Aggregated reviews for BEHIND THE SCENES

New York Times bestselling authors and former co-stars of the longest-running family reality television show in history, Jeremy & Audrey Roloff, go behind the scenes with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, tv personalities, and friends to talk about faith, work, and life.

Breath of Fresh Air   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audrey continue to breath life, speak truth and be a light in this world. They share encouragement and aren’t afraid to tackle hard topics. I love that they are truly authentic and share about real life. I am always excited to listen to this podcast!

Very Informative   (5/5)

I really like listening to their podcast! They truly do offer Truth Bombs!

Just No   (1/5)

I’ve listened to this quite a bit out of sheer boredom, love a good train wreck and because I was/am a fan of LPBW. Behind the Scenes is so cringey. The constant theme of the podcast is their Christianity. (The way they say Jay-SUS is so irritating btw) They are SO judgmental and really subscribe to traditional gender roles, anti gay rights ect. I was totally done for good when on the last episode Jeremy was going on and on about not knowing what was true and false anymore. Reiterating Trump’s “fake news” garbage. I mean, you could seek out reputable news sources, do some fact checking, listen to science... or not. They falsely think everyone who isn’t a believer is set on persecuting Christians and taking away their rights. They live in this fear they’ve created and it’s pretty sad. It was also cringeworthy when Jeremy shut Audrey down about homeschooling. She’d like their daughter to go to public school (and maybe have time to herself and work on her own ambitions) and Jeremy won’t have it. Even their guest shut her down. I actually felt kind of bad for Audrey. Another sad story was when they wouldn’t let their daughter take her stuffed animal to bed because it “lives downstairs” and they just had to make their point about how they are the authorities. She’s 2 years old. Let her cry and cry and cry. Maybe have some compassion and realize the science of what’s happening in the toddler brain. Or not. Ignorance is bliss right?!

So inspiring!   (5/5)

I love listening to your podcasts! Everytime I listen i end feeling inspired and cheerful! I wish I had as much drive and faith at your age! Please keep doing what your doing your making a difference for so many!

Wow   (1/5)

Do jeremy and Audrey read their reviews?? Come on guys, you need to address your listeners complaints and suggestions.

We aren’t all privileged   (1/5)

I agree with several of the reviews on here, have some people on who are just like you. The majority of us follow you because Jeremy was on a show we all were interested in because his brother and his parents were different. That’s what made you famous, that’s what gave you this podium to speak on. We continue to follow to be honest just because you have some cute kids. Your episode with Tori and Zack was by far your best, because they are different than you guys, they have different views and beliefs on how to raise their kids and it was an interesting episode and having them again would be interesting as well. 90% of your followers and listeners have real jobs, not podcast and instagram jobs. They have to juggle bills and don’t have that reality tv show check still coming in. We don’t all have such an easy and privileged start at life and marriage and you guys should open your eyes up to that a little more. Sending out a free Starbucks to some poor listener isn’t giving back. Use your podium for something good instead of boosting your own egos.

Homeschooling episode   (1/5)

This whole podcast is one giant echo-chamber. They only bring on people who think and live exactly like them. It would be more entertaining and realistic to discuss topics like parenting, relationships, etc. with people who think differently. There is a lot of diversity in viewpoints in this world, even within the Christian community. Also, check your privilege. Your life is so unrelatable. Please step out of your bubble for more than 5 seconds. In response to the homeschooling episode, I think it's absurd and historically inaccurate when Jeremy says we live in a "post-Christian society." This was never a Christian society. Does he not realize that there have always been MANY different religions in the world and in this very country? You can have a Christian family and live most of your life within a Christian community, but that's not what the rest of the country or the world is like, AND THAT'S OKAY. Homeschooling is great for certain cases, but doing it because you want to have control over your children every minute of the day or because you're terrified of the real world (both of which Jeremy implied) is probably not great for them. Teach them good values and give them a solid foundation at home, and they'll be fine. Also, until you've studied pedagogy for 4+ years in a university, you're not a teacher. I say this as a Christian myself: Christians need to stop glamorizing and idealizing the past and demonizing and fearing the rest of the world.

Parenting   (1/5)

I understand how lots of your generation make money on social media, as does the couple you just had on. It seems as though all there income stems from what they believe and luckily has an audience willing to purchase. I certainly hope you both reach out to your parents as well for good sound advice. I know Amy & Matt did a phenomenal job raising their four children without help from social media. They all seemed to turn out happy, confident and intelligent. It’s very sad that some young folks don’t recognize the best gifts are right within the family unit. Millions of people have been happily married, raised good kids all while having fun and not making it seem overwhelming. Sadly, lots of the younger generation make it seem complicated with too many rules & regulations. Relax, enjoy, set the boundaries & don’t make this seem bigger than it is, kids are a blast, have fun with them!!

Deleted   (1/5)

I used to love this podcast... then it went downhill quickly. Too many guests who think and work exactly like Jeremy and Auj. They have no one on that challenge their thinking or even have a different lifestyle or job than they do. I do not enjoy listening to this podcast anymore and find myself just fast forwarding through most of the episode.

Uplifting Podcast   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I’ve been listening to it since it first came out and look forward to each episode being released. It’s super uplifting and gives me new perspectives that I love trying to apply to my life. I really enjoy their intentionality and devotion to the Lord. And I love how supportive they are of each other with how they say “keep going” or “I really like what you said” or “be bold!”. They really encourage one another and desire each other’s opinions and guidance, which I think is what marriage should be.

ugh   (1/5)

the amount of “um or uhs” drove me crazy

Great new fresh Bible based approach to the airways!   (5/5)

Congrats on your success and keep up the positive vibes/outlooks. We miss seeing you on the farm but understand. Keep on keepin on and Live Your Dash!

Fun to listen to   (4/5)

Only heard a few episodes but I like the back/forth chatting and interesting perspectives. I think maybe a little more focus/staying on track would be helpful but I’m sure that will come with practice. I do wish the episodes were a little shorter since I have limited time to listen but that’s my problem, not theirs.

Really...   (1/5)


Ditch Jer keep Audrey   (1/5)

Audrey has a knack for podcasting. The same cannot be said for Jeremy. Also the awkward disagreements between the two as they talk are tense and uncomfortable to listen to

Best Ever!!!   (5/5)

I have been listening for a while now so I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to write a review but if you are looking for a great podcast filled with family, love, encouragement, and solid information this is it! Jeremy and Audrey are an amazing couple who I think we can all learn from. They are also not afraid to share about their faith which I love. This is by far my favorite podcast and I look forward to new episodes every week. You won’t regret tuning in!

Just what I needed to hear!!!   (5/5)

Hi Audrey & Jeremy! I have been listen to the podcast from the beginning, but today this episode hit home!! I broke down as you spoke about granting each other grace as we allow ourselves to process what we are living through. Thank you for continuing to provide some normalcy for us as we navigate through this unimaginable time. You are right, physical distancing does bot mean disconnecting!!

Love you guys   (5/5)

I just subscribed to the podcasts and have really enjoyed them. I started at the ones right around Christmas and listened to all of them while paining. Miss you guys on LPBW but totally understand.

So wonderful   (5/5)

I seriously love you guys! I absolutely enjoyed every part of your book and can’t wait for more to come! Your refreshing outlook on life and marriage in this day in age is inspiring and I always look forward to listening to your podcast. You are both beautiful souls and I will always be a big supporter. God bless you.

One of my favs!   (5/5)

Simply put, I LOVE Jer and Auj! I feel like I’m getting quality time with dear friends or a chat over coffee with like-minded peers every time I listen!


I love listening to Jeremey and Audrey and hearing their life updates, advice, spiritual guidance, and love stories. Recommend to everyone!

Love this family and podcast!   (5/5)

My husband and I have both been encouraged by this family. It has shed much needed light on how to steward this media society we live in and brings God unto every conversation. Thank you both for the amazing content.

Meh.   (2/5)

It’s hard to take seriously when Audrey says “like” and “um” every couple of words.

Ummm....   (2/5)

Between Jeremy’s interruptions and Audrey saying um every other word I just can’t get through a whole podcast. I think shutting down the podcast and keeping the always more shop open would have been a better idea.

Authentic listener?   (1/5)

The answer is no. Jeremy constantly interjects, doesn’t really hear Audrey speaking. He just wants to insert his opinion rather than contributing to Audrey’s. Honestly, it’s quite alarming how frequently he speaks for Audrey. She has a voice, she has opinions. Let’s her speak too. Be actual partners, rather than the constant male dominating voice.

Kick back around the campfire   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audrey’s podcast truly is behind-the-scenes, seat around the campfire, kick back and hang out with a warm, like-minded couple + their friends and influencers.

Life Changing   (5/5)

This podcast has been so life giving to me, and is truly changing the way I’m doing life. Thank you both so much!♥️

Hands down the best podcast on Apple!   (5/5)

This podcast has truly been extremely life giving to me, and has really brought authentic joy into my life. We need more couples like Audrey & Jeremy who keep 110% unfiltered it’s hard to find people who are genuine anymore. Love this couple and their family! If you need encouragement, a good laugh, or some insightful wisdom this is the podcast for you! I love the Roloff’s!!!🤍 Love, Hannah Sullens

Vapid People   (1/5)

Can’t listen. Get real jobs.

Great Intentionality   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast! Reading through many of the reviews it was disheartening to see so many mixed reviews. Personally, listening to this podcast has inspired me to be more intentional in my relationships, lifestyle, time, and given me practical tips! This is a Behind the Scenes of THEIR life, so go into listening to this podcast with that in mind! This is based off of their own experiences and convictions, so listen if you wish to view your life from a different perspective and grow from it! Love this couple, their passion, and their intentionality to everyday life!

What an inspiring couple!!   (5/5)

I am a married mother of two teenage daughters. I have been married for coming up on 20 years this fall, and listening to this podcast is helping me to still learn so much more about my husband and how to grow in our marriage and family relationships!! Thank you Jeremy and Audrey for being so open and honest about the struggles and successes!! I find this podcast both inspirational and entertaining.

Great podcast !   (5/5)

Thanks you for sharing your insight and experience with goals, rhythms and marriage. Very helpful to be more artful in my approach to setting and maintain goals. There are so many different perspectives on how to achieve your most important things in life, and finding a way that keeps it closer to the heart makes the most sense. If it connects to he heart it worth perusing.

Life hacks alone make it worth a listen   (5/5)

I have enjoyed binge listening to catch up to the current episodes and taking in the bank full of knowledge this couple and all of their guests bring. I love how they have set their goal on helping others learn how to be a better them and how God has helped them do that in their life. I highly recommend giving them a listen. Honestly I have enjoyed listening to each and every episode.

Wow!   (5/5)

So glad I found this!!

Take turns while speaking!   (1/5)

If you have listened to this podcast you know that Jeremy likes to hear himself speak. He consistently speaks over his wife, Audrey, in a way that is very uncomfortable to listen to. For a couple that comes off as “holier than thou”, the simple task of taking turns while engaging in a conversation seems almost impossible for Jeremy. It seems like he has some type of superiority complex that does not allow him to be wrong no matter how small the disagreement (seriously). Discussions often turn to bickering and it quickly distracts from the message that they are trying to convey to their audience.

Ummmmm   (1/5)

I love you both and have tried multiple times to listen to this podcast but all the Ummmms make it very difficult to listen.

Favorite day is when a new podcast drops!   (5/5)

I’m so excited to download and listen to each episode of Behind the Scenes podcast. I have recommended this show to so many friends and family members, urging them to tune in and listen to Jeremy and Audrey talk marriage, relationships, God, family and community. Love, love, love the conversations with other couples and the spectrum of marriages they have. So good! I did not watch LPBW at all growing up and have recently watched a few episodes. I think it’s amazing the growth of the entire family but especially Jeremy. I first read your book and then listened to your Podcast after following you on IG. Thank you for bringing into light what marriage and that foundation should look like in a family. We’re the same age and I think this is such valuable insight that I honestly feel my heart changing in my own marriage. I pray for you both and the impact you are making. The reviews that say otherwise are upsetting to me because they obviously don’t have soft hearts to love and accept other human beings-y’all aren’t perfect but neither are we, that’s ok. You’re doing good. Thank you.

So many interviews...   (4/5)

I have been listening to this podcast since it was started. There are many episodes I have really enjoyed and others I have not. I am not expecting to like everything that is posted. However, something that has been tough is wanting more BTS on them! I understand that interviews can provide perspective on topics that they want to discuss. What I have been looking for, is to learn more about them and the “unfiltered” parts of there life. I listen to the intro of the podcast and I don’t feel I get to learn what they’re “learning about, laughing about or fighting about lately”. It’s interview, after interview, after interview. For example, I would rather listen to interviews with one of there siblings, one of there parents, vacations, life with nieces and nephews, home decor etc... Essentially, based on the introduction to the podcast I thought I would get more of there personal reality rather then interview after interview. I do enjoy listening and still plan to do so, just providing another perspective.

Cringeworthy   (1/5)

Tried again. Can’t. They talk about going behind the scenes, being real. It all seems so fake. If you want to connect with people maybe talk about serious problems your relationship has faced and how you overcame them? The way you two talk to each other is very disrespectful, and it seems maybe your relationship isn’t as perfect as you lead on. It all just seems like one giant ploy to make money. :( The last episode was cringeworthy. Bashing people’s traditions, hating on the commercialism of Christmas, yet constantly trying to sell, sell, sell and offering Black Friday deals on your products. The most judgmental podcast I’ve listened to.

Didn’t think i would like it   (5/5)

Because their instagrams look so perfect and that annoys/defers me for some reason. But I love this! Great conversations with guests. The book is on my wish list

What else can I say but I love this podcast!   (5/5)

I have really enjoyed listening Jermey, Audrey and all the guests they have brought on. Living a life intentionally in marriage, parenting, community, and with self has been a wonderful thing to focus on since starting to listen to this podcast. It has woken me up to areas that i was just ‘getting through’. Thanks Jer and Auj!!

Stepping away?   (1/5)

Really Audrey, stepping away from pod cast for awhile? How hard is it to sit on your couch and talk for 1 hour a week? I question the commitment to one of your many “passions”

Labor Comment   (1/5)

While listening to your podcast on Bode’s birth I heard Audrey mention one of the reasons she wanted and advocated for an unmedicated birth was so she could labor with Jeremy and they could depend on one another in a deep way through this experience; that it brings a bond. I recently delivered my stillborn daughter. I was medicated and have never needed my husband more. So while I get what you mean behind your comment, I felt it very insensitive. Sometimes we have a choice on how we want to bring our baby in the world and sometimes we don’t. I did not have that choice and your comment hit my heart hard.

Really like it   (5/5)

I like how you guys can just talk about anything and how your just being yourself it’s a really good podcast I can just put it on and go about my business and just listen to what’s going on in their life

Our favorite podcast   (5/5)

My husband and I listen to this podcast sometimes together and sometimes separately. We love it, there are so many great thoughts, ideas and challenges to help grow our marriage and make it stronger. Jeremy and Audrey so super chill and relatable and they have great guests too! Give it a listen and I promise you’ll learn something!

Yikes   (1/5)

Can barely make it through one episode with Jeremys out of control superiority complex and talking over Audrey.

Wanted to like but absolutely do not.   (1/5)

I wanted to like this podcast as I am a Christian and a married parent. I thought I would find some things useful from this podcast and find some similarities but it is absolutely terrible. The superiority complex is out of control. Jeremy is so judgmental and critical of anything that doesn’t go by his “rules” that he makes for himself and their family. He shows zero humility or understanding that everyone has very different circumstances in their lives and not everyone can or even wants to live the way that he chooses to and THAT IS OK. He speaks down to Audrey and I honestly felt bad for her after listening to a few episodes. I stopped listening after the first few episodes months ago but I tried to listen to the birth story recently, hoping I would have a different perspective, however, it confirmed that this couple needs to do some serious work on their communication and Jeremy needs to stop speaking like he is an expert on everything in life and being so self righteous and show some humility. I will definitely not be listening anymore.

I liked it   (5/5)


Umm...   (1/5)

I’m not trying to be rude even though I’m sure it will sound that way. Jeremy talks over Audrey so much that I can’t even stand to listen. It’s like they fight to speak first. With the birth of Bode (congrats by the way!! He is the sweetest!) you talk about not wanting to go with a DNC which I completely understand but you talk about waiting it out and seeing if the bleeding stops on it’s own (which it did so that’s awesome!) but like what if you waited and it didn’t and something happened to Audrey? You NEVER know what could happen. What if you waited to long? Why even risk it? I will never understand that. You both risked her life by “waiting it out.” Thank goodness it fixed its self but dang it’s scary to think what would have happened if it didn’t. It feels like you guys are so set in “all natural, no interventions” mindset that Audrey’s life being at risk didn’t have much of an importance.


They have so many rules and rituals for their marriage and life. I honestly don’t know how they have time to do anything or how keep track of all the rules they created. It’s crazy. Just live your life. ALSO JEREMY- quit talking over and correcting Auj. It’s so annoying so listen to you two argue about minor details.

Stepping on each other   (1/5)

I use to listen to your podcast all of the time but had to take a break because you both interrupt each other all the time. I really wanted to hear Bode’s birth story so I just got done listening. This one was the worst yet. I think Jeremy has to interrupt Audrey because she doesn’t take a breath. I don’t know, it’s all very hard to listen to. I see I’m not the only one.

Amazing!   (5/5)

Always keeping it real while going behind the scenes!!

I love them, but distracted with corrections   (3/5)

Although I believe that Jermey and Audrey are wonderful people- and I love their purpose and message. Their beating 50 percent is wonderful and something my husband and I use and are better for- I find myself having a hard time with Jeremy talking over Audrey and correcting her. Maybe seeming a little annoyed with her(although I don’t know what is behind closed doors and make no assumption of their relationship because I’m sure they have a wonderful relationship) but from this specific aspect I can only say how it made me feel when I listened. It would make me feel like my words were not valued by my husband if he did this to me in front of others or in private. (However my love language is words of affirmation and it’s important to me to feel my words are valuable) It has distracted me from their message.

Hard to listen to.   (2/5)

I really wanted to love this podcast and I did at first, but a few of the recent episodes just made me cringe. The Christmas episode, the Young Living Episode (which unsurprisingly was pulled as a nonchalant “we’re going to talk about something we’ve never really talked about before”), um... it’s constantly on Audrey’s Instagram and they’ve already done an episode trying to sell people on the toxic MLM. If you have any interest, do some research about the founder of Young Living and you will be disgusted. Anyways... aside from the super judgey vibes in the recent episodes, specifically the Christmas episode, the constant bickering and talking over each other is so dang annoying I can barely make it through 10 minutes of an episode. I can’t even imagine how they communicate off the podcast. I still like the Rolloffs as people and respect them, but I would encourage them to listen to some of the feedback and try changing the way they execute and communicate in their episodes.

👏   (5/5)

I love listening to you guys. I’m newly married and listening to this podcast helps me find fresh inspiration and a feeling of walking along with another young couple who seek Christ and have gone a few years before us. God bless you guys.

Wish it were different   (1/5)

I really tried to like this podcast because I think Jeremy and Audrey have the best intentions but they just come off a little pretentious and the podcast is so focused on them and their lives that I’ve wondered why I was even listening to it. I think this is more appealing to their fans who are interested in them as people but to me it just seems pompous. No one wants to listen to a podcast where the two people talk constantly about all the righteous things they’re doing. They say in their intro that this podcast would be unfiltered, messy, and not so curated but I feel like both of them are too uncomfortable to actually be vulnerable and that comes through in this podcast. I would rather listen to people being real with genuine struggles, not always trying to be so perfect...that’s what people connect to and can benefit from. Maybe they will take some feedback and this podcast will get better but that’s my review for now.

Really Good Podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to Jeremy and Audrey! Love their intentionality!

A new generation   (5/5)

Amazing guidance for this generation, and information that was not shared when I was a young adult, I am so happy to give this gift to my children and read myself and apply to my marriage of 23 years!

Love them   (5/5)

I came across this podcast listening to a different one and I’m on episode 9. I’m hooked! They are so awesome together and make me want to gear my relationship towards the marriage they have. Love learning all about them and about new things!!

