Aggregated reviews for BrainStuff

Whether the topic is popcorn or particle physics, you can count on BrainStuff to explore -- and explain -- the everyday science in the world around us.

Thank you   (5/5)

I love this information, it’s so short concise yet very informative.

Brain what? Brain fart on the media   (2/5)

Journalism as a profession today is no more honorable a trade than prostitution, and quite possibly less. There is a reason why the media ranks dead last in polls on trusts worthiness. People trust politicians today more than the media. This podcast is insulting our collective intelligence by trying to convince us that this brothel is an honest-to-goodness massage parlor. We’re not listening because we’re stupid, in case you forgot. The liberal mainstream media and its various outlets, to include this podcast, follow a moral compass that no longer points to true North. You’ve decided among yourselves ‘North will be for us whatever we say it is’. The Fake News media is indeed a bold harlot. If you would see evidence of its prostitution, I recommend reading “Unfreedom of The Press” by Mark R. Levin and definitely check out his podcast. He is a wise and learned man. (No sex workers were harmed in the posting of this review)

Commercial Podcast   (1/5)

50% political BS; 30% useful information; 20% commercials. If you are a sheep, who likes commercials, this is the podcast for you. It has really went downhill the past 1-2 years since the new host took over. If you are not a sheep, move on to almost any other podcast and you will be smarter.

Simple but Nice   (4/5)

This podcast is very quick and simple. I like that it gets down to the point fast and answers the question immediately. It almost feels like a infomercial. I don’t recomend to everybody.

Love, love, love!   (5/5)

A few minutes of extremely interesting topics increases my knowledge every day. This is one of the best podcasts available.

Fast-talking robots   (3/5)

I tried this podcast out and I thought these people were robots. Now, the reason why there is 3 stars is because there is good content. If you want a informative, fun, and best of all, a podcast without fast-talking robots, then listen to Curiosity Daily.

Interesting topics   (5/5)

This is a great way to learn new things in a brief podcast. I like Lauren’s voice, she speaks clearly and there is no vocal fry which is quite common these days. I don’t understand the criticism of the way she speaks.

Great content   (5/5)

This show provides great content delivered in a fun and informative way. Yes, there are commercials, but you can always give them a lot of money and reduce them for all of us.

I generally like this podcast, but...   (4/5)

“Positively charged electrons”. Really?

👍🏻   (3/5)

To the host: please talk at a normal speed. It sounds absurdly sped up. The content is great.

Please just speak like a human   (2/5)

Pretend you’re talking to a friend instead of conducting a high school speech.

Annoying robotic voice   (2/5)

The host’s voice is annoyingly robotic. You can actually hear her sharp breaths in before she starts each sentence. Great information, but I just can’t stand her voice.

Robot or human   (1/5)

Is that voice a robot or human? I get why so many reviewers compare her to Alexa. I could not get through one episode. So annoying.

Great content, bad delivery   (3/5)

I was so excited when I stumbled upon this show because the topics are very interesting and I like the bite size length of the episodes. The content is great, but I am going to stop listening to the show because the woman’s voice and cadence are so sing-song-y and fake. It’s annoying and distracting. Her insanely audible and predictable gasps are also very annoying and distracting.

“Alexa” Vogelbaum   (2/5)

Yes, I know her name is Lauren, but if I wanted to listen to a robotic voice I could just talk to Alexa. I’m a new listener and have listened to old and new episodes. The older hosts speaking more naturally made it a 5 star podcast. The content is still good but her delivery is horrid. Not smooth or natural. On top of her robotic and unnatural delivery, her quick exaggerated inhales... it’s beyond me why she or the editors think the listeners enjoy them. I love the premise of the podcast. Please make it enjoyable again. I don’t want to unsubscribe.

No longer for me.   (2/5)

I used to put up with the absurd ad length, but now I’ve caught up and the ads plus new host have rendered this podcast an unfortunate delete for me.

Fact check on aisle doh!   (3/5)

Katrina was in 2005 #neverfirget

Cloying voice   (2/5)

My high school English teacher taught the girls in class not to perform their readings in the same cloying, sickly sweet, sing-song fashion we are subjected to in this podcast. Please find a professional presenter for this otherwise enjoyable program. Alternatively, send this one to a broadcaster school. Please.

Slow Down   (2/5)

I appreciate the short podcasts but she is talking way too fast. I like to listen while I am doing other things and I can’t catch half of what she is saying.

Very One Sided   (1/5)

After listening to your one sided podcast on single use plastic bags I now have a hard time believing anything you say going forward. You seem to have an agenda. Plastic bags can and should be recycled. The recycled plastic resign can used to make other plastic such as trex lumber, plastic furniture, more bags etc. (any plastic item can use the resign). You should of give more than one side.

Good content but...   (3/5)

...the ads. I like having the choice for a short podcast in my library but half the podcast is ads bookended at the beginning and end with 1m -1m30s each, leaving only ~3 min for content. While I understand the need for ads and usually listen through the ads of my regular podcasts, Brain Stuff should reconsider the ratio of content to ads. 1:1 is not going to keep listeners coming back.

Hard to listen to   (2/5)

Can the sound engineer please fix Lauren’s gasping breaths? There’s no reason we need to hear that, we MUST have the technology, right? The gasping is so distracting I can’t absorb any information.

3 min of good content, 3 min of commercials   (3/5)

The content is interesting and nicely presented. My issues is how 3 minutes of a single topic are sandwiched between 3 minutes of advertisements. I accept the need for ad revenue, but this is excessive. Sadly, I decided to unsubscribe and listen to a similar podcast with a more reasonable ad to content ratio instead.

