Aggregated reviews for Casefile True Crime

Fact is scarier than fiction.

Superb   (5/5)

I have just discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and I have been listening to one right after another. No TV since discovering; absolutely incredible. I love all the extreme detail. Wendy CT USA

YMG   (5/5)

I subscribed just a couple a weeks ago and I’m hooked! I have listened to over 50 podcasts. The sequence of events are detailed very well and keep my interest throughout.

The host is fantastic!   (5/5)

I watch many true crime shows and listen to many true crime podcasts. The host is important to me. This host knows the material well and presents it clearly and seriously. He’s not jokey. He is very to the point and makes these stories feel creepy sometimes. I really like the podcast and the way he presents the material.

Yes indeedy   (5/5)

Re: Episode 153: Anni Hindocha. For sure, there is a special place in heaven for a non-native speaker who can pronounce the many native names in this episode with nary a stumble — about 50 times a minute. Plus, the story itself, the outcome and afterward had as many twists and turns as the names. Bravo!

Favorite   (5/5)

All time favorite. Great voice, perfect music/sound effects. It’s so smooth, well done. Sometimes the material is too disturbing for me (like Leigh Leigh), but there is always a heads up at the beginning.

my favorite   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts. This one is my favorite.

Interesting for a Law Student!   (5/5)

This is my favorite true crime podcast. Morbid crimes are not sensationalized, which is very common in the true crime genre. The episodes cover the legal aftermath in accurate detail, which is fascinating to me as a law student. Also, the show covers unusual crimes like arson and fraud in addition to homicide cases. I tend to like the lighter episodes best because those stories are incredibly compelling.

The Gold Standard For True Crime Podcasts   (5/5)

No fuss no frills. Just the facts and told in a serious and professional manner. Absolutely love the narrator’s Australian accent. Look forward to each new case!

Good podcast   (5/5)

At first the accent was slightly difficult to understand,but after you hear the narrator speak for a few podcasts, it becomes easy to pick up on. Very well researched, presented nicely, let’s you know if things said are opinions or facts. My ONLY gripe.... I haven’t listened to an episode yet where they get the perpetrator... which gives me an uneasy feeling knowing so many of these are unsolved.

One of my top favorites!! + 2nd review   (5/5)

I love love these stories and feel they are tastefully presented and well researched. At first it took me a moment to get over the calm manner in which the stories are narrated, but now I find myself not being able to miss a word being said. I don’t feel distracted, but rather able to focus on the story at hand. Also really enjoyed the Q&A I listened to over Christmas break. Hearing everything rather laid back was fun too. Keep at it!! 2nd Review!! 8/18/20. Mike, love you and your peeps that got you. I crave your stories so I try not to judge too hardly bc I know, world, cray, blah. Now the criticism, rely less on the cop tapes and use more of your own writing and story telling. Much better. Just keep it honest. Love y’all!! PS. Is there a secret lesser known club?

Nathan’s famous   (4/5)

The ads for hotdogs during the Dennis Nilsen episodes sounded super appetizing.

Best Narrator EVER!   (5/5)

The best true crime podcast, the narrators voice is so relaxing. This is my favorite podcast, I’m almost out of episodes and will be starting them all over again when I’m done just because his voice is sooo nice.

Gripping but too long!   (4/5)

I love the story telling but they’re getting too long!!! Please go back to the days of just over an hour!

No   (1/5)

Anyone else think this is absolutely unlistenable? The narrator’s monotone is like fingernails on a chalkboard and that’s all they’re giving you for over an hour. No discussion, no other voices, and nothing that makes me want to keep listening. Sorry but no.

Love this!   (5/5)

One of my fave podcasts EVER!

Don’t change   (5/5)

I love the format, the story telling, the research, and the delivery! It’s perfect!!

What Happened?   (4/5)

Used to be one of my favorite true crime podcasts hands down. I LOVE the narrator’s voice and used to listen every night to fall asleep, but recently, there have been some really boring ones and I’m not sure if the subject matter is what’s flat or the writing but it seems like I listen to the first 20 minutes or so and I have all the info I need. Nothing makes me want to listen to the full 90 minutes. There’s no hook to the writing anymore and it feels like they’re picking really plain, straightforward cases with no intrigue to them. These seem more like Forensic Files episodes that have been mercilessly injected with unnecessary detail just to make them three times longer than they have to be. I wish it was still as good as it used to be.

Good   (3/5)

Cool, fun listen

Same Ole   (1/5)

I was hoping this would be an interesting episode but I was greatly disappointed. A good portion of the facts are based on hearsay. 33 years is a long time and police techniques improve. I am beyond tired of being blamed for being a white person. I thought Case File would be above this type of rhetoric.

Powerful   (5/5)

I have listened to every Casefile since its inception. In my humble opinion, CF provides superior narrative rooted in great research and the emphatic delivery of Anonymous. However, the Cindy and Mona Lisa Smith episode was something special. It transcended true crime and very skillfully described the systemic injustice against the aboriginal people of Australia. Is there anywhere in the world that European colonizers have treated indigenous people with dignity and equal justice under the law. Until the world fixes that issue we will always be broken.

Shame on me...   (5/5)

for not reviewing this outstanding podcast sooner. I’ve listened to every episode and marvel at the thorough and detailed research that goes into each case. Truly, I doubt there’s a true crime podcaster out there that delves as deeply into the facts of a crime as this smart, articulate and insightful gentleman. Not only that, his accent is lovely and there is a soothing and pleasing quality and tone to his speaking voice. Each story is delivered with clarity and professional objectivity with just the right amount of sensitivity to the victims without being overly sentimental. This one is head and shoulders above the rest.

I love this show!   (5/5)

Ive been listening for about 2 years now and I always can’t wait for Saturday to come for the new episode! I love how long the episodes are and how in depth they are. I’m a long distance runner so these are perfect to listen to on my long runs 😀

Gold standard of true crime podcasting. Superb!!!   (5/5)

The outstanding Casefile is the O.G. true crime (no paranormal etc topics) podcast of the “no comedy and/or two or more bantering hosts” variety. Casefile consists of one serious host, and the tales of the crimes are narrated beautifully with “Casey’s” great Australian accent, and the research is superb. Five stars for Casefile — it has consistently been the best true crime podcast of the type (there are so many true crime podcasts these days). Virtually every episode is excellent; one of my personal favorites is the incredible Lesley Molseed series. It made me cry like an (ugly) baby, especially when a bit of real audio is heard close to the end of the series. Note to camacholuvsnachos: you don’t seem to understand Casefile’s posting procedure. They have been (for some time now) on a three weeks on/one week off schedule. During the three weeks on, they post the new episodes on Saturday mornings (Saturday mornings for those of us in the United States). They have a very consistent schedule, and they always announce changes such as a vacation for Casey. It’s not erratic at all despite your declaration. Previous review: Once upon a time, while a mysterious virus ravaged all the land(s), a true crime podcast kept many people sane...solid five stars for Casefile! Come for the Australian accent; stay for the very intelligent and thoughtful and empathetic coverage of the real crimes that often tear entire families, communities, and even countries apart. This podcast is earnest, and Casey narrates with seriousness and compassion. There is no time wasted on attempts to make dumb jokes about how a perp looks “creepy.” Casefile is simply the gold standard of true crime podcasting — it is the best — superb and straightforward. There are no bells and whistles, there is no comedic banter, there are no interruptions from the “dumb” co-host such as loud gasps or “Wait...he did whaaaaat?” exclamations. Also, Casefile is never afflicted by poor editing or sound, or any of the many issues that afflict so many true crime podcasts except for the professionally produced (I mean high level productions like MFM or LPotL). Australia has generated some fantastic true crime podcasts (if you haven’t listened to Teacher’s Pet binge it today — the trial involving the key figure is going on right now in Australia), and Casefile is at the very top. My all-time favorite episode, or rather series of episodes, is the stunning Lesley Molseed case — this is a case involving a long-unsolved child abduction and murder and false imprisonment from the United Kingdom. Casefile covers all of the twists and turns in the decades-long case in a deep dive that is outstandingly done. That case, its incredible resolution (there is a rare bit of real audio dropped in from a UK arrest — I sobbed like a baby when I heard it), and Casefile’s coverage of it drew me into the world of true crime podcasts/podcasting.

Too much   (2/5)

I quit this podcast after an episode went too far into detail about behaviors and pathology and upon reflection, I think the true crime genre as a whole has gone too far. It’s too exploitative of violence and tragedy and it’s perversely detailed. I don’t think it’s healthy for us to listen to grim and gory details of murder. I realized if I or someone I loved was murdered, I wouldn’t want the details shared with the world for entertainment.

I ❤️ CF   (5/5)

Love the Pod, i appreciate all the research and time that goes into each episode. I have been listening since the beginning, keep up the good work team! AND THANK YOU!

Well researched   (5/5)

Unlike other TC podcasts this one is very well researched and presents an in depth dive into a diverse range of previously unheard TC stories and events. I look forward to every show released, thank you to the team for doing such a brilliant job.

Zzzzz   (3/5)

This podcast used to be my favorite!! Recently the episodes have been so boring I haven’t been able to finish past the first 20-30 min when you STILL don’t even know what the crime is because so much time is spent on unnecessary and irrelevant details. What happened????

Exemplary   (5/5)

This is the best true crime podcast, heck, best podcast out there. No fluff, just facts and details and exemplary storytelling as if we’re walking through the investigation itself. I can listen to this for hours. Props to Casey, the narrator, who is phenomenal at their job, as well as the music, research, and editing team. This is as good as it gets.

The best true crime podcast   (5/5)

I love his voice, he gets straight to the point and the stories are told perfectly. I love every aspect of this podcast and there isn’t anything I’d change! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Keep up the lengthy details chap!   (5/5)

The details of the socio-economic context and the shirt and the color of the jacket zipper!! More of these details! They’re my favorite part of the story

Hands down the best   (5/5)

I love this podcast SO’s made every other true crime podcast AWFUL by comparison. The narrator is perfect, both in delivery and audibly! My only wish is that I knew WHO the narrator was so I could put a face to his voice lol. Love it so much, guys. Keep up the great work!

Magnificent   (5/5)

I am continuously blown away by the quality and delivery of this podcast. It continues to be my favorite, far above and beyond all others. Remarkable storytelling.

