Aggregated reviews for DISGRACELAND

Murder, infidelity, suicide, arson, addiction, religious cults, drug trafficking; this podcast explores the alleged true crime antics and criminal connections of musicians we love like Jerry Lee Lewis, the Rolling Stones, XXXTentacion, Cardi B, the Grateful Dead, Tupac, Biggie, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley and more. Why? Because real rock stars are more like feral, narcissistic animals than functioning members of society and that is precisely what makes them so damn entertaining. If you love true crime and you love music, you will love this award winning podcast. Disgraceland is a scripted, single voice narrative storytelling podcast that melds music, true crime, history and transgressive fiction. Disgraceland is not a journalistic podcast. It is an entertainment podcast inspired by true events. Certain dialogue and scenes are sometimes fictionalized for dramatic purposes as they are in most scripted entertainment mediums based on true events. Sources for each episode are available at

Interesting (5/5)

I enjoy this podcast. Takes the weird facts of the music world and tells them in a great and sometimes dry humor way. Hearing things I never knew of some. Thanks for the great stories

Captivating (5/5)

Totally fascinating stories told by a very engaging story teller. Even tales involving artists about which I have no interest are made thoroughly listenable because they are delivered with the right combination of drama, humor and charm by storyteller Jake Brennan. Only thing I would do different if it were my endeavor, I’d rethink the content of the “After Hours” episodes. Too heavy on previous/upcoming episode promo and not enough new insight. An opportunity lost.

Nice work (5/5)

Jake, admitting that you do not like Eminem’s music, but carrying on with a good story, you rock brother. Keep up the wonderful work for all.

it doesn’t work (1/5)

the only one of my podcasts hag skips and doesn’t load. i would give it 5 stars if it worked.

The story telling is captivating (5/5)

I can’t wait for each episode to drop! I also can’t get enough of Jake Brennan’s storytelling. As a music and history buff, this is pretty much my perfect podcast. Keep up the great work!

Stop presenting imagination as fact (2/5)

This podcast is annoying for sure, but a little addicting. I finally reached a breaking point listening to the Whitney Houston episode. Jake has a conversation in the voice of Whitney with a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on the hotel wall. Presenting this as “the” conversation she had, which no one will ever really know. It’s a simplistic solution to the last moments of a complex characters life. I somehow doubt Whitney was thinking about hotel art in the end.

Interesting podcast (4/5)

Interesting podcast, the narration can get a little cheesy sometimes and some stuff seems hard to believe such as the Led Zeppelin podcast, couldn’t find much info on the things he was claiming about the band. It kept me entertained though.

Dope (5/5)

My thirteen year old son and I totally love this podcast so much and look forward to listening to it together. Anything that gets me some cool mom points with my kid is alright with me. But really, I have been listening to DISGRACELAND for the last few months and it is honestly the podcast that got me into then period. I always thought I didn’t like them but Jake reeled me in.

I feel like Jake’s annoying me on purpose. (5/5)

So I have no choice but to keep listening.

Get your heroin jacket out of the closet (4/5)

A great throw back podcast.

Juicy new season! (5/5)

Great new season! I never thought Madonna could be so interesting.

Best Podcast (5/5)

My 3 fav genres are Old school hip hop, classic soul an R&B; and Classic Rock. But no matter your music taste, the rock n roll vibe and stories will pull you in. The host is great. I love all the background stories on the artists. He has perfect mixture of cool and enthusiasm. Background music is awesome. Crenshaw Space Boogie is now my new personal theme song for when I’m about to start work. Rock a Rolla!!!🎺🎸🎸🎸

Great Episode! (5/5)

The episode on Sid Vicious was fantastic! Thanks for the content!

One of my favorites (5/5)

I love this podcast and recently have been going back through the past episodes and trying to listen to every episode. On their website the podcast is described as “a new true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly.”. The stories are pretty wild and the episodes are short, after most episodes I go back and read their original sources which are also interesting. I look forward to each new episode, if you love true crime and music, this podcast is the perfect fit for you.

Can’t say he’s made great music? (4/5)

He hadn’t dubbed himself rap god, acknowledged by all accepted by the wise the #1. ‘He made music’? I love ur diction, I agree with you often but I’m sorry you weren’t able to relate to millions and millions of your peers. But good for you.

Awful acting (1/5)

These stories sound like nothing but some made up bull crap and his terrible dramatic interpretation is just awful.

And this is NOT a Disgrace (5/5)

The absolute best podcast that I listen to on a nightly (overnight long hauling) basis. The style, production, music and most importantly the narration is exactly like the conversations that I have with my friends about the topics each week. I literally talk to Jake Brennan while I'm driving and usually am in awe of the facts that he is spewing. HIGHLY (& often) recommend.

Amazing (5/5)

This show is so fantastically well done and covers all genres. Just love it

I want to like it (2/5)

I like the idea of this show and I really tried to like it. I just don’t think they have the right narrator for many of he stories told

Thanks (5/5)

Thanks for the awesome show!!!!!! Has been awesome from the jump have been listening from the beginning!!! The way he writes and presents the show is awesome gets you into the story from a unique perspective! Everyone I tell about discraceland is an instant fan! Keep up the AWESOME content! From a fellow MA boy.

Fantastic podcast (5/5)

Really interesting stories and extremely well written / produced.

Mirror-kissing post fact nonsense (2/5)

This guy is in love with himself. He reads abridged Wikipedia entries while doing a James brown dance move on himself. Always going for the sensational tidbit over what is so easy to find out really happened. Gesturing. Poser. This is the man who beckons us that Brian Jones was only in the stones because he formed them, forgetting to mention that he shaped their sound and played 20 instruments. He’ll skim passed tons of real info to insert some made up sizzle that he thinks makes people like him. Sociopath, for sure. Check this review in 5 years and see if I am correct. It’s ok for a few listens but this is the guy you don’t want to corner you at a party. You’ll realize his fantastical stories are just that. Fantasy. Go ahead and listen but you’ll be sorry you didn’t listen to a more positive spin on music.

Too Glib By Half (2/5)

The narrator should be dosed.

DISGRACELAND chaos a narrative (5/5)

This is one of the podcast I most frequently recommend to friends because it’s so well rounded. Musicians and music aficionados will of course appreciate it’s deep dive into controversial figures in popular music. They might hunt and peck, cherry pick, their first few episodes, but once they realize how Brennan operates, they’ll quickly start taking detours into artists they would have never given the time of day. The larger consumer of Americana will also find value here as Brennan guides his audience through historical periods and places giving context and space to the artists he describes in great detail. No one exists in a vacuum; DISGRACELAND would never present its audience such a sterile perspective. Lastly, to those of us who are drawn to chaos, struggle, hubris, and human frailty, each episode of DISGRACELAND is like a sermon on the 7 deadly sins with Brennan’s masterful storytelling/journalism at the helm. Brennan’s narratives bring chaos into order, give face to name, and bring distant figures into our view. He shows us the great cost of fame and the proud artists who think they can manage it. His narratives reveal the insatiable “demonic will” deep in the heart of rock n roll and where all its striving can lead...DISGRACELAND.

Awesome content (5/5)

Never heard a bad episode.

✩✩✩✩✩ (5/5)

most recommended: the gigi allin & big lurch episodes.

Could not stop listening! (5/5)

These stories are such fun and paint such vivid mental pictures. Great writing.

2 min promos? (4/5)

I love this podcast. Jake is a great storyteller and does a great job bringing you along these rides of the artists. I’ve even gone out of my way to listen to some of the music he talks about because of the podcast about them. Would be 5 stars if not for the more and more frequent cross promotions for other podcasts. I don’t really mind the ads within his actual episodes, but nothing is more disappointing than getting a notification for a new episode and finding it’s actually just 2 minutes of him talking up some other podcast.

Binge listening??? (5/5)

This podcast is so good that I did something I’ve never done before on a podcast. I binge listened to every episode. Well produced, great material and a mellotron, what more do you need??? Do yourself a favor and listen

Fantastic (5/5)

I always ready to listen to this podcast. This guy gives a great perspective on all his topics. I’m at work so can’t say all I want about this podcast. GIVE IT A TRY!!!!

Rock Junkie (5/5)

Rock n Roll. I read it all and watch it all - all the time. DISGRACELAND is awesome, engaging, enthralling and addictive.

Unique and Outrageous (5/5)

I just hate it that I could only give this podcast 5 stars. GREAT podcast, great topics and the host has an outstanding ability to tell a story.

Drama, edgy, action and mystery (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. It was recommended by a coworker of mine and after the first podcast I heard I was hooked! So many things I didn’t know and so much “no way” moments. It’s got drama, mystery and action. It’s a must subscribe!

Just found this hidden gem!! (5/5)


Remarkable Stories, Episodes & Narrations (5/5)

I first learned this from my best friend last year on our way to the river for our fishing trip 2-3 hr drive. Been hooked ever since. It’s perfect for my driving and traffic days in California. I cannot say enough about the energy from each episode. To be honest in those moments when I thought to change it, Jake comes with the left hook, wakes you up and pulls you back in. The music set up is excellent it enhances the story and sets the tone. I love that guitar tune/riff in each episode. I would like to know if there’s a complete song for it or if it was just for the episodes. By far best pod cast I’ve ever heard. Jake Thank you for all that you do. Keep em coming.

Gritty, ear-grabbing storytelling, fantastic podcast! (5/5)

This show has all the ingredients of a good podcast, and rolls them into an addictingly tasty show. The host Jake Brennan has a detatched admiration of rock 'n roll, and the gravitas to make it a great listen. It gives us a real sense of schadenfreude -- mostly pleasure at hearing our idol's struggles.

Awesome (5/5)

Great and interesting podcast. Jakes words and descriptions put you right in the middle of the story. Keep it up! Rock a rolla!

Love this podcast! (5/5)

Love the show, love the narration, love the writing. This podcast is written in a way that makes you feel like you are in the moments being described. AMAZING! A must listen for anyone who is a music lover.

❤️ (5/5)

So good. It’s very fresh and interesting.

If you like stuff that’s awesome you are in luck! (5/5)

I love this podcast. It’s so well written and narrated. I get lost in the world Jake builds with this words. It’s more than a story it’s an experience. I only gave it 5 stars cause I can’t give it 6. Keep um coming.

Favorite podcast at the moment! (5/5)

This podcast is the one I have on repeat! Jake does an amazing job vividly describing the artists downfall with words that dive deep into your imagination! Keep up the great work DISGRACELAND!

Phenomenal Storytelling (5/5)

Phenomenal storytelling is this one! Music is very well used to set the tone and move the story along, voice work is excellent. A technical masterpiece and just incredibly enjoyable too!!!

A new way to appreciate music (5/5)

I love this podcast!! The stories are...well fantastic and not in a good way. I can’t believe some of this actually happened. This podcast is a wild ride and I’m HOOKED. Jake Brennan is top notch as the host and I wish other podcasters could deliver similar thought, character, and humor. I like how Jake dramatizes some the events in each episode and goes beyond just telling the story. Keep up the great work, Jake!

Hands Down Killer (5/5)

Hooked to the gut like the knife Sid used on Nancy. Blown away like the bullet used to shoot the wonderful Sam Cooke. Can’t get enough of this podcast. Keep up the great work!

The best podcast ever! (5/5)

Thanks for making my work day a little bit easier! Enjoy listening to all the weird but interesting stories. Can’t wait to hear more stories in the future... Thanks for all the hard work!

Well Done (5/5)

well written and excellent content

Serious omission (2/5)

No mention of the physical abuse Madonna suffered from Sean Penn? What the hell?

LOVE this podcast (5/5)

I am totally hooked. The stories are so bizarre sometimes and they are all excellent and so well-written. Love the voice also..only complaint is theme music played in breaks- super creepy and weird!

Disgraceland (5/5)

Wow !! I am loving this pod cast !! Live your voice to !!

Great show! Warning: situations can be triggering (3/5)

I love this show! The history is fascinating and well covered. I have one critique: the most recent episode (Madonna) covers extremely heavy topics, and includes relatively graphic descriptions of a sexual assault. I turned it off in time, but you may want to include a content warning for those that may be in recovery or therapy for some of the more graphic moments, especially when it comes to sexual or domestic violence. Keep doing great work!

Musicians Revealed (5/5)

Recently discovered this gem and binged it. The haunting voice of the narrator adds so much more character to these already amazing stories. There are so many stories behind your favorite musicians and the music they make. I was in awe of The Rolling Stones episode and how even today the rumors follow Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. So many haunting and dark stories but also sad. It’s so beautiful.


I have personally listened to every podcast of Disgraceland. Not long ago I was in Memphis and decided to search for a podcast of "GRACELAND" I was so lucky to accidentally find this amazing Podcast. Combines Rock N' Roll Heroes with situations most of us know nothing about. I always learn a thing or two from every Podcast and this is a much needed break from Politics and Sports for a change. Thank you Jake for the fine work.

Best podcast! (5/5)

I’ve listened every episode at least 2-3 times, can’t get enough. Keep doing a great job Jake! Rockarolla

Pepper Jack Cheddar (5/5)

The stories this podcast tells are insane. Taking podcasts to a new level. Exposing the darkest parts of our peculiar musical celebrities. Murder, sex, guns, violence drugs, and musical cheese. This podcast is pushing its way to greatness. That last podcast you listened to, that wasn’t a great podcast. And why would you listen to that specific slice of basic marble cheddar cheese of a podcast? Because you didn’t know that in 2019 Disgraceland is the greatest podcast that will enter your ears.

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

I just came across this podcast, it looked interesting so I decided to give it a listen . From the first sentence I was hooked. The voice, the stories, and the little known facts are what make this Podcast one of my favorites. Keep up the super great work.

Great podcast (5/5)

I love getting to take a look inside the life of celebrities! Got hooked on this show about a week ago and have hinges on it ever since.