Is this woman drowning? Someone help!   (3/5)

Why do you make this poor lady do the podcast while barely gasping for air!? She has so much great knowledge just let her breathe!

Good content. Needs good host.   (2/5)

Love the content, but I can’t listen to it due to Lauren Vogelbaums voice. The choppy robot speech and gasping is so distracting. Unfortunate because all the content is great.

Love Lauren’s Delivery   (5/5)

I’m also a fan of Lauren’s other shows: Savor, Foodstuff and Stuff of Life. I would like it if these episodes were 10 minutes long. At five minutes, the ratio of ads to content is on the high side. OTOH, it’s great to see bigger sponsors like Lexus and Capital One come on board. Means all the good Stuff will continue!

Interesting stuff   (3/5)

The lady has a great voice, but the way she breathes is so annoying

Informative and conscise   (5/5)

The show presents useful information in a clear, concise format - perfect for our sound byte, short attention span world. Yes, the presenter speaks quickly but not too quickly at all. Her enunciation is clear and she is easy to understand. (Side note/Arm chair analysis: Research shows people have problems with women’s voices. This may explain some of the more critical reviews.)

Good Stuff   (4/5)

Great info in a simple clear form. The young lady talks too fast though. Listener is able to speed up if desired so she can slow it down to be more understood. ;) Thank you for the great podcast!

awesome podcast   (5/5)

Love this podcast, I learn a lot. The topics are super interesting. I like Lauren's voice , she is super easy to understand and I love how she breaths lol

Sounds interesting, but I can’t   (2/5)

I am certain that the topics are fascinating and I love getting info in digestible chunks like that, but it is very uncomfortable to listen to it. I tried multiple episodes and the person doing the podcast gasps between sentences because she is talking so fast. I don’t know if maybe some background music would help? The gasping is just too distracting for me.

Good podcast   (5/5)

I enjoy these episodes

Slow down   (2/5)

I enjoy the podcast content but like many others, the host speaks too quickly for me to catch everything. I like the delivery from older episodes with the previous host. Even though episodes are short, I find myself playing some twice to catch everything.

Too fast   (1/5)

I think she speaks way too fast. It’s difficult to listen to.

Talks too fast   (2/5)

Her voice is too fast and robotic. Love the content though.

What   (1/5)

They talk to you like you’re simple

Need more Podcasts like this!   (5/5)

I am 33 years old & still have 🧡 to always learn more & keep up with these young brainiacs. The fact you guys get into all fields in science is great. Would love for you guys to make a podcast for forensic science.

Amazing!!!   (5/5)

It’s about time these hosts all got together. THANK YOU!!

Who thought this is okay?   (3/5)

I was not surprised to find an overwhelming number of people expressed the exact same thing that brought me around to write a review. The content is really interesting. But, I can hardly stomach listening due to the tempo of Lauren's delivery and her nervewracking gasps.

Butt?   (3/5)

Gluteus just along for the ride?? Where do you get this information?? Very wrong. an RPT

Fun facts/info, but annoying put-on voice   (3/5)

I find this podcast to be fun, educational, and entertaining. I’ve listened to episodes and then eagerly found articles to read more on the topics discussed. I also enjoy the wide range of topics being addressed. On the other hand, I find myself hesitating to listen to episodes because the way the host is seemingly choosing to speak sounds like a mixture of a female AI voice on speed combined with stereotypical reporter tone emphasizing words at random. I’d much rather hear the host’s real/casual, conversational human voice, and have the episodes not feel so rushed.

Gasping for air   (1/5)

Info is good but her constant gasping and sudden intakes of air sounds like someone is drowning. The air gasping makes it consistently painful and annoying to listen to Please improve this major fault which is easy to fix.

Love the info but...   (3/5)

Like many others, (I really don’t understand how they don’t read reviews and improve at this point) I love the podcast but good lord stop speeding up the host. The shocking gasps between each sentence also leave me feeling anxious since it sounds like the host has seen a giant spider every 10 seconds or so. Disappointing since all other podcasts under this company are so well produced.

Feel smarter   (5/5)

I feel smarter just from listening to this! Very engaging, informative. Love all the episodes.

Slow down please.   (5/5)

Love all the information—even the odd stuff—but PLEASE slow down the speed of your presentation! Just a little?

I wanted to love this   (1/5)

I can’t listen to the gasps for air after every sentence. Very distracting and uncomfortable

Politics!   (1/5)


The short breathes between each sentence...   (1/5)

Once you hear it you can’t Un hear it. It’s so bad it makes me feel like I can’t breathe or something. Most like hyperventilating. Great content though

AMAZING   (5/5)

Lots of information

Interestingly Quick   (3/5)

The facts are fun and interesting. The delivery though feels more like the fine print in a commercial. You have to fit it in at the end.

Distracting gasps   (2/5)

I can’t understand how any technical editor wouldn’t tell the host to stop gasping for loud audible breathes between sentences. Very distracting which once heard, can’t be ignored. Very amateurish product for a company that should know better.

What’s the rush?   (1/5)

Tried to listen, but the speed is nauseating. I thought I had increased the speed accidentally.

Thank you   (5/5)

Short and sweet.. New little facts

Brain stuff   (1/5)

SLOW DOWN!!! I seriously thought my speed setting was out of whack! For goodness sake, new information should be digested slightly slower, not faster. Learning something completely unfamiliar with marginal background knowledge is challenging enough without you making it into a mental “quickie.”

Please slow down!!   (1/5)

Great variety of topics but the speed reading makes it completely unlistenable! A new host would get this review up to 5 stars.

