Aggregated reviews for Bloomberg Surveillance

Tom Keene, Jon Ferro, and Paul Sweeney have the economy and the markets "under surveillance" as they cover the latest in finance, economics and investment, and talk with the leading voices shaping the conversation around world markets.

Not always unbiased   (2/5)

Fast forward through the rants of the guy with the raspy voice

Talking over   (1/5)

Please tell Jon to stop overstepping female host’s questions He adds nothing in his lack of self-control and egotism. It’s insulting.

Extremely biased on political discussion   (2/5)

The political biasand attacks on certain leaders in this podcast is extreme. No wonder the American public has little faith in their media. Get back to the basics of reporting on finance and economics without the your personal opinions and those of your general partner Michael Bloomberg. I just want unbiased reporting, how hard can that be?

Jon off the Trump bus   (5/5)

If you want Trump bias, the options are narrower. Jon still rides hard against Chinese Communist Party. Trump has no real China policy anyway.

Democrat Party   (1/5)

I can no longer tolerate listening to the relentless Democrat Party propaganda. It used to be moderately objective but now the priority is advancing the Democrat Party narrative. There are plenty of other podcasts to listen to for politics.

No longer about Business and the economy.   (2/5)

This show has devolved into an East Coast Elitists talking points program. Get out of NYC and see how the rest of the Country lives. Probably going to stop listening because the value of my time is no longer worth investing in this podcast

Must listen   (5/5)

Great information, entertaining banter.

This podcast used to be great   (1/5)

Has anyone noticed the cherry picking of speakers to the political whims of the moment or to bringing on guests whose opinions are solid for an up market or down market based on what the market did two days before? There is so little analysis. It’s all sound bites. I fear good thoughts are dead and Facebook / Twitter whims are what media is following. Job Ferro is the King of the Nuclear Question. Doesn’t care about reality but always asks the question to the nth degree. Why?

Wonderful chemistry.   (5/5)

The hosts are fantastic ! Love their humor but stay for their information! It is the perfect balance. Keep it up.

Was better   (3/5)

Was better when it was about finance. Now half the guests want to give their political views—most of which seem to align with Tom’s. More Jon, less Tom.

Tom   (3/5)

Once Tom grunts or says “right” you know the interruption is coming. Then he decides to redirect the discussion to something silly just when you were getting interested in the interview.

Tom Keene is the best!   (5/5)

He knows so much about everything and is funny to boot. I vote him ‘Person I Would Most Like To Have Lunch With’.

More balance please, less NYC Bloomberg liberalism   (1/5)

More balance please, less NYC Bloomberg liberalism Wake up. There is a big world out there that doesn’t think like NYC. And quit carrying water for China’s CCP who would never accept your liberal ways. How about a little critical analysis of China and a little praise for the USA and OUR President. You can’t seem to get over your envy of Trump as the New Yorker America chose as President, not Bloomberg nor Hillary. Stick to business insights and keep your NYC rants and confusion to yourselves.

Well rounded & balanced: a graduate seminar   (5/5)

I learn more from listening to this show, than any other news source. A beautiful mix of business, politics, history and the arts.

Mic   (4/5)

Too Keen stop breathing in the mic. I know it’s you! Great show, I’ve learned so much from it. Everyday listener here

Stop Tom please   (1/5)

Can we work on earmarking episodes where Tom is not present so I know which ones to listen to?

Lacking respect   (1/5)

One of the hosts consistently interrupts, clears his throat right into the microphone, and cuts off guests mid sentence. Honestly, it’s rude and off putting. I’ll resubscribe when the respect the guests deserve is afforded to them.

Tom Keene is my spirit animal   (5/5)


Tom, cut it out!   (1/5)

Your 'Yeah, yeah', 'Right, yeah' to interrupt people is very, very annoying. Also, stop all this nonsense with admiring works of your guests you've never even read!

Basic to Uber analyses   (5/5)

The Surveillance team and your guests “rock” the economic content spectrum. Thank you for all the other fun, cheeky, and witty content that is sprinkled-in throughout the show.

Terrible sound   (3/5)

Fire whoever mixes the sound.

Congrats!   (1/5)

To Bloomberg founder and CEO Michael Bloomberg on his big win in American Samoa!

Not a chance with this one.   (1/5)

Condescending, impatient, and impertinent. Will ask a question then expects the answer to be finished quickly, while jumping in front of it, all whlle "yuuh-ing" and "yeah-ing" thoughout the entire repsonse. Annoying and not worthy of my time.

