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What is your craft? Join award-winning broadcast personality, best-selling author, designer, crafter & encourager, Vickie Howell for great conversations with knitters, makers, artists, musicians, writers, designers, photographers, and other creative types about their craft. Well, sort of. What she’s really interested in is their stories -- how they got to where they are, and how they continue to walk the creative path. So join Vickie talking about craft ...ish. New episodes on Thursdays. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

Best of: Marly Bird
This week, we’re revisiting one of this podcast's most popular episodes, Vickie's conversation with designer, instructor, and Red Heart Yarn National Spokesperson, Marly Bird. Vickie and Marly go way back, and so there were no holds barred on their chat about Marly's journey from the finance world to fiber phenom, how she balances her many jobs, and what her personal philosophy is for living the professional dream. Show Notes:

Best of: Rachel Herron, Best-Selling Author
This week host Vickie Howell re-visits her conversation about creative rituals, inspiration, and the ebb & flow of ideas with guest, best-selling author Rachael Herron. Show Notes:

Best of: Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass
Best of CRAFT*ish This week, host Vickie Howell revisits her conversation with international best-selling author and success coach, Jen Sincero. Plus, from the What I'm Crafting(ish) To segment, new recommendations for TV shows, music, and audiobooks to keep you entertained while you make, work and live! SHOW NOTES:

#55 Satsuma Street's Jody Rice
This week on the show is needle arts designer, Jody Rice. Jody’s company Satsuma Street was founded after unsuccessful searches for modern cross-stitch patterns inspired her to design them herself. Her background in both textiles and graphic arts made this a relatively natural transition, so she created a collection. She began to make those patterns available for digital download on Etsy in 2013 and was blown away by the response. She had found craft community need, and filled it! Host Vickie Howell discov...

# 54 Amy Small, Knit Collage
This week on the show an audio clip interview with Knit Collage's Amy Small about her work to build sustainable employment for the co-op of women in India who spin her company's beautiful yarns. Show Notes: NOTE: This audio was recorded for a feature in Vickie's upcoming book "The Knit Vibe" (pre-order on Amazon), so the format's a little different...

CRAFT*ish Extra: Live from SXSW with Bluprint's Danielle Wilke
Vickie's live from the Comcast NBC Universal experience at SXSW, for a totally impromptu interview with the head of marketing at Bluprint (formerly Craftsy). We chat about how makers are now, finally, a force alongside the musicians and filmmakers who are traditionally the focal point of media conferences and beyond!...

#53 Susan Beal, Modern Quilt Author
This week on the show is modern quilt designer and author of “Sew + Quilt: Techniques for Hand Stitching + Patchwork”, Susan Beal. Host Vickie Howell and Susan have known each other since Vickie first started in the craft industry, a decade and a half ago. Back then, if you were a maker on the internet, then you were automatically a part of what was then a small community of people. During their conversation they talk about the parallels in our professional and creative journies, the influence community h...

#51 Gretchen Hirsch, Gertie Sews
This week on the show is vintage dress pattern and fabric designer and author of several books including Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses: A Modern Guide to Stitch and Wear Vintage Patterns You Can Make in a Day. Host Vickie Howell has followed Gretchen since she first started her original Gertie’s Blog for Better sewing, but have since become an even larger fan since delving into making one of her vintage party dresses for herself. During their conversation, they talked about the evolution of her personal style ...

#50 Sarah Hays Coomer, Physical Disobedience
This week on the show, is a personal trainer, diet abolitionist and author of Physical Disobedience, Sarah Hays Coomer. As a mother to a daughter, and as a woman herself, Vickie, like most women likely, spends a significant amount of time thinking about body image. In a society that promotes an often unrealistic female physical ideal, there’s a real craft to creating a healthy, positive body image for ourselves and encourage the same for the girls and women who surround us. Vickie and Sarah talk about the ...