Thanks for slowing your voice down   (5/5)

I used to be annoyed at the speed of speech, but I can tell you have Improved! :)

Speaks too fast   (1/5)

The narrator speaks too fast, and you can hear her take quick breaths after every sentence. It’s very distracting and I can’t concentrate on the material delivered.

Speed read & deep breath   (4/5)

The presentation is FAR too fast. There is an inordinately noticeable in-breath between words that is hard to overlook once you’ve picked up on it. I came to the comments to see if anyone had the same perception and wasn’t surprised. The voice can be nice if not rushed. The topics are generally interesting and presented in an efficient enough manner to offer a basic understanding of topics that may interest you to delve further.. Ultimately, I’m left reiterating the need to slow down A LOT but enjoy the show and recommend giving it a shot.

Awesome   (5/5)

I love it! It helps me remember some things while learning other things. What a good tool to start a high school class. I love her voice and finally someone that talks as fast as I do. Excellent for learning.

Stimulating   (5/5)

I love Lauren's explanations!

Excellent information but..   (3/5)

Excellent information and topics, but it sounds like a voice compression software is used to cram as many words per minute in as possible. If you like a pleasant well informed podcast with words coming at you at 100 bpm (beats per minute,) this is an A+ podcast. If you do not like information presented at a speed reminiscent of a pharmaceutical tweeker, or a small child fueled by to much sugar and caffeine, you might be best served looking at another podcast.

Great topic   (4/5)

Please slow down and pitch your voice down. The stuff is written well and very interesting.

Relax   (3/5)

Slow down just a bit!!

Whoa   (2/5)

Unbearable to listen when the narrator is talking at the speed of light

Slow down   (3/5)

Good stuff, but it’s clear the audio speed is sped up. Lately it’s almost unlistenable.

Great content but sooooo many commercials   (3/5)

The content and style are very good, but the number of advertisements is honestly ridiculous

Great show   (5/5)

This was a very enjoyable show and a great way to learn something new everyday.

Cool idea, but too fast   (3/5)

Cool idea, great length, but way too sped-up for me to listen.

I would like this if   (1/5)

The questions they asked couldn’t be answered by any nignog living in the year 1995 can answer.

Cool   (4/5)

I like the information this podcast give you I just wish they were longer.

Brief and Informative,   (5/5)

If you only have time to be introduced to topics or you want ideas you can later do your own deeper investigation, this is a great couple min long podcast.

This is the coolest thing ever   (5/5)


Sometimes political!   (3/5)

Overall it is a good podcast. Sometimes political.

iPhonex   (4/5)

Yo-yo what up bruh

BrainStuffer   (4/5)

Just don't put crimey stuff then your fine LOL

Great   (5/5)

Good daily dose of info.

👍🏽   (5/5)

Nice job

Change the Microphone Sensitivity! (Gross mouth sounds)   (2/5)

It's not even that the host has dry mouth. It's that you can hear every squish and smack of their lips, cut it out!

Too short, and boring topics   (2/5)

I really wanted to love this. In fact, I’ve listened to over 30 episodes hoping it would be different. You get maybe a 4 minute episode, with two minutes or more at the beginning being an ad.... What?!? Boring topics. Was hoping it would be good, and give us examples vs just something that looked like a 30 second definition on google. Had to delete this, as it’s not worth it.

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

I love that this podcast is short and quick. It’s provides fun information and it’s perfect for a quick trip to the store.

Distracting narrator speech pattern; great content, otherwise.   (3/5)

The content is GREAT, but the narrator’s roller-coaster, up and down speech cadence is SO distracting that I find myself focusing more upon that than the content. If Lauren could improve her speaking pattern, this show would top my list. For now, there’s only three stars coming from this listener.

Used to be great. Not so much anymore   (3/5)

Has gotten political. Always hyping climate change and dismissive of certain policies as wrong or unfounded whenever possible. We get it - we know where you stand. We shouldn't. We should not know your agenda. This is information not opinion. You have a public voice and an audience and a soapbox. Could you please be more responsible and less blatant?

Gets old after a while   (3/5)

Much like longer brethren SYSK. Length was perfect. Shame there’s so few short pods.

Nuggets of knowledge   (4/5)

I really enjoy listening to these very brief podcasts. But don’t be fooled: though they be short, each episode is packed with information, trivia, etc. I often recall things I’ve heard from these information bonanzas and bring them up with in conversation—and constantly get the response: how do you know that?!? I never take personal credit: I learned it on BrainStuff! Knowledge is out there, just waiting to be absorbed...

Wow   (1/5)

Very high pitched and speaks way to quickly for someone who’s trying to explain things

So disappointed!   (1/5)

After reading the topics, I was super excited to subscribe. The host makes it completely impossible to listen. She talks WAY too fast and is obviously reading from a script. Crazy confusing and frustrating. Couldn't make it three minutes into my first listen. Sadly disappointed!!!

Get ready to listen twice   (3/5)

I really like this podcast, but sometimes I have to listen to the same one twice just to fully understand. The host talks SO fast and is so clearly reading off a paper. Also, the intro music makes me cringe. I hate it

Oy.   (3/5)

I want to like this podcast, but your host mispronounces simple words about every fifth episode and it’s driving me nuts. How do you trust someone to educate you when they AND the entire staff behind the podcast are not intelligent enough to catch these simple errors?

Well   (4/5)

I like this podcast buuut it’s not quite meaty enough. I wish the eps were like 20 minutes long, with a little more in depth explanation.

