Aggregated reviews for Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

In "Hardcore History" journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past. Was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past eras? This isn't academic history (and Carlin isn't a historian) but the podcast's unique blend of high drama, masterful narration and Twilight Zone-style twists has entertained millions of listeners.

Spectacular (5/5)

With true enthusiasm this podcast delivers a very pedagogic and dramatic narrative. It brings history alive and moves through key events and details while also keeping track on larger perspectives and historic context. Oh captain my captain - keep up the good work.

Incredibly good (5/5)

It does not get any better than this. If you like history, you will love this.

Volume (5/5)

Content of the highest quality but, the volume is too Low, having a hard time hearing when not in a quiet enviroment.

Explore the 4th dimension (5/5)

This podcast has expanded my world and broadened my hotizons. I've learned so much from Dan over the years and he can put you there in the setting with great narrative.

Amazing (5/5)

Excellent work

Fantastic (5/5)

I absolutely love these in-depth explorations. The coverage and delivery are both superb - don’t miss this!

Magnificent (5/5)


My all time favourite (5/5)

The whole reason I got in to podcast listening in the first place, Dan Carlin is the most engaging voice out there.

Best history podcast (5/5)

One of my favorite podcasts

Making history awesome! (5/5)

Trying to get into the heads of soldiers, kings and generals is no easy feat and can at times seem boring. Yet Dan Carlin makes history really interesting! This is a great podcast and I highly recommend it!

Amazing, alive history show (5/5)

Dan Carlin makes history vivid, important, trustworthy and fun. Fits the podcast medium supremely well: shows sound like a single take, but feel so well delivered that I know there must have been edits. The language is so real it sounds script-free, but so thoughtful that there must be a meticulously prepared structure behind. Insights abound.

Arguably the best history podcast (5/5)

Beautiful stuff. Regardless of the era, Carlin's love for history shines like a beacon and you find yourself listening through 5-hour segments wanting them to be just a little bit longer. He has great presentation skills too, never giving the impression of reading from a prepared script of any kind.

Sucks... (2/5)

So American. Don't bother, he rants forever...

Longer than anyone else, rarer than anyone else (5/5)

Dan Carlin does his thing. He deliver mastodont episodes that defy any podcasting rules with their many hours of content but they appear far too infrequently. Still, he is the best out there (sorry, Mike Duncan). Hardcore History is the #1 podcast on the interwebs. I just wish it came out more often

Best podcast ever (5/5)

Dan Carlin at home, the subway, at work. This podcast is the best thing that can happen to a history geek.

Amazing (5/5)

Thank you

History (5/5)

The best history pod, been listening it all over again and loving it. Hope to see new subjects!

Interesting and intense. (5/5)

Dan has a brilliant, interesting, and very intense style of presenting history. The occasional focus on the individual experience of various characters in the narrative also brings a very personal touch, and makes the story all the more engaging.

Making history relatable. (5/5)

My interest for history is awakened. I have never heard such a personal and relatable view of history before. Sometimes you just forget that people in history were people just like you and me, and not just mysterious names on paper. Thank you for doing this.

Addictive storytelling (5/5)

Dan Carlin is a great storyteller. He is, a he claims, no historian but loves it. I think this in combination with hos ability to present sometimes lesser knows events as equally significant and interesting, makes this pod fantastic. Love it.

. (5/5)


THE History Podcast (5/5)

Hardcore History is epic in scope, detail and length, but even after a four hour episode I’ll be craving more.

One of the best podcasts out there (5/5)

Dan is just such a great storyteller. And you can really tell that there is a _lot_ of work behind every episode. I highly recommend you go buy some old episodes too, the Ghosts of the Ostfront series is brilliant.

Awesome (5/5)

There's no words to describe how awesome this podcasts is. Dan has made me a history freak...

Historia, som den ska vara! (5/5)

Lyssnade igenom hela Wrath of the Khans på en dag på jobbet. Tog ett litet tag att komma in i första delen men efter det var jag tvärfast. Suverän podcast! Ser fram emot de nästkommande berättelserna!!!

Fantastic! (5/5)

Absolutely marvelous! Give it a try if you haven’t!

Brilliant! (5/5)

For anyone even remotely interrested in history this is a great podcast. Its compelling narative read out loud by Dan's great voice makes it easy to listen even for 2 hours. Great for beginners aswell as hardcore history buffs.

Fantastic (5/5)

Big thank you to Dan and Ben and all the other people who make this podcast possible. Since discovering this stuff I no longer watch TV. Instead, I listen then read even more about each subject. Thanks for helping me save my brain from the chewing gum that is TV!!

Mr Sweden (5/5)

Som den bästa historielektionen jag aldrig hade i skolan. Mr Carlin ger perspektiv och dramatik till det förflutna. Lyssna även på hans common sense podcast -väl balanserad och reflekterande.

rwidd (5/5)

A brilliant show. An incredible amount of work is condensed into several hours of compelling narrative. The podcaster focuses on areas that he's already interested in and spends weeks or months doing additional research. Even the little things are done right. The audio quality and presentation are fantastic, there is no long, drawn-out introduction with sponsors, and the editing makes many recording sessions feel seamless. It's well worth going back and purchasing the archives as well (they are cheaper on his personal site but iTunes has them).

Best podcast at the moment (5/5)

God how I enjoy this podcast

The best podcast i have come across (5/5)


Absolutely fantastic! (5/5)

This show is nothing short of fantastic! Dan Carlin brings a really interesting perspective on things and turns history into a vivid tale. As he puts it: "history ruined fiction for me". I am also hooked on this show, which is turning me into a history buff. Look no further - this is the best history podcast out there!

I'm hooked! (5/5)

This podcast series has made me more interested in history as a whole then I've ever been before, thank you so much Dan and everybody involved in the process for making this podcast my daily dose of (hardcore) history!

Fantastic! (5/5)

I wish my daugther gets teachers as engaging as Dan Carlin. Exciting history lessons told with a great storytelling voice.

Best Podcast (5/5)

History is Filosophi learnt by example. and this podcast is the prove.

This show is addictive (5/5)

This show is addictive

Amazing! (5/5)

This is an absolutely great podcast! The Ghosts of the Ostfront-episodes really made me look on ww2 in a completely new light. And I have been a ww2-fanatic for a long, long time.

Best history podcast out there (5/5)

Hardcore history is, for me, the best history podcast out there. It's informative, but at the same time extremely engaging. It's for everyone who likes a dramatic narrative and interesting views on key historic events.

Excellent! (5/5)

Splendid entertainment - informative, easy to follow.

teacher (5/5)

History as it should be presented; interesting, informative and give on its own world.

Great! (5/5)

Excellent podcast; one of my absolute favourites in the history genre.

Simply The Best (5/5)

This is the best history podcast out there. Period. Staffan L, Sweden