#49 Katrina Rodabaugh, Sustainable Craft Expert
This week on the show Vickie chats with sustainable craft expert Katrina Rodabaugh whose book Mending Matters: Stitch, Patch and Repair Your Favorite Denim & More sold out of its first printing. They talk about humans' obligation to mindfulness about consumption of clothing, the rise in popularity of the Slow Fashion philosophy, and what she’s learned over the past 6 years during her fast from Fast Fashion. SHOW NOTES:

#48 Anne Weil, Founder of Flax & Twine
This week on the show, is designer and founder of Flax & Twine, Anne Weil. Anne is a former investment banker turned professional maker who has created a brand driven by a love for creating, and known for it’s clean, beautiful aesthetic. For more info go to:

#47 Yvette Garfield, Founder Handstand Kitchen
This week on the show is the founder of Handstand Kitchen, Yvette Garfield. Handstand Kitchen is a kid-focused cooking company that encourages delving into the different cultures of food as a child learns to make, eat and enjoy those foods. For more information go to:

#46: Knitting Author, Wendy Bernard
This week on the show Vickie Howell's guest is knitting author, Wendy Bernard. Her book, Japanese Stitches Unraveled is out on stands now. For show notes and to find more episodes go to:

#45 Robert Mahar, NBC's Making It
This week on the show Vickie Howell chats with Robert Mahar, an artist, designer, and host of the Crafted Channel on YouTube. Recently he was also a contestant on the NBC show Making It, hosted by Amy Pohler and Nick Offerman. During their conversation, we talked about his Midwestern upbringing, his life in Los Angeles, and his journey from art appraiser, to designer, to on-screen personality. Show Notes: Be sure to rate and review us on Apple Podcasts!...

#44: Avery Trufelman, Host of Articles of Interest
This week Vickie's guest is Avery Truffleman, the producer and host of Articles of Interest, a 6-part series within the podcast, 99% Invisible. Vickie came across this series through an ad within one of the NPR podcasts she listens to, and binge listened to it straight away. In each episode of the series, Avery dives head into the history behind everything from pockets and denim, to plaid and punk rock fashion. Through a series of expert interviews and witty conversations, she brings life to the history of ...

#43 Anda Corrie, Author The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Book
This week host Vickie Howell chats with Anda Corrie, an illustrator who worked for Etsy for 10 years, including launching their Europe division, and now has teamed up with the fabric company phenom, Spoonflower to author their new book, The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book During their conversation, they talked about juggling creativity with motherhood, the differing views of craft in Germany (where Anda lives with her family) and America, and the behind the scenes scoop on all that’s involved in partner...

Lisa Unger, N.Y. Times Bestselling Author
After a long hiatus, CRAFT*ish is back for Season 3! This week we're debuting with a special extended-cut episode. Vickie chats with one of her favorite authors in her favorite genre of fiction, psychological thrillers, Lisa Unger. During their conversation, they discussed the creative process of writing, the events in our lives that shape our paths; parenthood; and what Vickie personally considers a trifecta of topical awesome: abnormal psychology, criminology, and parapsychology. For show notes and lin...

Episode 41: Embroidery Artist Danielle Clough
CRAFT-ish has been on hiatus for a few months, so it felt really good to dust off the mic and reach out to another member of our global, creative community. On this episode I chat with South African embroidery artist, Danielle Cluff. Her journey’s an interesting one, and her art just blows me away. I’ve been following her Instagram feed @FinaceKnowles, for a while now, so getting to talk to her about her technique, inspiration and how American pop culture seeps into much of her work, was truly a treat. Fo...

Episode 40: Yarn Thing Host, Marly Bird
This week Vickie sat down her friend, designer & yarn world personality, Marly Bird. Marly is the host of the Yarn Thing podcast a knit and crochetwear designer, instructor for CreativeBug and Craftsy, and the National Spokesperson for Red Heart yarn. She’s also a fearless fireball of enthusiasm about the yarn craft industry and community. Marly and Vickie talked about her journey from finance world to fiber phenom, how she divvies up her many-jobs pie, and what her philosophy for crafty success is. Show ...

