t like as a bastard. The Bjorn Lumborg episode is a good example. Lumborg is not a climate change sceptic as they make out, but looks at climate change from an economic standpoint. The whole episode is about making him out to be a denier. Lumborgs bastadry it turns out is that he doesn’t agree that it is as a big a catastrophe as these guys do. The hosts don’t try to be impartial in any way shape or form as far as I can tell, but if you can handle that, or you share their politics, you will probably like this podcast.

50/50   (3/5)


Brilliant   (5/5)

And so funny!

Easily my favorite podcast ever   (5/5)

When Dan and Jordan from Knowledge Fight are his guests, I immediately delete because those two morons, and I use the term politely, contribute absolutely nothing...the high pitched voice dweeb needs his mic permanently turned off. That being said, I love this show, even when Robert strings together 3-4 sentences of nothing but what the guest already said so he’s basically parakeeting them. His multi-episode historical leader subjects are by far my favorites!

Worth a listen, but...   (4/5)

I genuinely enjoy Robert’s writing. I always learn something new and interesting with each episode, and I’ve mostly liked the guests. I feel like the information this podcast shares needs to be heard. Unfortunately I have to endure Robert’s super lame “comedy” and “edgy” bits (“I’m starting a cult!” “There’s a machete on the table! We hit bagels with it!). Also Sophie’s voice is like jagged rusty nails on a chalkboard. Overall a solid podcast, with just a dash of cringiness.

Unfunny   (1/5)

Gave it an honest try but couldn’t stop cringing.

🥯   (5/5)

I wish Robert would throw a bagel at me to be honest.

Save lives, do crimes   (5/5)

Find this podcast via a love of Cody Johnston and Katy Stoll. Couldn't be happier with the discovery! This podcast is incredible. Robert is a phenomenal speaker and he writes pretty okay. The guests they have on the show are all equally lovely/funny/inspiring.

Bagel throwing is hilarious, but don’t overdo it   (5/5)

Please don’t overdo the bagel throwing, Robert, it’s awesome but will get annoying if it goes too long. Also, listeners, don’t try to binge this podcast or you will have an existential crisis. It’s like Older Black Mirror in that respect. Ps, more Sophie please.

Congo   (1/5)

Teresa is so unfunny and annoying, honestly has nothing to add, either historicly or comedic

Annoying   (1/5)

It’s great to hear about the problematic history of things and to question your beliefs. Unfortunately, these guys are super annoying and condescending. More white guys who believe they know everything. I only listened to the rudolf steiner episodes but wow, the guest added nothing and was incredibly annoying. There was a lot of interesting material but they ruined it with dumb, offensive jokes and wild generalizations. They jumped to a lot of conclusions and lacked evidence for some of their conclusions. Not sure how you can blame concentration camps on organic farming but boy did they try!

Love the antics   (5/5)

Everyone who says the bagel throwing and in jokes are stupid are the people who are ruining our country.

Pretty good but...   (3/5)

I find the topics really interesting and there’s obviously a lot of research that goes into each episode. However, the jokes, especially about sexual assault and genocide, are in poor taste and the constant “yea yea yea”s are really distracting and very annoying.

I vibe with Robert   (5/5)

No matter what your political views, Robert’s got a scalding take for you served up with a heavy dose of Macheticine. You’re keeping me sane, man! Keep up the good work.

Good Podcast, Needs More Substance   (3/5)

I like this podcast and a lot of the work on it is absolutely amazing. I’ve learned a lot about historical figures that I absolutely never would have had I not listened. It’s also hilarious. Lately it’s.. gotten more and more difficult to listen to. The gimmicks and in-jokes of the show are funny a few times, but most of the time they just don’t come across as all that funny or engaging in an audio medium. Ie: throwing bagels, asides about the studio or would only make sense if in the studio or worked in the studio. They’re fine in moderation, they’re even endearing and personable! But they’re becoming more and more prominent which makes it less enjoyable of a listen for me and difficult to share with non listeners. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk, I look forward to listening to the episode about whoever invented it.