Great (5/5)

Great pod cast really enjoy listening


Each one is like a piece of art, perfectly done

Mr.Elvis Aaron Pressley TCB (5/5)

I absolutely love this Podcast. Can't wait for new episodes to come out. It's always intertaining & you always learn something interesting . Would be very hard to pick a favorite episode. Rock On -look forward to many years of listening.

Superb (5/5)

So glad that MFM turned me on to this podcast - my only regret is that I didn’t listen sooner. Jake is a fantastic host with the best radio voice. Even when he’s covering artists I don’t know super well , he makes it compelling. I love the variety, and how it combines two of my favorite things: true crime and music. 🤘🤘🤘

happily surprised (5/5)

so i’ve actually never really listened to podcasts until last night.. stumbled across this podcast, and i’m so happy i did. addicting, gritty, i’m on the edge of my seat excited to hear what’s next. your voice is great, along with what your conveying. please keep doing what you’re doing. i’m a life long listener now! :)

Love it! (5/5)

I’ve recently found this podcast as I spend a lot of time in the car. The stories are fantastic. The music and smooth voice are what I crave for relaxing. As I’m now just binge listening, I just listened to the Jim Morrison episode (It’s October). You really had me. Kept wanting to pull over and google it. Keep up the great work!

I love this podcast!! (5/5)

Definitely recommend this podcast. Can you guys do a story on how crappy the mamas and the papas were?! Thanks

Love this podcast (5/5)

Jake- Thank you so much for all of your research!!! I really enjoy this podcast - I have mentioned Disgraceland to anybody who will listen to me. You have gotten me out of my comfort zone... I have started listening to some of the other musicians that you have covered. Thank you

Marilyn Manson (5/5)

You should do a Marilyn Manson episode

Excellent (5/5)

Great stuff always interesting.

Really Enjoy These (5/5)

Admittedly, I only listen to the podcasts that feature artists I’m aware of. Nonetheless, these are great: very informative, entertaining, factual, and gritty. I thoroughly enjoy your efforts, thank you.

New fav (5/5)

Stumbled upon this podcast on accident and I couldn’t be happier I did! This is the best accident I’ve ever been in. I love learning so much but it’s also a short listen.

Two True Loves (5/5)

This podcast has combined two of favorite things!!! Drugs, Sex & Rock and Roll and True Crime! It’s so well produced and amazing stories! Love it!

MANSON (5/5)

Love this podcast!! We need a Marilyn Manson episode😍

Good Stuff! (5/5)

I listen to a lot of podcasts. This is quickly turning into one of my favorites. Its everything you want in a podcast. Not too long. Not too short. Just right!

Poor grammar (1/5)

Can’t pronounce words correctly.

The Iggy episode (5/5)

Is the best thing you’ve written yet!


Awesome podcast! Just one and you’ll be hooked!

Hit after hit (5/5)

I’ve been listening since the beginning and while there’s been some amazing episodes, the Iggy Pop one may be the best yet! Can’t wait to dig into the book and what’s to come for the podcast!

Needs more research (3/5)

Simple items are off - like the spelling of “Hitsville USA” - most episodes have very simple but easily fact-checked moments that are off. It makes you question the rest of the story...

I’m a music guy (5/5)

This is an absolutely brilliant podcast and a must listen for any real music fan. Jake Brennen script read is engaging, if not hypnotic. A music history lesson for the real listener. A 01 coarse for the casual listener and a masters course for the true music fan.

First time review and I gave it to you :-) (5/5)

This is truly one of the best podcasts in its wheelhouse! Finally put my monster headphones onand that only enhanced my experience!my favorite Narrator and character,yes ,you,Jake 🤣🙃 Th g m r ❤️ I fo Ne fo. r th Le❤️d Zeppelin episode anks for Christmas w book r your asked

Can’t get enough.... (5/5)

Heard the advertisement for DISGRACELAND on the local alternative radio station- curious, I looked it up. So glad I did- I have not stopped listening/relistening. Love the way the episodes unfold and I hang on every word. If you like music and like mysteries (murder) this maybe for you.

lies (1/5)

Everyone knows courtney love killed Kurt Cobain. Nice cover up story tho. All bs. I mean the bs oozes from you. disappointed af.

Rock N Rolla (5/5)

Two weeks after discovering this podcast I have plowed through all four seasons. The host is funny, clever and has clearly done his homework on these sometimes unbelievable rock/music stories. If you like sex, drugs and rock n roll then you’ve come to the right place. Do yourself a favor and crank it up. Patti price Sexauer

I can’t stop listening (5/5)

I just found this podcast and have almost listen to them all in just 4 days. I am also looking. Forward to the future episodes.

Simply Fantastic (5/5)

Engaging story lines, witty writing, and a super delivery style with a lite helping of Midwest vowels. If you are a music fan or if you are not this is consistently one of the best podcasts ever released.

Better before embellishments (3/5)

Honestly, this WAS a great podcast and one that I look forward to. With the new season, the re-enactments/ridiculously long (in duration) sound effects really take away from the story that’s being told. There used to be a good balance. It’s gone too far the other way. I think it was the Cardi B episode that began to wane my tastes on the podcast. The episodes before that were pretty cool. If any of the producers ever read any of these reviews, please scale back the sound effects...

Love music (5/5)

I love music and hearing story’s of music artists. He is also a very good story teller.

A must for any music lovers (5/5)

This is by far the best podcast going right now for us music fans. Not just because of the content but the way Jake presents it to the masses puts it over the top!!

Binge worthy!!! (5/5)

Buddy of mine tuned me into this podcast and I got to say well done!! love all the Background music, craziness, and different cheeses! Keep em coming! Love the Rick James one!!

Pre-Set Loop fromY Melotron (5/5)

Low key the melotron is my favorite character from the show. Please never stop with your intro, because I assure you it’s top notch

Too pretentious (1/5)

Jake Brennan uses the same exhausting intro for all episodes and takes way too long to get to the meat of the story. I find his profanity and need to shock offensive.

Best. Podcast. Ever. (5/5)

I usually avoid listening to podcasts as much as I can because of how boring they are. I would read transcripts of podcasts for my classes because I couldn’t stand listening to someone without seeing them. I still hate podcasts but this is the one podcast I’ve ever listened to and enjoyed this much. The details Jake Brennan tells in disgraceland let me picture him telling the story and also let me see the story and the people. Best podcast I’ve ever come across with. 10/10 would recommend!! ♥️♥️

Addicted! (5/5)

Can’t wait to get in the car in the morning to listen!

All music lovers need to listen (5/5)

Awesome pod for all music fans out there. The stories are well told and awesome to listen to. It is a must listen for me each week.

You’ve ruined everyone... (5/5)

... but it’s been a great ride! My only gripe is that I wish these were longer. Especially the early ones which were pure madness. Very well produced without being cliche. I binged just about all of them over some very awful moving/painting jobs. Thanks for the get away Jake. But please don’t mess with Springsteen!!!

And this is disgraceland🤘🏻 (5/5)

I absolutely love this podcast, I’m a die hard Elvis fan and I liked that they kinda talk about him 😂 but yeah this one is pretty freaking amazing I’m still a podcast newbie but I fell in love with this one bc of the content, I love hearing how bad and crazy famous people are ! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 the new season is so good already I can’t wait for more!❤️

Best podcast. (5/5)

I never listen to podcasts before till I somehow found this one I went back and listened to every season and the stories are amazing I can listen to them everyday new and old. Keep them coming

Its the writing (5/5)

The writing is poetry.

Great podcast (5/5)

High quality story telling at its best: well crafted, thoughtful and human. My only complaint is I think they could be a little longer.

Host is amazing! (5/5)

Best podcast I’ve ever heard, the delivery is amazing! Excellent topics also. Keep up the good work!

This one is a goodie! (5/5)

I love everything about this podcast even down to the funky music that I actually kinda dig. I look forward to this dropping every week.

marginal at best (2/5)

lots of generalizations and connections where none exist. Typical millennial rewrite of true history.

This is so good (5/5)

This guy knows his research his narration skills brings back those creepy radio host stories from gotta love them keep it going when is the next one

Music & Tragedy (5/5)

When music, extravagance, egos, and tragedy collide into timelines that are all together intriguing, Disgraceland transports you and invites you to ride shotgun as you take a trip down the dark corners of music history. If you can’t live like a rockstar, you can listen like one.

Your Mellotron (4/5)

Please stop telling us about the loop of your mellotron. Just play the crappy music and get to the story!

Very Interesting, but... (4/5)

The elongated descriptions of specific situations (Amy's personification or Cardi B's subway train dance) come off cheesy in the worst possible way. They sound like terrible romance novels and often then bit feels like it goes on a little too long. Other than that, nice introspect on artists career.

Consistency is king! (5/5)

I’m not exactly sure why, but my favorite part of every episode is the introduction. I think it’s because although it’s verbally the same, the tune is always different, representing the popular song of the time. Well done!

Stop (1/5)

Really just don’t wanna hear Cardi’s words in his mouth. Grossssss goddam EWWW!!!

Cake Batter Jake (5/5)

So well written. So well researched. Incredible narration. The narrator’s voice is like comfort food for your ears. Like cake batter. I’ve listened to every episode, some twice. I text people about this podcast. I tell clients and friends and neighbors about this podcast. I can’t get enough of it. I think I know everything about my favorite musicians and this podcast surprises me every time. Thank you Jake for your thorough and fanatical research.

Good storytelling (5/5)

The host tells stories about scandals and murder in the music industry, from the death of Jerry Lee Lewis’ fifth wife to the saga of NWA. The writing is great, music is used subtly behind the host as he speaks. An entertaining podcast with a light touch, even as it discusses some really dark stuff.

Great Stories, Less-than-Worthy Commentary (2/5)

As a music and music history lover, I went on a binge but had to stop. Jake Brennan doesn’t have much awareness about how the music industry—or society—works around race and gender, so his commentaries come across as flippant and uninformed. I hope he takes time to learn more about these issues because this podcast could be pretty amazing. He more than has the passion for the stories, and it’d be great for him to do them justice.

Great fun (5/5)

Fantastic narration, crazy stories. A quick and easy listen. I’ve never heard most of these stories. Keep them coming.

Great podcast if you’re a music buff! (5/5)

Disgraceland has gotten better with every season! As someone who loves music, music history, and true crime, this podcast is perfect. It has become my favorite podcast to listen to. Jake does a great job telling the stories. This is my go-to recommendation anytime someone asks what podcasts are good. #SubscribeToDisgraceland

Amazing Podcast (4/5)

Great podcast, my favorite episode was the Grateful Dead one.

If your intrigue and tantalized bye Seedy music scene this is the pod cast for you :) (5/5)

From the very episode I was hooked by the story telling and finesse of word play and audio mastery of this podcast. DISGRACELAND is like no other, If you pour over the thoughts of becoming a rock star or what makes a rockstar or the pure debauchery of what brakes a rockstar this is indeed the podcast for you. If you have a desire to dive in to this guilty pleasure you will not me sorry. You will tell your friends and coworkers about all you have learned maybe then they will know how dark and twisted your mind actually is. Looks can be deceiving. Great podcast!! Continue the cheese.

My head just exploded! (5/5)


Instant fan (5/5)

Liked this podcast immediately, so do my friends

You gotta try it (5/5)

This podcast is like a fine wine, gets better and better with age. The content is awesome paired with the engaging story telling. Give it a try!!

Masterful Storytelling (5/5)

Jake Brennan is a masterful storyteller of all the behind the scenes dirt you never knew you needed to know about your favorite musical artists. Jake weaves the story through the music while taking you back in time with such vivid storytelling that you feel like you’re there, with Jake, in the room, watching it all go down. His voice will take you to places you never dreamed of going and you’ll be sad when the episode comes to an end and you realize you’re still in your car, stuck in traffic. Give it a shot - you won’t regret it.

Perfect (5/5)

Wickedly, wonderful storytelling about all the best rockstar lore! When Jake begins to talk fast, hang on for a wild ride. There’s no one who can put you right in the moment like he can! Excellent!

Super Fan! (5/5)

I love this podcast!! I have turned all my friends on and we have established quite the work fan following. Lots of travel for our jobs and this podcast makes all that time in airports and on planes just a little easier. Jakes art of story telling such epic tales in phenomenal and I can’t get enough!! Do yourself a favor and make this podcast a part of your list, it will wasps creep to the top and you will find yourself counting down the days for new episodes! I’m so jealous of everyone I get to tell about it, they will Have SO many episodes to binge!!!

Really awesome (5/5)

really like the topic overall and the passion the host brings to the topics.

Great entertainment (5/5)

I’m a little late to the party. But I did just binge the first season in two days while I was on the road. Plan to continue with all the new stuff. Super entertaining, and the host personality really brings the stories to life. Great work.

The Best 🙌🏼 (5/5)

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Yes, I too could listen to Jake Brennan read the phone book😍 but much prefer to listen to him tell the crazy stories of the badly behaving musicians. Thank you for all your hard, impassioned work on this podcast!

Grew to love it (5/5)

At first, I didn’t care for the vocal cadence or the music used. But now, I love it. I take the long way home to get as much of the podcast in as possible. I even enjoy the episodes about artists I don’t care for or know much about. It’s great. I’ll be picking up the book also. 🤟🏻

Could be great (2/5)

But what’s the point of the host overusing profanity?

Disgraceland (5/5)

Good show, good stories!

Efeeee (4/5)

II On my way!

Entertaining but not all factual info. (3/5)

In hopes of getting into a new podcast I decided to check this out. Xxxtentacion is one of my favorite artists so I started with that episode which was overall pretty entertaining and laid out the well known facts in a nice fashion, but a lot if the details of events were either inaccurate or totally falsified. Due to this I’m very skeptical about the given info on other episodes as well. That aside, it’s put together well and had my attention all the way through.