SO SO GOOD!!   (5/5)

Wow, I can’t even put into words how good this podcast is!! I’ve been listening to it for a while now. Jeremy and Audrey are so wise, give great advice, and are encouraging!

Learn to communicate   (2/5)

Like everyone else says, Jeremy needs to stop talking over, and constantly correcting Audrey. I can only imagine what your communication is like behind closed doors and I’m a little embarrassed for you . You guys put on the front that you have the “perfect marriage” but maybe you 2 need a marriage therapist that can see things that you two do not see in your interactions. Practice what you preach Jeremy.

Roloff’s Inspire   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audrey are inspiring. Their podcast has really helped me through the roughest patch of my life and reminded me there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I continue to listen because they are Christian based and put their primary focus on God, their marriage and their family. God bless you and your family and congratulations on the birth of Bode I’m sure sweet Ember is in love with her brother. I hope to be more like you both and have a strong marriage and family. Love you guys and your podcast

Love it!!!   (5/5)

Y’all are so real! I found the podcast and was instantly hooked! My fiancé and I just ordered the journal and we are excited to start the journey on bettering us and our relationship.

Couple Goals   (5/5)

I love Jeremy and Audrey—they have really inspired my husband and I to improve our marriage and our lifestyle by committing to each other each week with the Marriage Journal. Their story is so powerful. I’m so glad we can keep up with them in this podcast now that they’ve left LPBW. Keep up the amazing content!

Best intentions   (4/5)

Let’s not bash on Santa so much y’all! I mean the true story of Santa Claus began way back with good ol Saint Nic. His wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, actually died in an epidemic while Saint Nic was still young. Obeying Jesus’ words to “sell what you own and give the money to the poor,” Nic used his entire inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He actually dedicated his life to serving God and was later made a Bishop. So really everything is just about perspective. And yes a lot of people have turned him into a way to make money and skewed what he really stands for but that’s on them and it’s up to each home to decide what kind of Santa Claus you want in your home 😊 And while I think you two have the best of intentions and really do love Jesus... unfortunately I think you’re going to deter a lot of people from knowing him due to your very negative and critical deliveries on occasion. Including to each other. Which stinks because I really was enjoying your podcast but it’s become not my cuppa tea recently and I’d really like to listen again because very few exist that are realistic and encouraging. Y’all have a lot to offer and a beautiful story and it would be a shame to not be known for what is the best part about the two of you and that appears to be your loving hearts. But back to the whole Santa thing real quick... seriously what’s wrong with a kid believing in Santa?! Reality will hit them soon enough and they will see the world for what it really is...BUT there’s a small window of time that kids have a heart and imagination to see the beautiful magical things in life and Santa is one of those. I mean seriously how amazing and cool is it that a kid can actually believe in these magical wonderful things?! Not to mention if we can build up that love bank in their precious little hearts full of spirit, hope, and thrill I think that actually pays off when they become adults in spreading the word about Jesus. But to each their own and everyone has the right to raise their babies how they see fit! We definitely love the magic of Christmas in our home and we love us some Santa ;-) but our daughter also knows that Christmas is to celebrate the king of all kings and it’s the best birthday party ever! You should hear her prayers their pretty magical let me tell you 😉 Last thing though please don’t sit and say on a family podcast that Santa is not real. Not cool! And truthfully Elfie has been a huge help with a stubborn four-year-old ;-) Pick your battles right?! Just saying 😉

Please stop saying “like”   (3/5)

I really liked your podcast in the beginning. I even bought your book. Then I took a break for a while because the constant use of the word “like” and talking over each other got really distracting. I came back and tried to listen to your Christmas episode and the year in review. I couldn’t make it through either one. The constant talking over each other has now turned into what is almost bickering and needless arguments about inconsequential details. Ugh. And it seems that over the last year there’s become a much more superior attitude over the previous tone of your podcast. I notice that a lot of other people have similar comments so I’m not sure if they are really being read. I think you’re a great couple and I love how you are unapologetic with your Christian stance but please don’t mess up a great thing by ignoring the feedback you’re receiving.

Highlight of my day!   (5/5)

I started listening to this 5 days ago and have already listened to the first 17 podcasts! I cannot get enough of the wisdom, insight and advice. This was something I didn’t know I was craving and it quenches a thirst I didn’t know I had. I will keep binge listening and will be sad when I’m caught up because then I will have to wait for each episode haha!

Best podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this for about 6 months now, I started a few months before my husband and I got married it has been a life changer for me! Jeremy Audrey talk so much about marriage and life and kids and everything you can think of and it has honestly meant so much to my marriage, I learn something new every day and this podcast has really helped me grow in my life.

Let your words match your image   (2/5)

I agree with previous reviews regarding the constant interrupting and talking down to one another (particularly Jeremy to Audrey). If your spouse is telling a story and they mess up on a detail or two, it’s better to let it go than to publicly correct them and risk embarrassing them. Unless the details are essential for whatever reason. But if it’s just an anecdote, let it go. In the 2019 review episode, Jeremy scolded Audrey and said she was being confusing. Audrey’s was clearly defensive and reacted negatively. Jeremy took over and didn’t let Audrey finish her explanation and said “if it wasn’t confusing let us know, if it is, say thanks Jer (chuckle).” She wasn’t confusing. So rude and disrespectful to your wife. I’m also a Christian and feel strongly about Christian men setting an example in honoring and respecting their wives in public. Elevate them and praise them, don’t belittle them and scold them in front of thousands of people. Let your words match your lovely posed photos. That interaction pushed me to write a review. Maybe set up more structure to the podcast rather than just rambling so you each have designated time on a topic without the other interrupting.

I enjoy the topics but sometimes can be distracting be how they communicate   (1/5)

I’ve listened to many episode on the various topics they bring to this podcast and I truly enjoy them. Also their guests always bring a different experience and reflection on different aspects of life. However, more than once I’ve found it distracting on how they communicate to one another, speak over each other, and not give each other the space to finish what they are saying finding it kind of rude and a bummer since they always promote their book. I’ve held back on buying it by simply listening to how they communicate to each other.

Eh   (3/5)

I want to love this podcast, but the HUGE lack of humility is very off-putting. It seems that the fame has gotten to their heads. Also, they do bicker a lot and talk down to one another. I guess there are pros and cons to listening. Maybe keep listening for entertainment because they do bring up some good topics? But maybe don’t listen if you’re trying to find guidance? I want Zach and Tori to create a podcast!!!

Make your own opinion and keep it   (5/5)

Before writing this review, I reviewed a few others. I have my own perspective and that’s what I believe so I will not “give a piece of my mind to the world” through this review. Most reviews are either horrible or fantastic. One lady assumed that a thesaurus was needed. She did not realize how many times she used the same words over and over herself. Another discredited the Roloffs because of their farm and previous popularity. Others said that the should not be on social media since “they preach against it”. Some reviewers have nothing but great things to say. Some enjoy it. Some are helped. I believe that someone who does not read their book fully or listen entirely to the podcast that they have no idea of what they speak for they are jumping to conclusions without gathering al the information. I have read “A Love Letter Life” and have listened to the “Behind the Scenes” podcast. I believe with all intent that Jeremy and Audrey are not presenting to you the one and only way to have a good love life but rather an example. My wife and I have a perfect love life (to us). Jeremy and Audrey are trying to promote happy healthy marriages. Their hashtags of #beatingfiftypercent and #alwaysmore are not just for them and a money maker but to promote marriage and the desire to be with your spouse. I do not run my house and neither does my wife. We are a team that talks back and forth which to some may seem degrading or discouraging but sometimes her ideas are better than mine and vise verse. Jeremy has created filters so it does not take long to place a filter with a picture. The post on Instagram as does anyone else. If someone thinks that being on Instagram is sinful for the Roloffs, it is then sinful for those that condone it because they only know if the Roloffs post for they are on Instagram themselves. If someone thinks that they have a better way, I encourage them to write a book and record a podcast themselves. I am not biased in any way. I do not know the Roloffs and are not associated with them. I do believe that they had encouraging thoughts to improve a live life.

Love it   (5/5)

Feels like we are in their living room chatting with them. They are always keeping it real and bringing great resources as well. Thanks!

I like it but also am turned off at times   (3/5)

I typically enjoy the podcast topics and agree with the things Jeremy & Audrey believe/say. I think they’ve had some great guests on and are amazing question-askers! However, they way they talk to each other is a little discouraging, especially considering they want people to take their marriage advice 😳 I’m not saying people have to be perfect to advise others, BUT they consistently seem to talk so rudely to each other, interrupt each other, etc. it’s hard to listen to 😔 It’s almost like siblings bantering. Trying to decide if I want to keep listening or not since I usually enjoy their topics.

Um...   (1/5)

Uh...humility? Just a touch of humility? Perhaps self-awareness? Life experience beyond the Lord and Pumpkin farming? Maybe finish reading a book before writing one? Dunno...just thoughts...

Humble   (1/5)

Well lots of money 💴 and no hello to fans in Instagram for I see could say anything and don’t respond 🤣😂

Borderline toxic   (1/5)

Update because I tried again: I just can’t with these two complete hypocrites. They preach about Instagram being super destructive and go on and on about how people need to put down their phones, then they boomerang signs and post whining videos while taking their daughter to the ER. Posting updates to their million followers on their daughters very private moments, such as bowel movements. They bash commercialism and consumerism in one VERY judgmental Christmas episode, but constantly advertise their own products and deals and push themselves on their public in the name of making money under the guise of wanting to “help love stories.” Yet their love story seems less than desirable. Jeremy talks down to Audrey, and constantly interrupts her with tones of condescension. Their marriage is all rules and perceived enneagram communication, schedules and homework; no fun or playfulness. I just don’t understand how my fellow married Christians can look up to them as “couple goals.” I will not be listening anymore and would encourage others to do the same, as these two and their rules and ways of preaching their beliefs is becoming totally toxic. Please, young couples, look elsewhere for your encouragement in regards to relationships and marriage. Let me begin by saying that I am the same age as them, also a Christian, married and dated my husband for just as long (including 4 years of long distance), and also have very young children. That being said, if you are a young couple who are actively seeking out a podcast about successful, faith-based relationships, you may want to keep looking. Jeremy and Audrey’s marriage “ministry” is not healthy; they are neither humble nor sincere in the delivery. They have great guests on, only to redirect most questions back to themselves and their own love story. They are hypocritical in nature, always stating their disdain for social media, yet relying on it as their source of income, exposure and relevancy, and are more avid users than anyone. They preach about not wanting to give in to consumerism, yet their podcast, social media, etc is all one giant advertisement for their life and merchandise. In addition, they seem to put so much unnecessary pressure of every aspect of their relationship, especially communication and milestones. They seem to struggle to just live their lives and enjoy the moments- everything has to be portrayed and desperately broadcasted as being ePiC (“he asked me to be his on the trestle”, “we fell in love beside a campfire”, “we conceived our daughter in a treehouse.”) If these two truly see marriage as their ministry, they should be aware of how completely unhealthy it is to advertise every moment of a relationship as being such a significant event. Doing this sets up young, impressionable couples with completely unrealistic and unhealthy expectations. It’s okay for moments like these to be low-key and just special to you as a twosome. Privacy is a gift. They talk about how people shouldn’t make everything an Instagram moment and how important it is to just go with the flow, yet all you see from these two are highly staged and edited photos with over-sharing captions detailing their every move. To want to inspire others to lead a life with their spouse that is healthy and successful is one thing, but what they are attempting to do is the opposite. Healthy, well-adjusted and emotionally mature couples should not feel such an incessant need to broadcast how perfect their marriage is; it’s like constantly stating how confident you are- if you have to tell everyone all the time, it’s just not true. The overselling of this relationship just casts such a shadow over the authenticity of it. So, for all of the young people who are looking for true love life council, look elsewhere and please know that yes, marriage is hard work, but it should not have to be as severely micromanaged as these two lead one to believe. Their portrayal is not one of good, healthy communication; marriage should equal kindness, respect, joy, and being in love, not an obligation to constantly write compliments and complaints to one another to address formally. Communication can be spontaneous and still productive, and your “love story” does NOT need to be on display for the world to see and want to emulate. It is okay to have fun, discuss things in the moment, truly enjoy the company of one another, work together, and don’t compare yourselves to these two or anyone else. It’s okay to lead a love life that is only epic to those directly involved, without displaying it for the world to see and proclaiming that you’re doing it right because you read it in a book or heard it on a podcast. Also, side note to Jer & Auj, buy a thesaurus. There are so many other ways to say “intentional” and “unpack”. And please stop interrupting and talking over each other.

Read the reviews   (1/5)

It doesn’t seem like they take the constructive criticism about their podcast because as far as I can tell there have been zero changes. I loved the AujPoj blog back in the day and the refreshing honesty of it, but I don’t enjoy this podcast. It’s uncomfortable to listen to Jeremy and Audrey competitively talk over one another, repeatedly talk about their products and over-exaggerate in their complaints about daily life. I’ve lost respect for them and it’s disappointing.

Get over yourselves or get out of the public eye   (1/5)

I’ve really been disappointed by the two of you. Between making comments about the how slow the ER is on Instagram and now bashing people’s’ traditions on your podcast, you guys need to re-evaluate yourselves. Let me speak to the first thing, your last name and fame does not trump other peoples’ life and death situations, so chill...your lab results are coming. As far as Christmas traditions, you guys are so indoctrinated by “rules” that you have literally lost sight of reality. Actually, it’s not user limited to the Christmas episode- I’ve heard hints of judgement in all of your Podcasts, especially from Jeremy. First of all, Jesus wants us to do things that bring us joy because when we’re filled with joy, it glorifies Him. Putting Elf on the Shelf or letting your child believe in Santa DOES NOT take away from Jesus and your authority as a parent if you’re raising them to listen and telling them about Jesus and His significance on a daily basis. Honestly, my interpretation of Elf on the Shelf is not a ploy to get children to’s a doll that children look forward to finding the next day. I also have to say that my parents did a phenomenal job explaining that Jesus is the reason for the season, while also keeping the excitement of Santa very much alive. No child ever turned into a heathen because they believed in Santa, so lay off the fear and pessimism. Second of all, no one wants to hear your negativity. Stick to talking about books and stuff because clearly you can’t have cordial conversations about anything else without inserting your unsolicited negativity about the things that people choose to do with their families.

Heartbreaking   (1/5)

This latest episode really broke my heart. It was so disheartening to hear how judgmental they were about Santa and other Christmas traditions. I was surprised how after listening to all their other podcasts, this episode made me cringe, made me feel guilty, and sad. I have never heard an episode of theirs that was so judgmental and guilt driven. They make it seem that certain traditions people may cherish are absolutely ridiculous and have those traditions for the wrong reasons. It has also been hard listening lately when Jeremy is talking over Audrey and not letting her talk or give her opinion. He almost acts like what she says has no value at all and just moves on. I was looking forward to hearing the traditions that they did as a family and I didn’t get that from this episode. I hope with the new year they go back to the way they were with these podcasts, where you laugh, cry, and get motivated by them.

Used to love it..   (3/5)

I used to love this podcast, but more recently Jeremy is constantly talking over Audrey and it’s so hard to listen to. And I usually would rather hear what she has to say anyway... As far as the Christmas episode, seems like Jeremy spent most of his time bashing other people’s Christmas traditions. I know plenty of kids who had an “Elf on the Shelf” and are now perfectly well adjusted teenagers/young adults. And believing in Santa didn’t scar them either. Get back to what y’all were doing in your earlier podcasts. Used to really enjoy you guys!

A downer of a podcast   (1/5)

The Christmas Traditions episode is the reason I finally unsubscribed. Jeremy constantly interrupts Audrey as if what he is saying is more valuable. We get it, you wanna get your point across. But sheesh let the other person finish a sentence! Also, you can talk all you want about the reason for the season, but even Jesus himself didn’t talk poorly about anyone else’s celebrations. On whose authority is Jeremy bashing the way other people choose to celebrate? Jeremy completely manipulated the conversation, and when he talked about Santa as capitalism propaganda that’s turning people away from Jesus, I actually rolled my eyes. I have never heard of anyone turning AWAY from Jesus because they take their kids to get their picture with Santa. If anything, Christmas leads people TO Jesus because they’re free to ponder the meaning. People who don’t know Jesus shouldn’t be shamed for how they celebrate this season of warm feelings and kind gestures. A welcoming message is always much more powerful than someone with a megaphone and poster board telling people they’re wrong. But hey, at least Jeremy admits that he’s being overly sensitive.

So amazing!   (5/5)

Just started listening, but I love it so much I’m going back to listen to it all!

Enneagram   (3/5)

Hi Jeremy and Audrey! I urge you and fellow Christians who read this to research the background of the enneagram and how the modern version was created. Just because something is interesting and we can slap “Christianese” on it doesn’t mean we should. You are children of the Almighty! Not just a “9, wing 7”, etc! I say this with love and hopefully you see it :) There are great YouTube videos going up supported by scripture explaining how it’s not something modern Christianity needs to focus on just because it’s trendy.

Read your reviews   (4/5)

I have been listening to this podcast from the very beginning and for some reason it just seems to be getting more and more uncomfortable to listen to. It’s like when you go on a double date with a couple that just keeps disagreeing, arguing, and talking over each other! It makes things so awkward and I can’t help but feel awkward the entire time I listen to them. And I know I am not the only one because I have seen several reviews from people that feel this way! I wonder if they even read their reviews because it seems as though they just keep getting worse at communicating over this podcast. Just take yalls butcher paper approach to planning out your podcasts and please stop talking over each other and be more considerate of what each other has to say. You both make good points but it is impossible to understand the point when you are both so consumed with saying it in the most perfect way. Other than that huge elephant in the room, y’all have good topics, if only us listeners could follow along easier!

No   (1/5)

Jeremy is always interrupting or undermining Audrey. He always comes off as judgmental and rude to me. Audrey will say something and then Jeremy will cut her off to say the exact same thing just louder. It’s contradictory that they are giving advice to couples while their (mostly Jeremy) communication with each other lacks respect

Does Jeremy ever have fun   (2/5)

I think the Christmas tradition episode finally broke me. Jeremy is just not nice, talks over Audrey constantly and has nothing positive to say.

Traditions   (2/5)

Firstly, this is a family podcast so there were probably children listening when you said you didn’t believe or agree with the whole elf on the shelf and Santa thing. We are all entitled to our own traditions and raising our kids the way we see fit. Of course Jesus is the reason for the season! But, you were pretty judgy. Having said this, I’m not into elf on the shelf either, but I agree with Audrey that Santa is just part of the holiday fun! Secondly, I do love you guys and your podcast and am a regular listener. Being a a Christian, there really is a fine line in loving everyone unconditionally and being too judgmental in trying to spread the word. But... I will always remember when John Mark Comer said, and I am paraphrasing of course, “to be Christian is to be mean and judgmental and damaged and wounded, etc - because we are also human”! Again- I love you guys. Merry Christmas!

So hard to listen to...   (1/5)

Jeremy let your wife finish her sentences! Poor thing is trying to express her thoughts and ideas and you over power and over ride almost everything she says. Yes I’m sure a lot of couples struggle with issues like this, but your creating a podcast, a platform for people to listen to you guys as a Christian couple and it’s so important for you to exude Christ as a husband. Especially if your trying to beat the 50%....I found this podcast so judgemental. Even if your thoughts and opinions are faith based, the way you express them in this podcast, well...let’s just say I wouldn’t share this one with my friends.

Good Message, Hard to Listen To   (3/5)

I think the content of the podcast I great. But, trying to listen to them talk over each other for an hour is really difficult. I wish they would let each other finish their thoughts before the other butts in to say theirs. I had to turn off one half way through because I honestly couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Most recent Podcast   (3/5)

I love to listen to it but sometimes I feel uncomfortable on how Jeremy talks to Audrey. He can be very condescending and she’s so submissive most of the time! Like speak up girl, use that type A personality on him! Tell him how you really feel, stop holding back ! For being Christian he’s very judgmental and a sour puss ! Their holiday cringe list made me cringe.

Love the Perspective   (3/5)

I do enjoy the perspective that the Roloff’s bring, especially Audrey. However, Jeremy seems to always talk over Audrey or interrupt her. Her opinion and thoughts are so interesting to me, but it’s annoying. It ruins it for me.

