Aggregated reviews for Dada Land Radio

Monthly mixes - freshly fattened, greased up and unleashed straight from Dada Land

Sick!   (5/5)

Every month I lol forward to this mo that mix. Been a fan for a while and they never disappoint not on their shows, not on this podcast. Good mixes all around with variety and very well-put-together.

Dada Land Rocks   (5/5)

I am a huge Dada Life fan since 2010 still getting bleeped when I tune into their podcast.

One of my favorite podcasts!   (5/5)

I first heard Dada Life with the Nov 2009 mix and I was instantly hooked!! These are perfect workout mixes to boot given the length of time and they definitlely keep you pumped. For anyone wishing they updated more often, trust me, we ALL do but I'll tell you what I do to fill that void, start back over at the beginning and work your way back up! There is NOT a bad show that I've come across and that's why these are monthly, because they are QUALITY! Now, party like it's 2008 and work your way back up to the latest mix!

I love Dada but ...   (5/5)

I love Dada but ... why are these all old mixes? I’ve seen them plenty and I wanna hear new ones 🙂

Dada always brings the noose   (5/5)

! Loved them since cochella in um 2013? Love ya one of the best pods for hearing great new EDM consistently.

Cool   (5/5)

Good selection

Not maintained anymore   (1/5)

Looks like it's not maintained on iTunes anymore which is hella lame.

dada rules!   (5/5)

I bleeping LOVE dada life’s musicality - and THANK YOU for curating this podcast which I have only just discovered. oh my!

Could Not Live without the Dada   (5/5)

This is the most incredible EDM podcast I've ever listened to. I will listen to the podcast at least 2 times per day every day until the new episode comes out. The way its put together is amazing and I just can't get enough! I wish there was a new one every week...

Awesome!   (5/5)

If you love greasy beats that make you go crazy, this podcast is definitely for you! So come on, FEED THE DADA!!! 🍌🍸🍌

I LOVE IT.   (5/5)

I love it. I dont care if its not updated on the first of every month, i still enjoy the dedication they put on to it… best mixes ever… love it!!

Mad about the server   (5/5)

I'm mad about the server, not in a good way, for some odd reason it doesn't allow me download a complete podcast episode, it just crashes and even when i try to download it from what it had download already, it starts all over again!!!!!

Amazing podcast, but We need more..   (5/5)

I love the podcast, the humor , the voices .. Everything... But please be kind and fu**ing give us MORE!! please? Love yaaaaaa!

UP-DATE   (4/5)

^ Needs more updates, not enough music to sustain for on month….

would be great if they didn't talk over it sometimes   (4/5)

The continuous mixes are world-class 100% awesome. When they do the "radio" style introduction and talking about tracks between songs, it is NOT cool.

Er?   (5/5)

Where is Octobers podcast????? Dada withdrawals........

album artwork   (5/5)

I am trying out this podcast simply because of their album artwork with the banana and champagne bottle

I miss hearing you guys talk   (5/5)

I dont know about anybody else, but hearing dada life talk about each track was pretty cool, it also saved me time searching up the song names.

Hear the money   (5/5)

Hearing that money do the clap, yes sir

MORE   (5/5)


Ah!mazing!   (5/5)

wow, glad I found THIS! YES!!!!

the march mix   (5/5)

the 26 minute mark on the march mix...they go ham

Yeah buddy!   (5/5)

Dah best

Music lover!!   (5/5)

April mix is by far the best ive heard! Need da august mix dada life!! #champagne nd bananas!

marvelous Music   (5/5)

Need the august mix, i want it badly. Great podcast


the only music I run to. the August mix needs to be released already!!

Love the podcasts   (5/5)

Where is August. I need more Dada!

Sex   (5/5)

Greetings from DaDa land

It's just awesome   (5/5)

I love u dada life's music creativity

Amazingly Brilliant   (5/5)

Holy crap!! This is amazing!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Yesss.   (5/5)

These are my treadmill and do work mixes. These are my relax, kick back, and get lost mixes, these are the sound track to my current life. Don't stop Dada, I can't get enough!!!

Epic!!!!!   (5/5)

Will have you, your friends, family, even the squirrel outside going bananas!!!

Great   (5/5)

The best

kills it!   (5/5)

straight banger after banger. real rowdy!

Goosebumps   (5/5)

EPIC Goosebumps!!😳😂😍😝😜💢💗💨✌🙏👽

Banga   (5/5)

These mixes are incredible

Amazing   (5/5)

Do yourself a favor and get every episode.

Nice!   (5/5)

Nice mix, downloaded great!

Cool   (5/5)

Epic mixes, just work on the availability of your podcasts


its not letting you download!! Fix this problem, pronto!!! 🚒


I'm going bananas

Podcast   (1/5)

I wish I can download the mix

Download malfunction   (1/5)

U might want to give that some attention.