The best (5/5)

Favorite podcast of all time. ❤️🎧❤️#subscribetodisgraceland

It’s kind of like watching the NWA movie if you were wasted (2/5)

The timelines are off, the facts are incorrect (cube didn’t write boyz in the hood about eazy es life.) the g funk sound didn’t come until the end of nwas recordings, yes he used the funky worm sample but it was not the defining part of nwas music at all. In fact they wanted to sound like the bomb squad more than anything at first. It’s kind of like you went and saw straight outta Compton while inebriated and tried to weave a story out of it. You can sort of get the idea, but it’s not the real story.

Awesome (5/5)

Love this podcast. The storytelling is outstanding. Very entertaining!

These guys (5/5)

It took me a while to realize that this show is a gag. Good work doods.

Creative (5/5)

The Disgraceland Podcast is one of the most exhilarating, detailed, and artistic pieces of podcasts literature I’ve ever heard. Each episode is a new adventure and the with the depth of detail, it’s like watching an episode on Netflix. I’m excited for Season 4 and what it beholds. Great show and I would recommend this to anyone wanting mystery, criminal, and underground information on some of the greater musicians of our life time! 5 out of 5 for sure!

Love it! (5/5)

Keep the stories coming! These get me through the work day on the road.

Love it! (5/5)

Love this podcast! The research and stories are fantastic and makes my work day go by faster. Always looking forward to new episodes. Keep up the great work!

Entertaining but full of hype and errors (3/5)

Glock 22 weren’t even made in the 80’s and NWA videos were definitely on MTV. Simple facts.

This guy takes forever to say nothing (1/5)

The research is great, but the way these stories are told are horrible. The intro is so over done and is predictable and annoying as hell after 2 episodes. And it takes forever to get to the actual meat of the story. Stop trying to be so cool and just tell a story.

Good but.... (3/5)

Great content but the background music and sound effects should be lowered or taken out; they compete with the narrator.

Must-listen (5/5)

Awesome podcast. Great stories and excellent story-telling by Jake. Very entertaining and binge-worthy

The Best! (5/5)

This is my favorite podcast ever. Thanks for making my week better.

Gritty, Glitzy, Gross, and Glamorous but alway Riviting (5/5)

If you like brilliantly written stories, music, Or History this is a Must listen to podcast. ⁦‪@disgracelandpod‬⁩ is brilliant.

Country singer (5/5)

I have listened to almost all the episodes and have a question... when or are you going to do a episode on the country singer Keith Whitley??

A Must Listen Too (5/5)

Absolutely love the poetic way we learn about these musicians. I don't know how Jake finds the words, but it's wonderful to listen to. Being entertained while learning.

Addictive (5/5)

I’m reeled in. Can’t stop listening.

Awesome for music nerds (5/5)

This podcast is my new favorite music podcast by far. The score makes it engaging and it’s really hard to turn off. 100% recommended.

A Must Listen and Subscribe!!! (5/5)

Jake and his crew do a phenomenal job! The content, production quality, creativity and overall badassness is second to none.

Dude! (5/5)

Why don’t you have a Patreon page???? Do Eht!!

Grateful Dead episode (5/5)

I understand that maybe some people have had bad acid trips but don’t put that stigma on it like it’s a guarantee that you’ll be white knuckled and on a terrible ride. Let people make their own decisions my dude. Still love the show but come on

A fun romp thru our collective American psyche (5/5)

Because I, like many, have always had a fascination with our stars gone bad, I love this podcast. I mean who wouldn’t be titillated by the narrative of Jerry Lee Lewis’ disintegration into hell. The facts themselves elicit shock, but when our charming narrator fills in a few believable details, is when things really kick into high gear. I mean who would have imagined Courtney stuck Kurt in balls with needles in an effort to save his life.

Not the same old same old (5/5)

I downloaded this podcast because my ex is really into music history and I’m really into true crime stories. I figured this podcast would be good talking points for us instead of the same old “how was your day”. We have since broken up, but I’m still addicted to this amazing show! In this day and age we think we know everything about anything and it’s so refreshing to hear new details about old stories.

Family Affair (5/5)

Jake found you by accident. Totally love the stories and how you tell them. I’m 59 and turned on my 23 year old daughter and my 30 and 34 year old sons to your podcast. We all can’t wait for season 4! Keep them coming! Love discussing the episodes with my kids!!! Thanks again!! P.S. now I just need to get my wife my 27 year old daughter and 37 year old son on board!!! Keeping it all in the family!! 👌🏼🤪

Well written (5/5)

Enjoy the well-researched and written stories of my favorite and newly discovered musicians. Jake puts an insightful and entertaining voice to the dark and painful histories of numerous musical genres antiheroes. Very enjoyable and informative.

Awesome (5/5)

Nice podcast! Really have enjoyed it!!!

Awesome Insight (5/5)

Great podcast and even allows one insight into genres of music we might normally listen to. Even loved the April Fools spoof episode. Highly recommend!

The Jam! (5/5)

Thank you for the amazing research you do, combined with your dynamic voice and story telling! You are the Jam, just love this Podcast!

One of the best out there! (5/5)

I also consider myself a "music junkie", if you will. Found this podcast after hearing ads for it on other shows I follow. Became instantly hooked. Jake's got an easy voice to listen to, and the sounds from his Melotron (sp?) are quirky and fun. I actually love hearing the intro music for the show. Would recomment 100%!

Everyone who listens review it! (5/5)

I can’t believe the algorithms was not smart enough to recommend this to me. Luckily I found it via an ad at the end of another podcast. I don’t binge watch TV shows and don’t typically binge podcasts, however, I have binged every episode of this show in like 3-4 days. Like they say at the end people need to rate this so more people can find out what they have been missing. Allman Bro’s????

Great but.... (4/5)

Let me start out by saying I love love love the content of this podcast. The only reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I feel like every new episode gets shorter content wise and the ads just keep piling on.

Where have you been all my life?!? (5/5)

Just discovered this podcast and I’m hooked!! Absolutely love this podcast, it’s what every true music lover needs in their life!

In love (5/5)

I love this podcast and it keeps so engaged the entire time! I look forward to this evey week/season!

Obnoxious (1/5)

Ok wowwwww this is awful I can’t hear anything over the obnoxious background noise/music. The dialogue is way too cheesy and dad like and honestly one of the worst podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I might be able to forgive the cheesiness if it weren’t for the background noise. I literally can not pay attention to the words because it is so distracting and loud!!

Decline (1/5)

Once you start writing about xxxtentacion and cardi b you ruined the allure your podcast had.

Hard No (1/5)

As a huge music fan, as many of us are, I was psyched to hear about this podcast. I REALLY wanted to like it and would have loved to binge listen to it but after forcing myself to listen to 5 episodes, I couldn’t. Regardless of the topic, it’s corny, scattered and the jokes are like the bad kind of dad jokes. I’d rather watch paint dry or count grains of sand on a beach.

Amazing podcast! (5/5)

I never thought I’d know these kind of details about famous people. I love this podcast and would recommend it to all podcast listeners! Please can I have that free poster?

Obsessed (5/5)

Freaking LOVE this podcast. Great host - the shows are written so well, my fav so far has been Sid Vicious. Just the way he describes the last events, makes me feel like Sid is telling the story himself. Hella interesting and addictive.

LOVE DL (5/5)

I love Disgraceland. Best stories!! Stories I have never heard. I love the format, love the host/creator. I tell everyone about this podcast!!! Looking forward to season 4!!!

Yes! (5/5)

Finally a podcast with storytelling and music that is good. Crime and salaciousness not for the sake of just dwelling on gore and tragedy. So happy I just found this and that there are so many episodes coming my way.

The greatest pod in all of the land (5/5)

Disgraceland is my favorite podcast to listen to at work! I’m so stoked for season 4 and the new book!

Best combo of pop culture & true crime! (5/5)

Highly recommend! This turned into one of my favorite podcasts. I just discovered it and it is easily one of the best shows I’ve listened to! It is well put together and entertaining. The best combination of historical pop culture and true crime!

Keep It Coming, I’m All Ears (5/5)

So glad I stumbled upon Disgraceland. The show is very informative and entertaining. Best story telling vocals and music score, hands down! Keep it coming Jake and Team!

Binge-worthy! (5/5)

I’ve been listening to an episode here and there and finally got to binge on a road trip. Got the hubby hooked now, too. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll...and all the seedy underbelly that goes along with it!

Too Dramatic (2/5)

I love rock and roll and it started out great. By a few podcasts in to just gets way too dramatic and starts to become imagination instead of facts. Ended up just deleting the whole thing.

Be glad you waited 'til now (5/5)

I didn't discover Disgraceland until the third season was happening. I had a big project that was mostly grunt work and I needed a podcast to run while I worked. This is the most informative, intriguing, startling, terse, fun, well-produced thing I ran across. -I was actually glad I discovered it late so that I had so many to enjoy back to back. I'm not a crime fan, I'm not a music nut. I enjoy Disgraceland completely, though.

Fell into this podcast (5/5)

I literally found this podcast on a whim and now I can’t stop listening. Jake Brennen does a great job at his craft of giving a voice to his stories. Thank you for doing what you do and keep them coming!

Favorite podcast (5/5)

I am on the road a lot for my job and listen to a lot of podcasts. This one has become my favorite. The subject matter and the flow make it very enjoyable listening. Informative and entertaining.

One of the best (5/5)

I have been listening to podcasts for about four years now. I must say, hats off to you jake! Everything from the tales you tell to the tone of your voice is perfect . Your style of story telling is with lack of a better word, authentic. Thanks Jake cant wait for season 3!

Out fkin standing 🤘 (5/5)

If you like rock and roll and you also like true crime, look no further. Jake Brennan does a hell of a job telling these stories.

Fantastic music story’s (5/5)

I just found discraceland and I can’t put it down listening from the beginning forward. It doesn’t look like it will take me long to be in 2019 🤘🤘🤘🤘

Music History from a true fan (5/5)

Your take and viewpoint that you tell these stories from is absolutely brilliant. The raw truth and exposed nerve endings make it so realistic. Your truth in telling the story wether a fan of the individual or not is a breathe of fresh air in this age of biased journalism. The only compliant that I have about your podcast is that it isn’t longer....I just joined and didn’t get the humor in you reading a telephone book at first but after a super binge if hours and hours I completely understand . The fact that f*$k seems to be your favorite of the many “no no “ words I sooo dig! Looking forward to being a long time subscriber of a great production about the upper class of the music society !

F***ing Rad! (5/5)

Love this podcast! Just discovered and thus far? My favorites have been Michael Alig/Club Kids and Bob Marley. Really well researched and super listenable. I really dig the format; placing you in a time and placeby naming number one songs. Extremely cool. So many things that you never really think about while listening to your favorite music. Listening to the James Brown episode as we speak? Can’t wait to hear more!

Too much sympathy for the devil (2/5)

I like the tone of this series and the storytelling is on point but morally I can’t enjoy it due to the callous attitudes toward the women decimated the the rock stars’ wakes. Sure, the podcast unveils their wrongdoings but the overall feeling is that “we” as a society like it when rock stars are “bad” and if bad means rape and murder, oh well. Anything for a great song, right? Kind of gross.

Overdramatic and too many creative liberties (2/5)

I keep asking myself “How do you even know that?” Over and over, the storytelling portrays real people’s thoughts and actions through nothing but pure assumption. I had just watched the Amy Winehouse documentary and found myself so frustrated by his messed up timeline and his assumptions about what she and her husband were both doing and thinking. Not to mention that he couldn’t interview most of his subjects if they’ve passed on. The over dramatic style and lack of facts seems so messed up to me, I don’t get it!

Contagious! (4/5)

Jake’s love of music is contagious. Soooometimes it feels like sensitive subjects may be mishandled... but overall, love it!

Love the idea (3/5)

Great idea for a podcast! Cool information! Just feels a bit to a kids tv show. He could change up the formula a bit. I always fast forward until after the bit about not having money to put real tracks on and explaining the lame music at the beginning. After that all is cool!!!!

Wildly entertaining and informative (5/5)

It’s hard to find any holes here. It pulls you in and gives you the juiciest details about your favorite musical maniacs in a fashion that’s unique to anything I’ve heard before. I love this podcast, highly recommended.

Odd Narrative Tone (1/5)

The subject matter is fascinating, but the narrative style choices jarring. Do you really need to weave in the artists dong lyrics into the retelling?

LOVE!!! (5/5)

I LOVE this podcast!!! I’m a fan of true crime so this is right up my alley!!! I’m still on season 1 😐 but I listen while I’m at work in ER, working nights...not a nurse but I’m Patient Access!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT 😊!

I love you Jake Brennan (5/5)

I’ve been listening to podcasts since the beginning. (1st one on my Zune no less. I know.. Ha Ha) I currently am subscribed to over 100. 100’s more have came and gone. Please please please listen to me when I tell You how lucky I feel to have stumbled upon this show. This is one of, if not THE most original, and entertaining things I have ever listened too. I’m a huge music fan and I’ve heard these stories told a million times. But the way Jake tells them is absolutely fascinating. It’s thoughtful and very cool. Jim Morrison is the Zodiac Killer? Come on.. That is priceless. Thank you Jake Brennan. Seriously. Thank you... xoxoxox

Tupac Intro (1/5)

You can’t just say that Tupac was an objectively “bad man” and list allegations without context. Especially the part about him shooting 2 cops, you didn’t even explain the context of the LAPD and police brutality in the early 90’s, specifically targeting him multiple times. Also, the death of the six year old boy that was not directly his fault and the fact that no charges were filed? So odd on your part to exclude that and make it seem like he caused his death and settled it out of court. You must know that context is important if you’re going to claim objectivity. I recently started listening to this podcast and it seems to me that with that intro you lost credibility on every other story.