Getting hard to listen   (2/5)

I really really want to like this podcast. My husband and I have been married for three years, and I think it is valuable to have biblical perspectives on marriage. That being said- It can be uncomfortable to listen to this podcast at times because it sounds like they’re constantly nit picking, correcting, and talking over each other about everything and it’s hard to listen to. Even though they agree in principle on most things, for some reason it takes a while to land the plane because they’re correcting or talking over each other to get their point across- and most times it’s the same point. I think it may help to discuss the topics beforehand, so everyone goes in at least anticipating what the other will say. It just makes me sooo uncomfortable to listen to them bicker.

“At least acknowledge what I’m saying”   (1/5)

I feel like audrey’s sentence is what constantly happens when Audrey trying to tell as story and Jeremy just doesn’t seem to care.

Roses and thorns?   (2/5)

Why did you guys stop doing roses and thorns? It was a better part of this podcast.

Great Intentions, Rough Delivery   (3/5)

I’d like to start by saying I think that what J&A are trying to do by encouraging couples is admirable and I think that one day, they’ll find their stride. The life of an entrepreneurial family can be a ton of trial and error and I respect that. Maybe it will evolve....However, this podcast feels like listening to a weekly marriage couples counseling exercise. It can feel almost intrusive to hear a married couple struggle so much to trying to articulate their thoughts while running all over each other the whole time. I don’t know if a single sentence can start and finish without the other jumping in and cutting the other off. I appreciate that they are so dedicated to making a life full of intention but it seems like they could be missing the forest for the trees, so to speak. Having two cerebral people in a relationship can be exhausting and we never get a sense of any kind of “fun” in their marriage, which I only say because their brand is about helping couples navigate marriage. It can feel very vulnerable to truly let your guard down and have a playful relationship - I think this may be the next stage for you guys to work on. Please play!! I think it would do wonders for your communication- to fully trust that the other person is going to trust YOU to get your words out effectively (and not try to dig your heels in and ramble every chance you get) and also to get you two in sync. I wish you all the best.

Too Judgemental   (1/5)

Been listening to this couple for awhile. I don’t listen to all their podcasts, I am not a hugely religious person but this last one, bashing Santa and Elf on a Shelf... talk about being judgemental! It’s one thing to share an opinion and another to bash people’s traditions. They may have said all the right words but their tone relayed a lot more. You don’t believe in the magic of Santa but you do believe in the magic of Jesus... hmmmm At least I am willing to say both have merit. Removing from my feeds right after posting this. Unless you are on board with what they preach, probably not a good fit.

Like a Christian Bulletinboard   (4/5)

This podcast is an easy listen and Audrey and Jeremy host a bunch of great authors. I honestly think of this podcast as a Christian Bulletin Board. They never go too deep into any particular topic, but it’s a great place to stay up to date on Christian authors and movements.

Love this!   (5/5)

This podcast has made a huge impact on my life since I started listening. Jeremy and Audrey have inspired me and encouraged me to love Jesus, myself, and others better. I have truly enjoyed every single episode! There is always something I can take away from the episode and apply to my life. Highly recommend !!

Behind The Scenes   (2/5)

I have been listening from the start, follow them on social media, read their book, etc and I love the faith based content they put out into the world. Just wanted to leave a note to remind people this is only season 2 so a relatively new podcast, and I think they are doing a great job finding their flow. My only recommendation to them, for whatever it’s worth, is to let eachother ramble if you need to VS cutting eachother off. I can tell you’ve gotten better, but it’s still a little distracting. I would take an hour long episode of you guys being yourselves VS a condensed episode of talking over eachother to speed things up. Otherwise, great podcast and love the content. Keep it up!!!

Sell sell sell   (1/5)

Used to like the podcast when it was original and authentic content. Now it’s a repetitive infomercial for all the stuff they sell... book, journal, oils, and clothes. Also, they do talk over each other a lot.

New Podcast Blog- Game Changer   (5/5)

The new podcast blog is the most amazing thing ever! You can find anything they mention with links and more in this blog! I want to go watch all of the old episodes to find all the books they’ve mentioned that I want to read! You can find it at . Thank you so much Auj and Jer for creating it!

Inspirational and relatable love them   (5/5)

If your looking for a positive, inspirational and really relatable podcast give them a listen!

LOVE   (5/5)

Ive always heard of people listening to podcasts but I never really listened to one until now and it changed my life. I’ve now downloaded and subscribed and I can’t get enough 😭💗 I’m a runner and pre med student and life is chaos but I rather listen and sit on Friday nights. “When less is more” is the best. Can’t wait for more!

Behind the Scenes   (3/5)

A friend of mine has been listening to these for months, and I am not much of a podcast gal so I held off. She sent me one of the episodes and I listened to it on my commute home and I’m really enjoying them. I have read their book, follow them on Instagram, and have been fans of Audrey and Jeremy for a long time, but it has been so great to listen to their thoughts, their hearts, and the truths they’re learning. Each episode so far has left me feeling encouraged and inspired to live with more purpose, more love, more joy, more intentionality, because there is always more through Christ. My main complaint is that neither of them can finish a sentence without the other one talking over them. I also have a tendency to do this, but listening to it makes it SO hard to focus on the content!!

For anyone seeking growth, peace, love, and joy...   (5/5)

This podcast has truly changed my life. Jeremy and Audrey are a joy to listen to, they are real and authentic and have incredible insight and advice to share. Not only do they do so through their unique and intentional experiences, but also through the stories and messages shared by their guests. ...and because of this podcast I actually started reading again (To Hell with the Hustle, Rhythms of Renewal and on deck is the Ruthless Elimination if hurry). ***If you find yourself wishing for a life filled with more purpose, more intention, or more love, this podcast will guide you directly toward the resources to make that your way of life***

Best Podcast   (5/5)

I got recommended to listen to this podcast from a friend and it has changed my life for the better. I started listening during a season of preparing for my marriage, and I enjoy hearing and being reminded of the Godly truth that I think we all need to hear. This podcast is one of the best things about my Tuesday commutes to work. I cannot thank these two more for the work that they do!

Amazing!   (5/5)

I look forward to listening every Tuesday. This was the 1st podcast that I ever listened to because honestly I didn’t think I would like to listen to any. But I have to say that it has been so encouraging and has made a tremendous impact. You’re doing and amazing job. Can’t wait to hear the next one. 😊

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I love hearing from Jeremy and Audrey each week along with the amazing guests they have on! I have taken so much information and tips and put them into practice in my first year of marriage! My husband and I have read their book and do the marriage journal weekly, but the podcast is a great opportunity to learn even more! I’m thankful for everything they share as I know it’s made for a healthier and stronger start to my marriage ☺️

My beef with this podcast   (3/5)

Jeremy & Audrey inspire me, they really do. They are great parents & fun loving people who love to share their lives to uplift & encourage others. SOMETIMES I feel they come off a little privileged with the advice they give. Example: their MAIN thing is letters, but they also encourage you to embrace your enneagram numbers(and your spouses) to have a fulfilled marriage. I’m sorry Jeremy and Audrey, but not every number on the enneagram loves letters or especially likes to write them. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a fulfilled marriage just because your spouse doesn’t have that particular emotional skill set or likes that. Another thing, they are really big on “date nights” “weekend getaways” & I’m telling you, I grew up in a lower middle class family & still have family members THAT JUST CANT AFFORD THIS PERIOD. I’m sorry, but you come off privileged when you tell your listeners over and over again that their marriage can’t be happy without spending money & going on extravagant dates and trips. Yeah I get your point that it’s the thought that counts. But can we get some PRACTICAL advice? Maybe how to have date night at home? Or how NOT to EXPECT your spouse to plan a date night when you just simply don’t have the money? Not every one are young entrepreneurs who work from home & have the same lifestyle as you guys. Which leads me to my next point, the ONLY guests you have on the show are young married entrepreneurs who work from home & have started their own business. & once again I say, 90% of your listeners cannot relate to this lifestyle or the advice these people give. Most moms are working their butts off at their job or as a stay at home mom whose husband works and doesn’t get home until 7-8 pm at night. Or perhaps they are both working, or what about the single mothers out there? I’m just saying. Most of the advice you give is only for well off entrepreneurs who seem entirely privileged when they expect everyone to live the same way as them and are appalled to think some people just DONT. That’s my beef with this podcast, and why I’ve unfollowed every social media account y’all have because I just can’t stand to compare myself to people whose lives are entirely different and don’t give realistic advice. I’m sorry guys.

Mediocre   (3/5)

Decent content but Jeremy talks over Audrey so much that it’s incredibly distracting and can be very hard to follow.

Extremely Repetitive   (2/5)

Just seems like they talk about the same thing over and over. There’s at least a couple episodes just on the enneagram, and it seems like the rest are all about business and entrepreneurship. Also the talking over each other is at times extremely difficult to listen to, to the point where I have to stop. I feel like a lot of people wanted to like this podcast because we thought it would be more about them as people and their family, but (for me) it seems like it has strayed far from the topics it was advertised to cover. It is also extremely annoying how they take every single possible moment to advertise their book, marriage journal, and oils. I just want to say “we get it, you wrote a book.” We know the title, you don’t have to say it every time you mention your book. They seem nice enough, just extremely self-absorbed, ignorant, and repetitive.

Favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I am older than most people that listen, but absolute love it! There are a lot of things they talk about that will appeal to all ages! I love this Godly channel and can’t recommend it enough!!! 💕

Encouragement!   (5/5)

This is the first podcast I have ever listened to and I love it! It is highly encouraging and motivational!! Thank you for being real!!! Update: I just finished listing to episodes 39 and am speechless! Just WOW!! Thank you!!!

Big fan   (5/5)

I have followed you both on social media for a long time. I became a fan from watching the show. I have followed it since it started. I love both of you as individuals as well as a couple! You guys are both wonderful people! I started listening to your podcast after seeing a post about it on Instagram. I absolutely LOVE the podcast!!! I’m listening to the first episode of your friendship series and it is hitting home with me! My best friend and I have known each other and been friends for 20yrs. We’ve been through so much together and brought husbands and kids into the mix. We’ve had our ups and downs. Definitely more ups than downs. We are currently in a season of life that we don’t see each other really at all and talk very little. It has been so hard! Listening to y’all talk about your friendship and all that’s went along with it is helping me a whole lot! I know her and I will get back on the same track one day and that it isn’t anyone’s fault that our seasons of life are taking us in different directions right now.

I really want to like this   (3/5)

I’ve listened to a bunch of episodes and just can’t get into the show. I think it’s bc of the way Jer interrupts. I appreciate their mission and stand behind it 100%. Must be a personality thing. Also the enneagram stuff is just trendy and junk if you don’t follow it. Skip those episodes always. Same with the friends one- it felt really cliquey.

Big fan of the Roloffs   (4/5)

I’ve been following Audrey since she first started her blog. Her articles have been so helpful to me as I balanced pursuing Christ in college and then entered into a long distance relationship! I’ve been listening to the podcast from the beginning and for the most part have really enjoyed it...However I think I’m going to have to stop listening to the podcast for now...the constant interrupting is starting to take away from the content, the last podcast was particularly painful, I couldn’t finish it. I really love Audrey and Jeremy and all that they’re doing to show Christ to others but I’m going to take a break from the podcast for now.

Interview with the bachelor/bachelorette contestants   (2/5)

I’m extremely confused about this episode. I’m pretty sure Audrey said in her book that Jeremy didn’t allow her to watch the bachelorette/bachelor because it didn’t fall in line with their belief of falling in love and courting. If it’s not a show you watch or even agree with, why would you talk about it on your podcast? I assume for ratings? Bummer. I enjoyed this podcast until I noticed the hypocrisy coming through. Pick what you stand for and stand for it.

Episodes going downhill   (1/5)

When I first started listening, I absolutely loved this podcast. Now the episodes are just seeming more and more repetitive, the constant interrupting and talking over each other is just getting worse and it’s so hard to listen to. This last episode with Chris and Desiree, I was so excited to listen to it, and it was awful. Maybe they need better editing, but so much is them just awkwardly laughing and saying “yeah”, didn’t let them go deep into anything, and it was so obvious how ridiculous Jeremy thinks the Bachelor is. It felt like such a waste of time, so disappointing!

Guest Suggestion   (5/5)

Try to have Sean and Catherine Lowe from The Bachelor on the podcast. They are hilarious and seem to have a solid handle on prioritizing marriage. They also seem to approach and live life with such humor and light-heartedness, which I think many find inspiring. Thanks, love the podcast!

Obsessed!   (5/5)

I’ve recently started listening to this podcast on my commute home from work (Southern California traffic am I right?) so I have plenty of time to listen to a full podcast! In all seriousness though these podcasts are amazing, and I feel like I have friends sitting with me in the car speaking life into me! So blessed to have these podcasts to keep me company on my drives home, and feed me encouragement after some long days! It’s just what I need at the end of a long day! Love it!

Late to the game but loving it!   (5/5)

Just started listening to your podcast and am finding it so refreshing and inspiring. I watched LPBW growing up and have loved following you both. It’s nice to hear all your tips on success in life and relationships! Can’t wait to keep listening!

Love this!   (5/5)

Just recently started listening to podcasts, yours specifically after reading A Love Letter Life and falling in love with your love story! I’ve followed Audrey specifically on Instagram for awhile now and recently began following Jeremy as well. For me being 29 year old woman, I am soo inspired by the both of you, the love you have for one another and your family, the success of your business(s), and your love for the lord. The relationship I have with my boyfriend, so much relates to yours and the trials/triumphs you’ve all had. You’ve helped me in more ways than one and I truly am inspired and look up to the both of you. I’ve learned a lot about life, love/how to be a better partner, and obviously oils (avid young living user). Thank you for being so real and down to earth! Y’all are truly amazing!

“Licking of the honey”   (5/5)

Hey, I’m listening to episode #59 “to hell with the hustle”, & I’m just finding myself laughing... I don’t remember the name of the guest on the episode, but he’s trying to explain when the Jewish kids “lick the honey” ...I just want to clarify, when a Jewish boy turns 3, he goes for the first time to “Cheder/yeshiva “ Jewish school & reads the Hebrew alphabet for the first time, it is then that he is given honey to lick off the alphabet, to symbolize that the words of the Torah are sweet...! Just figured I’d clarify! Keep inspiring & make us think intentionally!💛

Always More   (5/5)

There’s always more than what meets the eye. It’s so nice to have a fun Christian couple, that has been in the spotlight, really open up about their lives and share what’s on their hearts. I went all the way back to ep. 00 can’t wait to listen through all of them and find out who all their guests will be!

Good but   (4/5)

Please stop trying to tell us stuff. Maybe pick one thing every week to mention! But it’s frustrating constantly hearing about pumpkin season, oils, marriage journal, merch, books. Makes the “authentic” conversation feel very inauthentic.

Thank you   (5/5)

Thank you. Thank you for changing my views on faith. Thank you for changing me, as a partner, mother, friend, daughter, co worker, human being. Thank you for making me see things differently. Thank you for helping my relationship with my boyfriend of 7 years, whom we share a 4 year daughter with. Thank you for making see that leaving is not the answer. Thank you for mending our relationship. Thank you for helping us not be selfish. Thank you for helping us realize our relationship has meaning. Thank you for making me realize I can be happy. Thank you for helping us communicate. Thank you for your parenting advice. Thank you for being humble. Thank you for your perfect timing because I know timing is everything & everything happens for a reason. I have been listening to your podcast every day for the last month (so yes I’m only half way through) but I have recommended your podcast to everyone I know. Because you guys actually make a difference. So thank you!

Great podcast   (4/5)

They give great information. Audrey is very humble. The only reason why I gave them four stars is because they tend to have guest who are in the majority. I personally like to see more guests outside of their race and culture.

Worth it   (5/5)

Love how genuine they are and the people they have as guests are awesome. I appreciate that they are people they really respect and want to honor. It makes for an authentic listen

Life Changing   (5/5)

I read A Love Letter Life after a friend suggested it to me, and Wow it changed me. Audrey and Jeremy’s story encouraged me as I was walking through the messy ending of a friendship. The love of Christ was evident in every chapter through the vulnerability about their story. In a world of instant gratification, the intentionality and work poured into their relationship is refreshing. Thank you for reminding people that bold and beautiful love is out there not only from people but also in Jesus Christ. Since reading their book I have listened to the podcast almost weekly and it continues to challenge, encourage, and shape me. I know it has done this for so many others as well! Thank you, Audrey and Jeremy.

A bit rough   (1/5)

I really like these two as individuals but the podcast is not easy to listen to. They’re constantly talking over each other and do not think out articulate questions ahead of time. I wish they could just ask a simple question with out talking for two minutes leading up to it trying to explain what the question means. The themes and topics are incredibly repetitive.

Love It!   (5/5)

I love Jeremy and Audrey, their vulnerability, their steadfastness in seeking what the Bible says, and speaking that truth - the only truth - to so many people. In a society that’s gotten so far away from seeking what God says in the Bible, it’s so refreshing to know their voices of Biblically based truth are reaching so many people. Keep up the good work!!

So glad I found this!!!   (5/5)

I’ll be honest, I’m new to the podcast world and wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this even nearly as much as LPBW. I grew up watching the show off and on over the seasons and really enjoyed seeing the love story of these two unfold. I always felt like a love story like Jer and Audrey was only possible for the “lucky ones”. Something almost made up for tv. Even growing up in church I hadn’t seen a love like that. It honestly at times seemed too perfect to be real. And here comes the reason I love this podcast.... IT IS REAL!! It’s not common, but it is possible. They share the nitty gritty about how hard marriage and even dating with intentionality is, but they do it with such love and thoughtfulness. Im absolutely amazed at the wisdom these two have and it makes me so excited that they have the courage and ability to share it. I’m encouraged EVERY TIME I listen. As someone who has longed to be married it’s been so easy to get discouraged over the years of singleness. I have found myself at war with God asking why it’s taking me so long to meet my person? What’s my purpose in my singleness? Am I being too picky? What should I look for in a potential spouse? How can I use my time of singleness to prepare my heart for a healthy partnership? All these questions have weighed so heavy on my heart and mind. By Gods grace I have some of these answers sort of figured out... but this podcast has been a HUGE tool and encouragement to help me press into the areas where I don’t see or hear God as clearly. It definitely gives me some food for thought and I find myself thinking of them as if I actually know them in real life. I love how the intro talks about letting this be like a campfire conversation between friends. That’s what it feels like at times. I’m so thankful for the insight, encouragement and transparency these two share for their listeners. I have shared this podcast to so many friends who also enjoy them and are encouraged.... I hope you are too.

Best podcast to help motivate yourself   (5/5)

I’ve watched Little People Big World since it first aired. My dad loved how the family was so close knit so the show taught us a lot about family values. I was never so sure about spending my time listening to podcasts but had a feeling that I needed to start listening. I chose this one as my first podcast to listen to and I’m so glad I did. It has made me sit with my husband to create our goals for 2020 to start the new decade off as a healthier couple and better ourselves to raise our kids with similar values. I love it and it helps me relax and focus during my “me time”.

Great insights   (5/5)

You can tell that they are influenced by great mentors and books. Their wisdom is beyond their years! Entertaining, insightful, real, and encouraging.

Weekly Renewal!   (5/5)

Audrey and Jeremy are part of my weekly commute to work. I look forward to their newest episode every week, and I always catch myself smiling throughout each episode. As a woman of faith in a generation where many of my peers are afraid to share their beliefs in fear of “offending” someone, it is refreshing to listen to A&J share their thoughts and beliefs with their listeners! It makes me feel like I am part of a community even though they are on the west coast, and I’m in the Midwest! It’s refreshing to hear both of their faith journeys throughout the episodes, and their ability to reach out to a wide range of ages! Not too many people can do that is such a short amount of time. This podcast has offered me a weekly renewal of living my life through faith, checking in with my heart, my mind, my relationship with God and my husband! The one thing that I have caught myself doing more and more each week is thinking about what was discussed or questioned after the podcast is over. It’s offered my husband and I an opportunity to talk about topics maybe we never thought about discussing before, and also a wonderful reminder that through God’s work, we always have more to give, more to share, and more to do! Thank you Audrey and Jeremy for my weekly renewal pick me up! I have so much respect for you both! Keep on keeping on! With much gratitude, Katie

Big Fan of Behind the Scenes!!!   (5/5)

This podcast is great!!!!! They provide such great knowledgeable and useful content!!! Thank you Audrey and Jermey.