Good but   (3/5)

I really HAVE liked this show so far but...The guests are annoyingggg. Billy Wayne Davis was the only funny guest maybe Jamie was funny too but wow the others are... really not smart and really derail the show. And then they offer like 6 grade level analysis? WHY? but otherwise I like Robert Evans and the premise is excellent!

Somewhat hampered   (2/5)

This is a very enjoyable and educational podcast. Unfortunately, the otherwise likable host shoves his dumb commie-socialist politics into every other episode, to the point it comes off as less as a history podcast then a political rambling center. Still, very solid. I recommend the episodes on Georgia Tann and King Leopold II especially. Machete my bagel

Wow it’s finally happened!!   (5/5)

This is the first time I have audibly yelled “Nooooo” when I saw the title of the newest episode (100). Since listening to your series... it has led me to QAA and Knowledge Fight and I can’t thank you, Mr. Evans, enough for your dedication and work.

Good Show Bad Shticks   (4/5)

Very tired of Gallagher-esque antics on an audio medium. I can't see the watermelons getting smashed or the bagels being tossed. Stop telling me about them. The core of the show is good, so I keep listening. Keep that skip forward button handy for the physical goofs.

Boring AF   (2/5)

Titles of podcasts sound interesting but not impressed with the actual podcast sorry. Very unfortunately the live show is really horrible audio and unable to hear the audience’s comments, making it painful to listen to and hard to follow what is being discussed and why all the laughter...??? Annoying. Couldn’t make it past 5 minutes of one episode. 2 stars for interesting-sounding titles.

Couldn’t listen to more than 5 minutes   (1/5)

I started listening to the first episode about Duterte and couldn’t believe how the hosts were constantly cracking jokes around the subject of the ongoing genocide of poor people in the Philippines. They should have been treating it with the seriousness it deserves, or not cover the topic at all.

Silly but informative   (5/5)

The research is great, I love the humor that helps break up such heavy subjects. The episodes where they’re actually in the room together are better, but I enjoy them all.

Great show   (5/5)

MORE Sophie and Anderson

.   (3/5)

Wish they’d just chill a bit with the object throwing and gone down jokes just a bit. Love the writing and research gone into it though.

Listen Up...   (1/5)

Regarding Jeff Epstein. You guys seem bright. Please stop referring to the victims of Jeff Epstein as CHILD PROSTITUTES. What are you thinking??? They were trafficked and assaulted children, not sex workers!!! Jesus. Be more careful gentlemen. T. McNeilly

Good Podcast   (5/5)

Love the show. Wish there was more throwing.

Ehh   (2/5)

Does this Robert guy script his repeating what the cohost says?

Bad radio morning show   (1/5)

The majority of the show is these idiots trying really hard to be funny but fail miserably, continuously mention their “fans”, obnoxiously and horrible fake laughing throughout.

5 star podcast with 1 Star tropes   (3/5)

The research and stories in this podcast are absolutely amazing. The machete and throwing bagel schtick has run its course and aggravates me every time it shows up, which unfortunately is several times per episode. The only thing less funny than watching a Gallagher bit is listening to one.

It’s good   (5/5)

The depth and historical analysis of Carlin with the dark sardonic humor of Carlin

Mechedicine   (5/5)

Hack your way to health. For just 16 low low payments of 49.99 you to can experience this groundbreaking medical miracle

Live   (5/5)

My favorite episode!

Sea Monkeys   (5/5)

Love the podcast, just listened to the live show, you and BWD crushed it. I don’t know if it was the absurdity of the topic or the audience energy but it made my chest hurt I laughed so hard

I stan Jamie and her popcorn preferences   (5/5)

Jamie— I have never felt more seen than when you ate popcorn with salad dressing and said that thing about needing to “make dry foods wet”. I used to dip buttered bagels in hot chocolate at my church’s “bagel Sunday” as a kid. Stay moist, stay excellent

Wonderful   (5/5)

I have spent a couple of weeks just listening to this podcast because I find it so enjoyable. There is a blend of history and humor in every episode that I find undeniably captivating. There are subjects that Robert has covered that I had some tangential knowledge of, but I didn’t have the full understanding of their bastardy- which he covers in exhaustive detail. Based off of Robert’s research and humor, I’ve also bought his book.