Perfect 30 min (5/5)

Overall great podcast. It’s the perfect blend of music and crime all in one perfect 30 min package. The narration is informative but not boring or monotonous. He really holds your attention and you don’t get anxious for the juicy details because he gets to the point pretty quickly.

Love the podcast (5/5)

Listened to the whole podcast in a week can’t wait to hear more very interesting and very easy to get into

Love/hate (2/5)

I have a love/ hate relationship with this podcast. Sometimes I can over look the hyper sensationalized narratives and enjoy the base line story because its done really well. BUT it’s so over the top that I wish it viewed the subjects with some sincerity. It is a lot of idol worship and less humanizing of its subjects. It’s basically a regurgitated rolling stone editorial but with less bite. That said, the host does have great flow to the stories and does a great job of painting a picture. I just wish he would drop the annoying, eye rolling intro.

Looking forward to new episodes. (5/5)

Really solid podcast, narration is above average, content is top notch. Good to hear stories that even as a music nerd I was hearing for the first time. Norwegian Black Metal, GG, and Michael Alig are must listens.

Very Good (5/5)

Clear, Entertaining, UN-OPINIONATED!!! Good sound, good backup audio and an excellent host. Please keep it up.

The audacity (1/5)

I can’t believe you have the audacity to slander Sam Cooke’s name like you have. This is ultimately the worst version of his death that I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard all of them. The narrative and tone you take on Sams name and intentions is totally ridiculous. How can one nowhere close to he situation or either of the people involved give such detail on their intentions?! I’ll pray for you!!

So good (5/5)

Love the host’s voice and the music makes even stories you know well, very interesting. Happy I found this Podcast.

Bad research (1/5)

Bad research, especially on the Left Eye episode he put out random events that were false 👎🏽👎🏽

Fantastic (4/5)

Entertaining and informative. The Rick James episode blew my mind. Keep up the great work. Loving this podcast.

Strangely Addictive (5/5)

Strangely Addictive. Added to my “filler” list for when I’m in between episodes of my “regular” podcasts. Looking forward to future episodes.

Hooked and Don't Wanna Stop (5/5)

It's like some new drug I've never tried, and I'm already chasing the dragon. Warning: you must fight the urge to binge-listen if you're a new subscriber. Don't O.D. Drag it out over time. Savor each episode for maximum altitude. And at the very end, when the whole party-plane comes crashing down, there's Crenshaw Space-Boogie to bring you in for a very smooth landing. Ahhhhhh. Consider your thirst for RnR knowledge slaked!

Disgraceland for the WIN! (5/5)

Hearing someone speak passionately on a fascinating topic is what makes podcasts such a powerful medium. This podcast is excellent - I love that it covers all genres of music, and it’s funny and sad and incredible episode after episode. THANK YOU!

Awesome podcast. (5/5)

This has seriously got to be the best dark tales of people in all areas of life. Love the way it is told and gritty details. You feel you are transformed from reality to exactly where he is. Too good for words. A true passion for the way he works his podcast.

So good (5/5)

Fantastic writing and rad delivery! Love this podcast!

Short & Sweet Episodes. Interesting without dragging out too many details. (5/5)

Becoming my favorite series! Fascinating details, without it feeling slow - a tough combo to master! Highly recommend for music lovers of any genre(s).

Taking a while to drop an episode (5/5)

When are you coming back

Gross (1/5)

Couldn’t get passed the Cardi B intro. Why explicitly explain her while she’s stripping? We get it. Move on. I don’t need to hear about a old man beatin his meat in a strip club. Not for me.

Love it. (5/5)

Thank you.

New fav (5/5)

Love the narrating, he has a great voice. Can’t get enough of this podcast, just discovered it and been listening at work instead of focusing. Thanks Now Gimme my poster -Yesi

Meh (2/5)

First of all, him stating that he can’t afford the song he wants to play is SUPER ANNOYING. It really makes me roll my eyes so hard, I’m surprised they aren’t stuck in my head. We all know why you’re not playing the song, you don’t have to say it. I’ve listened to 3 episodes. The Snoop Dogg episode was the first one and it got down to like 4 minutes yet and I really didn’t understand what Murder he was on trial for. It was really hard to follow The two John Lennon episodes were kind of interesting. I didn’t like that he called Yoko Ono a witch. Kind of sounded a bit chauvinistic to me. The way he described both John Lennon and Yoko Ono made me cringe a bit. I guess I shouldn’t expect him to be unbiased but the host was sooo far against them I just kind of wondered why he wasted his time researching or recording an episode on him. Also some of the things said were REALLY hard to believe and I kind of wish it would have been stated in episode where this information was coming from. Where did you find out what Chatman was thinking all the time? Idk. Really disappointed. Great premise for a podcast but I was a little disappointed in the execution of it. I’ll give it another episode or two and will write a new review if I need to.

Awesome!! (5/5)

I’ve never been much of a podcast guy but now I am! Ron burgundy got me on to the podcast life and well after my standard radio show in the morning I NEED to listen!! This is a great podcast keeps me on my feet! Great job man, keep it up!! 🤟😎

Started out great (2/5)

Disgraceland has gotten bad since season 3 premiered. Listen to season 1

Never a doubt 5 stars!! (5/5)

Since I stumbled upon this podcast, I have been hooked!! I can’t wait from one to the next, I had myself caught up within a day, that’s how good it is!! Keep ‘em coming!!!

Ugh (2/5)

Not great. Do more research.

Can’t take this dirty language (1/5)

Waaaaay too dirty language for me. Offensive

Hard to follow (1/5)

You should stop making these podcasts. You are butchering the stories. I am sick of hearing that you can’t afford the section of the music of very artist that you are reporting on. Maybe if you were a true journalist, you could have get the waiver. It is a junk story telling filled with profanity and unchecked facts. Stop

5 stars definitely (5/5)

My favorite podcast by far!!! I love the insight into the topic of the show! I always look forward to a new episode, and as soon as I see there is one, I automatically listen to it!! I would definitely recommend it to my friends!!!!!

Original content (5/5)

Even if You think you know everything there is to know about your band, this podcast creates very interesting narrative And includes a lot of information I never knew. Fun and innovative.

5/5 (5/5)

Not sure how anyone could give this less than a 5. I listen to about 8 hours of podcast a day, this being one of the most entertaining and enticing ones. Jake (and team) does an amazing job making you feel all the life thriving action and emotions of these historically famous artist. These stories are told in great detail with an intense theatrical read and soundtrack. Well done Jake and team. p.s For anyone giving the podcast bad reviews. Yes this is not for the faint of heart or children, but it’s the intensity and raw story telling of the show that makes it so unique.

Awesome Podcast (5/5)

I just found Disgraceland a week or so ago!! I can’t stop listening. Great stories and great storytelling! Thanks for making work almost bearable!!

Masterful (5/5)

Your writing, narration, and story telling is so good! You’re very talented. I’m looking forward to reading your book. Although it might not be as good as listening to you tell it. Good stuff! I’d say you’re a writer first and foremost.

great job! (5/5)

hes very educational and knows his stuff about these bands and or singers!! i look forward to the new shows!!

Well, he has a schtick (4/5)

I’m definitely a fan of the content, and I think Jake is a good host, but sometimes he pushes the poeticism and attempts to sound “rock n roll” himself a little too hard. A worthwhile listen if you’re a music junkie, either way.

Always Waiting... (5/5)

One of a handful of podcasts that I wait for and anticipate, every single time! #RockaARolla

Maybe we shouldn’t have started with Cardi B (2/5)

I work in a very DIY creative space with a bunch of like minded, racially diverse ladies and we LiSten to podcasts when we need a break from music. This one seemed like a home run, so naturally we started with Cardi B. Holy moly, we were all super creeped out by a dude (who sounds like a white dude - but we can’t judge voices folks) getting down right voyeuristic and creepy. It was the quietest the office has ever been. Uuhggg, I know, don’t be so sensitive, but gross and weird and not right.if it were her voice, or at least a woman, but I don’t know. It seemed like soft core.

THIS is rock and roll! (4/5)

As we’ve continued to watch and hear the disappearance of terrestrial radio personalities, it was a delight to discover Disgraceland Podcast. Jake is a brilliant storyteller who crafts such perfect harmonies of intrigue and suspense to unravel some of the greatest backstories of rock and roll. THIS is THE podcast to fall in love with time and time again with each revealing episode. Radio personality is alive and kickin’ with Jake Brennan and Disgraceland. **Side note: I was an early subscriber of Disgraceland when I first wrote this review. While I still listen, I have to say since Jake entered an agreement with iHeart Media the quality of his podcast has dwindled as the Disgraceland space is now being used as a platform to promote other not as interesting or entertaining podcast produced by the corporate media conglomerate known as iHeart Media thus watering down the uniqueness of what made Disgraceland. And Jake's "Disgraceland After Party" is nothing more than a ramble-fest, Jake talking incessantly about uninteresting stuff - sort of like unnecessary filler required by iHeart to fulfill his contractual agreement. Yeah, yeah a man's gotta eat and provide, yet it doesn't mean a man needs to become a sellout to do it. iHeart is killing Disgraceland.

Everything I ever wanted to know... (5/5)

about JFK is thanks to The Misfits and Disgraceland.

My new favorite podcast (5/5)

Jake is an amazing raconteur!! His stories keep you tuned in and personally has brought some artists/songs back to my catalog that I once had forgotten so thank you for that!!!

Check it out (5/5)

This podcast is just excellent. Short but packed with nuance. Jake is an amazing orator.

Which Doobie You Be?! (5/5)

Love. Love. Love. this Podcast. I’m Subscribed to several podcast and I catch myself listening to this one all day. ❤️ I also love the “What’s Happening” reference! 💋💨

Big Lurch (5/5)


Incredible (5/5)

Somebody get Jake a Netflix deal, please.

Top notch (5/5)

Really enjoyed this season. Host has a great style and vibe!

Great listen! (5/5)

Saw this podcast and it looked interesting. Was hooked after the first episode. Love the theme effects and narration!

THE BEST (5/5)

This is one of the first podcasts I could really get into. The narrator is just amazing! His way of telling the stories is insanely entertaining. Will forever be my favorite! If you haven’t listened to this one, you might want to.

I’m s junkie for disgraceland!! (5/5)

This is the perfect meld of true crime and celebrity bios. Keep up the great work! You have a listener for life!

Disgraceland (4/5)

Podcast is good and content is excellent. I don’t need details about sex and private parts and what they are doing. Mostly referencing the Rolling Stones episode. The content is too good to dive into those areas. Stick with the content and I believe it will be much better.

Future podcast suggestion! (5/5)

I love your podcast!! Can you do a podcast about Sublime???

One of my faves (5/5)

I freakin ❤️ you Jake! I wait for your podcast like a dog waiting for his master to accidentally drop some scraps on the floor. I just wish it wasn’t so long between episodes.

I want more, more, more... (5/5)

This guy’s words come at you like a machine gun - one that you can rewind.

A++++ (5/5)

I love the format of the podcast. The stories are amazing and told in a true rock n roll style.

Incredible (5/5)

The most entertaining podcast ever. The host is one talented storyteller! I could easily see these made into a drunk history/unsolved mysteries esque TV show. I know it would be a instant hit! But I’m satisfied with the podcast thanks and keep up the great work

True Romance! (2/5)

In your review of Tarantino’s movies, you fail to mention True Romance! This is one of his absolute best movies of all times. A true classic. Please watch it if you haven’t. I’d love to hear your updated opinion after you’ve seen it a time or two!

Amazing how much research he does for the episodes! (5/5)

I just wanted to say that I’m so stoked for each and every episode that he comes out with. Jake does not only his due diligence but he offers a spin to make it better. Good stuff for everyone

my fav podcast! (5/5)

Definitely my favorite podcast. Been looking for something like this for a while and all of the stories keep your attention forrealzzz! Love it :)

👍 (5/5)

Love kid TCHC for life!!

Great rock and roll story teller!! (5/5)

Give this a listen! Buddy turned me in to Disgracedland, been rolling through episodes. He weaves a colorful, comically entertaining story

Jake Brennan is an incredible storyteller (5/5)

I don’t even know half the people he’s talking about, but Jake’s storytelling and perfect background sound effects keep me engaged from start to finish. I am bored by most podcasts, not this one.

We need more!! (5/5)

Disgraceland is the only thing that gets me through my day! Hours and miles of walking with nothing but fire!!

😃 (5/5)


Great podcast. (5/5)

Great podcast. Very entertaining. Just a little campy, but in a good way. Very well researched. Thanks for keeping us entertained.

Cool at first, until i realized how dumb the narrator is (2/5)

The stories are cool to hear, until you realize the narrator is completely biased, and generalizes things a lot without showing the whole truth

All Hail the King baby! (5/5)

Not Elvis, I’m talking about Jake Brennan. Disgraceland is a most satisfying slice of cheese you will ever devour though your ear holes! The pace, music and writing all stand out as star crossed brilliance! Take a long strange trip and listen now!!!!!!

Biased (3/5)

He tells a good story and it’s well produced but he puts too much of his own emotions into their stories. Truth is, we don’t know how these artists feel/think. It’s not right to put the narrators words and feelings as if it’s the artists

Listen if you aren’t L7 (5/5)

Don’t be a square, listen to this podcast.


I have a pretty boring job, but the minute I put on Disgraceland and I hear the dulcet tones of the melotron I’m transported to stories of some of the greatest artists of all time. WHAT A SHOW! Best production of any podcast I’ve listened to and I’ve been listening to about 6 hours a day worth for about 3 years. Hoping for a Hank Williams or Jr episode or for a live show in Nashville!