I Resent This Podcast   (5/5)

It’s made other true crime podcasts unlistenable. This is the best one out there. No cute banter, doesn’t spend 1/3 of the show playing up to fans, just conveys a well-researched & fascinating case in an intelligent & objective way. Very detailed & appropriately sensitive to the survivors. His tone is serious but human, great voice/accent. The cases he chooses to explore are so varied & each one is absolutely fascinating with equal weight given to procedural, the crime, & the people involved. Love that he also doesn’t discriminate between solved & unsolved. The point is the narrative, not the resolution. The investment in each case elevated the outcome- if it’s solved, a huge sense of relief & if unsolved, a huge sense of regret & even greater investment in the case. Also love the addition of news accounts, broadcasts, & police interviews where available. He doesn’t stick to specific countries or eras. Perfect, IMO. AND I had to search if they even have a Patreon (they do), no self-promotion or pandering occurs during the broadcast. The only negative I can say is I ordered a Quip toothbrush based on the show’s hawking it & it’s kind of lame but I don’t hold that against them.

Love the episodes with twists and turns   (5/5)

I’m a huge fan. I notice you will do episodes in a way that keeps you guessing until the end. Love those! Richmond Hill comes to mind. Thanks for all your hard work.

Stories okay - narrator not so much   (3/5)

I like the stories, but the narrators voice is hard to get into. Sounds like a robot.

My #1 Favorite podcast   (5/5)

I love the nitty-gritty details; they paint a picture that you don’t get anywhere else. I love that the show covers Australian and International crimes, and that they tell the victims’ stories as well as the criminal’s. I very often re-listen to certain episodes and pick up something new.

Monotone monologue   (3/5)

Is the narrator a human? If this is a real voice than the narrator needs to use inflection.

Forever a fan   (5/5)

I have always loved this podcast. Mainly because of Casey’s voice (he’s Australian, for those of you who don’t know and give the podcast a poor rating because you can’t follow his accent), but also because of the detail that is put into the cases. I listen to a lot of podcast that end up covering many of the same cases however, casefile always has details I have never heard. In addition, there is no banter! I love some playful banter, but sometimes I just want a straight to the point episode and casefile always gives me that. Casey is my favorite voice to fall asleep to next to Peter Thomas of Forensic Files.

What happened?   (3/5)

This used to be the best true crime podcast, bar none. Casey is great. In the year or so it feels like new writers have taken over and the show is now dull and hard to follow. Makes me sad - wish it was how it used to be during the Silk Road et al. times!

Newer Episodes Are Getting Pretty Boring   (2/5)

There must be a new writer for the podcast or something because I don't remember the earlier episodes spending so much time on unnecessary, irrelevant information. I want to hear informaton pertinent to the case...not, for example, the history, geography, or population of a city.

Robot Voice   (3/5)

Sorry, the narrator is difficult to follow.

Not as interesting as they used to be   (3/5)

I’ve listened to every casefile episode released, and I was hooked for a long time. However in the most recent months the cases have not been as interesting as they used to be. They seem to be less gruesome cases, which understandably is good for some people.. but I miss the older cases that were previously covered.

Automated voice   (1/5)

The worst voice on a podcast! Sound like listening to a automated machine! Urine sounds like urone! Terrible!

Well made   (5/5)

I first found this podcast when searching for someone to cover the Jennifer Pan case. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m glad this show covers a variety of murders from different countries and time periods. Most of the topics are new to me. The episodes are super thorough and fascinating. It’s very well done

One of the best out there!   (5/5)

I know a lot of people are 50/50 with this show solely because of the hosts monotone voice, but I find myself coming back to Casefile Truecrime time and time again. I like his voice I think it’s better that he seems non biased during the entire show as he talks about these horrific events rather than a little too enthusiastic or taking it lightly. I think it adds weight to each story told. I love this (show?) and will listen to these cases told by him again and again!

This is the best true crime podcast. Ever.   (5/5)

This is legit my favorite true crime podcast. It is so well written and researched and the cases are interesting. At first I skipped a lot of the multi episodes, but don't. They are so well written, and worth it!

Best crime podcast out there. Hands down.   (5/5)

Yep. I said it. Best true crime podcast out there. No BS, no over exaggeration, and the most DETAILED, in-depth storytelling you could fine. Amazing, show-stopping, brilliant.

Love it!   (5/5)

By far my favorite podcast, true crime and in general. I love listening to Casey’s voice! I’m obsessed!!

The Host is SO Boring. He speaks like a robot.   (2/5)

The stories are good, but the host is completely expressionless. He makes this podcast unbearable for me.

One of the best   (5/5)

I love the fact that the story jumps right in. Very great narrating. Doesn’t sound like somebody is just “reading” poorly from a script, or silly jokes/banter. It’s become one of my favorites. Try it... it won’t disappoint!

Casefile Addict   (5/5)

I really enjoy the show, I think it's very well thought out and put together. I'm completely in love with the hosts voice and accent. It is always the first thing I listen to when it shows up in my feed. I still love Casefile all these years later!

Still Top 5 BEST   (5/5)

For years Casefiles has been my go to podcast for BL (Binge Listening).. I’ve actually fact checked several episodes just to see if I could come across any info that wasn’t completely true or possibly a misinterpretation of events and I’ve yet to discover anything untruthful. Not only is the episodes packed with clear cut, factual info told in easy to follow chronological order that relates to the case, victim(s) and criminal(s), but it also gives amazing details of the closure- i.e., investigation/court and conviction. Thank you for your ongoing podcasting service!!

checks every box for me   (5/5)

The host does an amazing job at picking cases, laying them out, and telling just the facts. With that last one being said, he still manages to make it feel emotional when appropriate, and does a good job at telling these stories in a way that is respectful of the victims. I also love his narration, but do realize that it’s a personal preference. I appreciate the warnings for cases that are darker/heavier than usual and for cases involving violence towards children.

Love it!   (5/5)

The way the narrator reads the story and the background music are what really makes this podcast unique.

Informative   (5/5)

If you like your true crime informative without banter, this is the podcast for you. It is well researched and I like the delivery.

Amazing!   (5/5)

I can’t get enough! Very well researched. Thanks for your diligent work.

First True Crime podcast & still the best!   (5/5)

This was the very first true Crime podcast I came across 2 years ago and it remains my favorite till this day! I love the lengthy, informative Aussie narrative.

Very interesting!!   (5/5)

Seems to be well researched. Devoid of some of the non-essential information heard on other podcasts. Concise and not overly long and rambling. The orator has a good voice and is non-committal leaving the listener to come to their own conclusions. A great podcast. Planning on listening to all of them.

Love this podcast   (5/5)

Look forward to every episode

Jonestown   (5/5)

Lots of information and put together well. Very nice!

Best true crime podcast. Period.   (5/5)

Well researched and detailed. I appreciate the trigger warnings and support resources included in each episode. The host has an amazing, soothing voice - even when detailing the most heinous of crimes. Highly Recommend this podcast to all true crime fans.

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

I listen to LOTS of true crime podcasts. You name it, I’ve heard it. Casefile is hands-down the best one. I love the no-nonsense approach, the painstaking research, the lack of editorializing, and the wide range of cases covered. Several cases are covered across multiple episodes and some of those are the best. Casefile has an excellent writing team and the background, context, and setting of each case is clearly laid out. There is no sensationalizing. Many episodes will have you on the edge of your seat. Highly recommend!

How a true crime podcast should be done   (5/5)

Great narration and thorough research. This podcast gives these cases the seriousness and consideration they deserve, instead of the misplaced, disrespectful humor that a lot of other true crime podcasts bring. Please keep doing what you are doing.

Case File   (5/5)

Great crime podcast. Case File does in one episode what others do over many. Where others drag it out, fluffing it up, adding opinions and dramatizations, Case File is very well done, factual and direct yet intriguing and addictive.

Best factual true crime podcast   (5/5)

Impressively researched and beautifully respectful to victims and their loved ones.

One of the best   (5/5)

I’m a true crime junkie. I’ve listened to a lot of them and Casefile is at the top of my list. The stories are well researched, they are edited well, and the narrator Casey is excellent. I like just the facts and that’s just what you get. Keep up the good work!

Loyal fan!   (5/5)

I found Casefile around episode 30. Ive been a loyal fan ever since - it’s only gotten better.

A compelling listen!   (5/5)

The podcaster’s serious, Australian lilt will reel you in, and not allow you to go! The stories are intriguing, and compel you to listen episode after episode. A must for true crime fans!

Love Casefile   (5/5)

This is truly one of the best podcasts out there, full stop. It has no moments of levity, which will deter some. That’s understandable. But if you are looking for hard facts, immensely deep research, and endless intrigue, there is not podcast comparable. Casefile is perfect. I could go on for ages detailing why it’s perfect, but all you need to do is listen and you’ll understand. Thank you to all involved. Treat every case with care, respect and detail. Again, perfect.

Found it Early   (5/5)

Somehow I accidentally found this show early on when they were only a few episodes in. I find that the stories are fascinating! Who knew that hearing a guy with an Australian accent just read a story could be so entertaining. My favorites are the multi-part episodes...usually when I see those, I know I’m in for a ride. Great work, keep it up!

My favorite podcast!!   (5/5)

My fav podcast!!!

Best true crime podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to casefile for years on my daily walks. It’s true storytelling with great scene setting and most importantly it really does the victims justice.

Most listened to in my true crime repertoire.   (5/5)

If you’re into true crime, have hours to kill (I’m a truck driver so I have plenty of them) you cannot go wrong with Casefile. The facts. The voice. The no banter type crime coverage I’m here for.

Great program!   (5/5)

I was lucky enough to stumble onto this near the beginning and have been hooked ever since. Thanks for the interesting show!

Snoozefile   (3/5)

The best period of this show was the middle. Captivating cases, excellent pacing and a dark atmosphere. Lately it’s become painful to go through. Gets bogged down in painful, excruciating and irrelevant detail. Also, it’s understandable the show doesn’t want to revel in gratuitous morbid specifics but their refusal to provide even the most BASIC of details just comes off as sanctimonious and pretentious. Don’t worry, buds, we know we’re listening to a true crime podcast, ok? You can drop the paternalistic act. I still listen to the new episodes but only when I got nothing better to do.