Good core, questionable details   (3/5)

The base of the podcast is good! Reasonably thorough research, with sources given. In at least one case I went on to read the books cited and found the presentation an accurate characterization of the source material. However, the guests are of widely varying quality: some episodes I hate them, some they add nothing, and occasionally they’re good. And I always have to skip like a minute on either side of an ad break because of the pointless bagel rambling. It’s kinda funny the first time but gets old quick. Overall worth a listen but pick and choose episodes that sound interesting and make liberal use of the skip button.

Who you going to believe? Facts or your lying eyes   (5/5)

Honestly a crowd funded text book based on these candid facts is a great idea. I’d pledge 33% of my income to sponsor that.

4 stars   (4/5)

When ya gonna do trump? He’s the biggest bastard going now that Epstein is dead.

Eh   (3/5)

The history is fantastic but the host and most of his guests are kind of smug cunts.

Jeffery Epstein episode...   (4/5)

Lol. Believing that ABC has editorial standards.

I would have given 5 stars but...   (4/5)

Very entertaining and educational but I’m amazed and very distracted by the mispronunciation of SO MANY names and foreign words (that are not least to me....maybe I’m just too old!!) Elie Wiesel was my limit-(evidently I have issues with fonts!!) It rhymes with easel (as in painting) but say the “W” as a “V”, and his first name is just another spelling of Ely..sorry-I usually follow the “if you don’t have something nice to say” rule -but while interesting and knowledgeable I find myself disappointed that Robert doesn’t go the extra millimeter (he’s certainly through with everything else) to make sure he’s saying people’s names, as well as words he’s not familiar with, correctly- There! Did it! I’ve been fighting with myself over being negative...(clearly I don’t get out much!) Thanks for otherwise great entertainment and education!!

Halfway interesting but lame.   (1/5)

I gave it about ten episodes before deciding it was a waste of time. The information is okay, but the presentation is rather dull, like someone trying to read off of a badly written Wikipedia page. Every show turns at some point to a “OMG! That’s just like Trump!!!” schtick. The constant comparison of every dictator or bad guy to Trump or Bush is lame and shows a poor sense and scope of history by the presenters. It’s also repetitively dull. If you can’t some up with a new approach for a given bad guy maybe you should rethink your career path. So it’s somewhat adequate information presented by woefully inadequate hosts. Don’t waste your time here. There’s far better podcasts and history podcasts out there.

So Worthwhile   (5/5)

Not only is this podcast incredibly entertaining, but it’s also topical and educational and journalistic as well. This past episode with 8chan’s founder was especially worthwhile, as it was with a guest who I had never (nor would have ever, probably) listened to before, and it proceeded in a way that, to me, gave a lot of respect to the speakers and to the importance of journalism itself. Some episodes can be better than others, oftentimes based on the guests, but as a whole this show produces quality content on a kind of astonishingly frequent schedule.

8chan episode   (5/5)

Absolutely incredible.

Awful   (1/5) painfully awful.

Robert Evans is incredible   (5/5)

This man is insanely thorough in his research for his subjects. Well, except when he doesn’t know one little detail; then he’s just a fraud. I always particularly enjoy the episodes with Cody and Katie or with Billy Wayne Davis. His chemistry with them is just great. The War on Everyone episodes are some of the best I’ve heard, but I always learn a substantial amount regardless of the subject. If you like this podcast, I would highly recommend Worst Year Ever and It Could Happen Here.

Chaos siblings   (5/5)

I haven’t listened to the Ron Burgundy podcast but based on the ads I’ve heard I imagine their dynamic is very similar to Robert and Sofie. Great podcast !! Excellent reporting and the source books keep piling up in my to-read list

Machete the non 5 star givers   (5/5)

I don’t know what idiot didn’t give you 5 stars but this podcast is awesome. My favorite episodes are with Billy Wayne Davis.