My absolute FAVORITE podcast!!!🎙️🎙️🎙️ (5/5)

🎵 I am amazed at how this show is formatted. It's quite obvious that there's a lot of research done for each and every episode. I am a music fanatic and this podcasteans everything. There facts and stories about these artists that mostly unknown. It also shows the events from a completely perspective. I am ride or die with Disgracelandband I TOTALLY deserve a poster!!! 🎵🎵

Amazing (5/5)

The detail and production that go into this podcast is second to none. Beautiful original music & well researched subject matter. The continuation of the format is fun & dependable. More that once I’ve found myself repeating the words to the intro. It’s rare that I find other kindred spirits that truly care about music as an art form, equally spectacular across genres but Rock N’ Roll at heart. I look forward to more and, what you do with it. Rock on, Jake!

Love this another reason not to watch tv (5/5)

Love the way this information is laid out before you. Rock detective that’s the way I hear it. Great job would love a sticker for one of my guitar cases. Subscribed right away can’t wait to listen to all these podcasts. I’m going to share this with everyone I know! Thanks

Starter off strong (3/5)

First few episodes were really well done. Now it’s just non sense and uninteresting stuff.

Not as Good as I had Hoped... (3/5)

I just completed the podcast Disgraceland (2018-2019) - at least so far. I started listening because it sandwiches two of my favorite interests, rock-and-roll debauchery and true crime. On the positive side it generally covers musicians that I’m interested in (besides Cardi B) and there are some great stories in there. In theory, in a short amount of time you can learn an intriguing story from history. On the negative side I’ve already heard most of these stories (and some have a decent amount of interesting info missing). I also take issue with the (I assume, relatively young) narrator’s immature style of story telling. He tries too hard to sound poetic, “cool” and make it intense (like a bad tabloid news show). My biggest beef though is the narrator’s editorializing. The stories are interesting enough without making it sound like you know the musicians thoughts before they died. Also, the After Hours episodes are self-indulgent and painful. I couldn’t care less what cheese-filled show you’re watching on Netflix currently. He’s also already covered a decent amount of the essential music-related stories so I would assume that as time passes the stories may get less and less interesting? I highly recommend learning these stories, just not on this podcast. As the show continues I get more and more annoyed. I give the show, currently, 5.44 stars out of 10.

Addicted! (5/5)

Love love love this podcast! I wish it was weekly! Even the “After Party” episodes aren’t enough! Jake is a masterful story teller! Everything about this podcast is perfectly addictive!

An actual episode would be cool (2/5)

Maybe someday a full episode will be posted again?

LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!! (5/5)

Can’t get enough!!! Every episode has been crazy good!! Love the mini’s too, just enough to get me through to the next full episode. Keep em’ coming !!! Cindy F.

Better before he sold out (3/5)

The episode on CardiB was a complete sham job in my opinion. Full of apologies and justifications for inexcusable actions. I’ve been listening and enjoying it from season one and then he sold out to Iheart radio and now he’s becoming the mouth for a bunch of suites. The cardi episode felt like it was written by a team of lawyers and publicists trying to whitewash her background. In the beginning he pulled no punches and aired all their dirty laundry for the world to smell. Now he’s handed a carefully washed, dried and folded basket to hang up the way the suites want him too. I’ll keep listening until he becomes too much of a corporate shill to be entertaining. Big corporation just killed another beautiful pod cast.

Merch (5/5)

I’m absolutely am in love with this podcast will the zombie Elvis pin be restocked soon plz plz

WILD. (5/5)

Jake does an amazing job of presenting some of your favorite musical artists in a different light. As an avid music listener of course you understand that The Rolling Stones were always stoned and that Johnny Cash didn’t love much more than coke and his wife June. Jake though, does an amazing job of giving us the heart breaking stories of Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain. I 10/10 recommend.

Patience Pays (5/5)

I wasn’t sure what to think after the first listen, but I kept listening anyway. It definitely paid off! The addiction is real and I can’t wait until the next episode each week! Highly recommend!

Killers, and drugs and mayhem OH MY! (5/5)

Half the stuff that Jake winds into these stories I’ve never know about some of the most famous musicians of all time. I cannot get enough. By far my favorite podcast and I anxiously await my new edition weekly. Thanks Jake for a great show week after week!

Love the show (5/5)

As a big music fan, i really enjoy this podcast. I’ve learned a lot too that i wasn’t aware of. Keep them coming

Delusional (1/5)

You must be delusional to think this is entertaining or informative. Unfortunately iHeartRadio missed the mark on this. Pass for me dog

Ear Snacks (5/5)

I heard of the show when Karen from MFM Podcast covered a story stating much if the information was obtained by Disgraceland. I’ve been hooked ever since! She was right, the production is top notch in a short episode format perfect for those in-between moments of the day. So glad she mentioned the show so I could find a new ear snack!!

Really good stuff (5/5)

This is definitely a podcast worth binging.

Keep The Stories Coming!! (5/5)

I’m absolutely obsessed with this Podcast, not only do I ❤️ music but I also enjoy learning about the history of an artist. The way Jake tells each and every story is amazing he makes u feel as if you are part of each story, as if u were there. He’s a terrific story teller that’s for sure. After the first episode I was hooked, I couldn’t stop at just ☝🏽I had to keep going, I listened to season 1 and 2 in one day and been listening ever since. If you ❤️ and appreciate 🎶 as much as I do u will love this Podcast. #SubscribeToDisgraceland

Late to the party, why did I miss this? (5/5)

Music is life to me and I also love true crime stories. I originally assumed that this was about Elvis and skipped right on by. The saying you can’t judge a book by its cover goes for this too. I am about 9 episodes in after binge listening yesterday. I look forward to listening to them all. Jake is a great story teller. Don’t skip or pass it by like I originally did!

Non-fiction at best. (2/5)

Lots of narrations stated as fact...many of which are state of mind. Entertaining but lacking any disclaimer of source or supposition. Might as well listen to fairy tales.

27 club (5/5)

Love this show! Been listening for a few months now and it didn’t take long to catch up. Jake is an excellent storyteller and I eagerly await every episode! So excited that you’re going to cover the 27 club in great detail, it’s absolutely fascinating and can’t wait for the seasons!

Love it (5/5)

I was hesitant because I really thought I had heard all about these stars plenty. I was wrong and his story telling abilities are strong and make these stories feel new.

Listen bud (2/5)

Was really happy to see more female musicians included in this season. Was pretty grossed out by the way you’ve chosen to voice the female perspective on both the Amy & Cardi episode. This ain’t it buddy. Now that you’ve got the heft of IHeartRadio behind you, consider adding some female writers to your team.

Perfect (5/5)

From the stories to the presentation to the production to the musical score; this show is awesome. I’ve enjoyed every episode; even those about people I’ve never heard of previously. I’d been waiting anxiously for the Cardi B episode and it was everything I hoped for. Sincerely thank you.

Go (4/5)

Apart from the Cardi B apologist episode, it’s a solid, fun, sometimes frenetic podcast. Highly stylized but likable.

Disgraceland (5/5)


Jake ain’t a disgrace!!! (5/5)

I absolutely love your show! I’m not a Cardi B fan, but hearing your episode on her was super interesting. What draws me in to listen every week is your storytelling and learning about stuff I might never have learned otherwise.

Ehh (2/5)

Started off on fire in the early episodes had it stayed that way it would have been a 5star easy; now it’s almost too animated and the latest ep. about cardi b is probably the cringiest one yet

JM Zodiac Killer (5/5)

This show leveled up with this episode. Going to be hard to beat Jake. Been with Jake from the beginning, from shoe string budget recording in his shower. I don’t know that for sure. Now big time with an EJ interview. Love that you have really created a job. Keep cranking it out I know everyone I’ve turned you onto loves what you are doing. Rock a rolla

Sometimes too much filler but... (3/5)

It’s an awesome concept and I’d like to continue listening. I love stories of music gossip but sometimes the materials seems so contrived.

Awesome! (5/5)

I’m addicted! I can’t stop talking about these stories.

Love it! (5/5)

Very well put together and interesting

Entertaining (5/5)

This podcast is awesome. It’s entertaining, it’s got great moments

Love it (5/5)

Wonderfully written. Engaging story telling. Highly recommend. Gotta go must listen to the next episode. Bye.

He tries (2/5)

Actually he tries too hard, which is the issue. Instead of just being cool, he tries way too hard to be cool....and it’s starting to fail. Shows are becoming formulaic, and he himself is turning into a sycophant. Today he actually used his recommendation time to give a full-throated endorsement to Friends. No not the concept of friendship, but the TV show. And not just say ‘I’m watching it, and maybe don’t hate it as much now’, nope, full on endorsement. “Most streamed show on Netflix”, which right there is the number 1 reason to avoid it, is in his opinion why you should be watching it. Ok, I’ll pass. You choose to use your time to help tune people in to something off people’s radar to promote Friends, a show which is intolerable after even 5 minutes. So why am I still listening to this podcast? I’m not anymore. You owe your listeners an apology and a real recommendation.

Living for this show!! (5/5)

I can’t stop listening to disgraceland while I’m at work, in my car, and even at home instead of watching TV. The storytelling is smooth i get a visual every time makes me feel like I’m right even if it was before i was born. Lol

Beyond Addictive (5/5)

This show as almost as addictive as the drugs the characters in the stories use. I’m not usually the biography/dirt type person, but when I found this show, I think I listened to 4 or 5 in the first day. Jake is an excellent story teller and that is a dying art in our day. The Motley Crue episode is award worthy.

Happily stumbling (5/5)

One of the best podcasts is the one you just happen to come across. That’s what I did Friday afternoon and I’ve been listening nonstop since to catch up. Great show.

You will not be disappointed (5/5)

I am so happy I found this podcast. I binged the episodes as soon as I finished the first one. It keeps you stuck on the lives and stories of these celebrities. I can’t get enough!!!

Great podcast (5/5)

I really like this podcast both as a music lover and true crime fan. I really enjoy the way he tells each story. I’m binge listening now!

Incorrect (4/5)

First I love this podcast always have, except the last one. Reason being, he said “Library” incorrectly. It’s not “libary” also, Jim Morrison is not the Zodiac killer last time I checked it’s not a proven fact. Google, Wikipedia, Reddit on and on support that. Other than that I’m well aware I’m a lingual Nazi I would be willing to bet I’m not the only one. Keep doing what you’re doing, except for what’s stated above. Too add to this, there are claims and theories. But he was ruled out, they believe its confirmed it is Arthur Leigh Allen. So research better a simple google search will back this claim.

Amazing Podcast (5/5)

Absolutely love the information, research, and sources that have gone into Jake and crew’s work on this show. Each episode shows the careful examination into the subjects covered, and this pod is a must for anyone who loves music and the artists that make it.

Awesome (5/5)

Fun podcast to listen to.

Jeff Buckley (4/5)

Jake - the death of Jeff Buckley still confuses me today. If you’re not already planning an episode (or haven’t done one already), please consider one on this tragic loss.

Great (5/5)

Amazing podcast. Wanting to hear a frank sinatra episode!

Morrison Episode (5/5)

I knew this was a joke; a well played one. I enjoyed it very much. It was very creative. Now I’m going to spend the day listening to An American Prayer. Then watch Apocalypse Now Redux.

Creepy theme music (5/5)

I thought I knew most of these stories, but disgraceland always seems to add a little tidbit i’d forgotten or never knew. Great podcast with the creepiest theme music.


I wish it came out like 3 times I week. I need more.

It will pull you IN!! (5/5)

As you listen to the addicted, mis- directed, talented, musicians you yourself will become addicted to Disgraceland.

Amaze balls!!! (5/5)

So we heard an advertisement for this show and omg!!!! It’s the best!!! Great story teller!!!! I can’t get enough!!!!!!!

Awesome Episode! (5/5)

Well done

Morrison episode (5/5)

Man I have respect for you to put this back out for everyone to here. It just turning my stomach to hear how you are trying to portray his thoughts of why he did these murders. It just shows how easily people can warp reality and fit pieces were they need them for it all to make sense.

Well that was freakin AWESOME! (5/5)

I have to say you got really got me! Well done. I should have known better...there is NO way Payne Lindsay would have let someone else break THAT story! I’m so glad I heard this, the original podcast offering rather than the edited and abbreviated version. But still good nonetheless.

Fantastic (5/5)

Jake is an amazing storyteller, delivering a compelling tale of rock and roll true crime chock full of details in only twenty minutes that will make your jaw drop.

It’s like this was made just for me (5/5)

I love music, history, and storytelling. Jake does an awesome job telling stories that I’ve never heard. I learn something new every podcast. Amazing job!

Awesome podcast (5/5)

You will be addicted after just one show! Can’t get enough!! Keep them coming!!

Hooked (5/5)

Upon finally giving into the ads I kept hearing, I haven’t 1) looked back 2) regretted it. (I could however use more episodes, so there’s that)

Not the best, but still interesting (3/5)

To wordy, intros are super annoying, the “background music” is way to loud against his soft voice.

All I need is popcorn to accompany this podcast (5/5)

Everything from the writing to the delivery, this podcast is awesome. Binged every episode with two weeks. Keep up the great work and keep delivering awesome content.

Disgraceland (5/5)

Really enjoy the podcast. Can’t wait till you get paid enough to do this full time and get to go more in depth.

Lil Peep Gustav Elijah Åhr (5/5)

Please make a podcast on him :( seriously I love the Kurt Cobain one it was so good, and I feel like you would tell the story of Gus extremely GOOD 🖤

Excellent podcast. (5/5)

Couldn’t stop listening after just one episode. Subscribed immediately.

JUICY (5/5)

I’ve been hooked since my first episode and spreading the word. So excited to see that Jake is a local guy, too! Keep up the amazing work Jake and I can’t wait for a Led Zep episode.

Awesome! (5/5)

I heard about this podcast on the radio, and it intrigued me. It has not disappointed! I love hearing the history and the what happened...especially to artists who came before my time or when it happened when I was too young to know what was going on. I am hooked and sharing it with my other music loving family members.

In a different league. (5/5)

By far, the best podcast out there in podcast land.