Casefiles was Fantastic! Now it’s just Great!   (5/5)

I miss the “ole” Casefiles; every Saturday a new show to listen to!! Now I have to question, ‘I wonder if it’ll play on Sat? Or Tues? Or whatever? …whenever? But I still like the stories, you get so in depth… That’s great!!!

Only podcast I keep coming back to   (5/5)

For anyone interested in true crime, law enforcement, or even history, the matter of fact narration of the events of these criminal cases is the best I have encountered. The events in these stories are laid out in a very clever, intuitive way and most of information goes far beyond what you could find even with a lengthy internet search. Has kept me entertained and a little bit creeped out through many long nights at work.

No Chit Chat, Just Facts   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. There’s no speculating, there’s no small talk, it’s just the facts from beginning to end. The host does an incredible job, his voice is soothing, and the pacing is perfect.

My #1 True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

Excellent writing, story telling and topics that pull you in from beginning to end. The episode that made me fall in love, and one of the first I heard from this podcast, was the series on Belanglo forest and Ivan Millat. I look forward for Saturdays when new episodes drop. Keep up the fantastic work!

Best true crime podcast   (5/5)

Casefile sets the bar very high for quality of writing, research, and creating suspense without sensationalizing. They also always give the perspective of victims and their families which is not always the case in other podcasts.

Simply perfect.   (5/5)

Delivery, research, host. All incredible. Casefile is everything you want in a true crime podcast. I’ve been a listener since the beginning and it just keeps getting better. Thanks you all your hard work, Casey and team!

My favorite true crime podcast   (5/5)

No opinion No BS All facts- the team puts such a great amount of work into the research. They also spend their time on the victims and give no unnecessary attention to evil. The hosts voice is a plus. I’ve never had a podcast like this that’s peaceful enough to put me to sleep but terrifying enough to have me on pins and needles.

The best   (5/5)

Easily my favorite podcast. Some cases I’ve heard over and over

My FAVORITE podcast!   (5/5)

This is the very best true crime podcast out there. Extremely well researched, well presented, and no nonsense. If you’re a “devil is in the details” kind of crime fan, you will love this. I like some of the conversational true crime podcasts, but they don’t immerse you in the case like this one. I look forward to Saturday every week!

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I’ve listened to every episode (some more than once!). It’s my go to for road trips and cleaning. The hosts voice and accent are soothing to me. Definitely worth a listen!

The Very Best   (5/5)

My absolute favorite true crime podcast out there! Narrated with concise facts and no personal opinions, this podcast gets to the story without any fluff or nonsense.

Good range of cases   (5/5)

I am never disappointed with Casefile. It is extremely well written, and they cover a wide range of cases. Absolutely love it and highly recommend it to anyone who is fascinated by true crime

Very good but not the best   (4/5)

I found this about a month ago and I have listened to many episodes of it and I like it very much but it is not my very favorite, but if you are a crime lover this will be your favorite podcast no questions.

Casefile   (5/5)

Casefile is one of the best true crime podcasts. All the episodes are researched thoroughly and Casey is incredibly compassionate to the victims and their families.

Hesitant podcast listener   (5/5)

I thought podcasts were just like boring radio people talking to each other about dumb things... until my sister MADE me listen to Casefile... 140+ episodes later I’m pretty much addicted to them!! I make sure everyone knows how amazing they are and if anyone goes on a road trip with me knows what we’ll be listening to!! I can’t get enough of anonymous hosts voice!! I also 100% love that he’s anonymous, makes it all about the content, which is superb!! Thank you Casefile for making everything I do more enjoyable... even cleaning the bathroom!!

Best true crime podcast   (5/5)

There’s only one person on this podcast that tells the true crime stories. Many of the other podcasts have two or more people just talking about random things and then talk about the podcast episode, which can get annoying. The sound quality is great and the podcaster is easy to understand.

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

Absolutely my favorite podcast! 🖤

The best true crime pod   (5/5)

Nobody tells a story like this host. Sometimes true crime podcasts are hard to follow, or not captivating enough. Or there’s information introduced that doesn’t pertain to the event. Or there are multiple narrators (this always confuses me). This one does not deviate from the story, there are no frills, no small talk. It’s exactly what I wanted. The host is extremely detailed, exhaustive without being exhausting. I’ve tried to listen to SO MANY other true crime podcasts, and they just don’t do it like Casefile.

I love this podcast   (5/5)

I am a true crime junkie, and this is my favorite podcast hands down. I like that it is straightforward and the stories are not told in a gossipy way. It respects the victims of the crimes but also keeps me on the edge of my seat!

Casefile!   (5/5)

I love this podcast so much! Awesome host and the details for every episode are so well researched. It’s my favorite true crime podcast! Give it a listen!!

Favorite!   (5/5)

Casefile is the best. Each episode is extremely well written. The mood is dark, the subject is fascinating. The narrator is perfect. There’s no banter or bs. Fact based story telling has never been so intriguing. Thank you Casefile. The only problem is that I wish there were more episodes. I’ve listened to them all, and some more than once.

One of the best true crime podcasts   (5/5)

This podcasts is amazing! The amount of research that goes into each episode is incredible. They do a fantastic job and telling a complete story. One of my favorite things is that they do crimes from all over the world, plus the narrators accent is just perfect!

Excellent podcast   (5/5)

I save this podcast for my once a week cleaning at the office. I love the soothing Australian accent of the host, the dynamic stories and the presentation. It is most definitely a favorite and one of the best true crime podcasts available.

Best True Crime Podcast!   (5/5)

By far the best true crime story podcast. The host tells a great story.

Wish they were posted twice a week!!   (5/5)

Love this podcast-and listen as soon as it drops...then I have that sad letdown feeling because I have to wait a WHOLE week before I get to hear the next podcast!!!🥺

So good   (5/5)

This podcast and the host are the best. As someone with pretty bad anxiety and insomnia nothing helps relax me to sleep like listening to just a few minutes of this podcast! Interesting cases and soothing voice! Also enjoy how it focuses on the victim and never glorifies the perpetrators. Thank you!

Best written true crime podcast   (5/5)

I’m constantly blown away by the story craft in this show.

My go to   (5/5)

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed before - I have been listening to this podcast for YEARS (started in 2017 maybe?) and it’s only improving. It is well scripted, presents a balanced POV, the editing is fantastic and it has excellent variety. You must listen!

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

I am always excited for a new episode. This is my favorite true crime podcast.

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

Straightforward true crime, respectful to victims and their families, and really brings attention to lots of different kinds of cases!

The best   (5/5)

The hosts voice and the obviously well researched material can’t be matched. It’s soothing in that disturbing true crime way. They show an incredible amount of respect and empathy for victims and families. Always one of my favorites to listen too.

Look forward to this podcast every week!   (5/5)

The research is great and the narrator often discusses points of views that differ from popular storylines. They also discuss both solves and unsolved cases from all over the world.

One of the best   (5/5)

Truly one of the best - if not THE best - True crime podcast out there.

So satisfying   (5/5)

This is one of the few podcasts that gives me every detail that my curious mind needs. I feel like every bit of detail is given to us as a wonderfully captivating storyline. Most other podcasts just leaves me feeling more curious and I feel like I only got part of the story. Great job Casefile team!

A Must-Listen   (5/5)

Thoroughly researched, deeply compelling true crime.

Best true crime podcast   (5/5)

This has been my go to favorite True Crime podcast for years. Quality is top notch!

Truly amazing podcast   (5/5)

I never write reviews for podcasts but I believe this one deserves it. The stories are interesting and thought provoking. The narration and work put into this podcast shows the team really cares about the cases. It is done in a very respectful way which I think is very important. I cannot recommend this enough, each week I can't wait for the new episode!

My go to podcast   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast. It’s fact driven, compelling, interesting, and respectful to victims. If you love true crime, you’ll love this podcast.

The Absolute Best   (5/5)

My go-to podcast. Never disappoints year after year. Makes many unbearable drives and tasks enjoyable. The narrator’s voice is hypnotic as he delivers unbiased and fact-based story telling. Will forever be my favorite.

One and only   (5/5)

This is the only podcast I listen to. I have yet to find one as good as casefile

Favorite   (5/5)

My favorite podcast, I wait every week to listen to the new Casefile pod.

Very very good   (5/5)

Love the narrators tone and how well researched it is. A very good listen.

One of the best   (5/5)

I look forward to this podcast each week. Although the subject of the podcast is often disturbing, the way it is narrated is wonderful. I can only imagine how much time and energy goes into researching these stories. I highly recommend this pod!

Best True Crime   (5/5)

Hands down, best true crime podcast. I love the factual, amazing narration and how well researched all the episodes are. It’s so well done and I’ve been a fan for years now. You will not be disappointed.

Huge fan   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. I’m a fan of true crime and listen to a ton of TC podcasts. This one is in my top 3! It’s well researched and the host is very enjoyable to listen to!

Amazing podcast for true crime lovers!   (5/5)

I always excitedly anticipate a new episode of Casefile! My husband and I are hooked!

Solid story telling   (5/5)

Casefile does a great job laying out the facts and talking about the victims.

Respectful, Thorough & Well Done   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts out there. I’ve been listening since the very beginning and the podcast only gets better and better. The cases are well told with lots of background information and respect for the victims. The stories that are chosen are often bizarre unheard of international cases which are interesting to listen to. The anonymous host has a great voice and accent that I find captivating. This is true crime though, so as “Casey” says-“this may not be suitable for all listeners.”

Love this podcast!!   (5/5)

I listen to a few different true crime podcasts and this is in my top two favorite! Love the host and how thorough they are on all the information about the cases! I am a long time listener and will continue to be!!!

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

This is my ultimate all time favorite podcast. The narrative for every story is spot on. I wait every week for the new one to come out and it’s always the first on my list to listen to. Highly recommend.

Love   (5/5)

Love that it’s so straightforward and always super detailed!!! One of my favorite true crime podcasts.

Excellent True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

The cases are always impeccably researched and very interesting, the editing, sounds quality, and script are great.

Best true crime podcast!   (5/5)

When I went back to re-listen to the archive I realized I’ve been a listener since almost the beginning! And I’m so delighted to support Casefile. It’s so well researched and narrated. I appreciate that it focuses on the victims and does not glorify the killers. Great work!