Fighting for workers rights one bagel at a time   (5/5)

This is an amazing podcast and Robert is doing the lords work for our children

The pseudo-humorous banter is unbearable   (1/5)

Their attempt at humorous banter is obnoxious and interferes with the narrative. Truly awful.

Jordan Peterson is a nazi...apparently.   (1/5)

Title says it all. These guys are so obviously leftward oriented that it’s shaded any notion of objectivity. Ideological possession on display, so much so that it’s banal. Hard pass.

Violence   (5/5)

I love the bagel and machete presence

It’s ok   (2/5)

Good info but too many unneeded f-bombs and useless banter. Could prob cut the time by half if they edited out the side talk.

I love the bagels and machetes   (5/5)

Robbie i love you and this dumb show even if you make me feel hopeless and smoke too much weed

Feeling Educated.   (5/5)

I’m not eloquent and I’m terrible at spelling but I have been moved to write a review. I was skeptical of Robert as a host when I was suggested my first episode. It’s always hit or miss (as with all things I guess this isn’t unique) when you are being introduced to a strong, opinionated personality and information that’s going to change your perspective on the world at large and your personal world. But it turns out I love him as a host and his ability to build rapport and make his guests feel comfortable in the discussion. I really appreciate that Robert is a fantastic reporter who wants to bring as many sides to the argument as possible while still outlining his own bias. As well as giving you resources to form our own opinion. I realize this is in fact good journalism but these days you gotta give props to people doing things correctly because.... well you know. I feel more educated on the world around me. And over all I am entertained. Thank you. My one critique is that on many episodes toward the end it seems the audio engineer/s have not cut together audio correctly and you wind up with a good 5 to 10 seconds of audio repeating. I was going to add episodes and time stamps but I thought that was too much. Other then that I want to again thank you Robert and producer Sophie. Jr producer Anderson and the podcasting machete.

Too political   (1/5)

The male host spews way too much hate for my liking. I couldn’t even get through one episode. He needs to leave his personal bias about modern day police and elected government officials out of the show. This is supposed to be about History not how you feel about the current political climate...

Boo   (2/5)

No one cares about bagels and machetes. You waste too much time trying to be charming.

Disappointed   (1/5)

The content itself is interesting, but can’t sit through all the annoying banter

What is happening   (3/5)

I have been listening to this pod cast for awhile, and over time, it’s just becoming more and more of a’s hard to follow, to much distraction.... idk what the whole machete thing is about... More topic, less Random

A great podcast   (5/5)

I really like the research that goes into each episode. Future subject suggestion who ever came up with new math they must be a truly evil person.

Too political   (1/5)

Could someone please take this good idea for a podcast and tell stories and not the racist, bigoted ideas against cops, Christians , successful, rich people these people sprew?

Great podcast but...   (4/5)

the bagel & machete shtick is getting really old.

Keep doing interviews   (5/5)

The more I listen the more I enjoy.

Something special   (5/5)

The blend of covering the dark corners of history with some levity cannot be missed. However this latest episode on October 29th 2019 is far to important to skip out on.

Great context, production leaves something to be desired   (4/5)

Would be five stars, but a lately it’s been hard to ignore the breathing sounds that can be heard in the podcast. I’m no audio production expert, but I don’t want to hear other people’s breath when I listen to podcasts.

This is my favorite podcast   (5/5)

Every Tuesday and Thursday I excitedly play every new episode. And learn about a new awful person.

Awful   (1/5)

These podcasters are a joke. The “subject” is barely touched upon. They spend most of the time with random rambling about BS that isn’t even tangentially related to the “topic”. Total waste of time.