Love it   (5/5)

Pure Entertainment

Great topics, but sterile   (2/5)

There are two types of science podcasts: The precious few that are expertly presented by someone who is passionate, understands the material, and has a great sound crew making it all come together. Then there are what I call the Book Reports. “Brain Stuff” is definitely a book report. The presenters have no love or understanding of what they are saying. They are just reading a script written by someone else’s book report. O.K. if you want a jumping-off point I suppose, but the 25% add time in 5 to 9 minutes is asking WAY too much for the return.

Full of mini epiphanies   (5/5)

This podcast is great. It answers so many of those day to day questions that we all have but don’t have the time to research. Single serving knowledge-nuggets that gives you enough information to dive deeper if you want to learn more.

Used to be Good   (2/5)

Ever since Lauren Vogelbaum took the helm, the show has gone down hill. Seems like more and more episodes are just dumb (wine glasses and cats?), and the wording tends to be poor or just plain wrong. In one about the seasons, she said something about an axis changing. At best it's poor wording (which axis?), but at worst it's wrong (the Earth's spin axis doesn't change much year to year, certainly not for seasons).

Need to eliminate this female speaker   (3/5)

...her voice is a cutting/dicey pitched and makes me cringe like nails on a chalkboard.

Podcast   (5/5)

Great little daily “brain pieces.” Thank you!

Great Podcast-Terrible new host voice   (3/5)

I love the information in this podcast. Unfortunately, I do not like the new host Lauren Vogelbaum. Her voice is crappy. It is not pleasant to listen to. Christian Sager was much better. Although I do still listen, some episodes I will skip due to her voice.

Interesting but thickly pADded   (2/5)

3 to 4 minutes of solid and interesting content with another 2-3 minutes of ads padding it. I understand bills need to get paid but when 40-ish% of your episode is ads it makes for a very annoying binge. Like the podcast itself, it’s best in small doses...

Interesting   (4/5)

Better than its counterpart How Stuff Works.

Good content   (2/5)

It pains me to leave a bad review on this show because I really enjoy almost all of the content. My complaint is with the awful commercials for other howstuffworks podcasts. They are halfass and repeat constantly. Some episodes have less content than commercial.

an easy fix to earn 5 stars   (3/5)

Really enjoy most of the content but the blaring exit music is enough to keep me and my family from listening often. Please turn down your obnoxious outro.

Quality dip recently   (3/5)

I’ve noticed a lot of quality and editing issues recently (November of 2017). The podcast is only 5 minute long but sometimes theirs audio gaps and repeats in audio. I thought it was my player at first so I would back up the podcast, but the errors are in the final edit of the podcast. Also sometimes there’s long gaps after the host stops and before the end credit music come up, and sometimes the end credits starts way to early. They usually layer it on as the credit music over the host as it crescendos. But when the music comes on too early it begins to blast over the hosts voice and you lose the last few seconds of information.

It's a commercial   (2/5)

I'd say that this is the closest to a click bait as I've seen in podcasts. It has a flashy topic, one that I'll admit I'm usually very interested in such as their most recent one about Dry Ice. To sum it up for perspective listeners, it's a five minute podcast that starts with a one minute plug for another podcast then has a quick fact or two about the topic then ends with another one minute podcast plug. Has potential but just isn't enough when 2/5 of the podcast is plugs for other podcasts.

Love it!   (5/5)

I always enjoy the little bits of knowledge I get from this show.

Targeted, smart, interesting   (5/5)

I subscribed a while ago and still get a huge kick out of the surprising questions Christian Sager (and in presuming the rest of the team?) tackle in these brief episodes.

Great short little snippets!   (5/5)


Just okay   (2/5)

Alot of the topics are very interesting but most of the time they don't really answer the question or the information given is quite vague

Great   (5/5)

This is great I learned so much so fast

Ads longer than episodes   (1/5)

This has gotten worse as time has gone. The ads have gotten longer and longer. Might as well just subscribe to ads.

Neat tidbits.   (5/5)

Cool topics. I wish they were longer and delved deeper into the topic.

Great podcast!   (5/5)

Fascinating topics and very well presented, I highly recommend to anyone!

Interesting   (5/5)

Lovely snippets of information!

Frustrating   (3/5)

interesting subjects and content but after the 2 min ad at the front and 1 min ad at the end, you have 2-3 min of decent content. Always leaves you wanting more info (and not in a good way).

Fun facts   (3/5)

Fun facts in a short quick format. I like it. Commercials are a bit too long considering how short the real content is.

Love these little nuggets of knowledge!   (5/5)

Sometimes I wish for a little more detail, but it's nice to have something short sometimes too.

Way too much advertising   (1/5)

Feel like I'm listening to cable tv. The helpful Honda people ad I'm out.

how stuff works   (1/5)

probably a good pod cast . . . but after 3 episode i was done ! ! I will not consume 2 minutes of advertising for each 5-8 minute segment ! bye bye

TOO MANY Commercials! :-/   (1/5)

Not sure if Marshall Brain sold the podcast or just Sold Out! The show seems to have become one big long commercial... leading with a minute commercial followed by some weak drawn out topic filler then concludes with MORE commercials... Sorry but after many years listening it's got to be unsubscribe time for me...

A little too basic   (3/5)

I think the problem here is the lack of story and therefore lack of retention for me. Well produced though.

Fast & easy   (3/5)

The podcast is a little short. They only give a superficial answer without delving to deeply into a subject. Maybe think of lengthening it to 20 mins, at most. But I also don't think it would benefit from going to long since there are other podcasts doing the same thing.