Thank you!   (5/5)

This podcast was the one that got me into true crime podcasts, and remains the standard for all other podcasts! I always know that the case will be interesting and well researched, and the host is compassionate and provides warnings at the beginning of each episode regarding the nature of the episode content. I look forward to this podcast every week.

Best true crime podcast   (5/5)

I trust this podcast more than any other true crime podcast! So well researched. I also love how respectfully and carefully the host handles some of the more difficult cases to listen to.

A forever favorite!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to Casefile for years and it remains in my top two for true crime year after year!

Love it   (4/5)

My favorite by leaps and bounds. Look forward to each new podcast Thanks for the awesome job and keep them coming !!

Love this!!   (5/5)

Casefile has been my favorite podcast for several years now. I love the way the host tells the story. Thank you for all the hours of entertainment!!

Best true crime podcast   (5/5)

No question- Casefile is the best true crime podcast with impeccably detailed story telling, suspense, and great production. Every podcast has ads, let it slide. This podcast is incredible and I’ve listened for years. It has consistently gotten better. For first timers, check out the episodes about the Golden State Killer. Absolutely amazing.

Great podcast   (5/5)

Love this show! The stories are always compelling and the narrator is riveting in his skills as a story-teller. And there’s always a human element that’s included in the end of every episode. Excellent podcast!

Best Crime/ Narrative Podcast   (4/5)

A+ writing, brilliant editing, narrator has a nice, even voice, cases are presented respectfully and not sensationally or in a bevy of crass jokes like on some other podcasts. You can tell the research has been taken seriously. The sound mixing is also excellent. Both technically and content-wise an all round great podcast. My current favorite. 6month update: Oof! Ads have gotten bad haven't they? Downgraded my rating from 5 to 4 stars because I feel like they pack a 5minute minimum chunk of them right into it. Not pleasant.

Amazing   (5/5)

LOVE the hosts voice. I hate when hosts feign unnatural suspense, and casefile keeps it real. my favorite podcast xo

The best true crime podcast!   (5/5)

I listen to several true crime podcasts and Casefile is the best of them.

THE best!!!   (5/5)

Casefile has always been my favorite TC podcast, and I listen to a lot of shows. Gold standard of podcasting!!

A Must-Listen For All True Crime Listeners   (5/5)

This is a high quality podcast that approaches its subjects respectfully. The research and narration are superb.

Leigh Leigh   (5/5)

I have never felt so much anger in all my life while listening to this episode. Attention people of NSW: you should be ashamed of yourselves! From the judge, police, community and children of this community, you people are weak, immoral and pathetic! I hope karma catches up with everyone one of you for this absolutely horrible crime!

Old voice was better   (5/5)

Favorite podcast but dudes voice is getting more macho as the pod goes on. Old real person voice 2020

Wow   (5/5)

Glad this is bringing light to some insane cases. I’m listening to the Leigh Leigh one and I’ve never felt so angered hearing a story in my life. It’s painful to hear the amount of disgusting humans involved

Perfect   (5/5)

This is the way I like my true crime. The host delivers all the necessary information with no fluff or extra chatter. I enjoy listening to this podcast and have caught up with every episode!

Nana PC Junkie   (5/5)

Hey guys I was young and ignorant about podcast apps. I am having to delete your Podcasts because Apple’s podcast app is crap. So I will re-download everything on Stitcher

Great   (5/5)

Really well done podcast!

My favorite podcast!   (5/5)

I love Casefile. Every time I take a bath, I listen to an episode. The Anonymous Narrator does an excellent job! One request / suggestion though - please put the “violence against a child” warning in the written description! It’s a bummer to queue up an episode, only to hear that as the show begins. I love this stuff but as a Mum, it’s be great to know which episodes to avoid before selecting! Great show!

Last few episodes   (4/5)

Haven’t been as great as they usually are! I hope this show can get back on course!!

Not what it used to be   (3/5)

I’ve listened before but the more recent episodes lack personality. Bordering deadpan delivery, and monotonous. Tedious listen.

Perfect podcast   (4/5)

I love everything about this podcast. At first, I thought the narrator’s voice was a bit too low to really hear, especially with an accent that I’m just not use to but as the episodes progressed, the voice got louder and clearer. I really enjoy the podcast and it keeps my mind busy all day while I’m at work, not really busy during this covid outbreak. Thanks for the free content! Big fan! -Sydni, KS 🔴🟡

I really enjoy your podcasts.   (5/5)

I think the music is soft and low and on point. Your voice is clear and strong. I enjoy your podcasts immensely.

I love Casefile   (4/5)

Casefile is set apart from other true crime podcasts because it has an anonymous host, and is written in an objective, journalistic format heavy with research. If you enjoy good mysteries but find most true crime podcasts a bit tasteless, this might be for you.

The best true crime podcast out there.   (5/5)

I love the narrator’s style and how he doesn’t give his opinion or have unnecessary commentary like several other true crime podcasts I have listened to. The cases are interesting and it is by far my favorite podcast.

Uuuummm stop saying the name   (4/5)

The narrator says the name sokolock at least 1000 times in episode 142. Like soooooo many times that it makes me think he is doing it just to drive people crazy. WE GET IT, HIS NAME IS SOKOLOCK! Other than that, great episode👍🏻

I love everything about Casefile!   (5/5)

The stories are all interesting. But my favorites are the more historical ones. The voice of the narrator is soothing and hypnotic. I enjoy that there isn’t any chatter- it’s all pertinent. Thanks for being so awesome Casefile!

Close but no cigar.   (2/5)

Content is great, delivery of the content is not so great. Narrator sounds robotic, I gave this a solid try....over a month of trying to get into it...but I just can’t... just not my cup of tea.

Monotone Aussie Host guaranteed to put you to sleep   (1/5)

I love the subject matter and I listen to a lot of similar subject podcasts. I can’t get through one episode of this one however, without dropping off to sleep thanks to the boring monotone voice of the host. I wish it was narrated by someone a lot more interesting...

Best of the best   (5/5)

Along with “the Golden State Killer”, this Podcast is the best on the subject. Well researched and presented. Always excellent.

Thank you for slowing down!   (5/5)

Glad that the narrator has slowed down. I couldn't understand anything in the first episode. He talked too fast in an Aussie accent (I'm American). Thought I would have to abandon the podcast. But the newer ones are awesome!!! Thank you!!!

141   (5/5)

I like the Natalie Holloway storie but what happened to the guy that killed her and Stephanie? The show was not too long. Job well done.

The Best   (5/5)

To me, this is the gold standard in true crime podcasts. No banter, no ‘how was your weekend’, just straight to the case. I admire that the story teller has no desire to use this as a platform to show you how funny or witty he is. Sticks to the facts, without any speculation. I even love that he puts all the commercials in the middle so you can get through them all at once. He really cares about presenting the story. So many good ones but the Silk Road is fascinating. CaseFile really is the best.

Used to love this podcast . . .   (2/5)

But lately anonymous has seemed beyond robotic - it used to be soothing but now it’s just hard to listen to, especially this Natalie Hathaway story. Wayyyyyy too long for such a monotone delivery, not to mention why over two hours featuring a story most people know all about, especially true crime fans. Hope you can find more interesting stories and read them with a little more inflection.

Annoying dramatic music   (4/5)

I enjoy the content. The music is overly dramatic and quite annoying. It detracts from the content.

Tried so hard... wanted to listen   (1/5)

I wanted to like this podcast. Tried but could not handle the narrators tone. Extremely monotone and sounds as if a robot was telling the story.

Binge. Worthy. 👏   (5/5)

I don’t know about you, but I love true crime. This is probably the best true crime podcast I’ve ever listened to. I just listened to the “The East Area Rapist” and it was fantastic, very well put together. I’m gonna cut it off here to not make it too long, thanks for your time!

Simply the best   (5/5)

Casefile is the best true crime podcast available if you ask me. Anonymous host is so refreshing, he doesn’t put any spin on stories, I never hear his opinion, and I love it. This podcast quickly outshined my previous favorites. Keep up the great work!

Excellent True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

Wonderfully detailed, meticulously researched and beautifully produced. Great show!

Great   (5/5)

My favorite “nothing but the facts” true crime podcast.

If you like true crime, listen!   (5/5)

That’s really it. You come for the stories, not the voice. Everything is incredibly well researched and thorough. Unlike most true crime podcasts, this one presents facts only and does not go into what they think “actually” happened. I honestly think that these new negative reviews are from people who enjoy gory horror movies and expecting a podcast version.

Boring   (2/5)

Boring monotone voice. Too long and hard to follow. Not entertaining.

Well researched   (5/5)

Love this podcast

Love!!   (5/5)

These are great stories to listen to to pass the time. Great for road trips or even just cleaning around the house. The stories get really deep and interesting. It’s crazy to learn abt the things these people do and what their capable of. It’s hard to listen to the unsolved cases...or when there isn’t enough evidence against the main suspect.

The best!   (5/5)

This anonymous story teller surpasses them all. He gets right to the story, no personal shenanigans or stupid opinions, just well researched facts. Great tone of voice & interesting cases. I compare all other podcasts to this. It’s rare to find such a well presented podcast. Kudos! I’ve listened to them all of your episodes. Keep me posted for spin off podcasts!

Awesome— until recently   (4/5)

I’ve recently had a hard time following the stories. They’ve got too many characters going on and they’re becoming hard to follow

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

I’m obsessed with this podcast! It can be pretty creepy... but it’s gripping episodes are shocking and interesting true stories. The narrator’s voice is nice to listen to and the stories are structured well.

Great podcast   (4/5)

Great pod cast. One thing is supper annoying is talk about sponsors, you don't have to repeat link for 5times we get it

Amazing   (5/5)

Great research interesting topics and amazing delivery. The host’s voice and accent are my favorite part!

Easy to hear his voice   (5/5)

I work in a rather loud environment and wearing hearing protection isn’t a bad idea. Headphones over earplugs and I can hear his voice just fine while allowing me to hear everything else going on around me as to situational awareness. Good to go and better than many others I’ve tried to listen to.

Great stories, monotone story teller   (3/5)

I’ve listened to, I want to say, three stories from this podcast and I was trying so hard to get past the monotone, unenthusiastic story teller. The stories I did listen to were well written and descriptive, but the reader just didn’t sound into it and very, bored honestly.