🙌🏼   (5/5)

Some episodes and guests are better than others. Overall it’s a really enjoyable and thought provoking podcast. Robert Evans has a great voice for podcasts. And I like Sophie’s interjections and shut downs. 🙌🏼❤️

Great history podcast for lefties   (5/5)

There are quite a few left leaning political opinions shared, but I agree with most of them. Robert Evans (the host) cares about accuracy and he does his homework. Not only that, but he’s a world traveler with a lot of interesting cultural experience. Hope to see y’all on tour sometime on the East coast!

it’s pretty good   (5/5)

it’s pretty good

Snide and dishonest   (1/5)

Biased opinions snidely presented as historical fact. One of the most dishonest podcasts I’ve ever heard, and that’s saying a lot.

I hate history   (5/5)

I’ve always found history the subject worse than biology, but I could (and have) listened to this for hours. I think five straight was my record. My husband found this by accident and I heard it while driving with him. I’ve pushed it on all my friends and coworkers, and, even though I still hate history, I love THIS history!

Rating for Kim Jong Un Episode   (1/5)

Get rid of this co-host. Most of his comments are off-tangent, he disrupts the train of thought, and he’s just basically useless. Ugh! Most annoying co-host.

Too political   (3/5)

This would be so much better if they would leave their political comments out.

Trash   (1/5)

Oh great more liberals with dime a dozen opinions

Flawless   (5/5)

Ad transitions are a thing of beauty

Such a very amazing podcast!   (5/5)

Such good podcast -- very insightful. Learn lots. Love Robert Evans. Very very very good. Many very!

Laugh & Be Informed   (5/5)

Love this podcast! The co-hosts ask questions I want to know too and Robert Evans is acutely aware of how damaging unwanted sexual contact is. Not only is he aware, he calls attention to how disgusting it is. His reporting is in-depth but easy to listen to. The humor is good! So many other good things to say but I have to finish listening to what a bastard Steven Seagall is - binging on past episodes this weekend. Update - my favorite, by a lot, co-hosts are Jamie Loftus and Billy Wayne Davis, thanks for asking questions I’m thinking and saying funny sh**

You need to listen to this   (5/5)

Honestly one of the most important podcasts to listen to. Robert is a fantastic storyteller and I love listening to every episode. The information you’ll learn is incredible important to your understanding of current politics and history, and I can’t wait to hear future episodes. I recommended this podcast to everyone.

love the show!!!   (5/5)

This podcast makes me want to ingest cyanide and steal from the wealthy. I love it, thank you for doing what you do, Robert.

Fun show but...   (4/5)

The Maori people of New Zealand is pronounced môw-ree, not May-or-ee. Just wanted to get that out there. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Infotainment   (5/5)

Robert does his homework. The guests are hit-or-miss, but they’re generally just there to prevent the show from being a monologue by asking questions (some of which are illuminating). Robert’s got opinions (the show would be boring if he didn’t), but he’s always up-front about his sources, so there’s nothing stopping you from forming your own opinions.

In my top 5 at the VERY least   (5/5)

Now all we need you to do is go on Chapo

Don’t bring Edgar back   (5/5)

Aside from Edgar and him being a waste of space. This show is fantastic. Seriously, Edgar was horrible. Like so dumb. Every time he spoke made me wonder if you grabbed someone off the street and said he’s important and that’s why he is on the episode. He was horrible.

Fun   (5/5)

The episodes are informative and hilarious. The guests are fun. Sophie is delightful. The crossover episode with QAnon Anonymous was amazing. I listen to every episode as soon as I can when I comes out.

Interesting History Lesson   (5/5)

I learn something new with each episode. I can say with 100% certainty that Lawrence Horn was involved.

Stuff of Nightmares   (5/5)

So far my favorite is "Edward Bernays". The gofundme border wall fiasco and Trump U. But the hosts debunk a few of my favorites too, like Napoleon Hill. And YouTube, the bad part. That's why I listen. Cursing alert.

Huge Disappointment   (1/5)

The idea that this podcast is based upon is fascinating. I love to learn obscure facts about notorious villains. Unfortunately, neither the host nor any of his co-hosts can keep their politics to themselves. If you enjoy listening to leftist political rhetoric, this podcast is for you. Personally, I couldn’t stomach it. Unsubscribed.

You should get some Indigenous perspectives   (4/5)

Maybe there’s an episode I missed, but in all your story of history I haven’t heard too much recognition of the bastard history of settler colonialism, especially California where you live.