Brief and watery   (2/5)

2.5 minutes of intro+ads on four minutes of content is unacceptable. Especially when the content is essentially summarized Wikipedia articles and strained jokes.

Disappointed   (1/5)

This podcast was always an escape from all the political negativity. They decide to run two political ads one episode. I can no longer support this podcast or it's other sponsors.

Uhh lol   (1/5)

How do they define "stupid people"? Someone with a low IQ? Someone who does things that don't make sense? Who has different ideas of common sense based on their culture? Someone with a learning disability? A mental illness? How do they define this culture laden value judgment in order to pass it off as science? Why are they inviting their listeners to laugh at vulnerable people? That's what I call stupid, but I'm sure the podcast creators wouldn't agree with me that they're stupid (and also casually ableist). And they seem quite confident so...

Where's Marshall   (3/5)

I don't care for the new guy. What happened to Marshall? Bring him back. Hard to listen now but I keep coming back for more for some reason.

Seems to have gone downhill   (2/5)

Used to be one of my favorite podcasts. Of late there has been a change of host, increased ad hawking, and a general move away from the great short soundbytes. Perhaps the length was increased to be more thorough. IMHO, the brevity of the old style allowed one to decided whether to deep dive into a subject while allowing a broad array of subjects to be touched on in 1-3 minute chunks. And yes, I have decided to unsubscribe.

Really Love This Podcast!   (5/5)

Interesting Facts! Easy Peazy Learning in just a few minutes! Thank you! Cieloscent, Host of Skincare Talk Radio! Be well & Happy!

Short and Sweet   (4/5)

I have been a follower of Stuff to Blow the Mind and this is fun short bits of information. Love the format. Host does a great job of relaying the information while being engaging and entertaining. Over all great job.

Inconsistently informative   (2/5)

Sometimes shallow, doesn't always explain more than what an average user already knows. Feels like a Wikipedia article summary at times.

Just repeats   (1/5)

There is no new content. Just the same old episodes over and over again.

Good podcast   (4/5)

The content is good and delivered well. I usually learn something new about a particular topic. The host sometimes adds some unnecessary fluff like his/her personal opinions about things, but that's not unbearable.

Short and smart - food for curiosity   (5/5)

For you and the family!

Good   (3/5)

I prefer much longer episodes

Wanting More!   (4/5)

I love this podcast, but I wish it was a little longer or perhaps adressed multiple topics.

Outsanding stuff   (5/5)

I only wish this could be expanded in to more than just a few minutes.

great podcast   (5/5)

short and sweet

Very juvenile   (1/5)

I would have thought they would explain more than just a 2 minute podcast. If you're trying to learn something, huge waste of time

Brain Snack Food   (5/5)

I like these short but informative snippets to use as bumpers between my longer podcasts. I always learn something.

Not Substantial Enough   (3/5)

This podcast is short and to the point, but it's over before you know it and if you're doing anything else during it, it requires a re-listen.

Will Not Try   (1/5)

Heard of this on #ConspiracyStuff, and I thought they were short and just fluff pieces for their videos, but THIS. I'm not even gonna try. All this "stuff" seems interesting, But seeing 1 to 3 minutes eps. makes it not worth it. If Matt & Ben can do 20 minutes, so can u.

Interesting tidbits   (5/5)

I never would have thought to ask half of these questions. I don't need to know the minutia of detail involved. These short introductions to topics are food for thought... and Googling.

Not what I expected   (2/5)

It's informational for such a short podcast but way to far left in its agenda for my liking. It's also a little boring to listen to.

Stuff You Should Know   (3/5)

Essentially a "USA Today" version of the excellent "Stuff You Should Know" podcast; same basic concept & subject matter, but limited here to a bite-sized morsel ideal for the dwindling attention span & swelling intellectual apathy of today's consumer. While SYSK episodes vary in length (from ~20 min to 1 hr, depending on the results of researching a given topic), here one can relax w/o fear of spending over a minute on learning, or risking a headache should they inadvertently learn too much. What single subject could possibly merit more than 5 minutes (max) of explanation, anyway? This same "Tell Us What We Want to Hear In Vague, Simplistic 30-Second Sound Bites" principle has served us quite well in politics; I say apply it everywhere.

Too much propaganda   (2/5)

This has the potential to be a useful and informative podcast, but unfortunately the host is an evangelistic global warmist, and nearly every subject - from corrective lenses to torpedo engines - has the host's enviro-whacko spin on it. Don't waste your time on this propaganda.

trending worse, getting too silly   (5/5)

in the beginning, many of these podcasts provided concise useful information, punctuated by a small amount of humor. it was excellent. but it has begun to be more sophmoric, with the performers totally consumed in humorous banter among themselves, flooding the short broadcast with nonsense, and depriving the listener of what could be important information. if this trend continues, i will delete my subscription.

Ads are a deal breaker   (3/5)

Content is cool, but two of the exact same ad bookending under 2 minutes of content will drive a man crazy when listening to more than one podcast! One ad is enough right?

They Don't Know!!!   (1/5)

I really like Cristin and Caroline's How Stuff Works podcast so I thought I'd try this one. I downloaded 'How Catnip Works' and listened to some dude spend two and half minutes say "I don't know how catnip works' about 12 different ways. Awful. Don't listen.

Very informative!   (5/5)

This podcast is short and concise. One can learn a lot in the very short while of listening to it.

Informative but repetitive   (3/5)

Some of the topics are interesting and the little facts are informative, but I am finding it increasingly annoying that the same 25 podcasts are being repeated about every 10-15 new podcasts. There are some that I think I have heard now 5 or 6 times and I am only halfway through the podcast history. Do you seriously need to be reposting the same exact recordings over and over?