Excellent   (5/5)

This is a great podcast. Very well written and respectful to the victims; the episodes are titled after them instead of acknowledging the perpetrator, as is common in true crime. It’s interesting to hear stories from the opposite hemisphere, as many of the cases are not publicized in the U.S. I also like that the host is anonymous, so the show focuses on the story instead of the host’s upcoming tour or new merch. Thanks Casefile!

A++ Puts me right sleep   (5/5)

Idk what everyone is griping about. I love it. Bravo 🧞‍♂️💤

5 stars   (5/5)

Bro, people are tripping. This podcast, plus others like it will always be classics. Love what you do! Keep up the good work

I like this podcast!   (5/5)

One of my faves, but if I’m interested at all I cannot listen while I’m going to sleep because his voice puts me right out. I end up having to turn on the same episode twice.

What happened?   (5/5)

Up until 2020 I was totally hooked on this podcast, now I’ve failed to even finish one, I have no idea what happened but judging by the reviews I’m not alone, I hope this podcast gets back on track, otherwise you have lost a listener.

Great podcast   (5/5)

This is a straightforward concise factual podcast. There’s no side conversations, no subjective comments, no distractions. I love it

Serious potential, 10/10 research but needs better writing   (3/5)

This was recommended to me after I got real tired if sword and scale’s cringeworthy editorializing and eh... we’ll stop there, this is about Casefile. What this show does extremely well is its research and matter of fact reporting. What it doesn’t do well is story telling. Of the five episodes I’ve listened, most of them sound like someone reading, well, a casefile, textual medium that’s maybe not best enjoyed in audio format. I do appreciate that the host doesn’t editorialize, CLEARLY does his research and sticks to the facts but it gets very dry. He’s often very monotone and tends to lose me. Characters are introduced with a lot of background but are all quite flat, none of them really stick, possibly because of the hosts emotionless, monotone narration. Trying to get into it.

my favorite true crime podcast!   (5/5)

sometimes you just want a good, serious, factual true crime story, and this does it all! i do wish there was a jonbenet ramsey one 🤞

idea   (3/5)

Love this podcast, but last couple of episodes weren’t my interest.. Do some research on Andre Chikatilo (soviet serial killer)

What happened??   (5/5)

This is my go-to podcast for all things true crime BUT what is going on with the last few episodes? It seems like too much is being crammed in and it’s taking away from the great flow and storytelling I love about this podcast.

Only 5 star rating I’ve ever given   (5/5)

I’m very picky with my podcasts, but this one is by far my favorite! The host finds interesting cases and gives all the details with none of the fluff or filler. He’s also remarkably tasteful with how he talks about cases and victims while still giving listeners plenty of information, which is something that’s hard to come by with true crime material. I also really appreciate an Australian perspective, since most podcasts I’ve listened to have been Canadian or American and talk about the same cases over and over again. This podcast has exposed me to lots of cases I’ve never even heard of over in the states, plus he’s got a cool accent. Casefile deserves more recognition, I love this podcast!

Mounds of information   (5/5)

Casey gets right down to it. He chooses the most compelling and relevant stories. The detail he adds is just right; not too much, not too little. And I love his accent.

Amazing   (5/5)

One of the best wats to get well informed on the subject of matter. No cringey re-enactments or host speculation, simply straight up facts! It’s as if you’re doing the research too! Great podcast a 10 out of 5 stars

Absolutely Excellent!   (5/5)

This is a fantastic podcast. It’s the first one to catch my interest, and I can’t get enough! Great job!

Love it!   (5/5)

I love the single narrator and Australian accent.

My favorite   (5/5)

Rsk I love this show and the narrator I can’t wait for a new episode every week

Great show   (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts.

Has gone downhill 😕   (3/5)

This was my favorite podcast, I would look so forward to each new episode! Lately, however, and I don’t know if someone new is writing the episodes, but I’ve found it difficult to finish any of the newer episodes. It’s become more monotone and drawn out. I lose attention and get so bored I can’t finish the episodes. Then this last case almost felt like it was trying to make up for the monotony with a horrific case, like...shock value isn’t worth much if the writing & delivery is so flat. Hopefully this was just a fluke or slump and it’ll get back to being the great show it was for years! If that’s the case, I’ll update & give it 5 stars again.

Great   (4/5)

I love it because it’s so well researched but I think the voice makes me zone out and forget to pay attention

Binge podcast at its best   (5/5)

One of the best. Always look forward to this podcast every week. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Too Podcast   (5/5)

He tells stories from an array of time periods and places around the world. They are not always about murder either, sometimes they are just mysterious stories with no definitive conclusion. I don’t grab onto podcasts very much, but this is definitely one of my favorite ones!

The Best   (5/5)

Extremely well researched and produced. Some true crime podcasts are AS good as this one, but nothing tops the plentiful content and reliable quality. It never disappoints.

Disappointed   (1/5)

Not good at all.

The podcast that got me hooked on podcasts   (5/5)

I stumbled across this podcast a couple of summers ago when I had a few very long car trips that provided circumstances for me to binge on probably 10-12 episodes in less than a week. The stories are typically long, thorough, told with sensitivity and completely engrossing.

This season is killing it!   (5/5)

The episodes released so far in 2020 are some of the best Casefile has ever done!

What happened?   (2/5)

I’ve been listening since the start & it was incredible up until a couple months ago. There’s no rhyme or reason to the publishing schedule & they’ve done a couple of mainstream cases. What made Casefile so great, on top of the incredible research/0 editorializing/no reliance upon 911 recordings, was them covering cases that needed coverage.

One of my Favorites-the old reliable   (5/5)

This is one of my favorite go - to podcasts ever! I can always count on a great, intriguing tale that keeps me in suspense! I’ve heard every episode and wait every week for the next one- Enjoy!

Honestly the best podcast on true crime out there.   (5/5)

i absolutely love this podcast. found it on a long car drive several years ago, and fell in love. listened to the 5 part series on the East Area Rapist throughout a long drive because i had recently moved to that area and wanted to learn about what happened and legitimately 2 hours after finishing the last episode i saw on the news they arrested the suspected (and now confirmed) criminal. my timing couldnt have been better! i try to save the episodes up for when i have a long car ride, but its so hard! as long as these are still being made, i will still be listening to them! always accurate, always factual, and its no nonsense. keep up the good work brother! cheers!

Where has Casefile gone?   (1/5)

I truly enjoyed this podcast until it became so sketch. Am I missing something? Why isn’t this a regular show any more.

Love this podcast!!   (5/5)

First review I’ve provided and I’ve listened to many crime podcasts!! This one is AMAZING!! The narration is part of what makes this podcast so great!! Each episode is so suspenseful that you don’t want to stop listening.

My absolute favorite   (5/5)

I don’t really write reviews but this podcast has been amazing. I listen to it all the time ( at home, at the gym, in the car, and even at work) I got through the entire library in 2 1/2 months and can’t wait for the next stories.

Great show but...   (4/5)

Since the start of 2020, the show frequency has went way down to give it a 5-star rating.

Best true crime podcast   (5/5)

I never write reviews but I have made it through your entire library within two months. Thank you for a fact based podcast that does not have idiot hosts giggling Babbitt nonsense. Hey if that is your thing great. If not the. This is the podcast for you. I’m American and I really love that you give other crimes from around the world. Keep doing what you are doing. I love your format and wish I could find more podcasts as good as this one. Haven’t yet but man you are amazing Oh I wanted to suggest a case that is unsolved that has stuck with me sense college. Springfield Mo. unsolved disappearance of three women. Back in 89 I believe. Just creepy as hell Anyway congrats on being my first review and please don’t change.

Superb   (5/5)

Before I found Casefile a couple of years ago, I only liked true crime comedy podcasts. Casefile is so well researched and the narrator does such a fantastic job - many episodes have had me on the edge of my seat. I introduced my boss to casefile as well and now he’s obsessed with true crime too. Truly one of the best.

Great   (5/5)

#109 was an amazing story. Well done.

Among the best there is!   (5/5)

The amount of details and clear narration make it perfect.

Love this Podcast !!   (5/5)

Been listening for a couple of years now, cases are really well narrated and best of all anonymous host is Australian which is nice when you miss home.

One of the best   (5/5)

Interesting stories and fantastic narrator.

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

Heads and shoulders above the rest. To borrow from Tina Turner, simply the best!!! I’m like a junkie between episodes. The quality of the research, storytelling, and choice of cases are unparalleled. I don’t know how they make money because the ads are so tastefully and subtly done. I love love love this show. I almost never leave reviews but the team deserves this and more. Kudos guys! 

Best podcast I’ve ever found   (5/5)

Well researched stories and outstanding delivery.

Monotone   (3/5)

I don’t understand how this is 5 star rating. He uses the same tone throughout the entire stories and I find myself getting uninterested. The actual stories are interesting, but just cant tolerate his voice but for so long. Def not a podcast for me to binge.

Couldn’t listen for 5 min   (1/5)

The robotic voice makes it difficult to follow the story.

The best!   (5/5)

By far my favorite true crime podcast

Non stop listening   (5/5)

When I say it’s my duty to listen to every single episode, I’m already 75% there.... THIS PODCAST IS MY FAVORITE!

Love this podcast.   (5/5)

And love the narrator. The stories are always so riveting, once I’m done with one, I can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the good work!

First Podcast EVER to do this   (5/5)

Never have I ever heard a podcast present the Jonestown case so beautifully, thrillingly, and choked with unknown detail as Casefile did. They deserve a housefull of standing ovations. Thank you Casefile. You're outstanding.

Arlis Perry   (5/5)

I have heard the case of Arlis Perry before, but have never heard this case so well done. The compassion towards Ms. Perry as well as the psychological impact on her family were so sensitively explained. Thank you Casefile for this excellent podcast!

My FAVORITE podcast, hands down no contest   (5/5)

What I love about CaseFile: • Anonymous Voice - fluid, good pace. I don’t have to put this podcast on 1 1/2 speed like I do with 4 or 5 other podcasts I hear. • Anonymous states the facts - he does not offer his opinion or make ignorant, pious remarks about the facts. This podcast is legit; I look forward to seeing a new episode pop up into my feed - literally like a kid on Christmas morning excited.

Outstanding Podcast   (5/5)

Detailed, objective reporting.

The BEST true crime podcast!   (5/5)

I eagerly await each new episode of this podcast! The first episode I listened to was the Jonestown series, and I’ve been loving all of the episodes I’ve downloaded since.