Some guests are awful, but it’s still a great show   (5/5)

Chris Crofton is the worst guest, he can barely form sentences, beside that, Evans is great and this is one of my favorite pods

Excellent, Yet Depressing Learning Experience   (5/5)

Wanted to add something positive because the hate comments are unbelievable. He IS very funny and the dishing on Texas is a joke. I don’t know what to say about the accusations of him being a millennial. I think he is? But so am I? So i guess that makes this whole review null. Anyway, love this podcast!

Meh...   (1/5)

Third rate hacks, unfunny and unoriginal. There is no flow and they'll generally annoy you within 5 minutes into the episode at which point you'll beg for them to shut up. You can do better. Don't waste your time on this.

Ditch the guests   (4/5)

The host is outstanding but the guests slow everything down and don’t add anything.

Great Podcast with Great Humor   (5/5)

I stumbled into this podcast about a year ago when a Facebook group mentioned the L Ron Hubbard episode. I was hooked. It's well-researched, Robert's sarcasm shines through, but one of the greatest things is Sophie's laugh in the background.

Everyone should listen.   (5/5)

Well researched, well cited, lessons well taught and emphasized. My favorite pod of all time!

General impression   (1/5)

I can’t get past the hosts. It’s like listening to a couple jokey bros yukking it up in their home broadcast booth. One plays dumb and constantly sidebars off-topic, in ways that are just irritating. Awful.

Not that funny   (1/5)

Extremely bias, the occasional laugh but mostly Robert, nor his guests, are funny. Really interesting information but have stopped listening to multiple episodes because of the obnoxiously left comments. And the worst part is this podcast started out pretty great before he brought politics into it.

Andy’s Podcaster Podcasting Podcast review   (5/5)

Excellent show. Always packed with fascinating information. Attempts to find the funny come off as gallows humor at best of times because the subject matter is dark and difficult. Best biopic of Assad I could find. Thanks! Full review at Syria episode. Spoiler - it gets 2 thumbs up, a Hellraiser & all the marbles.

Terrible   (1/5)

Just ... Terrible

Great podcast!!! BUT!!!   (4/5)

Robert Evans is great. The show is so well researched. The guests are not always the most intelligent or informed people. Where I have a problem is the episode about unite the right 2.0 . I despise all these hateful right wing groups. You have to condemn the actions of antifa. They are all cowards that give anyone on the left a bad name. They destroy property and sucker punch people. Like in Portland when they attacked a veteran who was not protesting on either side. If the right gets violent then we have to stand up and fight back. These people give the right wing what they want. All extremism should be condemned!!!

Dude this blew my mind   (5/5)

I’m a history buff that works three jobs and this gets me through the day thanks Robert!!!!!🧨🧨🧨🔪🔪🔪🔪🇻🇳🇻🇳

Great Freedom of Speech!   (5/5)

Robert you’re doing a great job! I’m so grateful you’re using you’re using your freedom of speech to promote great personal politics. Ignore all the triggered snowflakes who want to complain about your personal politics. Keep up the great work, patriot!

love the show; love the “”bias”” against fascism   (5/5)

Everyone who left a bad review just to comment on Sophie’s occasional background laughter can take a throwing bagel straight to the face (:

Fantastic Podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast every week because I am able to learn about history I otherwise wouldn’t know. I appreciate how much detail Robert gives and also throws in many connections to other people he has covered before. Thank you Robert and keep up the great work you are doing on the home front (currently in Portland) and abroad.

Good without politics   (3/5)

If he didn’t talk about his own personal politics so much it would be much more enjoyable!

Objective?   (3/5)

Hey. Make your podcast whatever you want to be. But it would be nice to listen without having to block out political humor that goes against roughly 50% of what the country feels is right. History should spoken as objectively as possible. When a person clearly displays strong bias it makes the audience question what else could be biased.