May Mix   (1/5)

May Mix is NOT downloading. I even called the Apple Company and they couldnt download the May Mix. You might wanna fix that.

Podcast malfunction   (5/5)

I love this podcast. Hands down my favorite. Keep up the good mixing dada :) with that said there is something wrong with ITunes server it's not connecting to the website they download it from :( but everyone can stream it on sound cloud, at least that's what I am doing.

why???   (5/5)

can i not dl??? error 403??! i need it

Why??   (5/5)

Why it doesnt let me download the podcast??

Cannot Download   (5/5)

Podcast is amazing but multiple times I am unable to download the podcast.

DOWnload problem   (5/5)

i wish it would let me download the mix!!!!!!!!!!! especially the may one

Look no further, this stuff is the best   (5/5)

Best music podcast out there, by a whole lot. Unlike tiesto or Armin van buuren, these guys just pump music into your ears like they mean it instead of promoting singers or talking to you for hours, knowing that all you really want is hear their music, not their awkward monologues. The very best of the best. Just with they updated more often... Dada Life, you guys are God in the form of music.

April episode was epic   (5/5)

Can't wait for the next one!

Legit   (5/5)


Sick   (5/5)

Champagne & Bananas!

Killer beats   (5/5)

This stuff is bananas

Amazing!!!!! <3   (5/5)

Dada Life is freaking amazing! Seen them live in concerts a couple times and they rock! Keep making great music, love you guys :)

Dada-tastic!   (5/5)

Looking for raw Dada? Here it is! Pop that banana and peel back a bottle of bubbly and enjoy!

Amazing   (5/5)

Dada life is amazing love it! Kotemf

Absolutely brilliant!   (5/5)

My life is dada life :D subscribe ASAP!!

Sick!   (5/5)

I'm finding myself anticipating dada life's new podcast every month! I love the sets guys, keep on with it! P.s. hurry up on January's update!!

Nothing but...   (5/5)


Clay Hanson   (5/5)

"That was epic" - lazy rich. that was a dope mix keep it up!

Dada is great   (5/5)

Best progressive house podcast ever made.. Dada Life kills when they're live... Kick out the epic mother...!

December 2011 = Mediocre at best   (3/5)

I usually love this podcast, but this month just seemed like it was thrown together at the last minute. Nothing stands out. Here's to better mix next month.

Wow   (1/5)

I really like happy violence, and for this reason i decided to check out Dada Life's podcast. Man, was in shock! I can't believe a worldwide known dj would call this a mix. How did you mix this? With windows media player? No transitions, no effects etc. this is an embarrassment. I guess i'll just stick to your singles. I used to be your fan.

The best pump up music ever!!!!   (5/5)

There music always get me pumped up for my soccer games. They help when I'm doing my homework or when I'm bored

#1 DJ   (5/5)

Definitely the best podcast on iTunes!

😍   (5/5)

Love these fellas & looove these podcasts. My ears always feel soooo sexy drowning in all the BASS!

Dada life   (5/5)

Seen these guys live several times they always kill it!!

Pure sex   (5/5)

I wish I could give this 10 stars! Fantastic!

Love it Dada   (5/5)

Unbelievably Awesome! Thanx Dada life.

Yaaa   (5/5)

Do the dada!!!

**Makin me go BANANAS!**   (5/5)

this podcast is amazing! thanks for the present DADA! <3

Chunky chunky chunky   (5/5)

Beautiful ppl goes ugly with mix

Wow!!!   (5/5)

Best house podcast I've found so far, love love love DADA <3

SCREW CLUB LIFE!!!   (5/5)

Best Evar!!!

????   (3/5)

June?!? June?!? June?!?

march mix?   (5/5)

no march mix? going to assume that means the april one will be ridiculous seriously they just keep getting better

AH-MAY-ZHING   (5/5)

dada life can make u jump up and down with there hard hitting bass!! by far the best podcast on i-tunes. seen them twice live and im seeing them in 2 weeks just cause they are that great. and listening to there podcast makes me feel like im always with them ;)

question??   (5/5)

who"s ur DADA??? they r !! muuhahahahahahaaa

The Perfect Podcast   (5/5)

Every single set you guys bang out is perfect. It just hits hard, crafted to perfection, for lovers of House/Dance music. Makes me want to go clubbing. I like that it's updated monthly, just makes each set that more special and powerful. Love you guys always :D Dada For Life!

Amazing   (5/5)

Perfect workout and fragging mixes. Wish it was updated more!

Dada!!!   (5/5)

This podcast has some podcast I've found!!! Update it more please!!!!

DADA   (5/5)

Needs to be updated moar! But still a great podcast

Such Amazing Music, But I Want More   (4/5)

I only give this 4/5 because its not updated enough... even once a month is not enough Dada Life for me.... How can i live a Dada life when im only getting it once a month? I know you two arent playing shows only once a month, record some live mixes and get some weekly updates going! Start a revolution, you're unique and people need to hear more of you.