Episode 59 was amazing!!!   (5/5)

Hey Jeremy & Audrey! I LOVE your podcast! Episode 59 was especially killer, thank you so much for all the hard work you did to create such a great episode. Jeff was an amazing guest and I learned so much during the episode. Something I found super interesting about the episode was when Jeff was discussing beauty and art and said “now this is going to sound kinda Catholic..” as if to say “Catholic” is a dirty word. Haha. I’m not offended but as an outsider I wanted to say that there were a TON of Catholic themes throughout the entire episode. The beautiful way Jeff described how humans are fashioned so that what we believe should invade into art (icons, pictures, statues, cathedrals, churches). That is the entire point of Catholic art and symbols. Audrey mentioned in the episode “doing those things help you to remember”. Exactly. Surrounding ourselves with beauty and art that helps us to remember the life of Christ is the entire point. Contrary to popular belief, Catholics do not worship these symbols and art forms. It is exactly what Jeff said: “As you go about your daily life, you are reminded of Him”. That is the Catholic teaching. Here are a few other areas that resonated with me: Jeff talked about being a “God bearer” which in Greek is the word “Theotokos” which in Catholicism is a title for the Mary, the Mother of Jesus because she was the ultimate God bearer to the world. The Daily Divine Office or the “Liturgy of the Hours” that Jeff mentioned is a Catholic daily set of prayers based on scripture which marks the hours (morning/evening) to thank God and remind ourselves of His presence and work in our lives. Henri Nouwen, who Jeff quoted, was a Catholic priest. Jeff also mentioned “doing small things” or as Mother Theresa said “do small things with great love”. She was a Catholic nun. :) The “Prayer of Examine” or “Examination of Conscience” is an originally Catholic prayer and exercise that is still practiced today. It also resonated for me when you started talking about silence and the necessity of it in our lives. Monks, nuns, and religious orders within the Catholic Church literally have people that choose to spend their entire lives in silence praying for the needs of others and the needs of the Church. The Catholic Mass begins in silence and prayer as a time for preparation before the holiest hour of the week begins. Doing a “Holy Hour” is a Catholic tradition where we go before the Eucharist and pray in complete silence (doesn’t have to be a whole hour) to put ourselves in His presence and be still. Lastly, I absolutely loved how Jeff mentioned that Jesus chose to have the the last supper the night before He died, over anything else He could have done and that was where He chose to offer bread and wine and in Jeff’s words “make it sacred”. This institution of the Eucharist is what Catholic’s hold in highest esteem and do in memory of Christ’s sacrifice (“do this in memory of me”) every single day in the Catholic Mass. Thanks again for sharing the episode - I love your story and everything that you guys are doing! (Especially that Audrey shares on Insta about Carly Jean Los Angelos, my fav brand ever!) Take care, Laura

Top 3   (5/5)

Definitely in one of my top 3 favorite podcasts. I would just like to say that it is frustrating when you both talk over each other or your guests. Let the other person finish their thought that they started, as it comes off pretty rude/disrespectful (in my eyes) when you don’t.

Review   (5/5)

I normally am not a big fan of podcasts, but I can’t get enough of this podcast. It’s soooo good. I love the conversations and topics, they’re very interesting. Great podcast! Definitely recommend.

Listen every week   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast every week on my drive to and from work. I love the variety and gives great conversation topics for my husband and I.

Wisdom, inspiration and fun   (5/5)

Listening to Jeremy and Audrey is fun and encouraging. I find myself wondering how such a young couple can have such wisdom. They are real and you can hear the passion in their context. It’s like sitting at the table and having a great conversation with friends. What a great calling.

Intentional Living   (5/5)

I am so inspired by how intentional these two are about every area of life. These podcasts really inspire me, especially in the areas of career + marriage. I love this podcast!

my favorite podcast ppl   (5/5)

I love love Audrey and Jeremey. They are so real and truthful and they have impacted my life tremendously through their podcast and A Love Letter Life!!!! Not only do I keep up the podcasts from week to week but I also go back and and listen to their very beginning ones. They are so good and I highly recommend for anyone needed encouragement and for people who have questions about dating, marriage, parenting, friendships, and more!!!!

My favorite podcast   (2/5)

With some of our favorite people! Always great conversation and honored to be guests on an episode. XO

Overall good!   (3/5)

Overall I really love Jeremy and Audrey’s podcast and who they are as people! I have been listening every Tuesday on my way home from work since the first episode aired. Initially, it had become one of my favorite parts of my day. But recently I have started to take a break. I can’t get passed how many times Jeremy interrupts Audrey and doesn’t let her finish her thought. I get there are time constraints but it’s rude and is very distracting when listening. The “Pumpkin Season, Fall, and Other Favorite Things” episode what especially bad. On both side there you could tell there was stress and they were annoyed at one other. It is awkward for the listeners and at that point if I were them I would have just paused on recording and restarted when I wasn’t so annoyed at the other person. I am still a big fan and they have great conversation overall but something’s gotta change....

Love the different topics!   (4/5)

Love this podcast. The varying topics and guests are always inspiring and thought provoking. However, I agree with other Reviewers - it makes me cringe when Jeremy cuts off and interrupts Audrey. I would really love to hear her thoughts and stories! That’s where I glean most of the good stuff in this podcast.

Absolutely love!   (5/5)

I am a bit behind on episodes; so I listen to at least one episode in the mornings when I’m getting ready for work. Listening to this makes my morning so great and makes me feel so empowered! Thank you Audrey and Jeremy!! Keep empowering us!

Review   (5/5)

I love your podcast but I LOVE the love letter life book!! It’s been so great learning from you guys and gaining relationship wisdom!

Sometimes a bit too much behind the scenes for me   (3/5)

Some episodes are better than others, I like the self-help vibe most have and then they throw in a fun one like the most recent where they talk about their fave fall things, great variety of content. What I dislike is the bickering on some episodes. I listen to be inspired and although it’s supposed to be an inside look “behind the scenes” of their lives, I could do without Audrey making fun of Jeremy’s intro to the podcast and other times where she won’t let him finish a sentence. I get that no relationship is perfect and we all have moments where we say things we shouldn’t and are critical when it’s not appropriate but I don’t want to tune into a podcast to hear couples pick at each other. I’ve been uncomfortable enough to turn off episodes when they start with the mild arguing over trivial things.

Review ✨   (5/5)

I have started back at #1 and am really enjoying listening so far! I was skeptical about who Audrey and Jeremy were but after reading their book I fell in love with their heart after God! The podcast is so easy to listen to and feels like I’m just hanging out. I feel encouraged and sometimes enlightened after listening.

Review   (4/5)

This podcast offers great advice on all things relationships. I always end an episode encouraged to continue my walk with Jesus, and with food for thought. I have been listening since the beginning and suggest it to others! My only complaint is I often hear Jeremy cut off Audrey as she’s sharing a thought multiple times an episode when there is no guest on the show. I would like to hear shared thoughts more than debate, and less worry over episode time constraints. Saying this from a kind place not a place of judgement! Will continue to listen :)

Great Podcast   (5/5)

I’m not much of a podcast person, but I love listening to Jeremy and Audrey chat about a variety of subjects. They’re really relatable and real and they make me laugh too! Would definitely recommend! (Already have some of my friends listening to it)

Just one thing   (5/5)

I’m a pretty faithful listener of your podcast, and it’s definitely one of my favorites! Really appreciate the work you guys are doing in our generation! Just wanted to throw one thing out there, hopefully it will come across with love instead of sounding like a criticism. I kinda cringe a little bit when Audrey makes fun of Jeremy on the air. Whether it be his love for old cars or how he starts the podcast. Jeremy handles it really well, but I can’t imagine that he enjoys it all that much. Maybe it’s something you guys have talked about and are ok with, but I always hear it through how my husband would receive it and it makes me squirm. I just know that you guys care so much about building each other up and this doesn’t seem quite in line with all of that. Anyway, love the rest of what you guys do! Keep up the good work!

Inspiring in more than one way!   (5/5)

I have been following Jeremy and Audrey for years and I was SO excited when they started this podcast. It’s my go-to podcast as I drive to work each day! I recently got engaged and I am always listening to them give me new ways to prepare for my marriage. I even encourage my fiancé and other engaged friends to listen to them! I also love the fun guests and topics they talk about. They are relatable and easy to listen to!

Real people after God   (5/5)

These two are amazing! They speak truth about real issues and they bring other believers in to do the same. Listening to these podcasts motivates me to be a better husband, father, and man after God!

Uplifting message   (5/5)

Love this podcast they are always giving positivity and encouragement in this show. Such a change of pace from other online sources.

Can’t believe it.   (5/5)

I have never been a big podcast or audio listener. But I can’t stop listening to their podcast! They are honest and real. You can’t help but love it

AMAZING!!   (5/5)

I just recently started listening to Audrey and Jeremy’s podcast and I’m so glad I did! These two are full of such wisdom and their heart for the Lord is incredible. I am recently engaged and am beyond grateful to be able to use them as a resource for building a healthy and God-honoring marriage.

Great   (5/5)

Really enjoyed, keep up the great work.

Grateful for Audry and Jeremy!   (5/5)

Audry and Jeremy have spoken so much wisdom and love into my life and our marriage. My husband and I have been listening since the beginning of the podcast, we read A Love Letter Life on the plane to our honeymoon, we listen to the podcast on our way to date nights, and do the marriage journal weekly. Our marriage has been BLESSED just by finding them. I also love that they are From the PNW, just like us. My husband and I are coming up on our one year anniversary on October 20th and as we listened to this weeks episode about anniversaries he said, “do you want to go to the Roloff farm and try to meet them for our anniversary?” Ahhh YES!? So hopefully we will see you soon!

Best podcast   (5/5)

I started listening last week and instead of binge watching Netflix I feel like I’m binge listening! Love this podcast so much! It makes me want to be a better person, better wife, and better mama. I’ve been distancing myself from Christ after my sister passed and this podcast has made me want to reconnect and feel his love again.

Everyone needs to listen!   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast!! I began listening to it around the time that my boyfriend and I were starting to make pivotal changes in our relationship. We sought to seek God through all we do and quit hiding behind all the sin society throws in our faces. This podcast has given us the confidence and encouragement to be an inspiration to others about how to love God, love others, and love each other in the most intentional ways. We are so very thankful that Audrey and Jeremy take time every week to share their knowledge and the wisdom of others to young couples like us. We’ve bought marriage journals for a few of our newlywed friends this year and can’t wait until it’s our turn to dive in. Go follow them! Go give them a listen! Go buy their book and marriage journal! Sooooo riveting! ❤️

Great podcast 🎉🌸   (5/5)

I started listening to this podcast in a transitional period of my life. I want to say thank you to Jeremy and Audrey for helping me get closer to God and helping to find little ways to renew my faith. I’ve listened to all episodes, and I look forward every Tuesday for a new one.

Just getting started   (5/5)

I just started listening this week. Going from episode 1 forward. I’m on #9 now. Loving this. Eye and mind opening already. 🥰 Thank you in advance for all your Inspiration!! Always More ❤️😊👍🏼

Love!   (5/5)

Loving this podcast! My favorite episodes are the ones where they share about their lives. Jeremy and Audrey are so real and easy to relate to!

Inspiring!   (5/5)

This podcast inspires me everyday to be a better person. I love love love listening to it on my commute every morning. It’s always a good self check in and helps me prepare my day to work with the most wonderful students that deserve nothing but my true and honest self. That’s what this podcast has made me do. It makes me think about my actions towards my boyfriend and how I want to have myself represented in this world.

So inspirational   (5/5)

I just recently started this podcast and I’ve fallen in love with it. Not very many things on the radio/tv world are supportive of the Christian world. They also have so many good tips that have helped me and my relationship.

So dang good   (5/5)

I recently (like maybe a week ago) discovered this podcast, and have been listening to it obsessively ever since! I started at episode 1 and already finished the first season and am well into the second season. Jeremy and Audrey are so easy and fun to listen to, and they share so many practical ways to change your marriage and your life. My husband and I have already started implementing a lot of the things they talk about, and we are loving it! So much truth and so many good nuggets 🙌🏼

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

I love this Podcast, the biblical background is so uplifting and informational. They speak on a large spectrum of topics that I truly believe almost everyone can relate too, they are so uplifting and inspirational. I have shown this to every sister possible, anyone that is willing to listen and now all my friends listen to this podcast and they love it too! They’re book is also AMAZING! Episode 55 set my soul on fire. If you’re newly married, engaged or dating they make a great pathway to connect to everyone!

Podcast newby   (5/5)

This is the first podcast I have ever listened to. God has shown me so much through you guys, I am blown away. I have been on a mission to make positive changes in my life and marriage and the content of this podcast has catapulted me forward. There is so much wisdom and practical advice on growing closer to Christ through marriage that just isn’t being talked about in any church setting I have ever been involved in. Seriously, thank you for sharing with the world in such a vulnerable way.

♥️♥️   (5/5)

I seriously love this podcast! First ever podcast I have listened to. Y’all are always laid back, inspirational and really answer the questions of life today! I have ordered your book, and the marriage journal. I am hoping to read the book soon. I can’t wait to listen to many more podcasts!

New Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I’ve been following Jeremy and Audrey for a while, but just recently started listening to their podcast. It has been so helpful to me during rough times. I also just recently finished A Love Letter Life and can’t recommend it enough! My husband and I have started the Marriage Journal and find it has been helpful to our marriage during busy seasons of life. Can’t get enough of the Roloff’s and what they have to offer!

So Encouraging!   (5/5)

I've fallen in love with this podcast! Jeremy and Audrey always have something of value to say. They bring on great guests and are just so encouraging. As a single female Christian, I have so many questions. Jeremy and Audrey are so great at answering questions I wasn't even aware I had. This podcast is well-rounded and thought-provoking. Thank you!!

Loved this one!   (5/5)

Hearing the story behind 5 Mary’s Farm was so great! I’ve loved them for awhile and recently started ordering their meats so it was fun to listen to how they got their start! Jeremy and Audrey, you both did a great job interviewing them!!!!

Thank you thank you!   (5/5)

Five stars all the way! I found this podcast after reading your book A love letter life. Which truly was life changing for for me. I’ve been a believer for 11 years now, the last couple years got a little lost. After my husband and I had our second child I found y’all on Instagram and thought I give your book a try. Which I couldn’t put it down!! It reopened my eyes and heart in so many ways! I have not felt so fired up about my marriage, parenting, or faith thank you thank you!! Every Tuesday I look forward to listening to what you guys have to share. Alexis :)

Love this!   (5/5)

I grew up watching LPBW but hadn’t watched in years. I watched one of the more recent episodes recently and starting doing some Instagram stalking and that’s how I came across the podcast. I can’t believe how relatable Jeremy and Audrey are to me and my husband. I absolutely love listening to them talk! Highly recommend.

Love!   (4/5)

Love you guys and love what you do! If I could offer one piece of feedback out of love, sometimes I get frustrated listening when you interrupt each other. I feel for the person being interrupted! Maybe it doesn’t bother you at all, but as a listener it can be troubling at times. Just food for thought! I love the content and your story changed my life, thank you so much for sharing your life with us!

Lots of energy and great tips from a young couple   (5/5)

I absolutely love listening to this young couple be intentional about life, marriage and their relationship with Jesus Christ!

For Those Giving Feedback   (5/5)

Hey, Jeremy and Audrey, you guys are pretty cool and have a great podcast. Thank you for the vulnerability and boldness you’ve offered by being transparent and honest with complete strangers. That takes a deep security in God and a lot of humility, and it does not go unnoticed. For those of you leaving comments and reviews, think of it as an opportunity to provide helpful feedback, not letting out whatever emotionally charged thing you feel like saying. These reviews are meant to help them, not hurt them. Remember, you have no obligation to listen to this, or any, podcast, but you absolutely have a responsibility as a human and World Wide Web community member to be kind and respectful.

Real Life Rewound   (5/5)

Refreshing! real life day to day topics unwound and broken down so you get to the core. Whether it’s relationships, parenting, eating, addictions, Faith, etc. this podcast covers it all! Interesting, fun and cozy. They speak the truth of Jesus and live it out. Awesome family! Well done!

Five Mary’s Farms   (5/5)

Enjoyed this episode so much! Loved Brian and Mary’s story and how they are raising their girls on the ranch. I’m happy they are having happiness, fulfillment and success in what they do as a family. Love the Behind the Scenes Podcast!

Unsubscribed   (1/5)

I’ve been a subscriber for about 4 months now, and I had to unsubscribe today. Super inauthentic podcast. If Jeremy hates social media so much maybe he should stop trying to make a career out of it.

Inspiring!   (5/5)

So many great things are coming from this podcast! Jeremy and Audrey are inspiring beyond what I thought. From setting rhythms, fueling friendships and so much more! It’s my go to Tuesday morning drive listen.

Favorite Podcast ever!   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast! Jeremy and Audrey make me laugh out loud. This is a great podcast for any stage of life! I look forward to Tuesday so I can listen to it. Hopefully they’ll go back to 2 a week! 😜

👍   (5/5)

I love your podcast! It’s awesome and so are you guys! I miss seeing you guys on LPBW though!

Losing my interest   (1/5)

A little too much talk on rhythms, rituals, and rules. It also feels like they are constantly advertising their book, journal and essential oil pyramid scheme business.

Inspiring and Motivating   (5/5)

I grew up watching LPBW and have followed the Roloff's in social media for years. I was captivated by Jeremy and Audrey's love story and was so inspired to see people my age so on fire for the Lord in a secular world, but also for the example for dating that they set. I love their passion for Christ, community, family, Young Living (:P) and prioritizing their love with all the distractions the world throws out there. I look forward to listening each week and I always find myself wishing it was longer. I am such a fan of their book as well!! Thanks for sharing your lives, ya'll!

Natural & authentic!   (5/5)

Love this couple and what they are about! From their books to marriage journal- the wisdom pours out from the pages. Love the knowledge and topics that are discussed. So thankful for what they portray! 💛💛😊

Such an encouraging listen!   (5/5)

I found Audrey through Instagram a few years ago and realized we had quite a few similarities . I took a long break off social media and when I returned, I was so intrigued to find out you had released a podcast! The topics each week have been so relevant and encouraging to my and my fiancé’s life! (We are a 1 and 7 on the enneagram ;) ) We are currently in a LDR and look forward to reading “A Love Letter Life” as well as going through the marriage journal once we are married. We love your raw authenticity each week and the selection of guests! His favorite was Jeff and Alyssa Bethke and I’ve had too many favorite episodes to list- though many of them have been my favorite authors and/or speakers! Tuesday mornings have become one of the highlights of our week and we are so thankful you two have poured so much time and genuine content into this podcast- it’s been so helpful in our relationship! Ps- I’m a fellow Oregonian so it’s really neat when you two mention local things or brag on our state! :)

Review from “Your Mom”.   (5/5)

I am old enough to be your Mom. In fact have kids 36, 31, 28 years old. I originally started to listened because I am a fan of LPBW, but now I am hooked. I am so proud of both of you. I enjoy the intelligent insights and good sense you both put out on your podcast that even “Your Mom” can relate too. I have bought A Love Letter Life for all three of my kids and their spouse and given as a wedding gift as well, with nothing attached but a prayer. I just finished the friendship podcast most recent and loved it. You guys a good people. Thank you!


I just discovered this podcast last week and it has already become one of my favorites!! I remember watching jeremy on TV and it’s cool to see him married with a family.

Community   (4/5)

I absolutely love this Podcast. It was recommended to me by a friend and is the only podcast that I actually listen to. I have learned and thought about so much. And - community is so important to me and I’m beginning to find my community so this podcast was spot on. Thank you!

Great show   (5/5)

The shows with the friends I thought was great.

Encouraging/Uplifting   (5/5)

I love listening to Jeremy and Audrey’s podcast. It is very positive and uplifting, and they have a lot of wisdom to share. Praying for God to continue to bless their work!