Informed disgust and gallows humor   (5/5)

I love it. Robert is my spirit animal and the guests provide the necessary audience for actual journalist-splaining. I want more

Dear Robert, I love you.   (5/5)

Keep up the amazing work. Also, I really appreciate your politics.

Great topics, leave out politics   (4/5)

Your content is great. We don’t want to hear your own personal politics. It’s distracting from the story, and makes listeners feel that you have biases instead of just giving us the facts. It’s annoying.

Good info but...   (2/5)

The guest talks over the host so much. It’s super distracting. I almost wonder if they’re not in the same room.

Love the show but annoying guest   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much! But Jesus Christ, I could not get through the latest couple of episodes because the guest, Sara June would NOT stop interrupting the host. It was absolutely irritating and I had to turn it off. I get that you want to be heard, lady, but cripes! It felt like she was trying too hard and it was just cringe worthy.

:)   (5/5)

Thank you for this gem of a podcast

Don’t waste your time   (1/5)

When people laugh at their own jokes, it’s not cause they’re funny. Terrible

Done   (1/5)

The subjects and concept have potential to be interesting, but the host is a bit to cute with his delivery and the co-hosts?? are fingernails on a chalkboard.

Info we need using humour   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts for understanding why the world is as f$$ked up as it is. Listen, learn, laugh, then DO SOMETHING!

Great show   (5/5)

Love the show and plenty of laughs as well.

Wow, uneducated podcasters   (1/5)

I was just listening to the podcast about the Democratic debate. One of the people on the panel actually said “ I think Puerto Rico is a part of our country, but they can’t vote for president.” They don’t pay taxes.. no taxation without representation, they don’t have representatives in our government so they don’t get taxed at the federal level.. they most certainly get to vote for president. I’m so blindsided by House Dupitt some people can be and the fact that they edited this podcast and still left that Jan without doing any amount of research makes me wonder if any of the podcast I’ve listen to of theirs were even researched. Just stay away from this one it’s not worth listening to.

Cackling background laugh?   (3/5)

The longer I listen the more I think the host is trolling the corny guests and cackling producer and you, the listener. Otherwise this is unbearable.

3 stars + Jamie Loftus = 5 stars   (5/5)

Robert is good but the episodes that guest star Jamie are bomb. Mulder and Scully level chemistry, but funnier

Nothing has ever made me want Doritos more.   (5/5)

This show makes me crave the crispy unique nacho cheese and cool ranch taste in a way no other advertising has done.

Products   (5/5)

Reading some of these reviews confuse me because I think this show and Robert Evans in general is amazing. The research, dedication, and sense of humor is exactly what I want to hear regarding our country right now. I guess people don’t like it because it’s true, or something.

Robert is comrade?   (5/5)

Come for a great podcast, stay for the one star review comments!

Ok   (2/5)

Solid research but the leftist slant is annoying

It’ll have you sobbing on a bus 👍   (5/5)

I learned things that made me weep as I walked through the streets. I’ve had nightmares. Products!

Bhopal episode   (1/5)

I understand the gist behind the shows premise, but there is literally nothing humorous or silly or light about what happened in Bhopal, yet the host and cohost tried their darndest to sneak in stupid sarcastic remarks. Cringe.

Ugh   (1/5)

If you want interesting subject matter that is constantly interrupted by the hosts with failed attempts at humor this podcast is right up your alley

Wasted potential   (1/5)

The host is great and clearly does lots of research for each episode. However, the guests are not informed at all (by design) and therefore contribute nothing beyond lame jokes. The humor is entirely one note; deadpan sarcasm on the evils of capitalism. It just gets really tiring by the end of each episode. We get it, you’re a communist who hates everything

God dam   (5/5)

The one about Bhopal,India made me cry I had no idea Arm your self with knowledge

Fantastic.   (5/5)

Well researched and engaging! I highly recommend this podcast for history buffs and causal learners alike!

Great show   (5/5)

Host is the best and really makes learning about history’s worst people funny and educational

Overall   (3/5)

Topics are interesting, host are energetic however I gave this a 3 star because the main host speed reads! It’s difficult to enjoy since you’ve got to follow SO closely to absorb the conversation. I love podcast but struggle to enjoy this one for that single reason.