5 star all around   (5/5)

The best in the world of business and finance news. The hosts make this entertaining and informative all at the same time! Appreciate it.


Tom and Jon make a great duo. I listen to this podcast daily because I learn something new every time while being entertained. Especially entertaining are Jon’s talks with Larry Kudlow ! WE LOVE YOU LARRY KUDLOW ! PLEASE KEEP CHEERLEADING THIS BULL MARKET ON UNTIL YOU DIE !

Please Tom, stop asking questions and making pretentious comments....   (3/5)

Jon and Lisa both ask insightful and challenging questions to their excellent guests however Tom provides pretentious comments and intros filled with unnecessary superlatives. His off topic comments detract from the interview and guest commentary. I do not listen to this podcast for his comments about Premier League soccer, the Boston Red Sox, fashion or trout fishing. Five star guests and commentary with a two star host.

The Best Show for Wall St Professionals   (5/5)

Keene, Ferro, their guests and everyone else on the show make it a real gem. Don't miss!

Good Stuff   (5/5)

Maybe Mr Keene takes some getting used to, I don’t know. I find him quite good and there is little to no politics that leaks in.

Essential and interesting.   (5/5)

Econ 101 is not describing the markets today. How long can we have negative interest rates? How can Gilts be the lowest rates in history? Why is Tesla’s market cap higher than Ford, GM and Fiat- Chrysler combined? Tom Keene’s crew ponders these unexplainable paradoxes .

Keene   (3/5)

I find him too much of a Globalist

Always informative and enjoyable   (5/5)

I thoroughly enjoy the compelling interviews and broad range of subjects discussed. The guests share their knowledge and there is honest give an take( except maybe w Kudlow - but he's not an economist). They cover big picture and granular details with equal skill. Only critique is Mr Keene's constant mentions of soccer, which may appeal to European listeners but not US market. Keep up great work!

Great podcast   (5/5)

Tom is hysterical I love his humor and how he cuts to the chase and puts guests on the spot. If the guest are to focused on selling themselves or their point Tom is quick to cut them off and start talking about soccer. It’s fun to see if the guests will trip up and say something they shouldn’t - like their unscripted real opinion. Guests that shoot straight and don’t bs get more air time and that I really like. This is a no bs podcast that aims to get to the heart of the matter of what’s driving the economy and where money can be made.

Exceptional   (5/5)

I think the financial subject matter is exceptional Tom and John spar at times but it’s part of the schtick Sometimes guest are verbose and need to be re- directed

Awful Hosts, Great Guests   (1/5)

Well put together show, very good editing. The show’s segments are far too short for their guests to accurately express their opinions or explain their reasoning behind any answer. Tom Keene is a terrible host. He constantly cuts off guests, interrupts with random asides about Premier League football and consistently talks over guests even if he is in agreement with them. To be completely honest Tom makes this show unlistenable by making himself the center of attention at every turn. Stop cutting off guests and stop playing your terrible Bloomberg transition music over them as they finish their thoughts. Save the above reasons, could be a 4/5 podcast.

Great interviews and insight   (5/5)

Love the interviews. Lots of analysis and insight. The humor of the hosts is a bit old school and not that funny.

It’d be great if guests finish their thoughts   (2/5)

It’d be great if guests finish their thoughts, it’d be one thing to run out of time, but the format of a podcast is much more free form. They cut them off too frequently to get a good experience of listening. Whatever time they have to do this must be brief or they have to better allot the schedule of questions.

Stop interrupting your guests   (1/5)

Just stop. This is a 5 star podcast if it was not for you interrupting your guests. Please hire someone who is more professional.

Best Financial Show Around   (5/5)

I used to listen to this on the radio religiously but no longer works with my commute. It’s great being able to catch up on the highlights on my way home. Jon and Tom have excellent chemistry (sort of Odd Couple-esque but really works). They’re both brilliant and really get to the heart of what is happening in the markets and economy and they get great guests. Have learned a ton listening to them. Wouldn’t mind Tom sometimes not diverting guests into his little flights of fancy when they’re saying something interesting but you have to take the good with the bad - he’s an eccentric guy and he makes what could often be dry topics very entertaining. Keep it up gents!

Guests are great, Tom needs to learn how to do a podcast.   (3/5)

Overall, a great podcast with highlights of market related news including insights from notable guests. It is a podcast though and not live television which Tom does not seem to get as he cuts guests off mid sentence. There is no commercial break to go to Tom.....