Awesome   (5/5)

You guys are awesome and so inspiring! My husband and I are the same age with a little girl too and we can relate. Thank you.

30 second rewinds   (5/5)

This podcast is incredible. I find myself hitting the ‘30 second rewind’ button multiple times throughout an episode because so many profound things are discussed and quoted. I feel like Jeremy and Audrey are my actual friends. My favorite episode is when they discussed the meaning behind Always More and I’m completely fascinated by any episode that mentions the Enneagram. I’m hooked! STARS x 5

Behind the Scenes by The Roloffs   (5/5)

You guys’ podcast is amazing! I literally finished listening to the made for more podcast this morning and I just opened my Jesus Calling before I go into work and literally Ephesians 3:20 was one of the verses of the day today. Chills at how God works.

Constructive Feedback   (3/5)

PLEASE stop using the word LIKE over and over and over. I hope you are working on this. Your content is good but the delivery is ruined by the constant use of this filler word. Just read through the reviews and I see this has been brought to your attention since day one. I hope you read the reviews!

Episode 50   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a while, but this latest episode was by far my favorite because of how incredibly relatable it was. I, too, have about 7 best friends that I’ve been dedicated to since kindergarten. Some joined early, some a little later, nevertheless these women are the reason for a lot of the stability in my life. We are currently in that stage of grad school, working, out of college, and unmarried phase. We lean on one another for literally everything. Listening to this episode was strikingly familiar and it stems from your Godsquad’s conversation. Every topic covered was EXACTLY the same as my friend group. I thought I was sitting down with my best friends. I, of course, shared this in their individual iMessages immediately. I’m a 6, so I spend a lot of time getting us together. I could not tell you how many people have asked me about how I’m still friends with people from kindergarten and my answer is always hard. There’s almost a feeling of sadness for those amazed and shocked at my lifelong friendships. I want others to have what we have, but I have to understand very few have this. Your episode gave me reflection into our friend group and how I treat outside friendships as well. We are centered at our relationship with God and our values and that’s what gets us through a lot. We keep each other motivated and faith filled. I could go on for hours about the similarities between my “southside hittas know me best” (one of my outspoken friends who loves Kanye came up with the name because we are from the southside of Indianapolis), but that would go on forever. There’s a reason we get kicked out of restaraunts at closing because we can talk for eternity. Thanks so much for this rare experience I’ve found very few can relate to. We are all hitting upwards of 20 years of friendship and people I meet, know from college, or even coworkers are so confused by it. We appreciate it! They will all be taking the ennegram test, I’ll make sure of it!

First Time Listener   (5/5)

Great podcast. I am a first time listener and this is the first time I have ever listened to any podcast. Going through many trials in my life right now along with my two daughters. I started following on Instagram and decided to look into the podcast. Very thankful I did and will definitely consider your book that is out as well. Thanks for sharing your stories #alwaysmore

Insightful, fun, authentic   (5/5)

Thanks to this podcast, I have started reading my bible and journaling daily, thinking about topics in a positive, intentional way, and having conversations with my friends that I otherwise would have avoided. Jeremy and Audrey do a wonderful job of discussing topics with a faith-based perspective, all the while giving practical, tangible ways to apply it in life. They are the spokespeople for intentional living, and I absolutely recommend the podcast. If you haven’t listened to an episode yet, my favorite is the one with Seth and Tori Bolt... so many nuggets of wisdom to gain from both couples!

Real and Practical   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audrey are so genuine in discussing college, relationships, marriage, friendships, and many other topics. Because they are so real, they are also extremely relatable. They don’t just stop at the realness but actually give practical tips. By listening to this podcast, changing and growing seems so attainable. My favorite episode is “8 Ways to Pursue Jesus in College,” though EVERY episode is a great listen. Also, go pick up their book!!! So so good!

Excellently Thoughtful   (5/5)

Thoroughly well thought out message which discusses biblical relationships, love and marriage. I am enjoying this so much and learning many great things and reminders to practice and see out in my own relationships!

I love this podcast   (5/5)

This podcast is so educational, inspirational, and real. I look forward to every new episode. I especially love all of the book recommendations. This podcast has challenged me to grow in my relationships with God and my husband.

So encouraging!   (5/5)

This is such an amazing podcast with such great truths! Listening to it has made me feel refreshed and encouraged, and I can’t thank Audrey and Jeremy enough for all their honesty and hard work in this podcast!

Such a great listen!   (5/5)

Just like they say in their intro, “We want this to feel like we are hanging around around the campfire” it feels just like that! Honestly, after listening each week I feel like I’m able to pick up the phone to call them and pick their brains even more and dive deeper into our conversation. Being a young woman who is newly walking with the Lord it’s nice to have examples of what love, friendship and even not so “pretty” scenarios look like and how to approach such things. Thank you Jeremy and Audrey! Keep it up!

Must Listen!   (5/5)

The Behind the Scenes podcast is something that everyone can benefit from. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff live and love intentionally and are filled with words of wisdom on numerous subjects. Not only do they share their own wisdom, but they bring people on the podcast that have inspired them, too. This podcast something that I look forward to every week, and my husband and I have had many important conversations because of the things that have been shared in these episodes. Not only has this inspired me to live more intentionally, but it has benefitted my marriage and faith. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability, Jeremy and Audrey! You are both such a light for Christ in this world. Definitely give this podcast a listen!

Honest & Genuine   (5/5)

LOVE this podcast. Audrey has Jeremy are so honest and genuine. Such a blessing to listen to a God-centered couple.

Such millennials- boring   (1/5)

I am a 57-year-old woman who’s been married for 36 years so I’m sure I’m not your demographic profile. I was enjoyed “L People, Big World”, and enjoyed watching Jeremy and Audrey on the show, so I thought I would enjoy their podcast. I’ve l listen to three or four episodes to try to give a fair chance but I’m sorry I find it very boring. The majority of the podcast is about what they’re going to talk about instead of just talking about it -which I find very irritating. The podcast also seems to be all about “me, me,me, instead of trying to reach out to connect to your listeners. Give us some information about strategies to improve young relationships, how people can build a closer connection to Jesus and incorporate religion into their relationship , or what it’s like living in today’s society with the Internet social media etc. and how that affects peoples relationships and lives. I feel a lot of their podcast is also solicitations and promotions of their personal products oil’s, books, etc. Again I realize I’m not your demographic and maybe the millennials like this kind of stuff? As for me I need more substance.


I’ve been a listener since the podcast first aired and it it filled with so much truth and wisdom! Love how God is using Jermey and Audrey! As a person in my early 20s, I feel like they have spoke to where I am in my life and have enriched it for the better!

A much needed dose of enlightenment   (5/5)

Thank you Audrey and Jeremy for taking the time and guts to make this podcast. I am truly inspired by your openness to share your life experiences. I think when starting out a marriage it is important to treat it as a living work in progress. Creating habits and figuring out ways to make sure the foundation of your marriage stays faithful and solid is important. I think what is so effective about your podcast, is that you have given so many different ideas for everyone to incorporate into their own lives. The marriage journal is a great way to make sure that the relationship stays on track and without holding onto resentment and getting lost in the day to day activities. It also is a way to bring people closer and realize the hopes and aspirations of their partner. Thank you for deciding to write your book. Thank you for making the podcast. Thank you for thinking of other people and giving an invaluable gift! Teresa

Love Learning with These Two   (5/5)

Give this podcast a listen. They keep it real when talking about life, God, and relationships. Highly recommend!

Amazing!   (5/5)

Love y’alls podcast! I recently read your book and listening to your podcast made me want to read it. I looked your book! Read it within a few days. I have started from the begging listening to all of your podcasts. I don’t know what I will do when o finally catch up. Thanks for all y’all do!!!

Truth bombs!!   (5/5)

Love the work these two do and the wisdom they speak!! They are such great role models to me!!

Love the podcast, love the book, love the couple   (5/5)

I first heard Audrey and Jeremy on another podcast (I didn’t know about the Tv show and I’m not in social media) and was highly intrigued so went out and bought the book on a whim. I enjoyed the book so much and then I found out they had a podcast! So I went back and started from their first episode and could not stop listening! I truly feel they are honest and vulnerable and just real. As a Christ follower I find them encouraging and challenging. I have loved hearing their thoughts and the thoughts of their guests. I’m so excited to keep listening and taking notes :)

Great for young Christian couples   (4/5)

Hi Guys! I’ve listened from the beginning. (And watched Jeremy grow up on LPBW) Oh, and met you at the Pumpkin patch last October. :-) As a “recovering Catholic” Christian woman who is married to an atheist, it’s sometimes hard to listen to without that perspective. I feel excluded. Is there anyway to get guests where their religions don’t align and how they deal with it in their marriage? When you do remote interviews the sound cuts off and I find that hard to listen to. I’d love that to get fixed! Thanks for all your effort on this podcast! I’m still working on your book.

Love!   (5/5)

Absolutely love listening to these two. I kind of just jumped in not knowing what to expect, but I can honestly say their marriage advice and advice with balancing life all together has helped me a bunch! Defiantly appreciate the time and effort they put in to give words of wisdom each week!

Full of inspiration and practical wisdom!   (5/5)

I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve come to love Audrey and Jeremy and this podcast. I’m a 30 year old serious Catholic who has been married for four years; my husband and I have a 2.5 years old and 11 month old daughter. I also just finished my Ph.D in historical theology. I love being Catholic and fervently believe in the power of the sacraments, but I think that the Catholic Church has a lot to learn from Audrey and Jeremy and their mentors about renewing marriage through daily meditation on Scripture that actually informs one’s life, mentorship in marriage, and authentic community. I’ve also always loved A Severe Mercy and love the idealism (balanced by realism) of Audrey and Jeremy! What they have to offer plus the powerful grace of the sacrament of matrimony, which really and truly makes Jesus present in one’s marriage, has the potential to be a truly miraculous force in the world today. Jeremy and Audrey - check out Fulton Sheen’s Three to Get Married - I think you’d love it! Thank you for your help to make our marriage even better, especially through this podcast and the marriage journal.

Clear and consistent mission   (5/5)

I’ve seen a lot of reviews complaining about how they always talk about the same thing (healthy, Godly, marriages) but y’all that IS their heart, mission, and platform. And in a world with such a high divorce rate, we need truth like this in our lives. As a newlywed myself, their words have been such an encouragement, and my husband and I have grown from their advice, and are currently enjoying reading through their book “Love Letter Life” together.❤️ Keep on staying true to your calling!!

Love the podcast, don’t love all the guests   (5/5)

I love this podcast and Audrey and Jeremy are incredible, but numerous male guests on the podcast have been disturbingly sexist with terrible messages.

I'm hooked!   (5/5)

First off I want to say I have watched LPBW with my family over the years, I knew that Jeremy married Audrey but I was unfamilar with all the wonderful thing Audrey is creating ( Always More, Oils, and The Marriage Journal) until I went to see them with my 16 year old daughter - Kate- back in April in Atlanta at their Love Letter Life book signing. Kate told me about the podcasts and I have listened to every one of them. I am 54 years old and have been married for 26 years. The concepts in the book and the featured speakers/guests on the podcast, has taught me so much about intentionality, creativity and faithfulness. Many times while driving and listening I have had to stop the car to write down a nugget of inspiration. Love the silent weekend retreat idea with butcher paper and journal! The recent episode on purity has sparked conversations with my teens, and expectation management is brilliant. i have written every book recommendation down and can't wait to read Severe Mercy. I have shared with my friends how incredibly wise this young couple is and that even "old" marrieds like me can still learn. I am so grateful for your honesty, vulnerability, and desire to help others as well as encouraging "us" to write our own Love Stories. I'm old enough to be your mom, so let me just say.... I am proud of you!

BTS   (5/5)

Love this podcast! So insightful and easy to listen to. Listen every morning on my way to work!!

Love it!   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast and I love it so much. It’s so great to just sit outside or walk my doggos and listen to Jeremy and Audrey give me so many good ideas for making my marriage better. Thanks guys. ❤️

Blessings   (5/5)

Look forward to you guys every week! Your words and other peoples experiences are so inspiring! God bless!

Too much of the same   (2/5)

I was enjoying this podcast in the beginning but now all this podcast seems to be about is how Jesus can save a marriage or how Jesus needs to be the center of the marriage for it to work. I grew up in a Christian household but am no longer a believer and even without Jesus in the center of our relationship I have a happy, loving, and healthy relationship of over 10 years. I respect their beliefs but don’t think they need to talk about it over and over again.

Meh   (1/5)

Drives me crazy that they constantly talk over each other. I wanted to like this so bad! But I just can’t. Sorry. :( PS: please try to phase out the words “like” and “babe” from your podcasts. That will definitely help!

Don’t use “like” in every sentence   (5/5)

Sometimes difficult to hear the message due to distractions of “uptalking” and also hearing the word “like” multiple times per sentence. A goal for 2019: practice talking like grownups. Having aired my irritations, I must say you are inspiring, wise beyond your years and motivating. Really valuable, practical ideas. Good recommendations of books to read and other podcasts to hear. Great interviews. Love your honesty and enthusiasm. You have caused me to seriously contemplate what it means for God to be the power center of one’s life. One more suggestion: learn when it’s correct grammar to say “Jeremy and Me” (instead of Jeremy and I). Educated people know this. I don’t mean to be snarky. Genuinely want to contribute to your growth and success. You have phenomenal potential to influence positive change in our culture. Make sure your language matches your intelligence.

Awful   (1/5)

This is the most preachy and out of touch couple I’ve ever heard. They have oh so many rules controlling every aspect of their life and relationship. Do they even really like each other? The podcasts are all the same. Religious couple who they “love” with 4 kids who don’t have real jobs but who all give endless advice based on one hard moment. Audrey and Jeremy don’t ever say anything that remotely is “behind the scenes,” they just point to their book over and over and over. Otherwise they want you to buy their marriage journal. They try to pretend they have this perfect marriage but they haven’t faced any true hardship, they come from a mountain of money and privilege, and worst of all they refuse to acknowledge it. But it’s really sickly entertaining to listen to two people interview to other people all of whom are totally out of touch with reality!

My absolute favorite podcast   (5/5)

The type of conversations I could listen to while cleaning the house, road-tripping or during my workouts. I look forward to the new episode every single week and devour all the words and wisdoms that Jeremy and Audrey share along with their guests. Listening to this podcast is like hitting a refresh button for me. It’s encouraging and gives hope for relationships and marriages.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Very encouraged and blessed by the authenticity.

❤️   (5/5)

Always love Jer and Auj, just wish they’d change the guests up a bit. They kind of run together. I think it’d be awesome if they interviewed people with different views/stories. I think a different perspective is cool. Or even someone who isn’t religious. Otherwise overall love the podcast!

All time Favs!   (5/5)

This is truly the best podcast around!! Jermey and Audrey are so chill and personable! It’s easy to relate to everything they have to say. They have so much great advice to offer on several different topics. You won’t regret listening!

OK   (3/5)

I appreciate their zeal and love for God and others, and their passion for marriages. I also think they have good guests on here, the bummer part of this is that they are not great interviewers. They talk over each other, get distracted easily, and tend to talk about themselves too much when you are trying to just hear the guests story. I like them I just don’t love this podcast.


Thanks guys. So encouraged and inspired by you both! Lots of love from Washington State🌲 Keep fighting the good fight🙏🏻

Ahhhhmazing!   (5/5)

Just started listening a couple of days ago and I’m hooked! They are so inspiring and I enjoy listening to them to get all those positive vibes. 😊

YES!   (5/5)

I love just how they talk about the things nobody else talks about and are real! I feel as though we are best friends and that hang every Tuesday. I love listening to them talk to some really awesomely wise people!!!

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast! Jeremy and Audrey and so fun to listen to and have had some great guests on the show. Thanks for creating this space!

Becoming the Best Version of Myself   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast. I’ve been married for 20 years and have learned so much from Audrey and Jeremy. My husband also read their book and was in awe of how much can be gleaned from a couple who hasn’t been married more than us. Thank you for pursuing oneness with each other and with Christ!

Great podcast.   (5/5)

Did I miss the change from 2 to 1 day a week shows? How about Shannon bream and Bryan clay on show?

Long Distance   (5/5)

Can you do a episode on you Long Distance Relationship? I love your guys podcast, and I hope Portland is treating you guys well, I used to live in Astoria!

The Most Inspiring Couple in my Life   (5/5)

I read the Love Letter Life and didn’t get enough of Audrey and Jeremy. I grew up watching Little People Big world so a little part of me has always been connected to this family. Once I read the book I was extremely inspired. I get married this September and have learned so much wisdom to implement into my marriage. Once I finished the book I was sad that it was over and had to hear more of this couples advice. The podcast is an amazing resource to make your marriage beat the 50% and have a happy and healthy relationship.

Love you guys   (5/5)

May god continue to bless you and encourage you to keep telling your stories. We are listening, and value everything you share with us. Thank you so much!

Always More Ways to Improve Yourself   (5/5)

As I started my journey into improving myself in my last year of college I was seeking ways to do that while multi-tasking as does every millennial. The way that I found out about Jer and Auj was less than normal - I saw that they were doing a book signing at my local Costco and was immediately filled with joy as I watched LPBW as a teen. When I went to college I stopped watching TV, and thus stopped watching Jer and Auj’s and the rest of the fam’s journey. I was thrilled to find their book and then also the podcast. Both myself and my boyfriend have already learned so much from the book and the podcast. They are excellent examples of people to look up to as humans with traditional values and morals. I’m SO glad that I re-found them. You should start listening as well!!

Love it!   (5/5)

Just started listening to their podcast. Heard a most recent one and since then have started at the beginning and plan to listen to them all. It’s my go to to get my morning started on a positive note.

Encouraging Approach to Marriage   (5/5)

I’ve been listening for a while now and have read the book and, while I can’t align with everything, I do find encouragement in their approach to marriage. I’m in a young marriage still so we face the “newbie” challenges of differing communication styles that we are still working at how we both best respond to conflict and resolution. Jeremy and Audrey’s approach isn’t a solution or one size fits all, but as any good mentor does, they share what works for them so that we can lean into that while figuring out our best approaches. As newlyweds, the world of marriage is overwhelming at times. Audrey and Jeremy are just 2 people in love sharing their successes and failures so that as others navigate the waters of marriage they have a road map to help along the way.

Love it!   (5/5)

I was reading the reviews on this podcast & I'm baffled that people don’t understand what’s going on here! You guys are pushing for healthy & GODLY marriages and relationships and that is beautiful! I’m so pumped to listen to these podcasts every day while I work out. God has blessed you guys with much wisdom & you are using that to bless us and help us strengthen our marriages. So THANK YOU. I’m also so excited to start reading A Love Letter Life & get the marriage journal.

5 stars   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts I have heard in a long time. Your authenticity is so refreshing!

New Mom   (5/5)

I love filling my time nursing my little one with inspiring thoughts and concepts. It’s really challenging me to be very intentional with my life now that I have a little watching me experience life and learning from my approach. It’s such a refreshing way to be motivated by each topic.

Breath of Fresh Air   (5/5)

Y’all, thank you! Your podcast has been encouraging, refreshing, and an inspiring way for my wife and I to live a sustainable faithful life with God. My wife loves y’all, sends me episodes for my 30 min commute to and from work and allows us to have intentional conversations from y’all’s talking points amidst the chaos of the life we live with 3 kids under 4-years old. We’ve always felt like we have had intentionality, but y’all have encouraged us to never stop, always grow, and always be ready for change and be ready for the messy beautiful ways God shows up in the daily moments of life. We’ve had a rough go of things the last 4-5 years, but especially the last 6 months have been an intentional attack spiritually on our lives, but we set out a goal, mission statement and family credo to live 2019 as the year of Faith; meaning, no matter what we’d look to God First and live from faith and through faith rather than simply looking for whatever the circumstances were that they’d cause a stronger faith. Thank you for y’all’s encouraging ways you love, live and share God’s awesomeness! Keep it up and may we all be connected through God’s Spirit based on the shared purpose of living a life of faithfulness!