Amazing podcast!   (5/5)

This podcast gets me through driving long trips and working! I love the intense details of every episode. I have blazed through most of them and look forward to many more!

Dingo ate my baby?   (4/5)

2 months for a new episode and it's two hours on dingo ate my baby? Come on. Love you guys but this is so well covered.

Interesting and attention holding   (5/5)

I love this podcast. I’ve read other reviews that call the voice a robot but trust me I’ve heard robot voices and this one is much more attention holding!

Best podcast   (5/5)

I’ve listened to many podcasts and documentaries on true crime and he gives the best research I’ve heard for the crimes he speaks about. Worth the listen!

Great!   (5/5)

The host presents crime pieces in a story-like presentation. The host has continued to be consistent since the beginning and doesn’t interject personal opinions or beliefs. Great content!

Tie Rod   (5/5)

I listen to your show while running a 600 ton crane And eating Vegemite💀 👍🏼love the show bro

Robot   (1/5)

Narrator sounds like a robot. Enough said. So annoying. Can’t continue w any of the episodes.

Anonymous Host   (5/5)

I know who the anonymous host is..... it’s me!

Sets the bar for true crime   (5/5)

Everything you’ve been looking for. Voice, solid. Storytelling, superb. Research, unmatched.

Best podcast ever!   (5/5)

I love this podcast! None compare. He tells the story, no banter. Several points...I used to want to go to Australia, but now I’m terrified! I’m glad Americans don’t “fall pregnant,” that sounds horrible. Lastly, if you ever see a Holden sedan, GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE!!!

That voice   (5/5)

This is the best true crime podcast hands down. There’s something about his stark stoic delivery that reels me in.

By far the best true crime podcast out there   (5/5)

The research, the way Casey tells the story, it’s all amazing. There is no banter (only one person) and no speculation - only the facts. Very, very well done. Casefile got me into podcasts 2 years ago and I’m lucky I found the best one right off the bat.

Best TC podcast there is   (5/5)

Unfortunately I started out my podcast career with this pod cast. I absolutely love the facts and stats only delivery. All other TC podcast that I’ve tried pale in comparison. I consider the rest just talkshows, filled with opinions and pointless banter. Keep it up Casey! Best content ever!

Really well done.   (5/5)

The only reason I ever write reviews is just to offset the one star reviews. Some people really lack any critical faculties. Really? You can't understand someone with an Aussie accent?... and that's a reason to give a show one star? Anyway, the host DOES have a deadpan delivery and that might be a problem for some people. I think it's a deliberate choice in order to present the facts without too many flourishes. The show is well researched and worth listening to. As with any podcast some episodes are better than others. Give it a few episodes before you give up and maybe a few more before you write a bad review.

Wonderful!   (5/5)

My favorite podcast!

Best True Crime Podcast!   (5/5)

Great captivating storytelling! The host is raw and drew me in with episode 1! Keep up the good work and please keep it real. Thanks

Anonymous host...   (5/5)

Nothing lulls me to sleep like your magical voice. Please record some bedtime stories. Side note: best true crime out there by far.

Case 52   (5/5)

The statement from Jason’s mother was the most heart breaking thing I have ever heard as a father of two that was the most tearful thing I have ever heard.

Absolutely fabulous   (5/5)

The best true crime story telling there is. Flawless.

Great listen!   (5/5)

I listen all day while I am working. It always keeps me captivated.

Case 78   (5/5)

Fantastic episode. J Watt has the moral courage we can all aspire for.

I love to fall asleep with this one   (5/5)

His voice is so calming and I love when they do little known cases.

I’ve listened to MANY true crime podcasts..   (5/5)

This is by far the best out there!!

Amazing storytelling, faithful to victims.   (5/5)

I listen to this podcast all the time. Their dedication to telling the stories of the victims and providing a clear background of the crimes committed sets their podcast above the rest.

Best true crime   (5/5)

Still the best out there.

My favorite show!   (5/5)

Love this podcast, it makes the time fly by!

Casefile is missing!   (5/5)

Someone call the authorities!

Love!!   (5/5)

Have missed this podcast!!


I've listened to a lot of true crime podcasts, but always come back to casefile being my favorite. I love how he always discribes the place where the story takes place. That way I can visualize place, and it makes it all the interesting to me. Very good story teller! Keep it up, I always wait for a new episode.

Interview with Justin Watt   (5/5)



After listening to Casefile it’s hard to listen to any other true crime podcast. His voice (and accent) makes it intriguing and the fact he doesn’t really add his input. It’s just facts, evidence, and findings. It’s a good mix of cases throughout the world. [I can’t wait until he does another episode on American serial killers] You won’t go wrong with this podcast. He does into deep detail of the crimes, background, and story of the case. It’s my favorite podcast of ALL time!!

Amazing podcast   (5/5)

The host gets to the point as well as in depth research. He tells it like it is! The stories are varied and interesting! 😊

Addictive   (5/5)

Love the absence of flair. Gets straight to the facts of each case.

Just a glorified audio book   (1/5)

If you’re looking for someone to read you a scary bedtime story you found it.

Best true crime   (5/5)

I love how this podcast gets straight to the point. No banter which i appreciate from most podcasts but not my true crime.

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast. I just want facts without multiple people talking and giving opinions and this delivers. This really is a perfect podcast.

I can’t Listen to anything else   (5/5)

This is by far the best crime podcast I’ve ever listened to. He makes sure to cover every aspect of the case, in the most compelling voice and nature. Also, for everyone complaining about not having new episodes.... if you listened to the end of the year message you would know it won’t be back until feb. 15th. Can’t wait!

Missing!   (5/5)

Come back now, ya hear?! My favorite podcast is missing and I need it!

Help   (5/5)

Is this podcast over???? Where’s 2020???

Great Listen!   (5/5)

I also enjoy a new episode of Case File. In the end of year message, you mention a new show for 2020 coming January 15 but nothing yet - maybe a glitch? Hope you all will return soon!

Anonymous, Where are you?   (5/5)

I love this podcast. But last few weeks, you’ve left us dry!

Tastefully done!   (5/5)

I appreciate how respectful you are and that you encourage coverage for unsolved cases. Please consider looking into Jennifer Kesse who was abducted in Orlando, Florida in 2006. They believe that she is a victim of sex trafficking and the family continues to search for her.

Checking in often   (5/5)

Best true crime podcast. You know how to tell a story. I miss your 2020 episodes.

Where are you?   (5/5)

When are new episodes coming out? None yet in 2020. I miss it!

Used to be good.   (1/5)

Was good. Now it isnt

I’ll tell you what I hate about this podcast   (5/5)

Every other crime bantering podcast that gets more attention or viewership seems to talk about the information they HEARD in this podcast. Casefiles by far is the most narratively compelling and information rich examination of its kind. Thanks, team

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

This is the best true crime podcast out there. Great in-depth storytelling and facts about the cases, as well as a pleasing voice to listen to. I love it!

Too many commercials   (1/5)

Too MANY commercials for such a short podcast! Brit adds no value. It seems now she is given cue cards to interject questions and or comments. At least she stopped the “ full body chills” and “ Oh my G@d”. Plus the plagiarism that I’ve read about.... sad....

Amazing   (5/5)

Hands down the best true crime podcast out there

Listen   (5/5)

So great. Perfect story telling voice.

Casey come back   (5/5)

I use(d) this podcast to help sleep at night and during long drives. The voice over’s calming and the content is well written and delivered in a way that keeps you engaged. There aren’t any jumpscares, and that’s a bonus in my book, letting the story and details do the true horror work. ❤️

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

I’ve listened to a few other true crime podcasts that other people love and I couldn’t get into them. I wanted the details of the crimes and the evidence. I didn’t want people adding their own thoughts or just shooting the breeze with their friends. Casefile just tells the story and it is my favorite true crime podcast. No extra nonsense just straight forward story telling.

best out there? maybe   (5/5)

this pod is the standard bearer for true crime, which is both very telling, and truly amazing. there were few people in the beginning and now there are millions- and deservedly so. mahalo for your efforts, casey and crew 🤙

Excellent!   (5/5)

I am so glad I discovered this podcast. It is intelligent and handles tough stories in such a way that it not only makes you feel ‘present,’ but also manages to be empathetic and sympathetic to the victims and their families.

Gripping   (5/5)

The storytelling is concise and incredibly well organized. The stories - many I had never hear from - are jaw dropping. And the anonymous Australian voice relaying every detail... is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Amazing and addictive   (5/5)

This is the show that got me addicted to true crime podcasts!!! Thoroughly researched well narrated cases. Amazing! I can’t wait for the next one !!!

Love it!   (5/5)

I’ve been trying to find a podcast that gets straight into the story without side conversations and this just that!! I was a little concerned at first because some of the reviews complained about the host’s voice but after listening I didn’t mind it at all. All of the case files covered are really interesting!

Best crime podcast   (5/5)

I listen to a lot of crime podcasts and this is number 1.

Callous   (1/5)

Unnecessary detail makes this hard to listen to if you have any empathy for the victims.

love it   (5/5)

i love this guys style, investigation, and delivery. addicted. gotta listen

Best podcast ever   (5/5)


Love   (5/5)

Love how straight to the point you are with the story!! Thank you for what you do! Keep them coming!!!

True crime at its finest!!!   (5/5)

Great podcast and so well told...haven’t missed one yet!!!! Keep them coming!!!

Amazing   (5/5)

Every episode is meticulously researched and I love the voice of the host. I enjoy that there aren’t any side conversations which you find with a lot of podcasts. This podcast is 100% true crime.

Casefile   (5/5)

My favorite podcast ... ever! Keep it up please....and I like the suspense of the narrator and his monotone approach to the story. Captivating.

Love the voice of Anonymous   (5/5)

I love the monotone voice. Along with the in depth detail and investigations, it’s my favorite part of the podcast. Please don’t change! I can listen to it anywhere. Running, house chores, grocery shopping. It’s the best.

Cannot understand a word he’s saying...   (2/5)

I really wanted to like this podcast but I just can’t understand a word the narrator is saying...