Waste of Time   (1/5)

Just more Trump bashing, day in and day out.

Stop Interrupting Guests   (3/5)

Please stop

Dynamic Duo   (5/5)

These guys are the best there is. Guests are knowledgeable, articulate and incisive. This is the best on Pod with Berry a close second.

Great team, great podcast, great interviews!   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast, and I feel it is the best free American podcast that I listen to on my IPhone. I do not find it as partisan as some have criticized; nothing like Fox or NPR bias. In my opinion, the voices are fine, no vocal fry, like some WSJ commentators. However, opinions must differ in life. Thanks, to all of the staff and guests for the interesting interviews.

More content   (5/5)

The wsj has a daily podcast that’s 30’mins long and a great listen to daily on the ride. They changed the format and I can’t listen to it. I certain there are many who will be looking for a daily financial news pod cast

918   (3/5)

It’s a great listen but stop interrupting your guests and let them speak, you guys are so bad about this - the guests are supposed to be the ones that are more intelligent anyway.

Way to biased   (1/5)

Tom is really full of himself. Who cares what you think Tom. Just the news please. Mr. Prewitt is rolling over in his grave. Typical NYC snark. You are not that smart Tom, if you were you would be self employed like me. But i am sure Mr Bloomberg approves. BTW loose the effite bow tie.

Sub-standard   (2/5)

Amateurish production, main announcer has a voice that is painful to listen to and coughs into the mike, people talk over each other, the same sound bridge is used for every transition. Thoroughly annoying

Best daily podcast and short interviews for the global macro trader   (5/5)

Fantastic guest list and short intreviews. Nothing (free) is close if you are looking for points of view from some of the best minds (economists, market strategists) in the financial industry.

Not a voice for radio   (2/5)

Some people don’t have a voice for public speaking just as some people don’t have a voice for singing. The American is painful to listen to, the British guy is fine. Not sure what the producer is thinking...but I have to unsubscribe because of this. Guests are good.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy this, find it consistently informative and stimulating in terms of market developments and broader global macro themes. Thanks!

Paying subscriber, but not for much longer   (1/5)

It's really too bad. Content is great, price is too high for something that is otherwise on radio, and software is god awful. And that's being kind. Ditch iAmplify, reduce the price and I will be back.

Great product lets charge for it   (5/5)

I support your profit driven choices whole-heartedly. You have excellent content and have tapped into a demand for it. Its easy to like progress when it provides increasingly better products for decreasing prices, its more difficult to like it when you have to pay for something you used to get for free. For me its just not worth the money, but decrease your price and I'll be singing a different tune. I hope to be listening again soon.

Just <GO> Listen to Something Else   (1/5)

Tom Keene does a great interview (and chats with some interesting folks). Bloomberg was (and, maybe still is) a great software platform and data/news aggregator and has developed into a meaningful mode of media delivery and a provider and creator of some useful content. However, trying to extract every last dime out of content and particularly for this podcast, for me at least, brings into question the relevance of the content provider itself. Bloomberg has "jumped the shark". A meteoric 30 year run for Bloomberg, L.P. and this unfortunate choice to charge for Tom & Ken's program is the signal of the beginning of the end? Yes. I said it. Whoever came up with the idea to charge for this re-podcast broadcast needs <HELP>.

Used to love it   (1/5)

Sorry the $100 fee is rediculous. I used to listen all the time.

It's a shame   (1/5)

The move to pay for this podcasting service shows how little bloomberg understands the networked economy. I enjoyed listening to the podcasts but will not pay for a yearly service at 100 dollars. Hopefully someone from bloomberg will wake up and listen to customers before it is too late.

Don't bother with this one   (1/5)

The 3 minute cut-off is arbitrary. They could at least allow a full thought to be finished before ending the podcast. Bloomberg has a webcast of this show. I suggest just trying to catch it live.

VERY frustrated   (1/5)

Bloomberg made the move to pay for content without making it easy to buy the content thru iTunes or direct from the Bloomberg site. VERY poorly managed transition. I deleted this app. No wonder NYC is a shambles.

Happy New Year - now pay up...   (1/5)

Sorry Tom, it was great while it lasted, but there is way too much similar content available without subscriber fees to pay $100 for this. Rather arrogant to not even have a monthly rate, I'm not committing to a full year with no try out. Maybe the fees will make it worthwhile, but your power and influence on the financial scene is definintely going to take a hit. Get real Bloomberg!