Ugh   (2/5)

They sure do love to talk about themselves and everything they are selling. Feeling like every episode is the same. Oh and no need to buy their book, they play the audiobook! What’s the point of having a podcast? No thanks. I hope Zach and tori start a podcast. I am way more interested in their story and not these robots.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Love their values!

L O V E the conversation   (5/5)

This is a really great podcast that, IMO, seems like a couple who are working hard to make an impact on how people deal with relationships. I personally love their conversation style and how they bounce off each other. They clearly are comfortable with each other and who they are individually. We get a glimpse into how their marriage works and it’s beautiful. Thanks guys for being so vulnerable and relatable!!!! And for all the advice! You’re making a difference in my life.

Insightful, but....   (3/5)

I love y’all so much and appreciate your stories. It’s nice to hear stories and insight from a fellow young, married, Christian couple. Good advice and I enjoy the guests as well. My one negative, PLEASE stop talking over each other, it’s very distracting and makes it hard to listen. I love you two and wish you all the best. God bless.

Love Love Love   (5/5)

Episode 31 is by far my favorite! I have been recommending it to everyone I know! 💕💕 keep up the great work. Love listening to y’all.

Pros and Cons   (3/5)

I was really loving this podcast when they first started it- I actually gave it a 5 star review. But now I’m changing my mind. Too many guests that I don’t care about. Too many guests that are super religious and pushing a Jesus agenda. I don’t mind hearing Jeremy and Audrey’s religious input once in a while. But it seems like every guest comes on and declares how Jesus saved their marriage. I’m sorry I think a happy relationship takes more than just praying for it 🙄😒 I like when they had Zachary and Tori on because it felt more organic. But I feel like they are running out of content so they just keep having guests on... Also sick of hearing them promote their book and the marriage journal- we get it. I bought the book and love it, don’t need half of your podcasts to read me chapters. I’d love for them to talk about their day to day life more, everyday struggles and funny stories. You don’t always need an episode to have a theme that you force on it.

Thank you!   (5/5)

I just started listening a couple weeks ago so I’m binge listening when I can, and I just need to say thank you so much for your honestly and real life experiences and for being brave enough to share all the things with your listeners! My husband and I now listen to your new episodes together weekly and it creates such a good time for us to talk! We have a one year old and work opposite shifts, which works great for our family, but setting aside time like that has been very special to me the past couple weeks! I’m ordering a love letter life and the marriage journal today and I can’t wait to start them both! Again thank you!! You all are amazing! You love for the Lord is truly encouraging! ❤️

Need improvement   (2/5)

This was the first podcast I ever tuned into and sadly my first thought was that the topics seemed interesting but the message wasn’t really delivered. They constantly talk over each other and stuggle to construct clear and concise sentences. Lots of “like” used in the early episodes, though I feel they have worked on this more in the recent ones. Easy fixes if they take the time to listen to some other successful podcasts for direction.

Relationship   (5/5)

For 2 people who claim to love Christ so much y’all 2 drink more wine and beer than most non Christians I know. That’s not leading a very good example. I don’t think God heard any of y’all’s prayers on your wedding day and having communion was just an act (fake) when at the reception everyone was driving and partying. Again not the best example for national tv. I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. Think before y’all say everything you’re saying. That’s why we can’t get people in church now. They think they can live and do whatever and it’s ok but it’s not!!

Real and refreshing   (5/5)

I feel like Jeremy and Audrey are my very good friends. These podcasts are so relatable and real. They live their life intentionally and are helping so many other people do the same. Nothing is off the table (within reason) and their guests are raw and real. Christianity needs to look more like this all around. It’s so refreshing and it gives me hope that there are other pockets of communities living and persuing Jesus like this! I love to listen to these podcasts while I am working in my garden or cooking dinner.

Great listen   (5/5)

Great listen if you’re looking to get another point of view on how you live your daily life to how you live your life story. Great topics to get you thinking about how you live your life and share your life

Such an encouragement!   (5/5)

I love starting each morning listening to this podcast. I’ve been a ‘Little People Big World’ fan since the first season and I love how Jeremy and Audrey have branched off and became such an encouragement to married couples, young single people, and anyone out there writing their future love story. My husband and I are in our mid-20’s and we have found this podcast, a Love Letter Life, and The Marriage Journal to be such an uplifting experience. Just what we needed to find in this season of our marriage. God is doing great things through Jeremy and Audrey and it’s great to see. 💗

I needed this at 19   (5/5)

I wish I would have been able to utilize this podcast 6 years ago. It would have saved me from so much heartache and so many mistakes. Jeremey and Audrey put out a lot of great content. They provide great advise and have some amazing guests on the show. They work off of each other really well and you can tell they are very authentic.

New favorite   (5/5)

My new favorite couple and podcast! Trying to take all the tips from them and make my relationship even better.

Favorite podcast so far!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to podcasts for about a year now and behind the scenes is definitely my favorite! So relatable and inspiring! You have to check them out!! :)

Amazing   (5/5)

I have watched the show since it started and it got even better once Audj came on. Your love story is absolutely amazing and since listening to your podcasts I have looked at my marriage in a totally different light, in a good way. I met my husband about 6 years ago. He was the youth pastor at the church we went to (in a different state) during the summer. We dated that summer of 2013, engaged that December and married in May 24, 2014. We just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We are blessed with our little girl, Olivia. She’ll be 2 years old this September. Just to watch her and how she interacts is crazy and I cannot wait until she understands and will be able to come to know the Lord like my husband and I do. We love teaching her the Bible songs and taking her to church. You guys are seriously an inspiration and I’m so glad I have found your podcast. Keep doing what you’re doing. Life verse Jeremiah 29:11 💗 Hillary Thomas

Lacking content   (3/5)

Some good stuff... but so much rambling! Please cut out the fluff about what birds are flying by your studio window and get into some deep conversations please!

Love!   (5/5)

I love that even though Audrey and Jeremy have been married for a few years now and have Ember, this podcast is still so fun to listen to as someone who is dating and soon-to-be engaged. I love their honest, practical advice regarding marriage that helps me have healthy, realistic expectations for my marriage.

A heartwarming podcast   (5/5)

Such an inspirational and kind hearted podcast! What a loving couple full of wisdom and advice.

Thankful couple - married for almost 17years   (5/5)

At first I was hesitant to listen to a couple who had only been married for such a short time with only one child, but then thought it would be interesting to see their perspective on marriage. I am very glad that I did. First I read your book and I was amazed at the wisdom in it and asked my husband, who is not a big reader, to read it. So many gems of knowledge that help us, even those of us further down the road, pursue and keep marriage as our heart desires. I love the podcast as I can listen while doing the day to day household stuff. Thanks to your podcast my husband and I now know our enneagram numbers (8 and 2) and understand how to relate better. We are also using this info to help us better relate and understand our 5 kids. I end following a lot of your guests podcasts after they are on your show!

Inspirational   (5/5)

First of all I have NEVER ever written a review or listened to a podcast (yes I know who am I). I started to listen to this podcast last week from the beginning and I just finished the latest episode. I have been married for 5 years and I found so many new tools to make my marriage even better. Thank you for being honest, fun and inspiring. I really enjoy listening to every single episode. I write down notes that I can share with my husband when he gets home. Thank you for being so honest. I look forward to listening to more fun and inspiring episodes. Okay now I need to go purchase your book and marriage journal.

Love Auj & Jer   (5/5)

I’m bombed I didn’t find this podcast sooner. It’s full of positivity and giggles. Thank you!

Links to Guests/Books Please!   (5/5)

Really been enjoying the podcast. The only thing I’d suggest is to include links for those you interview (their social media handles, websites, podcasts, books, etc.) as well as links to book recommendations discussed. I listen mostly while driving so I can’t just stop the podcast and write down titles and it’s difficult to go back and search through the whole episode to find what I need after. Other than that little thing, it’s a great show!

Love!   (5/5)

Love how real, fun, and inspiring you guys are. So fun to listen to. Every single episode has a nugget of wisdom. I love Jeremy and Audrey’s heart for Christ and heart for each other. You guys inspire me!

Great   (5/5)

This was a great interview or conversation, ever how you want to look at it. Enjoyed listening to how you handle life in general. I love Tori’s quote about each person is an original ( I can’t remember the exact words) I wish I would have known that quote when I raised my kids. Love watching Zac & Tori on Little People Big World. Now on to listen to more of your Podcast. They are really good! Keep up the good work Jeremy & Audrey.

Best uplifting podcast!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast! I am newer to it so I have been binge listening to all of them and now am all caught up! So motivational and amazing!

Great job guys!   (5/5)

Amazing podcast with even more amazing people!

Constant encouragement in my marriage.   (5/5)

If you’re looking for a podcast that pours into marriage, that’s faith based and entertaining, this is for you!

#38 is the best episode yet!   (5/5)

I loved that you had Zach & Tori on and hope they’re on lots of future episodes 💕 I love listening to general conversations about you guys growing up on the farm, talking about being parents, and about your marriages. So relatable! 🤗

Love it   (5/5)

Enjoyed Zach and Tori and would look forward to future episodes with them

10/10   (5/5)

Love how open and honest they are. It’s refreshing to hear not all relationships are perfect and even those that look great on tv have some struggles from time to time. I love how it feels like I am just having a conversation with them, it’s very inclusive.

I’m hooked!   (5/5)

I watched my first one just now and I’m determined to catch up. Loved hearing about different parenting styles, and living an intentional life pointed towards Jesus. I’m looking forward to hearing everything you guys have to say! Super excited!

Updated review!   (5/5)

Holy cow guys!! I love the interviews you’ve had so far and was so blown away by your interview with Kristin and Danny that I had to stop to go get something to start taking notes!! So much good stuff for my marriage and definitely some insight into why God led me out of a codependent friendship even though the “breakup” was so painful. Thank you! I’ve only seen a few episodes of lpbw but I stumbled on this podcast through Instagram somehow and I love love love it. It’s so refreshing to have a podcast about marriage and family and so many other things that I can listen to with my kids around! I feel like so many of the others that I listen to always end up being inappropriate somehow. This one is so encouraging and the interviews with the enneagram guy and their mentor couple are awesome. Love the topics you mentioned for season 2!

🌻🌞🌻   (5/5)

I absolutely loved this podcast with Jermy and Zach with their wives. Keep up the good work and keep on spreading the good word!!! Happy Summer🌻🌞🌻

Thoughts from an “older listener”   (5/5)

Loving your podcast! Have followed you for years but just making time for listening. Makes me look forward each evening to my 2-3 mile walk so that I can listen! Got my daughter listening now too! She and her boyfriend took an enneagram test last night after listening and she is so excited about how helpful it was and will be to their relationship! Your reach is far and your inspiration is amazing! Keep it up!

Still my favorite!   (5/5)

Behind the Scenes is still my favorite podcast. I have been really into all the marriage stories from the various guests and have been inspired by each of them. I have also really enjoyed the enneagram discussions and because I work in behavioral health find that topic especially interesting. Also, can’t believe I almost forgot to say it but A Love Letter Life is a wonderful book!! I got the audio version and the paper copy so I could takes notes and highlight. It is so insightful. Thanks for writing it. My husband and I are also using the marriage journal now and have shared it with a newlywed couple we know. Thank you Jeremy and Audrey for being a light in the dark world. So inspiring to know there are young couples like you out there. I’m Praying for your continued success and blessings! P.S. I have to also add that Ember is such an adorable little girl! I’m also praying for her to be an every brighter light in the world!

The best podcast!!   (5/5)

I listen to you guys every morning on my way to work!! Love all the conversations and the reality and truth spoken from you as well as all of your guests. Thanks for being so awesome and spreading your love for Jesus!!

Always more   (5/5)

Your podcast is amazing. It’s what I look forward to each week. When I get caught up, I get so sad that I don’t have a podcast to listen to. It’s such a great platform and your messages and guests are infectious and so fun to listen to. The phrase always more has burned deep into my soul. My husband and I have started including it in our Beating 50 journal. It’s helped us get through a very hard time in our marriage. We are stronger now, 13 years married, than we have ever been. We now go through life understanding that everything in life, through Christ within us, there’s always more to learn, love, give grace, and endure! Jeremy and Audrey are as real as real can be. The same people on air as they are in person. Meeting them in Seattle and having them sign my book, Beating 50% journal, and my “love is a verb” rose sweatshirt will always be such a fond memory for my husband and I to look back on. Love this couple!!!

Love the content, hate the constant self promotion.   (3/5)

I love Jeremy and Audrey’s zeal for people’s love stories, BUT promoting their book or marriage journal EVERY SINGLE PODCAST is getting to be excessive. I understand the commercial breaks to promote their books, but jamming it into every conversation is getting OLD. My husband is also a 9 enneagram, and relates to Jeremy, but he decided to stop listening because of how redundant it was getting for him.

Great topics, but hard to listen   (3/5)

I feel the topics discussed are wonderful, but Jeremy talking down to his wife is frustrating. He comes across as being wiser, and he doesn’t seem to value her input. They also need to work on talking over each other. Update...Jeremy stills interrupts Audrey and the guests. It is too annoying to overlook anymore. I am unsubscribing.

Kristin and Danny   (5/5)

LOVED this episode with Kristin and Danny! I’ve been married 33 years and I was TAUGHT today! I can’t wait to re-listen with my hubby and make some changes! You guys are awesome!! Thank you!!

Truthful and thought provoking   (5/5)

This is easily one of my favorite episodes! My heart was truly impacted and encouraged by this episode. Thank you both for serving the Lord and in doing so you have such a positive impact. This isn’t only for those who are married but for singles, dating and those in marriage.

So good!!   (5/5)

I can’t wait for Tuesday mornings -for the new podcast each week! So much truth, love, and humor! Absolutely, the best podcast!

What really matters!   (5/5)

I absolutely love this couple! I wish I had them as a role model when I was in my twenties and starting out my marriage. It’s so refreshing to see a couple that is always striving to serve the Lord and guide others as well toward a faith based life. They are doing great things! I have no doubt that this is just the start!

About time!   (5/5)

It’s incredible to FINALLY have a Christian relationship source that not only speaks truth but gives direct ways to improve your relationship. You don’t have to be a believer to listen, as this can benefit anyone.

Zach & Tori - Great Podcast   (5/5)

Thanks for a great podcast!

👍🏻   (4/5)

Love this podcast & the wisdom it provides! Excellent content, however The couple talks over one another frequently which is distracting and hard to follow at times!

Perfect for the Single Season Too!   (5/5)

As a single woman near her 30's, I wasn't sure if another marriage podcast was something I wanted to add to my playlist. As a believer, I have sat under many repititious sermons regarding relationships and marraige; most spoken with good intentions but rarely with boots on the ground, honest, real-life practical advice that acknowledged both the wonderful aspects of relationships but also the messy hard parts. I was pleasantly surprised with the intentional, meaty approach to life that both Jeremy and Audrey bring to this podcast. Seeing Jeremy on his show LPBW as a teenager and now seeing the depth of knowledge, wisdom and grace that the Lord has brought him to is an encouragement all on its own. But seeing the testimony of how the Lord brought him and his wife Audrey together is a propellor for me to trust and wait on the best the Lord has for me. This podcast has met me in the exact season of life I needed it in and is providing a solid perspective foundation for whoever and whatever the Lord has for me.

Keep the podcasts coming!   (5/5)

Started listening a few days ago while going through some tough times. It’s been eye opening to help me put a perspective on the things in my life and how to be a better person. Thank you for sharing!

Superb!   (5/5)

I have really enjoyed this podcast from the very beginning ... but if you’re here for the first time, start with the Zach and Tori episode!👍

Love!   (5/5)

I’ve been watching LPBW since the wedding specials aired and used to watch a little during the early years when I was a kid myself! Heard about this podcast on Instagram and had to check it out! Definitely will be catching up on old episodes and turning into the new ones! I love that Jeremy and Audrey are marriage minded, it is refreshing and encouraging to me!

Rein it in a little   (4/5)

Hello, I really enjoy listening to this podcast and the material in preparation for marriage is extremely helpful. I would like to provide a respectful criticism in regards to Audrey’s input/dialogue... sometimes she rambles on a topic and repeats herself over and over, which is frustrating as a listener. I still plan to tune in regularly, and do not intend to offend with this comment. If she can make an effort to recognize when she is doing this and not talk over Jeremy so much it would be much more pleasant to listen to. Thank you and God bless.

my favorite podcast ever!!!   (5/5)

i have never been a big podcast listener, but this one is amazing!! they talk about so many different topics that many people can relate to. audrey and jeremy have so much wisdom and share it in a way that everyone can understand it.

Love it   (5/5)

This is my new favorite podcast. It’s been fun going through and listening to them all from the beginning! Thanks for a fun, inspiring podcast to listen to on my way to work!

Zach n Tori.   (5/5)

Loved it. Zach sure has come out of his shell. Lol. Good job Tori for helping him feel comfortable in life. Thank you to the four of you. I’ve visited Roloff Farms a few times and have got to meet both twins. You are both awesome young men.. blessings to all and congrats on the baby Tori and Zach. Leslie. ( haven’t missed a show since day one ❤️)

Interview with Zack and Tory   (5/5)

I absolutely loved this program. I have been watching the series since you two boys were little. I really miss Jeramy on the show though. He used to build the most amazing things.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I am thoroughly enjoying listening to this podcast. My husband and I have been together almost 12 years, married 7, and have two young daughters. We’re always looking for ways to help strengthen our marriage. I love the book recommendations they give, and their ideas on ways to be more “present” in your marriage, with your children, and as individuals so that you spend time connecting with yourself as well. I enjoy hearing about things that haven’t worked, or things they’ve fought about, etc. It gives a more human element and a better connection to the podcast itself. The guest speakers are wonderful and always challenge us.

Keep up the good work!   (5/5)

Love your podcast!! Great guests and great stories/information!!!

Loving this   (5/5)

So I began listening late to the podcast, but have followed this amazing couple for a long time. Im so glad to have finally jumped on the podcast bandwagon and I began listening from the beginning. These are amazing. I listen to it with my daughter at time and can’t wait to go back and listen to some again as she goes. Totally worth the listen.

Behind the scenes   (5/5)

Truly feels like we’re behind the scenes a bit. Thanks for sharing bits of your life and others’ lives with us.

Love this PC!   (5/5)

Great stuff!! 🙏🏼❤️🙌🏼

Loved this podcast with Z&T   (5/5)

I’m grateful to get to hear how intentional your lives are in leading others to a lifelong journey of life and love. I’m so blessed to have an amazing love story and how our Lord has used our marriage to inspire others as well. Blessings to all of you ❤️

Great advice and enjoyable to listen to   (5/5)

Keep up the good work!

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

I have been married for nearly 11 years but have learned so much by listening to your podcast. I have laughed with you all and have had “a-ha moments” that caused me to change some of my behaviors and become more intentional with my husband and my children. Thanks for all you do encouraging others! You’re a blessing!

Love the family together!!   (5/5)

Absolutely loved this podcast! Love just listening to the family love!! Thank you for sharing your lives with us!! LPBW forever!!

I look forward to listening each week.   (5/5)

This is the first podcast I have ever listened to and I am hooked. While I also listen to others now, this is my favorite. Jeremy and Audrey are so authentic and vulnerable. I appreciate their willingness to share their lives with their audience, all with the goal of glorifying God. My twenty something year old daughter also listens regularly. We both were fans of LPBW snd that’s how we discovered the podcast. I also like the variety of guests. Each topic has encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. Keep up the good work and witness!

Awesome!   (5/5)

Love the podcast! Loved this weeks with Zach and Tori!

zandtpartyofthree   (5/5)

First episode I listened to loved it! Loved the connection they have it was smooth a lot covered in the time but also did not feel super rushed.

Review   (5/5)

The best podcast I have yet to listen to. I love the truth and rawness of it. I love Jeremy and Audrey and how real they are. Beautiful people!

Really is like hanging out with friends!   (5/5)

I love tuning into BTS each week. It’s my favorite thing to listen to during my commute. Jeremey and Audrey are fun, honest, and relatable. Thankful for this podcast and their dedication to always bringing a great topic and conversation to the table (read my car).

Encouragement!   (5/5)

Love this podcast! It’s full of truth and always encouraging!