It’s a true crime podcast... not story time at the library   (5/5)

I’m not sure why some people are upset that the host is monotone. This is a true crime podcast about murder, sexual offenses and crimes against children. How can you be animated about the content? I love the to-the-point, detailed info without trying to make jokes that fall flat. I can’t stand My Favorite Murderer because the ladies are trying so hard to be interesting and funny and the side commentary is obnoxious. So! If you don’t like this podcast, check that one out. :) This is wonderful though. I think the episodes are so detailed and well-researched and it often blows my mind. I just wish they played more often!!

Best true crime podcast hands down   (5/5)

I listen to A LOT of true crime and this is by far the best one out there. Always excited when a new episode drops. Highly recommend

Best true crime podcast hands down   (5/5)

Incredibly depicting and engaging

Good for falling asleep.   (1/5)

So hard to listen to let alone follow the story. Perfect to fall asleep to. Disappointed.

Struggling to play, often.   (4/5)

I just recently started listening to the podcast and the only issue I have is that it doesn’t play quite often. Between episodes and also just when I open the app. I don’t have this issue with any other podcasts and it’s happened to the people I’ve recommended the podcast to. It’s starting to keep listeners from enjoying.

Favorite. Podcast. Ever.   (5/5)

I binged listener to all the episodes and cannot gets enough. Every episode is suspenseful and engaging. I recommend this podcast to everyone who loves True Crime. I can’t wait for what 2020 brings for the Casefiles Crew!!!

Addicting   (5/5)

Favorite True Crime podcast along with Criminal. Gripping and addicting, with well developed episodes that provide interesting background and insights of the people involved plus the setting of the crime (particularly with describing regions of Australia). Start with the most recent season and then explore the first since it’s clear the first season had a minimal budget and the creator of the podcast was still figuring out his style of storytelling. The narrator’s voice takes a little bit to get accustomed to and you may need breaks from episodes because of the horrific nature of the crimes, but this is an engrossing and excellent podcast to check out.

Best True Crime Podcast   (5/5)

This is by far the very best true crime podcast out there! Kudos to Casey for fabulous pacing, diction and effortless narrative. The accent is just a bonus! This is my favorite podcast.

Best   (5/5)

This is the best storytelling podcast

LOVE this podcast!   (5/5)

This was the first podcast I ever listened to. I grew up watching forensic files and everything on court tv (before it became nothing but reality tv??? But that’s not why we’re here) because my mom also loves true crime. So I’ve grown up exposed to and living crime tv. So when I discovered I could have “crime tv” all day at work? For free? I was thrilled. So of course this was the very best one to have started with for me. I binged literally all of it (up to Jonestown pt 2). Then I had to wait. And I still wait because I’ve lived this podcast for years now. His voice is awesome and the writers are absolutely phenomenal. They do great research and great writing. Paired with a very good narrator, this podcast is a great way to help me heat through the workday. It helps with my stress. My 1 and only complaint isn’t necessarily the adds, just how long the adds are. It’s like twice every episode there’s like 5 minutes worth of adds. Which is just a first world problem because I just skip them but I have to push that >30sec button so many times. *huff like a teenager whose parent just asked them to do something* Anyway, listen to this podcast and just skip the adds if they bother you because obviously it hasn’t deterred me...even a little. I still have it a 5 star rating because I love this podcast...long as heck adds and all.

Riveting Story Telling   (5/5)

If you like single narrative, true crime stories, this is an excellent show. I like Anonymous’ voice. I listen while doing my chores on the weekend. I also appreciate the encouragement to get help if you’re in distress at the top.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

Fantastic podcast! Every episode is thoroughly researched and well written and the narrator’s accent is the best

perfect podcast   (5/5)

perfect podcast if you actually have an attention span, unlike the negative reviewers. I like tp visualize things happening when listening to a story, and this podcast has enough detail that it makes the true crime feel like its happening in the moment, and less detached episodes can sometimes get lengthy, but theyre nice to listen to on a commute or while doing dishes or drawing. The narrator has a very handsome voice, so I may be a bit biased, but despite the horrible things being described, it really soothes me so I put it on in 15 minute chunks at bedtime and fall asleep about 14 minutes in. definitely worth a listen if you have patience in your little body to hear a setup before the crime

Best show!!!   (5/5)

Best True crime podcast and I love that the host is anonymous.

Best show   (5/5)

Rock on, anonymous host, rock on.

Monotoned   (1/5)

Sounds like a recording... monotoned. Not interested

Excellent   (5/5)

And excellent.

My favorite   (5/5)

I can not recommend this podcast enough! I spent over a year listening to every episode and I haven’t been let down once. The only bummer is that now I have to wait for each new episode to come out. Luckily, the writing is so good that I have no problem re-listening to episodes! Something to note, though, is that this is not a “conversational” podcast. This is more of a “documentary style” podcast, with a narrator. If you are someone that prefers the back and forth with multiple hosts, this probably will not be your cup of tea. It is definitely mine though!

Not quite what I’m looking for.   (3/5)

The stories/content seem well researched and are interesting. I like that he gets straight to the point without random pointless chatter (a small amount is usually fine.) -BUT- it’s too monotone for me. You can tell it is read word for word with zero off the cuff commentary. Because of that, it falls flat and it takes away from the suspense of the story, and the host comes across as robotic and without personality. It’s too bad because the host’s voice is nice, and he has a fun accent. He would do well to mix in a little more commentary and more story-like recreation and natural sounding banter with his oral reading. I have been enjoying Dateline and Crime Junkie for my true crime fixes.

Great crime podcast   (5/5)

Every episode is full of suspense. A thorough talk through each investigation giving extreme details.

Laughable amount of unnecessary detail.   (1/5)

I just listened to the first 45 min of the first episode of the Moors murders and had to stop. I was astounded at the amount of unnecessary detail that serves no purpose in conveying the character of the Brady and Huntley or information about their crimes. I can’t imagine how this detailed info even exists. I’ve only gotten to the point where Hyndley and Brady began dating and there is info like “On January 10th, 1965 Brady picked up his 25 year old friend Steve in his 1964 blue mustang and together they picked up Hyndley at the train station where Hyndley had taken the 4:06 from Manchester. They went to a local diner where Brady got two eggs over Easy and toast with no butter. When the food came, Ian thought the eggs were too runny and sent them back.” I literally laughed at loud at a few points.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

This was the first podcast I got into! He does an excellent job. Every episode is filled with suspense.

Best Crime Podcast!   (5/5)

This is by far the best true crime podcast. I love Casey’s voice and accent.

😉   (5/5)

As dark as your podcasts may be.. your voice puts me to slime no other.. much appreciated mate

The voice   (5/5)

Best voice for keeping you intrigued till the end.

Matter of fact and deadly   (5/5)

The deadpan narration and matter-of-fact writing style make this one of the top true-crime podcasts. They don’t go out of their way to sell the story, but just calmly relate the horror. The episodes are nice and long, too.

Fire   (5/5)

This podcast is fire!!! It’s so informative and the host is perfect. I just listened to all episodes and eager for more. The ads are super long and annoying though. I hope that changes

Puts me right to sleep!   (2/5)

Thanks, anonymous host, for the monotonous voice. Helps me fall asleep on my lunch break 😴

Best of the best!   (5/5)

Been listening for years, excellent podcast

So many ads   (3/5)

Good, but too many ads

Best TRUE CRIME PODCAST!!!   (5/5)

Thank u soo much such a great podcast I look forward to this podcast almost more than any TV show😁!

What happened to his voice?   (4/5)

I have been listening to this podcast from the beginning and recently decided to listen to a more recent episode. His voice has changed into a droning, uninteresting cadence. It’s awful. The only reason I’m dropping a star. Used to love it. Very thorough.

Amazing!!   (5/5)

I enjoy all these stories. Makes my shift go by fast. Good work.

Simple, engrossing, great pace   (5/5)

I appreciate the simplicity. Just telling the story, good ambient background music. My #1 true crime podcast

Great podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy this podcast very thorough

Superb   (5/5)

I love this podcast. The ‘anonymous’ host has the most amazing voice and really goes into detail about each case. I just wish I knew who this Mr. Anonymous was... lol

Hard to Stay With   (3/5)

Content is great, but it’s presented more like a college lecture. I have a hard time staying engaged the monotone. Some inflection would help greatly rather than reading off a page.

Great   (5/5)

I love to hear about all of the international cases. I’m glad they have the warning at the beginning so I know which episodes that may be too sensitive for myself.

Best podcast.   (5/5)

Best trust crime podcast going right now. I look forward to every episode

Literally the Best   (5/5)

This is my all time favorite podcast! I love the narrator’s voice and how he tells the story without giving pointless details as some others I’ve listened to. I appreciate that he doesn’t over exaggerate or use fake voices for people, too. I’ve listened to almost all episodes in a month, this show really highlights how good true crime podcasts can be! Highly, highly recommend.

Amazing storytelling   (5/5)

I just listened to Case #54 about Daniel Morcombe, and that was the most gripping and mesmerizing episode of any true crime podcast I’ve ever listened to. Can’t stop thinking about it, wow. Brilliantly narration, Host.

Favorite podcast   (5/5)

I really enjoy listening to this podcast and look forward to my weekly fix! And the narrator could read phone book and I would hang on his every word! Captivating!!

My Favorite   (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast. I was not much of a podcast person until this one. They give you detailed information and it’s just straight case telling, no back to back commentary and I found the anonymous host relaxing to listen to. Once caught up on all the cases I tried other podcast but they just don’t compare.

One of my favorite True Crime podcasts   (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast and the details that are given about the victims. The 5-part series on the East Area Rapist can’t be beat. That, Silk Road, and the Moors Murders are so detailed they are etched in my brain. Love love love this podcast

Names   (4/5)

It doesn’t take that long to learn how to say people’s names. Have some respect. It’s annoying.

Addicted   (5/5)

I’m addicted to this podcast, and can’t stop binging it! Love the voices of the hosts & narrators! Been sending out all the episodes to my friends & family

Favorite True Crime Podcast.   (5/5)

Hands down the best true crime podcast available. Definitely give it a listen!

Too Long   (2/5)

I love true crime podcasts, but the narrator goes into far too much detail that is irrelevant to the story. Each episode gets to be 1hr+ because of useless info and could honestly be 45 minutes top. Listening to 20+ minutes of backstory before the actual crime is discussed gets boring. Wish I could love this podcast but it’s really not that good.