Was very educational   (1/5)

As a college student I cannot afford to start buying $100 podcasts. It's to bad, I really enjoyed the show, I even asked for any kind of student discount, but got no response.

Was good before it turned into a three minute ad   (1/5)

Was good before it turned into a three minute ad. Who is going to pay $100 for this? Good but not worth paying for.

Used to be great   (1/5)

I totally agree with all the other recent reviews here. This was a great podcast. Since it already had advertisements, they were already making money off it. However, Bloomberg got greedy (just like the rest of the financial services industry) and decided to ask everyone to pony up for this. Well, you might get a few, but most of us are not going to stand for that. For an podcast about economics, you'd think they'd realize that in the current economic environment people who are used to paying $2 for apps are not going to pay $100 for this. Sorry Tom, this is probably not your fault, but that's life.

Now a worthless podcast - do not waste your time   (1/5)

Before 1/4/2010, this was my favorite podcast, especially since it was difficult to get the radio broadcast during my commute. However, since Bloomberg has gone to a subscription basis - this podcast is merely a commercial. Also, what you can listen to for free on the radio is not worth $100 on a subscription basis.

Terrible idea   (1/5)

They have been talking about this for a while, but made it seem like you could still listen to original podcasts and buy additional info. All I have to say is bad move very bad move. I will never pay the fee not when I can find other FREE podcasts of same quality.

Don't bother.   (1/5)

What an awful idea. From $0 to $100? I might have paid for a $5 a year subscription and I assume a lot of other people would have too. But $100? HAH! Oh man. Bloomberg with one of the biggest podcasting blunders of all time.

Too bad   (1/5)

At $100, forget it. How in the world did they come up with this price? $0 to $100 is quite a gap up.

shortsighted   (1/5)

I used to quote this podcast all the time, rave about Bloomberg but now I just tell my friends how greedy Bloomberg is and that they do not understand the value of podcasting at all. very crass company they are...

Abridge version is nothing but a teaser   (1/5)

This used to be the best financial industry podcast. Now it's just an abridged version to get you to pay $100 to subscribe. It is such a shame. Bring back the free version with ads!

Pay????   (1/5)

This used to be a great podcast, I recommended it to others. Don't waste your time on it, this is a 3 minute commercial to get you to subscribe. They used to have commercials in the podcast, guess that wasn't enough money. There are other free business podcasts to subscribe to.

Ruined a good thing.   (1/5)

This was a 5 star podcast and now it's a worthless partial segment that cuts off and asks for a paid subscription. I've been a faithful daily listener so I am very disappointed that I have to leave this behind. There has to be a better way. Sorry Bloomberg, but you are really messing up a good thing. I will keep checking back with the hopes that you rethink this dumb idea.

No longer free: $100/year   (1/5)

When free, this is a 5-star podcast. At $100/year, forget it. I can't understand how someone in marketing believes this podcast should cost more than an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal or Barrons. iTunes should fix their label for this podcast. It is no longer free and now consists of a commercial to subscribe, an introduction of the guest, and another subscription commercial. I've unsubscribed to Bloomberg Surveillance and On the Economy.

greed knows no bounds   (1/5)

This used to be great. Now it's a sales pitch for a $100 fee to listen. They don't make enough money from the advertisers and terminal subscriptions- they want it all. Considering the mess this country is in, bloomberg at least gives a rational, clear explanation of how we got here and what we need to do. Now that the taxpayers have paid for the financial systems bailouts, giving something back to the community, such as free content that might educate peple, is passe'. The arrogance of these people is breathtaking.

Forget it   (1/5)

Just an advertisement for their pay service.... horrible

Done with this.   (1/5)

I was recently in the habit of listening to all the Bloomberg stuff throughout each trading day. That idea has now been destroyed by the joke that is "abridged surveillance". I get not wanting to provide the whole show for free. That's perfectly fine. But the least they could do is provide select segments of substance to keep us interested and perhaps consider the paid one. 1:30 minutes of an abruptly cutoff interview is completely useless. Unbelievable.

Almighty dollar   (1/5)

Now Bloomberg wants us to pay to listen to a free publically aired broadcast a day later via podcast. Can you imagine CBS charging for a podcast of yesterday's newscast? Tom Keene is not giving us an investment newsletter full of stock picks and money making tips, just a good financial radio program that sells advertisments like every other media broadcast. Can't the fossilized executives at Bloomberg figure out a way to monetize their media presentations without going directly to our pocketbooks?