Episode 39: Craftivisim's Betsy Greer
This week host, Vickie Howell chats with craft activist, Betsy Greer about the Craftivism movement and her dedication to spreading joy, one stitch at a time. Show notes here:

Episode 38: You Are a Badass at Making Money author, Jen Sincero
Recently Vickie spoke with the New York Times Best-Selling author of "You Are Bad-Ass", Jen Sincerco who's currently on a whirlwind book tour for her latest book, "You Are a Badass at Making Money." They talked about Jen's road from struggling writer and musician to life-coach guru, the role that gratitude can play in success, why creative types are so reticent to embrace an openness to mastering wealth, and how Universal Intelligence provides all we need to know about flourishing to our fullest extent. Bu...

Episode 37: Textile Designer, Anna Maria Horner
This week Vickie spoke with textile designer, artist, and creative entrepreneur, Anna Maria Horner. She’d been admiring her and her work from afar for years, so it was an absolute pleasure for Vickie to finally meet her. They talked about Anna Maria's multi-faceted career which includes: design, publishing, teaching, licensing and running her own Nashville shop, Craft South; as well as what she’s learned from her career journey so far, and how she’s balances it all with her role as a wife and a mother of se...

Episode 36: Brit+Co Chief Creative Officer, Anjelika Temple
Recently Vickie sat down with this week’s guest, Brit + Co’s Chief Creative Officer, Anjelika Temple. During their conversation we talked about her journey from art school student to running the creative side of a major brand; tips on how to create a visual story for your own social media presence; how Brit+Co keeps millions of millennial readers engaged in their content; and why she herself has chosen to write and talk about her very personal decision surrounding the birth of her first child. SHOW NOTES ...

Episode 35: Designer & TV Personality, Mark Montano
This week Vickie sat down and chatted with her friend and colleague, TV Host, Designer, Creative Director, and best-selling craft book author, Mark Montano. They talked about how his childhood experience with a Native American dance troop spawned his love for artisanal design; how important it is to stay focused on your own work, especially when presented with an onslaught of gorgeous, social media photos of other peoples’ work which can easily be intimidating; about how his career path evolved from fashion...

Episode 34: Pussyhat Designer, Kat Coyle
This week Vickie talked with Kat Coyle, the designer of what's become the symbol of the Women's March: the pink, cat-eared hat. They talked about her journey from artist to yarn store owner, and how the idea for infusing the power of knitting into a movement focused on the equal and respectful treatment of women came developed within the yarn lined walls of her shop. SHOW NOTES:

Episode 33: Poet, Shihan Van Clief
Vickie sat down with co-founder of L.A.'s Da Poetry Lounger co-founder, Shihan Van Clief. They went to high school together, but hadn't spoken in over 20 years. During their catch-up, the talked about community, the hustle of being an artist, and how being raised by a single father, writing to earn books as a child, and splitting his coming of age time between the multi-cultural lower east side of the late 80’s New York and the predominantly white, beach suburb of Los Angeles in the early 90’s, created a su...

Episode 32: Digital Quilt Artist, Libs Elliott
This week Vickie sat down with artist and digital quilt designer, Libs Elliott. Libs uses digital code to concept geometric patterns, which she then translates into the extraordinarily modern and graphic quilts. They talked about Libs' process, how her background in photography and advertising applies to her quilt business, and how she aims to preserve craftsmanship while embracing technology. She’s crazy talented, and seems, well, just cool. For show notes page, go to:

Episode 31: DIY Woven Art's Rachel Denbow
In today’s episode Vickie kicks things off with lifestyle blogger and Author of DIY Woven Art, Rachel Denbow. Rachel’s a creative skills teacher, weaver, and home decor expert. She’s been featured in HGTV Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, and writes regular features for A Beautiful Mess. Vickie'd never met Rachel before this interview, but within minutes she felt like she was chatting with an old friend from the craft industry. They talked about her evolving aesthetic, her urge to create daily, w...

Episode 30: Graphic Artist & Illustrator, Andrea Pippins
This week Vickie spoke with Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Educator, Andrea Pippins. At the time of this recording we are a little over 4 weeks away from the inauguration of an almost infamous, new President. For ultimate better or worse, to say that our American society is experiencing a period of unrest is probably an understatement. Vickie and Andrea took this meeting as an opportunity to have a very candid conversation about race, education, gender, and the power of creativity during times of persona...