Promises more than it delivers   (2/5)

The BrainStuff podcast selects some interesting topics, but lately, episodes are poorly researched, leave out important stuff, or are just plain wrong. I can't tell if they are deliberately dumbing things down, or if we're at the limit of the producers comprehension.

Quick & Fun   (5/5)

Only takes up a few minutes of your time, but packs a lot of information into the show on a wide variety of topics. Most of the time the show is able to successfully break the topic down so anyone can understand it.

Weekly Roundup - where is it?   (4/5)

I have stopped listenening for a few months - and I notice the weeklyu Roundup is gone :( Is it to be found elsewhere? I really enjoyed them.

Great podcast, but repetitive!   (1/5)

I've been listening to this podcast for a very long time, and have always loved it, but they've gotten to where they re-release old podcasts again very frequently. At first I thought it was some problem with my computer, but this is the only podcast that does it. It's getting bad to the point I'm contemplating dropping my subscription to this one.

Dont get greedy HSW   (3/5)

UPDATE! I cant take it anymore! I used to listen to this train wreck of a podcast because it was like a train wreck, so bad but you just cant stop watching. Anyways the toy helicopter episode put me over the top and I cant take it anymore, between his nasaly voice, poor quality recording, 5th grade science, repeating himself, repeating himself, repeating himself, repeating himself, repeating himself, repeating himself. and the dual ads at front and back for minimal substance. UNSUBSCRIBE! 2 minutes of commercials on a 5 minute podcast????? I see this as a bad trend and they appear to be adding more commercials to the least listen to podcasts at HSW and then moving into the more popular ones. DONT THINK WE DONT NOTICE! Watch yourself I can stop listening to you just as quickly as I did radio. I know you need some revenue to produce these things but push it and you will lose it all.

One of my favorites.   (5/5)

Marshall is awesome.

Great but they repeat episode over and over   (4/5)

i really enjoyed the quick and fun learning of this podcast and the range of topics is second to none. The problem i have with the show is that they haven't made new episodes in a long long time and are on their 3rd repeat of all the episodes. The show is something to check out for sure, just keep in mind the number of episodes is limited.

Not one of How Stuff Works best Podcasts   (2/5)

Can be very informative but the host has a really hard time keeping these unbiased and factual. He incorporates and leans these toward his own opinion. Also if you are going to download them all at once there are many repeats.

Try to sound a bit more natural.   (5/5)

I find that Marshall's voice sounds kind of forced, it's blatantly obvious he's reading from a script. But the podcast redeems itself by being strait to the point, and loaded with good information. 5 stars.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Perfect bite sized length podcasts. Packed full of great info

Great!   (5/5)

I hate the commercial, but love the content. I wish they were a couple of minutes longer!

Facts!!   (5/5)

I love learning new facts!

Interesting tidbits but now repeating   (4/5)

Short tidbits of interesting information. Only problem is, the podcasts are starting to repeat. Some of them even have information that gets repeated on different subjects. Polarized glass in two-way mirrors and then again in sunglasses for example. Seems the podcast wants to keep going but isn't doing any new research. All in all, it's a good podcast first time through. the podcasts are short and interesting. Subject matter is not focused on one area of science or the world. Very diverse in that respect. As always, I say give it a listen. Everybodies tastes are different. Again, I like it, but only the first time through.

Short and fun   (5/5)

Fun podcast. I like to mix it into playlists to break things up a bit.

Ew   (1/5)

I can't STAND this man's voice. I actually got a migrane from it.

Friday Round-Up   (4/5)

I loved the Friday Round-Up. Will it be coming ba

Great show   (5/5)

Love the show, I would really like to see you bring back Friday round up.

Very good but bundling would be better   (4/5)

I love learning about how things work. It is very interesting and informative to boot. I would like to see a bundling of like 10-20 shows to make a 30-60 minute podcast. I hardly ever listen on the computer and I am always on the go. A bundling of many together would be advantageous and neat.

Where is Marshal?   (5/5)

Why all the reruns? As a devoted listener, I miss the roundups & hope Marshal hasn't left HSW. Marshal, where are you ( ! )…a loyal fan.

Love This podcast and all the How Stuff Works Podcasts   (5/5)

This is a great podcast filled with many wonderful tidbits of information and news. I have two questions/remarks 1) - Why was "How Is Olive Oil Made?" posted twice? February 2011 and June 2011? 2) I miss the "Friday News Roundup" - it ended with no explaination. Please bring it back. Thanks much! Keep up the wonderful work

Bring back new episodes   (5/5)

Where is Mr. Brain!! Come back!!

Gotta love the brain - but where's the roundup??   (5/5)

I've heard all the Brain's podcasts, and a lot of them more than once. My new favorite was the Friday news roundup. I'ts been MIA since last month. Please bring it back!!

Nice light science   (5/5)

It's an easy program to enjoy while doing a light workout, Keeps the head entertained with new knowledge while not taking too much attention to.follow.

Friday roundup??   (5/5)

Brainstuff has been a great quick listen for the last 2 years for me, but the "Friday Roundup" segments have been my new favorites. Hopefully Marshall's just on vacation or something, but they've been absent the last two weeks. Will anxiously look for it next week.

Where's my Friday news round-up?   (5/5)

Great new addition to the podcast and I would love to have it back!

Brain Stuff   (5/5)

This podcast is exceptional. It is concise and informative. The content is interesting and explained in an elementary way so you don't have to be all up on various jargon. Even if there is jargon, it is explained... Usually in less than 7 mins. Really like the news roundup. HowStuffWorks puts out terrific podcasts across the board. Even if I'm uninterested in the general topic, I'm sure they are done in a professional fashion. Mad respect. Big ups to Marshall Brain.