Great content, horrible price   (1/5)

I'll really miss this one. The content was great, but I'm not going to pay. Why couldn't they sprinkle 15-second ads through the podcast? It would be easier to listen to such an ad than to fast-forward 15 seconds. It's especially irrititating that I subscribe to XM, where I can hear this on Bloomberg Radio, but need to pay additional money for the podcast. Unsubscribe. Fail.

Stupid adverts instead of great Podcasts   (1/5)

Bloomberg has screwed up by making this podcast as a paid service.

Why pay for a business news podcast when there are hundreds available for free?   (1/5)

If Bloomberg is interviewing the same people many other business news agencies are going to interview, why pay for this podcast? I will use the advice I received from this podcast when it was free, and save my money and find another business news podcast that doesn't charge.

Don't waste your time   (1/5)

Now that this is a pay-for-service, the free version is worthless. It's nothig more than an asvertisement for the subscription. I will "unsubscribe" from this.

$100 bummer   (3/5)

It's too bad they've decided to try an old business model.

Say it ain't so.   (5/5)

I thought this was such a great program. I told a ton of people about it, but now that's dead. Hey Frank check out this great podcast, oh btw it's $100. I fear that current many listeners like myself will figure $100! sure it's great but please we are the unwashed masses out here we pay $1.99 for an app, not $100. Enjoy the echo chamber, your business model is so 2007. If your additional unit cost is zero why not charge $10 and have a million followers? Wake up Tom I want you back in my phone.

Paid service now   (1/5)

Now a $100 service.

Intelligent, Insightful, Invaluable   (5/5)

Tom Keane is one of the most skilled interviewers in any field. While he has an encyclopedic knowledge of economics, he rarely injects his own opinion. Cohost Ken Prewitt is also excellent and they complement each other well as a team.

Best Business Show Anywhere   (5/5)

Did you ever watch CNBC and feel dumber? Yea, that won't happen w/ Surveillance--hands down the best business program since Wall Street Week.

Not Optional   (5/5)

...if you have any skin in the finance game.

A Must-Listen   (5/5)

Though it's safe to say I don't always agree with the viewpoints of those being interviewed, this is a wonderfully executed show with great interviews. I never miss listening during my commute. This show has become a great part of the mountain of financial news I consume each week.

Very informative   (5/5)

Five days a week, if I miss listening survallance on the radio, I down load their podcast. By far, It the best business news.

Thank you   (5/5)

Best discovery in years

Not me Missed   (5/5)

I have a dozen business related Podcasts on the Ipod Touch. Eleven are missable, one is not. Bloomberg Survellance is the one that CAN NOT BE MISSED.

You WILL learn something   (5/5)

This and Tom's 'On the Economy' are my must listen every day. The breadth of coverage is outstanding. Even topics I think I will have no interest teach me something. Worth the while.

I'm hooked on this podcast   (5/5)

Listen to this podcast if you want to feel like you are being informed - not yelled at. I can't say enough about how much I've gained from a daily listen to Bloomberg Surveillance.

top financial news   (5/5)

I listen to these shows live (most of the time) on Bloomberg radio NYC. These series are the best financial news available. Keene and Prewitt are first rate, its refreshing to have a show actually hosted by people who have intellects, and are not just talking heads or pretty infobabes. The guests are excellent, and the presentations are devoid of political bias.

Substantive, no fluff, fascinating   (5/5)

Tom Keene, a phenomenal interviewer. Far and away the best business/economics/markets interviews on radio or TV--probably in print, as well.

Excellent   (5/5)

Informative, intelligent, thoughtful, and enjoyable. The antithesis of CNBC. Well worth your time if investing is of interest to you.

Best Interviews On The Planet!   (5/5)

Tired of the CNBC monkeys bantering about nothing, being rude to guests, and not asking in depth questions? This podcast has the smartest, most insightful guests, and, the host, Tom Keene, gives them time and leeway to really explain the markets. This podcast makes me smarter everyday.

BRAVO!!!   (5/5)

Truly excellent insights, tremendously informative and entertaining, absolutely highest quality of business journalism, no overt political agenda -- leaves all the others in the dust!!! Ken and Tom's conversations with their guests establish a model of consistently intelligent discussion that is hard to find elsewhere. Forget Kudlow, Cavuto and their ilk. With all the turmoil going on in the markets and the economy, these guys are the best business reporters I've heard.

An objective review.   (5/5)

You want this.