Episode 29: Abby Glassenberg of Craft Industry Alliance
This week Vickie spoke with Abby Glassenberg from her Massachusetts studio. Abby is a writer, activist, and the force behind the home sewing blog and plushie pattern company, While She Naps. She’s also the the co-founder, along with Kristin Link, of the Craft Industry Alliance, a trade association for craft industry professionals serving makers, designers, suppliers, and pro bloggers. Abby and Vickie talked about the humility that the motherhood experience can sometimes bestow up us, her choice to veer fro...

Episode 28: DIY Network Contributing Designer, Jennifer Perkins
This week Vickie talked with her close, crafty compadre, Jennifer Perkins. Jennifer is a Content Contributor for, Brand Ambassador for Treetopia, Blogger Team Member for Tuesday Morning Stores, and independent designer, crafter and artist. SHOW NOTES:

Episode 27: Journalist and Novelist, Nora Zelevansky
This week Vickie talked to Brooklyn-based journalist and novelist, Nora Zelevansky. Her latest book, Will You, Wont You, Want Me is out on shelves now. During their conversation, Nora gave usa peak into her life as a full-time writer and mom. She shared a bit of her creative process, some of the experiences that helped shape both of her novels, and the educational, life and spiritual journeys that have brought her where she is today. SHOW NOTES:

Episode 26: Artist & Founder of Studio MME, Megan Eckman
This week Vickie spoke with artist and Studio MME founder, Megan Eckman about the culture shock of moving from North Dakota to Silicon valley, art school elitism, how she was able to create a full-time career for herself that also allows her to be true to her art, and how even though she owns a craft-based business she considers herself a terrible crafter. SHOW NOTES:

Episode 25: Knit & Crochet Now's Lena Skvagerson
This week Vickie talked with Lena Skvagerson, the Lead Designer for Annie’s Signature Designs and one of the experts on public television’s Knit and Crochet Now, hosted by Deborah Norville. During their conversation they talked about what she’s learned about the knitting & crochet industry over her triple decade career, whether or not perception of needle arts is different in her Native Sweden than in the United States, and what still excites her about producing collections to be made by the masses. Show N...

Episode 24: Knitty Magazine Founder, Amy Singer
This week Vickie talked with Amy Singer , the editor and publisher of Knitty Magazine. They talked about Amy's guest spot on a TV show Vickie used to host, her allergy to a material some would consider crucial in the knitting and crochet industry, what the genesis was for her launching a web zine pre-mainstream blog and social media days, how crowd funding completely changed her business, and about how some somewhat common --although not often-enough discussed -- women’s health issues can really harsh a gal...

Episode 23: Alabama Chanin Founder, Natalie Chanin
This week Vickie sat down with Natalie Chanin, a pioneer in the slow design movement and the creative force behind the sustainably-made goods lifestyle company, Alabama Chanin. They chatted about the slow-fashion philosophy, Natalie's signature, piece-work design style, and the importance of knowing where the origin materials for what you put in and on your body come from. SHOW NOTES:

Episode 22: Duct Tape Artist, Richela Fabian Morgan
This week Vickie spoke with artist and author of "Duct Tape Bags, Richela Fabian Morgan. They talked about using a hardware store medium to create fine art, why she loves designing bags, and about the debate between art vs. craft. Show Notes:

CRAFT*ish Episode 21: Rae Hoekstra Founder, Made by Rae
This week Vickie interviewed Rae Hookstra, the founder of the wildly successful sewing website, Made by Rae. She and Rae talked about how leaving her former career as a Physics teacher to focus on being a mom inadvertently lead her to start the blog that would ultimately redefine her professional path. They also discussed how the definition of feminism as we were taught it in the 80’s has evolved a bit, and about how her community of sewing followers has greatly influenced the type of business she’s chosen ...