The Best Podcast on Earth!!!   (5/5)

I especially love CASEFILE’s background music. It has a super easy listening rhythm that keeps the you tuned in.... 20 -STARS NOT 5

My favorite!   (5/5)

If you haven’t listened to the multi-part Golden State Killer episode, do it. Best coverage of the case I’ve heard and trust me, I’ve listened to a lot of them!!

Quite a podcast!   (5/5)

My favorite podcasts here are the Silk Road three. I am a cybersecurity student and learning about one of the world’s most notorious online black market sites and its creator/administrator/moderators was very informative.

Awesome listen   (5/5)

I’m gonna be completely honest, this is the first podcast I have ever got into. I was listening to audible and read where someone had wrote something about this podcast. So naturally, I wanted to check it out. I’m glad I did. I absolutely love it. I listen to it every night while working. I almost hate for the night to end and I have to stop listening. It really is that good. I love host’s voice and accent as well. That makes it easier to listen to. If you are a fan of crime and mystery, this is the podcast you need to listen to.

Best True Crime podcast available   (5/5)

No characters portrayed by voice actors, no long-winded “expert” testimony, no obnoxious side-kick commentary, this just the facts, ma’m. Straightforward and intelligently written, Casefile rules the true crime genre. I look forward to my long commute to school each week just to savor each episode! Thanks for putting out such great audio content!

Never disappoints!   (5/5)

One of my all times favorite true crime podcasts.

Love it!   (5/5)

This has been one of my favorites podcasts since the beginning. Definitely worth subscribing !

A must listen   (5/5)

By far the best podcast on my queue!

Love it   (5/5)

Nothing like falling asleep to murder lol

Great Podcast!   (5/5)

I shiver with thrill and delight while listening. Your way of narrating each episode and your voice, along with your soothing calm and the seriousness with which you approach the stories earned you 4 of the 5 stars I gave you. Thank you for the quality entertainment...🤗

Love!   (5/5)

I love the voice behind this podcast. I can listen to anything being read by him. Great storyteller and never misses a beat with the facts of each case.

Highly recommend   (5/5)

In my top 3!

Doesn't get any better   (5/5)

True Crime doesn't get any better than this. I really listen to other shows now just to get a different voice in my head, but this one is perfect.

This is amazing   (5/5)

These stories are well narrated and also can be very disturbing. I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in forensics or case file type stories. If you’re looking for something that has a happy ending...this is probably not for you.

Awesome podcast!!   (5/5)

I’m an American over here in Indiana and I LOVE your voice/accent so much when you tell some of the BEST and most interesting cases. You’re on my daily listen!! Currently trying to start from the beginning and get caught up 😁

Good reaserch   (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast, only criticism would be the level of detail, other than that, it’s great!

Love this podcast   (5/5)

I look forward to listening!

Awful   (1/5)

Worst podcast I’ve ever heard

My absolute favorite true crime podcast!   (5/5)

I don’t ever miss an episode!

Not as good as it used to be   (3/5)

Ive been a longtime listener and fan - great voice, great presentation. However what used to be great case selections have dropped in quality. And for no reason. There are still plenty of interesting cases that would benefit from Casefile’s in depth coverage but instead the narrator has chosen fairly mundane ones. Need suggestions? Listen to Trail Went Cold podcast’s first year or two of cases. And give us back the old Casefile.

Bad   (1/5)

Your accent The cadence of you Voice and your hum drum attitude makes this unlistenable

I’m addicted   (5/5)

I’m listening to them all, beginning to end.

What LA Traffic?!   (5/5)

This podcast has literally made me enjoy sitting in traffic both on my way to and from work...we’re talking 1:15 min+ I’m absolutely hooked

Love this podcast!   (5/5)

Great voice, and really good story telling skills. I don’t usually take time to review but I truly enjoy this podcast!

In Awe!   (5/5)

So grateful for the dedication and hard work you put in to share with us all. Keep you the amazing work!

Genius   (5/5)

By far the most interesting, mysterious and gruesome stories from all around the world. Keep it up guys!

Auditory Hypnosis   (5/5)

Finally caught up with all the shows in the last couple of months. Our anonymous host has grown in confidence and has become a flawless narrator. This is my favorite true crime podcast and I look forward to many more gripping stories.

Best true crime podcast out there   (5/5)

Hands down my favorite true crime podcast of all time. Wish there were 10 episodes per week. 👏💯

Favorite podcast everrrr   (5/5)

I loooooove this podcast and recommend it to anyone who loves true crime, like I do. I literally look forward to every new episode. Keep up the great work!!!!

Robotic   (1/5)


Well that was a surprise   (5/5)

To be honest I listen to LAst pod cast on the left but I’ve been getting extremely bored with them the past few months I just feel like it’s not even about true crime anymore. Just senseless banter but I ran into this and wooooow IVE LISTENED TWICE ALREAY TO EVERYTHING. I’m going to keep going thank you for putting this podcast out here!

My Favorite Podcast!   (5/5)

Absolutely LOVE and look forward to listening to each episode!

This is great, but it's missing something...   (4/5)

this podcast is amazing, it tells great stories, but it is missing a case. there were two dead bodies found in a 55 gallon drum in 1985, then two more in 2000. these murders were never solved and were located in Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire.

Great writing!   (5/5)

And great delivery.

Awesome!   (5/5)

I definitely wasn’t expecting to listen to every episode that’s been made but here I am! I work very long shifts and it’s perfect to have something playing that will keep your mind busy while doing monotonous work! I appreciate the way the host delivers facts with very little to no personal opinion and doesn’t really live for the dramatics of every case. I like that he doesn’t take away from the poor victims by just trying to get his name out there. Also who doesn’t love a authentic Aussie accent to keep you entertained! 10/10 (or I guess 5/5 if we’re being technical lol)

Well done   (5/5)

Best crime podcast Great stories well researched

Best True Crime Podcast   (4/5)

The episodes on Silk Road are my favorite.

Binge-worthy   (5/5)

I love listening to this at work while I’m cleaning! Makes my 8 or 10 hour shift go by so fast. Don’t change anything, keep up the great work!

Hinterkaifeck   (5/5)

Hinterkaifeck was the creepiest episode! Great show!

Flat   (1/5)

I’m a true crime podcast junkie and can patiently endure preliminary episodes to give them a fair chance before dismissing in frustration, but this one is honestly dead boring. Host just narrates the story and there are no rhythm changes or mixing it up with interviews, sound effects or other audio storytelling techniques. Sorry to say but this is not worth exploring.

Casefile 129   (5/5)

Ok. This is the 5th time are relistening this and I seriously can’t even. I feel like I lose interest. I usually put this on while grocery shopping or cleaning my home. This has just I’ve said....I’ve been having to replay it multiple times to make sure I got all the info. Maybe it’s just me. However I never experience this with sword and scale. Idk. No offense to the story stellar but have some really great stories but recently it’s been a bit meh.

Consistently great!   (5/5)

I’ve listened to this podcast for a while and I love it! So suspenseful, detailed & informative. Definitely leaves you wanting more! Thanks.

One of my favorites   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for a long time. The writing is great and storytelling is top notch. I love that they’ve never gone off on personal politics or opinions. Just great stories.

Binge-Worthy   (5/5)

From the time I discovered this podcast I listened to the available 114 episodes within the span of just a few weeks. The story telling in each episode creates a movie-like narrative in your mind. The pacing is engaging, the writing informative and visual, and the cases it covers are often bizarre, fascinating, horrifying, and mystifying. It’s more satisfying than a good wikipedia sleuth session, in part due to the fact your inner monologue is now dictated by an Australian accent.

5 Stars Isn’t Enough   (5/5)

I’ve listened to A LOT of true crime podcasts, and this one, by far, is the best. You can tell that so much research goes into every episode, and there is no annoying banter- just well-told crime stories.

Narrorator is Robotic   (2/5)

I feel like the listeners giving 5 starts don't listen to other crime podcasts. The stories are good, clearly well researched but the narrorator is too robotic, its as if he is just reading a report.

Casefile   (5/5)

Best crime podcast out there!

Detailed and Factual   (5/5)

Well-researched and detailed podcast told with precision. The narrator has wonderful style of story telling.

How is this 5 stars?   (1/5)

This is the worst crime podcast I’ve listened to. It sounds like I’m back in high school listening to the boring monotone teacher of all time reading straight out of the book. No thanks—

The best.   (5/5)

Simply can’t beat Casefile. The perfect true crime podcast.

What?!   (1/5)

I can’t understand them at all

The best   (5/5)

One of the best true crime podcasts. If you don’t mind an Australian accent, then this is one for you. It’s very factual, no fluff. I could listen to these all day and sometimes I do.

My fav!   (5/5)

Case file is my absolute favorite podcast. I wait, impatiently, for each new episode. Of all the true crime podcasts casefile is the most thorough and accurate as I can tell. I may be a sucker for an accent but my favorite part about the announcer is his ability to deliver the show without adding in unnecessary emotion. He allows the listener to take themselves through all the emotions and while you know he agrees, he never tries to tell you how to feel. I appreciate that and feel it adds something unique compared to other podcasts. Thank you, thank you. Please don’t stop!

Hooked!   (5/5)

I’ve been listening to this podcast since its inception and it has only gotten better! My Mondays are made better because I can listen to this podcast on my way to work. I’m not a huge fan of the unsolved cases and very much prefer hearing about the creative ways difficult cases are solved.

My favorite podcast   (5/5)

All around so good. The host’s voice puts me to sleep, but I always go back to finish the episode. The writing is great. I just realized the graphic designer behind the casefile logo did a great job. Just noticed the knife in the A.

Major Decline in Quality   (2/5)

Casefile used to be great, and luckily you can go back and listen to the old episodes, but 2019 has seen a dramatic decline in quality along with a sharp increase in advertisements. In its favor, I will say Casefile has a no-nonsense presentation style that doesn’t dwell on maudlin sentimentality or heavy handed messages. It basically sticks to the facts in presenting crimes. The research and selection of cases though is seriously lacking. The episodes nowadays alternate between widely known cases that have been done to death and boring cases stretched to an ad-filled hour. The most recent episode, Joan Vollmer could and should have been covered adequately in under 15 minutes as there was no investigation or mystery or twists to speak of. The case was as straightforward as they come and overstayed its welcome by about 30 minutes at least. Considering the popularity of this podcast and the number of ads, I would expect better research could result in a higher quality selection of cases. My advice: stick to the old episodes