Excellent!   (5/5)

Interesting, entertaining and skillfully delivered.

Great stuff   (5/5)

Love the daily check in with fact based, non biased techno-stuff

Little Bites of Knowledge   (4/5)

I'm a huge fan of all the How Stuff Works podcasts. The HSW crew keep me company on my long commutes every day. This particular one is fun because it's a quick question and answer. Marshall Brain and the gang have done a phenomenal job with the website and the podcasts/video casts. The new addition of the roundup is not bad. It feels like I'm listening to a news cast. Initially I remember thinking they were too long for this particular podcast but I find myself getting roped in each time. Overall, a great podcast. Keep up the good work Marshall & Co.

Great Podcast   (5/5)

Great podcast

Short & Sweet   (5/5)

Unlike other shows in this vein, Marshall gets right to the point and makes the podcast quick & to the point. It's one of my favorite podcasts to make me feel smarter!

Like it   (5/5)

The new week round ups are great. I like the short bits of information, it gives you some knowledge and if you want to know more just look it up.

Jack of all trades, master of none.   (3/5)

The episodes are so short that in some, over half is the ads and intro. The host answers interesting questions, but it very much has the feel of someone reading you the first few lines off of an encyclopedia entry. It's not a bad show. It's just not a good show either.

Older episodes were better   (3/5)

In the past few months, Brain's spoken style has become more conversational and the content less objective. Personally, I preferred the 60-second teaser format to this less formal commentary.

More of an editorial than anything   (2/5)

I was expecting a cliff note version of stuff you should know. Instead I got a clearly bias report with a HEAVY agenda motive undertone. This podccast is a waste of time. Listen to stuff you should know if you want to challenge your intelect.

Lacking   (2/5)

It's not awful, it's just not what I had hoped for. Missing the mark a lot. For a podcast from "How Stuff Works," I find the "How" part lacking: i.e. when I clicked on the episode about "4g," I thought I'd learn how the technology actually works. Instead, I got an overview of the 3 competing cell phone company's offerings. I agree with others that the casts are too short for the subject matter. I appreciate brevity, but most casts leave me saying "that's it???" Lastly, after listening to several casts, I now find Brain's voice & style rub me the wrong way. Looks like I may be alone there. To me he sounds like the tech nerd in your office: no inflection, no expression, no pauses, passion, etc. Hard to focus on the long, run-on "rant." In short... I've become bored with it & deleted it. Really too bad because the subject matter has SO much potential.

.   (3/5)

i used to love these podcast but they dont work when i try to download them..

Short, but Pithy - Excellent Podcast   (4/5)

I really enjoy the breath of topics covered and find the details of most to be excellent.

why are all of the older podcasts downloading again.   (1/5)

I listened to the old podcasts a while ago and deleted them. Now, for the past few days, about ten of the old one start to download again. I delete them, and then a different ten or so start to download again. It's really annoying.

Really excellent podcast, just wish it was longer.   (4/5)

I really like Marshall Brain's presentation of these very interesting topics. The only reason I didin't give it the fifth star is that I think they could be a little longer. They frequently leave me wanting to hear more on the topic.

to the point   (3/5)

This podcast is short which is great for those few minutes in the day where you wait for something to happen. The information is good but Marshall Brain has a tendency to sound like he is going off on a rant, sometimes missing the point of what he talks about (specifically his 8/13/10 podcast). I also agree with many people who listen to BrainStuff that the episodes could be longer by an extra 5 to 10 minutes. Most material covered is still very cut and dry with only a little depth into how things work. Don't let my review scare you into thinking this isn't one of the better How Stuff Works Podcasts, just keep an open mind that their is a lot of room for improvement in my opinion.

Good   (4/5)

Good listen recommended.

Short and to the point.   (5/5)

Love It. No getting off topic with some other ridiculous host. Awesome keep it up.

High Quality   (5/5)

Amazing, accurate, and a permanent part of my week!

Christmas podcast needs better name   (2/5)

The "how Christmas works" cast needs a better name. It just explains how the traditions came about, not how they work or how they're performed.

Brains not needed   (2/5)

Ultimately this podcast falls victim of providing too little information. While numerous in quantity they lack quality. I was he recording in a bathroom. The sound on most of them are terrible.

pie   (1/5)

i love pumpkin pie

Very cool   (4/5)

I really enjoy this podcast! I had a hard time getting through Marshall's earlier stuff, but this condensed version is spot on! If something trips my curiousity, I find myself doing a little more research into the subject matter when I get to my office. Don't listen to the naysayers, it's like listening to trivia, if you want to know more, look it up!

Yea   (5/5)

Great stuff.

Disappointed   (1/5)

Incredibly disappointing. The explanations are way too simplistic for me.

Short and Sweet   (5/5)

The narrator explains the question of the podcast concisely and quickly, which makes for easier memory and recall for me. Good podcast!

Good but too short   (4/5)

Why don't they string a bunch of these together to make 30 minute podcasts?? I like learning about how all the little things work, but the tracks are so dang short!

Snackfood for your Brain   (4/5)

This series of short podcasts is great for when you just have a few minutes to fill. Each episode is short and to the point. The topics range wildly, and some may find it either not enough information on a topic, or the topics too bland. It's just right for me though.

Boring   (2/5)

No personality. No entertainment factor. Stuff You Should Know is far more interesting. Marshall *sounds* like he's reading his material.