CRAFT-ish Episode 20: Illustrator, Travis Nichols
This week on CRAFT-ish host, Vickie Howell chats with comic book artist and author, Travis Nichols. For Show Notes, go to:

Episode 19: Grammy Award Winning Songwriter (and Knitter), Siedah Garrett
This week Vickie reconnected with an amazing woman she met at a Vogue Knitting Live conference where she was the keynote speaker. Siedah Garrett is most publicly well known as the co-writer of the song Man in the Mirror (sung by the iconic, Michael Jackson), the Grammy Award Winning & Oscar Nominated writer of “Love You I Do” from the movie Dream Girls, and as the back up singer for frankly, too many of the vocal greats to list here. What the masses may not know about her, though is that she’s also an amazi...

Episode 18: Crochet Designer, Twinkie Chan
This week Vickie talks with crochet designer, foodie fashion maven, YouTuber, and creative entrepreneur, Twinkie Chan. They gab about going from a career as a literary agent to a well-branded face of her own company, the importance of embracing the things that make you different, and how we as creative types can give ourselves permission to take the next step -- whatever that means for us personally. For Show Notes, go here:

Episode 17: Your Sharpie Style Author, Deborah Green
This week Vickie sat down with Netherlands-based illustrator, blogger, and author of Your Sharpie Style, Deborah Green. They talk about the choice to reinvent one's self creatively, taking the leap to move out of country (again), and how vintage decor and Amsterdam architecture inspire her illustration style . See Show Notes at:

Episode 16: Designer, Host & Mod Podge Spokesperson, Cathie Filian
This week Vickie sat down with her longtime friend and craft industry colleague, designer, host and inventor, Cathie Filian. During their conversation we delve into her journey from film wardrobe stylist, to shop owner, to Emmy nominated TV host, to being a face of the #1 craft product in its category. She also generously shares a bit of her experience about becoming a mother to two gorgeous little girls, through the Fost/adopt program. Get SHOW NOTES and info on contest here:

Extra: YARN: the Movie Co-Directors!
This week we have a special, CRAFT*ish Extra for you! In honor of YARN: the Movie making it's New York Debut this month, we thought we'd share the audio portion of a short-form interview Vickie did with the film's co-directors, Thor Jonnson and Heather Millard. For more info, go to the Show Notes Page:

Episode 15: Author of Knitting Ephemera, Carol Sulcoski
This week on the show is designer, instructor, yarn dyer and author of several books including, Knitting Ephemera: A Compendium of Articles, Useful and Otherwise, for the Edification and Amusement of the Handknitter, Carol Sulcoski. This Episode is Sponsored by: For Show Notes, go to:

Episode 14: Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo
This week on the show is Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo. Vickie sits down with her to chat about her journey from local reporter to internationally renown artist, how following your passion trumps any nay-sayers of your work, and how they were technically O.G. mommy bloggers before that was even a thing. This episode is Sponsored by: Makers' Mercantile For links, photos and info check out this episode's Show Notes page:

Episode 13: Singer/Musician, Elizabeth McQueen
For this week’s show I sat down with singer, musician and KUTX DJ, Elizabeth McQueen. Elizabeth talked to me about what it was like touring with an iconic Texas Swing band, about her experience singing a duet with Willie Nelson for a Grammy Nominated album, how motherhood might have changed her career focus, but not her creative prowess, and how projecting Prince videos on her dress during a live performance fulfilled a longtime dream. For Show Notes, go to:

Episode 12: British Knitwear Designer, Erika Knight
This week on CRAFT-ish, Vickie talks with iconic British Knitwear Designer, Erika Knight about the influence of the 80's punk & dance scenes, the simple style that defines her work, and the importance of spreading the desire to hand make things. For photos, links and info go to the Show Notes Page here:

Episode 11: Food & Lifestyle Photographer, Jody Horton
This week on CRAFT-ish, Vickie talks with Jody Horton about his journey from struggling documentarian to James Beard Award winning and internationally recognized Food & Lifestyle photographer, how he applies his degree in Anthropology to his work, and his views on infusing creativity into his young sons' lives. For links and info, go to the Show Notes page:

