Aggregated reviews for Deeper Shades of House - weekly Deep House Podcast with Lars Behrenroth

For 18 years now, DJ and Producer Lars Behrenroth has been recording mixes for his weekly Deep House Radio Show "Deeper Shades of House” featuring brand new soulful, afro, disco, techy and “chunky" Deep House tunes as well as House Music classics. This podcast features the first hour mix of each new show, where Lars does not only play the music, but give you information about artists, and labels alike so you can dig deeper and support those whose music you love. � The second hour of each weekly show features exclusive guest mixes by international DJs like Jimpster, Da Capo, Soul Clap, Black Coffee, Hyenah, Keith Worthy, Patrice Scott, Brothers Vibe, Dasco, Kai Alce, Vinny Da Vinci, Boddhi Satva, Carlos Mena, Brendon Moeller, Jazzuelle, Dairmount, 2lani The Warrior, Ben Watt, Lovebirds, Llorca, Ezel, Christian Prommer, Nick Holder, Trus'me, Halo, Zepherin Saint, DJ Spen, Blakkat, Ingo Saenger, Moodymanc, MKL, Jamie Thinnes, Jesus Gonsev, Lay-Far, Jenifa Mayanja, Glenn Astro, Abicah Soul Project, Mad Mats, Nils Penner, Sello, Rocco, Culoe De Song, Peter Oakden, Hallex M, Matthias Vogt, Larse, Roberto Rodriguez, Kid Fonque, Till Von Sein, Fred Everything, Addvibe, Quadrakey, Ernie, Ouer, Scott Diaz, Mike Huckaby, Ruff Stuff, Rick Wilhite, DJ Minx, Ricardo Miranda, DJ Jus-Ed, Son Of Sound, Jon Cutler, Vince Watson, Black Loops, Alton Miller, Charles Webster, Brett Dancer, Fish Go Deep, Vick Lavender, DJ Spinna, Louie Vega and many, many more.� Over 700 episodes have been aired to date and if they’re not part of this podcast, (almost all) can be downloaded at

Obie1Kunobie   (5/5)

Lars, Lars...DSOH is truly nirvana! I'm an ole school house/club head and these podcasts I've been listening for a couple of months. My lady just nods her head while I'm playin them in my ride. I've even sent a few to one of my boys from BK and he's dig 'em too! Def gonna become a px subscriber...

Right on time   (5/5)

Its getting harder and harder to find a compilation that I love straight thru. Normally I pick and choose through several albums to make a track list I like (who doesn't) Lars takes all of the work out of the equation but keeps all the thought and emotion. I miss that underground nyc sound, that deep soulful and vocal chi-town style of house. Finding this podcast was right on time. Now on to becoming a premium member on the deeper shades website. Support the artist, support the music!! LARS G-- Dam__T!!! I cant stop shuffling around the house!

Update please   (5/5)

No new podcast in 2012 . Beginning of the end!

Deep House   (5/5)

Lars plays some terrific deep house.

Deeper shades of House   (5/5)

The Best Podcast available in the market, clean inspiring music mix , Lars knows how to get you moving even if you are sleeping!! Simple the best!!

Deep   (5/5)

Nothing better

Soundtrack of my life.   (5/5)

Lars Behrenroth is a genius.

Dsoh   (5/5)

The best podcast out there for real house music. Loft/Garage head. Also Zanzibar and the soundfactory. Those of you familiar with those clubs know what I'm talking about.

Dsoh   (5/5)

If you like it deep keep it locked,,,beautiful music all day everyday!!

Deepothermia   (5/5)

Never knew it could run so deep into unknown worlds ,trippy mixes , keep the dub coming ... Thnx

Homesick!   (5/5)

I've been in Atlanta since 97 and brought house with me. It's in my blood! I'm from Chicago.anyway, tor years I couldn't find a brand of House that expressed the rhythms I grew on.House has evolved so much! People think House is just old 70s music thrown together, and it's not.thank you Lars for going Deeper. Thank you for allowing me to ride in Atlanta and feel like I'm in Chicago!

WoW   (5/5)

All i can say is the man's got me aDDicted to Deep

The Best in Funky House   (5/5)

Lars B's mix is always very well put-together, whether soulful & mellow or funky. For me, it's perfect to write or sketch to. His mixes at one time stimulate the senses but allow one to zone out and "create." Others may prefer merely driving, partying, chilling or cooking to it. Perfect.

Deeper Shades it is!   (5/5)

Lars keep it deep every week. Keep dropping those deep cuts Lars. Hotep!

Wery cool house   (5/5)

This is true.

muy beuno!   (5/5)

I am about 7 episodes in going backwards and can't wait for next weeks show! Behrenroth definitely has a house I like to hang out in. Some of the funnest times thus far. Would like to see him play around here.

shut up and play the music!   (3/5)

way Way WAY too much talking,... Lars seems to like hearing himself talk too much! some decent music mixed in-between, but there are other comparable podcasts in this genre out there where you're not subjected to listening to someone who appears to love the sounds of his own voice so much.

Lars   (5/5)

all things considered he is #1 at best and top 3 at the least in this genre...enjoy! (from an 'ol Paradise Garage/Loft/Melons head)

House music all night long....   (5/5)

Been rocking with Lars since episode #100. Definitely one of the most consistent house podcasts ever!! Keep house alive and where it belongs, deep, soulfull, & underground. Peace.