More Billy Wayne Davis, please.   (5/5)

There should be a whole series of you and Billy Wayne Davis analyzing things. I almost got caught listening at work because I kept laughing out loud. You two together are amazing.

Annoying Hosts   (1/5)

This is informative and interesting, but I had rather read it than listen to them. The constant soft and quiet then loud and aggressive volume of the main guy’s voice makes it difficult to listen to without always have to turn the volume up and then down. Additionally, they try to be funny. They are not funny. Stop trying. Talk about the subject. If people are too stupid to be able to listen to an intellectual conversation without needing some to try to make them laugh, then they are just stop stupid for the subject all together. His other podcast, “This Could Happen Here,” that he does alone is much better!

What’s slippin my slides   (5/5)

This podcast is thoroughly researched and full of wonderful dark humor. I enjoy the cohosts coming in cold, it ads real conversation to the game. Don’t believe the rubes claiming it’s too liberal leaning. Keep it up!

Good fun   (5/5)

Love the show keep it up.

Informative   (5/5)

Very informative yet interesting.

So compelling and full of new things   (5/5)

This can be a very depressing show to listen to, but so many of these terrible people in history are also ridiculous. It’s super easy to listen to 6 episodes at a time. I really enjoy the way Robert ties the history of these people together— he’s an intelligent guy who does great research.

Great Podcast, better voice   (5/5)

Love this podcast. Look forward to listening to every episode on my commutes. The host has an awesome voice too, definitely sounds nothing like Gene from Bob’s Burgers. Only an idiot would say otherwise. Keep it going

Binge-worthy   (5/5)

I very rarely listen to multiple episodes of any podcast (even the ones I love) in one day, but this show is just so fantastic. The host and guests somehow always manage to make me smile, despite the topics of the monsters they discuss.

Good podcast but...   (4/5)

The host’s voice can get very annoying at times. Reminds me of the son from Bob’s Burgers.

Grifters galore   (5/5)

I like this guy. He mispronounces lots of words and has a vague understanding on history and this pod cast has plenty of editing issues. I don’t mean that as negative commentary - it adds to the fun of this pod cast. Robert is funny and the guests definitely add to the narrative well. The format and content of this podcast really is terrific.

Love your show!   (5/5)

It’s funny and informative. All of my cubicle neighbors are becoming more informed around the water cooler bec of this show. Keep up the good work.

Good job, Mr. Evans   (5/5)

Well-researched, fascinating, and entertaining. There are a lot of awful people out there, and Robert Evans tells their stories well.

Too much chatter   (2/5)

A good podcast has 90% solid content. This one has good content but far too much chaff. Tighten things up and I’ll be back.

Like Robert Evans but Guests are Questionable   (3/5)

I was really on board until he brought on as guests members from the Antifascist group who attacked Andy Ngo and played them off like heros.

Speak up, slow down.   (5/5)

Excellent informative entertaining podcast but the host needs to slow down at times because when he talks so fast he tends to speak very quietly.

Awesome   (5/5)

Thank you so much.

Informative not very funny   (3/5)

Very informative. Would have given 5 stars if not for all the self proclaimed comedy going on, which doesn’t exist

Great Concept, Horrifically Biased Analysis   (1/5)

I listened to this show on over a dozen occasions and I enjoyed some episodes, but holy smokes they lean so incredibly hard to the left that it completely taints their storytelling. I simply can’t do it anymore. I like when they cover far right groups and individuals and properly tear them down but the hosts go so far beyond that to really taint individuals or ideas that they simply don’t like. The free speech grifters episode I simply could not get through. It is so incredibly one-sided and they don’t even hide it. And my god man, some of those female guest “comedians” are just atrociously unfunny and irritating. Like, anyone can be funnier than them. There are plenty of good female commentators and hosts out there, for your sake find them. And try to be a little bit more objective when you’re attempting to tell a story based on real events and individuals, since you know, that’s what we’re all thinking your show was about.