Always riveting (5/5)

Amazing Podcast Jake, can’t get enough. Always looking forward to the next episodes.

Full of cheese (5/5)

Love it! So much quippy, entertaining fun. I won’t know what to do with myself if he can afford the songs for the cheese one day.

Sooooo good! (5/5)

Dude I’m only two eps in and I’m obsessed.

Addictive & fantastic (5/5)

Found this podcast last week and I can’t get enough. The stories are informative and interesting. Jake Brennan has a fantastic voice, and terrific delivery. His timing is spot on. He keeps me hanging on every word and there’s a little bit of humor mixed in. It’s become my new obsession & I'm telling everyone! GIMME MORE!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you (5/5)

Your podcast is great! You definitely do a good job with the info and the interview was great with Elton John

Great Storytelling (5/5)

I cannot get enough of this podcast. Keep up the great work - I look forward to each new episode! Highly entertaining!

Love your style (5/5)

I love the takes you put out on the hidden side of some of the music that I love. I never knew how messed up some of this stuff was.

I’m not a music person (5/5)

I have terrible taste. Don’t keep up with artists. And in general would blush if anyone saw my playlist which I probably only listen to less than once a month. I envy the people who can get so deeply into music. And for a short time while I’m listening to this podcast I’m there. His rhythm is amazing for pulling you in to the scene. I’ve now listened to every episode even about artists that I could care less about. I imagine for those of you who are in the music listening to this is even better. So give it a try

Hell yeah (5/5)

I’m so glad /lucky I found this podcast !! By far the very best P cast available I love the stories I love everything about it all.

Elton Excellent (5/5)

Your Elton interview was excellent. Yes - if you get the chance for other interviews - yes! Please do them! I so enjoy this podcast & have learned so much! Thank you for all of your research!

Whatever (2/5)

So pedestrian. If you grew a square or have never heard of of these people; you’ll love it. Otherwise skip.

The coolest podcast (5/5)

I seriously can’t get enough of this podcast. Look forward to it every time it drops.

Freaking incredible podcast! (5/5)

Masterful storytelling, the tedious research shines through, it’s my favorite podcast.

Disgraceland (5/5)

Best podcast ever

Even if you don’t do podcasts... (5/5)

You’ll love this podcast! It’s for music love made my music lovers. I really can’t describe how much I love my morning commutes with Jake Brennan.

Tremendous podcast (5/5)

I discovered Disgraceland a few weeks ago and have blown through the entire series. It is so well written and presented. One of the best podcasts I’ve heard.

Disgraceland is Amazing (5/5)

If you love music, this podcast is perfect for you. Pulling the curtain back on celebrities and their music. Jake, the host, takes you threw some crazy stories and nitty gritty of the music industry. Definitely give it a try and you will be hooked!

Awesome podcast (5/5)

Totally been binging this and loving it!

One of the best. (5/5)

This Has to be one of the best podcast on here. If you are a fan of any and all music you will love hearing the stories. The host, the production, and the writing are all 5/5. My new favorite!! Keep them coming.

Dark, poetic, well researched, and entertaining (5/5)

Jake does an excellent job setting up context, story, arc, suspense, and narrative to the tales of rockstars behaving very badly. I highly recommend this podcast, and can’t wait to see more seasons! ✨

I ❤️ Jake Brennan! (5/5)

Even though my dear, sweet, and handsome husband is named Brennan, you just may be my fav Brennan! I LOVE ❤️ everything about this podcast from the intro music to the witty way you incorporate 'disgrace' into the ending! Never heard of a mellotron but now I'm obsessed! Binged every episode in a week since discovering Disgraceland!

Why See Jake Live (5/5)

It’s risky, right, to go see a live presentation of your fave podcast? What if the podcaster doesn’t present well in person? What if the way they look doesn’t match what is in your mind? What if seeing it in person wrecks your affinity for the author? Yikes. Risky. Well, rest assured that if you are lucky enough to have Jake come your way, GO SEE HIM. I saw him in Denver and now I love the podcast even more. Jake has a fabulous, weighty stage presence that really reinforces his smooth, cool “radio” presence. This guy is the real deal. You’ll even enjoy him reading from the phone book! Listen to Disgraceland, think you will love it!

.2%er (5/5)

99.8% of pod cast fall short, disgraceland is a .2%er.

I keep coming back for more #rockarolla (5/5)

When a friend first told me about this I first listened to the one that I knew something about, Sid Vicious. I was captivated by Jake's gravely Henry Rollinsesq voice and killer story telling. It's clear he's a bad bad man. I then listened to them all and eagerly await the release of the new ones. The Norwegian Black Metal, which I knew NOTHING about is one of my all time favorites. Its awesome to learn about the people you know, kinda know, know of and have never heard of. I'll never look at Bob Marley the same way. RockaRolla

Awesome!!! (5/5)

Y’all. How the actual eff does this now have 5+++ stars? Jake Brennan is an awesome podcaster. His passion is evident in every episode he records. Great topics, very engaging and informative!! Keep up the great work!!

Great Pod (5/5)

Awesome stories, very entertaining

Love the Disgraceland vibe (5/5)

Love this podcast I paint houses and I’m alone a lot - just me, a brush and paint...I discovered Disgraceland just by browsing around and binge-listened every season Great stuff and a hell of a lot more exciting than watching paint dry Keep it up Jake

No complaints here... (5/5)

Thank you Jake Brennan for letting me escape from my nursing world, even though I am being accused of playing cards in the break room. I am to go to the insane world of musicians and appreciate your storytelling and fantastic skills of b.s-ing. Fantastic podcast and so bingeworthy. I have told so many about your podcast I just hope they find it the best mind getaway that I do! Thank you so much.

Binge-worthy and absolutely fascinating! (5/5)

I saw Disgraceland on one of those “Top 5 Podcasts You’re Not Listening To” lists a few minutes before heading out the door for a 3-hour commute for my 9-5 grind. 10 minutes into season one, episode one I’d found my new favorite podcast. I’m a HUGE music fan and I also love true crime stories. Mix that with host Jake Brennan’s cool eloquence and these batsh*t-crazy stories of sex, booze, drugs, murder, and music, and the result is the best thing in podcasting!

issa must listen (5/5)

love the script and jake..... but he has a thing for cheese

Da Rula episode (5/5)

Loved the Slick Rick episode. He is my favorite rapper of all times. I thank you for telling the story of why he was arrested during the height of his career. Never knew what happened and felt his pain upon hearing the story. I also felt his deportation was a bullish!t effort by the feds. It pays to have powerful friends. Keep up the good work

This show has quickly become a serious favorite of mine. (5/5)

Seriously obsessed with this podcast. I love Jake’s narration style and the pace of the episodes.

Love!! (5/5)

I truly look forward to every episode. Fascinated by every story. However, the way every story is told makes it that much better!! Thank you so much for this.

Intro (4/5)

I love this podcast but the intro drives me nuts, no one cares about the cheesy music because you can’t afford the copy rights. Fast forward.

Good idea, poor execution (2/5)

This is a good idea for a podcast, but not great execution. The intro to every episode is extremely annoying...”What I just played for you, wasn’t great music. It was blah blah blah BK-1 from my mellotron because I can’t afford the rights to whatever song was #1 on the day that something happened not even related to the musician(s) at hand.” And then a weird comment referring to a band’s music as some sort of cheese (at least do a String Cheese Incident episode...). Another thing that bugs me is the fact that the host is not conversational at all. It sounds like he’s reading from a script, which can make it hard to listen to. I have never heard him mention a source once. After listening to the Grateful Dead episode I wonder if he’s ever dropped LSD or just Googled what it feels like, because the description he gave was very dramatized and slightly inaccurate. With that being said this is a good podcast to listen to during long road trips when I need to keep my mind busy. This has the potential to be a great podcast, if it was more conversational, didn’t have the same annoying af intro every time, and would be WAY more credible if some sources were listed. How am I supposed to believe all of these stories? Did you interview Johnny Cash’s Mexican cab driver or Amy Winehouse’s live-in security guard? Did you read that information somewhere? Makes the stories hard to believe without knowing where he got his information.

And why would I play you this particular cheez a la mode.... (5/5)

I loved you before the lives shows, the book, the fame. I thank you, my ears thank you for all you do. Christine Toga NY

Opinion. (3/5)

I enjoy this podcast quite a bit. I’ve listened to every episode, and have recommended it to friends. My only beef is that the host tries too hard when it comes to the writing. He’s too wordy, and unnecessarily descriptive. Also, his “Rockarolla” sign off is annoying to here, and I don’t have a good reason to say that other than it doesn’t have any context. It’s like he’s trying to make a word he invented catch on into the modern lexicon. However, I dig it. It’s free entertainment that I’ll continue to enjoy.

Disappointing. More facts, less fantasy please! (2/5)

I was very excited to check this out, & tried to listen to a few episodes. The stories sounded interesting but turned out to be overly embellished & sensationalized. It seems like the author just imagines what was going on in the artist’s mind, & has no problem making up the details for the sake of a good story. It may be fun for some people to listen to, but it’s frustrating if you’re actually interested in the truth. The lack of any real music from the artists is also a big problem. It’s all cheesy muzak loops from the author’s synth. He frequently mentions that he can’t afford to get the rights to the real songs, which just adds to the amateur feel of the podcast.

Engaging (5/5)

Love it. Holds nothing back in humanizing musical icons.

Can’t stop listening (4/5)

Love the podcast.. Just started listening and I can’t stop

Yo Jake (5/5)

Jake, The way you tell stores is captivating and unique. As I sit here at 9am after a long (sleepless) night, I think of the many stories that I’ve listened to abt my musical idols and find a sense of weird comfort. Even if I didn’t listen to their music before, the way you tell their stories automatically makes me appreciate them. Really loved XXXTentación’s. It’s nice to know that some of the worlds greatest minds are crazier than my own. So thank you! Also, ur music is rad and I love your intros! Keep it up. Also, do Mac Miller and Avicii! Chelsea Takami Alsooooo super excited for your book. 🤘🏼

Stars they are just like us, or are they??? (5/5)

First things first music is life. It is very apparent Jake Brennan feels the same. I stumbled upon Disgraceland while listening to another podcast ,and I was immediately pulled in. From the catchy tiltle song, to his voice, and the array of stars he talks about I was hooked. I will tell anybody who will listen about it, and I get excited every time I see the notification pop up that there is a new episode. As long as Mr. Brennan is putting new episodes out I know I will be here listening and learning.

T&r (5/5)

Heard this guy on toucher and rich. Gave it a shot. I’m not even a real music fan. However that makes it even better as I have never heard any of these stories. Really good entertaining listen give it a shot.

Incredible Podcast (5/5)

This is possibly the best podcast I’ve ever heard. Thank you for the stories, please keep them coming!!!

The season started strong but... (1/5)

Jake I love your podcast; it’s the one I look forward to every week. You started another season strong with Kurt and Courtney, but I was terribly bored listening to the Snoop story. Hopefully next week will be better. Edit: Last season was unforgettable. This season gets worse with every episode! The tour, the interview(s), now a book - I’m lost and unfortunately so is this podcast.

Addicted (5/5)

Please please please give us a Bradley Nowell episode!

Awesome job (5/5)

This is by far one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to in awhile. The Grateful Dead episode is my favorite so far, but I have a lot more to get through so that may change. Keep on rockin

My First Internet Review (of anything, ever) (5/5)

I never review anything. I’m typically quite annoyed by reviews on the internet, positive or negative.... because everyone seems to be so self absorbed they just need to hear (or see) their own voice. That’s probably unfair but what can I say? My mom taught me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I’m just getting into podcasts and I am totally shocked that anyone would give Jake a bad review. This podcast is totally awesome and exactly what I’ve been looking for! For me, it’s the perfect blend of well researched info (somewhat summarized to fit exactly within the window of my commute to work) along with seemingly first hand accounts and perhaps a little interjection to spice things up. Very well done and I just wish their were more episodes!

Raging Rock n Roll Stories of Fury and Madness (5/5)

Jake, your tales of Rock and Roll is not the same old boring sugary sweet, one-sided sagas I’ve listed to in the past. It’s urgent tales of the celebrities you may or may not want to hear more about - it’s exciting and uncomfortable. It rocks and I’m hooked. Thanks for mixing all the decadent pleasures of rock, crime stories and your own musical and story telling talents for all to hear. Count me in!

Slice of cheese (1/5)

I am subscribed to a dozen or so podcasts and I find myself really excited for Tuesday’s when these episodes are available. The host is very charismatic and enjoyable to listen to. You can tell he genuinely enjoys putting these episodes together. I really enjoy the music too! The trumpets/organ sounds are perfect. I also have said slice of cheese in daily conversation.. so there’s that. Keep up the fantastic work Jake! You got a forever fan and listener here. Edit to now/2019: now with your book announcement and the random interview episodes.. it’s officially time to unsubscribe. really wish you didn’t sell out.

Interesting stories, not the best execution (2/5)

Couldn’t make it through an episode. Although the stories are intriguing, the execution of the narration is something to be desired. Unnecessary use/overuse of colorful language detracts from the using too much salt in a recipe.

A perfect theme (5/5)

A perfect theme. I binge on this podcast while at work. Favorite one is XXXTENTACION episode!! WAITING FOR N.W.A. Episode This Month!!!

Crime porn meets music porn! (4/5)

I love getting to hear the dark side of musicians that I didn’t know had that dark side. The cadence, musical background and cheap cold jokes are always on point. Look forward every week.


Really liked the idea of this podcast when I heard it was coming out, but the way you present the episodes made me L0000VE it! How you put yourself in the mind of the artist & they’re racing thoughts is genius. PLEASE DO a JiM MORRiSON/PAMELA episode & a LiL PEEP episode! That would make me so so happy.

Good idea, not great execution (3/5)

Concept and stories are good, host’s performance leaves a lot to be desired.