More Tori and Zach.   (5/5)

Totally loved listening to you four! Thanks! Carly

Tori and Zach   (5/5)

Loved the show and all of your honesty.

Jeremy & Auj are the BEST!   (5/5)

I love their honesty, encouragement, and excitement for life!! I always feel uplifted and excited to take on new challenges that I hear on the podcast!! Would highly recommend this podcast to ANYONE!! ✨

Fascinating interview between family & inlaws.   (5/5)

I have been a fan of the show from the beginning. I have come to invest in the four of you as you grew and have obviously matured so much. I am inspired by you Jeremy and Audrey and your clear sense of self and relaxed no nonsense relationship. I was pleasantly surprised by how mature and genuine the relationship of Zach and Tori is. Zach is much more sophisticated in his relationship practices than is portrayed on the show. The fact that Tori never had an issue with dwarfism is impressive. She is a very relatable relaxed person on air and it was so reaffirming to hear them in combined discussion and how they relate to one another. It’s a sweet love story and obviously one built on mutual respect and excellent communication. I am always left at the end of witnessing big world little people wanting more. I am tiring of the farm fight nonsense and see a spin-off of how you all take over the farm and make it into a learning family experience beyond pumpkin season. Why not turn it into a preschool, summer camp, teach how to treat animals, take photos, build things, cool (Amy can teach that), sports camp etc. Teach kids how to train their dog and value that relationship. Writing workshops, podcasts and more. I see the farm becoming more than the split of the marriage and who lives where and pumpkin season. Why not make it a full living learning farm business??? Just an idea.

Love listening!!!   (5/5)

Very interesting topics. Great job!! 🙌

Zack & Tori   (3/5)

I just listened to Zack and Tori on your show. I just adore both of them. However, the fact that neither of the wives were allowed to speak really bugged me.

Listen every week   (5/5)

I am not religious but I still love this show. I listen to every show. I hope you keep up 2 episodes a week, or more. I can’t get enough.

Love it   (5/5)

I started listening to Dave and Ashley Willis podcast Naked Marriage and listened to the episode when y’all were on their show. I love this podcast so far and have been a lifelong fan of LPBW. My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years and we are learning new things about our marriage everyday. Keep up the good work y’all. Elizabeth

My favorite!!   (5/5)

I love listening to this podcast so much! There’s so much good information discussed! I look forward to it every week!

One of my favorite podcasts   (5/5)

I first heard about this podcast on “the baked marriage” podcast when Dave and Ashley interviewed y’all. I have been listening ever since. I’ve also been watching “Little people big world” since it started, so I feel like I know y’all, but listening to y’all talk about life, marriage, God, and everything is so inspirational. I listen to y’all every morning and afternoon going to and from work to give me perspective and introspection on my day, life, and marriage. I love listening to y’all, and try and apply everything y’all talk about to my life and marriage. I am playing catch up on the podcast but I’m loving hearing everything y’all have gone through over the years. Thank you for doing this podcast and being sincere and real.

Love this podcast!!!   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast weekly!!! Audj and Jer you two are amazing!!!!

Thankful   (5/5)

I am so great full for all the wisdom that comes from this show. I love to listen. I am single and I still find that all of it is relevant. I am preparing for a marriage after God Heart and believe that that comes through learning from other who have gone before you. I just want to say that God is doing amazing thing through Jeremy and Audrey. I am so thankful for their willingness to share.

Inspirational   (5/5)

I love listening to Behind the Scenes! It’s something inspirational to listen to on my drive to work. It seems very genuine and it’s a fun listen! I’m not usually a podcast person but I find myself excited for new episodes to be released! I am so glad I found this podcast when I did! It’s inspired me in so many ways.

I LOVE THIS!   (5/5)

Such great advice for a girl in a Christian relationship! I love the nuggets of wisdom and their transparency! So good

The perfect mix   (5/5)

I love listening to them anytime! It really is like sitting around the campfire and hanging out with these two amazing, honest, pure, inviting, and wise Christ followers! I love the topics (real life, everyday). There have been tips they’ve suggested and I’ve started implementing them and it’s been so helpful. I hope to have a love story like them!

Not original   (1/5)

After going all the way back to 2014-2015 and listening to The Real Life pod cast with Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke, I was very disappointed to hear you guys use the exact words/phrases such as finding your rhythm and seasons of life being spoke of as they are your own original thoughts. Season one was good I really enjoyed it. I can’t stand to listen to season two.

So inspiring!   (5/5)

I’ve been following you guys since Little People Big World and have learned so much about relationships and how to improve my marriage with my husband. I really enjoy the podcast and all the couples you guys bring on going through different situations and seasons of their lives. Definitely motivates me to want more for every aspect of my life. So motivational and inspirational! Thanks guys! God bless! Jessica W. Orlando, Florida

The greatest part of my work commute!   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audrey are such a blessing to me and to my younger generation. The way they speak about their desire for intentionality is inspiring and I look forward to the newest released podcast each week. I never thought I would like podcasts since I don’t retain any information being read to, BUT I thoroughly enjoy listening to the range of topics that they have for us. I feel like I’m just sitting around a campfire with the coolest mentors! In addition to how encouraging the Roloffs are, their guests are just as inspiring and I’m always learning something new to help me in my own personal growth and for the flourishing of marriage. So thank you Jeremy and Audrey for being a light in this world and being passionate about relationships. And I encourage anyone who is single, married, engaged, dating to just give this podcast a try, I personally don’t think you will be disappointed.

Enneagram realness   (5/5)

This newest episode was by far my most favorite podcast of Jeremey and Audrey’s. Not only because I’m obsessed with the Enneagram but because they were so real and raw with their emotions and struggles. Definitely hard to do in general but to have it recorded and to share it with the world. Major props. 🙌🏻

Amazing!!   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audrey are so real and I feel like my husband and I relate to them and their story in many ways. I have loved listening and learning from them and the many people they’ve brought on. I even downloaded their book “A Love Letter Life” and that is amazing and so helpful as well! So much good, practical advice for married couples, engaged/dating couples, or even single people looking to date.

Great to listen to while walking   (5/5)

I’ve been loving this podcast and listening to it every time I go for a walk. It’s so nice to fill my mind with positivity and beneficial ideas/inspiration instead of putting music on. I’ve learned so much. Thanks Jeremy and Audrey for your honesty and love of Jesus.

Love!   (5/5)

I love the love they share! I can feel it while listening to them. They have such good ideas and thoughts and so thankful they share them!

Interview with Dale & Veronica Partridge   (5/5)

I so enjoyed listening to this episode. By the way I just happened upon your podcast via Jeremy Vuolo’s IG post. Listened to that episode & now I’m hooked. This particular interview with Dale Partridge was wonderful. My son (youngest of my 3 kids) moved to Detroit last May. He too goes to a home church and he loves it because of the intentionality of the small group. He also goes to a young adult group that is comprised of 4 or 5 different Protestant organized churches. He is really enjoying his home church. I will definitely be looking at The Partridges site Relearn Church. Thank you!

So good   (5/5)

Good content. So much wisdom. Been a fan since day one. Highly recommend!

Makes you think....   (5/5)

I have watched Jeremy grow up on LPBW and watched his journey with Audrey thus far. I have read their book A Love Letter Life and loved it! The two of them are walking with Jesus and living and loving in this crazy world! I listened to several episodes in a row on a trip and learned so much about them. They made me think about my own walk with Jesus and how I need to improve greatly. Thank you, I look forward to listening! On a side note...which version of the Bible do you like best for reading/studying?

Listen up!   (5/5)

I wish I had found Jeremy and Audrey a long time ago - it is so fun listening to how they approach life and marriage! It’s like having couple mentors across the country.

So good!   (5/5)

I wake up every tues/thurs now looking forward to starting my day with this podcast. Such an encouragement!

WOW! :)   (5/5)

Love that you guys can be so open with each other! Love that there isn’t a skit to follow and you speak from your hearts! LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys so much. You’ve blessed me beyond measure!

Open minded and helpful   (5/5)

Thank you Audrey and Jeremy for sharing your life with the world. You do help others with whatever you put out in the world. I am not a believer but I am a listener, an empath and a Type 2. I love hearing people's stories and I love advice. My husband and I are having our first baby in September and we just got married last October. There's alot going on and we can get lost in it all because that's life. Thank you for talking about boundaries and intentional love. We have now committed to date night which we haven't done in the past. And boundaries (as a Type 2) are a big deal in my life. Boundaries were are goal in my 2019 frame of thinking. So again, thank you for being you and sharing all that you have! I appreciate it.

Okay but he’s always cutting her off   (3/5)

Jeremy interrupting Audrey is the only drawback to listening to this. The content is good but it’s hard to not be distracted by him cutting her off so much.

Wish I could like it more...   (3/5)

I really enjoyed listening to the first season of the podcast; however, it’s getting harder to tune into season two. As others have said, the second season has become very promotional for their books. It also has become much more focused on religion. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just not for me. My recommendation would be to move back to the style/feel you had in the first season of the podcast.

So Inspiring   (5/5)

This podcast is 🙌🏻. I love the topics you talk through & how fearlessly you tackle hard conversations. I’ve been so inspired and wish I could have these conversations with you in real life, or at least shake your hand with the biggest smile I can offer. Thanks for bringing light & windows of wisdom into the dusty parts of people’s hearts. Seriously, love this podcast & I wait every week for that notification!

My quiet time   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audry I just wanted to express how much I love your podcast and books, on my way to work I listen to your podcast to start my day. I have read your book and it has given me new insight to my own marriage of 25 years. I am so impressed with the marriage journal I bought 10 copies to hand out to all my niece’s and nephews for them to use in their marriage’s. I wish I had this tool in the beginning of my marriage. Thank you for sharing your story and helping others to write their love letter life.

Inspiring 😍   (5/5)

Jeremey and Audrey are the absolute most inspiring couple out there! I look forward to they’re podcasts every week and can’t get enough of them! A must listen!!

Life of purity   (5/5)

As a mom of four kids I would LOVE to learn more about this and how I can start having this talk with my kids. I don’t even know where to start or even how to go about it.

Thank you!   (5/5)

The time you pour into each episode is very evident. Thank you so much for encouraging Christian marriages to follow God’s plan for successful marriage. It has been so encouraging to listen to each episode. I Loved hearing from the Vuolos, Partridges, Emerson Eggrich, and lots of others.

Loveeee   (5/5)

Absolutely love this podcast! Currently binge listening on long car rides 😂 wondering if you guys would put out a list of books/podcasts that you would recommend.. I know you mention so many throughout your podcasts and I’m like oh yes! I have to write that down... and then I forget..🙈 Thank you for helping me grow and caring about all of us and the Lord enough to step out and talk about real, hard topics ❤️

Good concept but they need some training   (2/5)

I love the concept and what Jeremy and Audrey are sharing. BUT they interrupt one another way too much. And Audrey has to give way too many details or ask the same question 5 different ways. And I can’t bear to hear her say “like” one more time!! If she talked half as much I would like the podcasts twice as much. Sorry. I feel bad saying that but it’s how I feel. If they both got some lessons and training on public speaking and how to interview their guests (without talking all over them), I might consider listening again.

New to podcasts   (5/5)

I’m new to podcast listening with this actually being the first I have tuned into. I love it. I just listened to today’s with Dale and Veronica and it inspired me to dig deeper. I’m a pastors wife. We have a small church of 34 members. Many are related, but we are all family. My husband has only been pastoring for a year and in that year I feel we have faced more trials than ever in our life, but God has been gracious to us and we have grown so much. I just want to say I love this podcast and love to sip my coffee and just take an hour and listen. God bless you both.

Behind the Scenes   (5/5)

Great podcast for any stage or season of marriage or preparation for marriage!

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I love their realness and willingness to discuss difficult topics. Stay true to who God creates you to be. Always more!

I’ve listened to every episode   (4/5)

I look forward to doing my dishes or working out while listening. Yes, it’s a little hard to listen to them get annoyed with each other, which seems to be every episode at least a couple times. But that’s “normal” married life for some people. The only constructive criticism I will give is this. I think that you guys are clearly well meaning but it comes across very patronizing to your guests when your go-to response to their wisdom is “so good” and “love that”

Love your podcasts and book!!   (5/5)

Please interview Daniel and Adam Busby on family and how they do it. Love your book it’s so awesome listened to it on audible two times and think I may go for a third! Love your story💗

Can’t Stop Listening.   (5/5)

I’ve known about the Roloff’s for quite some time now, but never knew they had a podcast until I heard them say so on Off the Vine. I cannot stop listening to Behind the Scenes, oh my goodness! They’re so wise, fun, and enjoyable to listen to. So inspiring on many levels. Love the work they do for the Kingdom, and so humbly too. You need this Podcast in your life!

Love this but..   (4/5)

I love this podcast and their book/podcast has transformed my marriage. However, Jeremy interrupts Audrey ALL the time and it’s so frustrating. She also seems to be okay with it like its normal which is unfortunate.

Love this couple   (5/5)

I am so excited to be listening to to this amazing couple on their journey! This podcast is super motivational, down-to-earth, and totally fun to listen to. I spend about eight hours in a car each day for work and I thoroughly enjoy spending time with Jeremy and Audrey! They make my commute so memorable.

Some criticism.   (4/5)

I love this podcast and listen to every episode, but something that is really frustrating while listening is how often Jeremy interrupts Audrey. The podcast would sound so much smoothing and more well prepared if that wasn’t there.


As a mother, wife, lover-of-the-written-word and Jesus; I am ALWAYS searching for MORE of Jer and Auj! Their transparency and anointed love truly makes me feel like a friend to the two of them.. You'll feel it too!

You Guys Are The Best!   (5/5)

You guys are so inspiring! I love this!! This podcast is seriously the best! I started listening just a few episodes before the book release. I have recently started from the beginning and Lord have Mercy!!! Your content is not only great quality but it drives me to do better and be better!! Thank you guys so much for the good, bad and ugly of your lives! I listened to the book in just a few days! Y’all encourage me in not only my relationship but as a young mother! Thank you!

Amazing!   (5/5)

Literally such phenomenal content! So down to earth and so many practical things to help relationships and marriages! LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast! It has changed my life In huge ways !!!!!

Awesome Podcast!   (5/5)

Love Jeremy and Audrey! Awesome book and awesome podcast!! Refreshing hear about their committed relationship to the Lord and each other!!

Uplifting, Inspiring, & Truthful! Makes my week!   (5/5)

Even if I get a bit behind, there is nothing like when I get to catch up and gain more knowledge, prespective, advice, and inspiration from Jeremy & Audrey's experiences and stories! The love and passion they share is so beautiful, and I'm so happy this is another place where us followers/listeners can be part of their journey. You two are such a light in this world!

Positive and Encouraging 😃   (5/5)

Coming off of a rough 2018 and a transition out of a unhealthy relationship + finding my passion career this has been a fantastic, positive and encouraging podcast! Thank you Jeremy and Audrey for being a little old school in this crazy world that seems too overwhelming at times. Looking forward to reading A Love Letter Life ❤️

Truly Inspiring   (5/5)

I’m not sure I can even put into words how inspiring and encouraging this podcast has been for me. Every time I listen I feel pulled to lean into my relationship with Christ more. Even as a single mom I can still relate to them and am learn new ways to guard my heart and prepare it for a future Love Letter Life that I know God is creating for me. Thank you again for the amazing work you guys are doing!!

My Wife Made Me Do It...   (5/5)

My wife made me listen to you guys... And I could not be more thankful! She absolutely loves you and your story and after listening to a few episodes I am in the same boat. Also on a side note, my wife is incredible and I thank Jesus for her every single day! I just thought this title would catch a few more eyes... 😂 haha!

LOVE LOVE!   (5/5)

Love the podcast. Love the book. Love everything about this couple. So inspiring and loving. Can’t get enough!

Love!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! Jeremy & Audrey are so genuine and transparent. They are full of wisdom about many things in life, especially marriage! Jeremy & Audrey (along with their guests) continually encourage their audience to seek Jesus and His ways in everything. I am encouraged each time I listen in!

The best part of my day   (5/5)

I love the story’s and it’s help my marriage with the love story and we have been reading your book and we lessons you guys shared in we love the Bible talk in the lessons and we started with our children at the dinner table we do our highs and lows of our day. With no phones or tablets at our family dinner table. Thanks for your stories!

Great! Even for singles!   (5/5)

I’ve received so much knowledge from this podcast. Even though I’m young and single, I know that it will definitely help in the future. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for marriage instead of when we’re in the middle of it.

Real Problems!   (5/5)

It is obvious that’s Jeremy and Audrey have had a blessed marriage with some (for lack of a better term) more generic problems. While it can all be pretty relatable regardless of where you are in life and the insights are quite helpful and also very wise. There are some of us who go through some of the more difficult and heart breaking issues like serious life altering addictions or infidelity, extremely broken hearts and homes, or overall unhappy marriages or relationships. I have been patiently waiting (listening AND enjoying nearly every episode along the way) for them to include interviews with couples in relationships that are NOT all together functional; or that represent some very serious miscommunications, downfalls, and heart breaks that also SURVIVE and REBUILD on these issues as experiences while a marriage has or is near falling apart. The recent interview with Jana and her Husband was by far the most encouraging episode! Side note: I’m not discounting Jeremy and Audrey’s advice or wisdoms, but their marriage is protected from falling apart and heartbreaks by the intentions they take. Including the stories and rebuilding process of those pulled who may not have done so initially, can be INCREDIBLY helpful to a whole new audience and encourage others to FIX rather than walk away when things have been broken. 👍🏼👍🏼😁

Fake   (1/5)

1) The intro says they will provide the messy, honest truth, but I’ve listened to every episode and so far heard none. 2) They said in the first season there will be no ads because they’re, “doing this for our listeners”, but now they bring up their book and marriage journal non-stop. 3) The only people dropping “truth bombs” are the guests. 4) Jeremy has GOT to stop interrupting Audrey and dominating the conversation. How frustrating for her, and not what a good marriage should look like... aka what this podcast is turning out to be about.

Encouraged and Inspired   (5/5)

In just the past few months of listening to this podcast, I cannot get enough! Jeremy and Audrey are authentic in their pursuit of ministering to those who want to have a God-centered outlook and relationship.

Down to earth couple with the best advice   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audrey are so inspiring and such a wonderful young couple. Their wisdom is amazing and I only wish my husband and I had all this wisdom when we married 30 yrs ago! We are still happily married but man I learn so much from this couple! They are so easy to listen too and and a real godly couple!

AUJ!   (5/5)

This podcast is getting better and better. The guests are adding crazy good insight!! I’m going to have to start relistening to episodes on Mondays and Wednesday’s because it’s that good! I would love to see a non-married guest, since even singles are creating their love story. Thanks guys for serving the world in this way! 💕

I never comment.   (5/5)

I never comment on anything, but seriously you guys I was praying for you to do an episode on infidelity in marriage. It’s something that is so horrible and difficult to come back from, but people who got through it need hope that it isn’t just a roadblock but can strengthen and deepen love and relationships. I appreciate y’all’s devotion to trying to learn more about our Savior and being him into every aspect of your life.

Can’t get enough 😍   (5/5)

I have followed the Roloff family since the beginning. Let me tell you, I bought their book “A Love Letter Life” and I’m obsessed - I just want to know more. I decided to start from the first episode and have just listened through and can’t get enough of Audrey and Jeremy. Love listening to their stories and how the interact with each other. I don’t care who you are, anyone can take something from what they have to say, definitely worth listening to. 💕

The best   (5/5)

I can’t thank you enough for being so vulnerable and insightful. I look forward to every podcast and can’t wait to listen every week. I purchased the marriage journal recently and my husband and I love it. Keep it up!

Podcast with Janna Kramer   (5/5)

Just listened to to podcast with Janna Kramer and Mike. Although I have never experienced the trauma of infidelity it was so refreshing to hear this podcast not only does l lit shine light on how coupled are able to start to over come and build trust back after such trying times, I believed this podcast showed listeners that Jeremy and Audrey are down to earth people who know and realize life struggles. GREAT EPISODE!!