Great when it sticks to business...   (2/5)

terrible when it gets political or pushes an agenda. Please stick to explaining complicated/unknown facts or processes, and stop the green/liberal shtick.

Great podcast   (5/5)

I actually learned stuff about topics I thought I already knew, and they were so to the point it didn't matter that they're pretty short. I love this podcast.

Great idea, but short on substance   (2/5)

I love having things explained! But a 60-second podcast is not enough time to do more than give more than the simplest of generalities. As a result, my knowledge is seldom expanded by this podcast, which makes me question the title! Give us some REAL BrainStuff.

158 How a GFCI outlet works. cuts off after 15 seconds   (4/5)

episode 158 ; GFCI' cuts off after 15 seconds Help. I Really enjoy these informative and to the point explinations in this podcast.

somewhat interesting   (2/5)

Too short & they plug Stuff You Should Know which is a fabulous podcast and one of my favs. Marshall Brain speaks as though he was spitting everywhere; I couldn't get past this fact & enjoy it for the snipet of info it provided. I say pass.

It is as advertised   (5/5)

One of the best podcasts in all of iTunes. Well worth the free subscription.

great   (5/5)

Absolutely great! Explanations of fun things I'd never think to investigate myself.

I quit downloading...   (1/5)

Having a minute's worth of "Are you a forward thinker?" in each 2 minute podcast is way too much. I used to save up this podcast for a week and listen to them all at once, but I am so sick of their "forward thinking" promotion that I have decided to buy an SUV, burn coal for heat and eat a diet based on the carbon footprint of what I am eating, the larger the better. Whoever thought that putting that crap on every podcast from howstuffworks should be shot into the sun on a CFC powered rocket.

Short & Simple   (5/5)

I love it... Short, simple and to the point. A quick boost of knowledge.

It's like an energy drink:)   (5/5)

All your days information packed into one small little bottle

Great!   (5/5)

This is a great podcast that clearly explains a plethera of topics.

Couldn't ask for more.   (5/5)

Except that you would have been there when I was driving parents and teachers crazy asking why and how! Sparks that inquisitive child in me again.

Quick and dirty info   (5/5)

I love this podcast! I love how his voice has this cute stuffy nosed geeky quality which somehow gives him even more credibility. These are awesome water cooler conversation or for an interesting tidbit at dinner parties. They go so fast and I run out quickly and am always excited when there are more to download. If you like random, sometimes useless, information to pad your brain with, this podcast is a winner.

Very Good   (4/5)

Very informational. It answers all of those questions we all have at one time or another.

Question?   (1/5)

I have not been downloading from itunes in like never. Are these podcasts really free?

Dumb Podcast   (1/5)

I hated this podcast the Stuff You Should Know was:better,funnier,longer,and actually made you learn something,and the hosts don't have some kind of deviated septum. Dont' waste your precious...downloading time!!!

Lots of marketing nonsense, little on real info   (2/5)

About 40% of the podcast is actual new content (though delivered by Marshall "Brain" who has an odd and annoying accent). The rest is an extremely long & repetitive intro & outro. Skip this one.

Perfect   (5/5)

If you are upset this is a minute long, go listen to the longer How Stuff Works podcasts. I listen to them all. I LOVE this podcast. This gives me a quick and understandable answer to simple things I have always wondered but never bothered to look up on my own. Thank you Marshall Brain. :)

very very smart!   (5/5)

i like it! very interesting.

Interesting but annoying long preroll   (2/5)

25 seconds of preroll commercial followed by a minute and a half of content. It's too long and I manually skip ahead if I even bother selecting the podcast. Cut it down to 10-15 seconds and we won't bother fast forwarding.

Quick, Imformative, And Fun. I Like It.   (5/5)

I like the podcast because it gives you information that is short and to the point. You might want a little more information on certain topics but it gives you enough to satisfy your curiosity.

Useful and makes me feel smarter!   (5/5)

This podcast has very concise info that will teach you the basic idea of how or why something works. If you download the back log of episodes you can find out how 30 cool and interesting things work in half an hour!

Science, etc. in a nutshell   (4/5)

These are light on content but their only a minute long! I've heard some things I didn't know or hadn't thought about before. My kids (5 and 8) like them too.

Great Idea.. short on content   (2/5)

I love the idea of this podcast.. and I like the subjects for each one.. however.. they are WAY too short in content length. The podcast narrator sounds rushed and I do wish they would provide more information on the subjects.

Bias?   (2/5)

I thought the "How Climate Hoax Works" podcast was worded so poorly that it sounded like the host was saying global warming was a hoax. This was a big disappointment after what has been a light, objective, honest, and somewhat informative podcast. What was the host thinking??

teasers not pleasers   (3/5)

Interesting tidbits, but really unsatisfying because they are essentiallly lead-in ads for the website content.

Marshal is Great, makes me smarter!   (5/5)

Thank you for your time and efforts to expand my mind while I drive to work.

superficial and incomplete   (1/5)

They miss a great opportunity for the medium. For some reason they've decided to make the broadcast 60 seconds long. Which means they have time to give an explanation that only an incurious 2nd grader would love. And a clusily edited down explanation at that. To say that they only scratch the surface of a topic would be overstatement. They make NO impression. Like chewing on styrofoam shaped like popcorn, this is unsatifying.

Cool!   (5/5)

These little bits of information can come in handy, especially when your 7th grade science teacher expects you to know everything. They are easy to understand, not real scientifically said, and you learn something new every day! Keep up the work, Marshall Brain!

great site, great podcast   (5/5)

love the site, love these little nuggets each day.