Fascinating, but ... (4/5)

... I no longer have any faith in the future of humanity. Holy crap. Except for the occasional sound effects and the perhaps excessive glee Jake Brennan seems to take in some of the horrific stories, it's pretty much terrific.

5 star (5/5)

Great podcast. I wait eagerly for each new episode.

Your biggest fan In Montana!!! (5/5)

This podcast is so very entertaining and informative in the absolute best way!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

Hard to listen to (1/5)

He’s hard to listen to and tries too hard to make stories sound more interesting or intriguing than they are. Cut the embellishing and the odd intro saying you can’t afford rights to the song that was number one at the time. That might be the most annoying part of the podcast but there are many. It’s odd hearing it once but to so it every time makes me ready to unsubscribe.

Love it (5/5)

I love Disgraceland, I’ll be happy when there’s a story on Eazy E or Elvis

Just reading an essay (1/5)

I’ve tried a few times bc the concept is great, but the monotone overly-flourished essay reading feel of this is just too annoying.

Addictive (5/5)

A friend played this for me on a late night drive and I was hooked. I started out of order listening to the story of Left Eye’s death. After that I knew I had to start from the beginning. I just finished Norwegian Death Metal and I can’t wait to listen to the rest.

Love this show. (5/5)

Listened to every episode! I fully support a Cardi B episode!!

Kool (5/5)

Really kool show!

Music lovers (4/5)

Cool subject matter and point of view. The flute music is maddening! Otherwise great!

Love (5/5)

Love your podcast dude! Started listening when I flew out to Cali from Iowa... haven’t stopped since! Soo good!

Disgraceful (1/5)

The background music was beyond nerve racking, I couldn’t even focus on the information that was being told. 👎🏾👎🏾

Just no. (1/5)

I don’t even know how to describe all that’s wrong with this podcast. There’s a lot going on in terms of background music. The narrator is annoying, it’s like listening to a very animated e-book. I made it through 10 minutes of one episode and that was that.

I tried. (1/5)

I started on the episode about Van Morrison. It had great content and everything was set up so well, but the delivery was terrible. Like most people have said his tone is terrible and doesn’t go with the stories. I tried to get through it for the sake of what the episode was about but after a while i couldn’t do it anymore.

super entertaining! (5/5)

I travel for a living and I am always running out of podcasts to binge. I went through all of “you must remember this” in a couple of months. in a sea of hollywood and true crime podcasts, disgraceland stands out. I love the vibe, I picture a fonzie-esque type telling the stories. I thought there wouldn’t be a lot of stories that were new to me but they were, and there were lots of facts I didn’t know peppered into the ones I was familiar with. there’s a lot of cringe cheesy lines but in a fun, fitting john waters kind of way. i’m so glad I found this podcast and i’m upset i’m halfway through it already on day three! keep it up.

Amazing (5/5)

I love music it’s been my passion since I was young. I love true crime and macabre. You my friend have taken those and mashed them altogether into my favorite podcast. I binged them all in three days and made myself very upset when I had to start waiting. But thanks for the AWESOME show and can’t wait for more episodes. Would love to hear about Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin. Maybe Pink Floyd.

Great historical narration (5/5)

Jake is creative and intelligent in how he creates a historical narration of characters we know lots about or know little about in the world of music. It has both creative license as well as a dedication to the facts and timeline of events. If you’re a fan of music genre histories and the characters that made it all happen, this is absolutely the podcast for you.

Best podcast I’ve ever come across (5/5)

Coolest raddest best podcast ever made. Please don’t ever stop making episodes. The way that it’s told keeps you on the edge of your seat to see what happens next even if you already know what happened. This is also one of the few podcasts that keep me awake at work instead of trying not to fall asleep and constantly losing track of what they’re talking about. Everyone I’ve shared this show to is hooked. Thank you thank you for making this!!

Enough with the background music (1/5)

I tried to get through several of these podcasts, but the background music was too much. It’s really distracting. Also, his tone and delivery (very grave) makes him sound like he’s describing a haunted house or an upcoming horror movie, not retelling history. I think it would’ve better if narrated in a more conversational style.

The. BEST. Podcast. Hands. Down. (5/5)

Disgraceland. What can I say. This podcast (STILL) speaks my true love language. Violence, rock n roll(a), drugs, mayhem, stories of lives (hell) bent and well-spent; well...most of them anyway... Disgraceland fell into my lap after a fellow music lover (Brandon Dulebohn) suggested I give it a spin...and just one taste was not nearly enough!! (I binged the first two seasons like a madman!! Now I’m through 4 solid episodes in one work day already! I tried to hold off for awhile but I couldn’t take it anymore!!) Of course there is the hope that I will get picked so I can display this killer new poster in my rehearsal space inside my recording studio (READ THIS JAKE!!) but more importantly, after giving the chance for a Disgraceland Poscast poster to the one who turned me on to Disgraceland in the first place, I realize now more than ever that I need a poster for this, the best podcast ever to (Dis)grace my rehearsal and recording space (it will of course be professionally framed and matted!!) and to make it more of what I want it to be. For you who have yet to are missing out on the best voice telling the most interesting stories. Addictive. Amazing. Dig in. Thank me later.

I just ran away from MFM (4/5)

I got tired of the excessive blah blah on MFM and found this podcast. I like the entertainment aspect. Like the musical commentary. Just wish the cases were more in depth and episodes longer. Good stuff here!

One of the best (5/5)

My only negative is I wish every episode was longer! Keep doing it man, we appreciate it

👍 (5/5)

E Re tif

Factual perspective on famous people (5/5)

Give the history, back story and facts of the people the stories are covering . I love that a lot people do not know most details of the history of the people that led them to become the people they were. Listened to both seasons in 1 week almost. Can’t wait for more!

The Land!!! (5/5)

Great podcast perfect length. You can even find where he gets his material from on the shows website. Keep up the great work

Coolest pod ever (5/5)

Love the droll sardonic tone of this podcast, gritty mind blowing stories well researched and written

New Girl (5/5)

New to this podcast and I’m listening from 1 up. Loved “Club Kids” mostly because of the commentary at the end. Going to keep listening until I catch up to current issues and then just keep listening some more. Recommend this podcast to others on almost a daily basis. Thanks!

Hats off to you man! (5/5)

This podcast is so brilliantly put together. Very entertaining! My guy Jake comes through with these stories

Great stories, but... (3/5)

These stories are very interesting, but the unnecessary use of profanity wears thin and can be off-putting. These stories could be told graphically without the free-flowing profanity.

Love this podcast (5/5)

This podcast is amazing. No matter who the artist is I am enthralled by the story. The joy, the deep pain and suffering is felt though the storyteller and the way the story is moved along.

Fantastic podcast (5/5)

This podcast is just fantastic. I’m a huge music fan and I thought i knew a lot of the history behind some artists. I was wrong! The recent Johnny cash was superb. The Norwegian death meta blew my mind. There are just so many good stories. I have recommended this podcast time and time again. Keep them rocking!

Excellent! (5/5)

Such an extraordinary podcast. Sorry it took me so long to discover it.

Love! (5/5)

Love this! Informative and entertaining! Keep it up!!

Turn it down (3/5)

Really like this podcast but the background music is too loud and distracting

Love this podcast!!!!! (5/5)

I love this podcast, it takes me to a whole another place while listening. It’s so amazing how he blends these stories into one great 35m show. Keep it up

Love, Love, Love This Podcast (5/5)

This is a great look at the stories we don’t often hear about rock and roll icons. I like to think of it as a rock version of “You Must Remember This.” Just as meticulously researched with an equal amount of real-life commentary. Highly recommended.

Great (5/5)

No other podcast like. Really good and interesting stories.

Great Podcast! (5/5)

I listen to a LOT of podcasts. Binged the entire catalog of Disgraceland over a couple of weeks. Great stuff - even the artists I didn't much care about. Great writing - I like the lyrics and references that are sprinkled in. Rocka Rolla.

Inexplicably in love with this podcast (5/5)

Decided to try this podcast out on a long car ride hoping to balance my insatiable appetite for true crime stories...with my dad’s lack of interest in true crime, but I figured hey, he’s old, he can at least relate to/recognize most of the musicians in this podcast, right? We spent the better part of a five hour drive enjoying episode after episode, and I had listened to the rest within a few days. I know less than half the musicians covered so far, but I find myself super engaged during every episode by the excellent narration and writing, the cadence and language sometimes feeling more like poetry than just a podcast script.

Exultant podcast (5/5)

Josh is one of those rare story tellers that can put together word in such a way that it is not just a story but an art form all its own. I find myself running to to here story about singers I don’t even like or care about because he makes it so interesting.

Best podcast available (5/5)

Seriously love this podcast. Jake actually cares about this podcast and you can tell. Very interesting and entertaining. By far my favorite.

Great storytelling (5/5)

Love it!!!! Love the Keith Moon episode, and can’t wait for more.

The guy below me is an idiot (5/5)

Well done love the pod binged it in 3 days. I drive a lot. Glosta lol

Yikes! (1/5)

To say this is bad, is an understatement. The way he speaks and the constant clichés are totally annoying. Huge pass on this one for sure!!

Addiction + Podcasts? (5/5)

I quite literally jammed through every episode of this podcast in 3 days, and now, now I have dreams of Evan Dando and Rick James blasting away on the roof a music studio and I wake up happier than the day before :)

FAN-Freakin-TASTIC!!!! (5/5)

Yo... how am I just NOW finding this podcast?!?! I’m so hooked. I’ve been binging and am learning so much I never knew. What a great storyteller of amazing stories of celebs. Not everyone is as perfect as they tend to appear. Keep it up please!!!

New Favorite (5/5)

Disgraceland has been owning my commute to work as of late. If you’re a music lover then you will love the well written history of the darker side of the industry and it’s cast of characters.

Great Stories (5/5)

Although it’s tempting to deduct one star from a podcast that once referred to “Hey Jude” as cheese while also saying Motley Crue made “great music,” the stories contained here are just too entertaining to hold a grudge. Great stuff.

embellishments done well (4/5)

a music savant told me about this podcast and i look forward to it with my morning coffee. i dig your approach. please don't stop. and yes, you reading the phonebook is now in the bank.

Love! (5/5)

I usually listen to true crime, but not all of them, and I’ve listened to all the ones that interest me. I’ve been feeling bored and uninspired for a couple of days but I remembered this podcast from a commercial I heard. This is so entertaining and addictive. Since I am just now joining the Disgraceland party, I have tons of episodes to binge on 🙌. Thank you narrator guy, also music creator guy if I remember correctly, you’re awesome.

Binge Listen! (5/5)

Just discovered this podcast today. Have been binge listening all afternoon to this! Can’t get enough.

. (5/5)

If you like someone who knows their music, and clearly has some serious talent for writing coupled with a great voice, this is the place. I like how deeply this is written, I end up with a very enveloping story that I really enjoy. Definitely worth the binge.

The greatest (5/5)

The best pod cast ever i started at the first one and went through all of them in 2 weeks. Cant wait for the next one im telling everone that i can talk to and tell them how great this pod cast is and i cant wait till yall get more zombie elvis pins i got to have one.

Excellent (5/5)

This podcast is an excellent way to spend your day, drive,or burn some time… I absolutely appreciate the approach the delivery and the details! The stories are fun and informative and even more so keep your attention thank you for supplying this podcast

Cant Get enough (5/5)

Cant get enough of Disgraceland keep it up. it on the top of my podcast list I always find my self refreshing to see if a new show has dropped.

Love It! (5/5)

Just started listening and I am catching up - but I am really enjoying the story telling & what feels like insider information!

Used to love it, had to kill it. (2/5)

I was a rabid and avid listener during Season 1, but Season 2 is pretty much unlistenable. Everything is now overdone: the writing, the reading of that writing, the metaphors that are written and then read, the drama, and Mr. Brennan's style of narration. The stories go off on tangents that have little to do with the story and seem added just to fill time. The swearing, while not neccesarily excessive, is just awkward -- like listening to a couple of Junior High knuckle-heads try to figure out which words go where. Give us more info on the events and save the dramatic reenactments. Despite it all, I still fast-forward to the end to listen to that little kid read the tag line. Makes me laugh every time. Bring back the old formula!

Best podcast ever!! (5/5)

I have tried to get into other podcasts with no luck, halfway through and I’m bored. This podcast I binged all seasons in 5 days! It’s so captivating with such interesting stories. Jake is a very talented writer and story teller!

Background music is loud and disruptive! (3/5)

Yikes! I really like the podcast when I can actually hear what is being said. The new Amy Whinehouse episode is horrible, had to turn it off at around 10 minutes in because I did not understand a single word that was being said, music was over taking his voice.

Awesome (5/5)

This is a great alternative to news on the radio. The stories are wild. I love hearing the history of some of these icons. Also, the average length of the stories is perfect for my commute. Keep it rocking!

Unbelievably entertaining!! (5/5)

This guy knows how to tell a story. I haven’t fact checked everything but I know a good bit about many of these stories and I haven’t heard anything false yet. Great info about the insane but talented musicians that we all wish we were. I look forward to my drive home on weekend so I can catch a few of these episodes. Best podcast on the net. Get it! Love it!! Good!!!

Your music plays in my dreams (5/5)

I have been listening to podcasts so I don’t use my phone for voice or text while I drive. I love everything about Disgraceland. The topics, the intros, the flashbacks, the historical context and the music. I seriously have had the music twice in my dreams. You have ruined me for all other podcasts.

Yo. Don’t miss out on this. (5/5)

This podcast puts you straight into the minds of some of the most iconic rockstars and rockstar adjacents. The story telling, the topics, the detail... magnificent. I more than highly recommend this podcast to anyone, but especially fans of true crime and music. Thrilled to add this to my growing podcast schedule. Thanks Jake!