If you haven’t started listening yet you’re missing out!   (5/5)

LOVE listening to this podcast!! Better then music while I am at work!! I have been watching LPBW since the beginning and when Jer and Auj left the show I started following them on social media. The insight they bring to love, life, and relationships is so inspirational. They do not disappoint!! <3

LOVE this podcast!   (5/5)

You guys, I’ve been listening to Jeremy and Audrey’s podcast from the beginning and it is so solid. I suggest it to my friends all the time. they are real, open, and honest, and their story and their faith are so inspiring! I listen to every single episode!!

Best Podcast Ever♥️   (5/5)

Love the podcast! About to order the book. Jeremy and Audrey are amazing and their story is the sweetest. I can’t stop listening and would be lying if I said I don’t listen to the same episode over and over again.

Favorite Podcast   (5/5)

#1 in my library every tuesday/thursday

Interview Mo Isom   (5/5)

Mo Isom would be a great person to interview on the purity topic. Her book Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church forgot covers a lot of these topics.

Behind the scenes podcast   (5/5)

Love listening to this podcast! I look forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday!

So good!!!   (5/5)

Jeremy and Audrey, I truly have been loving your podcast!!! It’s so good, and has been challenging me in my walk with Jesus, and to think about things I haven’t thought about before! I’m so encouraged by you both!! Keep using your marriage and lives to point others to Christ like your doing!! Keep being real it’s so awesome!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this podcast and impacting the lives of others :)

Love you guys   (5/5)

Loved watching your early journey on LPBW, I am so excited to continue through your podcasts and books. Been married less than a year and looking forward to learning from you guys! Keep up the good work! 💗

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Love the podcast! Love the book! Thank you for sharing your life with us! I have two preteen daughters and I am going to have them read your book and start listening to your podcast... such wonderful, helpful, raw and honest wisdom and advise you share and I hope with our open conversations and your book and advise they will navigate all the typical teen issues and dating issues with some ease. Thank you again and keep up all the good work! Would love to read another book, hope you come out with another one, maybe a parenting book or children’s book!♥️

Please Interview Girl Defined   (5/5)

Please interview Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal from GirlDefined! They are some of the most Godly women, and use their platform to educate and teach young women to be counter-cultural in their choices.

Bringing hope to marriage   (5/5)

Outstanding character based podcast serving to mentor individuals in honoring God’s desire for marriage. Giving hope in this over-sexualized, self-centered culture we are challenged with today. Heartfelt gratitude ❤️

I wanted to love this podcast   (1/5)

I really wanted to love this podcast and kept trying to give it a chance but I cannot stand to listen to it anymore. Their intro says they are going to share “the messy, real, honest” but every episode feels staged/fake, unorganized & seems like marketing for all of their businesses/products. I am a big supporter of Jeremy and Audrey and hate to leave a bad review but their episodes leave me feeling disappointed and confused and overwhelmed by all of their philosophies and guidelines for how they live life. It’s great to have structure but the rigidity of some of the things they do in their every day life & share on the podcast is certainly not “messy & honest”. I’m also sad about the way Jeremy interrupts Audrey so much. I hope they work out some of the kinks and take down their walls so I can be a lister again.

Inspired!   (5/5)

Your communication is a wonderful model for young (and older) couples! I loved your book and have listened to your podcasts which always do feel like a conversation with friends. Thank you!

I want to like your podcast, but...   (2/5)

First of all, I love that you two are believers that desire to put God first and then each other and share what He has taught you with others, however... You guys talk too much! I know that may seem silly, because that’s what a podcast is - people talking - but you guys go on and on and on about something that’s not even your main topic and continually go off on rabbit trails. Also, when you have guests, which is awesome, you guys do more than half of the talking. For instance, you’ll ask a very long, drawn out question and then proceed to answer it yourself before giving your guests an opportunity to answer. It’s very difficult as a listener to follow you when you both do this and I’m sure it’s difficult, and perhaps frustrating, for your guests. Please work on having clear, concise questions and giving your guests an opportunity to respond first before jumping in on what you think. Relating to your guests is good, inserting clarifying questions can be good, but it would be a game changer if you let your guests do more talking! I hope this review doesn’t come across as critical, but rather as constructive. I don’t think anyone starts a podcast and is immediately amazing at it. There are always things to tweak and areas to improve. My hope is as you continue to grow in the Lord, you will see some blind spots in the way communicate with each other, your guests and your listeners. We’re all in process, so perfection is not the expectation, but rather humble hearts desiring to be transformed by the living God and share His great love with those willing to listen. I wish you all the best!

Purity   (5/5)

Please interview anyone from Bethel in Redding Calif. their ministry “Moral Revolution” is my favorite resource when it comes to purity. Literally anyone from Bethel. I would love to hear an interview with Caitlin Zick, Leslie Crandall, Abi Stumvoll, Kris Vallotton and Abram Goff!!

Episode 22- “Cowboys & Indians” is offensive   (5/5)

The correct terminology is “Native American”

So fun!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I always feel so inspired and excited from what the Jeremy and Audrey share!

If your not religious it may be hard to stay interested   (2/5)

I really enjoyed listening to season one of this podcast. For season 2 tho the episodes have become more and more religious based. Not downing them for being religious, whatever interests and drives their life should be in the forefront. But for someone who is not religious it has become harder and harder to stay interested. ( good for them in having such a passion for Jesus) Also the flow of the conversation is hard to stay with when both Jeremy and Auj have a tendency to speak over each other or just “ not listen to what the other is saying and just say what they want to say”.

I’ve Been Needing This   (5/5)

I’m not one to write reviews, but after listening to the latest episode about purity I feel compelled to say something. For the past few months I’ve been struggling with not being pure myself, and working on changing my thoughts and views on sex. I absolutely love and appreciate that you guys are being very open and talking about this, since it’s a very unspoken subject. So thank you both very much for being so brave to do so. I would love for you guys to go deeper with it, and have an expert to talk to on your podcast. I’m enjoying this podcast very much, and I’m looking forward to reading the book. Side note: I was playing Scattagories, the letter was L, and I was very excited when I thought of A Love Letter Life for book title. So thank you for that 3 pointer. 🤗

Life Changing   (5/5)

The podcast brought me to their book which has changed the way I want to love others and God. Their real life love and way they talk to their audience gives such an authentic conversation feeling! I love it so much and they truly have changed the way I look at my faith and myself! Thank you!!

Love it! 😍   (5/5)

LOVE IT! Keep up the great work!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

So real and lots of wisdom from this amazing couple.

Like!   (5/5)

Not a religious person actively but still enjoy hearing the concepts Jer and Aud have to share. With or without the Lord they can be applied to your life. They have a great relaxed way of sharing and you really do feel like they are talking to you!

So, so good!   (5/5)

LOVE this podcast! I have a 40 minute commute to and from work 5 days a week and I’m always looking for a new podcast. I hadn’t really heard much about this couple until I saw a post from one of my friend’s Instagram page get picked for their Beating Fifty Percent post that week. I was super interested and the more I researched and read, the more excited I got to find and listen to Behind the Scenes! I have been binge listening to it ever since! I just got my copy of Love Letter Life and our copy of the Marriage Journal arrives Friday! I can’t wait to share all that I’ve learned and gained from this podcast and these two wonderful people with my husband! God is seriously using them in a huge way to connect and testify to an apathetic, job-driven generation! Love your message and your platform! Will continue to listen until the last episode! ❤️

The Jeremy Show   (1/5)

This show had potential in the very beginning, but has slowly devolved into infomercials for their book and all of the other products they sell. Jeremy is constantly talking over and interrupting Audrey, and sounds annoyed when she tries to get a word in. Seems like Jeremy just needs his own podcast.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I just found this podcast this week and I am obsessed! Jeremy and Audrey are an inspiration.

So encouraging!   (5/5)

Been loving this podcast lately!

BTS   (5/5)

This podcast has changed my entire outlook on relationships & love! As a high school, Christian girl I feel slightly out of place... but your stories have given me so much advice & hope!! So, thank you :)

Was Jinger even present?   (3/5)

I was really looking forward to hearing both Jeremy and Jinger talk about their life and love story. However, Jeremy just took charge and didn’t even include her in the conversation. She can speak for herself, that’s one thing that bugs me about Jeremy V. I really wanted to like this one.

Found an amazing podcast.   (5/5)

So I came because I was looking for a great Christian podcast and heard almost all the episodes from this podcast “ as for me and my house” and it was awful very one sided, snarky, and judgmental. This podcast is like a breath of fresh air

Genuine   (5/5)

I have been listening to Behind the Scenes since the beginning and really enjoy the content. I was also able to meet Jeremy and Audrey on their book tour and read their book, A Love Letter Life. They are the most genuine people, and it is obvious that they sincerely care about sharing the love of Christ and the Biblical design for marriage. They often say that they are not marriage experts, but they are incredibly wise, and I appreciate their perspective on a variety of topics. Although I am single right now, there is still so much to gain from listening to them; they truly appeal to those in every phase of life.

Great Advice in How to “Marriage”   (5/5)

I have been a fan of both Jeremy and Audrey since I started watching them on LPBW several years ago (even before Audrey came into the picture). I look forward to their podcast every week and absolutely adore them! I highly suggest this podcast for those that are single, as it is a great tool in how to “marriage.” I understand that they are not “marriage experts” by any means, yet the advice they give is so eye opening and can truly make a difference in your love letter life!

Jeremy and Jinger interview.   (5/5)

I really enjoyed your interview with Jeremy and Jinger. I have followed both Jinger’s and your family from the beginning. I enjoyed the interview very much and learning more about both couples. I follow all of you. Best of luck to all.

Definitely recommend!   (5/5)

Such a fun, encouraging podcast!

This is what you need! AMAZING!   (5/5)

This podcast is such a breath of fresh air in a culture that devalues marriage. It’s encouraging, uplifting, and packed full of wisdom and take always to bring to your own current or future marriage! I’ve love every minute of what I’ve listened to so far!

Great podcast!   (5/5)

A great, easy listen. I love their stories and the stories others have to tell. Helps motivate me to actively make all relationships in my life (romantic and not romantic), more intentional.

10/10 recommend to anyone ever!   (5/5)

I’m so grateful for Jeremy & Audrey’s love for Jesus, family, and each other. It’s a blessing to have a podcast to listen to that spiritually challenges and encourages me. And as a single gal waiting for the first chapter of her love story to begin, I’m encouraged to pray for my future spouse, wait patiently, and trust the Lord as I wait. Thank you, Jeremy & Audrey for pouring into others through you’re podcast!

A great podcast!   (4/5)

I really enjoy this podcast and have had many “take-aways” from their conversations that I have now implemented in my own relationship! They are wise beyond their years and give credit where credit is due in regards to where and how that wisdom was acquired! I only wish two thing: 1) Jeremy would have a little more grace & patience with Audrey when she speaks. (It is very awkward to hear the annoyance in his voice when she tried to give more details on topics.) 2) They shared more RELATABLE struggles with listeners. Even if they had a podcast about the “terrible week” they had, it would still be inspiring because they would no doubt use their faith and intentionality to find the lesson behind the struggle. Sometimes it’s just a little *too* perfect.. Overall I look forward to the podcast each week and plan on being a long-time listener!

Wisdom and Encouragement   (5/5)

Love your podcast and your book! I am in college and I constantly send my friends and housemates episodes of your podcast and while reading your book I would stop mid chapter to walk into our kitchen or living room to read aloud to my housemates either a word of truth or light hearted story you guys shared in your book💛 I loved the book so much that I think I’m going to give one to each of the girls I mentor to help guide them in their relationships and even friendships with guys. You guys are such a light to college students and young adults and you inspire me to point others to the more that is living a life for Christ 💛

Loved it!!   (5/5)

My favorite episode is the one with the Vuolos. You two are my fave TLC couples.

A much needed message in today’s world   (5/5)

I just discovered this podcast and am now binging all the previous episodes! Jeremy and Audrey have so much wisdom for a young couple and it’s so refreshing. It’s wonderful and encouraging to find a couple my age who are so passionate about covenant marriages and pursuing holiness and righteousness - when the world is screaming the opposite. I can’t wait to get their book and keep listening to this show!

Good, but has potential to be great   (4/5)

I’ve listened to every episode, and was waiting for some of the kinks to be ironed out to write a review. Really great content, but to be a truly great podcast, there needs to be some time put on polishing it. The constant ummm, like, like, like, and giggling through content makes it super difficult to listen to. As a female who has a lot of experience speaking publicly, I had to actually learn how to NOT do this behavior. Audrey, you’ve got a lot of good things to say, but when you giggle through a serious topic, it immediately discounts what you are saying. The constant inbreathing and other odd oral behaviors really should be tamed (or edited out?) to bring this up to a professional level. I’ve told a number of people to listen, and almost all have enjoyed it, but said they couldn’t get past the ummms and likes and stopped after a few episodes. I know this sounds harsh, but it’s in the light of improving to make this a really great podcast!! I do REALLY enjoy it, I am just eager for the professional product to match the content. Great start. Loving your book! The audio clips for the book I’ve listened to are the level of audio quality I hope to hear soon on the podcast (slow, measured, annunciations, clear, non-mumbling speech). Great work!

Pretty Good   (3/5)

Overall this podcast is pretty good and has some great wisdom and tips but it’s not one I tune into religiously. I think season 2 is better so far because they are interviewing other couples which is interesting! My biggest issue is the way Jeremy constantly interrupts and talks over Audrey. I don’t usually notice things like that but it’s so blatant I find myself cringing sometimes. He tries to correct her a lot and sometimes seems annoyed if she talks very long. I was really shocked to hear this, especially on a podcast about marriage. He also tends to interrupt the guests sometimes which is hard to listen to.

Thirty-one years married   (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast. I have been married for thirty-one years, but this podcast still has ideas that I can apply to my marriage. It is easy through the years in a marriage to allow other things—work, children, ailing parents among others things to come before your marriage. This podcast is a great reminder that your marriage is the center of your life (and God for those who are spiritual) when you are married and all else will go better if you honor that first. I think as a younger woman, although I didn’t marry until I was thirty, I didn’t want to lose myself in my marriage. I think that was counterproductive. It has all worked out, we are still happily married, but I think things would have gone smoother if my perspective had been different. I think our daughters who are 27 and 29 will be able to benefit from some of these ideas.

Love love love   (5/5)

I get so excited every time they upload a new episode! Definitely has helped my fiancé and I as we prepare to get married September 20th this year! Was shocked to find out through the podcast that we’ll have the same anniversary as them! I completely agree it’s so important to put more work into the marriage than the wedding day and listening to these podcasts is one of the ways we are working towards that❤️ thank you for being faithful in your marriage ministry!

Advice on struggling   (5/5)

Really love your podcast and your encouragement for Young Christians and marriage life! Also, wish I had this content while I was in my dating life! Wondering if you guys could discuss difficult topics or advice on how to handle struggles in marriage when things aren’t as good? Love listening but I’ve noticed I can be hard on myself and my marriage since it’s not “as good” as yours! Thanks again :)

Crashing of two worlds   (5/5)

So so glad that you had the Vuolos on. I love them and love you and loved you together! Such inspiring information and enjoyed hearing the truth about marriage, not the watered down version the world has created. Thank you for being the hands and feet of God.

Wonderful   (5/5)

Such an awesome podcast with some great advice and openness. Really love hearing about keeping God the center of your marriage.

Love the podcast!   (5/5)

I love you guys so much! You both have so much wisdom to share. Love is something worth fighting for and you both are a testament to that! Thank you for all you do!

Great intentions!   (5/5)

I love their thoughts on marriage and life in general. They don’t claim to be experts, but are just showing their experiences and passing wisdom they’ve learned from books and people in their lives. I can relate to them so much. Our lives are similar in Christianity, parenthood, and marriage. We are implementing so many of their ideas into our marriage. They are wise beyond their years. While I’ve been married 10 years this year, it hasn’t always been easy. I think this podcast is great for engaged, newlyweds, and even old married couples like me! Had we had some of these tools and ideas when we got married, I think we would have went through less rough patches! We are now trying to be more intentional in our words, thoughts, and actions. It’s so easy to let our schedules control our lives, but by keeping the thought of “being intentional” we can enjoy our lives more. Their love for the Lord is also inspirational!

Wishing I was younger   (5/5)

I love your podcasts and your book. My only regret is that I keep wishing you two were around when I was younger and before I had 4 nearly grown kids. Your perspective on dating and relationships is so purposeful and intentional it’s incredibly inspiring even for a 40year old mother of 4 teenagers. Sometimes I feel like we missed the prime of instilling these ideas on my kids but your story is so encouraging that it leaves me to think that maybe they still can get the message and live a life led by god in a world filled with mixed messages and social media influences that aren’t always positive. Trying to teach my daughters to love themselves and have confidence in a world that shatters the value of their own self worth is beyond difficult. Your podcasts allow me, even as a grown experienced mother, to hear other methods and ideas in a millennial world from different perspectives that I can try to instill in my kids To allow them to choose their path that hopefully is filled with respectable morals and values they can be proud of.

Please stop interrupting each other 🙏🏼   (4/5)

I love the authenticity of your podcast. You guys are very real and transparent and it is so appreciated. I want to love this podcast and listen to it regularly, but every time you guys cut each other off I can’t help but cringe! At least let the other person finish their sentence! 🙏🏼 A lot of the time one of you talk, the other (mostly Jeremy) starts right as the other says “but” “um” “and” etc. It’s never a completed thought before the other interjects. Just an observation! But I do enjoy listening. (If you’ve ever listened to Rachel and Dave Hollis, they seem to have this down to a science.)

So encouraging!   (5/5)

LOVE AUDREY & JEREMY! Their wisdom is something I needed so desperately as a college aged dating girl and especially after getting engaged. This would be SO HELPFUL if you are in that season. 9 years into marriage and its also beneficial to me. I’m finding practical and creative ways to love my husband better, and ways that we can improve our marriage. I am so thankful for their heart for couples and ministry. I pray that God uses this podcast and their book to radically change many of us!

Enjoying, but wish it was a bit more accessible   (4/5)

I’ve been really enjoying the podcast. But as a person of a different faith, I’ve found many of the more recent episodes to be less accessible. I appreciate the truths you offer, even the Christian perspective. But, I feel as though you’ve lost some of your humility and accessibility. Some of that is your recent guest, some has been your recent stories. While you offer a bit of the struggle behind your advice, you often jump right to sharing all your awesome solutions. That’s great, but I’d love to hear about your current struggles as well. So much to learn from sharing both our ongoing successes and our ongoing struggles.

Edifying! Love love!   (5/5)

Love love this podcast! I was looking at some reviews and someone said “so edifying” and that perfectly summed up how I felt about this podcast. I find myself wanting to take notes as dorky as that may sound because some of the things they say I want to remember and reflect on. I love all the topics they discuss. Audrey and Jeremy seem super genuine and humble people. Their faith and their passion for God encourages me in my pursuit of the Lord. Thank you both! The Lord is definitely using you through this podcast! Keep it up!

Great but...   (5/5)

So I love the podcast, but Jeremy needs to stop talking over Audrey. It’s disrespectful. 😒

Love it!   (5/5)

Love it! I’ve been binge listening all week! So encouraging! Love how you share your faith as well.

Yikes   (1/5)

This show is incredibly cringe worthy. I don’t think these 2 even like each other. This marriage is in serious turmoil. It’s very obvious that when something is so “perfect” it’s actually a disaster. I don’t even care about the marriage, the podcast is a disaster too. Just stop.

Thankful Fiancé   (5/5)

My fiancé and I are in a season of engagement right now, preparing for our marriage, and this podcast has been so encouraging. It’s full of truth, laughter, and love ❤️

Love it but...   (3/5)

This podcast has so many good messages and truths....BUT Jeremy talks over Audrey constantly and gets irritated if she speaks too long. It’s not like she’s rambling about nothing, she’s usually saying some amazing things. It makes me kind of sad because he is always interrupting. That’s my only complaint.

Love it!   (5/5)

I've been a fan of the Roloff family for a while now and was psyched to hear Jer and Auj we're starting a podcast. They are very real and authentic. Jeremy tends to lead the discussion and Auj adds thoughtful points/banter in. Thrilled to have another wonderful podcast lead by people unashamed to share real life and faith. *Update: please ensure your phones are on silent (along with your guests) when you podcast. The loud text tones that have appeared in a couple episodes are distracting :)