Thanks, Lars   (5/5)

Lovin the new mid-tempo mix.

house junkie   (5/5)

hey thk to all its not just me...been listing to lars for a few years and he has so many deep cuts he puts down show #314 the second song cant get enough of it i have to make myself go to the next mix..i would like to thk the rest as well as lars for the love of is my life medicine and it will do for all as it does me all u have to do is open and the house will freely find ur heart mind body and soul and for u new house lovers u will be hooked dont worry its a good thing....dsoh keep pushing lars we are with you

Deeper Shades of Listening   (5/5)

I have been listening to this podcast for about 3 years, and every show that I have listened to, features clean mixing skills that elevates a great song selection. The best mixed podcast on Itunes.

deep house is back!   (5/5)

My son turned me on to Lars...boy am I glad. Lars has brought back Chicago deep house music! Check out #303!!

House Head   (5/5)

Lars you are the best House DJ ever. Keep it turning!

Simply the best.   (5/5)

I've been a house music DJ since 1984, and this is by far the best house I've experienced since the days of Larry Heard and Frankie Knuckles. Keep it real, keep it house. Thanks Lars.

The reason house hasn't died   (5/5)

Lara is hands-down one of the moat gifted house djs around. In my mind, he's the deep equivalent of John Digweed. Everything that touches this podcast is golden through and through. Keep an eye our for a 2 hour classic 80s and 90s house set every 50 episodes!!!

wow! keep it up.   (5/5)

man ep 293 is banging LB! and just got 294 as i type, ive been downloading dsoh for awhile, but i had to write a review after being stuck on 293 for the past four days, that has to be one of the hottest grooves to date. i like the fact that your not like mix mag, if that pcast is still around, tho you support the artist, and encourage us to buy the album, you still play a whole track, not just a clip, and with enough info, name of artist, track, before or after a set to go where we need to buy the album . you are one of the best dj's in itunes, second is dirty dutch, tho he has a habbit of giving to much info sometimes, both of you are so legit, competent, and masters of your craft, you know its not about putting a bunch of junk together, where every other track is good, taking one in, and out of, completly deffrent elements, you take time putting tracks together that make sense, transitioning from one track to the next like p&j, thanx for the banging grooves LB, keep up the good work

lars picks them best   (5/5)

Lars' taste in house is superb. By far the best selection of tracks, always new, always fresh. If you like house you should check out these pod casts you will not be disappointed.

This podcast is the Sh_ _   (5/5)

I'm from Chicago and live in New York City, this is what I call real deep house and what we're used to hearing! Lar's mixes beat and is likely to get anyone hyped. If you're not a current subscriber, you're missing so awesome soulful house music! Keep up the great work Lars!

The Music Says It All   (5/5)

There is not much more to say. If you claim to dig House of any kind and do not bang to Lar's jump off, you are in absolute sin. Dude....Every episode "!" One of my faves is #217. First track starts out with the business!

Ultimate Groove   (5/5)

... it doesn't get much better than Lars in the house. Viele dank!

another deep house standout...   (5/5)

this podcast is simply stellar!! lars knows his tunes - his mixes are seamless and silky!! a great podcast if you're looking to discover some really great tracks or just have a great background soundtrack. there hasn't been one yet that has disappointed in any way. i've been following deep house for a while and as far as podcasts go, i REALLY look forward to getting the new episodes to this one every week. they get better and better, without question. add this one to your collection if you want some great house music!!

You're the man!   (5/5)

Go Lars, go!

On Point Always   (5/5)

Lars is always bringing you the best, even when its not what you may always listen to, it is just enough to make your body rock. Keep bringing it to Atlanta!, and the world Lars!

Soothing and soulful   (4/5)

DSOH is uplifting blend of soul and spirit, Lars knows how to take you away.

dsoh   (5/5)

dsoh is off the wall keep it ht

Lars Rocks It!!!   (5/5)

Lars' mixes are totally groovin! He combines new rockin tunes with old school house beautifully! I make sure to download every set. Lars, man you betta make it do what it do baby! Cheers, Goddess

Declicious!   (5/5)

A soulful, masterful, in-the-know mix of contemporary and classic deep house that is second only to soultripper's "dark and lovely" podcast. I'm torn between appreciating Lars' announcement of obscure track names and artists and wishing he'd simply let his beautiful selections flow without verbal interruption.

WON-DER-FUL!!!   (5/5)

Deeper Shades of House is the most consistent show for good, deep house. I just got hip to this Thanksgiving weekend and I can't let it go. Gotta have it!

PUMP MUSIC   (5/5)

Lars always has something new and fresh to the ears....eargasmic soundforce

if it good enough for Lars then it good enough for me   (5/5)

again there is not enough of this type of housemusic out there and lars does that,every week there is something I've not heard and it just open my mind even more-as a deejay for this kind of music-It good enough for me---keep house alive

Love Lars!!!   (5/5)

I was so excited to hear that Lars has a podcast. As soon as I heard it on XM I came right home to download. I can't get enough of his mixes. If you love house, you'll love this...and it' free!!

Good stuff!   (5/5)

I know what I like, and I like Lars! I especially like the sets recorded live at clubs all over the US. This podcast will definitely will keep your feet tapping.

Best House DJ on the Planet!   (5/5)

Bar none, Lars is the best House DJ working. Amazing ability to combine fresh new track with classic oldies. HIGHLY recommend!!!

Just Plain Ol' Good Music   (5/5)

it's simply good to see lars coming with the real - he's done his homework...