Love it!! (5/5)

Love to listen to this podcast. I work 12 hour shifts at work and it can get very boring. Thanks to this podcast I can breeze through 30 mins so fast listening to this podcast. The episodes are so interesting that I recently started sharing the podcast with my boyfriend. He’s now hooked! I recommend to anyone who listens to podcast.

Ballin (5/5)

These podcasts are seriously amazing! They give you such a different perspective of the artists’ lives and their stories/tragedies. Super cool, gold star!!

Poor editing and overly dramatic (2/5)

I'm not sure if this is the host's fault or the network's. The introduction is sooo bad. Every episode it's a three level what-now (I'll play you this because I don't have the money for the rights to this song that was #1 the week of any event that I'll tell you about after minute 20 occurs to an unrelated musician [who happens to be the title of the show]). The stories are repetitive and hyped, as nonsensical as they are without source. It's fun until you begin to pay attention and you realize your commute is over and you can't explain the story you just heard.

Overly dramatized and fictionalized (2/5)

The concept and stories are good, but the over dramatized narration gets boring. Even worse are the assumptions the host crams in (as in describing what someone was thinking at a particular moment, for example). Get rid of the unnecessary fluff.

Really interesting (5/5)

Suuuuuper dope podcast. Shows the dark side of these artists stories and makes you feel like your there in the moment. Totally worth listening to.

Music is life #26 (5/5)

HOOKED from very first episode I listened too. AWESOME, wish a little longer but other than that LOVE IT!

A podcast you can binge (4/5)

Love the insight into the he world of crazy rockstars! It’s a fun listen.

great concept, unlistenable execution (2/5)

Overwritten. The writer tries too hard to impress with lyrical prose instead of letting the material tell its own story. The result is pretentious. Almost as pretentious as the host using the soundtrack to promote his own music.

Best pod (5/5)

I love this podcast #favorite!! Great writing/stories of these epic artists! Need more ASAP.. been sharing with my friends and fam and can’t wait for season 4! Hurry need more stories soon! Thanks for this podcast

Old stories...reimagined (5/5)

I came across this podcast randomly but I had heard good things about it from other podcasts previously. A lot of the content is stuff I already knew about but, there is a lot of new information brought up. I leaned some new things as well so that’s always a good thing. The writing of this podcast is pretty awesome...some would say eloquent even. All in all it’s great, keeps me coming back. Also, that intro gets me every time! Can’t wait for the next episode on Johnny Cash!

Noise (4/5)

Would listen if i could hear the talk over the music noise. 😣


AWESOME podcast! Creative, informative, and just the right length. That said, we need Disgraceland's storytelling of PETER STEELE (Type O Negative), JEFF HANNEMAN (Slayer), and CHUCK VALLE (Murphy's Law and Ludichrist). MAKE IT HAPPEN, JAKE!!!

Interesting (4/5)

No one cares about your mellotron. Talk about cheesy........

First Season FIRE Second...Eh (4/5)

Man I can’t say enough great things about the first season! It’s unique, intriguing, and funny all at once...Then this season ( for the most part) is mediocre at best. Maybe he’s trying to pull in a younger audience with some of the topics but most of the new episodes just don’t do it for me like the first season did...still listen though, I never know when he’ll bring the fire again like with the Ike and Tina episode...that one was great!

Great podcast (5/5)

Very good narration and story telling. Very interesting & tragic topics.. I can’t stop listening.

Put this show back in the oven a little longer (3/5)

The Kurt Cobain episode drew me in and it was down hill from there. the Amy Winehouse episode was the last, exhausting straw. The writing is overly dramatic, stylized and unprofessional. The music in the show should be re-thought. There’s something not quite right about how he’s chosen to navigate not being able to afford rights to music

Sooooo good! (5/5)

This is one if my favorite podcast! So intriguing and captivating... thanks so much and keep up the amazing work !!!

Phenomenal! (5/5)

Best podcast I’ve listened to in a very long time. The stories and story telling are stellar!

Great and fresh pod cast. (5/5)

I’m a fairly new listener. I heard an advertisement on the Lex and Terry morning show and since I work out side for my job with no source of entertainment I decided to give the show a try since I have a huge fascination with bands and musicians. I binged watch all episodes and was on time for the XXXtentacion episode. The host has an extremely unique way to make things pop out at you while listening with his level of descriptive language and the creative way he composes each episode is amazing. This is easily my favorite podcast. Rockarolla!

Great story teller (5/5)

Don’t know a lot about musical artists but love the way the story’s are told

Worth a listen (5/5)

This podcast is my new favorite obsession! The narrative is clear and concise. The topics are relative and very interesting. Just listen!!!!

Need to cut out the music (2/5)

I’m interested in the podcast but some of the music choices are intolerable during informative parts of the show. I understand that you’re unable to gain music licenses for the show but I’d rather no music than the random, unrelated tunes that are played. Take out the music and you have a listener.

Awesome! (5/5)

I binged every episode in two weeks and can’t wait for more.


Great podcast!! I would take off the weird voice filter, just because it’s hard to understand what your saying, esp when I only have one earbud in when driving/working. I usually skip out on this on at work just because of that. Other than that fantastic!

Rock and Roll Meets True Crime (5/5)

I died and went to heaven.

Real entertainment! (5/5)

Jake loves his gig and it shows. He tells a great story with a buzzing energy that makes you want to listen. He doesn’t lean to one genre or another so you’ll learn things about your favorites as well as hearing about musicians you’ve never heard of. But you’ll still want to listen because he’s THAT GOOD. Thanks for giving me a new style of true crime to listen to that helps break up the monotony. Kudos 🤙🏼

Great podcast (5/5)

Very interesting podcast. Been binge listening every since I found this. Host is a great storyteller.

Best Rockumentary EVER !!! (5/5)

We all know their music, now listen to the stories that not many have ever heard. This podcast has quickly become my favorite with awesome glimpses into the lives of some of music’s great musicians. It is told in such a way that makes you want to hear more !! Keep up the great work !!!

🤘 (5/5)

Just started listening to this show this morning 05/10/2019. I had to download as far possible. This is so awesome.

Top Notch (5/5)

A tasty blend of facts and dark humor. Just started listening recently while at work and I’m already hooked. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s easily one of my favorite podcasts.

Great Job! I am a huge fan now! (5/5)

I love history, quirky factoids, and a good mystery/murder/who done it! This has it all without all the extra filler most shows have. Keep up the good work guys! I have been telling folks about the show with swimming reviews and I’m officially a big fan!

Can’t. Stop. Bingeing. (5/5)

I just found this podcast and have been listening every chance I get. Seriously so good and captivating, combination of my favorite things, music and crime!

My current favorite podcast (5/5)

My current favorite podcast. We need more!!!!

The best (5/5)

That is all

Interesting, shocking, and addictive (5/5)

Love the stories of these icons and musicians. Their stories are woven with original music and the mellow narration that create a music of their own. Well worth a listen but not for the faint of heart or children.

Awesome podcast (5/5)

Great podcast and content. I love the way it’s delivered and the length of it.

Great podcast (4/5)

Awesome podcast! I am 42 can relate to so much stuff. Gangster rap from the 90’s. I agree Spinderella was where it was at. Judgment night references. Great history. Everyone should like @disgracelandpod

Music+True Crime=Totally Riveting Podcast (5/5)

I actually heard about this podcast from an ad on the radio. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have bothered following up on a tip from a local radio station when it comes to finding new podcasts to checkout, but the premise sounded interesting and I drive a lot. I checked it out (out of order) starting with an episode that spoke most to me, the episode about Kurt. Once I downed that one I quickly consumed every other episode about a particular artist I liked or was fascinated by, and before I knew it was was hearing strange tales (understatement) of musicians in the far off land of Norway, Johnny Paycheck (whom I’d heard of but knew nothing about. Great history, good narrative and insights into the lives and insane moments of stars that I never knew had such darkness around them, and the spark of inspiration that has me YouTubing different music and footage I’d never ordinarily have found. I won’t penalize my rating of this podcast for the length of the episodes, but oh how I wish they were longer. Great work, I look forward to hearing more.

Great show! (5/5)

One of the best podcasts out there. True crime and music two of my favorite things. This podcast is too cool. The more I listen the more I like it.

Where have you been all my life? (5/5)

This is the first podcast I’ve ever subscribed to that is 100% material I thrive on. Absolutely love this podcast! Can’t get enough of it. Even if you are not a fan of the musician being profiled, it is still immensely interesting. Subscribe today. And play the archives. Would love a poster #subscribetodisgraceland

Soooo good (5/5)

This podcast is awesome just what i need while at work lol.

New Fave! (5/5)

I’d been in mourning over the loss of Sword & Scale’s Mike Boudet because I hadn’t found anything even close to his method of storytelling UNTIL I found Brennan. I thought I would skip around and listen to those of the artists that I was familiar with and went back and started form E1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Each episode is a like a whiskey beer back with the punch and amazingly witty details. Keep it up.

Brilliantly Narrated (5/5)

He really get's into the heads of the subjects, and some of these people had truly brutal lives, both before and after they became famous. The narration is spot on, like reading an article from an old school Rollingstone magazine or a Hunter Thompson piece, only in podcast form. If you love music and drama, listen to this.

Not 100% factual, but enjoyable (3/5)

I like this because it deals in subject matter I enjoy and have not found elsewhere in podcasts. But the writers/host represent a lot of rumors and innuendo as fact. Just a handful of episodes in and I have already heard much I know not to be true.

Best podcast out there (5/5)

This is the podcast that got me into Podcasts. The only problem? No other podcast even comes close. So now that I binged all seasons In a month I can’t find anything else even remotely comparable. The production value and original music set this apart from all others. You can feel as the mood shifts and changes with the music. Overall incredible.

Great concept, terrible execution (1/5)

This is a fun idea for a music podcast but host Jake Brennan can’t execute. His exaggerated takes on historical events and rushed delivery ruin the show. Also lacking: the stock music he substitutes for the great music he’s telling stories about. I realize this a royalties issue but it would be better if he just used no music at all. Save yourself the time and find something better.

Best music podcast (5/5)

Host is well studied, witty and well spoken. Throughly enjoy podcast.

Nope (2/5)

If you’re a true music fan, don’t listen to this cheeseball. He tries to be cool and incorporate that specific artists lyrics into his story. He cries that he doesn’t have the rights to add certain songs on his show, but uses the opportunity to promote his own lame tunes.

Raw (5/5)

I listen to your podcast on the way to work it’s the best 35 minutes of my day!!!

Killer Show (5/5)

I love this show and the way Jake throws it all together!

I love it! (5/5)

Jake Brennan and his team are incredibly talented! I’m absolutely addicted. I started listening about two months ago - the Kurt Cobain episode got me. Now all that I want to hear is Disgraceland! Jake is an incredibly talented storyteller. He has a knack for interweaving facts and humanizing his stories like no other!!! His description of the probable surrounding details always gives a better understanding of the character. Funny thing is, the little rifts he plays and the theme song often play in my mind during the day! Ha! It’s just a perfect mix of music and story telling for a podcast show. It’s great for my ears. I can’t wait for the next one. Im still looking out for the next one - Amy Winehouse. You’ve got me! I’m a huge fan!

New favorite (5/5)

Me and my boyfriend just started getting into Podcast so when we were recommended to listen to Disgraceland we looked and when it said “if you like music and true crime you’ll like this podcast” we immediately fell into it. It is exactly what we love. The Norwegian black metal episode had us instantly. This is our new Saturday morning routine we have our coffee and listen to Disgraceland. Jake is a great story teller and love the way he details everything. Keep up the good work!

Do you like music? (5/5)

Great show, it’s extreme music history. Great stories, can’t know exactly what happened but it’s a rad show.

Fresh and highly addictive (5/5)

Narrating style puts you inside the mind of each episode’s subject, mixing serrated humor with immersive storytelling. Brennan’s delivery keeps you from sinking too deep into the dark & sticky subject matter, without shortchanging any of the complexity

All kinds of awesome! (5/5)

Your podcast is my new favorite thing to listen to while I’m working. Jake, your voice is ahhhmazing and so are your stories. I’m so happy I discovered Disgraceland! Thank you!

Jake Brennan rocks this show. (5/5)

If you are a fan of music, this is a show for you. Jake delves into the criminal backstory of artists from many genres. His delivery is on point and the production is fantastic. Yeah, there’s foul language and the themes aren’t rated PG. neither are the lives of the musicians he’s documenting. Get over it or don’t listen.

First Podcast EVER (5/5)

I finally decided I needed to be like the cool kids and listen to a podcast. So I picked this one! I gotta say, I picked a good one to be my first! I am a musician who also loves mystery and history. This is absolutely the most perfect podcast for me! I can’t wait to hear more!!!

Cool background stories (4/5)

Like the behind the scenes stories about the screwed up music industry. The whining about how he can’t afford real background music EVERY SINGLE EPISODE gets old though. Other than that it’s pretty cool.

Rad, real, and straightforward (5/5)

This is great stuff my friends. I’m a music lover. Straight up. This is rock n roll disgrace at its finest. Hell yeah. Keep them coming.

I can’t get enough (5/5)

I don’t know who or where I heard of this pod, but I gave a listen to the Tupac & Biggie episode and as soon as it was over started to binge every episode. I can’t wait for the new episode alert to pop up on my notifications.

Everything Else is Just a Disgrace (5/5)

My Wife: “What podcast are you most excited about when it pops up in your feed?” Me: “Disgraceland. You?” Wife: “Yup.”

Sources (5/5)

I love your podcast, but I have a question. You tell a great story, but I'm wondering how you get such intimate details of some of the events? For example, how do you know about conversations that would have been behind closed doors between Kurt and Courtney? Or between John and Yoko? Or, what the voices were telling John's assassin? Do you take artistic license and fill in the blanks of what you know? Doesn't change my opinion of the show, just curious.

Great podcast (4/5)

This is awesome but how do I get the older episodes?!