Episode 10: Jewelry Designer, Candie Cooper
This week on CRAFT-ish, Vickie's conversation is with jewelry designer, instructor, author and TV host, Candie Cooper. For this episode's Show Notes, go here:

Episode 9: Moogly's Tamara Kelly
On this episode of CRAFT-ish, Vickie talks with crochet designer & writer Tamara Kelly of Moogly about raising creative kids, running a craft-based business, and why she chose to go from mommy to crochet blogger. This episode is sponsored by! For Show Notes page, go to:

Episode 8: Textile Artist & Author, Anna Joyce
On this episode of CRAFT-ish, Vickie talks with textile artist and author, Anna Joyce about growing up as the daughter of artists, how she teachers her own girls to live creatively, and about the importance of opening up ourselves to the vulnerability of allowing beauty into our lives. For info see the Show Notes page at:

Episode 7: Fine Artist, Lisa Anderson Shaffer
In this episode of CRAFT-ish Vickie talks with artist Lisa Anderson Shaffer about creativity, motherhood, how we as women need to stop competing with each other, and how the definition of success if purely personal. For Show Notes, go to:

Episode 6: Stencil1's Ed Roth
This week on CRAFT-ish is street artist, entrepreneur, and founder of Stencil1, Ed Roth. Vickie talks with him about navigating the space between mainstream and indie, art vs. craft, and the inspiration he finds from Brooklyn living. For more information, go to the Show Notes page for this episode:

Episode 5: Fabric Designer, Tula Pink
On this episode of CRAFT-ish, Vickie chats with amazingly talented, Tula Pink about illustration, quilting, fabric design and the ghosts that are always watching her. This episode is sponsored by Chicken Boots For links & Show Notes, please visit #CRAFTish...

Extra: Star Wars director, Rian Johnson
A CRAFT-ish extra to get you through to the next full episode. In this extra, Vickie shares a 2013 interview with director (Looper and the upcoming Episode 8 in the Star Wars franchise), Rian Johnson. They talk music, the craft of film, and time travel....

Episode 4: Creative Knitting's Kara Gott Warner
In this episode, Vickie talks with Kara Gott Warner, the host of Power Purls Podcast and Executive Editor of Creative Knitting Magazine. They discuss the zig-zagging career paths of creative achievers, daily inspiration, and why creativity matters! This episode is sponsored by Listen for a special 20% off code exclusively for CRAFT-ish listeners....

Episode 3: NYT Best-selling Author, Clara Parkes
Vickie talks with New York Times Best-selling author and Knitter's Review founder, Clara Parkes about leaving the tech world to walk the creative path. For Show Notes & Links, please go to:

Episode 2: Spoonflower Co-Founder, Stephen Fraser
Vickie chats with Steven Fraser about the craft & tech worlds meeting, and the founding of his wildly popular fabric printing company, Spoonflower. For show notes, please visit:

Episode 1: Novelist, Rachael Herron
This week Vickie chats creative rituals, inspiration, and the ebb & flow of ideas with guest, Rachael Herron the bestselling author of the novels The Ones Who Matter Most, Splinters of Light and Pack Up the Moon (Penguin), the five-book Cypress Hollow series, and the memoir, A Life in Stitches. She received her MFA in writing from Mills College, Oakland. She’s a New Zealand citizen as well as an American, and she is a proud member of the NaNoWriMo Writers Board. She currently teaches writing extension work...

CRAFT-ish Launch Update
A quick update on the impending (coming April 4th!) launch of the new podcast, CRAFT-ish with Vickie Howell, including guest shout-outs and a request for who you'd like to hear interviews with....

Craft - Ish Trailer
It's been almost 8 years since producing my limited series podcast, CRL (aka Craft.Rock.Listen). So much has happened since then technology-wise, so now people don't bat an eye when you reference "podcasts". Thanks to smart phones and the availability of pushing audio (via Airplay or the like) at home, and Blue Tooth in the car the ability to listen to programs on topics of tailored (to you!) interest anywhere or anytime, are literally at our fingertips. What a wonderful opportunity that presents to continu...